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Dream High: Episode 14
by | February 21, 2011 | 397 Comments

Aw, what a tearjerker of an episode, but in the best possible way — not because it’s been overstuffed with tragedy, but because there’s so much touching, heart-stirring goodness baked into the crust.

Also: We were right! I was pretty sure about Baek-hee’s situation at the end of last week, but not convinced the drama would go there. Well, Dream High did, in fact, go there. Bravo, I’m actually impressed that the show dared get into the issue of industry bigwigs sexually preying on their young protégés, and pointing out the cultural victim-blaming problem that afflicts those brave enough to blow the whistle on the bad guys.


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We back up to discover how the Baek-hee/Jin-gook/President issue blew up, starting with Baek-hee visiting the president’s office to ask for another chance.

As suspected, Jin-gook had arrived soon thereafter, intent on confronting the president about using his father for publicity. He’d seen something to infuriate him (we don’t see it) and dragged the president out into the hall, beating him up.

And now, he’s being denounced as a thug by the public. The teachers sympathize with his plight, but can’t do much to help him.

Jin-gook walks out with the K pendant Sam-dong gave him, and sees Hye-mi talking to Baek-hee on the roof. Baek-hee knows she should speak up, but she’s too scared to do it, because that’ll mean doom for her. As Hye-mi holds Baek-hee, she looks up to see Jin-gook looking at her across the way, and her words are as much for him as they are for Baek-hee: That she shouldn’t say anything, “Because that’s what Jin-gook will want. He’ll understand. It’ll be okay.”

Jin-gook watches her with tears in his eyes and gives her a nod.

We get our new challenge o’ the day: An open audition is being held by the label EMG for new talent. (One of my favorite things about this scene is how Ah-jung insults In-sung’s hopes of winning, and he responds by curling his fingers into a claw, as you can see just almost out of frame. Hee.)

The conditions are many: Entrants must submit (1) a 3-minute music video highlighting one’s talents, (2) of a song they’ve composed, (3) with English subtitles, (3) ideally in three languages, (4) who have won at least 10 music-related competitions. So basically, the label wants you to do all the work. Well, can’t say that’s not true to life, eh?

That effectively disqualifies everyone, and they sigh that they can’t participate with those stringent requirements.

Police have seen a glimpse of Baek-hee in the surveillance footage of Jin-gook’s attack, and Kyung-jin and Oh-hyuk find her to ask for an explanation. She nearly collapses from the shock, and confides the truth (which again, we are not privy to).

But the matter isn’t as clear-cut as marching down to the police station and clearing Jin-gook’s name immediately, as Oh-hyuk wants. Kyung-jin warns him that there’s no proof that he was acting in self-defense. Oh-hyuk says it’s simple — Baek-hee can testify — but Kyung-jin calls him cruel to think nothing of Baek-hee’s circumstances: She’ll have to admit to the world that she was sexually assaulted.

Frustrated, Oh-hyuk asks if they can sacrifice one person’s dream to preserve another’s. Kyung-jin, more sensitive to the plight of the female entertainer, says that Jin-gook can recover from this, but Baek-hee can’t. And as sad as that is, it’s probably true, with Korea’s ass-backwards tendency to blame the victim, particularly when the victim is female.

Kyung-jin reminds Oh-hyuk that they’ve seen this happen before, and asks if he recalls the public and the media ever taking the side of the victim: “They’ll tear Baek-hee to pieces.” She vows to never let that happen to her, which Baek-hee overhears.

At dinner, Jin-gook is back in fine eating form and is even looking cheery (as he tries to steal from Sam-dong’s bowl, which Sam-dong is quick to deflect). His good mood is odd since he admits he’s going to apologize to President Yoon tomorrow, along with his father: “Since I made acted wrongly, I should apologize.”

Oh-hyuk comes home in heavy spirits, feeling bad for Jin-gook and patting his shoulder affectionately, feeling torn about his sacrifice but not wanting to make a big deal of it.

It’s not just him; everyone’s feeling pretty bad for Jin-gook, but nobody knows exactly how to show their support. Sam-dong does it by passing along the forms for the EMG competition, and is surprised when Jin-gook says he already got the forms.

Sam-dong mutters in disgruntlement, “I didn’t even have to worry,” which makes Jin-gook smile. He prods, “Were you worried about me?” Sam-dong sputters and protests. Oh, just admit your lurrrve, already!

Hye-mi apologizes to Jin-gook: “I know I should be on your side instead of Baek-hee’s, but I can’t do that.” She feels even worse than Jin-gook, who smiles at her understandingly, fine with her choice.

Sam-dong tries to cheer her up with a lame pun, which doesn’t work, so he pinches her cheeks and tells her to force a smile anyway:

Sam-dong: “Do you know what it means to become an adult? It means there’s less and less to smile about. So we’ll have to smile even more, even if we have to force it. Like Jin-gook.”

She comments that the old Sam-dong has returned. He replies with a noncommittal, “The old Sam-dong? Hmm.”

Jin-gook’s father waits outside to take them to the president’s office, and Oh-hyuk takes a moment to tell him that there’s probably a good reason that Jin-gook isn’t offering up an explanation for his attack. He doesn’t betray the reason, merely says that he knows Jin-gook, and that he is likely acting to protect something.

Father and son are mobbed by reporters on their way to the president’s hospital room, where Dad bows his head and apologizes for Jin-gook’s rash behavior. Jin-gook offers his apology as well, kneeling on the ground to pick up some fallen fruit as he does so. The slimy president slaps Jin-gook on the head a few times, deriding his ungratefulness to the president who made him a star, and the generous father who adopted him as his son.

The president’s blows get a bit aggressive, but when reporters burst into the room to record every gory detail, Jin-gook can do nothing but apologize again, and the president’s slaps turn into gentle pats for the cameras’ benefit.

However, Dad catches the sly change, and his hackles are raised to see his son disrespected. He intercepts the president’s hand, and declares that Jin-gook is not adopted, that he’s his blood child. Omo!

The cameras flash away but Dad ignores them and Jin-gook’s request to not continue, declaring that he’d lied because he was embarrassed of his past. He says that Jin-gook has such a foolishly pure heart that he doesn’t believe for a second that such a kid would hit the president out of the blue. Even though he doesn’t know what that reason is, he’s certain there is one.

He takes Jin-gook’s hand and leads him away. Both Jin-gook and Dad’s secretary urge him to go back and fix this, but Dad is resolute. He won’t ask Jin-gook for the reason, but he guesses that the president was behaving badly, and Jin-gook confirms it. Dad is satisfied with that explanation and takes Jin-gook’s hand.

The resulting scandal about Jin-gook being his love child effectively puts to bed Dad’s political aspirations. But the fact that Dad would give up his upcoming election bid to stand by his son stirs some speculation among the Kirin students that perhaps Jin-gook’s the wronged party in his own scandal.

Baek-hee broods, thinking of how Jin-gook once promised to have faith in her, how Hye-mi comforted her, and Kyung-jin promised to protect her. So when Hye-mi texts Baek-hee to ask if she’s doing okay, she gets back the response that Baek-hee’s on her way to the police station to confess the whole story.

Hye-mi runs after her, but Baek-hee slips away in a taxi. Hye-mi calls to tell her to stop, but Baek-hee no longer wants to live by cheating, admitting that she’d wronged her, too, by dropping the flower pot.

Baek-hee: “I think it started then. Like you said, I felt like I was living in hell. I was always scared, cold, and lonely. I’m sorry, Hye-mi. But there were a lot of people who cared about me, so I’m okay now. I’m not lonely, or scared. No, I’m a little scared now. Hye-mi, can you sing me a song? I really want to hear you sing.”

She asks for their audition song, “Goose’s Dream,” and amidst her tears, Hye-mi sings:

I have a dream
Even if it is shredded or torn,
In my heart,
I’ve cherished it like a treasure

Even if I’m mocked behind my back,
I’ve endured
I could stand it,
waiting for that day

You always say worriedly,
Foolish dreams are poisonous
Just like the world is a book with a fixed ending,
it’s a reality that can’t be turned back

Yes, I have a dream
I believe in that dream,
Watch and see
In front of that cold brick wall called fate
I can stand confidently

One day, I’ll climb over that wall
I’ll be able to fly as high as the sky
Even this heavy world can’t tie me down
At the end of my life,
on that day that makes me smile
Be with me

*Sniff* All right, let’s see a show of hands — who (else) is crying?

Bolstered by Hye-mi’s support, Baek-hee makes her statement to the police, which blows up into a huge story. The barely pixelated photos of her circulate in the media, which report that one of Group K’s members, known as Ms. K, was sexually assaulted by the president.

To her credit, even (formerly) cold-hearted Mom confronts President Yoon and throws the abalone box (sadly empty) at him, screaming at him for his crime.

At school, Jin-gook confronts her, upset that she ignored his instructions to keep quiet. She says she’s sorry, but assures him she’s holding up okay.

She tells him she likes him a lot, but that he’d only had eyes for Hye-mi, which had hurt her and made her wonder, Why Hye-mi? But now she understands: “Normally when people give people something, they hold back their share. Even when protecting someone, they do it after protecting themselves first. But you’re different — you threw yourself away to protect me. That’s enough for me. Hoping for more will only bring me punishment.”

She thrusts out a handshake and thanks him for sticking to his promise through the end, and he shakes.

This means that all the Group K contracts are terminated with Top Agency, and a new agency has selected four members for a new group, which excludes Baek-hee and Jin-gook. The other agencies are gun-shy of crossing President Yoon, which makes it difficult for them to be picked up by anyone else.

Principal Shi tells Kyung-jin to talk to the two students: Since it’ll be nearly impossible to build their careers, it’ll be best they find a new career path. He calls it their duty as teachers, but Kyung-jin angrily balks — they can’t tell them to quit now, when they’ve just started. Teachers should help them stand again, considering that they’d fallen at the hands of a wicked adult: “That is our duty.”

Principal Shi almost loses his temper, but Oh-hyuk supports her, and the other teachers do as well.

Jin-gook’s father asks to meet in a place away from prying eyes, and so, Jin-gook finally gets another trip with his dad in a Ferris wheel. Dad’s here now that he knows what the fight with President Yoon was about. He tells Jin-gook he’d decided correctly, because if he’d told him the truth, he would have acted rashly, sacrificing Baek-hee to save him.

He wonders if Jin-gook’s reputation will recover sufficiently in four years — he’s planning to rekindle his political hopes and run for mayor then. Jin-gook promises to be careful.

Oh-hyuk works on persuading Doo-shik to take on Sam-dong, Jin-gook, and Baek-hee under his White Entertainment aegis. Doo-shik is reluctant, knowing that each student comes with problems, and says that he established his company to realize his precious dream. He’s not about to throw it away carelessly. Oh-hyuk turns his own words around on him, arguing that these kids have precious dreams, too — dreams that will die unfulfilled if not cultivated. But working together, they have the capacity to turn their dreams — including Doo-shik’s — into reality. Oh-hyuk does have a way with words when dealing with him, and Doo-shik is almost persuaded…but slaps himself out of it.

Baek-hee practices her dance moves alone at night, having skipped her classes, and Kyung-jin finds her in the studio to ask about it. Baek-hee says she finds it embarrassing to face the other kids. Rather than scolding her, Kyung-jin blinks back tears and decides that they can conduct their lessons here, instead — every night at 9pm, just the two of them.

Baek-hee hugs her teacher and thanks her earnestly. Kyung-jin assures her that things will be okay, and holds her while Baek-hee gives in to her tears.

At lunch the next day, Baek-hee holds her head up high as she sits alone, where Hye-mi finds her to suggest they enter the EMG contest together. Baek-hee protests that she doesn’t meet the qualifications, but Hye-mi says airily that she doesn’t, either: “And if I don’t, then the whole country doesn’t.” Hee. Love her confidence.

She concludes that the impossibility of meeting the criteria means she can just ignore them altogether (ha) — which is exactly what Pil-sook and Jason have decided. As have Jin-gook and Sam-dong, who join them a moment later. (Adorably, Pil-sook and Jason have also set aside an application for Jin-gook, as Sam-dong did.)

Aww, yeah! The group is complete: Wonder K powers, activate!

They all agree to help each other make their music videos (well, Jason balks, until Pil-sook readily agrees, and then he joins in on the fun).

Afterward, Hye-mi corners Pil-sook to ask about her Jason situation, and Pil-sook reveals the note he’s slipped into her locker: “Miss Sushi, I love you.” OMG.

Hye-mi asks how Pil-sook knew she liked Jason, which is hilarious but perhaps understandable, as the Hye-mi Bot conversion into full human is yet incomplete. Pil-sook answers that he’s always the first person she thinks of, and wants him with her always. Hye-mi walks away shuddering at the cheesiness.

Speaking of humanization: Doo-shik comes to the school and finds Kyung-jin, just as she’s (adorably!) primping (and not wearing all-black for once), adding a flower pin to her hair. She’s so cute as the fumbling flirt since she’s so bad at it, as well as being embarrassed to be caught in the middle of it.

Doo-shik wants her recommendation for students to sign, because she has a reputation for cool-headed, objective judgments. Yet his face falls as she declares the three students worthy of recommendation: Baek-hee, Sam-dong, Jin-gook. (Suspiciously, he asks if she’s planned this with Oh-hyuk. Heh.)

Jin-man bursts in, and Doo-shik asks for his opinion as well, only to get the same response. Aggravated, Doo-shik asks for any other recs, and Jin-min supposes there IS one more…but no, he can’t say it. Doo-shik presses him eagerly, and the playing of Park Jin-young’s “Don’t Leave Me” in the background clues us in to the turn of Jin-man’s thoughts as he declares that this guy has the best dance skills EVAR: himself.

Hye-mi puzzles over how to show her star potential in her music video, and Oh-hyuk offers the suggestion that instead of trying to show their future, they should show their past. If they trace how far they’ve come in the past year, they’d be showing promise of future growth.

The kiddos ahh thoughtfully and think back — and is Hye-mi actually imagining herself as a ROBOT? I love this show.

Jin-gook and Sam-dong smile over how far they’ve come, but Hye-mi figures she was just the same a year ago. Jin-gook reminds her by mimicking her Robot Voice: “I. Have. A. Dream. I. Trust. That. Dream.” Sam-dong adds to that by reminding her of the time she sang while pooping (HAHAHA) and how she did her chicken dance at the sauna.

But when Hye-mi and Sam-dong get caught up in recounting all the hilarious scenes in their past, Jin-gook looks at them a little sadly, left out of the memories.

Hye-sung finds Jin-gook brooding and offers to listen to his problem. He asks who she’d like better: The one who’s with her for a long time, or the one who can’t be with her because he’s busy.

She wants examples, so he asks who she likes better: Sam-dong, who’s been around, or himself, who’s been busy. She thinks a bit, then motions him in closer…then kisses him on the cheek and dashes away. That’s my girl, thinking fast on her feet!

Jason and Pil-sook submit the group’s applications for the EMG contest, and totally make my heart squeeze by the way they look at each other and count together — one, two, three — just so they can bow and say “Thank you” in unison. OMG. Yes, they are THAT couple.

Pil-sook chooses the spot for their shoot — a museum of sorts — and while Jason isn’t thrilled about the backdrop, he agrees to her choice.

Sam-dong’s video — replete with full-size cardboard cut-outs of his old self — takes place in the basement studio. He offers up two “languages”: his “native” accent and his Seoul voice, which is hysterical because he affects this stilted Seoul accent that sounds ridiculously stuffy.

Jin-gook dances in the school studio, while Hye-mi’s video contrasts her old Robot Voice clip with the current Aegyo Hye-mi…which she flubs because she can’t stand the indignity of putting on the cute act. Awesome.

Baek-hee’s video acknowledges her tarnished image, saying that right now people see her as Ms. K, “But I’ll work hard to make the name K a star representing Korea.” Foreshadowing!

Oh-hyuk shows the clips to a stone-faced Doo-shik, saying that these six are the only ones bothering to enter the competition. Everyone else gave up, but they took up the challenge — and doesn’t that mean they’re the top six? Doo-shik is finally moved, and agrees to sign the contracts.

Kyung-jin, who’s been reading the Baek-hee news with a heavy heart, is therefore thrilled with Jin-ma’s good news that Baek-hee, Jin-gook, and Sam-dong are signing with White Entertainment (who’s showing interest in Jason, too).

Squealing in glee, she links her fingers through his in a celebratory gesture, but poor Jin-man has to deal with the disappointment when Kyung-jin pulls her hands away and tears out of the room looking for Oh-hyuk.

Finding him in the hall, she grabs grabs him in a surprise hug. The students cheer and clap at the spectacle, while Principal Shi has palpitations in his office, and Jin-man watches sadly.

Jin-man cheers up when Hye-mi comes by and reacts excitedly to the news, doing the same finger-linking gesture in happiness. When she likewise turns to go, he whines about being ditched again (lol) and asks who she’s running off to find. Jin-gook? Sam-dong?

Hye-mi replies easily, “Who else? Of course I’m going to—” and then stops, surprised with herself.

The moment of realization has come — it’s the person who came to mind first, as Pil-sook described. And then, just to make us stew in our seats a little longer, Hye-mi sees both boys heading toward her, and ducks out of the way.

However, it’s Sam-dong her gaze fixes on, and she sighs to herself, “I must be crazy!”

MUAHAHAHA! Sam-mi it is!


I’m relieved at the way the president storyline resolved, not least because it means Jin-gook’s daddy issues are finally at an end. Phew! It did drag on for a bit longer than I would have liked, but seeing how it tied in to the larger picture, I’m satisfied. It’s particularly effective that Jin-gook’s big scandal is solved not merely by the truth coming out, but by his father’s complete acceptance of him. He doesn’t care that much about public perception — at least, not more than saving Baek-hee — but he does care about Dad, so it’s fitting that Dad’s love (rather than a rehabilitated image) is his true reward.

As for Hye-mi’s feelings, I daresay many of us predicted this, though I suspect that many were still holding out hope for Jin-gook. This drama has done a particularly good job making both boys a viable option for her, but the reason I’d always believed it would be Sam-dong is because in a k-drama, once a heroine’s feeling’s start to stray away from a guy, he isn’t going to be the one she ends with. It just doesn’t work that way. The dramas are all about realizing your “true” love, no matter the pain and drama and makjang craziness that that entails, not about settling to “love the one you’re with.”

As for K: We got our first strong hint today, and now I’m pretty convinced it’s gotta be Baek-hee. Prior to this episode I’d thought she was possible because of the round-robin of the K pendant. It’s true that all sorts of pendant transfers could happen in the last episode, but the course of this drama has seen it travel from character to character in moments of despair, and with Jin-gook getting it this late, it stands to reason that either he’d keep it, or it would make a poetic full-circle return to Baek-hee. Plus, there’s a nice symbolism to her reclaiming the name K after being tarnished as Ms. K in the media.

But there’s that scene with the pendant when Hye-mi’s playing with it and accidentally drops it into that school drop-box. I thought initially that it was played for a laugh (and it got one from me), but after Baek-hee’s declaration to make the name K proud, it occurred to me that perhaps Hye-mi never fished it out. Now that everyone’s gotten their use from it, perhaps it’ll stay in the box, where Baek-hee will find it at a later date…


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        You too! I was almost bawling before geting halfway done with the episode and re-reading those scenes in the recap made me tear up again.

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        second that :'(

      • 1.1.4 Josephine Pasricha

        This is really an excellent meta-fiction, a self conscious analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of the movie and television industry. I hope that the first generation Hallyu Wave heroes like Bae Yong Yoon; and the second generation stars like Kim Hyun Joong, come back at the end of the drama to celebrate with the third generation celebrities, all six of them and the supporting cast and the production crew.
        Congratulations to all! Awesome.

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          Yay! When Hyemi realized who she likes…. I screamed! EEEEEKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! lol

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          HAHAHAHA, you & me both !
          I had a hard time fighting back tears, while I’m working……as a receptionist !
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    Thanks for recap :X
    It’s the best episode so far.
    Baek Hee stole this episode. She is amazing <3

    • 2.1 molly

      I never thought I’d agree – I’m loving the reversals in this drama. But why is her image tarnished, and not the President of the company’s?

      • 2.1.1 michelle

        just think. Whenever there’s issues involving a female star being sexually assaulted, who’s image is usually tarnished? The performer. It’s happened before IRL, and a lot of Korean female stars have committed suicide over it. One of the actress who played one of the snobby girls in Boys Before Flowers killed herself because her company president sexually harassed her. Baek Hee’s situation is similar to that, but luckily thanks to Hye Mi, she doesn’t kill herself.

        • Daniela

          Really? I didnt know that, I only knew that she commited suicide.
          Its a serious, unfair and sad matter.

        • Ani

          Wow, they need to put that perv behind bars or cut of his jewels. Oh wait, I forgot, in the real world people with money and power get away with a shit ton of things they should be paying for instead. *sigh* It’s scum like this that made me want to be a lawyer once, but I’m too hotheaded to do so. I’m no Atticus Finch or Sebastian Shark, but I hope the guy gets what’s coming to him. Maybe this drama’s episode will at least make people realize how shameful they can be. I mean, if Sandglass had an influence in prosecuting ex-President Chun Doo Hwan responsible for the Gwangju Massacre, than maybe, just maybe, this episode might have a slight influence. Hey, an inch goes a long way. *sigh* Maybe. X/

        • Rina

          I agree with what you said, the media and the public sometimes place the blame on the victim.
          Since she was a female trainee/singer, it’s easy for others to manipulate the situation. It becomes the victim’s fault for wanting to become an actress/singer/performer. In the show, President Yoon is in a position of power, and he in some ways he has more authority and control, so it’s his word against Baek-hee’s. Unfortunately in real life cases like Jang Ja-yeon, culprits go unpunished and are able to get out of it.

      • 2.1.2 brookeeve

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but feminism isn’t exactly a way of life in Korea. They’ve still got a bit of catching up to do.

        • molly

          Even so, I don’t understand why the performer gets blamed. While I would understand the performer being ashamed and such, I’m not quite sure why the public would rip Baek-hee apart to shreds. Are they assuming that she initiated this and don’t know that she’s the victim?

          • tmi129

            One possibility is that they could outright deny it. I mean, if the president denies the scandal, there’s not much proof for BH to counter. So then BH becomes known as the crazy bitch who faked claims of abuse for attention.

            Plus, if you look at female groups and stars in the industry (idols, at least, since this is the demographic BH would fit into) a lot of emphasis is put on the image of cute, pure, and innocent girl. Which means BH is automatically out of the running, and can no long fulfill the job description. I mean, Korea doesn’t want a tarnish girl influencing their children/representing them to other countries.

            Ultimately, it boils down the fact that the scandal will continue follow and overshadow BH’s career, reputation, possible marriage prospects in the future. Whereas the president can fly mostly if not entirely under the radar because A) his behavior is not uncommon in the industry and B) he’s not in the public eye as an aspiring hallyu star and representative of Korea.

          • anais

            This happens not just in Korea, although in Korea it is especially bad.

            I offer up Roman Polanski. That man will never be able to set foot in the US again. Nonetheless, a who’s who of not just Hollywood but filmdom all over – a who’s who that includes actors, actresses, and filmmakers I admire – have defended Polanski and vilified the barely pubescent girl who was victimized. Never mind that the case against him is pretty solid. And what he did was heinous. And I say that as someone who appreciates his work.

          • atashiwaame

            It´s sad, but look at the public reactions to trials concerning sexual assault, rape… in a lot of countries (even if it´s expressed in a more subtle way) the idea lingers on that somehow women that got sexually assaulted must have provoked the guy who did it. In any case, I think many people think it´s something you shouldn´t talk about – because it´s somehow perceived as something “shamefull”, a woman`s reputation isn´t “pure” after something like that happened to her. A terrible way to look at it, if you ask me…

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      Thanks for the recap JB. i finally understand what they are saying. Now the buckets really fell from my eyes. The Dad scene and Baek-hee with Kyung-jin made me cry the most.

      As for Sam-mi, i hope Sam dong will make Hye-mi suffer a tad more =).

      In the early episodes, I felt that there’s a reason why Hye-mi only laughs with Sam-dong and cries with Jingook (which is also a bone of contention between the 2). Now i know why =).

      • 4.1.1 brookeeve

        JYP refers to himself as JYP… as does all of the bands he put together at the beginning of most of their songs.

      • 4.1.2 Ani

        Also, although when we say his name in full, we always go for the Korean route and use surname first, so we say it out as Park Jin Young. But because in the kpop world he is famously known as JYP, especially because that’s how he first introduced himself in the American Music Industry, than we simplay call him “JYP” when using his inials not PYJ. Besides, all the idols he’s produced would always have JYP’s initials mentioned for their first 2 or 3 songs. So, heh. But either way it works. 😉

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        OMG i never considered that! Wouldn’t that be great! Only if Hyemi and Samdong get together though!

  5. ilikehim

    I feel like recently, they are pushing Hye Mi with Sam Dong and Baek Hee with Jin Gook…Rather than the orginal Jin Gook-Hye Mi pairing they established earlier…

    • 5.1 kc

      that was a distraction my friend. Dont be fooled

    • 5.2 alyssia

      nah man.. beak-hee and Jin Gook could never be. There is no romantic connection with them. It was just for the purpose of having conflict. I’m liking how their friendship is shaping up.

      He likes Hye mi only. Either Hye Mi will pick Sam Dong or the three of them just stay friends.

      Hye Mi and Sam Dong are uber cute!!!!!

      • 5.2.1 ♥ SamDong ♥

        i agree! i love them together., i am about 2 lose hope on sam-mi but ds episode jst mke me sO happy.

        • molly

          JINGOOK 🙁
          I’m on a sinking ship, but I’ll die supporting them!

          • ndr

            I’m going down with you then…

            Thanks JB for the recap! Reading these are always a pleasure!

          • missy

            count me in! :p

          • anais

            Jin Gook and Hye Mi made sense for a very long time, but Hye Mi is a different person now.

            And ultimately the love Jin Gook most needed was his father’s love.

            As much as I want my Jin Gook to be happy, I know he’ll do the right thing and let her go if her feelings have evolved. Cause he’s that awesome.

          • sehseh

            Me too!

          • gustave154

            jingook is a good guy so he will let hyemi go if she is more happier with Sam Dong… =)

          • riin

            ‘Cause he’s that awesome’
            I second that! 😀

          • mary

            BUT THE CUPCAKE!

            Isn’t the guy who had some childhood-history supposed to get the girl?

          • sleipnir

            ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/‘…’)
            ……….’’…\………. _.·´

            To teh sinking ships!

          • anais

            OMG – I’ve seen Ep 15 and, while I won’t spoil it for anyone, there were some classic, awesome Jingook moments. The Jingook who gets you, who says exactly the things you need to hear to do the right things. The one who gets and respects you to the core of your being. Who will never think once to impose his will and in fact refuses to impose a foreign will upon another.

            He’s so frigging awesome. I’m so in love with Jingook.

          • applepie~ [eating blueberries:)]

            1) I’M WITH YOU:DDD

            2) Javabeans and Girlfriday are goddesses in disguise.

            3) Does anyone know the name of that really nice lotion that smells like cupcakes? O.o [ehh…offtopic…sorry-.-]

          • ladida

            I know! Jin Gook is just so nice! He’s a really good person, and took time to fall in love with Hye-mi, while Sam Dong was “love at first sight.” Which doesn’t really work for me because I don’t believe in that.

          • ladida

            anais, *you’re* awesome

  6. Ms. Min

    Jang ja yeon. :(. RIP.

    • 6.1 sleepysnail

      oh man…. totally there with you on that one…
      hopefully after seeing this, there will be more public pressure on suspect entertainment companies to have fairer negotiations and that there will be less of a blame the victim mindset in korea….
      although it’s korea. who knows. they sprouted pitchforks because of fictitious mad cow disease.
      also, YESSSSS! sam-mi! YES!!!!
      i still have my doubts as to who K is though… it looked like the back of a man from what i remember of the first ep….

      • 6.1.1 smiles

        I don’t know if this is possible – but what if its all of them? As in they become K the group (part two) – but proabley not likely. :0(

        I’m just dancing on the celling cos Hyemi realises she has feelings for the “to lovely for words” Sam Dong!

  7. no name

    so san-mi it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    couldn’t care less if baek hee’s K as long as sam dong gets the girl! :))

    • 7.1 Katey B

      I haven’t watched this scene but I won’t believe HM doesn’t fall for JG till the show spells it out to me. I want real proof.

      Die hard JG fan.

    • 7.2 Hehe

      Right with you

    • 7.3 smiles

      I totally feel the same! Anything could happen now, as long as SAM DONG gets Hyemi – I’ve been routing for this couple since the bus man! Since episode freaking four!

      Its been a painful journey watching JG make his move and get Hyemi first – but the boy peaked to soon, in K drama love terms, there’s been no conflict for them as a couple.

      Come on; let the hot sweet, sort of deaf boy catch a brake!!! He’s been acting the pants off of everyone – I’ve fallen for him, hook, line and sinker

    • 7.4 Natalie


    • 7.5 BIP

      agree!! dont really care much anymore as long as SamMi couple happens… hopefully there will be a kiss scene 🙂

  8. K.

    It’s Hyemi and Samdong! IT IS. IT IS. IT IS. I refuse to believe otherwise LOL.

    • 8.1 bishbash

      sam dong!!! you DA man!!! XD

      • 8.1.1 smiles

        I was screaming YESSSSSS, whilst punching the air like a lunatic!

        Sam Dong is SO DA Man!

        • jem

          LOL me too while spazzing on my desk at work

    • 8.2 NKB

      YEEEESSSSS!!! This is why they call it Crack High. Just when you think you’ve gotten over it and can handle the ending they’ve put in front of you, it suddenly does an about turn and you find yourself screaming at the screen like the mad Sam Dong fangirl that I am!! I couldn’t believe it when they started putting in indicators that Sam-mi might happen….I was like ‘Show…I can’t handle this. You ripped and stomped on my heart already and now that I’m slooowly coming to terms with Jin-mi, why you gotta do me like that?!’ I can’t wait for ep 15! Sam dong my love!! Lol!

      But did anyone else think that Jin Gook’s dad was a dick? I mean even though he defended him AFTER ALL THAT…in the ferris wheel he was all like ‘make sure you don’t get in any more trouble so I can run again in 4 years’ because my career is so much more important than you and because of this scandal I’ve put it on hold. So you better make sure it’s worth it. Like I said….what a dick. I feel sorry for Jin Gook (but not sorry enough to hope he gets the girl heheh SAM DONG ALL THE WAY!!)

      • 8.2.1 Aili

        i think you misunderstood the situation in the ferris wheel. the father only said what he said so that jin guk wouldn’t feel guilty, and it is a way of him to say, lets take this road together, rebuild ourselves, like father and son and chase after our dreams!

        in other words, to have your father support you, and being a support for your father, isnt that the best father-son relationship there is? 🙂

        • anais

          Aili’s read of the ferris wheel scene is totally spot on. It’s a really empowering moment. Not only does he say he has finally decided to risk everything with and for Jingook, he’s saying that it doesn’t have to be over just because the world would have it so, that they don’t have to give up and can fight for their dreams again. It’s a wonderful message.

  9. beansprout

    Oh No!!!

  10. 10 kc

    hyemi reminds me a lot of sassy girl jeon ji hyun. She is totally rocking this character.

  11. 11 red pill

    Loved it. Cried buckets. Sam-mi for the win!

    (Oh, and I agree that Baekhee will be K. I much prefer that to all six kids being in the group K and all being “K.” I think Baekhee deserves it because she’s not a genius or born with talent like the other five, but she’s the hard-working type. And I think that’s a pretty good lesson to be taught by this series.)

    • 11.1 Bluefyre

      I agree. BH does have SOME talent, but it’s not the same “standout” talent that the others have. She’s very hard working though and like you said…that’s a really good example we all could learn from.


  12. 12 Bluefyre

    Yay! I’m so happy! Sam-mi!! Hehehe.
    Now I don’t care who K is…LOL. Kidding!

    Thanks so much, JB! This made my day 🙂

  13. 13 Jenny H

    Spazzed a bit thank you so much…i love the self realization of each character has shown through their choice of music videos, especially with hyemi knowing she’s a robot =D

  14. 14 WooHigh

    I love Jason and Pilsook! I really like Sam dong and Hye Mi and Jin Gook and Baek Hee, who by the way I think would be a great “K.”

  15. 15 Ani

    AAAAAAAAAAAW! Cute. Is the victim of sex assaults really looked down upon in Korea (especially when it’s a woman)? I mean, I know women who are victims are normally looked upon as dirty sometimes in America (but they get their share of getting sympathized with), but for most of the country (Korea and in other places too) attacking them? That’s just messed up.

    Anyways, for a second before Bakhee made that declaration I thought the whole misfit team might become the ‘K’ Group, but I guess it really will be that one star. X( Also, Milky Couple for the win. XD

    • 15.1 crazyunnie

      Yeah, the women aren’t really sympathized with.
      The situation makes them ‘dirty’

    • 15.2 asianromance

      Korean netizens are scary!

      Baek-hee’s pseudo-celeb status made it worse. Think about it: young, pretty, and back when she was still in K, a sexy dancer. People are going to say stuff like she seduced him in order to get her position back or that she allowed it to happen in order to get her position back.

      • 15.2.1 backitup

        korean netizens ARE scary ==”
        even though Eun jung is only playing the character of baek hee is getting flamed online for being a bitch and something about deserving it

    • 15.3 mnstpdu08

      blaming the victim is also a prevalent issue in america. it happens all the time we just pretend it doesn’t happen. i’m not immersed in korean society so i can’t say who’s worse. but it doesn’t matter; it’s still an issue.

  16. 16 pinkmicrophone

    Aww. Shucks. I cried just reading the your synopsis.

    I really hope Samdong gets his girl…

  17. 17 Stephanie

    Oh my god I didn’t even watch the show and I almost cried at the hye mi baek hee part!

  18. 18 sunnysol27

    YEAH!!!! She likes Sam-dong !! I still love Jin-gook but I want her with San-dong!

    ***so happy 😀

  19. 19 jiaxin

    Omg I cried too but just from reading the recap
    (you are sooo good at writing) and omgggg I love how these idols are probably the most succesful idols in any drama!!!! and Im not sure… I’m really hoping for it to be Sami, but this drama is really good and smart so they could easily turn it to Hye mi thinking of jin gook but actually feels really bad so she looks at sam doong like how she should like sam doong better but I dont kno, there is probably a big chance that it is Sam dong she likes!!!

  20. 20 sora

    thank you thank you thank you. I am soooo in love with Sam Dong hehe

  21. 21 Tiffani

    I cried like a fool when Hye Mi sang to Baekhi *raises hands*

    And I, for one, still think they’re going to leave who Hye Mi ends up with open ended…who knows. But I should’ve known Gookmi was a sinking ship…I picked them, lol

    • 21.1 h311ybean

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they left it open-ended. I keep telling myself that whatever happens romantically in the show, the characters are all still high-school kids so it’s not like it’s set in stone – meaning we can all still dream 😀

    • 21.2 Beng

      i like the song too. I hope JB will post a rip of the song too =)

    • 21.3 Celest

      you and me both lol…stupid second lead syndrome…it does seem like all the guys i pick to get the girl never happens haha.

      but man, what a great episode! though my ship GookMi will probably not happen, I love what they did with BaekHee’s storyline! Even when everyone was commenting on how much of a betch she was, I stuck by her character…HA! I WIN! lol jk

      • 21.3.1 mojaslatka

        I am with you. I stuck and defended Baekhee in the past episodes and this episode trully made me happy. Baekhee shone in this one. From the start when teacher Shi sided her when Kang wanted to go to station, her realization that somebody cares for her stirred my heart. Then when she confessed to Hyemi her sinand yet Hyemi was there for her and sang for her, I could stop my tears from falling. When teacher Shi find her dancing alone, I cried buckets. And when HyeMi, Jason and Pilsook, JG and SD came one by one to Baekhee’s table and took her as part, I couldn’t stop myself from sobbing. I’m so happy for Baekhee. Despite her rough road with many detours of mistakes, she never gave up and now, her second chance has come and she knows it’s where she wanted to be. She may not have the talent those other 5 have, she may be the most stained background smong them, but she knows that with hard work and support of her friends, she’s ahieve her dream. She deserves to be K.(That;s just my opinion).

        By the way, Eunjung done a really great job with Baekhee’s complex character.

      • 21.3.2 jiaxin

        lol you and me both. lurv that girl! well eunjung

    • 21.4 Lacey

      Yah i have a feeling its gonna be open ended like God Of Study i actually dont mind that much…

  22. 22 djes

    thanks javabeans. I haven’t see the actual ep, but reading your recap already made me teary.

    So, Jingook has to settle with Hyesung? Well that’s OK, JG. I think she’s more awesome than Hye Mi. 😀

    Pilsook’s Jason toy has matching outfit with her! how cute!
    And the ep 15’s preview!! Can Wooyoung’s dream to have a kiss scene with IU come true? Please!

    I think the writers read those comments on their DH’s message board..because they like fulfill all our wishes! ( OK, not all if Sam Dong ends up with Hye Mi, but JG gets Hye sung!!! 😛 )

    • 22.1 h311ybean

      I haven’t seen the ep, but I’ll keep an eye out for the Jason doll’s outfit 😀 I like that it’s a spin on those “couple” getups that seem to be so popular in Korea.

    • 22.2 Schmazel

      I love the little sister too! Gosh, she’s too cute for words. And that peck on the cheek she gave to JG…Awww! Heheh.

      • 22.2.1 Rina

        Plus, she has a cute personality, none of the all-mighty or robot issues her sister has!

    • 22.3 Prinsesa

      Hyesung + JG = not bad at all! </3

      I love Samdong and all, but.. I'm a sucker for stories of love that dates back to childhood.. Aww Jingook. But! It aint over til its over, right? </3

    • 22.4 chocobi

      I thought I’m the only one who ships Jinguk and Hyesung!!
      It’s okay, Jinguk! You just need to wait for 10 years and she’s yours!

      Can’t wait to watch Hyemi get smushy over Samdong! I hope it will be a la Jason

  23. 23 Sushi

    OMG YES!!!! SAM DONG IT IS! PRAISE GOD IT CAME TRUE… I am so happy right now. This drama brings tears into my eyes, it’s surpassed all expectations

  24. 24 hjlee

    rip jg+hm

  25. 25 Schmazel

    I want more SD-JG and OH-JM bromance!

    • 25.1 Rina

      Haha…I miss them fighting over whose underwear SD is wearing!

  26. 26 Meikisis

    When i was watching Hye-mi cry and sing at the same time…All i could think about is how much hard that was to do. Javabeans commented on it when Jeremy (from You’re beautiful) was crying and singing at that “magic bus.” It was such a powerful and touching scene that is truly hard to forget…

    • 26.1 Daniela

      Yes! Cry and sing at the same time…gets me everytime.

  27. 27 allieeee

    noooo to sam-mi!
    jin-gook got the first kiss, doesn’t that count for something?!

    this was a great epi, but maaannn, i miss jason and pilsook!

    • 27.1 h311ybean

      Um… Sam-dong kissed Hye-mi first (although on the cheek) – I guess that counts for something, too?

      (I don’t mean to argue with you – it’s just that I had also noticed that Jin-gook got the first lips-to-lips and was wondering about this, too!)

      • 27.1.1 chanbb

        yeah, the kiss that seems to have been erased from memory, ’cause after that (ep10), it was never brought up again. considering the supposed conservatism as part of korean culture, why isn’t that kiss made into a big deal? :-/

    • 27.2 Zain

      I think the kiss was more of a spark to Sam dongs change. He needed to see it to finally face the truth and mature for the better. So the kiss was needed but it wasn’t to know who the OTP was.

  28. 28 Quaggy

    Bummer. I really wanted Hye-mi with Jin-gook. (And how typical of me. I always pick the wrong ship.) Although… Hye-mi’s sister is what 9 or 10? In seven years, she might be the right age to have a raging crush on Jin-gook. Perfect for a bit of humor when we flash-forward for the K reveal. (I also have a tendency to favor crack!ships.)

    And Baek-hee as K?! That I never would have guessed. Mostly, because I thought that K’s beloved teacher was supposed to be Oh-hyuk. And instead it’s Kyung-jin! Which is all levels of awesome.

    • 28.1 lei

      i was thinking the same thing. by the time K is nominated for a grammy, hye sung might be 17 or 18 then. perfect age to be crushing on jin gook who would be about 25 in 2018

      hey, maybe we can have dream high 2 with hye sung as a student at kirin 🙂

      • 28.1.1 Quaggy

        Yup, I think you figured one of the next storylines! Though watch as Jin-gook doesn’t get the girl for the second time. Sigh.

      • 28.1.2 lambayyx

        it’s not as awesome without the little actress to act as Hyesung though ): hahah. that girl is adorable

        • lei

          here’s an idea… when the dream high fast forwards to 2018 to reveal who K is, wouldn’t it be nice if teenage hye sung is played by moon geun young? 🙂

  29. 29 Taeclove

    nooo i really wanted jin gook and hye mi to end up together! this seriously made me so sad.

    • 29.1 lena

      I did too!!! I love Migook! 🙁 I’m so bummed out right now that i picked the wrong ship!! But I’m gonna keep my fleeting hope alive! I love Jin Gook+Hye Mi! Please show! Let them be together! Childhood love turned real love is soooo sweet!

  30. 30 h311ybean

    Drat these language barriers and work schedules that won’t let me watch the eps until this weekend 🙁 At least by then they’re all complete, LOL.

    Anyway, judging from the recap, I think I’m going to love this episode – not just for the shippy goodness (just for the record, I am all for Hye-mi/Sam-dong although Jin-gook makes a strong case for himself), the usual awesome from JYP and the stronger possibility that I’m right about K being one of the girls.

    It was indeed very bold of DH to touch on “sponsorships” – and, I suppose, also a little bit on certain artistes’ management-company issues?

    And although I didn’t like her character at all in the beginning of this drama, I’m definitely cheering for Baek-hee to get her life back. 🙂

  31. 31 Lahlita

    Thank you so much, Beanie-unni! Now I can sleep happily, sated with the intake of this fabulous recap. *Affects thick Russian accent* Mitrushka. Kom, Unni-darrling, I clasp you to bosoms. *Grabs Beanie-unni, smooshes her face in boobies, hugs tight* Unni daebak!


    OK, I just had to get that out of the way. I’m not the girl who ships. I usually find shipping annoying, but Sam-dong has possessed me. I’m changing my name to Soo-hyun’s Bitch. I want him to get the girl. I want to girl to luuuhve him, and she does! Hoo-ray!

    Also, I have been watching k-dramas for way too long. I was watching the raw and when Sam-dong was making his video, I immediately noticed the accent change from Seoul to Busan and figured out what he was doing. I was beside myself with laughter. I watched that so many times I almost broke YouTube.

    Now, on a more serious note, I love the way the the drama tackled the issues of sexual abuse. But this is such a heavy, sensitive topic, I’m not up to covering it properly right now. I’m just glad they had the guts to go there, and to shed light on the idiotic, inhumane victim-blaming that goes on in such horrible incidents. Before now, I wanted Sam-dong to be K. Now my mind is changed. You go, my Baek-hee-ya! Rise from the ashes like the phoenix that you are, little one! Take that K and do us all proud. Lahlita-unni is cheering you on! *clap clap clap* FIGHTING!

    Thanks again, JB. A thousand times, thank you!

    • 31.1 Lahlita

      Good Lord, I didn’t close my italics. I am so sorry!

      • 31.1.1 Schmazel

        I didn’t even know it was possible to italicize the words here. Lol!

        • Lahlita

          [i]italics[/i] where “italics” is the word/phrase you want to italicize.

          [b]bold[/b] where “bold” is the word/phrase you want to bold.

          But instead of brackets use the greater-than and less-than signs.

          Replace ] with >

          Replace [ = <

          There's also a way to do strike-through on here, but I haven't figured that out yet.

          • Daniela

            Thank you! I was looking how to put italics and bold in here.

          • h311ybean

            Probably [s]strikethrough[/s] ?

          • Lahlita


            If that’s actually how strikethrough is done I’m going to slap myself in the eye for being such a dolt.

          • h311ybean


          • molly

            If that works, it’s [strike] with signs instead of the brackets.

          • h311ybean

            OK, that obviously isn’t it, which is odd because that’s how you do it on LJ and certain message boards. I guess the software used here requires another code.

            Sorry about all of this experimental strikethrough spam 🙂

          • Schmazel

            Wow! Thanks for the pointers! I can now do tricks here, yo!

          • Beng

            can i test too?



          • Beng

            weeh is not right, hahahah =)

          • gingganggolli

            …testing the italics…lol….

          • Biankoy

            [can i try this too?]

      • 31.1.2 Beng

        Baek-hee can be K and Sam-dong the winning composer =)

        • Rina

          I second this!

      • 31.1.3 chanbb

        haha, i thought you were just trying to emphasize your points.

    • 31.2 mellowyel

      LOLz at Russian Lahlita-unni. I visualized that as I read it and cracked up

    • 31.3 Ani

      I get too lazy to type in my codes. And I call myself an MIS major. XP

  32. 32 Stephanie

    Yay sami!!!! I’m still sorta hoping that K would be sam dong, or better still, a team effort rather than a one person thing.

  33. 33 Noypi

    OH MY FREAKIN GOD.. THIS episode killed me. KILLED ME!!!!! EVERY MINUTE of it was AMAZING! By the time it was almost done I WANTED MORE.. and OMO!! SAM-MI COUPLE FTW!!!! I LOVE IT!! This drama makes me so happy im crying its about to end.. 🙁

  34. 34 biniBningPunkista

    OMG!!! sam dong? seriously??? and i was so freaking rooting for jin gook. augh… hye mi you evil girl. trying to lead all of us on. I feel so sad for Jin gook! T_T

    • 34.1 jg

      Jin gook has a happy ending already… since the beginning he has been wanting his dad’s love and attention and now he has it. Although he really liked Hye mi, I believe that his father’s love was the most important to him. Even on the Ferris wheel when he was with her, he didn’t really do a love confession, the talk was more about his father.. so I believe he has a happy ending and I’m happy for him… as for Sam Dong what he had wanted from the very beginning was Hye mi’s love

  35. 35 roflclaw

    LOL AT SAM DONG IMITATING HYE MI ON THE TOILET. Oh gosh, I watched that over and over. It was hilarious to me.
    Love him and his adorable smiling self returning.

    I’m really glad Baek Hee wasn’t made out to be this completely evil character all the way to the end. She made me cry in this episode, and I’m starting to like her now. Haha.

    I can’t believe there’s only two more episodes. I’ll probably cry when it ends. :c

  36. 36 cookiex

    Oh. This episode made me cry. T_T
    I watched it RAW on youtube before reading the recap.
    There were so many touching, tear-jerking scenes that moved me despite not understanding anything.

    I’ll be happy with the series ending with the official formation of the SamMi couple. (I’d rather Sam Dong have the girl if he can’t have both fame and love.)

    Now, if Baek Hee is really K..does this mean my Eunjung will finally get an OST song? Hmm? Well, it’s only fair that she gets to sing something for the soundtrack since everyone else in the main cast has sung something.

    As for Jingook – maybe he will discover some unknown feelings for the new Baek Hee? LOL. Me and my imagination.

    & WooU couple will obviously get their happy ending, right? O_O

  37. 37 michelle

    K cannot be BaekHee. Don’t you remember how at the very beginning of episode 1, when the Kirin chairman was holding up a photograph of K in his school days, the chairman specifically said, “this is K in his school days.” Because the chairman referred to K as a “he”, it’s most obvious that K is either Sam Dong or Jin-Guk.

    • 37.1 repliees

      He didn’t specify a gender…in korean you can indicate a pronoun without specifying a gender.

    • 37.2 Moa

      What the….*MAJOR FACEPALM*

    • 37.3 DeeDee315

      LOL, I also went back to ep 1 to check on what the Chairman said in the interview. My translation used the pronoun “him”. Didn’t know a pronoun could swing both ways in Hangul. That fact, still leaves us in suspense. However, we can be sure K isn’t JYP as he isn’t in the photo discussed during the interview. Can’t wait for Dream High to wrap. Think BYJ has managed to prove the skeptics wrong.

      • 37.3.1 Rina

        LOL! That would be an interesting turn…K is JYP!

    • 37.4 Lithel

      At the beginning, they also said K considered the chairman to have given her/him the breakshot, and I think this probably only applies to Baek-Hee. Besides, the guy we saw could have been only one of the back-up dancers. And finally, the hand holding the photo seemed female. (yes, I also watched the scene with my face two inches from my computer screen =p)

  38. 38 elsie

    I dropped this drama awhile back, but I might go back to watching past episodes after this recap. Yay for Baekhee probably being K! Yay for Hyemi and Samdong pairing. Hope those two work out in the end!

  39. 39 Cilllaaa

    I’ve stalked your page for tooooo long today hahah

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Samdong<3Hyemi. i saw the ep with no subs but i knew i was right. she was totally on him.

    btw; anybody who saw the preview for this ep, did i miss something?? like for the Milky couple there was the scene holding hands but it was nowhere in the episode. and i went back to check… so o_O

    • 39.1 Noypi

      I think they cut out the part where Jason and Pil Sook held hands.. OR maybe its for the next episode??? cause they were talking about Jin Gook and how they believe in him, so I dunno.. hopefully they still show that, if not I’m hearing they’re gonna KISS??? on the next ep.. we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  40. 40 wits

    Thanks, JB for the quick recap!

    Dream High just keeps getting better and better. Episodes 13 and 14 are my favorites and the BEST-est ones for me! Last one was heartwarming for the Sam-Dong comeback; the milky couple-ing; and the songs!! (- been playing the SD-PS duet all week!) But ep. 14 is equally good. I love that the six have finally bonded together and is a now a TEAM! yey!

    Oh, oh, oh… I just wish HM really chooses SD. Even though either JG or SD will work for me plot-wise, I just feel more invested emotionally with SD. And SD-HM have more spark as a couple. I am soooo looking forward to the last two in the series…..!!!!

  41. 41 vannie

    i totally cried just by reading the recaps. now i can’t wait to watch this ep!

  42. 42 keishira

    thanks for the recap… i cried reading this episode.. i’ll watch it soon the sub is available..

  43. 43 crazyunnie


    • 43.1 claire

      I’m just so happy now 🙂

    • 43.2 Anks

      Totally agree with you sistah!
      My heart can finally rest in peace 🙂

      oh wait ! does that mean I’ll have to give up Sam Dong

    • 43.3 Rina

      LOL! I was relieved…I was totally 100% behind Sam-mi couple!

      • 43.3.1 SAMMI

        me too, every since the beginning when he followed her from the country… he was the one I had been rooting for .. even though I started watching dream high because of Taec… there is just something about Sam Dong that catches my eye…. SO HAPPY!!

  44. 44 WhocanKbe?

    Anyone else think K might be a group of the six kids?

    • 44.1 brookeeve

      I want it to be so.

      • 44.1.1 Noypi

        That’s what i’ve always thought since Episode 1 but who knows.. we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

        • gustave154

          its JYP… =)

          • Rina

            I’ll die from laughter if it turns out to be JYP!

  45. 45 Daniela

    *Raise hand* I’m crying. I was crying. I cried when I watched and I cried when I read. This episode was SO AWESOME.

    Javabeans, you (and girlfriday) always put my thoughts in words (Thank God): “what a tearjerker of an episode, but in the best possible way — not because it’s been overstuffed with tragedy, but because there’s so much touching, heart-stirring goodness baked into the crust.” That’s exactly how I feel the first half of the episode. I like to cry with touching moments more than crying with sad moments.
    I’m so excited with this episode…I have to write my favorite parts:

    1) Sam-dong and Jin-gook fighting over food
    2) Baek-hee going to the police
    3) The song moment
    4) Jin-gook and Dad moments (yay! Dad FTW!)
    5) The table reunion
    6) The three thinking about their pasts (Hye-mi imagining herself as a robot?Exellent) and the way the other two are mocking at her.
    7) The audition videos, all of them, specially Sam-don´s and Hye-mi´s
    8) Well, does Milky couple count? Because I love EVERYTHING they do.
    9) Kyung-jin primping (I love how Doo-shik always startled her)

    Hmm, maybe a copy/paste of the entire recap would be better.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 45.1 queencircles

      I cried when the Baek-hee’s mom freaked out with that present she got. It was like a 2s scene. I just found it to be a really sad moment.

      Great episode, though, as always!

      • 45.1.1 queencircles

        lol I’m still watching it…and the Baek-hee/Kyung-jin (teacher) hug/cry moment made me tear up also. I love Kyung-jin now. I’ve slowly loved her mpre and more each episode.


    I don’t understand JG fans! Sam Dong is the obvious and best answer! He was the one who was always by her side, HELPING HER GROW to be the better person she is today. Which is why subconsciously she has come to realize that she ENJOYS being by his side. He’s become a real part of her life. Jingook may have helped her attune to her emotions, but Sam Dong is the one that closed the deal. Who was the one with the excellent deduction about how everything STARTS with Jin Gook and ENDS with Sam Dong?

    SAMDONG FTW!! This was such a cute adorable ending! Made me gasp when she gasped! of course i’m going to go to…..(SAMDONG!!)

    • 46.1 nickbw

      No you’re biased by your love of his cuteness, and taking the pot plant – JG would have done the same. JG defended HM at every opportunity, just as he looked after BH. He’s strong and a real Knight in Shining armour. He is more mature and respects HM allowing her to go about things her way, even taking her sulking understandingly when he knows she’s hurt.

      I actually think there is going to be an open ending to the bromance. I have watched a lot of kdrama in two years and this one is among the best for so many reasons. Someone said only one of them is an actor but honestly they all nail it and every episode has treasure

  47. 47 lei

    in the first few episodes, i didn’t think they’d be able to completely redeem baek hee’s character but they did. she owned up to her past mistakes and looks completely at peace by telling the truth. it’s like the whole world has been lifted off her shoulders.

    baek hee possibly being K is one curve ball i totally did not expect. i had my money on sam dong being K and jin gook being with hye mi. thankfully my friends didn’t take the bet or i’d be a few bucks poorer by next week 🙂

  48. 48 pv

    Omg. Ep 14 brought so many tears. All good tears, I promise. I love Dream High. I don’t want it to end. Idk who hyemi’s going to choose, sam dong or jingook. And it’s killing me. Why can’t it have 2 different endings, so she can end up with both. hhahaha. =)

  49. 49 SAMMI

    Yes it’s sammi , it better be sammi. Love is about the good time and bad times you have together, the laughs, the tears, being there for each other.

  50. 50 Kaye

    It’s a credit to the series that there are so many people invested in both JG-HM and SD-HM. I’m still split on how I want things to end up myself. And I can’t even compare it to my go-to triangle, Dawson/Joey/Pacey because by the end of the series was pretty obvious that Joey and Pacey would be together. Gaah… how are there only two more episodes of this drama left? I want, no need, more!

    • 50.1 tinatot

      omg. that reminds me… this is going to be the third time that the couple im rooting for didn’t get together in the end…

      first it was joey and dawson…
      then there was lucas and brooke(one tree hill)
      and now… *PLEASE NO* jinguk and hyemi?


      two more episodes! anything can happen… im still not losing hope! hahaha. :))

      JG & HM!!

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