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Dream High: Episode 9
by | February 1, 2011 | 367 Comments

Woot! It’s Dance-Off Time! It’s glitter and gold and rivalries galore, as we find out just how much the tables have turned in 200 days. Some people come back with moves, others come back with feelings, and some show up with remorse and a new attitude. Let the games begin.


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We see that in the 200 days, Hye-mi has been spurred on to dig her heels in and really make an effort to catch up to Baek-hee. We see her and Sam-dong practicing for their latest midterm, which was what we witnessed at the end of the last episode. (And how cute is it to watch Sam-dong dance?)

Oh-hyuk gives the Misfits their midterm scores proudly, but their faces fall when they hear that they’re not high enough to get them out of the university prep class. Their spirits sag at the thought of spending their sophomore year in here too.

But Oh-hyuk has a plan. There’s a dance competition coming up, and if they can enter and win, they’ll earn enough points to get out of Misfitland. But! We love Misfitland!

They balk at being able to win a national dance competition, but Oh-hyuk tells them not to worry; they have a secret weapon. Cut to “Dance God” Yang Jin-man, doing a dance…that I can’t even…with an outfit…that’s just…pwahahaha. I love this guy.

Hye-mi loses a round of rock-paper-scissors (which she suggested, heh) and heads to the arena where she registers the Misfits for the competition. She runs into Baek-hee, who coolly acknowledges that she saw Hye-mi’s midterm dance and that she’s improved.

Now it’s Hye-mi’s turn to thank her frenemy, for being good motivation for her to succeed. She dangles the K pendant in Baek-hee’s face, saying that she was right; it really does have some luck.

Baek-hee confirms that she’s entering the competition too, (In truth, it’d be no fun without you, Baek-hee.) and wonders who will win. Hye-mi: “What does it matter who wins, as long as we try out best…is what I can’t bring myself to say.” HA! She even has the accompanying facial expressions to fake her out.

Hye-mi declares that she’ll win this competition and her way out of the university prep class, and Baek-hee just says we’ll wait and see. But as Hye-mi turns to walk away, she can’t help but get this last dig in: that she’s here to sign up Shi-hyuk (Jin-gook), and Hye-mi pauses at the mention of his name.

Pil-sook looks intently at the poster for the dance competition at school, and tries out a few dance poses, thinking that she’s alone. But Chipmunk walks up right behind her, and starts mimicking her moves. Oh my god, I love the idea that he might become HER secret admirer now. So. Good.

She gets into the dancing and twirls around, only to come face to face with Jason, and fall back in shock. He lurches forward to grab her and keep her from falling, leading to much awkwardness and avoidance of eye contact. It’s adorable.

He asks if she’s entering the competition, and he says he is too, since that’s what Principal Shi required of everyone in K, in order to make up for all their absences. She asks if he came here to say something to her, and he says no…but does she maybe have something to say to him? Eee! Are you fishing for her to re-ask you if you like her?

And by the way, I’m totally in the he-liked-her-before-she-was-skinny camp. Because he looked for her before he knew she looked like this. And because he has to, in order for me to keep rooting for them. Drama, please don’t change my mind about this. Don’t do it.

She says no, and then when Ria walks up, she excuses herself shyly and walks away. Jason can’t hide his disappointment at what she didn’t ask him. Ria wonders who that is, and he tells her it’s Pil-sook, the girl she said would never debut unless she lost 30kg. Ria just scoffs that looks aren’t enough for someone to debut, and Chipmunk counters, “Well, you can’t sing, but you debuted.” LOL.

On her way home with Sam-dong, Hye-mi gets a call that Jin-gook has returned home, and gets a request to bring home cake. Sam-dong volunteers to run and get one, and even write “Welcome home” on it, and sends Hye-mi home ahead of him.

At home, Jin-gook presents the family with gifts, and gets a squeal from Noona over a handbag, and a kiss on the cheek from Hye-mi’s little sister (which hilariously prompts a yelling session from a very jealous Noona). He waits for Hye-mi with a gift in his hand.

But when Hye-mi arrives in front of the house, she’s greeted by a group of fangirls (with posters that say: “Jin-gook Over Flowers.” Ha. They refuse to let her pass because they assume she’s just a crazy fangirl, and she’s quick to tell them that they’re the crazy ones, and besides, she’s not even his fan. They gang up on her and start with the hair pulling, until Sam-dong breaks it up to save her.

Jin-gook rushes out to ask if she’s okay, but Sam-dong blocks him from getting any closer to Hye-mi, and tells him it’s best if he leaves. Jin-gook watches sadly as Sam-dong takes her inside, and sees the welcome home cake splattered on the ground.

Hye-mi goes inside and sees the present from Jin-gook on her desk, and puts it away sadly.

Later Jin-gook returns to their old studio, and finds Sam-dong there, practicing till late. He asks if Hye-mi’s around, and thanks Sam-dong for saving her the other night. Sam-dong gets up in Jin-gook’s face, and says with dramatic tension, “I don’t think that’s something you should be thanking me for.” (As in: you are not her keeper, so don’t pretend I saved your girl.)

Oooooh. I miss the days when you were wearing each other’s underwear (I was really hoping there was a gift box for Sam-dong with a pair of boxer briefs.) but I do enjoy that there’s a new rivalry in town.

Sam-dong reminds him that he asked if he liked Hye-mi and he said he didn’t. Sam-dong: “If I ask you again now, will your answer be the same?” Jin-gook: “No.” Aw, yeah.

Sam-dong gives it to him straight: He likes Hye-mi, and he’s never going to give her up. Gah, I freaking love your bleeding heart high school boy adoration. It’s totally unrealistic, but that’s what high school love is like.

It’s time for Dance of the Year, as the contestants gather for team-picking and such. Presiding over the events is the judge, a cameo by Koo Jun-yup (DJ Koo of Clon). The team captains are picked at random, but of course Hye-mi and Baek-hee get chosen.

Hye-mi has first pick at her team, and both Sam-dong and Jin-gook stare nervously as she looks between them…and then picks Jason. Hahaha. Hey, first pick means you get first shot at the best dancer, and I love that Hye-mi’s like, screw boys, imma win.

Baek-hee picks Jin-gook, and Hye-mi chooses the rest of the Misfits to round out her foursome. Next comes the performance order and theme, which is strangely enough, an animal. Hye-mi’s team gets Bird, while Baek-hee’s team gets Snake. Even the kids note that it’s an interesting coincidence, as birds and snakes have very obvious connotations in folklore as signs of good and evil, respectively.

Easy-going Jason is happy to join the team, and even gets a welcome high-five from Sam-dong. Yay, I much prefer Chipmunk as a Misfit. Jin-gook looks on wistfully, but gets a stare-down from Sam-dong and Baek-hee wonders if she did the wrong thing, picking Jin-gook when he wanted to be on Hye-mi’s team. He says she did the right thing, and that they have to win.

The Misfits head to the studio to practice, and as they explain their studio space to Jason, he says that he knows—he’s been there before. Pil-sook turns around to ask when, and he sheepishly confesses to following her that day they went to the noraebang, because he was “bored.” Bored, my ass.

Sam-dong teases them for appearing to have a deeper history than they let on, but both PIl-sook and Jason deny it. They reach the studio, but find that the entrance has been blocked. They call Oh-hyuk with the news that the landlord sold the place. (I thought it was abandoned…so who was paying rent on it this whole time?)

Oh-hyuk is in the middle of making a payment to debt collector Man Doo-shik, who hears the news and offers up his nightclub (before hours) for the kids to practice in. He even offers it at no charge, prompting Oh-hyuk’s fluttering eyelashes of gratitude. Doo-shik jumps back, yelling at him not to make that face anymore. Why, are you afraid of being the Terius to his Candy again? Keh.

They get to practice, as Jin-man plays videos of birds for them to watch. Jason doubts Jin-man’s skills as a dancer and choreographer, prompting an almost-dance-off (which would have been awesome) but sadly, Jin-man backs down. Heh.

At practice, he tells them to think of the birds and move like them. Jason pecks like a chicken, Pil-sook flutters, Sam-dong clucks, and Hye-mi….isn’t even a bird, as she does a classical Korean folk dance. Ha. Jin-man bursts their bird-bubbles, and shows them how to flap their wings, as he choreographs their number, featuring a solo for Chipmunk. Can a chipmunk play a bird?

In the coming days, Sam-dong learns Jason’s moves, and Hye-mi catches him in the studio, practicing Jason’s solo. He asks if it’s so crazy that he could maybe learn it better than Jason and scoop the solo out from under him…and Hye-mi answers truthfully that it IS that crazy. Sam-dong knows it but he doesn’t care. He gets close to her, and says that he’s not going to give up…on anything. Rawr?

But of course, things are never that easy for the Misfits, as they run into another snag. The cops find issue with their presence in a nightclub, and they get hauled off to the police station for questioning. Doo-shik gets punished, while the kids get to leave with their teacher…and in walks Principal Shi. Uh-oh.

Principal Shi brings Oh-hyuk in to ask not about the practice space, but about the man he saw at the police station, remembering him as the talent agent who borrowed the school’s auditorium the day of the showcase. We don’t see how Oh-hyuk talks himself out of it, but he tells the kids that they’re okay to compete. They wonder where they’ll practice now…

They stand awkwardly in the middle of a jjimjilbang (24-hour sauna) as Jin-man wonders if this is really what it’s come down to. Oh-hyuk tells them that it’ll be fine, and they practice, with Sam-dong filling in for Jason’s solo.

Cue dance montage, as both teams practice. Aw, yeah!

We go straight into the competition, as Team Snake does indeed writhe around like a snake, dressed in all black, in case we forget who the bad guys are. Team Bird is dressed in all white, of course, and I’m lamenting the fact that we didn’t get to see Sam-dong during his makeup session where he got sprayed with all that manly glitter.

Backstage, Jin-man tells Jason that they changed a part of the routine, and tries to teach him the steps. Oh-hyuk steps in to say that since Sam-dong’s been to ALL the rehearsals, he should do the solo. Chipmunk and his giant ego argue that he doesn’t even need to learn new steps; he can just freestyle it.

Oh-hyuk asks Sam-dong if he can do it, and he hesitates, so Oh-hyuk tells him that the longer he thinks, the less courage he’ll have. He says he’s up to the challenge. Jin-man and Jason protest, but Hye-mi backs Sam-dong. Put to a democratic vote, Pil-sook is the final word. Chipmunk smiles, thinking he’s got it in the bag…as Pil-sook votes for Sam-dong. Burrrrrn.

In the audience, Jin-man complains to the other teachers about Oh-hyuk’s crazy stunt, and Kyung-jin marvels at Oh-hyuk’s dogged principles. She can see that he’s trying to teach Jason a lesson—that talent does not win over hard work.

Team Bird does their routine to a hip-hop version of Swan Lake, which is weird, but pretty to look at. Essentially, they aren’t better dancers than Team Snake, and Sam-dong does a good job, but in truth his dance skills aren’t the show-stopping kind.

Backstage, Chipmunk tells Pil-sook that if he’d done the solo, they would have gotten first place instead of third. Pil-sook thinks it’s fine if they managed to get out of the university prep class, but then can’t take his complacency anymore.

She tells him that he should have been angry that his solo was taken, but here he is, not a care in the world, and that he never should have abandoned his own showcase for hers. Pil-sook: “You have no desire, no dream, no goal.”

Jason gets defensive that she’s trying to lecture him, and Pil-sook adds the kicker: “It’s because I genuinely feel bad for you.” Ouch.

She apologizes for making him feel bad and starts to walk away. Jason: “I wasn’t going to say anything because I’m embarrassed and it hurts my ego, but…why aren’t you keeping your promise?” Eeee!

Pil-sook: Promise? Oh…the 200-day proposal. You know, it was really hard for me to lose weight. I couldn’t eat or drink what I wanted. I nearly died and came back to life. And then when I thought about it…about doing all that because of you…it felt like a waste. I wonder if I did all that for someone who has no dreams, no goals. So, I gave it up.

God, I love that she’s not just thoughtlessly in love with him anymore, and that maybe he’s why she started her diet, but not the entirety of HER dreams and goals. Yay for Pil-sook.

Chipmunk’s ego is bruised beyond…well, probably worse than he’s ever been bruised, considering he’s the golden boy who just coasts through life. So he lashes out at Pil-sook, who says that she’s saying all this because she’s his fan. He says she’s not a caring fan, but a fan who’s overstepping her bounds. He leaves her, clutching her last yogurt cap, the 200-day marker that she’s still holding onto.

Hye-mi smiles at her third-place trophy, and Baek-hee smugly puts her first-place one right next to it to gloat. But to her utter surprise, Hye-mi congratulates her on winning with genuine praise. Baek-hee literally does a double take, wondering what bizarro world she walked into, and explains that SHE won…while Hye-mi lost…

Hye-mi says she knows, but her goal today was to get out of the university prep class, which she did. She adds that someone once told her that not being able to congratulate a friend on her success is living in a hell of your own making. She says sincerely that she doesn’t want to live in that hell, and tells Baek-hee that she did a really good job. Baek-hee reels, somehow angrier that Hye-mi seems to be above the petty rivalry.

Outside, Sam-dong beams at Hye-mi, having overheard her quote his words to Baek-hee. He adds that he told her so, about not giving up, and getting to do the solo. She admits that he was right, and in his glee, he gives her a kiss on the cheek, and then runs for his life. Ha.

Jin-gook witnesses the kiss, and his face falls. Dude, you’re the one who went away and didn’t call. Don’t be mad at underwear boy for taking his chance. Gah, the sad puppy dog faces on either side of this triangle just kill me.

Kyung-jin finds Baek-hee stewing alone, wondering why she isn’t celebrating her victory with the others. Baek-hee: “I feel like I’ve been using all my strength to play tug-o’-war, only to find that my opponent has dropped the rope and left me.”

Both Baek-hee and Jin-gook spend their victory party brooding over Hye-mi, for very different reasons.

The next morning, the story finally breaks that Jin-gook is the illegitimate son of Chairman Hyun. What the…what was the press doing for the past 200 days? Anyway, everyone, including Hye-mi finds out.

Jin-gook braces himself, as Daddy calls and tells him how they’re going to handle it. The next thing you know, they’re giving a tv interview, and Dad is claiming that the stories are false: he adopted Shi-hyuk when he was ten. Oh, that’s just mean. The worst part is, Jin-gook totally lets himself get bamboozled by Daddy, because that’s how much he wants to be loved.

He says that even if the rumors were true, he would have continued to love and respect his father. Aw. It kills me that you love your fakey fakerson father so much. Out in the hall, he asks if this means he really doesn’t have a father anymore, and walks away. In the car, Dad finds a gift left behind by Jin-gook. That’s right; you’d better feel guilty.

Later Jin-gook comes to find Hye-mi to lean on. He tries to be cute with her, but she’s not having any of that, so he chooses a backhug instead. Melt. He even cries on her shoulder, literally, for good measure. She starts to thaw a little when she realizes that he’s crying, but he says he’s fine and walks off.

By the time she turns around to catch up to him, she finds him with Baek-hee, who’s come to check if he’s okay.

At school the kids lament that they can’t afford to go on the class trip to Japan, where group K will also be shooting their music video, at the same time of course. Japan? I was lucky if I got to go to a few local museums when I was in high school. Yeesh.

Oh-hyuk really wants to send them, but they refuse to let him spend more money on them. He goes to see Doo-shik anyway, who has a better idea than giving him another loan: if the kids will sing at his friend-of-friend’s wedding in Japan, he’ll pay for the expenses. Hm. Something tells me this isn’t going to be an ordinary wedding.

Pil-sook volunteers to find the song, and in the library, she sees Jason listening to a song, and then sneaks a listen once he leaves. It’s Panic’s “기다리다,” or “While Waiting,” posted up above. Another Boys Over Flowers reference?

The song plays as Chipmunk goes to his locker, at first ignoring his daily lollipop taped to the door. But in the end he can’t leave it there, and takes it with him. Aw.

Sam-dong and Hye-mi get ready for the big trip, and hurry Oh-hyuk along. He watches them with a thoughtful smile on his face, as we flashback to his meeting with Principal Shi. We find out that the principal couldn’t mess with Oh-hyuk because of his ironclad contract with President Jung, but threatened to expel the kids instead.

Oh-hyuk made a deal to keep them in school—he’d resign, as long as they got to stay. Principal Shi agreed to terms, and set the class trip as his final deadline.

Back in the present, Hye-mi and Sam-dong egg him on, and he smiles at them wistfully, putting on a brave face. Aw, teacher, don’t go!


This drama continues to be insanely awesome, and I was ready to say that even before the dancetastic preview intercut with Jin-man’s “Too Legit 2 Quit.” I mean, what is there to even say about that, other than it makes me smile like an idiot?

The love triangles in this drama are so well-matched, that every five seconds I’m rooting for someone new, and basically I just end up in circles, except I’m happy about it the entire time. It’s more like a tilt-a-whirl than a triangle, and I’m throwing my hands up and going “wheeee!”

I was worried that I would end up hating the Pil-sook/Jason couple after she went on her boy-motivated diet, but now I find them much more interesting, because the 200 days created enough distance and misunderstanding for the tables to turn. Now Chipmunk’s the one who’s confused and orbiting her, so it makes them more evenly matched. And not because she’s pretty now, but because she’s discovered things about herself and her dream in the process.

I also like that they’re doing something with Jason’s character, and jolting him out of his golden-boy complacency. The idea that he’s resting on his laurels while everyone else fights tooth and nail is an interesting dynamic to bring up, and I hope Pil-sook’s words challenge him to find a dream.

But the best part of the reversal is Baek-hee’s feeling of being left behind by her rival. She’s someone who’s motivated by competition, and now that Hye-mi doesn’t want to play that game, she’s actually feeling adrift. It redefines the frenemy relationship, and makes their connection so interestingly layered—it’s love and hate, fuel and poison. I think theirs is the relationship to look out for.

Besides, how’s a girl to choose between these two?


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  13. 13 sshfan


    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how the writers are developing the characters of Jason and Pilsook…

    Man there were some feelings both Jason and Pilsook had for each other before Pilsook’s weight loss that were still child-like and almost naive….

    but as Pilsook goes through this physical transformation, she goes through a mental one as well and creates this boldness inside of her that even shocks Jason….

    and I LOVE how girlfriday puts the whole thing together…. that Jason is now the one in Pilsook’s shoes and HE’s the one that will start falling in LOVE with her and FIGHTING for her…


    • 13.1 hookedonmonix

      what I’m wondering is, if in fact Jason did like Pil-sook before the slimdown (as girlfriday believes, and I hope she’s right,) why didn’t he admit it then? What was stopping him? I can only think of the following options: 1. There’s a secret noble reason in which not having her love returned was somehow good for Pil-sook (which seems like it’d have to be a pretty dumb scenario) 2. Jason felt inferior to her love, (in which case, why would he suddenly expect it of her once she slimmed down?) or 3. he didn’t want to like her, or didn’t want to admit it -as in- he was embarrassed of her. (If true, this one would basically make him as shallow as if he suddenly started liking her once she got “pretty”)

      wow, that sounds like I’m arguing against Jason having liked Pil-sook before the 200 days, which I’m not….I don’t think. OOH! I got it. Jason didn’t know he had feelings for Pil-sook until he had to be without her for 200 days. Aaah, rambling on and on does have its upside.

      • 13.1.1 sshfan

        haha… actually i think you cleared it up for me too!
        thanks!! lol

      • 13.1.2 hookedonmonix

        p.s. I kind of wish Pil-sook would have told Jason “If you didn’t want me then, you have no reason to want me now.”

        but then it’d be way to easy for them to reconcile their crushes.

      • 13.1.3 tmi129

        I’m taking it as more of a—he didn’t out and out like her before the slim down, but the foundation was set then. Like, he likes her as a person, and maybe was on the way to liking her as a girl (without realizing it) but the time apart and verbal beat down she hands him is what jump starts his own crush. Because now she’s an equal and he’ll have to recognizer her for her own merits.

        To be honest, I don’t think I’d like it too much if he was smitten with her before slim down (because that’d mean he leaves behind the girl he likes to join the group he doesn’t even care about…) Besides, they were so unequal before–she just followed him like a puppy. Cute, but not girlfriend material. But when he comes back, not only is she super pretty, but she greets him like a friend and not her idol–much better. Much more like a potential girlfriend.

        At least, this is my rationalization of it. Love this couple~

        • hookedonmonix

          Just so long as it isn’t a transformation entirely fueled by her newly discovered hotness.

        • Nhu

          I agree with you. My interpretation is that he didn’t really have a crush on her. Like he said himself, he liked her, but as a friend, having never thought of her in any other way – which is aided of course by the fact that she followed him around like a cute little puppy/fan. Adorable, but doesn’t aid anyone in thinking of the other as a potential romantic interest. But when she finally laid out on the table that she DID like him, and made that outrageous promise, obviously she would linger in his mind for the 200 days apart…. His curiosity and feelings evolved over time, and this is proven by the fact that he looks for her when he returns.

          Of course, now, she’s also his equal in terms of “star material” (because, sadly, that’s what her losing weight means), but also his intellectual/emotional superior – and that gentle reproof of hers is also extremely powerful in that it makes him realize that her love isn’t unconditional – and so he’d naturally start striving for her and through that fostering his budding attraction. I think it makes sense and is very well done, and I’m VERY glad they handled the weight issue bomb well (so far).

    • 13.2 queencircles

      I love that too! Such a great/cute/OMGadorable sup-plot. Good developments.

      That’s what is great about this show: ALL the characters have depth! It’s awesome!! I basically love every character. No character is flat. All the triangles are well developed, there’s no one off just brooding silently for no real reason, no secret shadowing … we get to see interaction and how those feelings got there! Ahh the depth. These are all like real people and real relationships! Love it!

      GOD this show is so fan-fricken-tastic I can barely stand it!

  14. 14 Angskeet

    Oh my goodness! Rooting for Samdong all the way LOL

    • 14.1 Anks

      Me tooooo …….
      SamMi all the way…

      • 14.1.1 countrybumpkin


    • 14.2 jem

      Samdong hwaiting!!

    • 14.3 rio

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!

      sammi all the way!!!


      the preview for episode 10 is making me think that in the end it would be jinmi…


      • 14.3.1 NKB

        I know!! When I saw the preview with the elevator scene I actually sat up and WAILED with grief. SamMi HAS to happen for my sanity. This show is toying with me too much…but that’s what makes it so great. I keep having crisis moments where it looks like JinMi is going to happen then Sam Dong swoops in with all his cuteness to alleviate my fears. SamMi FOREVER!! (Lol I sound like one of the crazy fangirls waiting outside Jin Gook’s house).

        I really liked the Milk Couple’s storyline. It made a good point that even if you start working hard trying to reach a goal for another person’s sake it rarely works if that person isn’t worth it. You have to do it for yourself for it to really happen. Go Miss Sushi!!

    • 14.4 smiles

      Samdong!!!!! If he doesn’t get the girl I’m gonna lose it! And if they do something terrible to him like – make him deaf or (dare tempt fate and say it) kill him with (insert k-drama mystery illness here) I will truly just lose my mind.

      Don’t you DARE make me fall in love with this boy, whose acting chops are made even more vivid by the landscape of frozen faces, lack of expressions and emotion in the other kid actors and then kill him off! Seriously, I WILL LOSE IT.

  15. 15 aPam

    Its ridiculous how much i LOVE this drama….<3

    • 15.1 kc

      yeah its super insane… to the bones

    • 15.2 Dara

      Ridiculously adorable…

    • 15.3 lina

      Kind of missing school days. Girls in this drama all pretty and cute. I dont see any plastic in them. Looks natural beauty. Suzy especially. Love the way she acted cold. Such a cool character. Her skin is so fresh and so pinky…

      • 15.3.1 ilikehim

        Ria looks fake as hell, as in post-surgery fake, NOT fake-fake, which her character is as well.

        By any chance, is she Go Eun-Chan’s sister in Coffee Prince, anyone?

        • Laura

          Yes, she’s go eun sae 🙂
          Since I LOVE coffee prince, I kind of screamed with happiness as I realised it was actually her. hehehe. but it must be so boring for that actress to keep playing the bad singers who thinks they’re awesome. hahahah.

  16. 16 sora

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  17. 17 thirteen

    Now JG’s starting to turn to HM when he’s feeling down instead of the other way around- cute.

  18. 18 Naaaii

    Jin-gook & Hye-mi all the way.
    It’s basically Prince Charming & Cinderella. =)

    • 18.1 ndr

      I’m with you! I’m not sure why, but I love the idea of the two of them together. I thought I was the only one!

      But I still LOVE Sam-dong and did yell an, “In your face Jin-gook!” when Sam-dong kissed Hye-mi on the cheek.

      Thanks GF for the recap! Always enjoy reading yours and javabean’s recaps.

      • 18.1.1 molly

        After Taecyeon’s role in Cinderella Sister as the second lead (and his unrequited love! woes!), I am thoroughly in love with his and Suzy’s characters ending up together. I know I shouldn’t think that, since Sam-dong is adorable and equally worthy…but I know now that I’m a Jin-gook and Hye-mi shipper. Even if he’s being a Noble Idiot right now.

      • 18.1.2 anais

        I think it’s so interesting the responses people have to this love triangle.

        Those who find Jingook and Hyemi pairing appealing, I think, are responding to the idea of true love as being with one’s soul mate, the one who gets the other intuitively. The age-old notion that lovers are those who’ve found their original other half, as articulated by the Greeks / Plato: (http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/sciencemedicine/a/072309SoulMates.htm or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symposium_(Plato) see section on Aristophanes).

        Those who find Samdong and Hyemi appealing are responding to the idea of the complementarity lovers. That each brings to the union what the other lacks.

        Realistically, I’m of the latter idea. I was a firm advocate of Sunjoon and Yoonhee as being of the same ilk but different enough that they were overall complementary, challenging each other to grow. Some of this dynamic exists between Samdong and Hyemi, but I can’t help but register the fact that Hyemi doesn’t reciprocate Samdong’s feelings. Hence, no union, not as of yet.

        That said, I can’t deny the irresistible idea of soulmates, of finding someone cut from the same cloth, of coming home. And Jingook and Hyemi come from the same place emotionally, starting off even in terms of the emotional scars they have endured and chosen to bandage in similar ways.

        But, as so many Samdong/Hyemi shippers have been pointing out, Hyemi is beginning to change substantially under Samdong’s influence. Personally I hope she’ll be able to bring this good influence to bear on Jingook, who now needs her to be there for him as he had been there for her in the beginning.

        • hookedonmonix

          I wish I was that mature/noble about it. But, after having watched this episode, I think my ship tends to swing toward the person who is feeling bad or trying hardest at any particular moment. Like, when JG was trying to get HM’s attention and then back-hugged her, I was all about him getting the girl, but overall, I lean slightly SD, because he is so often trying hard (the comic he drew her) or feeling bad (when he didn’t want to hear that she was crying over JG).

          and, okay, it does get shallower than that. sometimes my ship swings toward one or the other just for the cute factor. A particularly sweet smile, for example, can throw the whole thing out of whack.

          • sorcy79au

            Don’t feel so bad…I’m finding myself do that same thing!

            At the end of it all, though, I think JG will end up with HM and that SD will end up being K.
            I was thinking “if JG ends up with HM, how could SD possibly be happy at the end of the show? Or if SD ends up with HM how could JG possibly be happy at the end of the show?”
            I think SD has more potential than JG, therefore he’ll figure out it’s just a crush that he has on HM and then he’ll focus more on becoming a singer/dancer and, hence, he’ll be K.
            HM and JG both have mutual romantic feelings toward each other but although SD has romantic feelings toward HM, she thinks of him more as a REALLY good friend, brother even.

            I think I may be leaning towards JG ending up with HM but like I said, it all depends on what’s happening on the screen at that exact moment.

            Oh and PS and JS all the way!!! WOOT!
            Chipmunk is so adorable.

    • 18.2 crazyunnie

      Cinderella was kind, loving, caring, and a BIG PUSHOVER.
      Hyemi is strong.
      Prince Charming had the courage to search an entire kingdom for a girl, with only a glass slipper as evidence. He was CRAZY.
      Jingook…is just Jingook I guess.
      Samdong fits the prince charming type more ^^
      But I ship both pairings =)

      • 18.2.1 Mayounaise

        Me too! I can’t root for just one pairing.

        JG is the quiet type who spurs HM to be honest and to stand on her own feet while SD on the other hand is the straightforward type who always there for her and protect her and looking so adorably in love with her.

        Aissh, how can you choose between those two guys?

        Anyhoo, just a theory of mine, but isn’t the back hug usually a signal for OTP?

        • tmi129

          Ah, but about the backhug theory–this drama’s been playing fast and loose with all the usual OTP cliches, I feel like I’m getting whiplash.

          I mean, technically you could say SD backhugged her first when she was recruiting him (as she slipped in the snow). He’s also held hands with her, cheeked kissed, saved her life. All normal OTPish activities. Likewise, JG’s got his own backhug, heroic (and semi-suicidal) rescues, hugging in the middle of traffic, etc…

          It’s all very confusing.

          • Mayounaise

            Yeah, but JG’s backhug is intended, while SD’s is unintentional. And his backhug is like a sign that he wont let HM go which is what a backhug symbolize, IMHO. Ah, how I love a backhug….

            But then then the cliches are all so mixed-up that I can’t distinguish the sure indicators anymore…

            The only indicator is that HM has feelings for JG while thinking of SD solely as her friend. And in K-dramaland, it’d be hard to change a girl’s initial feelings. When they have fallen for a guy, they fall REAL hard. Unless the storyline decide to rebel the old K-dramatypical path and choose a LA LA land ending instead (read: Dawson’s Creek, Buffy). But then all the girls end up with the ones they’ve bickered with before (exactly like JG-HM relationship).

            Aishh… *scratch head* it’s a complicated situation to analyze! But it’s really good when I can’t figure out the OTP by first glance of the poster… 🙂

          • hookedonmonix

            There are situations when the lead female has been in love with Male#2 for most of the show while not having feelings (or not knowing she has feelings) for Male#1 until late in the game. If I remember right, in Biscuit Teacher, she doesn’t even consider Gong Yoo as much more than a student/friend through most of it, while he’s ga-ga over her. This is what I was holding onto while cheering for SD. However, in those situations, usually the female lead enters into a relationship with Male#2, and is happy-but-not-passionate with him for a while. The flip side is also true. If Male#1 is in love with someone else, he gets a good chance at making it work with her for a while before realizing his feelings for Female#1.
            If SD/HM is the OTP, then it veers quite a bit from tradition, since I don’t think male#2 usually gets lots of unresolved romantic tension while male #1 just gets pining.

          • Nhu

            Funny… This is one of the few dramas I don’t care about the OTP. I mean, I kind of do, but maybe because it’s a youth drama, I really only care about each character’s growth. As long as whoever they end up with gave me a satisfying story… I’m not shipping particularly hard, probably because the drama doesn’t scream “find my true love!!!” as its conflict – despite the oodles of romance angst (which they’re handling pretty darn well. At least, I’m not bored and the Noble Idiot is actually creating some interesting dynamics).

  19. 19 Ashley

    Man, this is one AWESOME month for K drama! I like that the dance routines are actually somewhat impressive, and I don’t just have to pretend they are good. Simultaneously, I like that they’re not good good I’m thinking, “SUUUUUUUUUURE a bunch of high school kids put that together. RIIIIIIIIIGHT.”

  20. 20 techromance

    I can’t help but root for Sam Dong, I’m finding Jin Gook suprisingly annoying! And the more I think about Sam Dong possibly going deaf, the more annoyed I get! I’m definately thinking SD is going to have to be K considering that turn of events, coupled by the fact that he’s obviously NOT going to get the girl! (Despire going deaf for her! Arrgghh!)

    • 20.1 rio

      nooooooooo D=

    • 20.2 loveuxoxo

      Me too, I’m finding jin gook extremely frustrating. He just doesn’t seem to bring out the best in Hyemi, and I’m not feeling the chemistry between them at all. Sorry, but while I’m generally a more romantic person who believes in fate etc, I don’t think this coupling will work out at all.

  21. 21 Tiffani

    Aw…I can’t wait until next week! Do Hye mi and Jin-Gook kiss on the ferris wheel (?). If they don’t, I’m throwin ‘bows!

    And poor Samdong…I wonder if what Suzy said at the press conference is true “Hye Mi is the girl SD loves but can never have?”…

    Their relationship seems more like a foil to Jason/Pilsuk’s relationship than Hye Mi and Jin-Gooks. The milky couple started out being nothing more than a dilusion and is slowly progressing to something more and real. While Sammi couple is stuck in dilusion because Samdong refuses to except the reality of Hye Mi’s feelings for someone else. He’s living in a delusion (not unlike pilsuk) that if he’s dogged then he’ll succeed and his love will forget all about the other guy.

    …it’s late and that probably made no sense!

    • 21.1 anais

      No, you made absolute sense. In total agreement.

    • 21.2 e

      nah..i dont think he is in denial nor delusion you can see it in his eyes when he looks at hyemi he knows she still cares for him and still has lingering feelings but i want SD to see the kiss. it will be heartbreaking but he needs it. he needs to fall but get back up stronger besides there are more important things than your high school crush

      • 21.2.1 Tiffani

        I think that’s my main gripe about their relationship…he has her pedelstooled (sp?). I’d be a lot more invested if he backed off, let her completely figure out her feelings, and then have her come to him….

        …but for right now, I’m happy in Gook-mi land :). I want my kiss, please

        • Tammy

          I completely agree with your last comment! I squealed like a little girl when I saw Jin Gook moving in for the kiss… Although, you know that sometimes a preview is only teasing scenes like that… ^_^ I remember Sungskwayan (sp!) Scandal doing that to us…

          I can’t even explain it myself, but I am completely in love with Jin Gook. Although I think Sam Dong is a great guy – I need more guy friends like him in my own life!! – I just feel the connection between Jin Gook and Hye Mi so much more. And really, it’s about the fact that Jin Gook has a place in Hye Mi’s heart – he is whom she is thinking about and pining for everyday.

          In terms of Baekhee and Jin Gook, I actually think that’s kind of unrealistic given Baekhee’s complex with her rivalry. How can she stand being with a guy who liked her (ex)bestie first?? Won’t she always feel like second best? Goodness knows that I would probably feel that way.

          Although it would be sweet regardless of whom Hye Mi ends up with, I have to say that I’m going to be devastated if Jin Gook is not the one she ultimately picks… 🙁

      • 21.2.2 Tiffani

        maybe dilusional was the wrong word, he’s in denial. He wouldn’t even let her tell him last episode why Jin-Gook made her cry

        • e

          again he is not in denial..maybe if you watch it again you can see how SD was saying it..he was saying it like he was convincing himself not hyemi and if he was in delusion i think he would not have stopped drawing the comics of hyemi and throw then away and the next day ignore her. if he really was in denial then why would he have the sad look in his eyes whenever he sees hyemi still cares for JG.
          my heart breaks for this boy.damn you KSH why are you so adorable

          • anais

            What you’re saying is that Samdong deep down knows it. In fact, not even that deep down.

            Tiffani, are you trying to point out that Samdong doesn’t want to acknowledge that he knows the truth.

            In sum, he wants to engage in denial, but he knows.

            That’s what I was trying to say elsewhere earlier, and that’s what I think Tiffani is trying to say.

          • e

            yup im trying to say he knows it and his heart breaks every time he sees it. yet he still pursues after her what i want him to do is stay away from her. get his love shaken so that he can also think for himself, rethink his situation and his love so when he decides to go for it at least he put some thought into it

          • anais

            I think you’re right that he needs to step away. Give both of them room to think things through, better assess their feelings. It may turn out that Hyemi finds herself realizing she regards Samdong as more than a very valuable friend. She can’t realize that, however, if he’s continually there.

            I honestly don’t know how this drama will develop this triangle.

          • e

            yes. she wont realize she misses something that is by her side all the tie and i really dont want samdong to just blindly love her despite what he is seeing. i dont want him put himself out there without even thinking about himself even for a bit

            i too don’t know how this triangle end. and they’re still in high school not all high school sweethearts end up together anything can and will happen

          • tiffani

            What anais said is what I was trying to say, lol! He knows it, but he doesn’t wanna know

  22. 22 cklein

    Random questions for random commenters

    1. Hyemi’s Scraped stockings back in episode 2 ( their first day at Kirin), where did she get that? I remember JB mentioning, she got that from a fall, I cant recall hyemi falling from somewhere, falling for jingook is a different story by the way.

    2. I may be wrong but is there anyone who thinks that Ah jeoungs audition pieces was inspired by Charice’s rendition of the song is star king?

    3. Again, I may be wrong but that folk singer back in the same episode looks a lot like Kim Yuna. Is it just me?

    • 22.1 cklein

      pardon the typos

    • 22.2 marcc

      1. i think from memory its when she was tripped by some students after she was badmouthing baekhee? i knew it happened, but i wasn’t sure that its her first day at kirin, now that i think of it.
      thats the only scene i could think of.

  23. 23 danni

    Yay, it’s here. Dream High is totally ruining my study groove, but it’s too addictive to stop watching.

    I’m happy about how they handled the Pil-sook losing weight situation (because really, if it had all been for Jason, Pil-sook would have become my least favorite character) and the way their relationship is progressing. I was wondering how long they were going to keep in the cute, which is totally adorable and I could watch all day, but I like the serious angle it’s taking now.

    I loved the face-offs between Jin-gook and Sam-dong, mostly because I actually feel that Sam-dong is a real rival for Hye-mi now, especially with all the angst going on between the three of them. Seriously, how can Hye-mi choose between these guys? They’re perfect.

    I wonder if Hye-mi and Baek-hee can ever be friends again. Both of them seemed to have moved on from the “I hate you” stage, but there’s still some tension.

    Ugh, I already can’t wait for Monday’s episode after seeing the preview. Oh-hyuk, you can’t leave! What will the Misfits do without you?

    Thanks for the recap, gf!

  24. 24 samdonger

    Classic Hye mi moments

    1. The epic kick in the shins

    2. The deadly glares

    3. ‘Im riding your bike whether you know it or not’

    4. Hye-mi: What do you think of me?! a candy?! a

    Shoe: Is she, perchance, talking to me? (Oh sh. Classic.Classic. I need another confrontation with the shoe before we end things here on this show)

  25. 25 ladida

    “Can a chipmunk play a bird?”
    Flying squirrel = flying chipmunk?

    • 25.1 anais

      LOL 🙂

  26. 26 lovenyc52

    I can’t get enough of the Jason/Pilsook couple!!

    I was wondering in the beginning eps how they were going to handle Pilsook’s transformation in a manner that isn’t like “boy-likes-girl-only-after-she-loses-weight” because i wouldn’t have been able to get behind that… but i love that Jason cared about Pilsook from the beginning and prompted her to lose weight in order to get a shot at a debut. And Pilsook, bless her heart, does this in the beginning for a boy (and who are we kidding, at 15 and 16 that’s a totally realistic motivator) but in the meantime manages to find her own self-worth. And now the tables are turned and hopefully Jason will be looking to improve himself in order to be worthy of Pilsook. I really love how Pilsook is so honest with Jason – it’s obvious she still really likes him, but at the same time, she needs him to not be so irresponsible and aimless. Can’t wait for the day when Jason is leaving locker lollipops and note trails for her 😀 <3

  27. 27 blueangel

    All i want to see is Milky-couple (PS and Jason) I love how PS notices Jason’s fualts and points them out to him. Now it’s Jason’s turn to find out what he wants to do with his talent. He has the skills but nothing will happen if one doesn’t learn and grow with them.

    Loved how Jason had to take the lollipop even after trying to avoid/ignore it. so cute and touching.

  28. 28 Samdongfan

    Yehey!! Samdong is sooo cool in this episode.. I really hope he and hyemi would end up together!!!! But unfortunately in all Korean dramas the childhood friends end up together. I hope they will make an exception at this time.

    • 28.1 sora

      i am sooooo loving his character. they better not screw him up or make him a loser or anything

    • 28.2 DP

      yes, i really hope the show makes an exception.

      but when i watch the preview for episode 10, i started to lose hope.

      It’s seems pretty obvious that the hye mi romantically attracted to jingook. Darn.

      If Sam dong had a delusion with his feelings toward Hye mi than I also had a delusion in wanting Hye mi to end up with sam dong.

    • 28.3 jem

      In “Mary stay out all night ” they didn’t

      • 28.3.1 NKB

        Lol! The first thought that went through my head when I read that was ‘Is MSOAN a drama to emulate? Really?’ Please don’t even mention MSOAN in the VICINITY of DH…we wouldn’t want to taint DH with the epic fail that was MSOAN. Lol!

        • MelanieR

          ok so we wont mention the M drama 😛

          but yeah history together doesn’t mean they’ll end up together.

          how about My Name is Sam Soon. He and Second Lead Lady (lol forgot her name) went to school together.

          I’m just saying this.. but I’m really a Jin Gook shipper. I love the way he gets her. I LOVE Sam Dong as a character but to me he hasn’t yet understood Hyemi. That may change in the future of this drama.. I don’t know. That’s why its so gooooood.

  29. 29 bee

    what is this school that everyone can break into in the middle of the night with no problem… i know its so minor but geeeeze…

    • 29.1 Kerstin

      I ask myself all the time why is it so cold in that damn school? Nearly everytime you can see the air that the actors/actresses breathe…My school was always heated…and nobody could break easily in it…

  30. 30 :D

    I wouldn’t have minded back in episode 6 if Jin-Gook would get the girl…but now he’s ANNOYING and SAMDONG/HYEMI ALL THE WAY!!!

    • 30.1 e

      in respect to JG’s character..i like JG (he’s not a jerk, just a whimp) but i really dont like the way he is making his choices, as of now he is not doing anything good for him or for hyemi..he keeps making misunderstandings between them and doesnt really do anything to resolve it. but i really want him to resolve his issues first before he chases his dreams and the girl..but because of his issues he makes decisions that are not helpful for him and hyemi most of the time he is crying it out or brooding (not helpful, if you really want something go for it, make it happen- you can learn it from a cute country bumpkin)

      • 30.1.1 marcc

        i think its because it’s hard enough for him to be there (seeing that the dad really wants him booted off overseas) – and from then on it just spirals down into the mess happening now (ie, him debuting before everything else, and everything else that comes with it that leads into him and hyemi standing at different teams)

        i kinda feel sorry for him actually, samdong’s life is so much more straightforward than jingook.. whereas JG.. he’s got such messy life that stops him from realising his dreams completely. even though he has debuted, he wanted to debut with hyemi, and obviously want to be with her, but he cant really tell her the reason why he just HAD to debut before everyone else. they make his character suffers so much, and silently.

        gosh this really makes me sounds like a JG-bias, which i am not. i only ship jason-pilsook, and for the main triangle, i really dont ship anyone at this point.

        but yeah i totally love how they characterize all the characters, they’re so different and while in the outside they just look like silly high school students, there’s so much more to them than just the surface. ah i love dream high 😀

        • e

          thats kinda my point due to his life complications and him not resolving it first one misunderstanding and complication piles up after the other that is why it spiraled down to this mess. i just want him to sort out his life first because i dont think anyone deserves a life full with complications and yeah he want to be hyemi but i dont think they will be truly happy if they will be together now cause hyemi will also be entangled with the mess. if he ends up with hyemi i have nothing against that i just want him to be free of complications so he can focus on being happy dont you think so too?

          • anais

            But, the point is that he can’t. He is not in control and cannot be in control of the situation. It’s a situation that is much bigger than he is and outstrips his ability to try to reckon with it. Ideally, it would be wonderful if everyone who finds him or herself in Jingook’s shoes could sort out his/her life by simply determining to do so and dedicatin oneself to the endeavor. But the reality is that people have messy lives. Really messy lives even. And bring baggage into their relationships with others, no matter how much self-help mantra spews that one cannot find happiness in a relationship if one is not already whole.

            Truly successful relationships, however, succeed because they work WITH, not DESPITE, such baggage, so much so that they no longer seem like baggage.

          • marcc

            maybe thats what he’s been thinking too, constantly pushing hyemi off cos he doesnt want to make life hard for her. so he wanted to take care off his problems first before pursuing hyemi for good. which is why when samdong asks if he’s gonna give him the same answer, he said no.

            maybe thats why~

          • anais

            maybe thats what he’s been thinking too, constantly pushing hyemi off cos he doesnt want to make life hard for her. so he wanted to take care off his problems first before pursuing hyemi for good.

            Totally! That was the whole point of his taking up the debut offer. To give himself some leverage against his father. The threat of the talk that would result if his father withdrew him from the school after going so far as to debut was the only leverage he could create to ensure he would be able to remain at Kirin and pursue his newly realized/affirmed dream. And becoming a star, in his mind, was the only guarantee that 1) his father would not be able to push him around, allowing him to live out his life at least in peace if not with his father’s approval or 2) maybe his father would even find him worthy enough to acknowledge publicly.

            So he’s not being a wimp, a wuss, etc. He’s a young kid trying his best to make limonade out of sour, sour, sourest lemons and limes that life dealt him.

            Of course, I do wish that he’d have stepped up his game and not be the noble idiot, but I also get the sense that he doesn’t want to entangle Hyemi in the ugliness of his family drama. I actually wish he had. I hope he will realize sooner rather than later that he does need to let Hyemi in on it if he wants her in his life.

          • e

            nah, he can control it if he wants to or at least put a leash on it. 1. he can tell hyemi about his situation (there is such a thing called communication) that he is in deep shit and he wants to settle things first not going all noble idiot on her. coz it really sends mixed signals and im annoyed by that when he can just tell her straight”i like you but im in deep shit right now and about to be shipped of to another country so please understand what i will do..etc,” and dont even start with the excuse that he does not want her worrying again its all about communication if there is then there wouldnt be this misunderstandings in the first place

          • anais

            I totally agree that he could have told Hyemi about it. That would have been my preference, as I’ve already said.

            But I disagree that this is a situation that he can control as easily as you suggest. Even when he’d assumed a false name, lived away from his father, his father kept tracking him down and harassing him, believing that the only way he’d not be a bother was out of the country altogether.

            And you’re not factoring in that human component of desperately and futilely wanting the love of his undeserving father. (God, I wish the actor who plays the dad would just play someone different. I was so excited that he played someone other than bad daddy in Baker King!)

            All in all, Jingook is not in an enviable place. And, the question of whether he should be the one with Hyemi is an altogether different one from whether he’s a pitiable character. I am frankly surprised by the vehemence expressed here against him and I just don’t understand it. I honestly don’t think anyone who’s criticizing him would deal better were s/he in his shoes: a lifetime of not only not having parental love but actually receiving only persistently aggressive negativity from the only one person you can remotely regard as a parent (even when you try to disavow that relationship), living a street kid when your blood father is stinking rich arshole, not knowing your birthday for crying out loud, being rootless in a society that holds roots more important than anything else (including one’s actual character and achievements), basically having everything stacked against knowing who you are and where you belong in a society that subordinates the individual to the individual’s social roles. And, as a result of such trauma, it is understandably that much more difficult for such people to hope and believe that they’re worthy, that others will be there for them, etc.

            Samdong is so easy to love. It’s much harder to love and understand someone as traumatized as Jingook, but it is Jingook who so definitely needs love. Samdong will be fine. He has had and will continue to receive plenty of love.

            One of the reasons why I really like Kdramas is that it is a safe environment in which to challenge oneself to become a better human being. I’ve definitely gained insight, more compassion, sympathy, patience, etc. as a result, all of which has been useful in my work with teenagers.

          • anais

            1. he can tell hyemi about his situation (there is such a thing called communication) that he is in deep shit and he wants to settle things first not going all noble idiot on her.

            Oh, AND ( 🙂 now I’m getting all nitpicky, oh lord…

            He DID TRY REPEATEDLY and it was HYEMI and SAMDONG who didn’t allow it to happen. Then, even after time passed, it was HYEMI and Samdong who refused him when he tried to reach out, eventually resulting in him giving them the distance they so clearly indicated they wanted.

            Geez, why did I forget this!?

            So, no more hating Jingook? Jingook needs lurrrve and understanding. 🙂

    • 30.2 Jomo

      I need JG to end up with HM.
      His story breaks my heart into tiny little pieces of pain. He has tried to talk to HM, and failed. Both because of his circumstances and his inability to voice his feelings.

      When he held on to SD’s mother’s hand, I teared up and felt his desparation to be loved unconditionally by a parent.

      It has always killed me when the Hero-cannot-express-his-true-feelings-to-the-girl-he-loves because to me, that is true life.
      I am completely a sucker for leading men like Rain in Full House, Jae Hee as Lee Mong Ryong in Choon Hyang, JGS in You’re Beautiful.

      Most boy-men do NOT know how to say how they feel. And all people get when angry and frustrated, say things we don’t mean when what we really want is reach out and hold the person we love. Especially people in pain, like JG.

      His face in pain is more beautiful than anthing I have seen to date on my screen.

      I love SD to bits, but someone must tell him that being nice and supportive to HM in a Kdrama means he will NEVER get her. Although, if he turns on her later and tries to control her, that won’t work either.

      • 30.2.1 eca

        nah! it’s going to be SD & HM.

        and SD hurting is more compelling than JG could ever be. i guess it’s the actors. though Taec is sort of more good-looking, Soo-hyun is still the better actor. he’s spot on on the emotions. i feel Soo-hyun’s emotions when he acts. when Taec emotes, I’m sort of thinking, “ah, he’s trying to look sad, etc”.

        ep1-8 was all about JinMi, ep 9-16 would be SamMi all the way!

        • eca

          correction***MiGook*** my bad. i’m shipping for the other team that’s why i got this team all wrong. =)

  31. 31 Celest

    This show is just epic win. I love how steady they are with the plot and character growth. There are so many scenes to mention as to why this episode was amazing. Out of all the scenes though I think the PilSook Jason interaction was the one that stood out the most. FINALLY! The only thing that prevented me from really liking Jason’s character was the exact flaw that PilSook recognizes. You go girl. And she pulls the pity card on someone with a huge ego as him? Burn, indeed.

    And this might be the only drama I’ve seen in the longest time where I like ALL of the characters. Even the loan guy. He grew on me =). And BaekHee. I also think that her relationship with HyeMi adds another layer to this dramacake. Like red velvet. Good (as in it keeps the plot and charac dev. moving) and mysterious (as in who really knows what red velvet is made out of?=who really knows where this relationship is headed? i don’t know but i’m in for the long haul!)

    And was I not the only person who got all excited to see KOO JUNYUP aka CLON in a cameo?! Forget a dance battle between Woo and JYP, I wanted to see KJY and JYP dance it off haha =D well at least they should have in that ending credits anyways

  32. 32 obsession

    thanks for the fast recaps… gf really did a good job with the recaps coz i’m getting excited with the drama more & more! what good about DH, the storyline is not that predictable like most of k-dramas. i’m glad the writer tries to make us wonders what will happen next & surprise us with some unexpected move.

    i’m more into JG-HM but i like SD too…it’s not easy to choose who should i root for. as for Jason-PS,i’m glad they started to have conflict in their love line… and all what PS said to Jason is something that needed to say it to him! and the 200-days proposals actually makes PS more stronger. now, i hope PS will figure out the reason why Jason agreed with the proposals is for her own sake…

  33. 33 marcc

    i love how fast you recap this 🙂

    i really love the development of the jason/pilsook dynamics. now its jason’s turn to show some determination to win her over (after all her effort for him – even though it’s not really for him cos he only agreed to it because he was looking out for her chances to debut).

    so now we wait for jason to start missing pilsook 😀 angsting away somewhere and then realizing that he likes her all along. then he would start to make some effort to win her heart, and she will realize that the guy that never put in an effort to anything is now trying so hard lto win her heart… (somehow i keep sensing that jason kept the heart post-it from pilsook’s confession, and he’s gonna give her it when he confesses. 😀 )

    im so glad they decide to do something about jason’s character 😀 i always thought he’ll just breeze through all nice and perfect, but its really lovely to see that his character gets explored, and i hope we get to see that his character is much deeper than just the surface. would love it if they actually delve into his background, what he’s doing in US, how come he’s back, his parents, bla bla. out of all 6 main characters he still have the vaguest background 🙁

    dream high never fail to wow me in every episode, their pacing is just perfect, there’s always a new element introduced in every episode, and while i cant wait for next episode, i kinda dont want it to come cos ill miss it so much when it finishes 🙁 ill just hope they have a sequel to it (even when its all different character, as long as the concept stays the same)

  34. 34 Moha

    Surprisingly, the plot of this drama isn’t slow as I expected, but quick and to the point, while not breezing through everything too fast.

    Can’t wait for Monday!

  35. 35 jammiekim

    thanks for the recap… ^^

    Pil-Son FTW!!!♥ ♥ ♥ hwaiting!!!^^
    Hope Pilsook will be jason’s motivation for finding a dream. I think jason likes pil sook already he’s just waiting for her to open up the topic that’s why he keeps asking if she has anything to say.
    Rooting for more Milky Couple scenes.
    (the other love-line is plainly too complicated)

    i also hope everything will be fixed during the field trip.

    hope monday comes fast~!!

  36. 36 e

    and this drama keeps getting better..
    hyemi a piece of advice:
    when a certain guy back hugs you and goes into a car with another girl after..in real life this is the time where you run as fast and as far away as you can

    i enjoy as much as i hate how the drama is making my heart all confused and hurt for samdong. the preview killed me but i want sam dong to see the kiss..aside from wanting to see kim soo hyun’s acting..i want sam dong to feel hurt,and avoid hyemi..so she can clearly think who she really wants. a famous line said you dont realize what you have until its gone (and the lyrics of the song maybe is sooo fitting for this line) any way if they go and make SD deaf..this drama will hear from me..especially if the make hyemi choose him over guilt..id rather she chose because she wants to not because she feels entitled to act that way

    • 36.1 DP

      amin to that…

      i totally agree with you.

      thanks for pointing that out.

    • 36.2 anais

      He’s getting into the car because the car will take him to where he now lives. He’s not getting into the car WITH Baekhee.

      • 36.2.1 e

        haha i did point out that in real life this is what i would do right? haha..maybe due to the fact that i read way too much of Greg Behrendt’s books/works haha

        • anais

          What is the “this” you meant in “haha i did point out that in real life this is what i would do right?” I’m totally confused. 🙂

          I thought you meant that in real life people should run away if they see those who claim to care for them go away with someone else.

          BTW, total tangent, but yikes, I have a life to live. I cannot afford another addiction of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal scale.

          • e

            haha in real life when someone back hugs me and then after i see him leaving with another girl i would not go out with him again..total turn off for me..haha im cynical that way..im living my life through the he’s just not that into you philosophy but hey it works EVERY SINGLE TIME

          • anais

            That’s presuming that he was leaving WITH another girl. What you said just reminded me of the entire set up for Queen of Housewives. (The heroine’s frenemy sets up a scenario that looks to the heroine as if the heroine’s boyfriend is standing her up for the frenemy.)

            In real life, yes, totally your prerogative to do as you’ve indicated. And you’d probably be in the safe doing so.

            But this is kdramaland where we the viewers are privy to things that the characters aren’t. And we know he was just going home for the night, not going WITH Baekhee.

  37. 37 Noypi

    TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS!!! At the ending credits of the episode they showed the entire clip of Jin Man dancing to 2Legit2Quit.. EPICNESS!!!

    Thank GOD there wasn’t a Sam Dong losing his hearing incident on this episode, and I wonder what’s been going on about that for the past 200 days, since he’s been working extra hard… Hmmmmm.. I guess we’ll have to wait and see..

    I’m loving the NEW Hye Mi while she still keeps some of her trademark attitude!!

    Jason-PilSook COUPLE FTW!! Oh how cute are they.. totally didn’t expect them to be as adorable as they are now… Loving the reversal of their feelings, Go Pil Sook!! Give Jason a reason to work harder!!

    Jin Gook, ur just so cute. esp when he smiled at Hye Mi after scaring the heck out of her while on her way home, and how sad and sweet is that Backhug! ALWAYS GETS ME. EVERY. TIME.

    As for Baek Hee, I dunno HOW her character will change for the better, OR IF SHE WILL EVER CHANGE, but ill be hoping theres some reconciliation with her and Hye Mi.. maybe not as BFFs again but as friendly competitors..

    Ahhhh, longest comment i’ve posted so far… I’m just madly in love with this drama now.. 😀

    • 37.1 Noypi

      And may I add…. I’m kinda rooting for either Sam Dong or Jin Gook.. ALTHOUGH all signs point to Jin Gook, just cause we can tell he has more PULL on Hye Mi’s feelings.. but if the Show ever succeeds in having Sam Dong win Hye Mi’s heart, I’m totally cool with it.. Lol.. As Long as Jason-PilSook has an awesome ending too. LOL

  38. 38 Sumee

    u know what I love both Jin Gook & Sam Dong ! 🙂
    thats not a good indication.. !!!!

  39. 39 lemonlime

    Always fun reading your recaps, thanks! And thank goodness this drama keeps oozing awesomeness.

  40. 40 yuna

    thanx gf. i so love the rivalry between jin gook and sam dong. though am currently boarding SamMi ship and enjoing the adorableness of sam dong, am still looking forward for MiGook couple romance to bloom in full. if hye mi is having a hard time to choose between these two, i don’t mind filling her shoes. LOL

  41. 41 idkjustk

    I’m really loving this drama right now! Although I really love both Jin-Guk and Sam-Dong’s characters, I feel that it would be best if Hye-Mi ends up with Sam-Dong. Both Hye-Mi and Jin-Guk have so many problems and drama going on in their lives that I think that they would just pull each other down into a pity party full of tears, helmets and back hugs (with even more tears). Also, I think Jin-Guk’s attraction to Hye-Mi stems from his longing for his father. When they were children, Hye-Mi made him feel loved when his father wasn’t around to show it and it has since carried on to his adolescence. I think that once/if his father ever accepts him as his son, his dependence on Hye-Mi will slowly fade.

    Sam-Don, on the other hand has no ties to Hye-Mi and has loved her from the moment he saw her. His love is pure with no hidden meaning or agenda. He has the ability to make Hye-Mi feel good and forget about all the messed up things that are going on in her life.

    Despite this, I think that the show is going towards the Hye-Mi/Jin-Guk love line since theirs is the most developed (the childhood friends thing and the fact that Hye-Mi actually has some feelings for him), whereas her relationship with Sam-dong is merely platonic. But whatever, they’re both great guys so I wont be too dissapointed at the result.

    • 41.1 Natalie

      ahhh this was a brilliant comment. you summed up my feelings exactly, even the last bit.

      i will admit that i may be slightly disappointed if she ends up with Jin Gook because of how predictable that is, but I do love both couples (although Sam Dong/Hye Mi wins out) and for all the above reasons you pointed out but ah well.

  42. 42 suzilee

    …Whereas JG will get over it!

    i am so addicted to this i’m already thinking sequel!

  43. 43 Maurie Scarlett

    Thank you so much for the recap 😀 I love hearing it in other people’s words… Loved this episode. Poor JG and his daddy issues, didn’t help the scene with playing Schinlder’s List.. really? Saddest song ever!!!

    I’m loving that PS didn’t just jump at the opportunity to be with Jason right away. I just lover her!!!!

    I hope that they don’t have SD have a really bad heartache if he doesn’t get the girl, with this drama we don’t know… but if he does, hopefully he gets something in return ..

  44. 44 iris

    I never thought I’d be hooked to this drama. But then, I do LOVEEE Taecyeon! Rawr!

  45. 45 LadyDLily

    U r really d 1st! ^^

    I hope sam-dong will eventually end-up pair with hye-mi!
    He’s soooo sweet!
    He really does protect hye-mi!

    And for the Milky couple,
    hope no one interfere their
    crush-mini-series.. ^^
    Love how the stories blossom! 🙂

  46. 46 Ani

    Sam-dong is too nice of a guy to actually end up with the girl, at least in kdramaland. I wouldn’t know who to choose between them because I’m too stuck on the Pilsook-Jason couple. Wow, we’re more than halfway through the drama Where will we go? Who will be K? Which pair was fated to be? I will stay tune to find out. X)

  47. 47 milkycouple

    Ahhh WooU couple is def <3
    i just love love love their adorable moments together…though they are so limited ;(
    It's great that pilsuk matured during her diet. And nooo she's not talking as a fan, but as someone who's in love with jason and wants him to mature as well and find his dream..just like she did.
    pilsuk don't give up on jason! I know he'll change for you…we all know it! haha
    Anyone else notice that on pilsuk's daily lollipop it said "tous les jours" on it? Which means "everyday," so that means pilsuk will be waiting everyday for jason to make the 200th day confession!!! idk if that was intentional, I could just be a creeper haha but still!*SQUEALL* they are so cuteeeee

    anyhoo I think their relationship is much more refreshing than the main loveline, though samdong and jingook are both loveable, who can deny samdong's ultimate cuteness?? ("I wouldn't have any regrets even if I died now!" after he kissed hyemi LOL) his innoncence is just too cute, so I cant help but root for samdong to come out as the victor at the end…poor samdong…

    • 47.1 marcc

      does “tous les jours” really means everyday? aww.

      i thought it was the brand, cos they’re one of the sponsors of the drama.

      • 47.1.1 JJ

        It is a brand name(bakery) kk and is also meaning everyday in french =]

        • milkycouple

          lol yeah it is both the bakery and means everyday.
          ohh i didn’t know it was one of the sponsors.
          but do they really advertise sponsors during the drama?
          I thought that wasn’t allowed…
          most likely, I’m overanalyzing things ahaha
          it’s cute nevertheless <3

      • 47.1.2 eca

        Tous = all
        Les = the
        Jours = days

        • jem

          everyday = chaque jour

  48. 48 Celest

    Actually I think SamDong has a decent amount of chance of winning HyeMi over. Usually in dramas, you know who’s gonna end up with who even before the drama starts. But with this one, I feel like they’re pulling us viewers in a tug of war to keep us wanting for more. And it’s damn effective too! HyeMi and JinGook has an awesome backstory but with the show going as fast as it is right now and with 7 more episodes to go it’s pretty much anyone’s game right now.

    And SamDong can pretty much lift HyeMi’s spirit which is kinda broken because of JinGook right now so she can totally shift her feelings at any episode as of now IMO

    But As much as I love SamDong’s character I’m totally rooting for “GookMi”. Totally won me over with the happy birthday song.

  49. 49 ni

    i think at the beginning Jin Gook said something along the line of…using the basement at night because during the day the building is used for something else…so maybe the landlord sold the whole thing and at night it wont be accessible anymore.
    great recap! 😀 i love your humor ^_^ i hope SD doesnt get obsessive or vengeful once he sees HM & JG kiss 🙁

  50. 50 purexorange

    I admit, I don’t watch the show either , but love reading the recaps! maybe i’ll consider after midterms xD, thanks girlfriday for the wonderful recaps!

    • 50.1 noi

      ah really? but i guess in some part if you read the recaps first you’ll lose excitement. try reading the comments instead. i’m doing things like you with secret garden and pretty much lose excitement keke. ^^”

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