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My Princess: Episode 11
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There’s something that just really works about this couple, for me. She’s a little dense and he’s got a pretty large noble streak — though he hasn’t crossed over to the dark side of idiocy, yet — but together, they’re just so cute. The why-we-Should-Not-Be conflict is credible (and harks back to that inescapable point of comparison, Roman Holiday), and because that roadblock is so substantial, the story allows for the two of them to be honest with each other about their feelings. (A pet peeve: When both sides like each other but stupidly keep everything to themselves, leading to Big Misunderstandings galore that aggravate me to no end.)

And when they both know how they feel — though they can’t act on it — there’s a sweetness to the way their feelings permeate their everyday (though veiled) interactions.


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Hae-young asks his question, but Seol says she won’t answer: “I know what you gave up for me, I know who you made an enemy of because of me, but how can I answer? If I do, I know things will get even harder, and I don’t know how you’ll be able to protect me. So how can I answer? I won’t.” He gives her a rueful half-smile, saying that he taught her well, seeing how she gives a good answer to a bad question.

(But…we like bad questions! Don’t just let it die here! Ask all the bad questions you want, for the love of fangirls and plot development!)

He pulls her into a hug and says, “Don’t forget this.” Walking by, Yoon-ju the Heartless Android sees the hug. And she’s not only heartless but shameless, since she next lets herself into Jung-woo’s place using his code, preferring to bypass that whole pesky knocking thing. Social niceties are SO passé.

She guesses that Jung-woo has Empress Myung-sung’s sachet, but he refuses to give her the satisfaction of confirming that it’s real. He tells her he’d like for it to be real, but he knows there are those who seek to use history for their own means (*ahem*), which is not so good. Alas, she knows him well enough to read in his reaction that it’s real.

They’ve both considered the possibility that Dan might be supposed to be the princess, but Jung-woo affirms that it won’t happen, while Yoon-ju is more willing to think along those lines.

True to Hae-young’s warning, the president has twisted the orphans’ visit for his own gain, and Seol declares that she’s going to have to study her butt off to make sure that she’s “able to answer bad questions with good answers.”

Hae-young has to deal with the fallout of his behavior in front of the press, which comes in the form of an angry president, who reminds him that he entered the palace to block the restoration. He orders Hae-young to quit the palace, threatening to do some major damage if he doesn’t.

Dan and Yoon-ju have another meeting to discuss their options, now that the sachet is real. Dan declares, “I want what you want,” and Yoon-ju agrees: Starting tonight, Dan will assume the princess role. But when Dan asks about the restoration vote, Yoon-ju laughs — it would be difficult enough to install a real princess, so a fake one’s out of the question. Dan would merely be playing the part, to ensure that the vote never happens. After that, she’ll leave the country.

Dan drops by to scope out her soon-to-be room, though Seol thinks her sister’s here for a friendly visit. Well, maybe just a plain visit, since I’m pretty sure Dan only has two modes: bitch and bitchier. She reads through Seol’s fan mail and makes a snide remark about the orphan who sent it, saying that her own orphan past is something she’d like to hide, though Seol uses hers as a weapon.

Dan leaves her with the cryptic words, “Next time I come to this room, you’d better not be in it.”

Seol spots Hae-young waiting for her and tries to sneak by unseen, as inconspicuous as an elephant in a tutu. Hae-young stops her for a word, which she doesn’t want to hear, thinking he’s going to tell her to forget yesterday. She asks for just one day of reprieve, wanting to spend today away from him to allow herself to come to grips with things.

But no, Hae-young declares that that won’t be possible, as she’s going to be stuck within a 1-meter radius of him all day, and that every time she rebels, he’s going to reduce that space by 50 centimeters. Well, now I know what I’M gonna be hoping for today.

Seol supposes that the reason for his odd (and warm) behavior is that he wants to spend one day with her as herself, rather than as the princess. Too nervous and jumpy to join him, she makes the excuse that Jung-woo is calling her away.

Visiting Sun-ah at the department store, Seol confides her romantic predicament to her friend, who sees that she’s got it bad this time. Seol says that her usual forthrightness won’t work with Mr. P — just as Sun-ah spots him heading their way.

Panicking, Seol insists that he can’t find her here and climbs into a suitcase, urging Sun-ah to cover for her. But Hae-young’s not fooled in the least and politely insists on buying that suitcase, and rolls away with it.

She pokes her head out when he stops, and he sighs that she’s embarrassing. She figures, “Let’s be embarrassed together!” (love her) and reminds him of their 1-meter rule. I do love how shameless she can be.

Again she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, assuming (wrongly) that it’s something she doesn’t want to hear. Again he forces her to listen, and gives her five instructions: (1) Don’t let anyone hold her hands (he says while holding her hands), (2) Don’t get in anyone’s car, (3) Don’t accept a piggyback ride from anyone, (4) Don’t get drunk with anyone, and (5) Don’t accept anyone’s confession of affection.

That’s as good as a confession itself, and brings a smile to her face. He happens to be talking like a man about to leave for good, but Seol doesn’t pick up on the little hints (and isn’t connecting his behavior or his statements to that plane ticket she’d seen earlier…).

He takes her to the traditional palace where they’d first met, where a new woman sits dressed in traditional princess garb to greet tourists. Seol wants a photo with her, so Hae-young offers to act as the official diplomat for her, “for the first and last time.” He doesn’t realize his slip until she picks up on it, but he glosses the moment over by joking it away.

Seol quickly attracts a crowd, who recognize her and gather round to snap cell phone pics. Seol gives the fake princess a break and offers to take photos with everyone as though it’s a fansigning, and like the budding celebrity she is, the fans quickly line up for their turn. Including Hae-young.

Later, they look over the snapshots from the impromptu event, Hae-young with a wistful expression that Seol doesn’t notice. Growing serious, he tells her in an earnest tone to remember to face her problems head-on in the future and work them out, like a teacher giving his last lesson.

Seol asks why he’s so grave today, to which he answers that he just feels grave today. She senses that something’s up and asks what’s the matter, which he deflects by saying Jung-woo needs to see her, and sends her off.

Clearly that’s not the whole of it, and he grabs hold of her hand for a long, charged moment, trying to hide his emotion, and takes one of the photos for himself.

Jung-woo confers with Seol about her sister and the validity of the sachet. Granted, it won’t be enough to delegitimize Seol’s birth or anything that severe, but he worries that it may cast doubts on her identity, and suggests another trip to the orphanage.

There, the nun clarifies that while Dan said her mother gave her the sachet, it’s not clear whether she meant a biological mother or an imaginary mother, as many of the kids have a tendency to talk of their parents in imaginary terms (e.g., “My mom and dad are really rich”). Dan often spoke of a mother, while Seol spoke of a father and ajusshi — Young Seol had said that if she stayed with ajusshi, Dad would come for her.

This is news to them — who could the other man be? — and they puzzle over the possibilities.

It’s likely she means Hae-young’s father, a photo of whom Hae-young contemplates while packing his bags. He lingers over Seol’s photo, thinking of how quickl the day passed for him, and leaves behind an envelope for Seol to find later.

Upon Seol’s return to the palace, Yoon-ju storms up and confronts her angrily — oh look, the android can simulate emotion — for causing Hae-young to be kicked out of the palace. Hae-young had crossed the president to protect her, and this is his reward.

Shocked, Seol dashes off in search of him. Yoon-ju warns Jung-woo not to hold her back, saying that even if everyone else takes Seol’s side, he shouldn’t — and that everything she’d given Jung-woo up to have is now Seol’s. Well, honey, that’s not her fault, is it? I like to call this little lesson Bad Decisions Have Consequences, Not All Of Which Can Be Blamed On Royalty.

Seol finds Hae-young’s room emptied of his belongings and tries to call him, but his phone goes unanswered. In her room, she finds the envelope containing a document and a note from Hae-young regarding the completion of her first royal decree: He has donated all of her funds (all $140 of it), as instructed.

Now she gives in to her tears, sobbing alone in her room just as Hae-young sends her a text message: “There are two presents.”

Curious, she looks around for the second, not finding anything until her mother calls her name. Hae-young had told her to go comfort her daughter, who’s hurting.

Now it’s time for the men to meet. Hae-young asks Jung-woo to take good care of Seol, which surprises Jung-woo a bit in that it’s something you ask when you have a clear claim on the person in question. In other words: Hae-young is claiming a connection with Seol that he’d previously denied.

With that, Hae-young prepares to head to New York, where he has tracked down his father — who, by the way, has been barred from returning to Korea. Harsh, Grandpa.

Seol is introduced to her new teacher/diplomat, Seung-hyun, and this spurs her into action. Well, she’s not the brightest bulb, but at least she has finally figured things out, and she requests Hae-young’s whereabouts, perhaps guessing that he is, at this moment, awaiting his boarding call at the airport.

She races to the airport, and catches Hae-young as he’s in the line to board his plane. Angry and hurt, she tears into him for trying to leave without telling her properly. She asks hopefully if he’ll return soon, but he’s not sure.

Yoon-ju calls to tell him he owes her another one, because she’d grabbed him in time for him to protect the princess again. An important matter has popped up, requiring Seol and Hae-young to report to the palace. Girl may be counting all the times she’s owed, but why do I suspect that this is not a two-way street with her?

This latest matter relates to the empress’s sachet, and the relevant parties are called for the unveiling. Chairman Park immediately recognizes the artifact, but Seol can’t recall it specifically. Yoon-ju puts on a front of false concern, explaining that she’d been searching for it because its absence could become detrimental to Seol, and now finds herself “thrown into confusion” upon learning who had it.

With that, she introduces the owner and Dan walks in, declaring that it was left to her, the sole remaining possession of her parents. Seol realizes (as do the others) that the implication is that she’s not the princess, and the chairman states that that’s not possible, since he’d left the sachet with Lee Han, Seol’s father.

Assuming a dignified air, Dan says that she had intended to remain quiet to allow Seol to become the princess (so generous!), but now finds she must speak up (and so honorable!).

Thus begins the false story undoubtedly provided by Yoon-ju: That Dan had been left at the orphanage at age 5 because someone had been following her father. One night, he had died, after which point she met Seol at the orphanage — where she told her story to Seol.

Seol bursts out in confusion, knowing this is a lie, but Dan says in her patronizing way that the truth will come out. Oh, we’re counting on it.

Yoon-ju explains that it’ll be problematic to present Seol as the princess without investigation of the matter. The chairman eschews the necessity for further confirmation, but Yoon-ju pulls rank, saying that she considers it her job to investigate all matters thoroughly. And perhaps occasionally invent some?

The chairman asks Dan if she remembers him, and she answers in the affirmative, adding that he’d ridden in on a helicopter the day she’d met him. That’s Seol’s own memory, but slyly, Dan is prepared for this: She asks Seol if she knows why she was at the construction site that day, which Seol doesn’t remember. And since Dan has been coached, naturally she can pass off the truth as her “memory,” saying that the man chasing her father had threatened Dad to never appear in front of the chairman again.

And this, sadly enough, is a memory that even Hae-young can confirm, having been there himself. It’s also enough to introduce substantial doubt that Hae-young avoids looking at Seol. Dan even insinuates that the man chasing her father is Hae-young’s father, which is something Seol doesn’t know.

At this ever-so-convenient juncture, the meeting is interrupted with the announcement of a special news report — handily supplied by Yoon-ju to the pesky Reporter Yoon, of course. Proving that the media is entirely capable of creating news as it is of reporting it, the story states that there is currently heated debate over the true owner of the empress’s sachet, and that Seol’s validity is being investigated.

I’m vastly relieved that Chairman Park is immediately suspicious of this development; he rails to his secretary that there are only a handful of people in the world who know about Hae-young’s father. Secretary Oh cowers nervously, perhaps fearing that the chairman will put two and two together and realize that Yoon-ju might be the one. But the characters in this drama aren’t very good at math, so it’s Hae-young he yells for.

Hae-young confronts Dan, asking how she knows the story. She says firmly that she experienced it firsthand. When asked why she waited to speak, Dan answers that she opposes the restoration. She has no intention of being the princess — she damn well won’t do it for the very people who chased her and her father out into the streets.

Grandpa accuses his grandson of being behind this whole mess, which is a charge that shocks — and hurts. To be sure, it’s not like Grandpa’s SO off the mark since Hae-young had been plotting to derail this princess project from the start, and even tried to whisk Seol abroad, but he’s stunned now.

Grandpa tells him disgustedly that he’s just like his father, and warns that he won’t get his way. Hae-young says bitterly that he’s right, and storms out.

A few more hard words, this time from Yoon-ju to Jung-woo: “I’m hoping for a miracle — that before the people vote on the restoration, Chairman Park collapses.”

Perhaps understanding the emotions driving Yoon-ju, the hurt and fear that exist way, way, way down inside the heartspace in her chest cavity, Jung-woo gathers her into a hug, countering her bitterness with care: “Don’t do it, Yoon-ju. You can stop now.”

She says that she knows, “But I don’t want to.”

Seol stops her sister, who taunts, “Are you scared? Worried? Why? If you’re the real princess, prove it.”

But that’s not her main concern right now, and Seol yells that that’s not the issue — what about what she’s doing to Hae-young?

Yoon-ju steps in to take over this showdown, and mocks Seol by calling hers a tragic Romeo & Juliet situation — just as Hae-young enters.


One thing I worry about in every episode is that the conflict will get dragged out forever, but so far I’ve been pleased with the way the story is advancing at a brisk clip. Case in point: When Dan is brought in as the possibly-real princess, I groaned as doubt was introduced and it seemed as though everyone was starting to suspect she might be telling the truth.

I was on the verge of blowing up into a full-fledged rant — that these very smart people could suspect Dan, independently, of lying about her identity, and of Yoon-ju of lying about things to thwart Seol, but were seemingly oblivious to the fact that these two could lie, together? — but that fear was relieved when it became clear that nobody was taken in by Dan’s story. Of course, they can’t dismiss her claim either, no matter how much they doubt her, because it’s enough to threaten Seol’s position. But at least they weren’t so stupid as to be taken in by such a pat story told by someone with everything to gain by interference.

I actually enjoyed Hae-young’s bout with angst in this episode, although to be sure there’s nothing all that original about it. He gives up his position to protect Seol, and bears his punishment in silence. Normally this self-sacrificing type of character tends to irritate me, but I appreciate the turmoil it puts Hae-young in because for a substantial stretch there, he wasn’t noble, not at all. He was purposely attempting to undermine her and working against her, and no amount of guilty conscience negates the fact that he was prepared to strip her of her birthright to protect his inheritance. (I’m under no illusions that he was operating under any ideological impulses or political beliefs — it was purely in self-preservation.) So he deserves to stew a bit (as Seol herself put it), and his pain is surprisingly gratifying (to me — does that make me a sadist?), because he sorta earned it.

But he’s still sympathetic enough that I feel for him when he’s hurt, as he is with his grandfather’s callous dismissal of him at the end. Seriously, dude — I know patriotism is a virtue and all, but at the expense of all human feeling and compassion? Who d’you think you are, the Yoon-ju Bot?


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        For me, I don’t think Dan acts the way that she does because of insecurity and her “competition” (for attention or whatever) with Seol seems way too one-sided to be seen as a cause for why she’s so bitchy. It seems like it really boils down to jealousy.

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            Thanks for the recaps! very good summaries and gr8 insight!

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        🙂 been waiting also for your post clichique…hmmm no mention of SSH head here….after 3eps…success!

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          Err…scroll down to Post No. 17….she’s at it again…..

  15. 15 Jewels

    Thanks for thr recap

  16. 16 cont'd

    Really? The evil sister? She is so unbelievably sinister! I’mean how does the girl sleep at night?

  17. 17 clichique

    First of all..

    The previews CLEARLY showed that the beginning of episode 11 was going to be a lean-in-for-a-kiss NOT a lovely hug. I feel jipped (can I ask for a refund???).

    SECOND of all (and I am finally free to say so).. At a sadly emotional part I almost laughed because I saw Song Seungheon sshi’s head tilt. Way to break the nice tension that was going on. I almost guffawed. (Just wanted to get this out.)

    Third of all. I think Secretary Oh might actually be the one who is under all of this. The final boss. As Grandpa notes, apparently Secretary Oh had hidden the whereabouts of Seol and lied about her being alive for twelve years? If that’s not suspicious, I’m not sure what. Which is also why I was confused as to why Grandpa suddenly accused Haeyoung. And also, Haeyoung, you are hurting so much!! Come, come, let’s hug it out… (in the shower)

    I really liked this episode. You get lots of cutesy stuff (SERIOUSLY, Kim Taehee, HoW DO YOU FIT INTO A SUITCASE???), and then the last ten minutes they pull the emotional cuteness under you and you’re suddenly thrown into the real emotional tempest/conflict. In a good way. I liked that. Because now, except for the stupid pouch thing, everybody is pretty much up to date on the past, etc.

    I’m so sad this drama is ending in like four episodes after tomorrow’s episode. I will be going through major My Princess withdrawal. Seriously.

    I am seriously so into this drama, it’s ridiculous. Like I felt like sock punching someone whenever Dan would show up. She does this stupid bitch face that I just want to punch off her face. Or bitch slap. It is so infuriating. Like, as if I could hate you any more. Just go die in a fire. And I pretty much cried when Kim Taehee started crying when she found out Haeyoung left.

    Javabeans, I too am a sadist. I like watching scenes where the male lead is tortured about his love.

    • 17.1 hookedonmonix

      re: the last paragraph- Especially when he deserves it. The sweet supportive guy tortured by is love=yeah, okay. The emotionally stunted, arrogant and/or just plain jerky guys tortured by love=deeply satisfying. I do a laugh-taunt and then smile because my cheeky little boy is growing up.

      • 17.1.1 clichique

        Yup. Yup, ME TOO.

        I enjoy watching the guy stew over the feelings.

        What’s wrong with me??

        • YY

          He’s so beautiful stewing…..I want to be his stew…..

      • 17.1.2 Vision

        Hahaha! Totally agree. I like the arrogant, ever-confident and narcissistic (to a certain extent) PHY. But I love it when he’s brought down to his knees!!

        • nonski

          it’s a classic, that’s why we all love that 🙂

          • Sadhana

            Yes, why do we love men like this?? Like Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden. Despite being a huge jackass, I was head over heels in love the entire time!

            *sigh* now thanks to Kdramas, I dream about meeting a man like this. ugh!

    • 17.2 kimchipancakes

      oh yes there was supposed to be a kiss according to the preview! they edited it out (again). apparently in the previous episode after seol reads the story to the orphans and how the orphans say snow white’s better than her because snow white has a prince, she grabs hae-young and the preview photos actually show that he gave her a peck on the cheek!

      • 17.2.1 clichique

        Yeah, I remember that. They showed set pictures and there was a kiss on the cheek.


        • Vision

          I second that! Editing team is mad. >_<

          My friend and I were pleased – that he was gonna kicked out of the palace – cos it meant that he would have to go back home to take a shower!! That Speedos shot is in his bathroom – at his own apartment.

          5 eps more – we deserve a at-least-a-minute-long shower scene … for being made to sit through sucky/stupid moments.

          • Maracarrero

            How about an episode where they just repeat the shower scene over and over. I’d be fine with that ’cause he is to die for.

          • Donna

            hahaha I like the idea too 🙂 more shower scene (going crazy laughing here alone)

        • kimchipancakes

          someone in the editing team is probably jealous HAHA.
          5 more episodes to go, please give me an average of one kiss scene per episode editing team! :p

      • 17.2.2 IP

        does anyone know where i can watch the preview for 10th episode which you guys said there was kissing scene? i really wanna see that since i’m watching online via dramacrazy and they cut the preview part so i have no idea what is actually going on next. thank you!

        by the way i’m adoring you javabeans by posting the recap. i’ve been hanging around this site since early morning and keep refreshing the page like crazy. xoxo!

        • Amber's Cube

          There was no kissing scene in ep10 they have edited it probably. I hope they will give us the reason why they opted to cut the kissing scene. Here’s the link


          • samgetang

            hmmm…why edit this out? maybe b’cos they were in front of the kids? bad for princess publicity, i guess…

          • Jomo

            I have to agree with the editors on this one.

            It was already slightly ahead of plot for HY to smile madly when she called him her Prince. He has not confessed to her yet, and in a few minutes he’s going to be screaming at her for being an idiot and ending his career.

            That kiss would have been way to revealing at that point in time. Maybe they will use something like that during the happy ending episode…maybe the orphans will be invited to the “royal” wedding…

          • jinjoo

            thnx i just saw that kiss on the cheek, ain’t nothing bad about that if the kids saw it it’s on the cheek after all…i hope there’s more kissing scenes in the preceding episodes….they’re soooooo cute together! luv them

          • IP

            it doesnt work huhu 🙁 could you give me another site which offers the same articles or videos? the kiss in the cheek in front of kids from orphan…i dont get it either 🙁
            from what you know is there actually so many scenes got cut besides the kiss scenes? i’m wondering.. thank you so much! 🙂

          • IP

            @Amber’s Cube
            i get that, i watched the preview for 11th episode and there was nearly a kissing scene in the 10th eps, at the same door, the same outfit with the camera angle from hae young’s back, i’m pretty sure it should be the kissing scene for 10th eps. but i have no idea why they put tahtin the preview for 11th eps? well i dont understand. may be flashback?
            by the way much thanks for the link!

        • Amber's Cube

          The preview for ep 11 showed an almost kiss between PHY and LS but what we got was a hug in ep 11. Here’s another link:


          Check poulet’s comment with pictures

    • 17.3 YY

      clichique, I agree with you on all counts. So mad they cheated us of that kiss by the door. I actually thought long and hard about it, and I was trying to think whether he was leaning in for a hug or kiss. Then I saw the preview again and she had her eyes closed and her head tilted (up, not SSH-emo-sideways like him) and realised, damn! it was really a kiss! How could they edit it out?!!!!

      And the head tilt….you know what, I’ve grown so ADDICTED to it I actually think it’s endearing! I actually miss it when he doesn’t tilt….every emo scene, I’d be staring at his head and muttering, c’mon, tilt, 1…2…3…. He didn’t tilt as much in this ep…..maybe somebody has got to this thread and told him about it haha….

      He’s a master at the head tilting thing….do you know he tilts AND slants his eyes in opposite directions simultaneously? Like when he tilts to the left, his eyes slant to the right, and vice versa. WOW. There’s one scene in the earlier ep he was madly tilting and eye-slanting at her while she just keeps her head level….I laughed so hard I almost choked. I’m seriously going to miss his head tilting when this drama ends….

      • 17.3.1 Madita

        God you made me laugh…:)

        I suggest you do yoru Doctor SSH Head-tilting 🙂

        I suppose I am the only one who likes his head–tilting (is this a shame ?) 🙂

    • 17.4 Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

      Miss Clichique, you are hurting my feelings. I am weeping.

      Why do you not like my head tilt? I tilt for you. And for my fans. I do tilting exercises every day in front of the bathroom mirror for half an hour. I feel that tilting helps me emote better. I tilt to show my you my pain.

      I try to improve on my tilting all the time. Recently, I added THE FROWN. Notice how I pucker my forehead between my beautifully trimmed eyebrows? I practised frowning for two weeks straight last December.

      Then I also added the eye-slant recently. Tilt left, slant right. Tilt right, slant left. Tilt down, slant up. Tilt up, slant down.

      Notice too that my head tilts are proportionate to the volume of my voice. The louder my voice, the more my tilts. The lower my voice, the less my tilts. When I kiss, the tilts virtually disappear. Because I cannot talk when I kiss. Duhh.

      I will strive to improve on my head tilting to appease you and all my fans. I am thinking of adding the NOSE WRINKLE, EAR WAGGLE and TONGUE CLICKING soon. (I got the idea of tongue clicking from The Gods Must Be Crazy) Thank you.

      • 17.4.1 samgetang

        bwahahahahaha! this cracked me up so much! 🙂 looking forward to the nose wrinkle, ear waggle and tongue clicking, hahahaha! Mr Hand Towel aka Leaning Towel of Korea you are the BEST!

        • Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

          I love you too samgetang….*tilting head to the left*

          • samgetang

            OMG! yahooooooooo! 😉 thanks….you made my day! 😉

          • Donna

            omo omo hahaha you guys..you really make me laugh 🙂

      • 17.4.2 pohonphee

        Darn it’s crazy hilarious head-tilt, eye-slant, head-tilt, eye-slant.

        I don’t know about SSH acting chop, but his head-tilt, eye-slant, and the way his thick eyebrows meet in the middle every time he tried to express his emotion doesn’t change since the 1st time I watched him in Autumn Fairytale.

        But it doesn’t mean, I don’t like those 😛

        • Jomo

          If SSH is reading this, and needs to bunk over here in the States the next time he visits, I just want to jump tilt and say,

          I don’t agree with any of these comments, Mr. S.
          Olivier himself would be envious of how well you can express feelings with your face and everything.

          I think you are just fine. I even watched Summer Scent. Do I get extra points for that?
          Love XOXO

          • pohonphee

            You get your extra points.

            the only thing I can remember from Summer Scent is SSH’s colored hair with hideous hairdo, and emmm he’s wearing sleeveless cloth (I don’t know why I remember the last, hee) XD

          • clichique

            I almost feel like rewatching Summer Scent….. I hardly even remember it. Oh, wait, that’s because it had some weird the new girl I have the hots for possesses the heart of my old, dead girlfriend as a main conflict point.

            Oh, and most importantly, that HIDEOUS hair. I think Song Seungheon’s hair has been the best I’ve seen in here. Classic. It looks THE BEST on him. Why he would ever think otherwise is beyond me.

          • Jomo

            I agree on SSH’s hair and look for this show.

            I would imagine his stylist is not at all figuratively having orgasms dressing him. There wasn’t one outfit where he looked less than breath-taking. It’s different from a lot of the other heartthrob parts because of that. Nobody is trying to put him in trendy clothes.

            And only YJ gets to dress in EMU, as Rebel Souls put it.

      • 17.4.3 clichique

        Dear Mr. Hand Towel,

        I think we should discuss this over a nice shower (clothing totally optional).

        Until then, I can’t say I have much to say about your head tilt and the eye slant, and yes, I noticed the eye rolling thing too that you do when you’re angry. Don’t think I didn’t notice that.

      • 17.4.4 asianromance

        omg!!! this post is too awesome!!! Mr.hand towel, you should stop tilting, what if your head gets stuck that way??!

      • 17.4.5 Vision

        I’m reading this in the office and trying not to laugh out loud. 🙂

        Awesome start to a Friday! And counting down to next Wed!!

      • 17.4.6 Judy

        I cannot stop laughing!

        Actually I love this scene very much.

        I did not aware of his head tilting again until I read this post. Well, I thought his angle is perfect and so is his acting in this scene. His head tilting is not very serious!

        So I guess he has practised every day to make the perfect head tilting.

    • 17.5 Janet

      Come, come, let’s hug it out… (in the shower)……

      Group hug, anyone?

    • 17.6 Sadhana

      Come, come, let’s hug it out… (in the shower)

      hahahaha!! my thoughts exactly.

  18. 18 RBH

    dearie.. thanks for the recap. really love this couple.. i watched the raw episode and only managed to get the gist..
    ohh.. this series is really getting interesting and addictive. been replaying the earlier episodes like a marathon.. isn’t it sad that i prefer watch them than reading the current news.. tsk tsk tsk

    digressing .. how can i tell the writers and staffs that i love their work?

    • 18.1 Vision

      I’ve been rewatching “secretly” for fear of being called pabbo by my folks. And if my folks are present, I tell them I’m rewatching cos of the better subs done by proper subbing team.


      • 18.1.1 Jomo

        Why do they need to know you are rewatching?

        I have re-watched these so many times at this point, they think it’s a 100 episode series!

        • Janet

          It’s the first kdrama I have watched raw, watched eng-subbed and re-watched and re-watched…….

          But, I was only able to appreciate “raw” episodes up to Ep 8, after that I needed to know what they were saying…… ha.ha.

        • Vision

          Because I watch it on the TV in the living room :).

          • Jomo

            Oh! So you’re busted every time!!

            I can hide with my laptop in dark corners…

  19. 19 Ojou_Belle

    Thanks for the recap!

    My insides were churning with this episode…even though it was expected that the sis would take out her ace and show it to the resident beyotch.

    Annoying how those two joined forces, despite being something I was expecting, again!

  20. 20 kimchipancakes

    thanks so much for the recaps! can’t wait for the subs to come out to watch it (:

    even if lee dan passes off seol’s memory as her own, it still doesn’t make sense. they know (or rather everyone except grandpa) knows that she’s not the princess because the young seol in the photos with her father isn’t dan. and that the nun in the orphanage has a profile picture of seol and dan when they were younger to prove it. and dan’s name was changed was she was adopted (which can be proven by the adopted mother). besides, the helicopter story was pretty flimsy because hae-young has already seen seol’s emotions when he took her on the helicopter earlier no?

    sigh, i wish they could just hypnotize dan or something to that effect so that dan will admit how she got the sachet. i’m loving the chemistry of seol and hae-young but seeing dan and yoon-ju just makes my glee for the show nosedive down 🙁

    • 20.1 daisies

      Yeah, it’s not completely logical, but the situation can support it. Some characters have a general idea of who’s on which side, but no one sees (or can completely piece together) the complete story.

      Since certain people only know this and others only know that, it’s leads to some doubt.

    • 20.2 asianromance

      it doesn’t make sense to me either! Her old name was Eunbyul and then changed to Dan. Seol was always Seol. The only reason haeyoung found Seol was because the grandfather was like find Lee Seol (not ‘find Eunbyul’ or ‘Lee Dan’). I still can’t believe they are basing legitimacy on that pouch!

      how will Dan and Yoon-ju explain it when people start investigating both Dan and Seol’s claims to the throne?
      Sure stopping Seol sounds like fun for them, but their lies can really hurt their credibility in their respective careers. Even if Dan really does end up being Seol’s real sister, her supposed memories are still lies.

      Even if the vote turns against Seol this time. Once everything is proven, can’t the issue be brought up again for another vote?

  21. 21 muggledor^^

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    I lurvvv this couple!!!^^

  22. 22 goldenflower

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  23. 23 singingzombies

    After seeing Kim Tae Hee fit inside of that travel case. The only thing I could think of was “Call Ham Eun Jung! There’s a new member to the ‘Female Celebrities That Fit In Suitcases Club!’ ”

    LOL at the way she unzipped herself with her hands before popping her head. It was so silly and adorable I thought I was watching a cartoon.

    Great recap. Dan and Yoon Ju drain my energy to watch this show but your recaps keep it fresh enough in my mind to keep the episodes on my computer.

    I wonder if Hitler was this one-dimensional in his evilness… hmmmm. Actually I bet even he would like to see some actual reasoning to the Evil Bitch Robots being evil except for no other reason than their parents were clearly villains on Captain Planet or something.

    Oh well, Kim Tae Hee omg sooooo cute…

    • 23.1 YY

      This is beside the point, but I want you to know I really like your name LOL I’ve seen walking zombies, feeding zombies and dancing zombies….first time I’ve come across singing ones. Do they sing together, like in a choir? And what do they sing? I bet they sing happy cheery songs. They sound very cheerful.

      • 23.1.1 singingzombies

        I always imagine them as a choir group singing Christmas carols since that’s the idea that is most hilarious to me. Went by mooingzombies for awhile since the idea of zombies bumbling around going moo was kind of funny too, but then people asked why I wanted to be associated with zombified cows so… back to singingzombies.

        IDK, its my gaming name that is like never taken and yet is still amusing to me. Thanks about the name lol.

        • YY

          How strange….I thought of them as a choir singing christmas carols too the first time I saw your name haha …..like in that old movie Gremlins….you have this bunch of evil gremlins singing carols in one scene….except I think zombies singing carols would be way cooler….you should sell your idea to Hollywood….so original!

  24. 24 clichique

    Okay ONE MORE THING. I see everybody is complaining about the pouch story.

    Yes, for the main characters, everybody knows Dan is a lying bitch and nobody believes her. But the problem is, Dan’s presence has created a point of controversy over the entire royal family restoration project. In the public’s eyes, they will hear something like, “Oh, the identity of the princess is in question” and therefore be less inclined to vote for a royal family restoration because it seems more like a hoax from the Presidential office and the Daehan group.

    This is precisely why Yoonjoo brought in the press right when she tells Grandpa and not telling Grandpa and then going to the press. Because she knows that nobody is really believing the story. Because of the people present in that room, everybody knows what’s really going on. BUT NOT THE PUBLIC. And the public is who will be voting for the royal family restoration.

    • 24.1 Ayumi

      Pretty much what I was thinking.

  25. 25 fiona

    I love how you have so many names for yoon ju. Thank you for the recap

  26. 26 jadetaia

    i was thinking that too, but seol’s father passed away a long time ago. unless they dig him up from his grave to get dna to compare dan and seol’s dna to (which i suspect will put the country into an uproar), how else are they going to find enough royal dna to compare the two women’s dna to? unless they happen to have some royal dna lying around?

    but i do wonder how they will resolve this plot point. if it’s based solely (heh. seol-ly) on memories, perhaps seol will regain some crucial memory that no one else could possibly know?

    too bad they don’t have the “oh, didn’t you know that the real princess has a red birthmark shaped like a strawberry on her right buttock?” plot device.

    • 26.1 jadetaia

      oops, this was supposed to be a reply to comment 10, @moomooye, but it ended up at the bottom of the page.

    • 26.2 outofcontrol

      Why not? Seems like the resting place is secret (grandpa’s) and the whole country does not even know where it is. Anyway, there are other possibilities for DNA fingerprinting (e.g. using patterns from living cousins, aunts/uncles, etc) unless the Princess has no more relatives.

      • 26.2.1 kimchipancakes

        or hypnotism? unless it’s been too many years?

    • 26.3 Angielee

      there was that one picture of the dad and Seol when she was young…surely they could figure out which kid is which since Seol herself has childhood pictures of her and Dan…haha i’ve mentioned this same thing in 3 comments already…but there really was a picture tho heheh

  27. 27 Daniela

    Ah Yoon-ju Bot, you are so close to talk in monotone (wait i think you already do) and replace your feet for wheels. And you are evil, or at least soulless. Where is your
    On/Off switch? Dan, you´re simply horrible.

    Aw, those two are cute. I love the pictures.

    I still like My princess, but for some reason my enthusiasm for the show is now reduced. I forced myself to watch this episode because I want to know what happens and they are a good couple, but I didn’t have the desire that I had with previous episodes. At the end I liked it, but now every time that Yoon-ju appears I start to get sleepy. The others save the day, except Dan.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 27.1 Jomo

      As soon as I saw the “v-line” polaroid HY kept, I knew (hoped) it would be the lead screen cap for this episode.

      It is now my desktop background.

      Thanks, JB!

      I thought they did a nice job telling the story of their relationship in that photo shoot.
      He so clearly adores being there, close to her, and looks at her so happily. There was one where HY puts up the half heart arm, and Seul shyly looks to the side.


  28. 28 outofcontrol

    What a let down. I can fully understand why many feel duped. What a shallow shallow excuse for plot development. Definitely could have been better. Good thing the cute is still riveting.

    • 28.1 samgetang

      focus on the cute, hehe 😉

      • 28.1.1 YY

        to be honest, I’m watching only for the cute. The cute saved this show. If not for the cute, I would have checked out long ago.

        • samgetang

          the cute wins! hahahaha!

          really… if i wanted really serious stuff, i have that with all the discovery, history channel, national geographic channel, fox news, channel news asia, CNN, Bloomberg, ANC, etc….

          • YY

            Exactly! I only want to see the two of them. Period.

          • samgetang

            oh yeah! 😉 would not hurt though if i can see them in a more serious, weighty role/film in the future….a real sageuk/traditional costume drama would be interesting if they’d still have the same chemistry? 🙂 but they are perfect in a rom-com of this kind…

          • Jomo

            Exactly, remember all the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies?

            They weren’t trying to show the public how to solve their financial woes during hard times. They were just there to PUT! ON! A! SHOW!

          • samgetang

            hmmm…fred astaire/ginger rogers…should watch them next 😉

          • clichique

            Yes, if I wanted serious stuff I would watch Anderson Cooper 360.

            Anderson Cooper… you handsome silver fox, you.


  29. 29 Eliza

    aah, Jung Woo change the code and ditch the bitch!

    • 29.1 JD


    • 29.2 Jomo

      That is what his face said when he heard YJ bot do the beep beep beeps! He looked so disgusted…

  30. 30 outofcontrol

    Methinks the writers need to watch shows like CSI more. Just a thought.

    • 30.1 potatocouch

      or get ncis abby to find some way to get evidence. or the gibbs stare face-off between yoon-ju and lee dan HAHA.

      • 30.1.1 asea

        and Tony to seduce Seol 😀

  31. 31 sunday

    why why whyyyyy would they edit out the kissing scenes? I’ll take anything—a peck, a smooch—why editors, whyyyy?

    I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after this show ends. LOL

    • 31.1 YY


    • 31.2 Gerri

      exactly! why bother to film kissing scene just to edit them out!? dont u know we watch bcuz of KTH and SSH’s chemistry!! dont u want the rating to go up!! rating will go thru the roof if there is liberal no of kisses or a BEDSCENE!!! come on guys only 5 episodes left!!!!

  32. 32 danna

    this had nothing to do with the post but I just saw this and couldnt help mself……Changmin thanks DB!!!!!!!!……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D4tkvIkhU4&feature=player_embedded

    • 32.1 that Jomo was completely wrong about Changmin

      I hope he hasn’t read any of my posts. I was mean to him…

      ** hides under computer desk**

    • 32.2 tottoro

      that was great!

  33. 33 Cas

    Great recap, thanks! Also: “for the love of fangirls and plot development!” I absolutely loved that and totally agreed! 😀

  34. 34 Anet

    I hate the part when the Chairman blames HY without having a proof that he’s behind the Lee Dan’s charade. so stupid and I thought he’s a chaebol.

  35. 35 cute...........

    thanks for the recap….it’s just no resonable at all….just leave the palace because the empress’s sachet…….

  36. 36 YY

    I notice the story is getting more and more serious with all the weighty monarchy/satchet issues. Sigh. Please can we just go back to the cute and fluffy? I loved the first part of this ep, when they were together on their date. Can we have more kissing and holding hands scenes please? Very frustrating to look forward to a kiss scene only to have it edited out. I doubt there’ll be any more shower scenes considering the extreme cold, so a kiss is all we have to look forward to.

    On a shallow note, do you think SSH’s eyelashes are fake? They are so long. He keeps closing his eyes in pain this ep, and I just can’t help but notice them.

    Both SSH and KTH look beautiful together. The photo shoots really brought out their amazing beautiful chemistry. I think this has got to be the prettiest couple in Korean Dramaland ever. HY/SSH looks absolutely dashing in every scene, while she looks lovely…..the scene where she peeps out of the suitcase….she was so beautiful. Love this couple so much.

    Gramps, you are seriously getting on my nerves….and I’m your biggest fan! Can someone please tell him TO STOP YELLINGGGGGG!!!!!!

    • 36.1 samgetang

      YY, he’s yelling cos he’s really really frustrated: he thought he’d be able to give back all the money to the royalty/people but alas! his grandson accidentally fell in love with said royalty and looks like they will have all the money back by way of Seol (sorry, I’m 5 episodes ahead 😉

      • 36.1.1 Grandpa

        samgetang, since you’re 5 eps ahead, can I ask you is there going to be a kiss soon? Or a bed scene? I’m getting really frustrated here.

        • YY

          See, even Grandpa’s frustrated LOL

        • samgetang

          All the kisses, pecks, hugs, bed scenes, shower scenes et al will be edited out from here on. Sorry!

          But doncha worry, they will show ALL of them in a special episode extravaganza! Complete with BTS and NG, too 🙂 and SSH singing in the shower concert and KTH cavorting with SSH in the tiny fountain, only in towels…

          H/ever they will be shown in summer…when the weather has warmed up a bit for everyone….

          • Jomo

            My brain snapped at the singing in the shower concert.

            Who wants to plan the flights over to Seoul? Let’s do this thing!

          • Janet

            SSH singing in the shower concert ….

            Count me in – front row seats, please!!!!!!

          • samgetang

            calling the managers and publicists of SSH! hahaha!

            can we have special tickets where you can get up close, nay even shower with SSH… LOL!

          • Donna

            loveeeeeeeeee it samgetang hahaha :p
            me too..count me in Jomo 🙂

          • Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

            Ok deal! I’ll have 3 costume changes: First I’ll borrow the tutu from the elephant and sing in the shower, then I’ll switch to the towel in the fountain, and for my grand finale, I’ll bare myself and gyrate naked among the front row seats specially for you lovely fans.

          • crisxeo

            LOLLL shower concert!

          • Grandpa

            I can sing too….

          • samgetang

            front row! front row! front row!!!!!!!! 🙂

          • Grandpa

            I don’t mind gyrating naked….

          • Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

            We can even hold a lucky draw. Winner gets to towel me dry.

          • samgetang

            grandpa gyrating? last row! last row! last row! 😉

          • Jomo

            Mr. Hand Towel
            In this economy, we feel you can save money by not worrying about silly things like costumes.

            Just come as you are…

          • YY


    • 36.2 mandak

      i think HY lashes is real..i’ve seen it before in all his kdrama..

      • 36.2.1 Gerri

        wonder how it tastes like versus touch only..

        • YY


          • Jomo

            Why? Do you prefer Grampa’s dentures?

          • YY

            Double EEEEEEEEK

        • samgetang

          hahaha! gerri!! got mixed feelings on that — is that gross or sexy….with SSH…..well, maybe smexy?

    • 36.3 haneul.

      Am I the only one who really hates the Grandpa?

      Seols dad didnt want to be king, but he kept chasing him around until he died, and he treats his own family like crap. Hes only worried about assuaging his own twisted sense of guilt, instead of really worrying about the restoration of the monarchy or his own family.

      I think him and Dan are tied for the most evil people in this show because while Yoonju and the president are trying to screw over complete strangers, Dan and Grandpa are screwing off their own family members, which in my book makes you a much MUCH worse person.

    • 36.4 Judy

      YY, totally agreed with your comments about this couple.

      MP brings out the best looking SSH. I like his hair style and his suits. He is perfectly handsome in this drama. So as KTH – love her dress and hairstyle and lovely smiles. They are the perfect couple in Korea.

      The only missing part is a “TRUE” kissing scene!

  37. 37 missy

    Allow me to oversimplify the situation. As some have already pointed out: DNA, hello! Exhume the remains of the emperor (since Chairman was certain of his identity anyway) and compare his DNA with that of Seol and Dan. I know it’s a drama, and often dramas defy logic. But Ockham’s Razor, come on!

  38. 38 YY

    Those devious conniving pompous butchers obviously edited out the kiss. Cos he said THIS. NOW. FORGET NOT. Almost the exact words he used when he kissed her on the stairs. They are worried our delicate minds would be corrupted by the second kiss. So they switched to a hug instead.

    • 38.1 samgetang

      i think the editors have been hypnotised by HY aka SSH.

      when he said THIS. NOW. FORGET., the editors were the first ones to forget to include the scenes.

      such is the power of Mr Hand Towel. He wipes away your memories…

      • 38.1.1 Jomo

        I didn’t know a kiss was edited out, and I am glad for that.

        I would have been PISSED, too.
        The ratings will be higher if they hold the kiss off till later.

        Although, I have my doubts on the hotness of this kiss I keep hearing about…What if it is edited because it wasn’t any good?

        KTH and SSH really have to step out of cute character to give us what we want, don’t you think?

        Oooh! If they make Seul the aggresesssor on the kiss, HY could make some comment about how her watching porn and reading racy novels paid off for him…

        • samgetang

          ooohhhh! jomo! you are so right: perhaps they edited out the kissing scenes because they were much too racy for the Princess’ pure image 🙂

          well, perhaps, in the final episode they will show these scenes as a flashback….when HY is bouncing off their babies on his lap and teasing LS for all the racy novels she have been reading, hehe, as the cause of all these….

          • that Jomo was completely wrong about Changmin

            The perfect book-end to this story would be to have Seul and HY sitting on the swing at the Pension with the cutest baby ever seen by mankind on their laps watching Snow White and HY teasing her.

            THIS MUST HAPPEN.

          • samgetang

            IT WILL HAPPEN. We will make it happen.

            Calling writers and director! One order of swing scene with cutest baby in tow…pleeeeaaassssssse! 🙂

  39. 39 IP

    dear yoon ju, put on your clothe appropriately, look at your clothe in the last scene, it’s shown. blah.

  40. 40 rita

    thanks for the recap!!!!!! i love it……

  41. 41 blast

    ihaiizz.. just last week i decided to cut -off from this drama for a while because of work but i think these past episodes would really turn me back up.. haiiizzz.. awesome.. thanks for the recap!!.. and the ANDROID Bot??..

  42. 42 azir

    Can’t they do a DNA test to prove that Seol is the real princess?

    • 42.1 samgetang

      They can. But they haven’t thought about it yet. Maybe after 1 or 2 more episodes…

    • 42.2 Angielee

      Even if they do…who would they compare her DNA to???she doesn’t have any living relative…and i doubt they’ll dig up her dad’s grave for that right???also even if they do..it’s been 20 years…will there still be DNA in the corpse???i still think the picture of the dad and younger her, the two old couples showed her in that kiss episode is the best proof.

      • 42.2.1 samgetang

        yes, i think they can still test the DNA of the corpse’s hair or bones if it would match with either Seol or Dan’s…so, yes, it is possible…but from what I gather, the quality of the DNA sometimes deteriorates with age/time.

  43. 43 chuachumill

    YY…hahahhaha..i thought im the only one whos muttering….1…2….3…TILT!!! I CANT HELP IT..lolx!!!doesnt matter how emo..how sad the scene..i cant stop lol!ha3..how many more episodes without fluffy n cute?i almost jump ship to dream high~pls..seol…step up n reclaimed ur thrown..

    • 43.1 YY

      LOL chuachumill, I know….I can’t stop staring at his head! Help!

  44. 44 gumbee

    dan can’t be the real daughter. we all saw that photo of seol together with her dad (remember when they visited her dad’s friend?) that itself is a strong evidence that she’s the real one. even the nun recognized seol as the young seol on the photo in their records. i just hope someone in the story would be smart enough to remember such details.

  45. 45 samgetang

    Javabeans! Thank you! Kamsahamnida! Merci! Danke! Mahalo! Arigato! Salamat! Xie xie!

    This is a bitter-sweet episode for our Most Beautiful Couple in kdramaland.

    They are not only pretty to look at but also endearing and adorable with how they naturally come to terms with their growing affection and deepening care for each other.

    How many people dream of a relationship such as this? Honest, open and humble. No mind games. No self-consciousness about it. She’s refreshingly nervous. He’s admirably courageous. Both, all of a sudden.

    All the other elements of the story, like the flimsy empress pouch, the annoying two evil rivals (to her heart and to her throne), and the monarchy-politics merry-go-round, all fade away, although necessary for the story, in the face of this couple. Doesn’t hurt that SSH and KTH are just playing their roles oh so perfectly and their chemistry together is beyond cute. They make you want them to be together even in real life (any chance on this, maybe?).

    Indeed MP is rom-com at its finest! Kudos to the writers and director. More of SSH and KTH in the future, we hope. Together!

    • 45.1 Grandpa

      What about me?

      • 45.1.1 samgetang

        Hi, YY! I love grampa to bits 😉 He made it possible for the two to be together, how’s that?

        • Grandpa

          Ok I’m going to give you a smooch for that….once I’m done fixing my dentures.

          • samgetang

            Arrghhhh! Stay away from the dentures. I dont need a smooch right now ;-(

          • Grandpa

            They don’t fit too good no more….think my gums’ shrunk from all that yellin’….maybe you could get me a new set for Valentine’s Day? I’ll throw in another smooch for free.

          • samgetang

            pls save all the smooches for the pretty li’l bundle of joys that HY and LS will have in the special episodes

          • YY

            All conceived and delivered in the fountain.

          • samgetang

            hahaha! love that… the first of their kind: fountain babies! LOL! 🙂

  46. 46 M

    Why is YoonJu so against the restoration? I mean, what is it that she’s loosing?

    • 46.1 samgetang

      Does evil have to have a reason for being? 🙂

      Kidding aside, I think maybe YJ wants all the money in tact with the Dae han Group so she can have Hae Young (her first love, according to her, when she and Seol had the drinking spree together) for her self. Although she is aware that this will not happen anymore, as HY said to her after she refused marriage with him cos of his growing affection for Seol. So, see, she has no reason to work against the restoration except that she just loves to be annoying and evil. She was made for it. YoonJu-bot, indeed. She’s not thinking at all 😉

  47. 47 samgetang

    For all SSH + KTH fans 🙂


    • 47.1 Katey B

      Soo needed this reminder of the cute . Thank you!

      • 47.1.1 that Jomo was completely wrong about Changmin

        Why are you orange, Katey B?

        • samgetang

          because you can click on her name and it will lead you to her website…try it! 😉

          • Jomo

            Oh! Thanks!

            Why is Grampa orange?

          • YY

            Jomo, Grandpa is whatever colour you want him to be – orange, blue, black, green….personally, I think of him as kind of a cross between purple and red…..purple cos his face is always that colour cos he yells a lot; red cos he’s so smokin’ HAWT.

        • YY

          She wants to make a statement.

  48. 48 Maracarrero

    I find your recaps are majestic and make the watching of this drama all the more enjoyable. Please continue to do such wonderful work. We Dramabeans fans are really appreciative of the hard work that goes into the recapping. BRAVO!

  49. 49 Angielee

    thanks for the recap JB..this is what gets me through while waiting for subbed videos~~I just hope that since Haeyoung is smart he would suddenly remember that one picture of~ Seol and her dad~ that the old couple showed them when they visited…u know in that episode where they kissed???then they wouldn’t have all this problems now.

    • 49.1 samgetang

      thanks angielee….he knows about it…but cant seem to remember now. the kiss obliterated all his memories of that day…and he was the one who said: this. now. forget. he meant the kiss. not the photo. arghhhh!

      • 49.1.1 Angielee

        hahah I guess that kiss really was mind numbing then…i just hope they recover soon so that we could have another more mind numbing kiss…soon..to the point that they forget all of their beings and just live together as LS and HY without all the dramas…ooops am i rushing to the ending too fast???

        • samgetang

          you are not alone, angielee! everyone seems to be having an adrenaline rush. what with all the cute going around hehe 😉

  50. 50 ch0c0late815

    thanks so much for the recap! i’ve been waiting for this since last night. and been refreshing my search page until my forum gave us the thumbs up!

    things are on the edge as always with the cutey stuff still there… can’t wait for the next episode!

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