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My Princess: Episode 12
by | February 10, 2011 | 318 Comments

Our couple gets backed into a corner, and everyone comes over with a bad case of Noble Idiocy. Well, everyone who has a heart. But thankfully Hae-young’s got it bad enough to go princess hunting. Which of course sends everyone else on the hunt as well. Who needs wabbits when it’s open season on princesses?


We backtrack a bit to catch up with Yoon-ju’s conversation with Jung-woo, where she lays it out for the naïve and trusting professor. He asks if she’s claiming that Dan is the real princess, but she tells him that it doesn’t matter, since what she’s aiming for is the downfall of the monarchy, complete with the Chairman’s collapse.

He’s shocked, as if he’s somehow surprised to find that she’s a heartless bitch. He hugs her, asking her to stop before it goes too far, but she refuses. I sort of hate this reasoning in dramas (always for the second lead) when they admit that they have nothing left to gain, but since they’ve “gone this far,” they have to keep going. I mean, what’s that about? Real people don’t do that. They cut their losses and save themselves.

Seol grabs Dan into her room to ask what she was talking about—not the princess stuff, but about Hae-young’s father. Yoon-ju comes in and tells Dan to go to the apartment she’s prepared, and volunteers to tell Seol everything.

With a condescending air, (not that she has any others, mind you) she tells Seol about Hae-young’s father chasing her own father down, and asks how it feels to be Romeo and Juliet. Seol trembles, tears forming, but Yoon-ju tells her she hasn’t even begun.

She tells her that today’s news was about the satchel, but tomorrow’s news will be about Hae-young’s father. She puts it all out there in a bald-faced threat: drop the princess act and disappear, or else Hae-young never gets to lift his head in Korea again.

Dayum. At least she’s smarter than I thought. For a while Yoon-ju was both bitchy AND ineffectual, but she’s stepping up her game, I’ll give her that much.

Hae-young walks in and clocks the tension between the two women, and asks Yoon-ju what they were talking about. Yoon-ju lies that she was offering words of comfort (pffft), but then Hae-young hilariously doesn’t believe her for even a nanosecond.

He turns to Seol and tells her to trust him: “Just trust me, and tell me what she said to you.” He pleads with her to tell him so that he can protect her, and Seol wavers for a charged minute, while I scream: TELL HIM! TELL HIM!

But she doesn’t, of course. Because Noble Idiocy is the name of the game.

Hae-young decides he has to tell her about his father, but before he can start, Seol stops him: “I already know.” He reels, thinking that she’s already been told about their dads’ past, but then she covers it up by saying that she doesn’t believe anything her sister says, so he shouldn’t either.

She puts on a smile and asks to rest, so he walks out. But the second he’s outside the door, she starts sobbing. Problem is, Hae-young’s still within earshot. Oh no. Here we go with the Big Misunderstanding. Now he thinks she knows about their fathers and is lying because she thinks they really ARE Romeo and Juliet, and can’t face him.

In the morning, Seol comes to confront Yoon-ju, who’s pleased as punch and smug enough not to hide it. Seol calls her out for being evil enough to make her choose between the two most important people in her life, and agrees to leave the palace.

But she adds that this doesn’t mean she’s running away, or giving up the throne. Seol: “I will return. And when I do…you’re dead.” What’s funny is she says it in the schoolyard way, like “you’re totally dead,” which just makes me want to see them in an actual schoolyard brawl. My money’s on scrappy princess.

Yoon-ju just comes back at her with more threats—there’s no way for her to ever come back, because the second she steps foot back in this palace, the whole world will know about Hae-young’s father. She twists the knife further, blaming her for messing up so many people’s lives, including her beloved Hae-young. The only way to make things right is to disappear forever.

Hae-young hesitates, and then decides to call his father in New York. He leaves a message, awkwardly thanking him for the baseball he sent when he was a kid, and asks him to call. He’s heartbreakingly hopeful when he calls his dad.

He goes to see Seol to ask her for the picture of her with her father, so they can go to the press with their side of the story. She worries about what it’ll do to Dan, and tells him that it won’t be enough anyway; that it’ll eventually lead to DNA tests and the exhumation of bodies. Must be the show acknowledging all the “Go CSI on their asses” comments to the royal satchel hullabaloo.

He tells her that they’ll take it all the way then, and gets her to agree to think about it. She asks for the day to rest (or run away forever, what have you) and he gets up to leave. She stops him to ask if he really believes that she’s the princess.

Hae-young: Yes, I believe. Even if the whole world says you aren’t. Until the day I die, to me you’re the bad princess who stole my entire inheritance.

Aw. How cute that he can say “you stole my inheritance” like it’s a term of endearment now.

He tells her to entrust everything to him and leaves, not realizing that this was her goodbye. Seol packs her bag with a heavy heart, ties her hair into a ponytail with her strawberry hairtie, and heads out.

Hae-young heads for Dan, who’s on the phone complaining to Yoon-ju about how bored she is. Oh, is conspiracy boring you, princess? She freaks out when Hae-young comes knocking at her super-secret hideout, and Yoon-ju tells her not to answer the door or the phone, from anyone but her.

Hae-young knocks and finally just talks to her through the door. He tells her that Seol has evidence to prove that she’s the princess, but she refuses to use it, fearing what’ll happen to her sister if she does. Hae-young tells her that Seol is going to shoulder this on her own, and even as Dan scoffs to herself that Seol is playing the good girl, she does appear to be shaken.

He leaves for now, asking her one last question: who is behind this plot? Really, you don’t know? You’re starting to lose my confidence as the fixer here. He asks her to contact him if she changes her mind.

He then heads for Secretary Oh, and asks for proof that Seol is the princess, since he remembers that Grandfather was so sure of her identity, enough to kneel in front of her at first sight. He doesn’t respond, so Hae-young asks if there’s more to his father’s involvement than just pursuing Seol’s father.

Again, no answer, but Secretary Oh implies that Hae-young’s dad is connected deeper than he’d like for Hae-young to know. He decides he’s had enough of other people telling him about his father, and vows to find out straight from the horse’s mouth.

He turns to ask one last thing…does Yoon-ju know all this too? Secretary Oh can’t believe that Hae-young is accusing Yoon-ju of being behind the conspiracy, when they’re family. Hae-young apologizes, but tells him that he can’t trust anyone right now.

He returns to the palace and finds out that Seol took off, so he heads to Mom’s house to look for her there. Well if she went there it wouldn’t really be running away, now, would it? He promises her mother that he’ll take care of Seol.

Meanwhile, Seol is at the police station inquiring after the accident that killed her father. They tell her that incident reports aren’t kept that long (What?) and she hits another dead end. But she remembers something, and heads to her father’s friend the fisherman.

She asks if they remember anything about her and her father being chased, and he does recall that they did leave suddenly in the middle of the night, without a word. Soon after, a well-dressed man in an expensive car came to inquire after them. They add that they called the number in the newspaper ad looking for information on her father a million times, but always got the runaround. It was only through Park Hae-young that they had eventually gotten through to her.

Seol stays the night in Jung-woo’s office, scared and alone. The next day she calls the number herself, and asks the Daehan Group secretary for the list of everyone who called this number with information. She says that almost all of it was useless and refuses to hand it over, but Seol threatens to go straight to the Chairman, which does the job. She spends all day calling everyone on the list, to no avail.

Hae-young broods in his apartment, and decides to call Seol’s friend Sun-ah. She tips him off that it looks like Seol spent the night in the office, but thinks she won’t be back. She promises to call if she returns.

Hae-young makes another call to his father, and this time he pleads with Dad to call him back. He ends up asking if he killed Lee Ahn, and begs for an answer. God, what a question to get on your voicemail.

Seol plods through her list, and finally comes upon a call from the States, from a James Park. She frets over having to use her limited English, then decides that he’s a Park, so he’s probably Korean. She calls, and it’s the same voicemail greeting that Hae-young’s been getting the last two times he’s called his dad. She leaves a message asking for information on her father.

Hae-young calls Yoon-ju over and asks if she knows where Seol is. He says that he’s sorry, but he hasn’t been able to do anything all day, and then it occurred to him that Yoon-ju might have put a tail on Seol, and before he knew it, he was calling her. He tells her he doesn’t care why she had her followed, but to just tell him where she is.

Yoon-ju agrees to tell him, but says that Seol can’t return to the palace, no matter what. Hae-young: “I can’t hear a word you’re saying right now. Where is Seol?” Ooh, I love the urgency. Hot.

He finds her at the coffee shop where she’s just been discovered by a crowd of people, and when he finds her stuck in an altercation over spilt coffee, he just yells at her for being such a mess without him for one day. Oh, all about YOU, is it?

In the car, he asks if she’s going to run away again, and she says that until she can find out about her father’s past, she’s not going back. Hae-young: “Do you really think that my father and your father…” She doesn’t answer, but asks him if he believes in his dad.

He says it’s his only hope right now, and tells her that they’ll find out the truth together from now on. Well thank goodness for that. Not much more broody separation I can take.

And then he takes her to…Jung-woo’s house? Well that’s a surprise. Or are they staying there…together? Oh, hells yeah. Why didn’t this happen sooner?

Yoon-ju gets word that the threesome is shacking up at Jung-woo’s house, but she doesn’t have the same reaction as me. Hm. She then gets yelled at by Grandpa for letting Seol disappear under her watch, and her father realizes that she’s more involved than he thought.

At the palace, Team Seol hunkers down for an afternoon of internet damage control. Cute.

Back at Three’s Company Bungalow, Hae-young starts opening refrigerator doors like he owns the place, and drags Jung-woo out to let Seol wash up in privacy. At the store, he buys steaks for dinner, adding for Jung-woo’s benefit that it’s the cut that Seol likes, and he likes what the princess likes.

Jung-woo actually rolls his eyes at Hae-young’s childishness, but that doesn’t mean he’s above it all, and picks an expensive cut for himself, since Hae-young is buying. They return home to find Seol asleep on the couch, and Hae-young snipes that Jung-woo should own a larger couch so she didn’t have to scrunch like that.

He starts to ask for a blanket but Jung-woo’s on top of it, and when he tenderly covers her with the blanket, Hae-young tells him to just place the blanket, minus all that unnecessary touching. HA.

Jung-woo asks why on earth he came here, and Hae-young says it’s because he didn’t think Yoon-ju would come here, even if she knew where they were. Jung-woo tells him that he doesn’t know Yoon-ju very well, and the way he sees it, she’ll just end up getting hurt one more time because of Hae-young.

He then tells Seol she can get up now, since they’re done talking. Seol opens her eyes sheepishly, and asks how he knew. Jung-woo’s familiar with what she looks like when she’s really dozing off, and tells her that he brought home dinner. Hae-young: “I’m the one who paid for it, and you’re taking all the credit.”

The doorbell rings, and Jung-woo guesses that it’s Yoon-ju. Sure enough, she comes in and asks to speak to Seol alone.

Yoon-ju scoffs, “This is where you ran off to?” Seol: “It must make you jealous, that I’m with both the men you refused to let go of.” Nice. Yoon-ju tells her to shut up, but Seol doesn’t back down: “This must be your true face. Let’s be friendlier. So I can see all your sides.”

Yoon-ju tells her to go see Grandpa and tell him that she won’t be the princess anymore. Seol asks what her proof is that Hae-young’s father killed her own. She tells Seol to go see the Chairman, who will give her the proof she needs, since he knows how it all went down.

Hae-young interrupts them and takes Seol by the hand. Yoon-ju tells him to let go, by the Chairman’s orders, but Hae-young tells her to blame it on him—that he took Seol away, and then he does.

He tells her not to meet Yoon-ju anymore, especially alone. Yes, thank you. She asks where they’re going, and he says where doesn’t matter, as long as nobody knows…since they’re going somewhere alone, just the two of them. Rawr?

Hae-young: I wasn’t going to do this because your heart is in hell and I didn’t want to just make myself happy, but…I’m just going to be the bad guy.

As in: Being alone with you makes me inappropriately happy in your time of crisis, but to hell with it, I’m gonna drag you away to a secluded spot and just be happy. As in: Swoon.

They pull up to a house in the countryside, and when Seol walks up, she has a memory of Hae-young’s father, coming to greet her at the door.


I have no doubt that Hae-young’s father is as misunderstood a Noble Idiot as his son, so there’s bound to be some good that comes out of finding her memories in that house. But in the end, we’re just going to be waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for Mr. P Senior to show his face and clear it all up, for the love of all that is holy.

And until that time, I’m with Hae-young. Let’s just wait it out with some happy times, yeah? If you had to leave Jung-woo’s house (which by the way was sorely underutilized, despite the stirrings of jealous awesome) then let’s at least take the romance up a notch, eh?

Perhaps by some miracle that house is deceptively small inside, and has only one bed and one shower. And one blanket.

What I like about this drama is that the couple is always sweet and funny together, and that characters catch on to each other’s motivations rather quickly. What drives me kinda bonkers is that they’re less perceptive when it comes to the big-picture stuff, which is frankly a little hard to believe, as well as frustrating. (I was frankly bored to tears by yesterday’s episode, which was just dramatic pause after dramatic pause, and I was like, “Spit it out already! We knew this plot was coming since Day One!”)

I can see every play in this drama’s playbook forty miles away, which leaves me going “Yeah, check. Next?” a lot more often than I’d like. If this drama had more surprises and played a little more loose and free (like showing up at Jung-woo’s House of Mine’s Bigger Than Yours) then I’d be a much happier camper. Less broody, more kissy. Chop, chop!


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    Great chemistry between the leads. Agree it would have been fun to see more of the threesome together in the prof’s house.

  24. 24 goldcinnamon54

    The only reason why HY is confused as to who is behind the plot is because there are so many people who don’t want the monarchy restored: the President, the other politician and his aides, the reporter…

    aklndalfjdafdkj!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR LD AND YJ TO GO DOWN!!!!

    I really hope that at the end of this drama, we see wedding photos ^_^

  25. 25 Meyawie

    I just love this line – “Less broody, more kissy. Chop, chop!”

    A perfect description to describe the whole episode.

    Thank you again for the recap.

    And advance Happy Valentine’s to YOU…

    • 25.1 Katey B

      Having read the subtitles and GF’s recap I’m with you I don’t think I need to watch this episode.

      Definitely want more romantic cuteness and less angst. (I wouldn’t mind a little bit of a cat fight but.)

      Let’s get it on show!

  26. 26 sansan85t

    i think yoon ju’s father has something to do with this… just a suspicion….

    • 26.1 Hairlove

      OMG me too lol I have been thinking his nice guy is a pretence n he has been working for the bad guys or himself…. plans to keep the money, thus he s been plotting for a long time framing the chairmans son who gets disowned get rid if the granson n the princess n whos left by the chairmans side the good ol faithful man servant

      • 26.1.1 rainyrainy

        me three , I also think it’s YJ’s dad who is the mastermind of all this ” prince-and-daughter LS-being-afraid-and-running-away-from-GP-story and the death of LS’s dad and HY’s dad took all the blame just like HY is taking the blame now for YJ’s evilness , and that’s why YJ’s dad is insisting on HY not to dig further about the truth so he won’t find out that his dad is innocent and that it’s all YJ’s dad doings , that’s the thought I had when I saw the last scene when LS remembered HY’s dad , he seemed a very good person and not that evil one as YJ’s dad told HY .

        • kimchipancakes


          yj’s father is getting suspicious for me. besides, in the previous episode when grandpa was fuming after the announcement of dan and the sachet didnt grandpa make a remark along the lines of “who is the one who reported to me that she(seol) was dead? after hiding from me for 12 years, who is it now that is telling me she is alive and well? how many people in this world knows about hae-young’s father?…this situation, who do you think did it?” and yj’s father expression started to change no?

          also, wasn’t he the one who prevented seol and hae-yang to meet the people who responded to the ad on seol’s dad? and if daddy park was a bad guy, why would he even bother to call keep up with the news in korea from new york to respond to the ad?

          p.s. is it just me or do i think yoon-ju’s job in the palace is plain useless? at least jung-woo has a role as the imperial artefacts stuff and hae-young’s cover was to be seol’s tutor. but for yoon-ju, i dont see her doing anything related to the imperial. all i see is that she has too much time on her hands to plan the downfall of seol.

    • 26.2 princess123

      i think so too!!

    • 26.3 Severine

      Ditto. Something fishy about all that devotion to the Chairman. Then there’s the fact that he spawned the devil, apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, s’all I’m sayin’.

  27. 27 estel

    I LOVE the last screencap! Hae-young is definitely at his best cocky and self-satisfied.

    • 27.1 loveit

      Me too! Think he is really cute when he “show off” that he and LS are an item in front of the prof

  28. 28 start-up

    Yeeeyyy..thank you for the recap GF.
    I watched the drama yesterday, and yes indeed if you are a drama watcher you could guess plot by plot of this drama. It’s just another romantic comedy drama which we always know the plot…kekeke…yet still entertaining and never bored to watch it ^^…kekeke
    In some scene I just want to yell to both of them, LS and HY, to just “go” and hug her or kiss her, grasp him, etc.

    • 28.1 Sadhana

      oh for sure! I am always screaming “HUG HIM”, “KISS HER”…but no one obeys me! Whyyyyyyyy?!

  29. 29 Celest

    Yep, I also think I’m jumping on the Secretary-Oh-Is-Really-The-Main-Antagonist-Bandwagon…or if he’s not necessarily directly involved with it he knows A LOT more than what’s going on…

    There’s just something in this whole your-daddy-is-really-the-killer plot that just doesn’t seem to wholly fit together with me. All of the old people own a piece of the puzzle but no one’s willing to show all the sides…And that whole guy in an expensive car and suit looking for Seol and her dad could’ve been anybody…could it have actually been Secretary Oh? dun dun dun…

    • 29.1 Janet

      What if Secretary Oh was really the killer……….

      • 29.1.1 asianromance

        then I can’t wait till they haul his butt to prison while Yoon-ju becomes a poor orphan herself!

  30. 30 Lou

    I thought these were the same writers as “City Hall”… am I wrong? This is no comparison; cute, but not as exciting.

  31. 31 Daniela

    “He leaves for now, asking her one last question: who is behind this plot? Really, you don’t know?” My thoughts exactly.

    Thanks girlfriday, you put my thoughts in words. The lasts episodes the angst parts were TOO slow. I had to fast forward. Even in episode 10 in the final scene, I mean, feel like I was watching Stevie from Malcom in the middle and the scene lost the effect, at least for me. (I read it first and watched second, when I read I thought OMG, but then I watched it).

    THANK YOU WRITTERS. Jung-woo and Hae-young together being funny again. And you put our adorably couple alone in house away from curious eyes, with a lots of free time. I demand a kiss. But at the same time I HATE YOU WRITTERS, there were only three scenes of Jung-woo and Hae-young together! I want more of that!

    Thank you for the recap

  32. 32 dee

    and has only one bed and one shower. And one blanket…

    and one tiny towel, without heater .. Okay.. next week it must be good.. please?

    Btw, I think I know the reason why the supposed kiss was deleted.


    • 32.1 Schmazel

      Nice one! Thanks for sharing!!

    • 32.2 YY


    • 32.3 Amber's Cube

      This is genius!

    • 32.4 Dorotka

      Thanks for sharing!!! LOL and LOL again :-))))

    • 32.5 Madita

      This is really funny – thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 32.6 dmatrix95

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      they better do one in the car and in the shower!!!

  33. 33 kaysee

    I’m just not captivated by the chemistry of the leads. Maybe it’s the acting, maybe it’s how the romance developed. There’s just something lacking.

  34. 34 Gladys

    I was behaving like an infatuated teenager when I watched HY holding LS’s hand ever so possessively when they walked away from the wicked witch! I literally screamed in front of my hubby and grown up daughter. It was so satisfying to see the witch’s rejected reaction. That hand holding scene more than made up for the angst of ep 12. I have a strong feeling that YJ’s dad is behind LS’s dad’s death. In ep 12, he’s feeling very uncomfortable with HY’s persistent queries. Anyway, I can’t wait for ep13 as there should be some cute moments for our HaeSeul couple in that cosy, deserted house!

    • 34.1 loveit

      oh yess…and I think they hold their hands all the way in the car…

  35. 35 Almontel

    what can I say??? i love love love the 3some!!! it somehow gave meaning to my subless series, i’m just enjoying their body language and all!

    i was grinning from ear to ear in the last ep bec that’s when the 3some came in and was just laughing at those 2 guys trying to see who has the Dominion over our princess…ke ke ke…

    and like everybody else, it’s already ep 12 and we’ve only had 1 kiss and 1 hug??? what’s with that? we have the perfect beautiful couple and that’s all we get?

    i wish they’d end all the who’stherealprincessandwhokilledherdad and be over with it so we can immerse ourselves in watching 2 beautiful people snuggle up or smooch up!!!

  36. 36 momosa

    Wait…Mr P Senior has not aged a day!

    • 36.1 yuna

      it’s just a memory of seol when she was a child. it seems she met hy’s dad on that same cottage when she was young.

  37. 37 green

    where do you watch the 12 ep?

  38. 38 James Park aka Jimmy Park aka J.P. aka Bad Daddy

    Good day. You have many questions to ask me. So here are the answers.

    1. Yes, that voice on the answering machine is me. I speak good English now…stilted but good. Do you like my deep daddy voice?

    2. No, that guy standing at the cottage door is not me. It’s my hologram. I projected it onto the last scene.

    3. Yes, I AM pretty hot for a guy my age. I am perfect for those who are torn between Grandpa or HY.

    4. Yes, there is a bed inside the cottage. It is a single bed…..*bad daddy leer*

    5. Yes….*rolling eyes*….there is a shower next to the bed. (clichique: HY got his rolling eye trick from me. BUT NOT the head tilt, uh uh.)

    6. No, I am not evil. I am the fall guy here.

    7. Yes, I have taken on many diverse roles. But this is my first as Bad Daddy. I’m so excited.

    • 38.1 crazyunnie


    • 38.2 samgetang

      dear lost-daddy-now-found,

      we are happy to have made your acquaintance now before the show ends. thank you for the answers. we now know where HY got his playful side (bad daddy leer?). thought you’d be the fall guy here. but you are to blame for abandoning everything just like that. good thing your son grew up to be well-mannered and upright (just one hot kiss in his 31 years, or so he says, maybe for the benefit of the ears of Seol only). we see where HY got his gorgeous frame and sexy looks. now i know some people will be torn between you and grampa. maybe if you yell louder than him you’d win them over. but please enlighten us some more…do you like Seol for your HY, for instance? did you run over Seol’s father as some people want to believe? we cant wait….

      • 38.2.1 JP aka Bad Daddy

        Sorry I gotta write my name in code. Eyes are watching, walls have ears, the eagle has landed, ….huh? Sorry again, I’m confused. All this alone time is driving me nuts….

        Can’t answer your questions….writer’s sworn me to secrecy….but let me just say: You’re bucking up the wrong tree, black ain’t black and white ain’t white, ba ba black sheep, have you any wool….huh? Sorry, got confused again….

        All I’m saying is, keep your eyes on that secretary….uh huh…..*nodding sagely*….still waters run deep, double, double, toil and trouble…huh?????

        • samgetang

          Bad Daddy,

          I know!!!! All these rumors about you and Seol’s Dad is enough to make you lose your marbles…you are excused for the incoherence and all the mumbo-jumbo 🙂

          Still, we await when you can be more revealing and you will be unshackled from the writer gods’ pledge to secrecy.

          I’m watching YJ’s Dad like a hawk…

          Til then…

    • 38.3 Maracarrero


    • 38.4 princess123

      HAHAHA! im gona read all comments in the future…

    • 38.5 Sadhana

      3. Yes, I AM pretty hot for a guy my age. I am perfect for those who are torn between Grandpa or HY.

      hahahaha!!! I was totally thinking Mr. P senior is hot and no wonder HY got such good looks!

  39. 39 Rexy

    “Perhaps by some miracle that house is deceptively small inside, and has only one bed and one shower. And one blanket.”
    HAHAHAHA…!!! And yet… I thought the same thing >.>;;;

  40. 40 suzi q

    This was the most boring episode except for Yoon Ju’s every smiling face as all that venom spews from her mouth.
    She is such a good actress that you love to hate her.I love the threesome bit and the steak buying part between the boys.
    Yoon Ju doesn’t want to give up Hae Young or Jung Woo to Lee Seol, but I hope she loses both in the end. How much can those two dumb men take from her when she is doing all these evil deeds? I hope good triumphs over evil and Yoon Ju goes down….in flames! This is getting too heavy.
    What? No more kissing scenes? Or Head tilts?

    • 40.1 Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

      I did shake my head though. Does that count as a tilt? And I did frown several times. And I sighed a lot. I also flashed my dimple.Did you see it? I look cute when I flash my dimple. Oh, and I got angry too. Did you see me angry? I yelled YAHHH!!!! then I threw stuff against the floor. But I’m bad at angry. Cos I’m a happy dimply guy. Angry is not my thing at all. But I’m trying. Next ep I’m going to do the pout. I’m even cuter when I do the pout.

      Don’t talk to me about the kiss thing. YAHH!!!! I’m getting angry now!!!!!

  41. 41 aiqcn

    Yoo-Ju’s father is probably more involved with the case of Seol’s father than he seems to be. He was the one who told HY the story about HY’s father threatening Seol’s father. What if he made up that story or he twisted the true conversation between 2 fathers? When HY asked his dad who the young Seol was, he replied HY “she is the princess.” If HY’s dad wants to hide the true identity of Seol & her dad, why would he said to his son that young Seol was the princess? He could have said something like she is nobody. Maybe HY’s dad has been misunderstood. or He was set up by Yoo-Ju’s dad for some reasons. If I remember correctly, Yoo-Ju’s dad has been the one who told to HY & YJ that HY’s father is the one who is responsible for Seol’s dad. But, he doesn’t collaborates more details about 2 fathers. I think he will be the major twist in the story and only his involvement can stop Yoo-ju from going further down the road. This is just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • 41.1 ElleS'AppelleRebelle

      I whole heartedly agree with EVERY SINGLE thing you said! I was watching the ending scene of Haeyoung-ssi’s arabuji and Yoonju-ssi’s appa in ep. 11…and I was like he is soo in on it! He kept hesitating and looking around…he’s very fishy, VERY!

    • 41.2 rhapsodie

      I would like to add, that in one of the early episodes, the prince died from a car accident right?
      So whats this chibuya about hae yong’s father killed Seol’s father.
      It doesn’t match up.

      • 41.2.1 samgetang

        I think the secretary, YJ’s father, was the one behind the wheel of the car that hit LS’s father…and grampa covered up for him, that’s why his loyalty to grampa is just like that.

        • YY

          Yeah I agree with you samgetang my clever friend.

          Where’s Jomo the Wise? Hunting with the owls in the forest? hahhahahahah

          Jomo Jomo burning bright
          In the forest of the night

          Yeah, yeah, I know Jomo….meet you at 3 o’clock at the open thread saloon.YAWN. I’m soooo scareddddd.

          • Jomo

            I have to sleep sometime, wise YY’s.

            First of all, the end of ep 12 has finally shown us the deus ex machina: It’s a time machina.

            HY’s dad appears in the cottage because he traveled forward to see Seul now that she is grown up. (NOT for sexy times, you bad bad people.)
            Anyway, he knows that HY and she have to mate in order to produce the most beautiful baby ever, so once grown, he can save mankind.

            They have to mate. Did I mention that?

            The mankind saving baby will be the Prince of the Planet when the Alien invasion of 2032 takes place while Seoul is once again hosting the World Cup.
            His super powers will include: wearing three piece suits, towels, and tight sweaters, tilting his head, making the All Female Alien Army blush with lust, and most importantly speaking the Hand Towel words of power: This. Now. Forget.

            All will kneel before him. He will become the Supreme Prince of the Universe…

            — FIN —

          • samgetang

            Jomo Jomo burning bright, hahahahaha! 😉

            YY, you are, as always, so poetically correct 🙂

            jomo, i like the vision of the future that you are painting! Supreme Prince of the Universe, wahahahaha! 😉 And to achieve that they have to MATE. Do you think they are aware of this? No guts, no glory. No pain, no gain. No ID, no entry. No return, no exchange. No….Oh well! Do we need to spell that out more clearly ?????? Maybe that’s why they want to hide even the simplest hand-holding from us. For fear that it would lead to peck, then to kiss…which would lead to….Supreme Prince of the Universe!!!!! 🙂 Which, of course, they are not ready yet…for now.

  42. 42 kelly

    just started the ep 1

  43. 43 cahyantari

    pliss, keep your recap ! your recap is the first guide to me to know more about MP’s story =)

    love you, Koala !

  44. 44 Trina

    YY where are you.. I wanna hear what you think about episode 12???? please do not tell me you are playing hide and seek with Mr. Hand Towel or mr. Comfort Prof or Old grandpa…

    • 44.1 YY

      Trina, YY is sad. YY didnt get her kiss. I posted on the next page all my pent-up frustrations with this ep, and show.

  45. 45 lvho

    I really LOVE your recaps and photos. And I really LOVE Mr. P…especially when he was in Autumn’s Tale.

  46. 46 Dorotka

    Thanks for the recaps!! I really like your comments… and laugh a lot (luckily alone in the room 🙂 ).

  47. 47 Stephanie

    “I sort of hate this reasoning in dramas (always for the second lead) when they admit that they have nothing left to gain, but since they’ve “gone this far,” they have to keep going. I mean, what’s that about? Real people don’t do that. They cut their losses and save themselves.”

    I disagree. It’s not just because “they’ve gone this far” it’s more because their pride can’t let them stop. (most 2nd leads are prideful) And as you can see, YJ survives of pride alone.

  48. 48 pam

    thanks for recaps.

  49. 49 K8

    It chaps my ass that plastic face Yoon Ju will end up most likely with the professor. I wish that once a K-drama could be original and let the evil bitches burn at the end of it all. grrrrr

    • 49.1 Chris

      I hope not too – with FF ending with my kind-hearted professor. He doesn’t deserve her, even for a milli-second bit.

      I won’t like him ending with the greedy sister as well.

      How about introducing a really nice character at this last stage who would be a good match for the professor? Another professor perhaps who’s also interested on Korean history & artifacts; or …let me think for other options.

      If ever, they do have to meet soon coz we only have a few episodes left.

    • 49.2 Emma

      I left my idea on Koala’s blog that I wish – LD end up with the Prof and YJ rot in Jail with that horrible reporter hee hee…Between the 2 sour-face, I am more turn off with YJ than over-jealous sis….I don’t really like LD, but I dislike YJ more… And with a lawyer as a gf, anyone will think twice if they want to steal the prof’s credit AGAIN! I can dream in Dramaland can’t we???

  50. 50 Leigh

    Leads attraction for each other supercedes probable reality of enmity between their fathers…who was driving the car that accidentally killed the prince? Why didn’t the prince want to be prince? Why the flashbacks of HY’s father acting mafia like towards the prince and LS? If all of this is going on in their minds, hard to be hugging and kissing…though the love that is emerging is pure, enabling them to let go of their fathers’ pasts…that is what is great about this drama. In modern day Korea which is still split, it would be inconceivable to restore the monarchy…especially in this recession. Better if the princess is figurehead, allowing the government to continue to run the country, yet restoring the royal line as an homage to the last emperor. After all, HY still has his family, but who does LS have as a blood relative. Better they get married and have twins, a boy and a girl. Then we’ll all be satisfied. In a drama anything can happen. That’s my two cents…the recap was excellent!!!

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