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My Princess: Episode 16 (Final)
by | February 24, 2011 | 328 Comments

So I never would’ve put my money on this, but this finale rocks. It’s not only adorable and as cute as always, but there’s actual conflict, and it’s good. (I KNOW!) So weird. What the hell were you doing for all those episodes, Show? Saving your wad for the big finale?

What’s nice is that it’s actually a solid episode with a singular arc, which SO many finales aren’t—most are cobbled-together, resolution bow-tying heaps of dung—but this one actually nailed the tone of the show in a great hour-long plot that made me wish we had gotten to this conflict sooner. Also, never thought I’d say this, but how much do I love Kim Tae-hee right now?


So at the end of the last episode, I expected it to be a fakeout, and it was—Seol rides her bike to school two years after the vote, but then is immediately followed by her security team, running to keep up with her. When her main bodyguard catches up to her, he huffs and puffs that she still can’t manage to get her driver’s license in two years. Well, perhaps you could at least get bikes for your security team, to ride alongside you?

A crowd gathers to take photos of the princess, but this seems to be a common sighting, as Seol rides to school every day, intent on finishing grad school. It’s good to be a princess with goals.

She heads to class, where she’s met with her professor of archaeology for her final term: Yoon-ju? Aw, geez, really? Would it have killed you to take a class with Jung-woo, for our sakes? Or is he too busy being your cultural ambassador and whatnot?

Thankfully they’re still antagonistic towards each other, Yoon-ju making a point of announcing to the class that she doesn’t abide people who think they can get away with not coming to class. She smugly addresses Seol that she’ll just get another F if she thinks she’s exempt.

Seol chases Yoon-ju after class to ask if she’s going to fail her again out of personal ill will, but Yoon-ju just claims that Seol’s F last semester wasn’t due to her absences, but her performance. Seol tries to play nice because this is the last class she needs to pass before getting her degree, and even acknowledges that though she doesn’t like it, Yoon-ju is the one who knows the Hae-young Museum best.

She explains that she’d like to do a good job maintaining the museum, for its namesake. That just raises Yoon-ju’s ire, as she notes that Seol must be trying to appease her guilty conscience, since she’s chased Hae-young out of the country and made him live just like his father.

Seol disagrees—he’s choosing a life of purpose as a diplomat, and that’s admirable. So, one thing’s clear: Hae-young has spent the last two years abroad, probably in an effort to stabilize the monarchy and let Seol begin her reign without scandal, in regards to both Daehan’s money and their romantic relationship.

One of the things Seol has done as the princess is open the palace to the public, and we see groups of tourists snapping away photos, and in the main hall, they’re greeted by a cardboard cutout of Seol. HAHAHA.

As Seol gets ready in a traditional hanbok, her aides come to her with birthday phone calls from princes: one from Prince Harry, and another from Prince…Nichkhun. Ha. Her face falls, really wanting a call from a diplomat rather than a prince.

She goes in front of the cameras on a stage, in what seems to be a regular gig. She presents different parts of Korean culture, like traditional foods, and even plays a gayageum. So pretty.

The lights go out in the middle of the shoot, and the staff presents her with a birthday cake. Darn. I seriously had my hopes up for a romantic gesture by Hae-young. Too soon?

On her way out, reporters surround her, but she’s now become a pro at the press-walk-and-talk, ignoring and answering the right questions. She’s thrown by one comment asking if Hae-young has cut ties with the monarchy, and then when asked about recovering her grandfather’s lost journal (recently found abroad), she says she’s working on it.

Back at the palace, she’s greeted with a mountain of presents from her fans, and she lights up, as she asks, “Which of these do you think it is?” … “The one from Park Hae-young?”

Um…awkward…none of them are from him. She doesn’t believe it at first, thinking he’s prepared some extra special surprise then, but this time, it’s the truth. No present from Hae-young.

She stews for a while, staring at her phone, and then finally announces that she’s going to call him, “Because I’m cool!!” Hahaha. The way she shouts that is hilariously unconvincing.

She calls, totally put out by the fact that she has to call HIM on HER birthday…only he doesn’t answer. Cue princess outburst. “Is he…cheating? Aaaaargh! He’s cheating with some busty leggy blonde, I know it!” LOL.

The next day she takes her driving test again for the millionth time, and fails like always. I do love that she’s so flawed, and consistently so. She goes to visit Grandpa’s ashes, and finds that someone else has left flowers already. One guess who.

She tells Grandpa that Hae-young is abroad, and she knows he must miss his grandson; she does too. She says that he’s always away, and sometimes it even confuses her—is it for his job, or because of her?

Seol: So that’s why I’m asking. I know you always give me everything, without holding anything back, and I know it’s shameless of me to ask for more…but…couldn’t you give me Park Hae-young?

AW. I love that she’s the one asking for HIS hand. God, I LOVE that.

She gets an update from Jung-woo on her grandfather’s journal, and they vow to keep trying to get it back. Meanwhile, she goes driving again to practice, determined to beat that test.

She drives along like a little grandma, fine until somebody drives up behind her, honking. Yay! Reunion on the racetrack! She gestures at the driver to go around her (in the totally empty driving course, mind you) and she doesn’t put two and two together, so he goes around her and races to a stop up ahead.

Seol grumbles at the crazy driver to herself, ready to give him a piece of her mind…until she sees him get out of the car. It’s Hae-young, in all his shining glory, doing his best imitation of a car CF.

Her jaw drops open as she realizes that it’s him, and he just smiles at her, shaking his head. She inches closer, so slowly it nearly kills me, and manages to get so close to his car that she sandwiches him in.

I love the pairing of her little pink car and his manly black car, parked side by side when they reunite. It’s adorable, and probably a car commercial’s subliminal advertising, but I’m totally buying into it. Gah.

She’s parked so damn close that she can’t actually manage to get out of the car to meet him, and he doesn’t help matters by slamming the door in her face like a little kid. He totally neeener-neeners at her, though they’re technically both trapped.

She finally puts her window down and asks if he’s back for good, and she yells that she was worried. He says ditto—he read an article saying she failed her driving test yet another time. He reminds her that he said if she was going to drive like this, not to drive at all. Heh. Am in agreement there.

She decides she’s had enough…and leaps out of the window into his arms. So. Cute. Even Hae-young dies of cuteness, and hugs her with the biggest smile. Seol: “You can’t go anywhere anymore! Got it?”

He laughs and agrees to stay put, and they hug like a basket of kittens under a rainbow.

She makes him dinner at his apartment, and he basks in the happiness. Not one to skip over the important things, Seol asks why he didn’t send her a birthday present. Hae-young throws her the line that she taught him when they first met: “I didn’t want mine mixing in with everyone else’s.” Cheeky.

He’s impressed with her improved cooking skills, and she boasts that everyone’s calling her Lee-Jang-Geum now. She adds the not-so-subtle hint that it makes her ripe for marrying, and he just muses that someone would have to take her.

She goes to the bathroom in a huff, and he takes the opportunity to take out her birthday present—big fat diamond the size of Mars. He smiles at it, quite pleased with himself (what’s new) and gets interrupted by a phone call.

While he’s on the phone, Seol comes out of the bathroom, and sees the giant ring sitting out in front of him. Her reaction is priceless.

When she comes out, he puts it away hastily, and says he has to go meet the President. She just smiles to herself, pleased to know what’s in store. Oh, honey. Any writer will tell you—if you’ve seen the ring but he hasn’t given it to you, that means you’ve got a bout of angst up ahead before you can call it yours.

Sure enough, Hae-young goes to meet the President, who basically tells him not to marry the princess. He says that the country has barely found a way to harmoniously live with the monarchy, and Hae-young’s move to marry her will put the entire monarchy (and all those who supported it) into scandal.

Anyone else think that this would’ve made a much better conflict than the preceding fifteen episodes? That could’ve been cut short and the conflicts after establishing the monarchy would’ve been SO much more interesting. Whatevs. Too late now.

The President offers up a position in Washington, with the added push that Hae-young should pursue his ambition, rather than have his title become “the princess’ husband.” At home, he takes out the ring and weighs the big decision.

Over the phone, he tells her that he has something important to tell her, and they make plans for the day after. Seol squeals in delight knowing what the important thing is, and swoons wondering how he’ll propose.

But the following days are met with a big round of phone tag, as both their packed schedules keep pushing their date further and further. Seol’s finally had enough of the runaround, and storms over to Hae-young’s office like an angry girlfriend.

…Except she doesn’t really have the luxury of being the angry girlfriend when their relationship is so public, which he tries to get into her head, but she’s too upset to hear him. See, this is what happens when you see the ring first, and your expectations make your head go all haywire.

She lays into him for not making the time because he doesn’t want to see her, reminding him that he told her to be the princess, and basically railroads him into a breakup, just because he won’t leave his meeting RIGHT NOW. Hahaha. She very dramatically breaks up with him, but the whole thing’s hilarious because we know she’s just acting out.

He comes to the palace later to try and coax her back, but he’s met with a locked door and sounds of Seol wailing in heartbreak. Only it’s all an act, to set him straight. HA. He sighs and tries to get her to open the door, but she stands her ground, quite pleased with her own performance.

He waits it out, and tells her lady in waiting to give her the message that he’s really sorry. She says that it’s unlikely Seol will see him (since she’s coaching her to stay firm), and tells him that she must be doubly stressed because of trying to recover her grandfather’s journal.

Hae-young makes a phone call to a contact in England and gets a plan in motion to recover it, and then comes to see Seol with the news. She runs and hides under the covers, making crying noises and insisting that she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

He tells her that he’s here on official business, not as her boyfriend, and tells her that he might be able to get the journal back. She immediately throws the covers off and beams, clearly, not having cried AT ALL today. Hahaha.

She’s caught red-handed, but breezes past it in her princessy way, with a hair toss and a smile. Hae-young can’t help but just roll his eyes and smile back. He tells her that if he can recover the journal, then she has to take back the breakup. She says casually that people who break up can get back together. He muses that he’s got to make diplomatic phone calls to see his girlfriend’s face, and she just says, yeah duh—I’m a princess. Touché.

But there’s just one hiccup: the British Museum only wants to deal with Yoon-ju, since they have a long-standing relationship and they can trust her. So Seol goes to see her, putting aside her distaste to ask Yoon-ju for the favor. Yoon-ju is as icy as ever, scoffing that she must really think little of her, to assume that she’d help Seol do anything.

Seol admits truthfully that she’ll never forget what Yoon-ju said and did to her, nor will she ever forgive her, but she acknowledges Yoon-ju’s unparalleled skills career-wise. “I know that even if you hate me, you love history, just like Nam Jung-woo.”

Back at the palace, Seol tells Jung-woo that she thinks she failed, despite being pretty sure that her cool I-acknowledge-your-awesomeness approach would work. Jung-woo thinks it might have worked, and sure enough, in comes Yoon-ju.

Some time later, they get a letter announcing the return of the journal, and Seol jumps up and down in excitement, while Jung-woo smiles to himself, proud of Yoon-ju. (Grumble, grumble. Bitter grumble.)

Hae-young comes to congratulate her, and when the staff leaves them alone (throwing hearts, no less) Seol thanks “Hae-young-ee…oppa,” and plants a kiss on his cheek. He calls out to the staff that Seol is taking advantage of him, and she covers his mouth in a panic.

He teases her for being Ero-Seol and wonders what she’ll do to him if he does shut up. OH, you two. She finally just asks when he’s going to say his “very important thing,” and tired of going in circles, she just sticks her hand out and asks for the ring. Ha.

He’s taken aback, not only because he’s surprised she knows, but because he’s clearly still weighing the decision. She picks up on his hesitance, and worry starts to cloud her face. “Is it not mine? Is it for someone else?” Haha. I love this running gag of her always assuming he’s got other girls, when he’s never given any indication of being that guy. Not that I wouldn’t make the same assumption, with a boyfriend who looks like THAT. Just sayin’.

She tells him if it’s for someone else, to at least hand over the receipt…so she can get a rebate. Heh. Nice callback. He finally answers, “So what if it is?” She actually does start to worry, asking, “Did you stop liking me?!” Ha. What are you even supposed to do in the face of that kind of sincerity?

He sighs that he wished that were the case. “Then my heart would hurt less.” But before he can explain (not that he was going to, knowing him), they’re interrupted with news that her sister Dan’s been found.

Seol heads over to find her sister living in a tiny studio, with nothing to her name. She shouts that if she was going to do all that to betray her sister, she should be living it up. The shouting match turns into throwing things, and eventually they’re hitting and screaming, which is actually strangely touching, since they’re fighting like real sisters.

They get it all out of their systems, finally sitting side by side calmly. Seol tells her to come back home, and Dan says she can’t…not like this. She swears that she’ll get her life together and succeed—even more than Seol—and only then will she return. Seol: “Fine! You’d better succeed! Just you try and come back without succeeding!” Aw, it’s the only way she can show her love, and once she leaves, Dan cries.

I don’t like Dan or wish her well, but because she’s Seol’s sister, I do like her resolution. She’s family, so she can’t just be left dangling, but their resolution is both realistic and in character. Now Yoon-ju, I’d rather see scrubbing porta-potties for a day job, but Show doesn’t seem to want to do that.

Seol goes to see Mom to lie for Dan (for Mom’s benefit mostly), and tells her that Dan’s doing well, and will come see her once she’s settled into her new job. Mom asks if Hae-young is back and why he hasn’t come to the house, and when she says he’s busy, Mom just tells her wisely not to waste her youth, and to date other men.

In the same token, Seol’s right-hand-maiden makes her peace with Gunnie, content to break it off with the kid to play with men her own age, who don’t, say, spend two years circling first base, for instance.

Gunnie’s shocked at this turn from his noona, and in an outburst, cries, “YA! …I mean…noona…” Aw, he lurves her! He admits to not being a total idiot about things, and tells her that she’s of the age where if he takes things further, he’s got to be in the position to take responsibility for her (ie. marriage). So he waited. So she’d better not go anywhere! Cute. Adorably old-fashioned and totally unrealistic, Show, but cute.

Yoon-ju gets ready to leave for Egypt, and goes to see Jung-woo for one last date. He wonders what he’ll do if he wants to see her, and she tells him that he can come visit. Jung-woo: “If I do, will you greet me with a smile?” and she does, and they grin at each other like idiots. Gah, I’m annoyed that she gets Jung-woo, but the moment is kind of cute, which is also annoying.

Hae-young packs a bag, and then takes out the ring again for more pondering. He finally takes it and heads to the palace. He finds Seol out by the fountain, and tells her that he has to leave again…tomorrow.

Her face falls, and she asks where, how long. He looks at her intently, and then asks her to marry him. Right now.

Taken aback, she asks if it has to be right this second. She starts murmuring to herself about all her engagements scheduled for tomorrow, and wonders if they can’t do it later. He gets mad that she’s pushing it off, which is totally unfair when you’re the one springing ultimatums, mister, and Seol calls him out on it.

Hae-young: If you knew how much I want you right now, you can’t say that to me.
Seol: Are you the only one who wants this? What about me? For two years, I have to wonder if I’m going to even see you once a year, and then all of a sudden you want to run away, so I’m supposed quit being a princess and go with you? Why is it always what you want?
Hae-young: Even when you weren’t a princess, we were never easy.
Seol: Looks like we’re going to have to be a little more difficult.

She walks off, and he leaves the ring there, and goes.

They each mull over their choices that night, with heavy hearts. The next morning Hae-young goes to the airport, and looks around about a million times before dragging himself to the gate.

He gets on the plane and takes a glass of wine, but when he goes to drink it, a blinged-out hand stops him. It’s Seol, chastising him in her sageuk speak for not relinquishing a glass of wine to her highness.

He asks how she came, and she just says with a smile, “Because Park Hae-young wanted it. And because I wanted it.” She clasps his arm and declares that he can’t go anywhere—she’ll chase him to the ends of the earth.

She practically squeals at the thought that they’ll have thirteen straight hours of nonstop date time, and asks what he wants to do.

Um, one guess.


Okay, so I totally didn’t expect this, but I loved the finale. It was infinitely better than the rest of the series. For one, the conflict was actually tense and believable, and not cobbled together with six legos, much like the main plot has been, for the past fifteen episodes. What the hell, Show? If you had been this good before, I’d have been on your train since Day One.

If they had passed the vote and made her the princess around Episode 8, then this awesome push-and-pull, ambition vs. love, duty and honor and all that jazz could’ve carried half the series, or more. Showing me what you could’ve been is almost making me angrier than if you’d gone out on a cute whimper, like I kind of expected.

Once the will-she-be-a-princess plot was resolved, their relationship (and the realistic conflict of maintaining such a precarious public affair) became a much more interesting focus, and one I really could have stood to watch for another few episodes. Can we go back in time and cut that Press Conference crap, and ditch the royal satchel, and replace it with this? Sigh.

Overall the series was as cute and fluffy as the string of princess outfits that Seol sported, and made me laugh and smile. And despite the fact that most of it was frosting on a hollow cake, it sure was delicious, pretty, lovable frosting. Who needs all those empty calories anyway?


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          Freakishly adorable ending for a freakishly adorable show.

          My one question: so was HY’s dad bad or not? Did he chase Seol’s dad around? If so, why did he take her in at the summer house? Did I miss something?

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        • Jomo

          “I don’t know why the writer try so hard to redeem her”

          The only thing I can think of is the writers wanted to do the actress a favor.

          Park Ye Jin did such a great job being mean and nasty, and the audience hates her so much, it is almost not fair. Maybe if they can show YJ as an acceptable person, Park Ye Jin can absorb some of that acceptance.

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            I saw family outing and I know PYJ is nice person and all.. but if the writer is trying to give her a favor why not redeem her ealier, LOL this is giving the opposite effect for me, I loathe Yoon Ju even more.

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    So much wasted conflict here. I can’t believe that the writer chose the Dan/satchel Evil Yoon-ju storyline over one that actually has the main characters as the point of conflict. I mean, really? And honestly, I was a little WTH at the ending — so…what happens, again? It was cute, and there was kissing, which was great, but what happens once the plane lands? What exactly IS Seol’s choice? Is she choosing Hae-young, or the monarchy, or both? I wish this storyline had started about eight episodes ago.

    But all in all, good fluff, and Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon had awesome chemistry — I really couldn’t get enough of Hae-young. His character was a refreshing change from the Cold Chaebol caricature. Every time he was all full of himself or having a staring contest with Jung-woo I wanted to snatch him out of the screen and eat him. This writer’s strong point is obviously characterization over plot development.

    But there was good kissing and lots of The Cute, so all in all, worth the watch despite Evil Yoon-ju and Dan.

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    • 13.2 bella luna ;)

      under-utilized in this drama:

      1. the president – he’s got the biggest ammo. didn’t use it. more than anyone, he can match, or surpass, Hae-Young’s diplomatic-political skills. didn’t step up. sad.

      2. Gunnie – i dunno. the idea of the chef conspiring with the princess against everyone she hates in the palace is appealing to me. he who holds everyone by the stomach wields great power.

      3. Daddy Park – why he existed only in memories and telephone calls is beyond me. he’s the other guy with the biggest ammo in the drama. i was anticipating his return to Korea and lash out chaos more than Yoon-Ju could ever do. nope, didn’t happen. he was THE tease!

      loved the drama still.

      • 13.2.1 samgetang

        @bella luna: thanks for the insights…made me think about them, too:

        I think if the Prez really wielded his power we would need 30 episodes just to give it a good believable finish. He can get really really dirty. And we might see the couple really really hurt, as in horribly hurt, with blood, broken bones, scars and all. Don’t want to mess with the pretty 😉

        Oh yeah, Gunnie! Again, if the Palace Chef got wise he can do great great damage with the people who plan evil against the Princess. But that would focus much on that person (you know who!) and less airtime for our main couple. No we don’t want that, hehe. She has a lot of exposure already as it is….

        Daddy Park, another character lost in transition and translation, hehe. Maybe if he appeared show would need another 5 additional episodes just to tie up loose ends…with just the strawberry hair tie. 🙂

        Love MP anyways…maybe they can make a season 2 or sequel 🙂

        • bella luna ;)

          the president. he just hints to HY that his diplomatic work and the monarchy won’t mix well and it sends HY to having second thoughts about proposing to LS. he matters. he should have had more screentime than She Who Must Not Be Named. besides, he’s got better hair. just sayin’.

          gunnie. a little LBM and messing with the taste buds would do. 🙂 and some scenes where he could have taught LS cooking while HY (cutely) bickers on the side.

          daddy park. what a pity. he wasn’t even able to personally explain himself. ugh.

          “Love MP anyways…maybe they can make a season 2 or sequel”

          and call it “My Princesses” where HY & LS have three little daughters – two of whom take from LS, and only one takes after HY. and they’ve been trying to have a son. this time daddy park gets to come home to Korea and spoils the kids rotten.

          • samgetang

            hahahaha, bella!

            the Prez sure has better mane of hair than that Yoo.know.who. hehehehe! to the very end, even after 2 years, she just stuck to that insipid, boring, yucky hairdo…

            love the part where “they’ve been trying to have a son. this time daddy park gets to come home to Korea and spoils the kids rotten.” lotsa possibilities there 🙂

            And yes, “My Princesses” gets my vote! 🙂

          • bella luna ;)

            you know, they could have a debate over the kids’ surname – it’s both a domestic and a national issue. HY wouldn’t give up his surname for national heritage that easy. that could bring daddy park home, and we’d all be guessing who’s side he’d be on.

    • 13.3 lenrasoon

      i’m having the same question about the ending, so LS is not a princess anymore? she still a princess but just took a vacation? HY leave with all that rush but it didn’t explain where he was going or if he’s still a diplomat (since he chose to marry LS) idk what to think and even though the drama delivered the cute i think they let too much loose ends for my taste.

      I still love this drama for the pairing KTH and SSH but why did i worried that much and if in the end i had no answers?

      • 13.3.1 Kim Yoonmi

        She took a break. Heavily said so. Because she said, “We have 13 hours to date” Which means after that time she has to stop treating him like Mr. P. If she gave up the princess-ship, I think PHY wouldn’t like that. So she’s giving it up for 13 hours instead.

  14. 14 Jomo

    I did not see it subbed, but I am also asking the question – Did she really have to give up being the Princess in the Palace to be with PHY? Or did she just have to compromise more, and travel with him more often than she had before?

    Why couldn’t they marry and travel together from the beginning?

    • 14.1 tari

      it doesn’t make sense if she gave up being the princess, and it would be more senseless if she let a man like THAT go, I think she’d juggle it by buying a private jet 🙂

      but when everyone make a fuss about the ending, I regret the first 19 minutes of this finale..there was NO Song Seung-Heun!!! but when he comes out of that car…OH.MY.GOD!!!!

      • 14.1.1 Jomo

        The brown leather jacket, ladies!! Am I right?

        I think that actually trumps the grey pullover in the dining room with the raemen…

        • clichique

          Dude seriously the last episode could just have been a SSH personal fashion show. Or something.

          I saw so many things I wanted to keep for myself (or my future man). The peacoats, oh my god, the jackets, oh my god, oh my god.. I’ve recently gained a new appreciation for mens’ fashion, and this show just helped me appreciate it much more.

          • bella luna ;)

            if this went out before Christmas, then I wouldn’t have gone through difficulty thinking about a great gift. so tricky choosing gifts for guys. *sigh*

        • tari

          yup, when he steps out that car, the world blurs..oh wait I didn’t image that, they actually did that on purpose, well it what happens now when I see Song Seung-Heun..Oh man, JB is to blame for that shower scene post..

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Yes! Definitely trumps the ramyeon outfit. (though Mr. Handtowel… *cough*) I have to say I also liked his three piece suits…

        • samgetang

          the leather jacket and the shades…perfect! 🙂

          • Gladys

            I also notice that all his coats are double breasted which only suits guys with nice physique! This is my first SSH drama and I won’t watch his other dramas unless I approve his leading lady. LOL!

          • samgetang

            saw him first in He Was Cool…he sure was cool there, definitely! but saw stills n clips of his other dramas and his MP persona is i think his best by far 🙂 he ages like fine wine as clichique would say 😉

    • 14.2 clichique

      I watched it subbed, but I am still confused.

      I almost want to say she eloped. But I don’t get it. They just gave us a make-out scene. Which I don’t mind. But I would have preferred to see the make-out scene in…. A WEDDING. SERIOUSLY. WHY COULD THEY NOT GIVE US A WEDDING??

      It was very lacking in real conclusion. It’s not even like an “open ending” it was just confusion, like, was that elopement??

      • 14.2.1 tari

        How about this when Seol said:
        “Looks like we’re going to have to be a little more difficult.”

        She’s picturing their future relationship which is gonna be hard since they choose to be together and still maintain their own profession/duty. I think it could happen, he doesn’t have to cut ribbon with her and she’ll just have to endure his business trip now and then. It happens in real life minus the fashion galore.

      • 14.2.2 girlfriday

        Sorry, thought it was clear. She’s not giving up being a princess. She’s just agreeing to compromise–he wants to get married, so she hopped on the plane to get married, his way.

        • clichique

          Ohhh okay I get it. Thanks girlfriday!

        • urbanscrappy

          Sorry but I think I’m being dense but what does that mean? He’s being posted overseas, is she going to live with him during his appointments or go back to Korea?
          Long distance marriage?
          She can’t really live with him as what will happen to all her work back in Korea, but then as a diplomat he has an absent wife.
          I’m probably overthinking this, but the final just raised more questions for me.

          • YY

            Remember the golden rule….no thinking.

          • samgetang

            hahaha! YY, what you think, you will be. So, don’t? hahahaha!

            on a side note, do men dissect an action movie the way women deconstruct romantic films? but wait, i know what they do with sports event….just…thinkin’….out loud…hehehe…

          • Jomo

            To samgetang

            Have you seen this Sleepless in Seattle clip?


            The whole clip is funny, but the action sequence fun starts at around 3:04.

          • samgetang

            Jomo!!!! hahahahaha! I did not have to wait til 3:04. I was laughing my head off from the very start cos I watched this movie a few times before and saw what was coming. I know! I know! We all are crazy…for different things. But crazy, same. Thanks, Jomo! Almost forgot this movie…..priceless!!!!LOL! 🙂 These 3 actors and even the kid were perfect in this scene. Love, love, love this!!! 🙂

            And Jomo, I so want to see your chart of the kdramas you’ve watched so far….any chance you want to make that into a book or something? hahaha! You are a genius in this thing! Like a museum curator…perfectly filing all those movie and drama scenes in your gray cells, haha!

          • Kim Yoonmi

            It means she is going to elope with him. Because she was frustrated that he was doing all the work and trying to rescue her and so on, she’s going to work by his side as an equal rather than waiting around. ^_^ That was the build up for the last few episodes. If you track only the cute in this series, you miss out on things like the character development through the political machinations. LS became his equal and she’s showing him in the last kiss as she takes it over that she can handle herself very well. He’s fine with that. And instead of waiting around in Korea, she’s going to work with him to help smooth over all the diplomatic matters together, no matter the consequences.

        • Lan

          But I thought she didn’t want to be a princess to start with. So why does she want to hold onto that title now? Why so complicated? Can’t she just clear her dad’s name, then choose not to be a princess (which turn the country upside down a little) and continue her study and normal life? Then they can just be together, freely, no?

          • bella luna ;)

            i want to respond but i’m experiencing a thought overheat. (would’ve appreciated it if the heat was about SSH.) it’s a tangled web. i’m trapped. and i’m being mesmerized by the deep-brown-haired spider that seems to be leaning to the side. *hypnotized. tilting.*

  15. 15 sha

    Oh man , i’m trying to stop myself from reading the recaps & watching the raw episode . But i can’t seem to do it . It’s so tempting . Every minutes i open dramabeans to check out my princess but I still didn’t read it . Only go through the pictures . Hopefully i can keep this determination of mine up . i definitely never would say this before but I’m starting to like this two . If both of them do a rom com i will surely check it out .

  16. 16 Bluefyre

    Awesome episode. Awesome recap!
    Hahaha! I was totally LOL-ing all throughout…
    starting with this line: “…and they hug like a basket of kittens under a rainbow.”

    Hahaha! Thanks so much GF! ^^ Can’t wait to really watch this…along with Dream High.

  17. 17 Amber

    I’m the first?

    • 17.1 queencircles


  18. 18 srkambbs

    My friend is so obsessed with this drama that she has my princess as her desktop, cellphone wallpaper and on other stuff. She wants them to get married and have kids LOL ……….. Any ways nice series.

    • 18.1 Jomo

      My “friend” saved a bunch of screen caps of HY from this site, photos from the Cosmo spreads, and other The Hand Towel sources onto her Mac.

      Unbeknownst to her, iPhoto has this automatic slide show feature in Events, where it adds a soundtrack onto the pictures as they flow through.

      Just for fun, she clicked on it.

      90 or so seconds later, actual tears were falling out of my her eyes watching it.

      Maybe because it was 2am, maybe because she was a little flu ish, maybe because the guitar music has just the right melancholy tones, maybe because she had just watched a tearful episode of another drama, but I am telling you, nobody has ever had that effect on me before, and I was completely caught off-guard and overwhelmed.

      I don’t know what to do with these feelings except enjoy them for what they are, pure unadulterated delight in something beautiful.

      • 18.1.1 Linda165

        Oh man, now I’M crying too.

        • Jomo

          I don’t know why, but that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. 🙂

      • 18.1.2 samgetang

        Jomo! ;-(

      • 18.1.3 Amber's Cube

        Oh my, so im not alone. I saved all of PHY’s screencaps too. I love all his wardrobe in My Princess. It’s my fashion inspiration for my hubby.

      • 18.1.4 Sadhana

        Jomo, that was so sweet!!

        I totally understand that scenario, as I have similar experiences. When I discovered Hyun Bin via Secret Garden….HOLY CRAP, my brains turned to mush for WEEKS!!

        It was exactly as you described: “nobody has ever had that effect on me before, and I was completely caught off-guard and overwhelmed.”

        I am embarrassed and I kick myself for being a silly fan girl…but reading the comments here reassures me that I am not alone with this crazy obsession, haha! Thanks for sharing that, Jomo.

  19. 19 lovedramas2

    I just love these two – they are soooo freaking cute together!!! I just can’t believe that I’m saying that cause I really couldn’t have cared less about either of their acting at all before this.

    SSH & KTH – you rock as an onscreen couple 🙂 lots of cuteness and chemistry. By far, much better than any of the other rom-coms I’ve seen in awhile. Plots lacking but they totally make up for it.

    It was a fun ride!

  20. 20 xiaoSxin

    THE. END. The best thing was the OTP. SSH should definitely do more rom-coms.

  21. 21 red pill

    Hmm, I dunno. I actually didn’t like the last episode. I spent most of the time cringing, which is strange because usually I adore cheese (especially pretty cheese). But it’s like they were trying to be Ra-im and Ju-won without the fantastic snark – like a Disney version of it. I think the only part I really liked was the big fight between sisters. They finally seemed like real sisters.

  22. 22 shingung

    thank you very much for the recaps…i enjoyed reading it…as much as i enjoyed watching the show with subs after reading your recap…make me anticipate the episodes more…xD

  23. 23 Memmy

    “Gah, I’m annoyed that she gets Jung-woo, but the moment is kind of cute, which is also annoying.”

    LOL, cute!

  24. 24 JC John Sese Cuneta

    oh em gee, oh em gee, oh em gee
    *giggles to the max*

    must watch tonight after work!!

  25. 25 Linda

    I am going to miss this drama 🙁 my weeks started with dream high and ended with my princess, now that the dramas are both nearly over, one question remains which drama was better and who will buy the drinks 😉

  26. 26 ck1Oz

    Yup..someone did the count.16 kisses we had for this drama.

    No plot but damn Ero-Seol and Mr Hand Towel-you rock as a couple!!

    I think I might actually go back and rewatch as I wasn’t paying attention to the drama the first time round.

    They are as cute as a basket of kittens under a rainbow like you said GF 🙂

    • 26.1 tangee

      Wow! can’t believe it, 16 kisses, really??? this just confirms their awesome chemistry ‘cos they really seem to enjoy kissing each other very much… LOL.. Guess it is always easier to kiss a gorgeous person like themselves respectively…

      • 26.1.1 momo

        yeah finally a drama with proper kisses (esp the finale!)

        • DeeDee315

          Proper kisses yes, but somehow they still looked awkward. & I’ll have to agree w/Red Pill, last episode really did nothing for me. If Seung-heon were my man, no way I’d let him go off w/o me for two years. Just saying!

  27. 27 Daniela

    It was a very good final. It was different but good, and they didnt break the Golden Rule in romantic comedies: they have to end together (usually). I´m happy and pleased. I really liked it. And it had Cute.

    I agree, this episode have one or two ideas that could have been fantastic plot line, if they had come earlier.

    This drama didnt make a huge impact on me, but it was super fun at the beginig-part of the middle and i truly enjoyed those episodes, it lose a little of it way in the middle-almost finale and sometimes was boring, but thanks My Princess, you entertained me.

    The recaps were an important part. Thank you for them!

  28. 28 nona

    JB & GF… thanks so much for giving us something to look forward to…i was so engrossed reading, i forgot to post…as usual i had been refreshing the page like crazy!

    This is episode really rocks and does not give us the classic korean drama ending! I will miss KTH and SSH!

    I was thankful for your recaps especially with MY PRINCESS and it’s good that Dream HIgh is still on until next week.

    I still don’t know what drama i will follow next but i think i will just follow ur lead..

    THANKS A LOT! and more power to u two and to dramabeans!

  29. 29 eve

    owh………….. finish……………….

  30. 30 Dee Dee

    “He laughs and agrees to stay put, and they hug like a basket of kittens under a rainbow. ” COMEDY!!

    What am I going to do now that this is over?!?!?! *Bring on the anxiety attacks.

  31. 31 bd

    Yeah, there have been complaints about the rather flimsy plotline (MP definitely could have done a better job w/ the various political maneuverings), but then again, most rom-coms, even the real good ones (like “Coffee Prince” and MGIAG) don’t exactly have great plotlines (tend to have overly simplistic plotlines).

    But that’s OK since the most important thing about a rom-com is the relationship btwn the 2 leads and how it DEVELOPS throughout the eps.

    From the very beginning, the “relationship” (if you can call it that; more like 2 scheming partners in crime) btwn Seol and HY started w/ a bang, w/ neither having much interest in each other – allowing them to act silly or obnoxious w/ each other which allowed for great fun.

    And even when the 2 started to develop feelings for each other, the petty fights, teasing, pouting and flirting didn’t stop – which was certainly entertaining to watch.

    It’s the same type of deal which also made CP and MGIAG fun to watch (otoh, the constant bickering btwn the 2 leads in “Secret Garden” was shrill and irritating and not fun at all; plus, how that relationship progressed was totally unbelievable).

    MP certainly had its flaws and weaknesses, but the relationship btwn Seol and HY was more than worth it.

    The “peacocking” btwn HY and the good Prof. was just icing on the cake.

    When casting for MP was 1st revealed, there were many here who weren’t exactly thrilled w/ the casting of KTH and SSH, but I thought it had a shot since I always thought the 2 were perfect for rom-com.

    But as delightlful the 2 were, I have to say, I was particularly impressed by KTH’s acting in the emotional/crying scenes – for that she was totally spot on (at the beginning she did overact here and there and toward the end, she did start to her pout face a little too much, but overall, much improved).

    One thing that the writers smartly did for MP was not to make a true love-triangle, in particular the Seol/HY/Prof. triangle.

    It was just more realistic for Seol to have school girl crush and for the Prof. to be amused (and a little flattered) by such crush – w/ his true love being Korean history and him being most interested in Seol as living Korean history.

    What wasn’t quite realistic tho, was the Prof. still having feelings for the robot (despite the robot being his 1st love); not so much for her having left him, but for being such an evil b!tch (which he clearly was aware of).

    • 31.1 clichique

      I agree. In Secret Garden, Hyunbin and Ha Jiwon had sizzling chemistry, but then my brain went, ….. wait, why are they in love again? The way the couple progressed made no sense whatsoever when you actually thought about it.

      I also liked how there was no real love triangle. Honestly, and this is weird, I’m sick of seeing the love triangle. I feel like between a couple, there are already enough of problems that you can write of, why do you need a love triangle/square? And with this couple, there were quite a bit of real conflict that could be extracted between them.

      I’m unhappy they redeemed Yoonjoo. She did not deserve it at all. But even I must admit, that last scene between her and Professor was very cute…. It’s because Park Yejin’s personal charm came out there. As Yoonjoo, PYJ couldn’t be her charming self, but obviously, Yoonjoo is a bitchy character anyway.

      Again, I know a lot of people dropped out because the plot was flimsy. Yes, I know it was flimsy, but I could care less as long as I saw Haeyoung and Seol moments, or Haeyoung and Professor moments. It didn’t even matter, their cuteness was enough to dull my brain and care less about the plot. In the end, I guess it’s all up to personal preferences.

      • 31.1.1 xylophonic

        I for one did not like Yoon-ju’s character at all, not purely because she was a frakking bitch, but because that was ALL SHE WAS. Well, and desperate, too, when it came to Jung-woo and for a time, Hae-young, but that can hardly be considered variance. In the beginning, I did find her motives interesting, like how they weren’t centered around any romantic inclination (well, maybe a bit. But it wasn’t all). I would have SO liked to have found some redeeming traits in her, because I badly wanted to consider her as an actual human being.

        I know, I know, she’s second lead, but not all second leads have to have us hating them! Hae-young and Seol were charming and cute enough together that we didn’t really need to hate on anyone to want them to be together. (Case in point: I absofrakkinlutely loved Seul in SG. She was bratty and snobby, but in kind of a delicious way that made me say, “Hah. She’s cool,” instead of, “KJHdfskldjfskdfjsdk GET OFF THE SCREEN!”)

        When you mention PYJ’s personal charm, I’m almost sick with the thought of how much she was wasted in the drama. Eugh.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          YJ’s character development was watching her fall from grace, hitting absolute rock bottom and being given three chances to rise up (Three being a magic number in Korea–literally). When she refused, everyone let her hit rock bottom. And then she had to scrape herself off of the ground and work hard to regain her place with everyone. So yes, she’s supposed to be bitchy–but I have to say YAB’s bitch was much more bitchy. That character–I HATED her. TK’s mother…. HATED her. Worst mother in a K-drama ever. (Or so far…) I haven’t hated a character that much since.

          A good actress with a good crew made her exactly hateable, down the the ungraceful clothing. I think mission was accomplished.

          After this she has to work really, really hard to redeem herself–there was no easy redeeming in the eyes of the characters. She still has to prove herself like Dan does to herself and others.

          Dan’s character arc wasn’t as well acted, but I think they were going for being secure with her family and herself… it’s just that the acting really didn’t deliver on it, so she was kinda dropped on the way.

          As for PHY’s father… Red herring all the way. But he also managed to finish his character arc precariously through PHY… (sins of the father and so on.) and so they really didn’t need him to show up. Besides which, he was one of the good guys all along… which I guess doesn’t really help if he shows up when everyone needs him–too much Deus Ex machina.

          The character I would vote that had the least character development was the Professor. (Including the minor character cast.) He really didn’t change much. We knew he had to have political savvy at the beginning, he still loved YJ through the whole thing and still gave her smack downs and stood up to her, but beyond that, not much more. I’m a bit disappointed–since I saw him in 18 v. 29, and he really shined in that drama.

          Anyway, YJ had a character arc, it was a deevolution so she could grow more later.

      • 31.1.2 bd

        The problem w/ SG is that the “relationship” btwn the 2 leads went from Joo-won stalking, annoying and basically forcing himself upon Ra-im to Rai-im being in love w/ him.

        One didn’t see the progress in their relationship, but moreover, there was little fun or cute in their constant bickering which makes it really difficult to believe that they are in love.

        The relationship btwn Seul and Oska was just tiresone – both repeatedly playing games w/ each other over a long-ago misunderstanding.


        Another rom-com that did the no real love triangle well was “Coffee Prince.”

        CP was great in that it touched the basic elements of a K-drama w/o really going there – such as the 2nd female lead being a bit selfish, but not a bad person; grandma getting sick, but not dying; grandma being opposed to the couple, but eventually comes to terms w/ it (also helped that grandma was not evil and was actually a hoot); talk about a wedding but no actual wedding for the 2 leads.

  32. 32 asianromance

    Thank you so much, girlfriday and javabeans, for recapping this series!!

    the first 90% of the episode was awesome and had tons of momentum, but the last 10% was really like “okay…that’s it?” Just felt like there was a little bit more to tell.

  33. 33 hh

    Yay! Recaps! Btw, just wondering where is JB’s comments? She always gives comments re the finales, no?

    And, Happy Friday, Dramabeaners! 😉

  34. 34 clichique

    Oh my god. It’s over. The realization is slowly sinking in.

    I… actually was unhappy with the ending. First of all, why did it take SSH like 20 minutes before he showed up in this last episode? TOO LITTLE HEAD TILT MAN (he did his head tilt, too, I saw it… it was like a little farewell tilt gesture, I guess). I wanted a royal wedding. And I am confused by the ending. Did she just elope?? WHY CAN’T THEY JUST GET MARRIED SO I CAN SEE A ROYAL WEDDING. SERIOUSLY, WRITER, I WANTED TO SEE PRETTY WEDDING DRESSES, FLOWER PETALS, AND CHILDREN!! AND YET THIS IS WHAT I GET.

    Yes, YES, it was cute. But it just wasn’t what I was looking for – I just want a royal wedding and babies, is this too much to ask for, Show? IS IT??

    Actually, girlfriday, you bring up an interesting possible plotline. Speaking of which..

    I never expected to like this show. At all. When I heard KTH and SSH were casted I was like, …… Are. You. Serious. This is going to be so much of a disaster I am going to laugh at it. In a bitter, painful, way. But, KTH and SSH totally surprised me with their rom-com potential. How they never happened upon this is beyond me. Seriously. If they had done this years ago, I probably wouldn’t harbor so much… anti-their shows stigma I’ve developed from being disappointed from their poor serious drama acting skills (though seriously, SSH… your head tilt thing needs to go away seriously that is NOT how you emote. I can give you private acting lessons in a shower or something…)

    Regarding the storyline. Personally, I saw potential for this storyline. A LOT of potential, actually. If you guys have seen Princess Diaries 2, I was thinking a large conflict that was along those lines. I was thinking of something that was very much more Seol-centric, a growing up story of Seol who learns to make herself regal, who grows up from the circumstances she is put in, one where Haeyoung is more only a plot point. And, as much as it would break my heart into millions of pieces, I would be okay if in this story, Seol moves on from Haeyoung to become a true princess. Aka Haeyoung is only a plot piece who makes Seol a stronger person. Sadly, we got some crappy storyline that focused on some stupid satchel and Dan’s bitchface…… But when it descended to that level, I decided, screw this, I’ll just watch this for the OTP.

    THE OTP IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Omgod seriously SSH and KTH have amazing chemistry. They should just get married already. I’d be okay with that (more than a million times okay with it). Just as long as they give me their babies (bwahaha)…

    Oh man. I am so sad this ended…. What new OTP am I gonna find now??

    • 34.1 clichique

      Might I also add SSH ages like fine wine?? My god that man is delicious.

      • 34.1.1 Vision

        Totally agree. He looks much better now than when he first started out.

    • 34.2 safa

      me 2
      i want a A ROYAL WEDDING

      • 34.2.1 sana

        Royal wedding AND babies!!

    • 34.3 Kim Yoonmi

      I told everyone that because children were done in SG that they wouldn’t appear here. How did I know that? Because writers really hate repeating themselves so close in a row–it makes us predictable creatures and then what are we left with to surprise you with?

      She did not give up the princess-ship. She took a break from it and eloped with him in his way for 13 hours.

      I think PHY being shown and LS being shown as working as a team was athe better storyline. Often dramas fail for viewers when they expect it to work just like another drama or show they watched. I’ve seen it time and time again. Writers strive to often twist things. If you watched the Hong Sister dramas where they based it on a storyline that was previously done you’ll see them twist it around and around.

      This drama was *not* aimed at teenagers like Princess Diaries. This was not supposed to be a simple Cinderella story where the poor girl gets rescued by the Prince. Rather it showed the woman being able to rise up and get equal footing with her prince. That’s a stronger storyline than saying one doesn’t need men or the even worse storyline of the man rescuing absolutely everything–which has been done time and time again in Korean dramas.

      I’m kinda sick of the MKSS ending or the other extreme where the woman is practically dependent on the man. I think a good man rises to the challenge and the woman finds her equal footing.

      What was pleasant about this last episode was that it played with viewer expectations, yet still was able to deliver a believable “and the couple worked together while the Princess had a successful business” (ala Secret Garden.)

      • 34.3.1 clichique

        To be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve seen that many “woman finishes strong” endings. I feel like most Korean dramas are not that woman-centric. The Woman Who Wants To Marry is one of those where I think, wow, this really is a drama that is all about the women, all about how they develop, all about how their decisions are about themselves, where in the end, they go to seek out the men, one where I finally felt like the women were definitely… empowered? Maybe?

        I’m definitely a feminist, but I’m not opposed to the male and the female being an equal match. However, I’m not really sure I’m convinced Seol and Haeyoung are an “equal match at the end.”

        The reason I would like a “Princess Diaries”-esque storyline is because I wanted to see character development in Seol. Through these 16 episodes, I’m not sure if Seol has really developed as a person. I don’t see her being more mature than she was earlier, etc. And I don’t understand why having a female character becoming stronger and not having to depend on men is a… teenage theme? There are plenty of adult women who need to learn about becoming stronger people.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          You’ve not been watching the Ajumma dramas… This is a special category of K-drama where the romance always takes second place to whatever the woman is doing and I always find it kinda anti-feminist. (Granted I’m more post feminist, probably because I find some sections of feminism imposing on values that other women may have about themselves.) My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Dalja’s Spring. What’s Up Fox are all in this category. And I tend to hate those endings. Because it’s basically a rehash of MNKSS, without really the woman finding the footing and the balance between love and career. That’s a true strength–the ability to balance the two which seems like an extreme.

          Seol’s character arc was a lot more subtle (If you followed me and Samgetang for the last few episodes you can see us analyzing the hell out of the two characters).

          Seol’s character started out pretty helpless in political matters. Everyone thought they could either use her, trounce on her and that she needed to be rescued.

          I’ll do a reanalysis for everyone.

          The Professor saw Seol as a history project–a living one. (This is stated across the board.) He tried to protect her from YJ by lying about the sachet. He had no faith that Seo, the innocent student that fell asleep in his class and wasn’t too bright could do anything for herself.

          YJ saw Seol as an obstacle and one that she could get rid of easily–she said as much.

          The grandfather saw her as a tool that he could use to get rid of his guilt and said as much.

          The secretary saw LS as a tool and some sadness and regret for PHY.

          And PHY saw LS as someone he had ot protect and rescue. (As seen with telling her she shouldn’t do that PR with the president.)

          What they didn’t count on was that LS could catch up and she was simply lost. While they were battling each other, this little ugly duckling started to swim and become a real swan.

          She took control away from PHY just as he hatched his grand scheme by running away from the lovey dovey cottage. He knew by that time she was really capable which is why he pulled her out, but now she was unpredictable to him even more. He had hatched the perfect plan to play the other players against each other. But she ended up taking charge of his plan and twisting it on itself.

          He said as much the next episode because he said that she was “Unpredictable.” And that’s why he likes her so much. It’s because he’s lived a cushy life, got what he’s always wanted and been able to predict absolutely everyone! Here is a girl that he can’t predict–it drives him nuts–he hates it, but she’s caught his attention.

          She manages to corner the secretary, YJ, the professor and the grandfather in one huge sweeping episode–but make no mistake there was good ground work for this reversal beforehand. She manages to demand next that her lessons be more rigorous and instead of whining about being a princess and thinking it’s all about the pretty clothes and shoes, she is shown buckling down to work with tangible goals for the monarchy. In another words, her whoole character arc is about her taking charge and realizing that being a princess is hard work–she represents a whole country. And unlike before she doesn’t talk about love as not being able to be separated, but she talks about it as respect “Just send me a period.”

          So the character arc for her is one where this one tiny thing changes and she gains love, respect and political savvy in the process.

          It’s not a “oh you have changed so much.” Much of this drama flies under the radar as being about the characters more than the specific plot points. If you watch the character actions like a hawk, this drama opens up quite a bit more.

          PHY went from arrogant to being able to support his woman in what *she* wants. ‘What do you want?” he asked LS, “I’ll support you in that.” But he learned that what she wanted more than anything was the ability to learn independence–and that’s what he ultimately gave her in smaller gestures there after. (Such as taking revenge on Dan.) That whole rooftop scene was more like a switch up. LS was telling him no matter what sh had a handle on things–he may have the political experience, but as samgetang put it, she has the social intelligence.

          This makes them a perfect team and partners in it. And what’s really sexy is the PHY was totally down with it and it seemed like this was what he was fighting for the whole time–why else pull her aside and give her the political smackdown? He could have just let it go on and try to fix it later, but he took the time to explain to her why this was. And he delighted when she got it.

          So yes, LS grew as a character and really took control of the situation. When PHY told her to choose one over the other, she refused him twice over, showing her true strength and showed him that she had faith they could tackle any battle together–which is really, really what you want out of a couple. It’s not the Romeo and Juliet, it’s the faith that the couple can overcome all difficulty no matter what and be able to communicate and do it together.

          It’s like SG said.. that life isn’t perfect, but they felt stronger being together. This is a similar message from the same writer. That you can get love and career to work side by side if you are willing to do the work and work hard–and that’s a very Korean message. (I can start listing off dramas that extol these virtues. All the Hong Sister dramas, Dong Yi. Dae Jang Geum, All the Ajumma dramas, I really really like You, 18 v. 29 and so on.) It’s one of the basic virtues that often pops up as a result of Confucianism’s influence on China-Korea and Japan (some other countries to a lesser extent).

          I, personally, don’t believe in feminism’s idea that one has to go to extremes and sacrifice love or make the man weaker than the woman for the woman’s success. I also take issue with some feminists saying things like muslim women just don’t know they are oppressed by wearing a burke–even if it’s that woman’s choice to do so–so outlaw the entire thing. Or judging another woman’s life in another country when they don’t know how that woman’s life works and why that culture works as it does.

          Rather, I like the idea of striving for true equality, which includes things like honoring the strengths and weaknesses of both sexes and all of the genders under the rainbow. So a partnership where each pegs the other down and we celebrate what’s so great about men and women and the individual power to shape it for their society, while trying to make for equality. That’s my definition of post feminism.

          I have to say that in my country of the US, feminist movements have gone backwards. We haven’t been celebrating what makes women roar as much. We’ve been so focusing on the fact that women should be able to do the same things as men that women often are compared to men and their competency to men and are expected to do everything in addition to the power that women hold. But men can’t do things like give birth. They can’t nurse children. They can’t be a mother. They don’t take the role in this society for speaking up. And this is where Korea is leagues ahead…

          it shows that in an industrial age what women really want out of a man is someone who will help them, rise them up and do whatever necessary–do things like cooking, house chores, cleaning up and really be a supporting, not a rescuing role. Industrial women don’t need Knights in Shining armor. When women build that tower, he’s there more as morals support, not to do everything for her. And this drama achieved that in whispers and small steps. I have to agree with this writer–the Hong Sisters and other writers like them. Women have their own power we need to celebrate more and not through the lens that men create through super skinny CF commercials and lingerie ads.

          So, I’ll vote Korea as ahead in at least its media, though it’s not true in real life in the true depiction of women as a power house. And that’s why I’m watching K-dramas v. the so-called Lifetime movies of crap where they never seem to pin down what a woman really is in her power to be a woman.

          My princess was that for me.

          • samgetang

            *clap, clap, clap*

            Beautifully said, Yoonmi. I am enthralled while reading this.

            This is what My Princess is all about for me, as well.

            I dont care much about feminism or any other isms though, Im all for the special design for each gender by the Master. Equality but not similarity or uniformity. Each gender should celebrate its own uniqueness and work with the other, together as a team, partners for life! Yey!

            You say you are from the US and yet you have this unconventional look regarding these things. It’s amazing.

            Korean drama is very addicting not only to korean viewers but the world over because they tackle and handle age-old issues still steeped in values and ethics esp the idea of redemption…what you sow you will reap. They are packaged as rom-com or melodrama or action but hidden beneath them are tried and tested values of dignity, filial piety, respect, perseverance, honor, sacrifice etc…some things which are not really considered important anymore in other culture/media esp the progressive ones. But people are the same the world over, we are just all lost and trying to find our way around the same universal issues/concerns/experiences. If we lose our compass, our bearings, and swim the tide of plurality and humanism, then that’s when we lose track of the special design that was meant for us.
            And so people wonder why they love Korean movies or films, they thought it was this or that but actually it is the ancient wisdom embedded deep within those cute fluff that pulls them in and resonates to their hungry souls.

            My Princess is really more than the cute for me. 🙂

            Thanks, Yoonmi.

          • gominam

            aahh, you took my breath away… I really loved LS character because even though sometimes she’s childish, but in reality she has matured as a person, balances things out, and can’t be used by the people who wanted to take advantage of her and her position….I’m happy that she canceled her activities for that one day in order to spend 13 hours with HY…if flying with him will be the only way for them to bridge their gap, then why not>? She can return to Korea the next day and resume her princess duties…

          • Kim Yoonmi

            I should mitigate that the US is one of my two countries. The other one is Korea. I have a foothold in both, not being able or wanting to choose. Because I feel the same way that Seol does facing the registration issue. Why does one have to choose at all?

            The strength of Seol in this drama was her warm heart which stayed consistent throughout.

            US plots around women tend to be weak. I’ll spout off some lousy plots I’ve watched recently. Girl goes to find out what makes men tick and thus tries to date a whole office of Businessmen to find “True Love.” She then realizes this list is a false list and in the last two minutes of the movie declares true love for her man.

            This was lousy because I couldn’t believe after whoring herself to more than half the office that the guy would really fall for her. It’s poor plotting and more like a teenage bad daydream about what love really is. It really doesn’t explore what makes her powerful nor shows her power in the workplace, nor tells how she worked really hard. Just that she knows how to kiss guys and not get them mad at her. *Rolls eyes* (Besides my cynic coughs to the side and says STDs.)

            Then you have the crappy Lifetime movies. OMG, I watched about all of them. The ones on adoption and infertility were insensitive and the worst I’ve ever seen on the subject –though Adopted really does rank up there as trying to be bad towards adoption.

            Plotline–woman wants to get pregnant so she finds a single mother to have her child (well not her egg) and then hires her to have her child, gets that single mother pregnant and then her husband goes and has an affair with the surrogate. (Can you gag here yet?) The mother-to-be of the child has a hissy fit and argues with her husband, but she friggin’ forgives him for the affair. All is well and then they take the baby away from the surrogate mother as she cries her eyes out. *Shiver* You want to talk anti-feminism… that’s pretty close.

            Most Lifetime movies tackle “women’s issues” and do it with such bad force that it really is painful to watch. The movie about sexual harassment was horrible. The movie about spousal abuse was unrealistic. The movies about rape made me sigh with shame for our society.

            And then you get the parade of nasty Chick Lit movies. Shopping? Really? That’s what you’re going to say women are made of? Pretty dresses and clothes is all that a woman can do? (Shopoholic, Devil Wears Prada and Sex in the City. Gag me–I like pretty clothes like any other woman, but I am not going to choose a pair of shoes over a friend.)

            Then you have the other extreme–women doing the exact same things men can do because that’s strength. Men do martial arts, so women should be shown doing it too. It’s not that I believe that women shouldn’t be allowed to do those things, but sometimes strength is not just about kicking butt the same way as men, but learning to use your body in a way that suits you. If women in physical terms have an endurance… then why not feature that about women? Besides strength isn’t all kicking butt, but it’s like Alicia Keys says, To all the women out there working hard. The single mother trying to get an education. The woman that doesn’t know if she’ll be home in time to see her kids to put them to bed. That’s a strength too and one that women are often relegated. Celebrate that. Different isn’t bad. Different, but equal is what we should strive for.

            The US has a long, long way to understanding the powerhouse that makes us women great. There may be more equality in society, but the art forms sure don’t reflect this belief.

            I got sick of watching those things and I’m frustrated that the US tells other countries how their women should be, but we can’t even get it right in our media.

            Korea at least shows an attempt with women trying to find the balance between both and real struggles that women face like being told by men that they can only choose love or a career. This is a real struggle women have in the US too, yet no drama has been able to get that to work.

            Dalja’s Spring showed a woman choosing both, though with a MNKSS ending. She showed how she could excel at her career and her love. It didn’t fall out of the sky, she really worked for it. She didn’t have a new boyfriend every other week. She worked on the one man and learned to work with him. Where’s a US drama that’s ever done that? I’m still waiting for it.

            Besides after the Last Airbender trauma of last year, my faith in the US media has gone down quite a few notches. Compare that film with the Korean film If You were Me [1 and 2] and If You were Me is leagues ahead most of the other anti-racial films in both cinematography and delivery of message. Media should challenge social norms and ask questions about society. My Princess does that, how does Sex in the City 2 do that?

            Show me a woman struggling with a low income, not in the fashion industry that isn’t living in upper NYC in a huge apartment, trying to find something between love and career. Still waiting for that. Especially one where her friends aren’t all friggin’ white. (Let’s get real here… NYC has a whole lot of non-white people.)

            At least Seol grew beyond her princess dresses. Devil in Prada–didn’t happen.

            Korea shows what they are striving for in their media. The US has totally quit and gone backwards in theirs. I’m kind of tired of it and other women in this country with me are also sick of it. Women aren’t all handbags and catty. But I could rant for hours about this topic (It’s in my specialty in Anthropology–media especially cross-cultural media) and how My Princess is no where as inane and shallow as some of the crap I’ve been seeing delivered in television in the US. (Current and past)

          • samgetang

            Thanks, Yoonmi, for your reply.

            Now I understand better where you are coming from.

            It is good to know that you can live in the US and still keep your moral bearings anchored to your other country Korea. You are sure to get the best of both worlds. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

            Im Asian but Western-style educated and can relate in a way with your thoughts regarding the US media and its representation of and impact on women and how they see themselves. I also live and breathe in the crossroads of both.

            I think that nations and civilizations cannot be greater nor stronger than the women/men who build and nurture the smallest unit of their society, the family. When women shortchange themselves and lose their God-given gift in affecting their nation’s heritage through their choices we may see eventually the downfall of that society.

            This is the age-old issue being tackled in MP. What is more important love or mission? Husband or nation? Personal fulfillment or responsibility to the family/community?

            We see many Western films deal with this by celebrating feminism, personal fulfillment and independence first sometimes regardless of how it will affect family and nation. In so doing, women are depicted as chasing after different men so they can fulfill their lifelong dream to marry and have kids. Ironically, when they do get their dream they do not prioritize the family that they fought so hard for. They battle with their husbands and other men for equal opportunity and personal rights but are not as quick when it comes to taking responsibility and making sacrifices for their families. Divorce are at a record high. Whether this truly depicts real life or not, we see how media can have the power to affect how its young generation think and act. There was a time when this was not so and Im sure the US could not have become the empire that it has been without the sacrifices and steadfastness of its forefathers. But somewhere along the way it lost its moorings as evidenced in part by its pop culture and media.

            I believe it is true: comfort , they say, destroys usefulness. I think Korea’s media is this way because she came from a long period of suffering under the Japanese rule and its poor economy. The stories in the kdramas either depict the sacrifices of its people or the lessons culled from those times when they had to rise up from those periods of nothingness. But we see strength in their women and the choices that the characters make in the kdramas are sometimes too far-off from the POV of a western mind. Filial piety or respect for elders for example is a lost art in the west. But this is one of the backbones of a solid and strong nation. When we see the kids rebel from their parents and insist on their rights at all costs, then this cannot be all good for the nation.

            But we see that S.Korea is now moving so fast towards progress and this can have its drawbacks. Comfort is not always easy.

            My Princess, and how it attempts to break from the mold of traditional women in kdramas, is therefore a landmark work for a mainstream rom-com. The steadfastness of korean women is still depicted in Seol and yet there is some attempt to show progressiveness through Seol initiating the kisses, and what kiss! in a public place at that and coming from a diplomat and the princess (feels like a western film for a moment). My Western brain says, yey! But my Eastern brain says, oh! Judging by the success of this show, this can start a new trend in mainstream kdramas showing public displays of affection with less restraint, less inhibitions. Good or bad, I dont know. Trends are there to show us how people are growing through their struggles and dealing with challenges common to all men. I hope they will not stray too far off from their core values understanding that everyone seeks to gain balance in their lives…something that is most elusive and quiet transitory, and yet a most worthy task nonetheless.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @Samgetang–exactly what I was trying to say… I find that older films tackle the problem of women in the workplace and trying to keep a family better than the current ones in the US.

            And I love Seol taking the initiative and not standing that like a wet fish without puckering up. Also how the kisses done reflects the drama.

            First Kiss was by PHY. And she just received the kiss.

            Second Kiss, he confessed and she totally rocked his world by taking it over, leading him to admit how unpredictable she was to him. (tongue and all.) No arm wrapping for her–because that’s giving into him.

            The smaller kisses she met him halfway on.

            And then the last kiss, he doubted she had control of the situation, and knew the implications, but showed him that he was wrong. She was strong enough to choose both and she was sick of waiting around for him while she was in the palace. I love how she pushed for the marriage and totally got him with the fake crying. But I also love how they showed her journey to independence was not complete (the car thing and not being able to take charge by going faster. But I also love the fact that despite this he was still trying to help her achieve that while not sacrificing his own independence.)

            The entire implications of that as a hope for Korean society–Oh I love it!! Entirely. Because it defines a role for men and women. It’s also the strengths of Secret Garden– the “He sold everything so she could have a successful business and work *together*”

            Empower our younger generation with good examples like these. (And I should state I love the fact that Sam Dong got chosen in Dream High. It’s not the man that does the rescue mission that wins… it’s the man that’s always there to support.) And bring back some of the older values…

            Sometimes we may be princesses in towers to rescue, but I rather find a man that will help me make a rope so I can climb down myself and cheer me on as I do so. And then when I’m at the bottom, he’ll be there to say good job. No Don Quioxtes need apply.

            A few J-dramas do this too… such as Hotaru no Hikari. Nodame Cantabile.

            I also like It Started with a Kiss in the TW-drama circuit, because she starts trying to become a nurse for her man, but soon realizes she’s doing it for herself. The man there is also the silent support (though more like the tough love kind.)

            I can confidently add this drama to that list. (Also to the drama list that actually did a decent job with adoption FOR ONCE. It’s been painful since the low of I’m Sorry I Love You to find a drama that *gets* it.)

          • samgetang

            Thanks again, Yoonmi. Very interesting! That’s what I love about Nodame Cantabile as well. The male lead supporting and pushing the female lead to do and be her best and shine on her own. Yes, same goes for Playful Kiss, although it took a long time for the female lead to realize this, but she eventually came to her own with a lot of help/tough love from the male lead. This redeems this show in the end IMO….saved me from all the hair-pulling and frustration, haha!

            There might be an imbalance at the start when one party in a couple, makes the other person the center of his/her world but there is redemption when the other person responds to this gesture by giving the same worth/devotion to the other person and so balances the scale so to speak. To take advantage of it would tip the scale in his/her favor but would destroy the partnership. But to bring the relationship to a higher plane…for the benefit of a higher purpose other than the relationship takes that relationship deeper. It’s a give and receive thing rather than a give and take thing where one receives the favor the other willingly and voluntarily offers. There is meeting half-way of minds, hearts and spirit. But where one lacks the other compensates. We see this shown best in MP. There are insecurities but they are secure in admitting their insecurities because they are not hiding from a tower of strength or unrealistic expectations but depending on the unspoken partnership contract: we both want this to work and we have and will work on it somehow.

  35. 35 gingganggolli

    ..ahhh WTF, the writer got missed up in this. Whats with the ending, did she gave up on being a princess to fallow her man?

    • 35.1 Kim Yoonmi

      She didn’t give up being a Princess. She compromised. But she didn’t compromise herself. They will work through the problem that the President showed them together. A real partnership.

  36. 36 amber

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  39. 39 missy

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    haha i know, i know, i’m just nit-picking. i understand it’s so much cozier to be squished in together in such a tiny space. the better to get lovey-dovey eh…

    can’t wait to see the last episode! truly enjoyed this show. thanks again, GF & JB! 🙂

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    GAH SSH and KTH, please get married! have pretty pretty real life babies!! 😀

  43. 43 LOVE6002theMICKY

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    Anyway I don’t get the ending. So they elope…? Or she continues to be a princess but just follows him when he travels..?

    I’m kinda disappointed. I wish they give us a clearer ending.

    Thanks for recapping! It’s a wonderful journey with Ero-Seol and Mr.P!

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    But WTF, she just threw it all out and hopped on a plane just because Hae-Young said so….?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • 45.1 xylophonic

      UH YEAH…WTF was that?? O_o

      I shall admit it, I didn’t watch the finale or the last two episodes (I’m sorry, but after becoming fully engrossed in DH, this show just became strangely flat to me…) so I may have missed something, but err, did she seriously JUST UP AND LEAVE? I am so confused. What about how important being a princess was to her?

      I was myself more disappointed that Hae-young actually left…I suppose he had no choice but. Sigh.

      • 45.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        No. She did not give it up. She compromised with him. Explanation is on Page 3. In depth too.

        This is why watching a show for *just* the cute and skipping over other aspects makes it seem a lot flatter than it really is. MP’s strength is in its subtlety.

        The subtle power plays and the subtle changes in the character arcs… if you watched for that in addition to the cute, this show is a much better ride. MP turned out not be just mindless fun.

        Besides which, recaps should be read second, not first.

        • joyce

          Couldn’t agree more, KY. I feel so sad when i see that so many of our sisters’ comments are concentrated simply on the male lead’s “hot” body or the anticipated kiss or the cuteness/fluffiness or some other trivial aspect of the drama. It seems like a lot of work still needs to be done for our sisters to understand & fully grasp their role in our changing world. Which is why I truly appreciate the exchange of ideas between you & Samgetang earlier (particularly onwards). Wonderful insights — something our sisters & I can learn & truly benefit from.

          Yes, there are some beautiful “buried treasures” within the drama… and they can only be seen if we dig them out… which can only be done if the drama is watched in its entirety, and extra attention is given to its deeper meanings… yes, even going beyond the recaps, sometimes.

          I do appreciate GF’s & DB’s hard work in doing these recaps, I do get some insights from them too… but we are entitled to have our own, too, isn’t it so?

          • joyce

            Sorry, I meant JB, not DB.

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    But I have to admit some perfect things about this show:

    1. SSH and KTH coupling and characters. These two were simply EXCELLENT in their roles. They were cute; they were pretty; and best of all, their characters were consistent throughout the entire series. I was afraid Seol’s fearless bubbly attitude was gonna fall flat halfway into the series, but she was GREAT throughout! Her character was the same in the first, middle, and last episode. I LOVE HER!!!

    2. The cinematography. Everything was so preetayyyy!

    3. Jung-woo. I’ve never seen such a winning second lead. He was nice, charming, and lovable. He has such natural charm when he jokes with Seol (hated him in Save the Last Dance For Me). There’s something about the way he delivers his line that I like.

    4. The kissing scenes. Who else is thankful that it’s not just lip-mashing scenes??? 😀

    5. Unexpected scenes of cute. I was totally not expecting Seol to jump out the window to hug Hae Young. I was seriously WTFOMGSOCUTE!

    6. Seol and Dan’s last fight scene. Like Girlfriday mentioned, I, too, thought it conveyed a realistic sister fight. I used to fight with my sister like that. I was really touched.

    7. The bickering was fresh and again CONSISTENT. Gosh, I think many things about Seol and Hae Young is consistent.

    8. The soundtrack. Despite it not being placed very well in certain scenes, I like the songs. They’re very princessy and magical and fits well with this drama.

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    It was fun following you for the past two months My Princess . There were many flaws, but the only thing I’ll miss is THE CUTE COUPLE!

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    I think I’ll miss reading and responding to everyone on this forum, too, haha. Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday! You two are THE BEST!

    • 48.1 Jomo

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      Where else would she have learned to be so queenly in this day and age?!

      I loved HY’s reaction to her majesty’s quick transformation into sageuk. He almost sat a little straighter and a look of recognition of her power appeared in his eyes.

      That’s some nice subtle acting from SSH.

      • 48.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        SSH did a lot of subtle acting–though some people took issue with his head tilts, some of his acting instincts were right on the mark and happened to fit with later scripts.

        Like the look of respect, the calm voice when asking Dan to give her a chance to redeem herself before the smack down, his voice when he gave the smack down, and the mischievous nature of his character played out–though according to the press conferences, etc, it seems like he liked playing pranks on KTH a lot, so I think the writer just monopolized on it since they can watch the drama being shot.

  49. 49 achique

    oh… i so agree with you. i actually want them to be a real couple… oh.. i really need to start living in the real world and stop confusing KTH and SSH with their characters. but.. they’re too delicious together!!!!

    what am i gonna do with my week nights now!! re-runs!!

    thanks girlfriday and javabeans for the recaps. i love you guys too!!

  50. 50 bandaid

    i really liked this series, and Dream High as well. so i guess the question now is: who wins? Girlfriday, or Javabeans? 🙂

    • 50.1 bella luna ;)

      “who wins?”

      – the DramaBeaners. 😉

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