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My Princess: Episode 9
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I’m still fully onboard My Princess, although people are starting to jump ship, as evidenced by this week’s drop in the ratings (it conceded the lead to Sign and only recorded a 12.1%, down from its high of more than 20%).

I can sort of understand why, given that there’s not as much comedy as there was in the first few episodes, as always happens in rom-coms around this point. If the romance were stagnant on top of that, I’d probably be growing bored, too, but I like the way the relationships keep shifting, never quite the same in one episode as they were in the one previous. For that alone, I’m happy.


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While Hae-young agrees to marry Yoon-ju — insisting it’s his will, not anyone else’s — Yoon-ju surprises everyone by saying she won’t. Grandpa sits down the errant couple to find out what the matter is, and Yoon-ju explains that she and her father have never disobeyed the chairman’s wishes — but in marriage, she, like all women, wanted to be proposed to rather than ordered.

Grandpa backs down enough to see that she has a point. Or she would, if she weren’t such a big fat LIAR. There’s no way in hell that someone as ruthlessly ambitious would reject a marriage out of pique.

Once they’re alone, Hae-young asks Yoon-ju about her response, and she asks the same of him — when did he change his mind? He answers that the situation dictated that he say yes, which she assumes has something to do with Seol. He corrects her: It was because he knew that the one she loved was sitting right there, and he didn’t want to embarrass her by rejecting her in front of everyone.

Yoon-ju hadn’t realized he’d known about her relationship with Jung-woo all this while, and Hae-young explains that he understood how she felt, bound to each other by duty. But after feeling something for Seol, he realized that he was wronging Yoon-ju.

He apologizes for that now, and Yoon-ju is incredulous. She’s the one who was dating behind his back, but he apologizes to her? It must be a foreign concept to somebody who couldn’t muster an apology or a sincere word without a gun to the head.

Hae-young adds that he doesn’t resent her for it: “But you can’t come back to me now, Yoon-ju. This isn’t because you have another man, or that you don’t love me, or even because you want Daehan Group. That means nothing to me now. The reason you can’t return to me is purely because… I’m going to protect her now.”


Seol makes her milk nightcap (topped with a chocolate-sauce sad face tonight) as she thinks back to the kiss. Angrily, she vows to forget that kiss, all right — not because HE said to, but because she wants to! Take that, stupid chocolate crying face! And her milk turns into a puddle of choco goo.

…which is, of course, when Hae-young joins her at the make-your-own-nightcap bar, which is, by the way, perhaps the best idea EVER. Startled, she asks if he heard her, and when he wearily asks what she means, she replies, “Me saying, You jerk— oops.” Heh.

He’s too tired to have it out with her, so Seol grumbles, “Are you that angry that she won’t marry you? Jerk.” He looks at her at that, and she asks, “Did you hear that too? Sorry, I’ll say it internally from now on.” Then she says to herself, deliberately loudly, that he must be sooo humiliated to be dumped like that publicly and driven to drink. She’s too cute.

He wonders, “Why, in this large palace, are you everywhere I turn?” She replies that it’s because they’re feeling the same, since “I was dumped today too, non-publicly.” He looks at her intently as he registers the meaning — that she was rejected by him — and says seriously, “You weren’t dumped.” (Awwww! If only she’d connect the dots…) She doesn’t understand his almost-confession, but he leaves it at that.

The next order of business, Hae-young decrees, is for Seol to make public her personal assets, in the name of transparency and such. Also, people have to know who she is in order to vote for the restoration.

Seol asks for some time to take care of her affairs, heading to the bank to withdraw the whole of her personal account. It’s not much — about $150 — but she turns it over to the state, since it’ll look intriguing to the capitalistic public that she gave up her “entire wealth” to the nation. Heh. I love that Seol isn’t a goody-two-shoes about things like this; she’s not unethical, but has a certain media savvy.

On their way out, Seol crosses paths with an old friend, Hyun-woo oppa (Joo Sang-wook, in a cameo), and greets him brightly. She moves to give him a hug, but Hae-young drags her back and chides her for her familiarity with a stranger. I love that he again waits expectantly for her to introduce him as the Very Important Person that he is, only to be dismissed as a mere bodyguard.

So Hae-young corrects her and calls himself “the person responsible for her, in a lot of ways” — which, of course, sounds just a little bit odd and rather possessive.

Back at the palace, Hae-young sits her down with a piece of paper and tells her to tidy up her past as well, meaning old boyfriends. She explains that Hyun-woo oppa is just a “warm childhood memory” to her, but Hae-young persists — when did she have her first love? When was her last kiss? I love it — Hae-young is at his best when he’s being insecure and motivated by jealousy, though he covers it up with the flimsy excuse about needing to know her history. Yeahhhh, right. For good of king and country?

She muses that it’s been three years since her last kiss, but he tells her to think again, prodding for mention of that night. You know, that one. Seol takes issue with his third degree and turns the questions around on him, but he pronounces himself completely aboveboard and forthright… well, except for one particular night.

Seol finally catches his drift, but it’s then that they’re called away for a meeting about the upcoming (urg!) press conference. (It’s a fanciful world indeed when you can be ruined, and then rebuilt, with the power of one maaaagical press conference.)

Yoon-ju smirks to read Seol’s prepared statement (as do the other court ladies, who find her flowery metaphors amusing), but Hae-young calmly declares it suitable, with some editing.

Seol hears that Dan has come to visit and perks up immediately, dashing out to meet her sister. She’s hopeful that this is a sign of peace and hugs her warmly, but Dan is really just here to scream at her for selling out her family to become princess.

Unable to contain with her anger, Dan shrieks at Seol while flinging clothes from the closet and raises a hand to hit Seol.

Hae-young steps forward to block her arm and comments caustically that this is what it must be like having siblings, and that Dan is welcome to come back anytime and ruin more clothes. Seol accuses Hae-young of wanting this result anyway — hence his press conference machinations — to which he agrees. “But I can’t watch any more of it.”

He follows Dan out to warn her not to come by again, and to stay away from Mom’s inn as well, for that matter. Reason being that he’s headed there next, to explain to Mom that Seol had nothing to do with the announcement of her adopted father’s crime, and that it was all his doing.

Just as he’s asking Mom to keep her distance from Seol from the moment (since that’ll only weaken her), a banging on the door interrupts. It’s Seol, here to try to talk to her mother again, determined to come by until she’s ready to see her. She promises not to cry anymore, though, noting that someone (Evil Bitch Sister) takes offense to it.

Though she gets no response, Seol settles down for a conversational chat with Mom as the two inside look stricken, not knowing how to react. Seol confides that oddly enough, among the people at the palace “who enjoy watching me struggle,” she has developed feelings for one of them. Omo omo! First an almost-confession from him, and now her? Episode, you’re making me happy.

She goes on to say that he sure confuses her a lot, always bickering with her and even ditching her, “But then suddenly… he’s as tender as Dad.”

Seol adds that her heart races whenever she’s around him… but he’s marrying another woman. And yet, she can’t stop liking him, either.

Inside the house, Hae-young looks grim to hear her repeat all the wrongs he’d committed against her, and Mom looks at him in shock, guessing he’s the one. Mom rises, wanting to open the door, but Hae-young holds her back.

On the drive back to the palace, Seol’s driver notices that Hae-young’s car is following behind, and that it had been parked at Mom’s place earlier. Seol’s eyes widen at the idea that he might have heard her embarrassing confession, and she orders the car to drop her off at the side of the road so she can ride with Hae-young… who just zooms right by her.

Shocked that he’d just ditch her (“Don’t you watch movies?!”) she flags down a truck and begs the man to follow Hae-young’s car, and he does so more out of amusement that she might be crazy than because he believes she really is the princess. Eager to latch onto any reason to get him to drive faster, Seol agrees that she is indeed a nutjob and holds up a finger gun, threatening to “shoot” him if he doesn’t comply.

She then turns on the truck’s loudspeaker and orders Hae-young to pull over — speaking in her Mishil voice, of course — and adding for good measure that “Whatever you heard at the pension was a mistake!”

When he stops to collect her, Seol hastens to assure him that whatever he heard was misunderstood, and that he’s not the guy she was talking about, she really meant some dude, Mr. P! Hae-young (who, by the way, happens to be a Mr. P) smiles, knowing she’s doing a horrible job of covering up for her slip.

Press conference day. While Seol prepares to make her statement, she gets a flower delivery from her mother. On the petals of three roses, Mom has written words of affirmation: “Princess before flowers,” “Lee Seol before flowers,” and “My daughter before flowers.” It’s a way of saying that Seol is more than, beyond, and better than the most beautiful flowers, using a common saying (which was around before Boys Before Flowers but may be a reference to that drama, given Mom’s connection).

Seol makes her way to the press conference — but her nerves take a hit the moment she registers that in contrast to the last time, this event is practically empty. Only three reporters sit at the tables.

Yoon-ju feigns concern and tells the chairman that something must have gone wrong (was its name Yoon-ju?), though she looks rather pleased with herself.

Despite this disappointment, Seol gathers her courage and takes her place, greeting the room warmly as she begins her statement.

Hae-young receives word that there’s a situation at the parking lot — reporters without a press badge have been barred from entry. He immediately guesses that this is Yoon-ju’s doing, and dashes off a note to be delivered to Seol.

Seol reads the note while mid-speech, startled at the message: “How about having the press conference in the parking lot, Princess?” (A pretty shrewd move, seeing as how she was so effective at delivering her impromptu speech to the staff in the last episode.)

Seol thinks so too — smiling to herself, she finishes the sentence she is reading and adds, “I will continue the rest of this address in the parking lot.” Without giving anyone time to register her words, Seol dashes outside — pulling off her heels for better speed — and runs in her stocking feet.

At the edge of the parking lot, she finds the crowd of reporters being held back from entry, who eagerly fire a barrage of questions at her. Thinking quickly, she grabs a chair and climbs on top of it, then grabs a bullhorn from a parking attendant when the reporters complain that they can’t hear her.

Arriving in the background, Hae-young smiles at her moxie — as do the reporters, who appreciate that she is moving the press conference here — while Yoon-ju looks grim. Well, grimmer. (Seriously, what gives, Sourpuss lady?)

Seol admits that she left behind her speech in her haste, so she will merely speak her mind — which is, really, what she does best anyway. She apologizes for not being the princess that people deserve, and says that her speech contained a line about resuming the succession and being a pivotal moment in Korea’s history. She’d like that as well, but she’s not sure how to do that, and asks them all to tell her what she should do, and what they want to do. She may not be the smartest, but her aides in the palace are incredibly smart, and they’ll think of answers together.

The reporters ask how, exactly, they are to let her know, so she directs them to a website and invites them to write in suggestions that she promises to read.

The reporters are so charmed that they cheer for her as she wraps up, making everyone — minus the soulless Yoon-ju, who therefore doesn’t really qualify as a person — proud. Particularly Hae-young and Jung-woo.

Afterward, Seol asks her assistants who wrote the memo, guessing that it’s Hae-young. His aide swears that it wasn’t, so she prods, “Did he perhaps tell you not to tell me?” The aide blurts, “Not perhaps, he said to absolutely not tell—” Oops.

Sitting down at the fountain to rest her feet, Seol sees that her soles are dirty, not to mention scraped from the asphalt. At Hae-young’s sudden appearance, she straightens hurriedly and tucks her feet away. Hae-young grabs for her feet anyway, wanting to assess her injury, which makes her panic. Instead, she jumps into the fountain — haha — and pretends that the coolness is just what her feet need.

Hae-young offers her a reward for her successful day, and picks her right up from out of the fountain, complaining teasingly about her weight. And do I feel sorry that Yoon-ju sees this from the shadows? Ha! I only doubt that it stirs any emotions in her, seeing as how I’m sure they all shriveled up and died years ago.

As a result of Seol’s impromptu press conference, her public stock is rising, and fast — the terms red megaphone, barefoot princess, and parking lot press conference are all buzzwords (and search terms) of the day. In addition, both her online fan cafes and anti-fan cafes are growing by the minute. Not to worry, though — Seol’s awesome lady in waiting is on the job and has sussed out the anti’s. No way they’re getting away with causing any trouble on her watch.

Alas, the news isn’t so good for Gun, who fears that his bright light has turned into a faraway star. Sob.

Mr. President isn’t loving the fact that the princess is growing increasingly popular on Hae-young’s watch, as he was supposed to be working against the monarchy restoration. Hae-young apologizes, but the president just waves that aside, saying ominously that they’ll have to turn a disadvantageous situation into an opportunity. Since the princess is so good with speaking to the public, he’s thinking to make her the speaker for the Blue House. Hm, keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

The next day, Hae-young finds Seol in the antique car again, cackling to herself over her newfound popularity in another Mishil-inspired moment. He’s here to inform her that he’s heading out today, and she blusters about not caring one way or the other. It’s sorta cute how confident he is in her feelings now that he’s heard her confession, and he says he’s just letting her know, so she won’t wander around looking for him.

She tries to set specific times for them to use this car with the explanation that they should avoid each other when possible — a suggestion he flatly declines. When she insists she’ll be using the car from 9 to 10, for instance, he wonders, “Are you telling me so I’ll come find you?” Hee.

Hae-young’s errand takes him to Seol’s father’s grave, where he stands with head bowed and says nothing other than “I’m sorry.” Um, I’m not sure I like the sound of that, since he can only be sorry if he’s going to be hurting Seol… Gah! How ’bout you just not do the thing that’ll make you have to be sorry? What do you mean, it doesn’t work like that? That’s exactly how it should work!

Annnnyway, Seol has traced back her memories of the empress’s pouch and thinks the orphanage is a good place to start. She and Jung-woo head over together, not realizing they’re one step behind Yoon-ju, who has already gotten there to ask the nun about it.

The nun remembers Seol fondly, and recalls how the adoptive parents insisted on Seol despite the orphanage recommending another girl the same age — Go Eun-byul (the name Seol initially called herself when first meeting Yoon-ju). At the time, Seol had recalled nothing of her past, and when she was adopted together with Eun-byul, the latter’s name was changed to Dan.

Seol and Jung-woo interrupt this meeting, surprised to see Yoon-ju here, and the latter sits tensely while Seol asks about the pouch. She wanted to scoop it from under their noses, so there’s no way she’s happy to have the others interfere.

But the nun’s answer shocks everyone, because she recalls quite clearly that the pouch actually belonged to Dan, not Seol. At that, Yoon-ju’s hard look turns into one of satisfaction — it suggests that Seol may not be the princess after all.

Seol distinctly remembers the pouch, but the nun confirms that the girls cried over it a lot, with Dan bragging that her mother had given it to her. The nun wonders if Seol’s memory has altered the truth.

As they leave, Jung-woo says assuringly that there may be a simple explanation — that perhaps Dan remembered wrong, or lied. Well, I’m glad they’re leaving that option on the table right from the start, since it drives me nutty when characters overlook that very distinct possibility and run around on narrative wild goose chases on the basis of a simple lie.

Yoon-ju proposes stopping for tea with Seol on the way home, who cheerily accepts and upgrades that to liquor.

There’s a lengthy bit of soju-pouring and -drinking that could be a case study in Korean drinking habits: pouring for each other no matter how much you hate each other, and having a superstitious belief that drinking out of turn means that the other person will be unlucky in love for three years. (Yoon-ju takes two shots and smirks, “That’s six years.”)

Both ladies toss ’em back freely, though Yoon-ju’s got a leveler head with the drinking, until finally, Seol gets to the point: Which man does Yoon-ju like better, Jung-woo or Mr. P — er, Hae-young?

Seol says that she knows Jung-woo was Yoon-ju’s first love, only to be corrected — her first love was Hae-young. Yoon-ju answers, “I liked both. But the person I want to see more right now is Professor Nam.” Asked why, she answers — in typical Yoon-ju fashion, by which I mean in the way most designed to get us to hate her (even more) — “Because I received more love from him.”

Seol says frankly, “You’re quite selfish.” Yoon-ju says simply, “I know.”

But Seol still wants to know the answer to her question and repeats it. Yoon-ju beckons her closer, and asks, “Why? So that if I answer, you can like Park Hae-young freely? That won’t happen — because I won’t let either man go.”

Holding up her cell phone, Yoon-ju offers to prove it.

In the palace, Jung-woo worries about Seol’s absence, since he expected her back hours ago. Hae-young asks where she went, to which Jung-woo replies pointedly, “She’s with the woman you’re marrying.”

Just then, both men get the same text message from Yoon-ju, asking them to come pick her up because she can’t drive. Hae-young suggests going together, “Because there’ll be someone there worrying over whether I’ll go.”

He’s right on that score: Both ladies wait outside for their designated driver, one expectantly and the other one worriedly. Seol says that the men aren’t coming, while Yoon-ju asserts confidently that they will.

Yoon-ju asks if Seol would like Hae-young not to come, and Seol answers, “Yes. I hope he doesn’t come.” Alas, Yoon-ju’s smile broadens just then, because off in the distance is Hae-young, with Jung-woo right behind him.

While Seol looks on, Yoon-ju runs and throws her arms around Hae-young.


I’m pretty sure this scene isn’t going to end the way it appears, so I’m looking forward to a Yoon-ju smackdown come tomorrow. (It had better come. After all, who claims one guy as her preference, and then claims the other one just to keep him away from her rival? Agh, whatever, Yoon-ju sucks.)

I guess I’ll go against the grain by saying that I was perfectly satisfied with last week’s Episode 8, which it seems is not an opinion shared by all. I do think the episodes are settling down, and perhaps they’re not as cracktastically addictive as they were in the beginning, when the episodes were chock-full of cute, from end to end. And I’m not saying I don’t miss that, ’cause this show is built on cute.

But given that we must have angst in some form — so saith K-Drama Law — at least we have new developments in the characters’ relationships coming at a constant flow. Cute with no movement can be enjoyable (I dug the romance in Pasta, which was so crackling with chemistry despite a lack of actual plot), but with constant growth, it’s ever so much better.

I’ve read enough comments finding fault with the chemistry and romance that I guess this may fall under the category of personal taste (the concept, not the drama), because I’m actually pretty invested in Seol and Hae-young. Her side is pretty straightforward — she likes him but thinks he’s taken — but I really love the way he’s conflicted about his feelings. For him, it’s not a mere case of thinking he shouldn’t like her, but a test of his personal beliefs, his ideology and political stance warring with his emotions and attraction. And the fact that he is obviously torn makes me feel sorry for him even when he’s intending to do something that’ll hurt her (as I suspect the trip to the grave foreshadows), even though internally he has decided to let his feelings for her stand.

Okay, and also: They’re really (really, really) pretty.


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          Sigh. I think MP pretty much fried my brain with all its chemistry and cuteness and OTP ftw-ness that I don’t even have any energy to say anything except to just watch more.

          But seriously. The way Haeyoung looks at Seol!!… I need to stop. This OTP is too taxing on me.

    • 18.2 Jomo

      This is the kiss on the steps song at the beginning of the ep 8.
      “Here. Now. Forget.”
      It would be awesome if that were the title.

  19. 19 saryKIM

    I also love that song from the soundtrack that you posted! Sometimes when the song plays during a really good scene, I get goosebumps, hehe.

    Personally, for me, ep.8 wasn’t as great as the others, but I’m still in love with this drama so I’m still sticking with it. And I’m also really invested in the main couple. I’m rooting for Seol and Haeyoung!! But I was glad to see more cute moments in this episode, and especially with the indirect confessions, I was super duper satisfied.

    Thanks for the recap! I love to read them after watching the episode, just in case I missed something. And I love reading your input and witty comments.

  20. 20 zoe

    Oi u drama, Please dont get too serious or boring. I didnt like the last ep. This ep was quite ok but the preview of ep 10 looks bad, I hope I am wrong coz am really digging this series T_T

  21. 21 Aush

    I really really hope that they don’t pull a story line where they think that Dan is the actual princess or something of that nature although thats how it seems like it’s going to go with the shoes that don’t fit and the pouch originally being Dan’s. Ugh… i really don’t want the whole MoLi storyline in the Taiwanese drama Romantic Princess all over again. D:

    • 21.1 asea

      oh noooez ๐Ÿ™

      I watched that one too, hopefully my princess ending would be sweeter that than one.

  22. 22 lala

    I love all the episodes. I’m kinda worried about the drop in ratings because they may tweak the storyline – to push up the ratings -and the story may progress in a direction which I don’t like >_< .

    This drama is wonderful!! The story is cute, the female lead is cute and the male lead is HOT HOT HOT!! What's there not to like?? Although, I wish he'll take a shower soon – cos he hasn't showered since Ep 4. I'm worried about that grime on his hot bod.

    • 22.1 QD

      I totally agree! This is not a comedy, if it is go watch comedies. This is a Drama. So its meant to create some tension and some angst. I love it! I love every episode. I love the script and I am totally smitten by the couple. I also love that each episode is like a page turner, you just want to know what’s coming next!!! Also I love that this drama deduce me to be downright angry, sad but makes me feel good, excited and cheering on the cute couple !!! They are so cute together and have such chemistry!!! Love it!!! To borrow from JB, Show, keep up the good work, dont change when its NOT broken!!!

      • 22.1.1 QD

        correction *doesnt deduce me* wish there was a edit somewhere ! lol

  23. 23 asea

    Argh!! I HATEEE that emotionless robot-like human.. I like my evil character with depth, not like her… I just want to smack her wooden face whenever she comes up. Her sister: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFVlzUAZkHY
    (I do not mean to bash the actress, she seems like a lovely person in FO, in here she acts like a stiff robot)

    I probably end up staying late again tonight watching the live streaming. I really hope at least Jung Woo come to Seol’s rescue since Hae Young probably have to hide the fact that he actually comes for Seol.

    It’s refreshing that Hae Young and Jung Woo know evil robot is so calculating, since most of the time in other dramas everyone seems to be blinded by the obvious evilness of the second lead ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. 24 theedie

    I’m in the same boat as you JB. While I understand people’s frustrations with this drama and also while I too miss the amount of cuteness from previous episodes, they sprinkle in enough cute to get me through and I’m liking the developments so far. I don’t know why people are saying the lead pair’s chemistry is not working, because all I can do is squeal in delight whenever those two are in the same room together. And it’s nice for once to know that confessions have finally been put on the table more or less whereas in most dramas the characters have no effing clue until like 3 episodes from the end.

    As for Hae-young going to Seol’s father’s grave and saying sorry, I was thinking he was apologizing more for being the son of his enemy. Finding out that his father was most likely more of a monster than he remembers is hard for him to deal with, so he has to deal with his guilt to his father for no longer being the loyal son he meant to be. And while he comes to terms with that, he feels guilt in falling in love with Seol whose life was threatened by his own father. I’m thinking he’s apologizing at the grave for what has already happened rather than for what will happen, but of course it is just what I inferred. It’s up to the remaining episodes to show what will happen. Although for the sake of drama and tension, I’m paranoid that JB’s right and not me. *sigh* More k-drama crack please. Momma needs her fix.

  25. 25 yuna

    woah! at last, after refreshing for several times, i finally succeed seeing your recap. thank u so much javabeans ๐Ÿ˜€ i so love love this episode so much <3<3<3

  26. 26 MISSKFANZ

    why the rating drop???? sad..sad…it soo cute story..should always get higher rating..i never understand korean thinking

  27. 27 Daniela

    After reading the recap i realize something that i didnโ€™t think while watching the episode: By this time, i would be screaming โ€œTell her!โ€ โ€œTell him!โ€ โ€œAh, why you are not honest with each other?โ€. But at this point, the reasons that the drama give us for them not confessing to each other ( I mean a real, face to face confession) are logic and I bought them.

    I havenโ€™t seen many telenovelas, I donโ€™t like them too much (I like to read about them, another blog, another story), but Iยดve watched โ€œYo soy Betty, la feaโ€ and Hae-young remembers me to Don Armando. Let me explain, because I know they are VERY different characters in VERY different stories. Both are the love interest to our main lady but they are the ones that made them suffer more and not only in a romantic way. They are part of the bad guys. When Don Armando was using Betty, at first, he didnโ€™t love her,but then he falls for her and he suffer A LOT for making her suffer. Itโ€™s the same with Hae-young, he loves her (right,right?) and he knows he made her suffer and maybe he will do it again so the pain is bigger for him. But at the end they end happy. Betty and Armando did, so I hope (I demand) that Seol and Hae-young end happy too.

    Yoon-ju is like a 3 year-old kid. She wants everything for her. I understand the kid, we all have that phase, itโ€™s a like a rule. But she is a grown-upโ€ฆor she says.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 27.1 pohonphee

      LOL comparing K drama and telenovela (pssstt birth secret:they are sibling ๐Ÿ˜› ).

      I was used to watch telenovela before K drama took over my life. BTW, Hallyu wave swept over telenovela air time in my country. I didn’t like Betty, but kudos Don Armando ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 27.1.1 umalily

        I hear they’re playing kdramas in Peru and Mexico. where are you from?

        • pohonphee

          Indonesia ๐Ÿ˜›

          Wish I still can watch telenovela, just to make sure my tv is still on regularly cause I’m so glued to my lappy ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 27.2 billydbeagle

      oohhhh, i love betty and armando (the original version). it is my favorite telenovela. would love to see a korean version of that drama some day….

      • 27.2.1 Severine

        Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows, although I haven’t seen the telenovela. I’d love to see a K-drama remake…somebody needs to get on this!

    • 27.3 Daniela

      Hehe yes! They are like siblings. I wish that here the television transmit (sorry i just translated) Kdramas, that is going to be hard for now. I know about little channel that aired some, but the big channels donยดt. “Betty la Fea” is a must-watch and yes the original version! I love Colombian accent. Every time they say “divino” I
      smile. The jelous Don Armando is so funny and he is handsome.

    • 27.4 Mara

      “Betty la fea/Ugly Betty” was a blast, but she was ugly and that’s why Don Armando didn’t want her. Seol is beautiful and precious. Her eye movements and pouting are just perfect for this character and it’s what makes us come back for more every week. Hae Young’s jealous outrages are hilarious and I totally enjoy them. I find the chemistry betwen these two characters totally believable and crave next week’s espisodes. Good job!

  28. 28 DeeDee

    LOL I was watching the episode and realized it was missing some subs, so I decided to check DB for the recap, and… voila! THANKYOU soo much JB!

  29. 29 Lavender

    I find the chemistry between the two leads quite apparently palpable myself; sometimes HY looks at Seol in such a way that makes me bit down on my tongue to stop from squealing like a demented piglet. I enjoy how they are unabashedly taking the modern fairy tale romance antics (the way HY princess carries Seol to her room, the way she puts her arms around him) and making them modern and fresh and completely buyable for the characters to be doing. It doesn’t feel forced between the leads which is what makes their relationship convincing for me.

    With YJ, she just seems very forced and contrived. Not just because of the lack of humanity in her character, or her inherent selfishness…she just seems completely unrelated to the audience.

    I’m also with Javabeans — I like episode 8. It felt necessary and forces the characters out of any stagnant or comfortable resolutions in themselves (well, except for YJ, she’s boring a 2D).

    • 29.1 Mara

      You’re going to love episodes 9 & 10. More romance!

    • 29.2 Janet

      like a demented piglet….. never seen one – sound like fun!! ha.ha.

  30. 30 msposh387

    i love this drama and the cuteness…thanks for the recaps javabeans!

  31. 31 ajanne

    Whoohoo!!! โ™ฅ it!!!!

    `hating yunjoo ๐Ÿ˜ & it pissed me that theyre looking for the possibility that Dan could be the princess…:|

    `looking forward to Ep10..

  32. 32 Peter Vo

    lunar new year could be the reason for the drop in ratings. hopefully it will go back up next week. I <3 this drama.

  33. 33 Francesca

    This show is so cute n fluffy like cotton candy ^_^

  34. 34 Cherry

    I’m so loving this drama & this epsiode’s love confessions made literaly jump out of my seat!! Really, that was surprising especially Hae-Young’s confession, so unexpected..
    Good luck to this couple(cuz they need it!) love them โ™ฅ

  35. 35 Pearl


    thank you for posting the song!
    i’ve been looking for it this past week…

    golly, i feel drunk right now just listening to it… such a beautiful song… more like a colorful and peaceful painting…
    i was wondering if they have it on instrumental version… by any chance, do you know?
    thanks very much!

    you’re the best!!!

  36. 36 maria

    i agree with you on this, and how! it’s good to see the attraction cackling in the midst of actual conflict, because it gives our characters constant opportunity for growth. truthfully, the conflict is nothing that honesty couldn’t cure, but they’re lying for a reason (and they really place their faith in those reasons), so it’s satisfying for me to watch how the tension and being torn all comes to a head.

    and i agree. really, REALLY, really REALLY freakin’ pretty. ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. 37 Jewels

    Thanks for the recap JB, I am loving this drama.

  38. 38 JD

    I probably won’t be off this ship even after it ends! 8D They are soooooooooo cute! Best looking OTP of Korean dramas, I’d say.

    I’m am SO happy that he knows she likes him!! Now he’s teasing her all over the frickin’ place and then…and then it makes me wonder where’s MY teasing prince in life is. sighpie

    Man, I wonder how Park Ye Jin is feelin’…to be put into such a boring character as Yoonju. I remembe people sniping at Kim Tae Hee saying that Park Ye Jin would “eat her up” but yeah…uh, obviously not happening.

    Oh yeah, I noticed it wasn’t recapped, but I totally adore the scene where Hae Young keeps replaying her cute version of the “Hello! I’m Princess Seol!” video clip.

    This show makes me squeal until I can feel my innards ooze. Keep up with the cute, Show!

    • 38.1 Kaitlyn

      oh man… i had goosebumps watching SSH watch that hehe

    • 38.2 Severine

      That scene really made me feel for Hae-young…it was like he was watching video footage of his deceased lover. It really reaffirmed how he thinks they can never be, she’s in the same house and yet he has to watch videos of her to get his Seol fix.

    • 38.3 myprincessfan

      I’m with you….I don’t want it to end so soon at ep 16. Show please extend it to ep 20 at least as I have not had enough of the cuteness !!!

      I’m really glad HY found out that LS likes him as it gives him an upperhand right now because LS still thinks that HY loves YJ so he gets to toy with her & tease her etc… HY loves LS’s lively, happy-go-lucky attitude and kind heart and she projected that in the video greetings. I think that’s why he kept playing that video tape again. He adores her, but he can’t show his love to her for fear his love may weaken her fighting spirit! He loves her defiant spirit, I think that’s why he’s always trying to pick on her & tease her so they can bicker – TOTAL cuteness when they banter back & forth. He LOVES and definitely get a kick out of making her blood boils. ha ha ha ha

      I also think HY’s trying very hard to restrain himself from showing too much love & affection to LS (tough love?) because just as he wants her mom to stay away so LS can become a stronger woman and not lean on mom, he too wants to protect LS but at the same time help her to grow into a stronger woman (mentally) so that she can better handle the responsibilities of her role as Korea’s princess hence that show of effection to JY at the end for LS’s benefit which YJ caught on very quickly. I also think now that HY realized he’s in love with LS all he wants is for her to be happy as he no longer cares about the wealth, but since she’s currently had her mind set on being the princess, he has no choice but to protect her and help her make the transition as painless and successful as possible. Tried as hard as he could, he couldn’t resist showing his love and affection to LS especially after the parking lot interview where she was resting by the water fountain. So adorable how he was so concerned with her blistered feet in the cold fountain water that he offered her a ride in his arms with total disregard that the staff or anyone else may see them ……….

      Love this show so much!!!

  39. 39 izzie

    regarding the pouch allegedly belonging to Dan, how would that compete with the memories that Seol has about her father, and Hae-Young’s grandpa’s dealings with them? and all that happened before she was sent to the orphanage where she met Dan. so I’m guessing that Dan was just able to get hold of the pouch from Seol as a child and claimed it to be hers. unless… Grandpa was mistaken about the identity of the prince from the very start, and it was Dan’s biological father who’s the real monarch – in a very twisted drama way.

    but. I don’t know… but I really don’t mind if Seol isn’t the real princess. it would be good for her and Hae-Young given that they won’t have to fight over the royal family’s money.

    and my goodness. Yoon-Ju’s greed knows no bounds. how did she become that ruthless? I’m not sure I want to know. basing on Prof. Comfy McHottie’s memories of being with her, she’s nothing but a shell of her former self. and it’s not even an attractive shell at that. pitiful. even her relationships with either men are merely shells of what used to be. sheesh! she has nothing and she doesn’t even know it. (oh, wait! She still has Grandpa!)

    • 39.1 YY

      Watch it…..that’s my oppa you’re talking about!

      • 39.1.1 izzie

        LOL! you’re so protective of your “oppa.” ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 39.2 Madita

      …but. I donโ€™t knowโ€ฆ but I really donโ€™t mind if Seol isnโ€™t the real princess….

      In some way this drama reminds me of an fairy-tale I heard or read im my childhood. But I cant remember the name or from whom it is..(Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Andersen…???)

      I cant exactly the story but its like that…

      A king or a kingdom is looking for its long lost young Prince.
      One day a beggar-child is recognized as the lost prince and they take him to the castle…treat him as the kings successor…and so on….one day an evil mother with her boy who looks identical to the beggar childe appears an convices the court that her boy is the lost prince…they belive her because of the evidences. So the nice beggar child is dismayed unwillingly (because everybody loves him, he was soo kind hearted…) from the court again….
      I think a servant asks him, why he did accept it giving up the throne…and the boy answers something nice smilingly….and the reader knows that he was the real prince….

      So MP reminds me all the time of this fairy tale…

      Seol is the beggar-child who will loose her throne (happily) …and her evil sister Dan becomes the princess because of the wrong evidence…

      I suppose that the drama will end like that…But with the difference that Seol will get her Prince Hae-Yung anyway…Love wins *^^*

      ps: forgice me my bad english

      • 39.2.1 samgetang

        thanks, madita. that’s a very nice whimsical tale. it’s fine not to have Seol as the real princess. if she gets the real prince then she gains the real kingdom after all because that prince will call her “My Princess” forever and ever more ๐Ÿ˜‰ the end.

    • 39.3 samgetang

      yay! izzie girl. i posted my comment even before i read the comments here and lo and behold! i now read your comments and it is as if we were thinking as one…are we sistahs or not? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 39.3.1 izzie

        sisters, indeed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I say drive Yoon-Ju out of the palace and replace her with Sam Unnie! princess needs a REAL stylist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 39.4 watchumlots

      Yeah, I’m with you on the pouch plot device, it conflicts with the memories and flashbacks from both Seol and the Grandpa (when the guy got smacked by a car).

      Unless… Grandpa, or is driver, smacked the wrong guy. Plus, funny that an entire mob of people chasing one guy and a kid can’t find a crying kid stashed in full view. Ah, dramas mean a suspension of belief.

      Either way, Grandpa is restoring the monarchy and donating his fortune to society = Hae Young still has NO MONEY regardless of which character is the real princess.

      If Dan is the real princess, that would make it easier for the voter referendum on restoring the monarchy to vote AGAINST it. No monarchy, then maybe Grandpa won’t donate his fortune, Hae Young wouldn’t be broke,
      Seol and Hae Young can sail off into the sunset. It’s a thought.

  40. 40 Leigh

    Um, ah, Dan and Yoon ju, why were they given such yucky personalities…sheesh, that Dan who is supposedly studying Law—would not know that found lying (re: sachet) would be detrimental to her career and her whining about Seol ruining her family…no humanity at all. Thank God this is a drama, or I would be pulling out hair at this moment…Redemption: the chemistry between the leads…He is adorable in this role, yay, and she acts like a young princess, yay. It’s the way he looks at her that drives us all wild, right? So, I’m sticking with this drama to see what really happens…of course, HY and LS could just chuck it all and run away to America…ha ha ha….as usual, your recap is brilliant, highlighting my evening. Thank you, very much!!!!!

  41. 41 YY

    It would have been nice if HY had carried her out of the fountain and into his bed. Just saying.

    • 41.1 outofcontrol


    • 41.2 Jomo

      Who says he didn’t?

      I have a theory about these Kdrama characters.

      I think they have their own secret logical relationships the writers don’t know about.

      While the audience is crying between episodes, they are back there laughing, “God, I know! My ex girlfriend is such a lying witch. Don’t believe a word she says…More champagne? Now, where were we…kiss, kiss,fondle,fondle.”

      • 41.2.1 maggiechoo

        lol, jomo. love it

    • 41.3 samgetang

      YY, remember the Pure ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 41.4 Severine

      Lol. You’re really living up to your name.

  42. 42 YY

    About the pouch thing, I was wondering maybe Dan is the real sister….she was raised by her mom who is also Seul’s mom, who left the pouch with Dan, while Seul was raised by her father.

    • 42.1 izzie

      2 princesses? what would Grandpa do?

      • 42.1.1 YY

        Go take a shower izzie.

        • izzie

          ahaha! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • 42.2 Jomo

      Hmmm…possibilities there…so Dan would end up being a true Prosecutor Princess?

      • 42.2.1 YY

        Jomo, you are wise indeed.

      • 42.2.2 MAVY

        NOoooooooooooooooooo, Jomo could you imagine Park Shi Hoo with Dan!!!!! blasphemy!!

        • Jomo

          Omo omo! You are so right! She doesn’t deserve the beautiful dimpled one!

      • 42.2.3 miss

        LOL, u mean, Dan AH? It’s PArk Shi Hoo’s wife character name in family honor. LMAO

    • 42.3 MAVY

      That would be messy possibility, but it could happen.. however, by the way Dan acts when she sees the pouch is more like “”MUAHAHAHA I’m so lucky, who would have thought my early thievery would come in handy now”… well that what I think she is thinking when she gets that satisfied look in her eyes…

    • 42.4 asianromance

      I was also thinking this too!

  43. 43 outofcontrol

    Many many thanks for the recap! Ok, we’re ready. Bring on the angst, but don’t forsake the cute.

  44. 44 Mea

    Thanks JB for the recap and the awesome song (its my favorite too)! I’m not ready to jump off the wagon yet. ๐Ÿ˜€ I have to agree with Izzie’s theory.. in episode 3, they show “grandpa” showing the pouch to Seol’s dad and when they escape in the middle of the night, Seol’s dad takes the pouch and puts it in the bag. He leaves that bag with Seol while he goes back and unfortunately gets hit by the car. I think Dan may have stolen it from Seol or maybe Seol gave it to her, not realizing what it was. But I think for all this to be untrue (meaning Dan is the real princess) and to cancel out all the memories Seol has of being with her dad, maybe grandpa gets it wrong? It would be a major twist in the plot. Either way Iโ€™m cheering for princess Lee Seol! Can’t wait to see episode 10!

  45. 45 tangee

    Those two are a REALLY REALLY handsome couple!! totally agree, damn soft spot for eye candy as always..

  46. 46 kris

    SSH & KTH have never charmed me so much in their previous dramas before. I think they are the perfect match for each other. They look like they are having real fun while acting their scenes out. I really don’t care what happens with the plotline if she is the real princess or not. I just love their teasing scenes especially in that tiny antique car! Hae Young’s wangja sickness is also hilarious. This drama is just the right type of drama to begin the new year.

    and yes i do agree with u javabeans. they are a really really really good looking couple.

  47. 47 Mara

    Dan dies not have the memories, it’s Seul! This is what’s called a red herring (trying to lead our thoughts away from the main plot). The memories are more important than the sachet.

    Drambeans recaps are fabulous and I too am a kdrama fanatic, which is strange since I live in Puerto Rico. I would love to learn korean so I don’t have to anxiously await English or Spanish subs and just enjoy the flow of the dramas without some incorrect translations. It’s a bummer to me, so I’m looking for a korean tutor.

    The recaps (especially the format, music downloads, etc.) are the bomb and info. supplied on this site is essential. Keep uo the good work and I will anxiously await your recaps for the next 3 weeks. Ciao!

    • 47.1 Linda165

      OMG Mara, I’m in Puerto Rico too!! Que alegria encontrarme otra boricua adicta por aquรญ!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 48 dany

    thank you so much for the recap!

  49. 49 Ojou_Belle

    I actually love this show, I dunno where the complaints

    are coming from but they’re not from me.

    Teehee! I love how dense LS can be when it comes to

    HY! I think they are cute. Thanksfor the recap JB!

    I appreciate it since the english subs aren’t out yet and

    I had to watch this raw.

  50. 50 CosmoGirl

    Woa! Good going writing the recaps, Javabeans! You do a great job, accurate and fast… Thanks a lot from a fan who is recently enjoying Kdramas more and more… By the way, I am rooting for SL & HY team… they have a very cute yet attractive chemistry…โ™ฅ

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