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49 Days: Episode 2
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Dear Reaper Boy: TAKE ME WITH YOU. Promise me when it’s my time to go, you’ll still be wearing Jung Il-woo? Rawr.

I’m really digging the premise and the setup of this story. The execution leaves a little to be desired as of yet, but there’s a lot of potential to for it to grow into its clothes. This is one of those cases where the acting is trailing behind the writing, but hell if I’d PAY most dramas to be this way rather than the other. Basically, if you write good characters and a compelling premise, it’s easy to look past the acting flaws into what the characters are meant to be. (See: Crack High.) The tone and the story are lovely, and overall it promises to be a nice balance of dark humor and life-affirming drama.


Ji-hyun wakes up in Yi-kyung’s body (and thank GOD for that), and cries in shock and glee at having corporeal form again. Not that this is the body she’d have chosen for herself. She takes a good look at Yi-kyung’s bruised face, torn clothes, and unwashed hair, and wonders if she’s a gangster. Heh.

She goes to the world’s dirtiest bathroom to wash up (with nary a bottle of shampoo or conditioner in sight, to her utter horror) and wanders outside. She whines that she has to wander the streets looking like a hobo.

Reaper Boy suddenly appears behind her, but once she gets over the initial scare, she greets him cheerily with, “Hey it’s you! Scheduler!” I think he’s more taken aback by her, truth be told, because he’s used to being scary, but she’s not at all frightened of him. I think I’m gonna like this Soul-Reaper relationship.

She eagerly tells him that she’s Shin Ji-hyun, which flares his quick temper. He reminds her that he told her the Three Rules just last night, and she’s already breaking one of them. She catches herself right away, and promises not to break them, sheswears.

In flashback, we find out the rules (and YAY for a drama that’s clear about the rules): (1) She cannot, under any circumstances, tell anyone that she is Shin Ji-hyun. Consequence: express trip on the Elevator of Doom.

(2) She can only use Yi-kyung’s body when she’s asleep. That’d be from 10 in the morning till midnight, since Yi-kyung works the graveyard shift. Reaper Boy: “You have a double-digit IQ, don’t you? I said, you have to return to Yi-kyung’s house by midnight every night, and not a minute later.” Consequence: for every minute that she’s late, that’s one day out of 49 that gets shaved off. Mwah, I love how snippy he is.

(3) She’s to earn any money she needs herself. Nice. This is one of my favorite themes from shows like Dead Like Me, where the afterlife is just as full of responsibility and money troubles as regular life. Plus, Ji-hyun’s got a perfect princess complex that’s going to make this fun. He reminds her that she’s not to harm Yi-kyung in any way while she’s borrowing her body. Check.

Ji-hyun promises to follow the rules, and adds that she’s got that three genuine tears thing in the bag. She’s thought about it, and there’s going to be at least five or six people who really love her, so…is there some sort of incentive plan whereby extra tears equals extra years on her life? Hahaha. Reaper Boy scoffs at the gall of one delusional princess.

He hands her a cell phone, with a scary voice counting down her remaining time. It also has a panic button (in the shape of a skull, natch) to call him, only in absolute emergencies. Heh, that button is going to be SO abused. And…can I get one of those?

He also gives her a loan to get her started: 49 dollars, of course, (or 49,000 won to be exact) which she has to pay back later. He gets on his motorcycle to ride off in style, and she asks why he rides a bike if he can teleport. Good question. He tells her that it’s one of the ways he enjoys his reaper life. Is getting a perm one of those things too?

She tries to hitch a ride, but with a happy sneer, he reminds her that a reaper does not get involved in human affairs. I’m thinking that’s going to change for you, and that you’re going to hate it…which means I’m going to LOVE IT.

Ji-hyun decides to take a taxi to the hospital (way to blow your money, princess), and watches from outside her room as Min-ho and her parents sit by her bedside. She flashes back to when they re-met, by coincidence again a week after the mountain incident.

She apologizes for putting him through all this, and then remembers her tear necklace. She looks back at him, and he’s upset, but not crying. She assumes that he’s cried so much overnight, that there must not be any tears left.

She spends more money buying shampoo and lip gloss, which is just going to piss off Reaper Boy to no end. Although I’m thinking he probably spends a good deal of money on beauty products himself, judging by the looks of him.

She then heads over to the girls’ apartment, where In-jung is too upset to get out of bed, and Seo-woo is trying to talk some optimism into her. Ji-hyun listens at the door but can’t hear anything, and wonders if maybe they’re with Kang. (And by the by, how much do I love that name, Han Kang, which = Han River?)

Kang is alone, brooding with a trinket in his clenched fist. He thinks back to their high school days when they first met, as a city boy who gets transplanted and bullied, and the local girl who rules the town because of her daddy. She cluelessly “saves” him from a fight, leading to adorable exasperation.

Back in the present, Kang’s broody times leads to a bout of headdesking, so he decides to go to work. I can’t tell if this place he owns is a café or an Italian restaurant, but basically, they make pasta and serve wine, so I’ll go with Italian joint. And what’s a ‘genius’ architect doing as a restaurateur anyway? Whatever, Drama.

Ji-hyun arrives looking for her friends, and smiles when she sees Kang, but remembers that she’s not…herself. She realizes how hungry she is, and orders her favorite dish, scarfing it down like a pro. But when she goes to pay, she comes up short. Well, that didn’t take you long.

The waitress shames her, and Ji-hyun insists that she didn’t realize she’d spent all her money, and that she was just so hungry. Kang sees all this and tells them to just send her on her way.

Outside, she says to herself that she’ll be sure to repay Kang for the gesture once she’s back to life, and sits down at the bus stop…only she just now remembers that she’s completely broke. Slow on the uptake, this one.

She scans the jobs section in the paper, realizing that there’s nothing she’s qualified to do, and ends up right back in front of Kang to ask for a job. He dismisses her since he’s not hiring, and well, she hasn’t exactly left a great first impression. But she begs for just a temporary position for 48 days…no, just a week, even.

He looks at her, bruised face and dirty clothes, and notices her nervous tick which instantly reminds him of Ji-hyun. It tugs at his conscience, so he hands her two large bills, saying that it’s instead of the job.

She looks up at him angrily, banmal flaring up as she tells him that her daddy told her never to accept handouts. She stomps away, offended and hurt.

But Kang sends a waiter to chase after her (too prideful to chase after her himself, of course) to give her a chance. He offers her a job from 11am to midnight, at 4000 won an hour. Okay, that’s like slave labor. She jumps for joy and thanks him, and then sheepishly has to ask to borrow bus fare.

She trudges home, wondering why she’s so tired. Probably because you’re using a body that’s supposed to be sleeping right now. At home, she wonders where she’ll hide the shampoo, and then discovers the boxes full of pretty things, from Yi-kyung’s life pre-accident.

Her eyes brighten at the sight of non-hobo belongings, and she stashes her goods in there. It’s early yet (before she turns into a pumpkin) but she decides to lie down, and the second she goes to sleep, Ji-hyun’s soul pops right out of Yi-kyung’s body.

Once she’s out of her host body, she’s surprised to find that she’s not tired at all anymore. Side effect of death? She tries to get out, but finds her incorporeal self quite useless at opening doors.

So what does she do? She uses her panic button of course. I mean, it was YOUR mistake in giving her that thing, you do realize, right? Reaper Boy is busy getting his rock on at a club (So. Cute.) when his phone goes off. Apparently a reaper’s cell phone vibrates at a frequency reserved for torture devices, because it physically pains him until he answers it. So, mystical leash he can’t ignore? Even better.

He appears, wondering what the emergency is, to which she cheerily asks, “Can you open the door?” His face just says it all:

Hahaha. I think I will never grow tired of exasperated reaper face. He asks, voice dripping with sarcasm, that she couldn’t possibly have called him here for something so ridiculous as opening a door, could she?

Methinks she’s quite used to being considered stupid, so she just explains that it’s an emergency to her, since she can’t open it. And why not, she wonders, since ghosts and such can move through spaces, or so she thought.

He explains, as if to a five-year old, that she isn’t quite dead, really, so that’d be why she can’t pass through things. She remembers at the hospital, that Min-ho passed right through her. He tells her that it’s because to those people, she’s considered dead. Interesting. Difference of perception? That means the rules are bendy, yeah?

Yi-kyung stirs, and Ji-hyun asks him to take her out of there, since she doesn’t really want to spend time with someone who’s still a stranger to her. He reminds her that Schedulers don’t get involved in people’s lives, and that as a 49er, it’s her job to adjust to life with her host. And then poof, he’s gone.

Ji-hyun crouches in the corner and watches as Yi-kyung goes through her depressing routine of instant noodles before heading out to work. They stand at the bus stop across the street from each other, in a nice contemplative moment that mirrors their loneliness.

Ji-hyun goes to the hospital where Min-ho continues to watch over her comatose body. He asks aloud what he should do, and she asks him just to cry, and not hold it back.

Meanwhile, Yi-kyung’s mystery secret admirer comes to the store to buy a pack of his usual cigarettes, and he takes the opportunity to ask if she’s feeling okay. He tells her to go see a doctor if she’s feeling dizzy or anything. She realizes that he must be the guy who saved her that day, and just blankly asks him how much the hospital bill was.

He wonders that she doesn’t recognize him, since he comes in there every day and buys the same thing, every day. But that would require her to be awake and take notice of the world around her, which she clearly hasn’t done in years. She insists on paying him back and asks that he not interfere anymore. She hands him some money and he agrees to come back with the hospital bill next time.

The next day, Ji-hyun wakes up in Yi-kyung’s body, and washes up to her heart’s content. She even happily discovers a blowdryer and pretty clothes in the boxes, and shows up for work looking like a new person. (Kang’s restaurant is named Heaven, which I’m choosing to read as cheeky and therefore funny, because the earnest version is too cheesy.)

They’re surprised to see her cleaned up, but even more surprised to find that she is the world’s worst waitress. Kang just watches her, mouth agape and eyes wide.

Back at the hospital, Mom has a nervous breakdown, and Dad yells at Min-ho to go home and wash up, while he takes the next watch. In-jung and Seo-woo come over to take care of Mom, and In-jung wanders into Ji-hyun’s room, crying when she sees their old pictures and her wedding dress. Too bad it’s not in Ji-hyun’s presence, because I’m dying to know what color her tears are.

Ji-hyun starts nodding off at work, until Min-ho arrives, asking for a drink. She perks up instantly, being overly attentive to him, which Kang picks up on right away. Heh, I know it’s a sad situation, but it’s still kind of amusing at the same time, since Kang is in that hyper-aware-and-competitive mode with Min-ho, which he’s been repressing for some time now.

She’s also clearly overstepping bounds, but can’t help herself because it’s Min-ho. Kang sends her home, but she ends up waiting outside for a full hour, until Min-ho gets carried out of the restaurant and put into a car.

She rushes over to help Kang carry him, and the look on his face is like, what the hell, lady? He tells her that it’s his friend’s fiancé, and is about two words from firing her, when she realizes how late it is and rushes off in the middle of his sentence. Heh.

Min-ho goes home and angsts, and I’m getting the vibe that there’s more to his grief than grief. I could be reading into it, but he seems to be feeling guilty, which means there’s a good chance that whatever straying he’s about to do is…already done?

Meanwhile Kang shows up at the hospital, and mumbles insults at her for just lying there when she used to strongarm the whole town. See, THIS is real grief, the grief that I’m used to, where people yell and then cry and then laugh and then yell again. He leaves her a single pink rose in a vase, and walks out.

Ji-hyun arrives, with little notice of Kang, and cries when she sees her dad sleeping by her bedside. She sits next to him, trying to offer words of comfort as she puts her hand on his, across the great divide.

The next day at Heaven, Ji-hyun spills water on a customer, and Kang steps in to clean it up, and drags her away. He shows her basic things like water-pouring and setting a table, which she marvels that he’s awfully good at.

…Only SHE’s supposed to be good at them too, since Yi-kyung’s resume clearly states that she worked at the Seoul Hotel, which should technically make her better than all of them. Whoops.

She stammers that she got into an accident and suffers from amnesia, of the task-oriented kind, where you forget how to do certain things. He doesn’t believe a word she’s saying, but she insists he can look it up on the internet, adding quietly that it happens a lot in dramas. Heh.

He thinks she’s got pants on fire, so he tells her to go get proof of her employment history from the hotel…in an hour. She rushes off, after collecting yesterday’s wages for cab fare, and asks HR for the document. One of the girls there recognizes Yi-kyung, but Ji-hyun just rushes out of there, unable to acknowledge any connection.

She watches the servers at the café downstairs, and wonders what happened to Yi-kyung if she used to work in such a nice hotel. She turns to go, when she sees Min-ho walk by toward the elevator.

She just smiles and follows him, but doesn’t catch the elevator in time. She watches it go up and wonders what he’s doing here, as the elevator goes past the restaurant floor. She doesn’t really think much of it, until she turns and sees In-jung standing next to her.

I KNEW IT. Gah, they’ve been cheating on her for god knows how long.

She’s startled, and then notes warily that Min-ho has gotten off the elevator on the 18th floor…where there are nothing but rooms. She follows In-jung into the elevator, and pushes the button for 20 and waits…In-jung pushes 18.

Scared but unable to tear herself away, she follows In-jung and watches from across the corridor, as In-jung rings the doorbell…

…and Min-ho comes out to pull her inside.

Aaaack! We know what’s coming the whole time, but that moment is done so well. The shock puts Ji-hyun into a tailspin, as she stumbles down the hall toward the room. She looks at the door, and then all of a sudden it triggers her memory.

The day of the accident, when she had run out of the dress shop wearing the bridesmaid’s dress to show In-jung, she had already discovered the two of them, across the intersection in Min-ho’s car. He was tenderly kissing her hand, not knowing that Ji-hyun was seeing the whole thing.

And THAT’s the reason why she got into the accident that day, because she was frazzled and trying to gather her thoughts, when that bike wiped out in front of her.

Back in the present, it all comes flooding back to her, and she falls to the ground.


Damn, that’s cold. It was niggling at me, that Min-ho was so strangely steadfast and yet not at all like a normal grieving boyfriend, who would be yelling at her comatose body for taking that street that day, or whatever. Now it makes sense that he’s been standing vigil out of guilt, because he’s a lying dirtbag.

It’s probably made worse if he had intended to break things off with In-jung before the wedding, because well, timing be damned, he would’ve been scott-free if not for this turn of events. Now he’s ironically tied to Ji-hyun by way of guilt and duty in a way that he wouldn’t have been, if she were alive. Karma’s a bitch, yo.

I’m a huge fan of this type of narrative, especially when it feels assured, and I can trust that the puzzle pieces will be beautifully, thematically mirrored. And like javabeans mentioned, because it deals with themes so universal, it doesn’t even matter to me that they’re simplistic. I can’t wait to see how these two women’s lives become further entwined, and how they bring each other back from the brink of death and heartbreak.

I’m in the mood for something contemplative and stirring, and I think this is just the ticket. ‘sides, who could get enough of that face?


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    Nam Gyu Ri is a bit a awkward in the role. I feel like she’s lacking that spark that makes you really feel for Ji Hyun. With a more polished actress, Ji Hyun could be a very memorable and sympathetic character right from the start, but as of now she just comes off as very meh.

    Lee Yo Won is ok. She’s not doing a bad job, but still, I feel like something is missing. The contrast between how she acts when she is Ji Hyun versus when she is Yi Kyung is not all that remarkable yet, I guess because we haven’t seen much of Yi Kyung and know her history or what she’s like.

    • 31.1 orangy911

      I agree. I really wish Seo Ji Hye played Shin Ji Hyun and Nam Gyuri played In Jung. Lee Yo Won’s version of Ji Hyun is more lovable and cute…but her dullness is already a little annoying. Nam Gyuri’s Ji Hyun is grating on my nerves. I don’t feel for her like I should….gah.

      I know that In Jung and Min ho are the “bad” guys but…they make a hot couple XD

      And is it just me or has Jo Hyun Jae’s acting taken a step backward? There some parts where he seemed a little stiff. Then again, he’s been gone for 2 years so I’ll cut him some slack for now….

      Anyways, the writing is better than the acting for now but hopefully the actors/actresses will improve. I couldn’t fully enjoy Dream High because of the stilted acting…

      • 31.1.1 kaysee

        I’m intrigued by In Jung and Min Ho too. They just have more chemistry together, so they’re more interesting to watch. (I found that scene of them in the car to be strangely sweet.) And from what we’ve seen, I think their guilt is genuine. That gives me hope that they’re not the usual, evil second leads. I’m interested to see how their characters develop and what their backstory is.

        I’m hoping the writers cast Seo Ji Hye for a reason.
        In the short and few scenes that she had, you can already see some depth in In Jung. I know Seo Ji Hye would be able to make me sympathize with In Jung, no matter how despicable the character becomes. I hope the writers take advantage of her abilities and really flesh out her character.

        Nam Gyu Ri plays Ji Hyun kind of flat, so that’s keeping me from being too emotionally invested in her. Her facial expressions, especially when she’s talking, are also kind of awkward. That gets to be distracting and another reason why I’m having a hard time taking the character seriously.

        Yi Kyung is just a really dull character at this point. I hope they tell us more about her so I could understand why I should even care about her.

        And I agree about Jo Hyun Jae, I found him a bit awkward in a couple of scenes as well.

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    Wow, the plot thickens and I love every character. Even Nam Gyuri–despite everyones doubts, I think she picked a role that does not demand much nor is outside her capabilities. I think she’s perfect.
    So…………….who does Nam Gyuri get paired up with in the end…???
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    Scheduler is awesome. More please! when he is irritated is better, its
    so funny. She is like a little child. Contrary to the general opinion, I
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        and i want kang to be happy too…. even when he is being bad tempered he looks so sad, so lost, so needing to be loved… can i give him all the loving he needs?

        • marina

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          • irka

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            To me she has that kind of loneness that makes her character understandable in a weird way.

          • cantika

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          This is one of the bests of Lee Yowon. I enjoyed this episode so much.

          • gustave154

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    p.s. is it just me, or is Jo Hyun-jae HOT??? he reminds me of Jung-woo from My Princess (sorry, forgotten the actors’ name). I think I’m getting old – the pretty boys no longer do it for me.

    • 40.1 billydbeagle

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      • 40.1.1 YY

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    • 40.2 YY

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      • 40.2.1 MELLIssa

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        want to cuddle him too…. give him a great big hug…. been wanting to give him a great big hug since i read that he was totally devastated when his father died….

        • Jomo

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          (and I meant JHJ)

          In the scene after the flashback where he bangs his head on the counter at this house, then, after at Heaven.

          TWJ + JHJ = :)

      • 40.2.2 Jomo

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        We get to see beautiful things when he wears TWS.

        I am now a fan of TWS as I was of The Grey Sweater in MP.

        I have to go back and check to see if the are jeans, and when he wears them. I’ll do that for the JJH team.

        • MELLIssa

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    This switching bodies thing is not really my cup of tea; I didn’t watch SG precisely because of that. But this drama has got the cool and so cute Kang guy (can’t remember his name, sorry) whom I love. Saw him in Only You, and in Three Dads. Love his lips….they have these darling tilts at the corners. I’ve got a thing for tilts….first, the head tilt, now the lip tilt….oooooh

    • 42.1 tari

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    • 42.2 MELLIssa

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    • 46.1 asianromance

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      • 46.1.1 drama fever

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  52. 52 Hot Reaper Boy

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      He is so lovely throughout.
      Lovlier than lovely.

      You’ll have plenty of time to catch up on 49D after.
      You’ll thank yourself.

      If it weren’t so danged sad, I would watch it again.
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  63. 63 Jean

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    I mean it makes sense no?? same area where Yi-Kyung lives time frame would be the same…If this is the case then I love it!
    He became the Reaper so he lost his memories of his human life…but the reason he became a Reaper is somehow tied to Yi-Kyung….ohhhh the possibilites…
    I feel like the Reaper characters just has to be more in this drama than a guide and some sort of comic relief nooooo?

    Honestly if i’m right this could be fodder for amazing storyyy :)

  64. 64 nonski

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    I don’t really fancy soul-traveling-from-body-to-body scenarios as they can lead to something heartbreaking~ And as we are watching kdrama I bet it can lead to great ANGST~~~

    • 68.1 onemorepls

      What if the scenario was the other way around. Kang is attracted to Yi-K at first because Ji-H soul is in her body but later really fall in love with Yi-K when she’s in her own body. The angst would be then that he can’t tell if he really love Yi-K or Ji-H. Since Kang love Ji-H since high school, it could be like choosing between your first or your current love. Oh the possibility!!!

  69. 69 kit

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    thanks for the recaps guys <3

  70. 70 Kimy

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    What do you guys think will happen?

    • 70.1 Laeah

      He is only attracted to her because of Ji Hyun’s mannerisms. I think this = loving Ji Hyun and not Lee Gyung.

    • 70.2 YY

      Yeah I think Kang will love her cos she is actually Ji Hyun. I think Ji Hyun will help Yi Kyung come to terms with her loss. I think Yi Kyung will remain in love with her dead bf (the reaper?) and she and her lost love will be reunited in the end, maybe in her death. So the drama will conclude with two reapers, hot reaper boy and her, she riding pillon.

  71. 71 Trent

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    Best regards,

    • 71.1 Jomo

      Whose tear? HIS tear?

      • 71.1.1 MELLIssa

        yeah saw the teardrop…. it’s actually just a decoration on the wall facing the elevator doors. made of glass, i think

        • Jomo

          Oh YES! I did. It looked like one of those pictures that is made of smaller images.

  72. 72 Pinny

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    Any way, I like the concept of this drama and can’t wait to see how the story will unfold. Yeah.. I’m on the ride for this one! Can’t wait to see ep3 and 4.

    Javabeans, Girlfriday, Thank you so much for these wonderful recaps!

    • 72.1 joy

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      • 72.1.1 yimcha

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        • jh

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          • gustave154

            Lee Yo Won is sooo awesome!!! More people should watch her dramas =)

  73. 73 JiHwan

    ahhhh it kills me to see Bae Soo Bin as the villian!!

    • 73.1 maechan

      me too… I am waiting for the day he will be the lead, and finally get the girl

  74. 74 Birdie

    I like the storyline so far. The scheduler is awesome. Please can we have less screen time for Nam Gyuri because I do not know how much more of the awkward acting of hers. The scheduler can continue to be cool and he does not have to link up with anyone.

  75. 75 Marie

    I’m so excite on who will be paired up in the end…but as i’ve mentioned in my previous postings :

    YK’s Seret Admirer has got to do with the YK’s BF death. I have a feeling that the said guy caused the death YK’s BF via vehicular accident. That’s why he keeps on following or monitoring YK.

    Min-ho and Injung – will end up together i believe

    and as for Jihyun…she will choose to die instead..let go of her love Minho w/ her BF IJ. And how i wish she will end up with our cutey Boy Reaper…

  76. 76 Laeah

    So I totally think that when Reaper boy was talking about 3 people – he said something about the second guy choosing the elevator….. clue to something? I dunno. Makes me wonder if he was that guy?

    Totally think he’s her dead ex too. :)

    I kind of am torn between Jihyun and Reaper and JiHyun and Kang. Love both of those men! :)

  77. 77 Janny

    I am SO loving this. Reaper Boy is pure awesomeness. PURE. AWESOMENESS. <333
    He's actually the only male character that really interests me so far, and Minho just made me hate him…which leaves Kang, and he's plain boring to me…so far. Might change when we get to know more about him, who knows?
    But as off now, I'm totally supporting Yi-Kyung x Kang and Ji-hyun x Reaper Boy. Like. Totally.
    I mean, seems like Kang has a kind of relation to Yi-Kyung anyway, and I just plainly feel sorry for that reaper guy. I mean, he's always…ALONE D: Only saying hello to people just to send them off again?! Lonely much. D: And even though at this point I think he'd deserve better than Ji-hyun, since I guess she's a person that can annoy the f*** out of you, I think she's really going to go through some character development. Plus, apparently, she's the only person that can see Reaper Boy (or at least that's how I understood it…) and that doesn't have to leave him right away again, so how is reaper boy going to build up a relationship with anyone else? D: And I dun want reaper boy to stay all alone in the end… D: Yes, he's totally my fave chara cuz even though he's pretty witty and mean at times, he just seems to be fighting his loneliness underneath, trying to stick to his job and not meddling in people's business like he's supposed to when he just needs someone he can be with DDD: …. can't Ji-hyun just become totally awesome, and then, when she succeeded in finding those tears and is se to come back to life, she goes all "I DUN WANNA LEAVE YOU! D:" on him…especially cause from what I got, she's going to forget him and everything that happened while she was "dead" once she comes back to life…drama much. And then we get some drama between the two and i'll be balling and then some magic happens and dunno, he becomes human I PLAINLY DUNNO DDD: I just dun want him to be alone again in the end… ;___;

    …Seriously, I can't believe I'm so into this after just two episodes. Okay, reaper boy, is it okay if I kill myself now even though i'm not supposed to die yet and then I'll do this 49 day thingy and in those 49 days figure out a way I can stay by your side…? Cause I effin feel sorry for you DDD: (btw, just kidding, i'm certainly NOT going to kill myself… just saying, in case someone takes this seriously xD)

    …All I can say is: I love this. And I'll continue to love it. Till the very end. And if the end isn't what I want it to be like, i'll be disappointed like hell. LIKE. HELLZ. Cause it's effin always like that, I start imaginging the most awesome endings and whenever the ending isn't like what i want it to be, I totally start disliking the show just cause it didn't turn out my way. xDDDDD

    • 77.1 KaterinkOo

      omo.. i really understand you xD and i’m also so excited for the drama after like 2 episodes..and i totally support JIW and NGR characters pairing..they look so sweet and adorable together <3 even though i like Kang with her too xD

    • 77.2 maechan

      somehow Janny’s comment reminded me of a manga I read once, where the shinigami (reapers) were ppl who commited suicide, and assigned that job as punishment for disregarding the value of life… and in that manga the main girl fell in love with her assigned shinigami

      • 77.2.1 KaterinkOo

        you mean Shinigami lovers?
        If yes,then i read that too and it was amazing.. shoujo forever xD the main manga character was hot and Jung Il woo is hot as well..plus Nam gyuri looks like a beautiful doll and the girl in manga was like that too…

  78. 78 bekky

    i think i am the only one but i cannot seem to be able to distinguish between kang and minho. they look really alike to me.

    like some of the readers on the site, i am hooked onto the story but more for the drama’s take on the essence and importance of being alive and what it means to die. the two female leads make a fascinating contrast as well, despite the various similarities in their predicament- one is trying to live, the other trying to die. will i get stoned for saying i am more into the female leads’ stories than the males, who seem a tad uninteresting. sorry!

    i just hope that they don’t degenerate this drama into a weepy love fest.

    • 78.1 yimcha

      COUNT on me!!

      me too,, i’m not really interested in the guys story, they’re just side story i think..

      the main point of this drama is about yeah two female leads with their contrast pont

      i really want to know how Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung will be

      and honestly i love Ji Hyun in Lee Yo Won’s part than Nam Gyu Ri..

      her fake beauty iritates me….. meh !

      while lee yo won has such a very smooth beauty and it makes me so comfortable, and her smile is so warm.. love her !

      • 78.1.1 marina

        then you certainely hate 80% of korean actresses!

        • yimcha

          you mean FAKE Beauty??? Arrwwww….. >,<

    • 78.2 jh

      You are not alone. Not really interested too about who will end with who, but what will happen to this two female leads. Looking forward to how the story will unfold.

  79. 79 ezra

    I have this theory – when a drama is being recapped here in dramabeans and javabeans / girlfriday gives it good reviews, then it’s guaranteed to be a good drama. Given that not all of them are exactly rating that well, they are interesting to watch and it gives you enough reason to finish the whole thing.


    • 79.1 angst

      LOL, yeah Go to hell for cheating fiance and cheating friend.. they’re suck ! lolzzzzzzzzzz

      and i’m totally agree, not all great drama gain great rating, just take it, see it, feel it.. when you feel great, it’s so much better than wacthing high rating drama with bad story…. sorry…

  80. 80 smiles

    I was on the fence, in fact I was a little bored so far….but that ending just won me over – what a jackass!!

    Little miss princess was annoying and couldn’t like her even though she was seemingly sweet – but the fact that her perfect world has been a lie makes me so sympatric towards her and I’m now on side routing for her!

  81. 81 steadystrike

    I’m here after watching the second episode and I’m liking it already. The only thing that’s disappointing is that I have wait a week to watch the next episode :(. I’m loving Jihyun as YiKyung cuz after watching Yikyung’s emotionless expression throughout the first episode, it was getting rather boring. Like most of the viewers, I already knew the relationship between Injung and Minho, but I didn’t expect to see them sleeping together. aww I wanna see what happens next. eh now at least I have something to look forward to. and yeah The reaper boy rocks, literally.

  82. 82 KaterinkOo

    Can someone please explain one thing that really bothers me in this series:
    is the reaper visible to people???
    if not,then it’s a fail on the writers side,cuz LYW character interacts with him..for example when he gave her the mobile phone..that means as a human she can see him..but then we can assume that ppl around them will think that she talks with herself and the phone was like floating in the air?xD
    and then Nam Gyuri used the phoned even though she’s a half ghost..(well maybe that’s okay cuz it’s a magic phone but the visability of the reaper really bothers me)

    • 82.1 oxigent

      the reaper isn’t visible to people.
      the scene when he gave LYW phone is Ji Hyun inside her, Ji Hyun can see the reaper, and i think they talk each other when no one around them, you can see there’s only them two in that place, so i assume, the reaper will come when there’s no one else with them (when Ji Hyun in LYW’s body)

      ah the phone is magica stuff… 😀

      • 82.1.1 KaterinkOo

        well,that makes sense..thank you :)

  83. 83 maechan

    ok, I’m about to start classes once again, and was beating around the bush with this show’s matters.. should I watch, shouldn’t I?… but after episode 2 I am OH SO HOOKED…

    Addiction mode ON

  84. 84 Sanu

    interesting drama, good looking actors. can’t wait for the next episode. thanks for the recaps.

  85. 85 Lithel

    But I don’t really get why Min Ho and In Jung feel a crushing guilt now that she’s dead and not when she was alive…

    • 85.1 MELLIssa

      they could be faking the guilt because there are ppl around….

      or it wasn’t gult they were really feeling but dismay….

      i think they have something (business-related) going on and Min-ho needs to marry JH ASAP to see that business deal go through. with JH in a coma, no wedding, so business deal could go bad….

    • 85.2 Jomo

      They planned on stealing something from her. I don’t know what, but guessing from the preview.

      It can’t happen if she is in a coma. So their plans are thwarted. If they needed the money for something big, their unhappiness stems from that, too, in addtion to guilt.

  86. 86 kennedy

    Am I the only one who thinks that Yi Kyung’s boyfriend might be the scheduler?

    • 86.1 Mafe

      probably yes… kk

  87. 87 jumanah

    I know it i know it i had strong felling that there is somehting between In-jung and Min-ho’when they where running to the wedding i didnt trust In-jung , and i think that Ji-hyun and Min-hos how they meet was a set up and arrenged and Yi Kyung it will be nice if she end up with No-Kyung-Bin if he is the guy from the store and Ji-hyun will end up with Han-Kang

  88. 88 far away

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    I’m so in love with this drama, can’t wait for the next episode!

    “I think I’m gonna like this Soul-Reaper relationship”
    so am I! so am I!!

    I was trying the whole day yesterday not to read the recap before I watch the episode but, all in vain.

    I read it ,twice! I feel bad for Ji-hyun , I don’t like the actress though, but like the soul in Yi-kyung’s body :)

    thanks for the recap :)

  89. 89 asta17

    (thanks for the awesome recap)

    Does anyone know the name of the band that reaperboy is rocking out to?

  90. 90 Christy

    Wonderful episode! I love all the characters. Nam Gyuri is really charming. I love her cartoon character like voice!

  91. 91 Joguker

    i love this drama so far but what bothers me is nam gyuri plastic surgery face(appearently she has done face, chin and nose): too doll like and too unreal which ruins somehow her acting.
    Otherwise very good plot and jung il woo confirms his abilities spotted on in “the return of iljimae”.

  92. 92 Asa

    Unlike other viewers, I’m totally rooting for Yi Kyung to get back together somehow with her dead boyfriend (Reaper Boy).

    • 92.1 MELLIssa

      for that to happen YK has to die because dead BF cannot come back anymore – been dead 5 years already….

    • 92.2 mayke

      No actually quite many people wants that too. Reaper with Yi Kyung. Fueled more by Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo selca together and his admittance that he has best chemistry with her. Doesn’t help he also repeatedly says the story will be much more interesting after reaper past revealed and he remember it.
      IMO if they made it well, reaper x yi kyung can become wild card pairing in this drama, meaning big possibility of them being most liked couple. They have mysterious & most intrigue setup/premise.

      • 92.2.1 oxigent

        WAH !! yeah their Selca in Ilwoo’s twitter is Soooo cute !! they look good together and i can’t believe LYW is actually so much older than JIW

        i just find this couple is freakin’ HOT !!!

        Wild Card couple ? aayeah!!

        i’m waiting for LYW-JIW to be lovers.’
        and yeah, JIW confess he got the best Chemistry EVER with Lee Yo Won Noona….. :)

  93. 93 kate

    awwww, thanks for the recaps JB! I’m definitely will follow this drama. the story is full of surprises and the casts are awesome! Nam Gyu Ri looks so beautifully even compared to barbie. Love it!

  94. 94 Mafe Abalos

    Great post! I appreciate your sharing in here. The storyline is totally interesting. I could not wait any longer to see the episode 3! Whew!

  95. 95 theyellowfish

    I’m loving the tragic plot and all that potential kdrama angst! Can’t wait to get Yi-Kyung’s side of the plot.

  96. 96 Drama fan

    I do not like the barbie doll actress ( some of you called her)

  97. 97 Fafa

    thanks for the recap.
    I was wishing to see bae su bin as a good guy. not happy about that.
    but this seems to be a good drama.

  98. 98 christine

    I just so love this drama and I love it more seeing HJH in it. I believe his first after having finished his military training.

    The scheduler is a joy to watch too.

    Many Thanks for the recaps Dramabeans!

  99. 99 Jaimie

    I like Nam Gyuri’s character! She’s sweet and innocent and not all mean. Which makes them even more cruel for hurting her.

    • 99.1 ahjummabunny

      I think it was all a set up. I think in jung and min ho knew each other first and set the whole thing up.

  100. 100 gianthead

    I agree that the acting is not really that great but the story is interesting. But, what I found weird was that the production people didn’t bother to hire young actors to play the high school kids. I mean… idk i was laughing seeing the two pretend to be high schoolers in a flashback, especially Kang (yes wearing a school uniform and a beanie makes me a high-schooler.) It just looked weird to me… but whatever, I still like it :)

    • 100.1 ahjummabunny

      it was cute to see oori kangah in a beanie and school uni. I didn’t mind too much it was such an insignificant back story.

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