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49 Days: Episode 3
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I do love me some disgruntled Scheduler, but coming in at a close second is disgruntled Kang — or, to be more accurate, the trying-so-hard- to-be-disgruntled- but-failing-to-hide-his- marshmallow-interior Kang. There’s something irresistible about the two of them, both revealing soft spots that are more and more evident the longer Ji-hyun runs in circles around them, wearing right through that protective layer of impatience they wear on the outside.


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Ji-hyun (in Yi-kyung’s body) catches her fiancé meeting clandestinely with her best friend, which sends her reeling. The room service waiter asks after her in concern but soon grows suspicious at the weird lady crouched in the hallway, and his raised voice is overheard by the cheating cheaters in the hotel room.

Min-ho steps out to ask the waiter what the problem is, and grows concerned at mention of a strange woman sitting outside his room. Ji-hyun barely steps inside the elevator in time to avoid being caught by Min-ho — not that he’d recognize her as herself, but that’s sure to be one awkward confrontation.

Min-ho shrugs off the incident, but picks up an small ornamental ball on the ground outside his room. It had fallen off Yi-kyung’s shoe, surely to make a reappearance at an inconvenient future moment.

We’re already seeing the darker side of Min-ho peeking out, as he wants to go find Ji-hyun’s official seal (which, in Korea, is as valuable as — or more than — a social security number, as it gives the bearer legal rights). He explains that Ji-hyun’s father is in no frame of mind to deal with “the matter of Ji-hyun’s land,” but In-jung is appalled that he’d ask her to dig around secretly to get it, in these circumstances.

In-jung cries that she feels like her heart will tear into pieces, to which he replies evenly, “But it won’t tear.” Yes, but what of your moral fiber?

He assures her that they aren’t responsible for Ji-hyun’s condition. It’s an argument that would make sense in most circumstances, only in this particular case, they ARE directly responsible. In-jung cries, “It could be because of us!”

A flashback takes us to the afternoon of the accident, when In-jung had met Min-ho in his car. They’d both confessed to being afraid, which makes me think they’d planned on doing something secret — something greater than their affair — with weighty consequences. In-jung had even suggested breaking off the relationship rather than go through with it: “I can’t go this far.”

That’s when Ji-hyun had called In-jung, moments before she’d spotted the cheaters from across the intersection. Now, a guilty In-jung thinks that Ji-hyun may have followed them that day, since her accident occurred nearby.

Min-ho asks, “But if we end it here, what kind of guy does that make me?” Um, what about the guy you already are?

He declares that he’s going forward with their plans, with or without In-jung, which makes me think they’re plotting a shady business scheme. Company takeover, perhaps?

In-jung shakes her head no, saying she can’t do it. Min-ho tells her to remember “Why we began this — why things came to this. If we run away now, do you think we can be happy? If we quit, will that bring Ji-hyun back?” It’s an example of that convoluted K-Drama Logic that spurs evil villains into more evil villainy, which doesn’t make sense in the Real World but drives a disproportionate number of dramas forward. It’s like, we’re a little bit guilty now, so we may as well be incredibly guilty! It’s also why these villains seem not to understand the distinction between misdemeanor and felony. But it tells us pretty eloquently what kind of guy Min-ho is, even if he’s only flirting with the dark side at the moment.

Running away from the hotel, Ji-hyun pushes her Scheduler panic button, angry that her spiritual guide didn’t divulge the reasons for her accident. The Scheduler fumbles for an answer, landing on the catch-all excuse: “It’s a secret of nature.” HA. Not fair, dude, ’cause what’s an earthbound girl to say in protest to that?

Ji-hyun looks at him with angry-tearful eyes, and although he’s fully aware of the manipulative nature of lady-tears, he’s not immune to their power and sighs. He does insist that he’s completely indifferent to her love triangles and melodramas, though, and refuses to indulge her need to know more about her friends’ affair.

He retorts that if she wants to know so badly, she should just ask the dude. She throws his own words back at him — he’d warned her not to tell anyone she’s really Ji-hyun — and that catches the Scheduler off-guard. Heh. I love that she’s tripping him up at his own game.

He starts to walk off, but he can’t help feeling sorry for her, so just as she’s about to break down into waterworks, he reappears — poof! — to remind her to worry about the present and her 46 remaining days.

That brings her back to the reason she went to the hotel in the first place: To get Yi-kyung’s work history. She returns to the restaurant, where everyone’s written her off as a liar who falsified her resumé.

So Kang is surprised when she not only shows up, but presents her hotel employment papers. Gruffly, he reminds her that he’d given her an hour, and she’s way past that.

Starting to tear up, Ji-hyun stammers about seeing a friend with her fiancé together at the hotel. Proving that he’s really a softy at heart, he tells her to show up to work tomorrow and accepts her papers — only to have her collapse at his feet in exhaustion.

He carries her inside the restaurant to his attached quarters. (So his home is his restaurant is his architect’s studio? How convenient, drama.)

Kang watches her sleeping and wonders why she was so interested in Min-ho if she had a fiancé, an indication that at least he believes her story, as crazy as it sounded. As he watches, a tear slips from her eye. He even thinks to ask the ajumma to send along some soup to Yi-kyung (“and lots of rice”), anticipating that she’ll be hungry.

When Ji-hyun wakes up in Kang’s studio, she’s a little surprised at this evidence of Kang’s thoughtfulness, and is relieved she wasn’t fired. A sudden idea strikes her, though, and she bolts out of the room, not even stopping to take her handbag with her.

The employees are puzzled and look through her bag, wondering if she’s up to suspicious behavior. The sight of a whistle on a string makes Kang think back to Ji-hyun’s whistle, which she’d had the day they first met.

Ji-hyun arrives at Yi-kyung’s apartment in order to eject her soul from her host. It’s still daylight and she has hours left in the day, but she has things to do today that are easier done in her spirit form than her corporeal one. She’s learning, too, and remembers to leave doors open to allow her spirit to leave.

She heads to her father’s company just as the workday is ending, waiting for In-jung to leave the building. Inside, In-jung pushes aside her own misgivings to heed Min-ho’s ominous words (about proceeding without her), and rifles through Ji-hyun’s desk for her seal. (I guess daddy’s princess did have a job at the office — in the promo department — though I suspect she didn’t do as much working as she did taking home a paycheck.)

No seal. In-jung leaves the office, followed unknowingly by Ji-hyun, who is alternately angry, confused, and pleading. Though she can’t be heard, Ji-hyun asks her friend how the affair started, trying to make sense of it.

To her surprise, In-jung arrives at Ji-hyun’s own house, where she heads for Ji-hyun’s room. Just as she’s about to start looking through her things, though, Mom comes in and asks why she’s here. Mom’s having a hard time accepting the accident, and takes offense to In-jung’s presence in Ji-hyun’s room, because it suggests that everyone’s acting as though she’s already dead.

In-jung can’t very well continue in the face of that argument, so she leaves the house. Ji-hyun (still outside, having gotten stuck outside the gate) overhears her phone call with “oppa” about not being able to find “it.” Ji-hyun, not known for her smarts, isn’t so good at putting two and two together, and just thinks the “oppa” is a little odd since In-jung’s brother lives out of the city.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Dad asks Min-ho about the contract for Ji-hyun’s land. Min-ho says that he took care of it — which explains why he’s so keen to get that seal, if he hadn’t actually quite wrapped up the matter when he was supposed to and is now trying to fix that mistake.

Ji-hyun finds Min-ho as he arrives at his apartment, and follows him inside while talking aloud (to herself, really) about his infidelity, trying to make sense of it — it was so clear that he loved her, and he gave her all his passwords, and he’d wanted to see her in all his free time.

When he steps inside, though, Ji-hyun is stunned to find In-jung waiting for him inside. Not only were they meeting in secret hotel rooms, but In-jung was close enough to know his passcode?

Her outrage takes a backseat, though, once she catches the drift of their conversation about her seal, which he needs for some kind of deal. Ji-hyun had actually given her seal to Min-ho before the accident — or so she thought, except it turned out that in her absentmindedness, she had accidentally handed over lipstick instead of the seal.

If Min-ho were merely trying to fix a mistake, there’d be nothing too weird about his need for the seal now. However, he adds the suspicious warning, “If Ji-hyun has land left to her, our plan fails. And I worked so hard to include that land.”

Ji-hyun may not understand the finer details, but this much is clear: These two are more than just cheating cheaters, they’re quite possibly underhanded cheaters with plans to backstab her father financially as well.

Ji-hyun leaves Min-ho’s apartment, crushed in her disillusionment. She recalls the Scheduler’s task to collect three pure tears — looks like it won’t be quite as easy as she’d assumed.

That night, she enters Yi-kyung’s body briefly, just long enough to close and lock the door before giving up the body again. I suppose she could always follow Yi-kyung out when she leaves, but it’s also indicative that she’s given up her desire to venture out into the world. Shell-shocked, she slumps on the ground, not caring to do anything.

Yi-kyung takes an envelope of cash with her to work that evening, to pay back the Good Samaritan for her hospital fees. He gives her the requested receipts, and she hands him the cash. He asks if she’s curious to know who he is, or why he was there at her accident site, but she’s not interested. He momentarily piques her interest by asking, “What if I told you I knew why you went there?” but she dismisses him. Rather than press the issue, he just says that he’ll see her tomorrow.

Yi-kyung has her first clue that something’s different when she brushes a hand through her hair and notices that it feels different today. Clean, perhaps.

When Yi-kyung comes home from work in the morning, Ji-hyun sits there listlessly, having sat there all night. She doesn’t bother to take her allotted time today, either, and just lets Yi-kyung go about her dreary life. Is it weird that I’m just relieved that this means The Body will have one good night’s rest?

There’s a nice mirroring as the two downtrodden ladies face each other all day and night, lifeless and weighed down by their respective burdens. Ji-hyun wonders if Yi-kyung went through a similar betrayal that she lives so miserably now.

Another night turns into day, leaving 44 days on the calendar. Ji-hyun shoves aside her Scheduler cell phone/alarm clock, but it shoots back to her like it’s on a tether. She throws it away, only to have it caught by Mr. Scheduler himself, here to check up on her. She orders him to leave, saying that she can’t continue living.

Hyperbole, perhaps, but just the thing to get her ass in gear. Ah, he smiles, then should he call the Elevator To Heaven now? Does this mean she’s giving up her three-tear quest?

Ji-hyun scrambles to her feet, that threat lighting a fire under her spectral butt. When the Scheduler warns her that she wasn’t given 49 days just to piss ’em away, she meekly promises not to do that anymore.

That means she has to go back to Kang’s restaurant with head bowed to try to explain her absence. Thankfully, his attitude toward her has relaxed into resigned-but-unsurprised territory, rather than his initial irritated-into-firing-her mood. He even asks if she’s eaten, and offers her a meal (albeit in his gruff way). Ji-hyun thanks him mentally for his generosity — I suspect Kang was never this obvious about his concern for her when she was Ji-hyun — then gets to work.

Kang and his manager ajusshi are so startled to see that she has improved her serving skills that they stare, agape. I guess she set that bar pretty low that they’re astonished that she can pour a glass of water competently. Way to manage expectations.

Seo-woo arrives that evening, and Ji-hyun is happy to see her non-backstabbing friend, but her smile downturns the minute she spies In-jung with her.

While taking out the trash, she comes face to face with Min-ho, also arriving to meet his friends. She ignores him, but he remembers Yi-kyung and thanks her for her help the night he was drunk.

Ji-hyun glares when he asks if she remembers him, pointedly asking, “Am I supposed to remember you?” She walks away in tears, leaving him confused.

They discuss Ji-hyun’s condition while she stands by trying to make sense of the conversation. The girls have decided to take turns caring for Ji-hyun, since her parents are running ragged at this point. To prove that Kang’s the better man, Min-ho’s the guy who mentions the difficulty of managing Daddy Shin’s company, while Kang argues that the company isn’t nearly as important as Dad exhausting himself into collapse.

Ji-hyun’s nerves are rattled to hear that her mother is doing very poorly, unable to eat or sleep, and she drops a pitcher of water. Kang sees how shaken she is and stops her from picking up the broken glass with her hands, sending her away to rest.

Outside, Ji-hyun steals a moment for herself, sobbing, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

Her crying session is cut short by her phone — it’s the Scheduler’s warning that she has an hour left to get her body back home. Alas, she hadn’t realized that her work hours were until midnight, and braces herself to ask the boss for permission to go home early.

The two men are below, talking business in Kang’s office — Kang has been hired to design a building on Ji-hyun’s land, which is the project Min-ho is handling. Ji-hyun bursts in to ask Kang for an amendment to her work hours, pausing briefly to shoot daggers in Min-ho’s direction.

She explains to Kang that she can only work until eleven — that someone at home is waiting for her, who “can’t move till I get there.” Grudgingly, Kang consents to the schedule change, and that’s unusual enough that Min-ho asks why he’s so lenient with her — he’s always so particular about business matters.

They’re unaware that Ji-hyun is still in earshot, listening around the corner as Min-ho asks, “So that kind of woman is your type?” Kang protests, probably too much, while Min-ho teases about never being able to get a handle on his type before.

Kang comments that Min-ho is doing a good job of retaining his sense of humor despite the tragedy, which reminds Min-ho that he’s probably not supposed to be doing such a good job. He puts on a (faux) brave face and says, “I’m trying. It’s what Ji-hyun would’ve wanted. She would’ve wanted me to hang in there and act as I did before.”

I love that Ji-hyun scoffs at this, protesting that NO, that is NOT what she wants, thank you very much! Seeing Min-ho through new eyes (literally, har har), she asks, “Oppa, were you this kind of person?”

And what better way to stick it to her unfaithful man than by keeping his most desired object away from him? She decides she’ll have to retrieve her seal first to keep it out of his hands.

Ji-hyun calls the Scheduler to plead with him to give her the power to move things — just long enough to get her seal. Annoyed, he says what she really needs is a voice recorder that reminds her: “BEEP! The Scheduler stays out of human affairs.”

She protests that she thinks they’re planning something with her father’s company, and even tries asking the Scheduler to get her seal for her. Ha. Sending the Grim Reaper on her errands? The girl’s bold, I’ll give her that.

He refuses and turns to go, leaving Ji-hyun pouting indignantly at his back. And whaddaya know, maybe she’s got magical pouty powers to add to her teary ones, because the Scheduler casually mentions that if she repeats a phrase (a version of “Open sesame”), she might find that doors open to her.

Alas, Ji-hyun’s lacking a few necessary IQ points to make the connection, and she grumbles that he was no help at all. SIGH.

Ji-hyun has another favor to ask her long-suffering boss, prefacing it with the reminder that she’s totally broke, and that he can’t fire her over this request, and that she’s paying him back for the taxi fee she’d borrowed that first day, and that she just needs to pop out for three hours today, but it’s totally those three hours when nobody’s in the restaurant anyway, is that okay?

Kang’s soft spot is no longer so secret, so Ji-hyun wheedles her way into his assent, and he’s almost even charmed by her pluck. I’ll give him two more episodes before he’s totally smitten.

So in her afternoon off, Ji-hyun arrives at her house, timing her arrival to match with the housekeeper’s departure, and uses the passcode to let herself in.

She sneaks upstairs to her room, grimacing at the happy photos of herself and Min-ho, ignoring my exclamations of What are you doing, woman, get the damn seal and leave! But no, she takes a moment to linger and rest on her bed before getting down to brass tacks and rifling through her drawers.

To her credit, she doesn’t give in to the temptation to take cash (remembering the Scheduler’s warning), but she isn’t successful at locating her seal. Complicating matters is the unexpected arrival of Min-ho, here bearing gifts as an excuse to search for the seal himself.

He’s concocted a pretty good excuse, now that he’s been warned by In-jung, and says he wants to take some of Ji-hyun’s favorite things to the hospital. That plays on all of Mom’s hopes and fears, so she happily grants him permission to select a few things from Ji-hyun’s room.

Knowing that time is ticking, Ji-hyun hastens her search to find her seal before Min-ho gets there. She stiffens as the door opens, and he steps through…


The drama could do better with its obvious cliffhangers, but so far I like the pace of the developments. I’m supremely relieved that Ji-hyun has discovered the infidelity early, and got over the wallowing phase relatively quickly. I infinitely prefer a pissed-off, indignant spirit to a mopey, lovesick, and/or depressed one.

The less time spent on the mysterious business intrigue the better, though, and I hope that future episodes only spend as little time as necessary on it. But even so, I actually like the inclusion of this angle in the narrative, because it adds a dimension to the betrayal. The my-best-friend-and-my-fiancé affair is effective, but could get pretty one-dimensional pretty quickly. Throwing in a possible takeover (which isn’t confirmed yet, just my suspicion) adds complexity to the dynamic, and it gives Ji-hyun more of a mission than the simple task of collecting tears. Now she has a mystery to uncover, and a father to save. All that works for me — as long as we don’t have to actually watch all of the steps unfold onscreen.

I’d much rather spend time with the annoyed Scheduler (so cute) and the exasperated boss (SO CUTE), because it’s in those scenes that the series really picks up and speeds along. I think the pacing overall still needs to work out its kinks, but if we can increase the time spent on those two men, I’m a happy camper.


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      Also, in the hospital when he passed Yi-kyung in the hallway, there was a “moment” there… even though they completely ignored each other. Could have been my imagination but I feel that was put there for a reason.

      There are some other possibilities on my radar involving the Scheduler and Yi-kyung, but they are rather too far out there to commit to right now. I need to give it more time, piece together (what I think might be) clues, and see how it all shakes out.

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      I have another angle: Yi Kyung’s dead loved one is going through a 49 days too (or something similar), except he’s in Mr. Good Samaritan. She doesn’t seem to have any idea who he is, he shows up over and over again, “happened” to be there when she ran into the road, and implies that he knows why she tried to off herself in presumably the same place that she lost him. But I wonder how that would work, since he’s dead, not in a coma? Just a thought.

      • 10.3.1 coconana

        Cool theory! I hadn’t really thought past: is Mr. Good Samaritan just bordering-on-creepily infatuated or is he connected in some way. I was leaning towards him perhaps accidentally having something to do with Yi-kyung’s dead BF’s death and therefore acting out of guilt… but…

        Not super crazy about that theory but I’d like there to be a “reason” for his behavior. As it stands, I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to like him because, yeah, like I said, his behavior is slightly creepy to me. But sometimes what I find “creepy” in kdramas is supposed to be “romantic” so meh, who knows, maybe he just really really likes her. I like your idea better, although you’re right in wondering how it would work.

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    I skipped some parts but it was good episode.

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        Um….maybe there’s a message here for us girls….carry a whistle with you in your handbag at all times, esp so if you work in a convenience store at night?

        • MELLIssa

          i think the lesson is carry a whistle, you just might find a Han Kang out there!!!

          • MELLIssa

            just want to add – i love Kang’s eyes! They say so much.

            Love that picture of Kang you posted up there, jb. Thanks!

          • YY

            MELLIssa, you said the exact same thing I was thinking….loveeee his eyes and that pose in the pic! I loveeeeed that moment when he paused to look at her in that endearing way he, and only he, has….sorta like a mix of bewilderment, confusion and concern…..he’s got such dreamy eyes….you look into them and you start floating….ahhh, forgot how sweet he is. His roles are always the blur, confused guy trying to control a situation that is spiralling out of control. He can go on doing these roles forever till his tilty lips stop tilting….I’d still watch them!

  13. 13 marine



  14. 14 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! The drama is getting pretty awesome! I do wish there were more Yi-kyung as Yi-kyung scenes and do wish that Nam Gyu-ri isn’t playing Ji-hyun

    My guess on the three tears are 1. Kang 2. Seo-woo and lastly 3. Yi-kyung unless the drama decides to surprise us and have In-jung truly mourn Ji-hyun. Ji-hyun’s personality is pretty sweet girl, especially when she is being played by Lee Yo Won.

    • 14.1 Laeah

      So I’m guessing the Scheduler’s tears don’t count? 😉

      • 14.1.1 IstayedoutallNight

        lol! he will soon wish it did 🙂
        I liked him in Return of Illjimae but now I just can’t stop staring at him!

      • 14.1.2 mayke

        No, if until the end he love Yikyung, and Jihyun only be his assignment/bridge for him to retrieve his past. My guess Jihyun will find Yikyung lover things/photos and know he’s scheduler and eventually tell him. I feel this will be the case.

        • Laeah

          I think that he’s Lee Kyungs ex love and he killed himself by jumping in front of a car and then he asked to become a Scheduler instead of returning. And he loved Lee Kyoung too but neither knew it yet. So then!!!!! Later he will realize what’s up and he will be sad. lol

          Just one plot theory – because he had talked about a person who suicided and chose not to return.

    • 14.2 So3

      Agree that Ju-hyun comes alive whenever she’s played by Lee Yo Won!! Much much more lovable…

      I actually kinda want to see Yi-Kyung with Kang… though i dunno how this can happen… haha

      • 14.2.1 asianromance

        same here!

  15. 15 Alvina

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      can’t wait for that scene =D

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    and i’m really impressed by Lee Yo Won’s acting, she’s the key of this show, if she’s great, the show will be great, if she’s just so-so, the show will be just so-so, and as i see this far, she did a wonderful job.. 😉

    • 20.1 joy


  20. 21 alove

    Just dwelling on a theory-

    Softy mentioned on her site that Scheduler could have a possible connection to Yi Kyung. I think that’d be an interesting twist, having EVERYONE really connected to each other. If YK’s past love hadn’t gotten into an accident, YK wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide, and JH wouldn’t be in a coma right now. And then there’s the fact that she was distracted while driving for other reasons, and being in a coma could help clean up her life if she finds this seal and interrupts MH’s plans…

    Lots of possible depth that could go on here.

  21. 22 ice

    I’m confused!!!
    Who is Kang suppose to really fall in love with later?
    Yi-Kyung or Ji-Hyun IN Yi-Kyung’s body?

    • 22.1 ananta-toer

      Ji-Hyun, I think it would make more sense to the story. He is drawn to Yi-Kyung in the first place because it is Ji-Hyun, and all the lil things Yi Kyung does that remains him of Ji-Hyun, though the whistle thing is unnecessary.

      As for Yi Kyung and the scheduler, maybe this whole thing with Ji-Hyung is supposed to happen so that they too could have their closure, maybe Ji-Hyun would find the dead boy friend pic aka scheduler and she’ll play some kinda part so that they could say a proper goodbye.

      So the Hot Reaper Boy is remain single after all..yay

      • 22.1.1 weekender

        “So the Hot Reaper Boy is remain single after all..yay”

        coz he belongs to us…rawwrr

  22. 23 YY

    Reaper Boy keeps changing his clothes. I don’t think he’ll fall for Ji Hyun. He’s not human. He’s Reaper Boy.

    Kang is so cute and adorable. I want him to sense Ji Hyun’s presence cos he loves her the most.

    Ji Hyun’s eyes are so round and big and dark they creep me out.

    Bad Boyfriend is as wooden as ever. He always looks perplexed. Weird.

    • 23.1 ananta-toer

      I hate to make this kinda comment but seriously that bothers me the most is her cheek, it doesn’t even move like an inch when she smiles or cries. Aishh and this role is a winner.

  23. 24 Jenni

    ZOMG PLZ HAVE JI HYUN AND THE SCHEDULER BE TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE. Not the afterlife (although that would definitely be bending the rules quite severely.. so afterlife romance is fine with me, too).

    BUT I LOVE Kang and Ji hyun too. After all, the only reason why he’s falling for Yi Kyung is because his love, Ji Hyun, is reminded to him by her (who is actually the one doing all interactions).

    • 24.1 marina

      Agree with youuu! Scheduler and Ji Hyun have great potential but her true love is HKang ! 🙂

  24. 25 maria

    i hate how Bae Soo Bin signs up for roles that try really hard to make me love him less…. YEP, NOT SUCCEEDING, BAE SOO BIN! i still love you to pieces!

    • 25.1 omo

      Maybe just maybe the land that he tries to get hold of is some kind indigenous forest in jeju island which belong to his ancestor. Ji Hyung’s dad bribed govt official to get the land in the first place. Now Bae Soo Bin and his sister (yes Ji-Hyun’s best friend is his sister after all) are in a mission to protect the indigenous forest so that the people there could preserve their sustainable community-based forest management. How’s that?

      • 25.1.1 IstayedoutallNight

        add to that, an accidental lawsuit in the past that causes his father’s heart attack leading to a death, and maybe a resort that has displaced a lot of people from his hometown…

      • 25.1.2 YY

        Actually, Bae Soo Bin is good. The bad guy we are seeing is his doppelganger, Bae Soo Bad. It’s his doppelganger doing all the bad stuff. The good Bae Soo Bin is actually in a coma. Bae Soo Bad took over his body and did all the bad stuff. The doppelganger reveals his true self only at night. Yup, he’s the guy who goes to buy cigarettes every night. Jerk!

  25. 26 mellissa

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    • 26.1 YY

      Yeah, I second that! Want more Kang! Kang thinking! Kang smiling! Kang laughing! Kang crying! Kang showering! Kang in bed! Kang in shower! Kang in tub! Kang in shower! Oops, I said that already…

      • 26.1.1 beka

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    • 27.1 Jomo

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    Skipping good ones like you did for Sungkyunkwan scandal?
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    49 Days, Thorn Birds & New Gisaeng are in my top list…can’t wait for the next episode feeling…

    • 30.1 helma rivers

      totally agree Ms. Ellen my #1 on the list new tales then 49 days and thornbird. can’t for those 3 to come out every week.

  30. 31 NAOMI

    Methinks Lee Yo-won and Jung Il-woo is the only saving grace for this drama, right now. The screen lits up everytime they pop up or in one scene. Their presence is the strongest. I wish more screen time of them together. Seo Ji-hye and Bae Soo-bin only works for me when they together. Jo Hyun-jae, his character a bit boring imo, Im more interested in who the woman she love in the end. And Nam Gyu-ri? How can she make Ji Hyun soooo boring and doll-expresionless? Where the similarity with Lee Yo-won portrayal!?

    • 31.1 marine

      Ahhh…. Totally AGREE !!

      i want Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won’s together Scene to be MORE !!

      hahaahah.. i just find they have such a cute chemistry compared to JIW-NGR… errrrr……………………………

      ah yeah, and Ji Hyun’s as Lee Yo Won is 200% better than Nam Gyu Ri’s 😀

      • 31.1.1 clock

        no.. i think it’s 400% better for lee yo won….

      • 31.1.2 Bench

        i don’t see any chemistry between LYW and JIW. LYW looks too old for him. Like his VERY old sister or an auntie. This becomes even more obvious during close up shots of LYW. She looks old for JIW.

        I think it would be cooler if JIW just stay a hip, cool scheduler, not meddling in human affairs.

        SJH is the only pretty girl in this drama. Can we make 1 more of her to pair up with the handsome and charming Kang?

        • randomfacts

          Really? you should read Jung Il Woo’s latest Interview, he said she is LEE YO WON who’s actress he feel THE BEST CHEMISTRY EVER a long his acting career…

          and Don’t forget to see Jung Ilwoo’s TWITTER where he uploads his photos together with LEE YO WON and Both are so CUTE…

          so, how can we say JIW-LYW has no chem? ^^

          • coconana

            Interesting that JIW said that! Bench may not be convinced of the chemistry on-screen, but I certainly see it! To me, they are selling it in spades!

            And I don’t buy that someone looking too old for someone means they can’t have that spark. But maybe that’s because as a serious, next-level noona (read: OLD) I’d kill for some “chemistry” with say, Kim Bum.

          • Suou89

            Here the interview:


            Count me as one of you who feels the strong chem with JIW-LYW. Feel it immediately in their first meeting, when he give her mobile phone. Not that JIW-NGR have no chemistry, its just JIW-LYW is stronger for me.

        • randomfacts

          wanna Proove?

          here is JIW’s TWITTER : http://m.tweete.net/J_frog

          on the first day 49 Days airing (16 March), he tweeted along with his cute photo with the lovely Lee Yo Won :

          and and….. this is Jung Il Woo’s latest Interview, read it and you’ll find what i mean…


          YEAY for LYW-JIW Shipper !!!!!!!! LOL

          • boo

            Nope, I too dont see the chemistry.. JIW-NGR are surprisingly endearing together… LYW matches well with Kang 🙂

        • jelly-jamboree

          I agree that LYW looks a little too old for JIW. HOWEVER, if we’re following the logic that he’s actually her dead boyfriend, this would make sense since she would have aged & he didn’t (because….well, he’s dead)

          • randomfacts

            in fact LYW is even 7 years OLDER than JIW, but i don’t find her looks is as old as her real age.

            lee yo won is one of so few actress who’s still looks so young and cutie in her 30s

  31. 32 gustave154

    Loving the show!! Thanks for the recap for us non-Korean people here! I want to see more cute Han and Ji Hyun scenes!!!

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    i’m getting into deep with this drama. lurve it!

    the storyline, the characters and everything in it, I LURVE!

    and most of all i LURVE the hip SCHEDULER! way to go, show!

    • 33.1 nonski

      i mean “in too”

  33. 34 YY

    I think Kang will end up with Ji Hyun. He loves her and is drawn to Yi Kyung cos of Ji Hyun’s mannerisms. I think he’s going to be more and more baffled by her similarities to Ji Hyun and maybe the things she says will slowly make him realise that she is in fact Ji Hyun.

    Yi Kyung needs closure, and I think there will be no romance for her. She serves as a means for Ji Hyun to regain her body back. There is no interaction between her and Kang at all.

    Also, I think there’s some history between Kang and Ji Hyun. Something happened that embarrassed both of them….could she have liked him at first before she met the bad guy? And could there be a plot behind the supposedly fated romance between the bad guy and Ji Hyun? Maybe the best friend knew bad guy way before Ji Hyun met him, and conspired to make her fall for him? Maybe the best friend deliberately got lost so that he could rescue Ji Hyun and play the romantic hero?

    • 34.1 MELLIssa

      At this point in the drama i do agree that Kang and JH will end together. Kang loves JH, it is very obvious, every thought, every action points to that.

      Also agree with your point about YK – no romance for her, she is just a means for JH to regain her body. And there will be no interaction between her and Kang.

      YK and Kang – 2 lives almost approaching but not touching.

      But, there are times when my mind rebels against this setup. I think I will wait until next week’s episodes before I decide which side to take.

    • 34.2 Jomo

      Hmmmmmmm…Physically, I like Kang better with YK.
      I like her roughed up persona being warmly cared for by him, not just because I love him with all my heart, but she deserves someone like Kang.

      JH is a survivor;she knows how to fight for what she needs. I think she will be fine without getting Kang. If there is one thing I learned from watching Giant is there is a stage where REVENGE is more important that LOVE.
      She needs to concentrate on Bae Soo Bad’s downfall right now.

      Whatever history JH has with Kang, I don’t care right now.
      I want her to be with Hot Reaper Boy. I like them physically together more. I don’t have a reason.

      • 34.2.1 MELLIssa

        “Physically, I like Kang better with YK.
        I like her roughed up persona being warmly cared for by him, not just because I love him with all my heart, but she deserves someone like Kang.”

        This is the reason why my mind rebels at the idea that YK and Kang will not meet at all. I think YK needs a warm and caring man like KANG to heal and move on with her life.

        BUT what stops me from shipping YK and KANG right now is that KANG is obviously so in love with another woman. For him to be able to give YK warm loving care, his heart has to be free to give that kind of love to YK.

        So for now, I am still on the fence on who I want to end up with HOT, SEXY AND TOTALLY ADORABLE KANG…

        • Jomo

          If there are enough episodes, Kang can let go of one love and fall for another.

          I can’t wait to see when the two lives of YK’s body start to intersect.

          What if Kang, or anyone who knows YK/J goes to the store in the middle of the night?

          What if Mr. Stalker, if he is not the night-time Reaper holder, goes to eat at Kang’s restaurant?

        • asianromance

          you all have wonderful reasoning for the YK x Kang couple!

          Since that is almost an impossibility, I’m also shipping Yi-Kyung and Ji-Hyun as soul-buddies or soul-sisters. I think YK really needs someone like JH who is cheerful and good to her friends. And you can tell that Yi-Kyung is loyal to a fault. With her lover dead, she’s living as the walking dead.

        • Biscuit

          Agreed, but it’s not just that Kang is in love with Ji-hyun, even in Yi-Kyung’s body, it’s still Ji-Hyun’s personality. Even if Yi-kyun was in control of her body and became happy, would Kang still be attracted to Yi-Kyung’s character and personality, or still attracted to Ji-Hyun?

      • 34.2.2 hannah

        I like Kang with YK as herself too. Even though they have yet to meet. I want Kang to “fix” her and bring her back to life. I don’t think YK is there merely just for JH’s soul to borrow. Well I hope not. She has her story as well which we haven’t seen much of. It could be that Kang meet and become involved with YK because of JH but end up falling for YK instead. It’s still too early to say anything now. Hope Kang will meet YK soon. thankyou for the recap! 🙂

      • 34.2.3 missjb

        OMG ME TOO! I love jo hyun jae better with lee yoo won than with nam gyu ri. After all LYW is the one who can build up strong chemistry between ji hyun’s soul and kang, not Nam Gyu Ri. And i like NGR better with HOT Reaper, not with Jo Hyun Jae. They are look good together. I hope at this poiint, there is a loveline between JH – REaper boy and Hang Kang – Yi Kung, I ship them.

  34. 35 noi

    damn the scheduler man sure keeps me watching the screen xD

    • 35.1 Hot Reaper Boy

      Thanks for the compliment. I can’t stop watching myself too. Damn, I’m hot!

      • 35.1.1 guini


  35. 36 lulu

    loveee Kang!!! he’s sooo cute and hot at the same time! and actually i kinda like NGR. I think she fits the role of jihyun as a bright and bubbly girl pretty well.. Anyw thanks for the recap and can’t wait for the next ep!!!! KANG JJANG!!!! <333

  36. 37 lulu

    oh and btw anyone knows how to live stream sbs channel online? I live outside Korea and really want to watch the real korean TV channel.. not just the cuts from youtube etc. thankiess.

    • 37.1 momosan

      Can you get TVU? If so, it’s channel 81037

      • 37.1.1 lulu

        yay! just downloaded it and it works. now i can watch korean tv . thanks heaps!

    • 37.2 momosan

      Just realized that was too brief unless you already knew what TVU is
      – ok, TVU = http://www.tvunetworks.com/
      From there you can either watch online, or download the TVU app and watch on your computer. OR, if you have an android phone, go to the android market, download the app, pay $4 or so bucks as an annual fee and you can watch on your phone and eat up your data minutes like crazy….
      SBS is channel 81037
      MBC is channel 89991
      and there are a couple of other Korean channels on there.

  37. 38 Lenita

    good story. i would guess though, it’s much more than money grabbing that the in jung and min ho are after. i’d even venture out that whatever that reason is, it’s got to do with yi kyung (and the reason she lays flowers at the intersection).

    niweys, liking it so far.

  38. 39 supah

    The mirroring was nice, could get used to a more sombre Nam Gyuri.

    J’adored the scene when Ji-hyun, Scheduler are having a chat over Yi-kyung as she’s hunched over eating her instant noodles. Nice familial touch to it, yet we know in reality she’s all alone in that room.

    Yes, more Jo Hyun-jae, please!

    And what on earth are talenthouses like Son Byeong-ho and Moon Hee-kyung doing here as extras??
    That’s yet MORE talent down the drain… Aaargh…

  39. 40 Jomo

    Someone please help me understand the stamp thing.

    This is what I get:
    If someone wanted to make a, in this case, real estate transaction – buy or sell – the person who OWNS the land, or who is BUYING the land, needs to officially stamp the paper.
    BUT, it isn’t witnessed, or notarized?

    So I can STEAL the stamp, make the transaction, then put the stamp back and nobody will be suspicious?

    Let’s say the accident never happened. Bae Soo Bad and IJerk-friend do whatever bad thing they are doing, and stamp the stamp. The transaction goes through. Someone now owns something they shouldn’t. Got it.

    Isn’t this where the living Ji-hyun pops up ans says, “I didn’t stamp that. What proof do you have that my hand did that?” Game cutchi for bad guys?

    • 40.1 Ambie

      thank goodness! Im not the only one confused about that!!

    • 40.2 MELLIssa

      confused about this seal thing too…

    • 40.3 omo

      Have been wondering the same thing. Why don’t they just sign things? Does everyone must have that kind of stamp in Korea?

  40. 41 deeko

    Gosh… This show just makes me so happy inside. I’m so pleased with both men, The Scheduler and Mr. Kang. My goodness, I always smile when they come on screen.

    They both have interact so well with Yi-Kyung/Ji-Hyun.

    Although I’m starting to wonder if Yi-Kyung’s character will not get to “shine” on her own (until much later in the story) without Ji-Hyun spirit inside her.

    Can’t wait for the unfolding of drama. Love this show!

  41. 42 Lost without KDrama

    Thanks for the re-cap JB!

    It took me till Ep.2 to really get into 9 Days.

    What got me on board is Min-ho being shown as a two-timing scheming b#rst#rd.

    I also like Ji-hyun in Yi-kyung’s body. I think they’ve matched the best of both with Ji-hyun’s ‘was grating but now cute’ personality matched with Yi-kyung’s natural look (obviously way better when her hair is washed and clothes aren’t drab rags).

    And doesn’t Kang make you think ‘want want want!’?

    • 42.1 MELLIssa

      “And doesn’t Kang make you think ‘want want want!’?”

      Oh yes, been wanting him since ep 1

  42. 43 nutty

    Love this show! Havent been this excited since SKKS!

    I simply love the ‘tear-drop’ necklace that JH’s wearing!

    after watching ep 2, i thought that the guy who rescued YK is YK’s ex who’s like JH given a second chance to return to earth…

    but after reading posts on the possibility that gorgeous hot stud reaper is YK’s ex…

    am watching the chinese translations…did anyone catch that bit on this episode where the reaper hot stud
    – says he needs to get through 5 years before he can live again &
    – asks JH not to call him to YK’s place cos everytime he visits his heart feels weird??

    sure wish to watch more on YK’s life story…her life has revolved round the convenience store for 3 episodes!

    • 43.1 malia

      I was also thinking that the guy who goes to Yi-kyung’s convenience store every night might be like another Ji-hyun but the reaper being her ex would be a lot more interesting…………………

      • 43.1.1 mayke

        It cant be. Boyfriend dead for 5 year already. Too long time passed. Besides, people given chance for 49 Days collecting teardrops must be still alive, just in vegetative/comatose.

        • mayke

          I mean, Mr.Stalker cant be her dead bf soul. Because bf passed away 5 years ago and even if he in comatose for a while, he still eventually dead. So in regard of YK bf, only 3 options possible:

          1. Reaper was him.
          2. He was altogether different character/actor outside the present casts.
          3. Drama will not fully explaining YK story so no clear story about bf.

          Biggest possibility on no.1 and least on no.3.

          • malia

            *facepalm* I’m a bit dense…

          • deeko

            Wow. For a brief moment when they showed the corpse on the road, I also thought number 1 was true… but he seems a bit detached from Yi-Kyung so I changed my mind.

  43. 44 far away

    Here comes the recap and as always I’ve been waiting for it the whole day and once it is out I keep saying “no, no , NO I’m not reading it before watching the episode”

    It is so hard to do that especially while waiting for the subs so I stop by million times and every time I say ” oh just the first paragraph” , the next time I would say “I’ll just check the pictures” and it goes like this till I read it twice , at least, before I watch the episode 🙁

    I’m so in love with this show ..
    Please show don’t lose your way toward the end
    please don’t let the cuteness drag you into silliness
    and please don’t get me all hooked and impatiently anticipating and then leave me heartbroken crying my heart out.


    Here me writers??

    thanks for the recap 🙂

  44. 45 all4movies

    I’m liking 49 Days more and more.

    Finally, a kdrama I can really get into!

  45. 46 sabrina

    love love love 49 days and extra LOVE for the handsome reaper!!!!

    wah I just love this drama…It’s really good that they let Ji Hyun realised quite early in the drama about the cheaters around her….it’s a pity coz she thought they are the ones she can trust and rely on- especially in her attempt to get the 3 tears from…

    the Scheduler and his fashion sense…cool and trendy!!! (to be honest, i think if someone else tries them, it would look weird…no one could pull them off like him!)

    overall,this drama have a lot of potential…it’s very interesting to see how the storyline will go…

  46. 47 malia

    I just LOVE the dynamic between Ji-hyun and the reaper!

  47. 48 Bluefyre

    I’m loving this and I love that JB and GF is loving this too 😉
    Thank you, Scheduler! I owe you one, I’m sure.

  48. 49 sophie

    I wonder why it has to be 49 days, and not 48 or 50? Would that number, or the number 7, mean anything particular in this story context?

    • 49.1 momosan

      yes, it does mean something. In Mahayana Buddhist lore, there is an estimated 49 days before re-incarnation. Depending on your particular tradition, various things are going on during that time, but that’s where it’s from.

      • 49.1.1 sophie

        Ah ‘ha! That makes total sense now. Thanks for the info!

    • 49.2 Jomo

      Does it sound cool in Korean?

  49. 50 Eva

    Is it just me or are Lee Yo Won’s legs super skinny/all bones? That and Nam Gyu Ri’s face jostle me out of the story at times, haha. And Seo Ji Hye’s looking like a perfect mixture of Kim So Yeon and Eugene (I couldn’t finish Over the Rainbow – too painful, but I remember her from that!). But anyways, enjoying the drama, watching the eps as soon as the quick ones appear onlne.

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