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Han Ji-hye provides a glimpse behind the scenes of The Duo
by | March 10, 2011 | 22 Comments

Hello. I’m actress Han Ji-hye. I play the educated and talented Dong-nyeo in The Duo, and so am diligently learning calligraphy, painting flowers, and horseback riding. I began for the sake of the drama, but at some point they became my hobbies. I was scared when I got on horseback for the first time, but now it’s a lot of fun. I’ve improved a lot in my calligraphy and painting, too. I’ve also gained a lot of friends through filming The Duo. Dal-yi (Seo Hyun-jin, Chun-dong (Chun Jung-myung), and Gwi-dong (Lee Sang-yoon) are all around the same age, so we were able to become friends. Would you like to see for yourselves how close we are? Here~ I give to you the filming set for The Duo.

As you can see, lead actress Han Ji-hye provides a look at what life is like working on her current drama, MBC’s historical drama The Duo, providing bits of commentary to accompany the photos. I always enjoy these kinds of features, and you may remember that there was one by Choi Jung-won a while back when she was shooting Wish Upon a Star. (I don’t think Han’s is nearly as cute as Choi’s, but I’ll take what I can get.)

So without further ado…

A friendly photo, outdoors with Jung-myung-sshi! It was actually so cold that my entire body was frozen. I hope the weather warms up quickly. It’s cold. *sobs*


What do you think? I’m riding a horse here. ^^ Can you feel Dong-nyeo’s charisma?


This photo was taken secretly by my manager. Sang-yoon-sshi, what are you dooooing?~ And I wonder where I’m looking…


Dong-nyeo, being standoffish. Aigoo~ Embarrassing~


This was taken while I was running lines with Jung-myung-sshi. When I’m filming with Jung-myung-sshi, our resident mood-maker, I can’t stop smiling.


This one was taken at the drama’s opening prayer ceremony. Please show even more love for The Duo.


We’re the four leads of The Duo. Doesn’t it feel really different seeing us dressed in street clothes rather than hanboks?


Everybody’s busy preparing for shooting. At this moment, I was clutching my script and memorizing my dialogue.

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22 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. adj


  2. Fasiris Fay

    haven’t seen this drama…is she any good in it?

  3. Cam

    Oooooooooh!!! ^_________^

    That’s VERY interesting & I love reading some funny comments (under the pictures), heheh!

    KEEP IT UP!! (Yea Yea, Fasiris Fay, this drama “The Duo” is really GOOD and you need to watch this because it’s very INTERESTING.) =)

  4. Christy

    Gotta pick up this drama. Looks good!

  5. snow

    nice pics! han ji hye looks lovely. and chun jung myung as resident mood-maker? awwwww *big smile*

  6. ZOee

    Uhhhhh Han Ji-hye is in it….i must watch!!…i really like her on east of eden, i think i will start watching it, specially since all my bubblelly dramas are over:C

  7. Laica

    I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at Chun Jung-myung’s face either. 😀

  8. bd

    In real life, HJH has a real bright/bubbly personality and she’s a pretty good dancer to boot.

    Saeguks tend to squeeze out any personality from female characters since they usually have to act so prim and proper, so it’ll be interesting to see if HJH’s character retains some of HJH’s personality.

  9. kc

    Go Hye mi??? is da’ you?

  10. 10 awesomenesstothemax

    HJY is so pretty!

  11. 11 gineena

    She’s at it again. She also posted funny pics of her with cast of EOE when they are shooting. Even the senior actors did wacky pose. Chun Jun Myung as mood maker..I think MGY said that about him too on the set of Cinderella sisters. sure fun on the set wit bubbly Jihye and moodemaker Jun Myung!

  12. 12 Usi

    Good to see she looks healthier again. She was so skinny recently and even lost her cute cheeks.

    • 12.1 bd

      Yeah, for a while, HJH got a bit too thin.

  13. 13 d

    sorry JB, but Han Ji-hye is cutest to me .^^. LOVE The duo

  14. 14 LOL

    she is so good in it, I always think she is a really good actress. Watch it guys

  15. 15 Leitiza

    Hello All! I don’t know where to write this..but I just saw the news and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan…

  16. 16 bluebunny

    did she get blepharoplasty? i always thought she had monolids?!

    • 16.1 BOGCHI

      I think it’s just because she’s looking down in that picture.

    • 16.2 bd

      HJH has dbl eyelids that are “hidden” dbl eyelids (except when one is looking a certain way, such as down in the photo).

      Among Asians, there are a wide variety of dbl eyelids.

  17. 17 happyjack

    Breathtaking, as usual. No further talents need be added. She’s like a magnet to me!

  18. 18 cathy

    I like this drama

  19. 19 Cheb

    Cool. I like The Duo 🙂

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