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Jung Woo-sung confirms romance with Lee Jia
by | March 20, 2011 | 168 Comments

Another star romance is born! Rumors have been swirling for the past week, but movie star Jung Woo-sung has officially confirmed his romance with Athena co-star Lee Jia, much to what I imagine is a lot of chagrin from his legions of fans.

The news initially hit the media after it was discovered that the couple recently enjoyed a date together in Paris. After the initial rounds of “no comment” from both stars’ management teams, on March 20, Jung wrote the following message on his official website: “Hello, this is Jung Woo-sung. I’ve met a new friend for whom I have warm feelings, and we’ve been enjoying spending time together since the latter half of our drama.”

(It may sound like a vague message, considering “new friend” and “enjoying time together” can sound ambiguous in English, but in this context it is essentially an open declaration. An acknowledgement of rumors instead of strong denial is about as clear a confirmation as we’ll ever get.)

Apparently this was the first time Jung Woo-sung has personally alluded to romance rumors in his career. He reconfirmed the news at his fanmeeting later that day in Seoul — the 20th is Jung’s 38th birthday — when a fan asked what in particular he liked about Lee Jia. Jung answered, “I can talk to her easily. I liked that about her.”

Another fan asked what his thoughts on marriage were, and he said, “If I marry, I’d like to have two children.” An attendee described his behavior thusly: “Jung Woo-sung was shy as he confessed that he’s dating. He said he’s happy. He looked really bright and innocent. The fans were all very surprised at first, but they clapped in congratulations.”

With this news, join the smallish group of star couples who have openly admitted their dating status, such as Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin, Park Hee-soon and Park Ye-jin, and Se7en and Park Han-byul. Hm, with the dissolution of the Hyun Bin/Song Hye-gyo pairing (and the rumors of Choi Ji-woo splitting from Lee Jin-wook), does this make Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia the new reigning power couple?

Below, the couple in Athena:

The couple spotted a week ago, in Paris:

Via Star News, TV Report


168 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. saraha

    I’m happy for him… but I’m just not a fan of Lee Ji Ah.

    • 1.1 drama fever

      I am happy for him too. I think she ‘s pretty but he is way too HOT to be compare to any women. Maybe that is the reason why we will always see no other woman will be good enough for him. But hey, she makes him happy enough to admit to the public and so far no other women had make it to the news. Good for her to meet him at the ripe age for marriage. I hope they will end up at the altar even though I not a fan of her.

    • 1.2 tiffany

      i second that^

  2. ieyzan

    i want eric and park si yeon to reconcile, they are both beautiful

    • 2.1 maeumi

      me like like like like like this comment!

      • 2.1.1 ieyzan

        im sure eric regretted breaking up with si yeon since she has now become more beautiful and attractive. please God, please grant my wish…but deep inside, i know this would not happen.

        • Tiff

          So her looks (by way of surgeon) should be the reason why he should suddenly go back to someone he felt he could live without?

          I appreciate it more when stars keep their relationships private. Too bad Woo Sung was forced into admitting this which can put a strain on a budding relationship.

          • :D


          • SadieStarr

            agree..thats soo fake to go bck to person just cuz they look better now..but yea…i think its good when celebs keep their relationships secret..cuz they deserve happiness too…lyk se7en and park hanbyul

      • 2.1.2 tiffany

        second that ^ haha

    • 2.2 chichaloca

      me to like those couple..also Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye.but its just a history ;(

    • 2.3 joZD

      PSY beautiful? heh. Thanks for knives.

  3. Jossy

    I’d be estatic for JWS if it was anyone but Lee JiAh… Pleasant as she is(may seem?) I’m just not a fan of hers (ESP. Her acting) but that’s just the raging fangirl in me… Ugh I can’t be believe she’s nabbed Mr. Good! Lol Ohwells that still leaves Mr. Bad… A girl can only Dreeeam..

  4. safa

    i dont love that girl

    • 4.1 msim

      But he does.
      Grow up!

  5. saraha

    And I can’t help but notice her nose– I know, I know. Looks aren’t the end-all and be-all BUT whenever she’s on screen or I’m looking at her photo– I keep looking at her nose. It bothers me!

    • 5.1 gg

      Haha I know what you mean. Looks to me like she had some work done so it’s a little unnatural. I’m sure plenty of actresses have done the same but hers sticks out more. Having said that, I reckon Choi Ji Woo is one of the worst, but no one mentions anything because she’s much more popular…hmm

      • 5.1.1 SpongeBob

        You mean plastic surgery for CJW? Which part, care to enlighten?

        • gg

          *sorry, I forgot to mention – my personal opinion ofc*
          The bridge of CJW’s nose is very thin and straight – far more extreme than the average Korean – and the nasal tip is similarly unnatural-looking (imo). If you look at a school photo, apart from the nose, she looks alike, but I can’t help but focus on her nose when I see her.

          I used CJW as an example, since I always think people bring up the question of surgery/looks when the actor is not popular or plays a villainous role (eg vicious viikii comments relating to surgery etc whenever the evil character appears) but no one really looks so scrutinously at those whom they admire. Anyway, I’m sure no one cares so I’ll stop now πŸ™‚

          • SpongeBob

            I also find CJW’s nose kind of funny too.

            So, I asked one of her diehard fan about the possibility of her having a plastic surgery. She said no.the example she gave was “if you have watched star’s lover, you would see at one part where YJT pushed her to the bookshelf and kissed her hard. If it is a plastic nose, the nose will go crooked!!” hence, the conclusion is that CJW’s nose is 100% genuine!!

            Can you enlighten me if a girl has gone a plastic nose, will her nose go crooked, when kissing her hard? πŸ˜€

          • Laeah

            They more often do nose injections rather than actual rhinoplasty in Korea…. So that’s why it looks awkward

          • SpongeBob

            The funny nose is a fact! My question is not on their funny nose. What I want to know is that will the nose crooked if being kissed hard?

            As the procedure is called rhinoplasty, is there meant it will create an instant rhino nose?

    • 5.2 Ashley

      Her nose bothers me too. It’s all I can look at when she’s on screen or in her photos.

      • 5.2.1 JiHwan

        Agreed. Her nose is all I see when I look at her face.

    • 5.3 girlatsea

      You know, I hadn’t noticed her nose. But now that you pointed it out, it’s all I see.

    • 5.4 bluebelle

      I think she didn’t do anything to her nose. She had a surgery on her legs only but for natural causes. LJA is from the US, proper family background and became an actress through proper interview on TWSSG. She didn’t start her career from serving ‘tea’ to the manager in Korea. She has a different lifestyle from a lot of other K entertainers. Her agency is Key East. No need to say regarding in taking care of their clients personal matters. Unless the clients themselves create a bad image. I’m happy for both of them.

      • 5.4.1 JiHwan

        She DEFINITELY did her nose and various other items on her face, but then again that’s just my opinion. Its not like I can split her face open and prove it.

        • bluebelle

          LOL! You definitely knew that she did her nose and other items on her face and yet your opinion can’t prove it with the surgeon or the clinic or you are inside the OT. This kind of opinion is destructive.

          • JiHwan

            Right. I’m obviously not a plastic surgeon, nor was I underneath the table when she got work done. However, bad plastic surgery is very easily noticed. Her features don’t look natural to me, and obviously a lot of people above agree with that. It’s just MY speculations.

      • 5.4.2 J

        Yes to me LJA did not undergo plastic surgery in her nose. During the TWSSG filming her nose still look the same as now. As I analysed on her previous interviews after her drama TWSSG, it seems she came from a well to do family with independent(owned) enterprise and been studying in Pasadena where the famous and prestigious Art Center College of Design. Maybe she live in LA or Pasadena itself, a scenic residential community. To me, she is a humble and shy actress and I’m so happy that JWS admitted that he likes her. Do hope that feelings of like will blossom into unending love. LJA is pretty and beautiful within(inner beauty). She looks lovely even without or less make up. So JWS and LJA be HAPPY and don’t mind comments from envious bloggers. Fighting . . . AJA. .

  6. gin

    I love Lee Ji ah in ‘The Legend’, and she seems a nice person. I’m happy for them.

  7. ais

    JWS looks radiantly happy.. I’m glad he can talk about his lovelife freely.

  8. Linda165

    Lucky girl!

  9. Maria

    They look HOT together!

  10. 10 jaded3351

    As a fan of JWS if he’s happy I’m happy.

  11. 11 ohlakakablah

    he’s like 8 years older than her.

    • 11.1 janna

      A 20 and 28 year old might have different priorities in life, but by 30 you’re kind of on the same level as anyone older than 30…

      But just for you I’ll do the math. (Pulls out glasses) 38 divided by 2 is 19… plus 7 carry the 1….
      Jung Woo-sung can date anyone 26 or older. It’s all cool guys, math is never wrong.

      • 11.1.1 YY

        LOL at the glasses

      • 11.1.2 paula253


      • 11.1.3 anais

        Soooo disagree. A post-35 yo definitely has a different mindset from a pre-35 yo.

        • janna

          I’m not bashing or stalking this thread but I’m curious to know what is different, so please elaborate…?

        • Laeah

          uh…. yeah, because people magically all grow up during 35. -eyeroll-

      • 11.1.4 MJP

        I am a very experienced person in this area. I have dated from six years younger than me to ten years older than me. It’s all good either way.

        I have a girlfriend who always dated men 20+ years older, and she married a man 20+ years older. He has adult children older than her. They have been married now for 15+ years and are very happy.

        Age is irrelevant when complimenting personalities are in place.

        • crackers

          Who want to apply this one? May be the experienced one should tell CJW to apply. Application is opened till April 22nd.

          Aussie millionaire offers W2.5b for Korean bride
          An Australian millionaire is looking for love and willing to offer more than 2 billion won ($1.7 million) for it, according to a marriage consulting firm.
          The 80-year-old bachelor has promised to give the lucky spouse 1 billion won in cash and 1.5 billion won in private estates.
          Korean Herald.

    • 11.2 Biscuit

      I seem to be not understand why some thinks it a big deal for there to be an 8 year difference?

      And what’s the big deal if they do have different mindsets? Does he need to find a partner with the exact same age and mindset as his own? If he likes her, it’s his choice.

    • 11.3 Pat

      what does age matter?

    • 11.4 Laeah

      SO what? Everyone has their own preferences. If you don’t like an 8 year gap, that’s cool. But some of us love it.

  12. 12 chajjye

    LOL. Give her a break. Just because she may not be a great actress, she must be an attractive person to JWS in real life. πŸ™‚

    • 12.1 chrysalisgal

      I second that. Who are we to judge that Jung Woo Sung or any actor for that matter… should date Oscar-winning actress…. it’s their life and they should date whoever they want… they do not need our consents!! LOL

    • 12.2 Lea

      Kudos to you. Some comments in this thread is really immature.
      Besides, I think Lee Ji Ah is a good actress. Not great, but better than many popular actresses nowadays.

    • 12.3 mary


      An actor need not have a girlfriend who acts well.

      Otherwise, Jang Geun Sook and I are over. πŸ™

      (And you gals out there can stop mooning over Won Bin/Hyun Bin right now!)

      • 12.3.1 D


  13. 13 Casie

    As long as Binnie is free I’m happy. <3

  14. 14 maez


  15. 15 Praline

    U can love or hate her it doesn’t matter for him since HE choose her so shut up :p

  16. 16 Samara

    Really happy for them, in the drama he choose the other girl but in real life it’s LJH so yay for them ^^

  17. 17 sandy

    there is lee bo young and ji sung couple which you forgot to mention they are younger and more talented even if they are less glamorous

  18. 18 Antonia

    ty jb,

    I am glad for both of them !!

    they are not getting younger, high time !

    fate, destiny and his wishes for two babies,

    oh ! pahle, pahle !!.

    • 18.1 Antonia

      forgot to write this – I like her sweet smile !!.

  19. 19 Y

    let them date and get married … at 30 , she should have a baby already ….I have already 2 kids when I was 30 , lol !

    • 19.1 MJP

      I didn’t marry until 38 yrs old. I had my son at 40!

      I say let people live their single lives and marry when they are ready. Some early, my nephew married for the first time at age 17. Some late, my uncle married for the first time at age 62.

      • 19.1.1 SpongeBob

        Since you have so much experience, how is it like for CJW to date LJW who is 7 years younger?

        • MJP

          Hi SpongeBob! How are you? Your posts remind me a lot of my brother (who is deceased). He enjoyed getting conversation rolling on hot topics too. It’s interesting to see the communicating of the male/female mindsets. πŸ™‚

          Well, my husband is 6 years younger than me. And we are just normal everyday folks. The age difference isn’t an issue or anything to us.

          Was there a specific question you would like to ask?
          Like, do people stare at us when we are out? No.
          Or, Is it a problem that my in-laws are the same age as my oldest sister? No. We talk like family and exchange advice.
          Or, Health concerns? No one is promised tomorrow…

          As you are aware (I remember you are the world traveller), society is different everywhere.

          I can’t personally speak for CJW or LJW.

          • SpongeBob

            Based on my observations of the couple that I knew personally who has older wives, the wives tend to be very protective of the husbands. All of them seems to have extra marital affairs, except one couple. The husband is 12 years younger then the wife. The husband is a French and the wife is a British. All Asian couples that I knew either divorce, separated or living together for the sake of the children.

            I recalled I put up a research by a German professor using the data from 1 million couple in denmark. The conclusion he reached is that for those women who married a younger husband, appeared to have shorter life. The wider the gap, the shorter the life expectancy.

            But, the reverse is applicable to men. hehe…if I ever got married, you bet my wife will be at least 6 years younger than me. That’s what the research said!!

          • MJP

            My personal observations are that marital unfaithfulness can occur in any marriage, I don’t see age differences as a factor. Of course, I am not educated with all the surveys and statistics! πŸ™‚

            I think I understand your comments regarding older women married to younger men in the Denmark survey tending to die at a younger age, but could you clarify? Do you mean due to stress created by being very protective of the husbands? Or were there other reasons cited? Do you have a link to the study? Of course, if it is written in German, I could not read it! Do you recall the name of the survey or the name of the German professor? Then I could read the information being discussed.


          • algagreen

            You are a fantastic authoritative woman not to have any marital , in-laws, problems through out your marriage to the 6 yrs younger man in your whole married life. Everybody must be afraid of you to make you angry. But you are not an A class celeb CJW. Even if you have one black eye , also it won’t come in the front page anywhere. Over here forum threads are for people are putting their ‘concern’ on celebrities including you. So don’t try to compare with your own life with CJW or LJA. You are fantasizing yourself that CJW will have a good quiet true love life if she marries this what so ever popcorn guy.
            Lee JI Ah and Jung Wo Sung’s case is very clear cut. No need to worry whether they make or break up.

          • SpongeBob

            Here is the link to the German research. The reason this research is accepted worldwide is because of the power of the sampling. It is based on 1 million couple in a Scandanavian county which is well-known for equality and liberal-mindedness. Hence, I believe the situation of social sanction from a Korean society may be worst than Denmark attributed to its collective nature of its society.

            (1) UK Guardian Newspapre:

            (2) Actual Press Announcement by Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. The professor’s name is Sven Drefahl


            For light entertainment, you may like to watch this video which I believe it represents CJW and LJW’s position pefectly.

            Jerry signifies CJW and the downhearted duckling signifies LJW.


          • MJP

            Thanks for the information SpongeBob! It will take me some time to read it, so if you wish to continue discussions, we can pick it up again on Friday’s OT. Have a good rest of the week!

    • 19.2 msim

      It baffles me how a woman can tell another woman she has never met what she “should” do and then finish her sentence with “lol”.
      There is nothing to “lol” about.
      A woman can choose when, and if at all, she wants a child.

      Did the 21st century completely skip this thread?
      It’s scary.

      I wish them both happiness.

    • 19.3 Jomo

      He’s almost 40 years old and somehow needs to be accountable to his fans because he is dating someone?

      Does anyone else think he should tell his fans to go mind their own business? This is nuts!

  20. 20 Lea

    I’m not a fan of either of them but I feel so elated as this news broke out. They look so sweet together and I like the way she affectionately put her hand in his pocket in those photos in Paris.

    • 20.1 jojo

      Yes, and when they break up, he can say: “We’ll always have Paris.”

      • 20.1.1 soysauce

        LOL, good one.

      • 20.1.2 MJP

        Ha Ha Ha!

  21. 21 mary

    On another note…

    Seriously? There are rumors that Choi Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook have broken up???

  22. 22 aidablue

    I wish them the best. And a long, happy relationship. ^_^

  23. 23 SpongeBob

    Hehe…what about this BYJ and LNY marriage plan, any news Dramabeans?

  24. 24 BellaMafia

    I woke up, checked dramabeans, and got this news? I’m going back to sleep, curl up, and cry…

    • 24.1 SpongeBob

      LOL!!! What so good about him?

      • 24.1.1 BellaMafia

        I’m a huge fan of him since A Moment to Remember. What so great about him? .. you probably won’t understand :). Well.. to put from your perspective, the news would be more like.. “Patrick Star marries Sandy Cheeks”… lols

        • SpongeBob

          Got it now!! :d

        • MJP

          My husband had to explain this to me. LOL!

          • MJP

            I thought they were porn stars!

        • Dayan

          HAHAHA. Nice one. I laughed out loud with this

  25. 25 rouby

    I’m happy for JWS and LJA,,,,,, LJA so lucky,,,,, πŸ™‚

  26. 26 Director Im

    omo, that’s a nifty eye who caught them. i wouldn’t have recognized either had i not looked closely. hmm, well maybe lee jia if i’ve got a full on frontal sight….

  27. 27 elle loves kdrama

    They look SO cute together! I love it!!!! I am jealous, though… I really want to go back to Paris πŸ˜€

  28. 28 ML

    Man, that Jung Woo Sung sure looks super tall in the Paris pics. They look good together, glad that two of my fav hunks (him and Go Soo) got hit by Cupid’s arrows πŸ™‚

  29. 29 Nhu

    I still can’t believe they were followed and recognized all the way in Paris.

    Anyway, congrats to the couple. They look great together, though I bet with their looks they look great no matter what. xD

  30. 30 Qwenli

    I am not a fan of both but I must say they somehow got that couple look. Hope everything works out for them.

    Jung Woo Sung is heading to the forties and has been single for the longest time?

    I must now go back and watch Athena probably for their parts!

  31. 31 Smoke & Mirrors

    It’s not that I like her, but I like the way he’s thinking… I’m not dissapointed.

    Oppa! Congratulations!

  32. 32 Sam

    So happy when read this news. Finally, we know what he feel about her.

    In the past, i always think that Lee Ji Ah and Bea Yong Joon is a couple and look forward announcement of them about wedding. But now…

    Although, JWS is not hot and popular like BYJ but, i like the way he treats Ji Ah – hold her hand in his pocket, keep silent and waiting for her decision before confirming.

    I love Lee Ji Ah and know, I will love Jung Woo Sung also.

    And one more thing, Lee Ji Ah has a natural beautiful, you can search in internet about her school photos and compare with presents, all of them are the same.

    • 32.1 Pat

      I always thought BYJ was fascinating but not one ounce of sex appeal. very andro. But JWS ia a real cutie. Can’t tell if he can act or not, bit I feel bad for K celebs with all the second guessing as if fans have approval rights on there love life! No wonder ther are so many K actors pushing 40 with no kids.

      • 32.1.1 mia

        Yup….have to agree that BYJ looks so andro. But you should have seen him when he first started out…he’s ok then, it was all that dental work that did him in, somehow it changes the shape of his lips and his smile

    • 32.2 Judyannlou

      Can be more specific to where can i search her school photos.

  33. 33 Net-chan

    Awww WHY? Why didn’t I meet them in the streets of Paris T.T???

    Anyway, I hope this will work ^^. I’m happy for them both!

  34. 34 Rita (Tarits)

    I am happy with this news. Go marry JWS and show us beautiful babies!

  35. 35 Carinne

    I suppose if you can share a bed scene then anything is possible thereafter.

    I think she got lucky to wrap her fingers around him during his vulnerable age range. I tell ya, when a guy knows he is reaching 40 and single, he’ll take certain risk. Not like JWS perceives himself as a George Clooney ‘cos it takes a man’s men to ooze so much confidence and independence to be IN the market for so long like Dr. Ross.

    • 35.1 SpongeBob

      But, this guy just kissed Mitchell Yeoh out in the open in Hong Kong just couple of months ago!! I kind of think LJA is too good for him, in terms of his level of education, to be specific!!

      • 35.1.1 Carinne

        Hey, if he’s single and she’s single at the time, a peck or more by terms of endearment is all good. So now, he chose LJA and I shall move forward w/ that. No need to discuss the past for it is history. Remind me when he finds time to kiss Michelle Yeoh and got caught after his public announcement w/ LJA then we have a big scale debate to enunciate.

        • SpongeBob

          The point is that Mitchell Yeoh is in a relationship with a Frenchman ( as reported), and JWS openly said he admires her after they were caught on pictures kissing each other outside a bar in Lam Kwai Fong!!

          hence, I wonder how much you can really believe him?

          • Carinne

            Are you sure? Do you personally know Michelle Yeoh? You can’t just believe what any media reports these days since some survive by juicing out inconsistent information out of greed.

            I knew about the Frenchman, Jean Todt, a long time ago, in ties w/ her from her home town, Malaysia, as they also announce living together in NYC a long time ago.

            People say when a man wills an engagement proposal, yet doesn’t marry you w/in 2 yrs. then that’s a sign of a rocky relationship. It takes that long to plan a grand wedding, 2 yrs., so you nor I know very well what she’s been through in that relationship to say otherwise.

            I may just agree w/ Yeoh try finding happiness elsewhere than wait for her dead weight fiancΓ© to take a final leap of faith in their bond. So, so what if JWS happens to be that guy at the time? Let’s not weigh who is using who, both are getting something out of nothing, already misfortunate, no? I commend their bravery in trying yet pain for their lustful admiration.

            Anyhoot, each have moved beyond that point in timeline. I hope Yeoh realize she needs self-respecting courage to leave that unhealthy engagement than a new love to pull her away from it.

          • SpongeBob

            They were caught in photos!! I saw those photos on a magazine in HK couple of months ago. It was immediately after their collaboration in Reign of Assassins, but before Athene!!

            I guess, out of sight, out of mind. Michelle is replaced by LJA, how convenient?

    • 35.2 SpongeBob

      Forgot to add, I have a feeling that he is using her as a pillow dictionary to enable him to penetrate Hollywood. In short, practicing his English.

      Like LBH, once finished using the “spring chic”, in this case, middle age “chic”, she will be kicked aside. Like what he and Mitchell Yeoh did to gain publicity!!

      • 35.2.1 Jane

        LOL. One says he’s dating her because he’s old and lonely. The other one says it’s to learn English. LOL

      • 35.2.2 Carinne

        *rolls eyes*

        BTW, my niece loves SpongeBob. She tells me her dad wears SpongeBob boxers. LOL! TMI yet hilarious to imagine.

        • SpongeBob

          Your niece’s has got great taste to choose SpongeBob Squarepants!!!

          • Carinne

            Haha! Nice.

  36. 36 alphabet soup

    I’m probably the only one who likes her! I love her. I love this! Too cute.

  37. 37 Selli

    They look so comfortable together, that’s nice ^^

  38. 38 snow

    big fat UGH is all i can say.

    • 38.1 J

      You’re just envious and like a fat green eyed gremlin.

  39. 39 vic

    Lee Ji Ah is soooo beautiful !!!

    • 39.1 SpongeBob

      No, LJA is neither attractive nor pretty. I still find CJW attractive, despite getting old!!!

      • 39.1.1 Lea

        You are getting annoying here.
        I find LJA extremely beautiful and attractive while CJW looks like my grandma’s buddy.

        And neither of our opinion is considered fact. Respect other opinions, especially regarding beauty, rather than making trollish comment.

        • SpongeBob

          I am expressing my opinion. If you chose to be annoyed or irritated by my opinion, that’s your problem. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, understand?

          • piggybank

            Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, and I find Lee Ji Ah beautiful. It is also in my opinion that your opinions are annoying πŸ˜€

          • Emeldy

            I find Lee Jia beautiful too. They do look good together.

          • malta

            Well, this time JWS is the beholder and he finds obviously finds LJA beautiful enough to be his woman!

            I think this should put this discussion to rest for everyone.

      • 39.1.2 J

        That’s your opinion so please respect others point of view. If you find CJW attractive, so be it, but please, since for us, who appreciate LJA prettiness and has a natural beauty, don’t make any unfavorable and degrading comment on LJA. thanks

        • SpongeBob

          Ooooops …..I just stepped on the tail of a LJA’s diehard fan!!!

  40. 40 Birdie

    Now they admitted it, hope the media and public will leave them alone.

  41. 41 marina

    Happy for them, I like the way he spoke about her, seems a guy in love! get married^^

  42. 42 Biscuit

    I wonder if there needs to be a “We hate the evil Korean mother-in-laws in dramas, but we love to pick our actor’s girlfriend” group.

    It surprises me how in some ways fans can joke around, but how serious others can be about who actors date.

    • 42.1 Emeldy

      LOL……. You are so right.

      I know we Fan girls can be pretty sick sometime. Right now i am flatly falling for a Korean singer (He’s a leader from a Band)
      I am so scared of him dating at the moment. I even had this evil wish that he turn out to be gay. At least he won’t be dating another women then. I know i sound crazy.

      Well i slap myself and now i am back to my normal self. If my idol or actors are happy i am happy.

      Good Luck to the couple. They do look good together.

      • 42.1.1 vic

        “I am so scared of him dating at the moment”

        go see the doctor,for God’s sake !

        • Emeldy

          I know that was a crazy thought, and thank God it lasted only for mili-second. And i am ashamed of myself : )
          And i regretted posting that comment. “sigh”

          Now i gotta go back to the real world, and real people………………

          • vic


            i’m real too !

  43. 43 Laeah

    Yes! I love JWS and I hope he’s happy. I have NO idea who this chick is because Athena looked stupid, but I’m so happy he’s happy and I hope things go well for them both.

  44. 44 Rocelle

    Interesting, I didn’t think she’s short. Or he is so dang tall! πŸ™‚

  45. 45 Usi

    Nice photos from Paris. But wearing hats when no one other does is like wearing sunglasses on a rainy day. Especially when last weekend was the first Springlike one in Western Europe. *lol*

    Good luck to them. I love couples :).

  46. 46 hanjiyoon

    Oh my goodness. I never saw this coming. So happy for them. πŸ˜€

  47. 47 luraaa


    But… if he’s really happy then…. *heavy sigh* I wish him happiness. *becomes really, really disappointed*

  48. 48 Liz

    Awwww… they look cute. I’m happy for them.

  49. 49 Alex

    Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will make into a hardcore LJA anti!!!!!!!!!!

    • 49.1 Alex

      Well maybe not an anti but I’ll look at her much less favorably.

      • 49.1.1 Jane

        Which will make no difference to their lives.

        • Alex

          Haha well state the obvious.

  50. 50 Kelly

    Fuck yeah, I loved her character on Athena.

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