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Kim Soo-hyun, idol no more
by | March 2, 2011 | 157 Comments

Kim Soo-hyun was a hot property before Dream High, but after it, his star has positively skyrocketed. There’s no doubt that attempts to snag him for upcoming projects will be aggressive as everyone wants to claim the newly minted star for their own, whether it be new dramas, movies, or CF deals.

According to his management company Keyeast, Kim Soo-hyun is currently courting around ten offers for new roles. Of those, he’s got one movie and one drama that he’s seriously looking at, which are in the process of being negotiated.

One thing he won’t be doing, however, is pursuing singing, although he has been approached with multiple recording offers as well. His rep stated that he has decided to put those offers aside and focus on his acting for now, although the option is on the table to consider recording projects at a later date.

Singing is a talent he’d kept quiet until this latest project, and with which he astonished fans. (Honestly, at first I wondered if he’d been dubbed over by a pro, he was that good — better, even, than some of the cast’s idol singers, I thought.) And with his vocal chops, Kim Soo-hyun is one case where I don’t think attempting a side project in music would be off-base. A lot of times the actor-to-singer jump feels like a vanity project more than anything, but he’s got the pipes.

On the other hand, Kim’s also fiercely talented as an actor, and even before Dream High made him popular, he’d been gradually making a name for himself as one of the next generation’s brightest new talents. He had small roles in Jungle Fish and Kimchi Cheese Smile, then really made a splash playing Go Soo’s childhood counterpart in Will It Snow For Christmas, where he was absolutely riveting as an intense, smart, and pained youth.

He shone even brighter in the short drama Father’s House (opposite acting heavyweight Choi Min-soo), playing the beloved young son who was raised by a single dad, whose absent mother returns in his teen years. And Giant was the role that solidified his status as a Serious Actor in the making. This kid is IT. (Okay, technically he’s no kid at age 23, but he’s just so wonderful at conveying his characters’ youthful hopes and disappointments that it’s easy to forget he’s out of his teens.)

So given the choices, I’m certainly all for seeing him acting in another drama right away, and would much prefer that to an album or single. (Although imma be greedy and say that there’s no reason we can’t have both… Oh, all right, except for maybe the boy would like to sleep once in a while, I suppose. *sighs ungratefully*)

Kim Soo-hyun – “Dreaming” from the Dream High OST [ Download ]

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157 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Giselle

    Kim Soo Hyun, you’re the next big thing. Watch out Lee Min Ho!

    • 1.1 no name

      agree. he’s more than a pretty face. he’s got talent (and vocal chops) to boot!

      *cradle-snatching noona mode*

      • 1.1.1 P

        you’re right! He is too talented. Lots of Love to KSH!

      • 1.1.2 yakunamojing

        oh me oh my!!!! sounds soooooooooo good !!! listening to it with eyes closed I breathe along with him……

      • 1.1.3 Rachel

        Yeah it’s rare to find such a natural talent in both acting and singing. He’s 3 years older than me, am I allowed to have a crush on him too? 😀

    • 1.2 hmmm...

      Kim Soo Hyun has the advantage, or at least has a better idea on picking roles.

    • 1.3 bishbash

      he has already killed THIS noona with his noona-killing-chops.

      i can’t believe im going for guys that are getting younger AND younger (but legal).


      • 1.3.1 biankoy

        I’m not a noona but I soooo wanna be slayed! noona-slayer!

    • 1.4 Marie

      He played his role in Giant (as the young Lee Sung Mo) with flying colors… thumbs up to his acting !!!

    • 1.6 sheryl

      correct!!! :)

  2. yay

    oh hell yea!! I can’t wait to see him in future projects!!!

    • 2.1 Santa's little helper

      He has such beautiful lips *-*
      I prefer him acting over singing~ though I wouldn’t mind seeing him on stage doing a musical!!!

      Here is some math for all you Dramabeans:
      Kim Soo Hyun > Lee Min Ho D;

      • 2.1.1 joeydragonlady

        I kinda like that he looks younger than Lee Min Ho, I like seeing him in the school uniform a lot. I hope he stays in boy mode for a bit longer.

        Is there a lack of male actors of a certain age coz most of the young actors get paired up with Noonas a lot?

        Like Yoo Seung Ho in Flames of Ambition…

        Min Ho in Personal Preferance and Boys Before Flowers

        Jang Geun Suk in almost all his dramas…

        • yep

          The military snatches all the 27-31 ones up.

  3. ilikehim

    The irony is that he’s better than Taecyeon, who’s the real “singer”.
    I still think Wooyoung is better though.

    • 3.1 joicy

      Of course Woo Young is better.
      About Taec and KSH, it’s hard to say who is better. On stage of the final concert you can see that.

      • 3.1.1 red

        though woo young’s voice is better technically i preferred kim soo hyun’s, there was more emotion in it…guess that’s where his acting came in

        • Beng

          agree! woo young’s technique stands out because he’s been doing it for quite sometime already, while KSH just started doing singing extensively this past few months.

          Though he prefers acting over singing, i hope he will not stop practicing and developing his technique so that we he do decide to pursue it, he will be so ready =)

      • 3.1.2 Ohwamm

        Taec’s singing is a little painful lmao, Kim Soo Hyun is noticeably better

    • 3.2 park713

      that’s why taec is the rapper…

    • 3.3 djes

      I’d say Taec is not a better singer, even though I’m his fan.
      But he’s definitely improving from his debut time – especially with his mellow track “My Valentine”.

      Kim Soohyun’s voice is good, he needs more polishing but he has the talent.

      I’m happy he decides to pursue the acting career first!

    • 3.4 jyyjc

      well, taec was never a “singer” in the first place. He raps mostly.

    • 3.5 Jasmine

      Actually, Kim Soo-hyun outshined WooYoung in the live Dream Special Concert. Kim Soo-Hyun was the only person who sounded a lot like he did in his OSTs. He obviously is a very talented singer.

      • 3.5.1 no name

        i noticed that too when they sang the dream high theme. everybody else’s voice wavered (from all the dancing while singing, i guess) but his voice sounded pretty strong and solid.

        and yes, a lot better than taec and wooyoung combined.

      • 3.5.2 ni

        no he (KSH) went flat a lot. I cringed every time he got a flat note :( but at the same time understand that he is no professional. The only person consistently in tune and stable in the concert was, of course, IU. There’s a difference between being stable/steady and being in tune. The tone of his voice is gorgeous, though. He just needs some professional training :)
        Wooyoung, on the other hand, was very stable, but his tone isn’t anything special.

        • mnstpdu08

          i cringed too. none of the casts, besides IU (and maybe JYP), did that well.

        • L

          Yeah I was impressed with the OST track but when he sang at the concert… it made me cringe a little. I’m glad he decided to focus on acting.

    • 3.6 SaisMY

      aha i agree too. he does sound better than Taec. can’t wait for another Lee Seung gi to be born. aha. he just needs variety skills. =D Kim Soo hyun. SOOO talented ^^

    • 3.7 biankoy

      Tae cyeon doesn’t really sing right? he normally raps? so talentwise (I mean singing) the equation is

      Kim Soo Hyun > Tae Cyeon

  4. ktb

    That’s really him singing?!? That’s pretty impressive…

  5. joicy

    I like his voice in Dream High OST but in the concert, his voice is not very high. He can’t reach top note. He’s good for an actor who sings in the drama but I agree that he should not pursue the path of being a singer. He’s doing much better as an actor.

    • 5.1 anais

      In agreement.

      Of course, with some training, he has the potential to be very good, even as a singer. But not right now. His phrasing needs to be more nuanced and definitely less forced. What gives away that he’s not a singer proper is not that he can’t reach the top note without straining (and for which he compensates by belting) but that he demonstrates limited dynamic range. Good singers make full use of the dynamic range and really good (ballad) singers use pianissimo to drive home the poignancy.

  6. Jasmin

    This Noona is definitely a fan of Kim Soo-hyun. He totally had me tearing up WISFC and I loved him even more in Dream High. Really looking forward to his future projects. And sorry to Taec fans but KSH totally pwned him in the singing department.

  7. Carinne

    Listen to the best, stick to acting and sweep all those honorary awards before you leap onto another career.

    Wish KSH the best!

  8. swui

    Always a treat to see new stars coming into the limelight, especially if they deserve it.

  9. Dayan

    Amazing how some people seem to have it all! Congratulations KSH! And may you be able to choose roles thats best for you.

  10. 10 Tess

    I was in such a grumpy mood yesterday because Dream High’s finished… :( But Kim Soo-hyun lives on, so it’s ok!! I might have to stalk him in all his previous projects now…

  11. 11 Haj

    I love 2pm, but Kim Soohyun was definitely better than Taecyeon at singing. Not that I’ve ever had really high expectations for Taec as a vocalist…

  12. 12 Jess

    Every time KSH sang I smiled like a total idiot. :)

  13. 13 bbm

    i love this song, with the exact scene where he cried after singing, i often searched for his singing scene on ep 13 and play it over and over, it never failed to bring tears to my eyes… oh sam dong, how i will miss you…

    well i hope that he will be playing more main roles, rather than being someone’s child counderpart…

  14. 14 pipao

    ♥♥♥ KSH got me at hello…. lol

    • 14.1 mnstpdu08

      same here! even with his ridiculous hair. =)

  15. 15 snow

    ahh he’s so talented. i like his voice in “dreaming”, if he’d worked on being a singer, he’d be awesome (though he’s awesome already, haha). but yes, i think it’s wise that he’s gonna continue being an actor, build on his earlier work and hopefully he’ll snare another juicy role soon so that we can see more kim soo hyun goodness.

    would love to see him pair up with nam ji hyun again, they were so cute together in Will It Snow For Christmas.

    • 15.1 dee

      Oh yes, I agree with you.. They are a perfect couple! Where is Nam Ji Hyun btw? After QSD and WISFC, she is like nowhere.

      • 15.1.1 supah

        Nam Ji-hyun was in Giant as the young Park Jin-hee. She was freakin’ fantastic!
        She also did a short drama over the summer called Na Ya, Halmoni — which was pretty cute.
        Not seen her since the summer, I’m looking forward to her next project.

  16. 16 Armellelin

    I agree! As much as I’d follow him if he became a singer.. I WANT TV!! I love the features on him nowadays btw. XD

  17. 17 yunk

    Its not even one week since the end of Dream High. But I have already missed Kim Soo Hyun soooooooooooooo much…I hope he can have new project as soon as possible so I can see him again…I dont know if its just me, but he remind me of Kim Kang Woo (physically and his way of acting in drama), and i imagine that he will be like Kim Kang Woo in his 30..Really hope your best KSH…I LOVE U!!

  18. 18 danna

    hell yea!!!…so we’llbe seeing him in a drama some time later this year??……cant wait…..i’m glad he’s looking at his acting seriously for now… and I agree that he was even better than some of the resident idols on DH though I was worried his vocal chops would fall short when he was initially cast…he sorta reminds me of Jang Geun Suk minus the crazy wardrobe and slightly feminine looks

  19. 19 red

    he so talented and i been basically praying to see him in a lead role and then he got dream high…i cant wait to see him fully flex out his acting prowness in a serious drama and meaty character

    gah i love him and im so glad hes gaining more attention like he deserves …. i would say he is probably the most talented actor his age group with that much range …i cant wait for his new projects

    and with the singing i loved his voice…i thought his voice was being dubbed for the singing as well and i totally agree he sounded way better than some of the idol boys *cough 2pm

  20. 20 mary

    He’s 23???

    Yes! He’s still older than me!!!

    (I’m smiling like an idiot right now)

    • 20.1 mary

      Noona-no-more :)

      • 20.1.1 Rens


  21. 21 Htagged

    Yes I’ve been waiting for him to get more recognition ever since I saw him Giant. I can’t wait to see him display more of his talent. Dramas, movies or singing I will take him anyway!

  22. 22 Jam

    Yup he certainly is the next big thing, we’ll just have to wait and see his upcoming prowess for the arts.

  23. 23 toopai

    Theatre, musical. If he goes there and comes out even more fantastic than he already is….. whoa. Love his voice and love him!

  24. 24 Jen Y.

    KSH is a perfect triple threat. Yerp. <3

  25. 25 luna.tic

    Yea! Kim Soo Hyun! He just need to polish his hosting skills and he’s set for life in the entertainment business. Just look at Lee Seunggi :) Singer, Actor & Host. SHINee Onew is paving the same way (but doing little on the drama-acting).

    • 25.1 mary

      And LSG isn’t even as hot as KSH!

      • 25.1.1 Boohoo

        Pervert only goes for hot stuff. Lee seung gi is a professional multiple- talented celebrity. He does not need to be hot!

  26. 26 sora

    i want it all. Give me more Soohyunnnn!!!

  27. 27 Noypi

    He is a quadruple threat!! Looks, Acting, Singing, Dancing!! SO Talented!! Along with the rest of Dream High Cast, I’ll be looking out for their future projects!!

  28. 28 saranga

    i have a hard time reminding myself that he’s just four months younger than i am, he looks so young! because i adore him in a very noona-like way… haha

    but my thoughts are that he’s wise to not pursue singing for the time being. maybe with more training he would develop a great voice, but from what he’s shown so far i don’t know that i sensed anything particularly special about it.

    he’s just so great as an actor, and pulled off the saturi really splendidly. i got so used to him speaking in saturi that it was extremely weird hearing him speak in his regular seoul accent at the concert. in fact, i think i like him better with saturi hahaha

  29. 29 hpn88

    I’ve been noticing so many “younger” actors (Song Joong ki, Yoo Seung ho, Jang Geun Seuk, Yoo Ah In and now KSH) finally making it big these days. I guess its the cycle. Some go off to the army (bye bye Binnie) and others rise to take their spots.

    • 29.1 mary

      Plus we’re getting older. While the industry’s average age for casting actors doesn’t change. :(

      • 29.1.1 saraha

        Agree! I was just thinking about this! It’s not that they’re getting younger, it’s that the audience (us “noonas”) who are getting older!

        Imagine, Bi/Rain was 22-23 when he filmed Full House. That’s like the same age of Kim Soo Hyun now! I just can’t imagine… I’m really getting older. @_@

  30. 30 punch

    i love him <3

  31. 31 Jules

    I’m so glad he’s getting more popular and I hope to see him in something (ANYTHING) soon, I love watching this guy act because he’s actually REALLY good. I’ve been coming down on “Kim Soo Hyun fever” these past few weeks watching his past work and I don’t think anyone could deny this guy had talent from the “get go.” Here’s to his bright future, but no singing, I do think he has the talent to pursue a music career with some vocal training, but his acting chops are his strong points and I’d rather have him on the big or small screen as soon as possible!!!

  32. 32 Rossi

    Totally the next noona-killer! SO WANT!

  33. 33 gustave154

    dreaming won cyworld song of the month so why not??
    maybe we are being to tough on him xD

  34. 34 suzi q

    They said KSH trained singing for 3 months. Boy! He is fantastic. I enjoyed his singing very much. I thought he sang better than Taec whom I mostly heard before as a rapper. NO! He is not like Jang Geun Suk who is quirky, dresses feminine and wears weird makeup.
    KSH is normal person.Saw KSH in his prior vehicles and he was good;however, in Dream High he is the STAR to watch in the future dramas. He did not disappoint.He is so talented and can do practically anything. Hope he is smart enough to choose his next right role.Love to see his next project.
    Can’t wait. Please let it be soon!

    • 34.1 mary

      LOL at implication that JGS is a not-so-normal person.

      But yeah, Marry Me, Mary probably increased JGS’s androgyny.

      Now, why isn’t there a kdrama where a guy dresses/pretends to be a girl? JGS would totally pwn that.

    • 34.2 EginEgin


      JGS is too feminine (at least to my taste).

      Nothing feminine in KSH, though I bet he can be one if acting required. He is a CHAMELEON.

      Love his eyes the most…

    • 34.3 lulupony

      He was absolutely fabulous in Giant. My-goodness. The tension in his scenes with Jung Bo Suk just about killed me. Thank goodness his adult counterpart was just as good as an actor, or else I’d have been disappointed.

  35. 35 alove

    I almost wish he were still an actor we were eagerly watching out for. Now with all this increasing fame, there’s more women all around to adore him and that means more competition :( Lol. He definitely deserves the recognition he’s getting though, and he’s spectacular as an entertainer in many ways- I love being able to watch him grow. Oppa, come to the US soon please :)

  36. 36 SpongeBob

    KSH will be the next BYJ, albeit he is far more talented than BYJ. LMH or even KHJ’s acting or singing is mere Mickey and chipmunk comparing to KSH.

    • 36.1 saraha

      Not BYJ, I think he’s the next Kang Dong Won or Won Bin…

      • 36.1.1 mary


        Not BYJ please. I don’t want KSH to give me the creeps looking at his face 10 years from now…

      • 36.1.2 SpongeBob

        I meant the stardom, not BYJ’s creepy look.

      • 36.1.3 SpongeBob

        Please no Won Bin. The shape of his chin has no good fen shui. This KSY’s face has good fengshui to be the next Jackie Chan.

    • 36.2 Pat

      Keyeast is BYJ’s company so I guess he thought the kid should be the next big thing himself. ( I personally think BYJ will retire from acting any month now if his co lets him stop raking in the $ from japan for “stuff”) He said he wanted to help young actors, but real talent is hard to find……..

      • 36.2.1 SpongeBob

        BYJ should just concentrate in finding new talent, and make more more for Keyeast, and stop appearing on screen, even as guest star. He makes the first four episodes of DH too tense!!

  37. 37 k-soup

    I could see parallelism with Kim Soo-hyun and Jang Geun Suk

    • 37.1 lulupony

      I think that while their fame (with the recent rise of KSH), good looks, and singing talents are maybe comparable, they’re very different actors. JGS is convincing as an actor and lovable at times. He is quirky and has a lot of personal charm. However, I don’t really get drawn into his characters themselves, meaning I’m more drawn by his personal charm than his acting. In most of his characters, I feel like I’m watching different sides of JGS, but not necessarily different characters.

      On the other hand, I feel like KSH is much more grounded in his acting. In real life, he seems like a normal guy and doesn’t really have a distinct style or aura like JGS. However, every one of his characters that I’ve watched has been very memorable. Kang-Jin, Seung-Mo, and now Sam-Dong, are all very different, and I was drawn to their individual characters owing to KSH’s fabulous acting. This boy as a way with this art form.

      I’m so glad that he’s serious about pursuing acting rather than singing. There’s so much potential for him to be even more riveting. I’m conflicted at whether he should pick a serious drama (no makjang please) or a trendy… While the former might not push his popularity further, the latter might be a waste of talent…ahhh…

      Hope he makes a wise choice. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on him.

  38. 38 mika

    so that’s him in giant! i did not recognise him in dh. he caught my eye with his part in giant. he looks young for someone aged 23

  39. 39 maria


    noonas, HYOON-ite!

    /lame. 😛

    • 39.1 come2noona

      Here! *raises hand*

  40. 40 nelkk

    YAHOOOOOOO!! im sooo sooo glad for more kim soo hyun,

  41. 41 Biru

    Isn’t that he was a trainee in M-BOAT/YG before. I guess he skipped YG then.

    • 41.1 yongshin

      Yup, he was a trainee, I think 2007? I don’t know how long he trained though. Maybe during that time he realized he’s better off with acting than singing.

  42. 42 ck1Oz

    When I was on MBC’s Kimchi Cheese Smile, I wasn’t worried about taking off my shirt when I heard about the swimming parts. But when we started filming, the other hyungs — phew — had ripped abs and built bodies, and I was shocked. In particular, (Jang) Ji-woo hyung was so built he was called a mannequin. I hear that when he served in the military, he got a special grade for his physical exam.

    That was from JB’s article on him last year.

    Wait…what swimming scene?I didn’t watch the series.

  43. 43 hannah

    Yay! more KSH. Hope he will star in a new drama asap. He does look younger than his age but 23 is perfect for me ;).

  44. 44 pv

    God this kid keeps making me fall for him hard. Can’t wait for his next projects 😀

  45. 45 omo

    BYJ sure knows how to spot a HOT one. KSH looks like Binnie in the making..

  46. 46 Sojuboy

    Doesn’t he look like Bruce Lee?

    • 46.1 kdlover

      Yes i agreed!!

  47. 47 mskololia

    I’ve not seen him in anything, but am looking forward to his next project so see if I will be so lucky.

  48. 48 come2noona

    Go kid go! Best of luck sweetie!

  49. 49 Joanie

    Ahhh Kim soo hyun oppa~~~~

    I cant wait to see him in a new drama or project!!! Please make it soon!!

  50. 50 Dory

    He’s gorgeous. Good luck Soo Hyun! ♥

  51. 51 Annie

    omg, completely random thought but can you imagine kim soo hyun and yoo ah in acting together? /dies at the thought alone

    i can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next ♥

    • 51.1 erniu

      You are not alone. I was just thinking to myself the other day. What if Jin-gook were played by Yoo Ah In…How interesting the love triangle would be!

      • 51.1.1 jem

        *faints at the thought*

      • 51.1.2 Annie

        /sobbing at the sheer epicness of that

  52. 52 dom

    he’s 23 with an innocence of a 10 y.o, a face of a 17 y.o and emotional depth like a 30 y.o (or more)..

    gosh, I always LOVE his subtle emotion over his EPIC SHIT… it in his eye… his pained eyes just make me want to hug him and pat him to sleep…
    that reminds me that his early Sam-dong hair style really resembles Momo’s hairstyle… Oh wait! OMG.. HE IS MOMO!! *gone to the imaginary world* *squeel uncontrollably* *wipe droll from keyboard* *shakes head*

    Ehem… this Noona fan is really looking forward for his next projects!

    • 52.1 charlene

      absolutely right!

      I first noticed him in ‘Will it Snow for Christmas. Right then and there i became his fan. i told myself , this fine looking ‘kid’ will go up the ladder faster than he may thought. and KSH never fail me.

      So talented.

      I call him the “the rising Halyu star”.

      • 52.1.1 ahjummabunny

        he was amazing in will it snow . . . I couldn’t believe my good fortune I had hoped he would remain as the lead and I thought go soo was good but that soo hyun ssi had stolen the show. I also think the young girl nam ji hyun was excellent in her role and made the older actress look like a child playing at acting. I really hope everything goes well for him.

    • 52.2 louiselai

      yes yes yes!! momo!! i love momo too… that is momo’s hairstyle. KSH is the new momo ♥♥♥

  53. 53 mnstpdu08

    he does sing better than some of the idols on Dream High. i LOVE his voice. i need to watch his other dramas. i can’t way to see more of him.

    • 53.1 mnstpdu08

      I can’t stop listening to his song with IU. They need to do more duets together.

  54. 54 charlene

    how i love to hug you right now JB! You make my day with this news.:)

    I’m so happy for KSH. Very MUCH!

    can’t wait for what’s next in line!

  55. 55 Fasiris Fay

    omg can’t wait to see what he does next! I haven’t seen much of his stuff, but he did steal my heart in will it snow on christmas- I loved him so much in that that I refused to watch the remaining of the show cause I just couldn’t get used to him not being in it :(

    But his pain as Sam-Dong just gripped me…those few episodes that focused on him? AMAZING

    I’m also okay with him not pursuing singing for awhile, because I’m just eager to watch him and his awesome acting chops.
    Whatever he’s choosing to do, I hope its soon-I’m having withdrawal symptoms!

  56. 56 Rush

    Well, this is not confirmed news by any means, but it’s rumored that he may be one half of the next couple in MBCs variety show – We Got Married. His rumored partner, none other than Yoon Baek Hee aka Eunjung! They are supposed to replace the popular Adam couple – Jo Kwon and GaIn. Since WGM needs to film only once a week or once in 2 weeks, sometimes less, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to juggle a drama role on the side. Although seeing how KDramas are filmed, I wonder…..
    Anyhow, this is still a rumor, so please take with a very big bag full of salt!

  57. 57 JiHwan

    I’ve adored him since Will It snow for Christmas. SOOOO glad he’s finally getting the attention he deserves!

  58. 58 Christy

    This boy is amazing and truly, truly talented! He is on his way to becoming korea’s biggest hallyu star!

  59. 59 chasen8888

    I first noticed him in Will It Snow for Christmas and became a complete fan of his after Giant (big brother Sang Mo, both him and the more adult version did an excellent job).

    He is that gifted, when I read that he was taking the lead role in DH I decided to watch it based on that alone it was way overdue for him to take the lead and am so happy he did. Now that he has skyrocketed, I am very glad for him but at the same time I do not want him to burn out/get ill due to overwork. We have to keep in mind that he is also a university student as well. What I want for him to do now is “REST, REST, REST” for at least 2 weeks. After that he can look at other projects.

    I am hopeful that those projects being proposed for him are of high quality which will show his talents to us the fans at the fullest. He has the capability of being an international star. I also want him to take more adult roles, the previous was fine at the start but it would be interesting to see how he does there. Yes he has a young appearance but he is an adult, its time. Allowing us noonas to really squeal for him without feeling a bit perverted.

    Wishing him all the best and looking forward to enjoying/seeing him shine in the future.

  60. 60 Samz

    Oh dear, i’m in love with the person i’ve never ever met. And yet this is a love to kill…

    • 60.1 Bluefyre

      Oh dear…I’m right there with you too ^^

  61. 61 kdlover

    I absolutely love this actor!!! Soo talented!!! I love his duet w/ Hye Mi…maybe!!! Too bad they didnt sing it at the live concert!!! I really like his voice!!!

    • 61.1 Bluefyre


      I LOVED that duet. I really wished for an official track or a live! But…oh well. Just have to keep repeating that scene I guess.

    • 61.2 orenji

      they did sing it. it’s just they cut it in the real broadcast. here’s the fancam from the concert…just audio because they didnt allow cameras.


  62. 62 theedie

    He’s 23? Oh goodie, cuz here I was feeling like a pedo thinking he was under 20. Now I don’t have to feel guilty anymore! 😀

  63. 63 Combray

    He’s gonna miss Taec so I think he should be the new 2PM member hehe.

    Was that really his voice? I thought so but then I heard he was dubbed so idk.

    • 63.1 Bluefyre

      Oh no! Don’t put him in 2PM!

      This sounds bad because I LOVE 2PM, but for want of a better expression…He’s too good to be in 2PM. Seriously.

      Yeah. That was his voice. No dubbing for KSH. That’s for sure. I’m so glad he let his musical side come out of hiding!

      • 63.1.1 Bluefyre


        That’s Kim Soo-hyun in 2007 singing in an M-Boat (where he was a trainee for a while) event I think.

      • 63.1.2 Combray

        No I know that lol, I was kidding. But hearing his voice with Junsu’s would be great, but yeah, 2PM are perfect as they are,
        I’m just gonna miss the Jingdong bromance.

  64. 64 Bluefyre

    Haha. Thanks for giving us more opportunities to swoon over Kim Soo-hyun, JB! *hugs* 😀

    I’m happy with his wise decision to forgo singing for now (though I can’t wait at the same time for him to come out with some awesome music!^^) and concentrate on acting. I seriously want more of him. And soon. Please.

    He IS It. I still can’t believe how good he is. Thanks for giving us him, Parents of Kim Soo-hyun!

    Can’t wait for more news!

    • 64.1 Bluefyre

      Kim Soo-hyun. Kim Bum. Lee Min-ho. Yoo Ah-in. Song Joong-ki…and I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple others, but I can’t wait what they’re gonna do next.

      KSH in a slightly higher level of course. LOL. I’m so biased >.>

  65. 65 Nashoujo

    SO GOOD Dream Krack!! Kim so hyun is a great actor and it really shine and show his acting chops in there. He has the ‘IT’ factor and he has a great voice, even better than some of the other real singers in the drama like writer saids!! I would love to see him in the next acting project with singing involved!!

  66. 66 wits

    Gaaaahhh!!! yeah, I am missing this “kid” so much… I am having withdrawal symptoms like crazy! I miss him more than I miss DH.

    Really, the guy’s so talented and intense – in his acting AND singing. I love this song… Dreaming and his duet with Pil Suk (been playing them over and over and over and over again!!)…. wish he sang more songs in the show, especially knowing now that he is not pursuing a singing career. These two songs are GOLD!

    And, to appease my longing, I guess I have to watch Giant now… so…bye!!

  67. 67 asianromance

    hopefully we will see him as leading man in another drama soon instead of another younger version of some lead character.

  68. 68 nona

    I’m one of the many noona slayed by KSH, not only by his looks and acting but most of all by his voice…that’s why i am quite disappointed to hear him not pursuing his singing career (sad face)…

    go KSH…

  69. 69 kc

    kim soo hyun is totally good and he deserves all the attention hes getting, no question.

    just saddening that the rest are left out, i personally think that suzy and eunjung have done good esp suzy considering its her first acting project… though there were times when begin to question her acting, i believe it has something to do with the character, its the hyeminess and hyemibotness, i say.

    feels so damned good to watch dramas high when you do not know the cast prior to the drama.

    pure entertainment indeed.

    • 69.1 orenji

      ia. we all know he’s good.no doubt about it.

      i hope suzy gets the same attention. i means for someone who just debut last july,training for less than a year,she’s doing a good job. i must admit it was suzy’s singing that makes me interested and continue to watch this drama. strange huh,when everyone was so captivated with soohyun’s singing and acting.

      i watched BTS, she’s so adorable and cute irl.

      • 69.1.1 kc

        same here. I liked the duet with eun jung.
        They all looked new to me, everyone of them, i was just enamored by the ensemble. Suzy is just pure eye candy She’s so young.

  70. 70 sweetest tea

    i hope suzy gets a new project… well see from there
    Suddenly reminded me of No min woo who was criticized once and came to redeem himself after that rock show/drama tribute

  71. 71 MissTangerine

    Kim Soo Hyun you’re the best!!!

  72. 72 nan345

    no need to compare taec and Kim Soo Hyun for me. I love them both equally. But I gotta give props to Kim Soo Hyun. I liked him a lot in will it snow for christmas. good luck with his future drama.

  73. 73 nickynisa

    i watched him in WISFC.. he was brilliant in that drama.. and he’s really awesome in DH.. i was really shock that he sang all the singing part in DH.. i really thought he lip sync.. until i watched the interview.. he really used his own voice.. omg.. can’t wait for his next drama.. and i hope he’ll be feature in ost of his upcoming drama/film.. i don’t want to see him releasing an album or single.. he should participate in ost..

  74. 74 jess

    I like this actor a lot. Love him in Snow Christmas
    I wish him the best.

  75. 75 Charlotte

    So glad that he’s not dabbing his hands in the singing department. He has a beautiful, beautiful voice, but it’s good to see him keeping his ambitions humble and focused.

  76. 76 mnstpdu08

    is he in thorn birds? i saw on mysoju that he was a minor character?

  77. 77 yunhohoho

    Good luck, kiddo! Would love to see him in another drama soon :)

  78. 78 Saa

    Am I the only one who thinks of Jang Geun Suk when I think of Kim Soo Hyun and his dual prowess in acting AND singing? … Maybe I should’ve said quadruple threat… Acting, singing, dancing, and slaying fangirls’ hearts.

  79. 79 lemonlime

    i was totally awe-struck by him in DreamHigh. the kid’s got it all. 😀

  80. 80 enna

    Eventho I like KSH, I Love LMH. No other actor can beat LMH. I adore taecyeon and JGS. If I hv to rank, LMH will alyay b the first. 2nd JGS, TY then KSH. Just rewatched BOF. Can’t get enough of LMH

  81. 81 enna

    Really sad when TY did not get the girl. The show is still running in Malaysia. I hv read the ending in this blog. It just put me off. I dnt even bother to finish watching the show.

  82. 82 Lilian

    He’s definitely better of as an actor. Not many that are as young as him and yet such a good actor.
    Singing wise, he is not bad but there are many other better singers around….

  83. 83 milk tea

    Kim Soo Hyun sang a lot better in his Guerilla Date. Very on key. ^^;;.


  84. 84 christine

    I really enjoyed Dream High and would like to watch more of KSH’s acting.

    Anybody knows where I can watch Father’s House? I tried a few sites (from Vikki) and somehow halfway during episode 1 it switched to some Chinese drama. As for ep 2 it kept repeating part 1 over and over again.


  85. 85 Thainá

    I wish him luck!
    He’s gorgeous in every way…
    I’m looking foward to his singing carrer and for lead roles in many dramas!!!
    I wish he could see how much we all were amazed by him, that he could read everything people write about him, how amazing he is.
    I’ll always cheer for him!!!!
    Kim Soo Hyun, you don’t have just a gorgeous face, you have talent both in acting and singing. You made many girls cry over you… You made many girls go crazy about you, you made me fall for every sigh of you. You! You! You’re wonderful!!! I hope you the best!!!

  86. 86 ...

    It’s just a matter of preference. IMO he’s only better than Taecyeon (who is NOT a singer at all).

  87. 87 crystal

    soo hyun oppa!
    i hope u will more successful than now.
    please make a new series hurry.
    i will wait that series.
    good luck oppa.
    love you

  88. 88 jorosh

    really talented…ksh

  89. 89 Lilik Ekowati

    thumbs up for Kim Soo Hyun..Keep Fighting Oppa!!

  90. 90 Olivia Wang

    Soo Hyun is such a great actor that I can’t help focusing on him after 3,4 yrs without watching a piece of Kdrama~First amazed by his performance in Moon, I am dragged to his roles constantly by Father’s House,DH> and Giant! Then I realize that his success in 2012 is a meant to be. Happy to see that a new star rising in korea movie Industry! Love to see him nominated in 2013 PaekSang Arts Awards in popularity category, but..this is not the goal set for Soo Hyun, right? He aims sth big!!

  91. 91 Aimee

    You r so wrong if u watch the final concert u will know who sing better taec sounds much greater than KSH in that final concert, even though i’m also a fan of KSH i just gotta say the truth

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