Kim Tae-hee is making her official entrΓ©e into the Japanese market, and is currently looking at projects with the Japanese agency she signed with last year. On March 3, a rep from her agency said, “In the latter half of the year, she will be increasing her activities in Japan. She’s looking for all kinds of projects, whether dramas or films.”

This comes as Kim wraps work on her most recent drama, My Princess, which, if not her most successful project in terms of popularity or reach, is probably her most successful in terms of acting. After playing the bubbly, lovable Princess Seol, she has received favorable evaluations of her performance for practically the first time in her decade-long career, which is a pretty big divergence from the usual reviews that have dogged her dramas and movies. For many of them, she’s been called a pretty face but flat in delivery, as she was in her last drama, 2009’s IRIS. It’s difficult to believe she ever had trouble emoting when you consider Seol’s range of emotions, from her tearful outbursts to her bright, winsome cheer.

I would have expected Kim to make her big Japan push last year, riding the wave of the IRIS press machine, but perhaps My Princess will do better. It’s true that IRIS wasn’t as successful in Japan as initially hoped for, and at least My Princess has Hallyu fave Song Seung-heon, which ought to help buoy interest within the Japanese market (and from the ajummas!).

And while her tight drama filming schedule may be over, Kim’s schedule is as packed as ever with CF and photo shoots lined up, as well as meetings for another role to take on this year. Personally, I’m hoping Kim capitalizes on her recent progress and opts for another bright role. Kim Tae-hee attempting serious, badass, or dark? Not so much in the way of convincing. Kim Tae-hee being sunny and effervescent? A. DOR. A. BLE.

Via Sports Seoul