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Ratings race tightens for midweek dramas
by | March 24, 2011 | 75 Comments

Royal Family

In the current Wednesday-Thursday ratings game, there’s no runaway winner, with all three dramas within five percentage points of each other. Not a super-exciting three-way battle, but at least there’s no huge flop. (Flops are always slightly painful to witness, yet also fascinating at the same time. It’s like the rubbernecking syndrome.)

But if we’re following the numbers closely, this week bears good news for 49 Days, which broke into the double digits for the first time with Thursday’s episode (its fourth). It had been performing in the 8% and 9% range, and today brought home a 10.3%.

Meanwhile, Royal Family dipped in its first-place spot, dropping from a 15.7% on Wednesday to a 14.9% for Thursday’s Episode 8. Thorn Birds has been in last place for most of its run, but is closing in with a 10.2%.

What does this mean? Well, I think we can call MBC’s “curse” at an end; My Princess was their first show (in that slot) in two years to perform consistently in double digits, and Royal Family is continuing the trend. I also suspect that this general pattern will hold for the foreseeable future, barring extraordinary story turns — either really good stuff that’ll hook viewers, or really really bad stuff to lose ’em quick — until some fresh fare enters the mix.

Since I’m only following one of these closely: Go go go, 49 Days, with your adorable boys and quirky plot setup! You can doooo eeet. Just as long as you steer clear of overdoing the melo angst — it’s not like you’ll be able to out-melo the Melo Queen, aka Thorn Birds, so you may as well embrace the offbeat charm of your fantasy world.

Thorn Birds

49 Days

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75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yaremse

    49 Days fighting ^^

    • 1.1 hm

      javabean, what a shame, you don’t follow Royal Family

      • 1.1.1 gustave154

        49 days FTW!

      • 1.1.2 clu

        yeah, wae why JB? it’s a good drama, i’m liking it! esp with Ji sung in it, it’s worth my while!

  2. goguma

    OMG!! Thorn Birds fighting!:)) As for 49 days.. we don’t really need to wish you luck since you’ve got lots of people captivated with your hot dancing “scheduler”
    hehe ^-^ either way good luck!!
    *gets her tissue box ready to watch thorn birds*

    • 2.1 elle loves kdrama

      Good call on the box of tissues. I love rom coms, but it’s nice to watch a “good” melo every once in a while πŸ™‚

      • 2.1.1 rainyrainy

        I love thorn bird too , it’s a melo but still we can find some light moments πŸ™‚
        I didn’t start watching 49 days yet , still waiting for epi 3 and 4 eng subs so I can watch the 4 epi at once and so I can get a clear idea about this drama πŸ™‚

        • MzKyu

          Omo me too, Thorn Birds is actually quite good!

    • 2.2 lili

      i’m enjoying thorn birds to!!! i’m waiting 49days ep 5 & 6 because i won’t be able to wait for a week since the next episode.

  3. joZD

    yay Go 49 Days!!
    too bad I’m not hooked yet.
    Only watching it &Thorn birds to kill my time. The former makes me wish it could be more entertaining to watch (it reminds me A LOT of Angel’s Temptation which is..ugh..not good) while the latter just makes me think…..”I have no idea what is going on…..*fast forward*”

  4. Lacey

    49 days FTW

    • 4.1 Jesus0saves

      totally took the words out of my mouth! LOL

      YES!! 49 days FTW!!!!

  5. Jane

    I think it’s fair to say that Royal Family is clearly the winner (for now) while the other two are duking it out for second.

  6. creidesca

    Go Thorn Birds! Next week’s episodes should be interesting, since the drama should finally be re-arriving in the present time. For those not following, the drama’s opening scene began in the present, then rewinded back about 17yrs (when the girls were 14) for the remainder of the first EP, till the last couple of seconds, where it forwarded 10yrs (the girls now 24). By EP 9-10, the girls will be 31 w/ a 7yr old daughter in tow.

    • 6.1 rainyrainy

      heyyy big thorn bird supporter and spoilers bringuer , I didn’t watch this week’s epi since I’m waiting for the english soft subs but yes I love this drama and I’m happy that next week we will be back to the present time , I wanna see how JE-JY will develop even thou I love the second male lead but I’m rooting for JE-JY couple ( eventhough I’m now not sure that they will end uo together πŸ™ )
      Thorn bird fighting πŸ™‚

  7. KotKot

    Yay for Thorn Birds πŸ˜‰

  8. elle loves kdrama

    Another Thorn birds supporter! Thorn birds FTW πŸ™‚

    • 8.1 Linda165

      Here here! Love me a good melo in between the cute. Throw a Joo Sang Wook in the mix and it’s a winner in my book!

      • 8.1.1 rainyrainy

        LOOOL JSW is HOOOOT , started to watch the show for the same reason : this hotty guy πŸ™‚

  9. ninsarama

    ROYAL FAMILY!!! the writing is tight, and the plot moves really fast. i’m so excited for next week’s development.

    • 9.1 Linda165

      I’d like to watch Royal Family… but the subs… oy!

      • 9.1.1 dools

        Eng sub only ep.1…
        I wating subs.
        I watch 7 episodes Royal Family… and I like it too!^^
        I so happy what Royal Family in its first-place spot… 15.7%:)
        fighting ^^

      • 9.1.2 clu

        go to youtube & they hv a link to eng subs, epis 2 eng subs still on the works!

    • 9.2 DafnΓ©

      I like it too! I was first afraid of the crying and melo, but as I was without anything to watch (waiting for 49 days) I started it and I love it!! πŸ˜€
      (despite it’s dramatic preview ^^)

  10. 10 Natalie

    Go Go 49 Days! It’s my favorite drama in a while!

  11. 11 Kyu

    I’m actually looking forward to the Thorn Birds because next week we finally get the time jump or rather, we end up back in episode 1 where they were in the present time. I’m excited to see Han Byul, Yoo-kyung/Jung-eun’s daughter. πŸ˜€ Go team Kang-woo/Jung-eun!

  12. 12 Drama fan

    I will support 49days because of Lee Yo Won , Jo Hyeon Jae and Jeong Il Woo but like many other viewers , wish to discover more of Song I k in LYW.

    I am also watching Royal family to kill time, Cha Ye ryeon, she is still so expressionless, and yet she has quite a very projects with her.

    I hate to see Yeom Jeong Ah and Ji Seong as a pair, is like mother and son. I am not against older woman and younger man…I like Oh My Lady but YJA and J S,hell no
    No other better choices so I will say Han Ji Hoon take Jo hyeon Jin

    • 12.1 Leona

      mother-son feeling it is given to us by the script in fact I like more their interaction on screen- too bad that he has a strong contender in Ahjussi πŸ˜› Jun No Min- I would love that CYR’s acting to be as strong as his… she is anemic as usual

      I love the female lead char – she is weak yet strong and she is not the usual damsel in distress as Ji Hoon sees her

      so until now hooked with Royal family and love to see cute Scheduler and Lee Ye Won on my screen

    • 12.2 mayke

      The problem with Yum Jung Ah is she always look older than her age, and Ji Sung kinda look younger for his age. Look at A Tale of 2 Sisters, she became Im Soo Jung’s stepmom despite their age only 8 years apart. Now she only 5 years apart from Ji Sung but she looks like his mom.

      Now let’s compare it with other drama with older actress, no need to search hard, just take its competitor 49 Days for example. Lee Yo Won can still work with Jung Il Woo, because she looks young & he looks kinda mature for his age. Or Kim Hee Ae and Jang Hyuk in Midas, they also work. Chun Jung Myung-Go Hyun Jung in WU Fox etc.

      So the conclusion is, I dont blame Royal Family main couple or story, just that imo better if they found other actress. There are many young looking 70-er Korean actresses out there.

      • 12.2.1 angelpur

        actually i think they made a spot on choice for the pairing based on their age difference. for me, i think they look the age they are supposed to be(she is supposed to be 42, after all and he’s supposed to be 29). and i’m glad they didn’t pick a couple that look similar in age because that means when they start to fall for each other i can’t really feel the complications of the relationship. i’m enjoying the acting of the main female lead as well, because i think she’s giving a pretty convincing performance (basing this on eps 1&2).

        @ leona and, yeah, i never liked cyr before (dr champ/ invincible lee-pyung kang) but i think she’s upped her performance and i’m quite liking her at the moment.

        • angelpur

          forgot to say let’s hope royal family stays on top! πŸ˜‰

  13. 13 mayke

    Go go go 49 Days! It ratings keep increase steadily episode by episode. Beware Royal Family, rating from TNS tighter tailing you now!

    Royal F= 11.9%
    49= 10.2%
    Thorn B= 8.5%

  14. 14 MJP

    Go Royal Family!!!

  15. 15 clock

    YEAY 49 DAYS !!!

    GO Go Goo !!!!

    You Can Dooo EEt !!!

  16. 16 minayuki

    Thorn Birds is such a good drama.
    I’m HOOKED.
    I don’t about javabeans but I don’t think she’s watching this drama so she wouldn’t know.

  17. 17 jayhyuun

    Royal Family. Come on! You have to love the intensity.

  18. 18 WooHigh

    I don’t know why, but I really hope that Mr. Hott Brooding Reaper Dude will fall in love with Ji Hyun. πŸ™‚

  19. 19 kiki

    I wish 49 DAYS will Win the Show after some episode ahead…. WOOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 Trina

    go go go goo goooooo 49 Days!!!! as for Thorn Birds, yeah, I am also watching it but that is on the Friday night as I am bored……. I am waiting for next week as that will be the present time of episode 1…. =) I am also looking forward to see who is the daughter too and hopefully HOT Shower Scene… XD

  21. 21 barbie

    Royal Family. it’s the only drama that’s keeping me interested. i love Ji Sung. i think i’ll drop 49 Days ~after 2 episodes i’m still not invested, although it’s fun to see Yoo Ji In and Choi Jung Woo as a couple (*thinks BL*).

    Can Sweet Scandal come any sooner?

  22. 22 Christine

    I really wished to watch Royal Family after episode 2 but couldn’t find the subtitled version……So i thought may be its not as popular
    This news comes as a surprise to me !!!

  23. 23 ocean


    I really like it’s intensity, but can’t find eng subs anywhere (viki ones don’t show in my region πŸ™ ). So at the moment I’m watching them raw! Don’t understand that much, but enough to keep me interested πŸ˜€ And hey, what can you do. I might be slightly obsessy, but I need my regular shot of good drama and Royal Family is the only one to really hook my interest at the moment. Why oh why is this drama not of interest to fansub groups? Anyone? Really beats me!

    I only watched a couple of episodes of Thorn Birds, but that much melo needs to be taken in small dosages, so I’m taking my time.

    Maybe I should give 49 days a chance next…

    • 23.1 Heidi

      Since Viki is licensed, there are certain dramas that cannot be released right away – according to the agreement with the broadcast company. Royal Family is one of those that isn’t allowed to be released until a specified waiting period is over… However they ARE subbing it! We just have to wait for the release. (I know, the wait is killing me!!)

  24. 24 aicy

    how about the twinkle2?when is it currently aired?whats is its stand?i like this drama

  25. 25 Glee

    Yes!! I finished watching episode 6 and then watched the first episode in current time to see what was what since I knew the background now. This drama is moving quickly and am happy to read that they are going back to present time. Just got done watching episode 8 and I’m really enjoying the show!

  26. 26 slovly

    I love Royal Family!!! Very good drama!!!!!

  27. 27 peppy777

    I love Royal Family… and 49 days too)

  28. 28 angel16

    For me THORN BIRDS is one of the best drama of 2011 good story best actors and effective acting.

  29. 29 randy


  30. 30 Helen

    thanks jb and hello !

    Sat & Sun. twinkle twinkle/Sparkling now at epi 12

    ratings – Seoul – 15.1 and Nationwide – 12.3

  31. 31 RD

    Thorn Birds is so addicting. It’s has the quality of WISFC (in terms of acting) but the storyline is an intricate fabric, weaving in the past, present, and future with such detail and of course DRAMA! It does get a little difficult to connect everything but this show is a fantastic melodrama and gets better and better as it goes on.

    Javabeans or girlfriday should certainly give this show a try.

  32. 32 ahjummabunny

    I was just thinking, it’s not as if a ratings win will give you a season two and then I remembered the beloved extension. AND THEN I remembered how the blasted extension doesn’t always do the original material justice. You sometimes get a 2nd drama tacked on to a really great first one. So, EVERYONE stay middling and tread water! That way when I watch these dramas I won’t gnash my teeth!

  33. 33 supah

    Wow, so much Thorn Birds love.
    I love the cast. Main cast aside: KIM HA EUN AND JUNG EUN BYUL, MOFOS!!
    But I kind of hate on the storytelling and the general shrillness, I find it also lacks nuances and character depth — the true ingredients that make for a quality melodrama.

    But maybe from episode 5 it’s gotten better?

    Still haven’t caught an episode of Royal Family, but I don’t think I have the stamina to watch Ji Sung, that too playing a prosecutor, eh, just not my cupa tea.
    Not contesting the quality of the show though, the previews looked great.

    Meanwhile 49 Days, is pretty flawed but I’m enjoying it — against my will. Kinda guilty pleasure stuff.

  34. 34 ellehcim

    49 DAYS FTW πŸ˜€ im enjoying it but it seems like everyone likes more because of the scheduler. i actually enjoy the plot and the cute funny bits with the sceduler.

    & i actually like Thorn Birds. I didnt realise everyone thought it was over dramatic till i started googling and reading others opinions. now that i have, it IS kinda over reacting but still, i like the drama lool

  35. 35 clu

    i’m following: thord birds, 49 days & royal family (fighting) i stopped watching twinkle twinkle altho i like Kim (tomato actor) in it but knowing i have to persevere to 50 episodes, i gave up after epis 2 LOL
    i can’t wait for Can You Heart My Heart with another fave of mine Kim jae won!

  36. 36 clu

    oopps i was typing so fast that should read thorn not thord! LOL

  37. 37 Jennifer

    I have yet to watch “49 Days”. I am currently watching the other two dramas and I love it!! Both dramas are really good, especially “Royal Family”. It’s very exciting to watch!! “Twinkle, Twinkle” is another drama I’m watching and I’m enjoying it!! So many good dramas out lately, I have no time to study!! Hahaha!!

  38. 38 Jersey Girl

    Love 49 Days and Thorn Birds!!!!Also like MIDAS and Smile Dong Hae.

  39. 39 dany

    49 days is the best (at least for me). Fighting!

  40. 40 dramafan

    YEAH 49 days it’s awesome there is a good drama without the sappy plot. Fighting for 49 days to reach #1 soon. Fighting πŸ™‚ 49 days! The guys are so cute and adorable how could you not watch!

  41. 41 maryta

    My favorite actress is Han jin

  42. 42 red pill

    JB, I personally think you would get sucked into Royal Family. I haven’t seen a drama with such subtle and great writing since… well, since A Man’s Story (aka. The Slingshot). It’s made me into a Ji Sung fan, which is saying a lot since I’ve always had a distaste for him.

  43. 43 VanillaSalt

    49 days. Duh! Winning!

  44. 44 mina

    Royal Family aja aja fighting!

  45. 45 DB5K

    I’m watching both Royal Family and 49 Days!!! They’re both pretty good. I’m not crazy about either one of them, but as there’s nothing better airing right now, they’ll do. Personally, I think 49 Days has more weaknesses than Royal Family does. Royal Family has better actors in its cast, it has a more eventful, exciting, fast paced storyline (I’m sooo glad this drama isn’t being dragged out to 30 or 50 episodes), and it has a higher production value. The mystery, suspense, and drama of Royal Family reminds me a bit of The Housemaid. It’s dark, yet overdone, so it feels a bit corny. But it’s still a better drama than 49 Days. However, I can see how this sort of drama could turn off viewers looking for something more lighthearted and entertaining. 49 Days is a sweet, eclectic romantic comedy. I noticed that Javabeans has a weak spot for rom com’s πŸ™‚

  46. 46 rraaawwwwwrr

    I’M SO GLAD TO KNOW THAT OTHERS ARE ENJOYING ROYAL FAMILY AS WELL. DRAMA fracking ROCKS!!! Actors are doing a phenomenal job portraying their characters. Especially Jung ah Yeum and Ji sung. They actually look good together. Their chemistry is just fantastic. If you haven’t watched it then I suggest you guys too. πŸ™‚ ROYAL FAMILY FTW!!!!

  47. 47 Michelle

    I like the story of 49 Days I hope they give them more rating

  48. 48 Pat

    I really like 49 Days and Royal Family, have not checked out Thorn Birds yet. (I’ll probably get sucked into it and then have no time left for homework -__-)
    Somehow I’ve always been interested in Wed-Thurs dramas lol o_O

  49. 49 BDBNG

    Go Thorn Birds!!

  50. 50 paj

    I am also watching thornbirds and I am hooked. I just started 49 days but I haven’t been pulled in yet. As for Royal family, not my cup of tea. .. Twinkle twinkle is a bit slow at the start but it is worth it. I really like the dialogue between the main characters. Very good.

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