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Sohn Ye-jin back to the big screen with Tower
by | March 27, 2011 | 33 Comments

Sohn Ye-jin (Chilling Romance, Personal Taste) has announced her next project. As expected, she’ll be returning to filmlandia; what’s not as expected is the genre. She’ll be starring in her first blockbuster action flick, Tower, a disaster film about a skyscraper fire, due out later this year. Iiiinteresting. Move over, Ha Ji-won?

While I don’t think Sohn will be going the Ha Ji-won Kickass Heroine route, she will be playing something different from her repertoire of late, which is always nice. I just love her no matter what she plays, because she imbues every character with such earnestness and down-to-earth charm. (Which is hard to do, you know, when you’re so friggin’ GORGEOUS. Gah.)

She’ll be starring opposite the intensely charismatic Sol Kyung-gu (The Fixer, Haeundae), a stronghold in the tough leading-man-of-action roles, as well as Kim Sang-kyung (My Country Calls, Café Noir). Directing is Kim Ji-hoon, who is ALSO directing summer blockbuster Sector 7. If you’re wondering how one man can crank out two blockbusters in one six-month period, it’s because Sector 7 is already shot and well into post-production, while Tower has just begun principal photography. Needless to say, the man’s busy.

The movie is actually a remake of the 1974 Hollywood film The Towering Inferno, starring Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, and Faye Dunaway. It’s based on the novel by Richard Martin Stern, which was in turn inspired by the construction of the World Trade Center in the early 70s. The fictional version takes place in a 140-floor skyscraper, where a fire breaks out on Christmas Eve and well, chaos ensues. What’s with Christmas Eve and action movies? Is Die Hard just the terrorist version of this story?

This remake of course takes place in downtown Seoul. Sol Kyung-gu plays Steve McQueen’s leading role, as the firefighter who’s first on the scene. Sohn Ye-jin will be playing a restaurant manager who works in the building, and Kim Sang-kyung plays the building’s facilities manager. Hm, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good disaster film. Maybe this one will deliver some classic heartstring-tugging-action, but with the slick k-film veneer.

Tower has begun shooting and plans to premiere later this year. If director Kim Ji-hoon can sweep the box office with not one, but TWO big domestic blockbusters, it’ll be a massive coup, and they’ll probably name a street after him.

Sol Kyung-gu

Kim Sang-kyung

Via Hankook Ilbo, Osen


33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lovepark

    Sounds interesting. I just find Sul Kyung-goo so charismatic and cool. Sohn Ye-jin is super pretty, but I’ve never really loved her in anything, so we’ll see…

  2. YBisTOP

    Whoo hoo, a pretty girl with two ugly guys. Now thats a real drama… *sarcastically.. 🙂

  3. danna

    So this will be her second movie this year after Chilling Romance?…Yes I very much welcome an asskicking Son Ye Jin…In fact someone should get on making a movie with her Ha, and Kim So Yeon all kicking ass… maybe they can form a trio of female superheroes…urgh..I think I need tog et some sleep

    • 3.1 danna

      also Kim So Yeon confirmed for Coffee…so this means we do get to see all three whooping ass this year…..YAYAYAYAA!!!!

    • 3.2 jcl

      maybe korean version of Charlie’s Angels? Love all three actresses!

      • 3.2.1 jyyjc

        omg that would be so great. Ha ji won, kim so yeon, Son yeh jin, can you imagine?

      • 3.2.2 anais

        I was thinking more like Heroic Trio, much more hardcore than fluffy Charlie’s Angels:

  4. neonrainbowstarrs

    i just watched her in Open City last night
    I’m 15 and Sohn Ye Jin got me into korean dramas after watching Yuddeum Hangi or Summer Scent when I was 9 with my parents
    she is so beautiful and absolutely my hands down favorite actress and I am so thrilled to watch her in this

  5. Ina-shi

    Ya she really makes me happy. Taking about girls-crush^^

  6. kaedejun

    bwahahaha – i guess her cameo at the end of Secret Garden as an actress for Philip Lee’s action movie was meant to be prophetic!! 😛

    • 6.1 Maria Green

      i was thinking the same wow

    • 6.2 asianromance

      what an awesome coincidence!

  7. Amg1

    Sohn Ye-jin, IMHO is the best Korean Film Star! I cannot think of any other actress that can be better than her, I find it very curious, when the younger generation do not know who she is, or when they make comments that she is “Ugly”.

    She is neither “Ugly”, nor a “second or third” rate actress, she is “Beautiful”, and “First” rate, if not the top of the crop!!!!!

    Sohn Ye-jin FTW!!!!!!!!! : O}

    • 7.1 hk

      wow, calm down.

    • 7.2 Torune

      lol, Korean best film actress ? really!!!?
      How about Ha Ji Won and Jeon Do Yeon

  8. SadieStarr gonna see haJiwon, kim soyeon and sohn yejin?? gonna be an awsum summer hopefully! 😀 i luv sohn yejin..i agree..she has a down-2earth charm which just mkes u love her

  9. jcl

    Sol Gyung Goo was so wonderful in that movie where Kang Dong Won played the voice of a murderer. SYJ is also a big fan of Sol and good friends with his wife so I bet she’s happy! I”m excited for her taking on a action/disaster film.

    I wonder if it’ll open on Christmas eve?

    SG.,, art imitating life imitating art?

  10. 10 Ani

    I love how Die Hard was mentioned here because that was the first movie that came to mind when I read through the plot. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the Die Hard franchise and how Bruce Willis goes from hair to no hair.

    As for this project? Good luck to everyone involved. Fighting!

  11. 11 Tania

    Awesome…she is my favorite Korean actress!!!!

  12. 12 Dara

    Really? They will name a street after him?

  13. 13 Maricel

    Sol Kyung-gu, as a fan of Song yoon ah, i watched some pics of him and i found him veryyy ugly…i don’t have the right to judge on looks ¬¬. So i watched one of his movies and he is so CHARISMATIC, i found him handsome, appealing and a great actor. I would like to see him more often . So sad he doesn’t act in dramas u.u

    Sohn Ye-jin ..she’s great i loved her in personal taste, one of her scenes made me cry (twice) which is rare causei never do that with light/ comedy dramas. And yes, she is GORGEOUS and more.

  14. 14 grateful1

    She’s one of my faves, as well. I watched The Art of Seduction a few days ago– what a fun role that was for her! That put me in a Son Ye Jin mood, so then I marathoned Spotlight. I, too, really appreciate her “earnestness and down-to-earth charm”.

  15. 15 blahblahblah

    I freakin love Sohn Ye-jin. I respect her so much, I love how she’s done roles like White Night and Personal Taste and can completely pull off two characters that are polar opposites. I’m definitely looking out for this ;D

  16. 16 asianromance

    So sad that I dislike this sort of film, but yay for Son Ye jin for her new project!!

  17. 17 :D

    i recently checked out one of her dramas “alone in love”. if you haven’t watched it, you should really get on it because it’s amazing.

  18. 18 cancerb

    After a long journey in movieland she finally nab the role in an action flicks,.. i’ll say YAYYYYYY,…
    So excited for this

  19. 19 Noon0201

    Oooooo My girl crush. She is drop dead gorgeous! Plus she can acts!!!!

  20. 20 Kuging-RN

    i love her in the CLassic… im downloading it now..ahihi

  21. 21 eatpraylovemanila

    sohn yejin is so damn beautiful korean actress…she defines hallyu star an A lister indeed! im hoping for much sensible drama series than a movie… i so love her in a moment to remember and alone in love very natural… she introduce korean drama to me… yejin please make more drama series than movie please unni.. 😀

  22. 22 m

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Son Ye-jin. Not only is she the most brilliant actress of her generation but she also has the most unassuming personality (to peers and fans alike) considering her multitude of achievements (awards and compelling roles she’s gotten). That is probably why her career continues to flourish.

    Is it true that the “Secret Garden” writer wants to work with her? Which might explain the cameo too. Given the wit and charm of SG, I do hope they get to work together in something whimsy and fun to contrast with her usual movie roles because as delightful as she was in “Personal Taste”, the writing and editing was the complete opposite.

  23. 23 Lenita

    hmm, i can’t see her do physical kick-assing, but it’d be great to see her in something like sandra bullock’s character in speed…

  24. 24 Hipployta

    I just realized she was the lead in The Art of Seduction…I LOVE HER! She always looks different LOL

  25. 25 tinatot

    omg. more son ye jin movies to look forward to! i havent seen into the white night though. the only movie of hers that i havent seen 🙁 im such a bad SYJ fan 🙁

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