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Sung Yuri cast in Maids
by | March 9, 2011 | 91 Comments

Sung Yuri has announced her next project, a KBS drama called Maids (working title) — or perhaps a prettier title is The Help — that comes from the writer of Pasta. That also means one less potential role for Yoon Eun-hye, who was reportedly in contention for this drama. Not that the super-in-demand Yoon is hurting for projects.

Maids tells the story of the “suspicious” domestic help who wander in and out of chaebol households, working one job after another. Sung Yuri is cast in the lead role of Noh Soon-geum, one such maid who’s described as youthful, bold and fearless, who works hard to support herself.

Sung said about the role, “I’m happy to be able to play this fresh, appealing Noh Soon-geum character, who is different from others I’ve played before. Because I was trying to select my next drama carefully, I ended up taking a longer break than I planned, and I’ll do my best to make up for the long wait.”

It’s no big secret that I’m hardly a fan of Sung Yuri — so pretty, but her acting is so flat and labored — although I’ll say that she has improved a lot over the course of her acting career. She’s weathered a fair amount of harsh criticism over the years (deservedly so, I say), particularly considering how poor she was in the beginning, which added fuel to the whole idol-singers-can’t-act fire. (She’d had a first career as a singer in ’90s pop vehicle FinKL.)

She’s put in a lot of effort to improve her acting, and I thought she was perfectly passable as a plucky heroine in Hong Gil Dong (and had a highlight episode where she was actually pretty good). But I think despite her physical beauty, she’s got that anti-charisma thing going on that is hard to shake, like Cha Ye-ryun and Go Ara, who have the same difficulty connecting with the camera.

On the upside, Maids sounds like an interesting premise, and if it’s anything like Pasta, it’ll be light and fluffy — an area that is friendlier to Sung than, say, more weighty and emotive projects.

As for the male lead? No final decisions yet, but a little birdie tells me Jung Kyeo-woon (Dr. Champ) is taking a look at the project. Prior to Champ — where he was such a cute lunkhead — I wouldn’t have been so eager, but now I say: Yes, please! I don’t care if he’s playing a chaebol, they’re just gonna have to find excuses to keep him unclothed in every episode. It’ll be a trial, but I’m sure they can manage.

Maids is a Wednesday-Thursday drama set to follow Thorn Birds, and will premiere on May 11.

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91 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Minnetter

    well I love Jung Kyeo-woon even before Dr. Champ so I hope he accepts/gets the role… lol though maybe he should be one of the hired help that contends for the main actress’s love, cuz’ he’s already done the chaebol thing before…

    • 1.1 Minnetter

      lol, this is actually the first time getting in a comment before the other dramabeans faithfuls^^

      • 1.1.1 mary

        Congratulations? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. JoJo

    Sung Yuri I love her since The Snow Queen and of course Hong Hil Dong.
    She is so pretty and likeable, even if I didn’t like her role in Swallow The Sun…
    I’m looking forward it and Jung Kyeo-woon with Sung Yuri what a candy couple ^^

    • 2.1 Dara

      Ditto, don’t get me start on Swallow The Sun (again)!

  3. deeko

    Yes please indeed to Jung Kyeo-woon. He’s got this charisma thing going on that even when watching the long-suffering Loving You a Thousand Times,’ I kept on with the drama because of him… I’m hooked.

    Hopefully, Sung Yuri will come through because 1/2 of the main cast carrying the show doesn’t always work.

  4. Winterrose

    C’mon Give Yuri a break .They won’t get her if she is not good . Though her last drama was in 2009 , she had two movies after Swallow the Sun -Rabbit and Lizard and Noona. Plus an MV , a single with Tim and modelling .

  5. indigowine


    why can’t I erase the thought of this movie becoming The-Maid-Drama-Version from my mind?

    Sung Yuri became the obsessed and creepy maid, while our beloved Jung Kyeo-woon became the selfish man of the house..

    *shiver continues*

    • 5.1 Portia

      Well, if it was, that would ensure some scenes with him unclothed, as javabeans said…


      • 5.1.1 danna

        that could work…if those promos of Lee Jung Jae were any evidence

  6. Irene

    thanks jb.

    This drama could depict the taiwanese drama that is going on now something like …. happiness ?.

  7. angelpur

    yay for Jung Kyeo-woon, nay for sung yuri. i wasn’t particularly impressed with her performance in swallow the sun, so…
    but im glad Jung Kyeo-woon might be the leading man! Loved him in dr champ and I’m also liking his character in Sign (if only he had more screen time…!)

  8. Jomo

    This is how I processed this article
    Sung Yuri – ugh Snow Queen
    Sung Yuri – awww “I love you” HGD
    Sung Yuri – ugh Snow Queen

    Jung Kyeo-woon?

    HELLO Jung Kyeo-woon !


    • 8.1 Linda165

      What about Prince’s First Love?? She drove me crazy with the lip biting!! It became sooo annoying!

      • 8.1.1 Jomo

        Didn’t see that one.
        I just get mad at anyone who gives HB a wall kiss. I know it’s not completely her fault, but it bothers me.

      • 8.1.2 YY

        Most annoying show ever. Hated her and her infernal lip-biting. Hated the other guy. Loved the second lead. Whom I rooted for all the way until the last ep. Which was when I realised he was the second lead. Argh.

    • 8.2 YY

      I don’t like her…sorry…she just annoys me these days… but that guy is HAWT! Killer abs!

  9. blanche

    They sent Yoon Eun Hye the script but she rejected it took Sweet Scandal instead with Lee Seo Jin and Park Shi Hoo. I think they are just for YEH’s My Black Minidress movie to air then announce it.

    • 9.1 whatta

      What do you mean? Park Shi Hoo and Lee Seo Jin was casted in Sweet scandal? OMO… :))))))

      • 9.1.1 blanche

        Yeah it seems so cause a credible casting site posted it with synopsis/character description and all http://www.covas.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=buy_tv_drama&wr_id=14

        • kay

          nooooooooooooooo park shi hoo is second lead AGAIN!?!?! well maybe he’ll end up getting the girl the for 3rd time. that would be too awesome.

    • 9.2 missjb

      you make my heart beat faSTER! HAHHAHAH

    • 9.3 Linda165

      wow! thanks for the info!! Lee Seo Jin โ™ฅ Park Shi Woo โ™ฅ two of the men with the most seductive gaze in Kdramaland
      I’ll be waiting patiently…. When will Sweet Scandal air? I hope is soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 9.3.1 red

        omg i so second that, lee seo jin has the most amazing eyes

      • 9.3.2 Beng

        they could be brothers because of their smoldering eyes and looks =)

    • 9.4 Laeah

      PARK SHI HOO?!?! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 9.5 YY

      What? PSH second lead again????? Are they crazy or what? I’ve never thought of a PSH-Eun Hye pairing. Wow.

  10. 10 blanche

    actually Snow Queen was my favorite Sung Yuri series. I liked it more than Hong Gil Dong.

  11. 11 malta

    JKW is hot…

    -Captian Obvious signing out

  12. 12 sams

    I like Sung Yuri.

  13. 13 missjb

    Jung Kyue Woon??? I’m IN!!! I LOVE HIM!! He has that charisma and strong on screen presence!

  14. 14 Alyssia

    yay!!!!!!! she’s back!!!!!!!!! I have a fondness for actresses to tries hard to improve their craft. Big example being Kim Tae hee. Not everyone is a natural at acting. I love her personality and cuteness.

    I hope this comes through. Looks like a cute couple! rom-com is right up her alley.

  15. 15 Maricel

    I’ve got to disagree in two points XD..
    first i don’t think that yuri doesn’t have appeal with the camera or that has anti charisma …i did like her work in hong gil dong…she was more than cute and lovely, she was like fresh her in the series. And i could connect with her …i also watched her in prince’s first love, and even when she didn’t act well , she was very likable and charming (maybe it was her innocent character)… she’s more mature now, so propable she’s become better. i really wanted to see her again . Plus the plot seems to be enjoyble and not very common (i appreciate that)

    Second, jung…i like him, and he was very cute in doctor champ (his character was too childish though)…but i feel he looks younger. I found him older than the doctor (even when they have the same age) . He should work with younger actresses or do more grown up characters if not i won’t be shipping for the main couple. Not because i’m shallow, maybe a bit, but mainly i’d be that i wouldn’t be able to take their relationship too seriously

  16. 16 Laica

    Sung Yuri… meh. Don’t hate her, but she’s not exactly a good actress.

    Jung Kyeo-woon…. YAY! I’ll watch anything with him as the lead. Totally in love with him after Dr. Champ. I hope he’s not a cold character though, he’s so lovely when he’s been goofy and nice. (And I agree about the unclothed JKW being desirable. So much droolworthiness in Champ, it was worth watching just for that.)

    • 16.1 Laica

      Also, how awesome would it be if Jung Kyeo-woon played a man-maid? A poor guy with no other choice of job. I really want to see a poor kdrama hero for once. With a heart that isn’t encased in a layer of ice.

      • 16.1.1 dunnowhat

        want a poor kdrama hero with a heart? watch dream high. that’s why everyone thought he’d never get the girl cause he’s not your regular royal jerk.

  17. 17 girlatsea

    QUESTION: Is Dr. Champ GOOD?

    It seems that a lot of the people over on dramafever didn’t like it. I just finished watching Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs and I loveeed it (thanks GF!) I’m on spring break and I need another drama.

    • 17.1 liz

      Yes it is, is a fresh drama, with a sexy doctor and hot judo guys too.. LOL

    • 17.2 Laica

      I really liked it. It has its flaws, and not everyone seems to like it, but I found it refreshing. The male lead is actually a really nice, goofy guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and falls for the heroine in the first episode (not to mention he’s ridiculously hot and spends about half the series shirtless). Kim So Yeon is good in role as a no-nonsense doctor. And it’s also quite funny and beautifully shot.

      You can also check out the Dramabeans 2010 year-end reviews for different takes on the show. Look under top posts and recaps.

    • 17.3 lenrasoon

      i loved Dr. Champ but it’s a bit slow sometimes, you could watch the first two episodes to see if you like.

    • 17.4 indigowine

      haha, I watched Dr Champ mainly for the washboard abs only.. they’re just that drool-worthy ;P

      But, the story is not bad, it’s about doctor’s life in Olympics camp.. with hot judo athletes *still*

  18. 18 Iviih

    I like Jung Kyeo-woon in d. champ he was so cute, and hot, and I do want see he in a new drama not because of -his abs- but because I wish to see he improving more (In a different role^^).

    I’m watching sign and totally enjoy his scenes, he and the girl has chemistry and love his detective Choi ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sign is such a nice drama. I recommend ^^v

    • 18.1 gracefulmoonie

      Loved him in Sign also. Agree that he has good chemistry with Uhm Ji Won.
      Although I wish there were more scenes of them together.

      Love this picture of them from the press conference:

      I am probably in the minority that didn’t like him with Kim So Yeon in Dr. Champ. Really was rooting for the KSY- UTW pair.

      • 18.1.1 Iviih

        The picture is blocked… about d. champ, well she did have chemistry with UTW so I know how you feel. But I was rooting for my cute judo-guy so I was happy, hahaha xD

  19. 19 sandy

    oh my lady 2 without the baby booring

  20. 20 phil

    Dramabeans, it is out the 3 teaser for 49 days plus some more stills, can you please talk about it?- curious about the 3ยบ teaser- thanks.

  21. 21 danna

    ‘theyโ€™re just gonna have to find excuses to keep him unclothed in every episode. Itโ€™ll be a trial, but Iโ€™m sure they can manage”
    i say keep him in the shower the entire time….maybe we can have Sung Yuri cleaning it or something…lol

  22. 22 lenrasoon

    Jung Kyeo-woon yay!

  23. 23 Revy

    I will watch anything that Jung Kyeo-woon is in & if he is half naked most of the time is an extra plus.

  24. 24 ????????

    Not a fan of Sung Yuri, but that’s not important. Of course I have a choice to watch or not to watch. I’ll probably watch this because the story line sounds interesting. And then there’s Jung Kyeo Woon. If it surprises me and is good, I’ll be happy to see it succeed.

    My comment really has to do with Lee Seo Jin. Didn’t he recently give up acting in order to join the family business? Didn’t I read that? I don’t like him at all. I think he’s an arrogant jerk. But, I digress. How was he cast in Sweet Scandal?

    • 24.1 IMO

      I don’t know LSH well and I haven’t seen any of his works but your comment made me curious. What did he do to make you think him to be an arrogant jerk? Just curious, okay….

      • 24.1.1 kay

        he does have a bad rep for dumping his gf, no? ppl have said that he dates popular girls like LHR and KJE to boost his popularity and then coldly dumps then. but eh, always 2 sides to a story.

        • Lidia

          LE SEO JIN IS A GREAT ARTIST,A UNIQUE TALENT, A VERY SPECIAL PERSONALITY,AND A VERY SPECIAL PERSON !Try to know him better,it’s worth it!And by the way,I’m Romanian and i hate dramas but…LEE SEO JIN…seems to work miracles!All the best to you all!

          • how

            and how do you know him better than all of us?
            i’m of the side that thinks the guy’s a jerk

  25. 25 JD

    Is it just me or does she look diff in that picture? *scratches head* Rounder face? Maybe I’m too used to her Yi Nok image lol

    • 25.1 Nom_kitteh

      She has been unrecognizable to me for a couple of years. I can’t tell if it is simply her aging out of baby-face youth/cuteness or massive plastic surgery.

  26. 26 bd

    “Passable” is being a bit generous for SY’s acting in HGD (overexaggerated “cute” mannerisms, that blank stare and eye cringing emotional/crying scenes), but then again, it’s not like HGD was Kang Ji hwan’s finest hour as an actor either (basically repeating the same, increasingly annoying, mannerisms).

    One actress who stood out in HGD was Kim Ri Na, who played the spoiled daughter of a Minister and the other love interest (albeit one-sided), but it doesn’t seem like she has been working much (which is unfortunate).

    Anyway, hopefully SY’s acting will continue to improve.

  27. 27 Treme

    Anyone know WHY they went with SYR and not YEH?
    were the initial articles just some sort of media play to get attention or did the producers really think SYR and JKW was a better choice than YEH and Micky?

    • 27.1 blanche

      The PD posted on twitter saying that they never even offered the role to Micky. PD said that they have sent YEH the script. YEH’s company confirmed she has recieved the script but that she hasn’t made her decision yet, whether she was gonna take the part or not, however, she did say that she was looking at the series “Sweet Scandal” more favorably.

      Sweet Scandal is also slated for May and will go up against Yoochun and Lee Da Hae’s series if I’m not mistaken.

    • 27.2 I think...

      YEH is probably going to do ‘Sweet Scandal’ with Verdi Entertainment (same production as Love Song). It seems like she tends to do at least one project with a production company she had planned to work with. After the production had postponed ‘Love Song’ indefinitely, they moved straight to ‘Sweet Scandal’, and they had YEH picked to lead. They should have this wrapped up by now.

      I liked Sung Yu Ri ‘Snow Queen’ ^^ This should be a more mature romcom, and it’s a refreshing role for her. She has a very quiet demeanor about her, but I think she’ll do fine. This may also bring in added attention like Kim Tae Hee did with ‘My Princess’ since it’s her first real comic role.

  28. 28 reydio

    My favorite F.i.N.K.L member…………I hope this one is more on the romantic comedy side…..Snow Queen was such a tear jerker…..

    It’s SYR…..so I will be peeking on it.

  29. 29 bopbopbop

    yeah…agree that sung yuri can’t act..

    but Jung Kyeo-woon!
    not amazing at acting..but he still has this appealing thing….
    haha i liked him since before dr. champ
    and now, in sign! he’s great! haha

  30. 30 nelkk

    EEEKKKKKK Jung Kyeo-woon and sung yuri? IM IN

  31. 31 Silka

    Sung Yuri looks different in this pic… I think she act Ok.. I actually do like her in the Snow Queen and One Fine Day… she is not outstanding but decent and looks good… I do like JKW… the pairing is OK too.. hope the plot is not too cheesy..

    I am actually excited about the post above mentioning The Sweet Scandel with Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Seo Jin and Park Shi Hoo… love Park Shi Hoo… so I can’t wait..

  32. 32 Birdie

    Of course it also depends on what other dramas are on. There is only that much time, so one have to pick depending on the competition.For example, now other than Sign, I am only watching Midas as a filler. Midas storyline is only so-so- it seems to be the same old story- siblings fighting each other for power and money,rich playboy attracted to commoner girl, greed, revenge. If this drama has a refreshing take, yeah I would watch. Hopefully it is not too cheesy and not the usual housekeeper falling in love with the rich master as in other dramas.

  33. 33 sora

    Jung Kyeo-woon yes pleaseeee… I’m sold!!

  34. 34 asianromance

    There were some bumps in her acting in HGD, but I thought on the whole, she was pretty good. I haven’t seen Swallow in the Sun, so I don’t know if the sudden improvement in HGD was a fluke. And while she doesn’t captivate you in dramas, I don’t think her level of charisma is as low as Go Ara or Cha Ye Ryun.

    I think she’s a bit like SSH – went into acting because someone offered and because it was something to do instead of really having a passion for it.

  35. 35 Anne

    I don’t think Yoon Eun-hye is hurting for project she a beauty and she likable I think she being smart to pick the right role with a good storyline. She was never a back to back drama type so I don’t think there any under meaning other then it is what it is.

  36. 36 gingganggolli

    …lol JB your naughty…Jung Kyeo-woon is awesome in that pic….gosh its getting hot in here….

  37. 37 ken24

    sung yuri is so cute in hong Gil dong!!!.

  38. 38 I think...

    By the way, Ms. Javabeans? Taiwan Coffee Prince: I May Not Love You begins filming in April, and Korean Hana Kim will air next year. Any information on that?


    I thought SYR was good in ‘Snow Queen’. I think she’ll do well in this drama, I hope so. This is a refreshing role for and I like that she’s doing something new. She has to overcome her quiet demeanor, but I think she’ll be fine.

    The contract for ‘Sweet Scandal’ with YEH should have been signed by now. YEH will most likely stick with Verdi Media, which has indefinitely postponed ‘Love Song’ and moved onto ‘Sweet Scandal’. My understanding was that if ‘Sweet Scandal’ was a go, and it seems so since they gave it the ‘Poseidon’ airing slot, then it would be YEH. I expect announcement to come soon. If Lee Suh Jin is indeed the main male lead, there’s a big age gap, but Lee Suh Jin carries some viewers. While LSJ may not have the most fans outside, viewers seem to watch his dramas. This would make an impressive cast in my opinion. Two actors who carry good amount of viewership with them.

    Looking forward to both SYR and YEH in their new dramas.

    Looking forward to Korea Hana Kimi and Taiwan Coffee Prince^^

    • 38.1 I think...

      Hana Kimi Korea will most likely air next January or February during the idol drama time slot. They will probably use the vacation period like ‘Dream High’ did. This will ensure more ratings.

      I understand that ‘Coffee Queen: I May Not Love You’ will start Ariel Lin after all. If you can further information, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  39. 39 thatguy

    So they replaced one first gen idol with another first gen idol?

  40. 40 JiHwan

    I wish Jung Kyeo Woon was a robot, so he could work all year round. Oh wait, he sorta already does that.

  41. 41 Two Cents

    Yun Eun-hye would have been so much better.

  42. 42 David

    Oh my ! pretty boys !(never ending)
    coming back again this summer – June ?
    sm entertainment will be producing the korean version of japanese high school drama “hanazakari” the third version besides the taiwanese.
    ratings, ratings, ratings !!.

    • 42.1 kay

      i really wonder how it’s going to turn out. i’m sure half the cast are going to be sm idol boys. just please cast a girl that is actually trying to pretend to be a boy. maki was so horribly feminine. while ella made me wish that she hadn’t pulled off being a guy so well. i mean the stache was a distraction.

  43. 43 Qwenli

    You are so right about the anti charisma thing. some pple are drop dead gorgeous but just dun generate wild legions of tv fans.

    and on the other hand consider Ha Ji won, she is pretty in her own right but I dun consider her Ms Universe material vs Sung Yuri or Kim Sarang but her popularity is amazing…

  44. 44 LOL

    well for me Yoon Eun Hye and Sung Yuri are pretty much at the same acting level, it is just Yoon Eun Hye is wiser in choosing her role but tbh, the plot of Maid is merrrrrrr…. no matter who will act in it, it is just cliche’

  45. 45 Lenita

    i actually think she was pretty good in rabbit and lizard. i connected right away with the character, in fact, i re-watched that movie twice; the second time so i can enjoy the acting without having to read the subs…

  46. 46 cathy

    I’m with you , i would not watch any drama of her , so bad , so disappointed . We needs attractive actresses in acting , those poor acting actresses will ruin drama anyway .

  47. 47 angelyurihuynyh

    waiting drama. love yuri

  48. 48 Urnaa

    For me Eugene and Song Yuri are kinda of same and lame even they looks cute as always. I wonder why. If Yoon Eun-hye acts same like she was in Coffee Prince, i’d like to see how she matured and improved as actress. Love male lead though.

  49. 49 josephine

    KBS Malaysia is now showing Happy Woman with Jung Keow Woon as 2nd lead (one of his earlier shows). Gosh! he looks so handsome, young and appealing. I was already mesmerised by him in Loving you which is also now showing in Malaysia simultaneously with Sign (3 of his shows every week). Fighting! Keow Woon, really really love you.

  50. 50 Uca

    The same thing went to me. He did really good in LYATT. I kept watching that because of him even when the plot wasn’t going well.
    I really adore his character. He surely can pull off the Loyal Husband Baek Kang-ho and makes me fall for it. Love love him

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