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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 327
by | April 11, 2011 | 72 Comments

This episode continues the island trip following the teddy-bear race, wherein the boys settle down for a relaxing night of comfort…NOT. Here, the guys hang their prides and their appetites on their cooking abilities, or, as the case may be, a conspicuous lack thereof. It occurs to me that if 1N2D were filmed any more frequently than twice a month, the guys might very well burn out from the exhaustion of earning every little scrap. Either that, or develop a case of Stockholm syndrome.

EPISODE 327. Broadcast on March 27, 2011.

girlfriday: Ulleungdo is definitely one of the prettiest places they’ve been in a while. It made me want to go on an island vacation. Well, minus all the snow.

javabeans: I think one of 1N2D’s biggest charms is the way they showcase Korea as a whole. It’s easy to forget that there’s a whole country outside of Seoul, especially if a lot of your exposure to the country is via dramas or movies, which tend to reinforce the illusion that everything takes place on a frankly tiny strip of land south of the river. If the official tourism board isn’t sponsoring the show, it really ought to be.

girlfriday: This show has definitely introduced me to a Korea I didn’t know. I’m such a city girl. Seoul is all I know. But you’re right that the show does something that dramas so rarely do, which is showcase local charm and flavor in the rest of Korea.

javabeans: So after the teddy bear race ended, the team hopped on the bus to make camp miles away, knee-deep in the snow. Of course. I am learning that if there is one patch of land within miles that is more uncomfortable than the rest, the 1N2D team will find it, and pitch their tent on it.

girlfriday: They got hungry, as they always do, so Na PD offered them a chance to earn a snack by building a 3-meter tall snowman. (He specifically said that it had to be a legitimate 3m snowman because Su-geun had this challenge a few weeks ago, and the weather conditions were bad enough to allow him a “cheat” — he put the head on a long stick and attached it to the body, making it 3m tall, which I think was Seung-gi’s idea.)

javabeans: I can’t say I disagreed with Ji-won’s reaction to the snowman challenge: “Can’t we ever just eat when we’re hungry? Why is there always a mission?” But I’m a big softy whose hypothetical variety show would be mind-numbingly boring because I’d just give everyone what they wanted. What, you mean this show isn’t about giving the boys massages and feeding them by hand?

girlfriday: Yeah, that’d get old, real fast.

javabeans: On the other hand, you’d never lack for volunteers to participate. (On either side, really. Isn’t this how we define win-win?)

girlfriday: Ji-won’s outburst was funny because it’s nothing new that he has to earn his food; he was just tired and hungry. One of my favorite things on the show is when the boys actually get mad at the PDs, and their true colors show. It’s so refreshing to see them forget about their image once in a while and throw a tantrum.

javabeans: How funny was it when you compared the two groups’ snowman-making strategies? You have Tae-woong silently rolling a huge boulder in the background, and in the foreground there’s Seung-gi with his tiny little egg, going *pat pat pat.*

girlfriday: Pffft. And insisting that it would work out. Oh, Seung-gi.

javabeans: Yeah, the young boys were so insistent that they’d do things their way, even as time ticked on and their ball of snow remained the same size. Even Na PD pointed it out: “I’m sorry to say this, but your snowball hasn’t gotten any bigger.”

girlfriday: But you notice how when you put a bunch of guys together, EVERYTHING, even how to make snowballs, is a pride contest? The games are all just all window dressing. Which is why, even when it’s clear they’re doing it WRONG, they won’t admit it. Ever.

javabeans: That’s such a man thing. And a Korean thing. Put ’em together, and you have an immovable mountain of stubborn.

girlfriday: Add in games designed to challenge said mountain, and you get comedy win.

javabeans: Seeing the sizes of their snowballs, I had no idea how the guys were going to make it 3m tall. Even if they were to spout all the glib talk in the world, when they started piling puny little snowballs on top of the “head,” I was skeptical as to how they’d be able to explain it…until Ho-dong called it their “Sandara Park snowman.” LMAO.

girlfriday: That was the best recovery in the world. From what brain comes Sandara Park Snowman? So funny.

javabeans: But that was one fugly snowman, no offense to Sandara Park. She’s pretty. (That snowman…not so much.)

girlfriday: As was the Kim C version, when the boys parodied 2NE1 back in the day. That was fugly too. Damn, does 1N2D hate Sandara Park?

javabeans: When the snowman collapsed prematurely, I was surprised that Na PD let Su-geun decide whether the team had succeeded or failed. And impressed when Su-geun honestly admitted that he thought they failed, and that the snowman wasn’t quite 3m tall.

girlfriday: It’s an interesting feature of the show and all Korean variety programs, where netizens take shows to task if anything seems slightly off. That’s why they always show times on camera, to legitimize when the team wins a task and makes it to their destination on time. Once they had to play a game to win 10,000 won for snacks, and netizens freaked out that what Seung-gi bought at the convenience store added up to more than 10,000 won, in their estimation. 1N2D literally issued a statement that he came back to ask for another 10,000 won by playing another round, the footage of which was edited out for time’s sake.

javabeans: I like that transparency. Scripted is cool. Unscripted is cool. It’s when you have one pretending to be the other that viewers feel they’re being hoodwinked. By keeping tabs on themselves and preemptively providing “proof,” the show lets me the viewer enjoy what’s going on without wondering how much is actually real, because they’ve already answered that question.

javabeans: Moving on to the snowy basecamp site, the guys had to cook their own dinner using a particular Ulleungdo squid specialty, which was naturally turned into another challenge.

girlfriday: Like Iron Chef! Woot!

javabeans: Except without the skill.

girlfriday: Na PD once said in an interview that his dream job is to produce a cooking show (because he hates travel, HA), and I remember reading that and thinking, “Oh, so that explains his obsession with food on 1N2D.”

javabeans: I appreciated the Gourmet parody (ahh, Kim Rae-won…but that’s a tangent for another day) ‘cause I did enjoy that drama a lot, and the music brought me back to all the overly dramatic food battles in that show. And to think, prior to this episode I thought nobody could top Gourmet for making the simplest cooking exercise look like a life-and-death-stakes competition.

girlfriday: These guys can turn anything into a life-or-death match. That’s the genius-simple premise of the show: if you make each game worth something crucial, then every move becomes fraught with meaning and expectation, even a game of chance like rock-paper-scissors.

javabeans: Su-geun was smart to call his wife for advice, and Tae-woong looked like he knew what he was doing with his curry. But I was nervous for Ji-won for a while there, he who does not know that carrots must be peeled! He usually seems so cool and controlled that I liked seeing him lose his composure and begging for more time, all frazzled with his uncooked potatoes.

girlfriday: It was kind of a cheat that Su-geun called his wife to ask what goes in his dish, but it was So. Adorable. that it didn’t matter. This show always makes me feel better about my cooking skills. Or lack thereof. Like when Ji-won has to ask about the carrots, or when Seung-gi tries to cook with vinegar instead of oil. Hee.

javabeans: I was amused at how matter-of-factly everyone acknowledged that their tasting judge, Food Ajumma, is blatantly pro-Seung-gi. And that they had to institute a blind tasting specifically to negate her bias.

girlfriday: It cracked me up that everyone acknowledges her bias as fact, even Seung-gi, who just nods his head in agreement. LOL.

javabeans: And how his smile immediately turned worried when they revealed the blind test failsafe. “Uh-oh…so she won’t KNOW it’s me? Then how will I win?”

girlfriday: You could see how proud/happy she was when he won 2nd place.

javabeans: It must’ve been gratifying for Seung-gi, after everyone kept predicting he’d be the loser. It was cute how he was trying to defend his dish (“You ate it separately? Of course it tastes bad separately! You have to eat it together — here, let me prepare it for you!”). I’m going to guess that Seung-gi’s rather used to coming out on top of a lot of challenges.

girlfriday: You’d think so from the way he talks big, but he actually loses a lot. He makes it seem like he’s always supposed to win, which is why he gets mercilessly teased when he doesn’t. I love how earnest the Food Truck Ajumma was. Her metaphor that food = mom, because no matter how much you have, you always need more was so sweet.

javabeans: Yeah, it may have brought a tear or two to my eye. And the guys were getting a little verklempt as well.

girlfriday: Aw.

javabeans: I was relieved when you explained that Cho-ding is Ji-won’s nickname, because I didn’t know that when I first saw this episode. When they asked Food Ajumma who she thought made the omurice (omelette over rice, except he subbed squid for the omelette), and she said, “Cho-ding!” I was curious. Like, was she saying that only a grade-schooler could have made this dish? Isn’t that kind of…mean?

girlfriday: Heh. Ji-won was so afraid of his squid too. Might as well have been a giant sea monster. Cho-ding’s reaction when he won third was like he won a million dollars.

javabeans: They did a pretty good job of masking the results while Food Ajumma was judging, because I had guessed all wrong for the rankings. Everyone’s worried faces cracked me up when they were watching Food Ajumma tasting. They were trying so hard to hold themselves back and not give away that they were the cook, but it was so obvious whose dish she was tasting at any given moment. When she gave the “noodles” a thumbs-up, Ho-dong blurted in relief, “That’s great!…for whoever the cook is, not that I know!”

girlfriday: Keh. Honestly though, I could’ve guessed who made what without even tasting. And that Su-geun would win, once he called his wife. One time the guys were told to bring their own doshirak (homemade lunchbox) on a trip, and everyone’s wives made them lunchboxes (Seung-gi’s mom made his), and Su-geun’s doshirak was straight out of a drama. All the boys are jealous of his wife’s cooking skills.

javabeans: Truthfully, Jong-min’s dinner looked unconsumable. “Soup” made from boiled cabbage, pork, squid, pepper, and about 10 times the advised daily intake of sodium? And limp boiled cabbage wraps? Mmm.

girlfriday: Sometimes he’s SO inept that I literally can’t tell if he’s purposely messing it up. But his earnest desire to do well makes up for it, sometimes. Food Truck Ajumma’s reaction to his dish was priceless. She has a dry sense of humor: “It’s a spectacle,” or “It’s amazing,” when her face clearly shows the horror. And then she gets progressively looser, near swearing, caption-wise.

javabeans: Both Ho-dong and Jong-min were sweating bullets when she was deciding between them for last place. I almost felt sorry for them, if only their reactions weren’t so entertaining.

girlfriday: The first place winner was Su-geun, who “gave” his reward to Tae-woong, who chose Ho-dong sleep indoors with them. Last place was Jong-min, whose punishment was to go on the location scout with the PDs for the next trip.

javabeans: I thought Su-geun’s choice to let Tae-woong decide their third roommate was a clever way of deflecting responsibility. He used the excuse that it was for Tae-woong’s comfort, while avoiding having to choose. Ha. Not that anybody was surprised when Tae-woong chose Ho-dong.

girlfriday: It was so cute when Tae-woong shyly confessed to liking Ho-dong hyung, all the while clinging to Seung-gi.

javabeans: And Seung-gi pretended to be offended: “Go over there then!”

girlfriday: Who knew Uhm Tae-woong would end up being so clingy and adorable?

javabeans: I’m enjoying the current teams, but I do hope that more bonds spring up between other pairings — I want to see Tae-woong more one-on-one with the other guys, rather than settling into a role right away as one of the OBs. I suspect that he’s still uncomfortable in front of the variety cameras and is eager to settle into a character/role, and is grabbing at whichever ones pop up. Such as Ho-dong’s admirer.

girlfriday: I can’t wait till Eun Chun-jae (Ji-won’s other nickname, meaning “Genius”) and Soon-doong get paired up for a challenge. That’s a match made in heaven.

javabeans: I kind of think that Tae-woong and Seung-gi on one team would blow everyone out of the water. Together, they’re like the perfect package of brains and brawn. And also damn sexy.

girlfriday: Sigh. **Bromance swoon** So, for the morning mission, the boys play the strawberry game, to decide how many dried squids they have to eat in the morning.

javabeans: I’ve played the strawberry game before, which is pretty simple to get the hang of with a little practice. When Tae-woong didn’t know how to play, I was wondering, “What kind of weird, deprived childhood did you have, that you never played that game?”

girlfriday: I know, right? Didn’t his noona ever teach him that game? Did he have no friends? And then they discover another of Tae-woong’s Black Holes: rhythm. Though he does better than expected, given that the game involves numbers.

javabeans: That 3-6-9 game really is hard, though. I would have failed it straight-away. “Three! I mean, clap! I mean, fuck!”

(Rules: Going down the line, each member counts in turn. On numbers containing 3, 6, and 9, you clap instead of saying the number. Seung-gi decided to up the difficulty level by adding the twist that on numbers containing 5, you have to throw up your hands and shout hurrah, or “Manseh!”)

girlfriday: When Tae-woong loses two rounds, he gets his first ever talking-to from Ho-dong. The other members note that if it were them, they’d be dead. Seung-gi: “He would’ve smacked us in the face with the squid.” And then right away, Seung-gi loses a round of 3-6-9, and gets a talking-to from his team’s hyung, Ji-won.

javabeans: Hoisted by his own petard, no less. It was Seung-gi who pushed for making the game harder and then he fell for it first. He looked so horrified.

girlfriday: It’s my favorite of Seung-gi’s Huh-dang expressions: The Oh-Shit.

javabeans: Then they moved on to a rock-scissors-paper relay (er, its more difficult cousin, mook-jji-ppa). I realized that you write it rock-paper-scissors, but I write it rock-scissors-paper. I think it’s because I’m unconsciously following the mook (rock) jji (scissors) ppa (paper) pattern every time I play. You’d think that meant I’d be a better player.

girlfriday: I don’t know what it is about mook-jji-ppa, but you need the reflexes of a jungle cat to be good at that game.

javabeans: It’s almost like you have to shut off your brain and let your reflexes take over, but I think too hard, which is a hindrance. I have the problem Su-geun encountered, where the communication between hand and brain gets interrupted and I get all confused. Hence Su-geun’s “That’s not scissors! Well that’s not a fist either!” debate.

javabeans: That night, we got to see more of the Tae-woong/Ho-dong bromance develop. What cracks me up about Tae-woong’s adoration is that per his innocent streak, he just says what he means. But most people aren’t that blunt, so the words sound suspicious. Like how he offered, “I think everything you say is right, Ho-dong hyung.” Who else but Tae-woong says that without an ulterior motive? The captions (above) read, “Those words sound suspicious to his ears.”

girlfriday: It’s so funny that Tae-woong’s earnestness is so foreign to them. So they go to sleep, and then wake up to eat their morning squids, which really is the strangest thing to do first thing in the morning.

javabeans: Isn’t it? And they were eating the squid in order to win breakfast…squid. Ji-won had it right when he mumbled, “I think I’m done eating squid for a while.” The old boys were smarter about their strategy to prepare and cook the squid before the challenge started, but they just couldn’t get past their one-squid handicap. And then they just had to sit there and watch the young boys eat breakfast.

girlfriday: They had such a great meta moment when all six of them were sitting outside, silently munching their squid, going, “What are we DOING?”

javabeans: I get what you were saying before, though, about the episodes ranging from uproarious to mildly amusing, depending on whatever unfolds. There were plenty of funny moments in this one, but I think the previous three had more laugh-out-loud-hysteria moments. I don’t mind, though, since I appreciate that 1N2D is about as close to a real reality show as you get in Korean variety shows.

girlfriday: What I like about 1N2D is that the boys are 100% invested in winning the games, not just because of the reward, but as a point of pride. They constantly yell things at each other like, “Don’t go variety!” (As in, going for the funny) vs. “Go docu[-mentary]!” (As in, play for reals, or I will hit you). Their personalities come out when their pride is on the line, so regardless of whatever game is planned, the results are real. And when they do go for the laugh, it’s interesting to see each person’s comedic bent too. This show is very open and revealing in that sense–they let us see the guys attempt jokes, fail, succeed, and then get commended by their peers. You can literally see a guy’s face light up if Ho-dong praises his joke. Seung-gi once did an imitation of Na PD that was such a hit that it was a running gag for an entire episode.

javabeans: I know a bunch of variety programs are partially or even mostly scripted, but when you just let the cameras roll (within the challenge’s crazy parameters) as you do here, you get even higher highs than when you pre-ordain the direction of the missions. That’s the difference between finding the story threads within the existing footage, and preparing actual scripts with ideas and storylines before shooting, which seems to be the sorta-debate brewing in the comments about the scripted/unscriptedness of variety shows.

girlfriday: This is a show where the story is found in the editing room. It’s always been that way, and that’s why despite watching a lot of variety, this show is by far my favorite.


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  1. Ace

    Cooking Master Boy Seung-gi!!!

  2. ditdut

    Finally seunggi could shed his shitty cook reputation. It’s such a shame! That’s about the only flaw he has!

    • 2.1 Ani

      I wouldn’t bank on it yet. He still has to work on his dictation, or has he overcome that flaw as well? HAHAHA.

  3. laa

    bwahaha 1N2D>iron chef

  4. Bevz08

    hey thanks for recapping!!!! loving Seung Gi and Tae wong more!!!

  5. questions987

    I just have to say. WHAT IS UP WITH TAE WOONGS HAT?!?

  6. miss_procrastination

    Haha. I still remember when Seung Gi thought he could make beer chicken. Was it a chicken? He was so excited to show off his skills. Sadly, it went horribly awry but was needless to say, adorable.

    • 6.1 kopi_adik

      haha yes it was chicken! dang Seunggi was so stubborn in that episode that all of his hyungs were opposing and yet he went ahead and bought chicken, tried to cook it his way with the beer cans underneath the chicken. Up to this day, i do know what possessed Seunggi to think that that chicken will cook that way LOL!

    • 6.2 Anvesha

      I so remember that! I was torn between feeling sorry (because obviously it didn’t seem like it would work) AND loving the adorable albeit futile determination “It will work!” lol Good to see this time it worked out better than that.

      Seung gi is funny and everything.. also like everyone has his moments like in that game of 3-6-9. Love him!

      I also saw that Tae Woong has this habit of ‘clinging’ (more like holding onto) which I find really cute and adorkable.. his innocent image comes through.

    • 6.3 Devi

      SeungGi’s beer chicken was his first success at cooking though. He didn’t cook it exactly right cause it kept tipping over when he put the lid on, but all the members said that it was edible. Unlike his previous attempts which just went into the trash. ^^

    • 6.4 rainerust

      Oh lord I remember the beer chicken!! I was so horrified he actually did that I was like it’s NEVER going to cook. Thankfully it ended up tasting better than it looked haha!

      • 6.4.1 gg

        hahhaha yes the beer chicken episode was hilarious, Kim C kept taking out the ingredients Seunggi had added to their grocery trolley and he had to keep putting that in, insisting all the time that it was going to be worth it… and he even tried to substitute green tea powder for red paprika powder when he couldn’t find it??? loool

        • ren

          Actually, here in British Columbia, there have been various infomercials trying to sell a device that will enable you to cook the chicken using just heat and beer… although of course, Seunggi’s weird spices and incorrect cooking style just messed it up lol, it was just too funny

  7. vanillaicecream1008

    Actually, javabeans and girlfriday, 1N2D is actually somewhat scripted. about half the guys say is scripted as in what type of games they should play and some jokes and they sometimes also plan everything just ahead. There are writers that follow the cast and like every member of 1N2D gets his own writer. But i agree with you, 1N2D’s the closest thing you’ll get to reality on a variety show.

    • 7.1 ditdut

      I’ve only watched the show for a couple of years but this is my observation. I would say some of the jokes definitely come from the head of the scriptwriters. Things Kang Hodong say during introductions and openings are of course scripted. The games, as you can see, are determined by the whim of evil PD and his team.

      But a)the results of the games are never (to my knowledge) scripted, b)what happens on the road (getting stranded alone, weather condition not permitting travel, etc) is not scripted, and most importantly, despite some of the jokes being scripted, c)the fun and hilarity of the show come from a variety of elements, such as the members’ own wit and personalities, body gags, their reactions to each other, and plain ol’ chemistry.

      So, yes, there are scriptwriters in the show, but I’d say the show is far from being scripted.

    • 7.2 rumba lumba

      actually, the guys don’t get to decide which games to play. the PDs and writers are the ones that choose the game.

      i don’t think the jokes are scripted at all. they just bounce off of each other’s ideas.

      you can tell because when they’re not doing the show i.e. resting or whatever, they don’t joke as much and they have poker faces especially if they’re just lying around doing nothing.

      remember that they’re filming this show for more than 24 hours. they have a lot of footage to get jokes from, that’s why it’ll appear as if they do a lot of jokes. but they condense the 30+ hours of footage to a 1-hour show.

      besides, they’ve all said that Sugeun (the funny man) can belt out 300 jokes in a day. lol.

      if by ‘plan’ you mean the places that they go to, of course it’s planned. there’s only been 2 episodes where they just went to a random place (one was their flight to Jeju got cancelled so they had to pick a place).

      but the results of the games, or their conversations inside the little van while travelling, etc. are not scripted at all. because none of those are scripted, you can tell how much they want to win the games.

      if anything goes off-the-rails, it’s because the members think of something that’s way more fun to do and not follow the PD’s instructions.

      the episode last week was they went into a restaurant and then the PDs gathered all the staff and left them to fend for themselves (yes, no cameramen, no PD, no writer, no managers, no stylists, no audio, lighting staff, etc.). but then a small crew of PDs and a cameraman followed the members’ vehicle. but then the members saw them, and they outran the vehicle and actually lost them. rofl. and so you can see them filming each other and doing their missions while carrying their own cameras.

  8. yuoi

    first I’m laughing watching 1n2d’s episode, then I’m laughing reading your recaps of that same episode! =) thank you!

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    Kim Jong Min……

  10. 10 strawberryfieldsforever

    Sandara Park snowman FTW! hahaha

  11. 11 tinysunbl

    Speaking of 3-6-9 game, this movie clip from Hi! Dharma!, Monks vs. Gangsters, is HYSTERICAL. Korea has the best (drinking) games ever!

    • 11.1 lovepark

      This is hilarious! the clip is even funnier if you watch it in context because Hi Dharma! is fun.

      This episode wasn’t as funny, but as mentioned, 1N2D has its ups and downs.

    • 11.2 birdscout

      Thanks for the link, tinysunbl! That was hilarious! Now I want to watch the entire movie.

  12. 12 :D

    anyone know where i can find subs?

  13. 13 Schmazel

    I watched that doshirak episode! And yes. Suguen’s was the best. 😉

  14. 14 Ani

    Eun Cho-ding’s EPIC face for the win. I love it when the guys are so desperate to win that they always tell each other to not be funny and to be serious about winning. And when someone messes up they have to confirm “You weren’t trying to be funny right? You weren’t trying right?” It’s funny when most of the time they seem to ask Ho-dong this question more often than not. HAHAHA.

    jb: Scripted is cool. Unscripted is cool. It’s when you have one pretending to be the other that viewers feel they’re being hoodwinked.
    Me: I agree.

    jb: …seems to be the sorta-debate brewing in the comments about the scripted/unscriptedness of variety shows.
    Me: I’ll try not to get carried away again. Apologies.

    • 14.1 Ani

      Oh, and one last thing. People keep asking for places to watch 1n2d with english subs, and I’m starting to wonder if they even bother to check the previous 1n2d recaps that have a ton of comments and links that answer these questions. There is such a thing as GOOGLE to you know. X/

      • 14.1.1 ck1Oz

        Me me…I checked and I found them.

        I have a question thought.Which is the doshirak episode I am going to download that to watch.

        Thank you.

        • rumba lumba

          it was the one before Jiwon’s marriage.

          where they wore school uniforms.

          the last episode of Kim C (there were 2 episodes).

          • ck1Oz

            Okat thanks…I will go look for a 1N2D addict to tell me more 🙂

            Getting closer..I haven’t watched this show before the recaps started here you see.

        • marj

          its episode 154..their schooltrip episode

  15. 15 Kyu

    I absolutely adore Seung-gi’s Oh Shit face. That is all.

  16. 16 djes

    ah I knew UTW is clingy and adorable. Got that hint while watching Happy Together sometime ago.

    That’s why when I read about he joins 1N2D I was ecstatic, and I think I get my expectation right so far.

    So, you’re officially recapping 1N2D! Unfortunately there are only 1 javabeans and 1 girlfriday, if not I wish you’d recaps all the game-variety shows out there! 😀 😀

  17. 17 sara

    Your recaps are so funny and awesome!

  18. 18 zie


    Thank you for this again.. I can’t wait to watch it… ^^

  19. 19 trish

    I have to say thanks for these recaps
    This looks like such a good show and I wish I could watch it
    I was just wondering whether either of you have watched or followed another variety show called “Running Man”?
    Someone was telling me that I *have* to check it out so I thought I would ask the experts first ^^

    • 19.1 djes

      I watched Running Man religiously.
      It’s kinda different setting with 1N2D, you can check the wiki description :

      If you’re looking for show with more likely premises, I suggest you to check Family Outing season 1. They also shot on rural areas, but the setting is different. If 1N2D is more like survival game, in FO 1, they were more playing games. Check the wiki :

    • 19.2 Agatha

      I started to watch Running Man yesterday, and before I knew it I had burned through 10 episodes of it (I know I have no life). It is really funny. I like it a lot so I would recommend. Although this show I’d say is a bit (or a lot whatever ppl think) scripted. I doubt the participants come up with things on their own.

  20. 20 Christine

    Great to see Tae-Woong in the show!

    He’s so adorable, same as Seung-gi, of course.

    Loved him in Queen Seondeok as the General. So impressed that I even went to Gyeongju Province to visit the seat of the Shilla Dynasty and visit the real General’s Tomb as well.

  21. 21 rumba lumba

    the next 2 episodes after this are the funniest so far this year.

    it just went back to old school 1N2D.

  22. 22 tonks42

    The ever frustrated Seunggi cook….I just love him being stubborn just to prove something…..

    I just love 1N2D how they make something trivial seems a matter of life and death…

    • 22.1 rumba lumba

      who wants to sleep outside, anyways? XD

      i’d do it once for fun. but for a couple of years, twice a month? even in the snow, rain, mosquitoes during summer, etc.?

      NO WAY. lol.

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    was a nice episode..


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    I have never watched any 1N2D episode before, other than short clips on Youtube. However, GF and JB, you do the recaps so well that I think I could survive purely on them without watching the whole episodes. Plus the fact that GF can explain the context and cite past incidents for us new viewers. 🙂

    Thanks a lot! Really appreciate the effot! And I’m glad that you guys sound like you’re having a blast watching and recapping 1N2D as well. 😀

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  29. 29 Agatha

    Ummm what is the strawberry game??

    • 29.1 tjack

      I want to know too…

    • 29.2 Azingoyl

      didn’t grow up in korea, but if i’m thinking of the right game, it where each person in order has to add an additional ‘strawberry” to their part. so first person says ‘strawberry’ second person says ‘strawberry, strawberry’ so on and so forth. you’re supposed to go fast…kind of like a mutant form of the game ‘concentration’ here in the states. pls let me know if i’m wrong…

      • 29.2.1 tjack

        I was wondering if it was like concentration. So you just say Strawberry and kind of count with the strawberries? Is it a tongue twister type thing, because that sounds really easy.

    • 29.3 Holly

      That’s what I was wondering…all I got on Google were references to Strawberry Shortcake.

    • 29.4 javabeans

      Strawberry game:

      Each person picks a fruit, preferably two syllables (cherry, apple, and so on). Everyone claps to a rhythm: clap-clap-snap-snap. One person starts off the round by calling out another person’s fruit, followed by a number between 1 and 4. (“Kiwi, four!”)

      Then the person who’s kiwi has to respond, in rhythm, four times: “Kiwi, kiwi, kiwi, kiwi!” If the number was two, it would be “Clap-clap, kiwi-kiwi!” If it was one, it would be “clap-clap-snap, kiwi!”

      Then Kiwi calls out the number of someone else: “Cherry, two!”

      Clap-clap, cherry-cherry. Clap-clap, melon-three!”
      “Clap, melon-melon-melon. Clap-clap, orange-four!”

      and so on.

      • 29.4.1 Bluefyre

        So that’s what it is. I was wondering too.

        Thanks for the awesome explanation JB! 🙂

      • 29.4.2 tjack

        Ah, okay. I can see how that can get confusing when it starts to get faster.

        I looked it up on youtube and some little camp kids where playing it. One of them lost and the other ones pretty much pummbled him. I was like “woah, this strawberry game is violent.”

      • 29.4.3 Madkdr

        Ahhhhhh!!! Much like Na-ra-la Flying pan of X-Man Days!!!

        • suzu

          It is the same, the difference is just, Na-ra-la Flying Pan = how many times the players have to shout their names in rhythm, while this one is fruits names, fishes, etc.. ^^

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    Just finished watching the episode @ KBSWorld…it was a relief that Seunggi finally redeemed himself from being the worst cook in the group. I thought he’s going to mess up when he poured vinegar instead of cooking oil only to realize later that he put the wrong ingredient…nevertheless he placed 2nd and that’s a marked improvement.

    And, could I just say that Taewoong is continuously making me feel giddy with his childlike candor?

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    The foodtruck ajumma is indeed a pro- Seunggi. I remember 1 episode where Seunggi, Jong-min and MC Mong equally earned their breakfast and the ajumma prepared duck with ginseng.

    When the ajumma served it, she gave the best bowl with lots of meat to Seunggi and told him to eat as much as he wants. Mong gets the neck and some bones, while Jong-min gets the legs with little meat. Most of the meat were in Seunggi’s bowl. lol

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