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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 328
by | April 15, 2011 | 60 Comments

Boys dressed in suits! Frolicking in a flower meadow! Getting sly and outsmarting their captors tormentors PDs! Can it get any cuter? (Well, I suppose they could’ve brought back the monster teddy bears…)

EPISODE 328. Broadcast on April 3, 2011.

girlfriday: The suits! I love that having Tae-woong on the show is an excuse (a totally arbitrary and flimsy one) to get them suited up. A girl could get used to this.

javabeans: There was absolutely no reason for them to need be-suiting that day, right? Other than to make me happy, I mean?

girlfriday: That makes two of us. There’s something very strange about suits. They’re the opposite of the great equalizer. The second they get dressed up, Tae-woong and Seung-gi look totally different from the rest of the guys. Ho-dong looked like he hadn’t worn his suit in five years.

javabeans: I don’t think he had. It would barely button! I kept expecting them to re-create that scene from Reservoir Dogs, with that telltale riff, in slo-mo.

girlfriday: They really did look like a couple of gangsters, especially with Ho-dong leading the pack. But then I cracked up at Seung-gi’s comment to Ho-dong, that he looks like he’s draggin’ his ass home after an all-night bender.

javabeans: Everyone else looked a little out of place, but when the camera landed on Tae-woong the captions were all, “Ah, now here’s the Uhm Tae-woong we’re used to seeing.”

girlfriday: It was especially cute how excited the guys were to see each other suited up. Their runway-walk-meets-Soul-Train intros were awesome. Na PD: Get dressed up in suits…so you can dance at the camera! I love Ho-dong’s aegyo dance.

javabeans: That must be Ho-dong’s theme song — I notice they’ve used it a few times when the lyrics go, “You’re cute, you’re so cute.” (It’s Humming Urban Stereo’s “Hawaiian Couple,” for the curious.) I’m also learning that Jong-min likes his demented cartwheels. He looked like a turtle trying to tumble.

girlfriday: The cartwheels always come out of nowhere too. I think he thinks spinny = better. But the funnier part is the other guys’ reactions, like someone let the air out of their tires.

javabeans: This is Tae-woong’s third outing for the show, and you can see that he’s still pretty self-conscious, from the way he did his little jig and then beelined for comfort in the arms of his Ho-dong hyung.

girlfriday: You can see everything written plainly on his face, from the fear to the embarrassment. And as he hides, the caption reads: “Why did I do that?” The guys congratulate Tae-woong on his popularity (His first trip has aired by the time they’re filming this episode, so they’re aware of the great response he’s getting.) He confesses to acting more innocent in front of people now, like picking up litter and being a good boy.

javabeans: There’s such an oddly funny dissonance with this — Tae-woong is starting to settle more into the idea of being on a variety show, with his actions being analyzed and interpreted by the viewership, and he’s aware that “innocence” can be a strategy. And yet, he ANNOUNCES this on television, making it this meta-on-meta moment, like he still sorta missed the point of having a behind-the-scenes character concept versus an in-front-of-the-cameras one. For him, there’s no division. It’s kind of awesome.

girlfriday: I like the other meta confession from Na PD, that it’s one of his wishes that the press writes one those “airport fashion” stories about them. And lo and behold, that’s exactly what happens. Seriously, HE’s the chun-jae.

javabeans: Now, the show just has to mention the media articles in their next episode to lock them in an unending cycle of meta. It’s a press exercise worthy of MC Escher. Or what happens when you put two mirrors opposite each other.

javabeans: How about their reactions when they were debriefed on the trip, and couldn’t wrap their heads around the lack of hardships built into it? They were so wary of possible traps. Somebody’s learned that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

girlfriday: Keh, the shock on their faces when they’re told they all get to take a plane to Jeju, and get to eat first thing when they land. Ji-won: “Why are you doing this to us?” LOL. To top it off, they each get an envelope with 50,000 won inside, making them even more suspicious. Ho-dong: “If we did something wrong, just punish us.” HAHA.

javabeans: It was a brilliant way to take them off-guard. I giggled when Seung-gi held his money up to the light to check that it wasn’t counterfeit.

girlfriday: And Su-geun’s question to Na PD: “Is there a reason you need to get rid of some money in a hurry, or something?”

javabeans: The flashback to Jong-min’s scouting trip with the staff the week before was great — you can literally see the moment he has this change of heart. At first, he was so eager to make things as tough as possible — taking a dinky boat, sleeping on a scratchy reed patch — and then he saw the crew eating the lavish lunch. It was like it hadn’t clicked that his team didn’t have to suffer as badly as they regularly do. That the choice to give or withhold is right there.

girlfriday: I think the moment was when he realized that Na PD gets to eat everything that he later tempts them with, on the show.

javabeans: After that, he had a total about-face: “We need to make this a humanism trip!” Talk about swinging from one extreme to another. All of a sudden it was plane rides and comfort.

girlfriday: And suits.

javabeans: I still don’t get the suits. All episode long, I was thinking, “This is going to make sense, right?”

girlfriday: It came from Jong-min’s brain. That’s unlikely.

javabeans: He just wanted to look like a spy. It cracked me up when they called him “Secretary Kim” instead.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Seung-gi was immediately dubbed Young President Lee, and Jong-min became Secretary Kim.

javabeans: And the creepy-eyed ghost!

girlfriday: It’s like his own idea to look cool backfired on him.

javabeans: The guys kept trying to suggest to him that the sunglasses didn’t work, but he stubbornly refused to give them up.

girlfriday: So they arrive in Jeju, and as expected, the boys lose all focus when presented with food, giving Na PD plenty of time to put his evil plan into motion. During lunch, Ho-dong and Cho-ding have one of their classic Papa Bear / Baby Bear moments, as he tries to get Ji-won to eat the fish bones with his fish.

javabeans: That totally gave me flashbacks to conversations with my dad, when Ho-dong was insisting Ji-won try it his way, and Ji-won was shooting him skeptical looks. Even to this day, that’s how we are. I’ve learned to just nod and say, “Yes, Dad” to speed things along.

girlfriday: Usually if I make that sour/skeptical face that Ji-won makes, my dad just de-bones the fish for me, to save himself the aggravation.

javabeans: This episode had a particular meta element to it, because they had to point out the very process of producing 1N2D in order to fool the guys.

girlfriday: Like the army of staff it takes to produce the sucker?

javabeans: Yeah, and how many cameras have to roll to get all that coverage. And how even in the midst of a challenge, the guys are thinking, “If we get no footage, we have no show. Ergo, we must get the footage ourselves.” (Below: Jong-min and Ji-won get their timestamp and check the cameras.)

girlfriday: They’ve been ditched before, and I think they’ve learned a few things each time. Last time there was a whole segment by the river that they filmed…without SOUND. It was actually the funniest part of the episode.

javabeans: HA! Like we said the last time, it’s the unexpected hiccups that give the show its extra little magic.

girlfriday: To make it even funnier, the PDs edited in the part in the beginning, where they clearly show Seung-gi and Ho-dong how to operate the cameras, and then cut back to silent footage. Hur.

javabeans: Lol. Highlight their ineptitude, eh?

girlfriday: I giggled when Na PD came out of the room and started herding the entire staff out. They always use food to distract them when getting ditched.

javabeans: The best part was when they flashed back to Na PD preparing his staff for the eventual ditching, and you could see their reactions of surprise and glee. If the staff is thinking this is pretty extreme, then it makes it that much funnier when they do it.

girlfriday: Yeah, it’s the first time they do it with the entire staff like that. They once got ditched by a camera team up in the mountains, but that was maybe twenty people, tops. But there’s one thing that Na PD always does when ditching them: He writes a note starting with “I love you.” Them be dangerous words, coming from Na PD.

javabeans: I have to say that the editing of the episode really worked to its advantage. During the entire first part, I was watching the seemingly benign events unfold, filled with unease the entire time, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was strangely suspenseful. And then when Na PD sprang into motion, I could finally relax — “Aha! So that’s it!” Now the game could begin.

girlfriday: In the letter, he tells them that they have a mission to complete, all on their own…and that they ONLY have to pay for their own meals. HA.

javabeans: “We paid for our food. Wasn’t that so nice of us?” I loved punny Ho-dong — this only makes sense in Korean, but Ji-won complained, “Is that in-gan-jeok?” (In-gan-jeok = humane.) And Ho-dong quipped, “It’s in-gan JEOK” (meaning, enemy of humankind).

girlfriday: These guys LOVE their puns. So the challenge is a three-set photo mission: (1) a Miss Korea pose in a flower field, (2) one member being tossed in mid-air, and (3) head-to-toe matching outfits. Reward is next trip starting at noon, punishment is next trip starting at midnight, making it a full 48-hour shoot. This guy knows his punishments/rewards, I tell ya.

javabeans: It’s like he has a perfect understanding of how much to dangle in front of them to tantalize. I’m sure a midnight shoot isn’t so bad…but he gives them a few moments to imagine the alternative. Like they’re tasting it.

girlfriday: It’s the illusion of choice. Because as the PD, he can just force them to start at midnight if he wanted to anyway. Oh, the power of gods. So the guys leave, cameras in tow, to begin their missions. And Na PD stalks them, of course. I love that he gets all James Bond about it too, telling the driver not to ride their tail. Meanwhile the boys don’t know where to go, and Jong-min, who came on the location scout, is all, “It’s by the ocean!” And Seung-gi: “Hyung, Jeju is an island…”

javabeans: The guys figured they could use the GPS on Tae-woong’s phone, which the producers hadn’t taken into account. Na PD, who was following in the car behind them, was bewildered at how smoothly they were navigating the mission.

girlfriday: They’re usually not allowed to use their smartphones, which is reinforced by the presence of a PD. But no PD means no rules. It’s the upside to getting ditched.

javabeans: Haha. It’s like their petty little revenge — “Oh yeah? Well, we’ll do things our way, then!” And then Su-geun caught sight of the car on their tail, and Na PD got made.

girlfriday: By Ji-won, of course. He really should be a spy.

javabeans: It was awesome that they actually turned the car around, rolled down the window, and looked straight at the PD’s car. And the crew was all panicky, like, “Oh shit! They saw us! What do we do??”

girlfriday: “DUCK!” Haha. They can’t control the reflex to hide, like they’re guilty of something. And then it occurs to them that they’re not doing anything wrong. This whole episode was pretty much a stick-it-to-Na-PD episode. I loved his bewilderment that the boys stopped for ice cream, and seemed to be in no kind of hurry. And then when he sees the flower field where they stop, you can actually hear the whiny tone in his voice: “But there aren’t even a lot of flowers there!”

javabeans: Actually, all the while I was thinking with dread, “Uh-oh…the next trip’s gonna be a doozy. There’s no way Na PD’s gonna let them off the hook so easily after this, is there?”

girlfriday: Nope. I think this trip put Na PD through the wringer more than the boys. So they ditch the PD tail (like a car full of rebellious boys), basically saying, You wanted us to do it ourselves. We don’t need babysitters!

javabeans: Though I haven’t seen too many episodes prior to this recent batch, I got the sense that this is when the members sort of evolved to the next level. Because of the attention to the meta, you saw them thinking like members, and simultaneously thinking like PDs. They were trying to figure out the mission, but also looking big-picture at things like getting appropriate footage.

girlfriday: They were sent on a trip all alone before (but with fixed cameras at the ready), and they worried about it, to an extent. There was a lot of stress involved, especially concerning the cameras. But this time was different, because they were better prepared for it the second time around. It is a really great meta setup to have them be staff and star, all at once.

javabeans: They were also conscious of withholding info from the PDs, for instance. They’d photo-texted their first completed photo right away, but it was sneaky of Ho-dong to decide to hold back the second photo, so they’d have an element of surprise when they unveiled it later. I wondered if they thought they were completing their tasks too easily, and wanted to make sure the producers wouldn’t throw in a last-minute wrench. Hence: Pretend we’re falling behind!

girlfriday: It’s because Ho-dong knows variety through and through. He knew it’d be the more dramatic finish, so he saved the best for last.

javabeans: That was a pretty impressive photo, though. I love how Ji-won’s expressions grew progressively more scared the higher they threw him. (Caption above reads: “Horror”)

girlfriday: At first I was surprised at how little lift he had, what with five strong guys tossing him. But in the end, I was amazed, especially since they dropped him before they even got started.

javabeans: And then, we had even more meta awareness because the show’s film crew was getting footage of background scenery while the guys were getting their photo. The crew spotted the guys, who didn’t know they were being filmed from afar, so you got to see them through multiple sets of cameras.

girlfriday: It’s really funny when they “discover” them mid-mission, or when Na PD is trailing them, with commentary: “What are they doing? Are they at least holding cameras?”

javabeans: To be honest, the better the boys did on this challenge, the more worried I got. Na PD seemed surprised at how easily they were accomplishing their goals, as though his robot creation had suddenly developed independent thought. I’m sure he was expecting more difficulty at each step of the way. And I wondered if he’d watch the footage feeling dissatisfied that he went too soft on them.

girlfriday: Yeah, the head-to-toe matching outfits challenge was supposed to be a lot harder, I think. But leave it to the boys to always find a loophole.

javabeans: It seemed difficult until they came up with the idea to borrow uniforms. Light bulb moment! Even if they hadn’t found the divers, they could’ve asked anybody and I think they’d have gotten ready agreements.

girlfriday: But the ill-fitting diver suits were just extra awesome.

javabeans: That they were. The ajummas and ajusshis were so cute, all excited to recognize that they were in the middle of a 1N2D mission. It’s in moments like this that I really notice how good Ho-dong is at his job as leader/host, because he’s so natural and genuine when he engages the folks, but simultaneously ensures they get good moments and appropriate footage. For instance, how he engaged the diver ajusshi on camera so smoothly so that you almost don’t even notice he’s directing the situation the whole time. It just flows.

girlfriday: He’s so good with people. And you can see him doing tiny things to help the other guys too, whether it’s set them up for lines or jokes, or packaging everything for the cameras.

javabeans: I’ve definitely noticed that about Seung-gi, too. He’s extremely well-mannered and polite, just ‘cause he seems like a genuinely good egg, but he’s also shrewd about the television aspect. I mean that in a good way — it’s not that he’s an evil manipulator, but that he (and Ho-dong) bring out the best in the people they meet, and know how to position them to look good.

girlfriday: Yeah, he’s the best of Ho-dong’s pupils, in that way. Seung-gi’s a natural MC. He’s got the smarts to be the “host” (in control of the situation) while being disarming and good natured, which puts people at ease. Sometimes the best moments on 1N2D are really when the boys interact with local people. That actually makes me miss MC Mong a lot. He was good with strangers in a way that literally brought tears to my eyes. It was so surprisingly genuine and so different from his public persona. He was the kind of guy who threw tantrums every week, but then if he met a grandma in the countryside, he’d treat her like his own mother, and feed her with his hands.

javabeans: Ji-won’s sort of like that, isn’t he? I can see him having that duality too.

girlfriday: Yeah, they were always the most similar in that respect (the childish but endearing son), though Ji-won is a little more guarded around strangers.

javabeans: I actually appreciate how he can get kind of sullen sometimes, because it seems a lot realer than if he were always “on.” But then, when a guy with that image — the idol, the cool guy — is considerate of a stranger, you see the manners underneath the persona. Like, he may be a star in Seoul, but momma still taught him to bow to his elders.

girlfriday: And he has that Baby Bear cuteness thing going on too. All the boys have such good manners. It’s one thing I love about Korean culture — that you can call a stranger omoni or aboji (mother, father) and forge a kinship with them over the most basic of social relationships. On the flipside, of course, that means that if you’re say, dressed in a high school uniform and doing something you shouldn’t, any neighborhood ajusshi can scold you. There’s always a downside.

javabeans: The closer an audience feels to you, the more they feel they can do that — they start feeling like they know you as a person, not just as a celebrity. It harks back to the issue about reality television that we mentioned previously — we know that the “reality” is constructed for television, and shaped by editors and strung together for entertainment value. But there’s also that element of the unexpected, the sense that the at least some of the times, the cameras happen to capture a genuine moment. That’s hard to fake.

girlfriday: And always more rewarding when found.


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  1. Schmazel

    Thank you girls! I *heart* 1D2N!! 😀

  2. Schmazel

    Lol. I mean 1N2D. Hahaha. My brain has officially short-circuited.

  3. Krys

    Have yet to watch this episode, but I am definitely looking forward to Seung Gi and Tae Woong in a suit. (:

  4. Thi

    I am trying to catch up on all of the past episodes. Cant wait to see this one! Thanks for recapping!

  5. swui

    I lmao at Uhm trying to dance and hide immediately behind Ho Dong and the gang! Funniest part of the show for me…

  6. Mona

    Thank you, JB & GF for recapping 1N2D!!

    I’ve watched almost all of 1N2D’s episodes and so far it’s my favorite Korean variety show..

    Your recaps make 1N2D wittier and funnier when it already is..


  7. Tiffany

    This show is the best. I totally agree w/ what you guys said about the boys being so polite to strangers. One of my favorite episodes is when they went to this one remote village and how they each became the son or grandson of couple or granny. So sweet and genuine. You’re right, MC Mong was always so good at that. It was heartfelt watching him. *sigh*

    On a bright note. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this picture, but I always smile when I see it. Lol.

    Thanks for the recaps!

    • 7.1 questions987

      Lmao is that Tae Woongs? LMAO HE’S TRYING!

      • 7.1.1 Tiffany

        Hahahahhaaha yes!

      • 7.1.2 bishbash

        n i juz love him more! OMG he’s just so cute in 1N2D XD

        • questions987

          You know what I just realized? The chart doesn’t go past nine. What happens if they give him something like 7*12? I don’t think he’d be smart enough to figure that one out.

          (7*12=84) OMG, I think need his cell phone it took me a good minute to figure it out without a calculator.

          • rumba lumba

            havent you used a standard multiplication table before? it only goes up to 9 or 10.

          • Ami

            Haha true. All our multiplication tables go up to 12 and then 14 when we go to secondary school!!
            Tae Woong probably has a primary school one.

    • 7.2 Alvina

      MC Mong 🙁
      I really do miss Kim C and MC Mong but I happen to like this current group too (what I’ve seen so far). I cant wait to see how it develops.

      What I like about 1N2D is the chemistry.
      Like, I like QoM as well but not all of the members are as engaging or talkative.

    • 7.3 gaea

      Yes, MC Mong is the laughing stocks but just like Seung Gi who him treated the most as his own little brother (you may conscious bout it, he always spoiled him sooo much), he always greet the local people, especially the granny so sweet and genuinely…I remember how he insist to cook for the granny where he and Seung Gi living off…he love them genuinely…

      I really miss him so much *tears*

  8. angle2mx

    I love your recap!!!!

  9. djes

    “it’s one thing I love about Korean culture — that you can call a stranger omoni or aboji (mother, father) and forge a kinship with them over the most basic of social relationships.”

    that’s the part that I admire in Korean culture too, when I learned it from watching tons of variety shows. It’s endearing.

    Seunggi has natural talent to be an MC. He’s the next generation of National MC. I love his dynamic with Kang Hodong.

    Ah, it’s refreshing to read variety recaps like this, thanks again!

  10. 10 strawberryfieldsforever

    if there’s anything cuter than cute, it would definitely be the combination of the 6 boys! they are just so fun to watch 😀

    and i love the hawaiian couple so much! one of my favoite feel-good songs!

  11. 11 Alvina

    Love this show. Jong-Min recently was laughing saying that as soon as his popularity started to rise on the show, Uhm Tae Woong came around 😀

    I think I just might be in love with KBSW and their sense of variety. I love idols but there’s only so much I can take on a daily [weekend] basis. Now, if only they’d bring SGB back. My life would be complete XD

    • 11.1 Mari

      Whats SGB?

      • 11.1.1

        Star Golden Bell

  12. 12 ditdut

    MC Mong was just amazing with strangers. Seunggi would be so nice and well mannered, but MCM would immediately capture the moment and click with people like he’s their family all along. There have been a few episodes where the locals played a big part in the show, and MCM showed how humane he is. He didn’t have to be as nice or as charming as Seunggi, but he had the ability to become familiar with people easily.

    • 12.1 Alvina

      that was definitely his charm. There’s something about being well-mannered that both gives you a postive image but also puts a certain distance between two people.

      MC Mong just had that affable nature. Like that relative that you could never figure out how you were related to but always comes to your house, sticks around and makes you miss them when they leave haha 😀

      • 12.1.1 gaea

        Agree, so much.

        I love Seung Gi for his good and polite and well mannered, while MC Mong is the naughty who always tries to make you smile, and laugh and you never feel insecured for being around him, because he love you genuinely (I don’t mean Seung Gi isn’t genuine, but MC Mong just natural, even though he isn’t handsome like Seung Gi, you’ll miss him, a lot)

  13. 13 bgr

    Maybe hodong needs a new suit. Didn’t he wear a better fitting one to the KBS award show last december? – When Seunggi, Suguen & Jiwon won awards.

  14. 14 Alexis

    I love the part when they were all eating ice-cream and Seung-gi started saying the ice-cream has expired. All the guys were like “It’s ok.. If it has expired by a bit, it won’t kill you” then Seung-gi “Oct 30 2010”. Immediately, the guys stopped eating and looked flabbergasted. Then someone said “That’s the date of manufacture!!!”

    • 14.1 ditdut

      HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA, Heodang Seunggi forevahhh!

  15. 15 Ani

    fri: It’s one thing I love about Korean culture — that you can call a stranger omoni or aboji (mother, father) and forge a kinship with them over the most basic of social relationships.

    Me: Yup. The same in Samoa. Tama (Father) or Tina (Mother) to elders when speaking with any elder.

    fri: On the flipside, of course, that means that if you’re say, dressed in a high school uniform and doing something you shouldn’t, any neighborhood ajusshi can scold you.

    Me: I’ve been scolded enough times in Samoa by random elders to know where you’re coming from.

    fri: … makes me miss MC Mong…

    Me: I think a lot of fans feel that way, some just because he’s our Mong-key.

    jb: But there’s also that element of the unexpected, the sense that the at least some of the times, the cameras happen to capture a genuine moment. That’s hard to fake.

    Me: And those are the moments I look for in any variety show. The unplanned accidents that make the shows and the cast seem, well, a little more real.

  16. 16 leddik

    Thanks jb and gf for starting the recaps for this show. I’ve been waiting for the subs at KBSi for a while now so it’s nice to see what I have to look forward to. 🙂
    Love this show.

    I miss Mong too. He was so good in this show and his relationships with the guys were so genuine. I wonder if they ever contacted him after the scandal. Hope he’s doing well. Uhm is a nice addition. I can’t wait for the newness to wear off and he’s a old ham at this.

    I love Na PD. His evil brain is just so sexy. 😉

    • 16.1 rosy

      rawr!! Love him too, strict but lovable. Evil genius with generous heart and smile.

  17. 17 aceyyy

    ooh would anyone happen to know which episode they were last abandoned in?? would love to watch it for comparison! thankew^^

    • 17.1 Arhazivory

      I think it was the first episode of 2011. The whole trip was covered in one episode as opposed to two.

      Man, I can’t wait for this one to be subbed but the recaps sure help the wait. This is one show I don’t mind ‘spoiling.’ XD

      • 17.1.1 aceyyy

        oooh thanks d/ling it! apparently it’s the foreign workers’ special? can’t believe they’d abandon their guests as well lol

        • Arhazivory

          No no…not that one. It’s the one before the special. 😀 But the Foreigner’s Special (3 eps long) is the most heartwarming one I’ve watched. I cried buckets.

    • 17.2 jamie

      Ep 165 is where they were abandoned in.

  18. 18 Kiara

    I found 1N2D on my local TV (KBS channel) the other day complete with English sub. They just aired the episode with Uhm Tae -woong last Wednesday. So if you live in Orange County (Irvine) you can watch it at 4pm on channel 473.

    Thanks for the recap ladies :).

  19. 19 rainerust

    Gosh you’re spoiling us! Hope the 1D2N recaps keep up! The funniest has still got to be when TW was brand new an sparkly and all “what do I have to do?”…you can still see a bit of it here but he’s starting to figure things out…
    Strangely enough I wish the boys got harder tasks but I suppose they should win once in a while – makes the victory that much sweeter when they one-up Na PD. Cracks me up though haha

  20. 20 MmeShahSG

    Hi there,

    This is awesome… thanks for sharing this re-cap. Brilliant site!

    Cheers 🙂

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    thank you so much for these articles! i love both of you girls’ comments on the shows!

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    I also miss MC Mong coz he is really a warmhearted person especially when he cooks for the team and the Jiwon + Seunggi and Mong MOments….

    This show doesn`t get old for me…I still get excited every week waiting for the episode to air and watch it in raw even without understanding it…laughing my heart out by their actions and waiting for the english sub to be release and watch it all over again….

    Now thanks to you girls coz I get to enjoy the recap of the show after watching it in raw and understand what`s going on….

  24. 24 Sammi510

    Thanks again. Awesome recap.

  25. 25 yuoi

    thank you for mentioning KHD’s talent, I always read comments like ‘I dont watch 1n2d because of KHD, he is agressive, I’m YJS team and so’ – people dont undst what they loose not watching this great show. I’ve started to watch 1n2d because of Seung Gi, but my second favorite quickly became KHD, I feel his warmth and caring not only about show but guys and locals too. And I wanna hug him more than Seung Gi ^^ should admit when some of the guys took leadership it’s strange to me not to hear Hodong’s voice ^^ Of course now I cant even say who is my favourite coz I love all guys equally to death.
    my favourite moment of this episode when guys found out they were followed by PDs, OMG, they were so satisfied with themselves =)

    • 25.1 rosy

      When I first started to watch this show, I not really like Ho-dong. He seems very loud and manipulative and always try to negotiate his way out.
      But in one episode, when Kim C was faking that he is drowning, and without hesitation, Ho-dong just when into the sea to save him and his expression clearly showed he is very concern and worry about Kim C safety. That action changed my whole perception towards Ho-dong. Even he is loud, he is very responsible and kind.
      He is the backbone of the show. He laughs when he needed to, he cries when he is touched, he helps when he must. He just awesome.

      • 25.1.1 marj

        what episode was KIM C faking his drowning?? i really wanna see it…thanx

    • 25.2 rumba lumba

      more than anything, Hodong becomes the bad, manipulative guy just so the other members will be shown as the good guys.

      if Hodong proposes that Sugeun or Seunggi or Jiwon to be left behind, he just wants to give them more opportunities to be funny, and more camera time. as you all notice, Hodong has the most camera time out of everyone.

      as an MC, yes his laughs are sometimes (if not, most) forced, and not as natural as Yoo Jae Suk (but hey, Jaesuk could also be faking, it’s just that his laughs sound more natural). but that doesn’t mean Hodong is a bad MC. in fact, he shines the most when interacting with regular people. he says hello to everyone, and loves children the most. how many times have we seen Hodong trying to get a child to talk to the camera on 1N2D?

      and i just laugh at people saying ‘Running Man and Family Outing are the best! Yoo Jaesuk wooohoo!’ without even watching 1N2D. to be frank, not all of Yoo Jaesuk’s shows are the best. sure, he has Infinity Challenge, Happy Together, etc. but that doesn’t mean ALL of his variety shows are pure gold. some shows work, and some shows don’t.

      right now, Hodong is the top MC in Korea. Star King, Knee-Drop Guru, Strong Heart, and 1N2D are all variety shows that have high ratings. i laugh especially at international fans who know nothing of Korea except their idols and Yoo Jaesuk. i remember this one fangirl who knows every member of any idol group, but doesn’t know who Lee Seunggi is while in Korea not everyone knows who the idols are and everyone (and i mean, EVERYONE) knows who Lee Seunggi is.

      • 25.2.1 tonks42

        I totally agree that KHD makes it a point to look bad so that other members would have their moments…that`s his way of helping them be better….

        “i remember this one fangirl who knows every member of any idol group, but doesn’t know who Lee Seunggi is while in Korea not everyone knows who the idols are and everyone (and i mean, EVERYONE) knows who Lee Seunggi is” that`s usually the case when it comes to fangirls particularly an Idol craze fan at that…they only focus on idols and memorizing their names….

        I am also a fangirl and knows some of the idols… but I am a Kdrama and 1N2D addict @heart first…

  26. 26 Steph

    WHT? So short? I was like, the recap ended??? haha Really lack of torture this time… Ho Dong and co. will be anticipating trouble next time

  27. 27 gustave154

    i was really happy for the boys on this episode xD
    hope PD Na don’t punish them too much on the next episodes xD

  28. 28 drama korea Terbaru

    oh My god ..

    this is great site about korean drama , Me , as one of drama fans very pleasure read your article . please come to my blog

  29. 29 malta

    Men. in. suits…. total swoon. Makes me wish more people still dressed up in suits and dresses when they went out. (even though I would probably complain about doing this myself. 🙂

  30. 30 Mel

    Thanks for this meta on variety shows! You’ve worded it perfectly indeed – from characterising oneself, to interacting with strangers and making them look good, polite yet disarming etc

  31. 31 Lin

    I hope these recaps garners the show more viewers, gosh knows it already has loads but there are always a few more that could use the laughs these guys guarantee.

  32. 32 taburer

    Hi, i’m new to 1N2D and only got interested in it after dramabeans started recapping this. It seems so hilarious and awesome! Hahaha!

    So i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could watch these episode (starting from when Tae-woong joins the show) with english subs?

    Cos from what i’ve found so far, it’s all either past episodes or not subbed 🙁


    • 32.1 rumba lumba


      or register for free.

      this episode is not yet subbed by KBSWorld. it will air two weeks from now. i know, we’re soooo far behind.

      and this show typically lasts 80-90 minutes
      but KBSWorld edits the hell out of it. we only get like 60-70mins for the subbed version. not cool. >=(

      • 32.1.1 taburer

        Thanks very much! 🙂

        I’ve been looking all over for WinWin subs because i Wooyoung and Taeyeon were on the show but i gave up cos i couldn’t find anyone subbing that variety show till this came along!

        Thanks very much! 😀

      • 32.1.2 farta

        really? but i usually watched it from 6:00 pm till 7.20pm so that 80min rite?

  33. 33 Yoyo

    Hi, may I know what r the websites that I can view 1d2n eng sub? Thanks! cos those I previously visited are down, perhaps due to crackdown by kbs?

  34. 34 jashiko

    i loved this episode!!

    keke…sooo fuunnyy!!

    btw, do you know the songs used in their different special dance numbers?? i only know the one with hodong, taewoong, jongmin, and sugeun…

    i really wanna know seungi’s…
    please post it if you know….


  35. 35 farta

    hy i love 1d2n~can you guys tell me what eps does jongmin comes back from military?

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