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49 Days: Episode 10
by | April 14, 2011 | 337 Comments

Ooooh, it’s gettin’ GOOD. I didn’t think this episode would top yesterday’s surprise, but we’re totally letting all sorts of cats out of bags, with confrontations, doppelgänger theories, jealousy between ghost and host, and of course, our first glimpse into the Scheduler’s past. Ji-hyun faces harsh truths about love and human beings, and learns that choosing to live is a lot harder than choosing to die.


Kang follows the sound of Ji-hyun’s song, and it’s the last straw that puts him over the edge. He walks up to her at the piano and asks, “Who are you? Are you…Ji-hyun?” Ji-hyun’s mouth opens, unable to hide her shock. She stammers, unable to get a word of protest out.

Her hesitation makes him even more sure of his instinct, though she begins to protest that he’s nuts. And Kang knows it’s crazy. Except…”You feel like Ji-hyun.” He starts shouting all the ways they’re the same, and Ji-hyun starts to panic. She grabs her tear necklace (which will break if anyone catches wind of her true identity) and insists she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Manager Oh walks in to see Kang shouting at her, and interrupts them before things get out of hand. He tells Ji-hyun that this piano is the only thing Kang has left of his mother’s, and to just consider him being sensitive and acting out because of that.

As they stand side by side with a wall between them, they each think to themselves: Ji-hyun: “Han Kang, how did you know?” Kang: “It doesn’t make sense.” Ji-hyun: “What if Kang keeps suspecting?” Kang: “I must’ve seemed like a total crazy person.”

He rounds the corner and finds her standing there. She offers up that she must remind him of his friend a lot, and he says that she does…and doesn’t too. He then adorably asks her for her phone number, pretending to be cool about it.

He hides his embarrassment by nagging her that she shouldn’t make people worry like that, and asks what happened yesterday. She just says she wasn’t feeling well, but he adds that he went to her place, but she wasn’t home. Ji-hyun realizes that it was Kang knocking on the door last night.

And then, the not-quite-so-bright Ji-hyun puts the puzzle pieces together this way: that Kang was that worried about Yi-kyung, and that noticing her similarities to Ji-hyun made him angry…because he dislikes Ji-hyun. Oh, silly girl. Not that the very simple and direct Ji-hyun would know that Kang’s shouting is just masking his feelings. That’s just not in her nature. But still.

She goes to see Seo-woo, and gets the rare chance to sit down with her friend and eat some pastries. But Seo-woo keeps turning the conversation to In-jung and the thermos, asking about her mystery boyfriend. Ji-hyun thinks to herself that Seo-woo’s already forgotten about her too.

Min-ho and In-jung go out on a date, and she tells him that she’s going to quit her job tomorrow. The rumor mill is running rampant that a ghost kept the president from signing his will yesterday, and she doesn’t want to be reminded of Ji-hyun anymore.

Meanwhile Dad collapses, and Ji-hyun shows up at the hospital soon after, planning to play the part of her friend. She sees Dad lying next to her comatose body and cries, assuming that Dad’s just exhausted himself from worry.

She comes out into the lobby, tears streaming down her face, which is when Min-ho arrives and sees her. He stops her by grabbing her arm and asking why she’s here, and in her head, Ji-hyun thinks to herself that he’s daring to come here, in an effort to get that will signed.

She just says, “Take your hand off of me,” and walks away. When Min-ho goes upstairs, he finds that Dad is trying to keep his condition a secret from Mom, and decides he has to step in. He pulls her aside and tells her the truth, insisting that Dad needs surgery right away. Ji-hyun has followed him up and sees her mom crying, but doesn’t hear what he’s said to her.

Seo-woo asks In-jung again about her secret boyfriend, and In-jung freaks out that she’s going around asking Yi-kyung about her. Seo-woo confesses to following her out that night, and thinks that her boyfriend looks a lot like Min-ho…but is naïve enough to believe that he just looks like Min-ho, and not the other thing—the backstabby thing.

Ji-hyun gets impatient waiting for Yi-kyung to come home from work the next morning, and calls the Scheduler for help. Still upset about the last time he interfered on her behalf, he yells at her to stop calling him…and then shows up in person to yell at her some more. HA.

He lets her know just how upset he is, having had his five-year scheduler sentence extended by a week because of her. She apologizes as he whines that he hasn’t ONCE broken the rules in all this time. But…that’d be your own damn fault in choosing to help her, buddy.

He tells her that if she’s really sorry, she’ll stop calling him, since “just seeing your face annoys me.” Heh. She asks if maybe he can’t just find out when Yi-kyung might return… He can’t believe the nerve on this girl, and screams out a “NO!” before disappearing.

Yi-kyung is sleeping in Dr. Noh’s office today, hooked up to monitors checking to see if she has sleep apnea or any other crazy goings on to explain the things she can’t remember.

As she sleeps peacefully, we get our first flashback of Yi-soo and Yi-kyung, who are…totally not brother and sister. Rawr. Kisses! Aw, they look utterly, blissfully in love, as they have a picnic and talk about their dream house (the one marked in the book that Yi-kyung still has).

Oh my god, they’re already breaking my heart. I don’t know if I can take it. It’s hard enough imagining how happy they could’ve been, knowing how they ended up…but seeing this is KILLING ME.

Kang listens to the song that Ji-hyun was playing on the piano, mulling over all the connections he’s made between Ji-hyun and Yi-kyung so far. He asks if Yi-kyung’s come to work, upset that she made him worry yesterday and isn’t even here yet. The waiter reminds him that she’s freelance, but the worry just gnaws at him, made worse by the fact that she’s not picking up her phone.

So he goes to her house, and this time, he runs into Yi-kyung, but without Ji-hyun’s soul inside. Omo! FINALLY! He sees her and stands in her path, but she just looks at him and walks right past, not acknowledging him.

He calls out, “Song!” and asks why she’s pretending not to see him. Yi-kyung: “Who are you?” and she walks inside. Kang, totally taken aback, just watches her wondering, “Wha…is it a twin?” HAHAHA. I don’t know why that’s funny, but it is.

Kang sits in his car, wondering if maybe Yi-kyung had a twin all this time, but then remembers her saying that she didn’t have siblings. Just then, Ji-hyun runs out in Yi-kyung’s body, and grabs a cab before he can get out and ask her.

Meanwhile, Dad has gone ahead and signed his will anyway. It’s bad news, but also makes things interesting, since this new development gives Min-ho motivation to reverse the land deal/hostile takeover, so that he can just inherit the entire company, free and clear.

And that’s exactly what he sets out to do. He meets with a contact to put the brakes on the deal, saying that he’s not about to sell something for a third of the value when he can get the whole enchilada. His evil cohort wants to go ahead with the original plan anyway, but Min-ho’s got enough blackmail leverage on the guy to make him cooperate.

At the same time, Mom calls In-jung and Seo-woo to the house to ask them for their help in convincing Dad to get surgery. She tells them about the tumor, and In-jung puts it all together—the will, and Min-ho’s knowledge of all these proceedings.

She calls Min-ho and demands to meet right away, and when he says he’s on his way home to pick up a file, she says she’ll meet him there.

Only…that’s exactly where Ji-hyun is, trying to get into the safe. She’s in his room when Min-ho arrives, so she thinks quickly and grabs a handful of laundry and comes out, pretending to be surprised. She claims to have returned to drop off the key, but then felt bad about leaving the laundry that day, so thought she’d do a load before leaving.

Min-ho barely has time to say that makes no sense, before In-jung arrives right behind him. Panicking, he pushes Ji-hyun into his room and asks that she stay in here, and not make her presence known. Ooooh, liar liar pants on fire!

She agrees and he goes out to meet In-jung, who lays into him for not telling her that he knew…about Ji-hyun’s father, the tumor, the will. Ji-hyun hears everything, and nearly collapses in tears.

Min-ho tries to calm In-jung down, for one because he knows that Yi-kyung is overhearing. She accuses him of keeping it from her on purpose, and insists that he go through with the land deal like he’s supposed to. She tells him that since Ji-hyun ended up this way, every day she’s been waiting has been hell. You know what they say about what goes around…

Min-ho lies that he’ll take care of it, and then goes into the room to change. Ji-hyun doesn’t say anything but just silently darts him a hateful glare. As she turns her back, he opens the safe, takes out a file, and leaves, whispering that he’ll explain later. She crumples to the ground in tears once he’s gone.

Ji-hyun wanders back to Heaven in a daze, her phone continuously going off. I love the Scheduler’s annoyed voice as her ring tone, alerting her to how many calls she’s ignoring, and from whom. Where can I get one of those?

Min-ho calls over and over, and finally calls Kang to ask if Yi-kyung’s at work. Kang lies that he doesn’t know her address, and both boys stew over their unanswered calls. But Kang heads out to find Ji-hyun sitting on the patio, clearly frazzled over something.

He tells her to eat, and says he knows something is wrong, so she can stop pretending. He asks if something’s wrong with her father, to which he grabs her necklace in fear and says no. Her sister? She says she doesn’t have one. He’s confused more than ever, and she makes the excuse that she has to be somewhere, and runs off.

In-jung returns home and Seo-woo questions her, this time her anger bubbling over at the way In-jung is repeatedly turning her back on Ji-hyun and her family. But In-jung doesn’t play nice anymore, and tells her that she’s sick and tired, and that Ji-hyun always assumed the world revolved around her. “Did you always like her? I didn’t.”

Min-ho tasks his secretary with tracking down Yi-kyung. Isn’t that going to be hard when the phone number she’s using is…supernatural? It’s a direct-to-reaper line. I don’t think you’ll get an address off of it.

Ji-hyun finds Reaper Boy lounging about, and whines at him about the whole tears-gathering thing. She wonders why it has to be tears—can’t people just genuinely love her, but not shed tears?

The Scheduler explains that human tears are the most direct expression of emotion, and though the types of tears can vary, when people are the happiest, the saddest, they will cry. He adds that she ought to stop blaming other people, since she’s not one to cry genuine tears for others either.

She defensively insists that she CAN TOO, but he just snickers that this is why he doesn’t like humans. He tells her to stop assuming things that she’s never even experienced.

Ji-hyun: Tell me the truth. Is there anyone who genuinely loves me?
Scheduler: How am I supposed to know?? That’s not my purview. Human beings’ hearts change…that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding.

Aw, his jaded view is sad, but it makes for a great setup, for when he discovers that he once loved someone with a forever kind of love.

Kang paces in his office, stomping back and forth in a furor of confusion. Manager Oh watches him and tells him to just go find Yi-kyung to figure out which one it is: (1) he’s curious about whether Yi-kyung lied; (2) he keeps seeing Ji-hyun in Yi-kyung; or (3) he’s worried about Yi-kyung because something’s clearly going on with her.

Kang: “All of the above!” Haha. He takes the advice and goes to find out for himself. Oh, this ought to be good.

He waits outside Yi-kyung’s place, and sees Ji-hyun coming home just before midnight. She goes in, and he waits outside, wondering what he should do. But then before he knows it, Yi-kyung comes out, and walks right past him without so much as a word.

Bewildered, he just follows her, all the way to Purple Coffee. He wonders if she’s meeting someone at this hour, and then realizes that she’s working two jobs. So he finally goes inside and walks up to the counter.

Only Yi-kyung doesn’t recognize him, and just asks what kind of coffee he wants. Dumbfounded, he just orders something, and then stares at her. He checks the nametag: Song Yi-kyung. He asks, “Song Yi-kyung-sshi?”

Yi-kyung finally remembers him from the other day when he stopped her before, and asks, “Do you know me?” Angry, confused, and totally spun around, Kang just rushes out of there without a word.

He heads straight for Manager Oh’s house, where he wakes the couple up with his confusing dilemma, and the three of them comically try to suss out what the logical explanation might be.

At Kang’s mention of Yi-kyung insisting that she needed a job for only 48 days, Manager Oh remembers hearing someone once say that 49 days was the time a wandering soul had to complete something, or find something, in order to live. Kang just dismisses the reference, wanting an explanation that makes sense.

In light of the possibilities, your twin theory really was a good one, until now.

Yi-kyung arrives back home in the morning, and Ji-hyun sits next to her, voice shaking. She thanks her for everything, and says she’s sorry too, and says that she’s leaving. Ji-hyun: “I’ve waited and tried, but figured out that there’s no one out there who loves me. I must’ve lived my life badly.”

She apologizes for not being able to keep her promise to find Yi-soo, and prepares for her last day. She wakes up in Yi-kyung’s body, and cleans the house, as a way to say thank you. She leaves a letter, thanking her and asking her not to be afraid, and that she won’t be coming back.

She also writes a letter to Dad, explaining that it’s Ji-hyun, and to listen to everything he hears from Yi-kyung. The Scheduler appears behind her, and catches wind of her plan to give up, and to blow her 49 days to save Dad.

She gets dressed up and stops by work to give everyone presents. She goes downstairs, where Kang is nodding off to sleep at his desk. She shouts, “It’s a lovely morning, Han Kang!” He wakes up, startled.

She continues, brightly, talking to him like her old friend, “Why are you so surprised? Are you hearing banmal for the first time ever?”

She explains cheekily that Song Yi-kyung is technically one year older than him. “In this country, if I’m your noona, I can use banmal.” Hahaha. I don’t know what I love more, her having fun being his noona for a day, or his reaction to her statement.

She asks him to just listen to her for one minute.

Ji-hyun: Someone said once that love is letting someone misunderstand you, because that causes them less pain. If you love someone so much, I think it’s like that. You’d rather not give excuses. You’d rather that person not get hurt, even if you get misunderstood. How much it hurts to do that…I know that now. Hiding your heart…is a lot harder than not knowing your heart.

Aw. But Kang doesn’t listen very well (or understand what she really means, of course) and so she hands over her resignation. She tells him that she’s going away, but because of Min-ho’s phone call the other day, he assumes the worst.

He accuses her of going right back to work for Min-ho, or worse yet, to live with him. She insists that’s not the case, but he starts yelling: “If you liked Kang Min-ho from the start, why didn’t you just say so, instead of confusing people?!”

She asks why he’s so protective of Ji-hyun’s fiancé if they weren’t even that close. But he says this is about Yi-kyung. Which in turn hurts Ji-hyun’s feelings, assuming that Kang is only upset at losing Yi-kyung to Min-ho. Man, relationships are confusing enough without first-love-souls in other people’s bodies!

He asks what her real face is, jumping to the conclusion that she’s used him and jerked him around. Kang: “Where were you last night? Who did I meet?” Ji-hyun: “Are you that curious about Song Yi-kyung? Song Yi-kyung is an orphan. She has no one to lean on or talk to. And no one to love her.”

And with that she says goodbye to him with a grade-school insult, not unlike calling someone a butthead. Pfft.

He shouts after her ineffectually, “Fine! GO! And don’t you ever come back! You just TRY and come back!”

She walks away in tears, pouting that he ought to have sent her away with a smile since this is goodbye forever. And Kang goes to his room to brood.

She goes to hospital looking for her parents, and finds them at home. She walks in and overhears them talking, Mom begging Dad to get the operation. Dad tells her that he can’t, not with his daughter lying there like that. He tells her that he’s either got to send her away in peace or be the first to hold her when she comes back, but either way he won’t have the operation with Ji-hyun in limbo.

At the same time, Kang comes outside, where Manager Oh is repotting all the plants. He finds the seal that Ji-hyun hid there, and unwraps it. He reads the name: “Shin Ji-hyun.” Kang’s jaw drops.

Ji-hyun leaves her parents’ house, unable to go through with her plan when Dad is being so stubborn. She stands in the street, watching people pass by, and pleads to the heavens: “Someone save me. I have to live. I want to live.”

And then, as if the heavens answer her, a drop appears in her necklace. She looks down and sees her first genuine tear.


Aw. Yay, her first tear! It’s funny, I didn’t realize that she didn’t have to be present for the tear gathering (I thought she literally had to scoop up the tear by hand) so this is a nice twist, because it’s technically a mystery whose tear it was. We’re made to assume it’s Kang’s, which would make sense, but then it’s also totally open-ended and could be anyone.

I’m glad that Kang is inching closer to the Ji-hyun/Yi-kyung mystery, all the while battling his very confused feelings. It’s an added layer of drama that Ji-hyun is growing ever more jealous of Kang’s feelings toward Yi-kyung, as if love between a ghost and a human isn’t hard enough.

I don’t know if it’s because of the Scheduler’s speech a few episodes ago about dying at 23 and feeling unfinished and unfulfilled, but seeing how happy he was with Yi-kyung in his past is seriously breaking my heart. I can’t take it. I’m not usually such a softie (romance has to be pretty damn epic for me to fall hook line and sinker) but goddamnit, it’s just so sad.

This is one drama where flashbacks are used really well, for dramatic effect. The past (both Yi-kyung/Yi-soo and Ji-hyun/Kang) is romantic, idealistic, and tinged with a what-could-have-been sadness. That in contrast with how everyone has ended up in the present makes for great conflict because it informs how they feel, but isn’t something they can return to, what with dimensional rifts and all. I feel like any way you go with the Scheduler, it’s bittersweet…which kind of makes me love this drama more.


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    • 1.1 hazel

      watch 49 Days Episode 10 English Subbed here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/04/49-days-episode-10.html

    • 1.2 drama fever

      Now that I watch the ep with sub, I really think the first tear had to come from the scheduler, Kang, or herself.

      1. She was desperate to save Dad and she cry her heart out and the scheduler follow her and he was sad so her gave her the first tear.

      2. Kang bring the seal to her parent’s house to return and discover the letter she left for her parent. He now find out that Yi Kyung was Ji Hyun so he cry.

      3. The scheduler ask her before “Have you ever truly cry for someone before ?” Well, this is the first time Ji Hyun had ever truly cry for herself so it does count as a genuine tear.

      Can’t wait until next week to find out.

      • 1.2.1 Raitei

        I never thought about this possibility; I was only suspecting Kang and the scheduler. Now that you pointed it out, though, that does seem to make sense. After all, Ji Hyun is in Yi Kyung’s body.

        Hmm… Curiosity is killing me.

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    Kang-ah!!! (lol.) I bet he was the first tear.

    • 3.1 cecee

      I was thinking the same thing! Lols. SH won’t know that it was from him though until the very end prolly.

    • 3.2 Godislove


      The BEST cliffhanger EVER!!!!!!

      I LOVED that Yi kyung(Ji hyun) is gonna pull through on this whole ordeal! She can do it!!! I believe in her!!

      Cannot wait to see who the tear belonged to!!

      Everyone’s assuming it’s Kang and I think it is, but the scene he was last in didn’t seem like a situation in which he would start crying, you know? – finding ji hyun’s stamp is would be a total shock, but to suddenly cry over it doesn’t seem like a “kangly” thing to do!

      -ha! just made kang’s name into a verb hehehe

      • 3.2.1 mellissa

        KANG-ly – i love it! new word….

      • 3.2.2 Grammar Police

        If it ends in -ly, it’s an adverb.

        “Lolly Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here…”

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          i can’t stand waiting another week to find out whose tear it was!!!!! (if they are even going to reveal it in the next episode T_______________T)

        • don't kill me, but....

          @ Grammar Police:

          If it ends in -ly, it’s an adverb.

          Not necessarily– there are a number of adjectives that end in -ly such as “friendly”, “lovely”, “manly”, etc. “Gangly” is also an adjective and sounds pretty much like “Kangly” in Korean– I think “Kangly” is a fine choice for a word to describe something that our beloved Han Kang would do.

          • Cristy

            Either way, Godislove is still wrong about “Kangly” being a verb.

    • 3.3 stars4u

      I have this wild thought in my head that Ji Hyun might have been the one to give the first tear…. or not?

      Han Kang!!
      ugh!next week again…

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        Oh! And i want the scheduler’s voice as my ringyone too!

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      This drama is simply amazing – I don’t want to analyse it in any way – I just want to enjoy the ride it is taking me on.

      New tales of gisaeng is also surprisingly very good – something I didn’t expect – it is too bad dramabeans is recapping this one.

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        oops “is not recapping this one”

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    thanks for the recap!

    • 5.1 mellissa

      “Ji-hyun: Someone said once that love is letting someone misunderstand you, because that causes them less pain. If you love someone so much, I think it’s like that. You’d rather not give excuses. You’d rather that person not get hurt, even if you get misunderstood. How much it hurts to do that…I know that now. Hiding your heart…is a lot harder than not knowing your heart.”

      once Kang calms down enough he may just realize that he said the same thing to JH in the past, lol!

      • 5.1.1 Jane

        lol. Sometimes, I feel like dating Kang would be like repeatedly hitting your head against a brick wall. He needs to calm down for real, even though I understand his confusion is turning him nuts.

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    Thanks for the recap gf!!!

    Who do u guys think the first pure tear came from???

    I was thinking Kang-ah, since he saw Ji hyun’s seal all surprised… but then again it could be someone else

    • 7.1 kombatpiggie

      Initially, I thought it was Kang but then realized that might be too easy. Hmm…maybe the scheduler because he feels bad that she is giving it all up.

      • 7.1.1 LOLO

        i think it might be her friend In Jung

      • 7.1.2 Anon106

        I thought the same thing! That it would be way too easy for it to be Kang first. And I agree with your guess as Scheduler as possible first tear.

        • smalltowngirl

          I don’t think it was the Scheduler… I think he said that she needed the tears from people who truly loved her… The Scheduler is a spirit, so it can’t possibly be him… I am thinking (and this may be too soon) that the tear came from HK… He just fought with JH/YK and sent her away, just as he did the time before she had the accident… He may have realized that, once again, he has pushed JH away for good yet again… But it does credit to the writer to have us all guessing who the tear came from! :)

          • smalltowngirl

            I am very happy to say I was right!!1 I knew it was HK all along!!! 😀

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            This will teach me to stop reading the comments all crazily when I’m dying to go home and watch the next episode… I guess it was kind of obv that it was HK but dang didn’t need that spoiler!!

      • 7.1.3 JeSsBeL

        Yeah, very true… Kang-ah is too easy and kdramas tend to trick us… it could also be someone we havent thought of or someone we haven’t see?

        I WANNA KNOW!!!!! *pulling hair out of desperation*

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      You all got it wrong. ^_^
      That first teardrop was, of course, the accumulation of those tears shed by the many viewers, who truly love her.

      • 7.4.1 JeSsBeL

        Hahaha nice one.

        I also read somewhere else that it may be from Ji Hyun herself because she had never cried pure tears for no one and now loves herself more or something like that I can’t remember but it made sense.

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          Oh it was from Cindy comment #9 😉

    • 7.5 Lisah

      It didn’t occur to me that it WASN’T Ji Hyun until I read the recap. I’m relying on subtitles (which have led me astray before ) but did something happen that implies the tears were from someone else?

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      I just finished the episode and I must say, IT WAS EPIC!

      The one scene that really got the waterworks going for me was the scene where JH’s dad was talking to her mom about how he would either want to send her away in peace or be there when she gains consciousness. So touching. *sniffle*sniffle*

      And I love the new OST tracks that were featured this week. I really suits the progression of the series as a whole. 😀

      • 8.1.1 mellissa

        yeah, me too, cried during the mother-father scene. i like that these rich parents are depicted as very loving parents because there are so many dramas where rich parents are portrayed as cold people concerned only about further enriching the family coffers.

  9. Cindy

    I think the tear is from jh herself.
    I feel that this is the first time she really wanted to live because she loved herself, not just because she wanted to get married or save her family but just for herself..and since she’s in song’s body, her tear shld count.

    Kang’s one shld come later I think…maybe the 2nd or even the last.

    thanks for the recap dear!!

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          I also thought that it was her own tear, and that it was the first she had shed purely for herself. I think that I came to that conclusion because if she were able to collect tears remotely (without being present), then that means that neither Kang nor Seo Woo have shed a single (pure love) tear for her since she first got the necklace (shortly after her accident). Since that seemed so unbelievable, I assumed that she must need to be present to at least witness the tears being shed. But who knows?…. and isn’t the suspense delicious?!

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        • Cindy

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          I was really touched when she exclaimed that she wanted to live simply because she wanted to.

        • Jay

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        Wednesday seems so far away!!!

        Thanks gf and jb for the awesome recaps!!

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      But then I have to ask, “Isn’t she related to herself?” and
      kill all the joy!

      • 9.4.1 Cindy

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    • 9.5 Blue Lily

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      • 9.5.1 Jomo

        If I were the writer, I would have saved that tear for last, it is the least expected…but, still, it is a great twist.

        • Jane

          Exactly, Jomo. Which is exactly what that’s not the first tear. The first tear is from someone boring but lovely like Seo Woo.

      • 9.5.2 Cindy

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      Heh. If her tear is the first one. 2nd should be Kang and 3rd should be Seowoo.

      On an unrelated note, Jo Hyun Jae (Kang) looks old for his age (30), right? Aside from the fact that it doesn’t take away from his hotness.

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      • 9.10.1 Cindy

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    • 9.12 kpopfan

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    • 9.13 Cindy

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    • 9.14 Jane

      The first tear is not hers because all the suspense is gone because Seo Woo has to release a tear since we all know that she loves her sincerely and Kang definitely will release a tear. The last tear is the most unexpected so there’s no way they will knock it out first.

    • 9.15 Ashley

      That is a lovely theory! I hope that turns out to be the case. I didn’t think it could be Kang, and I suspect she really DOES have to be present to scoop the tears up, because otherwise she would already have a tear from SOMEONE, be it Kang or somebody else, because I suspect Kang has already done a little crying in private.

      For a wild second there, it popped into my head that it might be the Scheduler. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? But I think you’re right–I’m glad they’re allowing Ji hyun to grow. I have never known someone so self centered and yet so selfless!

  10. 10 jk-hk fan

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    – In Jung will probably review her real reason for disliking Ji Hyun soon

    – Min Ho is actually more of a mystery… he seems to be facing conflicting emotions…

    I do look forward to Scheduler showing more his inner emotions in the upcoming episodes (now waiting for him to find out his past with Yi Kyung!)

    And the kissing scene with Yi Kyung is just so sweet!!

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    my guess~

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    As far as the Scheduler and Yi-jung goes, I’m eager to learn more about them. And I was sooo expecting the day when their background story would be shown, but I was a little disappointed. While I thought it was very romantic, I think it would’ve been more effective with a better background build-up. We all knew they were related somehow, whether romantically or whatnot. But it was a little awkward seeing them in such a romantic scene. If they are from the same orphanage, maybe if there was a scene of them growing up together and falling in love with little instances, rather than a big kiss… I dunno, just some thoughts. Love that they’re romantically involved; I was hoping for that direction, rather than the brother/sister.

    • 15.1 One

      Here is a different interpretation:
      I think the picnic scene is not a flashback but her dream. It just looks too perfect and a lonely tree reminds me of archetypical “world tree” so it would be a scene from spiritual world where Yi-Kyung finally meats her soul-mate. Scheduler and Yi-Kyung may be a case of souls forever destined to love each other in every reincarnation… Sad thing, this time they were brother and sister (blood relater or adopted) and could not fulfill their desire for each other because of moral issue. That’s why Scheduler feels he didn’t have chance to love….
      Oh well, this would be a really TRAGIC interpretation….
      On the lighter note: What if Yi-Kyung’s dream home in that magazine was designed by Kang?

      • 15.1.1 hamsandwich

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        !!!!! you just made my head explode.

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      and the part when JH gets her 1st tear made me feel cold all over and i feel like crying in happiness for her and also for her situation.

      • 16.1.1 nonski

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      • 17.1.1 minayuki

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    • 20.1 mellissa

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    • 20.2 Jomo

      She went to his restaurant a lot. He will assume she did it before the accident.

      He tends to be suspicious, as he keeps accusing JH/YK of liking MH based on no evidence that she has even smiled at MH.
      He may start to think that JH did it because she didn’t trust MH. He will prolly tell MH about it, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Any officially “signed” docs that pop up now cannot be really signed by JH. She’s in a coma!

      He may start to investigate “things” having to do with a seal, and may be the one to discover the hanky and the panky going on with the land deal, etc.

      • 20.2.1 Jane

        It’s going to lead him in the Min Ho track because the question is why in the world would she hide her seal at his place.

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      • 21.1.1 kay

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        • Hot Reaper Boy

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          • eclipse


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    • 22.1 soracantabile

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      I thought the three tears will be Kang’s , Seo Woo’s , and scheduler..

      But after I watched this ep,,
      It could be her tear,right?
      I mean, it is hard to truly love our self..
      Now, she really mean it to want to be live..she needs to protect others so that she really want to be live..

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    • 25.1 -_-

      my guess would be an accident judging by the pic…if he was so in love with Yi-kyung I doubt he would’ve killed himself

      • 25.1.1 love 49

        just a thought…may be he thought that yi kyung was cheating on him…[remember he gives ji hyun the big speech about “there’s no forever kind of love”]…so in a rage he left and got into a accident..

        • dayenluvkorea

          Well,I remember when YiSoo was still alive,he yelled at YiKyung “I’m so tired of u!” Or something like that,and YiKyung starts to cry when she remember it. So yeah,maybe he’s gone and got d accident. But I dun think its bcos YK cheating on him. Maybe she did something that YS hate so much,over n over again ’till he can’t stand to see her like that anymore till…well,we know what happen to him. Its just…what could she had done to him???
          Just my thought,anyway..

          • rayse

            Yeah! Another thing that makes me think he got into an accident after the two of them had a fight is in Episode 9 where Ji Hyun in Yi Kyung’s body is begging him to help her stop her dad signing the Will and she says something like “I’m so sorry. I was wrong. It’s all my fault.” and the Scheduler’s face suddenly becomes upset… I think maybe Yi Kyung said those words to him when he was still alive and he didn’t forgive her or something and stormed out and got into an accident.

        • rayse

          I really hope she didn’t cheat on him. I don’t think she did, after all… If Yi Kyung was the type of person to cheat on Yi Soo, I doubt she’d be wallowing in grief for five whole years and also, if they’re both orphans and they’ve been in love since they were kids, that would make him the only person whose important to her in the world. He’s her family, best friend and lover all in one.

          Maybe it’s something to do with his music? Maybe he wanted to be a musician and she thought he shouldn’t and kept trying to persuade him no to or she did something that kept him from making it big like begging him not to go abroad (clearly too much Dream High in my life) etc. No idea, but it’s one possibility. :’)

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    • 27.1 hamsandwich

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  28. 28 Jane

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    “Seo Woo, are you forgetting me too?” No. This tear reaffirms that her dear friend loves her. It’s also the most expected and least dramatic one which is why the writers have gotten it out of the way.

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    Or perhaps he’s an adopted sibling? That would be a mess of pseudo incest. Or maybe, they met and fell in love and discovered LATER that he’s actually her brother with that picture as proof, and Yi Soo killed himself out of horror. Okay it’s a stretch, but I’m trying to incorporate sucide since the psychologist has to be connected.

    • 35.1 liz

      I thought Song Yi Soo is the Scheduler just not her brother. JH thought YS was YK’s brother only because of the same surname but in Korea it’s common that the orphans take up the surname of the person in charge of the orphange they are in, hence the same surname. There was nothing ever specifically said throughout the drama that they were siblings. It was just suspected.

    • 35.2 legomom

      I think they were orphans in the same institution and just have similar names by chance.

    • 35.3 nitnotzz

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    Regarding the three drops of tear, I suspect Kang and Min-Ho might be the contributors for the remaining two. With Min-Ho showing more emotion in the episodes recently, wouldn’t it be such a twist to the drama if Min-Ho were the one to cry for Ji-Hyun instead of Seo woo? Who knows, he might turn for the better in the later episodes…. =) just a thought…

    • 37.1 pohonphee

      My bet from who the 3 tears are coming:
      1. Han-kang, who loves Ji-hyun despite her different physical appearance.
      2. Ji-hyun, who starts to want to live her life only because she loves her life, not because how perfect it is from her eyes.
      3. Min-ho, who finally falls in love with Ji-hyun. After years of engagement, he only sees her as an object of his ambition/revenge (?), not seeing her truly self. Now, he gets the chance to see it through someone else body.

  38. 38 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, girlfriday! I felt a tinge of disappointment with episode 9 despite loving it, but this episode was just EPIC. What an ending! Ji-Hyun’s I want to live plea really made me tear up and almost broke my heart. Then the tear appeared! Hallelujah! And I love how it’s a mystery now as to who the tear had come from. I’m so glad she doesn’t have to be present when the tear falls. Collecting 3 tears is already hard enough!

    I totally agree with you abt the use of flashbacks. The Yikyung and Yisoo flashback also almost broke my heart. And to remember that YK and YS’s last convo with each other was probably one filled with anger and resentment. And to think that by the end of the series, the Scheduler will have to step into the elevator to Heaven.

    I sort of wish HK went easier on JH in YK’s body. Always accusing her of liking MinHo. It’s almost making me suspect that he has a MinHo complex and that in some alternative universe, he’s going to make a play for MinHo’s affections after JH officially passes on. And after being mean to JH right before she died, I thought he’d be more careful to be nicer to someone who is trying to say a farewell and to someone he believes has a mysterious terminal illness.

    As for JH’s cell phone – i’m surprised there is even a real number associated with the cell phone that people can call. I hope MinHo does get an address off the phone and that address is some address in Scheduler-world.

    Maybe the seal along with the manager’s mention of 49 days will hint to Kang that there is something fishy going on in her dad’s company that her spirit is trying to prevent. I hope he keeps the seal safe!

    • 38.1 Jomo

      You are probably right about Kang-ah being suspicious of MH in general, and then, more specifically because maybe MH stole JH from Kang-ah.

      As far as chef’s correct guess about the 49 days – I love that the piece that solves the puzzle gets introduced and then tossed aside like advice from a wise child. It makes them examine all the wrong other possibilities for a while before they finally pick that one up again much much later in the series.

  39. 39 ohemgee

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  40. 40 Jomo

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    I also thought it pointed to hope of what could still be!
    If the Hot Reaper Boy does his time, and then, that extra thing we don’t know about yet, maybe he can come back to life!

    All bad memories **POOF** are gone with the wave of the majic item in hand.

    They could meet in a field at a lavish table in winter with a dead firefighter and drink homemade wine, and then…oh…um…Where did I see that before? Brain-deadness be GONE!

    • 40.1 tari

      LOL oh my don’t remind me. I love City Hall to death and I love the first half of SG but….well, I hope I love 49 Days till the end. I try to come up with scenario how we’re gonna make HK end up with YK in the end. The hot reaper boy only needs a proper closure with YK right?

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    I’m sad now that I have to wait another week for the next episodes. i’m very anxious to see what will happen next. *sighs* maybe next time, i should not read anything until a series is complete.

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      Look at the very bottomest left of this page. It’ll walk you through the steps.

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    • 43.1 Jomo

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      • 43.1.1 dayenluvkorea

        Well,I think the Scheduler couldn’t remember anything after he died right??

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      • 44.1.1 tari

        I also dont understand, saw the links. Probably what she meant is KHJ looks like JHJ before KHJ got a blo…whaattt??? I thought we’re talking about a nose job..diana34, tsk…tsk…JHJ drives you batty huh..

        • pipit

          LOL…it’s pretty apparent she has a chronic Jo Hyun Jae disease that she just writes what she thinks *giggling knowingly*

          She might be thinking about the perfect Jo Hyun Jae and what kind of present would be perfect for him hence the BJ *snicker loudly*

          Anyway, I don’t see any change in his nose. And I watched all of his drama from way back except for Love Letter.

          And I’d like to second that he’s perfect the way he is.

          What I think could be corrected is not his nose. It’s his mouth. Nobody could ever possibly has that mouth. No body. Yeah, he has his mouth done me think.

          • Jomo

            Your analysis blew me away…

        • YY

          I think I know what diana means. If you scrutinise JHJ’s nose carefully, by freezing close-ups, which I have, you’ll notice that it’s perfectly shaped with a clear bridge. This means he’s unlikely to have sinus problems, hence he won’t suffer from runny nose allergies. So diane actually means blow NOSE job. She inadvertently left out the word “nose”.

        • Jomo

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      • 44.1.2 mary

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        • Jomo

          Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t…

          Whatever the truth is, that is the best Freudian slip I have ever read on this site. It may be the only Freudian slip I have ever read on this site.

          • anon

            The only Freudian slip in this site? hmm in that case
            who else is gonna bet that diana34 would chance her handle?? :)

      • 44.1.3 Jomo

        I have thought about it some more.

        diana34 is talking about his HAIR.

        Even though there is a natural wave to it, it certainly isn’t CRAZY curly, like every-heroine-at-the-beginning-of-a-drama curly. His hair stylist doesn’t need to do a job to blow it out.

        And who can argue that Kang-ah is not perfect in every way?

      • 44.1.4 pohonphee

        Sorry diana34. But these guys are so funny, LOLOL

      • 44.1.5 mellissa

        OMG, this comment just “blew” me away

      • 44.1.6 Jane

        lol, why do I feel that JHJ might actually disagree with you? LOL

        • Jomo jomo jomo

          YOU WIN best comment!

      • 44.1.7 elsie

        I meant before Kim Hyun Joong got a nose job, he looked like Jo Hyun Jae.

        Jo Hyun Jae does not need a nose job. I am not sure about the blow job. He probably wants one or is it a need with guys? I don’t know. ewww I’m done talking.

        • Jomo

          Too funny!

          Everyone here is such good sports! It makes my day every day!

      • 44.1.8 Elllen

        I agree! He’s that good looking since I saw him in Love letter (drama), Only you, Ballad of Seodong (sodongyo). And now in 49…he’s more good looking as he matures!

      • 44.1.9 Leina

        LOLOLOL, I’m pretty sure even a guy as perfect as JHJ wouldn’t mind ehrm… that kind of job heeeeeeheeeeee :) Too funny for words!

        • Elllen

          Tee hee…I was trying to ignore those 2 words…I think it was a misprint or SLURP OF THE TONGUE LOL

          xyz…gently nibble so you dont choke!

          so good looking JHJ…good job as Kang…ahshi!

          • Elllen

            Ooooops! *blush blush* I mean Kang…aaah!

            I won’t make excuse for diana…she was thinking about Kang’s blues over Jihyun/Yikyung.
            I will be distracted now whenever I see Kang!

      • 44.1.10 xyz

        diana! i nearly choked on my sausage upon reading your comment!

      • 44.1.11 Elllen

        Huh! I nearly fell of my chair choking on chocs I was nibbling! What a slurp of the tongue! Good one! Good job! But certainly not a nose job!?

  45. 45 Joy

    This episode was brilliant. The level of complexity and quality of this drama blows me away. Easily one of the best Korean dramas I saw this year!

  46. 46 Almontel

    finally, i’ve been waiting for your recap…
    love this episode too…

    i thought the tear came from Kang and i thought she had to be there too to get the tear…

    reading off on some comments, could it be that the tear was hers??? hmmmm….

    so, it looks like the Scheduler was married to YK after all?
    and i thought they were siblings…

    i dont know why, but i seem to like The scheduler and JH, they seem closer in age…whereas Kang seems to be closer in age with YK….

    can’t wait for next week!!!

  47. 47 SR

    I want to think that Kang’s tear will be the last one she gathers (for dramatic effect and all) and it’s probably Ji-young’s or a different friend’s tear (seo-woo?)

    we’ll probably find out next episode….ah!!! can’t wait!!

  48. 48 Isabella

    Hmmm… Im actually kind of thorn of whether to believe that the tear came from Kang, Seo Woo or from someone else.

    My problem with this:

    1)Kang MIGHT be the first tear, but if in fact he realized that something was wrong when he found her seal at his restaurant, wouldnt that reinforce his theory of her being in Yi Kyung’s body? Making him not shed a tear of sadness for her but try to find a way to help her or confirm his theory.

    2) Seo Woo might be the first tear, just because we have In Jung tell her that she didnt always like JH, this might make her remember JH and cry for her. Im actually leaning more towards believing that the tear came from her.

    3) Someone else/herself: this theory only takes about 15% of the chances… why? how many times has she sincerely cried? we cant say that this is the first time that she has done this. Even if she declares for someone to save her in this scene, she was genuinely crying for herself in the past… in YK’s body too so that wouldnt make sense.

    4) Im wondering as to why they had the scheduler be present when she was writing the goodbye letter and giving up her 49 days to save her father. In this drama, every scene with the main characters is significant, and im sure that having him there wasnt to grace us with more Hottie on the screen but for some purpose. EX: he sees her like this and ends up breaking even more rules for her, not caring about his day count (we already know he has a rather big soft spot for her). Who knows if this tear on her necklace has some scheduler meddling… or maybe im just being too freakin’ crazy right now. All I know is that from now on, his soft spot for her, will become even bigger.

    AAAAND finally, im so very glad that they didnt drag the arc of Kang meeting Yi Kyung for more episodes; it makes me happy that it happened now because that will make Yi Kyung bigger as a character, she will play a bigger part now, in everyone else’s life ( shameless hint: Han Kang). Im glad they did it now because after her relationship with the scheduler is revealed, what is there to know about her??. Her relationship with Han Kang, is something im definitely looking forward to, I hope we get more of them next week.

    We can all conclude that im 49 days obsessed…

    • 48.1 Jane

      Han Kang and Yi Kyung will not fall in love.

      • 48.1.1 anon

        we’d never know that for sure..who thought that sam-dong-ahh gets the girl :)

        • S

          I already knew that at the end of episode 2.^_____^

        • Jane

          This will be like Sam Dong ending up with Pil Suk. It’s just not happening,

          • Alexio


        • pohonphee

          I quite sure Yi Kyung will end up with the scheduler because they have the same hair, ramen hair (you know one of k drama rules, a couple wear the same color cloth but this time not the cloth but the hair). 😀

          • Jane

            lol. Yi Kyung isn’t ending up with the scheduler, either. They will say goodbye to their lost love.

        • pohonphee

          I’m quite sure Yi Kyung will end up with the scheduler because they have the same hair, ramen hair (you know one of k drama rules, a couple wear the same color cloth but this time not the cloth but the hair). 😀

      • 48.1.2 Christine


        wae geureoke saenggakaeyo?

        There’s a big chance that they would end up with each other. I am a pro Han Kang = Yi Kyung ending. :))

    • 48.2 Malo

      lol i might agree with point number 3, her own. Yeah sure she did cry for her self multiple times, but i think that if she cried then it was because she was genuinely crying for her self, with out anymore thought in her. Cause other times she was crying not for her self but for what has happened to her and she had not fully accepted her situation, so her tears were filled with hope of getting better, unfairness about the whole situation etc.

      Also i have this feeling that she all 3 tears might come from her, when she is genuanly crying for her self with out any other feelings involved. This would be a great twist in the story.

  49. 49 Elllen

    I gasped with glee when Yi soo was kissing Yikyung because 1) Its JIW kissing LYW! 2) I’m happy to know that Yi Soo & Yi kyung were in love…that my suspicion since Yi kyung visited the accident site…that the scheduler “died” there 3) when the scheduler gets back as Yi soo, Yi kyung will be happy again.

    But I have so many questions that is really tickling me? Would the scheduler come back as Yi soo? Would he remember? Would Kang pursue the real Yikyung?
    I did mention before the possibility of Yikyung/jihyun tear acceptable as one of the genuine 3tears.

    That Yisoo died while they were so in love is a tragedy leaving Yikyung in despair. The Dr checking on Yi kyung said sorry to her that while she was sad he was happy being just married at that time. Did his wife die so he moved to another suburb & happens to be Yikyung’s neighborhood?

  50. 50 xyz

    I agree that the tear is from Ji-hyun herself because she, at that moment, wanted to live, was loving herself unlike the other times and were in tears about it!

    Kang’s tear will come at a time when we’ll see it! =)

    • 50.1 Cherry

      Could it really be a tear from Ji Hyun herself.

      I rather think that Kang is the 1st tear and the 2nd should be SeoWoo, but the 3rd.. Maybe Kang Min Ho’s?
      I know it’s weird but we can clearly see that he’s in love with Ji Hyun in Yi Kyung’s body and something should happen to make him cry for her ^^

      Anyway, we’ll know sonner or later ^^

  51. 51 leila8mae

    my thoughts exactly, GF!! lol.. I also assumed that Ji Hyun needs to be present to collect tears.. if this is the case.. those who love her can sincerely cry just by thinking of her..

    So I guess the memories of Ji Hyun with Kang needs to be more profound to drive him to cry for her, hence Kang’s emotions are being shown more now moving towards that.. but what could possibly trigger him?? maybe something to do with the rift that JB mentioned in EP9.. I’m curious and anxious about Kang’s turn.. because IMO, the first tear didn’t come from him..

  52. 52 siesta

    Isn’t there anyone who thinks Min-Ho doesn’t want his plan to financillay break-up President Shin’s company at that time not because of the wull but because of President Shin’s tunor? Min-Ho’s argument about the company to the partner was not 100% about the value of the company. It’s bad not to be mentioned in this review. I think Min-Ho’s changing emotion plays a part in the rear collection mission. It’s also mentioned and suggested by the Scheduler’s dialoge. “Human beings’ hearts change…that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding.”

  53. 53 siesta


    wull -> will
    rear -> tear

  54. 54 Jomo

    I forgot to say, they could raise money by auctioning off that picnic date with the Scheduler, blankets, food and all.
    I’ll start the bidding at $14.00…cause I’m so not rich…

  55. 55 jennie

    im pissed that the scheduler and yi kyung were lovers….
    i really wished they were bro and sis. this sucks!!!
    i want jihyun and him together. this SUCKS!!!

  56. 56 lovedramas

    OMG – I love this episode!!! It has been awhile since I’ve had a show that I was looking forward to turn out even better than I originally thought.

    I really like Yi-kyung & Yi-Soo… I want to know more about them. I also want to know more about Yi-Kyung and not Ji-Hyun as Yi-Kyung. LYW – I love her in this!

    JHJ – I really liked him since Only You even though that was such a crappy series. He’s doing quite well here. :)

  57. 57 coconana

    LOL. I am so happy! I had just gotten around to accepting that Yi-kyung and Scheduler were actually brother and sister (and not lurvers as I had initially suspected and fervently hoped). I was gutted and shattered, but this drama is just TOO GOOD and my faith in it SO STRONG that I willed myself to move past my disappointment.

    Then in one episode, the “…totally not brother and sister” ship has hoisted its glorious sails and navigated its way back into my very grateful heart.

    <3 <3 <3

    • 57.1 malta

      I’m glad they aren’t brother and sister too. I never thought they were and then one day in the recaps everyone was speculating that they were…I was confused and thought I missed something. I figured I would just stay confused till everything was revealed. haha :)

  58. 58 love

    I love Yi soo & Yi kyung

    • 58.1 malta

      <3 !!! Agree.

  59. 59 YY

    The tear came from Yi Kyung. I know cos Kang-ah told me last night.

    I was lying with Kang-ah on a picnic basket in the middle of a meadow. Bit uncomfortable and unbalanced, but who cared as long as Kang-ah was beside me? He leaned over close and whispered in my right ear: “That’s not my tear cos I’m here with you right now on top of a picnic basket in the middle of a meadow.” He tore open a cup of instant ramien and we took turns slurping in the ramien like Lady and the Tramp. Then POOF! I woke up. Was that a beautiful dream or not!

    • 59.1 Christine

      LOL! Imaginative and good!!

    • 59.2 Jomo

      Take out “of a picnic basket” and I’m listening more closely…

      • 59.2.1 coconana

        A bunch of perverts in this thread, y’all!

        It’s awesome.

  60. 60 jadetaia

    I like the theory that the first tear comes from herself. It fits, and it’s a nice “moral of the story.” Rather than have the other two tears from her friend and Kang, I want one of those remaining tears to come either from Min Ho or In Jung, because those tears would mean a lot more, and we’d get to see a deeper level of drama from it. If we assume that Kang and Seo Woo already are on Team Ji Hyun, then their tears would pretty much be taken for granted (at least for us viewers). Plus, I’m a sucker for stories where the “bad guy” aren’t so bad after all …

    • 60.1 gg

      good point, i suspect Minho might just decide to take everything for himself and abandon in jung one day, making her see his true colours and to repent on all that she had done to jihyun and to shed a tear for her…

  61. 61 sarang

    OMG The Scheduler aka Yi Soo and Yi Kyung better somehow end up together in the end. I don’t care what the script writers have to pull let them have a happy ending together please! That kiss was way too cute gave me butterflies. Loving every bit of this drama, those who aren’t watching it are missing out!

    • 61.1 Shin

      Really like this … “OMG The Scheduler aka Yi Soo and Yi Kyung better somehow end up together in the end.”

      I hope this too…

  62. 62 Elllen

    The scheduler is suppose to come back to life soon. Is he in a coma somewhere? If he died then how is he suppose to come back as Yi soo to Yi kyung. Reincarnate? Possess Kang? Too far out…
    Whatever, may those who deserve to be happy, be happy at the end of this drama, making us viewers happy too.

    • 62.1 Bee

      In Korean drama, it’s not unusual for characters to die for good. Just saying. :)

      • 62.1.1 Elllen

        I’m basing my query on this 49 days…

        Whether Jihyun or Yisoo die for good…I leave that to the writer. But this certainly not the typical kdrama…watching what we can only imagine & fantasize…given the chance to come back to life.

        Maybe the writer will choose to give life to Jihyun like those near death experience or waking up from a coma stories we hear about. Yisoo too…this is a fantasy/fiction to entertain us after all. Just sayin…( ;

  63. 63 alex

    one think that bothers me is – does Scheduler help and break the rules for her or because he has some sort of soft side for Yi Kyung that he doesn’t fully understand himself (yet). So if it was a different body he wouldn’t be that cute to Ji hyun…?

    • 63.1 S

      I don’t know you agree with me or not. Some people think that reaper boy helps JH because he likes her but actually what they have is new BFF relationship. I think what he sees in JH is himself 5 years ago when he might have had that 3 tears and 49 days chance. Even though he blew up that chance, he couldn’t let go so that why he asked for another 5 years chance. This is the reason why he keeps helping JH.
      You know YK and Kang pairing and reaper boy and JH pairing are lost cause when in fact it is Kang and JH and reaper boy and YK.

      • 63.1.1 tari

        yep, agreed on the BFF thing between Ji-hyun and Hot reaper boy. I wanna see how he would react towards Ji-Hyun in Yi-Kyung body. It’s like I miss my girlfriend and dying to touch her but wait you’re not her..gaahh..

    • 63.2 Isabella

      Well actually he breaks the rules for Ji Hyun herself… remember? Most of the times he has broken a rule for her it was because she asked while she was in her spirit form.

      Taking her shopping, finding a way to get another job for Yi Kyung and even knocking the picture over was all in her spirit form, which hints that it has nothing to do with the body itself. Not that he feels comfortable around the real Yi Kyung, he said that he doesnt like when she calls him with her around, another thing indicating that he does things for her and not because of his awkwardness around Yi Kyung.

      He is like that to her because she is soo… how do i put this nicely… dumb?? Haha, God knows I love her character because her dumbness supplies comedic relief but she definitely has a double digit IQ. I guess he cant help but feel for her because she trusts him so easily and im going to go on a limb here and say that he hasnt ever had anyone treat him as a close person let alone trust him like that. I guess its because she provides the feeling that he isnt THAT alone, at least he has got this annoying bug to look out for.

      I was a die hard JH/Scheduler shipper but I’ve come to terms with the fact that they wont develop a romance between this 2 (it would be awesome but i think wont happen). They just have a older brother/little sister relationship… which is funny because in this case, JH is the noona but the way they act is completely opposite. He is the nagging older brother that knows it all and she is the naive little sister that constantly needs him to get out of trouble.

      • 63.2.1 alex

        that’s kind of the feeling I got – that she seems so helpless that it is hard not to bend the rules for her. but then he often repeats that he doesn’t really understand why he’s doing it (helping her), like he’s surprised with himself. maybe – likely it’s just random remark, but sometimes I have a feeling that maybe not just random and that he is soft on her because of YK or some memory of her. I haven’t thought of the fact that he could have been collecting tears himself five years back that would fit perfectly. I wonder who messed with his schedule and caused his untimely death then. so unfair! :( I hope he gets some good out of his scheduler duty in the end, I doubt he’d get the life back, but maybe he’d have a chance to get YK’s life back in some way… dah rambling.
        one last thiing..this is so frustrating – I really want Kang to realize the truth – that would be so exciting, but then her necklace will break and game over :(

    • 63.3 abc

      S breaks rules for spirit JH and not body YK

  64. 64 John

    Yi Soo and Yi Kyung…I so should not have seen that.. OY/Awww…

  65. 65 mee

    yay for recaps!! loving the connections of all characters!!

  66. 66 dany

    thanks for the recap, i love this movie so much!

  67. 67 Isabella

    Aaaand now, I will go cry a river because my fantasy of JH and Scheduler having ghost babies is never going to happen…

    Darn it!! I was hoping that the drama would remain true to the couples in the conference/promo pics and have the pairing as it seemed… Oh well, I have gotten used to dramaland treating me this way :(.

    Why did you lead me on show?? Whyyyyy??? there was no need for those scenes with scheduler stealing glances at her while she was trying on clothes (he totally was) or her walking in on him playing piano. Dont stick the cliche scenes if you wont go through!! I’ll go be depressed now.

    • 67.1 alex


    • 67.2 mellissa

      hugs too for isabella. but don’t give up, writer nim might still surprise us.

    • 67.3 Dayan

      Uh, the mention of GHOST BABIES should make me totally creeped out.. but I just had to LOL. Ghost babies of the Hot Reaper Boy = So. Cute. (in a twisted way hahaha)

      (Uhm, hug for you too)

    • 67.4 tari

      omo! you’ve made me think of casper with perm..aissh’

      • 67.4.1 Christine

        I’m imagining it already. Super cute!

    • 67.5 Patricia

      “Why did you lead me on show?? Whyyyyy???”
      *like* Ahhhhh yes why did you also lead me on….show :( :( T____T ;____:!!!! but I’m still hoping 😀

  68. 68 blue1004

    “She grabs her tear necklace (which will break if anyone catches wind of her true identity).”

    The reaper boy tells JH that the tear necklace will break if she tells anyone of her true identity, or if she assumes her true JH identity with others. He never said it would break if others catch on to her true identity.

    This is important because I’m guessing that HK will catch her true identity someday, but as long as JH didn’t tell him, and he guessed on his own, she’s clear~~

    • 68.1 sarang

      Exactly what I was thinking. There are a lot of loopholes LOL.

    • 68.2 anon

      good point blue. maybe she just overreacting being as a dim-witted as she is..

    • 68.3 Jomo

      Yes, she cannot tell him by words or actions that she is JH.

      If he asks her point blank, she has to deny it.

      If he keeps insisting that she is JH, she has to keep denying it.

      Kang-ah has to be able to believe that YK is JH without confirmation from her. But, she also can’t answer any more questions about how or why.

      “I know you will not admit this to me, but I know what I know, and you ARE JH.”

  69. 69 soojin08

    Dayum, I’d be so freakin elated if it was Scheduler’s Tears.

    But then oh well…

    I’m betting it was JiHyun’s tears.



  70. 70 Afifah

    I knew it! Yay, but I want Yi Soo and Yi Kyung to be together, Couldn’t Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun switching their position? I am more interested in Yi Kyung-Yi Soo romance than Han Kang-Ji Hyun romance right now

    • 70.1 utila

      yess, me too

      i’m so curious to Yi Kyung-Yi Soo love story than Kang-Ji Hyun.

  71. 71 ivy

    The thing is… Up till now Jihyun can’t imagine who would shed genuine tears for her besides her parents.

    But from the viewers’ point of view, it’s clear that Seo Woo and Kang really loved Jihyun.

    But what about the third tear she has to collect? No one else has shown that much affection for her… I wonder, wonder if she would traverse 49 days just shy of one tear to return to her body, or would they introduce someone we’ve yet to see?

    • 71.1 alex

      I know it sounds crazy but I think the evil fiance will genuinely fall in love with her and shed a tear at some very stressful very last minute moment.

      • 71.1.1 malta

        Totally possible and interesting to have that kind of transformation. This story is so good. There are just so many satisfying ways for all this to work out that I’m convinced of everyone’s ideas even when they conflict! I have a list of 6 people who could cry for Ji-hyun while making a great story!

  72. 72 pheonix

    dramabeans is so wonderful. Understand enough as a recap while waiting download job finish!!! thanks

  73. 73 mei

    omo omo omo…the kiss ‘fainted’!!! and the angle look so cool hahaha, I wish in next ep there will be more a story about reaper and song….

  74. 74 Kro

    OMG!! Things are getting more intense!! I believe the tear that appears is not JH’s but probably Seo Woo who is somewhere out there crying as she reminisce memories of JH.. It can’t be Kang’s coz he just found JH seal so probably he’s trying to figure out why the seal is at his shop. Can’t wait for next week episode!! Dramabeans rock!!!! :)

  75. 75 kyun


    First, i would like to thank javabeans and girlfriday for these wonderful recaps

    At the beginning of this week i had just finished watching the painterof the wind, and since 49 days recaps has always been recapped accurately (as seen ‘it was like watching the drama itself”) I never really gotten to actually watch them….. until yesterday.
    and i cant help but see min-ho as Chona in POTW :@ especially since it was a RAW Ep and i couldnt understand whatever evil he is spouting out of his mouth, all i saw was a flustered (may i say cute) modern-version Chona ><

    Of course the escalating aegyo displayed by the scheduler, and this episode's development had also play a part in prompting me to actually stream Episode 10; unsubbed.

    -now impatiently waiting for next weekend-

  76. 76 Leina

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Thank you so much GF for this, and for all those who posted insightful and thought-provoking comments. You have all made my day!

    I have been fervently wishing that YK and Reaper Boy are not siblings, and I am beyond ecstatic that my wish has been granted. That picnic scene was EPIC, and however brief, I think it captured very clearly the deep love those two have for each other. I am now praying that the Scheduler can somehow be back in human form permanently after his 5yrs+1moreweek, and while Secret Garden left me muttering ‘HUH’? when the body swap was revealed to be, well, pointless, I am willing to suspend all disbelief for this one and accept whatever outlandish or incredible spin the writer may have to make just to make this work.

    P.S. I know almost everyone here is in love with Han Kang, so I hope it’s okay that I am in love with Jung Il Woo <3 <3 <3

    • 76.1 Dayan

      I’m there with ya. Hot Reaper Boy is too much for the cute!

      • 76.1.1 Leina

        Dayan, haha, seeing JIW smile has made me extra generous today — let’s agree to share him? Hahahaha.

  77. 77 Eleina

    The tears should come from a living person, right?
    Coz if I’m just going to base everything from what I saw…
    The only uhm.. Person, who’s apparently DEAD, who cried was the scheduler. Bt it doesn’t seem like it was meant for her….at all.

    Another cool theory and acceptable assumption is that the tear came from JH, herself. That’s a good one.. and really makes sense. Also! It’s acceptable since it didn’t break any of the rules. It was never told that she can’t get a genuine tear from herself. So, I go for that theory!!! Hehe…
    Oh, how cn I make it sound more reasonable…?
    Hmm…. You know the types of tears that Mr-Hottie-Emo-Scheduler taught us (viewers) about.
    Yes, JH cried numerous of times even from the beginning.
    But idk… This was the most genuine cry for me.
    I second that notion, “she learned to love living”. Also the time when I remember JH crying when she was talking about how amazing it is to live was when she was out of YS’s body. So I’m not sure if that counts.

    I’m trying to recall things… Bt really… This time, it’s like she really embraced her life, or rather, the chance that was given to her to live. Other times she cried wasn’t really about herself… Either about her parents or about a friend or her noona for committing suicide or stressed with other things. Non of those were about her life.. So idk. I could be wrong, bt… It didn’t say that
    her tears aren’t accepted.

    I am guessing that HK would be the last person to cry for JH… Making it more “special” and having much “life-saving effect” for us (viewers) and JH. (lol!)
    bt that’s just my opinion… There’s a lot other ways out there to make this drama the best one!

    I’m soooo glad the seal was found! Ahaha…
    That’ll make things good for JH. AND will help HK solve his mystery puzzle. (aw, poor thing… Don’t go crazy with what’s happening around u, cutey.)

    I felt deep sadness for Mrhottieemoscheduler. :(
    well, actually, for both of them.
    I was trying to compare the pain that both were experiencing, and I thought to myself. “That’s so messed up… Either way… There’s pain. Wether you don’t remember your past or trying to supress the memories. Either way, you get hurt. Sucks…”

  78. 78 Noypi

    I agree with the theory of others that it was Ji Hyun’s tears that was the 1st SINCERE tear… She showed that she sincerely loves herself through Yi Kyung..

    this reminds me of this one hollywood movie titled PENELOPE.. the twist in the story was that the answer she was looking for was right infront of her, HERSELF.. seeing 49 days kinds reminded me of that.. I kinda knew it had to be JH herself too, as one of the answers.. :))

    • 78.1 asianromance

      I LOVE THAT MOVIIE! And you are so right!

    • 78.2 ilikehim

      James McAvoy <3

  79. 79 mcha89

    does anyone know the name of the song&artist that was played during yi kyung’s “flashback” with the scheduler? Please let me know! THankssss!

  80. 80 dramalover

    i was watching this for jung il woo but ended up falling for jo hyun jae instead… omg! the kiss was so sweet!!! i totally knew yi kyung and scheduler were lovers
    as for minho…doubt he would be one of the tears…he seems a static character
    most likely it’s jihyun’s cuz she was looking up and saying she wanted to live…and since its in yi kyung’s body it would count i guess
    kang’s tears scene has to be more dramatic

    kinda see yi kyung and kang <3 coming up…
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    I figure, they may have to custom make it since it is such an impt prop in the show. but they probably hv to make a few to include the tears that are coming.


    • 82.1 Christine

      I’m sure replicas of that necklace are now all over Namdaemun & Dongdaemun.

      • 82.1.1 one

        Necklace should come in 4 forms: no tears, 1, 2, and 3 tears :-)

  83. 83 Ros

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    So many possibilities!!! I really love this show.
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  87. 87 maria


  88. 88 Elllen

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    like magic when she was looking up at dear heaven begging for her life (to live on). Its Jihyun/Yikyung genuine tears for Jihyun.
    The scheduler is very sad telling Jihyun that people’s heart change. We saw him happy in love with Yikyung. Did something happen to their relationship that led to his accident? I’m hoping to see more about Yisoon & Yi kyung background.
    Kang will find out more about Yikyung/Jihyung as he gets more curious & puzzled. Can’t wait…

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    I am a little confused right now….:), need a little more time to come on a solution :)))

    • 90.1 Elllen

      Jihyun is a spirit in Yikyung’s body. I think that includes liquid, fluid like blood, tears etc. belongs to Yikyung. Im guessing that the tear (liquid) is Yikyung’s with the genuine crying of sadness of Jihyung. And no family relationship by herself &/with Yikyung. *Scratch head* wait for the writer to reveal…what a suspence!

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    • 91.1 Jane

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    • 91.2 Jomo

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      I think it is more fun to guess than to know.

      But then, I hate hate hate hate spoilers.

      • 91.2.1 Jane

        lol, is it really speculation? Like a person watching Coffee Prince already knows that YEH’s character will not end up with The Voice. It’s the same thing here.

        • Jomo

          Actually, I am very good at suspending my rational thinking when watching these emotional scenes.

          When the OTP breaks up in a show, I feel their pain with them. I cry. It is ridiculous, and my kids laugh at me, but for just long enough, I really believe they will NEVER be TOGETHER again.

          Especially if the obstacles are credible.

          In Coffee Prince, did I KNOW? Probably, but I felt as desparate as YEH did before everything resolved.

          Also, I think my own experiences color what I expect. If the girl’s not getting the guy, I’m remembering my own lost loves and the agony of my oft broke heart!

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  93. 93 zinnias8

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    49 DAYS Synopsis
    The story is about a woman who falls into a coma after a car accident. To revive, the Death Scheduler gives her 49 days to convince three people (apart from her parents) to shed genuine/sincere tears for her. To fulfill her mission, she enters the body of another woman.

    In “49 Days,” Shin Ji-Hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri) falls into a coma after a car accident. Making matters all the more tragic, her wedding was right around the corner.

    Meanwhile, Song Yi-Kyung’s (Lee Yo-Won) soul becomes possessed by Shin Ji-Hyun’s spirit. Song Lee-Kyung then comes across Han-Kang (Jo Hyeon-Jae), who was Shin Ji-Hyun’s first love.

    If the three people who truly love Shin Ji-Hyun cries for her within 49 days then she will survive.

  95. 95 PiChan

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    The writers of this drama are great! Love the cliff hanger about the first tear. I think it’s from Ji Hyun. I think she is now desperate because of her father’s medical condition, and she has finally come to the realization that she did not live well after all. She was so confident in the beginning that she had many friends who loved her, but little by little they haven’t cared enough to visit her or to cry for her sincerely.She wants to live so badly that Ji Hyun cries in Yi Kyung’s body.(Out came my box of Kleenex)

    Getting tired of In Sung. Kick her to the curb, Min Ho. Now that you have the company, we have 6 more episodes on how you will get your world turned upside down. Can’t wait.

  98. 98 49daysleft

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  99. 99 one

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    • 99.1 Jomo

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      They must have decided that she writes like YK rather than JH.

      • 99.1.1 Jane

        It was just a one-off so I think it’s plausible her father wouldn’t recognize it especially as his daughter is in a coma but for Han Kang, he might recognize it later on as he becomes move convinced of her true identity.

  100. 100 nysha

    what if, its her tear? she had to love herself? nvm i think too much LOL.

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