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49 Days: Episode 12
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This episode RULES! Here are a few reasons why: Sweet Kang, Angry Kang, Hero Kang, Smart Kang, Jealous Kang, Fisticuffs Kang, Bratty Kang, Petty Kang, Cutie Pie Kang, Bad Excuses Kang, Playboy Kang… Did I leave any out? Oh yeah… Kang in a Suit. Need I say more?


Ji-hyun starts feeling woozy, and then her soul pops right out of Yi-kyung’s body. In the middle of the park, in the middle of the day. Oh, crap.

Min-ho asks if Yi-kyung’s okay, but all he gets back is a “Who are you?” But before things can get too complicated, (and damn, too bad) In-jung arrives to discover Min-ho here “with that woman.” He drags her away to talk, leaving Yi-kyung confused and alone.

Ji-hyun calls the Scheduler in a panic, but Kang has been keeping an eye from afar, and swoops in to save the day. Gawd, I love Kang as the big bleeding heart hero. I mean, don’t get me wrong—I ALSO love petulant, petty Kang. But this Kang is so sweet.

The Scheduler drags Ji-hyun away, calling her a troublemaker (hey, takes one to know one, buddy) and Kang reassures Yi-kyung that everything is okay. She recognizes him, which does calm her down, but as she looks at her surroundings, she has a momentary flashback…

Oh noes. More tugging of the heartstrings. Damnit, Show.

Yi-kyung and Yi-soo walk hand-in-hand in their high school uniforms, looking like the cutest couple there ever was. She says, “Oh no, what am I going to do? This place is so pretty.”

Yi-soo: “What am I going to do?” And she finishes his thought: “…because I’M so pretty?” Haha. I’d barf if you weren’t so cute. They walk along and then disappear, like a momentary hallucination.

In-jung demands to know what Min-ho is doing here with Yi-kyung, and asks if he came here with her. He doesn’t directly answer her, but ends up running off to check on Yi-kyung because he’s worried about her, leaving In-jung stewing and totally rejected. I sense some deep-seated issues about to surface with this one.

Meanwhile, the Scheduler gives Ji-hyun a talking-to, and she worries what’ll happen if she can’t get back into her host body before midnight (the official penalty is one day per minute that she’s late). But there’s at least one loophole for today: this wasn’t her fault, getting ejected in the middle of the day, so she won’t be getting that penalty.

But that makes Reaper Boy wonder what made Yi-kyung wake up. He guesses that there’s something about this place, and that bringing her here has triggered something significant for her. Dude, you have no idea.

He consults his reaper smartphone, which tells him that in the case of the host waking up in the middle of the day, he can make her believe that the entire day was a dream. The cost: another of the 49 days shaved off. Ji-hyun pouts that she’s already used a day, but they’re pretty much out of options at this point.

They run to catch up to Yi-kyung, who is walking along down the path where she and Yi-soo had once walked. She instinctively just follows a young high school couple, as if in a trance, and Kang follows silently behind her.

Ji-hyun and the Scheduler catch up, and then as all four of them walk along, Yi-kyung sees two kids at a table with tarot cards and stops. That triggers Kang’s memory, and then he flashes back…

After their magic club had picked partners, he and Ji-hyun were assigned to raise money for a charity by setting up a tarot card booth in that park. Ji-hyun works tirelessly trying to get people to stop, while he just sulks off to the side, all the while stealing glances at her.

After singing to get people’s attention (which of course embarrasses Kang to no end), one couple, a pair of kids from another school, finally stops at the table…

O.M.G. It’s Yi-kyung and Yi-soo! Dude, I assumed they were tacitly connected because they lived in the same so-called “reaper district” as adults, but it didn’t even occur to me that it might go back as far as high school.

And there they are, our main foursome, all dressed in high school uniforms, all alive, and staring right at each other. My mind, she is blown.

Ji-hyun coaxes them to pay 5 bucks and pick a card, and Yi-soo hesitates saying that it’s a hoax. Ji-hyun swears it’s not, and Yi-kyung wants to play for fun, so he agrees. As he pays, Ji-hyun notes a few things: he’s got worn sleeves, and she carefully reads Yi-kyung’s nametag, and sees that they’ve come up from another town.

He then picks a card—it’s the Lovers card, featuring two naked people, making both of them blush. But Ji-hyun’s reaction reveals that this is not the fortune she wanted to deliver to the young couple.

They note the look on her face and ask if this is a bad card. So she lies, telling them that they’re meant to be, and that they’ll get married and have a long, happy life together. She then does a trick and reveals a pink rose, and hands it to Yi-kyung with a smile.

She tells her that it’s her favorite flower, and we see that this is the moment when Kang discovered this about Ji-hyun, and why he still brings her pink roses to this day. It’s ALSO the same rose that Yi-kyung still has in her apartment—the one that Dr. Noh returned to her. It has to be.

In the present, all four of them stand there in front of the table, and the Scheduler watches them quizzically, trying to figure out why they’re all so lost in thought. It’s a nice moment, as each of the two who are still alive—Kang and Yi-kyung—are flanked by the people they loved, hovering by them as spirits.

Back in the past, Yi-kyung and Yi-soo sit by the water talk about their dream to build a pension. Yi-soo takes the flower and tells her that he’ll build it for her, and call it June Love, because he’ll build it for her by next June.

He then gets down on one knee and gives her the rose, telling her that he loves her. Oh, my god, I can’t take it! It’s so sad!

He kisses her on the forehead, and then in the present, Yi-kyung’s tears start to fall as she remembers it all. The Scheduler looks at her, a little shaken, and then in an instant, she collapses.

Without even thinking about it, the Scheduler materializes in order to catch her as she falls. Yi-kyung looks up, actually seeing Yi-soo’s face in a haze, before passing out. Omigod, omigod, omigod.

Yi-soo holds her like that, moved by her tears, and he wipes them with his hand. It shakes him, though he can’t remember or know why.

Kang doesn’t even notice, as he and Ji-hyun keep staring at the kids, lost in memory. Back in the past, Kang scolds her for lying to the young couple. He may have half-assed most things, but he knows enough that she read their card upside-down, meaning that the “true” fortune would have been: lovers who are destined to part forever.

She just says in her Ji-hyunesque way that they looked so happy together, and that she didn’t want to give them bad news. So, what’s wrong with a little white lie? He argues in his stubborn way that it’s still lying, and that she doesn’t get to decide whether or not they ought to hear the truth.

She grumbles that he’s one to talk, being the brat who rejected his mother’s birthday soup, and that riles him up. He starts to pack it up, and she grabs his arm to stop him, and in anger he shakes her off, only she’s a stick, so she goes flying into the bucket of roses.

That’s when her bracelet comes off (the one he still keeps) and she cry-yells at him to go away. This is the big fallout? Everything else about this flashback is awesome, but this part is lame-o. Oh well. Maybe there’s a part 2?

And…there is. Oh, thank god. Kang rushes back to the scene but doesn’t find Ji-hyun there. He does pick up the bracelet, though, and shows up to school the next day bearing a giant bouquet of pink roses. Aaaaaargh. Kang ah! So. Cute.

But timing’s not on his side, as he walks in to hear Seo-woo announce to the class that Ji-hyun is off to Seoul, and that they’ll never see her again. He rushes out to try and find her, only to be met by his mother, and then his father. His bags are already packed, as Mom has decided to give in and send him to the States to live with Dad.

Aw, poor puppy. So it wasn’t like a giant fallout or anything, but basically an unfulfilled chance at first love. Kang’s also stunted emotionally, so we can see why he clung to this memory for so long.

Note: In each of their flashbacks, I think present-day characters are only remembering the other couple vaguely. As in, Ji-hyun hasn’t put together that Yi-kyung is that girl in the past, and that the Scheduler was her boyfriend. At least not YET.

Reaper Boy yells at Ji-hyun to pop back in while Yi-kyung has fainted, and Kang literally sees the change right before his eyes. He knows that it’s Ji-hyun again, and pretends not to notice the crazy, just offering up the excuse that she’s fainting because she’s hungry.

Meanwhile, Min-ho runs back to the scene to look for Yi-kyung, shouting her name in the crowd. In-jung stands in place, still stung from the rejection, as a tear falls.

Over dinner, Kang stares at Ji-hyun intently, and we see that after he had dropped her off to meet Min-ho, he still followed her out of worry. He saw everything—that In-jung had arrived and gotten miffed, that Min-ho dragged her away, and that she had called him “oppa.”

He puts some food on her plate, and she notes his increasing weirdness—that he’s being nice, and not even getting angry about the fact that she came here with Min-ho. So when she gets a phone call from the bastard, he half-acting / half-truthfully grabs the phone out of her hand, yelling that people shouldn’t call when she’s eating.

He tells her not to meet Min-ho, and to go back up to Seoul with him instead. Ji-hyun, dim girl that she is, interprets the action as him basically confessing that he likes Yi-kyung. Heh. Well, you’re half-right.

By the time Min-ho gives up trying to find Yi-kyung and remembers that he ditched In-jung, she’s long gone. She’s gone to her parents’ house, and we see that she grew up very poor, which was probably the main source of her ire towards Princess Ji-hyun.

She can’t bring herself to go in though, and Min-ho catches up to her there. She gets a call from Seo-woo, or rather the restaurant owner where Seo-woo is drunk and passed out, from being stood up by Kang.

In-jung makes a snide remark to Min-ho that she’ll take Seo-woo and that he should go, since he has someone waiting for him in his hotel room. But he cancels the rest of his business trip and takes them back.

On their way out of Jinan, Ji-hyun perks up at seeing her dad’s favorite restaurant, and Kang notes her interest. He makes up an excuse to bring back some food for the others, and so they stop. Min-ho drives past on the same route and sees Yi-kyung happily carrying out food with Kang.

He’s dying of curiosity—what happened to her, why Kang is there in Jinan—but can’t let on, so he just keeps driving.

It’s time for Yi-kyung to arrive at work, and she makes it, but it’s clearly not Yi-kyung, unless she’s gotten a lobotomy between Jinan and Seoul. She sasses her boss and gets to work, starting with a caramel macchiato for herself. Her reflection in the mirror reveals that it’s Yi-soo, playing dress-up to help Yi-kyung keep her job. Aw. Your prickliness is SUCH an act.

He yells at a couple of kids who are about to ask for some help buying cigarettes, and then sighs when he sees Dr. Noh walk in. He presents himself in his own body this time, and sends him away brusquely, noting that all men are the same. Hm, I wonder if it was a mistake for you to reveal your face to the doc. I guess we’ll see.

Min-ho helps bring Seo-woo home, and then he and In-jung have it out. She notes that this is the first time he’s ever been in her place, and that she’s basically never been able to do any normal couple things with him, and yet here he is, taking a woman he’s known for a month to Jinan. Why?

Min-ho: “Because I’m drawn to her.” Dayum. He’s not mincing words. He tells her that he’s tried not to, and that he feels bad, but he can’t help it…that’s where his heart keeps going. He tells her that he’s not going to do anything about it, and so to wait for him.

In-jung’s jaw drops, even amidst her tears. She’s waited for five years…how much longer is she supposed to wait? They hear Seo-woo stumble to the bathroom to throw up, and he tries to get In-jung to quiet down, but she’s done keeping secrets on his behalf.

She shouts that she’s got nothing to lose and no one to be afraid of if the truth gets out, and so she’s done caring about that. Seo-woo’s practically passed out, but she does wake up just long enough to see Min-ho from the side, for an instant, as he leaves.

Kang walks Ji-hyun home, and insists on watching her go inside. She keeps eyeing him warily, like Nice-Kang does not compute. He just asks her in exasperation if she likes Min-ho enough to follow him all the way to Jinan, and she just replies that there must’ve been a reason for her to do so, but doesn’t offer up what that reason is.

As he watches her, Kang thinks to himself, “Idiot. Idiot, Idiot. You said you saw him in a hotel room with In-jung. And you still like him?” Oh, I totally forgot that he knows that—well, that Yi-kyung had come back from that hotel with her resume, reeling from the trauma of seeing her ex with her friend. Now he’s got all the puzzle pieces.

And with that knowledge, he greets Min-ho with a fist to the face. Aw, yeah! He says, “That was for Ji-hyun!” And then he hits him again. “That’s for Ji-hyun too!” He raises his fist a third time, “And this…”

But he finally calms down, seeing that Min-ho has no excuses and just takes all the hits. Inside, he gives him some ointment, and asks how long it’s been going on with In-jung. Min-ho lies that of course it was after Ji-hyun’s accident, but Kang tells him not to assume he’s an idiot.

He lays into Min-ho for carrying on with In-jung before the accident, and asks if he came to like Yi-kyung at the same time. He can’t believe the hyung he liked and respected so much turned out to be this kind of person.

Min-ho in turn asks why Kang liked him so much, and Kang says it’s because he knows that Min-ho grew up poor, but overcame everything with his own strength. Min-ho just tells him that guys like him think that growing up poor means that he couldn’t afford a car or nice restaurants, and scoffs without further explanation.

So, basically, Kang : Min-ho :: Ji-hyun : In-jung, yeah? Kang warns Min-ho not to bother about Yi-kyung anymore, and Min-ho leaves without answering him.

Kang broods for a while, and then decides to tell Manager Oh everything, because he needs help processing it all. They suss out that she had 49 days from the date of her accident, that she can’t tell anyone who she is, and he wonders about the monk’s words: that she has to get proof of people’s true hearts.

He also can’t figure out why she hid her official seal, and Manager Oh just tells him to help her, because he’s the only one who can.

Ji-hyun has slept all night in Yi-kyung’s body, both of them worn out from the day’s events. She wakes up the next day and remembers the food she brought back, and visits the hospital as Ji-hyun’s friend.

She gives them the soup and tells them that Ji-hyun said that even if she got married, her father would always be her lighthouse, and she asks him to live a long, long time.

Belatedly, In-jung wonders who sent her the text yesterday to meet Min-ho in the park. What, you didn’t wonder that when you got it? Anyway, she calls the number and Ji-hyun answers on the other end, clearly having anticipated the call.

They meet, and In-jung asks what she’s up to, not about to give an inch. But Ji-hyun shakes her, declaring that she said she’d keep her secret, not that she wouldn’t meet Min-ho. She tells her not to worry though—he won’t break it off with In-jung so easily since they’ve been “partners” for so long.

She muses that In-jung, being the president’s secretary and Ji-hyun’s old friend, probably got Min-ho his job in the first place. She thinks it shouldn’t be a big deal for them to share Min-ho, since hell, she handed him over to her best friend for two years. Ha. I like this vindictive streak in Ji-hyun.

Kang goes to see Seo-woo and asks about yesterday. He confirms a myriad of things: that she overheard In-jung and Min-ho say that they’ve been together for five years (which she shrugs off as having heard wrong), that In-jung has a boyfriend that she’s never met, and that Ji-hyun’s dad doesn’t have long to live.

Damn, it’s so refreshing to have people just find out everything at once. Kang works it out on his drive back, figuring out that Ji-hyun isn’t still interested in Min-ho; she’s got some sort of plan to reveal his true nature to her father before he signs everything over to him.

In-jung walks into Min-ho’s office and shows him her resignation, announcing that she’s on her way to submit it, and she adds that Yi-kyung sent her a text that day to meet him at the park.

That sends his wheels spinning, and he tasks his minion to dig up everything he can on Song Yi-kyung. He figures that there’s a reason why she’s playing him, and he won’t rest until he finds out.

At the same time, In-jung goes to the hospital intending to resign, but finds out that Ji-hyun’s “friend” is going around interviewing people but hasn’t called Seo-woo or herself, and at Mom’s mention of her coming by with soup from Jinan that she picked up yesterday, her suspicions are aroused.

Kang comes back and finds Ji-hyun lost in thought. He looks on and thinks to himself that he hopes she doesn’t know about Dad’s illness, worried about how she’d handle it. He counts the days and sighs that she’s only got 23 days left.

Yi-kyung goes to work that night and thinks about what she thinks was her dream—that she remembered Yi-soo and that he appeared to catch her. She says aloud, “You shouldn’t have come…even in my dreams. Don’t come. Don’t come.”

On Day 20, a curious thing happens. Just as Ji-hyun starts to pop into her host’s body, Yi-kyung opens her eyes and wakes up for a second, and sees Ji-hyun’s face. Hm. Seems she’s not far from figuring out a few things herself.

Ji-hyun shows up to work to find Kang dressed in a snazzy suit. Hello, nurse! Her reaction is a lot like mine—she looks him up and down and her mouth hangs open, wondering where he’s going, dressed up so nicely.

Just then, a delivery boy shows up with a bouquet of pink roses, and he tells her that he’s going on a date. She’s like, “A date? Wait, you have a girlfriend?” He gets all defensive, asking if he’s not allowed to like anybody, and Ji-hyun thinks to herself that he flirted with Yi-kyung, all the while dating someone else.

Out loud, she calls him a playboy, and then mumbles under her breath, “Pisses me off…she even likes the same flowers as me.” Ha. He tries to explain that she’s not his girlfriend so much as the girl he likes, but she’s not listening.

He goes to the hospital and Dad reacts badly, kicking him out. He tries to get back on the Haemido project, which Dad doesn’t accept, insisting he doesn’t need people who are flaky.

Mom follows him out and apologizes, and Kang takes the opportunity to ask about what Ji-hyun was on her way to do, the day of her accident. Mom says she was going to drop off her seal to Min-ho, because the Haemido land deal hinged on the sale of land in her name.

Ji-hyun calls Min-ho, and he goes to meet her, but this time he’s a step ahead of her. She fesses up to sending In-jung the text, and tries to bait him, by saying that she wants the same thing that Min-ho wants.

But he doesn’t fall for it, saying that there’s nothing he wants from her. She tries to bait him again, saying that he’ll never figure her out, but he counters, “You’re not someone I want to figure out.” And walks away.

She wanders and the minion follows her with a telephoto lens, like a proper stalker.

Kang drives back to Heaven, putting together more pieces of the puzzle: that Min-ho had no intention of marrying Ji-hyun, that Ji-hyun found out about his true nature after the accident, and that’s why she hid her seal.

Kang: All this time, standing in the space between life and death… you’ve had such a hard time. What can I do for you?

Just then, as if answering his thoughts, he comes upon Ji-hyun, walking alone. Swept up in the moment, he answers his own question by getting out of the car and walking toward her…

And he pulls her in for a hug.



Epic. Swoon. Gah, it kills me. He can’t tell her that he knows, he can’t offer words of comfort, so he does the only thing he can do… Aaaargh, I’m RE-swooning.


Make it stop.

I seriously thought he was going to kiss her, when he stopped two inches from her face, but then, considering I might’ve died from heart failure, I suppose it’s good we stop here.

Dear javabeans: Meh-rong!


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            I think Yi-soo would be sad if Yi-kyung dies too. He’s unselfish enough to want Yi-kyung to live long and well. They will meet each other when she dies as an old woman and their young souls will reunite.

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        So here’s what I’ve been thinking: Do we know for sure that he’s dead? I too am looking for a happy ending here. I keep thinking of the newspaper article Ji-hyun mailed to her father; the woman in the US waking up after 20 years. Maybe Yi Soo in the unknown 49-dayer and he didn’t succeed in his mission finding those that loved him but instead volunteered to be a Scheduler (mandatory memory wipe and all). So his body is still around somewhere waiting for his soul to return. And Ji-hyun after becoming his buddy will his final reveal of love.

        • Mai

          I also thought of the same thing…cause in the first place if Yi Soo is supposed to be Yi Kyung should be visiting him in the cemetery and not in the place of the accident. He may still be alive but I think his body is not in Korea and may be in another country which is why we can’t see exactly where he is at this time…

          if this is the case could it be possible that Yi Soo was adopted in his later age or his real family have finally found him?…this drama is getting interesting by every episode…

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      • 4.1.1 Fasiris Fay

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    the two couples….
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      And is anyone keeping track of how many days Scheduler have left?

      • 25.2.1 Godislove

        KANNNNGGGGG AHHHHHHH~!…….i think, unfortunately, doesn’t know about the penalty days since the 49day situation in itself is a load to handle! lol

        let’s hope that everything works out before the 20 days :S so that KANNNNGGGG AHHHHH doesn’t get blindsided with the penalty days and is too late to help!

        I’m not entirely sure how many days scheduler has left, but I’m pretty sure its exaclty 7 days after ji hyun is finished with her ’49’ days which is more like ’47’ days due to the penalties…. soooo i’m guessing scheduler has ~27 days left :S

        • Litzy

          Ah thanks for clearing that up! Oh but does the 2 day penalty apply to Scheduler’s days as well? If not he’d have 29 days left right?

          Unless he gets another visit from bike-riding leather-clad Haemoni…he’s been directly meddling with human affairs lately…

          (It’d be funny if all this brainstorming had nothing to do with the plot XD)

          • Godislove

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            but that’s the beauty of imagination… doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or write 😀

          • Godislove

            HAHA yeah that would be funny XD

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    Secondly, how heart breaking was the flash back? It’s curious how I am bleeding for the star-crossed lovers even though we only got to see a few scenes of them. I may even be more emotionally invested because I have been watching her heart break. It breaks my heart to see Yi-kyung as herself.

    Lastly, fangirl squeal. How awesome was this episode!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32 S

    Warning: The content of this comment is schiz-like.

    The Ghost is getting used to the Host’s body and even can sleep in that body. The Host is starting to see creatures from another parallel world. This is the start of transition time.
    The hour glass has turned and the sand has started to fill the another side. If one side is full, another side will empty.
    One wants to live and another wants to die. One has every reason to hold on to her life but another has none.
    Will the host give up all for her love? Will the Ghost take over? Is it even fair trade. Well, if both party agree, I’d call it fair.

    Crazy mind and fantasty drama. It sure doesn’t do any good at all.
    Thanks GF.

    • 32.1 roake

      That’s a crazy possibility!

      What if Yi-kyung gives up her body and follows our reaper to the after life?

      That doesn’t make drama sense thought, since it leaves too many loose ends. Parents, bad couple, friends…

      Would be an interesting twist though.

      • 32.1.1 Jomo

        There is no WAY they can let YK die, as asianromance pointed out, because she gives up.
        Why would they have JH go though all that struggle to get her own life back, and let YK say, “OK, I give up. You can have my body. My life is not important enough.”

        This could happen:
        -We see the Kang-ah/JH story resolve nicely in the 47 days.
        -Something, don’t care, happens to MH and IJ – totally indifferent to whether they redeem or get punished.
        -We see YK somehow reaffirm her life by buying a plant and watering it, and pick up some college brochures, etc.
        Scheduler whines to Gramma-Biker, etc, about getting his week reduced.
        YK does something fun and LIFE IS GOOD, but
        ~~~ BOOM ~~~
        out of nowhere, a piano falls out of the sky, and she expires.
        And when her Scheduler walks her into the elevator, he hands her a new living rose. Hand in hand, they get on TOGETHER, and, walk off into the sunset for eternity…

        • omo_omo

          “out of nowhere, a piano falls out of the sky, and she expires.”

          jomo, that would be so odd. but as long as YK-YS ends together, im ok if anything falls from the sky even haemoni lol!

          • Jomo

            THAT would be funny!
            Haemoni on her bike would land, yawn, and drive away, leaving poor YK all splat, but happy to be with the S.

    • 32.2 asianromance

      I think one of this drama’s strongest messages is about valuing life and lucky and wonderful it is to live. I don’t think they will let Yi Kyung die to just be with the Scheduler. I am sure both girls will live!

      • 32.2.1 S

        What this drama tries to sell is undying love, love beyond death, I can’t let you go even if I die(yep, I even use song name), forever love……geez… my clues become cheese overload. Ok, I stop now.

        • Jane

          asianromance is right. The drama stresses the importance of life. Even the scheduler spoke about the pain from losing his life at 23. Yi Kyung will not die and chances are Yi Soo won’t be brought back to life. Yi Kyung will find the will to live again and possibly open her heart to the possibility of new love.

          • S

            Message’s received. Thank you for pointing out the right moral of this drama for me. I just grew up in the era of kdrama where love is everything. My bad.

          • Alvina

            Love Life 😛

            Really though, I hope Yi Kyung moves on, if only to show that while loving someone with all your heart and soul is okay, you CAN have a life after that.

            I hope she gets with the doctor. They can help eachother heal ;P

    • 32.3 Litzy

      Oh I hope not, but that does sound like a possibility…a part of me want Yi-Kyung to be with Yi-Soo, but another part of me wish she would cherish her own life.

      That and the fact that Ji-Hyun’s vitals spiking (in episode 11, when Kang-ah <3 was crying for her) seems to suggest that she will go back to her own body.

      If she does end up in Yi-Kyung's body permanently, the plot will have to somehow resolve the whole Kang is in love Yi-Kyung because of Ji Hyun's soul subplot, and it just seems a bit too wishywashy for me if Ji Hyun stayed in Yi Kyung's body permanently XD.

    • 32.4 anais

      I totally thought the same thing! That Yi Kyung is a liminal figure whose desire to die leaves her with one foot already on the other side. I soooo hope for a body swap of Ji-Hyun & Yi-Kyung. I love the dynamic between Lee Yo Won and Jo Hyun Jae, though I very much love Lee Yo Won as Yi Kyung with Yi Soo (sniff).

      Two things:

      1. Dr. Noh! He soooooo realized that he was seeing Yi Soo.

      2. Is there some direct correlation between Ji Hyun having to move to Seoul all of a sudden and Han Kang being packed off to the US on the very same morning? Is there some unsavory deal between Ji Hyun’s dad and Han Kang’s mother, one so unsavory that Ji Hyun’s dad can’t stand being reminded of it by the mere sight of Han Kang? Is that why he accepted Han Kang as architect only as Min Ho’s insistence? Why he keeps shooing Han Kang from Ji Hyun?

      • 32.4.1 Jomo

        2. Yes (don’t know what)

      • 32.4.2 Godislove

        With regards to comment 1. hmmm… not sure I think we’ll have to wait and find out! lol

        and 2.

        I had never thought about that…. but i don’t think jihyun’s dad even knew about KANNNNNGGGG AHHHHH~ before jihyun and minho’s engagement party in the first episode because JH’s dad had to ask minho who he was and that’s when he finds out who KANNNNGGGGGG AHHHH~ is.

        so i doubt that there is any connection between JH’s dad and KANNNNNGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHH’s~ mom

        but then again, who knows? xD lol

        • grateful1

          I wish I could hear you read your comment aloud so that I could hear the passion in your voice each time you speak of

      • 32.4.3 mellissa

        2. yes, it is really weird how the 2 were hustled out of that place at the same time. i wonder if it was just one of those kdrama coincidences or could it be a portent of something bad for the HK-JH pairing.

      • 32.4.4 Chocobo

        #2: I never thought of that… does seem fishy.

  33. 33 Agatha

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    I am loving 49 days! Haven’t been so obsessed since Secret Garden, but this obsession feels better because I think the story here is better told and more compelling. And omg, Kang is so smart!!

    This episode was so super awesome! Lee Yo Won played like 3 characters in one episode! Scheduler as YK! Best scene of the episode! XDD.

    I loved that image of the four of them standing in front of that table in the present. For that one frame from above of all four of them right after the magic trick flashback, it really gave me the feeling that some higher power is at work at that very moment- maneuvering things since that very moment 7-8 years ago.

    And i LOVE LOVE LOVE catty JH-in-YK’s-body! How many times have we watched heroines suffer in silence while some other woman sharpens her claws on them? This is how it should always be like with kdrama heroines. Not afraid to get down and dirty! IJ, you got PWNed. K.O.!! In your face! Yo’ mama!!

    The only quibble I have with this episode is how fast JH and HK’s respective parents hustled them out of Jinan all on the same day. JH’s parents were in a suspicious hurry and HK’s mom’s image was unlike her image when she brought him the soup. way too contrived even for kdrama.

    I can sort of see why Ji Hyun never figured out that Kang was in love with her. He was always a bit of curmudgeon (look at him not making an effort at the table and then getting all self-righteous over JH’s false prediction. It’s not like tarot cards are always correct!) and that’s her first, second, third…bajillionth image of him. It is only recently that he has become nice Kang.

    And did YK really see JH’s face or was it editing (since I’m sure they’re cutting it close by this pt in the drama). She closed her eyes, then opened her eyes, “saw” JH leaning in, and then closed them again as if she knew what must happen next.

    • 34.1 Jomo

      She saw her – the thin membrane of majic that separates them is being worn away…

    • 34.2 weinder

      I think YK is aware of someone inhabiting her body, what with the unexplainable events that have been happening around her this time.

      Perhaps that’s why her body seems asleep even though JH lies down in one of the scenes, getting all ready to be ejected from it, but it never happens.

    • 34.3 minsun

      I was thinking of LYW and her 3 roles too!! She is SUCH a good actress. Her JH is getting better and better, with the little quirks and expression…in the last ep she even managed to remind me of NGR and she was like ‘omo! the house is too clean I need to reclutter!’

      asianromance, I’m with you cheering the catty JH on. YEAH!

      • 34.3.1 kincha

        haha,, yeah 3 characters !! Wow ! amazing !! i hope next episode we will see more Sche-Kyung again .. hahahah

        Lee Yo Won, you are so Great !

        • joy

          I enjoyed that scene very much, Lee Yowon playing tomboy!!!


          • camille

            Oh LEE YOWON can’t praise her enough in this drama, she’s EVERYTHING!!!

      • 34.3.2 mandelbrotr

        I’m watching for a second time tonight. This time I paid more attention to LYW as the Schedular: all attitudy.

        What I’m enjoying so much about her acting is that the different personalities come across so cleanly. I know dress and the necklace help but I don’t find myself having to think about which character she is playing at any moment. She completely convinces me.

        Unlike Secret Garden where they had the magic veil of switchiness to allow the characters to say important things to each other *in-character*.

        • swui

          Yeah.. TBH I never saw any of LYW’s dramas so I find her acting here quite a surprise…I find her portrayals of all 3 characters quite believeable…in fact I enjoy seeing her more than NGR as JH sometimes…NGR is fine just prefer LYW’s portrayal.

          I like her interactions with all the male leads too…how awesome is that that I like it when she bickers with Kang, then flirt with the devil Minho, and play lovey-dovey with YiSoo…how can 1 girl have such nice chemistry with 3 guys in ONE drama??

          By the by, I think BSB is doing a nice job as the villain, it’s my first time seeing him act all bad…but his eyes are so intense that I LOVE seeing him conflicted, angry, amused or cold. He’s not going to get a lot of love for being the bad guy…but I can never hate you oppa! Just though he deserve some credit even though JHJ deserves all the love…

    • 34.4 shaoran193

      This show is killing me! I super love Han Kang! But I was wondering why did Ji Hyun frown when she saw the lover (tarot card) what does it mean?

      I searched for it and here is goes.


      THE LOVERS TAROT CARD: It’s possible when this card appears that you are feeling ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life. It could be that your heart is telling you one thing, and your head, another.

      For Yi Soo (the one who draw the card) I guess being together with Yi Kyung since she was a child kinda ‘bores’ him even at this point. I think he is having doubts on being with her even at this point. Too bad destiny already played the part on their story.

  35. 35 Two Cents

    Umm . . . choice but if I had to pick just one out of this episode, me thinks me likes Fisticuffs Kang the best. I’m swooning with you reliving that hug, Girlfriday.

    • 35.1 Two Cents

      tough choice, that is.

  36. 36 Alexio

    Yi Kyung and Yi Soo has to be together, or else I’ll cry my heart out…huhuhu

    • 36.1 Nana

      He’s already dead….for 5 years. So just start crying now.

      The writer is so cruel, gave us the outcome and torture us with their cuteness.

      • 36.1.1 sarang

        I wouldn’t give up hope yet. Didn’t the scheduler say there was a reason why he was working as a scheduler. To fulfill a promise or something after the term is up. Maybe he’ll be able to live again. Like I’ve said before I don’t care what the script writers have to pull I just hope Yi Soo & Yi Kyung are together in the end whether in human or ghost/spirit form.

      • 36.1.2 Blusters

        Hey maybe his body is alive in some place YK doesn’t know about? We can hope right? 😀

        • Scheduler Is MINE

          I would totally be willing to bypass all reason for that, logic be screwed! :)

        • lovedramas

          Maybe his body is also in some random hospital in a coma? :) Ok, I really doubt that but then that would give him a good reason for being able to “come back to life”/wake up. :) I love love Yi-kung and Yi-Soo!!

          I still like JHJ with LYW but it’s so strange cause sometimes when LYW is playing YK with JH spirit – I think of NGR even though it’s LYW playing two parts! eeks.

          What an awesome episode. Well, this MH – I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

          • Rina

            Maybe his body was frozen after the accident?

    • 36.2 Jomo

      What Nana said, Monkey Paw.

    • 36.3 kincha

      agree… the two MUST be reunite !!!!
      ahhhh… so heart braking!!
      their sweet momment are so cute!!!

      Lee Yo Won-Jung Il Woo’s Chemistry are amazing !!!

  37. 37 chelsea

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    • 37.1 kincha

      Yeah More Yi Kyung-Yi Soo PLEASE !!!!!

      Really Love them !

      • 37.1.1 siam


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    i can’t wait for next week’s episode! it’s like, ‘let’s get it on!’ with this foursome!
    yi soo and yi kyung story is really poignant… sniff sniff

  43. 43 tammy

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  44. 44 Ros

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    this is a best episode!

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    but i am loving that kang has it pretty much all figured out and is smart enough not to let it on. <3

    you really do get all the great eps GF haha.

  46. 46 tomatan

    This was so sad! I feel so bad for Yi Kyung and Scheduler!
    But I find it funny that they both used to have straight hair and now they both have perms.
    oh yeah, kang is super adorable

    • 46.1 asianromance

      Maybe they were too poor to get perms in their youth!

      • 46.1.1 jyyjc

        No way. If they were too poor then how come yi kyung has so many nice clothes? Has anyone noticed the many many outfits jihyun puts on yikyung’s body? Lots of shoes too.

        • gg

          yea, and how come he has enough money to build a pension for her, if they were both orphans? kkk

          • Rina

            Maybe his parent’s where killed in a tragic accident and they both had good life insurance policies. He was named sole benificiary but couldn’t touch the money until he was an adult? So he was going to use this money to build her a pension?

        • doudi86

          Yi Kyung used to work in that hotel where Ji Hyung(in Yi kyung’s body) found out about Min Ho and In Jung relation when she was in her way to get a resume to prove to Kang Ha that she worked in that hotel. So, that’s why she was able to afford such outfit and shoes 😉

          • Alexio

            Exactly! Why people care so much about the materials thing in the drama? And Rina’s comment was just too piratical lol …

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      And I’m pretty sure kang seeing the real yikyung made him even more suspicious… And the reason he saw the real yk was due to his own curiosity Which again, is not jh’s fault.

      I don’t know if he’s ‘okay’ with the whole yikyung/jihyun body thing because the only reason he started feeling something for yi kyung was because she reminded him of ji Hyun Which ultimately means he has only liked jihyun this whole time…. Which is why he’s workin his brain off to try and get jihyuns real self back.

      It’s incredibly sad that all he can do is hug yk/jh….. Cause jh thinks kang likes yk… And kang can’t even tell her that he knows all that’s going on or the fact that the person he truly loves is in fact her…. jihyun!!.. Oh gosh! I’m in dire need to know how this will all end :s

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        • Jomo

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          She likes him, and sees that he is actually kind, etc.
          She has never looked at Kang-ah like we do because she was so in love with that rascal, MH.

          BUT, she did like what she saw with KIAS, was miffed that he had a girlfriend?! A girl he likes?! Taking other her JH’s favorite flowers?! Waaaaauh?! Jealousy precedes lurve.

          BUT, KIAS hugged her when she needed a hug.

          (Breathe with me now, through that moment…)

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          • YY

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            It is just so hard to describe, I don’t have your gift for words. Whenever I look at KANG, i think of sunshine, i think of morning dew, i think of rain showers, i think of freshly cut grass, i think of baby soap, i think of spring water, i think of fluffy clouds and rainbows. I would like to think that if I bottle all that up it would be my KANG SCENT – something fresh, beautiful and innocent and yet so heart-thumpingly male.

            Am I making any sense?

        • asianromance

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          • Jomo


          • Ashley

            Yeah I feel like actually kissing the host body without the host’s permission would be a kind of violation.

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      • 51.3.1 YY

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        • Jomo

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    Is this all in my head?? Haha if not, I’m guessing In-jung’s parent’s financial downfall is the cause of her bitterness about her hometown and maybe even ties into Ji-hyun’s parents somehow. In-jung not only grew up poor, she grew up poor after having had a taste of the comfy good life?

    • 63.1 mellissa

      in jung’s family is poor right from the start. when she went to seoul to study she stayed at the shin family home with her friend ji hyun. when the attempted kidnapping occurred she must still be staying at the shin family home.

      • 63.1.1 Nilly

        I agree. I guess MH’s another “secret” is he planned the kidnapping. He thought IJ is the daughter of the Shin family so he pretended to be a hero to win her over (just like the incident in the mountain with JH). When he knew she was not, he used her to get to JH.

        • Alice

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      • 63.1.2 asianromance

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      • 63.1.3 mandelbrotr

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    The same with Scheduler. You get the feeling that he is really protective of Yi Kyung, despite not knowing exactly why. And the way he treated Dr. Noh reflects his displeasure towards Dr. Noh trying to get close to Yi Kyung.

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    • 75.1 Litzy

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      This drama keeps on forcing me to revisit the episodes. And new things keep on popping up in my head, especially AFTER just finishing a comment.

    • 75.2 asianromance

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    aww man i was expecting him to be her brother or something :/

    • 76.1 bird

      *just how

      • 76.1.1 Litzy

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        • juubee

          There’s no bracelet.

          It was just his tattered sleeve.

    • 76.2 lavy

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      I thought they were trying to emphasize the worn sleeve and the money bills he were holding, to show their difficult life (yes they were happy and all but both orphans, it must have been hard…)?

      • 76.2.1 gg

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        • anais

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    • 76.3 Princess61

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    • 77.1 pipit


      YY, I love you too *wiping the unstoppable tears* I’m so touched, so moved by your description because that’s exactly how I feel about him.

      Never thought I could love someone else as much as I love Lee Jin Soo so fast so soon!

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    • 79.1 Lisa

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    What I am loving about this drama is the fact that the notion of ‘true love’ is shown as that kind of love that can defy logic (Kang just knowing that YK is JH even without the benefit of the 49 Days explanation provided by Ajusshi) and also defy death (Hot Reaper Boy being protective of YK even without really knowing why and not remembering who she was in his life). It’s what made me such a big fan of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and of love stories that prove that some loves can actually withstand the test of time, mortality and humans’ fickleness.

    Right now I feel like strapping myself into this roller coaster ride and closing my eyes–I think at this point it’s not so much about the ending, but the journey, that really excites me. I love the four leads and I don’t particularly care about the permutations, I just want them to have their happy ending. :)

    P.S. JIW, you’re so fine <3

    • 83.1 coconana

      You’re so right on the bit about defying logic. And what makes it all so believable is the characterizations.

      Han Kang is written as a intelligent character, his subsequent portrayal has been that of an intelligent character, so when he starts to put all the pieces together we’re all totally on board because, hey SMART DUDES CAN FIGURE STUFF OUT DUE TO BEING SMART DUDES.

      Thus far all the characters have been fleshed-out really well. Even though we may not yet know the motivation for their actions (In-jung and Min-ho, for example), we’ve been given enough small pieces of information to understand that there are reasons, and that these reasons inform their behavior.

      It’s just so nice to have a drama where so far, there has been none of that “lazy writing” (characters suddenly acting OOC, Big Dumb Misunderstandings) being used to propel plot.

      49 Days is a drama that, on paper, exists in a place of the fantastical and unbelievable: it screams suspension of disbelief! and yes, as you said, defy logic! But, in the end, its simply telling a story of the connections we make, of love, family, and hope. And it’s those aspects of life to which we can all relate.

      • 83.1.1 Leina

        Spot on coconana! Despite the premise of the drama clearly being one of fantasy and make-believe, we are irreversibly drawn to it because at bottom, it draws from emotions we all can relate to. I was just telling my mom that this drama is the perfect series to watch this Holy Week (she would always marathon 7th Heaven before); too bad (but happily for me), we’re still at the half way mark.

        You know, I’m the only one I know who watches 49 Days, and the extra reward I get in checking out dramabeans is I feel like I’m having an actual intelligent conversation with so many like-minded individuals, who can be my friends in real life were it not for the limitations of time, space, and just, well, geography. So big thanks are due to JB and GF for making all this possible. :)

        • Ashley

          I agree, I love reading everyone’s comments, especially after I watch the episode and I want to prolong the warm fuzzies 😉

          I also agree about the writing. It has been very strong thus far, and surprisingly few of the obvious plot devices have been jarring.

          • omo_omo

            totally with you there leina and ashley :)
            i wish i could sit in that heaven’s restaurant, have some coffee with like-minded guys and discussed these things :)
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            loving the 49 days drama 😀

  84. 84 Cass

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  85. 85 niKai

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    • 85.1 juubee

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      It’s progressing awesomely. ^^v

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    And the lyrics are so suitable for the moment and for Kangie too

    • 86.1 Princess61

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    • 86.2 xyz


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    • 86.3 kdfan

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    With IJ’s revealed longterm animosity for her friend I wonder if she had a hand in the way they were shipped off without warning and if she was part of the reason J didn’t want to partner with H in the school fundraising project.

    • 93.1 Jomo

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      I wonder when Seo-woo started liking Kang?

      Immediately, like all of us?


  94. 94 Kaye

    Thanks for the recap! I haven’t seen the subbed version yet, but I watched the scene where Scheduler caught Yi Kyung and holy crap. Such a great, quiet moment between the two ex-loves. I’m still all for a YK/Kang ending, but there was some awesome chemistry there.

  95. 95 sosoxrah

    omg this episode was the best one so far!! I hope it gets better from here on…! I don’t understand how the doc didn’t recognize Yi-soo in the coffee shop. Anyhoo… I LOVED the flashback scene at the tarot card table. It’s so nice to see a deeper connection between Ji-hyun and Yi-kyung. And sooo sad!! Such a tragic ending for the two young lovers. It breaks my heart. I can’t wait for next week. Wow… haven’t watched an episode this good in awhile!

    • 95.1 SiuYing

      I wouldn’t have thought the doctor actually knew Yi Soo before he died, because Yi Kyung would have only needed help after Yi Soo’s death. It’s possible though the doctor might have seen a photo of Yi Soo because it looked like Yi Kyung passed along important things from their relationship, such as the rose, for him to see.

  96. 96 nonski

    After singing to get people’s attention (which of course embarrasses Kang to no end), one couple, a pair of kids from another school, finally stops at the table…

    at this point, it was like my heart skipped a beat and i was shouting OMG OMG OMG!, while reading your recap GF! and may i say again, OMG!

    i just fainted, well, almost, when the Scheduler materializes and catched Yi-kyung, again, OMG!

    a really, really, really good episode, tops!

  97. 97 sb

    It was such a great heart-warming episode. Things are moving along at a quick pace.

    But a few (superficial!) quibbles bothered me, because it doesn’t fit with Yi Kyung’s character.

    1. Yi Kyung wearing a Coach watch;
    2. Yi Kyung carrying a Chloe bag

    Am I the only one that noticed? And they zoomed in on these items too, which kinda made me go ??

    • 97.1 Lisa

      She used to work at a hotel; probably a manager or PR staff and could’ve held a well paid job. That could explain the brand accesories she owns.

      • 97.1.1 sb

        Ah, that’s true. They must have been in the “box of pretties” Ji Hyun located a few episodes in. Forgot about that, thanks!

    • 97.2 juubee

      Yeah, she seems to have been known in that hotel.. and when YiSoo died, she couldn’t live anymore.

      And to be in the hospitality industry, being upbeat & positive & happy all the time is essential so she couldn’t do it anymore after that…

  98. 98 suzi q

    Kang is so smart and Ji Hyun is so dumb. I like Kang better with Yi Kyung;however, I like Yi Kyung with Yi Soo too. I can’t wait to see who Yi Kyung ends up with.
    Love the cute reaper in the high school uniform with Yi Kyung. Maybe the reaper has a twin or he can inhabit someone else’s body and he can come back to life afterwards?
    Love the writing of this drama because the storyline is very unpredictable. I love the way all 4 were together in the high school flashback. Love all the actors. They are all great in their roles and 49 Days is one of my favorites.I even look at it RAW because I can’t wait for the subs. Thank you for your fast recaps.

  99. 99 Okie Dokie

    This drama is amazing! I thought it was interesting and it just blows me away. Rather than slowing down in the middle like a lot of dramas tend to do, this one just gets better and better. Thank you writers for not getting lazy and giving us so much wonderfulness!

  100. 100 hannah

    I think the two people who are alive should just get together hehe. But at this point theres probably no chance for Kang&YK anymore.. sad. The hug scene was so good. I wonder what excuse Kang will use this time :).

    • 100.1 mellissa

      he’s such a bad liar, but then she is so dim-witted when it comes to KANG that she will accept any excuse .. lol

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