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49 Days: Episode 14
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You know what I love about this drama? It’s not subtle or new or anything, but damn if it isn’t addictively satisfying. It does something that few dramas do—it keeps changing the game, little by little each time, and it actually allows characters to figure things out before we’re left pulling our hair out in frustration. I think I’ve gotten SO used to k-drama characters being blind to the things that we notice, that I find I’m actually surprised when these characters proactively search for clues and deduce things on their own. I mean, nobody’s gunning for Sherlock Holmes territory, but there’s nothing like a little sleuthiness to brighten up my day!


Ji-hyun finally puts some of the pieces together (and thank god, really, because one can only be endearingly naïve for so long) and shows the Scheduler what she’s found: a graduation picture of him, aka Song Yi-soo, aka Yi-kyung’s boyfriend.

He’s stunned, as he stammers, “…But…that’s me…” She peers up at him curiously, clocking his reaction, and then rushes out the rest of what she knows—that Yi-kyung and Yi-soo were in love (furnishing the birthday card as proof), and that Yi-kyung still cries over him to this day.

His eyes grow wide. “I…loved…this woman?” He points at her, Ji-hyun standing there in Yi-kyung’s body. It’s so strange that they’re talking about her in the third person, while her body is standing right there.

It takes a moment for the shock to wear off, but then he denies it, thinking that Yi-kyung can’t possibly be the girl he loved. Ji-hyun reminds him that he said he had something important left to do—couldn’t it be for Yi-kyung?

He can’t remember, of course, and Ji-hyun’s insistence just sends him spinning into the land of denial. After a moment’s pause, he puts his hand to his face… “This face… do you think I borrowed it?” HA.

And Ji-hyun, ever the gullible one, gasps, “Can you borrow faces??” These two.

He wonders why Ji-hyun of all people found him, and thinks that something went horribly awry. She thinks it’s an easy thing to confirm: he just needs to appear in front of Yi-kyung. And what, give her a heart attack?

But he nixes that idea, since there’s already a built-in failsafe that prevents him from appearing as himself, to anyone from his former life. (It’s the Dead Like Me thing, where he automatically appears with someone else’s face if he happens to bump into someone he used to know.)

She tells him that he should still try, so that he can confirm for himself, since he’s the one who’s got unfinished business that he’s spent five years working for. He flatly denies that it’s about Yi-kyung, since it could be for his parents, or some sort of revenge. She tells him that he’s an orphan, and to stop denying what’s right in front of his face. They’re yelling at each other by now, and he dismisses her, asking for some time to think.

On her way out, Ji-hyun lets out her anger, blaming him for not remembering Yi-kyung. “How could he not remember, when this unni is crying over him?” Aw, it is SO CUTE how she’s taking her unni’s side. I love how much Ji-hyun’s attachment to Yi-kyung has grown.

Meanwhile, the Scheduler thinks it over, recalling the moment in the café, and then again in Jinan, when he felt a weird connection to Yi-kyung. He calls Biker Granny to ask if maybe she could just tell him what his reaper-wish was (the thing he asked for in exchange for the five years of reaper duty, way back when he died). He gets an earful for even asking, and I love what he mutters under his breath: “this unni.” Ha. Part of me still wishes Yi-soo ended up being Yi-kyung’s gay little brother.

As Ji-hyun walks along the street, she sighs that Yi-kyung’s got it rough, living like that because she’s unable to forget Yi-soo. But from her perspective, she muses that no one will remember her that way when she’s gone.

She sighs that she wasted three days at Min-ho’s, and then thinks, “I miss Kang-ee. He must be worried.” AWWW. She checks her phone but there aren’t any messages from him. She pouts, “He’s not worried, he’s mad.”

Min-ho gets some backstory on Yi-kyung from his lackey—that she’s been living off the grid, and that her boyfriend died some years ago. He thinks all of this lines up with why Ji-hyun and Kang befriended and/or helped her.

He goes to meet In-jung, who basically tells him that his time to think is up. What’s he planning to do about the fact that Kang and Yi-kyung know about their plan? His answer: nothing. He trusts them. What’s more is that he’s not going to stop seeing Yi-kyung either.

Ruh-roh. In-jung does not look happy about this development. She cries, asking how he could do this to her, and he tells her that it’s not that never loved her, but he can’t control where his heart goes. That’s cold.

But her reaction is even better: she’s like, You wanna go? Let’s go, asshole. She threatens to go straight to Ji-hyun’s parents if he sees Yi-kyung. She’s got nothing to lose now, and he really should have seen this coming. I’ve been waiting all series long for this table to turn, and I’m excited to see what havoc In-jung will wreak now that she’s been unceremoniously cut loose.

Her first order of business is to do a little digging into Yi-kyung’s so-called internet handle, Jung-eun. She discovers something curious…Jung-eun died, a year ago. Oh, crap. This cover story’s not gonna hold much longer.

Kang digs into the Haemido project and finds out that a shell company was created to buy the land. Fishy. He’s sent Manager Oh to try and find out more about 49-day-ers, but no dice.

Ji-hyun comes back and finds that Kang isn’t mad at all, and even covered for her with the others, that she went on a trip for a few days. He’s relieved to see she’s returned, and doesn’t ask for any explanations.

On her way out to answer a call from In-jung, she drops the letter she had written to Dad when she was going to give up on her 49 days. Kang picks it up curiously.

Ji-hyun meets In-jung, who calls her out on having an ulterior motive and pretending to be Ji-hyun’s friend. Ji-hyun in turn asks In-jung why she did all this to her so-called friend, and she just says she wanted Ji-hyun to know what it was like to have nothing, like her.

Back at Heaven, Kang reads Ji-hyun’s letter and realizes that she knows everything, even her father’s condition and his refusal to have surgery. He thinks back to when she quit and left, and takes out the resignation letter:

Ji-hyun: I was wandering alone in an endless desert, and then I found the oasis-like Han Kang! Boss… thank you. On my final path, you were my only friend. –A friend called Song Yi-kyung :mrgreen:

He realizes that she intended to reveal everything to her dad, and that this was a goodbye, forever. He runs upstairs.

In-jung arrives a second after, looking for him, and gets directed downstairs to his office. She sees the letter on his desk and reads it, only she notices something curious—it’s Ji-hyun’s handwriting, and it’s signed with a smiley face that looks familiar to her. She makes a copy of the letter to take with her.

Kang comes down dressed in another suit—KYOW!—but leaves in a hurry. In-jung goes home to compare the letter to her old cards from Ji-hyun. They’re signed exactly the same way, “—A friend called Ji-hyun :mrgreen: ” She shakes, and then reasons that it can’t be what she’s thinking…

Kang goes to see Dad, to try and convince him one more time. He tells him that because Ji-hyun isn’t dead, her spirit could be wandering about, watching over him. What if she can see that Dad isn’t getting surgery and risking his life because of her? Wouldn’t that make her want to die, instead of holding on?

This shakes Dad up a little more, and he asks this time if Kang has feelings for Ji-hyun, otherwise why is he being so insistent? Kang gulps, and then lies that Ji-hyun isn’t his type, and urges Dad that this isn’t the way to go. Mom looks on, teary-eyed and grateful for Kang’s persistence.

Min-ho goes to the hospital to visit his mother, but can’t bring himself to go in. He just watches her with a heavy heart, and then when she runs out of her room calling his name, he hides, unable to face her. Tears fall as he listens to her voice, but he doesn’t go out to see her.

He meets Ji-hyun for a date and asks if she’s got any other secrets, and then promptly tells her to quit working at Heaven if she’s going to keep seeing him. Dude, just when I’m about to feel sorry for you for like, a second, you remind me why you’re the villain of this piece. Control freak much?

She doesn’t give an answer, and instead suggests they go back to that restaurant from last time—his mom’s favorite place. It’s all in an effort to get him talking about his mother, of course, and she manages to wrangle his mother’s birthday out of him this time.

That night when Ji-hyun’s soul pops out, she tells Yi-kyung that she’ll get the Scheduler to come see her, and that she hopes that she can meet unni if she lives again. She promises to make her less lonely, if she has the chance. Aw. Yi-kyung can sense that someone is there, and looks around warily.

She heads to work, and a chubby dude with a mustache is being a creepy stalker outside the coffee shop. Turns out it’s Yi-soo in mystical disguise, pacing outside and watching her.

He finally can’t stand it anymore and goes inside to order a coffee. While he waits, he decides that this can’t be right. His eyes glaze over when two girls in short skirts walk past him, and he declares that he would’ve loved someone like them, yunno, since HE looks like THIS.

HA. Oy, the ego on this reaper.

He then decides that they aren’t his type, and looks back at Yi-kyung curiously. He keeps trying to reason that it can’t be, and yet when he’s near her, he can’t shake this strange feeling he gets.

He pays for his coffee and leaves, not any surer of anything. Outside, he says to himself that she doesn’t recognize him, and wonders, “Are we really fated to cross paths?”

In the morning, Ji-hyun sews up the hole she ripped in Yi-kyung’s bag, and then puts her stuff back in, only then realizing that she’s lost her letter to Dad. She panics, thinking someone could’ve found it and delivered it to him.

Cut to the hospital, where her parents receive the letter. Immediately, her necklace flares red-hot, and then shatters. Her soul pops out of Yi-kyung’s body, and the Scheduler appears in a black suit, to tell her that her 49 days are up.

It’s her imagination, of course, because things can’t end that way. And we know that Kang’s got the letter. Dad ponders Kang’s words and wonders if Ji-hyun really is watching over him.

In-jung does a little more digging, asking Ji-hyun’s housekeeper what she remembers about Jung-eun. She tells her that she and Ji-hyun must’ve been really close, since she even knew that Mom doesn’t eat ox bone soup.

In-jung gets rattled, as it dawns on her that her crazy hunch might be right…”Why does it feel… like she’s Ji-hyun?” NICE. So much more interesting this way.

Dad comes to the hospital and announces that he’s getting the surgery. Mom calls Kang, grateful for his part in convincing him. Kang jumps in excitement and calls Ji-hyun to work right away, just telling her that there’s an emergency.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun goes to the hospital herself to see if the letter has been delivered. Mom’s there and she confirms that there hasn’t been a letter, and tells her about Dad deciding on surgery.

Ji-hyun barely contains her relief, and asks what happened to change Dad’s mind. Mom tells her that it was Han Kang, who she suspects has harbored feelings for Ji-hyun all this time. She points out the bouquet of pink roses that he’s kept fresh all this time.


Ji-hyun rushes out at Kang’s phone call, stopping in the hallway with tears in her eyes. She bows (at no one, just generally at the universe) in gratitude. In-jung sees this on her way in, and gets confirmation from Mom that “Jung-eun” has been told about Dad’s surgery. She looks at Ji-hyun, lying there, and asks why she keeps feeling Ji-hyun’s presence in Yi-kyung.

Ji-hyun rushes to work, where Kang is pacing back and forth waiting. He tells her to change for work, so she rushes into the locker room, which is labeled “Rocker Room.” LOL. Best misspelling ever. Kang is, appropriately, wearing his rocker leather jacket today to accompany his Rocker Room.

He waits till she leaves and then sneaks in to put the letter in her purse. She’s forgotten her cell phone though, and sees him in there when she heads back in. She hides out of sight and then checks her purse to see what he was doing…and finds her letter…

Freaking out, she runs off like the wind. She meets the Scheduler in the park and tells him in a panic that Han Kang read the letter and knows. Reaper Boy is in no mood to deal with her today, and looks totally deflated from his encounter with Yi-kyung.

He just responds half-heartedly that her necklace is intact, so that must mean that Kang figured it out himself before finding the letter. He tells her that it happens, sometimes, that humans find out. Like 11% of the time. Heh.

He reminds her that this doesn’t mean she can go around discussing her afterlife with Kang or anything, and she rests assured for now. She asks if he can remember anything about Yi-kyung, which of course he can’t, and blames her for drudging up all these confusing feelings.

She was under the impression that reapers didn’t feel human feelings, but he tells her that the closer he gets to the end of his scheduler term, he gains his human feelings back. She urges him to hurry up and remember her, and he poofs away in exasperation.

Ji-hyun walks back, slowly putting the pieces together, after um, she’s been told everything. She realizes that Kang figured it out and that all his awkward sweetness with the bad excuses was him being there for her and not letting on.

She even puts together that the girl he likes, the flowers, the hug… it’s all because he likes HER, and not Yi-kyung.

Everyone with me, now: FIIIIIIIINALLY!

Kang paces back and forth, worrying and waiting, losing his mind over not knowing what’s going on. He starts jabbering to himself out loud, eventually shouting, “Where ARE YOU?!” right as Ji-hyun appears.

He does that adorable worry-shout thing, telling her to please for the love of god TELL HIM when she’s going and where so he doesn’t go crazy. Awwwww.

She asks what the emergency is, and he tells her that Ji-hyun’s dad is getting his surgery. She tells him that she knows since she stopped at the hospital on her way in.

Ji-hyun: Thank you… for convincing Ji-hyun’s dad to have the surgery. I’m saying thanks…in Ji-hyun’s place.
Kang: Shin Ji-hyun is my friend too.
Ji-hyun: Shin Ji-hyun is quite lucky. She’s got two people insisting that they’re her friends.

She can’t let on that she knows, but just smiles at him gratefully, tears in her eyes. He looks at her curiously, but then is interrupted by the other waiter, who he’s sent on a secret errand.

Now it’s time for the boys to have it out. Kang calls Min-ho and over drinks, he confronts him, admitting that he knows what Min-ho is planning to do with Haemido and Ji-hyun’s father’s company.

Min-ho realizes that Kang’s the one digging up dirt on him, and doesn’t play nicey nice anymore. He doesn’t deny any of it, and when Kang asks why Ji-hyun, why her family, he just answers that they’re simply unlucky is all.

They’re unlucky now the same way he was unlucky to be born into his station in life. Kang argues that no matter how bad things were for him, he can’t take it out on other people who aren’t to blame.

Min-ho just scoffs that a silver-spoon boy like him can’t possibly fathom what life is like on the other side. He finally opens up a little about his childhood, as poor and destitute as it gets. He describes the day his father died with a bitter smile as the best day, because at least he knew they wouldn’t be beaten anymore.

He says that his fight isn’t against Ji-hyun or her family, but against Fate itself, God or gods or whatever force that decided his fate. “I wanted to change my fate by my own hand.” So…you’re playing God, is what you’re saying.

Well, a traumatic childhood in and of itself does NOT a megalomaniac make, nor does it make me any more sympathetic to his crazy plan. But let’s just say this is how HE justifies his reasoning and his actions.

Kang says that he’s sorry for what Min-ho has endured, but he’s not going to stand by and watch Ji-hyun and her family lose everything because of him. Min-ho accepts the challenge with a haughty smile, thinking that Kang is no threat to him. Well, we’ll see about that.

In-jung shows Yi-kyung’s resignation letter to Seo-woo, and without reading it carefully, Seo-woo immediately recognizes it as Ji-hyun’s writing. In-jung asks, increasingly worried, if Seo-woo believes in ghosts and souls inhabiting other people’s bodies.

She goes to see Min-ho, armed with the letters, and pleads with him to check if her hunch is true. She insists that this isn’t out of jealousy, and even though it sounds crazy (which he tells her) she asks him to meet with Yi-kyung and try to confirm her suspicion.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun heads home and is startled by Dr. Noh, who stopped by to find out why Yi-kyung hasn’t been coming to her hypnotherapy sessions. He notes the difference in her appearance, and she tries her best to act like Yi-kyung and rushes inside.

The next day Ji-hyun goes to Min-ho’s place to try the safe, only this time he’s changed his front door lockcode, so now she can’t get inside the apartment. Aaaaargh.

He calls her for a date, and he thinks to himself that In-jung’s theory is crazy… but then when she gets in the car, he notes her shoes. They’re the same ones that she wore to the hotel the day she discovered him with In-jung… and when one of the beads had fallen off, he had picked up.

He takes her to buy new shoes and insists she throw the old ones away, only to have his minion pick them up. At home he finds the bead and compares it to the shoe… It’s a match. DUN DUN.

He waits outside Yi-kyung’s place that night, and Yi-kyung comes out. She sees him but doesn’t acknowledge him, and heads to the coffee shop. He follows her, and then walks in, determined to figure it out once and for all.

He walks up to the counter, “Song Yi-kyung-sshi.”

She looks at him blankly, then answers back: “Yes, Kang Min-ho-sshi?”



Oh my goodness! What is going on? Is it Ji-hyun in there, breaking the rules to throw Min-ho off her trail? That seems too calculated for Ji-hyun. I think it’s actually Yi-kyung, but remembering Min-ho because the wall that separates her and Ji-hyun is breaking down day by day.

Based on her last hypnotherapy session alone, she’s called up memories lived by Ji-hyun’s soul but in her body, so it’s possible that she recalling things now that she’s been experiencing subconsciously.

I love that this is where the drama is going. I’m fascinated to see what this twist in the soul-host relationship does to shift everyone’s perspective, and to know where it comes from. For example, is this normal for a 49er, or is this happening because Ji-hyun is growing attached to Yi-kyung and forging a bond with her?

How much do I love that Ji-hyun finds out about Kang’s devotion and his sweet heroics far before her 49 days are up? There’s so much time now for the relationship to develop if she knows that he knows, even though he doesn’t know that she knows. You know?

It also just KILLS ME that his big hero move is to save her daddy. It’s so… befitting their high-school-first-crush relationship. I adore how immature and awkward they can be around each other, because it’s that kind of familiarity and transparency that makes Kang diametrically opposed to Min-ho, who is smooth on the outside, but remains a mystery to Ji-hyun.

I love that she now has the upper hand in knowing about his undying crush. I can’t wait to see what he’s inadvertently going to reveal because he thinks she’s still oblivious. Eeeee!


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          LMAO! can you imagine?! she would have been REALLY freaked out, if she had seen the chubby dude. LOL!!!

          • Yuki

            I know right?! She probably would’ve been all O.O and faint due to the shock XD

        • JeSsBeL


          Yi Kyung after seeing chubby dude o.O, she stands up, walks next to Kang ah and faints
          Kang ah is too busy remembering the past that he doesnt see Yi Kyung.
          Yi Kyung ends up falling on the ground…

          • Yuki

            LOL, poor Yi Kyung XDD

    • 14.3 kotatsulove

      I was thinking the exact same thing. And did the Scheduler know that he was appearing to Yi-Kyung with a different face? Because if he didn’t know that he was showing up differently, I don’t understand why he realizes they have a connection between each other.

      • 14.3.1 Yuki

        Yeah, that confused me too. I was thinking maybe if the scheduler was a Yi Soo lookalike and not the real Yi Soo (probably what he was hoping), Yi Kyung would recognize his face due to them looking alike. But if he was the real Yi Soo, then Yi Kyung would see another face. And since Yi Kyung showed no recognition, he knew that they were connected.

        • kotatsulove

          But if the Scheduler did not have a connection to Yi-Kyung, she wouldn’t have any reaction either. That’s what I’m confused about. How could he deduce from her lack of reaction that they were connected if in both cases (the Scheduler being Yi-Soo and therefore showing up differently or the Scheduler not being Yi-Soo and showing up as himself) Yi-Kyung would have no reaction. AHH I’m so confused, and I know I’m not explaining my confusion well.

          • Yuki

            No, I get what you’re saying. That’s what got me confused at first too, until I realized that wasn’t what he was trying to prove.

            We know that Yi Soo and Yi Kyung are connected, and we know that Yi Soo looks exactly like the Scheduler.

            What the Scheduler was trying to prove was whether he just “looks like” Yi Soo (a.k.a he borrowed this face) or he “is” Yi Soo.

            If he just looks like Yi Soo, and didn’t know her at all, his face wouldn’t change and he would get a reaction from Yi Kyung because she’d be all, “OMG you like JUST like my DEAD boyfriend D8”.

            But if he is Yi Soo, the automatic face-changer thing kicks in and hides his face, so all Yi Kyung sees is the chubby dude, and therefore there’s no reaction from her.

            I hope this helps XDD

          • roake

            I think that connection is something he sensed via subconscious/buried memories. He’s not seeing her thru his eyes and feeling a connection.

            He senses her for who she was to him. Not unlike HK sensing JH despite appearances.

    • 14.4 missjb

      because that cirtuminances was supposed to be a dream, so his face can be showed. Sorry for my bad english

      • 14.4.1 Yuki

        Maybe! So now that she knows she wasn’t dreaming, she sees his “fake” face (or, Chubby dude).

        If that’s the case then I think we found another loophole in the “Rules of the Afterlife” XD

    • 14.5 gm311

      i think it’s because Scheduler knew that Song Yi Kyung is already part of his past life unlike before, he just caught her from falling??

      • 14.5.1 Yuki

        That’s true. I guess the face only pops on after realization? XD

    • 14.6 bird

      and also, why did stalker doctor see his real face at the cafe?? is it because the doctor never knew yi-soo while the latter was alive? then why did he find yi-soo familiar?

      • 14.6.1 JeSsBeL

        same question I’ve had about Dr. Noh.

        It’s very confusing.

      • 14.6.2 holly

        i was thinking he meet yi-kyung after yi-soo died, but maybe he saw photo?? thats why yi-soo was familiar.

        anyhow – love this drama <3

        • Yuki

          True…But I also remember Dr. Noh telling Yi Kyung he was responsible for Yi Soo’s death, so doesn’t that mean he knew Yi Soo? *is so confused*

          • NN

            Dr Noh said he was responsible for his wife’s death, not Yi Soo’s.

      • 14.6.3 Yuki

        I think the Scheduler mentioned that he forgot to put on his “disguise” when Dr. Noh came. He was blaming himself for making that mistake in episode 13, I believe.

        • Alvina

          No, he was blaming himself for not putting on the disguise of being Yi-Kyung (who was supposed to be working that day)

          • kincha

            OMO, really, i just realize this, what scheduler is talking about “forget to disguish” is when he meet dr.Noh when he delete one day of Yi Kyung.
            i thought it was when he caught Yi Kyung who fainted in Jinan. thx for clarifying 😀

    • 14.7 Deeliteful

      I think it could be a number of things
      1. It was supposed to be a dream so she would not remember or not take it as reality
      2. He does not remember her till now so then he was appearing w/ his real face because he assumed she didn’t know who he was
      3. When he caught her from fainting he was really appearing in”physical” form but at the coffee shop he was so he had to put on a face…..hope i make sense

      All in all.. i LOVE this drama….the story like is quite refreshing can’t wait to see how the writer ties it all up at the end!

      • 14.7.1 Yuki

        I agree with your first point ^^
        But I thought the “fake face” thing was automatic and not something he could choose to do or not do. That’s why I got really confused…

        I know! I’m in this dilemma where I can’t wait to see how things get tied together at the end, but at the same time, I don’t want it to end so soon! XD

    • 14.8 th em

      My current rationalization:

      This drama seems to have a lot of sleep/consciousness threads running through it. The coma, the rule about JH only using the body when YK’s asleep, the way half the characters are blaming their behaviors on sleep disorders, etc.

      The 49 days thing is a weird place between being dead and alive. Sort of like that weird time between being half awake and half asleep? When the doctor put YK into a half-awake/half-asleep hypnotic trance, that’s when she started remembering JH’s presence.

      YK was only half-conscious when she saw the Scheduler in Jinan, so maybe that’s what allowed her to see his real face.

      No idea if this is really where the writer is going with this, but I like it for a few reasons:

      1) It plays nicely off some of the bigger themes in the drama– both JH and YK could both be described as living their lives half-asleep in different ways until now.

      2) It might mean a chance for JH’s dad to see his daughter when he’s half-knocked out for surgery. (Sure, he could also see her if he dies or almost dies, but who wants him to die after wasting so much plot on convincing him to get the surgery so he’ll live? Not me.) This would be totally unnecessary to the plot, but it might be a nice touch especially after HK convinced Dad to get the surgery by saying JH’s spirit is probably watching over her father.

      3) More importantly, it might mean a chance for YK & YS to “see” each other one last time before he moves on. They’ve left enough room to wiggle out of it, but I tend to think YS is really and truly dead and not coming back to life. And the Scheduler was quite clear in explaining to JH that The Powers That Be aren’t interested in letting humans know there’s an afterlife. So it’s not like 5-years-dead YS can just walk up to YK when she’s fully awake and say his goodbyes. But they could have it happen in a half-awake dreamlike state. That would allow for closure and goodbye kisses and whatever, with the added bonus of not breaking the universe and/or YK’s brain.

      • 14.8.1 celest1al

        I really like your thoughts on this. Very interesting.

    • 14.9 yumi

      She might not have been conscious when he caught her, plus she was already in memory land so the walls between the souls might have be fragile.

  15. 15 WooHigh

    I already commented, but I have to say more! I am really excited/sad that this drama is almost over. This is how I hope it plays out. Kang and ji-hyun get together while she is back in her original body. And some how that Ji-soo and yi-kyung get a second chance. The later is probably highly unlikely, but I can hope.

    Thanks for all your hard work on the Recaps! 😛

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    Anyone else noticed that the Locker Room in Heaven is actually a Rocker Room? LOL. I wonder if it was misspelled or it was done on purpose. 😀

    • 17.1 ahjummabunny

      okay I’m learning Hangul and L is pronounced r by Koreans. in fact the two letters are represented by the same symbol. I think it’s an inside joke.

    • 17.2 Schmazel

      Lol. I just realized that GF mentioned it in her post. I was too busy skimming thru the recap and the pics to notice. Kekeke.

      • 17.2.1 ahjummabunny

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        • Schmazel

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          • YY

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    • 19.1 ahjummabunny

      It’s true bae soo bin ( bae soo bin!!!) is a great actor but I feel like his role limits him too much. In angel’s temptation he had a similar role and motivation but he was more dynamic. n this role he seems uncomfortable. his clothes don’t seem to fit right, his cues are off. this could be my biased opinion because I’ve gone over to the kang aaaah side but a thing is a thing.

    • 19.2 zakuropanda

      Well, the fact that people can hate on his character means that he is acting very well – otherwise there would be WAY more stuff about his acting skills. But, yes, I agree that he should def. be recognized for his acting chops!

      • 19.2.1 rubie

        There will be no story for the drama if there’s no bad guy(s). ^^ The writer of Brilliant Legacy & 49 Days must have envisioned BSB playing this role.

    • 19.3 Ah joo ma

      Yeah.. I like Bae Soo Bin too, too bad that he always got this not so lucky role! I put down my list as :
      1 Jhj
      2 Bsb
      3 the sassy scheduler.

    • 19.4 judith

      I actually agree. Bae Soo Bin and his jealousy looks so-damn-hot.

      It is as hot as Kang-ah in suits *grin*

      • 19.4.1 Alvina

        BSB and his picture of when he was laughing as super cute.
        And the scene at the movie theatre (where he did the smile) CUTE!!! <— totally hated his "character" though 😀

    • 19.5 Cindy

      I just wan to say that I’m loving Jo hyun jae because of his Kang-factor and you know how a sweetie Kang can be AWWW

      But I’m loving Min ho because of Bae soon bin. If it was someone else in his role, I would have already written him off as a jerk and hated him. DAMN! I love how bae soon bin is portraying his character. He’s bad (like how he admitted he is) but u don’t hate him..

      • 19.5.1 gg

        same here… BSB rocks!!!! 😀

      • 19.5.2 minsun

        Yeah I have to say that my undying allegiance and love for Kang ah aside, BSB is acquitting himself very well as a right jerk and sleaze ball of this drama. Although I hate Kang Minho’s guts, BSB is really solid in this drama. The way he looks at Ji-Kyung (Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung’s body) is so heartfelt. He is really a complex and lonely character. I have never watched a drama with him in it before (I know…where have I been right) but I have been very impressed.

    • 19.6 tari

      I hope they will redeem Min-ho at the end, since he’s really falling for the girl this time maybe the last tear will come from his troubling eyes.

      • 19.6.1 ahjummabunny

        I keep thinking he liked her back then too or he was at least “drawn” to her. Just like Kang is drawn to Yi kyung/ ji hyun so is min ho reacting to the combo.

        • taft

          hmm that’d be nice, but i think he just fell for the tactic he confronted her about in earlier eps. her obvious hate/distaste for him (contrary to everyone else liking him) piqued his interest and makes him want to make her like him. basically, he likes the chase.

          methinks its just another case of: boys + their games.

      • 19.6.2 frillyobject

        I love BSB too!!! I also think the last tear should be from him! Maybe he will really fall in love with her in the end! And his troubling eyes…I just can’t bring myself to hate him!

    • 19.7 sheila

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    • 19.8 lenrasoon

      Bae soo Bin is amazing here, his Min Ho character is so charming yet so hateful and his scenes with Lee yo won is pure HOTNESS. I love Kang but Min ho come in close second of my favorite characters

    • 19.9 mememomo

      BSB was really good in the drinks/argument scene with JHJ. He got that blank sociopath stare when he was talking about how he grew up.

      But love Kang ah!

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    • 21.1 ahjummabunny

      that would be a ridiculous twist. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m only saying it’s ridiculous.

      • 21.1.1 sillyjoey09

        i know, i can only dream right, haha!

    • 21.2 Dayan

      I was going to comment on that, I read yours and I LOLed!

      He COULD really pass for a gay brother doncha think? What, with all the sassy outfit, outbursts, etc? Hahaha. That’d be choke-full hilarious. And awesome! HAHA

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    That is exactly how I responded to the last scene. GAH!!! And I have to wait for one more week to find out more!!!

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  24. 24 Jenni





  25. 25 Leina

    Holy moly, what a cliff-hanger of an ending! Somehow I have already willed my brain to shut down and not speculate anymore about the plot twists, because if there is one thing this drama is excellent at, it’s at keeping the viewers guessing (and I’ve been wrong about most of my guesses save for my guess that YK and YS were actually lovers, not siblings). A part of me is chiding myself for picking this drama to be the first kdrama to watch real-time; might save me a lot of near heart attack moments if I’m marathoning this instead after all episodes are in! But my is it addictive!!!

    Thank you, GF and JB for your awesome recap–for the umpteenth time.

    Just an observation: it is clear to me that MH never really cared for/was attracted to the JH pre-accident. He thought her to be clueless and just fluffy and well, boring. I like how this drama illustrates that people–when confronted with adversity and forced to re-wire their beliefs because of hard times–really have that amazing power to adapt and change. Look at JH now. She kicks ass and though still slow on the uptake and naive, her drive to live and save her parents have really made her so much more interesting as a person that MH finds himself drawn to her now. JH is no longer a one-dimensional saccharine flower but has grown to become a discerning, purpose-driven good person. In other words, she’s now truly a woman of substance. I love it.

    • 25.1 Jenni

      Keep in mind, Kang loved JH even if she was this “fluffy, no substance” girl 🙂

      • 25.1.1 ahjummabunny

        but she wasn’t a fluffy no substance girl. she was always sincere with him.

      • 25.1.2 Leina

        True dat, Jenni. Though I’m not sure if HK already loved JH then; maybe it was the beginnings of love, though definitely more than a crush.

        Personally, I like JH’s character much better now, after the accident. JH pre-accident saw life as just one streaming happy bunnies and rainbow montage, and we all know that’s not what it really is. I think even HK is mighty impressed at JH’s efforts now to save her dad, making him love her more. JH did not change because of a man (which I really wouldn’t like). She changed and matured because she has come to realize, on her own, that hardships are part and parcel of life, and that love and friendships–of the genuine kind–are really hard to come by, and these are the things that she is fighting for right now. I myself get drawn to people who have stared adversity in the face and have become better persons because of it. JH has grown, and as a woman, she has become phenomenal.

      • 25.1.3 anon

        Probably that is what they call “meant to be” :p

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    thank you for the recap!

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    yi kyung n yi soo again n again
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    • 27.1 afifah

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    Also, a guess… Could she already know who Min Ho is because she met him somewhere else and he does not remember? I wonder…

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      Rocker Room!
      Kang in a Suit again!

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      • 30.1.2 VanillaSalt

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        • Jomo

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    anyways, KANG = LOVE. and the ending of this ep = OMG. i squealed when yikyung replied with minho’s name.

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    • 35.1 ahjummabunny

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      • 35.1.1 TgM4

        I knooo…..crazy! never even thought of it….noooo wayyy!

      • 35.1.2 Jenni

        I’d like to know how that is incest. Especially when they are not related.

        • One

          I wonder though… Yi Kyung and Yi Soo are orphans…. so there might be another twist revealing that Yi Soo is Ji Hyun’s brother… Or could Yi Kyung be Min Ho’s sister? Twisty twist that would be…

    • 35.2 anon

      they just afterlife BFF, well sort of..

    • 35.3 Jenni

      I was shipping for them, too! no worries, I’m on your side 😉

      Except it’s not happening OTL

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    Thank you, girlfriday! I’m pulling an all-nighter with my final paper and presentation because I can’t stop watching some of today’s scenes. The ending gave me a heart attack. I also think YK recognizes MinHo from her JH flashbacks. She probably said it unconsciously or knows he’s a bad, suspicious sort of guy and is curious to find out more abt these “memories”.

    And Kang MinHo- psychopath much? It’s already sketchy enough that he has pretend-dated JH for years to get his hands on her land, but he’s doing it not because he has a serious grudged against the family, but because it was the perfect opportunity to get his revenge on the world. Why not choose a girl from a mean sort of family?! And I still get the feeling that Injung cares abt JH deep down. She kept the old cards JH wrote her.

    I also noticed the Rocker Room and LOLed! And Han Kang studied in America too!

    HK is like 10000 kinds of awesomeness. I liked him in the beginning but was tired of his grumpiness…now I’m in love!

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    i love this story!!!

    • 39.1 ahjummabunny

      I remember when I first found dramabeans. I can’t remember the drama that I was looking for recaps of, but I gained sooo much more than that one drama. Welcome!!!!
      P.S. swing by open thread later.

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    • 41.1 asianromance

      I agree! I loved Secret Garden but that ran on chemistry and crack. 49 days runs on some amazing storytelling. It really feels like the writer has it all planned. How is it that at episode 14, it still hasn’t lost any steam, but in fact is more energetic and thrilling than ever! Even my beloved series seem to trip up a bit at this pt in the narrative.

    • 41.2 Godislove

      I COMPLETELY agree with both of you!

      I have to admit I was pretty obsessed with Secret Garden… it was a MAJOR success in Korea and had super high ratings from start to finish BUUUUTTTT

      I mean nothing beats an awesome storyline, good pace, awesome acting, an unpredictable factor… the list goes on and on!

      Oh and c’mon? Kang in a suit? Grumpy, hidden feelings Kang turned Prince charming saves the day Kang? Nothing beats that. Nothing. Nuff said lol

      O WAIT! lol

      I CANNOT wait to see as well where this whole Kang/Yk/JH thing goes…

      My FAVOURITE scene in this episodes and probably the series up till now was when kang and yk/jh meet after she finds out that he knows about everything!

      Kang thinks JH doesn’t know that he knows….. JH knows that Kang DOESN’T know that she knows…. lol and in this scene in particular Kang knows that whatever YK says is actually JH saying it so when YI/JH thanks him and tells him that they are both awesome friends to JH, Kang knows that JH is actually saying that to him and his facial expression is PRICELESS!! You can tell that he felt something at that moment!

      OOH~ it’s a little late for this comment but I LOVE that Kang knows about the MH and IJ relationship because now he knows that JH does not like MH and that she is free to be LOVED by him <3

      GOOSHHH I am soooooo glad my exams ended yesterday so I can enjoy this drama stress-free XD

  42. 42 Schmazel

    So, I was over at soompi and someone pointed out some behind-the-scenes pictures of Bae Soo Bin. They’re really adorable! To all BSB lovers, check this out:


    It’s post number 13 and 14. Credits to the SBS website.

    Enjoy! 😀

  43. 43 k-soup

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  44. 44 k-soup

    thanks for the recap! wow! it’s going to end soon!!! 🙁

  45. 45 karen

    I would have never figured out the Rocker Room. Love it!!!
    My wedding photographer wrote Raguna Beach for Laguna Beach (Laguna Beach, CA) in my proofs. When I pointed it out, he was seriously shocked how no one else ever told him.

    • 45.1 ahjummabunny

      L and R do sound similar sometimes. I think it is sooo cute.

      • 45.1.1 HK4ever

        The Japanese have the same problem dealing with L and R.

  46. 46 goingcrazywaiting

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    Usually the Wednesday episode gets subbed by now but its not, and I wanna cry cuz I really wanna watch this!!!!!!
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    Sorry for the rant.
    Scheduler and Kang Ah saranghae!!!!!!

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  48. 48 churasan

    Arghhhh! What another cliffhanger! I’m wondering if it was the Scheduler or JH as YK at the end. Every time there’s a “dangerous” situation, he kinda warns JH and bails her out.

    Now that JH knows about HK’s feelings, I really want to see some lovey dovey moments! Please writers… don’t make us wait any longer! Can’t wait until HK finds out that JH knows!

  49. 49 nou

    one thing that makes this drama soooo enjoyable is that WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT’S GOING TO END!!!!

    it doesn’t have an obvious ending where we all know the leads will end up happily or the villians will die and etc… this one remains a mystery b/c we are not given enough info on what’s going to happen next….

    things to ponder about:
    -will JiHyun come back to life?
    -will MinHo & InJung’s plans be thwarted?
    -will Scheduler remember YiKyung and how?
    -if JiHyun comes back, will she remember what she experienced and that Kang likes her?
    -will YiKyung ever get to see the Scheduler/YiSoo?

    OMG! just too much to ponder over until next week! what a killer cliffhanger!

    • 49.1 nanu

      oh god
      -if JiHyun comes back, will she remember what she experienced and that Kang likes her?

      this didnt come to me ………..
      nway it may be like feels like heaven wher resse remembers atlast…

  50. 50 laya

    Eeeee, thanks for the recap.

    That part I said before that I wasn’t interested in watching 49 Days? I totally take that back. Like totally.

    Like, two episodes to go. XD

    • 50.1 asianromance

      this is actually a 20 episode drama

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