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49 Days: Episode 7
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I was hard-pressed not to use another Jung Il-woo screencap up here — and there were so many good ones today! — but I do recognize that he’s not the only interesting character (or even the main one) in 49 Days. So we’ll do with a frazzled Jo Hyun-jae instead.


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So Ji-hyun takes the devil’s bargain, agreeing to work as Min-ho’s new housekeeper. She’s not giving up this opportunity to dig around about the shady business Min-ho’s up to. From the snippets of conversations she’s overheard, she knows he’s planning something, and that her father’s company is at risk.

She agrees so easily that Min-ho’s surprised — he was anticipating a fight, even angling for one, since that’s the only way he’s been able to engage Yi-kyung at all. He gives her his address and she agrees to meet him there the next morning.

He drives away vowing, “We’ll just see how long you look at me with that glare, Song Yi-kyung.” Ji-hyun watches him go, understanding that he’s the type of small-hearted man who can’t abide being ignored, and that he’s determined to crush her — er, Yi-kyung, the only woman who has ever presented a challenge.

Kang tells Manager Oh that he sent Yi-kyung away and doesn’t regret it in the least, oh no, he feels nothing AT ALL. Manager Oh doesn’t seem to believe him, but he’s got another matter to press upon Kang: He has recommended him as an architect for a cafe/gallery project, because Kang has washed his hands of the Haemido resort project and needs a little prodding to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun has lined up an appointment with a friend (under a false name) to resume her Three Tears Project, only to find that the friend has gotten held up at work. She gets blown off, and Ji-hyun’s miffed at her friend’s easy dismissal.

Starving, she stops for a bite to eat and sighs over the small portion. Given that Ji-hyun’s abnormally large appetite wasn’t well-received by Yi-kyung’s body last time, it seems ill-advised that she orders a second helping. However, she’s spurred by the memory of the doctor warning her to stay away from noodles, and the worry that Yi-kyung’s going to persist in her steady diet of instant ramyun.

That day, she comes home early to let her body rest, and Yi-kyung awakens earlier than usual. She darts out of the house to a nearby store to use the phone, apologizing to her boss for being ill the day before. Unfortunately, he gives her some bad news.

Kang meets with his new prospective client, but is immediately put off by the man’s attitude and rejects the job offer flatly. As he leaves the meeting, he spies Yi-kyung hurrying to the store, and for a moment he seems ready to go after her — which would be GREAT, given the confusion that would ensue — but finally decides against it.

The almost-encounter gives him difficulty sleeping that night, though, as he thinks back to how he fired Yi-kyung, and how she left without taking his money.

Yi-kyung returns home glumly and sleeps through the night, having lost her job, while Ji-hyun hovers over her worriedly. When morning comes, Ji-hyun’s in a panic because Yi-kyung is now awake — and that means Ji-hyun can’t take over and meet Min-ho for her new job.

The Scheduler shows up to tell her exasperatedly that this is Ji-hyun’s fault for getting Yi-kyung sick and thus fired. She was given permission by the Powers That Be to use Yi-kyung’s body — provided she not harm the body, and that she worked around the human’s life, not the other way around.

With Yi-kyung’s schedule now out of whack, Ji-hyun won’t be able to predict when Yi-kyung falls asleep. The Scheduler warns her to stick close by, lest she lose her opportunity.

That means that Min-ho is left waiting for her at home, growing increasingly angry at being stood up. He shows up for work late, where In-jung suggests that they lunch together, only to be turned down coldly. She’s hurt, but he reminds her that they’ve always played their parts at the office, even when nobody’s around.

So now it’s time to find out how they met, as a flashback takes us back a few years:

In-jung had been walking through the neighborhood at night, talking on the phone with her mother, when she’d been grabbed by a couple of thugs and shoved into their car. Min-ho, returning from one of his frequent hiking trips, had seen her screaming and struggling and run after the car. He’d rescued her from her kidnappers and seen to her safety, after which he’d walked her home, and they’d exchanged names and numbers.

Min-ho finds her lost in her nostalgia, and assures her that the deal is a few days from being closed, which means that they can date openly soon. He asks her to be understanding until they pass their biggest hurdle.

We finally address whatever mystery ailment Daddy Shin has been hiding, as his friend Dr. Jo warns him that h should have surgery right away. But Dad resists, saying that he can’t do it now — now while Ji-hyun’s laid up and his wife is barely hanging on. You get the sense he’s hoping for a miracle and wants Ji-hyun to wake up before he allows himself to be sick, but the doc gives it to him straight: “There’s no hope for your daughter.” He even threatens to tell his wife about his illness, but Dad argues, unwilling to give up on his daughter.

Min-ho finalizes the paperwork on the multimillion-dollar real estate deal, then heads to Kang’s restaurant to tell him to take up the Haemido project again. Kang has a creative, eccentric design style, and he says he’s just the guy to design one of the resort’s pensions (vacation guesthouse). Kang declines, but Min-ho insists.

Min-ho’s personality downturn hasn’t gone unnoticed, and both Manager Oh and Kang puzzle over his increasingly negative moods. Okay, I know the guy’s a sneaky bastard, but isn’t this one of those things we can file under “…because his fiancée is brain-dead”?

In any case, although the pension was Min-ho’s excuse for dropping by, his real purpose was to check if Yi-kyung had come back — an impulse even he isn’t happy about. As soon as he leaves, he grumbles to himself, “What did you come here to confirm?”

We introduce a new rule (or maybe it’s just a corollary): If Ji-hyun takes over the body while it’s only in a light sleep, there’s a chance Yi-kyung could “wake” while Ji-hyun is still at the helm — which would be disastrous, because Yi-kyung would literally wake up mid-action and probably freak out. This is of particular relevance because Ji-hyun sees that Yi-kyung has finally fallen asleep and is impatient to go out…

…but she senses the risk and reluctantly turns back. She can’t chance it, especially when the consequences could endanger her 49 days as a whole.

Instead, Ji-hyun stays home and wonders why her host is wasting her life so thoroughly. She recalls Dr. Noh’s words and wonders what it is that happened five years ago that started this downward spiral.

She rifles around looking for a photo album — and that’s when she slumps to the ground, her spirit losing its hold on the host. She’s thrown out of the body, and Yi-kyung wakens slowly to see that she’s on the ground, fully dressed.

Yi-kyung thinks back to all the weird things that have been happening to her — her washed hair, twisted ankle, sickness — and senses there’s more to her life than she’s been aware. Ji-hyun can’t do anything but look in horror as Yi-kyung fumbles through her box of hidden belongings and finds the shampoo.

But what explanation could make sense of those things? Yi-kyung just laughs bitterly, then declares, “I’m sick of this!” Fed up with her misery, Yi-kyung finds a piece of rope and twists it into a noose, looking for a place to hang it.

Ji-hyun calls the Scheduler and begs him to come quick and stop her, because Yi-kyung’s about to commit suicide. But to her shock, he just answers, “Again?” He orders her, “Leave her alone. Whether she commits suicide is her choice. It’s not for us to interfere with.”

Just as Yi-kyung is about to put her head into the noose, a knock sounds at the door — it’s Dr. Noh. She ignores him at first, but he’s so insistent that finally she opens the door.

He’d been worried because he couldn’t find her at the convenience store, and is relieved to see her alive and well. Er, alive. He’s here to return her dried rose to her, the meaning of which is lost on him but the sight of which has an immediate effect on her. It softens her anger, and she takes it, as well as the card he offers in case she should want to talk.

When she comes back inside, Ji-hyun holds her breath, waiting to see if she’ll resume her suicide plan. Thankfully she doesn’t, and Ji-hyun tearily thanks her for staying alive.

She doesn’t know why Yi-kyung’s so miserable, but she asks:

Ji-hyun: “You don’t know how precious it is to have a body, do you? Being able to touch, and feeling warmth. You have a voice that someone else can hear, and you have people to hear your voice. You can look at someone and smile together. Unni, please, have strength. You need to be strong so I can live too — no, so that I can do something to stay alive.”

But Time, she keeps on ticking, and over the course of the next four days, Ji-hyun remains stuck inside the apartment because Yi-kyung stays at home, doing nothing but eating ramyun.

With her days counting down, Ji-hyun begs the Scheduler to do something. Alas, he can’t do anything to directly help, either, since he can’t influence the will of the living.

On the other hand, he’s annoyed at being pestered (and also curious about Yi-kyung), so he puts in a call to his reaper sunbae to ask if he can use “Tactic #3” in cases like this.

This super-special Tactic #3 involves…

…the Scheduler dressing up like a free-lovin’ hippie, speaking with fey mannerisms and falsetto voice. Omg.

He looks up a late-night coffee shop, then has a fit about the “bad energy in here.” He advises the manager to bring in a nighttime worker, using his Reaper omniscience to play psychic: He knows that last month the man’s dog died, and next will be…

With that, Psychic Hippie shudders as though his spirit sense has left him, and talks normally — just as he has the manager hooked. So the manager is on pins and needles as the Scheduler tosses a few last tips: If he finds a woman for the job who’s under 30, thin, and doesn’t smile easily, the manager will have a long life. HAHA.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious: the Scheduler’s Tactic #3, or the fact that there’s been enough need for this routine in the past to warrant a nickname for it.

To ensure that Yi-kyung gets the message, she is followed around by job flyers that only appear to her. She disregards them all, but you can only ignore the Powers That Be for so long before they insist upon being noticed. Finally, she registers the monster-sized poster that specifies the job qualifications: “1am to 8 am. Female. Ages between 28 and 29. Height 170 cm. Weight under 51 kg.” LOL. The sign even specifies a familial atmosphere and the ability to work “without the boss hovering.”

She takes the flyer with her to the cafe, but when she holds it out, nobody else can see the paper. But she fits his requirements and he’s eager to hire her right away.

Ji-hyun promises the Scheduler that she’ll be more careful about how she uses the body this time. She asks for another favor (prompting an outburst from the Scheduler about how women always respond to a nice gesture by asking for more, more, MORE!), and requests more information on Yi-kyung’s life. She feels sorry for her loneliness, and wants to find her family if she has any.

He says that’s outside his realm, but he’s been known to bend a rule or two for Ji-hyun before… Plus, he does seem to have a growing curiosity regarding the puzzling host.

With 33 days left, Ji-hyun finally gets a turn at the body, and shows up at Min-ho’s apartment to claim her job. He’s long given up on expecting her and greets her stonily, but it’s not like he’s about to send her away, either. Using the excuse that she was fired because of him, he invites her in.

He wants her ID card and number, which she doesn’t carry with her, and settles for her phone number. As he leaves, he tells her to wait for him to come home tonight, not caring that it’s rude of him to basically tell her to wait for twelve hours with nothing more than a cavalier “I’ll try to be home by 11.”

Ji-hyun doesn’t like the idea of giving up an entire day stuck inside, but she agrees and gets right to work rifling through his things, looking for incriminating information.

Seo-woo matches her day off with In-jung’s thinking that the girls can visit Ji-hyun together. But In-jung has plans, and Seo-woo guesses that she has a new boyfriend. Naturally curious, Seo-woo prods for details, and eagerly suggests that sharing the news with Ji-hyun might prompt her to wake up.

It’s just the sort of comment to ping a backstabby friend’s guilt reflex, and In-jung tells Seo-woo to stop talking about Ji-hyun all the damn time (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”), and that their lives aren’t only about her. “Are you never going to see another movie or eat tasty food or date or marry, because you feel sorry to Ji-hyun?”

Seo-woo points out that hardly any time has passed since the accident, but In-jung declares that it’s only a matter of time before they resume their lives — and she’s already reached that point.

Snooping in Min-ho’s files, Ji-hyun doesn’t find the business papers she’s looking for, but she does find an album of couple photos of Min-ho and In-jung, which date back to 2006. Before Min-ho studied abroad, and definitely before she met him. Her suspicions confirmed, she’s amazed at her (ex-)friends’ audacity.

At the restaurant, Manager Oh drags Kang out of his office, insisting he’s been cooped up for too long, and engages him in a round of forced calisthenics. It’s in this undignified position that Ji-hyun finds him (she left Min-ho’s apartment after verifying that his passcode has been unchanged), as cheery as ever.

Kang’s a little thrown at her upbeat attitude and he takes a gruff, “Why are you here?” tone. She calls him “Han Kang-sshi” and her speech is too familiar for (his) comfort, but she points out that he’s no longer her boss. She’s a paying customer, here to eat. Heh.

While Ji-hyun eats and chats with the manager’s wife, Kang looks over at her while doing the whole “I’m NOT standing here to listen to you, but oh well if I happen to accidentally overhear you…” routine. He takes in the news that she has a cushy new — which pays better — although she admits that she was more comfortable working here.

He doesn’t bother speaking directly to Ji-hyun, but he tells Manager Oh not to charge her for her meal. On her way out, she tells him she paid anyway, since she’s no beggar. For good measure, she tells him clearly that she has absolutely no interest in his engaged friend.

She scoffs at his “feigned concern,” but then Kang surprises her by asking after her health, and checking that she’s truly okay with her new job. Mollified to see that he really is concerned, she says goodbye (promising the manager’s wife to come back frequently for pasta) and heads off.

That’s when the nosy waitress, Soon-jung, comes up with the brilliant idea that Yi-kyung’s new job must be at a bar — what else could give her lots of pay and afternoons off? And we know that good Korean girls do NOT work as bar hostesses — that’s for those who’ve given up all hope of decent living, or sold their souls for money, or have no shame.

Alarmed, Kang runs after Yi-kyung, but is unable to find her. She’s actually standing just around a corner, behind a bush, but he doesn’t see her and grumbles to himself, upset.

Ji-hyun watches him running through the park in concern, and thinks to herself, “Kang, I know you’re worrying about Song Yi-kyung and not me, but thank you. I’m relieved to have someone like you.”

As Kang keeps looking around for her, she continues, “Don’t do that — it makes me want to go to you…when the person you’re worrying over isn’t me.” Fighting her tears, she dashes off.

All day at work, Min-ho is conscious of Yi-kyung waiting for him at home, considering the idea of going home early. So when In-jung calls to confirm the dinner date he’d forgotten, he makes up the excuse that he can’t make it because he’ll have to work through dinner, thanks to the recent deal.

But somebody’s wearing his bad idea pants today, because like the helpful secret girlfriend she is, In-jung takes it upon herself to head over to prepare her busy boyfriend a proper dinner.



I’m glad that this drama has addressed the issues of sharing the body, which I always think is a tricky issue in body-swap and body-possession stories. You have to take pains to state the rules and to address possible sticky issues, like whether it’s fair to take over someone’s life without their permission (or even awareness), and whether there are consequences. I accept 49 Days‘ explanation of why Yi-kyung’s the host — she’s the reason Ji-hyun was sent to her early, unscheduled death — and I like that the physical ramifications are clear.

Plus, since you have the grumpy Scheduler on hand to berate Ji-hyun for being selfish or thoughtless, it makes Ji-hyun’s behavior more acceptable. If she did things that went unpunished, I’d be upset with her, but since she’s getting her scoldings regularly, it frees me to find her sweet (if dim).

For instance, take her impatience to occupy the host, and her whining to the Scheduler. Her attitude reminds me of the feeling of helplessness when your schedule is wholly dependent upon another person’s, sort of like sharing a car with a twin. But he reminds her that the fact that she even gets a crack at the body is a gift, and that she’d better remember that SHE’S the parasite here.

I enjoy that Ji-hyun’s getting a whole new perspective on the two guys in her life, and that she gets to fall in love with Kang not because he loves her, or because he treats her well, or because he says the right thing at the right time — but instead, just because he’s a good person with a good heart. She was fooled by Min-ho’s perfect demeanor and practiced ways, thinking they were made for each other because he’d made damn sure to be exactly what she wanted. I always love it when a story shows me two people falling in love separately, and then together. It’s not to diminish the appeal of a love-at-first-sight, or immediate mutual bond, but when both sides independently learn to love the other, it somehow makes the eventual mutual version all the sweeter.

Even if that means Jo Hyun-jae gets together with Nam Gyuri. Sigh. I’m warming to it, slowly. I’ll get there. Eventually.


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          She seems too much like a doll, I’ve tried giving her a chance. I’m not sure if it’s facial expressions (or lack there of) or what, but if it wasn’t for her interactions with Reaper Boy/JIW, I would skip her scenes.

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          I guess KANG just speaks to the romantic in me. He makes me want to believe that there are still men who can love a woman the way he loves JH. Are there still men like KANG who can be HOT and STEADFAST at the same time?

          Big props to JO HYUN JAE for doing an awesome job with his role because with him as KANG it is so easy to believe that a super SEXY and HANDSOME man can still be STEADFAST in love.

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            So happy you’re on my ship, MELLIssa. Our Kang-ah is the Perfect Man….lovely and sad and noble. The best part of this ep is him in bed in that cute V-shaped blue tee, tossing and turning. Poor baby. Your pain is my pain.

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        Anyway, maybe she’ll die in the end but her spirit lives on with Lee Yo-Won (Mr Reapper might have to break another rule to make it happen). I believe it’s her kind heart, innocent and lively spirit etc that draws Kang to her. Surely he wont miss her body right?. He is not a real man if he doesn’t find Lee Yo-Won’s body sexy lol.
        Ummmn I think I had a little to much to drink ….

    • 2.2 Lavender

      Just wondering about the “ah” suffix. In Cantonese we also have a similar “ah” suffix denoting a term of endearment (which can come before or after a persons name). It is reserved only for those on very intimate terms with us (such as close friends or family). It can also be used by persons much older to address the younger (similar to the Japanese equivalent “chan” suffix). Is this suffix used similarily in the Korean context?

      • 2.2.1 scheduler

        Here’s an explanation: 🙂 http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/07/glossary-banmal/

        • Lavender

          Thank you! It was gloriously informative. Although “ah” is similar, and shows the strength of the relationship between two people, I think it is more intimate in Chinese since we don’t have “sshi” (or in other words, we don’t tack on Mr/Ms at the end of names in general). Although it is similar enough that it makes me kind of giddy.

      • 2.2.2 Blyssxoxo

        I won’t say it’s very initimate like parents, siblings, lovers but definitely on a close term such as good frens etc.

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      I want to find one of him where you can clearly see his that strange fur vest that matched his perm!

  20. 20 tegami

    The whole idea of Nam Gyuri getting Jo Hyun-jae at the end just puts me off because it’s Lee Yo-won who I’ve been seeing interacting with his character in the drama. Ergo all the romantic buildup will seem pretty damn anti-climatic if Nam Gyuri ends up with Jo Hyun-jae. It just seems iffy to me.

    • 20.1 B

      I think it will help once Lee Yo-won gets to act Yi-Kyung more (not JH in YK’s body). Once we see the differences in their mannerism, talk and personality, I think it will help. I mean it’s like identical twins. They just look the same, but you can differentiate them by the way they talk and dress etc.

      • 20.1.1 tegami

        Yeah that’s exactly what’s bothering me. It’s already the seventh episode but Lee Yo-won’s character hasn’t been developed that much compared to Nam Gyuri’s. So basically if you think about it, Lee Yo-won is sorta like a pseudo protagonist in that even though she’s the one interacting with everyone else, it’s not her character that’s being played — it’s actually Nam Gyuri. Which is why the most sensible and comfortable pairings are Nam Gyuri with Reaper Boy (since it’s just those two interacting with each other) and Lee Yo-won with Jo Hyun-jae.

        • stormsandsins

          Agreed. I don’t see why the writers would pair NGR with JHJ if we’ve seen her interact more with JIW than with the “world of the living”. It would just seem completely anticlimactic to me if they took the easy way out.

          Personally, I’d like JH to help YK reclaim her life instead of collecting her tears (since it seems unlikely JH will ever figure out HK actually loves her… and Seo Woo would be the only other who’d cry pure tears for her as far as we know). And maybe if she fails and the Scheduler chooses to remain at his post, then… they could be the Scheduler power couple 🙂

          A girl can dream. But dammit, I think the Scheduler’s more of a fit for JH than HK.

          • Mr Bloo

            “I’d like JH to help YK reclaim her life…”

            I wonder if YK is one of the people who’ll shed tears for JH??

        • Lea

          Then it means you ship the actors, not the characters.

    • 20.2 rockee

      I so agree. Sigh.

  21. 21 Mindy

    OMG Scheduler!!! haha hippie version is so cute<3

  22. 22 bekky

    I can see the JH-HK pairing in the making but the pairing only works with JH in YK’s body. In the earlier episodes, NGR acts like a nauseatingly sweet little woman who is more dependent on her fiance and with not much of a character to call her own.

    In YK’s body, even though still dim-witted, LYW makes JH more lively, sweet and with a distinctive character/(flavour?). Granted that JH has grown as a character from her pre-accident days, NGR still hasn’t and it makes me cringe to think that HK will get together with the real JH.

    • 22.1 tegami

      You took it straight outta my mouth! lol.
      I totally agree with you; hopefully the writer will find a way to work through this dilemma because if they don’t and end up pairing Nam Gyuri with Jo Hyun- jae . . . I’ll be a VERY unhappy camper.

      • 22.1.1 Rika

        I agree.

        LYW and JHJ look good together…. HJH beside NGR just doesn’t look right…

        But then that points to appearances vs soul issue… I’m all for coul connection, but it is LYW who makes it work.

      • 22.1.2 rockee

        And you took it straight out of my mouth. Haha. What has kdrama done to us? Lol.

        • tegami

          Obviously Kdramas have made us shallower individuals who care more for appearances than for personality or any of those romantic notions of “soul mates beyond this world” stuff. Seriously, if the couple looks good together and has chemistry together on screen — they should be together. The girl in the hospital bed hooked up to a life-support system can just pass on to the next world. lol
          And really, Jung Il-woo isn’t that bad a consolation prize is he? C’mon people, it should be Lee Yo-won and Jo Hyun-jae all the way.

  23. 23 claire

    I wonder how the Scheduler will react when he gets to remember his past.He will be soooo sad and shocked to see YiKyung living like this…

  24. 24 Anne

    YEEEEES I’ve been stalking waiting for this recap! Thank you for your quickness!!~ <3

  25. 25 mastille

    Had to find this ep raw, go to another site for softsubs, and then here for more analysis =DDD Thanks so much for the fast updates, as always! I’m not going to speculate until after the next ep…

  26. 26 calamityjanedoe

    I hope the Scheduler forces Yi Kyung to wake up and smell the coffee, and open up the possibility of a healthy relationship with her and Dr. Noh. Heaven knows the girl needs therapy!

    Then, Min ho and In Jung will make the sacrifice to forget their revenge and focus on doing what is right (probably will come about at the very last hour), and then Kang and Ji Hyun will develop their delightful romance!

    OR Min ho and In Jung will go to jail. Or get dragged off by the Shadows. Either or is fine with me. Well, maybe spare In Jung because she has nice hair and seems to still have a shred of conscience.

  27. 27 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans! I almost didn’t notice it because Jung Il Woo wasn’t in the first screencap!

    “he Scheduler’s Tactic #3, or the fact that there’s been enough need for this routine in the past to warrant a nickname for it.”– for me, definitely the fact that there’s enough need for this to have such a mysterious nickname. For the past week, we’ve all been expecting something huge and life-altering. Love the flyers!

    I’m loving this drama more each week. The beginning was a nice surprise. I was wondering what further snooping JH really needs to do in MH’s house when the flashback of MH on that shady phone call surfaced. I hope the writers will stay ahead of schedule enough to crank out such awesomeness even in the later episodes. I also liked how they addressed the rules/consequences of body-sharing and I really like how JH is worried abt YK. With trying to find the 3 tears and thwarting Minho’s plans, it’s makes me smile to see that she also has room for YK. I really want these girls to be friends.

    I’m liking Nam Gyuri a bit more and I think the flashbacks are helping me acclimate to the HK-JH couple. It would be weird to see him interact so cutely with JH in YK’s body and then poof, by episode 20, he’s with the physical JH. I’m saving YK either for the Scheduler (though I think he won’t be returning back to the living) or Dr.Noh.

    I’m a bit sad though that JHJ/HK doesn’t really do much in this drama. He’s great at what he is doing and his eyes when he looks at JH in YK’s body make me melt, but his role doesn’t feel that important.

    And In-jung, in yo’ face!! I wonder what was up with the kidnapping. I wonder if Min-ho planned this. Man that would be sick. 5 years!

    • 27.1 Jomo

      I wonder if Min-ho planned this.

      I wondered if MH scouted IJ because she was JH’s friend, found out how poor/vulnerable she is, and set up the whole fake kidnapping thing.

      He was wearing his fake hero outfit in the yellow slicker-jacket/ backpack.

      So what horrible thing did JH’s father do to him/his family?

      • 27.1.1 omo

        “So what horrible thing did JH’s father do to him/his family?”

        Yup I wanna see some solid reason behind his actions and not just because he wants to takeover their company or something like that. Maybe it had something to do with his mom???

        • chocobo

          Minho is illegitimate son of JH’s father???
          (If that’s true, that will become so weird because that means MH was almost married with his half sister O.o)

  28. 28 Biscuit

    Minho is sure acting like his wife is at home -__-

    Anyways, love the recaps and I enjoyed this ep 😀

    • 28.1 Soo Ae

      I agree! he keeps checking his watch and wants to go home fast!

      Did anyone else notice how Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo-Won have such electrifying chemistry? Gaaahhh!

      • 28.1.1 Jomo

        It’s all that steamy staring, arm grabbing, boy throwing, land stealing. OK not the last part.

        • Jomo

          There was, sadly, no boy throwing.
          I meant body throwing into the car.

          • omo

            I’m just about to ask you that 🙂

          • YY

            You’re a violent woman, Jomo.

        • asianromance

          LOL! Land stealing as a mating ritual! =DD

          I hope Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won do a drama together where they get to be the leading couple!

      • 28.1.2 omo

        Oh yes, on the end of the previous episode when they just stare at each other that was hot. And unlike Kang who attracted to YK since she remains him of JH, and we all go aww..Kang-ahhh, MH gets all excited since she treats him badly. And that is one hot jerk.

        aw I love all the three guys in this drama

        • Soo Ae

          Oh, and in this ep when Min ho opens the door to his apartment and they both stare at each other, sizzling chemistry right there! kyaaah!

        • omo

          *reminds him of JH 😛

        • Jomo

          “MH gets all excited since she treats him badly.”

          Hmmmm, please elaborate on what you think MH will be paying YK/JH to do as his “maid.*”
          *No offense to the associate of the maids

      • 28.1.3 YOO

        i know , right this two might just about get to Joo woon ra im level . i know . a bit inhuman of me but i was like KISS HER ALREADY ! gah . i know bad guys shouldn’t get to kiss the girl but , i’ll die of joy .

        • pink

          and I thought I was the only one who noticed. I know it’s pointless to ship on MH and YK but they sure look good together…

  29. 29 jakebot

    this is, by far, becoming one of my favorite dramas this year. it seems like all of the main characters have more depth to them than the average kdrama. i agree with jb’s thoughts on the rules and consequences and how, while the scheduler may make subtle alterations, the rules are pretty consistent…no random fog of unswitchiness, or the like…on a side note, i totally think nam gyuri is aping IU’s Pil Sook in her vocal delivery. i can almost hear her asking to sing a duet with the scheduler!

    • 29.1 mellowyel

      Nam Gyuri used to sing with Seeya, so she’s a vocalist in her own right – their voices are similar in real life

  30. 30 YY

    I’m all for Ji Hyun and Kang. I want them to be together. His steadfast love for her despite her having a new body shows his strength of character and the depth of his love for Ji Hyun. To swing to a new girl now would be out of keeping with his character. I think Kang will remain true to his first and only love throughout this story.

    Ji Hyun’s story is obviously the main story here, and all other plots are subsidiary, as is YK’s. Jomo raised an interesting possibility….maybe in the end, torn between getting the last tear for herself, or saving YK, Ji Hyun will save YK, and condemn herself to death, and maybe that in the end will redeem herself and give her a second chance at life. She puts YK before herself, and maybe that will elicit the last tear from the Scheduler?

    I also love how Ji Hyun is falling for Kang for his kindnesses towards another woman, not herself. She’s falling for the real Kang whom she’s never seen before as he’s always hidden his real self beneath a gruff exterior.

    • 30.1 rockee

      “I’m all for Ji Hyun and Kang. I want them to be together. His steadfast love for her despite her having a new body shows his strength of character and the depth of his love for Ji Hyun. To swing to a new girl now would be out of keeping with his character. I think Kang will remain true to his first and only love throughout this story.” Darn, you raise a very good point here. But perhaps some of Ji-hyun’s characteristics/qualities might rub off on Yi-kyung that will make Kang like her in the end? I dunno, anything could happen. This is a drama after all. Hehe. Just a thought.

    • 30.2 Jomo

      She’s falling for the real Kang whom she’s never seen before as he’s always hidden his real self beneath a gruff exterior.

      Why DOES Kang hide his real self?
      That’s the other mystery that needs to be revealed.
      They meant something to each other before. Until that thing happened between them, right?

      Maybe Kang was about to konfess his love to JH when Minho arrived on the scene and yellow-sllckered JH out from under him? Or maybe it is something further back…

      • 30.2.1 YY

        Yeah, what incident was it I wonder? So curious. Maybe Evil Guy lied to her about Kang-ah’s motives? Or Evil Guy lied to Kang-ah about her true intentions. Maybe Ji Hyun liked Kang-ah first? So many questions, so little time….

        • Jomo

          Oh!OH! OH!!!!!

          It’s like all those movies where the guys meet in prison, one of them spills the beans about a robbery he committed, and the cell mate goes to that guy’s home town and inserts himself into the guy’s life to steal the beans!!

          Kang and Minho were in the States together. While there, Kang talks about this chick back home that he lurves, and how she is RICH! So MH, who secretly is EVIL and WRONGED by JH’s father, decides to swoop in and yellow slicker her when they get back because he wants all the BEANS!

          Amodo? Ani?

          • YY

            WOW! That’s pure genius, Jomo! *faints from awe*

          • One

            I think MH started his revenge plan before going to States. What if he met Kang there on purpose. Maybe MH has something against Kang too because he is so eager to involve him as an architect?

      • 30.2.2 MELLIssa

        I have a feeling bestfriend IJ has something to do with the misunderstanding. Just gut feel.

        • Jomo

          You mean she helped distance JH from Kang so Minho would have a better shot at seducing JH with his evil charms?

          • MELLIssa

            @JOMO, yes something like that.

            @One – i do feel that MH has plans for Kang too. Because he wants KANG to be part of that project so badly. WHY?

    • 30.3 Lea

      The most sensible and thoughtful comment of this post. ^^
      I just wonder why he had to hide his real self and acted all rough and grumpy in front of her.

  31. 31 Almontel

    thank you so much for the recap since the ep’s not subbed yet…
    i was laughing like crazy too when the Scheduler was dressed up as a hippie and became more like a fortune teller…ka ka kak…..

  32. 32 Dee Dee

    Tactic #3 was just hilarious!

  33. 33 minayuki


    • 33.1 MELLIssa


    • 33.2 Christine

      Porquoi pas?

      He does the same to me since the ONLY YOU and LOVE LETTER days.

      I was so pleased when he finished his miltary service – we could now see more of him.

  34. 34 kay

    i laugh that he couldn’t see her when she’s sporting that crazy bright sweater, merely standing behind a tree of twigs. c’mon she’s not that skinny.

    • 34.1 grateful1

      Yeah, that was pretty unbelievable– even for K-dramaland!

  35. 35 Christine

    Great episode.

    Loads of JHJ moments :); and to add to that the Scheduler’s furry & hippy outfits made be laugh.

    I strongly believe that it will be a HK-YK ending. How to go about it though would be testing the writer’s ingenuity & imagination.

    YK must have been a happy & bubbly person once up until misfortunes got in the way and she gave up with life. I am keen to know the significance of that wilted rose and Dr Noh’s role on YK’s life.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  36. 36 all4movies

    Well, if YH gets Han Kang in the end, then YK better get Scheduler. That’s all I have to say!!

    • 36.1 omo

      but the hot reaper boy is like dead..five years ago

      • 36.1.1 Christine

        Perhaps the hot reaper boy is also in a coma – you’ll never know.

        • omo

          That would be awesome he is in coma for five years almost forgotten. One problem, why YK is living the way she is then?

          • Yeonism

            But in the trailer of episode 8 ; They say that they have to find her ‘younger brother’ , I’m totally sure about that !
            LOL I’m rooting for YK & HK >.< just can't get the idea of her and the S; she has so much more chemistry with HK <3

    • 36.2 Jomo

      YK is most likely S’s sister.

  37. 37 YoSoyHaru!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m hooked! Kang-ah 😀 she needs to get her first tear already.

  38. 38 ditdut

    Jo Hyunjae getting together with Nam Gyuri still gets me -_______-

  39. 39 minayuki

    Jo Hyunjae is so amazing..
    He takes my breath away with every movement he makes.
    I think I’m seriously obsessed.
    I need a doctor..

    • 39.1 MELLIssa

      Don’t waste your time and money going to the doctor. There is no cure to JO HYUN JAE. Just enjoy the obsession.

  40. 40 rockee

    Ever think the writers of this drama maybe playing with our heads? Because most of us believe/wish/guess that the pairings would initially be Yi Kyung-Han Kang, Ji Hyun-Scheduler, and Minho-Injung in the end. Or maybe the last couple won’t end up together in the end, I don’t really care. Plus, they’re pretty smart/creative for keeping us guessing and hooked for the last 8 episodes. I mean, there were times when I think the drama is going to pull another typical kdrama scenario, but they end up surprising me. And so I really hope that’s what the writers are doing with the pairings. I’m not really against the In-Jung/Han Kang pairing, but Yi-Kyung/Han Kang just seems more interesting and logical if you know what I mean. Ok, maybe I’m just in denial but were only in ep 8 so anything could happen ^_*

  41. 41 dany

    Thank you so much, I can’t wait to read this.

  42. 42 Katdiva

    I keep thinking of how painful it will be for our dear Reaper Boy when he finally realizes that he was YK’s beloved that died! I can’t only imagine the angst that he will come to know and feel!

    I have no problem with JH and Kang being together since his love for her has spanned so many years! He isn’t falling in love with with YK, he is continually loving JH and see’s her in everything that YK does and says.

    Aww I think the Reaper Boy has a slight crush on JH also, but he doesn’t realize it yet. He is charmed by her, annoyed and throughly engaged with her pleas for help. But that infatuation will melt away as soon as he remembers who YK is, and what they were in the past. ANGST is a’coming!

    Thank you so much for your quick and witty recaps! I am so freaking hooked on this drama that I want to scour the net to see if there are any spoilers anywhere!

  43. 43 Amg1

    *49day’s! More than meet’s the eye!*

    “Prosecutor Princes and Coffee House,” have been one of my favorite dramas of last year.

    49day’s is not as good as the above dramas, but what I like is the fact that as in PP and CH, it deals with some very difficult subject matter masqueraded by “Comedy.”

    This episode is the second one that deals with “Suicide” in a very realistic way, the first one that comes to mind was the suicide by the character “ Yoon Mi Ran in the drama (Phoenix).”

    I respect the PD and writers when they go out on a limb and tackle some serious issues e.g. “domestic violence, child sexual abuse, mental disorders, etc,etc. And above all “suicides,” since we know that Korea suffer one of the highest incidents in all around the world.

    For me this is the best episode so far, and I must admit that it brought me to tears, fortunately I have never lost a love one or a friend to suicide, but my heart goes to the ones that have endure such a regrettable experience.

  44. 44 VanillaSalt

    I wanna know reaper boy’s real name!

    • 44.1 Hot Reaper Boy

      Ok, Vanilla. Here it is.

      Hot. Reaper. Boy. Do you think it’s Korean?

      You can call me Reaper. Or just plain Hot.

      • 44.1.1 D

        but you’re a hot hippie boy too

  45. 45 Rika

    When YK lost her job at the convienience store and Kang seeing YK wondering around, I kind of imagined Kang offering YK a job at Heaven. They will all be surprised how professional she is because she is a hospitality major. As a result, that’s when he gets to know the real YK and falls in love with her.

    I get the JH/Kang love story, but all the sweetness and chemistry we have witnessed is thanks to LYW not NGR.

    I don’t mind NGR, but when I think that NGR and HJH will be the final copy, i shudder…

    Well, I’m in for the rollercoaster ride…

  46. 46 mellowyel

    thanks for the recap! i was dying laughing when i watched the Tactic #3 scene, and died again when I read what it was about.

    it’s been interesting reading the pairing debate in the comments. i’m good with any pairing so long as it makes sense, really. Just as long as Jo Hyun-jae gets the girl, because his sad face breaks my heart every time.

    I agree that LYW and JHJ have more chemistry than NGR and JHJ (due to having more scenes together), but I still think Jihyun-Kang could work out. One reason is that I thought NGR and JHJ had some nice beats in the flashback scenes. More importantly, though, I watched this episode without subs, but I was with NGR emotionally through the important scenes in this episode. Considering how bland I thought she was before, I take it as a sign that she’s growing as an actress, which can only mean good things for when (and if) Jihyun comes back and gets with Kang. Besides, they could always forgo the “happy couple” montage that always ends a drama, and just end it with Jihyun waking up with Kang there by her side. That way we don’t have to re-acclimate to the new pairing.

  47. 47 suzi q

    NGR eyes are scary!. Either my computer screen is bad cuz you can’t see the whites of her eyes, only black. She would be great in a horror flick.
    I hope they show more of YK’s and the scheduler’s previous life. Somehow, I think they are all interconnected. Loved JIW’s hippie impersonation. Finally, he has a role that is showing his comedic talents. He’s really great and funny as the grumpy scheduler. There not enough scenes with him so far. More JIW!
    How long will it be before JH gets her first tear? It’s starting to drag on…..getting a little boring.

  48. 48 L

    For someone who doesn’t take care of herself… YK sure has a nice perm

  49. 49 Schmazel

    Know what? I’m kinda hoping the Ji Hyun’s 49 days will not end at the last or penultimate episode, rather that it end at about episode12, so that we can see the the correct people in the correct bodies and their interactions with the rest of the world, and how they reveal all, re-connect and kick out whatever/whomever from their lives. I don’t like rushed endings. Nope. Not at all.

    Also, I agree with the rest that Lee Yo Won/Seo Yi Kyung’s story needs more development. I’m actually more interested in her side of her story and am eager to watch her do more that eat ramyeon and sell cigarettes.

    • 49.1 TaPiOcA

      Yea..That’s exactly what I was hoping for too..It would be so much nicer if they can give at least 2 episodes before the finale where JH is back to live.

      And i want HK and JH together, tho I do agree with most of you saying HK looks better with YK..Reaper boy and JH looks good together but I doubt he would ever end up with JH unless JH fails her mission or Reaper boy is given a chance to live again which is almost impossible. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • 49.2 RN

      I agree with you! I dislike how everything gets resolved in the last 60 minutes of a drama. It actually drives me crazy!

      I was trying to think of a good metaphor of how dramas should pan out. A good music composition carries a main theme throughout. The composer can also create other melodies, counterpoint, tension, and dynamics which add complexity, interest, and stay in harmony with everything else. I believe a great drama could be structured like a symphony, for instance. There is usually resolution and climax at the end, but one kind of knows what to expect, or at least isn’t flabbergasted by it.

      Another analogy would be a mechanisms of the human body. I would like each drama episode to be like a heart beat. The heart keeps pulsing (no asystole) and with each beat there is polarization, depolarization, and rest.

      One analogy I do not like is having only foreplay for every episode up to the penultimate one (as you mentioned), and THEN one huge climax at the last episode!!

      So please, give us more satisfaction sooner! Be a heart not……. you know!

    • 49.3 Phyllis

      I strongly believe that Lee Yo-won is the main character in this drama. I think she, along with Jo Hyun-jae, are the best actors here. I think she demonstrates her art well by switching from Yi-Kyung to Ji-Hyun so effortlessly.

      I want to know more about her and Han Kang. They are the ones to whom I am emotionally drawn. I am torn by who should/will end up with who. I just sort of think that, usually, the best actors end up with each other. Not MY idea!!

      I have noticed that it is difficult for us to separate the actor from the character. If we think the actor/actress is bad then that actor does not deserve the love from the protagonist whether male or female.

      I am trying not to get too attached to certain pairings. I hate being disappointed!! One thing I will say. I think a “pretty boy” needs to have a girl that is prettier than him.

      • 49.3.1 MELLIssa

        hear! hear!!!

  50. 50 Zuru

    @ javabeans: “Jo Hyun-jae gets together with Nam Gyuri” – OMG, that’s the very thing holding me back from totally falling in love with “49 days”, hahaha.
    I’ve warmed up for Lee Yo-won for the 1st time since Pure Hear (well, actually, Ryu Jin was the reason why I watched the drama :”> ); however, I think I can never get over the idea that it’s Nam Guyri, not Lee Yo-won that is playing the heroine here :)) it’s weird, I know, but that’s it!
    Though the story is progressing reasonably and pleasantly, I would be thrilled if the switch happens, Kang with Yi-kyung *dreaming* how lovely it would be *dreaming*!

    • 50.1 Julia

      Wooohooo… I’m still not getting there… I wish that JHJ will be with LYW in the end and let NG be with JIW… or none at all ( let her developed her brain power and be independent and resourceful)

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