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49 Days: Episode 8
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Han Kang! Kang-aaaaah! Why so cute? You’re killing me with your I-was-gruff-at-sixteen thing. Your bewilderment at feeling feelings is the most adorable thing about this drama, which is saying somethin’, since I’m including Reaper Boy and his array of pouty faces. Oh, now they’re warring… Can’t. Choose. Just. One.

Maybe they can have a shouting match, or a pout-off, to determine who is the meanest-with-a-heart-of-marshmallow of them all. Yeah, I’d buy tickets to that.


In-jung walks into Min-ho’s apartment, and to her utter horror, she finds Ji-hyun (in Yi-kyung’s body) glaring right back at her. Ji-hyun’s the one with the upper hand here, despite being the help: for one, she’s the one with the proper invite, and two, she knows that In-jung’s relationship with Min-ho is super-secret. She turns that fact around on her, asking what the secretary is doing here, and how she knew the lock code.

In-jung lies that she’s here on an errand to deliver food, and Ji-hyun accepts it with a cold send-off. In-jung leaves, unable to shake the feeling that something is terribly amiss here. Yeah, I’d say so. That’s what happens when you date a sneaky bastard.

Sneaky Bastard arrives home soon after she leaves, and is quite flustered when Ji-hyun tells him about In-jung’s little visit. She notices that he comes home with a file, which he takes into his room.

He calls In-jung and suggests dinner out to do some damage control. (When he works In-jung like that, it makes my hair stand up on end.) Meanwhile, Ji-hyun re-enters the apartment to search for the mystery file, which he’s locked in his safe.

In-jung can’t understand why he’s hired Yi-kyung of all people as a housekeeper, which he just tries to brush off as no big deal. But she points out how out of character it is for him to help someone because she got fired, or give her a second chance when she was so rude to him.

He asks if in the two years he’s been with Ji-hyun, if he ever fell for her. She answers no. So…he was faithful to you…behind her back? Doesn’t that like, negate the definition of faithful? Whatever. No honor amongst these thieves. He refuses to discuss the matter further, feeling it beneath him to even consider falling for someone of Yi-kyung’s position. Evil AND snooty? You’re just going for the trifecta, aren’t you?

Ji-hyun returns home, finding that her new schedule gives her more free time. She decides to go for a run, deciding that the only thing she can do to repay Yi-kyung is to eat well and exercise. Aw, that’s adorable. I kinda love her for that. And for the way she talks to Yi-kyung, like she’s really an unni.

During her run, she starts getting chased by the sound of a ghost, running along beside her, and she freaks out. Um… duh, it’s your Scheduler, and HELLO, you’re a ghost too!

Reaper Boy shows up in workout gear, complete with sneakers that have wings on them. This kid’s wardrobe alone is a spectacle worthy of its own recaps. He teases her for not having any friends to gather tears from, and she makes excuses for them that they’re busy, and they don’t know how dire the situation is for her.

He figures that she’s trying to kill two birds with one stone, working for Min-ho, and raps her daily routine at her (gah, as if he isn’t cute enough). She asks if he’s ever just thought about his life for four days, which of course he hasn’t because he’s not alive.

She tells him that being trapped in Yi-kyung’s house made her realize how precious each day was, and how many things you could accomplish in just one day. Stop making me feel lazy, Show.

She promises to make each day count. He’s proud of her for growing up a little, but makes sure to nag that she not get into any more scrapes, please. She puts her arm around him, grateful for his concern, and he puts his arm around her and adds: “I’m worried about ME.” Heh. He points out that she’s his last troublemaker (because she’s the last of his reaper duties at the end of his five-year term). Yeah, I’m sure it’s just smooth sailing from here on out. No trouble at all.

He disappears, and she shouts that she’ll call. He looks on from above and scoffs that she thinks that they’re friends or something, all the while holding his arm out like she’s still there.

In-jung stops by Kang’s to do a little digging, and asks the waitress why Kang fired Yi-kyung if he likes her. She gets back an answer she doesn’t like: because she made a move for Min-ho. She gleans a second tidbit from that news too, realizing that Kang thinks a lot of Ji-hyun (to protect her fiancé), when they all assumed he disliked her.

Kang, meanwhile, is still worrying over Yi-kyung/Ji-hyun, thinking that she’s working at a bar because of him. Manager Oh catches him mid-reverie and tells him to go find her then, if he’s so worried.

Ji-hyun heads home and when she pops out, remembers to thank Yi-kyung sweetly. At the new coffee shop, Yi-kyung gets her first customer of the night: Dr. Noh. He smiles and says, “I seem like a stalker, right?” Haha—I was just going to say that exact thing! Points for self-awareness?

She tells him that he did the best he could as a doctor, and that “it” wasn’t his fault. He agrees—he’s always done his best as a doctor, and knows that he did everything he could. But then he adds that when he met her five years ago, he was a newlywed.

He had met Yi-kyung at the lowest point in her life, when he was at his happiest. But then three years ago, he watched his wife die in a car accident. He explains that there are some things that people can’t understand unless they go through it themselves.

He tells her that if she can’t forget, then to just miss him—that’s what he did, because he missed her so much. Okay, I’m now convinced that he’s not a stalker. Whew.

His words stir something in her, and she finally takes out a picture at home, as Ji-hyun watches. It’s a picture from grade school, of Yi-kyung with her little brother, Yi-soo. She finally lets herself remember and miss him, and she cries, as the Scheduler’s song “Scarecrow” plays on the soundtrack.

Ji-hyun wakes up and goes to Min-ho’s apartment to officially start work, and he adds a slew of tasks for her to do, including hand-washing his things, because he’s a little princess.

But then he notices the burn on her hand (from the espresso machine the night before) and it weighs on him. It finally niggles at his conscience (I know—he has one?) enough for him to duck out of work in the middle of the day to go back home.

In-jung spots him driving away and catches him red-handed in another lie, so she rushes over to Kang’s. She makes up the excuse that Min-ho is going ahead with the Haemido project believing that Kang is still onboard, and that Kang ought to go in person to make it clear, either way.

Ji-hyun uses her time to search for the file, finally discovering his secret safe, but Min-ho arrives before she can even make an attempt at safecracking. He gives her ointment for her burn, totally lying that he didn’t come back just for that.

They discover that while they were arguing, the pot she left on the stove has started to burn, and Min-ho rushes to open the door…just in time for Kang to appear, unannounced. Ruh-roh.

Kang flips his lid to see Yi-kyung there, and tries to wrist-grab her out of there. But she holds her ground, declaring that this is where she wants to stay. Even Min-ho looks surprised at that. In her head, Ji-hyun apologizes to Kang, that she’s got unfinished business here.

Poor Kang-ah. He’s all turned around, from jealousy mixed with his protective instinct, all the while being totally rejected. He asks, angry and disappointed, “Was it this all along?” She turns her back to him, and starts to cry.

Kang leaves, angry at himself for worrying over Yi-kyung so much that he was planning on finding her. Ji-hyun cries in the bathroom, unable to make things right with Kang. He heads back to work in a bear of a mood, and trashes his office, remembering her words that she had no interest in Min-ho, now thinking they’re all lies.

Meanwhile, Min-ho actually smiles to himself, thinking that Yi-kyung really does like him, what with her outright declaration to Kang that she wants to stay. He suggests they go out to dinner, and takes her to a small family restaurant that Ji-hyun notes he’s never brought her to.

He says it’s a place his mother used to frequent. She makes a jab that he must’ve brought his fiancée here, and that she has no intention of being treated like a woman by him. He calls what he thinks is her bluff: if she isn’t interested, why didn’t she leave with Kang when he re-offered her a job?

He says that he doesn’t trust a poor woman’s pride, which is completely condescending, of course, but it also sounds like he says it out of personal experience—as in, he’s familiar with being poor, and the lengths a person will go to, to rise above it. It’s an assumption on my part, but I think it speaks to his character’s motivation.

After eating they part, and she walks away wondering why he brought her to a place that’s special to him…a place he never brought Ji-hyun-in-Ji-hyun’s-body. She thinks back to all his weird behavior, and it dawns on her…”Kang Min-ho, what is this? Do you like Song Yi-kyung…I mean…me?”

At home, Ghost-Ji-hyun asks Yi-kyung what all this means. Does he like her? Or Yi-kyung? Yeah, it’s confusing for the rest of us too.

She follows Yi-kyung to work, and calls the Scheduler to meet her there. She whines that for a Scheduler, he sure does make people wait around a lot, but he thinks she should be grateful he even meets her at all.

He asks why they’re here, and she reminds him that he’s the one who doesn’t like being at Yi-kyung’s house, and he just breezes, “Here, there…” Another hint that it’s not so much the place as it is the third party involved that gives him that uncomfortable feeling.

She asks him for a favor: to track down Song Yi-soo. He tells her that he’s not a Help Center, and to do it herself. Her remaining days are his last days as a Scheduler too, so he’s got a lot to do before his term is up. Like rock out in Hongdae?

Ji-hyun: Cold bastard. You were a person once. When you were alive, you must’ve loved somebody.
Scheduler: I could’ve never had the chance to love anyone. I died early, you see. At 23. Shin Ji-hyun, have you died at 23? What do you think it feels like, to die at 23?
Ji-hyun: Why wouldn’t I know? It feels totally awful.
Scheduler: No, it feels unfinished. Crazy unfinished.
Ji-hyun: I thought you couldn’t remember anything.
Scheduler: My memories are gone, but the feeling remains. Do you think I’m living large as a scheduler for no reason? I died so young that I’m living out the life I didn’t get to live.

Ooof. Cut my heart out and serve it on a plate, why don’t you. Ji-hyun sighs that she feels bad for him too. He tells her to stop wasting his precious time with matters concerning Yi-kyung, then. But as he whirls around to leave, he comes face to face with her.

It’s a beautiful moment, the two of them suspended between dimensional rifts, the closeness stirring his heart. It shakes him, and he tells Ji-hyun not to call him with Yi-kyung around anymore, and leaves.

In-jung is dying of curiosity to find out what happened when she sent Kang over to Min-ho’s the other day, and she decides that Kang’s birthday is the perfect excuse. She knows that Seo-woo likes Kang and already has a present ready for him, and suggests they stop by tonight.

Aw, poor Seo-woo, who doesn’t know a thing about Kang’s undying crush on her best friend. It’s going to be even harder for Ji-hyun to get tears from Seo-woo if she finds out that Kang’s ALSO got a crush on Yi-kyung.

Dad makes an impromptu visit to the office, spurring Min-ho to follow him to the hospital in fear that something’s up. He witnesses Dad throwing up for what he realizes is now the second time. He senses that something’s amiss, and goes to ask the doctor, who TOTALLY JUST TELLS HIM, wtf? Anyway, Dad’s got a brain tumor, and he refuses to be operated on with Ji-hyun in her current state.

Ji-hyun spends her day in a war against the safe and its six-digit code. She actually does the math to find out the number of possibilities of six-digit combos, and hangs her head in frustration. She starts searching for some clues, and finds today’s date marked on Min-ho’s calendar as Kang’s birthday.

Manager Oh goes to wake up Birthday Boy, who’s been on a downward spiral, following his outburst at Yi-kyung. He drags him out and has to inform him that it’s his birthday today, and gives him traditional birthday soup.

Kang looks down, surprised that it has mussels in it, and asks if his mom told him that he likes it this way. Manager Oh tells him that Yi-kyung made the soup; she dropped it off earlier because she made too much and had extra.

He peers down at the soup, as we flashback to his high school days, when Mom had come to school bearing soup on his birthday. He acted like a brat, rejecting her and throwing the soup on the ground.

Later in class, Ji-hyun heads to the front to do a magic trick, asking for bets on where her bottle cap will end up. Kang reliably makes a snide remark so she singles him out on the bet: if she wins, he has to do whatever she says.

He loses, and follows her outside, where she spreads out a lunchbox feast and tells him that his punishment is to eat with her. He looks down and sees his mother’s soup. Angry and embarrassed, he asks her if she saw everything.

Ji-hyun: “You’re the size of a mountain, but you treat your mom that way?” As in: you’re grown, but why are you still acting like a child? She basically has to bully him into eating the soup, and he finally caves, but only if she turns around while he eats.

Omg, his embarrassment is the cutest thing. She happily turns around and tells him to eat every last drop. He obliges, even cracking a smile, while her back is turned. I can see why he fell in love with her. And also why she never knew.

Back in the present, he puts his spoon down, head and heart totally spun around. He shouts, exasperated, “Why the hell is this woman like this?!” LOL.

He asks Manager Oh if Yi-kyung really brought this, and he confirms it, adding that she technically asked him not to say anything. That just confuses Kang even more, as he says, “This is my mother’s birthday soup. I don’t know what this feeling in my heart is. Is it because of Shin Ji-hyun, or Song Yi-kyung? I don’t know.”

And with that, he bolts, running right past In-jung and Seo-woo. He heads straight to Min-ho’s place and rings the doorbell and bangs on the door shouting Yi-kyung’s name.

She hesitates, but finally lets him in, and he asks her again why she’s here. “If you’re interested in Min-ho, then say so, and this’ll be the end of it.” He waits, and she says nothing. That’s enough of an answer for him, as he tells her to stop it then, and drags her out, laundry be damned.


Raah! Kang-ah! I’m totally swooning right now. Well, I pretty much feel the same way about Laundry Min-ho, so go, go Kang! I’m kind of torn between wanting him to figure things out and not (because he’s got a lot of the puzzle pieces, this guy), but either way his character is progressing nicely.

I kind of laughed to see him as a teenager, being just as gruff to his mom for reasons yet unknown, because I dunno why—I just like the idea that he’s always been a curmudgeony guy. Like an old man trapped in the body of a sixteen-year old. Well, a thirtysomething playing sixteen, but whatever. I lived through 90210. I can suspend my disbelief for just about anything.

I’m finally coming around to the Ji-hyun/Kang pairing too, not that I was against it or anything. But her character is progressing nicely too, so I like the idea that they’re both growing as people because of each other, unwittingly.

Well, the Scheduler also has a lot to do with Ji-hyun’s growth, particularly her increasingly sweet relationship with Yi-kyung (one-sided though it is). I like that she’s becoming less selfish and actually spending some of her precious time taking care of Yi-kyung’s body and trying to find her brother.

I’m sure it’s not a spoiler at this point to discuss the Scheduler as Yi-soo, though of course the drama has yet to give the final word. But even with the one encounter in the coffee shop and her moment with the picture, Jung Il-woo and Lee Yo-won play the moments with such conflicting emotion, that I can’t wait for their real reactions when their connection becomes transparent.



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  1. MELLIssa

    Kang ah I love you!

    • 1.1 MELLIssa

      finally made it to #1! muahahaha…

      thank you for the recap gf and jb….

      i love Kang’s flashback scenes – so sweet!

      i am now totally onboard HK-JH ship!

      HK-JH Fighting!!!

    • 1.2 minayuki

      I love him too!
      Even when I’m 15 years younger than he is..

    • 1.3 Linda165

      Kang ah!!! I love you too!!

    • 1.4 YY

      MELIssa, best first post ever!So much raw emotion….it moved me to tears.

    • 1.5 Hazel

      watch 49 Days Episode 8 English Subbed here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/04/49-days-episode-8.html

  2. minayuki

    I saw the last scene where he yells at her out of frustration and wrist-grabs her out of Min-ho’s place and I literally fainted.
    I so wish that I could’ve played Yi-kyung’s part.. Just to be with Jo Hyun Jae. ㅠㅠ

    • 2.1 gailT

      me too! JHJ is hot.

      why am I obsessing over every hero in every single drama i watch?! Kang ahh!!!!!!!

      • 2.1.1 drama fever

        Kang is HOT. But I like the other 3 HOTTIE too.

        1. Kang
        2. Scheduler
        3. Min Ho
        4. the midnight guy a the store she work.

        • gailT

          you got it. this drama definitely has a lot of eye candy. superlike.

        • yumi

          1. ditto
          2. ditto
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    • 2.2 aloedrinker

      T_T I want to be Yi-kyung too. I drooled over Jo Hyun Jae anytime. His face is just perfect.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

      • 2.2.1 minayuki

        YES. It’s unbelievably perfect.
        Is it weird that I’m 15 years younger than him?
        I would kill to marry JHJ.
        When I think about waking up to see his face next to me until the day I die, I feel creepy. But isn’t it just perfect?

        • oh

          No.You are not weird.
          i like him too even though i’m 16years younger than him.

          • Aloedrinker

            Hmmm… both of you are so young. Study more and watch more drama ok. This Onnie here, are getting older by day. so make way for Onnie ok. 주세요he…

  3. Minyi

    thank you so much for getting this up so early!!

  4. Jean

    loved this episode :)
    Kangggggg ahhhhhh!

  5. celest1al

    I still have a feeling that the Scheduler is actually Yi Kyung’s lover rather than sibling. He said he died when he was 23, which was 5 years ago. Yi Kyung is 28 right now, which means that they were the same age when he died. Now, unless they were twins, it wouldn’t make sense that she was his older sister. I think that they were both orphans that grew up together and were each others’ only family, but not by blood. So they may have the same last name, but I think they were lovers. I guess we’ll find out soon. I’m definitely interested in what their real relationship is.

    • 5.1 sam

      i’m agree w/ u,i’m totally sure they were lovers..so sad:(

      • 5.1.1 TgM4

        Yeah they cant be siblings… i dont want to sound weird or anythng, but IMO…noone really stops living/ go all not interested with life/ commit suicide just coz d sibling is dead…unless u r responsible directly/ indirectly for his death, yeah then maybe u may feel guilty. But Yi-Kyung’s total lack of disinterest in life is sthg i think more related to a heartbreak or rather death of her love.

        • TgM4

          oops i meant total lack of interest 😛

        • yumi

          I’m don’t have any opinions if they are Yi-Kyung and Scheduler are siblings or lovers, but the death of a sibling can be catastrophic and lead to a lack of will to live.

          Especially if they were the last two family members left and had to face adversity together.

      • 5.1.2 CL

        hmm….although its a bit vauge, im thinking they are related! similar hair+face…

    • 5.2 anais

      Yi Kyung and Yi Soo not only have the same last names (Song) but they also have the same generational name (Yi). That would be really weird for an orphanage to name them so, to go to the trouble of giving unrelated kids the same last and generational name.

      • 5.2.1 minayuki

        Yeah, I took notice of that too.
        It would be too weird to have them be lovers but share the same last name and generational name too.

      • 5.2.2 celest1al

        Good point anais about the same generational name. However, I still lean more towards the fact that they’re non-siblings. At the coffee shop, when he is talking to Ji-hyun, she says, “When you were alive, you must’ve loved somebody.” When he replies by saying, “I could’ve never had the chance to love someone,” it cuts to show Yi-Kyung’s face. To me it sounded like they were talking about a romantic-type of love rather than one between siblings.

        • Jo

          I dont understand. Of course you can be heartbroken if a SIBLING dies. Yi-sung’s suicide may have been for something else, but it makes sense that Yi-kyung is depressed like this, as long as this Yi-sung person was important to her.

          • celest1al

            Yeah, of course. I never said you wouldn’t be heartbroken if a sibling dies. I think if one’s sister or brother died, especially if they were on bad terms with them beforehand or was indirectly responsible, than it could most definitely lead to severe depression and guilt for years. I was just saying that it just seemed more of a romantic connection between them. I hope I clarified. :)

      • 5.2.3 elsie

        It might be a total coincidence that they have the same last name and that one of the characters of their given name is the same. The last name and that one character could be different in hanja (Chinese).

        There was a wedding I attended recently where the bride and groom had the same last name and the first character was the same. They weren’t related though. They go by their English names, so they didn’t know at first. But when they found out each other’s Korean names, it made them think it was fate or some mushy crap like that.

        • anais

          Highly unlikely that it is a coincidence. But just read the backstory on Koala’s Playground.

          Apparently, per the original sketch, they are orphans discovered on the same day, and so given the same last and generational name by the orphanage (so wrong). Fell in love later as they grew up apparently.

        • anais

          The couple you refer to may be very distantly related if the Chinese character for one of the syllables of their given names is the same.

          Sometimes I google people with my last and generational name. My parents had me when they were older, so most of the people I find are much older than I. More importantly, I don’t know any of them since they are such distant relatives. We’d probably have to go back a few hundred years to find a common ancestor. Yet, that still doesn’t negate the fact that they and I belong to the same generation of our larger clan.

        • minayuki

          It could be very likely.
          My mom and dad have the same generational name, but different last names.
          Once they married, my mom took my dad’s last name.

          My dad’s name is Park Soo-jong.
          My mom’s name is now Park Soo-yeon. (She used to be a Kim.)

          People mistake them to be siblings all the time because of this similarity but in actuality they were not related at all before being married.

          The same could be with Yi-sung and Yi-kyung if it happened in real life with my parents.

          • anais

            Then, your parents don’t technically have the same generational name since those generational names are limited to one particular last name with a common family seat. For example, not all 28th generation Kims would have the same generational name since there are many different Kims. If the “Soo” they share is the same Chinese character, that’d be a total coincidence that your dad’s Parks and your mom’s Kims of their generation must share.

    • 5.3 nonski

      I’m in soooo much anticipation now over Yi-Kyung’s and the Scheduler’s relations…

      From what we’ve seen so far, I could only guess that they are sibings, and twin at that as they are the same age. But like you’ve said earlier, there is also a possibility that of being orphans at the same time lovers. But i would still go for being twins.

      My heart felt a familiar thug during that moment when they were face to face…aaaaaaawwwwhhhh!

      And in any case, what would happen to the scheduler after his 5-yr. term. Does he have any options, like going back or what? It would be so sad if he and Ji-hyun would stay as ghosts. :((

      Can’t wait for next week!

    • 5.4 anglvue

      totally agree with you! i’ve been on board with the yi kyung/scheduler pairing since the show started. i’m also wondering what his unfinished business is.

    • 5.5 Linda165

      So if this is about age, maybe they’re twins??

    • 5.6 Linda165

      I don’t get it, why is everybody saying they’re orphans? Did I miss some conversation or is something written on that picture?

    • 5.7 starlight

      But if they were twins, they’d have that connection. Like how twins complete each other, if one dies, it’s like the other twin loses half of their soul. I think the lovers plot would make it too complicated.

      • 5.7.1 Ina-shi

        That is really plausible.
        I’m with you on this one.

    • 5.8 marmar

      Totally agree.
      I mean even with the same last night &generational name “Song” “Yi” I still think they are more lovers then siblings.

      My take is that the orphanage name them like that because they were the same age &hoping that they’ll just be brother &sister. Grow up together as siblings &i’m sure they probably did til they were older &knew they weren’t real siblings but they were family to each other regardless because they knew each other all their lives eventually becoming lovers or “entering in a relationship” to say.

      That’s my take on the whole orphanage naming them the same because you can see that happening &I have seen some orphanage doing that.

      The reason why I don’t see them as brother/sister is because that stare alone is WAY more then a “this is my sister” stare. That intense stare is more of a lost lover look. Plus for Yi Kyung to be a “living dead” for 5 years would have to be more than just a sibling. Like I love my siblings but if one of them die (hopefully never) I wouldn’t mourn their death like her. I’ll still miss &want them back for the 5 years he/she has been gone but I wouldn’t constantly wanna kill myself or wish I was dead. I know that my siblings would want me to live on.

      But as a lover, yeah I can totally see the more depth in that. Like the character description they had. I believe that Yi Kyung depended on Yi Soo. He was her only family she ever had. She relied on him so when he started venturing out &exploring other things she felt like she was loosing him hinting towards their break up &him dying. So of course it left a big gap in her life. Here she lost the only source of life for her. He was her future, her dream &so forth..he died.

      It just holds more meaning. Like I don’t believe they were siblings. I think Ji Hyun just mistook it as her brother but I’m sure it’ll turn out to be her lover.

      • 5.8.1 B

        I agree, especially now that I’ve watched ep 8 with subs, there’s just no way they are (just) siblings. During that face to face scene, there was just that much sexual tension, hurt, struggle (and maybe even longing?) on The Scheduler’s face. It’s like he’s confused why so many feelings are surfacing…there’s just no way they are just siblings or even siblings at all.

  6. Haiyuu

    JHJ’s growing on me. I’ve been avoiding him like the plague since the drama Only You. But now he’s all fluffy and adorable. Aww.

    I have to say, the flashbacks are a great way of giving Ji Hyun (NGR) a chance to cultivate some chemistry with Kang.

    • 6.1 Godislove

      TOTALLY agree!!

      I feel a lot of viewers had negative thoughts towards Nam Gyuri’s acting skills and such … and so i think a lot of people were rooting against hang kang to end up with ji hyun (NGR)

      BUT, like you said… these flashbacks are soo awesome in that you can see the pure, sweet, and obvious chemistry that the two characters have!!

      So… can’t believe I’m gonna say this… but I kinda like the whole Kang and Ji hyun ending up together… i mean it IS JI HYUN’s personality and character that hang kang is attracted to….
      but then again…. yi kyung/han kang would be sweet as well….

      or ji hyun and scheduler….. but i don’t know how that would happen LOL

      OMGoodness so many ways to couple these characters up… which one they will actually end up with is a TOTAL mystery to me… which is making me super excited that finally there’s a drama that’s not so predictable :D:D:D:D:D

      HAN KANG <3

      PS.. i love how a lot of comments are slowly increasing with hang kang love <3<3<3 hehehehe

      • 6.1.1 Godislove

        “I can see why he fell in love with her. And also why she never knew.”

        BAHHHHHHHH );););

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        • anais

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          For example, many people hold onto friendships and relationships even when such relationships aren’t much alive in the present because of the history between them. I too am guilty of having held onto such relationships, not wanting to part with the person who can attest to parts of my own history.

          For an orphan, I’d imagine that fear might be overwhelming. As if losing that one person would mean complete negation of one’s own existence.

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      • 52.1.1 MELLIssa

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        • YY

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          • jyyjc

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    this series not only make you reflect about life but also as to who will actually be there to ‘mourn’ for you when you’re gone!
    how many people did you really meet and had given some of your life to them that made them a better person because of what you brought into their lives and what parents go thru when something so tragic happens to their kids.
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    We have seen so far the interactions of Kang or Minho with YK (with Jihyun inside). I am really curious how the writer settle Kang/ Minho with the actual Yi Kyung. Say, after 49 days JH is able or not able to return to her body, what happen with the relationship between YK and Kang or YK and Minho? I mean she doesn’t even know them. Cuz the YK (without JH in her body) only interact with the doctor at night. hmmm…

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    • 70.1 Jomo

      I think she is starting to realize Kangah likes the person living in YK’s body, but he has yet to say anything to her about the resemblance to coma-JH.

      And, don’t forget, she still thinks that Kang-ah hates JH.

      WE see it, when Kang-ah substitutes JH in his imagination. but she has no idea that she gave away a ton of clues with her magic, her finger picking, her smile and the mussels-in-the-seaweed-soup.

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    • 72.2 dramalover2012

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    I even went back to episode one with the body lying dead on the road, its definitely the scheduler O_O another possibility could be that theyre sibilings? but I really want them to be lovers…*squee*

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    :) just speaking..er ..writing my thoughts.

  79. 79 momosa

    Here’s more guessing game –

    MinHo actually wanted to save the President’s daughter (from abduction) but got the wrong girl thinking InJung is Pres’s daughter (there was an episode saying IJ stayed with JH at some point).

    Knowing later the boo-boo and not able to get rid of IJ, he decided to loop IJ into his plan. That’s how he ended up with JH and messing around with IJ whom he doesn’t love.

    At the end of the day, it will be IJ who will break the arrangement and inform the world about his evil plan.


    • 79.1 Linda165

      I was thinking that too. First, the abduction was stage. It seems to be his modus operandi to stage some rescue situation since he did it again to meet Ji Hyun. Second, Min Ho’s face fell with disappointment when he asked her name and she said In Jung.

    • 79.2 Jomo

      Your theory may be correct.

      Didn’t they make a point of saying that IJ used to live with JH? Was she on her way to their home?

      • 79.2.1 One

        House after “abduction” looked different but they could moved later…

  80. 80 momosa

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    It seems in Kdramaland, cheerie girl are never short of admirers! I wonder how true is this in real life! I should have been more cheerie when younger! ha ha

  81. 81 Minsun

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    I love how that’s our common response… That was exactly what all of us squealed…

    3. I prayed so hard that Minho was feeling sad for papa shin. I *really* want him to have a conscience!!!

    Ps I really love your theory that Minho was speaking from experience. I suspected he was not v well off to start w when he commented that Kang looked just like a rich man’s son lying ard on his couch listening to music when he visited. Sounds like what an outsider would say.
    Fantastic recap!!! Spot on interpretation — so enlightening!!

    2. Love the spunky Ji Hyun. Totally giving IJ the pits at the start of the ep. Way to go girl!!!!

    • 81.1 MELLIssa

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      Thank you for explaining that scene! I have been wondering what MH said to Kang during that scene.

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    And btw,until now I’m still hoping for YK-Scheduler pairing!!
    JHJ-YK is great too,but dunno why I’m really hoping for this pairing to be happen. Well,Scheduler already die so I’m just gotta dreaming for it.
    JH character start growing with me.but…no.I think YK real character getting interesting rite now.so…yeah,u know what I’m talking about.
    So the Scheduler is YK dead brother? Sigh… Miracle,could u change it to YK boyfriend?
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    • 82.1 dayenluvkorea

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      Is he still remember anything bout his life b4 he’s dead?
      Can any1 here help me?

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    Thanks for the recap!

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    I wonder if YK could be one of the tears JH will collect when she somehow finds out about JH’s one-sided care for her…after finding out that she’s been possessed by a ghost who’s the spirit of a girl in a coma.

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  89. 89 qwil

    Who does HK fall in love with then (JH/YK)? He must have attracted to the girl’s physical appearance. HK can’t just flattly fall in love with a girl without being attracted physically. This just doesn’t make sense.

    • 89.1 tappy

      actually, it’s possible at this point. don’t you find that han kang is falling in love all over again with jihyun? all the similarities jikyung has with jihyun are stirring his memories of both of them together in school…

      it’s like he’s returning to the roots of his first love and reliving that experience again…

  90. 90 Jomo

    OK Taking bets:

    When is the first kiss?
    Who is involved?


    When does Kang-ah meet the real YK and cause major confusion in her life because she won’t recognise him?

    • 90.1 Isabella

      I think the first kiss will be HK and JH… all that wrist grabbing is going to end in one kiss one of this days (as much as i will cry because of it).

      When? I will say episode 11, I dont think it will happen in next week’s episode.

      I reaaally hope Han Kang meets the real Yi Kyung soon, hopefully during episode 9… that will at least make clear that he is dealing with Ji Hyun and not Song Yi Kyung. Also the preview was too short so I hope that it was short because something shocking will happen and they dont want us to know 😛

      • 90.1.1 asianromance

        or he may just think Yi-Kyung’s mysterious illness is a multi-personality disorder! There is no way he is going to think this-is-Ji-Hyun-inside-Yi-Kyung’s body!

    • 90.2 Jomo

      I am actually guessing a Minho-JH/YK kiss first. So far, MH has been more impulsive around her than Kang. He will be so frustrated that she keeps popping up trying to spy, and interpret this as her liking him.

      And, MH’s total lack of conscience allows him to be a jerk, where Kang will actually consider somone’s feelings.

      Of course, Kang will witness the kiss, sending him off into more jealous raging!

      • 90.2.1 MELLIssa

        ohhhh, i love jealous KANG.

        • minsun

          Yeah I’m with Jomo with this one, as much it makes me as jealous as Kang is prob gonna be bec I’m so on Kang’s side!

          That jerk Minho would probably try and steal a kiss and Kang would give Minho a gd punch.

          ooooh. Boys fighting over Ji Hyun. Hot!

          I dunno how many times i’ve watched the Kang moments in the last two eps, when he runs after Ji Hyun, when he so cutely try to hide his little smile at Ji Hyun’s visit, when he stormed into Minho’s house to rescue her, and the last scene. Kang ah SARANGHE!!!! *swoons*

          • mellissa

            ” dunno how many times i’ve watched the Kang moments in the last two eps, when he runs after Ji Hyun, when he so cutely try to hide his little smile at Ji Hyun’s visit, when he stormed into Minho’s house to rescue her, and the last scene. Kang ah SARANGHE!!!! *swoons*”

            Me too, replayed those scenes over and over and over again!!!

            And I would love for KANG to hit MH. Wonder what KANG will do to MH and IJ when he finds out how the 2 have betrayed JH.

  91. 91 Isabella

    Aww c’mon guys… I think Nam gyu Ri’s acting has gotten progressively better. I find that I didnt want to scratch my eyes out in episode 7 when she was crying for Yi Kyung when she was about to commit suicide.

    Lets give her some slack…

    This past episodes are killing me… my fantasy about having the Scheduler and Ji Hyun reap sols together in the after life and make ghost babies is being crushed with all these HK/JH moments… why????????????

    Kang-ah I love you but I have an undying crush on our sexy looking scheduler. What to do??

  92. 92 gg

    i think it’s quite obvious at this point that the Scheduler is Song Yi Soo, no surprises about that. the fact that Yi Kyung has been coping herself up for 5 years and that S died 5 years ago is no coincidence, i think the drama already makes that clear enough…

    as for the 3 drops of tears, here’s my guess:

    1) Kang
    He is obviously someone who loves Ji Hyun wholeheartedly albeit secretly all this while, so no big surprises here

    2 In Jung
    She’s not as evil as Min Ho – she even tried to persuade him to pull out and elope together. Plus, Min Ho has been pretty cold towards her lately and she even caught him lying to her a few times – highly likely that her feelings will turn against him later and repent for all her wrongdoings towards JiHyun

    3) Seo Wu
    I’m guessing Seo Wu even though she’s not one of the main characters, but her character does have a few areas for development.

  93. 93 anais

    Jo Hyun Jae is such delicious eye candy. I think I shall watch Untold Scandal once again. The scene when Lee Mi Sook sits in his lap to hide him in the palanquin is just precious.

    • 93.1 MELLIssa

      oh yes, I love that scene in Untold Scandal too. JHJ’s facial expression when LMS sat on his lap was just priceless!

      • 93.1.1 Christine

        Can you remember on which episode? I haven’t seen Untold Scandal but would beworhtwhile watching just to keep my mind off 49 days until Wednesday.

        Besides, JHJ would be in it :)

        • Lisa

          ‘Untold Scandal’ is a movie starring Bae Yong Joon, Jeon Do-Yeon and Lee Mi Sook.

          It’s a Joseon Era remake of ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ [Dangerous Liaisons]. Jo Hyun Jae plays the character that Keanu Reves played in the 1988 film starring John Malkovich, Glen Close and Michele Pfeiffer.

          • Lisa

            Sorry for the typo, I meant Keanu Reeves.

          • anais

            A damn brilliant take on Laclos’s novel, if I may say so! Couldn’t believe how well EJY translated the conflict into Joseon terms.

        • mellissa

          also look out for the scene of half nekkid JHJ with LMS. simply delicious and funny!

  94. 94 Sunshine

    awsome story about feeling, dead and live,Nobody can reap of irratated feehling of gosspper.

    1 A actors’ CHEDULER-

  95. 95 DB5K

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  96. 96 kmk

    I don’t think Scheduler is YK’s brother. I think it is her lover.
    I agree with http://koalasplayground.com/

  97. 97 Asama

    Oh GOD, what if when JH comes back to life *hoping she’ll collect tears*
    she Forgets everything. NOOOOOO, not Kang-Ah. I hope that doesn’t happen, (I don’t think it will b/c the drama is only 16 eps and its half over T.T)

  98. 98 sb

    I don’t think it’s purely just a sibling relationship b/t Yi Kyung and the Scheduler. The intensity of the Scheduler’s gaze coupled with the tumultuous outpouring of emotion seems to belie such a simple explanation…

  99. 99 ninimi

    hai !!!!

    Today is LEE YO WON’s Birthday !! 49 (april 9)!! kekke

    and becoz of her Birthday, we get an AWESOME SPOILER !!

    1. Han Kang will meet the real Yi Kyung in Purple Coffee




    • 99.1 Christine

      Best wishes on your Birthday Lee Yo Won!!! :)))

  100. 100 ninimi

    2. Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo is filming Yi Kyung and Yi Soo Past backstory!!! yeay !!


    from Jung Il Woo’s twitter…

    THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ARRRRWWW, CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!

    • 100.1 B

      Thanks!!! They are adorable together! Yay we’re finally learning more abt YK and The Scheduler!

    • 100.2 Christine

      JIW has twitter! Please share!

    • 100.3 Fasiris Fay

      omgggg! absolutely adorable! and wow he looks so different but just as adorable without his perm…can’t wait!

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