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49 Days: Episode 9
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Now that we’re just about at the halfway point, the story really shoots forward. I had a feeling this was coming soon, but not THIS soon. But no complaints from me — I’m just hanging in there till tomorrow gives us the next episode.

(Also: Check out too-cool-for-school Kang, all awkward in front of his birthday cake. Aghhhhh so cute.)


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Kang barges into Min-ho’s apartment, telling Ji-hyun that if she’s not working here because she likes Min-ho, she’d better quit. (Side note: I like the way he addresses her “Song” rather than, say, Yi-kyung-sshi, saying it with a little emphasis so it sounds like “Ssong.” It’s the kind of thing you’d call an old buddy, perhaps, and it’s always interesting to note what people call each other when it’s outside of the norm.)

He doesn’t wait for her to answer and drags her out of there, not noticing that he’s clutching her burnt hand until she draws back. She’s torn because she wants to stay behind to find out what’s in Min-ho’s safe, but she’s also touched by Kang’s concern.

(His explanation for his behavior is that he can’t let her stay here with his friend’s fiancé. That word choice is telling in itself, since he could always use the ole “watching out for my buddy” defense, but instead his words show loyalty to Ji-hyun.)

Ji-hyun tears up as Kang goes on and on, and when he asks if she intends to stay, she shakes her head no. Finally he relaxes, then takes her back to resume her job at Heaven.

Ever gruff, he tells her not to slack off, but adds to Manager Oh that she shouldn’t do the dishes (because of her burn). He admits to Manager Oh that he feels at ease with Yi-kyung back, but can’t make sense of why. The manager gives him the side-eye, as if to say, Really now?, which is probably an echo of all of our thoughts. Silly boy. It’s like he doesn’t understand human emotions.

But I suppose it’s not as straightforward as mere interest in Yi-kyung, because his conflict comes from feeling the Ji-hyun-ness in her. He recognizes that he’s acting in response to that resemblance, but can’t understand why it should motivate him this way. Not that you can blame him. It’s not every day that your one true love almost dies and is brought back in the body of another woman temporarily.

Min-ho comes home and rings the bell, which seems like an odd thing to do when he’s the owner — it’s like he wants Yi-kyung to welcome him at the door, like a wife. He’s therefore alarmed when he finds the place empty, dirty laundry on the floor where she dropped it.

He’s so upset that he brushes aside a call with In-jung, who tries to bring up new concerns. She’s noticed that Ji-hyun’s father is keeping meetings from her and Min-ho, and worries that their plans are in jeopardy. Min-ho, on the other hand, is distracted and tells her he’s gotta take care of something important. She rightly wonders, “What could be more important than this?” Something tells me that Min-ho’s growing obsession with Yi-kyung is about to derail his carefully laid business plans, which would be the best revenge ever for Ji-hyun, who’s not even trying to ruin him (that way). Talk about poetic justice.

Min-ho hurries to Kang’s restaurant to ask for Yi-kyung’s address, and finds that Kang took her away out of anger over the situation. Min-ho doesn’t see why he’d be upset, but Kang says that he feels responsible for introducing Min-ho to Yi-kyung. What’s important here is that Ji-hyun is his fiancé.

To which Min-ho says no, not anymore — “I’m a realistic guy. I don’t think I have to continue loving someone I can’t be with in the future.” Congratulations, dastardly villain: You’ve just dumped coma girl and secured your place in hell. Well, you probably want a good seat. I have a feeling it’ll be crowded down there.

Kang’s incredulous at Min-ho’s quick acceptance of Ji-hyun’s condition, but Min-ho asks Kang how long he’ll cling to hope before realizing the obvious. (This is a mirror of the Seo-woo/In-jung argument, which suggests to me that Kang and Seo-woo will be Ji-hyun’s first two tears.) Kang points out that you can’t turn love on and off at will, but Min-ho, evil robot that he is, says that he can.

Afterward, the boys join the ladies for birthday cake, and Kang is adorably uncomfortable being the center of attention. Ji-hyun sings along from a distance, then steps forward to greet Seo-woo particularly warmly, ignoring the other two backstabbing liars. She cheerily returns the soup thermos to Seo-woo…who has no idea how she got it in the first place.

In-jung had used it to bring Min-ho dinner, so Ji-hyun chirps, “Ask Shin In-jung,” guaranteeing everyone’s curiosity. In-jung tries to dismiss the subject, but Ji-hyun’s not letting her off the hook and starts to explain the story, so In-jung interrupts and asks to see her privately.

Outside, Ji-hyun feigns innocence and asks why In-jung needs her visit to Min-ho’s apartment to be such a secret, wanting to hear In-jung spell it out.

She “guesses” the secret and says knowingly, “I got it! You weren’t there on an errand, were you? So he’s not just your friend’s fiancé. I understand now why you want me to keep quiet.” In-jung denies it, but Ji-hyun just nods, “Okay, I won’t tell anyone that Kang Min-ho is your boyfriend.”

Kang comes out to check on them as Ji-hyun makes a “My lips are sealed” gesture, which makes him think of Ji-hyun doing the same thing. It’s a pretty common signal, but the move, coupled with the way she smiles, is something we’ll just add that to the list of things that make Yi-kyung seem familiar — and this time, In-jung also makes the connection.

All this shifty behavior has piqued Seo-woo’s curiosity, and she later pesters In-jung for the full story. She makes a few guesses that are on the right track, suspecting that this has to do with In-jung’s mystery boyfriend, but is a few details shy of putting together the full story.

Min-ho calls In-jung out and again urges her to be patient until everything is settled. But In-jung, tired of sneaking around, counters that she’d rather everyone knew the truth so they could date openly — even if Ji-hyun’s father found out the truth, what could he do to them? Uh… you mean other than ruin the plans you’ve worked on for two years and leave you with nothing?

Min-ho has figured out that a jealous In-jung sent Kang to his place to discover Yi-kyung there, and she confirms it, saying she couldn’t stand the idea of Yi-kyung hovering around him. He apologizes for hiring Yi-kyung, admitting it was mean of him.

But! In-jung’s evasiveness has been growing more and more suspicious, and Seo-woo sneaks outside to see the couple talking, though she can’t hear the conversation.

Ji-hyun “confides” in Yi-kyung about Kang taking her away from Min-ho’s, and how she was relieved because being around Min-ho stressed her out. She’s in a good mood tonight, because she has an appointment to meet three of her friends tomorrow — surely she can wring at least one tear from them.

Thankful that she has Yi-kyung to talk to even if her voice is technically unheard, Ji-hyun wants to return the favor. She decides that if her Scheduler doesn’t track down Yi-soo, she’ll do it.

Daddy Shin, meanwhile, starts getting his own affairs in order. He keeps his illness a secret from his wife, but tells her that he’s having his will drawn up, and that he’s leaving the company to Min-ho. She doesn’t approve of the idea — he’s not their son-in-law yet — but Dad has made up his mind.

Unaware of this, Min-ho worries about President Shin’s health, having discovered the truth from the doctor. Despite his intentions to usurp his business, he’s actually upset at this news, and urges the president to get the surgery.

Dad says he’s afraid he’ll die in surgery and not get to see Ji-hyun wake up. Min-ho argues that even a 30% chance of survival is still a chance, and that he has to think positively. Such concerned words only reinforce Dad’s belief that Min-ho’s a good kid, and he says he’s glad to have him there. Min-ho at least has the grace to look conflicted about that.

(I like to give him a LITTLE credit for genuinely feeling bad about the president’s possible demise, and he does seem to want the man to recover. Perhaps part of that is mixed in with a desire for a complete victory, to win fair and square.)

On her way to meet her friends, Ji-hyun spies Kang walking by and bursts out “Han Kang!” before remembering he’s her boss again. He, on the other hand, is struck by the way that Yi-kyung’s intonation of his name is just like Ji-hyun’s and asks where she went to high school. And why she cooked mussels in the soup if she doesn’t like them herself. She thinks up a few plausible responses, but she picks up on the hint of suspicion in his questions.

He merely says that Yi-kyung reminds him of a friend — and while they weren’t close friends, he does owe her for a lot. Ji-hyun puzzles over what he could be referring to — owes her for what?

In-jung gets her first inkling at President Shin’s plans when the lawyer drops off documents. Upon reading the drafted will, she reports to Min-ho that the president intends to leave the company to him.

Min-ho can guess what triggered this decision, but curiously, he keeps mum and doesn’t say anything when In-jung wonders about the will, only saying that time will tell. What are you planning, evil bastard?

(I wonder if Min-ho is going to cut In-jung out, now that his super-secret takeover has been rendered moot by President Shin just giving him what he wants. Would he cut her out of the loop to keep himself in the clear? He seems to be the kind of guy to whom love is a decision, not an emotion, so I can see that happening…)

Ji-hyun meets her sad party of three at the coffee shop, feeling hopeful to see that the friends wear long faces and seem depressed. They explain that they hadn’t been by the hospital to see Ji-hyun because they were told her parents didn’t want visitors, and hold back tears as they realize the situation is much more dire than they’d thought.

They’re on the cusp of tears, so Ji-hyun figures one good push will move things along, and explains that loving words from friends may be able to register in Ji-hyun’s nearly-vegetative brain. She asks for some last words, which she diligently records on camera, and the friends start to break down into sobs. This response is encouraging — until Ji-hyun looks down at her necklace and sees that it’s still empty. Wither the tears?

Now she remembers the Scheduler warning that not all tears are pure, and some are driven by selfish motives. She looks around at the friends and wonders what their motives are.

Turns out that one is thinking of how she’s working butt off for her thesis and feels that it’s unfair that it could all go away in the blink of an eye. Another says that Ji-hyun was so cocky about her fiancé and her life — now her money and so-called soulmate are useless. The last one cries in pity, because Ji-hyun’s accident has put things into perspective for her — she’d wanted to die after a botched eyelid surgery, but now sees how silly that was. Well, at least she knows now.

Asked what kind of friend Ji-hyun was, the girls agree that she was nice — TOO nice, to the point of annoyance. Her sweetness was interpreted as cockiness by one friend, and as cluelessness by another. After they get their gripes off their chests, they recall themselves and add that still, she was nice. Well, then.

Ji-hyun walks out of the meeting feeling shaken, and arrives at work in low spirits, crossing names off her quickly dwindling list of friends.

Kang asks worriedly what’s wrong, but before they can get into it, Seo-woo comes running up with the news that President Shin is planning on formalizing his will today, which would leave his company to Min-ho. Ji-hyun can’t let that happen, and she cries, “No!” as she rushes away to put a stop to it.

She races in a panic to meet the Scheduler, who hilariously wonders if the Shin family DNA has got a trust-people-stupidly gene. Ji-hyun needs to put a stop to this right away, but can’t feasibly do so in Yi-kyung’s body. She can’t do anything in spirit form, either, so she begs the Scheduler to stop the will from being signed. He puts his foot down at that — that’s direct interference in human matters, and would merit punishment.

But he’s weak to her tears, and consults his deathphone for a loophole, hitting the “Chance” button. (I dunno about you, but I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of my reaper even having a chance button.) What he gets is this deal: in exchange for being able to touch one item, one time (while a spirit), she has to give up one of her 49 days. She jumps at the offer, agreeing to his warning that she’s responsible for handling everything else on her own. He won’t help at all.

While she talks, she doesn’t notice that the manager’s wife and the cafe waitress see her from across the street — and that she looks like a crazy woman, talking to a Scheduler they can’t see. They report this to Kang, saying how Yi-kyung’s gone crazy talking to herself and went home.

Ji-hyun hurries to drop the body off at the apartment, putting her plan together along the way. Stuffing a newspaper into an envelope, she addresses it to her father’s office, then sends it via courier to be delivered right away. Once her preparations are complete, she ejects herself from the body and rushes out.

When the deliveryman arrives at the office building with the envelope, she follows him to the office. In-jung accepts the envelope, and takes it into Daddy Shin’s meeting, just before the will is about to be stamped and made official.

Dad opens the envelope and finds the newspaper, assuming it’s a prank — until a story catches his eye. It’s an article about a woman in America who woke from a coma after 20 years, and as he reads it, Ji-hyun pleads with her father, saying that she won’t make him wait that long, and asks him not to sign.

But he turns back to the proceedings, to her horror, so she rushes forward to use her one-time-only move: She shoves the seal off the table to the ground, just as he’s about to reach for it. She’s trying to make him connect the dots warning him not to do this, and he does get the inkling that this is all very peculiar, but he reaches for the stamp to proceed anyway.

She’s all out of moves and cries for him to stop…which is when some other, unseen force knocks something to the ground. Her framed photo.

Aw, Scheduler, you big rule-breaking softy! He appears in a flash, grumbling like he’s all put out by Ji-hyun’s annoying predicaments, but Ji-hyun understands that he’s done this for her and is appropriately grateful. And this, finally, is enough to make Dad wonder why the photo fell. He looks at the photo of Ji-hyun and asks, “Were you sad that I was treating you like you’re already dead?” Thankfully, he takes the hint (or three) and decides not to sign today.

Ji-hyun thanks the Scheduler over and over, but the Scheduler barely listens to her, distracted as he looks around warily. He wonders, “Did they not notice?” Which is when a motorcycle comes roaring up, and a leather-clad grandma confronts him. The Scheduler stutters, “S-s-sunbae!” knowing he’s about to get his eternal ass whooped.

Biker Granny grabs him in a headlock and delivers a few noogies, then lectures him about breaking their cardinal rule about messing with human stuff. Hilariously, he sends Ji-hyun away, protesting to grandma not to do “this” (i.e., scold him) in front of her. Ha.

Grandma Scheduler asks if he’s dating Ji-hyun, which he profusely denies. He defends himself, saying he couldn’t avoid stepping in, and that he’s never met a human as ridiculous/impossible/strange as Ji-hyun, cajoling Granny to cut him some slack.

She gives him the punishment of tacking another week to his Scheduler term — a prospect that sends him begging for reprieve, since he’s been counting down the days and only has 30 left. No dice, and she leaves him whining and throwing a tantrum, which entails literally kicking and waving of fists. It is absurdly adorable.

After worrying all day about why Yi-kyung rushed out in such a panic, Kang goes after her, arriving in Yi-kyung’s neighborhood at the same time that Ji-hyun races home.

She makes it back a few moments late, after Yi-kyung wakes up to see that her front door is open. At yet more evidence that weird things are happening that she can’t explain, Yi-kyung is shaken and hurries out clutching the doctor’s business card.

That takes her right past Kang on her way to use the neighborhood store’s phone, but he misses seeing her because he’s asking for directions. When he arrives at Yi-kyung’s door, he’s perturbed to find the place empty, wondering where she could have gone.

When Yi-kyung meets Dr. Noh at the coffee shop, she confides that she’s afraid she’s going crazy, and runs down the list of things she can’t explain: Her ankle hurt for no reason, her landlady mentioned talking to her, she vomited food she hadn’t eaten. Not to mention waking up to find herself sitting in the middle of the room, or with the door open.

Dr. Noh suggests that she may be sleepwalking, which would explain her inability to remember the incidents, and advises her to come to the hospital for tests tomorrow.

Kang broods that night while clutching a charm bracelet — which must have something to do with his and Ji-hyun’s hitherto unexplained rift, which I’m eager to hear more about. After all this buildup, it had better be a good one. D’you hear me, drama gods?

In the morning, he takes Ji-hyun’s favorite flowers to the hospital, where he’s been faithfully keeping her room stocked in pink roses. But to her father, his presence is curious, because as far as Dad’s concerned, Kang is just a satellite friend who irresponsibly quit designing their project midway through. Disapprovingly, he tells Kang to stop visiting the hospital room, which, ouch. Poor repressed guy. I suppose that’s what you get for pretending you hate the girl.

Ji-hyun shows up to work to find that the restaurant is empty, since it’s closed today. The sight of the piano catches her eye, and she sits down to hum along as she plays, which Kang hears on his way in.

As with all things Ji-hyun, he immediately recognizes the familiarity and thinks back to another time he’d heard this tune. It was back in high school, when he’d been sleeping in the auditorium and Ji-hyun had begun playing, unaware he was listening.

He sees Yi-kyung at the piano, but envisions Ji-hyun’s image superimposed there. He can’t shake the feeling anymore, and approaches looking both suspicious and incredulous as he asks, “Who are you?”

And then: “Are you…Ji-hyun?”


Eeeeee! I could feel this coming, and most of us were probably sure that Kang would be the first to suspect the Ji-hyun connection, but I actually thought they’d make it the cliffhanger to tomorrow’s episode and force us suffer another week of suspense. So I’m frankly thrilled that it comes a bit early, because catching us off-guard is always better than coming too late to provide any surprise.

The little signs that Kang is picking up on are pretty minor — so minor that any one of them on their own is laughable as “proof” — but I suppose it’s really the culmination of all the little clues that gives Kang his unshakeable feeling. The nervous tics, the song, the gestures, the lilt of her voice. Those are the kind of details a lover notices about his beloved and thrills in, things that go unnoticed by most others, which reinforces his feelings nicely.

They’re building up a decent case for how Kang could have been in love with Ji-hyun all these years without her noticing, even taking into account Ji-hyun’s simple-minded cluelessness. ‘Cause a lot of these things happened without her knowing of them — it explains why she doesn’t even know what Kang owes her for, because she wasn’t aware that he was touched by her actions. And then, you know, there’s his defensive porcupine shell and proud I-don’t-care-at-all facade. It’s sweet that Kang fell in love with Ji-hyun without her being aware, and possibly even against his better judgment. So what remains is the explanation of where they went wrong. And like I said: It’d better be good.


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    I’m totally enjoying this show.

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    • 25.1 hanamichi-san

      i know! did she get any surgery done? is she using too much product? haha. or is it just because she’s really skinny? lee yo won is pretty thin but she’s normal looking..

    • 25.2 mysterious

      I still love the show, but I agree-she looks fake! Plastic like a barbie!

    • 25.3 testify

      feel exactly the same way.
      Thats why I wish for Han Kang to fell for the real Yi Kyung.
      I thought it would be too cruel, if I speak out what I think.
      But when I read your opinion I couldn`t stop myself:).
      I also don`t like her way of cheering on right now. Why is she always happy like a dump person. And always acting like the real Ji Hyun.
      Would a real person in someones body really act as her old herself when she is in that kind of a situation.
      Even I noticed her as Ji Hyun in Yi Kyungs body. Of course the others might as well.
      And this is what happened.
      I don`t like her because I feel every of her emotions are like her doll face, toooooo overflowing.
      In her old body as Ji Hyun it was O.K. bearable, but using Yi Kyung in this way makes me really angry.:))))))

    • 25.4 drama fever

      She had nose job, facelift, and porlain veneer done, lol. Every time she smile, you will see that her teeth looks fake and her face is tight that she almost had no expression. The doctor pull her skin too tight.

    • 25.5 Lea

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      • 25.5.1 IKR

        lol, you are so right there…. hahahahaha

    • 25.6 Tyme

      Her acting seems to have deteriorated since Life is Beautiful. I I remember correctly, she received quite a bit of praise for improving so much over it.

      I feel like her face is accentuated even more by the fact that they dress her in those pale frilly dresses and chopped off her bangs. All you could possibly focus on is her face.

      I must say she looked more cute back when Life is Beautiful was on. I’m sorry, but after Scheduler cut her hair, it is in a rather awkward state.

      This is a link to images of Nam Gyuri from Life is Beautiful.


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    Your eyes are very beautiful! They convey so many emotions. But I love it most when it is so filled with love and wonder!

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    I AM DIRE NEED to KNOWWW as well!!!!

    I am really hoping for an explanation in the next episode!

    I remember in the first episode when ji hyun asks han kang why he doesn’t want to be the best man for the wedding and she adds… “is it because of that time…”

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      • 36.1.1 mellissa

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        • MJP

          Not with you?

          • mellissa

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          • MJP

            LOL! Shy and conservative watching him shower!!!

            Speedo… On or off while you watch him shower?

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      • 38.1.1 thefunofit

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        • Maracarrero

          If you’ve ever watched the kdrama DAMO with Ha Ji Won and Lee Seo Jin, there are a few scenes where Commander Hwangbo tell Chae-Ok, “I can only breathe when you are near me”. Maybe this applies to YY and Kang ;).

          • pipit

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      You’ll thank me later 🙂

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      49Days is just too distracting, and for that, I love it dearly.

      Han Kang ILYSM. *I just had to shout this out!*

      • 43.1.1 Schmazel

        Whoa! A 49 Days moment! How cool is that? Heheh.

        I managed to scrape by with what I had to hand-in. It wasn’t anything much but having a really kind, understanding supervisor is like a life saver. We’re really on the same boat (maybe one called Titanic?), with the progress – or the lack of – of my thesis, except that I’m not writing mine in English but Spanish.

        And I agree. 49 Days is waaaayyy too distracting. 🙂

        • Maracarrero

          That is thesis for you guys, since by U.S. standards, thesis is referred to as “doctoral thesis” for a doctorate degree (after Masters degree). I just can’t fathom doctoral candidates watching kdramas (sorry!). Where do you study that you would prepare your thesis in spanish? Spanish is my second language, so if you need help, holler! 🙂

          • Schmazel

            ¡Hola! 🙂

            Where I come from, a ‘thesis’ refers to the body of research that you do to be conferred a postgraduate degree. In my case, I’m currently working on my Master’s thesis. Thanks for the info tho! I never knew that this term implied something else in a different context. 😉

            I’m currently studying in Mexico. So…¡hola a todos los mexicanos aquí y a los otros que también hablan español! Jejeje.

            Oh, and even if I were to do my PhD, I would still totally watch KDramas. Not all of us are that square. Lol. Plus, how do we stop watching KDramas? Once a KDrama watcher, always a KDrama watcher. 😀

  44. 44 lei

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    Kang and Ji-Hyun together, but with our super cute scheduler as the love triangle.

    Yi-kyung pairs up with the doctor. In-Jung and Min-ho will be both dead.

    The first and second cries would be Kang and Seo-Woo, and the third would be the scheduler, who will give up his chance to do his wish in exchange of letting him cry as the third person for Ji-Hyun.

  45. 45 Leina

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    Is it crazy that I’m fully on board with the HK-JH pairing, but only if JH is in YK’s body? I don’t know why exactly, but JH as portrayed by NGR annoys me, but JH as played by LYW is so adorable and definitely a woman I can root for. Perhaps it is NGR’s acting–I haven’t warmed to her yet and her face is too artificial-looking for me (don’t get mad, NGR fans!).

    I’m glad the story is proceeding along nicely with JH, as this means more screentime for KANG — who’s HOTTTT. But I really wish the next eps would finally develop the YK-back story, as I really want her to have a happy ending, and I want more of JIW-my love and how he’s connected to YK. I really don’t want them two to be siblings, as that would mean that realistically, YK will only have Dr. Noh, which I do not want 🙁

    As a big fan of Prosecutor Princess, I give credit to the writer of PP and 49Days for keeping the level of suspense in these two dramas consistently high. I think it says a lot about a writer who presumes and respects her audience’s intelligence and doesn’t dumb down complex scenarios, but still gives enough hints or crumbs to keep the audience’s interest and curiosity piqued. As this is the first kdrama I’m watching real-time (all the MANY others were marathons), I can confirm that 49 Days leaves me wanting more!

    And… how happy was I to see grandma in Brilliant Legacy as the biker grandma sunbae of JIW??? So adorable, those two!! 😀

    Thank you again, JB!! 😀

    • 45.1 mysterious

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      • 45.1.1 Leina

        I know, right? First time to see both in a kdrama, but when NGR plays cutesie with HK in high school scenes, she just comes across as a childish, annoying kid, but when LYW skips towards Heaven cafe and banters with HK, or even when she’s giving MH or IJ the cold shoulder, it totally works. I think NGR as JH is just ditzy, while LYW as JH is adorably cute–like I can totally get why HK would be enamored with this JH. 🙂

  46. 46 VanillaSalt

    why am i still the only one for ji-hyun and scheduler? like seriously, I want to be into the Kang-ah/ ji-hyun pairing but just…can’t. idk why.

    • 46.1 Christine

      I’m with you there:

      Scheduler = Ji Hyun

      Kang Ahhhh = Yi Kyung

      Min Ho & In Jung will both end up with no one.

      Very remotely, Seo Woo with the doctor. As I’ve said, very remote.

      However, I am positive that the Dr remains an ally of YK till the end.

      JH’s Dad survives the operation.

      It will be a happy ending. 🙂

      • 46.1.1 MJP

        I’m wondering if it’s possible that Dr. Noh was married to Yi Kyung until her brother, the Scheduler died. Probably a crazy thought…

        • YY

          MJP, did you see the preview? There’s a scene where Yi Kyung and the Scheduler are lying on a picnic mat like they’re in love. I think they’re just given the same surname cos they’re adopted, but there are no blood ties at all. They fell in love. It’s really him. I replayed 100000 times and am 1000000000 % certain it’s him.

      • 46.1.2 momosa

        Yeah agree!

        Scheduler = Ji Hyun
        next life, reincarnated…

      • 46.1.3 VanillaSalt

        yeah, i think Yi-kyung and Kang-ah should end up together. I mean i know he’s in love with Ji-Hyun and all, but maybe he should just letergo and she’ll end up with the scheduler. What i’m kinda thinking is that maybe Ji-hyun won’t get her tears and will remain a ghost with scheduler and they can be together forever. yay!

  47. 47 JeSsBeL

    I have a feeling Ji hyun’s dad will MAYBE see his daughter’s spirit during his surgery… like he might die but just for tiny bit just in time to see his daughter’s spirit and then after that he’ll wake up, no?
    Or maybe he will die but he’ll still see Ji hyun…
    This just came up to my mind when he told Min ho that he is afraid that during his surgery, Ji hyun might wake up and he wants to see her when wakes up…

    • 47.1 Jomo

      That’s a cool idea.
      What would that do, though, make him happy or nervous?

      If he interceded on her behalf…maybe if she doesn’t make the 3/49, he could influence someone…

      • 47.1.1 mellissa

        “he could influence someone” – like who? biker sunbae?

        • Jomo

          Yes, or someone higher?

      • 47.1.2 JeSsBeL

        Yeah that would be nice, maybe he’ll search for Yi Kyung n influence her to keep living?
        If he dies it would worked out in order for him to RIP.
        Or if he comes back to life… it would be for him to be more patient n have confidence that she’ll be back
        A warning that he should distance himself from the meano Min ho and run to KANG AH’s safe arms…
        Maybe if Ji hyun doesnt get her 3 pure tears, her dad may give up his life for her?

        • Jomo

          I like all of your ideas!

          The last one is very possible if he gets to say good-bye to his wife somehow, so she gets a “parting is such sweet sorrow,” rather than a shock.

          • Maracarrero

            Slap me silly, but after watching raw episode 10 and seeing how JH through YK, is trying to get close to her parents, I have a inkling that YK may be the heroine at the end, leaving Min-Ho biting her dust.

  48. 48 MJP

    Javabeans and Girlfriday,

    You know, it sure has been a while since I have said “Thanks!” I sure do appreciate all the work you do in translating/writing and the great emotion you put into each article. Even if the article is just one word… that one word can inspire the reader’s emotions.

    So, Thank You! Ever so much!


    • 48.1 Maracarrero

      I am totally addicted to all your recaps and respect your work and fabulous pictorial presentations along with recaps so that we non-korean speakers can follow the different scenes. I woud love to learn korean, but unfortunately in Puerto Rico we only have mandarin classes, but I’m not giving up on finding a korean tutor. HELP!

      • 48.1.1 MJP


        Can you access this website? It is supposed to be free. I am learning the basics in Korean from it.


  49. 49 aggg

    The reason why i read the recap instead of watching the episodes is because i can’t stand NGR playing jihyun.

    • 49.1 Maracarrero

      aggg, you are missing out on some great acting from the other actors just because of your prejudice. Remember she is not in too many scenes and it might be enjoyable if you give 49 Days a try. Come on, say you will. Especially watch eps. 8, 9 & 10.

  50. 50 mysterious

    For all my dislike of NGR’s acting I will give her props for her singing. She has a beautiful voice.

    • 50.1 Godislove

      agreed. 🙂

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