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Introducing 1 Night 2 Days: Episode 324
by | April 4, 2011 | 185 Comments

New feature!

So, I’ve caught a few episodes here and there of the Sunday variety show 1 Night 2 Days (hereafter called 1N2D), and while I enjoyed them, I never got hooked. Not even to Lee Seung-gi. Although in retrospect, that’s probably a good thing, as it spares me from getting my butt kicked by a possessive girlfriday. In any case, the show’s just about four years old, meaning I’d not only missed the bandwagon, but it had left me miles behind, choking on its dust. Like I was about to catch up on 300+ episodes at this point.

But then, the show recently added a new cast member in actor Uhm Tae-woong (Devil, Resurrection, Queen Seon-deok, Cyrano Dating Agency, Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, Dr. Champ, Stranger than Heaven, Chaw, Forever the Moment, Public Enemy Returns, and more). I figured that this would be the ideal time to give 1N2D a try, since it sort of resets the game at a common starting point — AND gives me lots of Uhm Tae-woong, acting silly and performing all manner of outrageous tasks. As if I’d pass that up.

So I’ve joined girlfriday in this newfound 1N2D attraction, and we decided it was too much fun not to weigh in on some of our favorite moments. So here we go!

But first, a little introduction.

If you aren’t familiar with 1 Night 2 Days, the gist is: You take a group of celebrities, put them on an overnight trip, and make them perform certain games and missions. Usually for food and/or shelter, or to avoid certain punishments. The more dignity stripped in the process, the better. Stir in some inclement weather and a sadistic genius for a PD, and there you have it: 1 Night 2 Days.

Each trip provides material for two episodes, so the members are basically shooting every other weekend. The member count has been five in recent months, following the departure of MC Mong, and currently comprises (in order of their photos above):

  • Kang Ho-dong, 40, comedian and frequent MC on just about every variety show ever;
  • Lee Seung-gi, 24, singer and actor (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho);
  • Lee Su-geun, 36, comedian and actor (Chopsticks);
  • Eun Ji-won, 32, singer who debuted with K-pop group Sechs Kies back in ye olden ’90s, currently re-debuting with group Clover;
  • and Kim Jong-min, 31, singer with pop group Koyote.
  • Oh yeah, and Sadistic Genius Extraordinaire Na Young-seok, or merely Na PD.

And now: 1N2D initiates Uhm Tae-woong. Also javabeans.

EPISODE 324. Broadcast on March 6, 2011.

girlfriday: FINALLY! Welcome to the 1N2D family! I knew the Uhmforce would bait you!

javabeans: I’ve always liked him as an actor, but I’ve gotta say that since I’ve seen him in 1N2D, he’s become SO much more adorable. He’s just so…earnest.

girlfriday: And unassuming. Just so UN-star-like.

javabeans: You could see the guys were curious to see whether he’d have star airs, but he really doesn’t. In fact, they were surprised at how accommodating he was. I’m sure it’s ‘cause he’s new, but he just kept agreeing to everything.

girlfriday: I think that threw them off because these guys are used to arguing over everything—they have to fight like dogs over every little scrap and they constantly live in self-preservation mode. Uhm threw them with his super sincere “Yes” to everything.

javabeans: Not having seen many of the 323 episodes prior to this, I’ll venture to say that adding Uhm is good for the show and the viewers in that the rules are shifted a little. I can see that the guys are so used to how things run that there’s this shorthand for everything—they’ve figured out how to game the system (kind of). And now with a new guy they have to recalibrate their expectations, and adjust to the new dynamic. Also, maybe figure out how to use/abuse/manipulate him.

girlfriday: It’s nice to have a changeup because the other guys have such solidified identities, but it shakes things up in a fun way. Also, eye candy!

javabeans: As far as initiations go, I’d say this was an effective one. You could see the other guys were sort of in awe of him when they were waiting for him to show up at the station in the morning. I guess that’s the tricky part of introducing someone who’s more famous, someone who’s kind of, maybe, just a little bit on a higher rung of the celebrity ladder. By ambushing him at 5am without warning, you get past those initial barriers real quick. The guys totally went from feeling nerves straight into mission mode when they find out they’ve got 1 hour to wake, feed, clothe, and bring Uhm back to the studio, which is 20 minutes away. No time for niceties—must find pants! Go!

girlfriday: Yeah, it was the perfect way to introduce Uhm to the group. And I’m not just talking about the boxers. *mrawr*

javabeans: I wonder if his manager was sweating bullets, hoping Uhm wouldn’t be indecent. Or swear. Or embarrass himself. ‘Cause those 1N2D producers are SHARKS. They’re not leaving anything out on the cutting room floor.

girlfriday: And that’s why the show is good.

javabeans: It was kind of brilliant to tell the big star that go-time is 11am, lull him into a false sense of security, and then jump him at dawn. I suppose it could’ve been a trainwreck had he acted like a diva, but he was so sweet that it made me love him right away. Even Ho-dong was all giddy, saying how his first impression of him was so awesome. And in that kind of panic mode, the other guys went from worrying what to call him (in a way that wouldn’t offend the star) to jumping right in and yelling, “Tae-woong-hyung!”

girlfriday: It’s weird to call them by their first names, but that’s the nature of the show….so….Tae-woong? Ho-dong? That’s so weird!

javabeans: When in Rome… Does this mean I can call him Tae-woong oppa now?

girlfriday: Yes. Just you. As long as I’m the only one getting called noona by Seung-gi.

javabeans: I’ll take that deal. Oh, and I thought it was adorable how he admitted his sister [pop diva Uhm Jung-hwa] had picked out his clothes for his first appearance and gave him advice, only to have that all go by the wayside because he was ambushed.

girlfriday: I love when they went to go pick out his clothes, and all they found were three closets full of suits. They weren’t even surprised. “I bet you he just has suits…oh look, suits!”

javabeans: Tae-woong was so bewildered, you could see he was self-conscious about having eye-boogers or whatnot the whole time. And then you have random guys going, “Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Jong-min! Eat this!” and shoving raw egg into his mouth.

girlfriday: Omg Jong-min’s attempt at cooking with that electric stove cracked me up!

javabeans: He was all, “How do you work this fancy thing? It’s because this is an Actor’s house…” I was dying laughing when they’d fed Tae-woong, and then the other guys were eating all his leftovers. Like how Ji-won was sneaking in bites of cereal.

girlfriday: That’s the thing about this show—you never know when you’re going to eat again, so they stuff themselves at any opportunity.

javabeans: It was impressive how they actually got him back to the broadcast building in their allotted time. And although they lost their next task with the singing game, I was just glad that it wasn’t Tae-woong who messed up. Just ‘cause it would suck to screw up your first mission. Thank god for Jong-min.

girlfriday: He’s reliable that way.

javabeans: We were just talking about Korean ages in this post, and this episode was a good example of it. As soon as the cast members acquainted themselves with Tae-woong, they asked what year he was born, because they had to figure out how to address him—who would call him hyung, etc. It’s easy with the extremes: Ho-dong is the mat-hyung (eldest), and Seung-gi is the maknae (youngest). It’s everyone else that needs some figuring out.

girlfriday: That’s the Korean way—I’ve never entered a social situation with Koreans without having to go through the age rigamarole.

javabeans: For example, Tae-woong’s a 1974-er, but Su-geun offered that he’s an “early 1975” because they might be close enough in age to forego the hyung-dongsaeng hierarchy. But then Tae-woong said he started school early, which kept him firmly in hyung territory—even if he was then held back a year, because he didn’t do so good in kindergarten. I cracked up when he admitted that, totally honestly and without shame.

girlfriday: Who gets held back in kindergarten? So cute. And I didn’t know Tae-woong was that old. He’s actually Seung-gi’s ddi-dong-gap, which means he’s the same Chinese zodiac sign, but one cycle over. Basically it’s a shorthand that means he’s twelve years older, but it’s a cultural marker used to denote a difference in generation. For example, a full generation would be two cycles: my mom and I are ddi-dong-gap by two cycles, or 24 years.

javabeans: My brother and father are ddi-dong-gap by THREE cycles. 36 years, booyah! (Side note: I can be competitive about anything.)

girlfriday: Yes, my liver thanks you for that.

javabeans: My liver thanks you back, from the deathbed. Oh, what the hell was up with that clown car? Is that a 1N2D thing? Force six grown men into a van that is shorter than them?

girlfriday: They love any opportunity to make the guys look ridiculous. I think they brought that car back from the dead, which would explain why it stalled on them, and Ho-dong had to practically carry it along.

javabeans: Didn’t it have an “Uhm Tae-woong on Board” sign painted on it?

girlfriday: Yeah, like “Baby On Board,” but hotter?

javabeans: I’m guessing they went easy on him with the games this time, because they seemed kind of simple: Rock-Scissors-Paper, multiplication tables, and country capitals.

girlfriday: No, the games are always simple. You’d be surprised at how often they mess up simple things. That’s kind of the beauty of the setup, because it’s genius-simple. Like you find yourself rooting for the boys in tasks that a child could do, but the stakes are what make it interesting. That and their competitive nature.

javabeans: Apparently Tae-woong does not know how to count. Or multiply.

girlfriday: OMG Seung-gi’s face when he realized Tae-woong was the multiplication Black Hole was just hilarious.

javabeans: I love how seriously the veterans took their roles “mentoring” the rookie. Like, Jong-min’s super-serious advice on how to beat the director in Rock-Scissors-Paper. Dude. There’s a limit to how much strategy you can use in that game. Although, I guess it was technically Mook-Ji-Ppa, not Rock-Scissors-Paper.

girlfriday: (In case you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Mook-Jji-Ppa, it’s a bizarrely stressful version of rock-paper-scissors where you have to NOT play the same hand as your opponent, while still beating them at rock-paper-scissors.)

javabeans: Does that sound confusing? IT IS. Basically, you have to play a juiced-up-version of rock-scissors-paper and avoid mirroring your opponent. It’s REALLY stressful.

girlfriday: Also, that cameraman is notoriously good at that game. He NEVER loses.

javabeans: He looks freaky. Like the Terminator of childhood playground games.

girlfriday: I love how impressed they were that Tae-woong beat him.

javabeans: He was surprisingly good at country capitals, too. It’s just where numbers are concerned that he sucks. But the PD was really lenient about letting them go double-or-nothing every time they lost. It’s like they wanted him to win and were trying to give him all the opportunities.

girlfriday: No, it’s because Na PD is an evil genius. He has nothing to lose by having them up the stakes with more members offering themselves as collateral for punishment. It’s always better TV.

javabeans: That, and pantsless idols. But that’s for the next post!

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  1. MLkim

    i <3 1N2D

  2. Kyu

    I love you guys for doing this! I’m an avid fan of 1N2D and I was so ecstatic when UTW came out. I love him a lot more now because he seems so adorkable. 1N2D fighting!

  3. SL

    I’m so happy you guys are talking about 1N2D! I love Lee Seung-gi!

  4. Narahannah

    This is why I LOVE you two!

    2 days 1 night hwaiting!

    • 4.1 Lenita

      second! i also love this show when i can get to it. you know, what with life and all.

      it’s the only one i purposefully watch.

  5. Alvina

    I am SUCH a variety show girl (THANK you KBSW) and I absolutely love them. It’s great that you’ve joined the bandwagon too haha.

    I honestly think that Korea is one of the only countries that I’ve been to that has variety shows to this level of success and unique-ness. It’s refreshing.

    Such a great intro to the “new member” tehehe. I missed when MC Mong left but he has his issues right now.
    I hope you continue to enjoy 😛

    • 5.1 Alvina

      woah, wait. I thought this was just a random special recap. But then I saw the icon.

      …you’re planning on recaping the episodes UTW is on the show?

  6. mugen

    I’ve seen every episode and I think its awesome that UhmForce joined the show. I’m looking forward too seeing what kind of flavor he brings to the show. But I really do miss the good ol’ days with KimC and MC Mong.

  7. Bizquit

    I love 1N2D! Thanks for doing this!

    • 7.1 jojo

      Me too! DVR it every week to watch when I can. I’ve been watching it about a year and it’s the only show that makes me LOL.

  8. bee

    oh this looks so amusinggg. i always want to watch this show… i saw it on tv once and it was funny but i can never consistently find it with subs online (maybe i’m looking in the wrong place?) and i need subs because my vocabulary sucks/they talk too fast/i feel the need to look up what i dont know whenever they put words on the screen/okay fine i just really suck at korean.

    • 8.1 Arhazivory


      KBS World started subbing it in English as of Ep 71, a few eps before that were done by fans.

    • 8.2 Cassandra

      You can also try They don’t have all the episodes but they do have a lot and they’re hardsubbed.

  9. Arhazivory


    Welcome aboard javabeans. XD

    I only caught the 1n2d fever last month and I’ve watched all the subbed episodes from KBS world for Jan-Feb. This one with Uhm…I’m eagerly awaiting because he’s one of my favourite actors and 1n2d is my new crack.

  10. 10 snow

    so funny! definitely looking forward to your next post on this!

  11. 11 jenlov

    I love this show! Have watched it on and off from the beginning. What a nice surprise to see you two review/recap…thank you! Will you be adding a variety show section now (in all your spare time)?

    I was REALLY happy to see the addition of Uhm Tae Woong to the group. Now if only they would have his buddy Lee Seon Gyeon (the Voice) join an episode or two…a girl can dream…..

    Thanks again for sharing this with maybe some that haven’t seen 1N2D!

    • 11.1 imoan.naomi

      I totally second that emotion. Having “the Voice” on 1N2D (my Korean favorite variety show) would just push my fangirl glee over the edge!

      I haven’t seen any Tae Woong episodes yet. I think KBS World broadcasts them a week or two behind schedule so hopefully I can watch it soon.

  12. 12 diamonds

    wohaa, 1N2D !

    welcome guys 😀

  13. 13 mousey

    I gawk when he said Singapore is the capital of Malaysia!!!

    • 13.1 chzlyaya

      me too!!

      i was like “what??puhahahahahahahaha”
      laugh just came along unconsciously..hehe..even though I’m am Malaysian myself. =)

    • 13.2 gustave154

      well Singapore WAS a part of Malaysia xD he just got his history confused lol xD

  14. 14 lovepark

    Welcome to the bandwagon javabeans! Your guys’ banter is great, and I feel like I’m reading my brain at some points.
    Uhm Tae-woong is adorable and I can’t wait to see more of him. I really like PD Na and think he’s incredible. The man is pretty funny in his own way, too, and it’s funny to see the little quircks of the staff members in the show. 1n2d fighting!

    • 14.1 Arhazivory

      I’m in love with Na PD because he’s delightfully evil. XD

  15. 15 M

    i really really wish i spoke korean fluently, i don’t need to speak it, i just want to understand it for variety shows!!!!
    sometimes i feel indifferent about a kpop star then i see them on a show and i’m like GAH SO ADORBS
    sigh ;__;
    so many good variety shows out there, i hope you watch more

  16. 16 ahshi

    i knew uhm tae woong could bring 1n2d into dramabeans and i’m right! ^^ i love the guy, and after watching him in 1n2d, i just can’t seem to stop saying i so love him more! =P

  17. 17 lapetite

    I’m just started watching this episode too. I love 1n2d, but hadn’t been keeping up with it since JongMin’s return and the cast departures.

  18. 18 Schmazel

    I love 1N2D as well! It was one of the variety shoes that I used to watch consistently when I was home and had cable! In fact, I got acquainted with LSG through the show and used to wonder if he was a celebrity or not (since I had seen the rest on tv before). Yes. I was new to k-world. Hahah! And Lee Seung Gi is good at most things but his one folly is COOKING. Nope, he can’t cook to save his life. 😛

    • 18.1 Ani

      Cooking and dictations. Everyone thought he was really smart, until they found out he sucks as dictation. He can’t spell very well at times. HAHAHA.

      • 18.1.1 MARj

        hehe.. i watched that episode too..that was the episode when kim c was absent right? when they had to succeed at quizzes to gain their snacks..and seunggi was tasked to write the dictations given by the pd and they failed coz they got “vegitables” and “steu” wrong..they were jokingly disappointed at seunggi that time..

        • Ani

          Yeah and MC Mong was like “I had the same score as Korean University students” and everyone was like “But that test is easy in the first place”. HAHAHA. Oh, I’m going to miss the old gang, but I also look forward to the crazy thing they’ll put Uhm through. XD

    • 18.2 Kukilas

      You’ll be surprised at how much Seung Gi has improved at cooking. He’s miles better now than when he cooked “Beer Can Chicken” on the camping episode. 🙂 He has learned a lot from Mong Jang Geum.

      • 18.2.1 gustave154

        there was one episode where the guys went to an island and Seung Gi cooked fried potato for dinner. everyone went nuts (including the staff because it was so delicious) and the potatoes was finished instantly lol.

  19. 19 SeungGiFever

    Omg, thanks for posting this because I’m an avid fan of this show since the beginning and have watched every episode and I giggled like a looney reading your guys comments on it.

    For those who are interested in watching this episode with subs, please go here for the links because it’s unlisted on youtube
    **You might have to scroll down further to see the link**

    Also, here’s the link to the show’s international fan club, they post dl link for the new raw episodes every Sunday.

    • 19.1 fiey

      actually, ahboo has a blog listing all the episodes with english subs (both streaming and download links).

      but you have to sign up first to be able to see the links for 1n2d. be sure not to post the links anywhere else because most 1n2d videos on youtube have been removed due to copyright issues with kbs.

      1n2d is the best show ever! ever! ever!

      it’s not just funny but very very heartwarming with the relationship between the members and the crews, and their interaction with the people they meet, and their theme concerning love for family, oldies and korea. it gives messages and not just a pure entertainment show.

      the recent episode which really touched my heart and made me cry buckets was the episode with the foreigner. 1n2d is crazily amazing! and Na pd is just genius. and the boys’ chemistry, craziness and self protectiveness, and competitive spirit are just awesome. long live 1n2d!

      i’m sooo glad that you girls decide to recap this show now. i’ve always had the feeling with Seunggi being GF’s puppy. She even talk about Strong Heart before at a place a variety show was never mentioned.

      i love this show sooo much! and heodang seunggi is my bias. love this post of you both. looking forward to the next one!

      • 19.1.1 Flyn

        Thank you so much for the link to the site! I’m totally new to this show and have been meaning to watch it for some time now. Will definitely check this episode out (and the future ones to come).

        Is it possible for you (or other fans of the show) to recommend some of the best episodes?
        Like the one with the foreigner, which episode will that be? I’ll be downloading from the site you provided.

        Think I’m gonna love this show but I can’t possibly catch up with 300 ep!!

        Thanks in advance ^^

        • fiey

          i cant really remember which episode my favourites. they are a lot!

          but for recommendations maybe you can refer to this forum:

          i remember there’s a post about it but not very sure.

          and for searching the episodes, refer here:


          the foreigner special episode aired in January this year. cant remember the exact date or episode number, but u can check the sites above.

          i started watching after knowing seunggi from Brillant Legacy when it was airing. i actually watched from the 1st episode he joined until the recent one, in that order. i think that makes me realize how closer the boys become over the years. and how they now know each other so well, that they can guess what the others thinking & will do so they can outdo them in games. watching some episodes are like watching dramas. there’re betrayal, tricking and all LOL

          • Flyn

            Sure thing! Thanks for all the links. I found the foreigner special episode, it’s episode 185, 186 & 187.

            I’m gonna start watching from where MF links are available over at ahboo’s site, since the earlier episodes uploaded only contain MU links. I’ll just take what I can get 🙂

        • Kukilas

          There are so many great episodes to watch. Some of my personal favorites are the Bokbulbok marathons, the extreme weather training camps, where the boys are forced to withstand extremely hot and cold conditions, and the viewer’s trips. They have done 2 viewer’s trips so far.

          • fiey

            i remember one of my personal favs is when they visited the Sajek Stadium (i’m not sure if thats the correct name), famous for baseball, and the whole stadium screamed their name. and they did an impromptu performance for them. really awesome.

            i also love when they did guerilla concert. for example when mong, jiwon and sugeun stop at the university on the way to their destination and decided to make a performance there (for fun or out of bored i dont know. they are just crazy that way when they’re together). they made an announcement and suddenly the students were all running and heading to that location and the place was completely filled with them. the guys were so worried and called seunggi for help hahaa. and when they made a live to music bank from their location using the internet & webcam for mc mong since he was up for the top spot. so awesome. and mc mong winning and crying and went into a room to get some privacy. very very heart-tugging.

            also the episode when it was raining outside, so the guys were thinking of what game to play, the zoombie game was really hilarious OMG.

            and i also love the episode they filmed at the centre of seoul. they have to force themselves to sleep within a given minutes and Na pd will check on them if they really sleep or not by tickling and saying funny things and so on. so funny. and they even need to do it outside of the house with people passing by. crack me up so much. and at night when they have to play the game with the foreigners with the 1st person only know the answer and have to act it out and the next person have to act and the last one have to guess it. i died laughing. the foreigners were so bad at it. but jiwon and seunggi are a genius to be able to guess them right.

            there are more episodes that i like really. but these are the ones that i can recall right now.

  20. 20 danna

    you’re first variety show!!!!..this is why u gotta love Dramabeans…o and please continue in conversations… it!!!

  21. 21 gustave154

    woot love 1Night2Days its like my favourite (and apparently Korea’s) favourite variety show ever!! Looking forward to Tae-Woong and Seunggi moments since they are both actors xD

  22. 22 ohemgee

    OMG more crack for me to read here!!!!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSss and THANK YOU drama goddesses!

    i actually watched this episode of 1n2d but not all of it, and as much as i love the show and the newbi Uhm, i still somehow cannot keep up with all the airings!!

    so your recaps will be great! 😛

  23. 23 Toya

    Thank you for the heads up! No way am I missing this now.

  24. 24 Spastic

    My brother always watches 1n2d, everytime that happens we always crave for ramen! The show just makes it look too yummy.

  25. 25 splgt001

    thank you for your post ladies.

    1N2D is awesome!!! So much laughter and so much pain from rolling on the floor in laughter… hehehe.

    javabeans: ….Thank god for Jong-min.

    girlfriday: He’s reliable that way.

    LOL. So true.

  26. 26

    eeekkk!!! 1N2D!

    I love 1N2D. They’re hilarious! I’ll admit to watching it at first for Seunggi, but have since developed a soft spot for all of them – including Na PD! Seunggi’s imitation of Na PD is so spot on, makes me giggle every time. And when Hodong turns on the aegyo… LOL!

    I’ve not had the chance to watch the episodes with UTW yet, but will soon.

  27. 27 hitsugaya

    i love 1n2ds! its hilarious and i love jongmin!

  28. 28 no name

    6 x 9 = 49.


    still, UTW is adorable – esp in his animal print blanket. :))

  29. 29 ahchooma

    I love UTW!!! I was a follower of 1N2D and was so thrilled when I know I could see both my love together!!! UTW was so cute!!! I have watched the episode 325 to 327 and I love him more!!!

  30. 30 Chrystal

    Yay! Thanks for doing this, girls! <3 x100 Been following since the days MC Mong and Kim C were still in the gang, but UTW is a great addition. Now they have actors-comedian/hosts-singers pairing~! And I can't wait for you to recap their next trip because UTW is just so giddily adorable~

  31. 31 Tiffany

    Oh I love this show!!!!!!!! Uhm Tae Woong is such a great addition. So cute. It made me happy that you guys talked about it so I had to comment. :]

  32. 32 cleo

    have always been curious about this show. but i never really had the real push to pursue this show…
    cause aside from Kdrama i think Korean variety shows are just so FUNNY…
    from Xman, loveletter, heroen 6, infinity challenge and etc. additionally i got addicted to WGM especially with Ant couple, Saangchu couple, and the GUndam couple. then Family outing hit me out of the blue after watching the episode with RAIN, it was effing HILARIOUS.
    then the usual idol oriented variety show..

    but 1N2D, have always nagged me to watch it but i always put it off. I think i watched snippets of this show especially after JongMin came in (i have always loved him black hole and simpleton image in part variety shows) but now after reading your post it made me want to really watch.
    anyway I am currently stalking any vids with subtitles of 1N2D but so far still havent found one.
    hope someone would direct me to some of their vids…

    • 32.1 lapetite

      check out pikeyenny’s blog… she posts the full vids with subtitles. just google her name.

      i would also check engsub.tumblr they have a lot of subbed variety shows there as well.

    • 32.2 Ani

      boo also posts english subs from kbsworld with good quality videos, but pikeyenny is also a good place to go. I put off 1N2D for a while too, but some time last year I decided to finally watch it, and I practically burned the midnight oil trying to catch up. XD You’ll learn to love it. And with a new member coming in, I think jb is right in that now is a good time for anyone to start because everyone has to try to get used to the changes together.

    • 32.3 ajewell

      Go here for episodes, raw and subtitled:

    • 32.4 Lenita

      read the posts above, there are linkies

    • 32.5 cleo

      THank thanks thanks you so much guys…
      well be checking out all the links you gave…

      Grazie a voi tutti….

  33. 33 PurpleBunny143

    thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! I’m so obsess with this show!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you javabeans and girlfriday!!!!!!!

  34. 34 mary

    I thought UTW was just mine. Apparently a lot of you like him too?

    Also, this quote:

    “And now with a new guy they have to recalibrate their expectations, and adjust to the new dynamic. Also, maybe figure out how to use/abuse/manipulate him.”


  35. 35 nara

    I was once see that show..and it’s funny..will try to find the uhm tae woong first episode ..thank you two…

  36. 36 tiffany

    omggg i am so going to reassociate my life with this show!

  37. 37 Ally

    I have always loved this show, but could only catch it by accident as I couldn’t find a tv listing for it where I live. Woo for the recap!

  38. 38 chajjye

    Hahaha. I love Korean variety shows. They are so full of win and you actually do learn some things. It’s the reason why I’m so hooked to Korean variety shows.

    1N2D is awesome though I watch it only once in a blue moon (due to schedule conflicts and language handicap). I loved KimC’s “Umma” in the show and how they used to have the Young Boys (YB = MC Mong, EunJiWon, LeeSeunggi) against the Old Boys (OB = KimC, KangHoDong, LeeSuGeun) competition. Or do they still have that?

    • 38.1 Kyu

      They still have the OB and YB teams but now it’s:
      OB (Ho-dong, Su-geun, Tae-woong) and YB (Seung-gi, Jong-min and Ji-won)

      It’s nice to have the team back at an even number because now they can divide up evenly!

  39. 39 nataliembailey

    My students always talk about this show, but when they said variety show I thought of the old school American variety shows and tuned out…I’ll have to check it out now…it sounds hilarious!!!!! 🙂

  40. 40 alittlepaperstory

    He is such a perfect addition to this already hilarious team! He is so cute in the show! LOVE HIM!

  41. 41 Nano

    oh my God…i’m still laughing.
    i never watched 1N2D except small glimpses of it…but this was hilarious. i’m off to catch up.

  42. 42 l1lskyl1l

    LOVE LOVE the post. hope u guys do more cuz i was cracking up!!!
    thanks for the back to studying =/

  43. 43 ivy

    “In any case, the show’s just about four years old, meaning I’d not only missed the bandwagon, but it had left me miles behind, choking on its dust. Like I was about to catch up on 300+ episodes at this point.”

    Me too me too. But I also got to downloading the recent episodes after Uhm’s addition to the show

  44. 44 bunnymino

    Omg..i’m so surprised you guys were recapping this show! Are you guys going to continually recapping this? I’ve always watched & loved 1n2d from the start but I found myself getting more hoookeeed because of Uhm tae woong… he’ soo cute especially with his love with 49!!

    7X9 = 49
    7X5 = 35
    5X 7 = 49 LOLL
    6×9 = 49 …there shows his passionate love of 49…

    • 44.1 Ani

      Almost as bad as how Sugeun once said the capital of the United States was New York. HAHAHA.

    • 44.2 gustave154

      maybe he loves watching the drama 49 days… LOL

      • 44.2.1 nisa

        LOL!!! but 49 days only premiered on march 16th…too early for that lol!

    • 44.3 bunnymino

      LOL..perhaps… I always feel like teaching them a multiplication especially with the multiplication of 9 (since they often got it wrong for multiplication of 9) , because there’s a trick to it…

      E.g. Say you have 7 x 9 , show both of your hands (all of your 10 fingers) and start counting up to your 7th finger from the first finger of your left hand, close the 7th finger, and there you got 6 on the left and 3 on the right which equals to 63.
      For 3 x 9 –> close your 3rd finger from the left and you’ll get 2 on the left and 7 on the right…

      I remember i always did this in my multiplication test when i was in elementary school (a sort of cheating) but it works. LOL …

  45. 45 Ani

    It was an epic episode. I have to make sure I watch them first now if you guys are planning on doing recaps from now on (I don’t mind reading recaps on dramas, but I’ll be damned if I miss out on watching the boys try to outdo each other on the show). HAHAHA. I love how Eun Cho-ding (Eun Jiwon’s nickname) was just eating up the food. And Jong-min and has forever boyish ways! How the heck does he get Row-Row-Your Boat wrong, especially when you’re a singer? HAHAHA. And Uhm with his “7*9=49”. Made me laugh like crazy. Yeah, Na PD is a sadists, but he’s what makes 1N2D fun! I was sad when Kim C and MC Mong left, but it’s good to have full 3-on-3 teams again and 2-on-2-on-2 teams again. Well,m welcome to team 1N2D jb. X)

  46. 46 momosan

    Oh yeah, so I wasn’t the only one who tuned in for UTW? Blue boxers and leopard print sheets? Now THAT is priceless.

    I have to say, this week’s episode literally had me near death with laughter. Seriously could not breathe. Imagine the 6 of them, in beautiful black suits looking like they were headed for a funeral….doing a weird version of the Soul Train line (or am I the only one old enough to know what that is)

  47. 47 Celest


    Welcome to the world of variety programs!

    I only recently got into the variety world around 3 to 4 years ago. Back then, I watched pretty much ALL the episodes of X-Man when it was still up on youtube. When I ran out of those, I thought my heart would die but then I got into 1N2D which featured the some of the cast of X-Man such as Jong Min, Kang Ho Dong, LSG and MC Mong. Though I haven’t watched it as much as I watched X-Man, the episodes that I have seen were a hoot!

    You want bromance? You’ve found the gold mine in 1N2D

  48. 48 namja

    i love 1N2D….all of them are the best…..aja…aja…fighting…
    me…from malaysian…

  49. 49 ajewell

    OMG – I LOVE this show, and have been trying to get my friend to start watching too!!! I was so psyched when I logged on and saw your post. I’ve been waiting for the hardsubs for this episode forever, so thanks so much for giving us a sneak-peek. I was actually sad when MC Mong left, but have to admit, I’ve always been a huge Uhm Tae-woong fan, so that helped dull the pain.

    Some of the funniest games are when the OBs take on the YBs (Old Boys vs Young Boys), and in almost every battle I’ve seen, the YBs always win, lol.

    Also, it was funny that you guys brought up the rock-paper-scissors guru. Did you see the episode (I think it was the scorching summer episode, or something like that) where all the members had to play him in order to get an air-conditioned car, and beat him EVERY.SINGLE.TIME, landing evil-PD Na in a heavy winter jacket?! So funny. And I’m proud to say, I’ve finally mastered the rules on all their little games – Human Zero took me forever to figure out, lol.

    I really loved the episode where all the guys were given an item, and had to race to their destination, with it still intact (a lit candle, bowl of water, puzzle, shoes, egg). OMG, it was so hilarious when Jong-Min, the happy-go-lucky, always smiling member, played evil genius and cracked Hong-Do’s egg right in front of him – and into his ramen no less!!! The dramatic music, and Ho-Dong’s screams of horror and pain, were so hilarious. Or when they were racing to the top of a mountain, and Ji-Won got there first, and took 3 flags instead of one – leaving Ho-Dong and Su-Geun to fight it out over the remaining flag he put on a boat in the middle of the water.

    Seriously – LOVE this show, lol. I’m so glad to see you’re coming around. 🙂

    • 49.1 Ani

      Oh man! Jong-min was crazy funny with the egg stunt that he pulled. He was just doing it casually too and Ho-dong was like “Andwae! Andwaaaaaaaaaaaeeee”. HAHAHA. I think that was a classic episode, and how the YB tricked the OB the next day by leaving without telling Ho-dong and Sugeun. HAHAHA.

  50. 50 Anvesha

    I love 1N2D but stopped watching abt a year ago.. I didnt know any of them when I started watching it but somehow ended up liking all of them (starting with seung gi) I really want to watch UhmForce entry now!

    Last time I checked Kim C left and MC Mong as well? Eun Ji Won will be alone! Lol.. Why did he leave?

    • 50.1 ajewell

      Kim C left to pursue music, I think. And MC Mong had some scandal over the military (rumor: that he was trying to avoid military duty by paying off some doctor to pull teeth that didn’t need to be pulled); so he was banned from KBS.

    • 50.2 gustave154

      Kim C left because he wanted to concentrate on his music (he’s in the band Hot Potato) and MC Mong was banned from KBS after allegations that he dodged his National Service… Now MC Mong is waiting to hear the judge’s verdict and if he is found guilty, he will be sentenced to 2 years prison…

      • 50.2.1 Ani

        @ajewall and gustave154: Wasn’t part of his leaving also him finishing up his education or something like that? It’s something his management company said. But than again, Kim C is from a wealthy family so I’m not sure now. X/

        • ajewell

          Hmm, I really don’t know. All I heard was he left to pursue music… unfortunately, I haven’t seen his send-off episode yet (though I plan to) so they might have elaborated a bit more on that episode.

    • 50.3 Ani

      Kim C left for school purposes (he’s going to study abroad) and MC Mong had to withdraw from all his celebrity activities because he was taken to court for Military Service dodging purposes. I would like to think he’s innocent, but some of the initial evidence did kind of weigh heavily against him. But more and more evidence that surfaced recently might prove otherwise. On April 11 (2011), they will give the final decision as to whether MC Mong should serve 2 years in prison or not. It broke a lot of hearts for fans who loved him as a singer, as a host on Haha-Mong Show, and as one of our favorite goofballs (with his amazing Monkey Strength) on 1N2D. I don’t think fans will ever really forget Mong-key or Kim C, but Uhm might help fill the hole that their departure left.

      • 50.3.1 Lenita

        oh my so sad about mc mong. i hope he’s not found guilty, or at least gets a lenient verdict. after all, he’s had some contribution to introducing korea to the world through the show…

        • Ani

          Military Dodging is a big deal in South Korea considering they are still in a war (just in an armistice for now), and that serving is every males’ duty to their country (and national pride is BIG in SK). But I just don’t think, with the recent evidence, that it’s enough to convict the guy on. There’s also word now that this all started just because some netizens (as in antis netizzens) started a rumor about Mong trying to dodge. It’s not a new thing for celebrities to try to dodge having to enlist, but I kind of feel that a man is innocent unless proven otherwise (or unless you’re a douche and it’s obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt from the get go that you’re guilty). Mong fighting~

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