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Jo Hyun-jae sings for 49 Days
by | April 25, 2011 | 131 Comments

Kang-ahhhhh, singing for me? *Swoon*

Actor Jo Hyun-jae is contributing a track to the soundtrack for his current drama, 49 Days, following fellow castmate Jung Il-woo, aka our sassy Scheduler, who previously recorded a track. Jo’s contribution is titled “Even If I Live Just One Day,” and was released just today.

As you might guess, given the recent turn of events in the drama, it’s something of a confession piece as Kang starts expressing more of his love for Ji-hyun, which has hitherto been massively repressed by his extreme awkwardness displaying any emotion at all. He’s workin’ on it.


Jo Hyun-jae – “단 하루를 살아도” (Even If I Live Just One Day) [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


I’ve waited for so long
I’ve hurt so much
As much as the traces left by that long time
I’ve longed for you

Tired footsteps have brought me to your side,
though I know there’s nothing I can do

* (chorus)
Saying I love you
are words my heart has always shouted
Saying I love you
are words I’ve repeated, behind you
Saying I love you
are words I couldn’t say, afraid you’d run away
I love you
so much that I’m afraid
I love you

Like the stars in the night sky,
always visible
but unable to be approached or touched
That must be my fate, to watch over you

Waiting for you every day, foolishly looking forward to it
I harbor hopes that have grown

* (chorus)

I’ll confess, I love you as much as today
If I could only live one day, I’d want to be by your side
I’ll confess
I’ll say the words now
I love you

It’s a lovely song, and I’d known that Jo Hyun-jae could sing; he’s sung on soundtracks in the past. But I hadn’t known that he’d actually gotten his start in the entertainment biz as a singer in a boy band back in 1998, back when he was 19 years old… along with fellow star Kim Kang-woo. The group was called Guardian, but they’d only made three television appearances — on cable — singing their song “Sad Fate” (슬픈인연) before fading away. Frankly, I love ’em both as actors, so I’ll chalk it up to fate knowing what she was doing.


First of all, there are the outfits. And the Sohn Ji-chang hair. And overall nineties flair. Not too bad, as far as idol fashions go — it’s nothing compared to the wackiness of, say, H.O.T back in the day. But the dance moves are pretty anemic, and the lip-synching (back then a staple, which nobody batted an eyelash at) IS SO BAD.

Jo Hyun-jae is freakin’ adorable, though, even when doing the backup-dance side-shuffle in the back row, but the thing that made me choke and almost injure myself? KIM KANG-WOO, RAPPING. Omg omg. The serious, somewhat dry, self-professed conservative actor of today, lip-synching to a soft R&B ballad-rap? Priceless.

Via Mk.co.kr


131 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MJP


    Sing it Baby!!!!

    Kang-ah!!!!! Kang-ah!!!!!

    • 1.1 MJP

      It is a beautiful song, once I figured out how to click the play button… (we all know I can be a little slow 🙂 )

      Do you think he’ll get to sing it in the episode as Kang-ah? He does have a piano in the restaurant after all.

      • 1.1.1 Two Cents

        He already did. This is the song they played at the end of the last episode- the hug scene.

        • Linda165

          Yes… In case someone forgot the hug scene:


          • unicorn

            ahh, I was looking for this song. Thanks!
            When I heard the song on the hug scene, I though what a perfect song .. didn’t know that he sang it too .. wow. LOVE IT.

        • Godislove

          I think MJP meant if Kang will end up singing in an episode for the show….

          kind of like when park shin yang sang in the famous ‘paino scene’ in Lovers in Paris..

          Gosh wouldn’t that be sooo awesome if Kang played piano and sing this song for yikyung/jihyun!!!

          GAHHHHHHHH~ !!


          • MJP

            Yes, exactly!!!

          • Linda165

            If that happens hospital emergency rooms all over the world will be flooded by crazy women shouting


            It would be a global event.

          • MJP


    • 1.2 fatinwhite93

      Guardian – sad fate…
      do you have their mp3??

  2. favegirl13

    hahhaha lol
    gotta love the 90’s
    so excited for this week’s episode too

  3. kaidanmono

    The dance moves are frickin’ hilarious. And JHJ’s singing is okay in the first song, but I have no idea what happened in “Sad Fate” because he was completely off-key when hitting the high notes >.> Really made me cringe.

    I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s a much better actor than a singer 🙂

  4. mary

    These moments were created by Fate so we will have something to gush over now that JHJ and KKW are in our to-stalk list.

    Although JHJ and KKW will probably chalk it up to mistakes-of-the-past-I-won’t-repeat-in-the-next-life.

    • 4.1 Merewen

      “to-stalk list.”

      LOL! I love that!!

  5. Bori


    This is my new lullaby.

  6. Quarki

    Ho ho ho! That’s hilarious!
    Kim Kang Woo looks so different~!
    Oh Jo Hyun Jae is so good looking and cute!

  7. infiniti512

    His voice is pretty good!

    But…but…but…..Kangwoo…..I’m so glad he decided to stick with acting! lol

    • 7.1 diorama

      Bwahaha! Yes. Kim Kang-Woo, you are at your best when you’re acting. Please, don’t ever allude to this again.

  8. kay

    bahahahahahah this is GOLD!!!!

  9. binary0018

    so i guessed correct – was indeed him singing in ep12!
    – in the cherry blsm park, the part where the 2 “couples” were reminiscing.
    – v last scene when he got out of the car & grabbed JH/YK in a swoop-hug.
    rather nice voice too 🙂

  10. 10 Kiara

    Better with age, like a bottle of FINE wine <3.

    Not digging the dancing but like the song.

    • 10.1 mskmouse

      I concur! Kang Ah is definitely getting better with age. 😀

  11. 11 Qd

    Love it!!!!!!!!!! Makes me even more excited about next episode! Kang ah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 11.1 MJP

      EVERYONE, Please remain calm!!!

      The next viewing of Kang-ah is Wednesday.

      You must function normally until that time.

      • 11.1.1 Qd

        [email protected] Thanks for keeping me in check! I needed a reality check! lol But Han Kang is so fit! *giggles*

  12. 12 sheila

    awww…he’s so sdorable dancing in the background while the other guy’s singing..

  13. 13 Nokcha

    Really like his voice! What a pleasant surprise! And he’s aged well….

  14. 14 Celexa

    omo… the things you will dig up! priceless… I love it!

  15. 15 Atsirk

    LMAO. I did NOT know JHJ was in a band with KKW.


    This is awesome!!!

  16. 16 pipit

    What a lovely song. And a good voice too. Yes, he could sing!

    Love the lyrics. It’s beautifully suited his character and 49 Days.

    Jo Hyun Jae I love you!

    • 16.1 MJP

      pipit…. *gulps nervously* Would you please step away from Kang-ah? We don’t want anyone to get hurt now…Do we? *body-blocks between pipit and Kang-ah*

      • 16.1.1 pipit

        *lips start to quiver* but I thought we’re best friend? you don’t mean you too…

        • MJP

          pipit *eyes shift nervously right to left and back again*
          we are best friends… but that doesn’t mean I’ll share!






          Kang-ah is mine!

        • pipit

          Okay, girls I’m going to provide the proof that it’s me he loves!

          Check this one out. He’s singing his love for me. ME!


          Jo Hyun Jae. I LOVE YOU TOO!

          So cute and adorable.


          • Linda165

            She is delusional, this one…

            Girls! Paws off my property!

      • 16.1.2 YY

        Sigh. How many times must I say it? Kang-ah is mine.

  17. 17 kaycee

    HAHAHA OMG I wonder how they’d feel, what they’d think if ever they come across their old videos like this one. LOL How far they’ve come…

  18. 18 funnylittlefishy


    kang-aaaah! I can decide which is more exciting. Kang ah singing this song, or Jo hyun jae in a 90s boy band….

  19. 19 Jeanie65jh

    Oh my…

    anyway…Love Kang ah! Sing it Jo Hyun Jae! He has a beautiful voice.

  20. 20 Liesel

    LOL-ing so hard at that video i’m cracking my ribs! granted JHJ still looks hawt even then, but the rest of them combined just look so.. OILY. can’t even explain. must be all that hair grease. eeek~!

    • 20.1 pipit

      Yes! Oily! That’s how I feel too! But JYJ looks so adorableeeeeee!

  21. 21 girlfriday


    The Sohn Ji-Chang Hair!

    The preppy 90s outfits!!

    The DANCING!!!

    My tweeny-bop memories are haunting me.

    This is GOLD.

    • 21.1 Beng

      it’s priceless i think =)

  22. 22 Jomo

    Well I know why JHJ was in the back, um, “dancing.”
    You could almost see him counting
    “One, and two, and throw the dice,
    and skip, and slide, and
    throw the dice the other side…”

    But, cute? Oh yes, and looks pretty much the same now!

    • 22.1 doozy

      ahahhahaha, I could totally see that in their choreography!

      And yeah, Jo Hyun-Jae has aged very well. When I watched him played a highschooler in 49 days, I had to suspend my disbelief and just went it, but after seeing how he looked at 19 years old, the believability factor really went up.

    • 22.2 Pinny

      Hahhaaa.. I love your comment. So funny and so true! I laughed so hard why replaying this video.

      JHJ singing for 49 days is *MELT*
      I can imagine myself rapping the replay button.

    • 22.3 Linda165

      LOL! Now you got ME dancing with that rhyme!

  23. 23 asianromance

    I’m glad they went into into acting!! There was no room with H.O.T., Shinhwa, and Sechskies. I wonder how JHJ is feeling about the images of his boyband past.

    • 23.1 MJP

      Wow! I wondered the same thing. Does he feel it was a defeat or just a life direction course change? It may have been a bit scary to be so young and have to face such a change.

      • 23.1.1 Jomo

        Based on how comfortable he didn’t look, he was prolly relieved.

  24. 24 LotusW

    omo omo omo
    HILARIOUS!! but JHJ is sooooo adorable!

  25. 25 ...

    LOL!!! look how far kmusic has come (thankfully!)… its a gd thing they switched careers

  26. 26 annieee

    omggg kim kang woo rapping is EPIC. this totally made me day! and jo hyun jae is soo cute!

  27. 27 rockee

    Yeah, JHJ playing a high school student in 49 Days looks definitely believable now that we’ve seen his 19 year old self. It’s like he didn’t age that much. JHJ as kang-ah: adorkable! JHJ singing in 49 days: double swoon…!

  28. 28 Hot Reaper Boy


    • 28.1 Linda165

      Sorry baby… Kang is the King!!

      • 28.1.1 pipit

        And I’m migrating.

        • Linda165

          Double LOL!

      • 28.1.2 YY

        King Kang! HAHAHAHA Never fails to make me LOL

        • ...

          LOL XD

    • 28.2 MJP

      Don’t be jealous, Hot Reaper Boy… You are number one on my playlist.

      Well, you were…

  29. 29 ag

    Wow,never expected to see some really awkward dance moves by the cute,still cute JHJ The rapping,well, it left me speechless. LOL

  30. 30 Two Cents

    Kim Kang-woo???!!!! Oh man, that CRACKS ME UP!!! Jo Hyun Jae was a cutie even then.

  31. 31 Nata

    OMG!! Really priceless!!
    So young, so cute!!!

  32. 32 ck1Oz

    I got distracted by your article on Kim Kang Woo.Wow…how did he fly under my radar?

    4.20min of my life watching that video.LOL.omg…I wonder if Jyun Jae ever watches THAT?I would so shove it under…back when I was young and just startin’ Aish.

  33. 33 YY

    He was cute then and he is cute now. He looks the same. 100% natural pretty. I stopped watching halfway cos they all looked so unhappy “dancing”.

    • 33.1 MJP

      YY, Please be content with all the replicas you own.

      *tries to hide DB article and pictures from YY*

      • 33.1.1 YY

        MJP, shall I kidnap him and make him sing to me alone? I’ll teach him all the right “moves” he he

        • MJP

          He’s MMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

  34. 34 snow

    lmao kim kang woo rapping was so funny and cute!

  35. 35 Ladymoonstone143

    Oh my…another addition to my fave k songs. I don’t know how many times I repeated Hyun Bin’s….and not this one…

    KANGGGGG Ahhhhhhhhhhh…2 more days…:)))

    • 35.1 Ladymoonstone143

      *opppss…wanted to say…and now this one…i have to listen all the time…:))

  36. 36 girlatsea

    KANG AHH singing for the OST?!! LET ME DIE. And his voice is so pretty! Can’t wait for this weeks episodes!!

  37. 37 leila8mae

    hahaha!! this really made my morning a lot better.. Jo Hyun Jae is way tooo adorable!! though this really surprised me since it didn’t cross my mind that Hyun Jae would be in a band dancing like the backstreet boys!! LOL

  38. 38 nauna

    So, do you think JHJ and KKW ever get together over a couple of bottles of soju and reminisce over what-might-have-been? 😛

  39. 39 Linda165

    That’s why I said GF missed Singing Kang in her recap 🙂

  40. 40 Deeliteful

    OMG that video is………………………..HILARIOUS! the dance moves….icant.com

  41. 41 cheerios

    Jo Hyun-jae and Kim Kang-woo are really handsome…

  42. 42 malta


  43. 43 tina

    omg that video had me in tears. the dancing was just…WOW. i laughed out so loud when KKW started rapping. that was unexpected HAHA. and JHJ was such a cutie back then! still hasn’t changed.

  44. 44 micheal

    i find the dance more like martial art than dance. LMAO

  45. 45 Almontel

    it’s a lovely song…love it…thanks for sharing!!!

    i’m going to wait until they actually play it in the next ep…

    • 45.1 Linda165

      They played it on episode 12, during the hug scene:


      I feel like I’m spamming this post with the link 🙂

      • 45.1.1 MJP

        I’d rather have your spam than the real SPAM in the can!!!


        • Linda165

          You’re right! I hate it too 🙂

  46. 46 blahblahblah

    LMAO. Did you guys notice at 2:09 when KKW is rapping the mic is away from his lips when he was “rapping”? Hahahaha! So cute! Who raps to a soft beat like this? lol this totally made my day.

    I can’t believe someone like KKW was aiming to be an “idol” and was a “rapper” at that, hahah! xD

  47. 47 blahblahblah

    LMAO. Did you guys notice at 2:09 when KKW is “rapping” the mic is away from his lips? Hahahaha! So cute! Who raps to a soft beat like this? lol this totally made my day.

    I can’t believe someone like KKW was aiming to be an “idol” and was a “rapper” at that, hahah! xD

    • 47.1 blahblahblah

      Sorry about the double post! :p

  48. 48 churasan

    OMG! Dig deep and you’ll never know what you’ll find… JHJ looks so cute dancing (as stiff as he may be LOL), but KKW rapping was so unbelievable! Especially since the last time I saw him was in A Man’s Story. Thanks for sharing this undiscovered treasure! Really made me smile!

  49. 49 hpn88

    Quite a decent voice. and now its got me wondering who else has hidden idol pasts?

  50. 50 christine

    KANG AHHHH…………….Saranghe!!!

    I’ll be listerning to his song 24/7.

    Today is a Tuesday and another day of waiting. For the meantime, I’ve been watching him in one of his ex-dramas, ONLY YOU.

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