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Lee Jia is married to (and divorcing)… Seo Taiji
by | April 20, 2011 | 525 Comments

What in the WHAT?

This is the big story breaking right now, with all the headlines blaring the words “SHOCKER!” Because, well, it is: Actress Lee Jia, who just a month ago confirmed a romance with A-list movie star and Athena co-star Jung Woo-sung, is married. To groundbreaking rocker Seo Taiji, who practically reinvented the landscape of K-pop back in the ’90s. And now they’re divorcing.

Currently both stars are unreachable by their agencies, who have been trying to contact their cell phones without success; no doubt they’re lying low till this media maelstrom quiets. Given the nature (and secrecy!) of the news, and the star statuses of the two, it’s unlikely to calm down for a while. Even Yang Hyun-seok, head of YG Entertainment and Seo Taiji’s former bandmate (when they were Seo Taiji & the Boys) said upon hearing the news, “It can’t be true. It’s really a shock.”

The news has just leaked that the two were married, legally and in secret, and are currently in the process of suing for divorce. A second hearing was held on April 18 at the Seoul Family Court (a previous hearing took place in March), wherein Lee made various requests for alimony and separation of assets. Very few other details have come out yet.

Well, I can say that this finally clears up a few questions — like how in the world an unknown shot to stardom so instantly, landing a huge leading role in a high-budget blockbuster for her acting debut (2007’s Legend, with Bae Yong-joon), seemingly without connections. I’d always wondered who she knew; I suppose when you’re married to one of the most famous rock stars around, it gives you a leg up.

Lee was seen just this week, on April 21, in a noodle restaurant in Kangnam on a date with new boyfriend Jung Woo-sung.

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525 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xiaoSxin


    • 1.1 kare

      OMG!! I mean Seo Taiji and JWS in one single life. incredible INCREDIBLE! she is lucky girl.

      • 1.1.1 Amg1


        I am not shock at the fact that two “celebrities” are getting a divorce, but rather at the fact at how many woman, not only in this blog, but in Korea at large are ostracizing, and condemning Lee Jia, and calling her every bad name in the book, except a “child of God.”

        It does not say anything about Lee Jia, but speaks volumes at the “Hypocrisy” of Korean culture and media concerning gender inequality, it reminds me the story in the “New Testament” were people wanted to stoned a woman in front of the Prophet Jesus, for the charge of adultery, and he ask the crowd where was the male culprit only to be no where to be found, so the prophet ask “he who is clean of all wrong doing to cast the first stone.”

        Why are we condemning Lee Jia alone, and using the term “adulterer.”? Neither you nor I know the real situation, but the fact is that not only Korean culture, but Asian cultures at large, while they expect for woman to portray, a “puritanical, and virginal” facade in public and in private, while man can go an behave like “whore-monger’s,” and the world is cool with it.

        Shame, shame, shame. Like I say this situation shows how prejudicial people still are concerning gender roles in society, and as always woman will always be view as “Whores or Loose” woman if the do not follow convention, and as for Seo Taiji, and Jung Woo-sung all I can say is, take it like a man, and stop “bitching” about it!!!!!!

        • Melissa

          I think people are so hard on her because Jung Woo Sung’s management company said he didn’t know of her past marriage.
          She shouldn’t have kept her marriage a secret from the guys she’s been dating. Since they have a right to know and determine if they want to continue dating her.
          On the other hand, she was also unlucky that she had to go through a secret marriage and divorce. That’s a little sad. I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes.

          • Rossy

            I have to agree. If you’re still married and decide to date; then you owe it to that person.

            I do wonder however if JWS’ agency was the only one that did not know the details. It could be that JWS actually did know, but thought that it was not his agency’s business what her marital status was. After all, his agency had previously stated that they could not announce whether or not he was in a relationship with her because it was his personal business.

          • joicy

            I agree too.
            If JWS is no one (ordinary) than she is ok with keeping it to herself. Their relationship is the beginning, if she’s not that serious yet she can keep her private life low.
            However JWS is a public figure and if the marriage/divorce thing leak out (like now) he would be in disadvantage. However she should have not said anything so he went open about their relationship.
            I think she should tell him at that time.
            Now we don’t know who is lying or at fault. LJA is at fault for not telling JWS. Or JWS is lying about not hearing anything.
            I just laid out everything. I like JWS and selfishly I don’t like the pairing (aka JA-WS) but I want to be fair.

          • Jessica

            @ Amg1

            Oh please, it’s not just “Asian culture” that does this but just about all “cultures.”

            Even in the good ol’ USA women are still called sluts if we have too many partners.

            So while I agree with your general point, please leave the stereotypical racism out of it.

        • Basuha

          Well said!! as for the comment about the guy not knowing, k-drama in particular is the best written “BULLSHI*” in the world, but this is no drama. I’m sure he knew like I know there his side, her side and the truth.

        • Ani

          I don’t know, I feel if it was Seo Taiji who was dating when all this happened, and Lee Jia wasn’t, people would’ve called him the adulterer (at least I would’ve called him that). Lee Jia is just unlucky to be the one dating, not that it matters since they divorced years back and that this lawsuit is for monetary purposes. All in all, no adultery was committed.

        • SpongeBob

          The issue is she lies. Even Keyeast admits that she is a liar!! LJA is a person with no integrity!! She lies about her age, her marital status and her divorce status. May be covering up for child custody.

          The same applies to her yet to be divorced or former husband!!

          BTW, Keyeast’s statement is full of loopholes. (1) met her former husband in 1993 (age 16); (2) married in 1997 (age 20), separated in 2000 (age 23). But a divorce only took place in 2006 or 2009? Who are they kidding. (4) LJA was spotted in her former husband concert in 2009.

          Keyeast is trying to do damage control, but a lousy one. That BYJ is just an accomplice to all these lies!! He should be TOOT!!

        • Vecchio

          This bitch is obviously coming on here with a chip on her shoulder. Tell you what, next time why don’t you reply to the post you’re actually replying to, or better yet, get your OWN BLOG and write opinion peices no one gives a shit about.

          Get your fake liberal ass out here.

      • 1.1.2 joicy

        How about this :

        1. LJA met STJ and got married 3 years later and lived in US.
        2. In 2000: STJ went back to Korea. From 2000-2004: STJ went back and forth between Korea and US (?). LJA was in US only.
        3. In 2004: LJA went back to Korea briefly. Filmed in a brief CF. Met with KeyEast and convinced to become a celebrity (at that time she was wife of STJ)
        4. In 2005: LJA moved back permanently to Korea.
        5. In 2006: LJA filed for divorce (where? In Korea ? US?). The question is why she kept silent about everything when the relationship got sore and she was the one in the dark?
        Anyway, the same year she got the role in Legend and trained for the role (news about casting of Legend appeared from January – July and shooting began in May/June). Note: this time, she’s wife of STJ and filed for divorce one-sided.
        6. LJA shot to fame and got role in Beethoven Virus (2008) against Kim Myung Min, in Style (2009) against Ruy Shi Won. BYJ, KMM, RSW are all big names, top 5 stars in Korea.
        7. In 2009: finally the divorce went through (the question is why it took 3 years?
        8. In 2010: LJA got a role in Athena, again, against another big name: Jung Woo Sung. Filming until end of February 2011.
        9. In 2010- early 2011: she sued STJ to court for alimony, 1st hearing in jan 2011. 2nd hearing: april 2011.
        10. March 2011: LJA and JWS got caught in Paris. JWS confirmed the relationship. Note: she’s in the middle of two hearings at this point. She can’t postpone the hearing or do anything about it.
        11. April 21: the news leaked out. Why it did not leak from the 1st hearing but 2nd hearing? why it did not leak after LJA got caught with JWS? why it did not leak when she filed for divorce the first time, when she’s no one, in 2006?

        • joicy

          My speculation:

          1. LJA came back to Korea in 2004 because she’s depressed with the distance relationship. Or maybe the relationship already got sore.
          Met with Key East and convinced to become a celebrity through connections. Not anyone can meet with CEO of KeyEast. We all know Bae Young Joon and Seo Taeji are friends. they were born on the same year.

          2. LJA came back to Korea in 2005 and became public figure in 2006. Filed for divorce the same year. Kept a 3 year divorce a silent (because she’s a public figure already and it’s a dead career if she’s found out ex-wife of STJ as well). For STJ, it’s sure that he did not want divorce because if he wanted, it did not last 3 years for the divorce to go through.

          It’s not because of alimony that the divorce did not go through, because the alimony sue happpened recently.

          Looking at Seo Taiji http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seo_Taiji I found one thing interesting: he was extremely popular in 2004 after the 3rd album, but from 2005-2008 he disappeared for the 2nd time. He returned in 2008.

          So the time LJA came back to Korea and actively preparing for and becoming an actress, STJ disappeared from Korea.

          If they have 2 kids I really believe it.

          • joicy

            One more thing I think of.

            She came back in 2005 because she really thought seriuosly about living in Korea with her husband. But STJ did not want to be open about it. This is time he’s on top of popularity.

            Then husband just disappeared from public light. Who knows what happened, because of what and how much discussion, argument they had in between. She pursued her career instead. In 2006 filed for divorce. These 3 years in Korea is Hard time for Ji Ah but hard time for Tai Ji too.

            2008 husband came back to lime light and succeed again. She’s also on top of success (her first and only awards for Legend in April 2008). They finally got divorced. Good for both sides.

            Serioulsy I don’t see any thing wrong with the marriage (they had the right to keep it for themselves) or the divorce or her relationship with JWS. I don’t like a lot of lies but it does not seem we don’t know they the celebrities all have been lying.

          • joicy

            Thinking again and looking at every time line:

            I have to agree with JV beans. There’s no way that she did not use the connections. Every thing came with a reason.

            She came back to Korea in 2004 when STJ was extremely famous. She was convinced to be a celebrity (this is safe choice for STJ and win-win situation for her).

            STJ disappeared in 2005 and she filed divorced in 2006 (I feel for the girl, she must be depressed). However she kept everything silent. At the same time, she got a big role in Legend right away and shot to fame. She signed with KeyEast in 2007.

            STJ came back in 2008. She got a role in Beethoven Virus
            in 2008. Shot to fame again.

            I don’t mean LJA did not have talent. But look at other artist in Key East. Did any actress get the drama roles like Lee Ji Ah? Even Lee Na young who is with Key East for long time and as an established actress. The deal she got compared to LJA a newbie is like less important. Being with Bae Young Joon and Kim Myung Min in a drama is no joke. I have to say I believe in there’s some big name behind LJA.

          • SpongeBob

            It is simple, she used her former husband’s connection and trying to rip him for us$3 million for divorce settlement, which I think is very little.

      • 1.1.3 SadieStarr

        i kno right??? thats lyk..unfair~~~ what are we supposed to do? i luv lee jea..but i wnt a man too!! i dnt blame her..its her life..and no proof that she was’cheating’..and how does every1 kno that JWS didnt kno??

    • 1.2 thefunofit


    • 1.3 Janet

      I know, right? & The fact that they have two kids together.

      • 1.4.1 greenfezza

        What pique my interest more aside from this whole married-divorce shenanigans is the fact that this news was leaked just after the announcement of the president misuse of power. If it is true, then this is an epic conspiracy in the making, using LJA and Seo Taiji as scapegoats.

        • ohemgee

          i LOVE this conspiracy! (and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was, in fact, not a conspiracy at all!!!)

      • 1.4.2 anais

        Lee Ji Ah does not come out looking well at all from this. The disputed divorce date (whether she’s telling the truth or not), the questions surrounding her age (was she really only 16 when they got married or did she lie? either way, not so flattering), etc.

        Also, if they divorced several years ago, why sue for alimony now? Shouldn’t that have been handled at the time of the divorce? It’s not as if his income changed significantly in the interim. If anything, her income would have changed, since she only debuted either after their divorce (according to his account) or just before it (according to her).

        Wow. What a mess. At least Jung Woo Sung didn’t end up breaking up a marriage.

      • 1.4.3 Carinne

        Oh boy, I am torn on feeling horrible or upset for LJ, and reading the updates that JWS will breakup w/ her if all allegations are true is saddening. There needs to be a man by her side to lean on through such awkward times.

        • P

          She doesn’t need a man by her side to lean on through awkward times.

    • 1.5 Fafa

      Same here!

    • 1.6 j

      1.They have no children.
      2. They already divorced years ago.
      There are so many unfortunately misunderstandings going on here. There are too much hates for Lee Ji Ah. They are calling her gold digger, a cheater, a betrayer, a liar. In my opinion, she is a woman who wants to live as a normal wife, she must feel too tired of hiding the truth all the past years. Have u ever imagined how her life has been in the past? hiding all the time , unable to do anything as a normal person, feel like she can’t breathe properly, gosh it must feel like living in hell T.T
      And she did all these for whose benefits? Of course , it’s Seo Taji. Who did all the that to someone you don’t love right? She must love him so much.
      And the timing of this breaking new is so fishy indeed. I believe there is a conspiracy here. The government simply used this new to distract the attentions coughs coughs. And some reporters are being paid to blow off the new out of proportion sighs. This is just insane how people immediately believe in everything media said and attacked and bad mouth Lee Ji Ah
      I actually feel bad for Lee Ji Ah.
      They attacked and blamed everything on her, jumped in the conclusion. Wake up, crazy netizens and the media!!
      To marry in such a early age , 20, to a legend of kpop and keep a secret marriage for 14 years . If you were her, how do you feel?
      Okay she started her career in Legend and became famous in 2007. She might got the role through connection or talents. I won’t argue about it but you all have to agree that no one sure 100% about it right? But yeah, her first role was quite good as a newbie. I’m not a fan of her acting though but I think she got potential to go further.
      And something I feel a bit off
      Seo TaiJi said they divorced in 2006 and Lee Ji Ah said 2009. I don’t believe that he is telling the truth. If they indeed divorced in 2006, Lee Ji Ah would never able to join Key East. I think Bae Yong Jun knew the truth all along. He is very close friend of STJ . He seemly just try to clean up the mess so he denied the fact that he knew about their marriage. It’s business after all. Cruel reality.
      I guess there are some problems about their marriage which hasn’t been revealed yet. That’s the reason why there is a lawsuit now .
      I don’t know much about Seo Taiji . He is indeed a legend of kpop which has a big influence in the entertainment industry. But he is a human too, he is no god. Everyone has secrets. Everyone made mistakes. Who knows? It’s just like watching a real korean drama with so many unbelievable secrets. In the drama, he might be actually a villain here. He might be the one behind all of this. He might be the one who bought the reporters to stalk Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah, to write this breaking new in order to ruin Lee Ji Ah’s life and her new love life. He might feel too jealous of her happy life. Or may be he is really innocent .The truth will come out eventually .
      And a comment about Jung Woo Sung. What can I say? At first, when I heard the new , my reaction was “Poor Jung Woo Sung. He must feel heart broken”. But after reading the news and all the different comments, I start to realise that haizzz I might be so naive to believe that he doesn’t know the truth and in shock. It might be that what the agency want to do some damage control here. He actually knew everything .To save his career, he will decide to dump her immediately. If it is true , I will feel very disappointed in you, Jung Woo Sung . He seems ignorant and coward if he dump her now in this situation without listening to the truth. How I wish his reaction was different. I know it’s hard decision, really tough indeed. If he is really love Lee Ji Ah, he should stay by her side no matter what other said. Find her and talk to her. She must feel very scared and lonely to face this hellish storm on her own. At least being her friend if he is really care for her. I’ll wait for his press conference to hear what he’s gonna say.
      And year, I don’t 100% believe in Lee Ji Ah . I’m sure there are still some hidden secrets around and soon to be revealed. There might be few more lies . But I still pity her.

      All I hope for is all the people involved will not get hurt . Actually it’s gonna be hurt , damn hurt but I hope they stay strong , find the best solution to end this scandal in peace. I hope that Lee Ji Ah ‘s career won’t be ruined by this scandal because it’s just seem unfair you know.

      • 1.6.1 joicy

        what you realize about JWS is your thought, not the truth. Same goes with what you thought about LJA side. I am sympathizing with her because i am a woman but I have no comment on anything because i dont know the truth

        • j

          I know , it’s only my thought. I did say I’m waiting for his upcoming press conference. I want hear what he said, not what his agency said. And the main point I want to say is that I only hope his reaction was different. Even if he didn’t know the truth about her marriage, I wish he could stay by her side, listen to her as a friend.
          And yeah only STJ, LIA and god knows what’s the real truth.
          But I’m sure some of the truths will eventually reveal and we will know the answer for our questions.

      • 1.6.2 jasmine

        Well, because I’m a woman so I feel bad for her. But to be fair, she’s been asking for 5 million dollars compensation from her husband for divorcing him . This made things more complicate even though he is rich . Still, we don’t know much of the story. The truth is she and her husband hide their marriage. The public feel betrayed now, then she has to bear the effect of it .

        • j

          Ar first I was kind of shock to hear about their hidden marriage. For 14 years? But I don’t feel betray or anything. They are celebrities that doesn’t mean they have to show everything for the public. They have private life too and they choose to hide that.
          Asking for 5 million dollar compensation from her husband ? I thought it’s normal. I mean they married for that long and all the things she suffered and sacrificed for all that years. Married when she was only 19 years old and have to live a abnormal life, long distance relation for years, etc .
          If the lawsuit is in USA, he might have to pay much much more than 5 millions, at least half of his property.
          The timing is just so bad , really …
          The price for being a celebrity !!

      • 1.6.3 skye

        they do have two kids (daughters)

        • j

          Her agency stated that they have no children already!!!
          But yeah there are too many reports from different sources so we don’t know who is telling the truth.
          At the moment they confirmed that they have no children.
          I don’t see any reason why the agencies have to tell another lie now. It’s only make things worse if they lie now.
          And if it found out that they did have children, then things will turn to the worst. If that happened, I feel really bad for the kids , what kind of life they were living?
          But now just believe that they have no children according to all the latest reports.

        • anais

          That’s from news prior to LJA’s agency “clarifying” that they had no kids.

          What’s funny is that they got married in Clark County, Nevada, i.e., Las Vegas. Really? This story is just getting more and more laughable.

      • 1.6.4 ziren87

        as a woman, i sympathize with her….however, she is already and adult and knows what she was into….

        she got married at the age of 20…it was not a young age coz she already passed the teen age plus she knows who she got married to…also, she know why things should be kept in secret…but i think it is not only LJA who loves STJ but both of them do love each other and the reason they have to keep it in secret is to protect one another and their relationship as well…but i think she wants more than a secret relationship so she divorced STJ…and she wants to have him more to her side but she cant have him for herself….that is why most celebs prefer to marry someone who is more understanding because of the nature of their job…

        but the fact for suing money is too much…money cant repair the damages done in a relationship…that made her look bad…she was the one who sued for money which made her nature look bad in public…she could’ve settled it with STJ not in court but she was irresponsible doing that coz she wanted more….greed plays a big picture here….

        i feel bad for STJ as well….i dont think he likes going into divorce….he maybe a rocker but i think he values relationships more than anyone else. that is why it took him this long…i also have a brother who had a divorce and he was trying to save the relationship eventhough his ex-wife was the one who cheated…not everyone likes divorce…they have shared so many good times together and all of a sudden they will be bidding farewell to those good memories….

        in a divorce both parties are at fault because they were not able to keep the vow until the end…so let us not judge who is good or bad but let us just give them their privacy to reflect on this…both of them are like living in hell right now so lets just give them their own space to breathe….

      • 1.6.5 Laeah

        Ugh. OF COURSE the man has to be the bad one right? You are such a dumb feminist. She knew what she was getting into when she married him. Do you really think she would have kept it a secret if he suddenly sprang that on her after they got married? If she didn’t like it that much, she would have divorced him after a year or two. Not everyone needs to have a close open marriage in order to be happy. No one knows the reason they divorced.

        By the way, she joined KeyEast before the drama was created. Just because the drama didn’t come out til later doesn’t mean there wasn’t any planning before that. She could have just as easily moved to Korea, got connected with Key East and then filed for divorce.

        Anyway, she owed it to JWS to as least say she was married. She didn’t even need to tell with who, but she could have at least been honest with someone she supposedly cares about.

        Also, wtf should he have to get up his hard earned money when she had been living off of it doing nothing equal to it during the marriage? Why should she get 5 million?

        Also, just because the family registry is clear doesn’t mean the kids don’t exist. My ex and I’s daughter is not on his registry because of his stupid parents who wouldn’t accept her. Plus they obviously are very private people, so it makes sense they wouldn’t have wrote it. Who knows if they have kids or not really.

        Anyway, I’m so sick of women giving her the scape goat when if a man pulled this shit and two women were involved, people would be jumping down his throat. It’s such sexist bs.

    • 1.7 kal

      I she lies about her background (marriage, age, etc…) at the beginning to become the actress. When she lies one thing, she can continue to lie other thing. The divorce lasts from 2006 to 2009, such a very long time to get agreement about assets, money, spouse support (alimony). Near 3 years later,one more time, she sues her ex-husband for the additional money, she wants her ex-husband to support her about the money (alimony) and she wants to have her part in his assets. During the period she married him, he has been rich & she is a no-name. She starts her career somewhere in 2007. My part, I feel sorry for anyone who will marry her.

  2. jyiskool


    • 2.1 Kiara

      The price people pay for being famous :(. Makes me feel sad for them.

      • 2.1.1 Chocobo

        I know… The media frenzy is going to be quite the sh**storm to weather. I kind of feel bad for all of them.

        As an American, this boggles the mind. How could no one know such gigantic stars are married? That would be like, I don’t know, Billy Joel and Scarlet Johansson having a secret marriage. How does a fact like that actually stay secret?

        The only time a scandal/rumor like this would be reported in Hollywood is in tabloids like the National Enquirer, and it wouldn’t actually be true. So crazy!

        • hookedonmonix

          Wait a minute, you didn’t know about Billy and Scarlet already?

          • Chocobo

            Lol I must not be keeping up with my National Enquirer subscription 😉

            I also heard that Oprah had an alien baby implant.

    • 2.2 Biscuit

      “WOW” is MTE.

      My brain can’t even take in all of this….

      And here we laughed at how Korea calls even the smallest of things a scandal… then what do you call this!?

      You even have the President involved?


      President+Love affair with A-list+2 hidden children + 14 years secret + Marriage to a super duper legendary rocker = ???

      Someone needs to be on Oprah before her show ends…

  3. Cindy

    er wow…

    • 3.1 vic

      lee ji ah is sooo talented and beautiful 😀
      Seo Taiji,Jung Woo-sung, and probably many other handsome guys have fallen for her, but i’m not surprised and that’s because she is a true goddess 😉

      • 3.1.1 Fafa


      • 3.1.2 drama fever

        I don’t want to comment on their personal life because I don’t really know what the true story behind all this. But my God the woman manage to snag these two HOT Guys. She really know her way to a man’s heart ! WOW! You go GIRL!

  4. Julia

    So… she was having an affair?

    • 4.1 Julia

      Wait, isn’t that illegal in Korea?

      • 4.1.1 lil_ole_me

        yes it is but i think her husband would have to formally charge her but i think she would only face jail time if she can’t pay the jail fine which i’m sure she has enough $ to cover

        • Qwenli

          Please dont jump to any conclusion. I am not a Lee JIa fan but their relationship could be frosty for awhile already. But I just wonder why she only choose to divorce now and how did she explain her marital status to Jung Woo Sung…

          • Julia

            I don’t think I’m jumping into any conclusions..

            If this is true, then Lee Jia is dating Jung Woo Sung while still married, ergo having an affair.

          • Rina

            I agree with Julia (@ Even if they are seperated, she’s still technically married to Seo Taiji. So if she’s still married in the eyes of the law but is dating someone else, it’s still an affair.

      • 4.1.2 jessie

        Yes, I heard it is illegal.

      • 4.1.3 SpongeBob

        That’s called adultery!!

        • Basuha

          Dating is cheating, sleeping with the person is adultery and dating and sleping with that person is a affair.

          • Rossy

            Well she did none of those things, as she was officially a single woman when she started dating him.

      • 4.1.4 haneul.

        they already got divorced a couple years ago lol. this is just a money thing.

      • 4.1.5 malta

        Reading this story makes me feel physically sick…Not because of their situation, but because of the ensuing media mania and ugly judgement surely to be thrown their way.

        I feel so much for all three of them right now…My sincere hope is that they have their family and friends who love them and know them as people (as opposed to stars) to support them throughout this difficult time.

        I’m going to do my best to avoid this story like the plague. All it can do is feed the gossip beast inside all of us and that makes for ugly insides.

        • alphabet soup

          Totally agreed. People are idiots and jump to equally idiotic conclusions and assumptions. I feel bad for these three haha.

        • Birdie

          It is sickening to see the lynch mob coming out. We do not have the actual facts from all sides and even if we do, we do not have the right to judge. This whole saga is exactly why they kept their private lives private and hidden.

      • 4.1.6 QD

        According to Soompi ‘On April 18th at the Seoul Family Courts, there was a second trial and this fact has been revealed carefully. This past january Lee Ji Ah had filed a lawsuit for alimony and division of posessions, both sides have two trials in March and in April. There are three to four lawyers representing each side.’

        Maybe they were already secretly going about divorce proceedings before her relationship with JWS.

        As I said… the gossips and speculations begin….

    • 4.2 m

      Hello people??! How can it be adultery when they’ve already finalized the divorce in 2009, meaning they.are.divorced! As stated in the statement from keyeast “we would like to clearly state that the lawsuit they’re in right now is not a divorce lawsuit.” Please READ everything before you start accusing people of adultery!

  5. bobbie

    I wonder how long they were married for?

    For people who follow HK entertainment, the story kinda reminds me of Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng. They were married for 4 years and the relationship didn’t get disclosed until they got divorced.

    • 5.1 rumba lumba

      yea…but that one they had rumours about them dating.

      this thing just came out of nowhere. for real. would you ever believe someone if they said Seo Taiji is married? let alone, married to Lee Ji Ah? Seo Taiji getting married is already a WTF moment. him getting married to none other than Lee Ji Ah is a bigger WTF. and them getting a divorce is the biggest WTF ever. rofl.

      • 5.1.1 Bluefyre

        Hear! Hear!

        Seriously… I’m still O_O-ing.
        I mean come on! It’s Seo Taiji!!

      • 5.1.2 Alex

        Well this ought to do wonders to their careers….

      • 5.1.3 gala

        …and her being in a relationship with Joo Woo Sung while still being married is also WTF-worthy.

        • Emeldy

          Yapppppp definitely a WTF Moment in K Entertainment Industry…. This sound like a K drama. This should have been Athena storyline. It would have done way better.

          Now i can’t help wondering Who’s who is in the same situation aka, secretly married.

          My heartfelt condolence to Joo Woo Sung. Damn, he choose a tough road in Love.

          • lOveKorea

            BEST COMMENT EVER!

          • Miki

            And plus they have two kids together after bring married for 14 yrs. DOUBLE WTF

          • Ree

            How the hell did she keep 2 kids a secret??!

          • TytoAlba

            As the posts above have said, this is probably the single most WTF moment in Korean music and drama. Seriously, though, how did SEO TAIJI keep the fact that he had a WIFE and TWO KIDS secret from the press?? Did those kids never have a PARENT-TEACHER conference or something? Or have they been living in boarding schools for the past two years? Seriously, WTF???

      • 5.1.4 SpongeBob

        Evidence extracted from the Korean courts speak the true nature about their relationship!!

      • 5.1.5 SpongeBob

        Now it is a FACT that they are legally married and filing for a divorce!!

      • 5.1.6 marteki

        What about having 2 kids?..WTF?!

      • 5.1.7 Alvina

        I know. Media is probably frothing at the mouth right now. I told this to my mum (who was a journalist) and she was like “That is one lucky reporter” haha.

        I feel bad for them though; being a celeb means that you’re always in the public view. And this is such a sensative issue even without the public frenzy 🙁

    • 5.2 Qwenli

      Yep you are right!! Amazed that they managed to keep it secret for so long!

    • 5.3 hahaha

      they were married since 1997. Do the math.

      • 5.3.1 SpongeBob

        They have two children!!

        • Cherry


    • 5.4 Nancii

      yup. i instantly thought:


      hmm….so it wasn’t that big of a shocker. i guess its still kinda new for korean entertainment though.

    • 5.5 Carinne

      Even though their marriage is of past tense, I am bothered to question, “Did the two of them elope?”

      Two youngsters… in the US… maybe headed to Vegas? No family nor friends witnessed their ceremony.

      • 5.5.1 Carinne

        Ah-ha! My inquiry has met expectation.

        LJA released an updated official statement, and so they did get married in Nevada [NV = Las Vegas], and reside in Georgia and Arizona.

        I think the guy brainwashed the girl into eloping, and now, if he truly and sincerely loved her in his lifetime then fork over the compensation. Men should not be petty.

        • Laeah

          Why do you automatically assume it was him that did wrong? He was only a couple years older than her. She lied about her age.

  6. endodo4ever

    I’m so freaking shocked right now. Wow. WOWWWW.

  7. mugen

    OMG!! I always wondered too how a nobody with VERY little acting talent or good looks managed to shoot to stardom.

    I feel sorry Jung Woo Sung. He’s the rebound guy.

    • 7.1 frenzy

      We don’t even know what the real deal is.
      I just don’t think it’s wise to speculate.

  8. Katdiva

    This redefines “Scandal!” WOW! What a shock alright! Blow me over with a feather!

  9. Bluefyre

    “What in the WHAT?”

    Took the words right out of my mouth!

    I read the headlines and thought…HUH? They’re doing a drama together?

    And then I read the post and I’m like O_O

    Agree with you on everything JB!
    I feel sorry for Jung Woo-sung getting caught up in all this too.

  10. 10 Kender

    My brain, it hurts. o.o

  11. 11 santaiah

    One question. Does her current boyfriend (JWS) know about this ?

    • 11.1 Bluefyre

      KeyEast (LJA’s agency) said they knew nothing about the lawsuit or the marriage and Jung Woo-sung’s representatives said they same too.


      And some commenter on AKP said that JWS reps said that if it’s true he’ll stop seeing her?

      So she’s 33 and and they’ve been married for 14 years?

      All this is crazy news. Just wow.

      Next thing we know, they’re gonna make a drama based on this in 5-10 years. >.>

    • 11.2 javabeans

      Current headlines:
      “Jung Woo-sung: ‘I had no idea Lee Jia was married to Seo Taiji'”
      “Jung Woo-sung incredibly shocked at news”
      “Jung Woo-sung’s agency in panic mode, planning press conference soon”


      HOWEVER, this comes from the mouths of agency reps. There’s always a chance it’s a PR move. Though if it’s not, that suuuuucks.

      Seo Taiji’s agency, on the other hand, is saying they knew the two had dated, just not that they were married.

      • 11.2.1 Rachel

        Wow that is incredible stuff. Even Seo Taiji’s agency didn’t know.

      • 11.2.2 chrysalisgal

        Sorry to Seo Taiji’s fans… but seriously, as a woman – i sympathise with Lee. If I were in her shoes, i will divorce this guy. Being married with two kids and summore in the eyes of the world, your husband is a single desirable eligible bachelor.. it’s like living as his mistress! A husband or a man who truly values marriage will declare to the “World” that he is no longer available… he doesn’t need to show off his wife.. at least mention he is married, unless he still wants to play the dating game..

        I’m hope Lee won suing his pants off… and I hope women out there give her a break! darn…

        As to Jung Woo Sung not knowing… i’d say, “my foot!” 😛

        • Keeley

          I don’t feel as if that is the case. No one knew of their relationship so there was no way for LJA to be seen as a mistress. It’s very common knowledge how private Seo Taiji keeps his personal life and it was their right not to tell anyone. I wish people wouldn’t pass judgement on how a couple handles their affairs. Maybe privacy and a normal life was more important to this couple than ‘declaring it to the world’. There have also been no report of Seo playing the dating game either and LJA only did after she seperated from her husband.

        • melissa

          Seo Taiji is an insanely personal man who keeps many things secret and I don’t think he’s this player you’re thinking of and he’s not one to show off anything in his personal life. She obviously didn’t want to reveal things either since she never told anyone she was married and is now dating someone else. I don’t think it’s fair to pass judgement on either until the full details are known. Also the children are just a rumor at this point, Lee Ji-ah denied having any children with Taiji in her official statement.

        • soulsearcher

          Good reply! After reading loads of fan bashing on Lee Ji A alone, it seems that she need to open an analog diary to report all her happenings in detail to the public for their satisfaction.

          How about her blog turn into hourly confession?

        • Lenita

          errr, so she had no choice in her future? after how many years? oh please, she made her bed…

      • 11.2.3 Biscuit

        I wonder if JWS really did or didn’t know. His agency of-course would want to make sure he had no part in this, but I wonder if he knew. If he didn’t – poor guy. Of all scandals to be stuck in :/

    • 11.3 santaiah

      Got this information from the other site, but I don’t know whether it’s true or not : Lee Ji Ah and Seo Teiji has been married for 14 years and Lee Ji Ah’s real age is 33.

      • 11.3.1 anon


        I look forward to the kdrama version of this!!

        • guini

          movie version! lol….


        • guini

          movie version?! lol….


        • diy

          haha. i know!! i am not a fan nor am i following lee and JWS reationship news. but a drama or a movie vesion of this is not a bad idea. lol

          • Alex

            Hmm i’m thinking something along the lines of On Air perphaps? But more about the lives of actors not the drama productions…ahhh that would be a great drama!

      • 11.3.2 santaiah

        Oooops sorry, you beat me Bluefyre 🙂

        • Bluefyre

          Haha. No prob!
          We’re all going heywire over this. It’s crazy.

      • 11.3.3 mine

        omg Lee ji ah she is such * speechless*.

        from age and her background??..
        i feel she lying so much about her background..

        JWS.. i feel bad about him

  12. 12 Alex

    Wow…married??? Didn’t expect this but supposedly they got married in 97-98 so thats a whopping 13-14 years to keep this a secret.

  13. 13 sofia

    I don’t know what to say.
    I can’t believe I skip your 49 days recap, because I must read this first.
    And after that, I still don’t have anything to say.
    Congratulation? Sorry to hear that? Good luck? Which one is suitable for this news?

    • 13.1 Rina

      Haha…I think I spent a good hour (or 2) reading all the comments and clicking on the links.

  14. 14 rouby

    OMG….. I’m shock…..

  15. 15 jessie


  16. 16 O m g

    Wow….thats insane.

    Wasnt there a scandal about her lying about her age too?

    Makes you wonder who she “really” is…lol

    And poor jung woo sung. I bet he had no idea.. Bc technically if shes not legally divorced, shes having an affair, no??

    • 16.1 Qwenli

      Please dont jump to any conclusion. Why do you think he doesnt know?

      • 16.1.1 Oh well...

        Idk. Because JWS’s agency and KeyEast also announced that they both didnt know anything about her marriage with STJ.

      • 16.1.2 Ani


        I understand where you’re coming from about people jumping to conclusions, but this being a major “What the Hell” moment, there’s going to be a shit ton of speculations going on. If the parties involved do not clarify, speculations are REALLY going to run wild. SO, it’s admirable that you’re asking everyone to not jump to conclusions, but like it or not, that’s what’s going to happen. Might as well sit back and watch the fireworks. It’s all you can ever do without running yourself ragged.

        • Lana


          • Lana

            And by the way jung woo sungs agency is saying that he had no ida. And if he did know…do you think he wouldve announced that they were dating before the divorce was finalized??


          • Ani

            Yeah, I’ve seen those articles. jb has also already commented on them. But I still think it’s interesting to watch how this is going to unravel. This might also raise trust issues between fans and their celebrities. AGAIN. Something along the lines of “We TRUSTED you! Rain, how could you lie for so long about your height!” Yeah, this ain’t gonna be pretty.

        • Oh well...

          Everyone will make jump into conclusion directly anyway.. It’s an extremely shocking news for everyone. We’ve been speculating which is the truth. So if you’re saying that we should stop this. We just CAN’T. Face it.

          • Ani

            Hey Oh well…
            I hope you’re referring to Qwenli, because I already know speculations are a natural part of this process. It doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t really care. But I always find the ensuing conversations that come out of it interesting – some pretty good, and some laugh out loud funny.

          • Ani

            Basically, I was telling Qwenli to not bother about telling people to stop jumping conclusions because it’ll happen anyway.

          • Oh well...

            Oops sorry!! yeah I’m referring for Qwenli, I accidentally click the wrong button XD My mistake.

  17. 17 thatguy

    This already sounds like something they can base to create a movie or drama…

  18. 18 White Star

    holy SHIT>>>> FORREALLL??????????

  19. 19 Qwenli

    I get the feeling that Lee Ji a is not very popular in Korea and this ruckus is probably going to cause her popularity to drop further.

    But I still think she and Jung Woo Sung is a good match. But she should have got herself divorce long ago if her marriage have been on the rocks.

    • 19.1 belleza

      “I get the feeling that Lee Ji a is not very popular in Korea”

      I think Lee Ji Ah’s career just died overnight. Forget about Jung Woo Sung . . . she was MARRIED TO SEO TAJI?!?!?!?!? This would be like learning Michael Jackson was married to Miley Cyrus!

      • 19.1.1 Maho

        “I think Lee Ji Ah’s career just died overnight.”

        That pretty much sums it up.

        I wonder how long if ever it will take for her career to recover because regardless of who is at fault, because unless your one hell of an actress divorce is pretty much a career killer.

        • 183

          and i heard she;s not even a good actor anyway. she got her debut role cause of seo taiji.. she should totally say goodbye to her career..

        • altins

          Yeap…unless Lee Ji Ah is in the same level as Go Hyun Jung. Too bad..she’s not.

          Gosh….at first, I have no feelings for her, either hate or love. But right now, I can say my hate level for her is about 45 %.

          • Programmer Ahjumma

            I hated her (coz of her acting) now I love her
            She s going through a divorce in a country who hates usually the divorcee women and not the guys even though usually the guys are the nasty ones ohh well ….

            why don’t ppl see that the mastermind was the guy and she only had very little to say about it
            of course YoonSama keeps mim about it even though he knew the situation very well however ST is his friend

            over the top YoonSama was her boss and adviser … however he won’t be touched by this story

            I don’t think she was that innocent : She got public with “Brad Pitt” coz of her ex and her agency (they should cover this up – as they usually do in situations like this – but they choose to let go ! I wonder why:D )

        • YT629

          Divorce isn’t necessarily a career killer in korea. Sure you have to lay low for a while but lots of actresses bounce back. Ko Hyun jung, Lee Mi yeon, Lee Mi sook, and Chae Jung ahn were all married, divorced some years later and now their careers are better than ever. That said, none of these women divorced with all of the scandal that’s surrounding Lee Jia right now so who knows? It probably will take her a while to recover from this media storm if at all.

          • Alvina

            Agreed. And the actresses that you cited as making a comeback had pretty good career history behind them (notably Ko Hyun Jung).

            I’m not a fan or do I really follow Lee Jia but wow. What a way to get yourself known; the stigma will be difficult to escape.

          • Maho

            True divorce isn’t necesarily a career killer and yeah Go Hyun Jung, Lee Mi Sook and Lee Mi Yeon are perfect examples of actresses who are still successful (never really followed Chae Jung Ahn so I don’t know much about her).

            But compare them to Lee Ji Ah when each actress went through their divorce they had successful established acting careers with a good number of dramas and films to their credit, ex Sandglass, Untold Scandal, and Pisces and then they went on after their divorce to find more success ex. Great Queen Seondeok, Emperess Myungsung, East of Eden.

            In contrast Lee Ji Ah has Legend and Beethovens Virus but then also the edgy mess Style and the eh…Athena. So I don’t think she has much to fall on and then with divorce being stigma in Korea resurecting her career will be extremly tough for her to do, it’s doable but it will be hard.

      • 19.1.2 Rina

        LOL…the comparison of Seo Taiji and Lee Jia to MJ and Miley Cyrus caused me to almost choke on my coffee!

      • 19.1.3 Sere


        *dies laughing* Belleza you rock. Still and always.

      • 19.1.4 anais

        Loves it! I think I shocked my neighbor with my cackle.

  20. 20 dramacafe


    Poor JWS! I bet he really doesn’t know that LJA’s married or even in a divorce proceeding ’cause if he knew then he wouldn’t have announced they were dating when LJA’s divorce isn’t finalized yet.

    Tsk! LJA, bad woman!

  21. 21 tonia

    SHOCKER INDEED!!! I was curious too how a virtual unknown like her get to land a juicy role in The Legend and so this is my answer. Not really a fan of hers….still butt hurt that she is dating one of my dream guys. All I can say is SHOCKER!!!!

  22. 22 O m g

    So apparently jung woo sung and his party did not know she was married….


  23. 23 nana

    they are married for 14 years and nobody know what Lee Jia real age and name WOW.

  24. 24 danna

    WTF????……man stying up till 3 am has its benefits

    • 24.1 Bluefyre

      Hey! Same here! Haha! Eastern Time ^^

    • 24.2 momosan

      Seriously! Picked a good night for insomnia, didn’t we!

    • 24.3 danna

      i was so sleepy now I cant go to sleep!……I feel so bad for JWS…my instinct is telling me that he probably knew….. but he still doesnt deserve to be entangled in this mayhem…. and if he did know and she wasnt divorced….that’s so…hmmmm…maybe they were seperated??…but still….if he knew abt it wouldn’t he be more careful with the relationship??….and I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for LJA to keep their romance in wraps when she could keep her marriage so secret??……so then maybe he didnt know about it???…..AAAAAH….. this is all so confusing and strangely invigorating…so I guess this is why the star rumor mill is supposed to be fun or something

  25. 25 sweetkiss

    omg this is so crazy!!! this doesn’t make sense?!
    they were married for 14 years! since 97. that makes her 16 when she married Seo Taiji who was 25!!

    • 25.1 nana

      nah her real age is 33 so she was 19 when they got married.

      • 25.1.1 bz


        • bz

          typo* 🙁

  26. 26 Daktari

    So its illegal for a woman ro have an affair in Korea but not the man? Or am I missing something?

    • 26.1 Ani

      It’s illegal to have an affair (regardless of gender) period.

      • 26.1.1 Ani

        Oh, I think we should change affair to adultery. Adultery is illegal in SK

    • 26.2 Linda165

      The problem is that she was with JWS while still being LEGALLY married.

  27. 27 ftLOVE

    i am…..SPEECHLESS…… How did that come about seriously???? LOL…None of us actually knew!!!!

  28. 28 Katsu1996

    I’m so shocked right now. I love Lee Jia so much, so this is like BLOWING MY MIND. Anyone wonder how Jung Woo Sung is taking this? I feel so bad for all three of them…

    • 28.1 Revy

      Same here. I love her so this was a huge shocker. lets just wait and see what all three of them have to say

  29. 29 ilikehim

    This reminds me of Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng’s scandal!

  30. 30 danna

    I wonder how ockoala is reacting?

    • 30.1 Emeldy

      I was wondering the same thing. I went straight to her blog to check out her reaction.

      OMG>>>>>>>>>>>> Ockoala do you hear me…

      We are worried. How are you handling the news dear???

      • 30.1.1 zig

        um who is she? and why would she be taking this badly?

        • anais

          Ockoala is another Kdrama blogger who lurrrves Jung Woo Sung.

      • 30.1.2 ockoala

        I’m fine, Emeldy (and danna),

        Basically couldn’t post about this until I got all the news reports straight, and reading in a state a extreme shock does not bode well for processing information through the brain.

        Suffice to say, it was a LONG night. To think I was thisclose to going to sleep. *damn you, K-ent and your secret scandals!~*

        My poor I Lub You. T___T

        • anais

          Don’t you feel loved, though? 🙂

        • ockoala

          I do, anais. 🙂

          I always feel loved at DB. JB and GF bring out the sweetest K-drama lovers from the world over.

  31. 31 crazedlu

    THE FLIP?!?!?! wow. no, seriously.. this DOES explain a lot. dude, i just am shocked BEYOND. whaaaaa??

  32. 32 RunLolaRun

    Woah…makes me wonder what kind of secrets other k-actors/actress may have. Hmmm….

  33. 33 SpongeBob

    Wow!! LOL…..that’s sensational!!

    • 33.1 SpongeBob

      Forgot to mention, it is ADULTERY for LJA!!

      It kind of confirming my suspicion that it is an unwritten rule of the entertainment industry to sleep your way to the top. All A-List or F-List actresses were all the same.

      In the case, LJA, I guess since she is married, hence may be she slept with less people, that’s all. So, JWS may not get such a bad deal, albeit running the reputational risk of romancing the unfaithful wife of a rockstar!! ^__________^

      • 33.1.1 thefunofit

        Maybe, maybe not. But I don’t think nepotism can go that far, completely in secret. I mean, leg-ups are all very well, and I’m not denying that the casting couch might be present. I just don’t think it’s rampant enough for blanket statements of that sort.

        Looks pretty bad for LJA, though. Secret marriage, then suspected leg-up, then adultery. Cocktail title:How to Murder a Reputation in Three Hours.

      • 33.1.2 danna

        and we always get a few that think everyone slept their way to the top…….and its extremely sexist of you to think that if that’s the case only actresses do this

        • chrysalisgal

          people who slept their way up is “intelligent” people… they don’t get babies climbing up the ladder…

          wait she got herself 2 babies.. she must at least have feelings for him back then, and come on give her a break… she was like 20 when she married him.. besides what do we know what goes on in their household. who can prove his husband does not have any other women too…

          She married in 1997 and started her acting career in 2007.. why took 9-10 years to be an actress? if that’s her goal.. she can land in the entertainment industry in 1997.. she could have USED her way then… why wait 10 years? do the math… her marriage must be really bad.. wait? is it marriage cos i dun hear the guy saying his married..

          • danna

            I hope your not replying to me….cuz I certainly dont think LJI’s been sleeping around…used connection…maybe….read comment 70.2 which I posted 3–4 hrs ago

        • chrysalisgal

          people who slept their way up is “intelligent” people… they don’t get babies climbing up the ladder…

          wait she got herself 2 babies.. she must at least have feelings for him back then, and come on give her a break… she was like 20 when she married him.. besides what do we know what goes on in their household. who can prove his husband does not have any other women too…

          She married in 1997 and started her acting career in 2007.. why took 9-10 years to be an actress? if that’s her goal.. she can land in the entertainment industry in 1997.. she could have USED her way then… why wait 10 years? do the math… her marriage must be really bad.. wait? is it marriage cos i dun hear the guy saying he’s married..

  34. 34 mine

    speechless if JWS is the reason why LJA divorce from STJ..

    poor JWS he know nothing about that.

  35. 35 cha51

    Woah this is craaaaaazy! o___o

  36. 36 Liinus

    Am I the only only one who doesn’t see what the big deal is? Someone is married, getting a divorce, while dating someone else. Whoop-ti-do. Who cares? And why the heck is it called a Scandal in Korea for a celebrity to be dating? And why does it make me fill out my email on this thing when it says it’s not required? Everything is…so…confusing.

    • 36.1 Ani

      The big deal is that Seo Taiji is a major celelbrity figure and that he was married for 14 years and kept it a secret. So think public figure keeping secrets. Now, before you jump into that whole “it’s his life, he has a right to privacy” argument, I’m just saying that’s what the deal is.

      The other deal is that Lee Jia was dating while still married. Um, basically committing adultery is cause for getting thrown into jail in SK.

      • 36.1.1 Bluefyre

        Exactly. And come on…marrying secretly for 14 years is bad, big, and crazy enough in normal life, but to have it happen in the celebrity world is just (for lack of a better word at this time) crazy. Especially with those 3 names in the mix.

        Not to mention @Ani’s parting 2 sentences.

    • 36.2 SpongeBob

      You must be an unfaithful person, if you don’t see a big deal about this news!!

      • 36.2.1 Liinus

        Actually, I was under the impression that they were already getting a divorce before she started dating the other guy. If she was trying to hide it or be unfaithful to her husband, I doubt she would have confirmed the new relationship publicly. I see nothing wrong with someone dating someone else while in the process of getting a divorce. Sometimes being on the rebound isn’t always a bad thing, especially if the new person is someone great.

        Honestly, I have no idea who these people are, and none of us know exactly what’s going on. Haven’t we learned enough from Drama’s that there’s always a reason why celebrities hide things from the media? Maybe I’m just naive, but I still don’t think this is a big deal, unless it’s confirmed that something unethical went down.

        • Timelate

          totally agree!

          • Mumuchan

            I agree too,even though I can understand the fuss abiut all of this, but still, they’re all adults and I suppose there are many things we don’t know about the whole situation anyway.

        • crackers

          Totally agree. Choi Ji Woo will be the next in line so it is nothing to fuss about date and break, married and divorce.

          • SpongeBob

            You know something about CJW?

        • malta

          I agree. Right now all throughout K entertainment land there are hundreds of stars who are quadruple checking all their secrets for fear of being found out and having their life completely fall apart. I mean they are literally in a state of terror.

          Many people will be quick to condemn Lee Jia, but guaranteed she’s not in the minority in the entertainment biz. Lee Jia just got found out….

          I’m worried that this frenzy will put more pressure on stars to keep up this (unrealistic) appearance of perfection. And when they inevitably fail at it, some will fall into despair and contemplate suicide. My heart just breaks thinking about this awful cycle…

          • Rina

            I think she put herself in a position to be found out when her & JWS’s relationship went public. People (Netizens) were going to be watching her closely, I don’t see how she’s didn’t think that her petition for alimony was going to go under the radar.

            South Korea has different laws in comparison to other parts of the world, in Western Europe & the US – dating while filing a divorce might not be a big deal. But it might be in SK, since you’re in the process of a divorce doesn’t mean you’re already divorced. I think that it can be interpreted differently. I can see why his agency is trying to do damage control and making distance between him and Lee Jia since image is every thing in this business.
            If the divorce was settled and she was just filing for alimony, then she has nothing to worry about and JWS wasn’t involved in an affair.

        • Okie Dokie

          I agree with you. They obviously married young. It probably just fizzled away and instead of cleaning it up earlier and have it mar their careers when they were starting out, they just swept it under the rug and kept quiet. I’m sure all parties were privy to this. I truly don’t think anyone is stupid enough to hide this from their current boyfriend, especially when the chance of it coming to light is huge.

          I don’t think anyone should be condemning any party. If it didn’t work, it didn’t work. And my reaction is that the marriage died ages ago but now that they need to move on with their lives, they need to be adults and deal with it. I do feel bad that most likely Lee Jia will get pulled over the coals for this one. I’m not a fan really, but I can’t help but feel bad for her. She’s just trying to live her life.

        • Alvina

          okay. Unethical= the timing of this article.

      • 36.2.2 mud

        Okay, seriously?

        You’re comment at 33.1 about all A-listers or F-listers doing the casting couch was uncalled for as there’s no proof that others are engaged in such activities. But now you’re condemning other commentators for being unfaithful because they reasoned the situation differently from yours. Seriously???

      • 36.2.3 Artemis

        What kind of reply is this? Ridiculous!

        • mud

          Umm.. my reply was directed at SpongeBob.

    • 36.3 KimC

      It’s a big deal just because it is effing Seo Taiji having been married to effing Lee Jiah for effing 14 years, them might having two kids together, and the fact that they’re so gobsmackingly ninja about it all that absolutely nobody knew anything until two seconds ago.

      • 36.3.1 Qwenli

        I am sure people in the industry knows they are together (maybe not that they are married). those who watched enuf dramas shd know that the agencies have a way of covering up news. goodness knows how many celebrities are dating each other. Korean entertainment industry can be quite sick

    • 36.4 Celexa

      Liinus… LOL you officially made my day!!

    • 36.5 ...

      “And why does it make me fill out my email on this thing when it says it’s not required?
      lmao. Maybe LJA and Seo Taiji’s relationship is rocky for years now and they are just not filing for divorce (because it is not cheap + calls for unwanted attention). So what I’m saying is I don’t see the big deal out of it either.

    • 36.6 marisa

      @ Liinus – I’m with you on this! I’m puzzled and baffled.

      The marriage news is surprising but the rest: who did what with whom and when is clearly not a big deal for me.

      This story makes me grasp how netizens can go bonkers for the private lives of actors/actresses.
      They can’t come out as divorced, dating, living with a lover, gay, etc.
      They are not allowed to be human. SAD!

  37. 37 rumba lumba

    oh come on. a lot of female celebrities lie about their age. seriously. it’s been going on for ages.

    but this s*** is just unreal. rofl. married for 14 years. dayum.

  38. 38 michi

    O.O I can’t believe this!

  39. 39 rubie

    And the thought nothing could be bigger and more shocking than the lawsuit in 2009. Strange world of K-entertainment.. and we’re so sucked by it..

    • 39.1 Ani

      The ex-girlfriend suing ex-boyfriend for not marrying her? That reminder makes me wish Samsooki could pop up here for a second and give us his lawyer opinion on this matter.

      • 39.1.1 Bluefyre

        I know right? I miss him! But I guess he’s busy with the more important things in real life 🙂

        Still…I wish too!

      • 39.1.2 D

        wowww, was it that long already?

      • 39.1.3 Alvina

        holy, Samsooki… I miss that guy talking about actresses and making references to Mrs. Samsooki.

    • 39.2 :(

      when you said 2009 i thought you meant DBSK 🙁

  40. 40 lil_ole_me

    It’s illegal both ways, I know someone who sent their husband to jail

    • 40.1 IbeenJGS

      who ?

  41. 41 cheerios


  42. 42 milan1010

    explains why nobody can get famous so suddenly…

    and her real age is 33??? nothing about this woman is true..her age, her real name…

    man..next thing we know she’ll anounce that she’s not human…

    • 42.1 mine

      even she lie about her pasadena education right???

      • 42.1.1 milan1010

        she did? i didnt know that…

    • 42.2 ed

      lol i love the “human” comment.

  43. 43 Birdie

    How did they keep it a secret from everyone including their agencies for so long? Did they live in the same house? Did their families know? I am amazed.

  44. 44 bz

    How long until we GET A KDRAMA BASED ON THIS 😮
    i give it 2 years before we see this played out on our screens

    • 44.1 SpongeBob

      Soon!! Very soon!!

  45. 45 wootwoot

    What I wanna know is,,, DO the have KIDS?
    I mean, they’ve been married for more than a decade, they must have children????

    • 45.1 cc

      It looks like they have 2 kids….

  46. 46 b

    When asked to comment on the brewing scandal, a shocked Lee Jia said, “I was married?”

    • 46.1 deeko

      I almost died of laughter when I read this in a quiet computer lab.

      I have no feelings for either Lee Jia or her new man… I just feel bad for her hubby. He probably choked on his morning coffee when he read the announcement that his wife of 14 years was getting a boyfriend. Or not. Maybe he already knew and shrugged it off. It’s sad how divorce can change the dynamics of people’s lives… especially if children are involved.

      I’m still amazed that adultery is illegal in SK. Sounds like my kind of city. Still sad their personal affairs are so out in the open like this.

  47. 47 hahaha

    Seo Taiji is a close friend of Bae Yong Joon. Seo Taiji met Lee Ji Ah in u.s. after a concert. He lived with her in u.s., traveled with her to japan, then got married in 1997. Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji has 2 children together. Her name is Kim Ji Ah and she is supposedly 33 years old. Several netizens revealed this last year, but was rebuffed. Netizens who knew the marriage have been asking Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah to do We Got Married continuously.

    • 47.1 mine

      2 kidsssssssssssssssssssssss.. OMG.. JWS his carrier is brighht but not his love story. broke up from his 9-years GF, now he is dating …….. OMG

      • 47.1.1 Programmer Ahjumma

        are u sure it was a break up and not a divorce?

        to me it sounds like the girl revenged on her hubby: “yobbo are u bored with me?are u divorcing me? let me show u how fast I can get the Korean Brad Pitt”
        I know I would do that even I’m not as good looking as Lee JiAh (not that she is)

        I don’t understand why she is the villain in this scenario
        1 Seo Taiji was the adult in the moment of marriage
        2 She didn’t do married by herself and decisions were made together(her age, background,kids, keeping the whole story a secret)
        3 as I see they are already divorced but they still have things to “share”, we can judge only what it is publicized but what if she did all that to serve her hubby a twisted knife in the wound-to it doesn’t look like she is too keen on the celebrity thing and she’s more focused on taking her ex hubby’s money and pride (aka furious divorcing ahjumma )-
        4 I doubt that Seo Taiji let her sleep her way up – she was doing him and that was enough
        5 JSW was just happy to have someone who understands him – I can’t see him dating a 20 smth girl just because he is single – she was in the right place at the right time – it is pretty hard to find 30 smth singles – more even in Korea – where divorce is rarely an option
        6 If she is really educated in States then I doubt she is too keen on her divorcee status either – even she lost her career (c’mon she was on the last 100 meters of her career because of her announced age – not even telling the real one – how many 34+ years old main female leads we can see around in kdramas? none?2?5? Shin Eun Gyung as Yoon Na Young was one big exception in Flames of Ambition , another one is Ko Hyun Jung (DaeMul or QSD) -both way more talented than Lee JiAh but u can count it on the fingers of one hand and I bet she knows her strengths as actress

        • ahjummabunny

          she’s definitely the victim. from what I’ve seen in dramas these actors and actresses have their lives micromanaged by their agencies. there’s no way this leaking isn’t intentional. I don’t think it would bother her ex husband so much to be divorced but if he was going to smear her he would’ve done it when she announced she was dating. I think that there was a dating announcement means that someone is screwing her intentionally it could be another jilted ex lover or ex- family. I hope never to see this in a drama sure stars have more priviledged but they still deserve privacy and courtesies sometimes even more. Shame on the court representative that allowed this private matter to lea! shame on the person trying to destroy a new relationship and a woman’s career! shame!

          • Programmer Ahjumma

            what if it was the Court only?( some disappointed janitor fan?), but my bet is on jilted obsessed wannabe lover

            ex-family? Seo Taiji’s image right now is as bad as hers
            women fans tend to be way more affected that men and the women were in general her anti-fans ( I know I don’t like her acting), however all their hate will have a target – the ex-wife

            on the other hand I fail to see why she should have say smth to JSW –
            what if the rumor would be true – he found out and decided to be the bad guy? coz the divorce seems never ending to him? let’s say he had enough of “I will divorce tomorrow, next day : tomorrow etc”
            so if I were her in the middle of a secret divorce – why would I tell someone else such a big secret?

        • tjack

          YES!!! I totally agree with you. She does not look like the villain to me either.

          If the stories are true then she was a TEENAGE BRIDE! And HE was probably the one who wanted to keep it a secret because of his popularity with the public/women.

          No woman wants to keep her wedding and marriage a secret. Especially to a celebrity. I mean come on now. Imagine how hard it was to do that for 14 (or however many) years they did that for.

          I can only imagine how that can only take a toll on a marriage and family in general. Especially when she can’t even acknowledge her marriage in public.

          Plus she was a BABY when they got married. She was blinded by the romance and glamor of it all I’m sure. Especially if he is as big of a star as everyone is saying he is.

          It sounds like it is as if Tom Cruise was married to the girl next door for 14 years, has two kids, and no one knew about it until that girl became famous herself and divorced him.

          • chrysalisgal

            You can say that again!! and say it so well…

  48. 48 belleza

    So . . . who’s up for a sequel to My Last Scandal?

  49. 49 Glee323

    She had to file for divorce in the court because she couldn’t get a divorce by mutual agreement. This means seotaiji refused to divorce.

    • 49.1 Qwenli

      That makes sense

    • 49.2 chrysalisgal

      divorce is an ugly thing.. there can be no mutual agreement when both hate each other… i’ve seen so many divorces due to my work, and i must say divorced men give me bad impression… they want divorce but they’re unwilling to pay alimony or give away their assets… hence the draggy divorce..

  50. 50 Haiyuu

    This is a shocker. O_O

    Whatever the real situation may be, I just hope JWS is okay. I have such a soft spot for the guy and they looked so happy together.

    • 50.1 jusash

      Hopefully all 3 parties can find their peace of mind and strength.

      Unless we are flies living in LJ-STJ’s household …. or anyone’s household for that matter …. we will never really know what is going on/what went on.

      Why judge from the outside and mere speculation?
      Give them space. Imagine yourself in those shoes, and try visualise how awful it must be to have a circus gawking at your goldfish bowl and arriving at some wrong conclusions. Relationships are hard enough to juggle for a normal person.

      Only the 3 people involved know what is what, what was history, what lives/truths/untruths they harbour. Or what they want for the future, and how to go forth.

      Hopefully the kids and the new LJ-JWS budding romance will not be affected by the time all the gossipmongers and media have had their heyday.

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