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Lie to Me’s kiss scene, the B-side
by | April 29, 2011 | 102 Comments

Kang Ji-hwan: Hey. You look purty today.
Yoon Eun-hye: *giggle*
Kang Ji-hwan: I’m gonna kiss you now…

Yoon Eun-hye: Rmrmrmrmmmph

Kang Ji-hwan: Oh my god, you flinched. You totally flinched.
Yoon Eun-hye: No, no, that’s not what that was!
Kang Ji-hwan: I saw it. You flinched. It’s my breath, right? I rinsed, like twice…
Yoon Eun-hye: No, it’s not… You’re fine… There was just something in my eye. I swear.

Kang Ji-hwan: Really?
Yoon Eun-hye: Really.
Kang Ji-hwan: Okay… I’m gonna go again. All-in this time. Okay?
Yoon Eun-hye: Okay.

Kang Ji-hwan: You did it again.
Yoon Eun-hye: No, I…
Kang Ji-hwan: Don’t Lie to Me!
Yoon Eun-hye: Pfffffffffffffft!
Kang Ji-hwan: Are you laughing at me?
Yoon Eun-hye: No… you made a pun. That was a pun, right? You’re punning. That was funny.
Kang Ji-hwan: It’s me, right? Does this suit make me look fat?
Yoon Eun-hye: No, you look great.
Kang Ji-hwan: Is it my puns?
Yoon Eun-hye: I thought you weren’t punning…
Kang Ji-hwan: It’s SOMETHING, I can tell.
Yoon Eun-hye: It’s just… maybe that cologne you marinated in…
Kang Ji-hwan: I knew you hated me! *runs off crying*

Yoon Eun-hye: No… wait! That’s not… *SIGH* Boys.



102 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Schmazel

    Fabulous dialogue, GF! Very befitting. 😀

    • 1.1 oiptikl

      nice dialogue..looking forward to this..hehe

  2. natalie

    looking forward to this!!

    • 2.1 Cam


  3. Carinne

    Beautiful people…. *drools*

    Lie To Me Teaser #2

    • 3.1 saraha

      KJH screaming “LIES! LIES!”

      • 3.1.1 gingeranna

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this will be the best part of the drama. Please someone make an animated gif, pleeeeease?!

        • Ju Ina-sshi

          xD that would be great
          I want one too 😀

        • Julie

          Someone already did, from tumblr:



          • Carinne

            Low and behold… LMAO! Toss it out into the universe and it boomerangs back like so… awesomeness!

          • SadieStarr

            lol…thnx 😀

  4. malta

    <3… *SIGH* Boys.

  5. Bubbles

    So funny…can’t wait hahaha

    • 5.1 Alexis

      YEA YEA! (shook my head) LOLOLOL!

  6. unknown x

    That dialogue was hilarious. I can actually see that happening with these pictures.

    The pictures look awesome. I love the cherry blossoms.

    Can’t wait for the drama to air!!!

  7. Carinne

    Has anyone heard which subbing team will take this project?

    Seems not likely WithS2 nor Haru2….

    • 7.1 elham

      Durksmur team is going to sub this drama !! Actually there is upcoming drama poll which fans vote the dramas they would like in order to be subbed ,So you all my friend would be better to vote if you want to watch it right after being aired ……….because they are really fast. Even faster than the teams you just addressed !!!
      Thank you

    • 7.2 Ani

      WITHS2 is subbing it by the way ^^

      • 7.2.1 isabelh

        I love WithS2

      • 7.2.2 Carinne

        Really? I didn’t see ’em update their project list though.

      • 7.2.3 Ani

        What the HELL? Stop using my username there Bubb. It’s freaky.

        • Carinne

          So, there’s Ani 1.0, and there’s Ani 2.0?? o , 0″

          • Ani

            I’m the original Ani. The one obsessed with Variety Shows and likes Fantasy Couple from the various selections from the Hong Sisters. I really really love Thank You with Jang Hyuk even if a lot of people don’t. I got disappointed with the turn of events in The Revenge of the Fox’s Child (or the Fox’s Child, etc.) and it is to me what Cinderella’s Sister is to jb and Bad Guy is to fri. I’ve been around since the You Are Beautiful craze and Dramabeans crashed. I was around when we were trying to figure out what people who are part of this community should call themselves and how we’re Beanies now. I can even tell you which OT post has a link to the picture of jb and fri in person. There, now I hope Ani 2.0 can either call himself/herself Ani2.0 or something else. Oh, and I miss Samsooki and hope we get him recapping again. Maybe if Kim Sun-ah has a great comeback of a drama.

          • pipit

            I love Thank You and Fantasy Couple too real Ani ^-^

            I haven’t finish Cinderella Sister yet (it could be really really great, it just… I still love it by the way)

            Bad Guy….have no intention to watch it ever. But love the soundtracks though.

            May the other Ani make some revision so you could still be Ani ^-^

  8. River

    Kwan is so hot. T.T

  9. lenrasoon

    Girlfriday should write kdramas for us

  10. 10 bee

    Hah, love your dialog. You and javabeans should just write your own drama and be like the Hong Sisters, version 2.0. Except for not sisters.

    • 10.1 mary

      Hong Drinking Partners?

      • 10.1.1 bee

        you’re right. fully appropriate, methinks.

    • 10.2 bee

      also, OT but i love that everyone spells it ‘dialogue!’ honestly, dialogue > dialog. silly american spelling ):

  11. 11 Belle


  12. 12 Revy

    totally wonderful conversation

  13. 13 MJP

    Oh GF, you are the best!!!!! This was hilarious!!!

    • 13.1 MJP

      *looking at pictures, lightbulb goes on in head*

      I think I’ve seen him in some other show…

      *goes to dramawiki and starts researching*

      Oh, he was in “Fireworks!!!” I liked that one!

      • 13.1.1 Linda165

        Is it good? I’ve been keeping away from Fireworks because of the bad reviews (not that I trust them a lot, but these are BAD reviews)

        • Viola

          The first 20 episodes are FABULOUS! Light and bubbly as champagne, then the last half is like stabbing forks in your eyes. I hope that explained a bit. 😛

        • MJP

          I liked it. I understand what Viola means though, but I watched all the episodes. She probably didn’t like where the story was headed, is my guess. I don’t really have bad memories of it other than the EVIL Female Second Lead, as usual!

          • pipit

            I like it too MJP. But since I watched it way way back I don’t really remember what it’s really about.

            But I recall I don’t have any lingering bad feelings about it. All that I remember is that I like it.

          • Linda165

            Thanks girl… I’ll put it on my to watch list 🙂
            (will it ever end?)

  14. 14 spammay

    I really just want a like/love/funneh button on posts.
    hahaha :DD

  15. 15 Fasiris Fay

    hahahahahaha love your narration, guys! so so funny. and love the pictures…so excited for this! 😀

  16. 16 Bluefyre

    Gah! Can’t wait!

    Who’s subbing it? Who? ^^

    • 16.1 J

      Viki is going to sub it 😀

  17. 17 yakno

    aw 🙁

  18. 18 come2noona

    “Does this suit make me look fat?”


  19. 19 So3

    LOL! This is brilliant XD

  20. 20 Amber

    Thank you for making me laugh while I wait for LTM.

  21. 21 danna

    does that make JB feel better about someone kissing her man?…..you’re a very considerate friend GF!

  22. 22 My2Girls


    This is one more example of why I think you and I were separated at birth. We see things in a very similar way. Although I would be willing to bet I am WAY older than you are.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  23. 23 snow

    lmao! gonna be thinking of this dialogue when i watch this scene!

  24. 24 J

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I almost spit out my drink while reading that LOL.


    But, putting that fact aside, the pictures are so CUTE! YEH and KJH <333 I can't wait to watch Lie to Me!!

  25. 25 Ani

    Sooooooooo cuuuuute. I’m surprised jb didn’t have her claws all over this post (no offense meant). XD

  26. 26 Sukispop

    *TOTALLY LIKE*! Love the dialogue, girlfriday! 😉

    I cannot wait for this one! I think this might well be the drama that Yoon Eun-hye should have returned to television with(and not…you know…that one). Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for greatness in Lie To Me!

  27. 27 g

    😀 thanks ! 😀

  28. 28 blue

    i think he ran off to jb lol

  29. 29 lemeera

    perfect! you just forgot javabeans frothing in the mouth in anger somewhere.

  30. 30 nhetski

    funny! i thought i was the only one who thought she looked like she was smirking or something 🙂

    thanks gf! can’t wait for Lie to Me!

  31. 31 theedie

    I wasn’t much of a Kang Ji-hwan person before, but damn if he’s not pulling me in with all those suits they’re throwing him in.

  32. 32 Laica

    Bwahahaha! So awesome. Those pics were just dying for some captions.

    Also. So. Pretty. Urgh.

  33. 33 mitzi

    LOL 😀
    you made my day 🙂
    thank you^^

  34. 34 AkosiRhenz

    omo :>
    I absolutely did not expect that ,
    i love them much much

  35. 35 rahmu

    very nice korean drama kiss…..
    thank u

  36. 36 huzzy

    haha…..that funny….
    look YEH expression of her face..when KJH try to kiss her….
    plus with the dialog….

  37. 37 kaidanmono

    Wow, his cologne would have to be at one-whiff-and-you-faint levels before I’d flinch away from kissing Kang Ji Hwan…God I love that man.

  38. 38 bishbash

    can i suggest that jb adds the facebook like or share button??? pretty please?? 😀 i’d really like to like this article!! it’s too darn witty!! :p

  39. 39 Jeanette

    Me think the kiss didn’t happen,

    she is not ready (see those CRINGES !) to be kissed yet !

    it was just a teaser for netizen to anxiously watch the drama.

    Remember … RATINGS !!.

    • 39.1 Linda165

      She’s not ready to be kissed? Kissed by KJH??? By KJH????
      Who in here is not ready to be kissed by KJH?
      What is she? a moron??

      PS: Yes, I finished Coffee House, and yes, I too saw the light! *cue angelic chorus*

      • 39.1.1 pipit

        Welcome Linda ^-^

        So does it mean now we have to fight over Jo Hyun Jae and Kang Ji Hwan too?

        *goes to prepare my arsenals*

        • Linda165

          Thanks pipit.. I was off the radar for a few days.

          You know we need someone to actively fight for once 49 Days is over, might as well be Kang Ji Hwan. Or… Cha Seung-won’s big hands just to mess with Jomo’s head 🙂

          So…. BRING.IT.ON.BABY!!!!!

  40. 40 pw2eat

    Tragically, I do think he looks fat in that suit

    • 40.1 Lucille

      don’t look fat but can’t ignore the fats !.

  41. 41 Lilith

    In my country, “pun” means “fart”. Now, imagine the laugh that I had when I switched accidentally the words. pfffffft.

    • 41.1 J

      Hahahah seriously? Where are you from?

  42. 42 kdlover

    Sooo funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  43. 43 holly

    love your dialogue – getting funny looks for my muffled laughing lol

  44. 44 holly

    getting funny looks for my muffled laughing LOL

  45. 45 danni

    Lol, hilarious. Can’t wait for this drama!

  46. 46 Kevin

    So funny… Can’t wait

  47. 47 Linda165

    When this scene comes out without this dialogue I’m going to very disappointed!!!

  48. 48 k-soup

    wah! that’s so cute 🙂
    the pun, the script, the scene.. love it!

  49. 49 yay

    This better not be dream scene!! This better happen sooon!!!

  50. 50 asianromance

    LOL! XD

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