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More Lee Min-ho photos from City Hunter
by | April 21, 2011 | 91 Comments

More stills are out from behind the scenes of City Hunter, the SBS drama starring Lee Min-ho as the character not-quite-so-much-anymore based on the Japanese manga of the same name.

My main takeaway from these latest photos is: Phew, the shaggy mop isn’t here to stay after all. He sports an unrulier look for his Thailand shoots (below, on elephant and in tree), but cleans up nice for his job in the Blue House. The press release calls it a “hunter look”…which makes me think they know not the meaning of “city hunter,” either.

The Thailand scenes take place early on in the drama, and include the sequence pictured below where Lee rides an elephant. In the stills below that, we have snapshots from a comedic scene in wherein Lee’s character runs from danger (with comic actor Kim Sang-ho), chased by a gang, and seeks shelter in a tree.

This’ll be Lee Min-ho’s third drama as leading man, after bursting onto the scene with Boys Before Flowers and following that up with a more modest hit in Personal Taste. I’m not sure how this drama will measure up, and to be honest I’m not that excited about it… but it does have a competent team behind it with some decent experience between them: Directing is the PD behind trendies Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess, while the scriptwriter worked on medical drama New Heart and Blue House-centered Daemul.

The drama premieres on May 25.

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91 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Phem


    • 1.1 f

      yeah right!! he is!!! and always will!! πŸ˜€

    • 1.2 Melissa

      ahem. YOUR baby?

    • 1.3 Cam

      Yes, Melissa, Phem just already say that! Lolz.

      Don’t worry, Melissa, Minho is YOURS better than Phem, ofc. (Yesss, I am part of Lee MinHo’s fan club, yups!)

    • 1.4 lol

      stfu betch, he’s not your baby. hes mine. RAWR.

      lol xD

  2. miriam

    Man this guy is so beautiful.

    It should be a crime to be this beautiful πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 Dara

      Yeah, gotta see him no matter what, he’s here to torture us all!

  3. Kiara

    But where is that cute white guy? :(.

    • 3.1 lovenwait

      hahaha..we’re on the same boat. I was looking forward to see him more than Lee Min Ho πŸ™‚

      • 3.1.1 radicalreason

        I wish I could be on the same boat… but with LMH and that white guy πŸ˜€

        • lovenwait

          hahaha..your comment is awesome πŸ˜‰

        • myweithisway

          don’t we all?

        • Jomo

          Do you think TWG speaks Korean?

          Wae would he?

    • 3.2 radicalreason

      Oh goodness…
      He was detected by my radar in those last photos as well. At least we’ll see him in the drama (probably only in ep 1, though).

    • 3.3 zoe

      Lol! That was the first thing that popped in my head too πŸ˜› And i thot hw weird is that when LMH is there? But wow we sure are crazy πŸ˜€

      • 3.3.1 axel

        it so very cute !!!!!
        i love it

  4. Birdie

    Nevermind no hunter-look,but whatever look he got now is great! Those jungle photos-he should seriously think of doing Tarzan-you know the one who runs around with only a loin cloth.

    • 4.1 miriam


    • 4.2 Cherry

      LOL, you caught me off guard ^^

  5. miriam

    Hey Javabeans I understand when you say “to be honest I’m not that excited about it…” I personally did not care much for the manga, however I am looking forward to this drama only becase of Lee Min-ho. So I guess it all depends on how much LOVE we have for the actors. I still would like you to recap this drama. But don’t stress yourself, if you can’t.


    • 5.1 Rachel

      Yeah agree with you Miriam and JB! Somehow I have a nagging feeling that this drama won’t be that fantastic.. The 2 reasons I would watch it are Lee Min-ho first, than Park Min-young.

      But would love it if you could still recap it πŸ™‚

    • 5.2 azir

      I agree with you Mirriam. We should not judge the show until we’ve seen it. We might be surprised if it turns out to be a great show. Where is the excitement if you totally know every small detail of the show (if it is totally base on the manga series)? so plese, give the show a chance, if it turns out bad, I will be sad for Lee Minho because I’m one of his biggest fan in the Philippines.

  6. Christy

    The face, the bod.. so gorgeous!

  7. @.@

    it’s looking good πŸ™‚

  8. malta

    How incredible it is to ride an elephant like that. So majestic. Actors get to do such cool things while playing their characters…makes me want to be an actor.

    • 8.1 queencircles

      Ditto!!! They always get to do the coolest stuff.

      Seriously. I want to do that.

      -by the way jb I love the new mobile look πŸ™‚

  9. Polly

    thanks jb.

    Hey ! that actor is now acting in Twinkle Twinkle ??.
    can’t wait for tommorow !

    • 9.1 Jomo

      I wonder how he is doing two dramas at the same time?

      By the way, I have skipped every single scene he has been in, and I don’t feel like I have missed anything.

  10. 10 Steph


  11. 11 ohemgee

    minho looks so, so good.

    and so young!!!

  12. 12 Fasiris Fay

    de-lish!! can’t wait to see him in action πŸ˜€

  13. 13 Celexa

    Coolness… I feel the cold air blowing my hair away from my face just looking at his picture!! *sighs*.

    … oh wait… It’s just the fan blowing on me :*(

    my daydreaming is getting worse

  14. 14 Thatgirl

    OMG!!!!! SEXY!!!!!! x) I can’t get enough of him!!!!!!!!
    Though I’m kinda honestly not so excited about this Drama either, I am going to watch it from beginning to end! Besides, I have Lee Min Ho blindness, every drama he is in is GOOD to me.

    Oh! And this will be his 4th leading Drama, his first was Mackerel Run. It didn’t get that many views, and it was cut short, I’m guessing from the bad ratings and other stuff, but Yes that was his 1st leading Drama.

    And Idk, if it counts as a drama, or if TV movies are in a different category but he was also leading in the TV movie, I don’t know too, or Get Up.

  15. 15 GG

    Can’t wait for City Hunter to start…with a yummy Lee Min Ho I don’t think I’d much care what the story is about as long as he looks this good throughout the show.

    • 15.1 Thatgirl

      Lol! Same Here!

  16. 16 Rossi

    I have a question which sort of pertain to the earlier article about LJA and Seo Taiji aka the Kdrama Eruption of 2011.

    Did Minho acted a lot before BOF? Or was BOF when we first know of him? From what I got, he was an unknown rather like LJA that burst onto the scene with BOF in a main lead role. If this is true, then I find it interesting and depressing that unlike LJA, who’s a woman, there is none of the snide implication he like slept his way through the top or something. With Minho, it’s all “ooh he’s talented!” (which I’m not saying he’s not) but why don’t we entertain the same speculation regarding his first starring role as well? Our sexist society make me =/

    • 16.1 jcl

      in regards to Lee Ji Ah, I don’t think it’s so bad if she used her connections to get the role, everyone does not only in acting but other businesses as well. Sometimes you just need to get a foot into the door to get a break. It’s called networking people!

      I really do not like the implications that she did anything shady to get her roles. If being married to Seo T. really helped her, why didn’t she use those connections earlier? Maybe after her divorce she wanted to fulfill her dream of being an actress.

      As for Lee Min Ho, i believe he worked in smaller roles before he got BOF.

    • 16.2 funkypicklez

      first, minho worked small roles before he got accepted into boys over flowers… it was only bof that gets acknowledge tho

      but i just think the whole accusation came up cuz no one understands how she gets all her roles.
      majority of the viewers can never connect to her as an actress yet she landed the lead in Legend, Style (which was a mess yet was a high budget star packed drama), and of course ATHENA.

      lee minho on the other hand, was the only actor in bof that saved me from dying of embarrassment.

      the scene where he cried for jandi yet couldn’t go to her because of his promise to his dad absolutely made me bawl.

  17. 17 Carinne

    Climbing trees are really fun! Wiiiiiii~

  18. 18 Autumn

    my gawd. that hair is making me crazy!!!

  19. 19 Jomo

    LMH would be the ONLY reason to watch this cut n paste script once it makes it to the screen.

    Whether it’s well plotted or not, we can count on him to deliver emotion in a way that is beautiful to watch and experience. He fascinates me.
    How can he be so physically beautiful and gifted as an actor?

    The Hand Towel, to me, is the most beautiful man in Korea, and I love him with all my heart, but he cannot convince me that the lines he is saying are coming from his mind and his heart.

    Wtih LMH, I see the character first, then him.

  20. 20 Sanja

    I have to say that at first i NEVER ever thought that i would watch korean drama. But after my friend made me watch boys over flowers i was hooked! Im not used to watch a drama with sooo much drama and love! hahaha. Now i cant wait to see city hunter after watching personal taste!!!

    • 20.1 miracle

      Actually I started to watch boys over flowers. I had never thought that I liked them. Now I am a korean fan. πŸ™‚

  21. 21 hermosa5790

    BOF was a disaster but the sweet consolation was the F4 beauties *hehehe* and Ga Yeul (she’s extremely pretty, girlishly pretty, it hurts!)

    • 21.1 Birdie

      Respectfully I disagree.BOF was not flawless but it was not a disaster to many fans, otherwise it would not be such a huge hit in Korea and the rest of Asia,and other parts of the world.Other than KHJ, the casts were good.Ku Hye Sun did a pretty decent job of her character-she was cute and comical,and managed to convey the commoner vibe,and in her serious scenes, she was excellent.

  22. 22 tewww

    Lee Min-ho looks hot but he needs to get some muscles, seriously. He’s supposed to be a great fighter lol

  23. 23 yui

    ow boy…

    so hot…….

  24. 24 Fafa

    Lee Min Ho on an elephant. A must-see!

  25. 25 iloveLMH

    i really miss him..
    So..so..so HANDSOME.. πŸ™‚
    for me your the most handsome in korea..
    love u lots..
    Keep up the goodwork oppa..
    take care always..

  26. 26 Tamanna

    but for ME HE is the most handsome in the whole WORLD.
    dear LEE MIN HO you are my whole world
    wait for me

  27. 27 az

    I hop dat da drama won’t disappoint it’s manga fans after all dis seems 2 b major fo LMH n da guys seriously workin his ***off.peace : )

  28. 28 christine

    oh my gosh ……..hes still hot………. what a pretty boy……………..i like his red hair………..

  29. 29 newbie

    hope it turns out to be good..

  30. 30 yy

    minho ,you will try natrure action. I hope you will succeed .

  31. 31 vale

    just 3 words YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE U <3<3

  32. 32 Jewell

    Lee min ho your very handsome guy your the best actor for me in south korea. you will try nature action. I hope you will succeed in this drama. i like your red hair. cute, loveble guy. i like you so much. will you marry me? good luck in your career. godbless u. muah i love you so much. take care for koo hye sun in real life.

  33. 33 neithonuo

    omg…lee min ho “hndsome”!! lol
    bst actor…..i luv oll ur movies….
    dy r so cool
    luv em ……

  34. 34 su su

    hi lee min ho
    I like city hunter very much.
    You are very handsome πŸ™‚

  35. 35 lalaine

    hi lee min ho i really like city hunter so much best drama

    • 35.1 lalaine

      πŸ™‚ :d

  36. 36 May Thu Zaw

    I like this drama very much. It is very interesting and exciting.It is a good movie.Lee min ho is very cute in this movie.I like him very much

  37. 37 sam ong

    assum lmh.

  38. 38 Uchi

    I like the series city hunter..and i hope next city hunter part 2…lee min hoo you’re my hero..:p

  39. 39 Arkar Htet Kyaw

    I like City Hunter.My inviting Myanmar to Lee Min-Ho.
    I like flower 4..Lee Min-Ho is appointing.bye bye.
    Lee min-Ho is gleeful days.

  40. 40 sahar

    im sahar from iran(girl)19 yr old
    ilove u korean ilove u lee min ho very very much
    kiss kiss

  41. 41 christy

    Lee min ho u ROCK.LOVE U.keep on dating park min young

  42. 42 xianhorpattinson

    hi! lee min-ho was so amazing,you really a superstar actor,i love boys over flower,but i love more city hunter…..you did a good job!congratz,saranghe:)

  43. 43 rlyn

    Ur reaLy so cute!Haay I reaLy <3 u tlga as an actor.
    I reaLy wait for the other movie of you after the BOYS OVER FLOWERS and finaLy You have already other movie here in the Phil.good job!I guess always naman ,I wish you will succeed,LUVYA again.

  44. 44 Paing Myo Zaw , Nick name(Paing Min Ho)

    O Pa, I love you.

  45. 45 criz anne

    * i <3 lee min ho !

  46. 46 Eunike

    He’s really gorgeous and the greatest actor eva!!! Lee Min Ho You’re rock my world!!! He’s such a coolest guy eva!!! i couldn’t breathe when saw heis pics!! gosh you’re a perfect guy!!!! these korean drama was Awesome!! he looks so Adorable!!! Love you with all my heart!!! <3

  47. 47 mylin rich

    lee min ho such handsome
    boy thats why ilike lee min ho ilove u so much mwah,<3 you are the coolest actor i never sin ?<3

    • 47.1 ella

      ilove lee min ho than to the other actors.coz lee min ho is one of a kind.irelli love his eyes…mwah

  48. 48 ella

    hope to see lee min ho in person…coz hes one of my dream…

    if i had a chance to see him iwill grab that opurtunity to be with lee min ho.

  49. 49 jominho

    …lee min ho is my one and only love…
    ..i never watch city hunter b’cuz I don’t like the girl there..joke..
    …i love you so much lee min ho..i hope you want me to be your frend..

    ..i love your KILLER SMILE..and your veri handsome place..
    ..i want to go to seol korea to see you and also to meet..and have a kiss to you in the cheeks..

    • 49.1 Abigail Gaviola

      I Really like Lee Min Ho πŸ™‚ He’s Having a very Good Looking and He’s 100% Talented Luv Yah Mr. Lee Min Ho! Your My idol:)

    • 49.2 Abigail Gaviola

      Luv Yah Lee Min ho:)

  50. 50 mechie

    i wish i will meet you lee min hoo….love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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