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So Ji-sub becomes a boxer for Only You
by | April 11, 2011 | 72 Comments

So Ji-sub is playing a boxer for his new movie Only You, which means that the actor’s busy these days with physical training to get into fighting form. In the movie, he plays a tragic hero who’s losing his skills, who falls in love with a woman who’s losing her eyesight (played by Han Hyo-joo). Get the Kleenex ready now!

So Ji-sub is pretty on top of his workout regimen under normal circumstances, so he’s already more than halfway there. He’s just stepping things up with the boxing practice, since he’ll have to be believable enough to face off (in the movie) against real-life K-1 fighter Whi Seung-bae. Not that he’s a stranger to playing tough guys — he’s pretty much made a career out of it (I’m Sorry, I Love You, Rough Cut).

Only You is described as a “heartrending love story” — naturally, because as far as So Ji-sub’s concerned, is there any other kind? And to pile on more melodrama buzzwords, the movie’s also about So’s “rough but pure” hero “risking everything for one woman,” to whom he gravitates “like a sunflower” as the plot unfolds around his “sacrificial love.” Add in the downtrodden-hero arc and the blindness, and check, check, check!, we’ve got all the standard tragiclichés in place. Birth secrets and incest undertones in three…two…one…?

Only You began its first shoots on March 31, and is currently busy filming. It’s planning a fall release.

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72 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Omega

    He is one of my favorite actors , can it be once he will get his girl and happily after.

    • 1.1 conan

      I so agree with you. I feel bad for his characters. They’re always misunderstood bastards who are secretly a soft, cuddly teddy bear.

      • 1.1.1 lOveKorea


    • 1.2 Aloedrinker

      tell me about it. He should really really really try those happily after ending. with no bullets hidden in his body, amnesia, griefly ill. Pleaseeeee……

  2. Leona

    I don’t love him that much … but this movie… ohh well sounds interesting ( I already have huge diopters like 16 and 3 cylinder ))

    • 2.1 LiLiApril

      I never think of him when he’s off the Screen for too long; I don’t even remember him; but once he’s on, He’s everything. However, He’s been really Unlucky with selections of Dramas.

      What Happened in Bali- freezing.
      Cain and Abel- loved the girl out of pitty.
      I’m sorry I love you-…..
      Road No. 1-….

      I wish I I could see him in a Drama where he doesn’t stand there staring vacantly at…….. Nothing.. He needs some Kim Sun Ah action to revitalize (or probably Vitalize) the hibernating excitement.

      • 2.1.1 deeko

        Wow, now that’s a thought. Kim Sun Ah and So Ji-Sub.

        I wonder if it can be arranged?

        [It’s honestly quite sad that I can barely stick to any of the dramas he’s in. Started I’m Sorry I Love You and cringed when I realized he was not a well man. Road No. 1, such a tragic story… Cain and Abel, I just couldn’t. The Bible story itself is tragic on its own. With k-drama elements and So Ji-Sub’s reputation of starring in a weepy plot, no thanks.]

        It’d be nice to see his humorous, silly side someday though…

      • 2.1.2 olive

        oh I love Kim Sun Ah…SJS would be great with her..the bubbly with the dark characters…SJS really need alternate characters in his role resumee…it’s good for his soul…

  3. dee

    His sad puppy eyes… sigh..
    Can I have a dream that someday he will play a romcom drama or even better, another Hong sister drama? It must be hilarious.
    If Cha Seung Won can play a Hong sister drama, so So Ji Sub can play too 🙂

    • 3.1 nami

      omg! i was checking out old articles on so ji sub on dramabeans n there u are predicting the future!!!!
      p.s. – i only got interested in so ji sub recently , all due to master’s sun!

  4. Messi

    He is a great actor but i want to see him in comedy roles. but i also like him playing rough guy.

    • 4.1 chingu

      A rough guy doing comedy?!

      • 4.1.1 chingu

        But i bet he will die in rom-com comedy too at the end.

        • swui

          Lol. Hilarious…but perhaps true!

        • YY

          At least he’ll die happy.

          • danna

            u guys crack me up!

        • niKai


  5. liz

    So Ji sub a boxer?

    Boxer = shirtless scenes! Yay!

    lol xD

    • 5.1 Sandra

      No he will become like Song Soo Goon haha lol dont kill me…

  6. Kiara

    Oh nooooos another tragic hero story. So Ji-sub is it too much to ask for you to pick a happy and carefree project once in a while?.

    • 6.1 danna

      hopefully he’ll follow the example of his best bud, The Hand Towel and do some thing cheery after this?

      • 6.1.1 blahblahblah

        Seriously! It’s about damn time so ji sub has a fun role for once. I don’t wanna watch him keep playing weepy roles, they’re also so repetitive.

  7. Dara

    Oh oh oh drool!

  8. Epi

    Yeah … another tragic hero story!!! I think it’s because of his eyes, they can look so sad … even if he’s smiling, the eyes can look sad …

    I would love to see him doing a rom-com … hopefully sometime soon after this tear-jerker 🙂

  9. YY

    I know how this story will end. He goes for his final match. His opponent deals him a blow to his head. He dies. The blind girl gets a call about an eye donor. Guess who???? She has a successful operation. The End.

    • 9.1 Jeanie65jh

      oh no…I really think you called it!

    • 9.2 Liz

      Hahahaha that remember me of this video:

      a little sad short movie I saw on youtube. It is so saaad!
      But the guy doesn’t die at the end.

    • 9.3 SteamyBun

      LOL. You’re a smart one.
      Also, the plot sounds suspiciously similar to that of a recent Indian movie called Lafangey Parindey, except more on the tragic side. It can’t be… Korea copying Bollywood?!?! Now that would be ironic.

      • 9.3.1 SteamyBun

        LOL I retract the above statement, well partially at least. I just looked up Lafangey Parindey and found out it’s a “remake” of an old Hollywood movie called Ice Castles. If I look that up I’ll probably find out IT was a remake of an even older Korean movie called Only Your Icy Castles or something… lol.

        • Jomo

          OK Hold on!
          When I hear “old Hollywood movie” I picture black and white posters with Fred Astaire, Joan Crawford, Cary Grant…

          A 1978 film with Robby Benson is old Hollywood now?
          That makes me offcially old!

  10. 10 YY

    Or maybe it’ll end this way. He wins the match. But his opponent is mad cos he lost. He whips out a gun from his (the opponent’s, not Sol Ji sub’s) boxers and shoots Ji Sub in the head. Ji Sub survives but has a bullet in his head. He spends his last days with the blind girl. You know something, this sounds strangely familiar….

    • 10.1 mud

      Gun that is hidden in boxers…. hmmm…

      But I like the way you think 😉

      • 10.1.1 YY

        ahem….a real gun, let me clarify.

      • 10.1.2 Jomo

        Guns don’t kill people. People in boxers with guns kill people.

    • 10.2 Kiara

      Whips it out from boxer?. Smmmexy.

    • 10.3 liz

      LOL In I’m sorry I love you, So Ji Sub wasn’t a boxer but he received a shot in his head and the bullet couldn’t be removed, and so he just had some remaining days……

  11. 11 Sylvia

    Why does everyone always lose their hearing or their eyesight in kdramas…?


  12. 12 rainerust

    @YY …you are describing a ton of movies/dramas that I’ve watched too HAHA I was going to write exactly what you wrote about the blind girl + operation…

    Drama sounds promising if cliche…I suppose it’ll all depend on the execution. Sometimes a little angst (think Sangdoo Let’s Go To School!) if well played can add much needed flavor into a show.

    And let’s go with the boxing shirtless scenes hoo-yah!

  13. 13 mud

    Let’s all get our boxing gloves ready. Methinks boxing will be our new theme-of-the-moment in K-entertainment. Yoo Ah In is also training/shooting for a boxing film.

    • 13.1 dee

      Don’t forget that Lee Shi Young is a profesional boxer. She won national match before. What if a drama made and told about a boxer girl who kick a chaebol’s son ass who is perv enough to eye her.
      And Lee Shi Young can do it without stunt. 🙂

      • 13.1.1 Jomo

        Wasn’t there already a boxing girl movie?

      • 13.1.2 chrysalisgal

        Awesome idea!… i love it… 🙂 that certainly would be a nice change..

        Darn! I forgot how much I used to like him… So Ji Sub is damn sexy here even though every part of his body is covered… I just wanna rip tat tight sexy waist-line/hip/stomach clothes off.. 😛

  14. 14 ML

    I snorted with laughter at each movie plot description in inverted commas. Was it written tongue-in-cheek JB? 🙂 Sounds too tragic to the point of being funny.

  15. 15 tegami

    OMO!!! So Ji-sub looks amaaaazing!!!
    hehehe, his torso is so damn muscular in the second pic!


    Why can’t all men be like him? D:

  16. 16 didi

    I just love you SJS…..

  17. 17 Linda165

    He’s looking mighty fine!! I wish to see him in a drama where he doesn’t get shot or dies. My poor puppy 🙁

    • 17.1 liz

      Yeah, he sure get shot in his drama o_o

      And in the head!!

      In Cain & Abel, in I’m sorry, I love you (MISA) and now in this one….

  18. 18 lilone

    Yes. A romcom would be good. Now, someone please write a romcom fanfic – better yet, a script – with SJS in mind and send it to the Hong sisters…. pretty please?

    • 18.1 YY

      Ok I hear you, working on my script right now. I’ve put in lots of shower scenes….let’s see, he showers every 10 minutes, after he trains (I put in lots of training with boxers and nothing else), and after he fights (he fights with boxers and nothing else). Oh yes, sleep scenes too….yes, yes, he sleeps in briefs and nothing else. Minimal dialogue. Dang! Forgot about the blind girl! Can I squeeze her in like last 5 minutes or so?

      • 18.1.1 lilone

        @ YY, oh yeah, GREAT script. Muahahahaha… inundated with visuals…. yes, subconsciousness of mine, please let me have plenty good uninterrupted dream tonight.

        Last and only time EVER that I had a dream with some gorgeous guy – believe it or not, it was with Song Seung Hoon, and I’m not even a big fan… I was rudely awakened by my cutie little girl peering closely into my face saying, “wake up, mommy, wake up!” There was a grown woman crying that morning….

        • Jomo

          I believe it. I had to put an extra pillow in my bed to make room for all the dreams I had about The Hand Towel…

          Even though the bloom is off the My Princess rose, pictures of him get me going again…

  19. 19 Lilith

    “Birth secrets and incest undertones in three…two…one…?”

    Already missing Flames of Ambition 🙁

  20. 20 soiia

    Just because he’s the lead, I feel like he’s not gonna get the girl…again. Surprise me please -_-

  21. 21 LaLa

    Dear Javabeans i love your sarcasm… it always makes me laugh…

  22. 22 Jomo

    Does this guy remind anyone other than me of Christopher Walken?

    • 22.1 ????????

      Yes, me. I’ve always thought so, especially his smile. I’d never say it, because I thought I was nuts, so thank you.

    • 22.2 brookeeve

      Okay, I thought so, too…

      Only I still think that he’s pretty. I just expect him to start ballroom dancing at any given moment.

      • 22.2.1 ????????

        Well of course he’s pretty….

        It would be a hoot to see him dancing across the screen though.

  23. 23 jacq

    YUP. He dies during final fight, a huge blow to the head, prob for trying to cover hospital/medical costs for the girl. The girl gets an operation, opens eyes looking for lover, only to find out the lover has donated his eye to enable her to see. Sad tears. End of movie.

    Really, can it end any other way with So Ji Sub in it?

  24. 24 Ranter

    What is the point of the girl being blind? What a waste! Let her have someone who is ugly and nice. That is all she needs. Who cares what one’s love looks like if one cannot SEE!! Good grief!

    I am amused by the sense of revolt and repulsion about the story I am reading on this thread. Maybe someone will listen!

    One more thing. Why Han Hyo-joo? Blah, blah, and blah!! Sorry, I just cannot stomach her any more.

  25. 25 koreamom

    @liz i was thinking the same thing! that guy is so fun to look at i don’t care what the story is! just want the man there! i did like sorry but i love you but yeah, a comedy just might bring out the actor in him like my princess did for SSH! some guys are just meant to be there to make the mess sweeter though haha! sorry, i am sounding a bit superficial today. but he is just so gorgeous! i’d blush if he was looking me in the eyes. same for SSH gah!

  26. 26 malta

    By Only You, you must mean only me. I swoon< =)

    • 26.1 malta

      …he sure does make that towel on his head look good.

  27. 27 crazedlu

    dude is so good looking.

  28. 28 tinysunbl

    I’m excited for this movie. So jI sub-ssie as an athlete?Just the imagined intense charisma is enough to kill me. As for talks of him being in yet another melo story, we’ll wait and see. I haven’t seen much from this director before, but apparently he once made it to Cannes. I’m optimistic!

  29. 29 jyyjc

    Maybe he will lose his eyesight too cuz boxers get those eye injuries that sometimes result in damaged eyesight.

  30. 30 f1yh1gh10

    see, here’s the thing. i love him.. but the fact that i love him makes me sob even harder when he dies at the end of every single frickin drama/movie he does.


    i guess he’s really good at his sad, tough, roles, but still…

    i guess i better prepare a stock of toilet paper for this one..

  31. 31 M J

    i agree with the above comments… i hope that he do a rom-com…just the thought of it make me feel excited!!!
    i’m a fan of SJS…
    and the reason why he always tend to have this weepy roles is maybe because of his eyes…he does really have sad eyes that when you look at them,,,it’s as if…all sadness has been casted in there and there’s nothing left but to feel for him and cry…

  32. 32 Carinne

    Yes, let my imagination run wild what is underneath SJS’s long sleeves. I’ll patiently wait air dates for the unveiling of his sculpting boxer’s body.

  33. 33 naquia

    he’s so made to be a boxer..the sexiest boxer ever!!

  34. 34 Cam

    Wowowowow! Nice body, So Ji Sub, lolz! ^______^

    I am a fan of my top favorite actor So Ji Sub since I first saw him in that drama “I am Sorry I Love You” and “Cain and Abel” — Oh right, “Sophia’s Revenge”, yups. =)

    Geez, I noticed that So Ji Sub tend to act so tragedy in that sad and breakhearting dramas — Oh loooorrd, what about, like, give him a “goody-goody” silly role in dramas someday?! Why not! =D =D

  35. 35 bobi

    Dear scriptwriter, I’ve had enough of him being shot at the head. T____T So don’t even think of making him get punched badly at the head this time. Chebal!!!

    And get the girl please!

    Love Ji Sub Forever! (Y)

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