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Supporting cast added to Lie To Me
by | April 12, 2011 | 49 Comments

Lie To Me is the upcoming SBS romantic-comedy series starring Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan (formerly titled Sweet Scandal), and now it’s got several supporting players with the additions of Hong Soo-hyun (above), Sung Joon, and Jo Yoon-hee.

With the two headliners, Lie To Me has already got tons of attention and high expectations. I know mine are pretty up there, given Yoon’s mostly-solid track record and reputation for being a hitmaker, and Kang’s general awesomeness. The other three actors have much lower profiles, but with those big names already attached, that’s no problem; if anything, it’s a great opportunity for the rookies to break through.

Lie To Me is working a familiar formula with its romantic couple: Yoon Eun-hye is Ah-jung, an offbeat single girl in her twenties who meets Ki-joon, a hotel exec from the highest echelons of society. Ah-jung happens to perpetrate an outrageous lie that sweeps up the couple in a marriage-scandal whirlwind. Shenanigans result in romance.

Hong Soo-hyun plays Ah-jung’s high school classmate and enemy, who’s a constant source of antagonism for our heroine. She’s even nicknamed (unofficially, by the staff) “Ah-jung’s tackler” for the way she always picks on her and shoots her down.

Hong has been in a number of projects (Angel’s Temptation, Dae Jo Young, Insadong Scandal, Rough Cut), but I really only know her as the rather ineffectual second lead in 2005’s Only You. There, she was Han Chae-young’s rival for Jo Hyun-jae’s affections, but never really had much bite as either a rival or a love interest. Hopefully she has more pull here — she probably won’t beat Yoon Eun-hye in the lovable category, but I’d dearly love to have a love-to-hate-her villainness whose demise I can gleefully anticipate.

Sung Joon

Sung Joon, on the other hand, plays Kang Ji-hwan’s younger brother, possessor of all the right qualifications expected of an upper-crust, rich young heir. But he’s not the haughty type (that’s for big bro), and has a friendly, free-spirited personality that allows him to befriend people right away.

Sung Joon is a new kid on the block, having debuted as a model before taking on an acting role in the Drama Special series White Christmas. He’s only 21 years old, but the PD called him a potential dark horse. That means…two brothers fighting over the same woman? Aw, man — I always root for the underdog in those scenarios (I guess that’s why he’s the dark horse), but I’m not about to betray my Kang Ji-hwan, either. Why d’you do this to me, Korean dramas?

Then there’s Jo Yoon-hee (Goldfish, Hot-Blooded Salesman), who I think is a dead ringer for Lee Hyori. The actress’s lead character from Goldfish was described as “innocent with a femme fatale’s appeal” (an interesting mix?), but her character here will be a straightforward lovable type, whose harmonious and loving family environment gave her a clear, sunny disposition. She’s a display designer who’s the ex-fiancee to our hero, as well as the current friend to his little bro.

(Upside: If I’m reading between the lines correctly — which is a big if — that means little bro might have a romantic consolation prize if/when he loses the heroine to his hyung. Downside: Two brothers fighting over TWO women? And then potentially, uh, swapping? Why, Korea, why?)

Lie To Me will be a Monday-Tuesday drama replacing Midas, and will broadcast its first episode on May 9.

Jo Yoon-hee

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. angle2mx

    May 9th Sooo far away

  2. Okie Dokie

    I’m so excited for this drama, even though I’m trying not to hype it epic proportions – I think I’m pretty much ruined.

  3. jyyjc

    I’ve always found hong soohyun a little boring to watch.

    • 3.1 kerik

      i like her, but just bcos she is soo pretty and gives me warm vibe (i love her in sangdoo). idk how she acts now, that was like many years ago.

      • 3.1.1 anais

        I liked to hate her in Sangdoo. She played her role to its whiniest, manipulative, despicable yet pitiably redeeming best.

  4. nozomi05

    Any drama that has Yoon Eun Hye, I’d give it a try but if it stinks… good bye!

  5. chichi

    I’m never watch their dramas before but I’m sure their will be well-known after join “Lie To Me”…because YEH n KJH star’s power ^.^

  6. contessa

    Can’t wait to watch this. YEH my girlcrush is back!

  7. Jane

    From my understanding, the love triangle actually starts off being about the second heroine. I think it might be similar to the Coffee Prince structure where GY had a thing for his cousin’s girl and then later on, The Voice had a thing for YEH. The main difference is KJH’s character was engaged to the second lead here.

  8. xylophonic

    Err sounds pretty cliched… xD How many more marriage-scandal dramas can we have?! (Yeah, MSOAN. I’m looking at you.)

    But! I do love me some Kang Ji-hwan. Bring on the crazy, I say.

  9. Kender

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually getting excited about this one. I’m a sucker for contract marriages, and I love when brothers fight for the same girl(s). :3

    And random, but is anyone else getting Nishikido Ryo vibes from Sung Joon?

    • 9.1 ockoala

      Two brothers. Hotel heirs. Older is a uptight type, younger more free spirited. Contract/fake marriage. Ordinary girl.

      OMO, Kender-ahhh, doesn’t this sound just like a slightly tweaked version of Sunny Happiness?

      Man, I’m already dying to watch this sucker, but now my anticipation is further through the roof the second I realized there are shades of SH in this mix of YEH-KJH goodies~

      • 9.1.1 asea

        The first thing that pop ups in my mind while reading the story is Sunny Happiness then you ockoala lols..

        Sounds really similar isn’t it? I don’t mind tho.. love contract marriage stories 😀

      • 9.1.2 momosan

        Oh.My! Sunny Happiness FTW. If this even has a shadow of SH, then I’m gonna be right in the Koala playground cavorting happily.

        • cha

          same here 🙂

      • 9.1.3 JiHwan

        Darn! I thought I’d be the first to mention that it resembles Sunny Happiness!

    • 9.2 pipit

      I’m not going to lie either. I LOVE fake marriages themes. And I LOVE rich, cold, rude hero to death. I hope Kang Ji Hwan could bring something new, interesting and catching to this character. Anyway, even if it’s just the standard character I’m still going to watch it.

  10. 10 Fasiris Fay

    i am so psyched for this! bring on the shenanigans! 😀

  11. 11 diorama

    I have an unhealthy amount of interest in this drama, mainly because of the leads. I’m so glad Park Shi-hoo dropped out, because I’ve been dying to see KJH since Coffee House, and now that YEH is in…I’m in heaven. I don’t even care that the secondary characters sound a bit cliched. Coffee couple, fighting!

    • 11.1 Katherine

      could be psh has an instinct about this drama.

  12. 12 omo

    The premise doesn’t sound all that new. But heck, it’s YEH and KJW!! MUST WATCH. Dilemma : To watch while it airs or wait until the entire series is over. If it is the latter, note to self : Do homework – exercise patience.

  13. 13 grasya

    i’m so excited! KJW, oh, how I miss him!

  14. 14 eb

    I loved Sung Joon in White Christmas!!! He was definitely the weak link, acting-wise, but he has a great voice and screen presence. It goes without saying that I’m definitely watching this for YEH and KJW but I’m glad that Sung Joon is doing well for a newbie.

    • 14.1 chajjye

      Haha. We’re the only ones who are mentioning bout him. ^^

    • 14.2 Jomo

      Did you guys notice that Sung Joon keeps looking at me?
      Did ya?
      I could so see him stealing away a girl from, um, ANYONE!

  15. 15 Doris

    Thanks jb

    They have gone to thailand for the shootings so we

    could expect some other places they will be visiting

    since it is a hotel business drama ?.

    The second lead rookie actor looks more intense and stylish too! hope he will act well to match his big

    brother which I think their personal age gap is to far apart.

    • 15.1 unknown x

      I don’t think they went there for a Lie To Me shooting…
      But Yoon Eun Hye for sure went to Thailand but that’s probably for her LG Beyond CF with Won Bin. They were there the same time and some people say they saw them together.

      • 15.1.1 J

        Omygashhhh I KNEW IT XD After Eun Hye’s tweet about leaving to Thailand and fancams of Won Bin at the airport in Thailand, I was almost 100% sure that they both went there (for 3 days) to shoot the CF 🙂

        I can’t wait to see them on screen together…It will be hot, judging from Eun Hye’s past Cf for LG’s Beyond 😉

        Now, if those two could make a drama together…Sigh.

  16. 16 ck1Oz

    Ahh….woot.My kind of drama just add that on my list why don’t you?

    OML…I am working on dramas Wed-Sun. 🙂 Mon-Tues are my only free days…guess I won’t be sleeping till Sept cos’ Festival follows after my Greatest Love on Wed/Thurs.

    I am deliriously happy with this and totally horrified at my drama schedule add in real life and Korean language lessons..eeks.

  17. 17 Kgrl

    TBH, I’m really not big on brothers fighting for the same girl, or sisters fighting for the same man…just let it go, ppl. lols, but I do like my fair share of contract marriages and strangers who are put into too-close-for-comfort situations.

    The cast seem very strong so even if all the cliches are rammed down at us, I think the acting chops will make this work. Let’s hope this one can raise the bar for the Hong sisters.

  18. 18 lovedramas

    OMG!!! I’m so looking forward to this. But maybe I shouldn’t cause all the ones that I was looking forward to have failed me!!

    Still i can’t wait 🙂 Hope YEH is great and has good chem with KJH.

  19. 19 Amber

    May! Can u please come sooner….

  20. 20 asianromance

    “Two brothers fighting over TWO women? And then potentially, uh, swapping? Why, Korea, why?” LOL! My sentiments exactly!

  21. 21 libra80

    haiiistt..i cant wait to watch YEH’s drama….super excited!!!kekeke

  22. 22 Leishers

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!!!!!! And I dont want tooo. YOON EUN HYE!!!
    Am I that obvious? hahah
    No its not all because I love Yoon eun hye this tiime (because I didn’t watch that other drama she was in. Only glimpsed.) but I just totally love the plot.How hot is that? That is like one of the best drama plots for a kdrama. I hoep it has alot of good times in it and not too much witchy and doom and gloom and misunderstanding. Though theres bound to be quite a few with such a plot. AHHHHHHH I can’t wait.

  23. 23 maria

    MAN, i can’t wait forwhen all these new dramas start again. i’m not used to dropping by dramabeans just once a day, yunno??? i need recapssss *zombie*

  24. 24 bjharm

    Yes this is much of a sure hit as you going to ever get, the only way they could fail, is if the production team also think that and get lazy with the story line and the like, but with the two leads they have, even then the hype will most likely carry it on. I mean this is Korea where boy and girl bands can have 10,000 of fans and called the greatest thing, will since the last boy or girl band, and all without recording a note of something called music…lol.
    I do feel a bit for the dramas having to try and go up against this one, Baby-Faced Beauty, as it of the same kind, being a comdey/romance, while Ripley seem a more straight Drama, so Baby-Faced will likely get the worse of it. Hopefully all three show are going to be good, and the TV companies hold their nerves and we do not get half way, and get the sudden cut in the number of episodes because of poor rating..rather than the fact the show is any good or not

  25. 25 J

    Honestly, I’ve never seen any drama/movie of those 3 actors before, but the Yoon Eun Hye-Kang Ji Hwan tandem is more than enough to make me interested in this drama 😉

    On another note, actor Ryu Seung Woo has also been cast in the role of Eun Hye’s first crush and Hong Su Hyun’s husband.

    Lie to Me fighting!!!

  26. 26 bz

    Now its going to be Ripley Vs. lie to me
    my drama schedule is going to be packed
    Ripley wins on story for me but you cant beat KJH+YEH combo when it comes to casting
    I think i’m going to have to pass on baby faced beauty
    Now the question is who is going to come out the ratings winner?

  27. 27 diamonds

    marriage-scandal, brothers from rich family, and a designer?
    somehow it feels like Sunny Happiness, TW- Drama (starring Mike He and Janine Chang)…

  28. 28 Ani

    This setup with nice younger brother and fighting over women made me think of Wish Upon a Star for second. Heh. But oh man, we’re about to get d ump load of dramas on us. Oh the dilemma. XD

  29. 29 chichi

    May’s monday-tuesday dramas main stories are the same…its all about lies…but who will win these lies battle?? Hahahaa

  30. 30 evelia

    I am also looking forward to this drama.

  31. 31 aisuzieya

    late spring-summer is always the best time of drama! at least to me. I dont know abt the supporting cast except Hong Soo-hyun but i remember how painful it was to watch her acting in Temptation of an Angel. I expect a lot from most of the May slated dramas, so pls dont disappoint me!;>

  32. 32 chajjye

    Sung Joon!!!

    Okay…this guy has one of the sexiest deep voice…in T.O.P’s range…

    I don’t care bout his acting as long as he speaks. LOL. Sorry, his presence in White Christmas was enough to keep me watching that show (well, Baek Sung Hyun was there as well and a lot of other cute dongsaengs..but…that’s not my point right here)..I agree he has really great screen presence.

    I hope he’ll be able to pull off the lovable fun type though. in White Christmas he was the smart cold genius.

  33. 33 rouby

    Can’t waiting for this,,,,sounds so interesting,,, yoon eun hye fighting !!!!

  34. 34 IbeenJGS

    Ohlala, can’t wait for it !

  35. 35 YY

    I’m glad PSH isn’t in this. PSH cannot take the second lead cos he’s too charismatic for that.

  36. 36 Lady Seoul

    EYH! Can’t wait I’m so excited for her! <3
    Haven't been watching a drama since Dream High, so I'm all hyped up for this one. May I know when it's scheduled to air?

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