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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 333
by | May 15, 2011 | 93 Comments

Woot woot! This episode is nonstop amazing, because this is the kind of stuff you just can’t make up. Nonstop laughs, constant reversals, and a keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger make this one a hoot and a half, particularly for fans of our resident Chun-jae, Genius, Cho-ding Ji-won.

EPISODE 333. Broadcast on May 8, 2011.

javabeans: Today, Ji-won is first to arrive, and gets a special Mission Impossible-esque intro screen. A bit to note: One of his nicknames is Genius Won, which is because of his cunning streak but also doubly funny (er, punny?) because it’s derived from JI-(nius)-WON. Puns, puns, puns!

girlfriday: Hee hee. I LOVE Ji-nius-won! And his specialty is listed as: “Tardiness, but today, strangely, first on the scene.”

javabeans: Second is Ho-dong. How random and funny is it that Song Il-kook pops into his frame? Must be at the KBS studio for Crime Squad duties.

girlfriday: I know. I love it when worlds collide that way.

javabeans: Na PD announces that they’ll begin, since everyone’s arrived. Ji-won: “Everyone? But it’s just two of us.” Ho-dong: “Did the others quit?”

girlfriday: It’s so funny how awkward they feel, doing the opening just the two of them. When Ji-won arrives, one of the PDs asks: “Did you even wash your face today?” Ji-won: “No,” like it’s an obvious answer to an obvious question. Sigh. Oh, Cho-ding.

javabeans: The mission for today: Team Babo versus Team Scary. The leaders have to grab the other group members, who will be unprepared for this early shoot time (they were told 11am) and will therefore take a little time to gather. Then, a series of clues will lead them to a capture-the-flag scenario, and the first to take the flag wins a huge benefit.

girlfriday: The hilarious thing is that Na PD begins the whole explanation of the game by asking the question: “Do you know what kind of people you are?” And that stumps them. I don’t think he meant it to be an existential crisis, but they’re both like, “Buh….”

javabeans: In describing Ho-dong, Ji-won calls him a leader, and that’s what Na PD informs them that they both are: leaders of Team Babo and Team Scary. Ji-won attempts to defer leader duties to Tae-woong (traditionally the way it’s done, based on age).

girlfriday: But we all know that Ji-won is the leader of that team. He’s the brains. He also has the history of being the leader of the YB team, or Sup-Sup-Dang, for most of the show’s run. Na PD calls it an all-out war, and the prize is a biggie this time: two of the winning team’s members get to go home early, as soon as the race ends. And it’s up to the leader to decide who gets to go.

javabeans: I’d be suspicious of that setup right away — like, shouldn’t the leader automatically get to go home? Unless…there’s a reason he’d want to stay? What’s the catch?

girlfriday: You know there’s some crazy catch. The thing is, there’s no way that Ho-dong’s going home, either way. There’s no show without him. Na PD tells them to find their teammates wherever they are, whether it be home in bed or at the hair salon, and Ho-dong surmises: “There’s no way that Su-geun and Jong-min are at the salon.” Pffft.

javabeans: Ji-won and Ho-dong immediately dart for their cars and get on the phone to alert their teammates as to the rules of the race. Ho-dong calls Su-geun to find out where to pick him up, while Ji-won calls Tae-woong and then Seung-gi to coordinate.

girlfriday: And then? He calls Su-geun, to initiate Plan Bait n Switch…

javabeans: This is when THE AWESOME begins. He pretends that Ho-dong is up to no good, and that Su-geun is really on Ji-won’s team. He begs, “Don’t believe what Ho-dong hyung says!” He even asks Tae-woong to call Su-geun to “confirm” that this is true. GENIUS.

girlfriday: SO GENIUS. So now, both boys are headed towards one objective: Lee Su-geun.

javabeans: Ho-dong manages to make some ground traveling to pick up Su-geun, but Ji-won finds himself driving around Yeouido for ten minutes. Na PD: “You’ve been driving for ten minutes, and you’ve only managed to go from the KBS building to MBC.” HA.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Leave it to Ji-won to be the genius… minus that ooooooone percent. It’s worth noting that this whole pick-up-your-teammates-war concept is one that’s been used a number of times on Running Man, though there it’s more of a race to see how many members you can get on your side. Ho-dong seems to have the upper hand, as far as navigating goes. He really does seem like an ajusshi when he’s self-narrating his drive. And I especially love how strong his regional dialect becomes when he’s frustrated or in a hurry.

javabeans: Tae-woong reports that Su-geun seems confused, since both team leaders called him. Ji-won sighs, feeling disappointed that his evil plan may not have worked. However! When Su-geun calls him to say he knows he’s being tricked, Ji-won puts on such a convincing show of anger/frustration that Su-geun seems to believe him. He assures Ji-won that he hasn’t met Ho-dong yet, and Ji-won says he’s almost arrived to pick him up.

girlfriday: It’s because that’s Ji-won’s actual personality — to be so frustrated that he’s yelling and throwing tantrums. It makes his act extra genius. And OMG, that expression on his face when Su-geun falls for it? Priceless. Did I mention how much I LOVE THIS??

javabeans: When Ho-dong and Su-geun talk on the phone next, it sounds like Su-geun is stalling, and Ho-dong starts to feel panicked. Especially when Su-geun says that he knows that Ho-dong tends to get worked up when he’s lying. So Ho-dong tries to calm his voice down, even as Su-geun tells him that Ji-won told him to not trust Ho-dong. Su-geun’s actually in the neighborhood waiting, but isn’t showing himself yet because he hasn’t decided who to trust. HAHAHAHA. I love the looks on Ho-dong’s face as he’s trying to keep his emotions together.

girlfriday: I know! It goes from I can’t believe this punk doesn’t believe me, to marvelling, Ji-won really is a genius. And he just keeps repeating, “Waaaaaa, Yaaaaaaa, Waaaaaaa,” in amazement.

javabeans: Man, Ji-won really IS super-genius! Especially when Su-geun explains his confusion, and how Tae-woong called him to confirm. He says, “You know how Tae-woong hyung doesn’t lie.” If only he knew!

girlfriday: Seriously. Ji-won even uses Tae-woong’s innocence against him. I love Ho-dong’s attempt to be calm too, because Su-geun won’t believe him otherwise. Pfft.

javabeans: I wondered why Ji-won didn’t also call Jong-min to try to fool both of the opposition teammates. Why only Su-geun? What if he didn’t believe him?

girlfriday: Because he loves Su-geun. I think maybe he just went for him first because he knew that’s where Ho-dong would go first, guaranteed. Maybe Operation Jong-min would’ve happened with more time.

javabeans: Ho-dong arrives at the school where he’s to meet Su-geun, and OMG it’s hilarious how they do the whole Sandglass parody, to indicate how lost and lonely he feels. He yells into his phone that I’m your hyung, why don’t you believe me?? HAHA: “THIS is why we’re called Team Babo!!!”

girlfriday: Pwahahaha! “Babo-ya! That’s why we’re babos!” Love it. Omg, I DIED when the Sandglass soundtrack started. I love these PDs.

javabeans: Su-geun tentatively agrees to meet Ho-dong, but when Ho-dong impatiently starts running after him, he flees. Hee! And then talks with Ji-won, who says he’s almost there and asks for directions. OHHHHH and this is where I finally realize — Ji-won isn’t trying to TAKE Su-geun, he’s just trying to stall the other team for as long as possible while he gets a head start! I was wondering how he was going to explain everything if/when he picked up Su-geun, but now this makes so much more sense!

girlfriday: I know! I totally thought he was on his way to pick him up, and I thought, is he just going to kidnap him for the whole ride? But then what happens when he gets Seung-gi? He’ll be outed! Turns out the Chun-jae is smarter than me. Go figure. I love how Ho-dong freaks out that Su-geun is just strolling over, blender full of juice in his hand (which is so cute, like he was in the middle of breakfast, so his wife handed him juice as he was running out the door). God, I busted a gut when Su-geun started running away from him. Ho-dong gets so upset that Su-geun is so distrusting, but dude, you’ve done your share of tricksy things, enough for Su-geun to be suspicious. The great thing is that Tae-woong is what tips the scales in Ji-won’s favor. Keh.

javabeans: Su-geun finally realizes that he’s been lied to, and Ji-won cackles in glee to himself thinking of the havoc he’s wreaked.

girlfriday: It’s like watching an evil cartoon villain. He’s so pleased with himself.

javabeans: The first hint comes when a team has fully assembled its members. Team Scary is first, and the hint is just consonants. Sort of like saying “K B K S D R R T S O.” It’s an acronym of some kind, probably of a location, and within seconds, Ji-won guesses the name of the expressway it indicates. Seung-gi marvels, “You’re really a genius! Really, it’s not a bad thing to be fooled by a genius of this level.”

girlfriday: Seriously, my jaw dropped at how fast he decoded that thing. Also, once he has Seung-gi, Ji-won decides to grab Jong-min on the way, and ditch him on the highway. Hahaha. That’s so mean! They decide against it though, because ditching him on their way would reveal where they’re going. Dastardly.

javabeans: The second hint comes when they’ve hit the expressway, and is another riddle: “A red pouch full of gold coins.” Again I’m sitting here scratching my head, thinking it’s some kind of special ornamental bag, but Tae-woong immediately guesses, “A pepper?” They start throwing out locations that are correlated with peppers. Seung-gi actually calls the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for famous locations, and get back Cheongyang county in South Chungcheong Province. But they also get back Eumseong county in the north, where they hold pepper festivals, and head that way.

girlfriday: I love that Seung-gi is so earnestly straightforward. The hint is peppers, so he calls the Ministry of Agriculture? Hahaha. Who does that? It’s like something a fifth grader would do.

javabeans: Thirty minutes after Hint 2, they get the third, which is a puzzle: BALL (square root of 16) 노동. They quickly figure out that BALL is gong in Korean, and the square root of 16 is 4, or sa. Okay, so they have gong sa. But what’s the last one mean? (The word means manual labor.) This one’s tricky because gong sa means construction, and this could lead them down the wrong path if they interpret it wrongly… But the GENIUS strikes again because labor also means work, and put together, gong sa il also happen to be numerals, which happen to equal an area code!

girlfriday: It’s so fun watching them work out the clues, and seeing how each team approaches things differently. Team Babo sees root 16 and just sighs, finally calling Yoon Jong-shin for help.

javabeans: I know! Famous songwriter Yoon Jong-shin….what’s the square root of 16??? The problem with Team Scary is, because they’ve been driving so far ahead of the other team, they’ve traveled a bit of a ways toward Eumseong before solving this clue…which tells them they should have gone to Cheongyang instead. Eek! So now they have to backtrack and make their way back to the original expressway. It’s just like Ho-dong says about them: “They do well all the way, but at the very end they always mess up.” True words.

javabeans: Meanwhile, Team Babo is well behind in terms of hints, but they’re on the right road when they get it, so they quickly make up their lost time. Hint 4 is simply: “Bean patch.” Tae-woong is the first to think of an old song with the words in it, and the mountain Chilgapsan in the province they’re heading to.

girlfriday: They really are quick with the clues, this team.

javabeans: They’re lightning-fast, it’s kind of amazing. The problem is execution. Team Babo, on the other hand, takes a while to get their clues, but don’t mess up as much along the way. For instance: They’re working on the 041 clue for a lot longer, probably because they spend some time thinking the English word BALL is BELL. Hee!

girlfriday: It really is the Tortoise and the Hare. I love the montage of Team Scary: “They don’t know roads [gil]” vs. Team Babo: “They don’t know words [geul].” Pun-happy PDs strike again!

javabeans: Aw, how mean/hilarious. The song in the background is “I’m A Fool” from the Goong soundtrack.

girlfriday: Kekekeke.

javabeans: But I’m pretty sure this applies to both teams. Team Scary is already onto Hint 5, but…again take the wrong road. Argh! Somewhat surprisingly, it’s Jong-min who’s getting all the answers right on Team Babo. Meanwhile, Scary’s Hint 5 itself consists of three names, Lee Moon-sae, Lee Juck, Ok Joo-hyun. All singers. Seung-gi guesses a radio show, which all three have done: “A Night When the Stars Shone.” Stars, night, shining…an observatory? Ding-ding-ding! They find out that there’s one right at Chilgapsan. Isn’t it so cute how Yoon Jong-shin gets really into the riddle, and yells when they figure it out? It’s just like Dokko Jin in Best Love — totally random phone call, but somehow, he gets sucked into it.

girlfriday: It’s the inescapable pull of quiz questions. Must be human nature. Team Babo actually gets ahead of Team Scary on the road, but then they decide to stop for food. Crazy thing is, Team Scary gets hungry right around the same time, and head into a rest stop… and it’s THE SAME ONE! I mean, what are the frickin’ odds of that? As soon as they pull in, Ji-won notices a car that looks like Jong-min’s, and starts getting suspicious.

javabeans: They totally luck out, because the crowds milling around the stars tip Team Scary off that their opponents are here, and they’re able to slip out quietly, taking the lead. Tae-woong is like a little boy, giggling, “This is so fun!”

girlfriday: They get so excited at their chance encounter, because now they know exactly how far the other team has come, and have time to get ahead. But then, true to the fable, Team Rabbit gets cocky, and decides to stop at the next exit for some snacks…

javabeans: They assume they have time, not knowing that Team Babo has decided not to wait to eat and take to the road soon. They only stop to grab snacks for the road, but it’s enough time for Team Babo to re-take the lead.

girlfriday: I love this reversal-on-top-of-reversal thing. It’s so entertaining. And Seung-gi with his walnut pastry is just so damn cute!

javabeans: I love the meta aspect of 1N2D, because it’s so widely known that the bystander reactions can factor into the game, like at the rest stop. When Team Babo stops at the toll booth, the clerk recognizes them — and then tells Team Scary, just behind them, that she just saw their teammates passing through.

girlfriday: And it’s the same for Team Babo, when they realize that the woman at the toll booth would’ve said something had Team Scary already been there.

javabeans: At the second toll gate, Team Scary is literally just two or three cars behind Team Babo. Now it’s a race to the mountain observatory to capture the flag.

girlfriday: It’s crazy how close they are. Aaaaaaack! The beating heart soundtrack isn’t helping matters either. I’m a nervous wreck.

javabeans: It’s like the soundtrack from The Bourne Identity. Team Babo stops to ask for directions, while Team Scary sees them parked and ducks out of their car to get a jump on the footrace. “Run, run, run!” Team Babo sees their opponents running and panic, but they’ve got proper directions now and drive on to a different parking lot. And…Team Scary has run up the wrong hill. AHAHA. It’s like the Heo-dang Principle! Every time they get the upper hand, they lose it through their own actions.

girlfriday: Hehehe. I know, right? I love how panicked everyone is now.

javabeans: Ho-dong: “I can’t breathe!” Hee. His car arrives at the observatory parking lot first, so Ho-dong, Su-geun, and Jong-min make their way up the hill to claim the flag, jog-walking. Close behind them are the Scaries, who…just might catch up! They’re the athletes, no?

girlfriday: I thought they were farther behind, but the footrace is really where they catch up. Ho-dong turns around… and they’re RIGHT on his ass! Eeep!

javabeans: And…..end of episode! Curses, cliffhangers!

girlfriday: Nooooooooooo! Goddamniiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!


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  1. lordj

    Thanks jb… I’m a new 1N2D fan, all because of your recaps. I never imagined I would spend hours in downloading past 1N2D episodes for I am a FO1 and Running Man fan.
    And yes, I’m also a newly converted Airen.
    Again, Thank you for paving the way to my discovery of another variety madness.

    • 1.1 J

      welcome to 1N2D’s (quoting Ho-dong…) “fantastic of the world, good sea, nice view”! I’ve been watching 1N2D since 2008 and am sooo glad that many people are starting to watch 1N2D recently thanks to JB and GF’s awesome recaps! ^^

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        I’ve been a fan of 1N2D for a while now too.

        But hey lordj, nice to see another FO1 and a Running Man fan.


      • 1.1.2 rumba lumba

        dude, you forgot Hodong’s “uuuuunbeleeeebable!” rofl.

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        • J

          hahaha yes “uuuuuuuunbeeleeeebableee!”

      • 1.1.3 jinkzz

        I think I started watching 1N2D in 2008 also when I subscribed to KBS world…so funny…this was my first introduction to K variety shows

    • 1.2 y

      Hi5..another family outing1 annd running man fan + 1N2D fan now

      • 1.2.1 gustave154

        this was a really good episode!!!
        i really hope team babo wins because i love underdogs.

        • Ani

          You know, I love underdogs too. I mean, geez, I root for Jong-min like crazy every episode hoping people would stop giving the poor guy so much crap. But Eun Ji-won is my favorite of the cast members – well, I love them all, but Ji-won is so childish it’s awesome. If Mong-key was still here, than Ji-won would either be tied with him or second to the Mong.

          • malia

            Same! I’m always hoping Jong-min will win loadsa things and that the other team members will quit making fun of him for one episode. And Ji-won is totally my favourite – you can tell that his personality isn’t just a tv personality and the fact that he’s such a child makes him so entertaining 😀

  2. bluemoon

    Yes, this show is so entertaining! Love it!

  3. isamouse

    Never mind the K-actors or production staff, I think it’s you guys that are going to be in dire need of an IV by the end of this month.

    Thank you for all the hard work, it’s very much appreciated. Another great recap 🙂

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    best way to end a weekend!

    thank you for the recap!

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    Looking at the amount of recaps lately, I think you girls will need some ginseng soup to keep up!

  6. MLkim

    “You’ve been driving for ten minutes, and you’ve only managed to go from the KBS building to MBC.” HA.

    i lived in yeoido and the two buildings are literally like one street away from each other.
    so funny!

    • 6.1 mihinikki

      You live in South Korea! So envious… I must earn more $ and go to S. Korea. FIGHTING!

  7. tonks42

    Thanks for the recap…I was really in awe while watching this ep….Jiwon really deserves to be called a Genius with all his plotting and ofcourse his Choding expressions…I sooo love it when he was in glee while realizing how he made Suguen all confused hehehe…

    I pity HOdong while he chases Suguen but could`t blame Suguen …it was such a funny scene when HOdong was trying to cool himself down not to attack him out of frustrations….

  8. :D

    cliffhangers are so annoyinggggg

    • 8.1 :D

      i love that ji-won is a New York Yankee’s fan! represent!

  9. Noypi

    I haven’t laughed so hard on a 1N2D recap since you started these… This episode was freakin FUNNY!!! Cant wait for the next ep 😀

  10. 10 ricky the royal highness

    AWESOME recap!
    Made me wanna pause my drama downloads and start downloading this 1N2D episode instead 🙂

    • 10.1 Arhazivory

      lol. That’s what I did. I’m almost done downloading all the eps and I’ve watched up to 67 so far (started with Seung Gi’s first ep)

      • 10.1.1 rumba lumba

        aawwww that’s around the Baekdu-san episode, right?

        i think that ’til this day, it’s the best special/episode of 1N2D, and apparently a lot of Koreans agree. i think some tv show asked people what the most memorable ep of 1N2D is and they all said Baekdu-san. it was just beautiful and touching.

      • 10.1.2 salt

        man… are you in for a real treat..
        the older eps are GEMS. everything was new and fresh and way harsher than recent ones, well except for the current batch since Uhm-force joins in… :))
        there were more ROTFL moments back then… enjoy..!

        • Arhazivory

          They really are gems. I’ve fallen in love with all of them and I especially love the Kim C-Sugeun team-up when the latter starts interviewing Master Kim C. Watching and knowing that eventually Mong and Kim C won’t be there anymore makes me a little sad, especially for Mong. 🙁 He’s a real crazy darling.

          @rumba lumba. Yeah, I finished the Baekdusa eps and you’re right…it was beautiful. 😀 The last one I watched (before I paused to catch up on some drams) was where they tricked the new PD. OMG…that was so damn hilarious. lol.

  11. 11 xiaoSxin


  12. 12 NN

    Don’t watch this episode or even ready the recap in the office or library – I couldn’t help laughing out loud, esp. when Su-geun was running away from Ho-dong. Even though I’ve already watched this episode, I was still laughing when I read the recap! Thks for recapping, JB and GF.

  13. 13 eb

    i loved this episode…i don’t watch all the 1d2n epi’s but luckily i saw this one…eun choding is definitely a gifted strategist when it comes to games!

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    On the other hand…yay…I am off to read it now 🙂

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    this ep SCREAMS AWESOME. I can’t wait to watch it…i can picture Tae-woong being so cute, “This is so fun!”.

  16. 16 cheekie

    You two are totally beyond amazing. I’ve been waiting for this, thank you for your hard work.
    Gosh.. SeungGi makes everything he eats look so darn good.

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    Gods, I love these recaps for IN2D. They always make me squee with laughter. Thanks so much!

  18. 18 whatis

    oh my godddd what a FUN episode!!! I watched this 2 times, because it was so hilarious!

    Ji-won was an absolute genius… and I LOOOOVED Team Babo…”THIS is why we’re Team Babo!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! oh my god.. I died laughing during the ENTIRE episode!!!!

    You know… with watching Best Love, I’ve become more aware about the editing and the cast’s interactions. I see these guys every episode, acting like they’re best of chums, so I believe they’re complete friends.

    But when I watch earlier episodes, I feel like they are a bit awkward with each other when they don’t have a need to be funny…. sorta like Behind the Scenes times. While I’m not a fan of Jong-Min, I can’t help but feel that he wasn’t properly “rewarded” with screen time when he guessed the riddle and the area code 041. But I guess the editors compensated when they had a whole segment of Ho-Dong singing to Jong-Min’s song.

    I don’t know.. maybe I just like to root for the underdogs, at all times.

    I really really wonder how these people are off screen. Best Love is really making me question about everyone on screen, and making me realize how scary it is with the battle of screen time.

    • 18.1 rumba lumba

      dont worry. because


      there will be two members who will get to go home early as a reward, remember?

      just watched the episode last night. JongMin will get more screen time. lol.

    • 18.2 Alvina

      ^haha, I know what you mean. Whenever they mention things like that (it’s usually gag-men or more experienced entertainment people that do), I think to myself, “Just how much of what I’m seeing is editing?”

      I guess it’s true that reality is based upon what you’re told lol.
      Jong-Min is someone I’ve always felt, at equal measures, sympathy and pity for. But I also find him really funny and insightful. Like that time he literally ran into the water so his foreign guest can eat? Or those times on Heroine 6 that he danced. Or when he came back from the army and was uncomfortable talking about his ex-gf?

      I LOVED this episode too though. Ji-Won is CRAZY genius; he would’ve been a great army general back in the day haha. TOTALLY rooting for Team Scary even though I love them all haha

      • 18.2.1 Nhu

        Gosh, it makes me really wonder. Like, I honestly think Lee Seung Gi is a great person – a tabloid apparently tailed him for months and came out with a “White Flag” message because they couldn’t get anything except him being nice to staffers and studious at school and work. xD (Which makes me REALLY dream that that stupid controversy with Best Love didn’t occur so that he got Jin’s role – not that I don’t love Cha Seung Won, but at least the “I’ve never experienced love” would’ve been more believable… or that he never knew the National Treasure Girls if they were that big”).

        But everybody else? Up in the air? How close are they really? Lee Seung Gi and Hodong are apparently actually mentor and mentee, but I get the feeling certain members actually don’t get entirely along with each other… And I always feel terrible about Jong Min. His stock has plummeted, and I actually have no idea why, because he used to be hilarious.

        • Arhazivory

          I think the members get along just fine. The chemistry for all these years isn’t something to be faked and its not like a ‘scripted’ drama.

          • gustave154

            i agree the members are what makes this show enjoyable…
            and after what they have been through i think they are doing fine.

        • rumba lumba

          lol dont think too much into it.

          these guys dont have ill feelings towards one another. they’ve been doing 1N2D since 2007.

          of course, there will be things like Seunggi being more close to Hodong than Jongmin, but i don’t think there’s any sort of misunderstanding between the members. they’re totally comfortable around one another.

          okay, maybe Kim C was a bit of an outsider (Sugeun said in one interview that Kim C and Seunggi talk to each other because they have some brainstorming sessions, which sadly, Mong and Sugeun could not relate to. lol). but hey, Seunggi and Mong said Kim C gave them headphones, sleeping bags, clothes, etc.

          as for Jongmin, well, i want him to do good, too. i actually pity him because fans of 1N2D in Korea wanted him out of the show because he’s not as funny as he used to be.

          i somehow agree, though. he joined in late 2009 and it’s now 2011, and he’s had minimal improvement. he doesn’t talk much, let alone be funny. i think it lies more in his confidence and the other guys’ skills.

          if you look at it, the other guys are totally funny and smart skill-wise. what i mean is that they can carry a whole show. only Jiwon wouldve thought of tricking Sugeun and that proves that Jiwon knows how to do a variety show. take a simple mission and make it fun. not only that, but even Seunggi goes out of his comfort zone for the show. he has to take care of his image (never had any scandal), but then his image was ‘ruined’ in this show (positively ruined). not only that, but even he says words and does things regardless of how people may look at him, stepping outside his usual image. and of course, Sugeun will always be hilarious. he knows how to make people laugh. and i think, Sugeun is the most ‘humane’ and ‘real’ out of all the guys. he always voices out his frustration and opinions, while the others just let theirs slip. Kim C did not talk much during his 2+ years, but that’s what makes him very funny. Kim C had his moments (the Sandara Park parody, him being naked on Winter Camp, then him again wearing a winter jacket during the Summer special, or him walking for 5 hours on Jeju, etc.). remember that this is a show that does not have a script. the PDs give them some mission or game, and it’s up to the guys to basically win the missions so they can eat/sleep inside and at the same time do a variety show that is funny, which i think is tremendously hard to do with just 6 people.

          Jongmin, though, does not have any confidence in himself. he barely talks in the show. and he’s playing it safe, which i think is why he’s never really taken off after he returned. back then in the earlier episode (like episode 20 something), he was like a bully and a trouble maker. he’s sort of like a mischievous kid that does not care about anything. but looking at him now, i guess he does not want to offend anybody (and fan or viewer). Jiwon even teased him because Jongmin never complains even though all the other boys complain about everything. lol. honestly, he has to step his game up. whenever the guys went to do an individual mission, ive always felt that Jongmin is always helpless and that sort of pisses me off. oh well.

          • Alvina

            I love your posts Rumba Lumba because, with your arsenal of 1N2D knowledge, I really feeling like you get it.

            Or maybe I just happen to agree with you. A lot. 😀

            Kim C was, to me, what Lee Jung Jin was to QoM (if that makes any sense). The perpetual “outsider” but has his moments, fits in well with the show and basically gels even if he tends to just look good and chime in once in awhile. When he does hit his moments, it’s gold.

            Kim Jong Min, imo, was improving. His viewer rating was increasing [but then they brought UTW lol]. Then again, he’s always been the guy who kind of coasted along, forming a group on variety shows, never really having a stand alone “image”. I do agree it’s a confidence thing. It frustrates me because I KNOW he has it in him. Some of my favorite X-man moments are HIS. Some of my favorite loveletter moments are HIS.
            But, something changed. I dont know what it is but…something, when he came back, it’s just different. I dont hate it. But, I wish he’d kind of step it up.

            ANYWAY, looking for some throw back 1N2D episodes to take up a day out of my vacation week you guys! Any recs? 😀

          • rumba lumba

            episode 131. when they went to the observatory, the 2nd part of that trip.

          • kristi

            Just my .02 but my personal recs:

            (though I only know the official episode numbers, i.e. not KBS World’s, so I’m not sure how helpful this will be)

            I’ve always enjoyed the special eps. (in the vein of the upcoming ‘actress’ special), like the year-end trips with baseball player Park Chan Ho (both in 2008 and 2009, E215-217 & E265-267), the viewer team tours (esp. the 2nd time, when they went to Jejudo in early 2010, E272-274), or the ‘home stay’ eps. in the remote mountain village of GiSanLi (E233-234). They’re a lot of fun, but also heartwarming and a touch emotional as the members bond with their guests. With the viewer team tours, if you can afford, watch the tail-end of the prev. eps to see how the members make their choices. And far away my favorite ‘members vs. crew/staff’ face-off has to be the 2nd time in 2009 (E251-252), not only for the face-off but also the aftermath AND the first ep. (E251) when three unlucky souls (AND some of the crew) had to climb the very rugged and steep WolChulSan/mountain.

            But it’s tough to narrow down a few favorites, there are many more, and in general, I don’t think you can go wrong with any eps., there’s always something to enjoy.

          • entertained

            kim c often joked that he balances out the show. they can’t all be crazy, noisy and OTT, since its too tiring or confusing for the audience. i think this is very true, since i always see him as the anti-mc mong (meaning polar opposite not hateful of) he was nurturing, world-wise and willing to take up the role no one wants to do (i.e bungee jumping in place of jiwon and seunggi, stripping during winter for hodong and seunggi). generally, he’s bland reaction-wise, as opposed to mc mong’s usual OTT (which i also adore). i find his non-reaction fits with the old team. but when he does react its comic gold. in one episode where they were playing rock-paper-scissor for the right to taste the feast before them, they were doing it so fast that the others did not saw that he already won. his reaction while trying to convince the rest is hilarious. it was very convincing that he really wanted the price because he’s pretty non-challant otherwise.

            as for jongmin, i think that what’s wrong with him. his suppose to go for the prize, the laugh is a by-product. even kim c, who i thought was a laid back kind of personality can get very competitive on occassion. jongmin goes for the laugh which for me is too obvious, and a big fail. in comedy, i find that one way to fail is to make the audience feel uncomfortable with the anticipation of the joke falling flat. which is why confidence and timing is key. suguen used to have this problem early in the show but he gained confidence, and now he can do no wrong, as far as quips and puns go.

            plus, jongmin has to get his mischief on. its the only way to get into the wavelength of the others, even kim c, the mother, and seung gi, the good boy, has regular bouts of mischievousness. kim c started the whole trend of rigging rock-paper-scissor game, when he discretely organized the rest against hodong. he wanted hodong to walk on the thin ice of seung gi’s pond. it did not work then, seung gi lost, hence the pond’s name. seung gi’s comes out a lot during challenges and games. this site has even called him the instigator. so jongmin has to do it too. i’ll excuse utw since he’s still learing the ropes. i have high hopes for him.

            i am liking utw. but i hope they start messing him up a bit. i like that this show used to be about the anti-cool. mc-mong has no rival looking poor, but kim-c is a close second. kim-c is motherly but he is also cassanova kim. i still remember jiwon eating sweet potatoes surreptitiously eating sweet potato like a rugamuffin, seung gi has no end of embarassing moments in this show (see aforementioned pond) no image is held sacred or is being preserved, although a more loveable, accessible image is created for the stars are created by the show as a by-product.

          • Ani

            @entertained: Add the fact that Kim C has some awesome/epic one liners. I think the one that I remember most (because I’ve rewatched the episode recently) was when Suguen said he wish he could be home with his pregnant wife (who was 23 or something like that years old at the time) and Kim C outright told him, “No one told you to go and marry/impregnate a young girl” and everyone broke out laughing.

            I think Alvina got the nail on the head by comparing Kim C to JJ on QoM (Wow, everyone’s leaving there Variety Shows these days. JJ on QoM, Joongki on RM, Tony OMS – even though he was pretty much a wallflower, etc). They played the straight guy to everyone else’s craziness. ^^

  19. 19 questions987


    I was in taking a quick finals study break to do some page stalking and I find this. You made me fall over laughing!

    I needed it after spending the last two hours reading/comparing/contrasting Darwin, Sartre, Freud, and Marx.

    장 언니 두! (at least from your comments I think you’re both older)

  20. 20 ssu

    couldn’t stop laughing at hodongs constant wahhhhhs of amazement

  21. 21 Atsirk

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    • 21.1 rumba lumba

      ROFL Hodong and Sugeun were caught red-handed. ahahaha. and Jiwon trying to lick the food. that was sooo hilarious.

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    Just don’t get yourself sick! Hopefully, with 49 Days almost finished, you’ll be able to get a rest afterwards!

    And please continue with 1n2d. I know so many people who have picked it up because of you two. It’s a really great variety show!

  24. 24 Ani

    Eun Cho-ding jjang!!!! You’re my favorite no matter what people say of you. And you’re cute too. I hope team Scary wins just because you’re on it. But please, don’t go home ok? I want to see more of you. ^^

    • 24.1 Ani

      I also have to add that I like Su-guen too. Jong-min makes my heart ache cause the guy is just asking for me to pity him, but there is a sort of awesomeness about how funny Su-guen can get (and how the guy is not ashamed to take all of for the camera – he’s too comfortable doing that actually). And I love Ho-dong because he’s the glue in this show, but for some reason Ji-won just is my favorite (and I never even heard of Sechskies until SGB). Seung-gi is a cutey and the Uhm Force is an excellent addition to the team.

      And the random call to Jong-shin? All I could thing of was the song they normally played on FO1 for him. XD

  25. 25 Christine

    Thanks for the recaps. I’ve been watching it for a while now although I can’t understand a word they are saying.

    I just love the places that they visit and the people they meet along the way.

    Having spent 4 months in Korea recently, it also showed that there are more places for me to explore.

  26. 26 hazel

    hi would like to ask where to watch 1N2D episodes with eng subs? seems like a funny variety show!! thanks^^

    • 26.1 rumba lumba
      (megavideo, though. note that megavideo has a limit)

      for some youtube/google/dailymotion vids,
      (for most recent episodes)
      (this is the site of ahbooooo. register for free, then watch 1N2D)

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    • 29.1 rumba lumba

      so you log in and then scroll down and search for Categories.

      there’s a drop-down menu and then select 1N2D.

      • 29.1.1 Arhazivory

        THe 1n2dfansubs site has all the episodes linked, available for download. Boo is good for the most recent eps.

  30. 30 hazel

    Thanks ruma lumba! Does it start from episode 1? or it starts halfway? like ep 30 or smth? thanks a bunch!

    • 30.1 rumba lumba

      as far as i know, it starts from ep 60+. then boo uploaded a couple of ep 50+ recently. but yeah…
      i think KBSWorld didnt sub until ep 50+. so yeah…you won’t really miss much. ahaha.
      i suggest you watch the Baekdusan trips. like ep 60-63 i think.

      • 30.1.1 rumba lumba

        go to

        there’s a description for each episode there.

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    I’m also amazed at Ji-won’s genius! I never knew he had it in him before reading your 1N2D recaps!

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    can not wait for this ep next week. 🙂

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    And he always make fun of it..

    Thanks for the recaps

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    and yeah, tae woong is right in saying "this is so fun!"

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    Thanks for introducing us to the devilishly wacky world of 1N2D!
    Your recaps are a treat by themselves…
    I look forward to them as much as the show itself!
    Keep up the smashing job y’all 🙂


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    You gotta love 1N2D when an innocuous ep. can turn out to have so many surprises like this one.

  40. 40 y.

    I always look forward to your 1n2d recaps 😀

    I feel bad for Jongmin 🙁 He’s always the underdog and it actually feels like he is normal. Ha. Like, as normal as the average person on the street who isn’t funny and spontaneous and confident. It feels like he’s the odd one out in the cast

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    • 42.1 hana

      airen is fanclub name for lee seung gi fans

  43. 43 gaea

    Another hillarious from 1n2d, I can’t stand to not giggling when I read these!!

    GF, there’s another fans due to the addiction of the show right?
    Yea,pick up team is like the Running Man-shown MINUS the lying of th. Leader (kekeke), and there is another pick-lift thing here.

    Running Man tend to copy 1n2d too, such as: fan signing in remote area? Who can think that after Sugeun’ s almost imposibble mission in 5 cities trip. It’s great how the PD packed the show differently, furthermore since they have the same main cameraman, Kang-something.

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    I’m laughing so much when he laugh too .. i didnt understand at first when i watch this since i didnt know Hangul , so thanks for the caps guys .. appreciate it

  49. 49 Adeline

    No offence to 1N2D die-hard fans but actually I find this episode kind of boring.

    I loved the 2008 to 2009 episodes with Kim C and MC Mong the best, those epiosdes were often times hilarious & heartwarming and I enjoyed watching with my whole family. These days, we only watch randomly and not something that we look forward to with as much excitement.

    However, I still remain a huge fan of Seung Gi. His smile and heodaness never fail to make my day !

    • 49.1 entertained

      my favorite episodes are also the old episodes, particularly the one with the guerilla concert instigated by mc mong. with the old cast, i found episodes/instances when they are together and interacting with each other better than the ones where they are separated. by some strange alchemy, that combination of cast members really is the perfect mix of personality to give 1n2d that touch magic which turns something good to AWESOME. somebody with a psychology degree, please make a dissertation on this. something like personality combination that make variety shows awesome, 1n2d will be the case study

      maybe the new and old cast need to go through the suffering/bonding moments together before getting that undefinable get that the old members have. but you know what they say about chemistry, you either have it or you don’t…

      • 49.1.1 rumba lumba

        nah. it boils down to the show’s format. it has changed, and Na PD boldly stated this in one of his interviews.

        back then, they did a TON of bokbulbok games like dibidibidip,gawi-bawi-bo or muk-jji-ppa, quizzes, etc.

        now, they mostly do races, getting one item to another location, individual missions (which sometimes suck since i want them all together), finding and introducing places, etc.

        it became more of a documentary rather than a variety show. right now the closest they’ve been was the recent episode in Jeju while they were wearing suits.

        due to the member changes (i.e. Kim C and MC Mong leaving), the 2nd half of 2010 episodes were not as funny as 2008-early 2010 episodes. they all went on individual missions every time. T_T

        • marj

          yeah..i do agree that the show’s format has changed a lot..i started watching 1n2d at the later part of 2010 and was entertained by the combination of the guys but when i started downloading the eps from 2008-2009 that was when i got really addicted to the show..back then, the presence of kim c and mc mong as members who brought so much fun was really palpables…i also loved then that their missions usually take them to the countryside wherein their missions include helping the locals in their day to day work.. whether that be fishing at the crack of dawn, helping pack sea salts, delivering fish at the market or even picking strawberries in the fields..i think their interactions then with the local people were what brought 1n2d closest to the heart of the Korean people.. although don’t get me wrong i still do love 1n2d and watch the eps as it airs but i still look forward more to seeing the old episodes that i get to download once in a while…

  50. 50 ilog

    WOOT! Another 1N2D recap galore!!

    I can’t wait for the next one.. Hmn, I wonder how “behind” these recaps are from those aired on TV… There’s a two-week delay between this episode’s recap to the subs so I was wondering how behind I am from the Korea airing….

    I am so desperate to watch the Actress Special which airs this Sunday! I saw the (sadly unsubbed) trailer and it promises to be awesome… All those top stars that I rarely see in variety shows screeching and panicking. Haha! Can’t wait!

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