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47th Baeksang Arts Awards
by | May 26, 2011 | 195 Comments

It’s too bad that Hyun Bin was missing from the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, since he and his drama picked up a bunch of awards. (Alas, there’s that whole mandatory military thing.)

Not only did he grab a Daesang in the TV portion (film Daesang went to Lee Byung-heon for his thriller I Saw the Devil), both his projects won awards as well: Tang Wei for film Late Autumn, who’s pictured above with Ha Ji-won, his co-star in Secret Garden, which won top honors for the drama category. Looks like he’s on a roll, even in absentia. Do the Marines allow celebratory Baeksang parties for their celeb enlistees? Surely he earned a drink or two, at least.

The awards were held on the evening of May 26 in Seoul, and hosted by actors Ryu Shi-won (Style) and Kim Ah-joong (Sign).



Daesang: Lee Byung-heon (I Saw the Devil)
Best Picture: Ajusshi (The Man From Nowhere)
Director: Lee Chang-dong (Poetry)
Top Excellence, Actor: Ha Jung-woo (The Yellow Sea)
Top Excellence, Actress: Tang Wei (Late Autumn)
New Actor: Choi Seung-hyun (TOP) (Into the Fire)
New Actress: Shin Hyun-bin (He’s On Duty)
New Director: Kim Young-taek (Hello Ghost)
Screenplay: Yook Sang-hyo (He’s On Duty)
Popularity Award, Actor: Choi Seung-hyun (TOP) (Into the Fire)
Popularity Award, Actress: Park Shin-hye (Cyrano Dating Agency)


Daesang: Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
Best Drama: Secret Garden
Educational Program: EBS Special Project What Is School
Variety Program: Come To Play
Directing: Lee Jung-seob (Baker King Kim Tak-gu)
Top Excellence, Actor: Jung Bo-seok (Giant)
Top Excellence, Actress: Han Hyo-joo (Dong Yi)
New Actor: Park Yoo-chun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
New Actress: Yoo Inna (Secret Garden)
New Director: Kim Won-seok (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Scriptwriting: Kim Eun-sook (Secret Garden)
Variety, Male Performer: Lee Su-geun (1 Night 2 Days)
Variety, Female Performer: Kim Won-hee (Come To Play)
Popularity Award, Actor: Park Yoo-chun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Popularity Award, Actress: Moon Geun-young (Cinderella’s Sister)


In Style Fashionista Award: Lee Min-jung
Lifetime Achievement Award: Shin Sung-il


And now for the fun stuff…

Is Daesang winner and perennial cool movie star Lee Byung-heon (I Saw the Devil) actually giving the camera a dorky wink? I love it.

It was a night of ladies dressed predominantly solid darks, whites, and reds, so Tang Wei‘s is a welcome change. Springy and gorgeous.

Two Has together: That’s Ha Jung-woo winning for his film The Yellow Sea, while Ha Ji-won waits with him to present. I love that her dress is something different (you can see it better up top), mixing sharp angles with the black lace. Ha Ji-won also gives me serious arm envy. *flexes bicep pitifully*


Go Hyun-jung, NOT wearing black? Fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, she looks good wearing black, but I love seeing her in something light and ethereal. This is probably my favorite gown of the night, and the look is totally enhanced by the way she carries it confidently. Love.

On the other hand, here’s a case of the gown wearing the girl, rather than the other way around. I’m not a fan of Han Hyo-joo’s overly fussy lace number, although I totally see where the design is going — but she looks awkward in it, like she’d walked out of the house in a simple lace frock and realized to her horror that the doilies have been breeding along the way. Maybe that also explains her pale face, though not the orangey lipstick. Not my favorite look of hers. Below, she poses with her statuette with Jung Bo-seok, who won for his villainous turn in Giant.

Not gon’ lie, I was eagerly anticipating Kim Sae-ron’s outfit perhaps more than anybody else, and she doesn’t disappoint. What a way to cap off an awards cycle — every outfit this season has managed to mix equal parts little princess with cutting-edge fashionista, which makes me think this girl’s mother must have killer style. (‘Cause, let’s be real now, when I was that age it would have been an achievement to make it out of the house wearing coordinating socks.) (A brief refresher: sweet pink frills, fur ‘n hearts, and perfectly trimmed black-n-white extravaganza.) Alas, she’s missing the Won Bin arm candy this time — but the sharp wee hat! The braided hair! The polka-dotted knee socks! Ahhh, why am I jealous of a ten-year-old’s wardrobe?

As for adult fashionistas, here’s Lee Min-jung (Cyrano Dating Agency) picking up an award for her own fashionable style. I’m a bit ho-hum about the style of the dress, but I love that it’s a bold color in a sea of white, so yay for that.

But, I suppose if one must wear white, it never hurts to look as fresh and happy as Moon Geun-young does here, wearing an asymmetrical, vaguely Grecian style gown. She’s already picked up a bunch of acting awards for her roles in Cinderella’s Sister and Mary Stayed Out All Night, and this one’s a popularity trophy for the former.

More white on Shin Hyun-bin, who’s a new name and face; she won the newcomer award for the movie He’s On Duty.

Park Min-young also follows the white trend, and she looks curiously happy for someone who just lost a tug-of-war with the curtains, which managed to shred its top half before giving up its life unceremoniously to become an ill-fitting gown. Or maybe it’s what happens when a bridal gown spits out its underlayer and you’re out of time to shop for a new dress, so you just tie the bust into a knot and call it fashion. (“I’m sure nobody will notice!” Oh, we notice.) On the upside, her new drama City Hunter seems promising.

To be fair, I think Jo Ahn (Everybody Cha Cha Cha) may be wearing a very light pinkish color, but ultimately it blends into the sea of white. Plus it’s a mermaid cut: two strikes.

Dream High’s Suzy goes short for her white dress, and punctuates it with cute electric blue shoes. I dig the effect, which makes it young and flirty. She arrives with co-stars Taecyeon and Park Jin-young, and I love that the latter’s wearing harem pants to an awards event. (They’re black! They’re formal!)

And here’s their other co-star, Kim Soo-hyun, looking adorable. Gah! So cute. Want to pinch cheeks.

I’m digging the haircut on Park Shin-hye, but not so much the voluminous dress, which makes her look like she’s swimming in fabric. But she gets a popularity award for Cyrano, just in time to add some buzz as she’s readying for her new drama, You’ve Fallen For Me

…in which she stars with Jung Yong-hwa. Is it me, or has he slimmed WAY down all of a sudden? Eep!

Cha Tae-hyun always looks so happy. His comedy Hello Ghost was a winner in the new director category.

Park Yoo-chun gets more love for his first drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, just as he’s about to launch his second, Miss Ripley. Will the ajummas love him as much in a contemporary melo as they did in an upbeat fusion sageuk? Ah, it’s Micky Yoochun, they’ll love him in anything, won’t they?

Red was the other trend at the awards, which Yoo Inna wears while picking up a new actress trophy for Secret Garden. She didn’t have that much screentime in that drama so I’m a little surprised, but I thought she was adorable so no complaints on that front.

Red again: Here’s Kim Nam-joo (Queen of Reversals) rocking the pantsuit. How she looks chic in that is a wonder; I’m imagining myself trying it out and somehow looking more like that wall-destroying Kool-Aid pitcher or an ’80s soap queen than a style maven.

…and Kim Ah-joong (Sign) does red as well, here with her co-host, Ryu Shi-won (Style). Meh.

Kang-ahhhh! Er, I mean, Jo Hyun-jae. (Reality, woman! Remember reality — it’s that thing outside of dramas!) True, your drama (49 Days) sort of left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, and you appear to have been attacked by a hole puncher with an aversion for ties, but it’s nice to see you smiley, instead of morosely contemplating the death of your beloved. Speaking of whom, there’s Nam Gyuri with him below, who may have been attacked by the same bit of destructive office machinery. (What is with all the shredded/loose/flapping fabric? Hers does flow prettily, though.)

Jung Il-woo, we need to have a talk. I love you, I really do. But that hair — it was acceptable (barely) as an unruly bird’s nest for your drama, but in the real world, that pile of frizzies sorta maybe makes you look like a bobblehead from some angles. Especially with tight pants. I say this out of love.

Song Joong-ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), so cute, despite the navy-on-black, shiny-matte combo of his tux. (It’s weird, right?)

Lee Shi-young (Birth of the Rich). Gorgeous. I am jealous.

I don’t love the mop of curls on Ji Chang-wook (Smile, Dong-hae), but he gets a pass because he’s prepping for upcoming fusion sageuk Warrior Baek Dong-soo… and we know what fusion sageuk means. Mane of Glory time!

I do quite like this, though, on Min Hyo-rin (Sunny), with its interesting layering and the flattering fit. Maybe it’s because it’s a dress I’d totally wear. Well, if I were a movie star. With a killer wardrobe. And looked like Min Hyo-rin.

LOVE hanbok fashions at formal events! Whether it’s a modernized look, or full-on traditional. Park Ha-sun, who played the queen in Dong Yi, goes more traditional in hers, but the fabrics and colors dress it up.

Jo Yeo-jung goes simple in a solid dark gown. Maybe she’s getting into character for her upcoming cable drama I Need Romance, where she plays a modern city woman looking for love a la Sex and the City?

I like the flow of the gown on Seo Young-hee (Bedevilled), but she has a tendency to stick her arm in that weird hip pose in a majority of her shots, making her look like Barbie on Oscar night.

Okay. So normally I’d have a lot more problems with an asymmetrical, one-shouldered, pink-and-brown-tinged, cheetah-print, formal gown…and I’m not saying that I don’t take issue with any of the above or even the clunky bunching of the fabric in her midriff region…but let’s just say that it’s nice to have something different to look at, and Ji Sung-won (Bedevilled) does that.

Oy, Yoon Shi-yoon, Mr. Baker King himself! Hey, I’m not against a little manly application of the guyliner…but he appears to have gone whole hog with the liner and the smoky eyeshadow. And here I thought he already looked pretty enough before he curled his hair and slapped on the makeup.

Whenever I see Hwang Jung-eum’s (Giant) get-up, I keep thinking, in Michael Scott voice, I hate…so much…about the things…that you choose to be… with this outfit. Like the plain material that looks like it’s cut from an old sweatsuit. And the ’70s jazzercize flair it evokes. And the bowl hair. Killer abs notwithstanding.

Last but not least, thank you, TOP, for your consistently bold fashion choices and your love of purple brocade curtains. You liven up any event, and many an award show red carpet could use livening up.

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195 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Om

    Yeah sadly Yonghwa lost abit too much weight for the comeback of his group. He was really healthy before, now he’s looking really thin.

    • 1.1 Pikachu

      he lost 8kgs
      i find it quite disturbing because he was skinny even before.
      He should gain it back.

      • 1.1.1 lambayyx

        even more disturbing that he lost it in 3 weeks. i was so shocked while watching WGM, he and seohyun met up after 3 weeks and he looked like a totally different person. even the regulars on Running Man can’t recognize him

  2. UK Raver

    is it wrong that I want that sparkly purple jacket?

    • 2.1 funnylittlefishy

      is it wrong that i want the man whose wearing said sparkly purple jacket? cosiwanthimsobadpleasepleasepleasecanitakehimhomepleaaaaseee!!!

      • 2.1.1 mihinikki

        I think TOP looks like Spock…Not that I’m hatin’ on your love for him!

  3. ryeowoni

    kang and ji hyun together <3

  4. haydn

    i love me some yoochun… but…. CMON, KIM SOO HYUN was THE contender for the newcomer award >M< (even though he's not much of a newcomer… LOL) ahh its okay sam dong.. you will get that shiny thingy next time. XD

    i love TABI's PURPLE SUIT<3 he's the only one who could probably pull that off~ ^^

    • 4.1 Nia

      I couldn’t agree more!

    • 4.2 Bluefyre

      Agree with you on T.O.P. LOL! I love his colorfulness! ^^

      I think Soo Hyun didn’t fit the category. He might have been nominated for it, but I don’t think he fits it. Yoochun deserved it as well. He did a good job for a first time drama and saegeuk. I’m sure Kim Soo-hyun’s sparkly thing will come. As good as he is!! I want him to get one too!! Can’t wait for that movie of his πŸ™‚

    • 4.3 Pikachu

      Park Yoochun:
      His first project is a fusion sageuk (not easy to do)
      Role which required nuanced acting because his character was so reserved.
      If you didnt know he was a rookie would you have thought he was based purely on his acting? i didnt thats for sure.
      He got a lot love for his role in korea and it was from ajummas not just teeny boppers.
      Park yoochun deserved it.
      plus Kim soo hyun has been in like 5 dramas

      • 4.3.1 Christy

        i really agree! well said. congrats to yoochun!

      • 4.3.2 kaye

        What I don’t understand is the award-giving bodies’ definition of rookie. Kim Soo-hyun was spectacular in Dream High but it wasn’t his debut performance. Wrong category, I guess. This is similar to what has happened to Yoo Ah-in. He’s was nominated for a Rookie at the last year-end awards but he has already appeared in a number of dramas and movies.

      • 4.3.3 junaly

        Yes MTE
        Good job chunnie!!

      • 4.3.4 jem_

        you didn’t do your homework throughoutly -_-‘
        PYC has officially debuted in 2005 in “Banjun Drama”
        his first big role last year in SKKS like KSH with “dream high” this year

        • Pikachu

          if You did your homework you’d know banjun drama isnt even a proper drama
          its 100% fanservice for Dong Bang Shin KI

          • sky


    • 4.4 nonski

      i love youchun too but waaaaaaaaaay love Kim Soo Hyun more, but think this award is for last year’s movie and tv shows, so i expect our KSH to rock in Baeksang next year together with the 49 days cast. oh, Jung Il-woo’s hair is quite something, i guess he would stick to the one he had when he had his pictorial wearing all white. love him most in there.

    • 4.5 ...

      definitely! he’s still smoldering in it ~XD

  5. Lacey

    Jung Yong Hwa lost so much weigh not very appealing =(
    Park shin hye looks awesome! And yay she won a award!

  6. jose

    secret garden and sungkyunkwan scandal and others were my favorite dramas from 2010 :D,but i don’t agree with kim tak goo :S,to me proportionally to its big ratings was the most overrated,i loved the first 10 episodes,then the next 5 i liked less tak goo,i saw some flaws,excessive melodrama,little comedy and then stopped in 16,and about han hyo joo,i love her,she is lovely and was great in brilliant legacy but in dong yi was so so,i liked a lot dong yi,but had a little flaws,but overall i liked dong yi more than kim tak goo XP,the thing was sometimes hyo joo wasn’t very good in dong yi,she looked childish or dumb sometimes ,but i liked most of dong yi;

  7. mnstpdu08

    I love Nam Gyuri’s dress. Kim Soo-Hyun, why are you so cute?

  8. Bluefyre

    JB, your commentary on award shows and their respective red carpets never fail to crack me up!! I’m at work, but if I was at home I’d totally ROFL!

    Thank you!! πŸ˜€

    I must say I loved Lee Min-jung’s dress the best. Suzy’s dress was pretty cute. And I LOVE Park Shin-hye’s hair! I want it! If only I could pull it off!

    And I’m with you on Kim Soo-hyun ^^ Same with Yoochun. They both make me want to pinch their cheeks!

    I wish Hyun Bin could’ve been there too. Carpet misses his flair πŸ˜‰

    • 8.1 gingganggolli

      …its so incomplete without HB. But so glad he won the award.

      Kang ahhhhhhhh everybody’s happy your finally smiling till I saw your outfit that I thought something was missing. JB’s right you need some nick tie to much the suit w/o hole of course…..

      love your comments jb….your the best!

    • 8.2 becky

      yeah, I really love Park Shin Hye’s hairstyle…. <3 is it a straight bob? It fits her like her glove…though that doesn't mean I don't like her previous hairstyle….omg, I fell in love with that haircut the moment I laid eyes on her *squeals*

  9. Kim

    Although white is the new black this season, I do have to wonder if all the star’s stylist and plan a color theme before these red carpet events.

  10. 10 YBisTOP

    T.O.P!!! I’m drooling!! @-@

    Secret Garden is not the best drama! *yawn.

  11. 11 supah

    Urgh, the pisstakery.
    The snark was relentless about the individual network awards shows, but then I get why they’d be biased in favour of the ratings-cinchers, the ones keeping the moolah rolling in and whatnot. But WTF, Baeksangs? 2010 was possibly the strongest year for kdramas and yet… It had the worst possible Baeksang gig. Really disappointing.

    I’m happy for Jung Bo-seok, though. Even if it wasn’t a Daesang.
    Everything else was beyond blah.

    Now; Song Joong-ki could’ve made me happy had his hair been better styled.
    And Kim Soo-hyun looked better at the SBS Awards: (disclaimer: not my snap).

    Go Hyun-jung was stunning and loved her dress, ditto with Lee Min-jung, Park Shin-hye and Moon Geun-yeong.

    Hwang Jung-eum…. Er… Erm. *brain hemorrhage*

    Seeing Tang Wei I totally see Gisaeng Tales’ rookie actress Baek Ok-dam as hers and Gong Hyo-jin’s long-lost baby sister or something.

    And yeah, awards shows have totally fallen from grace, Baeksangs being the worst of the lot. *sniff*

    • 11.1 Pikachu

      i think kim soo hyun looks cuter here ^_^

  12. 12 Shin mi rAe

    I wonder who represented hyun bin and took the award for him. Jb? Gf?

    Out of context but dont be mad. anybody thinks the dokko jin – seri contract relationship that extends one year after they broke up for the 1billion won cf a meta for hyun bin-song hye kyo??? They did admit they’ve been broken up for a while before they made the public announcement after hyun bin entered the marines (and the hugely successful secret garden). They did have a cf contract together that played on their couple status – laneige. Did i just not see the comments or are we quiet about it???

    Whatever… I love hyun bin. im sorry he missed this awards night which he so totally owns.

    • 12.1 Fasiris Fay

      Huh I’ve never thought about that. I didn’t know Binnie’s relationship with her was a contract one. I just thought they broke up and were quiet about it :S

      But I definitely do see some parallels in Best Love.

    • 12.2 anna

      He got his award himself!
      they went to his marine camp beforehand and presented him the award.

  13. 13 Fasiris Fay

    MGY! Kang-ah! Kim So Hyun! Love them all, they look amazing! But there’s definitely a Professor Snape who is missing >_>

  14. 14 UJ

    i love micky yoochun!!! <3
    and i love you dramabeans for the award recap <3

  15. 15 Jenn

    TOP looks so handsome, that jacket is awesome. I would love to wear it myself πŸ˜€

  16. 16 Birdie

    Tang Wei and Lee Shi-Young look the best and for the men,TOP tops. What’s up with most of the ladies? They all have gorgeous bodies, but they seem to pick dresses that do not fit or look good in. Park Min Young’s dress and Park Shin-Hye’s dress seem to be 1 size too big. Han Hyo-Joo’s dress is terrible on her.Hwang Jung-eum seem like she wants to do belly dancing and that hairstyle just got to go.

  17. 17 floren

    i just love the Hearstrings couple…shinhwa…park shin hye looked so gorgeous in the ferragamo gown and hair style while YH (although slimmer now) looked so dapper in his suit…i love the high five…cool friends

  18. 18 Hairlove

    Top yep u never seem to disappoint me

  19. 19 Nhu

    Kim Soo Hyun might’ve deserved it SLIGHTLY more, but I think the highs of Yoochun’s dramas slightly overshadowed Kim Soo Hyun’s… His time will come, I’m sure.

    TOP!! God, how much do I love you for bravely wearing purple in a sea of manly black tuxes? Guys need to have more fun on the red carpet.

    • 19.1 kay


      i secretly miss his white hair hah

      • 19.1.1

        i miss the white hair too.

        • bianca


  20. 20 Arhazivory

    Lee Su-Geun!!!!! *searches the post again for his pics*

    Awww….none of him I guess. πŸ™ Best male performer (variety)! πŸ˜€ Makes me happy. Its nice that Yoo-chun picked up some awards and Ha Ji Won looks fantastic. πŸ˜€

  21. 21 hmm

    Suzy: Man… Maybe I picked the wrong guy to end up in Dream High, because Taec is looking hot.

    • 21.1 Shin mi rAe

      The kim so hyun fans will hate us but yeah that pic sure is funny. And taecyon, you look mighty perfect -the tux, the hair, the face…. You look like a finely chiseled statue that came to life.

    • 21.2 ilikehim

      But Kim So Hyun is a cutie~
      She shouldve came with Taec at one arm and Kim So Hyun at the other.
      JYP can walk by himself! Haha

      • 21.2.1 ishrooroo


      • 21.2.2 bishbash

        that wld be good! :p

    • 21.3 ...

      must we pick? is it too greedy to have both? lol

    • 21.4 jem_

      funny thing is that she came with taec but she sat next to soohyun during the ceremony

  22. 22 Cynthia

    Jung Il-Woo! Are you out there?! Are you reading JB’s opinion of your Scheduler Hair?
    On behalf of ME, don’t listen!
    I LOVE your “Noona-Do” (Noona – that’s ME, and DO – as in I’d – well, you know…..!)
    So, please – no Yi-Soo hair.
    And your legs are okay, too!


  23. 23 Pikachu

    Congrats to all the winners
    moon geun young looked lovely
    Tabi always rocks the award shows
    who else remembers the leopard print?
    and YAY yoochun, he did a great job SKKS scandal will remain one of the few kdramas that was meaningful to me and i was genuinely moved by and i will keep on going back to re watch.

  24. 24 Shin mi rAe

    Its like hotness buffet. If i was there, i wouldnt know who to look at first. My eyes would have popped out. Taec, Lee byung heon, jung il woo, kim so hyun, micky yoo chun, song joong ki….

    Go Hyun Jung looks gorgeous. I agree this is her best awards night look. She is still chanelling the president from daemul. Was she nominated for a baeksang??? Somehow, she had the looks and aura of someone who got dressed up to claim the night’s most coveted award. Didnt she win one for her now legendary portrayal of mishil in queen seon deok???

    I miss hyun bin. He could be in kim joo won’s sparkly blue track suit and still rock the red carpet.

    I also miss jang geun seuk and his out of this world awards night fashion. Except for JYP and Top, the boys are in pretty safe tux. We need a JGS as point of conversation.

  25. 25 Zain

    Kim soo hyun looks so adorable. TOP never fails to amuse me with his purple suits. He looks awesome though. And yay his hair changed back to black. TOP is so awesome. I loved his speech. Suzy looked fantastic in her blue shoes and dress. I love that her hair Is black and not blond anymore. Kim sae-rons outfits are always adorable. Congrats to all the winners.

    • 25.1 kay

      i love TOP’s hair black but i found him super attractive with the white. he was really rocking it.

  26. 26 Mlt1018

    I think Lee Byung Hun rocks in I saw the devil, but why didn’t Choi Min Sik, won anything, He’s brilliant in there ! Better than won bin and byung hun im my opinion

  27. 27 janna

    Hwang Jung-eum…. (eye-twitching) If only I were a bouncer to an awards show…..

    Seriously. We could commision a duct-tape dress, have it drawn by a three-year-old and manufactured by a rabid squirrel… and it STILL would look better than whatever that awful get up is. Someone get me the bleach for my eyes.

    Also, Jung Bo-Seok (claps gleefully)

    • 27.1 supah

      Now… it’s a shame he was in Young-kyu mode when giving his acceptance speech, what we needed is him accepting it in Jo Pil-yeon mode? Hee!

  28. 28 Pikachu

    i only managed to find yoochuns awards with sub
    i can post tops too but no sub >.<

  29. 29 purexorange

    hwang jung eum !?!?
    what happened?
    is it because ‘woori’ style in your drama has affected how you dress now??!?!

  30. 30 marissa

    I love Park Shin Hye’s look the most – hair, make-up, gown and simple accessories. I like the colour of her gown too + beaded clutch bag + the one I love the most – HER SHOES!

    Unfortunately, its not for women who are heavy, big-hipped, short and freckled skin.

    and for those women with dirty toe nails, the shoes not for you.

    • 30.1 Marry

      LOL. I think that dress doesn’t suit her very well. Probably it’s because she’s gained weight a little bit. I can see her fat here and there especially in her upper arms part. Not that I don’t like her, but she has no sense of fashion. IMO. PSH fans pls don’t kill me, I’m only voicing my opinion about her dress. πŸ˜›

      You can see in the video that PSH’s body looks a bit bigger than Yonghwa o.O

  31. 31 Maho

    Wow I totally forgot about the Baeksangs…Winners list has me a bit conflicted but the dresses and the guys are turning my brain into mush that I forget. Seo Young-hee, Kim Nam-joo, Park Ha-sun, and Ha Ji-won look great and Ha Jung-woo looks oh so very good, inpure thoughts good and teaches all the boys how the men get it don.

  32. 32 hmi4

    it’s always interesting to see a buncha celebs and their fashion at these award shows but i honestly can’t take them (award shows) seriously when they give HHJ an award for DY… like, did they watch the same thing i watched?

  33. 33 italianni's

    Park Shin Hye – the girl has grown into a woman. and she looks stunning now.

    Among the ladies, I can conclude that she eats whatever she wants to eat; the rest are birds…

    and she received a bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums — i don’t think its from Yong Hwa, it seems he is the messenger only (judging by his actuations).

    Good on you Park Shin Hye – someone’s heart is beating for you. CONGRATULATIONS! (more than the trophy)

    • 33.1 Escada

      Yes! more than the popularity trophy – you got flowers too! Definitely from a male admirer!

      Park Shin Hye – let them have the trophies, there’s someone out there who loves you and I agree with Italianni’s … congratulations! (to be loved by someone is worth more than a room full of trophies…)

    • 33.2 maricel

      is there a video of that?!!!! i’d love to watch… an admirer??? omo!!!i love her cause she is a normal girl. She has her curvers…and the hair cut is great, however i’d like to see her with long curly hair…the dress could have been better, she tends to wear dark colors…but i do love her!!!!

    • 33.3 rymazye

      she received roses and chrysanthemums?? is there a video of it?? can you share us the link?? and if its true that’s its not from Yong Hwa the sender must be somewhat close to the two of them..

      the chrysanthemum
      — why do i feel that his someone who’s not there due to his previous commitments that’s why he ask his friend to give it to her.. i think i’ve read somewhere that he likes those flowers that it will be the one he’ll give to a girl..

  34. 34 hapacalgirl

    Kim Soo Hyun is adorable enough said. I like Go Hyun Jung’s dress but I think the color washes her out a bit. I personally loved Nam Gyuri’s gown but thats also because I find the color gorgeous.

    As for TOP, I think only he can get away with wearing purple patterned jackets to award shows and still somehow make it work. But that could also be because I have seen him wear much stranger things.

    • 34.1 ishrooroo

      I totally agree about Nam Gyuri’s dress. The color is GORGEOUS! now if it were only say, 2 ft shorter? I don’t understand how TOP (and GD also) can wear such ridiculousness and still look hawt, laws of the universe be damned.

  35. 35 Yuki

    Yong Hwa is paper thin now! T_T
    Really worried about his health and vocal cord…

  36. 36 Seri

    How can the lead actress of Secret Garden not get an award? @.@ Yoo Ina won for popularity or something?

  37. 37 Autumn

    Meh, not happy with the award results this year, but I get to see some of my favourite actors and actresses in an event together, so, me won’t complain…much.

    GHJ’s dress is also my favorite out of the bunch, she looked stunning and so regal. MGY, PMY and TW looked lovely too.

    Suzy is adorable in that lil white dress; was kinda hoping she would arrive with KSH, who, btw, looked smashing on the red carpet, sad he didn’t win anything. JYP’s harem pants…lol no comment. TOP’s purple suit is blinding my eyes.

    PSH’s dress looked really similar to the one YEH wore a few years ago, except, i think it looked much worse on the latter.

    HJE wins hands down for the worst dress and the worst hair. what the hell was she thinking?

    • 37.1 SUE

      “Suzy is adorable in that lil white dress; was kinda hoping she would arrive with KSH, who, btw, looked smashing on the red carpet, sad he didn’t win anything. JYP’s harem pants…lol no comment. TOP’s purple suit is blinding my eyes.”

      to make u feel better, Suzy is sitting next to Soohyun in the awards show. ^^

    • 37.2 Kristal

      In defense of her hair that is the cut she is forced to wear for her currently airing drama ‘Can You Hear My Heart.’ So maybe she was trying to find an outfit that would suit the hair but she failed!

  38. 38 beggar1015

    I MUST have Suzy’s shoes! Must!

    Of course, I’ll immediately fall flat on my face, but for one split second I’ll look fantastic.


    Kang ahhhhhhh is smiling because his Ji hyun is alive hahahahaha

    Love, love, love Jo Hyun Jae.

    Happy for Jung Bo Seok for winning for his turn in Giant, he deserves it.

    But ….. Han Hyo Joo????

    • 39.1 kellie

      Same here. Very glad about Jung Bo-seok, one of Korea’s best actors. Very unglad about Han Hyo-joo. Dong Yi was the blandest, most forgettable sageuk of all the ones I’ve seen — and HHJ was one of the reasons.

      • 39.1.1 Maho

        I expected Han Hyo Joo to win…The thing with Dong Yi is that you either loved it or you hated it. I see her win as a testament to her growth as an actress, she could have done a trendy rom-com especially after doing Brilliant Legacy but instead she chose to do a saguek. Dong Yi has shown her growth as an actress but is it award winning? I liked Dong Yi and found her be a highly capable actress. Is she a great actress? Hell no she still has a long way to go but she was deserving of the Baeksang.

  40. 40 Ruth

    I love Park Shin Hye the most. Very fresh!

    and saw her dress in a Ferragamo catalogue

    the one my niece wants but can’t afford to buy –

  41. 41 Susue

    T.O.P.’s outfit is ravishing! Now that’s what you can call fashionable. Almost overstepping into the “too much” zone and the out-of-the-norm color scheme and fabric for male jackets, but being able to pull it off because it is tailored and neat.

    I don’t know why but the oversized dresses on the many too slim frames are ridiculous… Why not show off your slim bodies in more fitted dresses, girls? I am not digging it… Kim So Yeon, where are you when you’re scandalous, skin-baring dresses are needed?

    • 41.1 Susue

      Whoops! *your*

    • 41.2 Pikachu

      you should have seen the leopard print jacket top wore

  42. 42 ilovehk08

    oh I just love Kim Soo Hyun! He is just perfectly dashing. swoon. πŸ˜€ I also still love Jung Il Woo even if his hair is a bit ehh. On the other hand, I love Go Hyun-jung and Moon Geun Young dresses.

  43. 43 creepykreme

    kang,my future husband….ahhh,why so gorgeous?

  44. 44 jasmine

    I love Go Hyun jung, Moon Geun Young dresses . They are elegant and make these actresses look more beautiful.
    Baggy dresses are not my types. I like to look fit with curves.

    • 44.1 Kiara

      My two favorite Korean acresses. I’m so glad Go Hyun-jung didnt wear black this time. She’s drop dead gorgeous in that dress….soooo perfect.

  45. 45 cherry18

    yay congrats to CHUNNIE & TOP!!! WOOT! ^^

    love seeing Song Joong-ki, Yoochun, TOP, and Yonghwa on the red carpet! <333 ^^

  46. 46 songjoongkilove

    Song Joong Ki πŸ™‚ <3 Whatever he wears, he looks great.

  47. 47 danna

    I love what both Nam Gyuri and Park Shin Hye are wearing….also adore Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joonki…o lord that guyliner makes Yoon Shi Yoon so girly..and the hair doesn’t hep…I totally agree that Hwang Jung Eum looks 70s jazzerissh..but I still think she looks hot

    • 47.1 danna

      also where is Kim So Yeon??? I always look forward to seeing her in an award shows the most

  48. 48 adelaide

    Cho Hyun-Jae = Love

    ’nuff said

    • 48.1 MELLIssa

      JO. HYUN. JAE. = LOVE

  49. 49 missemyh

    why does everyone love micky yoochun so much? I mean, the rest of the s4 were better… speaking of which i’m a major fan of song joong-ki’s hair cut and i like everything about his navy and black tux except the shine factor, which kinda put a downer on it, but whatever. that smile is awesome. and taecyeon’s polka bow tie = HOT. dayam. best representation for my sex is hands down kim nam-joo. that suit looked amazing on her and her styling was perfect for it. yey!

    • 49.1 Pikachu

      well apparently (this was discussed extensively when SKKS was airing) some of the best parts of Micky’s acting was lost in translation (because int fans rely on subtitles) so int. fans gravitated towards YAH/SJK more when Yoochun received the most love from the Korean public.

      His sageuk tone (which is very difficult to master and something even veteran actors sometimes struggle with) was excellent.
      and apparently he acted the way a korean noble man would have 100%
      Plus LSJ is a very reserved character and Yoochuns acting was subtle and nuanced something which i feel was under appreciated.

      in Int forums people give more love to the other two (they are the more conventional characters the badass kdrama hero and the adorable quirky friend. These are Kdrama roles that people have been programmed to love.

      his acting was not wooden, he played LSJ exactly right.
      Trying a sageuk as a first drama and succeeding IS a big deal.

      • 49.1.1 hbfrack

        thanks Pikachu I couldn’t agree more πŸ™‚ congratulations to Micky!!! Yay!!!

      • 49.1.2 Bluefyre

        Yes! That’s right! Tell them, Pikachu! πŸ˜€
        Thanks for your comment! Park Yoochun really deserved that award.

        But like I said, I wish Kim Soo Hyun got an award for himself too ^^

      • 49.1.3 jyyjc

        AGREED. I felt the same way about yoochun’s acting in SKKS. I knew most people would probably say stuff like “oh he’s so wooden, emotionless blahblahblah”, but I thought he did a great job with the character of lee sunjoon, it’s how LSJ is suppose to be like. Now imagine if yoochun was a much more seasoned actor before he took on that role, then he’d play LSJ even better than he already did.

      • 49.1.4 well....

        what i know is, Yoochun is really popular amongst the ahjummas (like DB mentioned above), while SJK and YAI are generally the favorites for everyone else. i remember there’s a coverage of SKKS on a program, and even the casts themselves said that Moon Jae Shin was the most popular character…
        i do think that YC did a good job considering that it’s his debut piece, but he was emotionless in some important parts of the drama (and i don’t think that’s because it’s how he supposed to act) -____- he really improved in the few last episodes tho

        • Pikachu

          For sungkyunkwan scandal in Korea its yoochun #1
          but ofcourse SJK/YAH are individually famous. (SJK and MCing)
          and i disagree with your assessment about his acting

        • yaya

          Yoochun and Ah In are top stars of skks.. Joong Ki not that much.. the difference is that Yoochun was already a hallyu big star, while Ah In used to work mostly on some indie not that mainstream projects, so people say that Ah In benefited from the project the most, but still Yoochun is main star of the drama.

          and I disagree with you about his acting, he did very well, even his body language is speaking volumes.

          and the scene with the king when king asks if Seon Jun ever suspected his father, his tears just drops slowly, but my heart ached so much for Seon Jun and his hurted feelings~~ there was so much pain in the eyes. I really think rare professional actor can move audience like that. and I was a bit shocked when I knew that he was a singer..

          • Pikachu

            and a damn good one at that too and definitely not a cookie cutter idol
            He can hit those high notes even though he’s a low baritone and a great live singer songwriter/composer too
            You should check out his self composed songs they are beautiful.
            Multitalented is his middle name
            I will forever thank SKKS for introducing me to all the hidden talents of one park yoochun

          • well....

            let’s just agree/disagree then πŸ™‚
            i stand by my opinion that YC would at the bottom of my list if it’s about acting. the other three (esp YAI and PMY) made me believe their characters right from the start while for YC it’s probably only in the last/second last episode, i can’t remember

            no big deal anw, it’s his first drama, he’s just starting

          • yaya

            I didn’t like PMY and YAI perfomances much, and imo they could do much better with their characters, of course Yoochun’s acting is not flaw free as well, but he imo portrayed his character the best.

            PMY made her character just pathetic and flat by the end of the drama imo.. she did well at the beginning, yes, but I still don’t see how people praise her for that role..

            so yes, lets agree to disagree))

            but talking about acting I must say among young actors I liked the guys from InSoo qurtet the most!! the coward one was just brilliant imo))

      • 49.1.5 junaly

        Yay I like your comment ^ ^
        Sun-joon was a difficult character IMO, I think yoochun did a great job with him!

  50. 50 YoSoyHaru!!!!!!!!!!

    yay top won he look so cute waiting to give his speech πŸ˜€ he looks good in purple >_^.

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