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49 Days: Episode 15
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Go, go, Drama, go! Things heat up all around, as loyalties get tested and jealousies flare up. And you know how I feel about jealousy and posturing and KANG-AH. Need I say more?


Min-ho goes up to the counter and calls Yi-kyung by her name (only it’s not Ji-hyun in there) and she calmly responds, “Yes, Kang Min-ho-sshi?” It surprises him, but not as much as it startles her, and an instant later, Yi-kyung’s eyes dart back and forth, wondering where that came from, and why she knows this man.

He asks her what she’s doing here and if she recognizes him, but she tells him to go and turns around before she gives anything else away. Min-ho doesn’t look like he’s going to let it go, but luckily, Dr. Noh walks in just in time.

He calls Yi-kyung by name, and can see that she’s disturbed, so he sends Min-ho away. Whew. But it’s not enough to shake Min-ho’s doubts, as he thinks to himself, “Who is that woman? Is it Shin Ji-hyun? Song Yi-kyung?”

I like how fast people are catching on (because it keeps the drama fresh), but damn if the people in this world aren’t illogically quick to jump to supernatural conclusions. I mean, I like my sci-fi, but if someone doesn’t recognize me, my next thought isn’t, they must be possessed by mutant zombie ghosts!. I know what you’re thinking: when the zombie apocalypse hits, I won’t be long for this world.

Once Min-ho leaves, Yi-kyung sits down with Dr. Noh, who asks if she knows that man. She shakes her head no, and then nods her head yes—she doesn’t know him, and yet she knew his name, and could feel that he was bad news.

Dr. Noh then asks if she remembers seeing him yesterday. Nope. He tells her that she didn’t recognize him, and looked different too. He concludes that she likely has multiple personality disorder, brought on by her trauma. Well finally, somebody comes to a logical conclusion. Not that it’s right, mind you. But if you’re not at least exploring the possibility of split personality BEFORE ghost possession, I’m not gonna take you seriously.

She tells him that it’s not some made-up personality; and it’s not a ghost either. She tells him that she can feel this other person living with her, and caring for her, worrying for her. Aw. “It’s the first time, since then… the feeling that someone is genuinely concerned for me.”

She finally recounts her origin story: she was abandoned at an orphanage at the age of five, and never even knew her real name. Yi-soo, who had been there since infancy, came and told her she’d be called Song Yi-kyung (naming her after himself, by giving her the same surname and beginning of his given name), and gave her chocolate.

“Yi-soo took away the pain of being abandoned by my mother. Like siblings, like an oppa, like a friend, we were together for eighteen years. That Yi-soo… abandoned me.” Just then, we see the Scheduler standing there by the table, listening to their conversation.

Scheduler: “I… abandoned you?”

Yi-kyung: And then he died. I wasn’t ready to let him go. There were things I wanted to say. Something I needed to ask him. But Yi-soo left. Being abandoned my mom, I was able to forget that because of Yi-soo. But after being abandoned by Yi-soo… I can’t trust anyone anymore… because I’m someone that nobody wants.

Yi-soo finds that he’s crying. He wipes a tear away and wonders what this is. (He’s not used to being subject to pesky human emotions.) He scoffs in bewilderment: “Tears…”

Dr. Noh asks if she hasn’t considered moving (Ha—got a ghost? Move!) but she says that despite being scared, she can sense that this woman (Ji-hyun) is earnest and sincere. The doc is worried, but he leaves for now, and Min-ho follows him out. Heh, it’s stalker-on-stalker.

At home, Ji-hyun worries that Dr. Noh might’ve said something about running into her last night, and notices that she’s feeling really weak all of a sudden. Uh-oh. Hope it’s not a side effect of people getting close to the truth.

Min-ho goes home to find In-jung waiting outside, and she anxiously asks him if he checked to see if it’s really Ji-hyun in Yi-kyng’s body. He yells that it’s not, and that it was a ridiculous idea in the first place. Seems like he’s trying to convince himself as much as anything. In-jung isn’t satisfied, but he dismisses her and goes in.

Once alone, he betrays more confusion than he let on. Looking at his engagement photo, he says over and over, “It doesn’t make sense.”

Ji-hyun waits nervously, and when Yi-kyung comes home, she asks her to please go to sleep early for her today, because it’s the day of her dad’s surgery. Perhaps Yi-kyung can sense what she means (I don’t think she’s straight-up hearing her) but she goes to bed right away.

Ji-hyun comes bounding out, only to run into Kang, who’s there to take her to the hospital. He of course says it in his totally unsubtle roundabout way, telling her that she ought to accompany him because he’ll be bored otherwise, and that they should go see him early before other people get there, because she shouldn’t be overstepping like she usually does, crying all over the place; it’s not like she’s their daughter or anything. Heh. Elephant in a tutu this guy. But So. Cute.

He adds that In-jung could also blurt out that she’s dating Ji-hyun’s fiancé, out of spite. She says that she’s NOT dating Kang Min-ho. He fires back, “That pretending to date, then… I wish you’d hurry and cut it out.” Swoon.

He takes her to the hospital to visit Dad before surgery, and he’s touched that Ji-hyun has such loyal friends. Aw. He asks her to visit often when Ji-hyun wakes up, and to keep Mom company too (implication: if I’m not around to do so).

Ji-hyun asks if she can hug him, and she does, patting him on the back and surprising him in a gesture of warmth. Aw, I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry…

She runs out to the hallway before the tears come tumbling out. Kang tries to comfort her, practically yelling at her to stop crying, and tells her that he’ll keep watch over Dad’s surgery.

Min-ho walks up behind them just in time to see her crying buckets, and Kang putting his hand on her shoulder. His jealousy flares up, and he makes it abundantly clear. Min-ho: “Why are you here, with my woman?”

That just makes Kang’s jealousy spark in return, and they start to butt heads over who should be here right now and with whom. Seriously, two dogs could not be this territorial. Seeing that it’s going to cause problems, Ji-hyun goes to Min-ho and puts her hand on his arm.

She asks to go with him, and Min-ho makes sure to put his arm around her, just to make it clear who’s won. Kang bites his tongue knowing why she’s doing this, but it still kills him. With his fist clenched, he watches them go and says, “I might go crazy.”

He wonders to himself what on earth she’s trying to find out from him, and how much longer she has to keep putting on this act. What you’re REALLY wondering is how much skinship’s goin’ on, amiright?

Ji-hyun arrives at Heaven to find Manager Oh arguing with his wife, who’s still upset that he won’t tell her what he’s up to these days, with all his secret conversations with Kang and cryptic questions about how to prove your sincerity.

He snaps that it’s the anniversary of Kang’s mother’s death, and that despite requesting in her living will that it not be observed, there are still things to prepare. Ji-hyun thinks to herself: “It’s the anniversary of his mother’s death, and yet Han Kang is watching over my father.”

Time for the boys to go into battle mode. Kang meets with a friend who’s done some digging into the Haemido project, and tells him that there’s definitely something fishy with the cost at which they bought the land. He speculates that there’s a separate account where money is being siphoned. If only they could get some evidence…

At the same time, Min-ho meets with the waiter from Kang’s restaurant. He baits him with money to pay off the rest of school, and then a job with him when he graduates. He just needs him to prove his loyalty first…

Back at the hospital, Kang makes the offhanded comment that In-jung plays her part well, and she asks why he hasn’t told Ji-hyun’s parents about her and Min-ho. He just says that they’ve got enough to deal with right now. Yes, but… remember the will? No one’s caring about that anymore?

On her way back into the hospital, Ji-hyun runs into a strange man who does a double take as he walks past her. It turns out what he notices is her tear necklace, because he’s got one too, only his is empty. Taken aback, she asks if he’s a 49er too.

He’s down to his last day without a single tear, and asks curiously how she managed to get a tear. He also provides some insight into her physical state, saying that with 13 days left, she must be feeling weak in her spirit state. He tells her that it just gets harder every day, and that it’s going to get increasingly difficult to pop in and out of the host body.

He wonders if he’ll have enough time to see his family one last time before he has to go, and Ji-hyun puts some money in his hand, and tells him to wash up before going to see them. Aw, I love her bleeding heart softie side. Or, I guess that’s really her only side, but it’s so HER.

He looks at her gratefully, and says that the 49 days are really cruel. I suppose it’s cruel if you’ve got nothing but regret at the end of it. In-jung sees this from a distance, and tries to bribe the man for information about Yi-kyung, but no dice.

Dad’s made it out of surgery okay, but he needs to wake up before they can rest assured. Kang runs out to tell Ji-hyun the good news. He suggests they go back and keep watch, but she says that they should pay their respects to his mom.

He sets up the memorial with wine by her piano. (In a non-traditional manner, per her wishes, but it’s still customary to offer alcohol—’cause Koreans like our likker, even in the afterlife.)

Kang tells her that his mom didn’t leave behind a single picture; just this piano, that she used to play after a glass of wine. He finally opens up about her, how his father used to travel back and forth to the States for work, and how she opened this wine bar. He hated it, thinking that his mother was selling her smiles and was divorcing his dad because she had met someone else.

He says that it never occurred to him that she might have been lonely. Then all of a sudden one day she moved them down to Jinan, and told him that she needed him by her side. He rebelled and never once treated her well or looked her in the eye.

As a tear falls, Kang tells her that she was dying of cancer, and he never knew. He confesses that her last memory of him must be one full of regret for ever having him. Ji-hyun cries and puts her hand on his, and tells him that if she left the piano, it means that she left him everything that was valuable to her.

He lets her comfort him, and even cracks a smile at her gurgling stomach. From outside, we see that they have an audience, as Min-ho looks on angrily. We flash back to when he had followed Dr. Noh that night, at which point the DOCTOR told him what Yi-kyung said about being possessed by a spirit. Um… okay, this is like the second time you’ve just spilled someone else’s beans, and I’m beginning to think you got your medical license on the internet. www.getmedcreds.com?

In-jung walks up and sees him watching the lovebirds angrily, and ’round and ’round we go on the wheel of jealousy.

Kang makes Ji-hyun some pasta, and over dinner she asks him what he meant when he said that he owed Shin Ji-hyun. He cheekily says she ought to know if she’s Ji-hyun’s friend, but she thinks that Ji-hyun doesn’t know.

He tells her that he’d bought a plane ticket to America, to run away, but then as soon as they arrived in Jinan, he sprained his ankle because of Ji-hyun, and was forced to stay. Then when his mother had made him birthday soup and he’d thrown a tantrum, she forced him to eat it—something he’s grateful for to this day, because if it weren’t for her, his mom would’ve died and he’d never have once eaten her birthday soup. Aw.

She’s surprised by his reaction, only remembering what a brat he’d been that day. Still, she says that it’s not really anything to be indebted to someone for. He adds that the last thing is that he feels bad for never having the chance to apologize and make things right with her before they both left Jinan.

He tells her that they had fought over nothing, but then he’d lost the chance to say that he was sorry. And then he takes her bracelet out of his pocket, and hands it to her. “Give this to Shin Ji-hyun. You’re her friend, right?”

Oh, you SLY FOX. Han Kang, are you getting smarter? Look at you, using your knowledge to sneak-attack some romance at her. Ngaw!

Ji-hyun stares down at the bracelet as she takes it in her hand. She flashes back to that day when she had seen him throw the tantrum over birthday soup, when she introduced herself to Mom and promised to make him eat it.

Afterwards, she went back to return the lunchbox dishes to her at home, and Kang’s mother was pleasantly surprised that Ji-hyun could curb her stubborn son. She took that bracelet off her own wrist and put in on Ji-hyun, saying that she doesn’t have a daughter, so she’d always intended to give it to Kang’s girlfriend. AW.

Ji-hyun tells her that she’s not his girlfriend, but Mom just says that she’s a friend and girl, and Ji-hyun mumbles, “I don’t even think we’re friends. Kang doesn’t like me much…” Oh, if you only knew.

How ADORABLE is it that this bracelet that he’s been cherishing for umpteen years, all the while complaining that his mother left him nothing to remember her by, was hers to begin with? And given to the girl of his dreams as a gesture of warmth and gratitude? It’s too sweet.

In-jung asks Min-ho what he was doing at Kang’s, and if he really believes that Yi-kyung isn’t Ji-hyun. She accuses him of not wanting her to be Ji-hyun because of his feelings… and she’s not wrong. He refuses to believe that it could be her, and In-jung tries to talk some sense into him: Neither of the girls truly loved him. But Min-ho’s deep in Denial City, because his feelings are clouding his judgment.

Kang follows Yi-kyung to work that night to see if she’s caught on, but things look normal, so he rests assured for now. Ji-hyun goes to see Dad at the hospital, and calls to him by his bedside, asking him where he is.

Dad actually starts to hear her voice, and dreams of seeing her standing in a long hallway, telling him to wake up. He literally follows the sound of her voice and wakes up, and in that split second between conscious and unconscious states, he sees her looking down at him.

They both cry, and damnit, this daddy-daughter stuff is killing me today. *sniff*

The buses stop running so she walks home, and the Scheduler pulls up on his bike to offer her a ride. You big ol’ softie. He even changes her outfit to ride in style. Thank goodness. Dire need of a wardrobe change, this girl.

As he takes her for a ride, they talk about how one’s fate in the afterlife is determined:

Scheduler: A person’s own life determines it. A person’s past life in this district determines this one, and then that life determines the next one. That’s what I was taught.
Ji-hyun: Really, it’s like that? Then what about you?
Scheduler: I lived badly in my past life.
Ji-hyun: Sorry if I hit a sore spot. But I wish you a long and happy life in the next one.
Scheduler: I don’t even think that’s going to happen.
Ji-hyun: Why?
Scheduler: I must’ve been a bad person.
Ji-hyun: Why? Did someone say that?
Scheduler: Someone did.

At home, Ji-hyun thanks Yi-kyung and tells her the good news about Dad. She’s not worried anymore, since Kang knows everything and will tell him about Min-ho and In-jung. She decides to spend her remaining twelve days doing something nice for Yi-kyung, because she doesn’t want to be like that ajusshi she met, full of regrets.

Seo-woo comes home from the hospital in high spirits, only to discover an incoming call from Min-ho on In-jung’s phone. In-jung’s reaction is what triggers her suspicions, because she looks guilty, and makes a move to go into her bedroom to answer the call.

She finally puts it all together, letting herself believe what she wouldn’t before. She screams at In-jung, asking how a person could do this to someone that she owes so much to. Well FINALLY!

Kang gets the call that Dad has woken up, and he rushes toward the door to run and tell Ji-hyun. She beats him to it, appearing at his door with a tray of food, already in on the good news, of course. She cheerily starts using banmal freely with him, reminding him that Yi-kyung is a year older than him and his noona, so he ought to adapt to cultural standards by now. Haha.

She gives him his breakfast of sugared toast and strawberry milk, and he scoffs that it’s for a kid… remembering that it’s exactly what he used to like. Surprised, he asks if maybe Ji-hyun had ever met his mother, and she grabs her necklace in fear, then just says that maybe she may have mentioned something like that.

He just peers at her with an adorable smile, as she starts calling herself noona in the third person, like “If you like it, ask noona to make it for you again!” OMG, so cute.

Min-ho makes a mysterious phone call, “I think it’s time to start now.”

Ji-hyun goes to the hotel where Yi-kyung used to work, and explains her memory loss excuse to her coworker to ask what happened. She tells her that she was always with Yi-soo, who used to work there too, but then he left to go be a singer, and they broke up, and he died, and then she collapsed and never came back.

She gives her the contents of her locker and on her way home, Ji-hyun wonders what her life must’ve been like, to have stopped just like that. She gets a call from In-jung, and the Scheduler’s voice alerts have noticeably depreciated in spunk.

In-jung shows up to meet her with a bruised face, admitting to being found out by Seo-woo. How much do I love that someone finally gave this girl a black eye? She begins to volunteer her side of her relationship with Ji-hyun, recounting how grateful she was that her friend so selfishly gave her everything.

And yet, that’s the thing that eventually divided them, and what made In-jung feel pathetic—she describes Ji-hyun as endlessly giving and yet completely clueless to what she took for granted. She began to wonder if Ji-hyun wasn’t born into her cushy circumstance, if she would have anything.

Ugh. It’s not without sympathy that I acknowledge you were the smart one who grew up poor and had to fight for everything in your life, but it’s your choice to see the world this way, and for that, I have no sympathies.

She drops the final bomb: that it was HER who asked Min-ho to bring Ji-hyun down a few pegs, to make her the same as In-jung. If she was so generous and giving, then she could give In-jung her father’s company, and her fiancé. She’d take it all.

Shocked, Ji-hyun can barely hide her reaction, and when In-jung gets up to leave she does manage to say, “But Ji-hyun’s love for In-jung, that was sincere.” In-jung responds in kind, “I sincerely loved Ji-hyun too.”

From outside, In-jung watches Ji-hyun/Yi-kyung cry, and pretty much confirms her suspicions. Ruh-roh.

Ji-hyun cries outside for a while, and decides that it still doesn’t make sense. She opens the box of Yi-kyung’s belongings, and finds some cute pictures of her with Yi-soo. Only right after, she finds more pictures of Yi-soo… with another girl.

Ji-hyun: “That PLAYER!” She gets all fired up in Yi-kyung’s defense, and stomps over to the studio to give him a piece of her mind.

She shows him the pictures and tells him that he was right, and that it’s all his fault. He starts getting defensive, insisting that it’s not what it looks like. She lays into him, not only in defense of her unni, but because she identifies with the betrayal.

She asks if all human beings are like this, if betrayal is their specialty, like he’s been saying all along. Nice reversal to have her be the one to throw that back in his face. He insists that it’s not that woman, that it’s not what it looks like.

The conversation starts taking on the sounds of a typical couple, having a universal fight. He insists she’s got it wrong; she tells him the proof is right there. He tells her that it’s not what it looks like, over and over again, and she says, “Just because it isn’t what it looks like, doesn’t mean that it’s not nothing!”

And that triggers Yi-soo’s memory. He screams back, “It’s not! Song Yi-kyung! Why won’t you believe me?!” Omo, omo!

He starts seeing Past Yi-kyung right in front of him, and the line between past and present starts to blur. He relives the exact same fight they had when he was alive, over that exact same photo, when she had said the exact same words that Ji-hyun just did.

Ji-hyun’s jaw drops as she realizes what’s happening, and it takes Yi-soo a moment, and then it finally dawns on him…



EEEE! The Scheduler finally remembers! I love that Ji-hyun’s discovery and her desire to protect her unni led to the thing that triggers his memory, and I’m glad that at least one of the couples had an actual falling out with some real ramifications, unlike some Kang-ahs that I know.

I love that the Scheduler, who went around touting that all human beings are betrayers and liars and cheats… now finds himself in the position of having to defend his actions, despite not even remembering them fully. My how the tables have turned, eh?

I could watch Ji-hyun/Yi-kyung calling herself noona to Kang all day, and I’m also endlessly amused at their totally unsubtle you-know-I-know-who-knows-what game. Though I’m glad that their both stepping it up a notch, especially Kang with his romantic gestures at not-Ji-hyun.

It’s funny, normally all that meant-to-be stuff in the form of trinkets doesn’t really do it for me, not that this trinket works any better, but I like the innocence of the characters here, and especially Kang’s regrets at having been such a teenage brat to his mom. It’s really not something you should beat yourself up over. Teenagers are all hell. But Ji-hyun is set up to be the person to heal his mom-wounds, the same way that Yi-soo healed Yi-kyung’s abandonment issues with her mom. Both couples mirror each other, though years apart in time and space, but through Ji-hyun’s connection to the afterlife and her Scheduler, they start to overlap, and now they’ve literally doubled over past the barrier.

I can’t wait to see how else the course of one couple influences the other, and what Yi-soo will put on the line to make things right with Yi-kyung.


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        • swui

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        • Leina

          Wow, swui, that would hit really close to home if that turns out to be the case. A good friend of mine was with her boyfriend at a party and they fought over a girl at the party who my friend thought her boyfriend was flirting with. She got so mad and went home, refusing to pick up his calls. So the boy went to her place to apologize, but she refused to come out. After some time, she came to her senses and decided to call her boyfriend. Heck, they’ve been together 5 years and she said she didn’t want to go to bed angry when she was just acting out of jealousy (the other girl is a real biatch as I can attest). Her boyfriend didn’t pick up the phone. Two hours later, she got a call from her boyfriend’s mom–her boyfriend got into an accident in the freeway driving home, and passed away. It’s been 2 years since that day, and my good friend was never the same. At her boyfriend’s funeral, she literally crawled all the way to her boyfriend’s casket, crying so hard. Oh my god, just remembering it now brings tears to my eyes. So, so sad. :(

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    All my guesses have turned out to be false, but it is now a real possibility for me that in the end, JH will not survive and it will be HK and YK who will be together. That will complete the circle of the tale of these two couples–both loves have ended in tragedy, but heck it was real love–but because of YK and HK’s mirroring past, and fate’s hand at giving them a second chance to resolve the big misunderstandings with YS/JH respectively that caused them so much grief–they can find love in each other because they are both good people who deserve to be loved. They can help each other heal. I think JH and YS would look down from heaven at this pairing and be happy that their loves can find happiness again after having lost it before.

    OR, JH can get the 3 tears and be with HK, which would be awesome, but seeing as I really do not think at this point that YS would come back to life, what would happen to YK? Because right now I say no way to that unethical Dr. Noh who blabbed to MH like a neighborhood gossip. Either way, I just want YK to be happy in the end, with JH as her friend.

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    • 25.1 b

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      That’s my original prediction, and I’m sticking to it 😀

      • 25.1.1 Leina

        V. interesting, b, though how JH will stay in YK’s body is something I still haven’t figured out. You know, I think one of this dramas lessons is–it doesn’t matter how many people love you, JH only has HK now, and YK only had YS in her entire life–it’s how much they love you. JH understands that now, she’s all but given up on her other 2 tears, but is greatly comforted by the fact that HK is by her side, and will protect her family. So good, this drama!

      • 25.1.2 Joly

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        Or may be YK knows YS loved her until the end of his life she will be happy and start her new life with Kang.Hoo Ray haha.

      • 25.1.3 Blue Lily

        IMO, the ending with JH’s soul in YK’s body would be so unfair, to both JH and YK. What would happen with JH’s body and YK’s soul? And more importantly, they would never be themselves anymore, because, even though HK knew it’s actually JH in YK, there would be no way JH in YK can act as the real JH to her family and friends, or else it would break the rule of the universe and the barrier between life and death.

        • Blue Lily

          And this scenario sounds unnecessarily cruel to me. Please don’t do it just to have JHJ and LYW together in the end.

      • 25.1.4 silka

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        May be JH will never get her 3 tears but since YK is willing to give up her soul.. JH’s soul can live and will remain at JK’s body and she and will be to HK.. JH’s body will be never wake up… may be JH’s parent will take JK in as a daughter since they lost a daughter and JK need parents..

        and when JH wakes up and lost her memories… HK will be there for her.. and MH and IJ will get nothing but each other…

        I am just guessing here… but that’s what I would like it to be…

      • 25.1.5 watchumlots

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        • Jomo

          But that would be too sad for her parents. They don’t deserve to lose their daughter.

          • silka

            but in theory…. they did not lose their daughter since JH’s soul is in YK’s body…. of course we are just guessing here.

    • 25.2 nonski

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    I cried several times during this episode and actually because of the 2 people that I thought would make me cry the less (The Scheduler and Ji Hyun) I guess you could say that NGR’s acting has improved because I cried A LOT in the scene with her father and then at the end with the scheduler I just bawled (and my brother was looking at me like I was possesed XD).

    I think the scheduler is definitely going to have to lean on Ji Hyun this one time… I mean, she is a softie and I doubt she will do nothing after seeing him like that. (This 2, if at the end of the drama are going to have a GREAT friendship. At least thats what im hoping for now that there is no possibilities of them making ghost babies :P)

    • 30.1 Dayan

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    • 43.1 swui

      I guess it’s because now I’m assured they’re both on to each other that I’m not that hung up on HK-JH pairing…
      On the other hand, YK life is still so uncertain….how would her relationship with YS end…I hope she can be happy…JH has so many people loving her, it’s so sad that YK had no one…except now JH is one of them….I would just like to cross out dr.Noh.

      Btw, I loved the father-daughter scenes too. And the ending scene….dunno why this episode don’t feel as good as the previous ones…but still, am looking forward to future epis…

    • 43.2 swui

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    i love Seo Woo! I cheered her as she had it out with IJ!

    i love the moms in this drama (both Kang’s mom and JH’s mom). and i love the shin family – the parents are so loving no wonder their daughter grew up to be big-hearted.

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    Gosh, I felt really sorry for YK’s character. Being an orphan and abandoned wasn’t so much bad as the fact that she didn’t have much friends after so many years and then as last straw got dumped by the only friend and love she had.

    This episode was kinda weak (all previous episodes were great!) for me. A lot didn’t make sense. How the heck can you be 5 and not know your name????!!!! Memory loss by trauma???!!! The scene with the doctor telling Minho also didn’t make sense and irked me. Is he a quack or was he paid handsomely by Minho to spill the beans? But, that would contradict his altruistic behavior so far. Also, the final scene was not an interesting cliffhangers like the ones before. Ok, so YS remembers. He was starting to earlier and so it’s not much different. But, remember what? A deja vu of a time where he was with a woman he once loved? To me, this deja vu doesn’t seem exciting or is not a huge breakthrough. Or, is YS remember everything now (this doesn’t seem to be the case)? It’s not like he was leaving us with a cliffhanger where he is about to kiss YK, errr I mean JH in YK’s body. That would have been just weird. It would have been better if they did a further flashback earlier to provide a bigger significance to this episode’s ending.

    And, the first scene was a total letdown to previous week’s cliffhanger. Oh ok, she doesn’t know why she knew MH’s name. Now there is overlap of what JH and YK know and there are sense of connection between two. But would have been better if they developed this ‘special power’ (for lack of term) in the plot but now YK’s verbal explanation seems like a throwaway explanation to diffuse last week’s cliffhanger. I was burning to know “WHY?” at end of last episode but all I got in first few minutes was the writer trying to sweep last week’s cliffhanger under the rug or something.

    And, what the heck was that all about In jUng getting beat up by her roommate? I was wondering is In Jung was in a dream because that was really weird / surreal for me.

    On other hand, I enjoyed the scene where YK/JH meets the another 49er. Loved how he refused In Jung’s money.

    Sorry. Too much complaining. I love this drama though.

  54. 54 gustave154

    OMG I CRIED!!! its been a long time since i cried thanks to a drama… so tragic… hope all goes well for yi soo…

  55. 55 jeri

    WTH. this drama is so good. T_T

  56. 56 giddygirl108

    Um…so I totally shed a few tears while reading your recap… *sniffles*.

    Ahhhhhh…can’t wait for the next episode!

  57. 57 jade

    Waaaaaaaah Yi Soo!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ I want to see more YS + YK!!!! I watched the last few minutes of this ep w/o subs and it still made me teary-eyed :))

  58. 58 testify

    its a lot irritating that Yi Kyung knows who Min Ho is.
    Even thoug she didn`t know who he is in reality.But she knew that there is something not right with him. That he is not a good person. And she tries not to reveal what is happening to her to Min Ho, because she thinks she has to protect someone or something. Although she senced that she is been possessed. She didn`t reveal it til now.
    But to the Doctor she began to tell …

    I hope the step for Yi Kyung to live again (I was waiting for) starts now.

    How can a person be that selfcentered to let others suffer for her. Even if this would mean to take everything from her.And her reason is …you gave everything freely by yourself, so just give me what I ask of you, too.
    I was shocked by reading it….
    I am discribing In Jung.

    • 58.1 testify

      I was wondering first, if she would make a turn 360° and began to regret….
      By realizing how full of shit she is, while she was nearly dumped by Min Ho.
      But than again it wouldn`t make a sence. Cause a person with this kind of character would always try to force her way of life. Won`t regret but steel and force and so on…

      I think the 2nd Tear will come from the other girlfriend of
      Ji Hyun, I forgot her name.
      Now she knows the wrongs which were made to Ji Hyun.
      I think in the next episode she will get the other tear.

      And I feel like In Jung will try to kill Ji Hyun to get rid of her.
      Because she fears the attraction of her towards Min Ho….

      Or at least something similar. She won`t stand and watch what will happen next.

      • 58.1.1 testify

        But I have no clue who will end up with whom.

        Since Yi Soo is dead there is no possibility for him to come back as the same person.
        This would be a Zombie if he would. Wouldn`t it?

        • testify

          And than the possibility for Yi Kyung besides to find a way to help Ji Hyun also feelings toward Kang because she knows him as well as Min Ho before.

          It seems a little like ,those feelings Ji hyun has while she is using Yi Kyungs body lasts and she is feeling it also when the spirit of Ji Hyun leaves her.
          Its a theory not a wish!

          (Jane I know you don`t like the idea :) )

          • Jane

            haha, testify.

            I think Kang deserves to be with someone who loves him and not because they have residual feelings from the ghost that possessed them. And same with Yi Kyung, someone that loves her for her and not because the person they loved resided in her body for a few weeks.

            There are many people who are still hoping the drama somehow puts YK and Kang together so you’re not alone.

          • testify

            No truly,
            I don`t like the idea eather.

            If YK and Kang would come together this should be because of their feelings for eachother and not because of
            Ji Hyun.

            I wouldn`t like the situation.

            And I don`t see a possibility for Kang loving Yi Kyung. There would be a way if he hadn`t found out that she is possesed by the spirit but this chance is gone.

            But there must be a reason why Yi Kyung was able to found out who Min Ho is.

            So again if she is able to sense these things, and if Ji Hyun won`t be able to get those 3 tears. It might be her who tells Kang that Ji Hyun loved her, because she knows how Ji Hyun felt.

            I think I might be satisfied if she wakes only up and lives her life again.

            On the other hand if she gets those tears, the highest possibility of pairing is again Ji Hyun and Kang.
            Because she is the main character.
            There is no possibility to change the whole thing in the remaining 5 episodes….. :(

    • 58.2 melonhead

      I dunno, I feel just a biit sorry for In Jung, as in I can see where she’s coming from, since she is probably acting out of jealousy that Jihyun is the lucky girl she always wanted to be. It doesn’t excuse her actions at all, but I suppose feeling inferior to the “princess” not only materialistically but also that she’s so generous and has a personality she would want to have would make her go a biiit crazy eventually…

      Or maybe I’m just as mean as her. :( But I don’t really think she’s just a shallow b*tch.

  59. 59 yogi

    agree with the doctor issues….what’s with both doctor giving away confidential info to strangers!? their licenses should be revoked…lol

  60. 60 Moozy

    Wow. Thank you for the recap!!! Am still following this site but I hv not commented for quite a while. Keep the good work ya! Pls come quick tomorrow. X wait for the nx episode recap. ^__^

  61. 61 Litzy

    People that I would never be able to understand:

    1. Dr. Noh (whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality? For someone that’s supposed to be a doctor he’s seriously lacking work ethics)
    2. In-Jung (for all the love she had for Ji-Hyun, guess it just wasn’t enough for her to be honest to her friend when said friend annoyed at her).
    3. Min-Ho (self explanatory)

    I want to give both Scheduler and Kang a hug. Especially Scheduler. Seems like tension between him and Yi-Kyung was the result of a misunderstanding only. I really really hope his body is still alive , lying in a hospital somewhere (even though likelihood is like 0.1%) >o<

    Eager to see what Seo-Woo is going to do now that she knows.

    Thanks for the recaps Girlfriday!

  62. 62 Linda165

    OMG!! What a powerful and moving episode… It got me in tears the whole hour!!

    I loved Kang’s almost confession when he told her that it was fun to tease her back when they were in high school, and how sorry he was for parting ways with her with out apologizing. His guilt towards his mom, brakes my heart.

    Also, who touching are the scenes between JH and her father??? Love it!

    I liked the cameo from the moron brother in Sparkling as a fellow 49er, it gave us a few clues.

    And finally, OMG, poor Scheduler, when he realized what Yi soo had done to YK…. what a great ending to an episode.

  63. 63 wap

    I love this drama! So thankful that i found this site, now i can read the recaps then watch the raw videos, then wait for few days, watch again this time with eng sub. Kudos to the people behind every recaps;-)

  64. 64 Francesca

    Gaahh….this drama makes me die for waiting for Wednesday to come!!

  65. 65 minsun

    “But Ji-hyun is set up to be the person to heal his mom-wounds, the same way that Yi-soo healed Yi-kyung’s abandonment issues with her mom. Both couples mirror each other, though years apart in time and space, but through Ji-hyun’s connection to the afterlife and her Scheduler, they start to overlap, and now they’ve literally doubled over past the barrier.”

    OMG. I had not seen that. THAT is a perspective to have… and while I felt lots of melancholy throughout the episode, I actually cried when I read this. Thank you gf! For putting it so well.

    On another note, I melted into a puddle of goo at all the Kang-ji hyun scenes. kang-ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

  66. 66 Linda165

    Today is May 5th! It’s Ji Hyun’s birthday, and it’s MY birthday too :)

    Another sign Kang ah and I are meant to be together :)

    • 66.1 Leina

      Because it’s your birthday, Linda165, I will graciously concede your point 😀 Happy birthday! Feliz cumpleanos! :)

      • 66.1.1 Linda165

        Muchas gracias!!! :)

    • 66.2 MEllissa

      Happy birthday! and it’s Kang ah’s (JHJ) birthday on May 9! lol

      • 66.2.1 Linda165

        Thank you!!!

    • 66.3 YY

      Hey Linda, my birthday is May 6th, one day after yours! Isn’t that a sign too, that Kang-ah and I are meant to be together? Happy birthday!

      • 66.3.1 YY

        Omg I just realised….Kang-ah’s birthday is May 9, mine is May 6….9 and 6….turn them around and each becomes the other. Does this mean Kang-ah and I are two halves that belong together? Two in one. WOW. IT’S ANOTHER SIGN.

        • Linda165

          Yeah… no, I don’t see the connection…

          • Jomo

            Ganging up.
            Me, neither.

      • 66.3.2 Jomo

        This is too freaky.
        No really.
        Mine is May 2.

        How can we all be so close?

        • Schmazel

          And I’m May 8, no kidding!

          • Jomo

            No wonder we hang out here together!

      • 66.3.3 MEllissa

        the best combination is YY’s birthday and Kang ah May 6 and 9…… 6 and 9….

        YY and Kang ah FTW!!!

  67. 67 bobbie

    How many episodes is this drama slated for? Surely not 16 right? 16 can’t be the last right???

  68. 68 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap!!
    I love this series! It’s at episode 15 out of 20 and STILL going strong. How is that possible?! I think 49 days is one of my top fave dramas of all time- up there with Delightful Girl Chunhyung and My Name is Kim Samsoon.

    I agree with you about how quick the characters are to jump to the supernatural conclusion instead of the possibility that she has multiple personality disorder. Personally, I would have thought this Song Yi Kyung girl was a psycho Ji-Hyun stalker-fan who is trying to be her before I thought spiritual possession! But I like how this development lets the plot move forward and how it has rub it into MinHo’s face that the SYK he’s in love with is really JH. Take that, MinHo!

    Hopefully with the Scheduler remembering, he will do something to protect YK from MH and IJ!

    I’m glad they really got into why YK has been so lifeless. Not only has she lost the love of her life, but she has lost her only family- the only one to truly care about. So sad that now she only has a ghost If JH dies for real – then there will be no one.

    *cringe* at the break of doctor-patient confidentiality. Seriously, all you kdramas, can’t you at least pretend to care about it? It’s as bad as the fake CPR. also cringing at YS’s hairstyle in YK’s pics.

    HK—I love him!!! I LOVE how smart and thoughtful he is!+

  69. 69 Dara

    My guess;
    2nd and 3rd tear — Yi Soo, Yi-kyung (not necessary in order).

  70. 70 kp

    so i didn’t stay up late enough to catch the recap last night, but like i said before, reading dramabeans in the morning ain’t a bad way to start the day — THANK YOU GIRLFRIDAY!

  71. 71 blue1004

    YK never said she was abandoned at the orphanage. She was abandoned at a train station. It may or may not be important later.

  72. 72 Drama fan

    Lee Yo Won acting is super, her facial expression at the last scene as YK and JH.
    i still want JHJ and LYW together

  73. 73 dany

    thanks, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  74. 74 Mrs. Kang-ah (Jomo who is first)

    Thank you for the recap – funny and right, as usual!

    For me, this episode delivered on all the love it has been building up from the get-go.
    The ties that bind both revealed and healed.
    What a beautiful pay-off for all of our duets:

    * JH and her father – Holy Crap that hug just about KILLED ME, but the meeting at the LIGHT ROOM with the seeing and the crying and the love – I am pretty sure I sobbed loudly enough for my neighbors to hear!

    * Kang and his mother – bracelet, sob, sob, soup

    * Kang’s mother and JH – PERFECT and unpredictable tie in to the past. I’m still saying, “Awwwww….”

    * YS and YK – Between him overhearing YK’s story when she talked to Dr. Noh, and completing the argument that started five hears ago, I bow to the writers in respect for how they did that so gorgeously. And OK, he was asleep in that pic, everyone but YK knows that.

    * MH facing for the first time that he actually has feelings for JH despite thinking he would be able to destroy her easily. YES! I have been wanting Bae Soo Bad to be someone I could love, because I actually already love him with all my heart…

    * Kang’s confession to JH/YK had me crying even though I didn’t understand most of it. I love the fact that he can speak freely to her about his feelings, knowing she cannot respond…yet.

    * MH/IJ – I have been saying this for weeks…They can go pluck themselves, I am so done with their whining to each other.

    By the way, did I mention that I am the first wife of Kang-ah and I have proof?

    • 74.1 Jomo

      I forgot one!

      ** JH and YK starting to be able to help each other.

      It gives me chills to imagine what their real first meeting will be like. Forget the love story between JH and Kang-ah.
      THIS is the core of the show.

      • 74.1.1 Leina

        Agreed. Even if JH will not remember YK exactly after 49 days, I think their bond is going to become so strong that even without words, they’re just gonna pull each other in a tight embrace. And, as pointed out above, YK was abandoned at a train station, not in the orphanage. What if she was not left there, but that she got lost? It’s possible that she is JH’s unni! And since YS gave her a new name, JH’s parents may have looked for her for years but couldn’t find her, which fits in with how we see JH’s parents as loving and caring. How YK forgot her true name though escapes me. Maybe it’s the trauma. I’m sure writer-Nim can give us a satisfying explanation if this happens. :)

        • kookaburra

          Hm…I was wondering. If I go off the basis that dramas love to make the most out there connections possible: Maybe YK is the sister of Min-Soo. YK said her mother left her when she had to go change the baby brother’s diapers. Maybe she wasn’t abandoned, just lost….if it is Min-Soo’s mother, then perhaps whatever her illness is could be the cause of the abandonment.

          • Leina

            This is also possible, though isn’t MH older than HK (unspecified number of years)? And isn’t YK older than HK by just a year? So how can MH be YK’s younger sibling?

    • 74.2 YY

      So you’re kang-ah’s first wife eh? MY kang-ah????? *hurling kitchen knives at Jomo cut-out*

    • 74.3 Linda165

      There you are Ms. Jomo, I was wandering why you weren’t commenting over the Best Love recap about Mr. Big Hands’s hands. They play center stage in the first part of the episode.

      Regarding this Mrs. Kang ah business, I wonder what the PIE has to say about it….

      • 74.3.1 Jomo

        PIE is sleeping…

        I haven’t been able to see BL, so I am avoiding the spoilers for now. Did you see it subbed already?
        I tried to follow softie’s transcap, but it was too hard.

  75. 75 Janet

    Doesn’t the little boy Yi-Soo look like the adult Dr Noh?

    • 75.1 Mrs. Kang-ah (Jomo who is first)

      LOL! You mean the helmet head hair?

  76. 76 Rina

    I was completely torn between reading the 49 days recap or the Best Love recap. I chose to begin with this one since I’m dying to know what happens next.
    Thank you so much Girlfriday!

    Is anyone else sad that a 5-yr old Yi-kyung didn’t know her name when she was taken to the orphanage after being abandoned by her mother? Did her mother never say her name or did she block mentally so not to think about her mother?

    • 76.1 asianromance

      her mother probably called her by a nickname or something like “child” or “big sister”. In asian families, sometimes you don’t get called your name, but get referred to as “big brother” or “big sister” if you have a younger sibling. She probably didn’t start school yet so she didn’t need to know her name or address.

  77. 77 Joebs

    KYAAA! I’m still stuck at episode 3 but I can’t resist reading the recaps. I don’t care about Jihyun and Minho and Kang anymore, I want to know what’ll happen next to Yi-Soo and Yi-Kyung. XD

    Jung Il-Woo has totally won me over.

  78. 78 lessaofpern

    Jomo!!!! Mrs. Kang-ah you beat them too it 😀 Now you have absolute proof that you are his wife!!!! Throws confetti and celebrates this union of hearts. 😀

  79. 79 far away

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    I’ve been waiting for this the whole day! especially the first part :)
    I usually don’t wait and just watch the episode unsubbed and try to figure it out by myself.but with this part that was useless.

    this episode is AWESOME!!
    Thanks again :)

  80. 80 liza

    Thanks GF for doing recaps on 49 days. I get raw episodes on Thursdays and Fridays and subs on Sats and Suns if the subbers (tq a million) get down to it ASAP. So I’ve been depending on your recaps of the drama while waiting. Your cheeky asides makes for tantalising reading…

    which started me on the comments portion and….

    OMG !!!!!!!!! Mental images of bright-eyed, drool-dripping females glued to their monitors and going gaga at those two came to mind. Ahhhhhhh…. get off.. I don’t want to be like y’all.

    Am not going to read the comments… this will be the last time. I’ll behave like the mature lady that I know I am.

    • 80.1 Jomo

      Hey! I resemble that remark!

      • 80.1.1 YY

        GAGAGAGAGA ….*guiltily wipes drool off monitor*

    • 80.2 Linda165

      YY, kindly pass the bucket :)

    • 80.3 watchumlots

      yeah, I also suffered from a similar delusion: that I was a mature woman. Then came the Kdramas… While I don’t get ‘drooly’ over the guys (too boyish, too skinny, too pretty, for me), the time I don’t spend watching, I spend shopping, looking for those great clothes.

  81. 81 Nani

    OMG! THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE UNTIL NOW! 49 Days is perfect! It gets more interesting every episode.
    And what about the tears?? There are few episodes left and she still has only one tear. I think one of the tears is going to be Yi Kyung’s It would be so cute! And the other one should be In Jung’s and Ji Hyun would be surprised by that. Or so I hope.
    I’m sad for Yi kyung and Yi Soo past story. =/

    • 81.1 kp

      i don’t know if In Jung’s character is redeemable at this point. if that last tear is from her, i’ll be very surprised!

  82. 82 myweithisway

    I cried this episode. I sorta wish In-jung could have gotten double black eyes =)

  83. 83 qen

    this drama became more amazing by your recaps….. its funny that i am more excited reading your recaps than actually watching the show… thanks again

  84. 84 watchumlots

    Why was In-jung intially so busy chasing Yi-kyung around, poking into her business?

    When your boyfriend of several years and several crimes sees you at his house and the first thing he says is “Why are you here?” that’s not a good thing.

    News flash to In-jung: Min-ho is SO OVER YOU! Stalk all you want, he likes Ji-hyun v.2, the tall and savvy version.

    If the Scheduler mentioned only 2 others had ever taken the 49 days option, what are the chances of running into another “49-day-er” on the street?

  85. 85 tepsnos

    Love this ep n the most imp scene will b the cliffhanger again.i dun know but im so hook to this drama that i cant concentrate on my work lol…but its a gud drama where there is alwys a twist in each ep.
    I think its impossible 4 JH to accept Kang love 4 her coz even if he is helping her within these 49 days once she got the 3 tears n return to herself she wont remember anything unless she note down where n how she spend her 49 days n moreover in ep 13 she had already told S dat these 49 days were meant to do something b4 she leave to the elevator which i guess she is half ready to go if she failed to collect 3tears.it wil b sad but at the same will have a meaningful ending i guess.
    As 4 Y i think she wil b able to move on with her life after coming to term that its not the end of her life.i hope she wil come to sense n meet the real JH parents soon n know JH how she was when she was alive so dat she cud help her in her quest.even if 5 more eps r left i wish 2c how Y n JH relation wil develop n if possible i wud lyk Y 2b one of d 2 tears left coming to term dat she was d one who had cause her to possess her body.
    well,even if most pple r against Minho n In jung(i wished) i wud lyk both of them to contribute pure tear 4 JH snc JH was pure at heart doing gud 4 her best fren n fiancee even if they fake in front of her coz it wil mean dat they have realised wat they did was wrong in the 1st plc…
    Luking 4ward 4 more Y n S relation n how S wil finish his unfinish business but i think d 1 week of his punishment wil decide whether he wants to return or stay as Scheduler 4ever n luking aftr Y close to heart but far 4m reality.
    Wil b hoping to c more twists in forthcuming eps.
    tons of thnx 4 d recap <3<3<3

  86. 86 Lea

    It turns out that IJ and MH characters are just that “deep”. LOL One is an ungrateful bitch who has too much handed to her for nothing and one is a bitter jerk who couldn’t stop moaning about how he grew up so poor. Sorry writer-nim, that’s some major disappointment. Seriously, even my pancake is thicker than those 2 characters.

    • 86.1 roake

      I agree, but would like to add…

      I actually like it like this. I hate those thin excuses dramas craft for their villains. I don’t mean to be, but circumstances made me… blah blah blah.

      Some people are just bad. No excuses necessary. I think it’s truer to life. In real life, people will step over other people to get ahead. I see it all the time. The world of crazy dirty money (lots and lots of it) is a cruel place.

      Let’s just thank our lucky stars we weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths and a target on our backs.

      • 86.1.1 asianromance

        so true! I like how we can understand them but can’t really feel pity for them or see their actions anywhere near justifiable. I can see why IJ was so upset and how JH’s thoughtless kindness drove her crazy (I love how the write showed the ‘dark’ side of JH’s kindness.), but I can’t feel bad for her because she should have said something instead of letting it all fester.

      • 86.1.2 Lea

        Of course I understand that there are people who are just bad like that. However, this drama at first tries to build up an “oh-so-mysterious” vibe around these 2 characters, so when it turns out that they are not anything other than bad characters for the sake of a plot, it feels flat and unfulfilled. We saw them whining about their suffering, acting like their actions are completely justified and JH’s family deserves to be punished etc. If only they didn’t try hard to add “depth” to these characters then I wouldn’t be this annoyed.

  87. 87 noodles143

    I can’t wait….
    I want to watch this so so bad now…

  88. 88 CPW

    Another great episode…
    Another awesome recap…
    Another week of anticipation….
    Wah!! Wednesday can’t come soon enough…

  89. 89 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! loved this episode. =)
    especially the last few minutes when the scheduler regains his memories.

    i hope yi-kyung and yi-soo will get another chance to be together. <3

  90. 90 Mia

    I love 49 Days! <3
    I love korean dramas!
    I love this site!
    thank you thank you thank you!
    please continue on spreading love! <3

  91. 91 roake

    I finally got it.

    2nd tear – Min ho
    3rd tear – Yi-kyung

  92. 92 roake

    p.s. I just love how vehemently the scheduler denied the allegation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the pain in his eyes cause I’ve been watching poor YK suffer all this time.

    As a member of the broken hearts club, I am glad to see him suffer too. Damn boys and their heart break’n ways.

    p.p.s I can’t wait to see his side of the story. LOL. Damn dramas and their heart break’n ways.

  93. 93 mystika_d

    i don’t think he cheated. in the photo he looks asleep. there for that B*tch drugged him and then took the pictures to steal yi-soo from yi-kyung…i can’t wait for subs…but thanks for this…

  94. 94 SHY

    Oh wow!! the twist is totally unexpected for episode 16!! YK abandon JH just like that… so upsettiing!! :(

  95. 95 Ashunib2st



  96. 96 Peggy

    the reason i’m so hooked to this drama is b/c I love Yi-soo and Yi-kyung couple…good actor and actress !!!!! love lee yo wan rocks!

  97. 97 bee

    omg thaaaanks for this(=

    but good lord, can you imagine if getmedcreds.com were real?

  98. 98 Fafa

    thanks for the recap.

    i am going crazy to know the rest of the story.

  99. 99 beggar1015

    Is it wrong that my favorite part of this episode was when Seo Woo opened up a can of whoop-ass on In Jung?

    And does Korea NOT believe in patient/doctor confidentiality? First we have Dad’s doc telling Min Ho all about Dad’s brain tumor, now Yi Kyung’s psychiatrist is divulging everything to him. What kind of power does Min Ho have to get professionals to reveal their secrets?

  100. 100 Ila

    tq gf for the recaps..

    how much i’ve struggled to wait for eng sub n to hold myself not to read the recaps until I watch it.. and hv to wait till tomoro to watch next episode..

    i’m kind of anxious to wait what had happened between scheduler and YK and how he ends up like tat.. n not so much into HK and YK/HJ …hehhe

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