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49 Days: Episode 16
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Ahhh, what a satisfying episode! It’s essentially an episode of payoffs, which is great when you have a drama so chock-full of secrets, plots, and multiple layers of truth and discovery. The worst dramas are the ones where there’s one big secret at the beginning, and the drama’s all about that same secret the whole way through. Here, things keep evolving, so we’re on the hook, just desperate for another crumb, to see how each new setup pays off. And they all just happen to come to a head in this one. (To girlfriday: Neener neener!)


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Oh, man. So the Scheduler/Yi-soo finally remembers Yi-kyung, and rips our hearts out in the process. His pain is palpable as he takes in her haggard face and asks, “Why do you look like this? What have you done to yourself?” Ji-hyun is unnerved and reminds him that she’s Ji-hyun, which takes him out of his memory.

Yi-soo wonders at the photo found in Yi-kyung’s hotel locker, because he’s never seen it before. It makes one puzzle piece fall into place for him, and he breaks down sobbing, realizing, “So that’s why Yi-kyung…”

A flashback gives us a rounder picture of their argument: Yi-kyung had broached a topic they’d argued about many times before, only today she’s clutching the photo in her hands (he doesn’t see it). She’d accepted that he moved out into his studio to pursue music, but now suspects he’s using music as an excuse to cover up for a new girlfriend, while he hears her words as nagging mistrust when he’d repeatedly told her that he’s not fooling around.

Finally, Yi-soo had declared, “I’m sick of it! I’m sick of you. The thought of marrying you feels suffocating! Thinking of spending the next 30, 40 years with you like I’ve spent the last 18 — it’s horrifying.”

Oh, Scheduler. How could you? He’d yelled, “How is it you never change? How can you be exactly the same as you were at age 5?”

After that blowup, he’d headed away for a few weeks to perform with the band, working construction in the daytime. His pissiness eventually faded and he’d bought a set of couple rings, which he had engraved, “S love K.” It’s the same thing printed on his bike, which means, Yi-Soo loves Yi-Kyung.

On his way back to Seoul, like a lovesick fool he’d been looking at the rings while riding his bike, thinking of their reconciliation. Only, well, we already know the story. One collision with a truck later and he’d been twitching on the ground, looking at his rings and flashing back to all the happy times in his final moments. Oh my god, this is so sad. Can’t see my screen. Need a tissue.

So what about that photo? Yi-soo realizes that the girl had taken it while he slept, and wants to explain himself to Yi-kyung right away. Except…something feels weird. Why did he recover his memory? (As in, why was he allowed to retrieve it?)

He calls his reaper sunbae to ask angrily how he could’ve let Yi-kyung live like this for five years, and what he gets in response is a shrill ringing tone — a summons. With that, he sends Ji-hyun away, and I love that his send-off — the very common, everyday “take care” — is extra meaningful today, since it literally means, “Take care of your body.”

On her way home, Ji-hyun wonders if there’s such a thing as truth that can’t be misunderstood. She had loved her best friend, but In-jung said she’d been blissfully ignorant. Yi-soo called his feelings love, but Yi-kyung believed he’d changed his mind. “How can you convey feelings that aren’t seen?”

In-jung turns to a shaman for advice, which cracks me up for some reason although I suppose it should make sense within this drama’s scope. At least, more than incompetent psychiatrists who make diagnoses about past lives and have no understanding of doctor-patient confidentiality.

The shaman returns bad news, saying that In-jung’s stuck in a bind, all right. But at least the girl didn’t really die, because she’d have haunted her forever then. The only way for her to fix this is to chuck the soul out of her host body. But how?

At Heaven, the ridiculous lovebirds (Manager Oh and his wife) have a spat, because wifey is frustrated with her husband’s refusal to tell her what he’s talking about with Kang that is so secretive. She’s been nagging for a while, but he has put his foot down, and now she feels their marital trust is threatened. Finally she walks away and he breaks down, saying that he has an important reason for doing it, and that he’s just as miserable.

Wifey can’t stand to see him crying, and rushes back to his side. She explains to a just-arrived Kang, “He must really love me to cry like this.”


That sparks an idea in Kang’s brain, and he recalls how Ji-hyun had clutched her pendant every time he’d insisted she was Ji-hyun. The pendant was in the shape of a tear…and she needs proof of a person’s love…

Wifey and Su-jin both come to the same conclusion to their “How do you show proof of love?” puzzle, confirming his hunch. So when Ji-hyun arrives, he steals (not-so-) surreptitious looks at the pendant, noticing that it looks different than before.

He asks where she bought the pendant, why it changed, and when she swapped them. That puts Ji-hyun on her guard, especially when he tests the waters by mentioning that the thing inside looks like a teardrop, too. But he plays dumb (the sly fox is gettin’ good at that) and says that it’s a simple question that normal people can ask.

Ji-hyun answers cautiously that it changed on the day she submitted her resignation, and Kang thinks back to that day…when he raced to the hospital…and cried. He thinks to himself, “Then is that…my tear?”

Omg! Way to put two and two together! (Finally somebody does!) Hallelujah for smart people!

Ji-hyun wonders why he’s so interested in all this, and he explains, “That day, I was so upset that you’d turned in your resignation that I visited my friend Ji-hyun in the hospital, and cried a little.” (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!)

Ji-hyun is stunned, and wonders to herself, “Kang-ah, so it was you?”

Tears fill her eyes and he asks why, to which she says, “It’s because I’m so thankful.” Seeing that she clutches her necklace in fear, Kang hurriedly sends her back to work.

Min-ho has another meeting with his Haemido cohort at rival company, back on track to carry out his evil plan. This time he has no intention of getting cold feet and second-guessing his scheme once they put things into motion.

Now that Kang has figured out a huge missing piece of the Ji-hyun Is a Ghost puzzle, he’s ready to jump into action too. One of the companies involved in this whole Haemido issue is in the States, so Kang is ready to chuck his own pride aside to ask his own father for help. Kang-ah! When did you get so mature and hot? (Okay, you were always hot.)

Plus, while they know that tears are the key, they still need to figure out how to acquire them. Manager Oh offers to get to work on that, and also suggests that Kang try to acquaint himself with the real Yi-kyung, in case she notices him hanging around and feels creepy about it. At least someone finally addresses the stalking-is-creepy issue.

Ji-hyun’s about to go meet Min-ho outside, and Kang grabs her arm to stop her, saying that there’s nothing she can do about this situation as Song Yi-kyung. I love that they’re both starting to talk about the situation indirectly, as though they’ve tacitly decided to keep pretending she’s Yi-kyung and that Kang knows nothing, but that it’s clear in every exchange that both know more than that.

Ji-hyun assures Kang that she’ll come back to him after sending Min-ho away, so he reluctantly backs off.

Min-ho fumes, wanting Yi-kyung to quit her job here, and asks why she won’t. Ji-hyun answers levelly, “Because there’s somebody I like here.” (Omo omo!) She adds, “So don’t call me anymore. I don’t want to see you again.” (Omona sesangae!)

Min-ho grabs her arm to stop her, and I keep thinking that Ji-hyun is getting so spun around in this drama — Kang! Min-ho! Kang! Min-ho! — that she’s generating her own gravity.

He asks her in a hurt voice, “What was I to you? Didn’t you like me?” and I love that he’s got tears in his eyes. It’s just so satisfying. She returns, “Nope. Not for one moment. Although I may have fooled myself into thinking I did — just like you’re fooling yourself now.”

Kang can’t hold back any longer and comes forward to pull Ji-hyun away from Min-ho, and he orders his hyung to stay away from her and his restaurant. Min-ho asks, “Was it Ji-hyun?” which stops them all in their tracks. “You wanted to find a woman when you returned to Korea. Was it Ji-hyun?”

Kang merely says they were once close enough to talk about stuff like that, and takes Ji-hyun away.

In the car, Ji-hyun sees that Kang is still worked up, and assures him that she’d told Min-ho off. He hadn’t heard their conversation, so this relieves him considerably, and he tells her not to go around alone at night anymore, as he’ll drive her home. She accepts, and adds that it’s great for her, as she doesn’t have many days left. The implication isn’t lost on him.

She looks at him and sadly wonders why it took her so long to realize all this about Kang. (Seriously!)

That night, Yi-kyung wakes up and Ji-hyun greets her happily to “inform” her that the Scheduler has remembered her. There’s a moment when it seems like Yi-kyung can hear her, and Ji-hyun tests it out, calling softly, “Unniiii.” But Yi-kyung doesn’t react, so Ji-hyun continues talking, assuring Yi-kyung that she was dearly loved by Yi-soo.

And yet…Yi-kyung wonders to herself, “How does she know Yi-soo?” Ohhhhhhh my god. She can hear?!

When Yi-kyung leaves for work, Yi-soo follows just behind her, his feet in step with hers, and he lights the darkened street as she walks by. Aw, that brings a tear to my eye — this idea that your loved ones continue to love you after they’re gone, and sometimes even light your way.

He watches her work, recalling her words that she stopped trusting people after Yi-soo abandoned her, and says, “I’m sorry.”

Which she hears.

(Seriously, this episode is kinda blowing my mind. So much good stuff!)

Yi-kyung clutches her chest like she’s in pain, and Yi-soo holds himself back from going to her. Just then, Kang enters the cafe — there’s a nice juxtaposition of him, face to face with Yi-soo, both of them loving this woman in different forms — and asks if she’s okay.

There’s a momentary flicker in Yi-kyung’s eyes (it makes me wonder if she recalls his name instinctually too), but they carry out this transaction like a normal employee-customer scene.

Which wouldn’t be so weird, if only they didn’t have an observer sitting in the cafe — In-jung, who is keeping an eye on Yi-kyung and thus puzzled at Kang’s behavior. (Also, In-jung? You may be the least creepy stalker in this drama, but you surely win the award for Most Skulking and Most Conveniently Overheard Conversations. Maybe you’d have a happier life if you spent more of it, oh, being happy with your life rather than holding other people’s happinesses against them. Just a thought.)

As Kang leaves, he files away the fact that she doesn’t seem to remember him at all. Except that Yi-kyung’s eyes dart back and forth, telling us that’s not the whole story.

Back in Yi-kyung’s apartment, Ji-hyun waits, her spirit energy waning. Yi-soo comes back to report the results of his consultation with the Powers That Be, having requested to see Yi-kyung with his own appearance. Alas, they’ve issued a firm denial, and forbid him to interfere in Yi-kyung’s life whatsoever. They had nothing to do with his retrieved memory, which is instead a result of Ji-hyun putting him in constant contact with her. (Which seems like flimsy reasoning given the fact that Yi-soo was, yunno, assigned to this case.)

Yi-soo tells her he has to talk to Yi-kyung, so Ji-hyun had better watch how she uses her body in her remaining time. “If you cause harm to our Yi-kyung, you’re dead.” It’s another sentiment he means in both the literal and figurative senses.

In the morning, a hungover Min-ho has an unwelcome guest: In-jung, who comes in acting like the girlfriend she isn’t anymore, having prepared breakfast for him. He asks why, and she answers that she’s the only person who’d do this for him. Which is true, and also sad.

In-jung tells him that he wouldn’t have been able to have Yi-kyung even if Yi-kyung weren’t inhabited by Ji-hyun’s spirit (which she says with a completely straight face), because he can’t get rid of In-jung. Why does that sound like a threat?

In-jung tells him that Kang also knows that Yi-kyung is really Ji-hyun, and hints that they can get rid of the spirit/host situation somehow.

When she gets back home, Seo-woo tells her that she wants to live separately now, which is fantastic. I love that Seo-woo — who was so marginal and blind to the truth for so long — has no hesitation over who’s right and who’s wrong, and that she’s decisive now that she knows the truth. I’m tired of situations where the friend waffles, or makes excuses, and it’s so refreshing that she sizes up the situation and calls In-jung out for being a horrible person. She’s totally made up for her episodes of placidity.

In-jung pleads for her chance to explain, but Seo-woo tells her that in the aftermath of the accident, she’d seen In-jung’s grief and felt guilty, that “In-jung was truly her friend — I must have a fake friend” because in comparison, her sadness didn’t seem to measure up. Yet now she sees it was an act.

In-jung admits that she was jealous, “But Ji-hyun’s someone who has everything even in death.” Oh, puh-leeeeeease. That’s like arguing over pennies. In hell. (Seriously, what’s the point?)

She pulls out her last dastardly card: “You don’t know that Kang likes Ji-hyun, do you?” She adds that Yi-kyung is Ji-hyun’s friend, and it’s because he’s in love with Ji-hyun that he’s taking care of Yi-kyung. “So how do you feel now? Do you still like her unconditionally?”

Ji-hyun thinks of the other 49er she’d met, and how he’d wished he could do more for his loved ones before his time ran out. She writes a list of people to whom she can write thank-you letters, and crosses In-jung off that list.

Ji-hyun realizes that if her tear came from Kang, that means Seo-woo hasn’t shed one yet, and that gives her hope. Aww, given the prior scene, this is what we call monumentally bad timing. (Or, in K-drama lingo, just another Thursday.)

Off she goes to the bakery to cheerily greet Seo-woo. However, the latter is feeling hurt and accuses her of deceiving them about knowing Ji-hyun.

Good news for Ji-hyun’s father, who’ll be good to go home in about a week. He shares with Mom and Kang that he “met” Ji-hyun during his surgery, which by the way is one of those things that totally gets me in the heart. She brought Daddy back to life! Awww.

Next Mom and Kang visit Ji-hyun in her room, in a great mood. Kang asks for her recipe for seaweed soup, and Mom answers that she happens to have some because it’s Ji-hyun’s birthday. What coincidental timing!

Back at his place, he invites Ji-hyun in and does the whole “I made too much, you have to help me clear my table” thing. To skirt her suspicions, he says that today is Children’s Day, and in America everyone eats seaweed soup on Children’s Day. I’m about to bust a gut if she falls for it, but for once Ji-hyun catches on and guesses that he really cooked it for her.

She eats, and recognizes the taste of her mother’s cooking. She tells him that Ji-hyun would be thankful, while inwardly they both have their own mini-conversation, with him wishing her a happy birthday, and her thanking him.

And finally, Kang suggests that they “lower their words,” which is a way that adults progress from a (polite) jondaemal relationship to a (closer) banmal one. He fills her in on her father’s recovery, and she says that she’ll make sure to tell Ji-hyun to thank him once she’s back.

Kang drops by to see Seo-woo, thinking it’d be nice that Ji-hyun’s two remaining friends remember her birthday. Seo-woo’s still smarting from discovering that her longtime crush is in love with her friend, and asks when he got so interested in Ji-hyun.

Min-ho throws his money around to get the better of Ji-hyun by contacting her landlord and offering triple the rent if she rents her room to him, and kicks her out immediately. That’s such a K-drama villain thing to do — endanger the heroine so you can swoop in and coerce her to do your bidding. He uses that to force Ji-hyun into meeting him for dinner, and she goes along because she’s afraid he’ll make things complicated for Yi-kyung.

At dinner, Min-ho waits until Ji-hyun is eating to ask, “But I thought you didn’t like sujebi, Ji-hyun.” Uh-oh. Caught off-guard, Ji-hyun insists that she’s Yi-kyung, but he doesn’t waver from his conviction, guessing that there’s a reason she can’t admit her true identity. Losing his calm, he demands, “Why did you approach me?!”

Ji-hyun runs away, cowering in panic, and immediately starts to call Kang. (Awww!) But she recalls the Scheduler’s warnings and thinks twice, canceling the call, and races to Yi-soo instead.

He’s upset with her, though, and tries to dismiss her quickly because now he can only see Yi-kyung when he sees her. And when she pleads for help with Yi-kyung’s face, he can’t handle it.

But Ji-hyun’s no pushover (anymore), and asks him pointedly who stole her life prematurely with that suicide attempt, wanting to know if they were punished for that. Yi-soo, chastened, says vaguely that he thinks she was punished. That’s not a good enough answer for her (“You think?”) and he replies, “She probably did.” Ji-hyun picks up on his hedging, and guesses that it was Yi-kyung: “You made me enter the body of the one who killed me?”

That’s too much, and Ji-hyun screams in frustration. She has 11 days left, In-jung betrayed her, and Min-ho’s discovered her identity: “The only friend I could talk to was the Scheduler, but he doesn’t want to see me because I carry his girlfriend’s appearance. But she’s the one who caused my death. On top of that, I’ve come to like her.”

He says that she doesn’t understand the pain of seeing the one he was crazy-in-love with and being unable to talk to her, but that doesn’t fly with Ji-hyun, who counters, “Do you think you’re the only one who loves? I love, too! I can’t say anything to Kang, either!” (AWWW.) “My feelings are Shin Ji-hyun’s, but if I reveal that I’m her, I might die.”

She starts to cry, and I love that Yi-soo is just as weak to the sight of a girl’s tears as Kang was, and he’s so uncomfortable and helpless at the sight of them. Ji-hyun casts off his comforting gesture, warning him to stay away from Yi-kyung unless she calls him.

Both Yi-soo and Ji-hyun wonder why it had to be Yi-kyung’s body that served as host. Clearly, they have never seen a drama before, because the obvious answer is: Because we need conflict?

Ji-hyun is resentful and angry, especially since she’d been so worried for Yi-kyung. That night, while sitting beside her at home, Ji-hyun cries, “You’re the one who did this to me!” She strikes out as though wanting to hit Yi-kyung, but as her ghostly arm passes through the air, it actually finds purchase on something solid, and flings the chopsticks out of Yi-kyung’s hand. Whoaaaa.

Yi-kyung looks up, squinting in the direction of the disturbance…and makes out Ji-hyun’s blurry outlines. Eeeeee. Shivers just ran down my spine.

Yi-kyung lurches back and asks, “Why are you doing this?”

But that’s when the landlord knocks on her door to tell her that she’s found a renter, and that she wants her out in a week. Suddenly contrite, Ji-hyun apologizes, but a spooked Yi-kyung runs out and away from her.

Yi-kyung arrives at the cafe that night to find Min-ho waiting for her, who knows this isn’t Ji-hyun and introduces himself formally. He knows of her hotel background and offers her a job at a new pension in Busan, wanting her out of Seoul and out of his hair. He references the “borrowing” of her body and presents this as her solution, and offers her the contact information.

Yi-kyung drops by Dr. Noh’s office in the morning to run it by him, although why she’d trust such an incompetent doctor is beyond me. He likes the idea, because it’s becoming clear that the two souls’ lives are intersecting, and two souls can’t occupy the same body. What if that tag-along soul decides to borrow her body forever?

Yi-kyung comes home and squints in the general area of Ji-hyun, sensing her presence, and again makes out her image. She opens her front door and says, “Leave. Please.” Ji-hyun apologizes, but feels guilty enough that she heads out as requested.

Outside, Ji-hyun staggers as her energy levels continue to drop. Yi-kyung packs up, only taking a small bag with her, and tells her landlady to do with the rest as she will.

Ji-hyun worries to Yi-soo that Yi-kyung is leaving, but he doesn’t have much to say to her other than “You brought it on yourself.” True, but ouch. He likens it to his own actions, and says he can’t help. He won’t risk threatening his one slim chance at meeting Yi-kyung to set her straight about their misunderstanding.

Kang pulls into the neighborhood just as Yi-kyung hops into a cab like Death itself were chasing her — no, just Death’s minion — and wonders at her departure. He realizes that this Yi-kyung was dressed differently, though, and confirms with the landlord that she moved out.

Understanding that no host means no Ji-hyun (in corporeal form), he runs outside shouting Ji-hyun’s name. As Yi-kyung boards the train for Busan, Ji-hyun wanders the neighborhood, losing energy until she collapses on the sidewalk.


Yay for actual progress, actual development, and real payoffs! What a satisfying episode on all fronts — the love confessions, the I’m-an-evil-bitch confessions, the ghost revelations, the tear discovery, the Yi-kyung-killed-me reveal, everything. I don’t know why they didn’t save some good stuff for later, but hey, I’m not complaining. I’m thrilled that there was so much to pay off the setups that have been laid into the groundwork all series long.

The end of this episode is one of those things that is so simple that I wonder why I didn’t consider it before — that Ji-hyun is screwed if her host leaves — but it makes sense within the context. There was no reason for her to leave until people started finding out about Ji-hyun being the body-borrower, and this is a simple conflict with serious complications.

The Yi-kyung and Yi-soo storyline hasn’t really gotten me emotionally before — I appreciated it, and felt that it was too bad for their relationship to have met such an early end — but this episode is where it finally got me in the gut. I love that Yi-soo feels so incredibly devastated at the realization of how much he hurt Yi-kyung, and his desperation to fix it is palpable. I’ve loved Jung Il-woo before, but I really appreciate his level of emotional commitment here. I’d wondered why he’d take such a small supporting character when he was just starting to come into lead roles, but now I get it.

Although, it does beg the question: Why is he the only one emoting in this drama?? I mean, I love the characters and their relationships, and I like most of the cast fine — even In-jung, or rather Seo Ji-hye, who adds depth to this straightforward villainess — but really, a lot of the acting has been on a flat energy level throughout. It’s like they’re all operating at 70%, except Jung Il-woo, who’s giving it all he’s got, and Bae Soo-bin who’s mostly on par with the others but occasionally flares into the 110% range. Like when he’s screaming and throwing paintings on floors. (Hee. So unintentionally funny.) It’s something I really notice while recapping, because I’m picking out screencaps and they all look the same. Thank goodness for Jung Il-woo.


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  1. Alexio

    Yay, been stalking forever! lol

    • 1.1 czak

      me too me too…!!
      I was in stalking mode for the recaps…
      thank you so much that its OUT now…
      thanks JB…

      anyway just wanted to ask, is it just me or are some people here thinking the same thing as me…

      I think that the 2nd tear is going to be MINHO…

      • 1.1.1 claire

        Why do you think so????

        • czak

          cause i think MinHo did fall for JiHyun when they were in a relationship but he was just blinded by his misery/poverty. Personally, i think that is why I think he is attracted with YiKyung, cause it is JiHyun.
          That is why he keeps on insisting that Yikyung is not JiHyun cause it would literally mean that he is responsible for making the girl he loves die/coma.
          That would be just horrible and Karma coming back to him 100 times over if ever Jihyun dies and he becomes 100 times miserable than YiKyung after Yisoo died.
          and that would be EPIC twist much like how memories of bali ended (my fave drama of all time)

          I know I kinda think weird, maybe because I had read too much Robert Ludlum, Sydney Sheldon, tom Clancy books that just pulls the floor off your feet with its twist that is why i have this twisted conclusion.

          • michelle

            Sounds as if you have nailed it! I was wondering who the third tear would be. I think that we can count on Seo-woo as there simply isn’t anyone else…but the third tear? And there seemed to have been some foreshadowing when In-jung asks Min-ho about who he cares for: Yi-kyung or is it Ji-hyun trapped in Yi-kyung’s body that he really cares for? In an earlier episode where Min-ho is describing his relationship with Ji-hyun to a hostile Yi-kyung, I got the impression that on his part he never really got to know her (He described her as nice and innocent), it was all about getting her to fall for him so the GRAND PLAN could fall in place. It also occurs to me that Min-ho sending Yi-kyung to Busan might mean he is the only one who could save her! And that is a scenario that I would LOVE to see… Min-ho saving the woman he loves, knowing that she despises him and loves Kang!!!!

      • 1.1.2 One

        When Min Ho was tearing up holding Yi Kyung I was thinking “Cry, baby, cry”… Didn’t happen though. It would have been wonderfully dramatic if he did and Ji Hyun would have gotten her second tear… I still have hope for Min Ho to redeem himself, although he proceeds with his business take over plan. At least, the plot to separate Ji Hyun’s soul and the host comes once again from In Jung and not from Min Ho…

        • Mikee

          Even if Min Ho cried right there and then, that tear would be because he was angry and not because of JiHyun. So if he did cry it would not count.

          I think he WILL cry for JiHyun, real tears for ONLY JH. I think he will be the second tear.

      • 1.1.3 ...

        i think the third tear may possibly come from yikyung… although currently it doesnt seem possible, but she previously said that jihyun makes her feel cared for for the first time since yisoo, and that she feels needed and wanted by someone(thing?).

      • 1.1.4 bh3bh3b

        omg i have a feeling too that minho is one of the tear ahhhh its crazy

      • 1.1.5 drama fever

        I think all 3 tears probably come from Kang ! Now that he knows that she was a lost soul without the body. He will cry desperately to find her to help her. So the 2nd tear will be also Kang. Minho now knows that she is in YiKung’s body so he threaten Yikung to go away so she could not borrow the body. I don’t think the tear will come from Minho. Not very likely.

        • czak

          though I think that Han Kang would gladly errr sorrowfully cry a river for Jihyun I dont think it is counted as three tears. As far as i know from the explanation of scheduler, there should be three people willing to cry for her because they love her not 3 consecutive tears.

          If it were just one person willing to cry for him/her, I think the 49 days tear contract would have been so much easier. and as far as i can see this drama with its rules-of-the-three-tears-to show-their-love and 49-days-unfinished-business-of-soul-on-earth-dilemma is much more complicated than the maze/ Labyrinth of Daedalus.

          But I still stand that MinHo is going to be one of the tears. i think in the next episode he will try to get close to yikyung without Jihyun’s soul, just to prove to himself that he really didnt fall for jihyun. But i think he will have a BIG wake up call that without Jihyun in yikyung he is sadly not attracted. then that would be the TEAR.

          as for the 3rd tear, I guess some people saying that it could be Yikyung could very well be right. but then i think her heart is still too much grieved over Yisoo for her to cry for anyone and anything else. But if it is really her, then she would cry at the very last moment, so it could end up that Jihyun would most likely die, (much memories of bali twist ending).

          another possibility for me for another tear is InJung. As much of a Bitch she is now, I think the moment the machines flat lines as jihyun dies she will realize that she did love Jihyun as a friend before envy got her to her black heart.

          anyway that is just my thoughts/opinion on that…

          • grace

            right on~

      • 1.1.6 crazybananatree

        I do feel like one of the tears will come from Minho, only because he’s starting to fell in love with her. *shrugs* Or could it be song yi-kyung? 😛

        • michigan

          I’ve actually been thinking that it would be Injung and Minho to provide the 2nd and 3rd tears. I’m more certain about Injung than Minho. She’s a totally messed up person but I think she was telling the truth when she said the she sincerely loved Jihyun, in her weird way.

      • 1.1.7 charlene

        that’s what i believe.

        2nd tear – MINHO
        3rd tear – Yi-Kyung

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          • aznboy

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      • 7.2.1 roake

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        • sb

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          In earlier episodes, I wasn’t sad about the end of his and Yi Kyung ‘s relationship, because for some odd inexplicable reason I believed that the reward for his completing the 5-year stint as Scheduler would be a happily-ever-after back on earth with Yi Kyung. But now I realize how wrong I was. Agh.

          • ktv

            I agree. I feel bad for him. He regrets so much of what he did to her. That is the sad part of life. You never regret unless you see the consequences of your actions in front of your eyes and there is no way to turn back time to fix it. That is part of living.

        • Leina

          So true. How many times have I myself said cruel things in a fit of anger that I didn’t mean. OMG, if I never had the chance to say sorry and make peace after that because of my untimely demise… I don’t even wanna think about it (*knocks on wood*). That’s why I totally understand why Scheduler is acting this way now with YK; why he asked to be Scheduler in the first place. In fact the only thing in this drama I don’t understand is how unethical Dr. Noh is after his early portrayal as being kind (his stalkerish attitude should have tipped me off hehe). Everything else–how the characters react and play off each other’s emotions, even IJ’s twisted reasoning and MH’s greed, makes total sense to me. It assures me that the writer has truly lived her own life, for her to understand that not everything is black and white, and that humans respond differently to even the same impetus.

          • KombatPiggie

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            As for the scheduler, he is only acting “human.”

      • 7.2.2 Lea

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        He refuses to help her because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his last chance when his term ends as a schedular. But, isn’t that a part of his ‘not jeopardize anything till my term ends’ plan to direct Ji-hyun on how to cope with the remaining days if the host body disappears. His feelings in consideration, he still IS NOT a human to act so recklessly as a schedular, life and death of humans still depend on him until his term expires. He is all like don’t you do anything to my Yi-kyung. Yeah right, dude you’re telling that to the girl, who was desperate enough to keep YOUR YI-KYUNG from hanging herself or who even though has limited time to figure out how to gather those tears, goes to find out about your relationship, grateful much?!
        Also, who in the right mind would be so enchanted by their couple rings to drive like that and then dying like that.. Idiot. You were foolish when living, you’re still foolish when a schedular. Hurry and redeem yourself, I am terribly pissed even though you look like Jung Il Woo, you still don’t get a free pass. ¦-|
        Poor ji-hyun 🙁

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      • 7.3.1 carla272

        Uhmm… maybe love? Uhmm… he wasn’t necessarily admiring the ring so much as thinking of what it represents, i.e., his YK? And the truck lost control of the brakes and took his lane. He glanced up a few seconds before the truck came charging down his lane and saw that it was clear. So the truck was clearly at fault. I really bawled at this scene. JIW twitching as he gasped his last breaths, looking at the ring and thinking back at happy times with his YK hit me in the gut. I couldn’t see the screen after that.

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    • 11.1 Jane

      Kang has all but said the words “I love you” to her. He won’t have a problem confessing once she wakes up. He already cleared up all the misunderstanding from their school days, told her that he really enjoyed teasing her then, gave her the bracelet, told her he cried for her. The only thing stopping him now is that she’s not in her own body.

      • 11.1.1 pumpzz


        I’m desperate to know HOW Ji-hyun will remember all the things that happened to her and her feelings for Kang once she wakes up.

      • 11.1.2 Jay

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      I have a feeling that YK will have a change of heart and come back.

      i am actually enjoying JHJ’s subtle acting in this drama. all his scenes hit the right notes with me. i have never enjoyed a kdrama character as i am now enjoying his take on Kang. i guess it is a matter of preference. i prefer quiet/understated acting to over-the-top overacting.

      • 12.1.1 Kathy

        I second that. I have to stand up for JHJ acting. I think his character is written this way, and he makes the best of it 🙂

        • minsun

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          He looked utterly devastated in the car when Ji hyun said “My days are numbered” was so…heart-breaking. It wasn’t any twitch of the eye or what, he just emanated what he felt. It was a wordless moment of ‘no-i-dun-wanna-think-about-it”.


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    But, then, where does she live in S?
    With Kang-ah? Could it be that awesome?

    And as far as SW’s tear? Nope! She never cry for JH now!

    • 16.1 LingLing

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      Well… I think Seo Woo still love Ji Hyun deep down in her heart, but right now she’s covered with jealousy… so i’m still hoping for her to cry pure tears for Ji Hyun!

      • 16.1.1 Abbie

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    • 16.2 MEllissa

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      best alternative would be for YK to get off the train. YK, geroff the train, geroff the train, geroff the train!!!!!

      i am still hoping for SW to cry for JH after she some time to cool off.

      • 16.2.1 tari

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    “Both Yi-soo and Ji-hyun wonder why it had to be Yi-kyung’s body that served as host. Clearly, they have never seen a drama before, because the obvious answer is: Because we need conflict?”

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      JB observed before that he’s not a naturally-gifted actor, like his buddy LMH, but he tries and practices and just gets better and better as a result. His interview for 49 Days (JB covered it too) also shows you that he has a keen mind. His insight still sticks to me today: most of us prolly thought around ep. 1–how hard is it to get 3 tears, right? I mean, we have at least 3 friends who love us, right? But we really do not know what others think of us. We can only be the best of ourselves. How we come across to others–are we sincere or fake–is all up to them. For a control freak like me, that’s pretty scary to accept that others’ feelings towards us are beyond our control.

      <3 JIW so much.

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    • 29.1 roake

      You’re sick. Just sick. He was so mean!


      The S LOVE K shipper in me knows what you mean. Protective S is so hot.

      • 29.1.1 Leina

        Couldn’t agree with you more. Where do we find men like HK and Scheduler??? Fiercely protective=SO HAWT.

        • xueh

          He’s cruelllllllll!!! I agree with that point. I had a momentary ill-feeling for him.

          He was the only one that JH can talk to freely, and he basically left her with those sentences. Just because he remembers YK. 🙁

          He basically implied that JH has not been taking care of YK body, even though he knows that JH cared about YK so much and it’s because of JH he could remember the whole thing! What? no Thanks? Schedulers need manner school

          Instead of being thankful he goes and basically say ‘ok now I don’t care about you since I remember her’ and ‘ i don’t like you/want to see you for occupying her body’

          • pumpzz

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    • 29.2 Suou89

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    • 33.1 asianromance

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    I agree, JB! I totally love the writing, plot, pacing of this drama! Waaa. SO good! It’s like it’s raising the bar or something. I CANNOT wait for next week! Yay!

    Know the only worry I have is that it’ll taper off into bleh like Secret Garden. Please, no.

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    But I want to express my opinion that I disagree on one thing. I do think JIW’s acting was superb since the beginning, he can juggle the spunky-carefree scheduler vs. the emotional one when there’s YK’s matter, and his chemistry with LYW always 100% win. But, IMO, LYW is the best here, she’s owning/carry this show. Her dual (or triple?) actings here was unbelievably perfect! She doesn’t need to speak, through her facial expression/behavior I always know who’s who. Not only that, but she manages to have winning chemistry with all of her “men” here, not only with JIW but also JHJ/BSB. I’m not even her fan but I’m sure almost everyone will agree on this.

    • 36.1 Ladymoonstone143

      Totally agree with you on this…and kudos to her. I totally am amazed how she can switch from one persona to another….

      And it is a bonus that she looks good with the 3 actors…she got all chemistry with them. LYW is so lucky…probably did so well in her past life….:)))

    • 36.2 roake

      totally agree with you.

      I am looking forward to see S and L together (actually seeing and interacting w/ each other as themselves). I wanna see her angry and hurt and his heart in pieces.

      Their acting chops can make that scene §§§ T.N.T…. Dynamite! §§§§

    • 36.3 sb

      LYW is phenomenal here. And I’ve never seen her in anything else before, so I don’t know if this is the norm.

      Her chemistry with all her “men” is seriously amazing.

      • 36.3.1 YenNieJuly

        Yeah, agree with you too. Also, add the fact that those 3 actors in reality seems to really fond & close with her. Just look at all those BTS videos and pictures.

        • testify

          I agree too. ——–LYW is in my eyes the best Korean Woman actress.

    • 36.4 Leina

      I’m nodding my head in agreement–LYW is phenomenal in this drama. Reminds me of Anna Torv from my favorite American show Fringe who also has had to juggle 3 characters. They both immediately let you know, even with just their eyes, who they are playing at a given moment.

      I mean, in ep. 15, when JH and YK were switching back and forth at the last scene, even before I noticed the different clothing (almost same hairstyle there so I there’s no clear delineation in the beginning), I already knew when it was YK there, all because of her eyes. Clap clap for LYW!

      • 36.4.1 minsun

        Yah man she is winningly cute as Ji Hyun, so sweet and quiet as Yi Kyung (pre-Yi Soo’s death) and so, so desperately self-destructive as the current Yi Kyung. She is SO lucky to have 3 men going gaga over her in one show…and 100% chemistry with all of them!!!
        unni hwaiting!

        • mayke

          Haha add 1 more character, SK (Scheduler-in-YiKyung-body), remember 12th eps? So hilarious. 4 different acts? Must be hard work for Lee Yo-won, but she pays it off with does all brilliantly.
          Also add 1 more man in her “collection”, dr. Noh (dunno his real name). He pissed me off now but still, Lee Yo-won also has chem with him ^^
          I find it funny because she also surrounded by men in Queen Seon Duk, my fave historical drama, but there my heart always fully root for Bidam so no confusion, whereas here in 49 D I root her with all guys.

    • 36.5 ramyun

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I certainly agree with you. Although this is my first time seeing LYW in a drama, she really amazed me because of her acting and made me her fan. You can really see the difference between the character she portrays. And also her chemistry with three actors is definitely undeniable. Sometimes I don’t know who she should end up with because she looks good with anyone.

    • 36.6 athena

      I am her fan, Lee Yo Won is an actress that I wouldn’t miss any of her drama. She can interact with all her fellow actors..and I will be able to be in her position whenever she acted.I watch the secret Garden it was a bit confusing.
      But 49 Days is just great.I could guess who is who when LYW acted.

      • 36.6.1 gustave154

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    That last scene with Kang-ah running around screaming out for Ji-Hyun was so sad…my tear ducts just went on overdrive. My mom thought I was crying because I broke up with my boyfriend or something -____-”

    I was ready to bang my head on the wall. I had really hoped the Yi-Kyung would actively start helping Ji-Hyun out after ep 15, but nooooo…she had to cross over to the dark side. Min-Ho is such a sneaky b*stard.

    Well, I can understand why she did it, so I don’t hate her at all for it, but this totally puts a crutch on my Ji-Hyun comes back to life and gets together with Kang plan. And the way Ji-Hyun just fainted…gosh this doesn’t look good ='(

    Please please please Yi-Kyung have a change of heart. If Kang and Ji-Hyun doesn’t get their happy ending, Show will be hearing from me.

    As always, thanks for the recaps Javabeans!

    • 39.1 abc

      “I think my heart just asploded from that ending. And no preview either. This show is so graying my hair.

      That last scene with Kang-ah running around screaming out for Ji-Hyun was so sad…my tear ducts just went on overdrive.”

      I am with you there. this is the only part in this episode where i shed tears. Kang ahhhhhhhh desperately calling out for his ji hyun ah…….. awwww, so sad…..

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    Now I have to wait another week for Ep 17 and 18??? I don’t know how I’m going to be able to make it till then! Maybe I’ll re-watch episodes of Secret Garden from the beginning??? LOL!

    • 45.1 Ladymoonstone143

      I was thinking of the same thing…watching SG again but I found this “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” and got me hooked. This one and Damo will tide me over till Wed and Thurs next week…lol

      • 45.1.1 Princess61

        Oooh–maybe I’ll watch one of Jo Hyun Jae’s earlier dramas (Only You, Forbidden Love, or Love Letter) to tide me over till next week. I have a feeling that these next 7 days are going to C.R.A.W.L. slowly by……

        • abc

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    “Here, things keep evolving, so we’re on the hook, just desperate for another crumb, to see how each new setup pays off” —- so agree!! And I love how the characters aren’t clueless. Though I do think IJ and MH’s awareness of JH in YK’s body is a bit farfetched. I hope they don’t find out abt the tears thing too!

    “At least someone finally addresses the stalking-is-creepy issue.” — Also agree!! I’m glad how this episode seems to answer our answers and comments. Like earlier in the series when Dr.Noh was like “I must seem like a stalker to you”

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    • 47.1 Jane

      I doubt Kang’s restaurant makes any money, talk less of enough to quadruple the apartment price. 😀 But I want someone who cares about Yi Kyung to help her and not Kang who would really be doing it to protect Ji Hyun.

      • 47.1.1 asianromance

        good pt abt Kang’s restaurant– i hardly see any customers!

      • 47.1.2 Princess61

        Remember–Min Ho accused Kang of not understanding his situation because he was born a “silver spoon boy”(Episode 14) so I don’t think he’s hurting for cash. The restaurant was his mom’s and he’s holding on to it for sentimental reasons; whether it makes money or not, I don’t think he much cares. It’s a piece of her (and the piano) that he cares the most about.

        I hope Kang does get Yi Kyung’s apartment. I’m wondering what is going to happen to Ji Hyun and if Kang is going to be able to help her.

      • 47.1.3 AnitaLotti

        It’s just generally the case that the restaurant/café/bar the main characters are meeting is conveniently empty unless the script demands otherswise (see Ep. 2 of Greatest Love).

        • Jane

          It was just a joke about the lack of extras.

    • 47.2 asianromance

      whoops, I mean javabeans!

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      • 47.3.1 missjb

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        Sorry if my english is bad.

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    Seo Woo pawned In Jung yo! I’m surprised that IJ thought SW would still be a happy puppy after finding out her relationship with MH. And that moment when she told IJ to leave because IJ could just move in with MH: awesome!

    I believe SW really does love JH, just that ATM, she might be clouded by her jealousy. However, I have faith in SW in that she would treasure her friend more than her crush. SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS, girlfriend! 😀

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    Jung Il Woo….. your the second korean actor that i will remember first is Gong Yoo(coffee prince) because it Shocks me cant believe that you cry remarkably and moves every inch of my body to become emotional…. huhuhuhu…. and wanting to slap, punch and kick min ho and in-jung.

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