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49 Days: Episode 17
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Woo, the foursome has assembled! Not that they can all see each other, mind you, but it’s nice to have ’em all inhabiting the same space, and aware (on some level) of each other’s presences. I’d wondered if Kang had found out about Ji-hyun’s condition too early to make for a satisfying resolution, but as it turns out, this “I totally love you but I can’t say I love you and I know you love me too even though you won’t acknowledge it” angst-conflict is kind of great.


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After seeing Yi-kyung leaving town, Kang, like a crazy person, runs through the streets shouting Ji-hyun’s name, wondering where the heck she is. Uh, you know she’s a ghost, right? It’s okay, Kang-ah, we all lose a few smart points in moments of panic.

Kang gets on the phone to try to trace Yi-kyung’s taxi, begging for help because his wife has gone off to die alone after being told she was terminally ill. Aw, I know it’s a lie, but it’s sweet to hear Kang referring to her as his wife all the same.

Yi-soo finds Ji-hyun still slumped on the ground and takes her to Seoul Station, Yi-kyung’s destination, saying this is as much as he can do for her. He tells Ji-hyun to be sure to bring her back.

Kang boards the train ahead of Ji-hyun, who follows him onboard just before it departs. He approaches Yi-kyung and introduces himself, saying that he needs her help in order to find somebody. Yi-kyung replies that she already knows, and that she’s leaving because of her: “Why should I lend my body to a ghost?”

As Kang explains that Ji-hyun needs her in order to survive, Ji-hyun enters the car and sits in the seat next to him, apologizing to Yi-kyung. She sobs that she did it because she wanted so desperately to live: “Just ten more days. If you don’t help me, I can’t do anything. I have to just die!”

At the sound of her voice, Yi-kyung stiffens, immediately aware, and she can see the vague shape of Ji-hyun sitting across from her. Kang senses her change and asks if Ji-hyun has arrived, and Yi-kyung can’t help but be moved by Ji-hyun’s pleas — that she may die anyway, but she wants to use the ten days to see her parents’ face one more time, and say one last word to Kang.

Min-ho meets with his new landlady in Yi-kyung’s apartment and hears that some other guy came looking for her and kicked up a huge fuss, but hadn’t been able to catch her in time.

That’s only partially true, since Kang now drives Yi-kyung (and Ji-hyun) back in his car, and she explains that she’s started to see and hear Ji-hyun recently. She also has bits of Ji-hyun’s memories left in her mind, so she knows a bit of what Ji-hyun has been through, although her understanding is patchy.

Kang asks after Ji-hyun’s condition, and Yi-kyung relays Ji-hyun’s answer (“Tell him I’m fine”) to him.

Then the Scheduler joins them, and Ji-hyun worries what’ll happen now that Kang knows everything and Yi-kyung and see and hear her. Yi-soo says that it’s fine, and that this is what sometimes happens when two souls are compatible: “It’s because Yi-kyung is so pure.”

Back at Yi-kyung’s place, the two ladies sit down for a face-to-face talk for the first time. Yi-kyung apologizes for the accident, and Ji-hyun says it’s not entirely her fault. Ji-hyun can’t divulge the nature of her 49 days, but assures Yi-kyung that she didn’t come to her out of a vengeful spirit, but that she was sent to her for another reason.

Yi-kyung tells her that in the spirit of paying back her debt (for the accident), she’ll agree to continue as host for the ten remaining days.

Kang waits outside, tensing when Ji-hyun comes bounding out. They’re happy to see each other, but don’t drop the act and acknowledge that she’s Ji-hyun — rather, they return to how they were before, with Kang knowing the truth but pretending she’s Yi-kyung. (Even though he knows the truth, she’s still banned from acknowledging her true identity, and she feels that if she gets too comfortable with him, she’ll forget herself and make mistakes.)

She has family matters to take care of today, so she promises to report for work tomorrow, and he promises to pick her up in the morning.

Yi-soo shows up while Ji-hyun is grocery shopping, and gets all cutesy with her before she sets him down with the reminder that she’s Ji-hyun. He grumbles that his sunbae is testing his patience on purpose (lol), then slyly comments on her own melo-loveline with Kang — and forbids her from any skinship while she’s still in Yi-kyung’s body. Haha. Ever the possessive boyfriend, eh?

Ji-hyun spends the afternoon cooking, and when Yi-kyung wakes up, she finds a table of food with a note telling her that Ji-hyun had really wanted to cook for her (and that she threw away her instant ramyun). Ji-hyun joins her and urges her to eat up, mentioning that Yi-soo had told her which banchan (side dishes) to make for her.

At that, Yi-kyung looks up, startled at his name. Ji-hyun says he’s been waiting five years to meet her again, and that there are a lot of things going on in this realm that Yi-kyung (and other living people) are unaware of. Proving she knows about Yi-soo, Ji-hyun tells her that she knows Yi-kyung dislikes spinach but made it because Yi-soo liked it, and that Yi-soo pretended to like Vienna sausages because Yi-kyung liked them but didn’t want to buy them because they’re expensive.

Moved by the memory, Yi-kyung explains how they’d worked to put themselves school, and that Yi-soo in particular had worked multiple jobs but always found time to pack her lunches, despite her protests. It’s so sad, seeing how adorable they were knowing how it all ended.

Teary-eyed, Yi-kyung asks if Ji-hyun has seen him. Ji-hyun nods, telling her that the photo with the other girl was taken without his knowledge. She can’t tell her any more than that, but says that Yi-soo will tell her the rest.

Yi-kyung asks with hope, “Can I really see him?” Ji-hyun replies that he’ll be able to meet her in a short while, and asks her to wait.

Kang waits outside Yi-kyung’s apartment to assure himself that the ladies are fine. Gee, it’s a good thing he never has any customers at his restaurant, or has a full-time job or anything. Goodness knows how he’d be able to do his lurking otherwise.

Speaking of which, a second lurker comes upon the scene: In-jung ducks out of sight when she spots Yi-kyung leaving home, and Kang watching her. Girl, I know you’re thin, but do you really think that telephone pole will hide you? Oh, right, in this drama nobody can see beyond a 10-foot field of vision. Convenient, that.

In-jung reports to a stunned Min-ho that Yi-kyung didn’t leave as planned, so he finds her at the cafe as she’s talking to Dr. Noh. She tells him that she’s rid herself of her ghost, but Min-ho doesn’t trust her and thinks it’s Ji-hyun in the body. Yi-kyung she tells him that he can check for himself tomorrow because she’s going to pretend to be Ji-hyun while working at Heaven, but not allow the spirit to take over her body.

Ah, so this is how they’re going to get rid of Min-ho! He doesn’t believe her right away, but she tells him firmly that she doesn’t care — she doesn’t need Min-ho to believe her. Also, he has no right to order her around or threaten her, so knock it off. (Wow, Yi-kyung gets a spine! It took ages for us to see anything beyond depression from her, but I appreciate the spark — perhaps mention of Yi-soo revived her a bit, which would be poignant and a little bit cruelly ironic.)

Min-ho comments that it was Ji-hyun impersonating Yi-kyung all this while: “You’re very similar — that look in her eyes was yours.” Given that he sounds smitten when the look he refers to is hateful glaring, methinks Min-ho’s into self-abuse. (No, not that kind! Okay, not just that kind.) Also, didja ever meet a woman who didn’t capture your interest? You sure are getting around…

Their two spirit tag-alongs are watching the scene, and Ji-hyun says that this fake-out was Yi-kyung’s idea. (Yi-soo: “Of course it is! Would an idea like that come from your mind?” HA. And also, true.)

Kang receives a call from Daddy Shin that he’d looked into JC Consulting and found that it was a sham company. That’s followed by bad news: Dad’s company is going bankrupt.

Kang rushes to the hospital where Mom is getting the news and wondering why Min-ho isn’t doing anything about it. He heads home where he has Ji-hyun’s seal, recalling that the Haemido deal was contingent upon the sale of her land.

In the morning, Kang arrives to pick Ji-hyun up, and she hurries to freshen up the room and primp at the mirror before letting him in. Hee. He produces the seal, and confirms that Ji-hyun had “entrusted it to you” (again, they’re going through the act that she’s Ji-hyun’s representative, not Ji-hyun herself) and that it was needed for some action with the company. She guesses that the bankruptcy has come and starts to cry out, “Dad!” but her pendant fires up in warning.

They seek out Mom, who can’t bring herself to tell Dad the bad news. Kang assures her that there’s a way to stop this, and Ji-hyun produces the seal, saying that on the day of the accident, Ji-hyun had entrusted it to her. Kang says the seal will allow them to use Ji-hyun’s land to get a secured loan and block the bankruptcy — but they mustn’t say a word to Min-ho or the company about it.

News that the company is in the stages of primary bankruptcy hits the media, but Mom signs the docs with Ji-hyun’s seal. In-jung is pleased to read the reports and the stock price starts falling, while Team Kang huddles for secret meetings, with his waiter employee playing double agent to Min-ho.

Min-ho’s driver spy keeps an eye on Yi-kyung for three days, and reports to Min-ho that she has done nothing but stay home and go to work at Heaven, which leads Min-ho to believe that Yi-kyung was telling the truth about denying Ji-hyun guest privileges in her body.

Yet Team Evil hears that Mom suddenly came up with 4 billion won ($3 million), while Team Kang rejoices that they were able to block the move. Ji-hyun’s so thrilled she’s about to throw herself into Kang’s arms, but they both pull back at the last minute. She remembers Yi-soo warning her about the no-skinship-in-my-woman’s-body rule, and actually pouts as she lowers her arms. Ha.

Clocking her disappointment, Kang cheers her up by saying, “Okay, Song Yi-kyung noona.” Omg so cute. Who wouldn’t cheer up to have Kang-ah calling you noona teasingly? I know there’s a girlfriday out there who just squealed in glee. Kang asks how she’ll express her gratitude to him if not the hug.

Even more cute is her frustrated response — because she doesn’t want to be his noona, not to “the guy who’s more of an oppa than even Oppa.” (Basically, it’s like saying, “You’re the oppa-est oppa who ever oppa’d.”) Eeee! Now there’s a javabeans squealing in glee.

She tells him glumly that she can’t say what she wants to say to him, or acknowledge that she’s seen him — not in this body, not the way she wants to. He understands and tells her it’s okay, because “I’ve heard it all, and seen it all.” Aww.

Ji-hyun finds In-jung waiting outside her door that night, and invites her in to search her heart’s content for Ji-hyun. She maintains the Yi-kyung act as she acts why everyone’s so in a tizzy to figure out which soul she is. In-jung speaks to her as though she’s sure she’s Ji-hyun, and demands to know why she’s doing all this. (Uh, because you’re destroying her family? Or maybe in In-jung’s world, the only logical explanation for trying to destroy someone is because they were too nice to you.)

Ji-hyun: “If I were Shin Ji-hyun, I’d follow you around for the rest of your life. Why do you think I’d use only Song Yi-kyung’s body? I could enter someone else’s body, or even wander around as a spirit without a body. And if Shin Ji-hyun were to return, it would be because of you.” Nice — use her fear against her, since nobody else knows the rules. The fear of a ghost can be just as frightening as the reality of one, and In-jung looks freaked out at the possibility of being haunted forever.

Min-ho tries to understand how his plan was thwarted when Yi-kyung hadn’t let Ji-hyun use her body in three days, but In-jung argues that Ji-hyun could have taken over the body. In-jung’s spooked that Ji-hyun can see them when they can’t see her, and is certain that Ji-hyun recovered her seal to secure that loan.

In-jung comes home to find packed bags and an angry Seo-woo who knows In-jung started the bankruptcy. Seo-woo declares that she can’t live with her anymore: “You and I are over as of now.” Booyah!

In-jung pleads, saying she regrets her actions, but Seo-woo tosses back: “Too bad. However quickly regret comes, it’s still too late.”

In-jung says she couldn’t stop Min-ho, because she’d deceived him first. She’d fallen for him at first sight during her toughest times, and because she didn’t want him to see her miserable station in life, she lied that she was the daughter of Daddy Shin, and that lie snowballed (ah — I’d always wondered why the drama had given the girls the same surname!). And while she can’t stop Min-ho now, she promises to make sure he doesn’t completely destroy Ji-hyun’s parents.

Seo-woo has little sympathy, and tells In-jung to go live with Min-ho instead of clinging to her. Nice.

Ji-hyun worries that this bankruptcy setback won’t stop Min-ho for good. Yi-kyung remarks that this is what it must be like to have family — that even in the face of death, you can’t just think of yourself. Yi-kyung asks Ji-hyun what she’ll do about Kang, since she’s picked up on their feelings for each other: “If it were me, if I knew in advance how much time we had, I’d see his face more, and love him more, and take care of him more.”

Ji-hyun replies, “The more that happens, the more I don’t want to die — the sadder it would be. That’s why I’m afraid — I have no hope that I can stay alive, and that would just pain Kang more.”

Seo-woo meets with Kang and tells him she’s moved out, and Kang tells her that Ji-hyun’s lucky to have a friend like her. She notes that he must really like Ji-hyun a lot, and asks whether he’d ever look at another woman if Ji-hyun really did never wake up: “If another woman liked you, how long would she have to wait?” He’s startled both at the fact that she knows how he feels, and that she’s referring to herself.

Kang can’t get a hold of Ji-hyun on the phone, so he tries doing a GPS trace on her phone. Hilariously, the Scheduler’s voice informs him not only of her location, but the room number and name of the owner: “Kang. Min. Ho.”

Ji-hyun is at Min-ho’s apartment, having used Yi-kyung’s birthday as his new door code. For the safe code, Yi-kyung tries Min-ho’s mother’s birthday, and it works. Only, the safe is empty.

Alas, the apartment isn’t. She runs right into Min-ho, who addresses her as Ji-hyun and alarms her with his conviction. Rattled, she stumbles backward, feeling faint — and that ejects the soul out of the body, leaving Yi-kyung standing there.

Yi-kyung gets her bearings relatively quickly, now that she’s in accord with her ghost, and points out that he fell for Ji-hyun while she was in the body: “But can’t you even recognize the woman you love?” He bursts out, “I’m going crazy, not knowing who I love!”

Min-ho warns Yi-kyung that he’ll destroy the company and claim Haemido, if only to compensate for Ji-hyun driving him crazy. Yi-kyung notes, “You’re still in love.”

Min-ho calls in his cronies, one of whom is here to exorcise the spirit from Yi-kyung’s body. It’s unintentionally hilarious that Yi-kyung sits there with arms crossed, looking bored by the whole thing, while the shaman tries to get a read on the spirit. He declares that there’s no other soul in this body but starts feeling around the apartment, stopping just next to Ji-hyun, who freezes in shock. (What, you can’t run anymore? Or move? Not even roll away?)

Just as he declares the spirit found, a doorbell sounds: It’s Kang. Min-ho ignores him, but then another man announces that he’s the police — the Scheduler in disguise — here to investigate the report of someone being held against her will. When the driver goes out to talk to the police, Kang is the only one there, and he pushes his way inside. Ji-hyun slips out, and Yi-kyung leaves with Kang.

In the car, Kang scolds Yi-kyung for foolishly going into Min-ho’s place, thinking her Ji-hyun. Yi-soo yells right back that he shouldn’t yell at his Yi-kyung, heh. Yi-kyung tells him that she’s not possessed at the moment, and that Ji-hyun is sitting next to her. She has guessed that Ji-hyun went to retrieve the documents from Min-ho’s secret safe, and Kang finally realizes that this was why Ji-hyun had been sticking with him all this while.

Min-ho throws a bookshelf in his fury, and tells In-jung that he’s being toyed with: “Song Yi-kyung and Shin Ji-hyun are exactly alike. Who the hell am I in love with?” What a thing to tell the woman you dumped for that unknown other entity.

He’s pretty far gone by now — when he meets with Daddy Shin, he cuts to the chase and admits flat-out that Dad’s suspicions are correct, that he’s responsible for the problems. However, it’s too late to stop him, and he intends to go forward anyway.

Min-ho’s takeover partner is displeased, despite Min-ho’s constant assurances that their plan is still a go, and includes ownership of Daddy Shin’s company in his demands for proceeding. Min-ho agrees — he’ll take Haemido then hand over Shin’s company.

Kang helps Yi-kyung move her things out of her place and into Heaven. Ji-hyun’s so worn out that Yi-soo carries her inside and sets her on the couch, and Kang turns to look at her — or, at least, the space where she’d be if he could see her.

Asked how she got here, Ji-hyun tells Yi-kyung that she has her own guardian angel which creates a nice parallel — just as Kang can’t see Ji-hyun, neither can Yi-kyung see Yi-soo standing there, watching her, wanting to touch her but unable to.

Over dinner, Kang thanks Yi-kyung for helping her. Yi-kyung says she felt Ji-hyun’s desperation: “I wanted so badly to die, but there was somebody who so earnestly wanted the life I wanted to throw away.” She says it’s nothing compared to her debt, and Kang asks what she means before retracting the question, saying she doesn’t have to tell him.

Ji-hyun thanks Yi-soo for saving her from Min-ho, wondering if he incurred another penalty. He retorts that he didn’t do it for her, and that Schedulers are allowed to save their charges when they’re in emergency situations. Ha, I love that the drama keeps adding little provisions and clauses to its original rules. Or that the Scheduler keeps finding the loopholes.

That night, Kang tosses and turns on the couch, while the ladies occupy the bedroom. Yi-kyung heads outside for some fresh air, but Ji-hyun doesn’t have the strength to join her and remains behind.

On her way out, she sees Kang pacing anxiously, noting that after tonight there are only six days left. Yi-kyung tells him a few things on Ji-hyun’s behalf, things that weren’t explicitly said although they are surely meant: “Ji-hyun tells me to tell you to go inside and sleep. She says that just being in the same house as you makes her feel at ease.”

When Kang asks after Ji-hyun’s condition, she adds, “I’m envious of her. But don’t get too attached — she doesn’t have much time left. I know because I’ve experienced it. The more you trust and love, the harder it is to endure after that person is gone.”

He protests that she’s talking like Ji-hyun will die, and Yi-kyung tells him that Ji-hyun doesn’t believe that she’ll stay alive. He refuses to give up hope, but she says that the more he clings to that, the harder it’ll be on Ji-hyun: “Think of it as not being fated to be together in this lifetime, and cut your attachment.”

He gets angry, and declares that he won’t give up until Ji-hyun is gone: “Let me ask a favor — don’t talk like that to Ji-hyun.”

His passion moves her, and just as he turns to go, she whirls around and grabs him in a hug.


Eeeeeee! Was that really Yi-kyung hugging Kang? The signs point to yes — she talks in Yi-kyung’s dull voice and references her own pain regarding Yi-soo, plus we saw her leaving Ji-hyun in bed. But was the hug purely out of gratitude? Yearning? She knows there’s a chance she might get to see Yi-soo again, so I don’t think we can read into it too much.

On the other hand, there may be a teeny chance we’re not seeing the full story and this is really Ji-hyun (though I doubt it). I recall her wanting to spare Kang pain, and her speech here falls in line with that — that she wants him to let go so that she can deal with her impending death less painfully. In any case, there’s less than a day till we find out!

I do like how quickly things continue to move in this drama — I’d wondered how they’d fill the last two weeks now that everyone knows about Ji-hyun, but they’re doing a good job developing the relationships. I like that the drama doesn’t end with people simply finding out the truth, because this gives us time to see the Yi-kyung/Ji-hyun relationship develop, which is becoming something quite moving. Their heart-to-hearts and mutual understanding are poignant, and a little heartbreaking in their parallels — or is it reverse parallels? (And are reverse parallels still parallels? Agh, math.)

As Yi-kyung said, she hates her own life and was desperate to leave it, but meeting someone so desperate to return to life has affected her. And she’s not without sympathy — she shed a tear on the train when Ji-hyun pleaded with her for ten more days, which supports the theory that she may be one of Ji-hyun’s remaining two tears. Their connection is unexpectedly compelling (for me, since I hadn’t been expecting much to happen between the two ladies), and Min-ho makes the interesting observation that they’re actually quite similar. Not exactly alike as he thinks, since they’re messing with his mind, but it’s like the boundaries between them have blurred, so naturally they’ve absorbed bits of each other.


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            i counted your comments there – 47 in all! no, not crazy at all… more like deranged!!! but i love you!

      • 13.1.2 YY

        This is the original YY here. That wasn’t my post. Someone else (my doppelganger?) posted it. Creepy. Got a shock to see my monicker there and you guys replying to it. Anyway Kang-ahhhhh I love you!!!! MJP you’re loooonyyyyy but I love you anywayssssss LOL!

        • mellissa

          OMG! Is this for real? there are 2 YYs? How will Kang ah know the real/original YY? Do you have mannerisms/habits like clicking your fingers when nervous, or removing bay leaf from your pasta, or cute magic tricks?

          • omo_omo

            maybe somebody is using YY’s body and typing it here. omo_omo! 😀 I hope kang-ah can recognize the real YY haha

            Anyway, i really loved this drama! i think the last episode, JIW did 101% acting but i say that here, LYW nailed it. She can cry in seconds and you can feel it. You can feel the difference when ji-hyun is in her body or not even though its just LYW doing the whole thing, now that is one really good acting…
            I love the fact thats its ep17 and we are still glued to the whole tension thing. Luv it, luv it!

            Can i substitute for the hug to Kang-ah? I can give him a hug anytime. lol And also the back hug anytime wahaha

            JB and GF! muchas gracias!

          • Linda165

            OMG this is getting good!!! Can’t wait for next episode when both YYs will fight or something!

        • MJP


          Yes, it is you now. I see a remarked difference in character.

          loooonyyyyy???? I call it FANGIRLY!!!

  14. 14 nazz

    JB thank you !!!! I love today episode. naturally YK talk with the JH’s soul .. like a best friend … omg!!! I love the way it turn out!!

  15. 15 Ani

    This is actually pretty sad (the drama and what’s going on). I think there’s going to be a happy ending, but sometimes kdramas pull crazy sh*t and gives us the endings we hate. So, please be a happy ending. Please be something to look forward to and to enjoy when it gets here. Well, three more to go. HWAITING~

  16. 16 Lost without KDrama

    Oh my! Well, I like the actress playing Yi-kyung, well more like her playing Ji-hyun inside Yi-kyung body, so if she gets Kang-ah I won’t be too upset but what will happen to Ji-hyun and more importantly-sorry Ji-hyun actress-the Scheduler?!

    • 16.1 Lost without KDrama

      Oh even more importantly than what I wrote before could we please see Min-ho and In-jung being chased by demons while running over hot coals and the like. Pretty please.

      • 16.1.1 Isabella

        HA! Funniest comment!! Could we see them getting knocked around by The Scheduler’s awesome Sunbae??? XD

  17. 17 almondherb

    Love the four of them! Looking forward to read your recap today. Glad it is here. 😀

  18. 18 Jane

    lol, Ji Hyun gave him the back hug.

  19. 19 mayke

    My gosh! Scheduler is soooooo possessively protective to Yi Kyung. I usually don’t like this kind of guy but the way he does it is sooo endearing and adorable that I squeal.

    S to JH: “You are forbidden to do any skinship with Y’s body
    not even hold hands” (then he wipes her hands which she just used to handshake with HK). LOL cracked me up.

    S to HK (yelling): “This guy-why are you getting mad at my YK?”
    LOL if I’m HK, I’ll be super cautious ‘coz you don’t know when will an unseen reaper boy will throw fits at you ^^

    Hmmm… what his reaction will be after the back hug from JK? Ha!

  20. 20 k-soup

    OMG! what’s happening???

  21. 21 Isabella

    Awww… I think she is going to get a tear from Yi Kyung, definitely. I want to point out that in the preview we see Stalker #2/In Jung, about to cry for Ji Hyun…

    I wonder if this is her second tear…

    Honestly, I dont expect Ji Hyun to come back to life… or rather, I dont want her to. I know Kang Ah will be depressed but I hope Yi Kyung is there to help him. I love Nam Gyu Ri (Its weird, I know) but I dont see that she has chemistry with JHJ.

    On another note: THAT WAS TOTALLY YI KYUNG AT THE END!!! I mean Ji Hyun is so weak that the Scheduler had to carry her up and we see her sleep (which we havent ever seen her do it before) there is no way that she had energy OR time as matter of fact, to possess Yi Kyung while she was talking with Kang. Up until the last line, it was Yi Kyung talking so I dont think Ji Hyun will possess her and turn around to hug him (and the fact the Scheduler told her not to also counts since she actually listens to him).

    Sneaky PDs making her wear a jacket that covers her neck so we cant see whether she has the necklace or not. I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS ENDING!!! Kang-Ahh!! Scheduler!!! WHYYYYYYYYY?!

    • 21.1 NN

      I thin it’s Ji Hyun. She gets energy when she possesses the host body, like the other 49er she saw earlier outside the hospital. If u recall, he was on his last day and he still was energetic when in his host body. May be Yi Kyung laid down on the sleeping Ji Hyun when she saw Han Kang pacing the room, to give the two a chance to spend more time together. That allowed Ji Hyun to take over her body. So Ji Hyun was already in Yi Kyung’s body before she/ they came down. I so look forward to tonight’s episode but after that, we’ll have to wait another week for the last 2 installments!

      • 21.1.1 Isabella

        I read the written preview for the next episode after I wrote my comment and you are right, It is Ji Hyun. Which is sort of a dissapointment?? LOL I was hoping for dramatic turns.

        After re-watching the preview I came to one conclusion… Is it possible, just POSSIBLE that Ji Hyun gets get 2 tears on the next episode?? I mean we see Yi Kyung crying at her bedside at the hospital (it is Yi Kyung because JH spirit is standing with her parents in the same room) and then we see In Jung, about to cry… Is it possible that when she was saying goodbye to her parents, that she gets her final tear?? So the next 2 episodes will be about her remembering what happened. She will forget Kang-ah/Yi Kyung/Scheduler!! NO!!!

        (Im a little crazy to jump to conclusions but this is what Kdrama has done to me)

        • NN

          I’m with you – I’ll hate for Ji Hyun to forget everything that has happened and go back to her ditzy old self …

  22. 22 Suou89

    Call me evil but, Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won chemistry always perfect that I find myself not too mind/care if it was actually Yikyung/JiKyung that hug him. My inner fangirling mode was just happy that the hug was between Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yo Won, not him and Nam Gyu Ri (sorry girl, just my preference).

  23. 23 Schmazel

    I am officially a Seo Woo fangirl! She goes straight to the point and is clear on what’s wrong and right.

  24. 24 crazedlu

    oh, i digs so much..

  25. 25 Anne


    I feel like each passing episode I squeal at a higher pitch and for a longer time.

    What is there not to love in that man?

    • 25.1 mellissa

      welcome to the club of KANG AHHHHHHHHHHHHH crazy women!!!

  26. 26 EvaBoo

    How many more episodes to go?

    • 26.1 Isabella

      Only 3… :(. One tomorrow (well, Its gonna be broadcasted in 8 hours in S. Korea) and the next 2 next week. After that… No more 49 days.

      • 26.1.1 EvaBoo

        YAHHHH!!!! 🙁

      • 26.1.2 Litzy

        Yay…no more sleepless nights stalking/refreshing dramabean at 5 minute rates. Or stalking the 49 days main page just to see the written preview (and translating it with google-translator, which sucks-Dr.-Noh). Or stalking youtube just to see the video preview.

        49 days turned me into a major stalker seriously.

        Now I can do my finals in peace <3

      • 26.1.3 omo_omo

        huhu 🙁 nooooooooooooohhhhh!!! why cant they extend a drama when u want an extension…

  27. 27 mysterious

    I must say I don’t quite understand the scheme MH/IJ have going. I’ll have to go back and try to make sense of it. That aside-this show rocks! It is sooo nice to be able to see the characters interact after most of the big revelations are out. Usually the show ends after everyone finds out everything & we don’t see people’s reactions like javabeans said. And how awesome was it to see the men in the front of the car and the women they love in the back-two alive, two spirits-with the living unable to see the ones they love. I don’t know who came up with this show/idea but it is one of the most original spins on the afterlife I have ever seen.

  28. 28 Penn

    I hope Yi-kyung hasn’t fallen for Kang. It’s complicated as it is.

    • 28.1 Leina

      I doubt that that’s the case. I think YK is firmly in the ‘i love YS’ category, and YK knows that JH loves HK. But yeah, that would be craaaaazy if true.

  29. 29 ZOee

    thanks javabeans for the recaps:D….am with kissingground…its more fun to read yur recaps then watch the shows!!

  30. 30 Emily

    yayayayayayayayayay! Just watched it, and now just read the recap. Analysis of episode now complete!!

    I love YK and JH interactions the most. They understand each other so much; they’re like sisters. I thought the last scene was JH because I have no idea how the drama is going to explain away a hug. JH wants Kang to know she is going to die probably, and she wants him to let go.

    Can not wait for the next one…

    • 30.1 asianromance

      I love the YK and JH interactions the most too! Knowing each other on a romantic level is awesome (YK+YS and JH+HK), but YK and JH really understand each other in a way they can’t with their significant others. They really are like sisters.

  31. 31 drama fever

    Haha…me too.

  32. 32 Linda165


    • 32.1 Linda165

      Sorry…. not a coherent thought left. I’m going to bed now and return tomorrow.

      Scheduler/Yi Soo is breaking my heart…. when he almost touched YK’s head and she almost sensed it…. *heart breaks*

    • 32.2 Linda165

      Am I the only one feeling a little sorry for Minho?

      I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I just can’t resist a pretty boy suffering…

      • 32.2.1 Minho kinda awesome

        No, you’re not the only one. I love it when he freaks out. Talk about your karma, doesn’t even know who he falls for, bet the 3rd tear is his when he realizes Ji-hyun is the one that he loves from the start.

      • 32.2.2 Celest

        lol you’re not the only one.

        I think I feel sad for his character moreso than sorry. In his sick twisted way he does kinda love JH (as we have seen when she’s in YK’s body)…but his greed and self-pitying got the best of him

        But then again…the reason you might be feeling sad for him is because he’s Bae Soo Bin. =D Don’t worry BSB, one of these days you will get to play the leading role AND you will (finally!) get the girl…one day…

        • Leina

          OR, it may be that he just loves LYW’s eyes, glaring eyes to be precise 😉 I mean, I don’t think NGR can actually glare. Then again, it can be that he just likes women who show outright disgust for him, in which case, he’s a masochist. :S BUT, it could also be that he was really physically attracted to YK. He was always emphasizing that YK is not JH–meaning they’re so different. Aaaah, my head hurts just thinking of all the tantalizing possibilities. One thing’s for sure, angst from BSB is always hot. 🙂

          • Ladymoonstone143


            I think he is the only bad guy that I just can’t bring to cursing out loud eversince I watched kdrama….lol

          • minsun

            Aye ladymoonstone143, I can’t reply to you. But I totally agree. I usually hate the 2nd lead, or love the 2nd lead instead of the leading man. But in this case, given that the competition is KANG AH, and how I am utterly devoted to him, BSB did a great job (not only looking pretty, but acting very well too) in somehow making it hard for me to curse at him or wish him dead, jerk as he is.

  33. 33 MJP

    Wait! Just how is Min-Hoo going to take away the company from Papa Shin? Isn’t Papa Shin the owner of the company? Just fire Min-Hoo.

  34. 34 Jomo

    I’m too tired to post anything coherent, so:

    I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna
    really really really

    • 34.1 Linda165

      Hey girlie, you and me both….

      Sweet dreams!

    • 34.2 Leina

      Too funny!!!!!!!

    • 34.3 MJP

      *ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, snort, ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, KANG-AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!, ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, drool, ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, smile, ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Kang-ah.*

      Sweet Dreams, Jomo!

  35. 35 Bamsa

    Thank you for recaps!!! Really appreciate it!!

  36. 36 Anne

    I kind of have a feeling that Yi Kyung would be one of Ji Hyun’s tears. Well, more like hoping it will be one! haha
    & I think it’s sad that, if Ji Hyun lives, she’ll forget everything that happened when she was a spirit..

  37. 37 grace

    omg omg omg what an awesome episode. my prediction still remains the same! the remaining tears will be from min ho and yi kyung!

    i actually don’t think that the back hug was from yi kyung…although i’m totally okay with it if that is the case.
    i just think it makes so much more sense that it was from ji hyun because in that way she can express her love without really being “caught”….and plus i think it was definitely intentional that they didn’t allow us to see if she was wearing the necklace or not to signify if it was ji hyun or yi kyung. frickin smart writers…sigh.

    though the possibility that ji hyun dies and yi kyung ends up moving on with han kang isn’t that bad of a thought either…

  38. 38 asianromance

    Thanks javabeans!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. YS in a policeman’s outfit. *drooooooool* Makes me feel tingly all over!

    I can’t believe how much I love this drama! In most series, by this point in the drama, I’m not as invested anymore. But things just seem to pick up even more! And it’s so refreshing to see everybody be so smart. And JH figured out the new passcode is YK’s bday. We all suspected it, but I’m glad she got the idea as well.

    “You’re the oppa-est oppa who ever oppa’d.”— best explanation ever!

    I also love the girls’ relationship. They’re like kindred spirits. And I love how they’re messing with IJ and MH – making MH go crazy with not knowing who is who and putting some well-deserved fear into IJ! I’m going to be so sad that if JH lives (I love how we still don’t know for sure if she’ll live or die – though I think even if she dies, I will understand), she won’t remember YK.

    MH…looks like he’ll go for any woman who’ll glare at him! What a whiny guy! But he did bring on the hilarious when he got those exorcists! MH + exorcists is just such an odd combo! Furthermore, all those exorcists were dressed like lawyers! I guess it shows how messed up MH is now.

    Please let Seo Woo shed a tear! I love how she gave IJ the smackdown on chicks before dicks. And i think it is pretty unfair that as you get to the end of your 49 days, that you’d get so weak. It’s like getting cheated out of your last week!

    • 38.1 Leina

      Nodding all the way through while reading your comment 🙂 I don’t know I can love a drama more than I love 49 Days. And by golly, ep. 17, still no kiss, and I’m loving it!!! Totally goes against the timeline for a kdrama kiss and yet I DO NOT mind. Here, they demonstrate love, and show love at its deepest, not the fluffy kind, and YET, they give us ample eye candy to tide over our romantic longings. HK and YS in a car???? HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

      • 38.1.1 asianromance

        I agree with you abt how even without a kiss, this romantic drama is still awesome and riveting. When there is a great plot and good writing, there is no need for a kiss to get the audience’s attention or to provide fanservice. Just HK being the best oppa there ever was and the Scheduler showing up is already enough to make us fans swoon! I’m also glad they respected YK’s body here and not have JH and HK kiss.

        The sad part is that we’ll never see HK talk to YS. I would love to hear what he has to say abt such a hot looking scheduler hanging around his girl!

  39. 39 Ashley

    I am incredibly worried about half the characters in this show. Its like I’m turning into a giant ball of nerves as I watch. Please don’t let Ji-hyun die!!! She wants to live so badly, I can’t stand the idea that she may have to die anyway!

    • 39.1 MJP

      LOL! Me too. I watched it RAW this afternoon and kept getting so excited and anxious that I had to pause the show to calm down or walk around and calm down before watching some more of it. There wasn’t too much I skipped through either (which is rare for me) just the parts with In-Jung because I couldn’t be emotionally disturbed by that character or I might explode!!! I REALLY dislike the EVIL FEMALE SECOND LEAD CHARACTERS!!! Yuck!

  40. 40 diamonds

    Yi Kyung hug Kang Ah??

    omoo, is dear drama-God by any chance heard my early hope???

    but wait…
    right now i am in YK-YS-and-JH-HK’s boat, otokke??

  41. 41 queer

    Thanks JB….
    Though has already watched ep17, still eager to read ur insights!!!

    Love that GPS trance!!! It jux made me laugh out loud! *haha*

    • 41.1 minsun

      Yes! I want a scheduler phone too!! I want S being my personal ring tone, message ring tone, away-tone, leave a message message, I’m not free don’t bother me rap…

  42. 42 thatguy

    Actually… the text preview for episode 18 kinda spoils that the person that hugs HK was JiHyun in YiKyun’s body.

  43. 43 Kim

    it’s totally JiHyun in Yikyung’s body hugging Kang-ah. It’s the best way to tell him to move on without her cause she’s lost all hope. Remember YiKyung’s views on the matter is that if she knows how little time is left, “I’d see his face more, and love him more, and take care of him more.” but in this scene Yikyung is saying how he should forget about her because she doesnt have any hope to live and he’ll be in more pain? it’s the opposite of what Yikyung said to JiHyun and was exactly what JiHyun had said to Yikyung earlier so yea, it’s definitely Jihyun. Also in the preview, Yikyung visits JiHyun in the hospital and cries while Jihyun tells Yisoo to call for the elevator… I think the tear will most definitely count as her 2nd tear. (maybe even third if Seo gets to cry before her. It’d be more dramatic if Jihyun’s Unnie saves her life in the end =)

  44. 44 laya

    Thanks for the recap!

    I like it that even though this drama is going to end soon I still haven’t guessed how it’s going to end and who’s ending up with whom 😀

  45. 45 Arden

    JH is hugging at the end. Someone mentioned that she was wearing the coat (which YK don’t usually zip up) to cover up the necklace. I watched it unsubbed and that was what I got from it. The show will probably flash back showing JH enter YK’s body similar to the beginning with the accident. It just doesn’t make sense why it would be YK. Been lurking on Dramabeans for sometimes now and this is my first comment (just couldn’t hold it, awesome drama). I loved Who Are You too for the body switching thing.

    • 45.1 EvaBoo

      I was thinking that it might be Ji Hyun cos maybe she remembered that Scheduler told her no skinship so she wear the jacket to cover herself before touching Han Kang. Heh.

  46. 46 nonski

    thank you, i love you for the recaps

  47. 47 Aliiiiiiiiiiice


    And thank you, thank you, for recapping so quickly. This was definitely a highlight and a really nice way to end my night. (( H U G ))


    I go to other blogs for recaps as well, but no one does it like you women. Having grown up 2nd generation in LA (I’m guessing), you have certain cultural insights and perspectives that a lot of the other recappers lack at the moment.

    Continue doing what you two do, because you do SO MUCH more than regurgitate plots and appreciative squeals. There’s definitely an intelligence and thoughtfulness and earnestness to all your commentary and summary. And it’s something I supremely appreciate.

    You guys are GREAT! 😀

  48. 48 Annie

    Yi-kyung and Yi-Soo 🙁 I want a happy ending for them

    • 48.1 tomboy26

      You and me both sister … you and me both

      sigh .. my heart is a breaking for them

      • 48.1.1 Vienna

        Me too. They’re my OTP for this drama. Even before their relationship unfold & most ppl still think they’re sibling, I already inclined to ship them for some reason, there’s just unspoken pullings and signs between them since the start. But honestly, it’s just that imo LYW-JIW have sparks and intent chemistry that pull me to ship them even before knows anything. Well, I loved LYW-JHJ too, but since some time ago gave up already due to the plot.

        • Leina

          So agree. Of all the love pairings in this drama, the story of YK and YS is what I would call 100% pure LOVE. Love as children, anchors together in their adolescence, lovers afterwards, but LOVE on all levels–filial, friendship, romantic. And it’s transcendent. Their love story was tragic, and I really want them to be together, but man, whatta love. ME WANT A LOVE LIKE THAT!!! 😀

          • tomboy26

            I know right .. I’m not usually into that whole soul mates talk and all that but this drama has presented it in such a lovely and bittersweet manner between these two characters (YK and YS).

            If love was really like that … and if it happened to be with JIW then that would be even more terrific 😀

      • 48.1.2 creepykreme

        me three! can’t we find yi soo’s coma body somewhere??

        • babygirljj

          me four :)!! i ve been hoping for a happy ending for so long..i just adore them together.. their story is so poignant, and it just breaks my heart with almost every scene they have.. *sigh*

        • nonski

          me five! hahaha…. i have been wishing for that too…if yi-soo’s body is somewhere out there, i’m really hoping for it!

          and for a change can’t we just have a happy ending for both pairs, i love them both. it’s simply breaking my heart to even think that any of the pair wouldn’t. or if Ji-hyun dies or the Scheduler’s fate…waaaaaah 🙁

          haiz! i think i will be back to the post DH state of loneliness when this drama ends, not that there lack a bunch of good dramas this days but tsk tsk tsk…49 days is 49 days, not even Best Love and Lie to Me can beat it out…tho this two are getting me hooked already 🙂

    • 48.2 CHEL


      • 48.2.1 CHEL

        wrong reply sorry…

    • 48.3 gm3211

      so, am I the only one who wants Scheduler-Ji Hyun and Han Kang-Song Yi Kyung pairing?!

      However, I think this drama ends with the original pairing (Scheduler-Song Yi Kyung and Han Kang-Ji Hyun pairing).

      1. She will collect the 3 pure tears. so, jihyun will bring back to life

      2. Yi Soo will live like Jihyun. didnt jihyun ask yikyung to wait? even though i think she isn’t sure about the coming back thing

      3. It is Song Yi Kyung who hugged Han Kang
      why? i do not think Ji hyun will do it (with scheduler’s warning) She just comforted him I guess…………………………………….

      However, if it was Ji Hyun I would love to see Scheduler’s reaction! LOL!

      Yi Soo is my favorite among the characters!
      But I love Lee Yo Won as an actress..so versatile!

  49. 49 suzi q

    It’s a crazy ending in this episode. Yi Kyung has loved Yi Soo for 5 years and hasn’t gotten over him even in his death. So I don’t think it is love for Kang that she gave Kang the back hug. I think she is appreciative that Kang hasn’t given up on Ji Hyun.
    Nam Gyu Ri creeps me out. She has the strangest eyes.
    Love Lee Yo Won in anything she does. She my favorite in the drama. I’m so sad for Yi Kyung. I hope she will l have a Happy ending…

  50. 50 Isabella

    After thinking about it for 3 hours, Im actually hoping that Ji Hyun dies… I mean… whats the point in living if she wont remember anything??

    Even IF her father were to tell her that Minho did, and Seo Woo told her what In Jung did, her feelings for Kang-Ah would be the same as when she was alive before (did that make sense)

    AAAAnd whats gonna happen with Yi Kyung? she better NOT die, and NOT end up with Mr. Creepy Stalker/ Unethical Psychiatrist!!

    At least JH got done what she needed to get done before dying… She cant live and not remember Yi Kyung at all! Right now, she’s all YK has (so to say because, she will only be able to talk to YS for a short moment) That’s too cruel for my little heart…

    Dont mind my compulsive posting… I’ll go to sleep now.

    • 50.1 hmm

      So, you don’t want Yi Kyung to die, but is hoping for JiHyun to die? Why? because you want the actors that play both HK and YK to be together? Nice morbid way of thinking.

    • 50.2 Jane

      So she should die because she won’t be able to remember?

    • 50.3 micheal

      haha you’re must be a true fan since you can spare up to 3 hours thinking for such a matter. Love you

    • 50.4 Ani

      I wonder if she won’t remember what happened, but will still know about various things like about Minho and Injung being total backstabbers (you know, a semi-Just Like Heaven kindof thing). The Scheduler did hint at something like that. Also, is it weird that I find it more appropriate to call him the Scheduler than Yisoo? Maybe I’m just so used to it now.

    • 50.5 testify

      wow, this is interesting.
      I don`t want her to dy and I think she won`t dy.

      If this would be the case; they could have given her a sheduler job and in exchange she could get 1 day to go to her beloved relatives and that would be the case.
      (Just like the current sheduler)

      I am truly sure that she will get the 3 tears.
      And I am still thinking that those other tears are from
      – Min Ho
      -Seo Woo

      I think that Yi Kyungs tears won`t count because she is a person who didn`t belong to her life what she held before.
      So in my eyes those tears must be from peaple she got to used to live with.

      I like the struggle Min Ho has within himself

    • 50.6 stephanie

      well even if she doesn’t remember there are too many incongruities that she’ll have to wrestle with. for eg. who’s park jung eun? I’m sure her parents will talk about the friend who came to visit. if yi-kyung comes by, they’ll have to account for that too.

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