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49 Days: Episode 19
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Oh man, I think I’m out of tears. 49 Days, you owe me tears! Like, a bucketload of them — I need to rehydrate. Drama, I’ll accept my payment in lattes, please.

How can a story with such sad elements be so satisfying? We start wrapping up our story threads, but the drama still manages to keep one step ahead of us, with new curveballs thrown into the mix just when you think everything’s all resolved.


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Ji-hyun gets her three tears, and the Scheduler marvels, “Wow, you must’ve lived your life pretty usefully after all.” She’s in shock, saying, “But there’s nobody who’d cry for me,” but the Scheduler reminds her how changing their minds (and hearts) are what humans are all about.

He teases, “Don’tcha wanna know whose tears they are?” But she tells him not to tell her: “If I knew, I think I’d only love these three people.” Or, put another way, she might harden against everyone who isn’t those three. The Scheduler approves her wise choice.

Just as she’s about say her goodbyes to Yi-soo, he starts to fade from her sight, although it’s really Spirit Ji-hyun who disappears, leaving the Scheduler behind.

And then…Ji-hyun wakes up!! Eeeeeee!

She opens her eyes to see her mother and Seo-woo sobbing over her, and it’s Dad who enters and sees that Ji-hyun’s awake. Aw, their happiness is so sweet.

At Heaven, Manager Oh comes upon Yi-kyung as she’s leaving, surprised when she tells him that she has no reason to stay anymore. She moves back to her place, which seems sadly empty without her ghost friend anymore.

Manager Oh calls Kang, who’s just landed and driving back home, to say worriedly that they must’ve calculated the days wrong. Worst. Phone call. EVER!

Okay, here’s where I know I’ve got a sadistic streak because knowing that Ji-hyun is safe and sound, I’m giggling like a little fool at how Kang is gonna have to stew a little in his misery — that’s what you get for jetting off in secret without so much as a goodbye! But Mom calls Kang right away to let him know that Ji-hyun’s awake, and I’m actually a little disappointed he didn’t have to suffer a little more.

Ji-hyun’s recovery defies medical explanation, and she undergoes tests. Kang arrives as she’s in the exam room, and tells Dad the added good news that his father agreed to invest in the company. Her parents are stunned and grateful.

Tests complete, Kang comes by again, entering the room looking thrilled to see her…until he registers that Ji-hyun isn’t thrilled back. She says bluntly, “Han Kang, long time no see. But why are you here?” She asks why In-jung and Min-ho aren’t here, and Mom trades uncomfortable glances with Seo-woo.

Mom, Seo-woo, and Kang step outside to decide that they shouldn’t upset Ji-hyun, and will keep the news of her father’s surgery and business troubles a secret from her. Mom assures Kang that she’ll tell her how much Kang did for them, but he says sadly that that’s not important. Poor crushed Kang-ah. Buck up. Maybe there’s a cure for otherworldly amnesia.

Min-ho continues with his plans o’ destruction, getting Haemido ready for takeover and readying to resign tomorrow. (Dude, your cover’s been blown, and bigtime — why the wait? Are you so OCD that you have to keep to the original timetable, even when Dad already knows he’s harboring a viper in his midst? “NO! The schedule says tomorrow!”) Plus, news of his villainy has spread throughout the building, so that he attracts scornful stares from other employees. Another businessman makes a disdainful comment about how he doesn’t even know his fiancee has woken up.

But instead of heading for the hospital, Min-ho goes to Yi-kyung’s place, although he didn’t expect it to be occupied. Yi-kyung tells him flatly that Ji-hyun is no longer connected to her and demands he go, leaving his key behind.

Ji-hyun’s parents fill her in on what went on during her coma, each joking that they spent more time glued to her bedside than the other. Heh. It’s the kind of thing you can joke about when you’re so giddy with relief that just about everything is funny and wonderful.

Ji-hyun still finds Kang’s presence odd, but her parents assure her how devoted and helpful he was, and she concedes that he stuck by his sense of friendly loyalty — something she’s surprised by, but also dismisses as out of character. She tells him he can go now, treating him like a distant acquaintance, and he excuses himself.

At Heaven, he admits to Manager Oh that although he should be happy, he can’t help being saddened that Ji-hyun has no memory of their recent time together. He mulls over their exchanges during the past 47 days and their growing connection, and how he told Ji-hyun to tell him everything she wanted to say after she woke up.

In her lonely apartment, Yi-kyung looks at her old calendar marking Yi-soo’s passing and wonders sadly, “When are you coming? Come quickly.” It’s sad how Yi-kyung is the only one for whom Ji-hyun’s recovery means even more gloominess, because she’s now without companionship and without hope. All she can do is sit and wait for Yi-soo to come get her, which is pretty depressing. What she can’t see is that Yi-soo sits next to her, unable to do a thing.

In the morning, Kang visits Yi-kyung to tell her the good news of Ji-hyun’s recovery — and also the bad news that she probably won’t remember Yi-kyung, which makes her alternately happy and disappointed.

He thanks her for all her help, and offers her a job in his restaurant, since she’s now jobless. Ha, how great would that be? — it’s a familiar scenario, but just off enough to be strangely uncomfortable. Alas, she declines, answering that she’s waiting for somebody. She retrieves the bracelet from her dresser, telling him that Ji-hyun asked her to return it to Kang, as it’s his mother’s. He’d never known it came from Mom, and as Yi-kyung doesn’t know the story, she tells him to ask Ji-hyun about it.

She conveys the rest of Ji-hyun’s message: “She asked me to say that she’s sorry that she just received from you [without giving back], and that if not for you, she wouldn’t have been able to endure that time.”

Min-ho gets the bad news that Daddy Shin has come up with funds, which completely takes him by surprise. His investing partner blames this on Min-ho, saying that being named beneficiary in the will made him deviate from The Plan out of greed. Not untrue, those words.

Min-ho calls his mole at Heaven, Ki-joon, asking how the funds came in. Ki-joon tells him cheerily that Kang got an investor in the States, and at Min-ho’s angry exclamation (“Why didn’t you report that?!”) he says innocently, “Why should I?” Ki-joon explains that he isn’t that greedy, and that he’s plenty capable of advancing in his career without Min-ho’s support, thankyouverymuch! Hmph!

Min-ho then gets a call from the district prosecutor saying that they’ve received a petition regarding Min-ho, requesting his presence tomorrow morning.

In-jung sits waiting for Min-ho at that lunch spot, having asked him to meet her, and when he doesn’t show, she sits there eating alone, crying.

Meanwhile, Min-ho drinks with his driver friend Jin-young, bitter at his impending demise. His friend tells him gently that he can’t stand to see him falling apart, and he’ll be quitting too. Min-ho says he won’t die like this.

In-jung comes to Min-ho’s apartment in the morning to say her goodbye — she’s returning to Jinan. She tells him to call if he needs anything, and apologizes. He says bleakly, “You’re making it impossible for me to even say I’m sorry.” Which…is the stupidest logic ever (you can JUST SAY YOU’RE SORRY), but whatever. Sociopathic villains do tend to have their own rules of what is and isn’t appropriate behavior.

Kang drops by the hospital with more pink roses, ignoring Ji-hyun’s perplexed look and saying, “I’m going to come by every day, so you’d better get used to it.” Yay, adorably decisive Kang is back!

Mom tests the waters by asking if Ji-hyun remembers her friend Jung-eun — er, Song Yi-kyung — and how she left her seal in her care. Ji-hyun recognizes the name of her club friend, but has no recollection about the seal, so Mom hurriedly lets the matter drop.

After a physical therapy session, Kang takes her through the garden. She asks why he’s being so attentive, saying that it makes her feel uncomfortable. He asks how she feels to be alive (“It’s wonderful”) and says he feels the same, then asks how she spent her 47 days: “Did you just sleep? Did you have dreams?”

She says, “Even if I did, why do I have to tell you?” He asks, “Did I ever appear in them?” She retorts, “Why would you?” Hm, she’s being a touch defensive at his line of questioning. I wonder…

Annnnd…. there’s Lurker Min-ho, lurking yet again. Any more of that and he’ll have to get a license and pay taxes on it, for all the mileage he’s getting out of his lurkitude.

Ji-hyun has been pressing to see In-jung, wondering why she hasn’t been by. Mom makes up a few excuses, but finally she and Seo-woo find In-jung and tell her that Ji-hyun is insistent to see her. They want her to drop by briefly and act like all is normal between them, which is a prospect In-jung can’t bear, unable to face her ex-friend.

In-jung begs to be excused, but Mom tells her she acted plenty well for two years before the accident — surely she can extend the act for a moment — and Seo-woo drags her with her.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyun asks if Kang is truly planning to skip out on work every day to come to the hospital. Ah, but she forgets that Kang can magically run businesses without actually, yunno, doing any work, and he replies yes.

She tells him she wishes he’d work harder at his architecture, because he has special talent that he’s just wasting. Her comment actually lands with him, as though he hadn’t considered she’d feel that way, and he replies, “I have nobody to show it to, or share it with. If I worked diligently at designing, would you watch me?”

Alas, no time for a response, because Mom enters and announces In-jung’s arrival. Ji-hyun asks for a moment alone, so Kang escorts Mom out and leaves the ladies to talk.

In-jung enters with head bowed, afraid to confront Ji-hyun, who says:

Ji-hyun: “While I was sleeping, I had a dream. On my engagement day, my shoe broke. I kept seeing you taking your shoes off for me. You took off your shoes unconsciously and ran barefoot. In that moment, you’d taken them off for me.”
In-jung: “What are you saying?”
Ji-hyun: “They say that shoes are a woman’s pride, but in that moment you threw your pride aside for me. Forgetting the engagement ceremony, you thought of me first. Because I was your friend.”

Ji-hyun closes her eyes as they start tearing up, growing oddly emotional for someone who doesn’t know anything of In-jung’s backstabby ways. Or…does she?

She sends In-jung away to sob her misery alone.

Yi-soo watches over Yi-kyung impatiently, dying to meet her but restricted by his one-week penalty. He curses his mean granny sunbae, only to get a summons.

He whines and complains before she informs him that he’ll be allowed to meet Yi-kyung tomorrow, since today is the end of his 5-year tenure. He points out his one-week penalty, and she retorts that he’s required to be a Scheduler for another week — but they never said he had to wait to meet Yi-kyung.

As Yi-kyung looks over her old letters and cards from Yi-soo, a new one floats down from above and lands in front of her: “An invitation from Song Yi-soo-nim.” Realizing that the time has come, she gets ready with anticipation in the morning, using the beauty products that Ji-hyun left for her.

Yi-soo waits at the appointed meeting place, and they approach each other slowly. With a smile, he tells her, “Song Yi-kyung, long time no see. You haven’t changed at all.”

She lifts a hand to his face and confirms that he’s real, then throws herself into his arms, sobbing, “Why did you come only now?” He answers, “Because this was my time to come. I couldn’t come until now.”

He asks her to do as he wishes for the day, without complaint, and takes her someplace. Which turns out to be, macabrely enough, the site of his accident.

He explains that back then, he’d been full of excitement over this new world, making music, and felt cramped by his old life. He’d thought the issue wasn’t something they could talk out through conversation, so he decided to show her how he felt — but while he had fun with his music and hanging out with girls, “You were like my hometown.” And that’s why he bought a proposal ring.

The rings are, miraculously enough, still buried in the dirt nearby, and he retrieves them, putting them on their fingers, then takes her to his next destination: an amusement park.

They’d never had the money to come here, but he reminds her that he’d promised to bring her for her birthday. Since Yi-soo has no more human money than he did back then, I’m going to assume he’s pulled some celestial strings to get in. They spend the night doing the usual amusement-park activities, and there’s something very sweet about them on this very common date for the first time ever, and seeing how happy they both are.

Next, he takes her back to her place and asks her to go shopping for groceries, because he misses her cooking. She’s nervous to be separated, but he assures her that he won’t leave this time without a goodbye

In her absence, he cleans and redoes her room for her — which is either the fastest remodel job ever or the slowest grocery shopping trip known to man. Dr. Noh drops by, alarmed at the signs of new tenancy, though Yi-soo tells him Yi-kyung hasn’t moved. In his amusingly rude punkass way (hee), Yi-soo advises the doctor to stay away for two days: “If you leave right away, I’ll tell her you came by. If you dawdle, I might not.” Dr. Noh has the vague feeling he’s seen him before, but can’t quite place it, which isn’t surprising since he’s the dumbest doctor ever.

When Yi-kyung comes back, she almost doesn’t even register the pretty new room because she’s immediately afraid Yi-soo has gone. She’s relieved when he comes out of the bathroom, but asks why he bothered with the room when she’s going to leave with him. He doesn’t correct her, and just says that he prefers to stay in clean quarters.

That night, Yi-soo looks over Yi-kyung as she sleeps, like he’s memorizing her face. Oh, you’re already breaking my heart, and nothing’s even happened yet. But it’s one of those disasters you can see from a mile away and are helpless to avoid, and unable to look away from.

In the morning, as they go out for a walk, Yi-kyung keeps staring at him, amazed that he’s still here. In contrast to her, Yi-soo’s in a darker mood and reminds her, “Still, I’m a dead person.”

And then he gets to the point: “I waited five years to meet you. To tell you that I loved you, that I never for one moment had feelings for anyone else, to say ‘Let’s marry.’ But not now — the things I want to tell you have changed.”

He untangles their intertwined fingers and says, “I loved you until then. Starting from now, I won’t love you. Because I didn’t want to leave you with only hurt, I waited for five years, wanting you to forget me and be happy.”

Yi-kyung protests, trying to hold his hand again, saying, “Don’t say that, Yi-soo. I’m going to go with you.” He tells her that they can’t go together, and that even if she chose death in order to be with them, they’d be apart: “That’s what death is.” Cruelly true.

She says she can’t endure living alone, but he asks her to do it anyway, for him: “I have to let you go to be happy in the next life. If you’re unhappy, my heart twists and I won’t rest easy. I’ll be born as a bad-tempered guy who can’t receive love, who can’t love either, who lives unhappily.”

He orders her to throw away the ring, which no longer has meaning, which only existed to clear up their misunderstanding. He takes his ring off, despite her pleas, and throws it into the water.

Yisoo: “You know now how precious you were to me. You weren’t thrown away, you were the most important person to me. An incredible person. And so, you’ll become someone else’s incredibly precious person. Promise me that for my sake, you’ll be happy. So that I can leave this world without regrets, so I can start over in the next life. Yi-kyung, be happy for my sake.”

With that, he pulls the ring off her finger, and this time she doesn’t stop him when he throws it into the water.

He says, “I’m thankful for meeting you, and I was happy.” She cries, “I’m sorry — I only ever received from you, and never paid you back for anything.”

Yi-soo tells her, “Pay it back to the person who loves you. Instead of to me, give it to him.”

He kisses her, then turns and walks away, holding back his own tears. Yi-kyung sobs as she watches him go, until he finally fades away into the backdrop.

Oh, gah. What’s this blurring my vision? How can something so inevitable be so heartbreaking? OH SO SAD.

Min-ho visits his mother’s hospital, watching her through the window and thinking, “Mother, I’d meant to come for you once I’d made a success of myself. I’m sorry.” It’s here that he’s accosted by two police officers with an arrest warrant.

He asks for a brief moment to see his mother first, and asks her urgently whether she’s tucked away the documents his friend Jin-young delivered. He tells her to not give them to anybody until he comes back for them, but she looks at him blankly, not recognizing him.

Finally, it clicks for her and she greets him warmly, though she’s still locked in the past. He can’t help shedding tears as she exclaims, “I knew you’d become an important person!” It really lands when she cries, “I knew you’d be different from your father.” At that, she embraces him and he breaks down, like a lost little boy.

GUH, and here I thought I was all cried out. Who’d’ve thought I’d have any tears left for the dastardly villain? It doesn’t make him any more likable, but it’s strangely satisfying to see him emotionally vulnerable (not just jealous) on the way down. Unrepentant villains can be so one-dimensional.

After that, he’s led away by the police, and looks up at Mom through the window. The way he covers his handcuffs from view has an oddly heart-twisty effect. And then, when he’s interrogated by police, he denies that the informant at the company was In-jung. Looks like he’s taking the fall on his own. Well, it’s too late to earn him a get-out-of-jail-free pass, but at least it’s better to grow a sense of honor late than never.

Yi-kyung thinks over Yi-soo’s last request for her to live on happily, sighing, “I want to, but…” as though it’s just beyond her. Then she remembers Ji-hyun asking her to a similar thing — that, in moments of difficulty, she should think of Ji-hyun and live on.

That recollection takes Yi-kyung to the hospital, but she belatedly recalls Kang’s warning that Ji-hyun can’t remember her. She turns to leave, but Ji-hyun steps out of her room and sees her there.

And says, “Unni.”

Yi-kyung is surprised as Ji-hyun continues, “Yi-kyung unni, did you come to see me?” She steps forward and grabs Yi-kyung in a hug.

I KNEW IT! She remembers! Muahahaha, amnesia angst is for naught!

As they sit together, Yi-kyung asks, “You remember me, but not Han Kang?”

Yet Ji-hyun’s reaction says otherwise, and Yi-kyung notes it. She wonders why Ji-hyun would pretend not to remember him — to which Ji-hyun answers, “Because I’m going to die again soon.”



Ooh, way to make this interesting! We were all expecting her not to remember, and that development has been worked into the plot along the way, so it’s pretty clever of them to turn that expectation right on its head. As to WHY she’s dying again: My theory is that she can feel that something’s gone awry, and the presence of her memories is an ominous sign. Especially since the Scheduler has told her numerous times that it would disturb the balance of the whole life-afterlife divide for a living person to know the secrets of the Hereafter. Ergo, I must not be long for this world if I’m allowed to keep my knowledge of the secrets. The logic’s a little convoluted, but makes a certain sense.

Now the question is how they’re going to renege on that logic satisfactorily — once you bring it up, you can’t just wave your hand and go, “Oh well, she’s alive, never mind!” And there’s the culmination of the whole Kang/Ji-hyun romance to look forward to. Finally! I feel like I’ve been such a patient little girl, now won’t you please give me the payoff I’ve been so eagerly awaiting? This episode was pretty thin with the Kang/Ji-hyun storyline, which I might have minded more had not the Scheduler/Yi-kyung story been so satisfying. Now that that’s wrapped up, I’m antsy for the rest.

Speaking of which: Man, never has a doomed relationship engaged me or satisfied me as much as the Yi-soo/Yi-kyung one. There’s something inherently sad about splitting up a couple in love, but in so many dramas the focus is on getting them back together, either happily or tragically. Even in the tearjerkers, there’s often some mechanism indicating that they’re going to reunite in the afterlife, or maybe a future life. But we rarely see a couple still in love, post-death, having to move on. The problem was never “How do we reunite the lovers?” but “How do we help Yi-kyung return to the land of the living?” And also, how to get the Scheduler out of his limbo and on to whatever comes next.

I loved his goodbye speech to Yi-kyung, which was full of love at every turn but also realistic and wise and also very, very heartbreaking. I like that they pointed out that going together in death isn’t some romantic way to stay together forever, which is the message we often see in other narratives — but that death is death. It’s an end to what came before, and you have to cut your ties cleanly to be able to enter the next phase. So in that way it’s just as much for Yi-soo’s benefit as it is for Yi-kyung’s that they accept that they had a really good thing, and that he adored her, and that she still has lots of time ahead of her to find new love. Aw, tear. It’s just so goddamned sweet.


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  1. 101 Laurustinus

    OMO!! Grab me a bucket because I don’t think the tears are gonna stop! I DON’T want Ji Hyun to die!!!!!! My heart is so set on the JH/HK pairing. Damn plot twists I love thee and hate thee! Perhaps we will end up with Ji Hyun back in Yi Kyung’s body because she’ll give herself up for Ji hyun to live/be with Yi Soo????? I can’t wait for tomorrow but at the same time I am dreading it!!! Props to Javabeans for the amazingly fast recap you have my eternal gratitude!

  2. 102 Kars

    This show rocks! I’m so sad it’s ending tonight. Thanks for the great recap by the way! ^___^

    I have a question though.. How would’ve Ji hyun known that she is going to die soon? If ever she is.. 🙁

  3. 103 Helena12992

    I felt various emotions throughout YK-YS moments here. Happy (for their reunion), touched (accident scene talking and put the rings), giddy (bunny-ears and take pic, one of the best haha), squeal (lying in bed together wow and the way he touch her face), sad (parting words and the kiss), even laugh at YS jealousy toward dr. Noh (LOL I found this funny. He wants YK to be happy and move on without him but then he still get jealous and claims YK is his).

    Someone in Softy blog said this episode belongs to YK x YS couple. And I 100% agree, they both owned this eps. I don’t know what but I just feel there’s some magnetic pull between them (or rather, JIW-LYW), that makes it such a pleasure to watch their interactions and always wants more. They’ve nailed their love story with great chemistry and acting.

    • 103.1 MJP

      I agree! They have good chemistry together!!!

  4. 104 Atsirk

    NO WAY…Yi-kyung and Kang-ah? NO WAY! It has to be Ji-hyun and Kang-ah!!! Yi-kyung’s with Yi-soo! OH, COME ON!

  5. 105 BebeMieL

    huhuuuu..cant accept if Ji hyun die..huhuuuu..please please make it a happy ending for Ji hyun and Han kang..

  6. 106 Lynn

    I am so upset. Even though I like Yi Kyung. I don’t want her to be with Kang. Althought, this is how it’s going and this irritates me. I can live with it, but it’s not the ending I wanted to see. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  7. 107 prita

    Thanks for the recap! This drama is so satisfying. There is something that just crossed my mind though. Isn’t the rule that JH isn’t supposed to know/remember what happened to her during the 49 days a bit faulty? Cause even if she doesn’t remember Han Kang and Yi-Kyung know exactly what happened.

  8. 108 One

    I just hope… just hope that Ji Hyun’s awakening after getting 3 tears and then finding out that she is going to die soon anyway is a dream… and then she wakes up from her coma for real and cries out: “Kang-ah!” Or maybe it is someone else dreaming? Please, let him or her wake up, whoever that is… I cried enough already….

  9. 109 Alvina

    Can I just say: BEST. WRITER. EVER!!!!

    • 109.1 b

      I agree 😀

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    noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drama, please don’t break my heart ;(…!

  11. 111 nutty

    Thanks javabeans & girlfriday for the recaps!!

    My thoughts for the ending…

    JH says she’s going to die. So the Scheduler’s last job is JH. But it is also the Scheduler’s last job…so my guest is the Scheduler moves on and JH takes his place.

    HK & YK gets together because:

    1) previous episode where Minho says YK is JH and JH is YK…so perhaps they share similar characteristics and
    2) YK & JH both say similar things to the guys they like “I’m sorry I only received from you.”
    3) the same type of rose for YK & JH.

    has anyone else figured out YK’s background??

    • 111.1 asianromance

      I think YS was only a Scheduler because he needed to earn his way back to earth for a day to clear things up with YK. His death was like super-crappy timing – after he broke up with her and before he reconciliated with her. That would drive anyone crazy. If JH dies, I think JH will die with no unresolved issues and will simply move onto Heaven.

      While it may be awkward for HK to fall in love with someone who used to be JH, i can see them getting together because there is this strong tone in the drama about people’s fates intertwining.

      I think YK’s background may just be a blank. That’s how life is sometimes. Not every orphan gets to find out who her parents are. The thing for YK to concentrate on now is the future.

  12. 112 katz

    can’t. stop. crying.

    As much I like the JH-HK pairing, I would be satisfied with a YK-HK ending. It fits with the little clues that the writer seems to be dropping, as nutty as pointed out. But am not looking forward to more crying when JH dies.

  13. 113 fmv

    thanks for your fast recap.

    this is show is great. it is very entertaining.

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    Thanks Javabeans for a wonderful recap….

    I don’t know how many times I cried watching the raw episode and again now with the recap. Like many in here, I am getting antsy for tomorrow’s finale.

    Whatever the ending will be (aside of course if it is totally ridiculous and without merit) , it will be fine with me. I enjoyed all episodes and kudos to the writer to keep me guessing and giving a good drama to watch. Definitely, I will look out for the writer’s future projects.

    LYW and JIW did a great job. How heartbreaking that kiss that they shared? On Yisoo’s part…my tears was just falling when he kissed her….and then slowly backing and walking away. IF I was YK…I think I will just jump off that cliff with grief.

    More tears tomorrow…and am running out of ideas (aside from allergies) why my eyes are red and swollen….lol

  15. 115 dany

    Thank you!

  16. 116 Christine

    Great episode!

    I am for a HK + YK ending, 🙂 same as what I was hoping to happen since the start.

    As for YH saying she’ll die again, this may also mean not physical death but an emotional form of death. Remember that she hasn’t met up with Min Ho yet.

  17. 117 asianromance

    Thank you javabeans!!
    I had just finished watching this episode and was shaking from the tears and the emotion, when I read your recap with all your hilarious quips (“but can’t quite place it, which isn’t surprising since he’s the dumbest doctor ever. ” LOL!!)! It’s funny how the manager was like “we must have calculated the days wrong” when they really did, even though that wasn’t why YK was leaving.

    I love how Ji-Hyun’s message to HK, delivered by YK, was a similar sort of message that YK wanted to deliver to YS. YK and JH are really like kindred spirits. Even YK’s renovated room looks like JH’s room!

    I love how this drama surprises me over and over again. I’m not only referring to JH’s “I’m going to die” cliffhanger (which has spawned a bajillion theories in my mind), but just in the drama being so realistic sometimes, even if it’s cruel. I really like how the drama has dealt with death and with letting go and moving on. I think this sort of honesty is more heartbreaking than similarly sad scenes in dramas. The storytelling has been so good that even if JH dies, I will grieve and still be able to move on. She has lived a good life and I’m sure she will tied up loose ends. that’s IF she dies. Who knows? I’m sure the writer has a few more tricks up her sleeves.

    I’m thinking maybe JH got more than 3 tears in the end and then got to keep her memories? I think IJ may have cried for her too. that scene between the both of them was so heartbreaking. IJ and JH truly loved each other. I love how they brought us back to that shoe scene in the first ep. It’s true that for that one moment, IJ’s mind was on JH’s happiness, not her nefarious plans.

  18. 118 lover

    WHO’S THE writer.. i’m totally in lov with the storyline
    it’s the first time gettin me hook it’s not the actor or actresses but mainly because of the story!!

    • 118.1 Kang ahhhhhh I miss you already!

      So Hyun Kyung, also writer of Brilliant Legacy, Prosecutor Princess dramas

  19. 119 songjoongkilove

    hey guys hope you guys can answer this:
    how come yi kyung is able to meet yi soo if he is dead?
    and how did yi kyung knew that she will be meeting him soon?

    thank you 🙂

    • 119.1 swui

      Yi soo made a deal to meet Yikyung as his real self after 5 years as scheduler…

      Yikyung knew Yisoo was coming because JiHyun told her in the previous episode

  20. 120 Okie Dokie


  21. 121 Danielle

    Yi Kyung and Yi Soo break my heart, seriously! But, it does make you think if ever in that situation I think you really have to see it that and move on. Even if you feel you can’t move on or shouldn’t with death it ends and you have to.

  22. 122 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

  23. 123 goddess of taray

    so i’m guessing that yi kyung & kang ah will be left to comfort each other & end up together???

  24. 124 Asama


  25. 125 Yoonji

    Hi, I have never commented on this site except a few times but i just love this drama! Its not one dimensional and full of deus ex machinas like most dramas.

    And I do believe Ji Hyun will die but probably for a noble reason. I mean, if it wasn’t for such a reason there would be no way I would be that accepting and calm about it like her. I wonder if it has to do with Kang.

    When he found out about the disappearance of Ji Hyun, the camera showed too many close ups on his stopping the car. hmm had no blinker on for turning. Could it be for saving Kang, she has to sacrifice her life??

    Its sort of sad though that all those 49 days lead to death though. Like its inevitable and unavoidable. Sorry for the rant.

    • 125.1 Yoonji

      Well, just saw episode 20. Try not to spoil it but I really cried buckets of tears. I never cried throughout a series this much. Oh and LOL ignore my prediction. Way off.After watching this, I feel motivated to make the most of life because there is no guarantee of surviving, even with 49 days (at least for me because can’t think of 3 people who would cry for me. T.T) Hope I didn’t spoil anything.

  26. 126 j

    I cried and cried and cried … out of tears too T.T
    Thanks a lot for wonderful recap.
    Cant wait for the finale tonight.!!!!

  27. 127 Jules

    WHOA WHOA WHOAAAA~~~~ What happened to the PENSION…and the cherry blossom trees that Yisoo promised to plant next to it??? …not important…??? I thought it had a significant meaning and had to do with the “unfinished business” that Yisoo/Scheduler had to take care of….?? It was such a sweet dream they both shared….REALLY gonna miss Yikyung/Yisoo couple…

    Hope for a happy ending for Kang and Jihyun…not likely though… 🙁 Gonna miss 49days… one of the BEST. 😀

    • 127.1 lena

      maybe Kang-ah will fulfill that dream pension house for Yi Kyung since he is an architect.

      gah, this drama is sooo good! my heart hurts. truly.

      • 127.1.1 tyni

        it SHOULD be significant! in episode 3 (or 4 i can’t remember what episode exactly) Kang, while sketching a house, he remembered someone asking for his help to build ‘their’ pension, so i suppose it was Yi-soo asking for Kang’s help.

  28. 128 Christine

    I just loved Ahjumma Scheduler’s get up this time – very posh – and I’m sure she came in a Rolls Royce with a uniformed driver too! Such a contrast to her leather clad, rocker, with large bike appearance the first time.

    And before I forget,


    I’m missing you already. What would my Wed & Thursday evenings be without you?

    • 128.1 gg

      was she the same actor who acted as Seunggi’s grannie in Brilliant Legacy?

  29. 129 eliza

    okay so i have this theory that yi kyung will end up with han kang as ji hyun will actually pass on to the other world, i mean don’t they have to in some way demonstrate that yi kyung has moved on?

  30. 130 may

    thank you for the recap. my heart overflows of tears with the scene of song’s couple. i love the way YS saying goodbye to YK. He already knews there’s someone in the future YK’s falling in love with. I’m excited to what’s gonna happen in tonight’s last episode. for the writer-nim, hands down for you for the good job well done!

  31. 131 guizy

    THANK YOU!!!
    its like a mind screw with all these little twists.

  32. 132 myr_ah

    Damn it! DRAMA you are so good! Gah.. I’m crying just reading the recap. >.<

    Scheduler! You and Yi Kyung is killing me. Heartbreak at it's finest. I know even from the start that their side of the story is not going to have a happy ending but Gawd! Nobody told me I had to cry this hard for it!

    [after 5 minutes]

    The matter of Kang and Ji Hyun left me smiling in no particular reason. I like that best in dramas when the love of your life doesn't know how you beat all odds to save her/him from dying and then you're back to square one. But I had my jaw drop to the floor with JH said she will die after all. Heavens! What is that supposed to mean?

    … Oh well. We still have one more episode to wait. Until then.

  33. 133 stilachic

    WOW! what an episode! i love that this drama is a fantasy that’s grounded in reality. the writer has been so consistent all through out. the resolution to YK and YS was so satisfying and poignant…terribly sad but hopeful at the same time. i really want YK to accept YS’s death and move on and be happy! the drama would have been too much of a fairy tale if they got together.

    judging from the comments, i’ll probably be stoned for saying that i LOVE that HK and YK could be a realistic possibility! i’ve wanted that from the beginning. i’m envisioning a time jump to make this happen. but who knows…this writer might throw us for another loop and the ending could be entirely different! whatever happens, i think i’ll be okay and will continue to love the drama for what it is…AWESOME!

    the only bad thing-why is that loony doctor still in the picture??? i was gnashing my teeth when he was in this episode! i may have to take back my comment about being okay with whatever happens. if YK ends up with him, i will throw rocks at the screen!

  34. 134 Ann

    Thank You JB!

    I love 49 days, this Kdrama is one of my favorite and I will be watching it over again.

    I love the story of Yi Soo and Yi Kyung, the true love and the very sad goodbye. I was crying reading the re-cap how much more watching it 🙁

    I really would love to see Ji hyun and Han Kang end up together but if she’s going to die, I would rather see Yi Kyung and Han Kang end up together than see Yi Kyung end up with an unprofessional psychiatrist …. NO to Dr. Noh… OH NO! NO! NO! NO!

    I really enjoyed watching this drama and it’s so sad to see it end tomorrow. I Love all 4 main characters and the way it was written, ONE OF THE BEST. I hope they gave us a great ending.

  35. 135 Reaper I LOVE YOU

    thanks for the recap….. huhuhuu….

    i agree this episode is for Yi Kyung and Yi soo but how come they put the doctor on it…? the episode is a tearjerker and then suddenly then i saw the doctor’s face…ughh!!! its like i feel throwing my laptop on the wall hehehe….

    for the last episode please dont make that creepy doctor appear….. please..? :pray:

  36. 136 b

    I couldn’t concentrate on my work because of this show (and Dramabeans). Damn you, show! Or I should say, I couldn’t concentrate on this show because of work. Damn you, work!

    Some thoughts before I turn my attention back to work:

    1) Yi-soo and Yi-kyung trying to happily spend their last day together brought echoes of Mi-ho and Woong-ah spending their last days together in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Both sad and touching. But one thing is different. As sweet as these moments were with Yi-soo and Yi-kyung, still I was never fully sold on them as a couple, perhaps mainly because of their lack of screen time together. Bits and pieces of their history together have been scattered throughout the episodes. But even the sum of all these parts never really amounted to anything that really tugged on my heartstrings. It was never as heartbreaking as Mi-ho and Woong-ah (Can I say it one more time? WOONG-AAAAAAAH!), and was never as effective as the Ji-hyun-Kang-ah moments from their high school days. I was sold on the JH-HK even from that.

    2) How come nothing heavy has fallen on Min-ho’s head yet?

    3) After tonight’s episode, it’s starting to look like my initial prediction of the two main actors Lee Yo-won and Jo Hyun-jae getting together in the end is very possible again.

    4) This show has made me love Nam Gyu-ri.

    5) This has been a rollercoaster ride of a show. Are you done making my head spin, writer? Damn you!

    • 136.1 Kang ahhhhhh I miss you already!

      how i wish there is a like button in this site… I LIKE your comment

  37. 137 JHada

    ok, i’d rather see just as ji hyun about to board the elevator with yi-soo, yi kyung knocks her down and takes her place, where both she and yi soo are born again to meet again in a different life!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful recap. It feels like Christmas morning every time I see a new post on this site for this drama, Best Love, Lie to Me, and Romance Town 🙂

    • 137.1 KDrama Fan


  38. 138 ninimi

    wow.. alreadt 212 comments..


    i want The Songs to be married… LOL

    • 138.1 ninimi

      *already i mean.. lol

  39. 139 beulahlove

    my favorite episode….

    anxious on how it will end tomorrow though….

  40. 140 zoey0881

    hi JB! thank you thank you thank you so much for the recap! 😀 gosh this is really a tear-filled episode…and the ending leave us with more surprises. Honestly, at this point, I no longer care who ends up with whom because I’m happy with whatever outcome there is 😀 All I want is for all of them to be happy… especially Han Kang!
    Also, I noticed something…
    She cries, “I’m sorry — I only ever received from you, and never paid you back for anything.” (YK to YS)
    She conveys the rest of Ji-hyun’s message: “She asked me to say that she’s sorry that she just received from you [without giving back], and that if not for you, she wouldn’t have been able to endure that time.” (JH through YK telling HK)

    I just realized right now that both of the lover’s stories are parallel to each other…

    Oh, well.. can’t wait for Episode 20… last episode… *sad face*

  41. 141 jeri

    ITS NOT FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRR!!! WTFFFFFFF!?!?!? ok. i agree, dying together is not romantic. So i like that they made it realistic. God this show is like so perfect.

  42. 142 Victoria Stuard

    One of the things that this drama did for JH/K is that it allowed them to bridge the gap in their relationship which was always at odds because of their immaturity and inability to handle their feelings. honestly. Kang finally unlocks his feelings to admit that he loves and is connected to JH and she gets to see his heart and be drawn to that because she can see him in a different way. I also think that Kang (who I absolutely think is “hot”, had an emotional connection with SYK that was separate from his attachment to JH which seemed to give him some moments of confusion as well since it was sometimes difficult to tell who was who. He also argued and was angered by her and unable t understand her. His understanding was an evolving process as the drama progressed.
    We view death as separation from our loved ones both physically and emotionally which is a duality, but the living can be dead as well, but physically present with us. This was SYK problem. At the point of Scheduler’s death, she stopped living and just existed. almost like a zombie As JH also began to love her, she empathized with her feelings and moved outside the scope of her own issues and problems, though she continued to work for productive outcomes to save her family, but she also spoke in ways to challenge SYK thinking or lack thereof. SYK felt totally abandoned, since she had no family, and scheduler was everything to her. In losing him, there was no reason to go on, but to wait out the days until her body diminished into death, i.e., the lack of care for her body, the utter oblivion, going through the motions of life, the inability to be loved by another human or to give love, thus JH could reach her when no one else could, not even the doctor who cared for SYK wellbeing. JH warmth began to seep through and impact SYK helping her to open up as JH was revealed in her spiritual form to her in stages. I actually do not believe that it was JH who reached out and hugged Kang from behind, I believe it was SYK since she had left JH in the room. If you remember, JH did not want to go out because her spiritual life force was diminishing and she was trying to conserve energy. I actually think that SYK was reaching for love and reassurance at that moment and let Kang believe it was JH. This is just my thinking and others may disagree. SYK sense of loss of Unni was also numbing and again she felt alone, but did have the hope that she could see Scheduler and go with him. This was not the greater intent, but rather it was to help SYK live, one who was physically present, but emotionally dead., in the present reality both physically and emotionally engaged with people. Even in her attempts to kill herself, there was failure and this indicates it was not her time to go. If we juxtaposition that with the overlay of JH who lived life blissfully happy and did not think about death at all, it would appear through no fault of her own it was time for her to die, but before passing over to the other side via the elevator, she had a mission as well. One of the things this drama has brought to mind is that we do not realize that there is a spiritual realm, and that our loved ones do see us and cheer us on, but we are blind to that until, like JH eventually unveiling to YSK for a particular purpose, we are able to see who really surrounds us. This has been particularly comforting as I have t hought often of my brother, who was killed December 2007 because a natural gas pipeline exploded on the highway. Many times, I have felt his presence with me which brought both comfort and tears. Just a few of my thoughts.

  43. 143 Victoria Stuard

    PS: It is sad and unfortunate that In jung lived in such a shallow world and could not see the blessing of care she received from JH and her family. Her heart was small, small, small, whereas, even if JH did not present her good intentions well, she was generous and basically kind hearted. With friends like In Jung, who needs enemies. Et tu Brutus.

  44. 144 swui

    Oh I cried so much…I believe I started right at the moment YS-YK met and continued right until the scene where MinHo cried…it was so very sad….

    and BSB looks really the lil’-lost-boy…the way his face contorted and the tears fall…OMG I even felt for him…

    After reading all the comments, I think the sentence that the girls owe the guys so much…gave me a hint on why JH might die…maybe it’s her way of giving back to HK…must be something relted to saving him…

    That said…this is the best drama I’ve seen in a while in terms of story …of course the acting is generally great too. But the unexpected twists…man, my jaw was like :O at the cliffhanger…the last scene that did this was the scene whr YK acknowledge MH cos I totally didn’t see this coming…

    I don’t mind how the story ends…for that I meant the coupling…because this writer is seriously good. I mean I saw Brilliant Legacy and Prosecuter Princess as well…but it’s like the writer’s skills just got even better…I love this story!!!!! Am gonna be real sad when it ends…

    now I need to rehydrate and counter my tears with some laughs from BL. Busy busy busy…

  45. 145 hannah

    Some ppl are saying if JH is to die what’s the point of her 49days journey but I cannot agree with this. So much happened during the 49 days, how can it be for nothing?? If it wasn’t for the 49 days she will not know the truth about her so called bff and fiancé, gained a true friend in YK, realised true love in Kang, fought off the evil and saved her dad’s company, learned and grew as a person… and really we would not have this drama. 😉
    She collected the 3 tears and as a result woke up, that doesn’t make her immortal. If it’s her time to go it can’t be helped. Life goes on. YS wants YK to move on and I think JH would want Kang to move on and be happy as well. If Kang &YK are together in the end, I’d rather have that than nothing or worse YK with Dr Noh. Anyways all this will be answered in tonight’s episode, even if the answers may not what we want/expect. Thank you JB for your wonderful recap!

  46. 146 YY

    Ok I botoxed up my tearducts so they won’t shed another tear. So tired of this infernal crying that starts as soon as I think of the ep. I look a mess, puffy eyelids so swollen I can’t see through them properly, bloodshot eyes and a tomato-red runny and sinussy nose to rival Rudolf’s.

    I saw the preview for the last ep. Didn’t understand a word, but just started crying. Ji Hyun goes for a first – and last – date with Kang-ah? So so sadddd. It’s like their love never ever had a chance. The last-date scenes in Kor dramas never fail to make me cry. Gosh, I’m tearing up again….ok think Botox….think desert….think scorching sun….don’t work…..IT’S JUST SO SADDDDD…..

    And that last tear? So sad if it turns out to be Min Ho. Cos it would mean that he loves her despite refusing to admit it all this time.

    What a show. I think a large part of its appeal to me is the moving script, and in the lead character of Kang-ah. This drama has been pretty much like Kang-ah, quiet and understated, yet so stirringly powerful and poignant and tender in emotional moments. Truly a special show, so glad I watched it. Best kor drama of 2011? Quite possibly.

    • 146.1 Kang ahhhhhh I miss you already!

      another commenter who deserves the LIKE BUTTON….

  47. 147 SHY

    What an ending??!!! Unexpected twist yet again.. But as seen in the preview for ep 20, Scheduler told JH that her last 2 tear came from Seo Woo and someone else but not YK.. So does that mean, JH and YK are sisters?? or that is not JH’s real mother and the pure tear come from her?? So many questions in my mind rite now??!!! aRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

  48. 148 rae

    so okay…
    ever since I read recaps, I didn’t cry while reading those tearjerker scenes until this one… and the scenes are so bright but sad… how could that be? Thank you for the quick recap.. hehe…

    I really love the story and ever since it went out, I am really hooked… what to do now that it will end tomorrow? Will they add two more episodes? How could other dramas satisfy me now if this drama so overbearing with tears, happiness, and whatever? haha… well, I just want to tell the world… “This drama?! I won’t seem to forgive this for making me hooked into! haha”

  49. 149 crzycpl

    GAH! The goodbye speech from Yi-soo killed me. I couldn’t stop bawling and it still brings tears to my eyes when I read your re-cap. And the kiss! It was so sweet. It wasn’t just one long peck. It was several small yearning kisses, because he knew this would be it. Forever. Goodbye. OMG, JIW, you killed this noona with your acting!! I am going to subscribe to every future JIW drama, regardless.

  50. 150 mysterious

    I just rewatched the goodbye scene between YK/YS and oh my goodness it is absolutely heartwrenching! The reunion tore my heart out; their goodbye stomped on my heart, ran it over with a steamroller and put what was left into a wood chipper-there is nothing left! That has to be one of the top ten saddest things I have ever watched in my entire life. The brave smile he puts on for her only to have his tears come as soon as he turns away; YK watching him vanish knowing that she will never see/touch him again-it’s like losing him all over again. (Oh and the music is stellar in this drama-it adds so much like that extra push to shove our emotions in overdrive.) Yes she got a proper goodbye this time but that doesn’t make the pain any less intense-for him or for her. THIS is exactly why I’m afraid to fall in love. I’m afraid to love someone (intensely) out of fear of losing them. I don’t think I would be strong enough to handle it. I know the drama stresses moving on but that is easier said than done. Aahh! I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Why do you have so much control over me! Darn you, 49 Days!

    • 150.1 tyni

      my thoughts exactly! his smile. that cruel goodbye smile. made my heart stop beating T.T

    • 150.2 mysterious

      Oh and one more thing: the ratings for this drama are waaayyy below what they should be! Everyone went on about Chuno and shows like that but for me this was sooo much better! I didn’t cry with Chuno but I was blubbering with 49 Days and believe me it takes a lot to make me tear up let alone cry! Chuno (& Jang Hyuk) was amazing but tragic-these characters in 49 are amazing, tragic, but there is that sense of hope that wasn’t in chuno. 49 definitely deserved to have ratings in the 20 and 30 percentile range (too much competetion I think from other shows). But even w/o the ratings it will/does have a following like You’re Beautiful. Ok no more talking from me-my hands are tired. 😀

      • 150.2.1 asianromance

        the writing for 49 days definitely deserves higher ratings! But when I think about how far it has gone – from somewhere around 8% all the way to 15% – that’s a pretty good accomplishment and really shows that the drama knows how to deliver and to keep the audience engaged enough with the later episodes to talk about it and recommend it to other people so they can join in later on.

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