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Best Love: Episode 5
by | May 19, 2011 | 229 Comments

Yay, what a zippy, fun, character-development-packed episode. Plus there are more puns, zany references, running jokes — I’m nigh drowning in them. In a good way, of course.

It’s also the first episode that got to me emotionally, which is GREAT. I love that phase of a drama that goes from pure comedy to emotional attachment, but pre-Big Angst. Eee!


Best Love OST – “두근두근” (Thumping heart) by Sunny Hill. This is the KBSN song we’ve all grown familiar with, whose title is an onomatopoeic sound that indicates the thumping of a heart. [ Download ]

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Pil-joo accompanies his PD friend on a scouting trip, having turned down an invitation from Se-ri. Paused at a red light, Pil-joo spies the big banner touting Ae-jung’s appearance at the nightclub.

No wonder, then, that he drops in to see her, only to hear (from Fake Dokko Jin, heh) that Ae-jung canceled her performance at the last minute and left.

Ae-jung wakes up in the car — which is now parked at a different, more scenic locale. She walks out to a dock overlooking an amusement-park castle on the water (as cherry blossoms waft down), and comes face to face with Jin.

Trust him to ruin the romance of the moment by pointing out the very romance of the moment, saying, “After being in such a pathetic reality and finding yourself here with me, don’t you feel like you’re dreaming?” Well, when you put it that way…

She’s oblivious to the mood lighting and fantasy ambiance, wondering instead what happened to her nightclub performance. Jin tells her he bought it: “That performance on the day of your 10-year anniversary of your debut, which you waited for while eating a suffocating chunk of kimbap — I bought it.”

She doesn’t understand why, and he replies that it made him angry: “I don’t like you doing that.” He concedes that it’s understandable she’d be confused when he can hardly believe it: “There’s only one answer to all this. What do you think it is?”

She thinks for a moment, then lands on it: “Dokko Jin, it can’t be… Do you like me?” Jin: “Ding-dong.”

But lest you think he’s about to get all sentimental, he adds, “Yes. Which is why I feel like a disgrace.” Whew! Way to be a charmer. It’s like he’s channeling Gu Jun-pyo’s ego AND sense of boyish romance. And maturity level.

Pil-joo, meanwhile, is bothered at the memory of seeing Ae-jung sleeping in her car outside the nightclub — which was then driven away by Jin. Pil-joo asks his friend about him, and hears that he’s dating Se-ri.

Back at the cherry blossoms, Ae-jung confirms that Jin is confessing his feelings for her, using the customary word go-baek. He replies, “It’s not a go-baek, it’s a ja-baek.” Pffffft! Heh, he’s subbed one word for “confession” with another, but the one he uses is the kind a criminal makes when being interrogated by the police.

To pin the blame on her, he says that he’d resisted as long as he could, but she kept pestering him until he had no choice but to cop to his (shameful) feelings.

Ae-jung: “In any case, you’re saying you like me.”
Jin: “How many times do you have to ask?”
Ae-jung: “I just can’t believe it.”
Jin : “You may not believe it, but numerically, it’s true.”

HAHA. To make his point, he glances at his heart monitor, grimacing at its 110 reading. Ae-jung takes a look, and as she touches his wrist, the numbers start climbing. She wonders if his monitor’s broken, so he tells her to confirm for herself, and holds her ear to his chest to hear the thumping.

With a self-satisfied smile, Jin asks if she’s speechless with the honor and gratitude of receiving his affections. Is she trembling with the thrill?

Ae-jung says, “I do feel honored and thankful — but I’m not trembling.” Jin blusters that sure, she can play a little hard to get, only to have her set him down. She turns his words back on him: “There’s only one answer. What do you think it is? I don’t like you. I’m sorry.”

Cruuuuushhhhh. (His ego, I mean, not his over-palpitating heart.) Jin insists that this scenario should be like a dream for her — he secured this location and the scenery and the lights. How dare she upset this dreamlike scenario?

Matter-of-factly, she responds, “Because it’s a dream, I should wake up. Dokko Jin-sshi, I don’t want to feel all aflutter in my dreams. I have to live diligently with my eyes wide open.” She says she’ll pretend this dream didn’t happen, and he doesn’t have to feel disgraced.

She leaves him standing alone, feeling his beating heart.

Ae-jung drives home, only to have a pissy Jin catch up to her car and cut her off. Omg so immature, this overgrown manchild. He orders her to leave her car behind and get in his, threatening to tell everyone she rear-ended him (snerk) and he’ll fake injury, reminding her that he did as much for Peter Jason.

Into the car she goes. She offers to keep mum about this, if they could just put it behind them, and will consider today her chance to see some pretty flowers.

Growling, Jin offers to tell her flower story to match, and pulls over to explain a tale he calls “Camellia.” (Which may be based on a gay love story, whose original characters Jin actually twists around to fit his version.)

The hero of the tale a guy who had everything — good family, background, the works. One day, he looked favorably upon the neighborhood loser, and made his feelings known. But that loser rejected him — so how must he have felt? More than just a little embarrassed. But, that loser had a beloved chicken — and the rejected hero started to torment that chicken. So what happened? That loser cried ever so pathetically that she’d been wrong, sobbing underneath the camellia blooms.

“I’m searching carefully now — Gu Ae-jung, what is your chicken?”

Gah! I’m starting to think Jin’s not just egotistical, but downright unhinged. He plucks a cherry blossom petal from Ae-jung’s sweater and says maniacally, “Away with today’s shameful cherry blossoms of my heart — the camellias of revenge are blooming bright red!” Uh, this guy IS our hero, right?

Later that night, Se-ri calls to thank Pil-joo for the flowers he sent in place of attending the fanmeeting, and invites him to the wrap party. He declines, so she retracts and says that she was just throwing it out there, whatever. Pil-joo asks her if Jin’s with her, and she says no; he, of course, is thinking of seeing Jin with Ae-jung, but Se-ri lets his interest flatter her vanity.

Jin pulls up to his own house, without bothering to drop Ae-jung off at hers. She stays in the car, feeling miffed at his high-handedness, refusing to go into his house: “Do I look that easy to you?” Jin: “You don’t look that hard.”

He clarifies that he doesn’t want her to go inside with him — she ought to go home. Perplexed, she informs him that he’s a pretty strange person; normally, a guy whose advance has been declined will either walk away coolly, or try to change her mind. Jin replies that he has no interest in either: Instead, he’s going to make her (heart) tremble. HAHA. He warns her to prepare herself, because he fully intends to make her heart thump at the thought of him. He means in attraction, right? ‘Cause I can think of a few other emotions that might cause palpitations.

Ae-jung just sighs, telling him to have at it; she’s got a pretty cool, easy-going personality so she can accept his childish antics. “I’ll consider you at Hyung-kyu’s level and let it slide.” Recall that Hyung-kyu’s her young nephew, also known as Ding-dong.

He takes up that gauntlet and tells her, “You’re quite beautiful tonight.” Which elicits this reaction:

Hee! That’s a line from the Fake Dokko Jin, and he challenges her to make good on her word to “accept” his behavior (the word they use has the connotation of doting on, or cooing over, as with a child).

So Ae-jung accepts that challenge, pats him on the butt, and says in baby-talk how cute he is.

He grabs her hand and tells her not to mistake him for Ding-dong, because the methods of doting on a 7-year-old and a 37-year-old are vastly different. So how ’bout she try that again, and do it right? He jerks his head toward the house, then starts to lean in closer, and closer…

Ae-jung pushes him away, saying that he’s going to give her palpitations. He replies that palpitations can lead to fixation, and “One day, you’ll find that flowers bloom in the background.” In his case, she’ll find camellias as his backdrop. Muahaha.

Omg. Forget the possibly unhinged — he’s downright dingbatty. He goes home laughing crazily, congratulating himself for making a good rebound from humiliation. That would depend on your definition of “rebound.” Also “good.”

Ae-jung looks up the Camellia story and imagines how it would play out with them. To her shock, despite the poetic, flowery language, the content is unmistakably…sexy. (It hints in vague terms at tumbling over with the wind and being buried in camellia flowers.) Ae-jung gasps, wondering what Jin intends.

Jin’s amusement park lighting event is turned into a PR move by President Moon — Dokko Jin romances Se-ri with midnight date! — who tells Se-ri that it was better than entertaining more breakup rumors. Se-ri asks if Jin is dating, but President Moon waves that aside, saying that he’s not the type to do that kind of thing for a woman.

The story makes the rounds with Pil-joo (who knows Jin wasn’t with Se-ri) and Ae-hwan (who remembers Jin taking Ae-jung away that night).

Jenny takes the story at face value, figuring that Se-ri’s really done well in her career. Ae-jung asks Jenny if it would be burdensome receiving a confession from Dokko Jin — if the woman were someone of her level, there’d be too much of a gap between them, right? Jenny laughs that that would mean Jin’s stock would plummet, akin to “stepping in crap.” Ae-jung vows not to become that crap.

At the agency, President Moon wants to speak with Ae-jung and asks her to wait in her office, which is where Ae-jung finds Jin. She vacillates over whether to stay, then decides that she should play this cool and sits down across from him.

Jin asks how she slept, and she says she had a good night’s sleep. He replies, “I couldn’t sleep, thinking of you. To be more specific, thinking of your chicken.”

He’s found one such chicken, and shows her the flyer from her nightclub performance: Attending events without the agency’s knowledge is a breach of contract. She asks for the flyer, and he stuffs it down his shirt. LOL. And then his back pocket.

Just as she’s reaching for it, President Moon walks in and asks Jin pointedly about yesterday’s events. Jin answers that he just viewed some flowers, and makes a show of taking out the folded flyer.

Ae-jung looks at him pleadingly, and he prolongs her anxiety before tossing it in the trash, then leaving with a wink. Gah, Cha Seung-won, why are you so sexy when you’re not being an eccentric nut or a drunk, crotchety grandpa?

President Moon finds his explanation fishy, but assumes his flower-viewing partner was some other woman. She explains to Ae-jung that this is the first time Jin’s scandals have had this melodramatic touch; the Se-ri scandal arose after she followed him around (she had a crush), and they were photographed together by paparazzi, so President Moon figured to use the rumors rather than blocking them. But this time, there’s a huge CF hanging in the balance, and a bad scandal could derail things.

Turns out President Moon is thinking to give Ae-jung an album, which is great news. Ae-jung vows to not worry about other things (like turning into crap) and to work hard on her career.

At the studio, she runs into the Couple Making PD, who comments about seeing her poster at the nightclub. He promises to keep it a secret, but since Pil-joo also saw it, Ae-jung visits him next.

He makes a comment about never having been to a nightclub before, always having thought studying was more fun. Ae-jung says his mother must be happy to have such a good son, and remarks that she’d like a son like that some day. Pil-joo says, “To have a son like that, you’ll have to marry a man like that.” Omo omo! Did our oblivious doctor actually make an advance? Eeee!

Ae-jung doesn’t pick up his other meaning and just says that men like that tend to obey their mothers, and those mothers won’t accept her as a daughter-in-law.

Pil-joo: “Men like me sometimes disobey.”
Ae-jung: “How?”
Pil-joo: “We purposely do something our mother dislikes.”
Ae-jung: “Alcohol, smoking, gambling?”
Pil-joo: “No, not that. This is a secret… I eat ramen. My deceased father used to say that we should always listen to what our women say and make them happy. But sometimes we don’t understand and get angry too. So then, Father and I would cook ramen together. We’d eat a ton of that, and eat Mom’s food unappetizingly as our sole form of rebellion.”

That’s so adorkable. Ae-jung sighs, “I really have to have a son like that,” which makes him smile like the cutest little boy ever.

At the CF shoot, Jin and Se-ri pose while muttering under their breaths back and forth about Jin’s flower-viewing date. Se-ri says that she should know who it is, and that if she meets a guy, she’ll be sure to let him know. She advises him to make sure she’s a good catch, “Otherwise I won’t let you go.” Jin mutters back, “Even if you meet someone who’s not a good guy, I’ll be sure to let you go.”

President Moon and Ae-jung are on their way to a meeting with a songwriter when a call comes in needing attention: Jin has put a halt to the CF by refusing to proceed.

The reason? The ad requires him to shave off his trademark facial hair, and he isn’t having it. The others try to persuade him that it’ll be a good look for him, and when Jin pointedly asks for Ae-jung’s opinion, they all frantically indicate that she should agree. Caught off guard, all she can say is, “Well…”

Jin takes advantage of that hesitation and reaffirms his refusal. Ae-jung finds him in a green room to try again, this time rattling off everyone’s comments about how he’d look more handsome without the facial hair, but he’s enjoying putting her into this awkward spot and reminds her that he’s still looking for her chicken. Lol, if that’s some kind of euphemism, I don’t even wanna know.

Jin asks for her opinion of going clean-shaven, disregarding money and CF contract matters. Ae-jung thinks for a moment, then says honestly, “I think you’d look handsome.”

Ding-dong! Jin: “Really? Then I’ll shave. I’m doing it because of you.” Ae-jung, confused: “Then if I told you not to, you wouldn’t?” Jin: “Naturally.”

In exchange, though, he requires one thing of her. What could that possibly be?

Next thing we know, Ae-jung is standing there awkwardly with bright red lips. The photographer gives her instructions to kiss Jin on the cheek, to leave her lipstick mark. Hee!

Ae-jung quickly gets it over with, but not to the photographer’s satisfaction. After many dissatisfying attempts leaving subpar lipstick imprints on Jin’s cheek, the photographer is throwing his hands up in frustration and Ae-jung’s nerves are shot.

Jin sees her discomfiture and tells her to close her eyes and stay still, then guides her to kiss his cheek — at which point a heart starts thumping. And from the looks of it, it just might be Ae-jung’s.

Lying in bed restlessly that night, she recalls Jin’s ominous words about making her heart thump at the mere thought of him. When washing up, the photo of Jin on hair product’s label suddenly springs to life, jumping off the flat surface like a menacing Thumbelina (-o?). He glowers and vows to make Ae-jung’s heart thump. So random and wacky, I love it.

A phone call arrives from “Camellia” (hee! another change), who’s outside, ready to take her somewhere. Ae-jung retorts that she’s not about to go anywhere with him, but he laughs, “But your heart is thumping right now. You’re best off seeing it through the end to confirm it. That’s what I did.” And we see how well that worked out for his sanity.

But it has a certain twisted logic (if only feelings could actually be worked out of one’s system), and Ae-jung tells herself that taking this through to its conclusion will allow everything to return to its rightful place — an argument Jin had also used.

Manager Jae-seok reports to President Moon that he suspects Jin is out secretly with someone again. He has a habit of seeing his movies in the theater on opening and closing day, and today’s the last day Fighter is screening. Jin always drags Jae-seok along, but tonight he let him off without a struggle. Fishy, fishy!

In the car, Jin wonders aloud why he likes Ae-jung — she of the cheap clothes and poor situation. Not flattered at that, she grumbles, “How would I know?” He replies that he has nobody else to discuss this with, actually wanting to discuss the dilemma of liking a problematic woman with the woman in question. Ha.

He asks Ae-jung if she has some kind of mystical energy, which might explain how she controls his feelings. Or maybe she’s got some sexual energy. Anything to deflect the responsibility from himself. She returns that she lacks those, but has a touch of the wacko energy in her, so he’d best watch himself before she unleashes it on him. He throws her old scandal in her face, laughing that yes, that particular skill made her slap Se-ri and turned her into a washed-up has-been. Ha! Ha! HA!

That sours her mood, and she says that he always has to say things meanly, in a ddong-ko way (her early nickname for him, a play on his surname, meaning butthole). Though it’s not in retaliation, he drives right over a speedbump just as she’s taking a sip of flavored water, and the spill stains her white shirt red.

Jin actually feels bad this time and hands her a tissue, telling her to wipe up. She automatically wipes the spill from his car, and he amends, “Not the car, yourself.” Aw, progress! She’s thoroughly out of sorts with him, though, and tells him to forget it.

The writer and PD of Couple Making meet with Pil-joo for a planning session about upcoming dates. The writer worries about the cruise date, which took the most effort to set up — Ae-jung can’t get that one.

Pil-joo asks why not, and is told that the cruise has been planned with an ultra-luxury shoot in mind, and Ae-jung would bring it down with her “air of cheapness.” Ouch. Pil-joo doesn’t like that either, though the producers don’t notice as they muse that on the other hand, seeing Ae-jung amid the luxury could be entertaining for the fish-out-of-water aspect.

The writer suggests that they could make Ae-jung do a Titantic parody to up the humor level. Pil-joo likes that even less, so when the writer checks, “You do know what a Titanic parody is, right?” he plays dumb and says no. Hee!

Not only that, but he’s actually offended and says in a hilariously miffed tone that he won’t eat with them. With a pout, he leaves.

That means Pil-joo has to drop by the convenience store for some instant ramen instead, and when he reaches for a bottle of water, he imagines Jin laughing at him from the label and purposely picks a different brand.

Se-ri runs into Pil-joo in the lobby and waits for him to notice her, and this time he does. She sees his dinner, and he invites her to join him. She declines, since she has a shoot tomorrow and she’s been studiously watching her diet today to keep her looking her best, but he waves the bag enticingly. Eek! Having just eaten a bowl of ramen and resigning myself to the dreaded bloat-face to follow, I cringe for Se-ri.

But it’s cute that she gives in, more for her dinner companion than anything else, and takes just one bite. He points out that she left out the kimchi, so she agrees to another bite with it. And pretty soon, “one more” turns into an empty bowl, soup and all.

She has regrets the instant her brain regains control over her stomach, and wails that she’s doomed. Bloated face means press scrutiny and internet comments about how she must’ve gotten injections, et cetera. Seeing her worry, Pil-joo calls his clinic and has some medicine set aside to be sent to her first thing in the morning to help with the bloating.

Se-ri offers to treat him to dinner in return for the dinner she ate, and that gives Pil-joo an idea. He asks for a favor instead, and requests that she nix the whole Titanic parody idea for the cruise date. She doesn’t really know what this is about, but agrees readily enough.

That gives Se-ri an idea, and she suggests a movie instead of dinner.

Speaking of movies…

Jin pulls into the parking lot, and when he goes over a speedbump, he puts out an arm to brace Ae-jung against the (hypothetical) impact, which is hilarious and also sweet, especially since he’s feeling sorry for putting her in a bad mood and hyper-aware of possible triggers. For the second speedbump, he all but rolls to a stop as he goes over, and she has to smile at that. So. Cute.

Jin sends Ae-jung ahead while he waits in the car — can’t be seen together! — and turns down her offers to buy refreshments, saying crabbily that he can’t abide noisy snackers. She makes her way to the VIP room just as Jae-seok arrives, armed with camera, reporting to President Moon that he’ll be sure to suss out Jin’s date.

Another group is on its way to the same screening: Se-ri, Pil-joo, and the two producers. At the PD’s comment that Pil-joo has developed an interest in Dokko Jin, Se-ri’s interest — and vanity — are piqued, since that can only mean interest in HER.

While waiting for the others to grab snacks, Se-ri asks why Pil-joo’s interested. She pointedly refers to Jin as “my boyfriend,” because in her mind surely Pil-joo’s not concerned about Jin specifically, but whoever it is that happens to be her boyfriend. Life must be grand in the Se-ri Galaxy.

Jae-seok sees Ae-jung entering the VIP theater and guesses in shock, “It was Ae-jung noona?” This throws him into confusion, because he doesn’t know if he should report this to President Moon, who’s expecting news.

As Ae-jung sits alone in the empty theater waiting for Jin, she tells herself, “I can come this far. This much is okay.”

Catching sight of the stain on her shirt, she heads to the bathroom to wash it out. In that meantime, Se-ri arrives with Pil-joo and recognizes Jae-seok, thinking nothing of it until she registers his shifty behavior and his insistence that she can’t see the movie.

Immediately guessing that Jin is with another woman — probably the same other woman from the other night — she corners Jae-seok and pesters him for the name.

Pil-joo wonders what’s going on, particularly when he spies Ae-jung in the distance, who hides her face when she spots Se-ri and slinks off. In the lobby, she ducks away again to avoid being seen by the producers.

She drops her hat in her haste, and Pil-joo picks it up to return it to her. Thoroughly rattled, she thanks him and asks him to not tell anyone he saw her, then dashes off nervously. Aw, poor disappointed Pil-joo. Eek! I knew this would hurt — and it’s only the beginning!

Once safely out of view of acquaintances, Ae-jung stops to collect herself and wonders with some self-disgust, “What the heck are you doing?”

And then, to twist your heart even more, next we see Jin sitting in the empty VIP theater, in front of a table laden with all the movie snacks he hates. AW. He looks around wonderingly, sadly, and jumps to answer when Ae-jung calls.

Sounding stressed, she tells him that coming to the theater was “as far as this goes” for her. When she says she won’t see the movie with him, he protests that he even bought popcorn and potatoes for her. At that (potatoes = his Camellia story!), she replies that the potato is “really, really, really frightening.”

He asks, “Did you leave because you’re afraid I’ll get your chicken?” (Which I swear doesn’t sound that ridiculous in Korean.) Ae-jung sighs that yes, she’s afraid — of herself for not avoiding his tormenting. She wants to be cool and easy-going, but what will he do if she actually asks him to catch her?

And as she talks, Jin gets up and stalks out of the movie theater.


Wow, so quickly we arrive at mutual attraction! No complaints here — I love when a drama gets going quickly and doesn’t drag its feet. We all know where this is heading, so let’s get there already, yeah?

I’m sort of amazed at how much development occurred in this episode, and that it happened pretty believably. I didn’t expect Ae-jung to tune in to her attraction this soon, but I’m pleasantly surprised with it. It also makes sense that despite her general like of Pil-joo, Jin’s the first one to evoke a physical, uncontrolled response. I love the way she played her fear of the discovery, because she has every reason to run away, despite the outer benefits of linking her name with his — and that she knows that there’s enough there to land her in some serious emotional trouble if she allows herself to open that door.

In the beginning, I was ready to write Jin off as a hero I just didn’t click with — I find Cha Seung-won’s comedy hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny even, utterly wacky and refreshing, but too exaggerated and manic at times. So while I got where the writing was taking him, I didn’t feel completely at one with the emotional throughline.

Until halfway through, of course, and then Jin got all decisive and blunt and assertive. I had been feeling a lot of Hwang Tae-kyung (You’re Beautiful) similarities with his character, which is enjoyable on one level but also veyr familiar, so I like that they veered away in this episode by making Jin so frank about everything. Tae-kyung was the master of hiding his feelings, but Jin has no qualms about informing Ae-jung that he’s shaving off his mustache for her, and that he’s determined to make her feel for him the way he feels for her.

Better yet, he’s not cloying or sentimental about it, but refreshingly matter-of-fact. Once he lays off the manic energy, it goes from unnerving serial-killer intensity to heart-tugging hero stuff. And the Hong sisters are great at taking little moments to show development, like Jin not caring about the water spill in his car. And buying all the snacks she wanted. There is hope after all!

And on top of that, we have a sweet, thoughtful, adorably nerdy doctor second lead? And I love the heroine for all her genuineness and down-to-earth sweetness? And the rival’s bitchiness-to-entertaining ratio is appealingly, thankfully low? It’s like I’m in heaven.


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            No “melo suffering in this drama” YET.

            I am not even going to try to guard myself against the pain the Hong Sisters will bring us. I just know I will be crying and crying and crying until I run out of tears.

            First they get you to care for their characters, then they rip your heart right out. Darn them.

            …freaking Hong Gil Dong schmatzen fratzen fergun show…

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            I love PANTYMAN too!!!

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            i didn’t think that i could love any of these actors any more than i already did (especially CSW!!), but wow, has best love proved me wrong.

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    I have the same feeling as Javabeans. I finally develop an emotional connection to the character CSW is playing. Finally, I feel that there is believable chemistry and spark developing between AJ and Jin. And yet, YKS’ performance is amazing too. Somehow I feel like I am in heaven seeing CSW, YKS and GHJ playing the triangular relationship because they make the Kdrama formula so refreshing and poignant.

    I cannot wait to see episode 6. Thanks javabeans again!

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    Hong Sisters sure always surprise me πŸ˜€

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    OMO..my heart gonna be hurt more and more because i’m a big fans of Yoon Kye Sang..(sigh..) finally can finish Road No.1 last night just because that is one of his work..
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    • 23.1 Sethe

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      I’m thinking of stalking Cha Seung-won. Anybody know where he lives?

      • 23.1.1 Elle-Emme

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        • Sethe

          Oh, wife schmife! In my fantasy world, she’s irrelevant, and he would just see me (uh, yeah, stalking him) and fall head over heels in love with me, and decide he needed to make MY heart pound when I saw him or thought about him. (Never mind that it already does… I’d play it cool, so he’d never know.)

          • YT629

            What about his two kids? I think I read somewhere that his son’s in high school. It did freak me out a little that I’m closer in age to his son than him, but it still hasn’t stopped my delusional ajusshi crush.

          • antonia

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            i know shame on me!!!

      • 23.1.2 antonia

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      • 23.2.1 leonardswench

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      • 23.3.1 antonia

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        • Pela

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          Only other scene so transparent in trying to bring out the perviness is the pool fight between Henry & Sam Shik in MNIKSS …

          Not that I’m complaining, mind you ….

          • antonia

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    Dokku Man Child is adorable.

    Dokku Man is dangerous.

    As IF she could resist him, not because he is a movie star, but he feels like he would NEVER give up.

    He looks like he smells so nice, too, doesn’t he? I just about died when he winked, but when he looked at her during the kiss scene, I went to heaven. This man is…(cue Bruce Springsteen…) whoh oh oh he’s on fire…

    I made this for CSW:

    But don’t think I don’t love Pil Soo, and wish that his heart will not be broken, as it will:

    • 26.1 Sethe

      Ooooh, I love your CSW video! Thank you!!!!

      I love how he can go from badass to intense yearning to goofy, all in the same scene.

      And who else totally checked out CSW’s ass? Yeah, it made me blush, but I still had to look πŸ˜‰

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      I confess I was saddened by listening to the Pil-Soo video’s song. The song seems to reflect a certain sadness, eminent loss, gut wrenching heartache, it’s all knocking at the door to Pil-Soo’s heart. Who will be there to comfort him in his loss of love?

      Shall we have YY make a waxy of Ae-Jung for Pil-Soo? Or will you, Jomo, be willing to step in?

      Say, did you hear that your PIE, hurt his spine filming the Duo? Is he all right? Have you any more news to share?


      • 26.2.1 Jomo

        I didn’t know about aggy PIE. Don’t like when they go back to work mixed in with the words “pain killers.”


        Poor Pil Soo WILL suffer. He has to. He is the second lead. I thnk he will finally be soothed by Seri, but not until we all cry buckets for him.

        • Sethe

          Am I the only one who doesn’t give a crap about the doctor? Yeah, he’s cute and sweet and all that, but we already know he’ll get the shaft, right? (As all sweet second leads do πŸ™ )

          • antonia

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    The I agree with JB that this drama has a speed on it, its amazing. Its is proceeding very fast. Only 5th Episode has been aired, and already confession of love from CSW…wowwww.

    This makes me wonder what the next 11 Eps will be about….eager to watch 6th ep. asap.

    I am not a a fan fo PJ for getting AJ’s love, so I hope he will end-up VERY fast with Se-Ri (who was more adorable and funny in Secret Garden) so we can watch their funny antics getting around with each other…

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    The heorine is Jeom Soon – a rich girl. Everyone tried to shine up to her since her back ground, except the hero – very naive and dull boy.

    Jeom Soon loves him , so she expressed her emotion giving him a boiled potato, but he turned down.

    It hurt her pride so she harassed his precious chicken. He couldn’t stand and decied to pay back. He harassed her chicken. But he killed a chicken by mistake. The boy was so scared, because Joem soon noticed that. So he begged her not to tell her father. And you know under the Camellia tree…… the end.

    So Dokgo Jin got a new nick name – DokgoJ oemsoon or Joemsoon Dokgo ^^

    • 35.1 Jomo

      Thank you for that!

      I don’t understand the nickname – Is it a combo of their two names, or does it mean he is Joemsoon’s Dokgo?

      • 35.1.1 602pyk

        It’s a combo of two name

    • 35.2 antonia


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    Really, thanks for the preview on this! πŸ™‚

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    And yay! Mutual attraction by episode 4! This is not the usual line to follow,but its very good.

    Thank You for the recap!

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    • 40.1 antonia

      Me tooooooooooooo. he looks good without it but it’s not the same πŸ™

    • 40.2 Jomo

      No, omg, when she was kissing him right near his beautiful uncluttered mouth…gageez that was hot…all he had to do was turn his head a a tiny little bit to *gasp* catch her chicken…
      I’ll be waiting …………………………………………. over here for that moment. Not patiently, and I will try not to hyperventilate thinking about it.

      • 40.2.1 antonia

        that scene was pretty sexy… but why did you make me think of chikens? lol
        pantys, chikens, flowers blossons CSW is giving new meanings to every word he said (the kind wich makes me hyperventilate too)
        ding dong

      • 40.2.2 Sethe

        Hee hee… “catch her chicken.” Why does that sound so dirty in English? Guess it’s not the same in Korean? (Or maybe it is, and that’s another joke?)

        Anyway, CSW can catch my chicken anytime! (I don’t even know what I mean by that, but anything involving him and me is fine πŸ˜‰ )

        • antonia

          “I don’t even know what I mean by that, but anything involving him and me is fine”

          oh oh
          as anything CSW does he does it well, then anything involving him must be fine. elemental logic

  41. 41 Readone

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    Just one word for this drama: “AMAZING!”

  42. 42 matamis

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    • 42.1 Jomo

      He reminds me of Christopher Walken, who actually for all his strangeness is a handsome young man.

      I guess the strangeness of DJ adds to the resemblence.

      • 42.1.1 Sethe

        Christopher Walken, really? He’s always so creepy!

        But if you mean his character in… oh, what’s it called?… Sarah Plain and Tall, then maybe I get you. I never loved that movie, but my mom and sisters were really into it.

        And despite his creepiness, Christopher Walken has been really funny on SNL.

        • Jomo

          Yeah – that’s the combo – romantic, strange, funny, slightly threatening. OK in CW’s case, VERY threatening…

          • Sethe

            Yeah, didn’t Christopher Walken play a character on SNL called “The Romantic, Creepy Dude” (or something like that)?

            I do love the romantic, threatening type… don’t all women secretly want to be dominated/overpowered (in a not-illegal and not-unenjoyable way) by an intense, passionate man?

          • Jomo

            Thanks for clarifying the “not-illegal and not-unenjoyable way” because I totally agree.

            Where’s Linda165? (because she will make fun of me for saying this…)

            CSW’s hands tell the story of where this relationship is headed. When he wanted her to listen to his heart, he placed his hand on her (very vulnerable) neck. Same for when he wanted to relax her before the kiss, his hand went there again. This time, she didn’t fight him, and was visibly soothed.

            She hasn’t been afraid to touch him, either. I like how handsy they are with each other.

          • antonia

            jomo love what you said about his hands… you’re right she’s confortable now with his touching (who wouldn’t???)

          • Linda165

            Did somebody called me? Something about an amazing pair of big hands?

          • Jomo

            oh hi Linda165, waving normal sized-hands,

            I didn’t say they were big hands, but now that you mention it, did you notice how tiny her neck looked with CSW’s very LARGE (and effective) hands on them?

            I have to watch each scene he is in several times just to take in all his beauty: eyes, nose, chin, ears, top, bottom, sides, hands…

          • Sethe

            “effective” hands, really???!!! Oh, why’d you have to go there?

          • Ani

            Wow, I’m recollecting my teen year phase when I went through heaps of harlequin novels (my friends call them sensual, some people would call some of the material pretty trashy). Thanks guys for pointing out his “big” and “effective” hands. Now, while watching the drama, it’ll be one of the many things about the man that I can’t take my eyes off. *facepalm*

          • Jomo

            You said “PALM!”

  43. 43 Molly

    Gah! I am in love with this drama. I adore Dokko Jin. He is such an individual. He is completely deranged and different from all the other K-drama leads. And I love my men assertive. I lurve our dorky doctor too! He is so cute, he shouldnt be allowed. I have decided that Ae jung can take her pick and I’ll have the other. Im all for either one.

    Also this is turning out to be my fave Hong sisters drama since all four main leads are so brilliantly drawn out. I actually love all of them. Even the supporting cast. In the other dramas, there was always someone in the cast I just could not stand. In MGIAG and DGCH I hated the second female leads, they had no redeeming qualities (Jae hee, Lee Suenggi and Shin Min Ah I will forever love you- especially Jae Hee). In YB Go Mi Nyu was cute but too stupid for words (although Tae Kyung was glorious, and how cute was Jeremy?). In My Girl both the second leads riled me up (one was a coward the other a bitch). Watch out MGIAG and DGCH (my fave Hong sisters dramas) because Best Love is coming through.

    • 43.1 Sethe

      Totally agree. This may indeed turn out to be the best Hong sisters drama.

      There’s nobody in the cast I can’t stand (so far). Dokko Jin is a totally believable character (within the context of the drama) and Ae-jung is neither stupid nor annoying (due to helplessness or rudeness mistaken for toughness). Also, the humor’s not as slapstick/juvenile as the Hong sisters’ humor sometimes is — maybe because the characters are older?

      Anyway, absolutely loving it so far.

    • 43.2 antonia

      i’m with you. it’s turning the best hong sisters’ drama. i watched my girl HGD and YAB (YAB is one of my faves dramas ever) but this is wayyyyyy better. i love every character. but most of all i looooooove Pantyman πŸ˜‰

      • 43.2.1 Molly

        I completely forgot about HGD! I am ashamed. I did love that drama too- sigh Kang Ji Hwan! But this one takes the cake. And yes it is probably because the characters are older, and played by experienced actors who have a solid body of work (with the exception of Yoo Inna, but shes getting there). Youre beautiful is lovely! Probably one of the cutest dramas I have ever come across. But Go Mi Nyu drove me up the wall. I mean even nuns cant be THAT clueless right?Unless you were raised in a box, with no contact with the outside world? But otherwise it was brilliant! Even Uee did a good job. And all three band members took my breath away. But i will always love My GF is a Gumiho and Delightful girl Chun hyang due to the RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS chemistry between the leads. And a solid storyline, which was totally different. And I love Jae Hee (sigh sigh sigh) and Lee Seung Gi. Forever. Did I already mention that? Oh well! It can not be repeated enough.

        And Panty Man is delicious. And Dr Dorky is (as JB puts it) ADORKABLE. I just love how they are both total opposites of each other. Whats a girl to do? Go for the insanely sexy deranged lunatic actor who is completely self obsesssed and a little threatening? Or the adorable puppy dog faced doctor who is too cute for words but will probably get tied up to that Se Ri (against his will might I add)? Ack! Cant. Choose.

        • antonia

          delicious or adorkable…. i choosed before the drama began. i’m goiing for the yummy delicious one!!!!

          • Molly

            I am so confused though. Since they are polar opposites, they appeal to different sides of me. However I have always fancied psycho gorgeous men more then sweet doctors. Oh what is wrong with me? My mother would kill me if she knew I gave up a doctor! Yeah I love Panty man.

  44. 44 milan1010

    its just getting better and better….and CSW without facial hair is sooooo fine….give that 90’s leading man feeling.

    • 44.1 drisris

      CSW’s facial hair is just too thin. I often fantasized about shaving that face clean throughout City Hall, and since Best Love began. I love that he accepted the self-effacing humor “Cow” the Hong sisters have written, and agreed to shave it off for the show. But OMO, my heart fluttered and I stilled the screen to gawk at how handsome CSW is without that facial hair. Wow, I hope he keeps it off. It has impressed me so much, that I had to submit this post, as I have no one else (in my reality life) who could understand the obsession I have with kdramas, nor even care about CSW’s facial hair. Thanks dramabeans for enriching my reading/viewing.

  45. 45 tikaa

    YKS smile is just pure love!!!!

  46. 46 sisa

    i’m thinking Se-ri’s like Kim In Hee of personal taste..

  47. 47 BJ

    Loving this show!!!!!! It’s clicking all the right button for me!! Can’t wait for more!!

  48. 48 Celest

    When PilJoo practically told AeJung to marry him in the scene in his office I almost spitted the noodles I was eating. YKS is knocking my socks off as PilJoo. He has got to be the cutest second lead, in terms of character, ever.

    Makes me wish there was like a spin off drama where he can get the girl *cough cough*Festival*cough cough* πŸ˜‰

    • 48.1 momosa

      Yeah! Love him to bits, so glad he’s back to light dramas, can’t wait to see his cutest smile!!!

  49. 49 Annie

    Oh my gosh. Jin is so sweet and romantic… Swoonz.

    Thank you for the lovely recap! =)

    • 49.1 bluebook7

      Swoonz indeed! When Jin waved to Aejung from his car while still on the phone with her…he looked so good! I can’t believe this is the same Cha Seung Wong that did “Bodyguard” back in the day.

  50. 50 Ace

    I love this episode! I also got Tae-kyung vibes from Dokko jin, plus it’s the 5th episode and I’m surprised that I’m not more annoyed with the second female lead. I’m thankful for that coz I really love Yoo Inna and wouldn’t mind hating her later on but not for now…

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