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Best Love: Episode 7
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So much cuteness, I can’t even stand it. But better yet — character growth! Relationship evolution! Hilaaaaarious oneupmanship of the best, most ridiculous kind! Ahh, it’s SO GOOD to have a Hong sisters drama on the air.


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So Jin totally wrecks the budding truce he has with Ae-jung by acting like an ass and propositioning her, calling her “easy,” and sends her straight into the arms of the good doctor.

He slaps his face away to avoid looking, and finds his body turning back of its own accord, and grabs his sweater to whirl himself back around. He staggers off like some kind of impaired robot, half of him trying to turn back and the other half forcing him away. How can such a poignant moment be so ridiculously wacky? Oh, right. We’re in a Hong sisters drama!

At home, he’s confronted with the spilled potatoes, which Ae-jung had been intending to turn into curry. Revenge is a dish best served alone?

Dad chides Ae-hwan for meddling about the music video and reminds Ae-hwan about the actor Ae-jung had dated back in the day. That had led to the scandal about her using the star as a launchpad for her own acting career; what if history repeats?

Ae-hwan protests that this time it’s different — he’s sure Jin likes Ae-jung, and that the Se-ri thing is over — but Dad barks at him to remember the last time, when Other Dude also liked Ae-jung, but backstabbed her in the end anyway and turned her into a man-stealer.

Ae-jung admits to Pil-joo that she was crying out of embarrassment. She can usually handle being thought of as easy and dirty because she knows she isn’t, “But today, I felt like I really did come off as easy and dirty, which made me feel ashamed.”

Pil-joo reminds her of her initial outburst when she’d called herself a national treasure (kukbo) that couldn’t be bought with 10 billion won, and says, “I couldn’t do anything when our nation’s number 1 treasure was hurt, but when the national treasure in front of me is hurt, I promised I’d heal her.” (He refers to Sungnyemun, the Namdaemun gate listed as Korea’s top national treasure that was destroyed by arson in 2008.)

Ae-jung jokes that she was actually Kukbo number 2, in terms of age, which he turns into more punning: “Ah, you must’ve been the tahb.” She misinterprets, saying that they were popular so yes, they were at the top. He corrects her — he meant the Wongaksa Pagoda (stone pagoda = seok-tahb) that’s listed as treasure number 2.

Ae-jung: “Wasn’t that Dong…dae…mun?” Pil-joo: “You’ll have to study more.” Cute.

Jin eats his sad little curry at home alone, noting, “Curry without potatoes is disgustingly untasty.” But he eats anyway, the potatoes untouched beside him, which is pretty heart-tugging either way you interpret it: Either he’s stubbornly convincing himself he doesn’t want them, or he can’t bear to cut ’em up and eat them alone.

The next day, Jin has lunch with President Moon, who asks if he’d agreed to appear in Ae-jung’s music video. Jin barks that no, he hasn’t made any agreements.

The mood turns strained when Ae-jung joins the party, having been called so that they can clear out the air after the A-B-C fight, since they’re all in the same management family. Jin retorts that she’s not family, she’s a dependent (i.e., moocher), and says pointedly that she’s so shameless that saying this to her face isn’t likely to embarrass her.

Ae-jung agrees, saying that she won’t be embarrassed when she can just blatantly ignore him — a prospect that alarms Jin. Like a little boy with his pride nettled, he has to strike back, and when Ae-jung declines to order the expensive A Course, he mocks her about picking cheaply to please the president. (And then looks worried when she doesn’t respond to the insult.)

President Moon steps out for a moment and is puzzled at the atmosphere — she’d actually called this lunch to observe them together and confirm her suspicions, and here they are being all chilly.

When Jin tries to excuse himself, Ae-jung tells him that he can’t — not when he has to promote her album and appear in her video. Or is he going to refuse, since he didn’t get the sex he so wanted last night? While he gapes at her incredulously, she tells him she’d assumed he was “writing an innocent novel” with all his blathering about Camellia, but given his recent behavior, she’s downgraded him to 뽕, the name of an adult movie. HAHAHA.

She says ominously that he’d better do her video: “You’ve got a butthole for a mouth so when you open it, we know what comes out. But I’ve got a bomb for a mouth: When I open it, things explode.” (Erm…just as long as we’re not combining the two…) She continues: “So about last night’s events — shall I open my mouth and write a book about it, or shall I sell an album with you appearing in my music video?” She advises him to choose the expensive route, “not the cheap one, if you want to look good to me.”

She stalks out muttering to herself that she can ridicule him just as much as he ridicules her — which is when he chases her down and wrist-grabs her around the corner to ask what she’s doing. Is she threatening him into doing her video, or lashing back from injured pride? “Whichever it is, just pick one, instead of confusing a person.”

(Note: The word “confuse” refers to feelings, as though he doesn’t know how to draw the lines to identify which emotions go where. In dramas, we’re almost always talking about a person being confused with romantic feelings.)

Ae-jung: “What’s there to confuse? Think whatever you want. You do that anyway. I treated you like a person to use and mock, didn’t I? Then consider yourself used and mocked by me.” He grabs her and says, “Fine, I’ll become someone you can really laugh at, so use me. But do it properly, so you don’t confuse me.”

With that, he tells President Moon that he’ll help with the album, and wants all the best people assembled. When she presents the plans to the Gu siblings, they’re stunned at the all-star lineup, who are so beyond their level as to be burdensome.

At home, Jin regards his potatoes with the gravity of a general about to leap into battle, telling them that their existence will be decided based on Ae-jung’s actions: If she signs that contract, that means she was just going to use him for her career and potatoes become meaningless. With a sideways glance, we see the pot of water boiling on the stove, awaiting use. LMAO.

Ae-jung, however, is feeling torn and knows that she’s being tested. Her brother pleads with her to think carefully, because while he agrees that it’s a difficult place for her to be in, if they can score a hit with this one song, they can position themselves for a more successful future.

She signs, and Jin takes his potatoes to meet their demise. In goes one, then two, but curiously he’s got tears in his eyes and he can’t drop the third, which sets off his heart monitor. Deciding that the shock may do him in, he puts it back into its bowl, telling it, “Consider yourself in prison.” HAHAHA. Oh, why so cute?

President Moon is shrewd enough to know that this is a pride battle between her clients, and asks Ae-jung if signing has hurt hers: “If you stuck to your pride and didn’t sign, you’d have lost your chance but been able to capture his heart.” Ae-jung says she has no intention of claiming his feelings, and is in no position to give up this opportunity.

President Moon tells her she did the right thing — because if she’d stuck to her pride and continued to rattle Jin’s feelings, she would have cast Ae-jung aside: “You’re quite realistic. Maintain that.”

Trust the Hong sisters to draw the parallel before we can: Jenny says that the president’s just like all those hard-nosed mothers-in-law in dramas who refuse to give up their precious sons to the heroines. Ae-jung points out that this makes her a non-heroine, because she accepted the deal that heroines always reject. Jenny assures her she did the right thing, and that she shouldn’t see Jin anymore anyway since he’s treating her like a gold digger. Besides, she doesn’t like him anyway, right?

Ae-jung agrees, consoling herself with that thought. Until she steps on Pororo accidentally, who chides her not to lie.

Se-ri visits Pil-joo to ask about the anti-bloating medicine he’d given her earlier, asking if she could double up to lose more weight. He advises against it, and assures her that she’s thin and beautiful already. She fishes for a few more compliments, gratified when he calls her one of the country’s most beautiful.

She demurely says, “I am called a national treasure.” Remembering his kukbo conversation, Pil-joo calls her number 4 (keke), which she takes the wrong way. Pil-joo clarifies that he meant by age, but nods understandingly, “Ah, so were you also fourth in popularity?”

Se-ri happily notes that Pil-joo is very interested in national treasures, and he replies that he’s developed quite the interest lately. She drops the tidbit that she’ll be breaking up with Jin soon (which is why she wants to slim down more, to elicit sympathy), yunno, just in case that should interest him.

Ae-jung’s father has decided to end the ruse that he’s Se-ri’s father and return the expensive Oriental medicine balls. He’s eaten three of the ten, but figures it’s better late than never, right? Only, when he calls Pil-joo’s mother to return the box, he finds her at a grand opening for a barbecue restaurant, and can’t resist the pull of free, high-quality meat. Oy! Talk about bringing new meaning to selling your daughter for a cow.

Jae-seok notices that Jin’s feeling down because of Ae-jung, but saying that aloud is his folly: Ominously, Jin motions Jae-seok close and says in his best Mi-shil voice (accompanied by eerie Mi-shil theme song!) that managers are human and can make mistakes, “But my manager can’t.”

Jae-seok is invited along to celebrate Ae-jung’s album, which is a conversation that draws Jin’s interest; he’s particularly gratified to hear that they’re trying to lift Ae-jung’s depressed mood. He figures, “At least she has a conscience.”

Jenny urges Ae-jung to perk up and sing a song, but when she stands, she steps in a wad of gum, just as they notice a fly buzzing in the air. So there she is, stomping awkwardly and flailing at the air — and this weird “dance” is what Jin sees when he arrives with Jae-seok, which stings his pride.

Miffed, he drops a cake box on the table and sulkily takes a seat. Jae-seok makes the monumentally bad call of choosing G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” to sing, because Jin chafes at the lyrics that (hee!) hit too close to home:

“I don’t give in, I’ve still got uses
My body was wrecked because of you, dreams destroyed, heart burned
For you, I could fly, I’d run to where you are
But you said goodbye again and again
What’s the reason you don’t want me?
Your annoyed expressions tell me everything and make me sad
But I still like you, still ask for a chance
I hate your heart that’s turned away, your cold gaze”

Jin tries to contain his irritation, but finally jumps up with a roar…and joins in the chorus:

“Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker
What did I do wrong?
You’re ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker
no way no way”

Oh my god. I’m dying. And with that, Jin clutches his heart (Get it? Heartbreaker emotionally AND literally?), overdoing it. He steps out for a break, and Ae-jung follows him to check on him.

He admits to saying some harsh things that day, and suggests that if she were to say that she didn’t come to his house just to ask for a favor — if she intended to also make him curry — he’ll be understanding. Oof, it’s so sweet when you’re grasping at straws.

She tells him, “You don’t have to understand,” mumbling that she’s just thankful to him, and turns to leave. Jin grabs her shoulder, just as her heart starts to thump.

Asking for a minute of her time, Jin takes off his heart monitor and puts it on her wrist: “If for one minute you don’t go outside the safety zone between 60 and 90, I’ll just keep being that person you’re thankful to.” (Meaning: I’ll back off.)

They stand there watching as the numbers climb, hitting 90, then 100. Unnerved, she breaks free and asks pleadingly for him to leave her be: “If I want to continue earning my keep, I can’t let myself tremble because of someone like you. Please leave me alone so I can live between 60 and 90.”

There’s a logic to that (his very own, in fact) and Jin accepts it resignedly, taking back the monitor without looking. He pulls out the pen and gives it to her, explaining that that’s why he’d gotten angry — because he found the pen in the ball pit, but she’d lied to impress the doctor.

Jin: “Are you embarrassed now that your lie has been exposed? But I’ll understand you anyway, because you have your own circumstances. It’s impressive, that a thing like you has turned Dokko Jin into a laughingstock. Don’t go spreading rumors.” He starts to say something about the cake, but stops himself and goes, looking pained.

When Ae-jung opens the cake box, she finds her lost shoe. The other three in the party guess that Pil-joo bought the replacement so Ae-jung wouldn’t worry, which makes Jenny ooh over his consideration. Ae-hwan argues for Jin instead, while Jae-seok points out that while Jin has the bad personality, women are always drawn to the bad guy.

Jenny retorts that she’s not like that, which perks both men up in interest, who then scramble to offer her refreshment. She picks both their beverages, saying, “I want both.”

Pil-joo apologizes for the lie, perceiving that he’s made Ae-jung feel even worse, and wants to fix it. She admits that the pen caused a “frustrating misunderstanding” but it doesn’t seem fixable — not when she’s already taken the bite (the contract) and isn’t in a position to give it back. Ruefully, she tells Pil-joo that the only thing to do in response to the bite is to wake from the pain.

At home, Jin sighs — he wanted Ae-jung to try to explain her actions. It’s sadly sweet that he’s looking for any excuse to forgive her, but she feels so bad that she can’t even offer that up. Awww. So there he goes fondling that potato again, deciding sadly, “However I torment or grab or test her, there’s only one answer — I have to admit it. I’ve… fallen into a shameful one-sided love.”

And then! He notices something on the potato — a sprout. And since potato sprouts are poisonous, he declares that he must cut it out.

Except that… instead, Jin puts the potato into a wineglass with water. OH MY GOD that’s so silly and sweet.

Ae-jung contemplates her shoe, practicing a few lines: “Dokko Jin-sshi, I didn’t lie to you. I came to cancel my words about never, ever liking you.” Alas, she decides against actually saying them.

Next we see, Jin is dressing in a sharp suit, telling himself that to keep from betraying that he’s fallen into a pathetic one-sided love, he has to look even better than usual. He waters his potato, figuring, “Whether it’s poisonous or not, it’s grown this much, might as well keep raising it.”

Ae-jung readies for another TV appearance, and tells her brother that she wants to talk to President Moon about cutting back their excessive album production budget. Ae-hwan cheers her up with news of a star auction for Couple Making, which will be including one of her personal items: her sneakers. That makes her hesitate, but she agrees to let them go.

Only, she has second thoughts and decides to retrieve the shoes — except she runs right into Jin on her way, who’s at the station to discuss a documentary special. After a brief greeting, Jin leaves without attempting conversation.

Ae-jung’s disappointed but continues on her way, only to be rebuffed by the automatic turnstile because of her frog suit padding. She decides to hop (snerk) the barrier but struggles because of the unwieldy costume — which is when she’s swept off her feet (literally) by Jin, who reappears to carry her over.

They have a brief, polite conversation about her TV spot, and he’s actually quite mellow and restrained, even wishing her well. When he walks off, Ae-jung frets, “I wish he’d gotten angry instead — why’s he acting so cool?”

She decides she’d better not retrieve the sneakers after all, because she’d be tempted to keep wearing them: “And if I wear them, I’ll want to run to him.”

Pil-joo asks Se-ri to clearly define her relationship with Jin, not realizing how she (mis)interprets that question. She explains that a celebrity breakup carries extra complications, and that they have to take care of image and contract factors as well. Pil-joo guesses that if one side finds a new love interest, that third party can end up hurt. Se-ri warns him to be very careful, assuming he refers to himself, because in her mind it’s all about her, her, her.

Jin and Jae-seok run into the youngest writer on the Couple Making team, who explains that she’s readying the site for auction. Jin recognizes the shoes she holds, and muses glumly that Ae-jung’s getting rid of them after he returned them to her.

Pil-joo comes along and also sees the shoes, which the writer accidentally drops. When he moves to pick up one, Jin steps in and claims it. They have a silent showdown as Pil-joo says pleasantly, “I think you should entrust that to me.” Ooh, fight! Fight! Fight! Jin hands it back to the writer instead, advising her to be careful with it, because “If you drop it, anybody can claim it’s his.” Pil-joo comes right back with: “Please entrust it to me. I’m not just anyone, am I?”

Both men check out the auction site, where Ae-jung’s sneakers have the lowest bid by far. Jenny and Ae-jung are aware of the situation (they’re at a mere 30,000 won, or about $25) and Jenny wants to put in a bid herself, but is stopped by Ae-jung. Which is when they notice that the price shoots up to 500,000 — Pil-joo’s bid.

Jin sees the update and refuses to let the shoes go to “just anybody” — not when “the very special me found them.” Boom! 1 million won it is.

Pil-joo sees the price jump, suspects that Jin is behind it, and has a moment of manly pique. 2 million won!

Jin tells himself to butt out and not turn himself into a laughingstock…but then has the fantasy of Pil-joo romantically returning the sneakers to Ae-jung. 3 million won!

Pil-joo guesses, “He must really not want me to take them. Then…I’ll have to take them!” The writers watch the climbing prices with shock — 7 million! 8 million! Oh lordy, I love these two grown men acting like children. Mine’s bigger than yours, indeed! (Bank accounts, I mean! Naturally.)

Just as Pil-joo enters his bid of 10 million, a client enters the office, whose child trips over the power strip, shutting his computer off. So what does he do? Races to his receptionist’s computer for this “emergency” — only to find the auction has ended.

Jin congratulates himself: “The special Dokko Jin has won over the just-anybody doctor. HAHAHA!”

And then he comes to his senses, and turns his victory fingers accusingly against himself: “Why’d you do that?!” Jin pleads for forgiveness with himself, just as his hand attacks his face. OMG. Giggle fits all around.

Se-ri’s curious about the auction winner, who checks out to be some guy in his mid-twenties. But the bigger problem, which the writer confides to her, is that the other bidder was Pil-joo. Se-ri realizes, “Then the Kukbo Sonyeo he was interested in…was Ae-jung unni?”

Pride wounded, Se-ri gets the idea for her petty little revenge when a reporter comes by asking for info on the auction. She tells him that nobody knows who the winner is, in this age of internet ID’s. Why, it could have even been Ae-jung herself.

That’s the story that breaks, and suddenly Ae-jung is under suspicion for boosting the auction to promote herself. She confirms with the producers that she didn’t do it, and they worry that if the real buyer doesn’t reveal himself before their shoot tomorrow, where reporters are sure to crowd, it’ll be assumed she did it.

Jae-seok offers to step forward, since the shoes were bought with his ID. Jin shoots that down, because it’ll still look bad — he’s a manager from Ae-jung’s agency, so the effect will be just as bad.

Ae-jung tries to assure her family that it’ll be okay, and they encourage her to ride out the false rumors, that she can hold her head up because she knows she didn’t do it. But Hyung-kyu asks innocently, “What’s a sponsor?” because people have been saying that Ae-jung bought her own sneakers with her sponsor’s cash. And then, “Why do they call Aunt a rag?”

Ouch. Ae-jung gently tells Hyung-kyu not to use those words, and also reminds him not to tell people at school that she’s his aunt, which is kinda heartbreaking. And when she washes out a rag that night, she looks at it sadly with its frayed edges.

The next day, the broadcasting building is knee-deep in reporters. Ae-jung apologizes to the producers for the disturbance, while fielding nasty looks from the other cast members. The PD tells her to address the mob before the shoot, which rather seems like throwing a lamb to the wolves to spare himself, in an effort to tamp down the chaos.

Pil-joo arrives, having read the articles and seen the crowd, and watches Ae-jung apologizing to everyone, feeling for her. On the other hand, Se-ri pushes to have Ae-jung cut from the show, saying that whenever other variety shows have issues with cast members, they cut them before the matter is even settled. (Ouch, but true.) The writer counters that they know Ae-jung didn’t do it, and says that they’ll decide after seeing the press’s reaction.

It’s not bound to be pretty: As soon as Ae-jung steps out to address them, she’s swarmed with cameras. Overwhelmed, all she can say is that she doesn’t know, and tries to work her way out of the crowd.

In the jostling, she loses a shoe, and the reporters pounce to get their shot. Pil-joo grows angry on her behalf and starts to step forward, but Se-ri stops him by saying that his involvement will only make things worse for Ae-jung.

Just as things hit their frenzied peak, another figure steps forward and announces, “They’re here!” It’s Jin, holding up the sneakers, and the reporters rush to get their photos.

Jin joins Ae-jung and poses with the shoes, declaring, “The person who bought Gu Ae-jung’s shoes is me, Dokko Jin!”

The audience oohs at this dramatic turn, and that’s before Jin actually kneels before her to put the shoe on her foot.

The reporters marvel, Ae-jung stares at him wide-eyed, and Jin…winks. Ahh, you sexy bastard!


I love that the story is moving so swiftly, with both parties having acknowledged their feelings to each other (hers are coded in the heartbeat, but the essence of the moment is understood by both). So now, at less than halfway through, we have plenty of time to mine the other stuff that often gets left out of dramas of this ilk.

We flirted briefly with the fandom/fame aspect of a public relationship in You’re Beautiful (and Last Scandal, and My Princess, and Mary Stayed Out All Night), but aside from the concept of the Magical Press Conference That Clears Up All Misunderstandings, we didn’t get to explore a lot of the other side of the romance — the part where the party has to deal with the fallout of being together. It’s one aspect I liked about A Star’s Lover, except that in that drama, everything was so drearily melodramatic and grim that I had a hard time enjoying the romance once it went public.

I love the idea of Jin possibly being brought down low because of his association with the Queen of Unliked Celebs, and while I’m not positive that’s where the show is going, I look forward to it if it is. Can you imagine, Se-ri getting all the sympathy and our couple dealing with the all that other stuff — reputation, image, netizens — tearing at them? Plus there’s the crafty agency president, who’s already made her stance clear. This is a show about showbiz — so let’s really get into it and integrate that showbiz aspect, rather than using it as mere window dressing to make them celebs in name only. So many dramas incorporate chaebols, stars, and other famous people, but don’t really do much with it other than said Magical Press Conference That Clears Up All Misunderstandings.

I’m looking forward to a rom-com’s angsty moments being something other than (1) denial about feelings or (2) meddling others jealousy stepping in, so this should be interesting. Ooh, things are about to get good.


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      Personally, I love it. Sometimes that’s the very best way to respond to criticism.

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        It’s actually a legitimate love triangle and dilema! I know the whole “do you go for the bad boy or the good boy ith the “safe path”” has been done before (oh has it) but I think this is one of the few triangles and “dilemas” I actually see being a legitimate one.

        Not saying that Gu Ae Jung has this dilema – rather, the viewer for Gu Ae Jung.

        • Sethe

          I like what you said here. I love how PJ and DJ have both so clearly and unabashedly staked their claim — to the shoes and to AJ 😉

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          • swui

            Yes I agree…love how they kinda”fought” for AJ…the shoe scene where they had a verbal war right up to the bidding war…(I was manicly clapping my hands in glee)

            And I LOVE that both the male leads are LOADED. LOL…as opposed to the poor vs rich. Here they appear evenly matched! And for once the second lead are not afraid to express himself and do SUCCESSFULLY get to declare his love for the lady earlier to give himself a chance and not just hide behind his good deeds. (YAB drove me insane because of this..)

            Although I honestly think that in KDramas, the guys always have to be kinda loaded in order to be able to lavish the kinda special “events” for their heroines…

  10. 10 Yvonne

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    aww! this episode confirlmed 2 things for me:
    1. Dokko Jin may likely be certifiably insane
    2. He is also really, dorkily sweet (imagine! when the 2nd lead is also doctor dork^^) and I lurve him

    I was so happy that he explained the pen misunderstanding and used the shoe to back it up instead of wallowing about it for ages – the last pen-hiding twist seemed almost like a step backwards from the keeping-things-said pattern, and I’m so glad it’s out there

    • 12.1 aceyyy

      Also I was wondering, about the sponsor/rag thing. Beyond the relatively innocuous celebrity/sponsor meaning, aren’t there more sleazy, base connotations here? I was quite D: when the boy said it

      • 12.1.1 haneul.

        Yea… they were talking about the negative type of sponsors. Basically what they were saying is she is sleeping with a rich guy, and he is supporting/using his connections/money for her to be a celebrity. Alot of celebrities in Korea have rumors about this kind of activity. (Ex:Kim Ah Joong is rumored to have worked in a hostess bar and met her sponsor there)

        *Just saying a rumor, not stating fact

    • 12.2 gustave154

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      and that auction scene was full of dorkness xD

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    • 14.1 swui

      this is a rom-com…I don’t think anyone of importance dies in a rom-com. At least I have NEVER seen one!

      • 14.1.1 Mia

        There was ‘Flowers for My Life’ but that was an exception not a rule (And what a great exception!!)

        BUT Swui you are very right. I highly doubt ‘Best Love’ will have a death, a sudden bout of cancer, or a grandpa who collapses from shock (CSW not that old yet 🙂

        What you said about GAJ kissing skills have got me worried now! BUT! I have complete faith in CSW and complete faith in the ACTING skills of GAJ….If Cha Seung Won wanted “more” from a kissing scene would YOU deny him? I would zip my lips and take every piece of direction he gives….or rather….unzip them…..the lips that is!


        • swui

          Let’s hope GAJ is as susceptible to CSW’s lips like we are…LOL…that’ll totally light up the screen!

        • Sethe

          I’d unzip more than my lips for CSW. (Juvenile giggle)

          • Mia

            *Schoolgirl Blush and Chortle*

            I need a heart rate monitor – BUT WAIT! We already changed that into a sexual innuendo too!

            ….I can’t believe there’s 9 more episodes of potential….unzipping.

            Of plots of plots! I’m ALL about plot progress!……Character growth….Learning experience…..

            *fans self* How many more hours till episode 8?!?!

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    • 15.1 Osiasta

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    We can only hope. Boy, I sure hope that’s the case. *heart heart heart*

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    This drama is genius. The actors are the best. The Hong sisters are my idols. Dramabeans you’re absolutely lovely for doing this.

    *Runs of to get Vitamin Water*

    • 22.1 Jomo

      How many times now has one or the other demanded or offered or asked about “sleeping with me?”

      They both know the other is thinking about it. The audience can feel the heat coming off DJ at AJ. Let there be a pay-off that we deserve.

      Ooooh…what if the angst happens after she caves and they worry that people will find out? Or, is it too much like other dramas CSW starred in?

      • 22.1.1 h311ybean

        Totally agree on the pay-off. The lead characters are full-grown adults!

        And now I need to get back to work myself.

      • 22.1.2 Sethe

        Oh, yes — “the heat coming off DJ at AJ.” The man just sizzles! If CSW stood close behind me and wrapped his arms around me and held my hands… I can’t even imagine what I’d do. Probably literally light on fire from the heat.

        And yes, please let us have the kind of pay-off that the writers (and actors) are certainly teasing us with.

        • Mia

          Ah Sethe, the eros to my…more eros…

          I think you’ll be pleased to note that we aren’t the only ones combusting – the viewership went up five percent! (http://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Greatest_Love/Episode_Ratings)

          I am not quite sure what I will do when they actually have a kiss scene….Nose bleed? Fainting spell? Death?!?!

          Just thinking about the fact that CSW has a history of….passionate kiss scenes I think it’s scientifically safe to say (I have to add the word ‘scientifically’ or I’ll start sounding far too pervy and less analytical for the greater good of…knowledge) that we can expect something more than two, closed-with-all-their-PG-might lips touching.

          And here comes the nose bleed.

          • Sethe

            Yay! Happy about the ratings. This drama is so great, on all levels, I really want it to do well. (Not to mention, no one should miss out on the charisma and sex appeal incarnate that is CSW 🙂 )

            And oh my, “passionate kiss scenes,” indeed. Yeah, I’m not sure how I’ll handle the awesomeness that will be. But please let it come soon (but not TOO soon, cause I’m enjoying the tension and the build-up).

          • swui

            Oh so glad to see it doing so well…esp since 49Days has ended…then again, I wonder how city hunter fared…lol.

            Btw Mia, I know all about CSW’s AWESOME kissing skills but what about GHJ…I have not seen her in a porper kiss scene before…I wonder how good she is…I mean, it does take two to tango…CSW kissing alone is great but CSW + GHJ kiss = fantabulous! (I mean that’s why CityHall kissing scenes were great…KSA is a great kisser too)

          • gustave154

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            KBSN and Best Love FOREVER!!!

          • antonia

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            but girls thanks to your comments my ming is running wild…. right into combustion scenes!!!!!
            i had great expectations for the kiss. CSW has never disapointed me!!!

          • MADITA

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            I suspect that GAJ is not such a great kisser and hope to be convinced otherwise.

            At least, it will be great fun to read all the comments about DJ+AJ’s kiss-scene here at DB.

          • Sethe

            I’m not so sure it matters that much how Ae-jung kisses. I mean, really, are we going to be focusing on her AT ALL during a kiss (or bed, please!) scene?

          • antonia

            sethe you hit the point
            my eyes will be only for CSW’s lips

        • Chris

          “If CSW stood close behind me and wrapped his arms around me and held my hands…”

          Spontaneous Combustion would be in the VERY near future.

          • Sethe

            You know, I’ve admired (and crushed on) plenty of actors before, but I can’t think of anyone who’s made me as insanely ON FIRE (like, my whole body heating up and needing a cold bath… perhaps in chilled Vitamin Water) as CSW does. What is it about the man?

          • antonia

            Sethe i was thinking about it.
            maybe it’s because he has a perfect and tall body but lots of men have perfect bodies
            maybe it’s because he has a wonderful face but lots of men have
            maybe it’s because he has very very expresive eyes but lots of men have
            maybe it’s because he is an amazing actor but many actors are amazing
            maybe it’s because that little smile… but many man have amazing smiles
            maybe it’s because the wink…. no no men have the wink
            maybe it’s because he has it all
            no i don’t think so
            i think it’s because he exudes a certain adictive substance so powerful it gets to you even virtually. the alternative it’s that he hipnotized us… or maybe he’s not human but a god?????
            don’t know anymore…

      • 22.1.3 Mia



        The Hong sisters won’t be so cruel as to build up this sexual tension and let it…..stagnate.

        City Hall had a “bed scene” and damn it all I want one too!….I mean….Best Love wants one….for Best Love and Gu Ae Jung…of course.

        • JAM

          Really? I didn’t think ‘bed scene’s happen in rom com but here’s wishing they’ll just go get a room already! so funny to read all the reactions here by others – I kept laughing and going me 2! me 2! Never been so crazy since BoF and this pacing and writing is way better. thanks JB for the quick recaps!

        • gustave154

          there will definitely be a bed scene!!! theres too much sexual tension between these two. plus AJ is DJ first love so i hope ithe bed scene will be really special heehee (for him)

    • 22.2 Sethe

      I was inspired to get some Vitamin Water the other day, too. LOL. How pitiful am I, really? Next I’ll be eating nothing but potatoes and buying purple shoes.

      • 22.2.1 Mia


        I don’t really mind how they shove it in every possible scene:

        Pil Joo needs to talk to his crush Gu Ae Jung – Vitamin water!

        Buying ramen? How about some conflict over Vitamin Water!

        At a karaoke? Why choose the staple of alcohol when you can get high of diluted gooseberry juice?!!

        If it gives the crew, the writers (my loves!) and the cast more money then by all means let’s have them take a bath in the stuff!


        • Sethe

          I’d love to know how much sales of Vitamin Water are increasing due to this drama. Now if only they’d put CSW’s face on it for real…

          • Mia

            I just want his face…..

            But Sethe, I don’t think that’s the best of ideas. Can you imagine going around in the public with a bottle of Vitamin water going back and forth from one cheek to the other, being the recipient of fond awe struck eyes?

            I mean I can. But the public the public.

          • gustave154

            love how the vitamin water keeps appearing in this drama lol.
            Hong Sisters are geniuses

          • aceyyy

            hahaha speaking entirely anecdotally – i do think more people are buying vitamin water around school. or i may just be SEEING them more!

  23. 23 Sherlyn

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    i decided to comment this first…
    gonna get back to the recap…
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  24. 24 houstontwin

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  25. 25 imoan.naomi

    I love this show so much!

    On the flipside: Does Jin really think that confessing at this press conference will help Ae Jung, or is he so in love that he’s willing to tank BOTH their careers? I mean it’s terribly romantic, but not the most well-thought out plan.

    • 25.1 aceyyy

      i’m a little worried that history as described by ae jung’s father might repeat itself, given dokko’s self-preservation instinct. but since he’s come this far…. surely all we can do is sit back and watch the fireworks!

    • 25.2 Jomo

      I think he will use that moment to announce something clever about starring in her next music video, and that the sneakers are in it, too, and it is just for publicity.

      • 25.2.1 Mia

        I think the exact same thing!

        He’ll announce their music video and everyone will be not-in-the-know for a bit longer. Which I like. I don’t think I’m ready to abandon my romantic angsty relationship that is just (mainly) our two leads.

        Their is plenty of time for the public aspect of “stardom” and “coupling” (heh) so I would be happy if they do play it of as a “music video” announcement….

        Oooh! But…maybe one where Dokko Jin says that they will be a “couple” in the music video or something else to his (to him) one-sided-live advantage.

        • Jomo

          Maybe that is where the kiss will come from!!

          Although that is using a similar plot device from YAB. Music video as means to expose true feelings.

          • Mia


            Oh they will definitely twist it! LIKE maybe they COULD do a fake kiss scene (the crew’s sentiments being he is “dating” Seyi) but he will kiss her for real. OR it will be a music video about a one-sided love! OR……Ah, they will probably come up with something amazing.

      • 25.2.2 Glomp

        I agree! Judging by how Dokko Jin handled the A-B-C fight, I’d say that he thinks quick on his feet. Also, just not long ago he had decided that it’s a “shameful one-sided love” so I don’t think he’ll declare that he bought the shoes because he’s her admirer.

        I’m so looking forward to see our PANTYMAN’s potato sprout grow and eventually… bear flowers. =D

      • 25.2.3 antonia

        me too!!!

  26. 26 Jomo

    Thank for doing this so quickly. Is it because you are doing Shitty Hunter, too?

    So many perfectly drawn, set-up, and acted moments.

    I mean, really, the frog-suit scene! I marveled at how dignified, but cute, AJ looked in the silly outfit, at how DJ, with his thought drenched looks, conveyed his understanding of why she was dressed like that, his sympathy that she was dressed like that, and almost, his pride that she was dressed like that. By coming back and princess heaving her, he lifted AJ higher and higher out of the 60-90 safety zone.

    They were wonderful together when he put the heart monitor on her wrist, begging her to tell him the truth. Though there were continuity errors – they were close, he was holding her hand, then far, not holding hand, then close again. The drama of how he clenched her hand in desperate hope, went *POOF* for a second and it took me out of that moment.

    Can’t wait for subs. Even though I can read transcaps, it’s not the same as seeing the emotion of the faces as the words hit my brain at the same time. They have such powerful words coming out of their mouths, too.

    • 26.1 Jomo

      I forgot to share this.
      It took me about seven versions to get it just right.

      What am I thinking about at Work?


      • 26.1.1 anais

        Ha! You really aren’t lying about how you use your time! Brilliant.

        • Jomo

          It was my revenge on Visio for putting me through HELL every time I have to use it for work.


      • 26.1.2 bourbon

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      • 26.1.3 Daniela

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      • 26.1.8 gustave154

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    • 26.2 antonia

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      and the heart monitor – backhug scene!!!! Omo i almost faint… and his teary eyes while leaving… me dies

  27. 27 ahjummabunny

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    Loving the recaps, but I totally scrolled down just so I can comment.

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  30. 30 Linh

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  34. 34 Niki

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    i think Jin is going to say he bought the shoes to build up hype for Ae Jung’s upcoming MV…sort of like a teaser….that’d be very Jin-like of him. On one hand, he tries to “save face” in public, but in private he’s so honest and slightly vulnerable…albeit wacked-out. XD

    Aaahh…why so sweet? All i did was read the summary. Haven’t even set eyes on the raws yet and i’m melting into a puddle of goo. Thanks for the summary, JB. I eagerly await for “tonight’s” episode.

  35. 35 Mia

    Just one more thing,

    I ADORE how brave (the word fits though it sounds like it shouldn’t – or at least it should be used more so in this context) the Hong Sisters are being.

    I was expecting that the wrist-band-on-Ae-Jung’s-wrist moment was going to happen but I didn’t realize this soon! I have to say I admire a drama that doesn’t “hold back” till the last episode to blast us with that romantic moment we have all been expecting. Them springing it on us just makes me want to praise them with all my might and want to know what they can give me that I WASN’T expecting – though they have done this unabashedly well.

    Man I admire them.

    • 35.1 Jomo

      Yes, me, too.

      It is a rom-com. We know pretty much what will happen and to whom.

      The Sisters, however, figure out a HOW and a WHEN that we don’t expect, or that delights us in its freshness!

  36. 36 Amg1

    *It is Official*

    Best Love the best drama of the May season, how I wish that Lie To Me was as cleverly writing as Best Love, I must admit that Best Love is pushing all the right buttons!!

    Best Love Fighting!!!!! : O }

    • 36.1 Mia

      Oh ‘Lie to Me’ is such a joke – and not even a funny one.

      At least when ‘Mary Stayed up Allllll Night’ it was ridiculous to the comedic degree – laugh at it, not with it (never ever with it.)

      This drama though….wow, it’s blowing my mind how good it is.

      GO Best Love GO GO GO! (actually no….stay….like forever)

      • 36.1.1 Summerstorm

        Imagine if LTM went up against BL on Wed/Thu, its inferiority would be even more obvious and the ratings will surely nosedive.

    • 36.2 Ace

      Yeah, this is how a great rom-com is supposed to be. It engages our emotions well. That last scene was better and more exciting than any random kiss could be. Heat + Heart is always satisfying and it lasts waaaay longer in our memories…

  37. 37 mindofanempire

    I wished Pil-joo was the lead cause he seems to fit really well with Ae-jung :(.

  38. 38 sploosh

    Awww, am I alone in thinking that Pil-joo and Seri are super cute together?

    • 38.1 h311ybean

      No, I think they’re a cute couple, too. It’s just that Se-ri is currently still too self-absorbed, and Pil-joo all wrapped up in Ae-jung. (And the plot between the leads is really taking up people’s attention!)

      There’s still time for the show to bring them together, though! 🙂

    • 38.2 Daniela

      No, They are! But she has to win him. She’s so self centered and he is so nice. I dont want her to be like Ae-jung, but Se ri has to learn a few things from her.
      I dont want her to be his consolation prize, but if she changes for good and he ends up seeing it, they would look good together

      • 38.2.1 Glomp

        I think it would be awesome if she tries to win him over. I mean, we’ve seen too many self-centred male leads that changed for the better as they can’t resist the clueless female lead. How about a role reversal? The self-centred Seri finds herself drawn to the clueless, nice, dorky Pil Joon (clueless to her feelings ‘cos he’s too wrapped up in his feelings for Ae Jung)?

    • 38.3 Chris

      No you’re right. They would be even cuter if there were more scenes of them together, like the ramen one. But then Se-ri has to go and ruin everything by being a brat.

      When her attitude improves, more fans will approve of her for the good doctor. In the mean time, he just looks too cute pinning after Ae-Jung…but I’m also a second male lead sadist, so I find their angst scrumptious.

      • 38.3.1 Mia

        *Sips Vitamin Water and nods*

        I have to admit that (though I’m not proud of it) your term for “second male lead sadist” is a finely acute one. I totally don’t ever want them to get over the female lead that they (poor things) don’t get.

        Not that I think these horrible thoughts while watching them! But I do rather like (find, ADORE) the aspect of an unrequited love (*knocks on wood*) So when they suddenly end up with the evil female counter part I’m slightly bewildered and cheated – like, “THAT was what your love amounted to for the first lead? How dare you deserve my sympathy?! Pining for fifteen years minimum!”

        *Sigh* So at the moment I don’t actually want there to be some sort of romance or romantic consolation with the doctor and that other “national treasure” (ugh) – I dislike her, and I like him far too much.

        Perhaps….the two men could share?

        NO! No no no! Bad thought bad thought…..though the amount of jealousy and bickering…..Arrrggg! Pining for poor PJ it is….

        • th em

          “some sort of romance or romantic consolation with the doctor and that other ‘national treasure'”

          I really don’t think they’re going there, but if they wanted to they could just toss Jenny & Pil Joo together. That would render all Pil Joo/Se Ri and Jenny/Ae Hwan/Jae Suk speculation moot in one deadly blow.

          That’s far too devious to happen, right? Right?

      • 38.3.2 th em

        Oh, WAIT. Pil Joo’s dad taught him to gorge on ramen when he has woman troubles. (Which we all know are coming for him.) And Pil Joo and Se Ri have the ramen connection.

        Do they already have the transfer-of-second-lead-affections mechanism in place?

        • Chris

          Oh I can’t WAIT for Pil-Joo to go on a ramen binge!! Squee!!

          And I have long since come to notice that eating ramen or kimchi together in Korean dramas leads to love. I remember in one drama where the two leads tried to get some ramen and the second male lead barged in on their lunch together, so the guys sat on either side of the lead girl. Also you can tell when a couple is growing on each other if they go from fighting over meat in a reluctantly shared pot to lovingly transferring meat from one personal bowl to the other. Hilarious!

          And I don’t think Se Ri is ALL bad. I think she just has some misplaced animosity. I mean, how would you feel if you we constantly compared to someone close to you, and you always come up short handed? I’ve seen it happen with classmates and siblings. And though the parties involved aren’t doing the actually comparing, it will give one or both parties a complex. A complex you can see Se Ri still has when she freaks out not so much about Jin being with another woman, but being with one MORE popular then her. Ae Jung was and to some degree (See 1st & 2nd ML) she still is.

          Am saying that I like Se Ri? Not really. Does her complex make her guilt free? Absolutely not. But I do think she has the potential to be a somewhat decent person and obviously has some issues about whether or not people like her.

    • 38.4 Jomo

      Who wouldn’t look cute with PJ? If they show more scenes with SR before the inevitable big confess to AJ, we’ll all be thinking, “Don’t worry! SR is there for you,” when we are supposed to be heartbroken.

      I think YKS is causing a problem for the writers. He’s way too compelling to be Second Lead. They have to tone him down so we don’t get confused and put him in the lead position.

      If PJ ever decided to press like DJ gets to do, OTK? How could AJ resist? PJ has to be gentlemanly, and cautious, and not grab AJ in a passionate embrace.
      But how could that strategy make sense to him as a character when he knows that he is in full-blown rivalry now with DJ?

      I’d like to see how the writers play out his confession. Will it be too couched in words like “as your doctor?” “As a friend?”

      It would thrill me to no end if PJ does get to kiss her. If AJ’s final choice is not based on which of the men attracts her more physically, because they both do. But because there’s something in DJ she can’t afford to let go of. Not only that he needs her, which he does, but that she finds the solution to her emotional angst in him. I have no idea what that is, btw…

      • 38.4.1 Mia

        Leave it to Jomo to get all wise and knowing!

        I completely agree with you btw. I would dislike it very much if the female character chooses soley on the,

        “Oh I don’t know (and as hell if the viewer does) I just LIKE him – no I LOVE him – just….just ‘CAUSE”

        WTH!? How is that satisfactory (yet somehow were used to it to the point where we really don’t mind)

        I want our female leads decision to be based on things like (as you romantically pointed out) how Dokko Jin just couldn’t live without her. Because let’s face it – I am quite sure both male leads would make Ae Jung very happy (and she will make both happy too)

        But if factors such as his pure necessity on Dokko Jin’s part, a pure NEED to be with the other I find it more convincing to have “more passionate” feelings.

        It seems that a lot of second leads have the problem of “Not in time” (as seen in YAB metaphors) but I personally would rather have both confess within adequate amounts of time (aka GAJ’s feelings) and then work from there.

        • ahjummabunny

          you guys are making me crazy comparing this drama to you’re beautiful!

  39. 39 facephase

    I’m SO grateful to these reviews…dramabeans, you’re GODSENT! :’D



  40. 40 anais

    The Mi-Shil moment was awesome! I forget the other instance but a later scene also used yet another very famous and/or meta song.

    • 40.1 Jomo

      X-Files when the Doc figured out DJ was bidding against him?

      • 40.1.1 Mia


        Jomo and Anais both those were absolutely hilarious – SUCH a great use of background music.

        *Sigh* It’s a complete paarraadiissee (which is a great example of inappropriate and abusive music additions)

        • anais

          Ha. BOF – I think I experience Pavlovian shudders just at the thought of alllllllllmost paaaaaaradiiise.

          • Mia

            What struck me was how inappropriately it was being used too!

            Like when Kim Hyun Joongs character is about to be beaten to a pulp in a hockey match by the murderous Gu Jun Pyo after commenting on how “easy” it was to get Geum Jan Din in bed……

            “Almmoooosstttt paaarrrrradddisseee.”


          • anais

            Pffft. Yeah, inappropriate soundtrack – just yet another way in which that drama was whack, as far as production values are concerned.

      • 40.1.2 anais

        Ah, that’s right!!! That was so faboo! Just wondering to whom the nod was intended. Obviously the 30-something or older Americans got it. Was X-Files a cult hit in Korea as well? If so when?

        • Sethe

          Yeah, are they reaching out to an American audience, maybe? I mean, there was the Stephen Colbert thing, and now the X-Files (which I loved) — how great was the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully?

  41. 41 YoSoyHaru!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes i love this drama

  42. 42 ysang

    i recently watched Cha Seung Won on Family Outing! LOL! He’s somewhat like Dokko Jin! I kept laughing my head off last night! thanks for the recap! (off to read) =)

    • 42.1 anais

      Oooh!!! I wanna see!!! Details?

    • 42.2 anais

      I found one from 2009 on dailymotion… I presume this is the episode you meant.

      • 42.2.1 ysang

        the daily motion is not complete.. i have it in veoh here’s the link http://www.veoh.com/watch/v18845376sYH8Rb7Y hee! just look for ep 45 on this channel http://www.veoh.com/list/u/ramensoupsubs/offset/0/searchId/7718c069a29b586fb4c0e5a2bdb33836 have fun! XD

      • 42.2.2 Mia


        That one is not complete BUT if you go to this link there will be a complete list of family outing episodes (all subbed) and you will want to go to episodes 44 and 45.

        You get to see CSW in pjs and cooking breakfast (just pretend the family of 9 other people aren’t there!)


        • ysang

          i also watched ep 44 there but ep 45 is broken so i watched it on veoh instead. =)

        • Osiasta

          thanks mia CSW is hilarious in FM =)
          funny how when i see him i see dokko jin lol!

          • Mia

            No problem Osiasta!

            When your addicted you feel the necessity to condemn (I mean…introduce) others to everything and anything.

            I like how he has a strong sense of dead pan humor – more sarcastic and gruff. Reminds me a bit of how he said (in response to the question whether HE would ever put his hand on the car window cheek reflection of the girl he loved):

            CSW – …No…(laughs)

            Damn…I’m quoting interviews from the actors now…

        • anais

          Coolio… Thanks. 🙂

          Can’t wait. (rubbing hands together in delicious eagerness)

    • 42.3 antonia

      episode 44 and 45 of family outing are lots of fun…. i keep grining all the time
      and CSW is so funny bickering about cooking, fishing, modeling… he can do everything well!!!!

      • 42.3.1 Mia

        I love how he cuts the squid completely wrong. And then tells Sooro the right way to do it without any mistakes and in half the time…

        Family Member – “…So…did you do it wrong before?”

        CSW – “Yes.”

        Heheheheheh – who get’s HOTTER after admitting cute little foibles. ANd his strut/model walk….raawwwrrr

        • Sethe

          Oh, thank you! I’ll certainly check this out. I have most of CSW’s movies on my “to see” list, but have been hesitating for som reason… fearful, I guess, to see him less charismatic than in the present.

          • swui

            Don’t hesitate, I went on CSW-movies binge right after I finished CityHall….and he was good. I especially liked the poignant A day with My Son.

          • antonia

            a day with my son is my fave!!!
            but if you want to laughhhhhhh then jailbreakers

          • Mia

            I haven’t seen any of his films either! But with Swui’s and Antonia’s recommendations….

            Maybe I just might!

            The “Why the hell not!?” is the same as yours though – I’m terrified of him being the Hollywood action star and I’ll be left without his more….romantic elements. Underwhelming is dangerous when your this addicted.

        • antonia

          i love that part so straight face admiting his mistakes
          and the model walk….omg… help me

  43. 43 Betsy

    Thanks for the recap! Loving this drama right now. I already can’t wait for this drama’s box set to be offered on yesasia. I love the relationship between Dokko Jin and Ae-Jung & Pil Joo is just so adorkable too!!

    Wednesdays & Thursdays are so jam packed with cute dramas–Best Love, Romance Town, and Manny. I haven’t checked out City Hunter yet and will wait until after I see a recap before I attempt to watch it. City Hunter just isn’t pulling me in with its storyline yet a

    • 43.1 Ace

      I watched City Hunter (after Best love of course), and since I don’t have any expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. They had laid the backstory in this episode from Lee Min-ho’s character’s birth, his parents, how he grew up, and his return to Seoul. I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode of both of these shows. I hope someone good would recap City Hunter.=)

  44. 44 facephase

    Ooh! Ooh! And i like the man-off stance btwn Pil Joo and Dokko Jin…. woah. I can see PJ being wary of DJ and DJ giving him dirty looks lol WHY ARE THESE GROWNASS MEN SO CUTE OMO….. THE BID! I’m torn in btwn loving 2 men…! AJ’s gonna have it worst… :<

  45. 45 bourbon

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    Okay, deep breath.

    Whew, i’m okay now. Gotta keep this short cuz i have an exam in a oh, i dunno, an HOUR! But i absolutely HAD to come and read this! Oh Pantyman, how you make me swoon. 😀

    • 45.1 Mia

      Good luck on your exam Bourbon!

    • 45.2 swui

      good luck bourbon!

    • 45.3 gustave154

      good luck!!

  46. 46 Misheru

    Sexy bastard indeed. I must have him!!!

    OMG… I could not stop laughing at the singing scene. His roaring craziness, his kicking and screaming all while getting a heart attack… LMAO!!!
    Great writing and direction!!!!

    • 46.1 Noi

      LOL, I almost crapped myself laughing at that scene. CSW’s comedic timing is impeccable.

      • 46.1.1 Mia

        I love how Ae Jung cowers and covers her head both times – so cute.

        • gustave154

          lol Ae Jung is so cute when she does that xD
          always makes Dokko Jin look like the bad guy haha

    • 46.2 antonia

      last night i couldn’t sleep because of the final wink… and this morning i was grining about the karaoke scene on the subway, and i think everyone was staring at me!!

      • 46.2.1 Mia

        I was studying Carbon Bonds in a library full of people when I read some of the more….imaginative food metaphor comments….getting this flustered in front of a room full of half dead/dying BioChem students and an Exam in five days should not be this easy…..

        I become such an idiot over this drama – I actually start clapping my hands and “squealing out loud” at the scenes.

        …I love it….

      • 46.2.2 Sethe

        Oh, yes. I walk around totally grinning about all these episodes… I’m quite sure people stare at me as I’m laughing to myself — I might as well be fondling/caressing a bottle of Vitamin Water, right, Mia?

        • Mia

          Right you are Sethe! Right you are!

          If they are already staring from carrying 8 pounds of potato and 12 servings of “hot and spicy” (mmm) curry, watching your heart rate climb to a catalytic-arrest-levels with a semi-shmexy fondness…..

          I don’t think that us pushing a vitamin water to our cheek will make a HUGE difference in the way people see us.

  47. 47 kit

    i’m pissed off at where this is heading, and that’s fantastic because it’s the realistic portrayal (maybe not cruel enough, really) of the cutthroat entertainment industry in korea.

    thank you so much for the recap! <3

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    OMG! Thank you, thank you! Now I can go to sleep in peace after watching the drama and reading your recap.

    GAH. I’m just so in love with this drama and I’m just so sad that I won’t be able to see it right as it airs because I have to go dress shopping because I’m a bridesmaid. Wah~

    I hope I can watch it before work or I’ll just stay up late and watch it.

    And I definitely hope that the Hong Sisters dig into the whole public relationship deal. This drama is just too good for words!


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    Thanks sooo much~ u dun noe hw happy ur recapped made me~~thanks again~ wheeee~~ c”,)

    • 49.1 Sherlyn

      yes, me too…
      it has become a habit of mine to read their (javabeans/girlfriday) recap before watching the dramas…
      and nowadays…
      their comments somehow will determine whether i want to start watching a drama a not…

  50. 50 MEI

    OH MY GOD. How can Gong Hyojin manage to act so naturally and effortlessly but so on-the-spot? I can’t describe it, I guess that’s what good acting is. Lol. Anyway, the frog costume is super cute and Jin swooping her to get her to the other side was ridiculously adorable.

    And YOON KYE-SANG, my goddd, his facial expressions are so adorable especially when he lost the bid hahahaha.

    And my my my, CHA SEUNG-WON, your wink can make all PANTIES drop, lol. His acting too is so palpable that I almost cried during the confrontation at the noraebang.

    I LOVE ALL THE CAST, Jaeseok too! So handsome and adorable <3

    • 50.1 gustave154

      Woot agree Gong Hyo Jin is acting Ae Jung so well i wished she existed lol! The chemistry between her and Cha Seung Won totally deserves an award!!! Hong Sisters did a wonderful job casting them both =)

    • 50.2 Jomo

      Did you also notice the thing YKS does with this voice at the end of sentences?
      How do I describe…
      He seems to being going at a regular pace, says something really cute with the addition of THAT smile, which makes us all laugh. Then, his last line slows down on the last few words while also lowering his voice.

      It’s not quite the drawl Song Joon Ki does; it’s a little more subtle.

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