Dramabeans Podcast #6
by | May 7, 2011 | 110 Comments

Podcast #6 is here!

In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss:

  • My Name Is Kim Sam-soon
  • Soulmate (18:05)
  • What’s Up Fox (23:25)
  • Goong and Goong S (35:09)

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Be My Love” by Clazziquai from the My Name Is Kim Sam-soon OST
“She Is” by Clazziquai from the My Name Is Kim Sam-soon OST
“Bonbon au Chocolat I” from the My Name Is Kim Sam-soon OST
“Where I Belong” by Sia from Soulmate
“What’s Up Fox?” from the What’s Up Fox? OST
“๊ถ” (Palace) from the Goong OST
“Crystal Flower” from the Goong OST
“Falling in Love Again” by Bobby Kim from the What’s Up Fox? OST


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110 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mskololia

    Wow, so early in the morning….I’ve only seen the first drama discussed on the podcast. I like the Coffee House intro OST btw.

  2. GirlU.k

    I love Goong, it’s one of my all time favourites despite the flaws! Btw is that a picture of Moon Chae Won?

  3. jyyjc

    Sam soon is one of my favourite dramas ever.

  4. ricky the royal highness

    sam soon is sooo likeable! She reminds me of my own mother (except my mother cant bake)

    • 4.1 Ellie

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mom that could bake. Of course the weight gain would be a downside.

  5. ricky the royal highness

    Did I mention that I luuurvvee hearing both of your voices?

    And is it crazy to say that I may or may not have constructed both of your faces in my mind?

    I’m not a stalker, I swear
    *shifty eyes*

  6. anon

    funny, i was just thinking last night that a podcast about now would be great :)

  7. czak

    I have loved all the dramas discussed except for GOong S. It was too slow phased for me…
    samsoon love love love their chemistry…
    Goong had me rooting for the 2nd male lead from start til end. But still loved shin!
    what’s up fox was just so adorably funny.
    Especially loved SOULMATE

    • 7.1 czak

      of course SamSoon has a special place in my heart…
      Love love Samsoon…

      so agree with Goong S, I watched all 20 episodes just hoping that it might get better but damn, it was just horrible…
      I would want it again only if someone pays me a million dollars…!!!

  8. marina

    aw, I get sentimental just thinking about these dramas(except Goong2 of course). Thanx java and gfriend for another enjoyable podcast!

  9. strawberryfieldsforever

    aaah…goong!one of my favorites ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. 10 blue1004

    The last episode of Baker King hit 50.8%, higher than Samsoon, whose highest rated episode was 50.5%. (This is based on TNms ratings, so it might be different for AGB.)

    • 10.1 blue1004

      Hehe, now that I’m done listening to it in entirety, I really enjoyed this podcast!

      I have to agree with you ladies on 1.5. OMG, I was so embarrassed for my people watching that drama that I couldn’t continue on. Shin Hyun Joon’s character in that drama was not a 1.5er, but actually a Korean adoptee and he was learning Korean from Shim Eun Ha. Why do I remember all this? Banish the memories!

      I agree about Soulmate’s ending. I watched that drama pretty recently after hearing many people complain about the ending. But when I watched it, I thought it was a perfectly appropriate ending for the story so I couldn’t understand people’s complaints.

      OMG, I had to pause the podcast because I was too busy laughing at Bingoong Mama. I totally forgot about that, but I appreciate the reminder. The joke’s still funny now. But I like the Korean bbang bbang jokes too.

      Thanks for the laughs!

  11. 11 C

    OMG! I felt the same about Kim Sun Ah’s cutsy thing! I know Koreans have the ae gwo thing, but that was overkill! And I loved hearing excellent English spoken between 2 characters. I don’t remember any other drama where I’ve seen two fluent speakers…

  12. 12 Lorlena

    It would be a good idea/bet to give one another a drama you think is bad but have not seen it… that way you may end up with a funny punishment (if its bad)…or a nice drama that slip true the cracks (if its ok). But this month- who will have the time for one more….

  13. 13 IbeenJGS

    currently re-watching KSS, supeeer love she is !

  14. 14 janna

    Woo, new podcast! I just wish they came out on a Monday so I could wedge it in between NPR stuff while working. Yeah..nerd…

    • 14.1 ricky the royal highness

      I wish they would do one daily so I could listen to them every time I have breakfast.

      Ok bad idea. I would probably spew food all over my family as a consequent of laughing too much.

      • 14.1.1 janna

        Yes. That would be awesome.

        “This is All Chaebols Considered with javabeans and girlfriday. Support to Dramabeans comes from the following… hot guys.”

        • Dux


  15. 15 Paula

    This was a great podcast, thanks! I’ve seen Kim Sam Soon, though its been a few years now, and listening to this makes me want to see it again! I loved Soulmate as well, it was an excellent drama! I had started watching What’s Up Fox? but for some reason, never finished it, but maybe I should give it another go. I was totally on the Goong bandwagon :) but I never bothered with Goong S because I didn’t hear good things about it. I really liked what you said about the KDrama heroine, especially with how Kim Sam Soon kind of broke the mold as far as that had been established so far. I haven’t seen a lot of older dramas, but I’ve been watching some now, just to see what they were like. Right now I am watching Wedding with Jang Nara, but its kind of boring :( I have to say that this is the first time I really like none of the characters, and after seeing Jang Nara in Successful Story and My Love Patzzi, this character is just sooooo different for her, its disappointing. I like her when she does spunky and hot-tempered, not this apologetic crybaby sap she is in Wedding. OK, I digressed enough :)

    • 15.1 bjharm

      I would give wedding a few more episodes, though it is one that people either rave about or hate, there are changes to the characters, though Sena always stays rather immature, in cute way as only Jang Nara can carry off.

      • 15.1.1 Paula

        OK, I will try keeping that in mind, I do like Jang Nara, and I like the second male lead, I’ve seen him in Attic Cat, Dal Ja’s Spring and Oh! My Lady! and he always does his character well. I am over half way through, so I will complete it, if only to see how things resolve themselves :-)

        • bjharm

          the second male lead did a mini drama two 20 minute parts with Jang Nara called PEN , should be around on youtube with eng sub, or was.

  16. 16 olive

    For some reason the podcast cuts off at 20 minutes for me! I wanted to hear the rest of it…

  17. 17 Ley

    First time I’m listening to your podcast, I just couldn’t resist Sam Soon and Goong. <3

  18. 18 diadda

    And the commentary continues! Thanks ladies for your insights on some of my fav dramas.

    (“What’s Up Fox” being my favorite thing of all time.)


  19. 19 Eleven11

    Oh yay! i’m going to listen to this in the morning, seeing as its like 3am… can’t wait! I love KSS, Soulmate and Whats Up Fox, so excited to hear some other thoughts on them =)

  20. 20 Kim

    gosh now i’m gonna have to go look for and download the whole Kim sam soon OST. lol… i want more She is..

  21. 21 samsooki

    The drama MNIKSS was my beginning, and I was astonished at how much heart the drama revealed and how honest a portrayal Samsoon brought to the table. Social commentary, wit, heart, drama, yearning, loss, hope, conflict, just… Everything.

    I wanted to share the drama with others but I had but one dvd set. My only solution was to purchase another dvd set so that I would never be without MNIKSS.


    There may be better dramas out there, but the first and the most special is still samsoon.

    • 21.1 mud

      Say WHAATT? samsooki’s back??? For good??? Or am I just imagining…

      • 21.1.1 samsooki

        Apparently I’ve underestimated this raising a family thing… seems to swallow all time not spent working or sleeping. All of my k-drama watching is now just done by memory…and this drama (and a few others) keep me going. =)

        There is this song on the MNIKSS OST, called “Inside My Heart” by Kim Jung Eun. It’s one of two MNIKSS OST songs on my infinite playlist – it just about perfectly captures my mood sometimes and I how feel about missing the things that I’ve cherished but had to leave behind.

        Who knew that this would be the last love of mine…

        I miss my k-drama watching days

        • So3

          OMG, Samsooki!! I hope you’re reading this – my big “Thank You!!” for the great recaps of CH!!!!!!! I was late in reading it so kinda regret not being able to say my appreciation to you.

        • hookedonmonix

          Don’t worry, children get older and can feed, toilet and entertain themselves, and husbands get used to being ignored. There’ll be time. :)

    • 21.2 maria

      hi, samsooki!!! we miss you round these parts!!!!!! i know youhave real-life stuff you’re dealing with, but just letting you know– you are missed! :) :)

  22. 22 maltreti

    Soulmate is one of my all time favourit dramas. The story was soooo good. I loved all the pairings and characters and the soundtrack is my favourite one.

    Goong was for me very painful to watch. I didn’t like the main characters at all.
    Actually I especially didn’t like the two main actors. They were both just selfish and I kind of remember them as wimps.

    Anyway. Thank you for this podcast. It was very funny and interesting to listen to both of you. Have a nice weekend! ^^

  23. 23 Leslie

    finally some acknowledgement for What’s up Fox. Its the drama that got me so into Chun Jung-myung!! I know how dramabeans love Chun Jung-myung!

  24. 24 UJ

    i listened to your whole podcast while playing entanglement ๐Ÿ˜€
    out of the 5 dramas that you have mentioned i have seen 3…
    i know you guys and hundreds of others love kim sam soon but i never really got into it…i have seen the whole drama but for me sam soon was a bit too obnoxious and loud…i m not saying i like the whole princess type of leads but she was just too loud! put i did enjoy parts of it..
    As for goong its not my favorite yoon eun hye drama (that spot is only reserved for coffee prince) but i did like it…i have seen it twice but at the second time i basically forwarded all the royal politics and skipped to the yoon eun hye and taeja joenha’s part…oh my friends dont agree with me but i did feel a bit sorry for the second lead hyo rin…lets admit it taeja was as ass!
    as for goong s it was a mess! i was naive enough to watch the whole series (i was young and foolish back thn)…i actually mistook it for goong! stupid me i know!

    i really enjoyed your podcast…and like one of your previous podcast it has made me wanna watch a new drama “soulmate”…i will forever be thankful to you guys for convincing me to watch sungkyunkwan scandal by how much you guys were gushing about it…i had discarded it previously but i really want to say THANKYOU!! was it not for you guys i would have missed a gem!

    i would like to make a request…please make a podcast on your favorite dramas…top 5 of both javabeans and girlfriday…that would be awsm!

    stay happy! ๐Ÿ˜€
    lots and lots and lots of love from Pakistan

  25. 25 Christina

    Yay! Another podcast~ =D

  26. 26 singingzombies

    I have seen 4 of the 5 dramas and…

    Totally loved Kim Sam Soon. I love the sassy assertive female leads way more than the passive ones which is why I was more forgiving of Suzy’s character in Dream High early on when she was all bitch and had very little empathy because constantly I was saying (well at least she’s not a carpet and won’t get walked all over)

    I was also really really bummed about Goong S. I also watched all the episodes. The thought of rewatching it sends shivers down my spine. I think every episode as it was airing was more of a “plz plz get better…. there’s potentially good stuff here” along with maybe 5 min an episode of a sign of something that could have been but never got there.

    Dramas with the definitely male leads don’t come as often as ones with the definitely female leads (at least the ones I watch) and it just really really sucked it dropped the ball in the execution department pretty much the whole way.

    Especially the Goong universe is so fun, because they have the Avatar’s Pandora effect where half the fun is just seeing the world portrayed so believably the whole time.

    Awesome podcast. Honestly the first one I’ve listened to but totally gonna go back in time and get the first 5.

  27. 27 singingzombies

    Oh also. Soulmate was amazing. Once in 5 years kind of drama for sure (maybe longer… definitely rare quality in all aspects of it.)

  28. 28 Deeliteful

    I’m so FOR the bet!!! make someone watch a bad drama!! (after May and June of course ;))

  29. 29 kiotzo

    Soulmate is one of my all time favorites, i’m still hoping/praying for a second season, and the soundtrack was AMAZING!

  30. 30 ...

    I just want to ask, do you girls ever, uh, rest? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 30.1 misstery28

      yeah. you girls amaze me~

      • 30.1.1 junaly

        i know, i am constantly impressed and amazed by bloggers who give their all to the things or people they love. javabeans and girlfriday are among the most dedicated web authors i’ve seen.

  31. 31 cinderella

    LOL! Jackass Chuck Bass! Love the fact that girlfriday somehow incorporated Chuck Bass into the conversation…

  32. 32 MSA

    Gee, girls, you cured me from my pseudo-hangover! Thanks! XD

    A bit more seriously now, I enjoyed listening to all your thoughts, and made me want to re-watch Sam Soon and What’s up fox <3 I'm from Latinamerica, and actually, there's a TV channel over here that's broadcasting Sam Soon, and I'll be watching it tonight~

    Just wanted to say, though, that the angst in Goong wasn't all that bad – It's not one of my favourite dramas for sure, but I do like the manhwa (I bulk-read it every few months, hahaha) and I was expecting *more* angst, as the manhwa is actually more serious and sadder than the drama version; for example, in the manhwa the girl's grandpa dies, and *she's not allowed to go and see him*, due to the Palace's rules. The thing is, much of the princess' suffering comes from the strenuous life style she is forced upon – I always kind of compare it to Diana's life. It made her loving the prince also that much more difficult and heart-breaking, because she quite literally loved *and* hated him at more than one point, and he went to great lenghts to try and extinguish her love towards him because he wanted her to be free from the Palace.

    So… at the end, Goong was boring instead of angsty, sometimes ๐Ÿ˜› Still, it's beautiful to look at and I don't regret watching it.

  33. 33 cinderella

    LOL! Jackass Chuck Bass! Love the fact that girlfriday added Chuck Bass into the conversation…

    • 33.1 faan

      Haha came here to comment on that too. Gossip Girl <3

  34. 34 Neimat Ilyas

    Is it weird that i haven’t watched Sam Soon yet? I tried twice…..never got past the embarrassing Hotel scene in the 1st episode. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Spare me!

  35. 35 mihinikki

    Did anyone else want Shin and Chae Kyung to be together? I did…Shin slowly changed over the course of the show. I thought Yul was just sad.

  36. 36 Nhu

    Awwwwww…. you didn’t talk about Brilliant Legacy. You only mentioned it a bit, and I actually really want to hear your thoughts on it… but I completely agree with what you said about Sam Soon & Soulmate. Two great dramas!

  37. 37 Hanna

    I’m always going to have a soft spot for Goong, mainly because it was the first Korean drama I ever saw. I think I actually rooted for Shin in it, despite the fact that Yul was a MUCH better person until he went wack-o in the end and burned that room down.. talk about a lobotomy. So out of character. But because it was the first I saw, I think I was a lot more forgiving than I am now (and I was only 16, so I think my view of the world was a lot more idealized back then).

    I wish I had the time to go back and watch the old ones, but I seriously don’t. Perhaps in the summer.. but seriously, who sits in and watches dramas all day during summer holidays?

    Ah well, thanks so much for this podcast ๐Ÿ˜€ I like!

  38. 38 bluelime

    love the podcast!! thanks, it made my day!! =)

  39. 39 phoenixash

    Am I the only one who was sad that they said they would talk about Full House later and then it never happened? It’s one of my old favorites, so I was a little disappointed.

    • 39.1 aznboy

      I love the podcasts, but I was also hoping to hear about Full House too.

    • 39.2 aznboy

      It might be on part 2.

  40. 40 Qd

    This podcast makes me want to watch MNIKSS again! I watched it with my mum and we both loved it but Ive forgotten alot about it so I will definitely be revisiting. I have to agree I didnt get the hyun bin love even today with secret garden being such a hit. On the other hand, I love Kim Sun Ah! She is by far my top 3 Korean actresses. I love her!

    Soulmate and What’s up fox sounds really interesting, together with Coffee House will be in my ‘To watch’ list ! I find your taste in dramas spot on.

    As Goong, I heard so many good things about it but after the first 2 episodes, I didnt quite like it. I dont hate it or think it sucks, just didnt appeal to me. I can relate to JB as I didnt care for Shin, didnt think he is good looking and his character just wasnt worthy of her. I also preferred the 2nd lead until they wrote him out the last few episode which was just blahhhhh…. I didnt bother watching Goong S. To be honest , its in my pile of ‘garage sale items’. Maybe the the expectations was too high.. maybe because I just finished Coffee Prince which I simply adore that’s why it just fell flat for me.

    I always appreciate your podcast. I cant wait for the 2nd postcast! Thanks JB & GF for all your hardwork!

  41. 41 missyu.shi

    YES A PODCAST!! I have been waiting for this one. I actually loved Goong and Goong S, even though a lot of people didn’t like Goong S as much, but for me I loved both equally. They’re both dramas I would watch over and over.

  42. 42 supah

    Great, entertaining podcast as always, girls!

    Only seen Soulmate from that cluster and the ending? Is IMO, one of the best endings, ever! Loved it.
    They did an alternate ending which felt kinda flat, I will always love that ending… There was something so breathtakingly atmospheric and romantic about the bright, twinkling night lights of Tokyo.

  43. 43 Rickshot

    suggestions for next podcast:
    the slew of new exciting dramas!!! i’m still waiting for a baby faced beauty recap! or thoughts on “can you hear me”! and between lie to me, romance town, city hunter, and ripley, there’s definitely no shortage of dramas to gab about!

  44. 44 funnylittlefishy

    aahh! new podcast?? *does happy dance around currently disaster stricken dorm room* I’ve been waiting for this since i discovered the last 5… and listened to them all straight. I immediately regretted it of course, because then i had no more to listen to until now. BUT YAYY!!! my weekend just got happier ๐Ÿ˜€ (now if only subs for best love would come out…)

  45. 45 Jules

    I seriously rewatched Kim Sam-Soon like 6 times, all the way through, and hearing the songs again made me want to watch it again :)

  46. 46 danna

    Thank you girls!!!…it’s always gr8 to hear your thoughts and my DB podcast radar has been going of for a few days now…lol…..and by the way Petty Romance is a riot albeit kinda cheesy..you gotta love Choi Kang Hee sex antics…also although I’ve always loved The Vocie, I’ve never thought of him as this hot before

  47. 47 Jules

    You know when I was listening to the part about second leads, I realized that one drama that had me rooting for the second lead was Lee Jun Ki ‘s character, Jung Woo, in My Girl. I can’t remember any other dramas…

  48. 48 Sarah (theknitter)

    Sam Soon: What I really loved is the fact that she kissed him first. And not a “whoops I was drunk out of my mind/tripped” she chose to kiss him first. That is so rare. And it sort of sums up the character of Sam Soon, brave, fearless and sometimes a bit “act-before you think”.

    What’s Up Fox: Her being a virgin actually bothered me too, I’m glad I’m not the only one. It just seems so contrived and really irrelevant. Sometimes I feel like dramas focus soooo much on whether or not something is “the first” (anything; receiving flowers, kiss, going somewhere etc.) more so than what it actually means for the couple involved.

    • 48.1 bjharm

      will Fox is a pretty old drama, where i guess the koreans still prefer to see K-drama land through rose tinted glasses..that means ‘good’ girls are virgin before they get married..even if they are in thier 30’s! And of course there is the comdey side of it considering what her writing for the magazine was normally about.

  49. 49 Ahjumma

    MLKSS is my all time favorite and I became a fan of Clazziquai because of it. I thought the drama was extremely witting. I loved that Sam Soon never let herself fall apart (zombie stares and s l o w walking) when things didn’t go her way. She knew how to pick herself up and carry on. No crying buckets of tears for her! One of my favorite parts was when she was conversing with Daniel Henney at the hotel in Jeju. Too funny! I will always have a soft spot for this drama.

    • 49.1 Ayumi

      That was one of my favorite parts as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. 50 lessaofpern

    Spring Music and now a Podcast!!! Thanks for a wonderful Mother’s Day present ๐Ÿ˜€ Yup, I have seen all these dramas ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. 51 Lost without KDrama

    Good morning.

    Nice to hear your voices JB and GF. Look forward to Part 2 of this podcast.

    I loved MNIKSS.

    Would like to see What’s up fox? and Soulmates. Has anyone found them online recently?

    I found WUF on Mysoju but the links are broken. I found it again on Veoh but only from Episode 9!

    Appreciate your help.

    P.S. Dramafever isn’t an option for me.

    • 51.1 pai

      What’s up, fox? is on Hulu.

  52. 52 asianromance

    I can’t wait for part 2!!

    I also love the MNIKSS ending! Usually, I prefer the neat sort of “and they lived happily ever after” sort of ending, but the ending went so well with the tone and feel of the drama and made me pause to reflect. I didn’t like Hyun-bin’s character that much on the 2nd and 3rd watch – I liked Hyun-bin charisma and how he contributed to the comedy of it all, but not his personality – but like you, I liked him because he would make Samsoon happy. And loved the music! The MNIKSS is one of my favorite kdrama soundtracks.

    Re Goong: My problem with Goong is that I didn’t feel like I could really root for anyone in it. Maybe I rooted for YEH’s character a little just because life was throwing all sorts of crap at her, but I wasn’t passionate about it. I didn’t really like Shin or Yul. The acting for both characters were pretty blah. But I loved the sets, clothes, and the music for the drama. I would give up kdramas for an entire year if I can have Chae-gyung’s wardrobe!

  53. 53 CLEE


  54. 54 Laica

    Wow, thank you! And there’s a part two? I feel like I stumbled over treasure :)

    I completely agree with you about MNKSS, javabeans. I was not moved by Sam Shik, especially when he became all wishy-washy about Heejin. And except for the “anorexia”, I liked Heejin and her relationship with Henry was sweet. I was glad they ended up together. Samsoon is one of my favourite characters, but because I wasn’t that crazy about the male lead, MNKSS is not one of my favourite dramas. Still, it had some great moments.

    It was so much fun to walk down memory lane with you guys, and especially to hear your thoughts on some popular dramas you haven’t addressed on the site, which I’ve always been curious about. Looking forward to part 2!

  55. 55 kdlover

    Ahh sam soon is my most rewatch drama!!! It was actually funnier and better the second time I watch it!! My second korean drama that I watch but still my favorite!! I remember it took me three tried before I can get passed the first ep hotel part. I quit and thought to myself I didnt like sam soon but glad I stuck with it!!! She grow on you and you will love her!!! I might just go rewatch this now!!!! lol

  56. 56 Lady Seoul

    Yea, I love how Hong sister’s main leads grow to deserve the heroine. Thanks for the pod cast, I enjoyed!

  57. 57 VanillaSalt

    All i gotta say is: I really didn’t like goong. Like, at all.

  58. 58 John

    Old favorites that you’ll talk about? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sam-Soon and Soulmate? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. 59 theedie

    Ah, funny that you guys should mention Goong. I did my own retrospective look on that a few months ago (link, for anyone who’s interested: http://theedqueen.livejournal.com/3841.html). I sincerely hope that someday down the road someone will do a reboot of this drama and get it right this time. Goong has so much potential to be amazing, but the drama just fell so flat. While I do have fond memories, I could never rewatch the whole thing again. It’d be too painful. And I say that as having been one of those rabid fangirls back in the day. I have a whole website to prove it too.

  60. 60 JiHwan

    It’s amazing that you guys remember all this about older dramas. Maybe I’m just forgetful, but I don’t remember much details about older dramas.

  61. 61 bjharm

    More than likely like myself most have watched these dramas more than once, That is the true test of a fun drama for me, being able, and wanting to watch it again and perhaps again.
    Some have linked Jang Nara’s BFB character to that of Kim Sam-soon, as in rude and crude,,ie swearing and drinking with the normal k-drama puke over the lead guy, seems in k-drama land all poor unmarried 30+ ladies are that way..unhappy and disgruntled and as in Fox of course frustrated virgins..got to love the sexiest slant to Korean dramas..one set of rules for men and another for woman..ow that right over 30 and you no longer to be considered a woman..yeah right

  62. 62 nonski

    weeeeeeeeeeeh, thanks for the podcast! i;ve been longing for this for sometime now…

    anyhow, of the dramas mentioned i haven’t watched Goong S and Soulmate (but now i will looking forward to watching Soulmate, after podcast, and after the may drama festival!)

    first, Sam Soon is still the best drama for me… i love Kim Sun ah and yes, i started liking Binnie there but what really gave weight for the drama for me is Sun ah. MNKSS will always be my top drama c”,)

    Goong i love it but for me the ending is just lame but it is something i could watch again.

    and Fox is just awesome! i love the show coz i can relate being 30 something and single… it’s just so realistic and i feel in love with CJM!

    thanks for doing this podcast!

  63. 63 Amber's Cube

    It’s so good to hear your voices again JB and GF. I recently just saw pictures of you guys while browsing previous OT. You are fabulous. Thanks. Looking forward for the part two of this podcast.

    I was listening to this while hubby was watching pacquiao’s fight with mosley. Hehehe, he said the fight was kinda boring. Im glad i choose dramabeans podcast instead of watching the fight…

  64. 64 Brenda

    woah this is the first time i’ve heard your podcasts even though i’ve been following this blog for little under 2 years? its so interesting to hear your voices <3 you guys are so articulate :)

    my lovely kim sam soon was my first 'favourite' kdrama (the second kdrama i watched EVER) and i didn't even know it was popular so i'm so glad you two are talking about it <3

    gong is a drama i can not seem to finish even though i heard so many good things about it (and i love YEH) but eventually dropped. i think its because i only started to try watching it about last year, after i've watched so many good dramas with good pacing, i found it sooooo long and slow and just didn't like the characters :(

  65. 65 Unnursvana

    Goong <3 my frist K-drama love :)

    I loved the royal couple in that drama. I liked Shin, even if he was sort of an jackass… I think he became better in the later episodes but maybe that was just me. I on the other hand hates Yul with passion. I think it is because to me, he was always in the way of the Royal Couple and messing with the main girls head. I didn't like him at all.

    Yes, he was nice but I just hated him.

    • 65.1 mihinikki

      YES! What made me really disgusted with Yul was that he seemed so sensitive and thoughtful, but was ready to prey on Chae Kyung’s insecurities about Shin. I would’ve respected him if he was just upfront and said early on that he like her. And then Yul should have been committed to protecting her. Instead he tried to convince her Shin would never love her so she should just give up and go with him, becoming the #1 enemy of the monarchy and Korea. If Yul really loved her he wouldn’t have dared suggest they run off together. But, then again he was only like 18 yo… ‘Nuff with ranting. Can ya tell Goong is still my #1 crack kdrama of all time? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. 66 Dorotka

    Thanks a lot for the podcast!!!
    I have not listened to it yet, going to do it right now :)

    I always love listening to you and your comments… it’s like having you in my living… or with this summer weather in our garden… nice! :)

  67. 67 Dorotka

    Ok, I finished listening :-)

    Sam Soon is my favorite drama ever! I hope you will one day write a recap of it, just like you did with Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs. This was the first k-drama I rewatched (and I still do time to time), it totally captured my heart.

    I loved Sam Soon a lot โ€“ her character, her baking, her talking to her dad and herself…and her kissing JH as the first:) … the only scenes I didn’t like much were those on their dating day (when she makes a scene in that cloth-stand about the picture or what)… that was so unSam Soon-ish…

    Unlike you… I did like Sam Shik. I did like how he tried to play cool and yet was so boyish inside, how he from the beginning liked SS straightness, independence and sassiness and often defended her and how he sort of fought with his attraction to Sam Soon (remember the bike scene? And the pig-garbage scene?:) )… and I think his return to Hee Jin was because of 1.first love memories, 2.sense of duty and 3.unknowingly trying to suppress his feelings for SS (he can’t love such a girl, right?;) )

    I also liked the relationship of SS sister and the chef :) So refreshing ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for the anorexia issue, I don’t remember it so well, but I thought it was more result of HJ not eating for a couple of days and her stomach sensitivity after the cancer โ€“ I mean because she felt unhappy and stressed, she didn’t eat (I do the same thing unknowingly and have to watch out my diet in hard times) and because her stomach was so sensitive, she got into a more serious state. At least that’s how I understood it. Perhaps they just used some funny terminology… or my memory is wrong:)

    Because I liked KSS so much, I also watched What’s Up, Fox. I liked the noona relationship and the associated problems, but the story of her younger sister was a bit strange.

    Goong had for me too much angst and drama in the later parts. And the ending??? But I sort of liked Shin’s change from an uninterested amused bystander to a guy being deeply in love with CH.

    Anyway, thanks a lot again for this podcast and I hope the second part is coming soon!! :)

  68. 68 umalily

    One of the best scenes is seeing her carry around a model of the female womb and reproductive system in What’s Up, Fox! The whole bit when it’s cast into the ocean and she imagines it floating in the cosmos.l

  69. 69 sleeplessinwgtn

    MNIKSS is the drama that got me in the K-drama bandwagon, and that was just by accident.

    KSS is the modern day heroine; she’s not the pitiful type and she stands up for herself. I love KSS’s character; though not Korean speaking I can surmise that

    A very poignant moment is whenshe was talking about her father on the mobile phone; that always sends me to tears, no matter how many times I have seen the drama, and that’s going into double digits by now.

    • 69.1 sleeplessinwgtn


      .. though not Korean speaking I can surmise that she was swearing a lot… so typical of the character being depicted. In Filipino I think she would fall under the ‘palengkera’ type.

  70. 70 Rachel

    What annoyed me most about Goong wasn’t the angst they smack you over the head with, or even how Shin is sort of a bastard. It’s the embarrassingly sloppy ending with Yul.

    I might have been more satisfied with Shin getting the girl in the end if the writers had taken the care to give Yul a decent ending. I truly think the writers just went, “Okay, we need to end this storyline the next 20 minutes… Fuck it, let’s just do this.”

    I haven’t seen What’s Up Fox, but it’s now on list of Dramas To Watch. Thanks for the podcast, girlfriday and javabeans! Looking forward to the next one.

  71. 71 Cabbage

    What really sets the Hong sisters apart for me was exactly what you mention early in this podcast – that their plots are TIGHT, and they know exactly where they’re going to end up (giving you plenty of hints along the way). Gumiho is even symmetric! After ep 8, it’s like a mirror is set up and everything happens again from the other way around. And in My Girl, it felt like the heroine was always one step ahead of everyone else. That frees up the actors to really act!
    And for that, I’m willing to forgive a little childish behavior and some potty humor.

  72. 72 Jomo

    KSS was my fav character of all time, for all the reasons you listed plus she liked to have sex. We never get to see that with these dramas. It is as if touching a male bodypart is like touching rotten meat!

    Itโ€™s funny that you mention โ€œwe watch the drama to watch the ending.โ€ I had my heart broken too many times with Kdrama endings I have detached myself from them. Watching Giant also affected me because I decided to enjoy the journey, and not worry about the ending. That is why Iโ€™m loving โ€œSparklingโ€ because I get to hang out with the characters for a long time.

    In WUF, do I believe Byung Hee could still be a virgin? Could it also be that NO MAN could possibly live up to the scenarios she had written? Someone suggested it was because she had been actually in love with CS the whole time? I donโ€™t know if I buy it, though.

    Goong? One of the freaking saddest dramas out there. Both of those poor kids did not deserve what they suffered for what? But wasnโ€™t Shin the most beautiful human ever in THAT shirt in Thailand?
    (Remember โ€“ from Goong you learned that to be a princess you have to read a LOT of books!)

  73. 73 Janey

    Actually, you are incorrect on the anorexia thing and it has to do with actual medical terminology and the common usage of the term anorexia. Anorexia nervosa is the eating disorder that you are thinking of. The rest of us commonly refer to anorexia nervosa as just anorexia, but doctors and medical terminology differentiates between anorexia and anorexia nervosa the eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa is a long term eating disorder where people literally starve themselves. In My Name is Kim Sam-Soon the patient had only anorexia, NOT anorexia nervosa, which means she had a complete loss of appetite for only a few days. When anyone has a loss of appetite (happens often with children or the elderly when they are ill) the medical terminology for this is simply anorexia.

  74. 74 annieee

    kim sam soon! this drama will always have a special place in my heart. i agree that sam shik was too much of a bastard at times, but like girlfriday said, kim sam soon was the heart of the drama! she made me want to have a dream job as a pastry chef : )
    and i also loveeee the ending! so bittersweet and realistic. MNIKSS is THE go-to drama to watch when you’re feeling down. every time i hear music from the soundtrack, i feel all nostalgic and giddy inside from all the memories! speaking of MNIKSS, when is kim sun ah going to have her comeback?? i’ve been missing her since city hall!

  75. 75 shareta

    Great podcast! Hardly any of my friends watch kdramas so this is brilliant!

  76. 76 pininci

    I really enjoy the podcasts :) please continue doing them. i think, i became especially fond of these mostly because i can not find people to talk about kdramas and this is the closest i am to just a chit chat about them ๐Ÿ˜€
    also, i really appreciate that now you put the exact moments of the topics.

    thank you :)

  77. 77 pigshallfly

    woah loved this podcast Kim Sam Soon & Soulmate are my two most favourite kdramas ever & I really really love What’s up Fox!!! :DD (hate Goong coudn’t stand watching it but lets not go there)
    theres just something abt kim sam soon- Im not sure if i can pinpoint it.. but even though we’ve had snappier plots & sassier heroines since its really been the one thats stuck with me all this while.. & Soulmate what can i say a work of art if nothing else than for its brilliant use of a stellar soundtrack..
    What’s up fox was hilarious, & for a drama full of risque professions & sexual innuendos extraordinarily sweet.. loved most characters incredibly realistic way of portraying them & their reactions agreed & on the whole a very unusual gem in the kdrama landscape..
    fun podcast looking forward to part 2 ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. 78 pigshallfly

    btw if you’re looking at gems among older kdrama do consider looking at Bottom of 9 End 2 Outs its absolutely fabulous it has the best elements of dal ja’s spring, soulmate & woman who still wants to marry added to its own charm.. probably the best look at friendship, love, career, & choices iv ever seen.. would love to hear a podcast covering it :]]

  79. 79 orple3d

    YAY for another podcast! Love Sam Soon.

    For the next podcast, I wanted to ask about your thoughts and opinions on What Star Did You Come From. Thanks!

  80. 80 Jenny

    Just watched the “Personal Taste” episode 6 where the female lead sends out the handsome male lead – Lee Min Ho to buy sanitary pads during a fancy party they are attending. The scene in the pharmacy was perfectly FUNNY!

  81. 81 Dubukat

    Thanks for going back to older favorites! I recently watched Soulmate & loved it. Now I want to watch the rest of the ones you talked about!

  82. 82 anonymous

    besides dramas, what other shows do you guys watch?
    like, american tv

  83. 83 anonymous

    besides dramas, what other shows do you guys watch?
    like, american tv

  84. 84 blueFish

    just listened to all of your podcasts!! ended up awake at almost 4AM..
    had fun listening to both of you!!

    Can I request another podcast after Miss Ripley end??
    Hope you can talk about the May dramas plus 49 Days..I watched everything that you recapped!! I already have a habit of not watching the next episode until I read the recap. You gals made my drama experience complete.

    Keep up the good work!!

  85. 85 Mai'

    Hi girls =)

    I really like hearing your podcasts =)
    please, keep up the amazing work!

    Hugs from brazil ^.^

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