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Leading ladies cast for Warrior Baek Dong-soo
by | May 2, 2011 | 29 Comments

With Ji Chang-wook (Smile, Dong-hae) and Yoo Seung-ho (Flames of Desire) already in place as hero and villain for the fusion sageuk drama Warrior Baek Dong-soo, now we turn to the ladies, who have just been confirmed.

Yoon So-yi (above) is most recently from the MBC drama Hero (which performed dismally, despite an avid — but small — audience), though I still prefer to think of her in terms of Goodbye Solo, because that’s the strongest I’ve seen her. (Other roles: Try To Remember, City of Glass, Auction House.) Caveat: I see some reports calling her casting unconfirmed, but another one states that she has not only been cast but also attended the drama’s first script reading.

The other lead goes to Yoon Ji-min (below), who was recently in SBS’s Paradise Ranch playing the cold ex-supermodel. No word yet on the description of their characters, but there will be one more actress selected to fill out the main cast, whom the producers plan to find via open auditions. (Generally I take that to mean that the actor will be talented, to offset their obscurity. I suppose it doesn’t always work that way, but it ought to yield better odds than taking a crapshoot with a B-list idol with zero experience. Sigh, Daddy’s Girl…)

I wonder whether these two will play characters who are involved in romantic storylines with either or both of the leading men, because the most glaring issue to me seems to be the vast age differences at play here. It’s not so noticeable between Ji Chang-wook (23) and Yoon So-yi (26), but the other two occupy opposing extremes: Yoo Seung-ho is 17, while Yoon Ji-min is 33. Of course, just because they’ve been cast in leading roles doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be paired off (although, it IS a K-drama…), but it’s interesting to note how noticeably younger the men are in relation to the ladies. I guess it really IS the age of the noona. May it never end.

Warrior Baek Dong-soo premieres in July, following upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Lie To Me.

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29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sere

    I guess it really IS the age of the noona. May it never end.

    *dies laughing* Oh JB, truer words were never spoken! I co-sign your plea! *g*

    • 1.1 djes


      • 1.1.1 omo_omo

        wahahaha… amen!

      • 1.1.2 come2noona

        May it never end!!!! Amen.

    • 1.2 SheGoesPretty

      I just realized I’m getting old. This must mean something. 😛

    • 1.3 obivia

      Ahahahahaha! Words so true.

    • 1.4 laya

      AMEN to this.

  2. Leaf

    Oppa’s must stay around forever!!!

    Actually… make that until I become a Noona!
    Then Yay!! Age of the Noona!!!

    ^sighs^ Still wish Kim Bum was doing this Drama….
    I have a completely irrational obsession with him.
    Hope he does another drama soon!

    • 2.1 ...

      yeah… what is kim bum up to? haven’t seen him in anything in a while… :'(

  3. zank

    why dont they cast lee bongi as lead actress.

  4. baek dong soo

    NOOOOO!! I love my oppas moaaaarr!! Although I’ll be lying if I don’t like to see a bunch of good looking younger men. Oppa still rules!
    Thankfully in the upcoming season we will have a fantastic line up of oppas. Cha seung won plus Kang Ji Hwan… *yummy*

  5. Linda165

    I thought it was Shin Mi Ah in that first picture!!

  6. kellie

    One noona vote for 30-something lead actors in sageuk. The younger and less experienced the lead actors get the less I’m inclined to watch.

    • 6.1 come2noona

      I’ll second that. Get more MEN on the screen!

  7. emme

    I thought they said Nam Ji Hyun will be in the drama?? I like it if she is the lead actress….

    • 7.1 supah

      We were conned.
      I was initially interested in this drama after hearing Nam Ji-hyun WILL play a very central character and not just a childhood counterpart.
      BUT… Now I’m hearing something along the likes of Nam Ji-hyun and Yeo Jin-gu playing the kid versions to two of the leads.

      Still I’m happy with the casting. Not ideal, still, it’s not Lee Jia. *flees from LJA fans*

      • 7.1.1 emme

        Me too.. i was excited to watch this drama because of Nam Ji Hyun (thought that she was the lead actress)… but still, Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook are the lead actors..i’m still excited~~

        *why can’t they just put her as one of the lead?? she’s matured enough… I think… hehehe ^^ *

        • danna

          i agree…i’m meh on both these actresses…I would rather have NJH as lead for once and she would probably be more age appropriate for YSH as well…..i’m meh on both these actresses…..my interest level on this one has dropped a bit though I will keep an eye open to know who exactly does get to be lead…hopefully it’ll be the actress that has not yer been casted

  8. Bengbeng

    could it be the reason why the 2 ladies were casted is because of their experience in action Sageuk drama or movies?

    Yoon So-yi was in Arahan and Shadowless Sword, while Yoon ji-min was such a badass lady hunter in Chuno.

    Maybe both are of assistance to each actor leads rather than the love interest. FANTASTIC side kicks will be the 2 ladies =)

    • 8.1 mellowyel

      side-kicks are good, but what about leading roles? save damo, i haven’t heard of many action saeguk dramas with females in the titular roles. hence why i’m so excited for Coffee with Kim So-yeon!

  9. fm

    I love both leading man….about leading ladies….I don’t really mind who there are but hopefully the age different is not too large considering Yoo Seung Ho only 17

  10. 10 cathy

    i hope better actresses in this drama

  11. 11 blahblahblah

    I bet both will like Yoon So Yi, and Yoon Ji Min will just be the bitch that wants the hero or something.

    • 11.1 :)

      …and it turns out to be almost completely opposite of what you just said, hahahahaahaha.

  12. 12 jen

    well whoever is in it……i’m more excited to see yoo seungho playing a baddie and to see what he can bring to his character

  13. 13 ditdut

    I’m not so concerned about the age difference, just that the fact that these ladies do not posses leading lady qualities. Their acting skills may be okay ish, but they just lack that charm, that makes you root for them.

  14. 14 bd2

    I think YSY can show that charm, she just hasn’t had the right part yet.

  15. 15 JJ

    I happen to be a huge fan of Ji chang wook since the drama series sons of sol pharmacy & now am watching smile, dong hae & i’m loving him more! He’s gonna go far for sure, he’s got what it takes, i really like him a lot! He may not be that handsome handsome but very very charming & got the IT factor if you will! I can hardly wait to see this one coz of him! aja ajajaa

    thnx JB & team!

  16. 16 jeri

    well they have had a open audition and gotten their second female lead for ji sun…but hell if they picked a good one. this actress is not making an impression on me. her acting is well…dismal. its harsh but so veeeery true.

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