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Lie To Me: Episode 5
by | May 23, 2011 | 181 Comments

The lie’s in full effect now, and with it come the shenanigans of perpetrating the farce, with a few teeny signs hinting at the budding attraction despite/because of the lie. Frankly I thought the lie-induced hilarity would be more, well, hilarious, but I hope that the things set up in this episode will play out to a more amusing payoff in tomorrow’s. *fingers crossed*


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Ki-joon makes his proposal to continue the married act for another month or two, trying to make himself sound the generous soul for agreeing to HER dear wish. Ah-jung bursts into laughter, not buying it for a second, and wants to know the real reason: “Since you know all about my messy story, let’s hear your messy story.”

Unwilling to give her the upper hand, he blusters that he’d rather call it off, but Ah-jung calls his bluff, knowing he can’t walk away now.

A contract it is. Ah-jung agrees to put on the act — or rather, to refrain from clearing up the truth about the lie — until the issue of the Chinese investors is decided, while Ki-joon will play along until So-ran leaves the country.

For a guy so keen on bringing a lawsuit against her, Ki-joon is pretty loose with the contract, not wanting to bother with the details. It’s Ah-jung who points out the need to nail down the particulars like the reason for the “secrecy” behind their marriage.

He says that if they keep mum, people will come to their own conclusions, but she doesn’t like the idea that they’ll presume his aunt opposed the match. Half-offended at this imaginary slight, she protests that there’s nothing wrong with her, and proposes that her father be the one to fake-oppose their marriage instead.

Ki-joon shows his contract to Hoon, who approves this move and suggests that he take advantage of this situation by bringing along his wife whenever meeting the Chens, since they like her so much. When Ki-joon says he’s not necessarily going to drop his lawsuit against Ah-jung, Hoon clucks that he’s being particularly mean.

Ah-jung decides to enjoy this development to the fullest, and calls out So-ran for a day of shopping. She uses every opportunity to rub her marriage in So-ran’s face, which would be more irritating if not for So-ran’s own need to act in kind, being hell-bent on one-upping Ah-jung.

When the ladies head to the menswear department, it becomes clear that Ah-jung has no idea about men’s clothing sizes, much less Ki-joon’s. She covers by saying that her husband’s secretary takes care of all his tailoring, but wonders under her breath about how men’s shirts are measured.

A helpful voice chimes in — it’s Yoon-ju, also shopping here, who explains that shirts go by neck size, and Ah-jung thanks her.

So-ran actually gives Ah-jung a small gift in thanks for visiting her at the hospital, which makes Ah-jung think in dismay that she actually does like it. Hm, are these two going to become grudging friends after all? Jae-bum joins them to pick up So-ran, and although the couple is exerting themselves to put on the lovey-dovey act, they’ve perfected the farce and Ah-jung is left feeling cranky at their outward appearance of marital bliss.

The truth is a whole other story, though, and So-ran seethes on the way home, complaining about how Ah-jung has reached beyond her status. Jae-bum reasons that So-ran can just stop seeing her, then. Alas, those words have too much sense to resonate with So-ran’s brain.

At the cafe, Ah-jung asks if ajumma Ae-kyung knows her father’s size, and when she does, Ah-jung sighs glumly, “Knowing his size means love.” To rectify this, she texts Ki-joon (“What is your size?”), who happens to be golfing with the Chens.

Scoffing, he ignores her question…and hits the ball right into the pond. And the sand pit. And away from the can’t-miss-it hole right in front of him. Looks like her effect on his mental state isn’t as marginal as he’d like.

Ki-joon asks Hoon if he knows his size, and Hoon immediately spits out numbers: “37, 107, 31, 86, 110, 275.” Some of those are numbers even Ki-joon doesn’t know himself, while Hoon worries, “Why, is there a size I missed?” Ki-joon wonders, “Why do you know them so well?” Hoon: “Good question.”

Ki-joon starts to text the info back to Ah-jung, then catches himself and stops.

A phone call throws him into sudden chaos: It’s Yoon-ju, announcing her return. Immediately he bursts out of his office in a panic, too impatient to wait for the elevator. As he runs up the stairs to the rooftop, he flashes back to another time he’d run like this — to meet Yoon-ju, who’d accepted his proposal and flashed the ring.

This time, she’s waiting in the same place, sans diamond ring. Their greetings are tentative, but happy.

At the cafe, Ah-jung waits for Ki-joon’s reply, annoyed when she doesn’t get one. Sang-hee finds her here, and she asks if he knew that those Chinese guests were big investors who were important to Ki-joon. When he says yes, she jumps to the conclusion that he’s some kind of corporate spy and orders him to stay away — she can’t be involved in white-collar crime! She’s a government employee! She storms out, leaving Sang-hee chuckling in her wake at her overreaction.

He follows her and denies the whole spy theory, pointing out that she’s mighty unperceptive. The answer’s quite simple, and he alludes to his brotherly relationship with Ki-joon, though his hints fly right over Ah-jung’s head.

In any case, Sang-hee congratulates her for settling matters with Ki-joon, and guesses that Ah-jung will enjoy gloating to her frenemy. Well, put like that it sounds pretty childish, and Ah-jung mutters that she doesn’t want to do that, which I suppose isn’t entirely a lie since she’s already done it.

Sang-hee declares a celebration in order, so they hit up a noraebang, which starts out with loud, happy tunes and turns into a ballad-fest where she sings her heart out. (Hee. It’s totally the thing that happens in noraebangs — at some point, the mood turns, which can be a little cathartic and a little embarrassing when you catch yourself getting emotionally invested in a cheesy power ballad.)

Sang-hee reads between the lines and guesses that there’s something that didn’t quite work out. She tries to explain that being “married” isn’t what she thought it would be. What did she think it would be like?

Well, in Ah-jung’s fantasy, she’d meet up with her married friends and discuss the ins and outs of being married, bragging a little (“He takes out the trash so well!”) and worrying a little about petty concerns. (Ha, even in her fantasy, So-ran is sitting there tied up in knots to see Ah-jung happy.) Then, Ah-jung would be the first to leave, saying her husband’s waiting at home.

Sang-hee calls her out for being kinda bratty, which is true enough. When Ah-jung sighs, “Ah, must nice to be So-ran,” Sang-hee wisely says that he’s pretty sure that her friend’s life isn’t all puppies and roses, either.

Ain’t that the truth: Cut to So-ran, discovering a lipstick stain on Jae-bum’s shirt. Overwhelmed with betrayal, she takes out her anger out on the washing machine while hubby scratches his ass on the couch. Driving crazily out of anger, So-ran arrives at a bridge that evening to vent her frustrations.

Meanwhile, Ki-joon and Yoon-ju catch up on the past three years, their mood light until he accidentally mentions Sang-hee’s name. That causes the smiles to drop from their faces, and suddenly the air is awkward and heavy with the reminder of what split them up.

Ki-joon starts to change the subject, but thankfully Yoon-ju doesn’t ignore the elephant in the room and tells him she tried to find a better man, “But there was no one better than you.”

Yoon-ju reaches a hand to touch his face…and that’s the scene So-ran witnesses. Gleefully. Gah, why is everyone so irritatingly spiteful?

So of course So-ran calls Ah-jung out to “comfort” her in her time of difficulty, saying with false sincerity that it’s not her fault her husband’s a cheater. In her world, that doesn’t mean the guy’s a jerk so much as it means that Ah-jung is undesirable, and she confirms that she saw the couple together with her very own eyes.

Furious, Ah-jung bursts into Ki-joon’s office and yells at him to stay away from women, before realizing he’s in a meeting with Chairman Chen. Abashed, she leaves quietly, but Ki-joon follows her out, takes her aside, and confronts her angrily.

Ah-jung orders him to stay away from other women, declaring that she can’t put up with cheaters, leaving him seething. Just as she grumbles to herself that all men have the instinct to cheat — “Except sunbae, I mean!” — that sunbae steps into the elevator with another woman. Seriously, does this guy have coincidence radar or something?

At the cafe, Sang-hee and Ae-kyung chat together over lunch, and he asks why she never married. She says she wanted to once, but there was a lot of opposition. Their parents eventually relented, but his daughter refused, so she gave up. Sang-hee guesses that the daughter was Ah-jung, just as Dad comes in to take Ae-kyung out to lunch, much to lovelorn Seok-bong’s dismay.

Ki-joon runs into manager Ji-yoon in the parking lot, and since it’s just the two of them after hours, they drop the formalities and talk as friends. He advises her not to work too hard, while she asks how he’s holding up, having seen Yoon-ju at the hotel.

He avoids the question, then goes home to brood, which is when Ah-jung calls him out for a drink. After revisiting her old gosiwon, her idealized image of Jae-bum now destroyed, Ah-jung has relocated to a bar to drown her disillusionment in drink.

She’s well into her cups by the time he arrives, and as her mood turns heavier, Ah-jung wonders why men cheat. At his protest, she clarifies that she doesn’t mean him (this time), but that she saw a man earlier at the hotel in the midst of cheating. She acknowledges that it’s not her husband — that he’s another woman’s husband — and her eyes grow teary even as she wonders why she feels this way.

She walks out of the bar thoroughly drunk, though insistent that she’s perfectly fine. She loudly slurs at Ki-joon not to cheat, and unthinkingly steps into the busy road.

Ki-joon sees the car heading for her and yanks Ah-jung out of harm’s way and into his arms. And then she vomits into those arms.

While Ki-joon washes up in a bathroom, Ah-jung comes (at least partially) to her senses. With a jolt she remembers the vomiting, and tries to slip away before he gets back. Too late!

She hurries away with a lame excuse and rushes to a pharmacy for some hangover medicine, where she catches a glimpse of her reflection, to her utter dismay.

A bit later, now sober and cleaned up, she takes a seat on a park bench, only to have Ki-joon join her. She’s surprised; he explains that he wasn’t worried, per se, but that if something were to happen to her, he’d be the first suspect.

He’d clocked her emotional reaction to the story of the cheater at the hotel, so now Ki-joon asks if she still has feelings for that guy. Ah-jung clarifies that she cried not because she still liked him, but because she was upset and disappointed in him.

She sighs, “People change, whether for better or worse. But he was my first love — couldn’t he stay as cool as he was in my memory?” But Ki-joon replies no — that that’s painful too, thinking of his own unresolved first love.

The two sit back to enjoy their scenic environs, and while looking up at the falling cherry blossoms, they happen to meet eyes. Ah-jung thinks, “Today, finally, my first love ended.”

They get lost for a moment, looking at each other, and Ki-joon starts to lean in, ever so slowly. Ah-jung closes her eyes, and he’s just about to kiss her…when they both meet eyes again and are jolted out of the moment.

Hurriedly they busy themselves straightening up and trying to ignore the almost-kiss.

In the morning, he’s mortified with himself, and therefore somewhat flustered when he gets a call from Ah-jung asking to meet. He shows up at the appointed cafe, surprised at her cheery mood, and starts to set her straight in case she misinterpreted his feelings.

But just as he starts to say he got caught up in the ambiance last night, she announces her reason for bringing him here. She has an addition to write into their contract: that he’ll be careful not to be seen with other women for the duration of the agreement.

And is he actually…disappointed that she’s not into him? Ha! On her way out, she assures him not to worry, since she forgets about things that occur when she’s drunk.

Next, Ah-jung enlists Sang-hee’s help in picking out a giant rock of a ring, since So-ran noted her lack of one. She’ll use the money she’d borrowed from the bank intending to use for a lawyer, and assures him it’s fine.

Sang-hee tells her to just tell So-ran her husband’s cheating so they can end this game, but Ah-jung sighs that she doesn’t want to become like So-ran. Except for the fact that…she’s becoming just like her by prolonging this useless oneupmanship, isn’t she?

Sang-hee calls in a favor and takes Ah-jung to an even nicer jeweler, who’s allowing him to borrow the ring. Thrilled, Ah-jung calls him her genie in the lamp, and he corrects her, saying he’s Cinderella’s fairy godmother. You sure that’s an improvement, buddy?

Armed with new diamond-studded weapon, Ah-jung arrives at So-ran’s place dressed up like the sophisticated trophy wife she’s not, and greets her old friends warmly. So-ran has been quick to spread the story of Ki-joon’s infidelity to her friends, under the guise of comforting poor Ah-jung, so they’re all aware of the supposed situation. However, to So-ran’s disgruntlement, they’re wowed at Ah-jung’s ring and advancement in life, and heap on the compliments.

There’s an awkward moment when Jae-bum comes home (conspicuously bearing roses, so as to stir envy among So-ran’s friends) and gulps to see Ah-jung there. They haven’t spoken since their chance encounter at the hotel, and Ah-jung looks away uncomfortably as well, not sure how to act now that she knows his dirty little secret.

Eager to tilt the balance of power back in her favor, So-ran pastes on a fake smile and asks Ah-jung when she’ll invite them all over to her new home for a housewarming party. Ah-jung gulps — houswarming?!


Oh my god, I was so bored with this episode. Here’s the thing about Lie To Me: there’s much ado about nothing. Which, in and of itself, is not a deal-breaker, if the misunderstandings that arose were funny and the pacing zippy. Or if there were lots of other amusing other storylines to keep the drama afloat. You know, like a fun workplace (a la Coffee Prince), or other non-romantic storylines (a la episodic dramas like Dr. Champ or Dal Ja’s Spring), or thoughtful little insights peppered throughout (like with Samsoon or Dal Ja again). Or a greater overarching issue (My Princess).

I was actually onboard with the lie for the first two weeks, because the drama did a pretty decent job establishing Ah-jung’s reasoning in blurting it out the first time. You wanted her to stick it to So-ran a little, because here she is minding her own business when a hateful pest comes buzzing around, determined to put her down. So when Ah-jung finds a handsome chaebol at her disposal, I was all for the brief moment of satisfaction in declaring him her husband.

But the problem is, she’s no longer the victimized party, the unjustly beleaguered heroine. Now she’s the one going out of her way to flaunt her lie in So-ran’s face, and I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Sang-hee’s voice of reason about ending the act. Heck, even Jae-bum had it right when he was like, “Uh, why don’t you just NOT talk to her then?” Sang-hee calls Ah-jung’s fantasy of married womanhood a pain in the ass, and I agree: Fantasizing about being married just so you can brag to people who are not your friends makes Ah-jung seem petty and infantile, not like the smart, approachable girl she seemed at the start.

Alas, not only is the conflict is incredibly flimsy, it’s all this drama has got. The best part of the series is Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan together (second place is the brothers), with So-ran being occasionally amusing and everyone else boring me to tears. No, to sleep. And while I love the leads together, they need the mechanism of this stupid lie to force them together, but because the lie is so lame, it weakens their interactions, too. Who cares about the fallout of this lie when there are no stakes? The lie continues = no big. The lie is revealed = no big. What’s the point?

Argh. I’m frustrated. I’m not sure I’m in it for the long haul for this drama after all, which pains me because I still love Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan and have stuck with them through worse dramas. But I do love the hints that Ki-joon may be feeling something for Ah-jung even before she feels anything for him, which is something that interests me. But still. Argh.


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    BTW, isn’t the woman with Jae-bum at the hotel the irritating newlywed that horned in on Robot Boy Seung-jo and Oh Hani’s Jeju honeymoon in ep 15 of Playful Kiss? 😉

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      Thanks! 🙂

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    I was more frustrated with the beginning episodes and thought this episode was much more interesting, though still very slow. I think I liked this episode mostly because of the increased Ah-jung and Ki-joon interactions. And if this drama was done by anyone other than the YEH and KJH pair, I would have dropped it.

    I’m still surprised as to why YEH and KJH picked this project. Did they pick up this up purely based on a synopsis? Did they get to read any of the script beforehand? And what other work has the screenwriter done?

    I think I can see where they may take the Ah-jung character – right now she’s all about sticking it to So-ran, but I think as she progresses, she will be able to let go of her petty rivalry and grow up. But I don’t really get how they are going to develop KJH’s character except make him fall in love with Ah-jung.

    And I hope Sang-Hee (ugh! it annoys me how AMUSED he is all the time) doesn’t fall in love with Ah-jung. First of all, do the Hyun brothers need a repeat of their past. And secondly, wouldn’t it suck for Yoon-ju if Ki-joon was faced with the same situation that Ki-joon would pick Ah-jung – meaning that she wasn’t never enough for him. Ouch!

    • 23.1 Daniela

      “And I hope Sang-Hee doesn’t fall in love with Ah-jung.”

      Me too. Their relationship is good like this.

    • 23.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Screenwriter Kim Ye Ri. Also co-wrote: Heading to the Ground

      This is the first solo project methinks.

      Usually in Korea you don’t get to read 100% of the scripts before going in. You get them week to week. (Unless filmed all at once). It’s most likely they liked it on premise and on newbie writers they try to get powerhouses to save the script. It never really works out, but it gives a chance for the writer to get better by putting pressure on them.

      The writer was supposed to base this off of a memoir, also another newbie move, but it doesn’t seem like the writer sat down and did any overarching plotting like the writers we like tend to do (Kim Eun Sook of Secret Garden/My Princess and the Hong Sisters at least figure out the ending way ahead of time.), so when her premise ran out she got lost.

      Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are pretty good at rescuing crappy scripts, but when the writer can’t get more conflict an an overarching plot/theme going it just doesn’t work.

      While BFB is far from perfect and has many of the older tropes from the early 2000’s, the thing that holds it together is that it has a workplace that keeps you engaged when nothing is happening and an overarching thing to say (about Ageism).

      The writer of Lie to Me doesn’t seem to have something important to say about lying and exploring how it can hurt or complicate it. Because she ran out of a lie. Ideally she should be running into the next logical level, when a relationship starts on a lie, how can you separate the lie from the relationship? Also compulsive lying to save the previous lie. If she tries to answer that tough question and starts pounding on it like the rest of dramaland, she should be fine, but it feels like floundering right now. Tie the lie with marriage, add people trying to find out, and that’s a real drama.

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    It is fine.They just need to get those 2 together.The story only smokes when they are on screen together.

    The writer needs to be told to get on with the story….already!!

    We got it.We lied to you Yoon Joo.We lied to you So Ran.We lied to you Jae Bum.

    Now get to the kissing 🙂 and dating!!

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          Writer-nim, if we can’t get plot, can we at least get fanservice? pweety pwease, with sugar on top? 😉

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      If that kiss is true, i think it would be for them to show their fake their marriage
      in front of her friends.
      I dont want him to be sobbing for the other woman until episode 13 and then suddenly discovers he loves Ah-jung. It would be nice to see them phisically attracted to each other that they want to be kissing … then the emotional attachment.
      If this continues like this, lie to me will be like that in my mind.

      • 26.5.1 Kiara

        Exactly, the kiss is for the sake of the fake marriage.

    • 26.6 Shelley

      Now I definitely won’t miss episode 6 tomorrow!

    • 26.7 tari

      I drop LTM on epi 3, only read recaps..but THAT looks kinda hot, I think I’ll watch to night episode..I know I’m cheap..

  27. 27 pumpkinattack

    Wow, you’re speedy! Thanks for the recap.

    I will definitely keep with this drama to the end (as a loyal fan) but my critiques are largely just like everyone else’s.

    It always seems like a shame to me that there have been (and are) a fair number of dramas that have such a great premise and even actors, but they still don’t deliver. I guess our expectations are getting higher and higher… because I’m sure I’ve loved a stinker or two in the past. I could look beyond the obvious flaws and just enjoy the show for what it was, bad plot clichés and all.

    On the other hand, the math is simple. After the umpteenth love contract, your ability to just go along with it begins to decline exponentially. You know, it’s just like high school English class’s excuse for bad romantic era novels: the necessity for “willing suspension of disbelief.” I’m still willing to suspend my disbelief (and follow Yoon Eun Hye to the ends of the earth, so help me), Drama, but if you fail to deliver or fail to bring some new compelling element to the old formula… you won’t end up very remarkable now, will you?

    To me a contract marriage drama is like a PBJ. How can you screw it up?!

    • 27.1 Minnetter

      it’s true that a contract marriage is hard to screw up but remember what a stinker the MSOAN contract marriage(s) were? yeah I remember just sticking to it because of my love for JGS… but I couldn’t completely suspend my disbelief even though I was completely willing… I’m feeling that it’s going to be the same for LTM because I love KJH and YEH I’ll watch it but I’ll probably skip through some of the parts….

  28. 28 JAM

    Darn… and i was hoping this will be interesting enough to tide me over till Best Love on Wed/Thurs. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow?

  29. 29 Bubbles

    OMO.OOMMGG..I saw picture prev episode 6 they really gonna KISS..at when Ahjung n Kijoon sing scene..it will end up with KISSING..yippy..can’t wait for tonight episode ^.^

  30. 30 sb

    YEH first drew me to this drama, but it really is so incredibly boring. If it wasn’t for Sang Hee, I wouldn’t have even bothered fast-forwarding through this episode.

    Also doesn’t help that Ah-jung’s character is starting to grate on my nerves, yay, another negative.

    I stuck with MSOAN for much too long, eagerly anticipating progression, and regret all those precious lost hours so much. Don’t want to feel those pangs again here!

    I’ll give it one more episode…

  31. 31 Daniela

    I love Park Hoon. The way he said the sizes and the “Good question”. He is so cute. I would rather see him more than Jae-bum.
    I agree too. All the fight between So-ran and Ah-jung in this episode got me tired, like be-on-my-bed-all-day tired. Im lazy, I cant be around someone just to get him mad. Even his reason is a little bit forced, but ok i think the fake marraige is unrealistic itself,so they have to get there somehow.
    More scenes with the two brothers please! Bad thing: I just feel like
    their relation is going to change and there wont be another brother´s moments for a while. Damn.
    But I laughed. A little. When he flips on his bed as if he was cooked on one side and has to cook the other one.
    The pins in Ki-joon´s suits are cute! today he wore a bows (is that the
    word for the things that you use in your neck with a tuxedo?) and flowers again I think.
    Thank you for the recap!

    • 31.1 suitfetish

      I join you in the Park Hoon camp.

      He makes the scenes in the office twice as fun as the others…

  32. 32 Geneva

    No, it’s not particularly interesting so far, but I know I’ll stick with it if only to see KJH and YEH making moon eyes at each other.

    I did expect more, though. I guess it could still pick up the pace… and I’ve sat through FAR worse dramas that did NOT have the benefit of KJH’s face.

  33. 33 songjoongkilove

    the acting is terrible..
    YEH does not save this drama and her performance is a little disappointing.

    As for kang ji hwan, really enjoyed him in Hong Gil Dong, but here, yuck. I’m a little bit tired of the rich main lead. And his voice.. is such a turn off. It’s so annoying in my opinion. (again, it’s only my personal opinion).

    So yeah, them together is not saving this drama either….

    The little brother’s acting (don’t know his name) but his acting is just as bad.. but I think he is a newcomer? So he has some time.

    Urgh, really thought lie to me can entertain me until Wed/Thurs for the GREATEST LOVE (now that 49 days is gone :() .. but I can’t stand this anymore

    Good luck to those who are sticking to it.

  34. 34 Carinne

    Ok, I’ll fess up and say it’s the music selections in this episode which kept me going.

    I totally love the song playing while KJ runs up to the sky deck to reunite w/ YJ. I hope it’ll go on its OST.

    Also, liking the songs while AJ and KJ meets pre-vomit scene and shower petals under the cherry trees scene.

    Anyone know the titles and artists to any of those Korean songs?

    Hey, anyone notice KJ’s suit pin changes color between scenes where he meets AJ for drinks and where he gets vomited on?

    • 34.1 Carinne

      Haha! So these really went on its OST part 2.

      Sky deck scene song insert is M to M – 안녕 정말 안녕 (This Is Really Goodbye).

      Sakura scene song insert is Kim Hyung Jun – 이밤이 지나가면 (Midnight Passes).

    • 34.2 hpn88

      Still looking for the song during the drinking/vomitting scene. I agree the songs in this were great!!

  35. 35 Lady of Spice

    Wow THANKS JAVABEANS! You read my mind! I was so utterly bored. The whole episode I think I chuckled once or twice at most and kept waiting for something to happen. I would have rathered to have seen some more of Dad’s love triangle than watch Ah-Jung and Soo-Ran shop and try to one-up one another.

    In fact one of the most interesting scenes in the whole episode was Yoon-Ju and Ki-Joon. Now theirs was a love story I can get behind. But right now Ah-Jung as an individual is just not really believable as a heroine. Usually in a drama the heroine starts to evolve and become more mature not regress.

    And I think that regression is making it hard for me to buy her and Ki-Joon. The kiss scene under the cheery blossoms seemed very forced to me. Other than the ambiance, I couldn’t understand WHY Ki-Joon wanted to kiss her. I’m cool with Ah-jung being a bubbly, smart but kind of stunted and immature woman when it comes to relationships but I’m not connecting her as a woman or a character right now. For the ladies out there we’ve all had moments we’ve wanted to stick it to someone we didn’t like or who treated us like crap but Ah-Jung is crossing some lines that aren’t only believable but boring as well.

    Here’s hoping that episode 6 brings SOMETHING, ANYTHING of interest before this drama gets put on the back burner.

    On a side note: Has anyone else realized that Ah-Jung has a conspicuous lack of REAL female friends(or any friends for that matter) minus Dad’s old flame, Sang-Hee or the frienemy circle?

    • 35.1 Domino

      I feel NO sympathy for Ah Jung
      I’m actually rooting for Ki Joon and ex.
      There’s a history there, and the scriptwriter spent so little time building up ah jung and ki joon i wonder now what is the point? of keeping up this charade.
      Love of your life Vs. heroine (who is basically a stranger) trying to one up the frenemy.
      Which pairing is more compelling?

      The script writer is totally at fault here, she spent so much time building up the other relationships, she left the “OTP” with nothing.

      • 35.1.1 rose

        at munch as i love the actress i think your right the writer is at fault , the second leads are the pair here …. we seen a square a lot but here it gone array ….. so i hope they can improved

  36. 36 young_girl_warrior

    no matter what i still love this drama till end!!!!!!

  37. 37 alfalfa

    Thank you for the recap!

    I sincerely hope that Episode 5 is just a filler episode. Hopefully the writer(s) will up the ante and fully utilise their gem of an OTP. It pains me to think the shoulda coulda woulda if the drama is not written well (glaring at you, Mary)

    P.S.: Fingers crossed that the spoiler pic is not a dream or a red herring but an actual something that will propel the drama forward.

  38. 38 Emeldy

    I gave up last week when the whole “marriage” things refused to get solved by our dear writer.

    I thought i will give myself another episode for Yeh.

    Bottom Line: Official Drop (Why stick with it when i have so may different flavor drama at my disposal)

    Yes i will be coming back for the recap and see how it ends.

    • 38.1 Emeldy

      P.S LOve you JB and GF for the recap. I hope things shape up in the future.

      Is it just me who feels LTM has an amateur cinematographer when K drama has given us a beautifully shot Dr. Champ, Bad Guy, SG.

  39. 39 lili

    I had such high hopes for this drama…and I can’t believe I’m still hoping for something to interesting to happen…This drama really isn’t progressing at all..it’s continually lingering on the same boring topics over and over again -_- It’s sad it had so much potential to be a great drama*sigh* I hope episode 6 is better :'(

  40. 40 travelcrazy

    let’s hope for a better tomorrow!

  41. 41 LimaBrains

    Bored is the correct word, JB. I keep getting distracted doing other useless things in the house like refolding my clothes and putting away dishes, all the while trying to convince myself that I like this drama and I’m not really bored.

    YEH can’t save this drama and I’m disappointed that she chose this one. Especially in comparison to Best Love and the rest of the May dramas.

  42. 42 JohnC

    I finally gave up and walked out.
    I can’t believe that any actor would read this script and want to do it.
    YEH is losing that magical glow from CP and performing like someone from a girl band who wants to act.
    I know she can act well…..she already proved that in CP but how can she be so bad in this?
    This whole show looks like amateur hour. A giant step backwards for all involved.

    • 42.1 Nokcha

      I agree…this is boring. Stopped after ep. 2. YEH is the same in each drama. The magic with CP is probably more due to her character being a better fit with her acting ability. Girl band who wants to act….works for me.

  43. 43 almontel

    thanks for the recap…viki is lagging so i can’t watch it simultaneously which pains me…

    anyways, i will still watch this just bec i like Yoon EunHye and KJW..and i thought they will be kissing on this ep…well almost… i loved that scene with the blossoms in the air…what a beautiful romantic scene…too bad the kiss didn’t happen…

    i too would love to have a little more substantial than what they’ve shown so far…i hope it’ll give us a twist sometime soon to keep more people glued to it..it would be such a wasted of a great tandem…

  44. 44 sunshine

    To be honest, I can’t bring myself to watch this drama for the reasons you’ve listed. I’ve kept up with drama recaps, but it’s kind of difficult cheering for a heroine who is so petty. It’s even worse when the writer is trying to justify it. “See, Ae Jung won’t step as low as telling So Ran that hubby is cheating!” Uhh…but Ae Jung’s stooped pretty low already. I don’t like my characters to be perfect, but at least don’t try to portray her as in the right.

  45. 45 Liesel

    Frankly, YEH’s character’s starting to grate on my nerves. Shaping up to be a too stupid to live heroine, this one. UGH

  46. 46 ML

    I prefer Baby faced Beauty than Lie to Me. It started out slow but it’s picking up and the overall plotline is stronger than LTM. Plus Daniel Choi and Jang Nara is so hilarious together! She has great chemistry with Ryu Jin too. It’s too bad that it’s the most underrated drama in May. JB and GF, could you pretty please consider recapping this drama?

  47. 47 churasan

    Thank you for your recap. I’m actually now “watching” this drama “thru your summaries” because I gave up after episode 2. I’m not sure why I’m not finding Lie to Me interesting, because I usually like this type of story where everything starts as a lie, but romance blooms and it becomes truth. Actually I started watching Baby Faced Beauty which is a lie about age. With this storyline it’s funny now and you can foresee potential hijinks even after the lie is found out. But for Lie to Me, I think the storyline is lacking a solid plot, which is a shame because I really liked the cast. This is more of a “save for a rainy day” type of drama for me.

  48. 48 leitiza

    “When Ki-joon says he’s not necessarily going to drop his lawsuit against Ah-jung, Hoon clucks that he’s being particularly mean. ”

    I can see this as being a conflict moment in their near future! Especially if its timed to when they both start feeling something for each other then BANG, “Oh ya Honey I forgot-I was still sueing you!”

    Like most of the comments, yes, some things are becoming a little tiresome BUT its still not going to stop me from seeing this series till the very end…I mean its supposed to be brain candy not your life will end if this drama doesn’t contribute to the betterment of mankind- if it can make me laugh- life is good!

    I’m just happy it keeps me laughing and not thinking about the finals I should be studying for! Otherwise, I’ve accepted that Lie to Me, The Greatest Love (Team Panties!), and my current yes-I-admit-it-very-cheesy Romance Town are my current brain crack for the next 20 episodes.

    I hope you can continue to recap it JB but if not I understand…Fighting!

  49. 49 Wish

    Where do you guys watch for the fastest eng subs??

  50. 50 binzer

    I actually feel no natural chemistry between the leads at this point, and am pretty much just watching the show for our little alley cat Sang Hee (who is stealing the scenes for me so far, much to my surprise).

    Even though Ah-Jung and Sang Hee have a chemistry that’s more friendly than romantic, at least it feels sincere, and their cutesy joking ways make it clear why they hit it off. Little things like him swinging her arm in the background while they enter the airport (episode 4) are extremely adorable, and it doesn’t feel like the typical awkwardly scripted skinship of k-drama-land (wrist grab!).

    Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung on the other hand…I feel like their chemistry is basically “maybe if we stare at each other long enough the mysterious magic that exists in our fantastical drama-world will make us fall in love.” Their bickering doesn’t even have any chemistry (I feel like Sang Hee is winning in that department too) and right now all that’s putting the two together are our drama-cliches (like her almost getting hit by a car).

    I am a die-hard trendy-rom-com fan, but I feel like this drama isn’t doing ANYTHING to make the cliches feel new or interesting. The pace is slow, and there aren’t really any quirks (character or script-wise) that set any part of the show apart (unlike Best Love, which feels snappy and fresh despite its cliches).

    Anyways, I’m loving Sang Hee and hope he gets more screen time (not to mention a lead role in a drama). I was genuinely surprised at how sad I felt for him in his episode 4 flashback (crying about Yoon Joo). I find myself feeling absolutely nothing for Ki Joon in his flashbacks however, and I really am trying! The man is definitely in need of some stronger character traits.

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