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Lie To Me: Episode 6
by | May 24, 2011 | 341 Comments

Aaaack, this drama is so sadistic – I feel like a yo-yo. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I’m just watching super passively, because there’s nothing that happens that’s unexpected or new. We just keep circling one plot point over and over again, in slightly different iterations. But then one thing happens to jerk me back in, and I’m Kang-Ji-hwan-toast. A total goner. Gah.


Ah-jung freaks out that her friends want her to have a housewarming and invite them over. So you purposely baited your friends with this ginormous lie, and then expected them to drop interest at a moment’s notice? Logic is not thy strong suit.

She heads straight to Ki-joon’s house, to try and persuade him to let her borrow his house for an evening. She promises that it’ll be like she was never there, and bats her eyelashes at him, to no avail. His idea of the contract was to do nothing, and he meant it. She leaves, deflated.

She meets Sang-hee the next day and returns the ring dejectedly, and tells him about her new dilemma. He laughs, “Is that all?” and flashes the ring at her, reminding her that he’s the fairy godmother. He promises to help her, and she brightens up again.

Auntie President meanwhile gets photographic evidence that Ki-joon’s marriage rumor might in fact be true… which obviously does not bode well for Ah-jung. But when Yoon-ju shows up to announce her return, she decides to just keep watch over the Ah-jung situation.

Sang-hee takes Ah-jung to his aunt’s mansion and tells her that this is where she’ll have her housewarming. What the? Isn’t that a hell of a lot riskier than sneaking into Ki-joon’s house? He doesn’t seem to think so, since his aunt goes to Jeju every weekend, like clockwork. How much you wanna bet something keeps her in town this week?

Ah-jung thinks he’s delusional, and says that she can’t tell the difference between when he’s kidding and not. Heh. He swears he’s telling the truth, despite the fact that he is in fact LYING… well, omitting the fact that the reason he knows people who work there is because he is the young master of le grande estate.

She thinks he’s bluffing, so she pushes him out of the car in exasperation and returns to work… where she sees So-ran in the lobby, apparently waiting to run into her. She finally caves and calls Sang-hee to ask if he was serious, and tells him Operation: Housewarming is a go.

She can’t resist the urge to rub it in Ki-joon’s face, and finds him while he’s jogging in the park. She gets the jump on his nerves, and he falls backwards into a bush at her arrival. Pffft. I kind of like his fear of her.

She tells him that she doesn’t need his house anymore, and that there’s no reason for them to ever see each other again, so that’s that. Riiiiiiight. I’d prefer it if there was no reason to ever see him in his neon workout gear ever again, but that’s just me.

Ki-joon returns to work to find his aunt waiting for him, and she asks if he’s been waiting for Yoon-ju all this time. He says no, but he does hesitate, because clearly his feelings are not as settled as he would like them to be.

His aunt breathes a sigh of relief, admitting that while she does like Yoon-ju and can find no fault with her, she’s of the same mind that she was three years ago: Yoon-ju cannot replace Sang-hee. Meaning of course that they are not a one-to-one trade, and that no girl is worth his brother. He agrees and puts her mind at ease.

While I don’t think that he’s actually worked out his residual feelings for her, I don’t think he’s going to waver on the Sang-hee issue, because clearly he never would’ve broken off the engagement in the first place if he didn’t mean to stick by it.

She’s not making it easy either, by taking up work in one of his department stores. They greet each other awkwardly, pretending to meet for the first time in front of other employees.

Ah-jung stops by the bench where she and Ki-joon had their almost-kiss, and smiles to herself as she watches the cherry blossoms fall. How cute. I really wish the drama did more of this (actual development of feelings) than new and unimproved ways to perpetuate The Lie. ‘Cause yeah… we geddit.

Ki-joon’s secretary takes him out to lunch to Ah-jung’s favorite coffee shop, where OF COURSE, they run into Jae-bum. Does this guy just go from café to movie theater to hotel, just waiting to run into people he knows? No wonder he’s a lawyer with no clients. He’s never at work!

They exchange hellos, and Jae-bum recognizes the secretary right away. It’s a good thing he’s not too bright though, because he doesn’t put two and two together about the “friend” who needed legal advice on how to sue the woman pretending to be his wife.

Once Ki-joon sits down, his secretary tells him that Jae-bum is Ah-jung’s first love, and his instant reflex is an angry “WHAT?” Heh. He then orders a fair trade coffee, per Ah-jung’s choice, the last time they were here.

The secretary fills Ki-joon in on Ah-jung’s backstory with Jae-bum, and adds his own sympathy for her situation. Ki-joon just thinks that her pride was hurt, but his assistant counters that that’s what a woman’s pride is – never wanting to lose, even if the world is falling down around them. I disagree that it’s gender-specific, but based on Ah-jung’s crazy antics, he’s not wrong.

Ah-jung gets excited in planning her fancy menu for the housewarming, and entreats Seok-bong to help her prepare the food. Sang-hee comes over with bad news though—his aunt had a change of plans and now that house is unavailable. Ah-jung has a fit and leaves.

At the same time, Ki-joon looks around his empty house and starts to feel bad about turning her down so coldly. So he has a change of heart and drives to her neighborhood and calls her to come out…

But as he leaves his message, he hears his brother’s voice. He looks in his rearview mirror and there’s Sang-hee… walking along and joking with Ah-jung. Ruh-roh.

Ki-joon gets out of the car, and Ah-jung is surprised to see him, but not nearly as surprised as Sang-hee is, who just ekes out, “Hyung…” with a panicked look on his face.

Ah-jung reads the tension in the air and then looks back and forth between them. “Hyung?”

Ki-joon breaks his silence with a laugh full of disbelief and scorn, and gets in his car and drives away before Sang-hee can stop him. He turns around only to be met with anger on Ah-jung’s side too, as she kicks him and walks away in a huff.

Dude, that’s what you get for playing fairy godmother when you’re really prince charming’s baby brother.

The next morning he tries to do damage control with Big Bro, to no avail. He asks to let Ah-jung borrow the house for just one day, and adds that she had no idea that they were brothers. Ki-joon naturally doesn’t believe him, and asks why he’s doing any of this at all. Sang-hee: “Because it’s fun.”

The troublemaker gets his own dose of reality though, when he returns to Seok-bong’s studio to find Yoon-ju there. He lights up at the sight of her, but then quickly hides, unable to face her.

He watches her leave, still totally heartbroken and an angsty little puppy dog over her.

Ah-jung goes to Ki-joon’s house and has a massive debate… with herself, about whether or not to ask for his help. She decides against it and walks off yammering to herself, which Ki-joon’s assistant sees on his way in.

He mentions it to Ki-joon, who pretends not to care… but then immediately picks up his phone to check if she called. Aw. She didn’t, which confuses him, so he texts her to ask how the preparation for the housewarming is going.

She thinks he’s just messing with her on purpose, so she ignores his call, which just makes him even antsier. I love it that he’s like, I’m not interested, nope! All the while checking his phone every five seconds.

He finally calls her, and when he shows up to meet her, she’s in the middle of looking at an apartment for sale. Her plan is to somehow rent this place for a day and fill it with rental furniture, and pass it off as their home… which is just looney tunes. But clearly she’s that desperate, beyond the point of reason.

He asks if it’s really worth all of this, just because her friend stole her first love. But she turns to him and asks if his pride has ever been trampled. “Then don’t talk about things you don’t understand. The method may be wrong. I know that. But I can’t get married because of So-ran.”

That… doesn’t make sense either. But then, Logic seems to have no place in Ah-jung’s world. When Ah-jung asks the realtor if they can test-live the apartment for a day, they get scooted out of there like a couple of stray dogs.

Looks like her pride extends to him too, because though he keeps baiting her to ask him for his house, she refuses to. She says she’s got one last ditch super-secret plan: cut to her consulting a hypnotherapist (HA) for how to convince someone to borrow their house for a day. Apparently, as it is against the law, he can’t help her.

She trudges back home defeated, and finds Sang-hee waiting around for her. He smiles sheepishly at her, and she realizes all the times that she could’ve picked up on the clues, but didn’t, and chastises herself for being an idiot.

He apologizes to her and asks if she’s going to hit him again, but she’s cool about it, which impresses him. She’s decided to just come clean to So-ran tomorrow about the whole thing, and he wonders if it’ll be okay. Her answer is a resounding NO, but what can she do, short of setting Ki-joon’s house on fire?

Sang-hee smiles devilishly, and then we cut to the both of them in ninja outfits, setting Ki-joon’s house ablaze. What in the cosmos? This had better be some deluded fantasy sequence, or I’m breaking up with Show RIGHT NOW.

Ki-joon gasps for air as he wakes up to his house ablaze, and then collapses choking. Ah-jung and Sang-hee run away gleefully… and then Ki-joon wakes up, startled from his crazy nightmare. Oy.

Well the nutty nightmare is enough to persuade him that he ought to just give in and let her use the house, so he comes by to give her the key and the lockcode in the morning. She promises to treat the house like her own so that he won’t regret it. Ki-joon: “I already regret it.” Heh.

She starts putting her things throughout the house (which hadn’t even occurred to me until now – she has to make it look like she lives there) and Sang-hee helps her set everything up. He even borrowed the contents of his friend’s closet and had it brought over, knowing that her friends will want to check out her closet first thing.

She squees in delight and hugs him, giving him back his fairy godmother title. Dude, Sang-hee… how are you the only one who does not see history repeating itself here?

So-ran gets ready, and Jae-bum stalls, trying to come up with an excuse not to go so that he doesn’t have to face Ah-jung. So-ran calls his bluff and says that she doesn’t care what he does, but he’d better play the happy couple with her in front of Ah-jung. Sad, really.

Meanwhile, Ki-joon goes out to the movies… with his secretary (heh), who happens to like melodramas (HA). He refuses at first, but a pathetic pout is enough to do him in. He gets a call from Yoon-ju who invites him over for dinner, and so he heads over there…

The doorbells ring at two houses simultaneously – Yoon-ju goes to the door fully expecting Ki-joon, but then looks up and sees Sang-hee smiling back at her. Ah-jung opens the door, and there stands Ki-joon, having chosen to be here instead. Aw.

She’s like, what… are you doing here, and he just answers cheekily that it’s his house. And then he greets their guests at the door, completely flooring all her friends. He totally acts the part of the adoring husband, which actually scares Ah-jung because it’s so out of character.

Under her breath, she mutters, “Why are you doing this? It’s making me nervous.” And he tells her that they’re putting on a play, and this is the stage. And then he starts shaking his hips while calling everyone to the dinner table, which makes ME nervous. Heh.

He feeds her adoringly and her friends praise her cooking, at which Jae-bum chimes in that Ah-jung’s a really good cook, and that she started learning housework at a young age, because her mother died young.

That quiets the room for a while, and Ki-joon looks over Ah-jung with empathy, seeing her differently for a moment, off in his own world.

The whole situation starts to make her uncomfortable, so she runs into the bathroom for a moment, which Jae-bum uses as his chance to follow her in and beg her not to spill the beans to So-ran about his affair.

She agrees uncomfortably, and they come out of the bathroom together… where Ki-joon is standing there waiting. Um, awkward. He gently tells her that her friends and waiting, and leads Ah-jung away by the hand.

It turns even more awkward when all three of them return to the party like that, and Jae-bum makes the mistake of sitting down on the couch next to Ah-jung instead of his own wife. He tries to break awkwardness by requesting a song from Ki-joon.

Ah-jung gets up and says she’ll sing by herself to break the tension, but then to her surprise, Ki-joon gets up and says they’ll sing together. They pick a song and start out awkwardly, standing five feet apart, but then her friend pushes them together and they start getting into the song.

Ki-joon starts to look at Ah-jung as she sings, and his eyes lock with hers. They stop singing, and then he drops his mic, and pulls her toward him…

He grabs her in a kiss, and then there they are, full-on making out like no one else is in the room.

Goddamnit. Total swoon.


This drama is a lot like Pasta. I love the leads and their chemistry is sizzling, and yet… nothing ever happens. There’s very little forward momentum in dramas like these, where you just have the same plot point being reinforced over and over and over, with very little change. Even the supposedly big reveal of the brothers being brothers is… totally anticlimactic. The problem is, I like the couple and I’m invested in them working out in the end. But the lie is already getting tiresome.

When the couple is together, it’s cute cute cute, but when they’re not, it’s boring boring boring. And I really wish the brothers spent more time together onscreen, while we’re at it. How can a drama with such cute highs have such dull lows? (For instance, forty minutes spent getting the house, despite the fact that we all KNEW she’d get to use his house. ‘Cause duh.)

There’s so much potential for the setup, if the plot would just leave the goddamn station. I think if we were still earlier on in the series, I’d be more forgiving (which I was, more than usual for the first two weeks, just because I love both Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan). But now I’m antsy for MORE.

That said, the kiss did surprise me, even if it’s a little weird that it happens in front of other people, and IF the drama actually builds on their relationship from here on out instead of heading back to square one, I’m in like flynn. But I don’t trust it to. I feel like we’re headed back to Denial Land, which is going to make me angry…

Oh, the woes of dramas that don’t do what I tell them. If he wasn’t such a good kisser, I’d already have kissed Show goodbye. For now I’m just rewinding…

So just a heads up: we’re still up in the air about whether or not to continue recapping this drama, so fair warning that there’s a possibility we might drop it. We’ll see how it fares next week. I’m not gonna lie – more kisses equal more chance I’ll stick with it. What? I’m easy like that.


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        just when i am about to give up on this drama, something wonderful came out and they kissed, weeeeeeeeeeee!

        anyways, can’t wait for next week.

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  2. MagicalSkies

    Love this! Thank you girlfriday 🙂

    • 2.1 pipit

      I’m wholeheartedly agree with what you say about Lie To Me. I’m not gonna lie I’m one of those who feel very disappointed with how boring LTM is up to 5,5 episodes.

      I don’t mind cliches and same old storylines because all are in the execution. But if you execute them into bunch of boring scenes with nothing new/exciting…..you’re definitely a bore.

      But having say that, the almost kissing, KJW fell into the bushes, burning up his house, and real kissing scenes pull me back right in.

      LTM more of that please. I really want to love you!

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    THe ending of this episode was daebak!
    Seems like things are FINALLY happening starting next ep!
    I am finally anticipating the next ep..which hasnt happen for the alst 6 eps.

    • 3.1 aceyyy

      i thought it was really weird in context haha. srsly however newlywed you are you don’t really start snogging in a karaoke session in front of your wife’s friends. or just me? haha

      i can’t believe this episode put me through 40mins!!! of house-whining – the setup for this drama is visible MILES AWAY (like sanghee is totally going to beat himself up for fairygodmothering the girl instead of going for her – again!!) and ugh. i was watching this while watching another show at the same time heh.

      my favourite relationship may be those fleeting moments between the boss and the secretary, like when he’s like “did i miss a size” i was like COUGHCOUGH and when kijoon caved at the puppydog face to watch a melodrama (more boring minutes in a slow episode)… but still. so cute.^^

      • 3.1.1 kdfan

        i agree the context for the kiss was weird. and i think looking at next epidose’s preview, kijoon will say it’s just part of the act. in fact the almost-kiss under the cherry blossom trees in the previous episode was also kinda weird. she just puked on him and he was all stinky, yuck.

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      Ahhh, Kang Ji Hwan, why so hot?! You’re killing us out here!

      Also random but, takes me back to Secret Garden…Their public kiss scene was when Joo won, won me over 100%.

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      Thank goodness for EYH and her willingness to do sexy kisses rather than the typical tepid k-drama kiss. I’ll keep watching if the kissing continues, if not, I’ll just watch that kiss scene and pretend its a whole drama.

      btw, anyone else think that Ki-Joon is going to pretend that the kiss was just more acting?

      • 6.3.1 madkdr

        If I were YEH and told – you gotta kiss JJH / Gong Yoo / KJH – make it real – I would be so all over them they’d have to scrape me off!! 😛

        Wouldn’t you?

        • hookedonmonix

          Oh, absolutely. What is wrong with all the other actresses? They get to make out with these guys for their job!! Oh how I wish I was hot and talented enough to be an actress.

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      I am also on the fence with this. I have huge expectations for it since I am a Coffee Prince fan but other than the lead pair and the brother I am not excited for this drama. After 2nd episode, I just relied solely on your recap, I didnt bother with downloading it. I think I might watch this only after all the May Kdramas. It is a waste coz I really liked the synopsis, the bts and the leads…

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      haha. It’s that charisma. He’s disarming. He has a way of looking and talking to women where you feel like he’s only looking at, talking to and thinking of you….even though it’s not true. I hate guys like that cause’ they know their weapon and use it well!

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      I second this. I look forward to he recaps as much as the show itself….. heck, most of the time the recaps bring my attention to little bits of awesome that I might have otherwise overlooked.

      Please don’t give up on this one yet. It has potential… it’s just a bit of a procrastinator, lol.

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    LTM might be one of those dramas that is better watched than recapped, because really, there’s not too much going on so there’s not too much to say. YEH and KJH are cute, Sang-hee and Ah-jung are fun, So-ran’s crazy, and Jae-bum is an annoying idiot, the end. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Hopefully something will happen next week.

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    Oh dear Girfriday, I am as bored as you watching the lie plot going over and over again and finally thought that last night would be my last time watching this series.

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      Which…could get kind of exciting.

      But is this writer thinking that cleverly? Or will I be reduced to ficcing depth into this on my own?

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      By the way, where can I find the funny soundtrack whenever there’s comic scence involving the two lead actors?

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    • 25.1 malta

      My hope is that Sang-hee doesn’t fall for Ah-jung just because it would suck (although be typical of kdrama land) for two brothers to fall for the same woman…twice. I’m hoping maybe Sang hee initially thought Ah jung was interesting, but once he saw her marriage plot with his brother, thought it would be a good thing to encourage her so Ah jung and Ki joon could get together. Kinda of like playing fairy godmother to Ah jung and at the same time matchmaker to Ki joon as a way to find Ki joon happiness after the whole mess with Yoon joo….Ah jung does seem to make Ki joon’s life happier (and crazier).

      I don’t know though. Far fetched I guess but, I just can’t tell why Sang hee keeps helping her. If he likes her, no way would he continually help her play house with some other guy, who happens to also be his brother…I guess we will find out soon enough.

      • 25.1.1 Starstruck

        I just think he empathizes with her. His love went to his brother and her love went to a woman she thought was close to enough to be a sister. The mirroring of their situation creates enough of commonality between them to forge a bond.

  26. 26 srkambbs

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    • 26.1 Carinne

      Now, you just make me feel stupid. I lost count how many times I’ve rewatched their karaoke and kiss scene. The things I miss are fireworks and a Lionel Richie song ‘cos birds of a feather flock together; I swear for a nanosecond I thought I saw Blue and Jewel from Rio. Haha! Y’all know I’m right! Can’t you tell, KJ’s shirt is particularly tight, like a male bird pumping out his chest (gosh darn it how I was so curious to rip that shirt apart just to check what’s behind screen door #1) and shaking his hips to grab his mate’s attention, like that made SOMEONE nervous and as so some of us. Har-har-har!

      Now this episode is all about the actual KJH charisma making females of all ages weak in the knees. Oh dang! And so did YEH glow and ooze feminine sensuality. I’m sure some guys wished that black and nude dress really bare NUDE. Bow-chica-bow-wow!

      Again, I love all the music inserts in ep.06. Hee Young’s song “Are You Still Waiting” totally sets great mood, and you can dl it from ep.05 recaps under my comment.

      I think I found a new ringtone! And it’s “Lovin Ice Cream” by As One & EZ-Life.

      • 26.1.1 Zep

        I laughed so hard at your comment! And, yesh, i couldnt agree more at everything you say *sigh*

        • Carinne

          Pahehe~ will you look at that?


          Can the shirt be any tighter? It’s like he’s wearing a heartshaped corset underneath it. So smexy! Haha!

          • Carinne

            image cr: dc

      • 26.1.2 Cathy

        I have been searching this 2 songs like crazy…thank you so much for telling the titles

        • Carinne

          cool ~ , ^ v

      • 26.1.3 heyyall

        Do u know the song when Ah Jung reminiscing their “almost kiss scene” under the cherry blossom??

        • Angela

          I’m rewatching this drama and I was wonderin witch song it was too. Have you found out in the meantime maybe?

  27. 27 girlatsea

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    • 27.1 J

      Hahhaha only 12 more time? I hope that they’ll kiss in every future episodes 😀

    • 27.2 poo

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    Even before finals I read a bunch and let me just say: your commentary makes me enjoy the drama even more. I’m pretty certain that I would have given up on Secret Garden waaaaaaaaaaaaaay early on if it wasn’t for all your recaps. That would have just been a waste of sparkly tracksuits.

    So anyway, thanks for all your hard work! I hope you DO continue recaping this drama. For the sake of Yoon Eun-hye, Kang Ji-hwan, and hot kissing.


  29. 29 ishrooroo

    “Dude, that’s what you get for playing fairy godmother when you’re really prince charming’s baby brother.”
    I love this line! The ending was totally unexpected but aweesommmee~

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    I loved it when thay sang the ice cream song (so adorable!) and that kiss! Boy, what a KISS. The real stuff. Not like some kisses in kdrams where they just touch their lips and stand still. This kiss was pure hotness. I think that I melted when I saw it lol. I suppose that it’s not surprising if you look at Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan’s previous dramas kisses. They are great kisssers so if they get to kiss each other, the result is overwhelming hahaha. I hope that we’ll see lots of kisses between them in future episodes lol ^____^

    P.-S: Does anyone know where I could get that hippo head toy that Eun Hye was hugging in her bed in today’s episode? It’s so cuuute 🙂

    • 32.1 creepykreme

      yep.i found many kdrama kisses seem so awkward.this is my second favorite kiss.the first was yoon eun hye and prince shin in goong.

      eep,why do i focus on the kissing scene???i should think about something more sophisticated…rrrrr……

    • 32.2 aceyyy

      i’ve seen it before in those claw arcade machines!

  33. 33 Leishers

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  34. 34 asianromance

    Thanks girlfriday for the recap!

    I’m still undecided about this drama. If I watched this episode without thinking about the previous episodes and how it fits into the overall story, this is a pretty good episode. Funny moments that don’t involve Ah-jung being crazy yet again. Some heartfelt moments. I LOLed like crazy at the fantasy fire scene, especially the part where KJH plasters his face against the plastic/glass in order to get some air.

    However, the real deal is that we’re not going anywhere with this story and it’s already 6 out of 16. I feel like I’m watching all the Ah-jung and Ki-joon pieces of a loong daily drama. The kiss was awesome (and hot!), but it was also very random considering the development/non-development of their relationship. In episode 5, the almost-kiss made sense because they may have felt a physical attraction to each other. But this kiss was too unbelievable. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I feel a teensy bit of desperation in some of YEH and KJH’s acting. Nothing really comes out as natural as their previous works.

    I wonder what connections the PD and writer have in order to get this drama made…

    • 34.1 Summerstorm

      Seems to me the PD/writer are desperate to suck the audience back in so they pulled that kiss stunt. And even had spoiler pics released so people will watch it. Well they kinda succeeded didn’t they because despite the still nonexistent plot, they’re looking forward to next week’s episodes. Well, I’ve put in some more of my thoughts re: the kiss in the previous recap. I also mentioned on the finale recap of 49 Days that I’m simply amazed at the # of people shallower than me. The comments from LTM die-hard fans are actually more entertaining and snark-worthy than the episode itself.

      • 34.1.1 suitfetish

        I’m actually enjoying this show for the relative plotlessness. This is a very specific taste… XP

        Like I did with Pasta, as GF mentioned.

        A plot that has a lot of drive takes up more mental energy, so this is a nice break. Not to say I hadn’t hoped for more from the show. If it had been on a level with Coffee Prince for energy, I’d be much more excited.

        I’m just kind of dreading the flavor of the inevitable turn to DramAngst. Now Ki Joon has found out about the friendship connection with Sang Hee, at least that can’t be a huge betrayal later…

  35. 35 JoJoina

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    • 35.1 J

      It’s “Lovin Ice Cream” by As One and Ez-Life 🙂

      • 35.1.1 crazykillua

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    • 36.1 J

      I agree. It’s not just Kang Ji Hwan who is a good kisser. Yoon Eun Hye is great too ^^ Together, they have the BEST kisses XD

  37. 37 JLemonade

    Please, please , please recap for this drama. Though there were not much plots in it, the scenes are cute and hilarious with YEH’s acting. This is really entertaining….. I would rather watch this than 49 days which is a fantasy drama , serious and at last rewarded with a disappointed and a depressed ending.

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    anywayyyyys kang ji hwan <3

  39. 39 Joy

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    • 39.1 unknown x

      Right? I enjoy it a lot more than MSOAN…..

      A lot of people are saying that the kiss was kind of random because there really isn’t a strong emotional attraction between the leads yet and I agree but it was worth it. I mean, you can forget all the bad things that the drama has just from that kiss. Maybe if there were more interactions between the leads in the earlier episodes then the kiss would have a lot more backstory.

      But from episode 6, during the housewarming party, it was totally believable that AJ and KJ were married and in love. They acted like a real married couple. One of the proofs is after KJ sees AJ and JB coming out of the restroom together and the three go back and stand behind SR with AJ in the middle. You can see AJ standing closer next to KJ after getting teased. It’s like she doesn’t want to worry him and not because she wants to act married. And the way he held her that moment, felt like she only belongs to him. The housewarming party showed them with a “We-are-really-married vibe” and not the “We-are-pretending vibe”.

      One of my favorite moments in episode 6 besides the kiss has to be during the party. Ah Jung is setting up the table and Ki Joon offers to help. She says it’s scary when he’s acting like that and then he just smiles at her while looking at her. That smile made my heart thump……… It was cute.

      It’s also cute how he’s so into acting while she feels nervous…

      • 39.1.1 kdfan

        hmm .. very good points. now i like this episode much more.

  40. 40 laya

    Omo, random kiss is hot XD Thanks for the recap!

  41. 41 Joy

    I feel like this is disappointment (like from MSOAN) 2.0. I love YEH but why has she been so bad at picking projects recently (from her last drama tilll now)?

    • 41.1 J

      This project is from the same company (Verdi Media) that has been with Love Song, and since that drama was cancelled because of PYH’s unfortunate death, she promised that she would look at their next project. Yoon Eun Hye is a very LOYAL person, that’s for sure, and I truly admire that.

  42. 42 gingganggolli

    …duh forget the analytical theory in kdrama just deal with the cuteness and you’ll live! That kiss! it reminds me of Secret Garden…unaware of the people around them, that makes the kiss extra hot hot hot! bring it on drama if you make the kiss your usual play then I might stick to it, same with gf coz frankly, the story has no substance the writing is going here and there and were already in ep. 6!

    • 42.1 J

      I agree. This drama is better when we watch it and see for ourself the adorableness of Yoon Eun hye and Kang Ji Hwan when they are on screen together rather than reading about it. However, the recaps are still VERY useful and I appreciate very much the hard work of JB and GF 😀 Please continue recapping it 🙂

    • 42.2 bd

      “SG” is a good comparison.

      Popular simply b/c of the 2 leads – nonsensical and boring plot, overexaggerated and stereotypical characters and bad, bad writing.

      I was hoping for something more along the lines of “Coffee Prince” (or at least “Coffee House”) writing-wise, but no such luck.

  43. 43 Anks

    Correct me if I am wrong but I find Ah-Jung pretty self-serving.. Her pride is the most important thing and everything else can go to hell..

    I am waiting for her to grow up or maybe i don’t know, start thinking about others…

    • 43.1 Starstruck

      I think it was a great premise. But the writer just seems to be flailing around now. There needs to be more development of the character. Why is she continuing the lie? It would be so interesting if her motives change. If she starts perpetuating the lie not because she wants to show up So Ran but because she wants to keep the guy. I seriously can’t believe they chose THIS writer and THIS script out of so many in a competition.

      • 43.1.1 Anks

        I agree with that..

    • 43.2 jennnn

      I have to agree. I know I’m suppose to find her lovely -and don’t get me wrong she is endearing at times- but for the most part I’m finding her a bit petty and selfish. It’s fine to make a character natural and ‘human,’ but at the same time I don’t think it’s such a good idea to make her self-pitying the driving force behind the plot because she keeps asking for more and more from both ki-joon and sang hee. And I find sometimes her demands are highly unreasonable, even for dramaland. I like the hot tension between the leads and I love, love, love Sang hee, but I feel Ah jung’s character needs to develop more (hopefully into a less childish and more considerate person) and the plot needs to be tightened – considering what we feel about Ah jung’s character and how slowly the story is moving (ie. both main characters haven’t actually fallen for each other as such) it seems really really odd for them to make out like that. Not that I’m complaining 😉 But I wish the story could be tightened so that we could have more scenes like that and have it all flowing and making more sense! 🙂

  44. 44 Bernadette

    thanks girlfriday !

    Wondering if this drama is just the sizzling kisses,
    viewers keep looking forward to make their hearts flutter on screen !

    should there be something more concrete substances to keep the drama going or just their coming
    developing romance to be going on only ?.

  45. 45 terrie

    Please don’t stop recapping. I rely on your recaps of this show!! This is the only place I can rely on for sanity and funny comments.

  46. 46 evelia

    The kiss was out of nowhere but at least something happened in the episode. I like the first two episodes but after that nothing much has occurred. Lets see if next week the writers finally get it and move forward with the story so tha finally there is at least some plot development. Thanks for the recap.

  47. 47 Linda165

    I haven’t watched it, but I already knew about the kiss because of some spoilers. Just came to check out GF’s reaction.

    All I have to say is someone better not be daydreaming or imma kill a biatch!!!

  48. 48 citrone

    This drama can be much more than it is now. Unfortunately we can clearly see the effects of the rushed production! They are almost shooting live. So I thing this is what we can get from this drama. Too bad. It has the potential of being much more than that. Anyway leads probably keep us hanging to the following eps.

    C’mon GF, you know you can’t betray KJH ^^
    I will look forward to read your future recaps ^^

  49. 49 gerie_mae

    I’m only watching this show because of the leads and your recaps. PLEASE DON’T DROP THIS!! This is the only thing a look forward to every week… hahahaha! Sorry if I’m selfish.

  50. 50 -clare-

    Okay, so does anyone else think that that random blond girl that works at the shop is hilarious? She’s always singing those songs… And she’s obviously not important, but I really like her character, ha.

    • 50.1 Carinne

      I totally <3 her!

    • 50.2 Linda165

      Oh, I love her. She is like a fortune teller with that guitar (or a very observant person) because her songs are always spot on 🙂

      • 50.2.1 Sherlyn

        her lyrics are always spot on!!!
        seriously hilarious character!

        • suitfetish

          Am I the only one shipping her and Unrequited Love Barista?

          I sense something there… ^_^

          Def. care more about her than Yoon Joo.

    • 50.3 unknown x

      Her real name is Jadu..

      She’s a singer and under Yoon Eun Hye’s management company. They are friends in real life….

    • 50.4 Kiara

      She reminds of Phoebe from Friends. I was waiting for her to start singing smelly cat in Korean lol.

      • 50.4.1 Carinne

        LOL! I think Jadu can totally rock out “Smelly Cat.”

      • 50.4.2 katz

        That’s exactly whom I thought of when she started making up those random songs!

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