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Lie To Me: Open Thread? Vote!
by | May 30, 2011 | 447 Comments

So the recapping verdict is in: Miss Ripley in, Lie To Me out. Girlfriday and I are satisfied with this choice, inasmuch as we know our physical limits despite wanting to cover every drama ever. (Okay, not every drama. But a good chunk of ‘em.)

However, we realize there’s still a crapton of you online, right now, possibly maybe still waiting for the recap? And we realize that sometimes you just need a place to say your piece, vent, squee, fight over my man, et cetera. (By the way, he appreciates the love, but he’d like you go away now. Trust me, it’s what he wants.)

SO. We tossed around the idea of creating Lie To Me-specific Open Threads to discuss the respective episodes. (Caveat: We aren’t going to start doing this for every drama. We’re only opening this idea up now because we do feel bad for dropping one that was in progress.) Truthfully, we don’t know if this is even a good idea, or something you’d want. Ergo: Vote time!

*(Even though it’s a futile endeavor, as he is deeply faithful to JB.)

447 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow

    mmm so will you ladies go back to recapping lie to me if miss ripley turns out to be crap?

    • 1.1 Joy

      word. but why don’t JB and GF offshore the work to other writers as it was done in the past?

      • 1.1.1 Janelle Morton

        I agree. Can someone else recap it?

        • MegN

          Check ockoala’s blog for LTM recaps…i am dying to see d coke kiss. Melo dramas not for me.

          • Beng

            may i know her blog’s site or URL?

          • MegN


          • Beng

            thanks! found it already and finally read the recaps of Episode 7. Can’t wait for episode 8, hmmmmm, delicious!!!

          • djinni

            i agree. its a rare thing that i can make it through a melo. im pretty disappointed about this, but will sulk my way over to ltm for recaps.

          • Twitiepie

            Its brilliant thanks for the blog info, I kindda agree with the view can’t believe that Mary Stayed Out All Night was completed, but Lie To Me dropped 🙁 But I guess there are so many drama’s out there at the mo its been tough for the ladies to even choose which to recap. I do think Lie To Me is being dropped just when I am finallly invested in it now at episode 7 and 8, might it have been better to decide after 7 and 8…

          • dami

            kinda disaponted it was dropped, i mean mary was completed and this one (which is actually good) was dropped

          • LL

            The drama landscape during Mary Stayed Out All Night was very different; you can’t really compare the two situations. JB has said before that her choice to recap or not recap a drama is not necessarily a comment on quality.

          • Ree

            Thanks… I’m reading her recap right now.

            Honestly, Mary Stayed Out All Night was bad, but I loved reading the recaps because it actually made the drama bearable. Even though LTM > MSOAN, I respect JB and GF’s decision to stop recapping. They’re so swamped right now!

            When MSOAN was airing, there was basically nothing else going on (beggars can’t be choosers). LTM is a just okay drama. The chemistry b/w the two leads basically carries the drama though (and the hot younger brother).

            But other than that, there are too many characters and their stories going on. Seriously, Ah Jung needs family AND friends AND coworkers AND those people at the restaurant and all of their stories??

            Plus, with Best Love, Romance Town, Baby Faced Beauty, and City Hunter, and now Ripley airing… I think JB and GF should have time for their own lives. Thanks for all the recaps ladies~!

          • Hairlove


            Above is the link for LTM ep 8

          • katiekatekate

            actually i have no plans of watching Miss Ripley hehe melo dramas isn’t for me either, I already checked koalasplayground, i think i’m gonna visit that site more from now on hahaha. but i’ll still go back here for City Hunter.

          • gsky

            Thx for the link but those recaps aren’t very good. oh well you can’t win them all.

      • 1.1.2 Vendetta

        thanks for the koalasplayground blog, gonna pack my stuff and camp over there LOL

        also guys check out–> http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/cyhmh-e14/

        the only place i could find that recaps can you hear my heart. That drama needs more love :]

      • 1.1.3 aurohm

        Yes totally! If miss ripley crashes then can we have LTM back? Kang and Yoon are neededdddd…. desperately!!!!

    • 1.2 Pikachu

      but its not crap.
      The reviews are rolling in and this drama is HOT sans terrible music director.
      Ripley marks the return of the classic k-melo. (minus total makjangness)

      • 1.2.1 Pikachu

        but i think fluffy spazzing will do Lie to me much good rather than analyzing.

      • 1.2.2 Pikachu

        oh and ockoalas recap is up too

    • 1.3 whatever

      duh! i knew this would happen. i believe drama is great so why start it if you can’t even finish recapping it. i think you guys are being bias.

      i don’t see the point. you even finished recapping Marry Stayed Out All Night though it was a total waste of time. and now that Lie To me is just starting to get exciting you’re dropping it just because of a melodrama that, oh well i don’t know. what ever! thanks and i enjoyed your recaps!

      • 1.3.1 mardie

        oooo… scorn.. hehheh…

      • 1.3.2 Artemis

        Hehe, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

      • 1.3.3 Shin mi rAe


      • 1.3.4 Liz

        Err hum, Dramabeans said before recapping the dramas, she would chose after which one to keep when she saw which drama she liked the best to recap, so you are bing rude. Is not the end of the world. You can watch for yourself or read in others blog DUH. Ripley won’t have much chance because everyone is already full with BL, LTM…….

      • 1.3.5 Qd

        Its their blog, their choice … so tough! plus they gave ample warning before May KDrama Mayhem that if any of the dramas were crap they will, after careful consideration, look to drop it… anyway… there are other places to look for recaps as others have mentioned! They are under obligation to anyone actually.

        • Qd

          *no obligation

      • 1.3.6 celest1al

        I hated Mary too, but they finished it because there were not a lot of other dramas that they were recapping at the same time. They would probably have dropped it if it were a contender in this month of May. They have jobs and lives too, and they clearly stated that they would pick and choose the ones they would recap for the dramas from May since there are so many.

        Also, I think they are far from being bias. JB LOVES Kang Ji Hwan and also likes Yoon Eun Hye. The fact that she stuck to recapping for a good chunk of episodes even though she didn’t like it, proves just that.

        They also may weigh in on the drama once in awhile after a few episodes, so I don’t know what the big deal is. Two other sites are recapping the drama. http://koalasplayground.com/ is a good example. And she has great insights.

        Personally, Lie To Me is really hard to watch. The story is meandering to say it nicely, and most of the characters are uninteresting. I think I did a lot of forgiving because the two leads are so great and I can tell they are trying really hard. But what’s up with all the fan service crap already? Are they trying to boost up their ratings in any way possible? Yeah the scenes are hot, but the characters’ actions don’t really make sense to me. It’s not getting better to me and we are already at the halfway mark.

      • 1.3.7 oi

        I agree Mary Stayed Out All Night was crap, but I still would recommend people to watch it, because otherwise they would not be able to find amusement in the comments made on this blog regarding that drama. And they would also not be able to appreciate the visits by “the cast” to this blog. Those were really memorable.

      • 1.3.8 Kiara

        Lol dont let the door hit you on the way out KTHXBYE.

    • 1.4 Jewels

      Softly at rebels soul is also recappig this which you’ll get live as it airs live in korea. Fastest recap ever!!!

    • 1.5 bubbs

      Plzzzzz dont stop recapping Lie to me ! I love the drama ! its starting to get interesting , dont give up on the drama ..

      • 1.5.1 weLs

        please base your decision on your avid followers like me..Your recaps won’t really matter if no one would read it. Well, its really how you guys define your work as a writer. To serve us or yourselves?..A crap or not, we value your critique, bad or good, we find it really good to read. You guys are already in depth with finding faults at korean dramas. It’s intimidating as it may sound, but we have our views too and

        • weLs

          the joy of sharing views whether to agree or not is what makes this blog a hit…thanks!!

        • Joo

          seriously, JB and GF do NOT work as writers at this blog. they have their own jobs and life outside this blog and they’re just posting as a kind of hobby/pastime to share their insights on and love for kdramas.

          and why should they “base (their) decision on” and “serve” (i really hate the way u phrase this) readers like u when u’re not even their employers or paying them??

    • 1.6 Kiara

      I dont really care for LTM because I have Best Love to watch but I’m going to join the LTM fans and beg you ladies to reconsider. If its too much than how about just write your thoughts on each eps even if its a few days late. I do enjoy your recaps and their comments. Honestly, it’s a lot better than watching the show.

  2. CC

    aww no more Lie to me.
    I heart Kang Ji-hwan

    • 2.1 whatever

      duh! i knew this would happen. i believe drama is great so why start it if you can’t even finish recapping it. i think you guys are being bias.

      i don’t see the point. you even finished recapping Marry Stayed Out All Night though it was a total waste of time. and now that Lie To me is just starting to get exciting you’re dropping it just because of a melodrama that, oh well i don’t know. what ever! thanks and i enjoyed your recaps!

      • 2.1.1 LL

        I’m not sure the word “bias” is well-applied here, since javabeans’ and girlfriday’s opinion is what always decides which dramas they will recap, for good reason.

        As for why they finished MSOAN and not this? I don’t want to speak for them, but I’d imagine there are a few reasons.. MSOAN had hints of something better for a while, and it also went crazy in a pretty entertaining way (so I hear at least.. I didn’t finish it myself).

        I’m sure if they knew Lie To Me would be disappointing (for them, though not necessarily for you/us) they would not have recapped it. At this point, there is no point in their wasting time to recap a series that doesn’t interest or delight them, or provoke thoughtful commentary.

        Perhaps most importantly, there are way more dramas out than time in which to recap them. JB and GF are choosing the dramas that most appeal to them, which is totally their right.

      • 2.1.2 Einna

        Hmmmm, how about YOU write the recap then?

        I don’t know whether they are being biased because if they are, would they (especially JB) choose LDH over KJW? Or a melo over a rom-com? I don’t think so!

        Anyway, I feel sad about this too but I can fully understand the girls’ limitations. Besides, they’re not the only ones recapping LTM and Ms Koala’s recaps are also funny. So let us be thankful that there are people who are willing to do things for us FOR FREE, but be respectful of their choices.

  3. Shara

    MY Kang Ji-hwan!

    • 3.1 Qwenli

      I believe this is a great concession given to Kang Ji Hwan (aka property of JB).

      I dun remember other recap being drop and an idea for an open thread even come up?

      Congrats to all KJH’s fans


    • 3.2 pipit

      Finally! KANG JI HWAN IS MINE!

      Lie To Me isn’t able to fulfill my expectation of it but there’s Kang Ji Hwan in it and I’ll show him all my support and love by watching Lie to Me till the end.

      Although to be honest Baby Faced Beauty turns out to be so much better than Lie To Me however…..Kang Ji Hwan you still have me and I’ll never, never turn my back on you….

  4. nana

    You mentioned in latest recap of LTM that more kisses will keep you hooked. Well, there’s supposedly gonna be a hot kiss coming up in this week’s episodes.

    • 4.1 Elle-Emme

      Kola kiss is coming hot

  5. FlexibleSamurai

    Sob… Lie To Me is starting to be really good now when the emotions are all out.

    • 5.1 mary

      You mean when the *hormones* are all out. Right? 🙂


      • 5.1.1 Kiara


  6. angel esguerra

    please don’t drop this drama..
    watching this drama or any other drama that you’re recapping is not complete without your recap and opinion about the episode..

    please please please…

    • 6.1 JiHwan

      This has already been suggested but, I hope you guys find a guest recapper to take this one.

  7. luckyme

    lie to me has been predictable so far.. so i guess ms. ripley recaps would satisfy me. but anyway it’s ur call.

    • 7.1 appie

      I feel the same. JB & GF are the ones recapping it, and they didn’t feel the drama since day one, so I don’t really blame them for dropping it.

      LTM plot-wise has been “blah” or rather lack of, but there is chemistry amongst characters. I guess watching it would be better for that reason since we’re zero in the plot department =/

      Anyways, I hope Ripley works out since they sacrificed their beloved “husband” Kang Ji-hwan (well, not fully sacrificed since we will get LTM open thread lol).

  8. Laica

    Aw I was wondering what was going on.

    I don’t blame you guys, though. Even though I still find LTM watchable, it must be a drag to recap. Hope Ripley turns out better (or at least meatier).

    • 8.1 78446

      Agree. LTM is one of those dramas that are better watched than analyzed. (probably cuz it’s not good to overthink the plot . . . or lack thereof). But still extremely watchable.

      JB and GF’s skills might benefit Ripley more.

      • 8.1.1 Bluefyre

        Agree with you both on this.
        I’ll watch Lie To Me once I fix my laptop.
        Or when it’s on Dramafever (hopefully!)

        Again, BIG thank you to JB and team for all that they do 🙂

      • 8.1.2 Webfoot

        sad, but ditto. We wouldn’t want them to just pass out on us this summer.

  9. sam

    it’s not bad idea , i think miss riply will be more intersting show.

  10. 10 Beng

    Oh PLEASE, please, pleeezz pretty please continue recapping LIE TO ME!!! You will both be blessed 10 fold =)

    • 10.1 Paranoiah

      I want them to continue recaping too T_T…
      Any way, do what you can 🙂 !!

  11. 11 ernie

    aarrgghh .. no wonder i’ve been refreshing and none ..
    no more kang ji hwan for me ???
    crap 🙁

  12. 12 michibangs

    i am sad about your decision to drop the recap for this 🙁
    I was waiting if you have liked the new episode and for the recap … oh well :'(

  13. 13 laya

    I understand the effort you make to turn out such lovely, well-thought-out recaps that are the reason I keep stalking this site, and yes, you should also find some time to rest.

    However, I still want to know what happens next in Lie To Me, and I can’t watch it until it’s finished and I can find a DVD somewhere *kicks crappy internets* so maybe others who have watched it could still tell me in the open thread. 🙂

    • 13.1 Angel

      near-instant gratification: viki.com

      At least you can watch the show the day after release, and if you need subs, the fansubs are pretty quick (maybe getting 80% subbed same day).

      • 13.1.1 laya

        😀 I would so do that if our internet at home wasn’t crappy [and I could go on for days about the appalling state of broadband in my country]. I can access Dramabeans at work where the internet is better, but video sites are blocked. Last resort is either taking time every night or on weekends to go to an internet cafe with a DSL connection that is better than mine, or borrow a copy from others when it’s done. This is why the Dramabeans feed on my blog [I hope that’s okay] is titled “Because my ISP is so mean it won’t let me watch K-dramas on the web.”

        • java the island not the blogger

          I heart you. The internet connection in my country also suck and I work from home so I don’t have the luxury of a-faster-therefore-much-much-more-expensive-office-internet-connection to fix my kdrama addiction. So what do I do? I download a smaller file, usually around 150MB at tuodu. The quality of the vid is quite good. Maybe you could try it 🙂

    • 13.2 margie

      there are other site you can go and watch, somebody already posted the koala site, shes pretty quick in recapping as well, too bad they are going to drop LTM but its their choice, theres nothing we can do about it..check koala..

      • 13.2.1 laya

        Yes, thanks, I checked Koala ^_^ I guess I’ll be going there for LTM recaps, but still be checking in at the open thread for clarifications. No offense meant, but I just like the way JB and GF do recaps. XD

        • mm

          koala’s recap is not really a recap..it’s not an enjoyable read since i think she JUST DONT GET IT.. all the drama she enjoy in the past and now are a crappy dramas but starred by idols..

          • Ace

            That’s a little bit harsh. Not all the dramas that she has recapped were starred in by idols. In fairness to Ockoala, she tries her best to give readers what they want. Let’s just say that she has a different taste in dramas, is less objective, and fangirls a little bit too much specially about OTPs that she likes. I actually liked going to her site before because she was the only one who did the recaps for the YouTube episodes of Playful Kiss (and the biases weren’t as blatant then). But after the intense love for MSOAN…*sigh*…and yeah, some dramas that I like she simply does not get…

            Maybe we’re just spoiled with JB & GF’s writing style that we’re expecting other bloggers to be like them. Just respect other recappers’ efforts.

          • Elle-Emme

            recaps are done y those who want too, when they say not this one its their blog. the bloggers do it for free so if you dont like their style of writing dont read it

            or start your own

  14. 14 Angel

    Aw… this breaks my heart 🙁

    But can you guys at least include gratuitous screen shots for the open threads???

    • 14.1 nonski

      thanks JB! huhuhu… i just hope Miss Ripley would not be a disappointing replacement. i just so love LTM but then we don’t do the recaps we just read. it’s ur call! thanks for the past episodes of LTM. i’m just praying that something good will come out of LTM and maybe you girls can pick it up again. (just being hopeless 🙂 )

      anyways, for those interested, darksmurfsub.com is still subbing this drama


  15. 15 SM

    Kang Ji Hwan… what happened to this drama 🙁 Poor my boy.. I am still stick to this drama though…

  16. 16 minzy

    😀 truthfully I WAS waiting for the LTM recap cause I had no idea it was dropped but I deeply understand the need to rest after 5+ recapped dramas at a time

    I think it’s a great idea what with the LTM writer upping the fanservice with kiss scenes left and right and I like reading the comments section for others opinions on the drama 🙂

    • 16.1 minzy

      does it include just a teeny tiny section of your opinion of the episode? minuscule to say the least? I just really enjoy your thoughts

  17. 17 Celest

    That seems like a fair idea for the Lie To Me fans out there. You girls must be exhausted so I applaud you for all the hard work and effort that you put into all the recaps.

    There are other blogs that do live transcaps and recaps of Lie To Me. I know softy’s blog (rebel souls) and ockoala (koala’s playground) have transcaps and recaps respectively.

    • 17.1 Eleven11

      I agree, and I actually think this is an interesting idea… I don’t know how it will work, but it would be great for those really hardcore watchers to have a place to squee with others. I hate it when I’m watching a drama and there’s no-one to discuss it with. SO glad I got my friend into kdramas!

      It’d be cool if you could set a time to watch it and people could comment in real time… but that might get horribly confusing and convoluted. Plus, I imagine an epidemic of ‘squeeee!’ comments like you get in Viikii’s discussion tabs.

      But yeah, this is a pretty fair decision, imo. Recapping looks HARD, yo. I barely have time to read them, idk how they find time to write them. Magical time-space-awesome powers only go so far.

  18. 18 junni

    TT.TT I really was waiting for the recap . . . Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to watch on me own. Keep up the good work of recapping, and good luck! Find time to rest also!

    • 18.1 J

      Heh. Me too. The sad part is that it’s 4AM here and I was still up waiting for the recap. Oh well, I’m going to bed now.

  19. 19 fishy

    two words: coke kiss!

    i want to watch ripley but lee da hae looks so different from her days in my girl. i’m kinda creeped out.

  20. 20 myr_ah

    Wait, what?

    Are you not going to recap Lie To Me upcoming episodes? But why?

    • 20.1 J

      They are humans after all, so they need sleep too no? Hehe ^^

      The open thread is a great idea! While waiting for the open thread for episode 8, I must say that Yoon Eun Hye was absolutely BRILLIANT in her scenes for ep 8. Her crying was especially amazing. I think that I even cried more than her character lol.

  21. 21 noname

    i was hoping that you guys wouldn’t drop lie to me 🙁

  22. 22 Q&A

    yeah I also want to know if you guys will go back either one when the other turns out to be “disappointing” as I am like many I am sure interested in both. But as of now I am still infested in Lie to Me as it further along while Miss Ripley has just started……difficult choice to make for you guys (jb and gf) hope the choice will not go wrong, will still fully support you guys either way THANKS!!! 🙂

  23. 23 rumba lumba

    ehhh….this drama is one of the least interesting dramas right now alongside Baby-faced beauty.

  24. 24 stefanie

    lie to me <3

  25. 25 almontel

    and i thought so too…i thought if there were more ‘kisses’ that you’d rethink about recapping this ep…
    and there will be one tomorrow, the sodakiss….

    will you recap this then if Ripley turns out to be as bad???


  26. 26 adette

    Urrrghh. I’m REALLY going to have to catch up if no more LTM recaps will be posted… I’m being crushed under the weight of the fifty or so dramas airing rn… I want to watch them ALL! but… not… enough… hours… in… day……

  27. 27 jackie

    awwwww i was looking forward to this recap bc i think ripley is crap! booooo :(((((

    if you guys feel the same way will you go back to lie to me??

  28. 28 kiotzo

    there are at least other 2 sites that do recaps for this drama, and you guys need to rest so i’m all for dropping this from the recap list:)

    btw omg it’s been a very very long time since i saw the “recapped series” box (thing, whatever you call it) full… i almost feel like crying xD

  29. 29 min

    awww.. this is the SADDEST news ever. I was waiting for the recap only to find out that it will never come. *sob*

  30. 30 lovedramas

    I truly respect your decision and I hope Ms Ripley turns out good. One of three has to be a huge hit right? The cast is really great too – KSW for one. I will be watching for him.

    I love LTM but it’s easy enough to find other outlets to vent and subs come out amazingly fast as well since YEH fans seem super dedicated to her IMHO 🙂 But I think an open thread would be interesting just to read people’s comments and thoughts 🙂

  31. 31 madqueen

    Thanks so much for your efforts. Totally understand that there’s a limit to how much you can recap so I’m all for the open thread. Appreciate your recaps / comments on LTM thus far!
    Please continue on the rest, such as City Hunter etc!
    Will follow faithfully on those!

    No disrespect to JB/GF here…
    To those who wants detailed recaps of Lie to Me, check out koalasplayground.com

  32. 32 lietome

    i still wish you guys would recap. ): please………. ?)):

  33. 33 Lady Seoul

    Aw, this sucks! Well their goes my pass time when I’m waiting long minutes here on this medical-vacation. Recommendations on any other blog sites that is recapping this drama??!! I hope you go back to recapping this if the Ripley drama sucks!

    • 33.1 lafawnDUH

      That’s if it actually does suck BUT it doesn’t… its going strong with its 14% viewers rating. 🙂

      and LTM is too overrated atm anyway. :L

  34. 34 jyyjc

    WAIT. So is city hunter in or out….?

    • 34.1 jyyjc

      or..was it never even considered for continuing recapping…?


    • 34.2 Ace

      See page below under Recapped Series In Progress.

  35. 35 nana

    LTM is really getting better, loved yesterday’s episode

  36. 36 Ariana

    Nooo dnt stop lie to me. It’s a crazy good drama. I’d rather u do miss ripley late den dropping lie to me :'((((( please please please dnt drop it.

  37. 37 hapacalgirl

    As much as I love Kang Ji Hwan (don’t worry javabeans, he is all yours, I reserve my grabby hands for Gong Yoo, Won Bin , and Song Seung Hun lol.) and Yoon Eun Hye, the plot and writing is adversely proportional to the chemistry of the leads, which sadly even my love for the two actors can’t keep my interest in the drama. Ripley so far has the potential to be good after some editing tweaks get fixed and the OST ups its game (sadly I don’t think any OST will be as epically awesome as the Que Sera Sera one ).

    I think an Open Thread is awesome because even if the story leaves a lot to desire I think the OTP is worth spazzing about, and you never know, maybe just maybe the later half will be better and I can see people needing a space to talk about it. Also like others have said there are other sites that are recapping Lie To Me so there is definitely other resources for the LTM loyal watchers.

    • 37.1 vis

      I totally agree with you and I was SO disappointed with the first 6 episodes (well the first episode seemed promising but then things went down the drain) which is more than a whole third of the entire series. I was ready to give up on it after last week’s episodes but I gave yesterday’s episode a try and was pleasantly surprised. It was the first truly cohesive episode and made me connect with the 2 main characters… I think it’s a good sign that the production has realized their error in handling the story and promised to focus more on the romance and our main couple, although it’s very late in the game. Better late than never, I guess but I dunno… we’ll have to see.

      I’ve been looking forward to “Miss Ripley” for a while, so I’m glad you guys decided to stick with it 🙂 Especially since you’re the only ones that seem to be recapping it while several bloggers are recapping “Lie To Me”

      But when it comes down to it, I simply respect your decision even if it had been the other way around. I’m amazed at how many recaps you guys are managing to keep up with already every week! Thanks so very much~ It’s greately appreciated <3

    • 37.2 Liz

      Bad Guy OST is the best one!!! lol I had to say this

  38. 38 talking2me

    Thank you for recapping Lie to Me. It must be hard work especially you don’t really like the drama which I gathered from your recaps. Anyway, you did a good job recapping it! THANKS! Hope you make the right decision!

  39. 39 myr_ah

    🙁 I am one of those ‘possibly maybe still waiting for the recap’.. *sigh*

    but I respect your decision jb and gf. AJA!


    I really like Lie To Me and your recaps! Please dont stop. I dont always get what is going on watching the drama itself and your recaps are just super!

    P/s Ms Ripley seems kinda boring…….

    • 40.1 lafawnDUH

      lol. well, JB/Girlfriday’s decisions begged to differ.

  41. 41 Angel

    So when the disappointment of having LTM dropped simmers a little… can we talk about —

    What the heck is going on with Sang Hee??? So moody. Did he actually think playing fairy godmother meant he could also be Prince Charming? Or is he now starting to ship Ki Joon and Yoon Joo?

    • 41.1 FlexibleSamurai

      Does he still like Yoon Joo? Or is he falling for Ah Jung?

      Or is he just jealous of his brother and any girl that happens to draw his attention?

      Why was he angry seeing Ah Jung and Ki Joon together?

  42. 42 letmeeatcake

    Yush!!! Miss Ripley ftw.
    Yeah, a lot of the other sites are blogging lie to me so i’m all for you guys recapping Miss Ripley! 😀

    • 42.1 Liz

      Yes, I think the same, Ripley deserves a chance too!

  43. 43 Scheduler Is Mine

    As good as Miss Ripley looks so far, I was just getting really into Lie to Me. Guest recapper anyone?


    Can one of your guest writers do Lie To Me then? Pretty please!!!!! I need my fix!!!!

  45. 45 mikimotoable

    pls dont drop lie to me, pls :S :S.. I keep refreshing dramabeans website since morning to see whether the LTM recap is out or not, but it seems no more LTM recaps in the future…huhuhu

  46. 46 hookedonmonix

    I’m a little bummed as well, but only because you’ve been spoiling up by recapping so much lately and I’m getting used to having it all.

    You two take care of yourselves first, us later. Feel free to neglect Kang Ji Hwan (or any of the eye candy you’re hoarding). The rest of us will gladly take care of him in your absence.

  47. 47 tboz

    Ladies, please keep recaping LTM. i actually like it and don’t think it is boring at all , and we are almost at half of it and Miss replay just started, we are not invested in it yet. and what about our kang ji whan???? we love him he is our hubby (jb and gf).
    please, please,pretty please keep it

  48. 48 Daniela

    Hahaha your comments about Kang Ji-hwan are the best.
    I think is a good idea. Im going to keep watching Lie to Me just because tomorrow (well in a few hours) I want to see that kiss and because Im already watching it and for some reason i want to finish all the May Dramas that Im watching. Lie to me Its not super super bad so I can keep with it. I think that recapping Miss Ripley is a good idea. I dont know if it is going to be bad or good, but its not a rom-com and of all the rom-coms out there Lie to me is the weakest, Miss Ripley is a good change.
    At the end of the day, its your decision.
    Just one question: are you going to participate in the Lie to me Open Threads ( I mean, a little comment here and there)? Please do it! At least once! I would love to read that sonet that javabeans wrote for Kang Ji-hwan.

    • 48.1 Danna

      heh….i want to read those sonnets too JB…maybe u and GF can have a little faceoff to decide who gets to keep KJH during weekends and holidays

    • 48.2 greentea

      I second that…I would also love to read, at least once, your comment or sonnet in the open thread ^^


    I guess I voted wrongly on the open thread as well – it should have been a “NO” – I thot I was voting for the recaps to continue! Bummer!

    So here’s a no to Open Thread but a BIG YES to recaps!

    Thank you!

  50. 50 muggledor^^


    I’m curious.. why didn’t you drop Mary Stayed Out All Night when it was much crappier than Lie to Me????


    • 50.1 J

      i think that’s because there are way too many dramas for JB and GF to recap recently so they have to choose! but when MSOAN was airing, JB and GF did have some time to spare for recapping it..

      too bad for LTM cos it just happened to be aired along several (relatively) more interesting dramas :/

    • 50.2 hapacalgirl

      Probably because unlike with LTM, there wasn’t so many dramas promoting at the same time when MSOAN was airing. In this case, there are so many dramas that started promoting in the same month each with a set of solid actors that you really have to choose which ones to recap.

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