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Romance Town: Episode 6
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I think this episode had a lot less going on. It provided more revelations into the side characters, and it’s the official formation of a love triangle. OH THE ANGST.

Sorry for the delay as well on this recap. There was something called a “Memorial Day Holiday” that I partook in…

He’s relieved that the gal he’s taking out is ‘Shi Ah’ and not ‘Soon Geum,’ Since trading is about to close, he doesn’t have to go back to work. Soon Geum’s stomach has perfect timing, and growls loudly. Smirking, Gun Woo takes her out to a small grilling place.

Soon Geum is not used to the restaurant, as it is a standing-only place, and seats cost additional $30. In exchange for some uncomfortableness, the meat is cheap and good. Gun Woo presumes that Soon Geum has never been to a small rib house before, only going to the expensive ones. That’s not true, but Soon Geum says she’s just never been to a small rib house since high school. Gun Woo thinks that she eats the cows raised at home; haha! He totally takes her for a rich snobby girl. Soon Geum: “Pfft – it’s not like it’s a dog.” Gun Woo: “You eat dogs!?” Soon Geum: “No! I.. was just kidding.”

She goes right up to his face: “You like dogs right? Is your dog’s name…Choon Hyang?” Gun Woo is surprised, and he just says, “It’s similar.” She starts guessing a bunch of names – Hyang Dan, Bang Ja, Wol Mae. Hehe – she’s making a reference to “The Legend of Hyang Dan,” where the rich boy falls for the servant.

The food arrives, and instead of eating, Soon Geum tears up. She blames it on the smoke from the grill, but she’s really just happy about this meal. Gun Woo wraps up some beef in lettuce and tells her to open her mouth. He feeds her an entire wrap, which is too huge for her, and she complains. But try talking with your mouth full – is anyone really going to understand you? She’s barely finished when Gun Woo presents another one to stuff in her mouth.

Soon Geum complains that they’ve only just met, and he’s already making a fool out of her by feeding such huge wraps. But Gun Woo says it’s OK – they’ll become friends faster this way. 😀 And she can do it to him too, y’know.

So Soon Geum grabs a large piece of lettuce, stuffs four big pieces of meat, and slowly wraps it up for the impatient Gun Woo. BAM! Her lettuce wrap is twice the size as his! Say ahhh! And she stuffs the whole thing in his mouth. His cheeks are so puffy and ridiculous that she can’t help but laugh out loud.

He asks her why she cried, and she says that the grilling reminded her of someone – who was also a maid and loved her very much. Gun Woo: “That’s similar to me.” Soon Geum’s mom = Granny Choon Jak. These two certainly have their similarities. We find out that Soon Geum’s mother died from heating charcoal fumes, and Gun Woo calls for the ahjumma of the store to take away the charcoal.

Soon Geum arrives home way late. She hides her face, where she had hurriedly removed the makeup, as she takes a yelling from Yoon Joo under the watchful gaze of Joo Won. Ugh – why must Joo Won be there? Joo Won is the one who also notices that Soon Geum had make up on. They grab Soon Geum’s bag, where they find the white blazer she had bought, and notice how nice it is. There’s a whiff of grilled meat on the blazer, and Soon Geum immediately runs away before she is questioned further. Yoon Joo sends the blazer off to the cleaners.

In the safety of her room, Soon Geum looks down at Gun Woo’s business card and smiles giddily to herself. Meanwhile Gun Woo is riding the bus home, thinking of when the two of them went to get coffee at the cafe. Gun Woo admits that he’s nervous of the chair he’s sitting on, because of the past memory when he got stuck in the chair three years ago. He lost the weight so that his father would recognize his existence. Besides, if he hadn’t lost the weight, she might not be sitting with him right now. Soon Geum: “That’s not true.”

He wonders if she went out with an overweight guy before, and Soon Geum smiles coyly – “Who knows?” He asks if she’s still seeing this guy. Soon Geum doesn’t reply immediately, so he presumes she is.

Soon Geum: I like overweight guys better, because the one I knew was friendly and kind, and generous with a pure heart.

AWW – please figure it out already!!!!

Soon Geum serves dinner to the family, and Gun Woo arrives late. She freezes at the sight of him, but he doesn’t recognize her at all, asking only for water. She studies him closely, to see if there’s any flicker of recognition, but there’s none. Tae Won wants to discuss with Gun Woo about San attending preschool and English lessons. In this world, kids need to study early.

Soon Geum suggests that they let San play a little more, and perhaps take up a sport like swimming. But Yoon Joo tells her to stay out of it and sends her back to the kitchen. Yoon Joo offers to find a good tutor, but then Gun Woo jumps in. He’ll teach English – and in return, he wants his father to pay $700. He can even teach Judo in English! (I’m suuuuuuuure he can!) Soon Geum claps excitedly from the kitchen, and the family glares at her, sending the message “Shut up!”

They bargain, and finally Tae Won agrees to $700. San pipes up, “$700!” What a good omen.

As for Da Kyum, she gets to wear the ruffled blouse the maids bought at the store first. She shows it off to Young Hee and asks if he likes it. Young Hee: “Did you get your hair done? It’s pretty. Do you have Soon Geum’s number?” What a way to hurt a girl’s feelings!

Young Hee calls Soon Geum out for a chat, and he grabs her wrist (gently) to a picnic table. He gets to the point – she has a lot of money, right? Soon Geum’s eyes widen – no, she has no money at all. “But what about the house?” – “What house?”

He admits that he’s interested in her. Soon Geum points out that he knows nothing about her, or even has her number, so how could he be interested? She thinks he’s acting weird, so she touches his forehead to check if he’s sick. Young Hee actually looks nervous at the touch – and he can’t sleep at night, replaying visions of Soon Geum over and over in his head.

Meanwhile, Soon Geum can’t sleep either – as she can’t stop thinking about her lunch date with Gun Woo. She sits up and slaps her face, trying to remove the image from her mind. As for Gun Woo, he’s unable to sleep, wearing a goofy smile on his face over meeting the perfect girl in Shi Ah/Soon Geum. ACK – LOVE TRIANGLE! And in case it wasn’t obvious, there’s even a tri-split screen showing the three of them unable to sleep.

It bothers Soon Geum so much that she runs to Hwang Yong for some guidance. She drags the whining, sleepy Master to a secluded spot on the street. She doesn’t know what to do, and he wisely tells her that people are pretty shallow creatures; just by changing her appearance, no one recognized her. Hwang Yong asks her the important question: Does she like Gun Woo? Soon Geum’s non-answer is all he needs to know; he tells her that she must defeat “Yoon Shi Ah” as “Noh Soon Geum.” Basically, if the man was a good catch, he’d pick Noh Soon Geum over Yoon Shi Ah. She should provide a point of comparison for someone like Gun Woo (by continuing the charade as both); if he’s really a good guy, he’ll end up choosing the frugal Soon Geum over the “heiress Yoon Shi Ah.” Then again, Hwang Yong also doubts any of this will come true.

The next morning, Zar Lin rides through town on her bike with some freshly baked bread and wearing her traditional Vietnamese dress, the ao dai. She wore it because she missed her hometown so much. Back in Vietnam, if she dressed in her ao dai and rode a bike, boys would notice her and say she looked like a girl.

Soo Jung scoffs and walks off, munching on her new baguette. In Vietnamese, Zar Lin lets out her frustrations. She was a studious girl who was the prettiest girl in town. If it weren’t for her siblings, she wouldn’t have come to Korea to work her butt off and be ignored. She cries that she could have had a normal life like her friends, dating and falling in love. Soo Jung looks back unfazed, wondering if Zar Lin is rattling on in Vietnamese because she said Zar Lin didn’t look like a girl.

Da Kyum clears out the recycling in her nice blouse, and sees Joo Won taking out her old fancy clothes for recycling. Da Kyum flaunts her blouse, and Joo Won smirks. She shows Da Kyum one of the shirts she’s throwing out – it’s the same white ruffled blouse! Da Kyum is stunned. Yep – serves you right for flaunting it too much.

She stomps back home, and throws the shirt on the floor. Young Hee can tell she’s in a bad mood, so he opens her door. He sees she’s only in her undershirt/tank, and quickly closes the door. But curiosity getting the better of him, he opens it again and this time, refuses to look inside.

Da Kyum swears to quit and go work as a hostess in some bar. Young Hee slams the door open. Damn if she’s wearing only a tank – he’s gonna look at her and tell her she ain’t going anywhere! He’ll be her traffic light, and will give her the green light when she’s ready to leave. She’s touched, and turns to look at him: “Am I sexy, Young Hee?”

Young Hee slams her door closed – “Not the least bit sexy!”

Gun Woo hangs around the locker area of the department store’s cleaning ladies, looking for Choon Jak. The supervisor and a coworker inform him that she quit, and cleared her house. It’s likely she’s going back to her hometown – and possibly running away from Gun Woo.

Soon Geum goes to buy a cell phone, purchasing the cheapest plan. The first number she dials? Gun Woo’s cell phone. However, he left it in the office, so Soon Geum texts him her number.

She heads over to the real estate office, where Young Hee is lounging around. He spots her and immediately ducks behind the desk. His realtor comes out from a back room and notices him there, but decides not to mention it. Soon Geum asks the realtor how much it would cost to rent an apartment every month, and he tells her it’s $7000. She gasps at the price, saying it’s too expensive. Pfft – coming from the girl who bought an apartment in cash…

Young Hee stealthily grabs his phone, getting an extendable pointer while he’s at it. He texts his realtor, standing above him – “is she moving in alone?” “No- it’s for two people.” Young Hee texts: “With a guy?!” Realtor doesn’t want to relay this message, but Young Hee jabs him with the pointer. “No – moving in with a woman.” Young Hee mutters, “That’s a relief,” which she hears but doesn’t know if she imagined it.

After she leaves, the realtor asks Young Hee, “Do you like the girl or something?”

Soon Geum goes up to the new apartment she bought, which gleams with shiny new-ness. She invites her friend Shi Ah over to check it out. Shi Ah gets all excited and gushes when (in the far off future) they can live there. Soon Geum: “You and Ji Min can live here.” She lies about a sunbae leaving for overseas and letting her live in it, as long as Soon Geum pays the rent on time. Shi Ah wells up in happy tears and hits Soon Geum in excitement.

But then, she wonders – who is Soon Geum’s sunbae that she doesn’t know about?

Soon Geum sends Shi Ah off, and she finds Young Hee behind her. He asks what she’s doing here. She lies that she’s just visiting a friend – a rich, non-maid friend. He grabs her by the wrist (again) and says they should check out houses together. He takes her up to another apartment, even though Soon Geum’s uneasy about going into an empty apartment with a guy.

He tells her to take a look around, and accidentally turns on some lights. Soon Geum is bathed in a warm glow, and Young Hee is amazed by her beauty. Soon Geum has a totally pragmatic question, wondering how they change the light bulbs of the chandelier, but he becomes entranced by her, as if he’s seeing Soon Geum for the first time in a different light (hee!).

Hyun Joo visits Yoon Joo, holding a plate of homemade snacks. Yoon Joo doesn’t want it, so Hyun Joo apologizes in informal language, calling her a friend. Yoon Joo replies that she’s not a friend, and that Hyun Joo ought to have some lessons on begging for forgiveness.

We get a flashback, to when the two of them were high school students. (And yes – it’s the 40-year-old selves dressed up as 16-year old selves.) Yoon Joo is having a memorial service for her parents, and Hyun Joo arrives bringing some memorial food that look like would have been too expensive for the both of them. They both pay their respects, and Hyun Joo cheekily asks the parents to let her enter Yoon Joo in beauty pageants since her friend is not that studious. Though Yoon Joo scoffs, she is touched at having such a good friend.

Back to the present – Yoon Joo admits she would rather not acknowledge Hyun Joo out of embarrassment. That hurts, but Hyun Joo doesn’t get angry. If their positions were switched, Hyun Joo would have felt bad at seeing her friend become a maid too. Gah – Hyun Joo is too understanding.

Soon Geum heads over to her storage room, where she calls Hwang Yong out again. (He’s so annoyed by the way.) She informs him that she’s finally bought the house, and he rushes her to move the money out. She’d rather keep the money with him, and take it out whenever she needs it; after all, he’s a “gangster” so no one would dare rob him. Hwang Yong: “STOP CALLING ME A GANGSTER!” Soon Geum: “Well, when you yell like that, you really DO seem like a gangster…”

She chases after him outside and hands back his handkerchief. She wonders if he did something to Yoon Joo that prevented her from returning it herself. Secret-sharing session ensues! Soon Geum catches on real quick that he likes Yoon Joo, despite his protestations. She can tell – because she too likes Gun Woo. She shows Hwang Yong two cellphones – she’s going to try living a double life.

When she returns home, she sees her blazer lying on the couch, the mistress having thought that it was hers. Soon Geum painfully hangs it up in Yoon Joo’s closet. (To note: Yoon Joo DOES wonder if perhaps she bought two of the same thing… perhaps she’ll realize that it’s not hers later.)

That evening, the other maids surprise Zar Lin with a birthday cake. Soo Jung had realized when Zar Lin wore that ao dai that it might have been her birthday. Since Zar Lin’s homeowners are away for a memorial service for Hwang Yong’s father, the maids all go in for a little celebration.

Gun Woo and Young Hee have their drinking session at a pojangmacha, where Gun Woo mourns having lost Choon Jak’s tail. He gets offended at Young Hee’s suggestion that Choon Jak is avoiding him, but then gets all happy again – because he found a girl! But Young Hee admits that he’s got worries too – over a girl. “Ahh! Who is it? Who is it?” Young Hee muses whether he should ask her out.

At Zar Lin’s home, Da Kyum tells them all that she doesn’t want to share the blouse they bought at the department store; she wants to wear it herself. Soo Jung thwacks her – was the blouse bought with only her money?! Da Kyum says the shirt is too old-fashioned, so she’s going to wear it as pajamas. Her attempts at “protecting the other maids’ pride” keeps getting sidelined though, because Soo Jung still gets on her case. When Da Kyum lies that she spilled something on the shirt, Soon Geum offers to wash it out. Frustrated, Da Kyum says she’ll just buy a nicer shirt.

She gets up to leave – she’d rather go to a karaoke place, but all the other maids are too tired to go out. Soon Geum moans that she had to watch her mistress Yoon Joo take away her 18 million Won shirt and not say a word. The maids are all curious – 18 million? Don’t you mean… 1800 Won? WHOOPS. Soon Geum backtracks and says it is 1800 Won, and the other maids blame it on her being too drunk. Hyun Joo also has her own worries about her relationship with Yoon Joo, and Soo Jung pushes her to go apologize. Hyun Joo just knocks back half a glass of soju, then kneels before Soo Jung.

Hyun Joo: “Do you want me to go and beg like this? To say, ‘Ma’am, I have no manners and pulled at your hair, so please take my hair and do whatever you want with it’?…. We’re the same age. Face? I’m not bad-looking either, right? Body – is that where we’re different? Fine, say I’m shorter. But she’s the one who’s taller than average, not me who is short. Furthermore, aren’t my temperament and speech superior to hers?”

Soo Jung says Yoon Joo the Trophy Wife is pretty impressive – but! Hyun Joo is way better. Hyun Joo huffs: “I was a way better dancer,” thus alluding that the two ladies have a longer history than any of the other maids could have imagined.

Back at the pojangmacha, Gun Woo eggs Young Hee to call out the girl on his mind. Young Hee refuses – he wants to tread carefully with this one, which is unusual for Young Hee the Playboy. Young Hee eggs Gun Woo on to get his girl out. They play the “But I asked first – so you call her!” game, but then settle for calling her at the same time. (Soon Geum doesn’t answer either of her phones, as she’s too busy being the strobe light for the other dancing maids.)

Soon Ok and Boon Ja are having a late night wine-drinking session when they hear a loud throbbing noise come from a house next door. (House partaayyyy!) They head over to the Hwang Residence.

The maids dance to exhaustion and Hyun Joo gets so angry that she’s ready to storm Yoon Joo’s home. She thinks that Yoon Joo is being contemptuous, and so she wants to set the record straight. Soo Jung tells her to restrain herself – it’s not the first time the mistresses have acted so despicably. The mistresses scorn them; some share a husband; some are wayyyy younger than their husbands; all in all, they’re much more pitiful than the maids.

Hyun Joo complains, “I suffer under the wife and mistress (of the Jang Residence), and am bullied by the neighbor’s wife (Yoon Joo).” Soo Jung tells her to just hold it in – besides, if one of Hyun Joo’s mistresses leave, Hyun Joo can step right in. She mimics the mistress and wife, and that becomes the last straw….

Water is splashed on all of the girls. Soon Ok and Boon Ja heard EVERYTHING. Soon Ok yells at them for being so loud at such a late hour, partying without the master’s permission, and belittling their masters behind their backs. Boon Ja justifies the Jang Residence living situation – though they have to share a husband, at least they have a husband to share, and they’re merely trying to protect what little family they have. She makes a dig at Hyun Joo: isn’t it worse to be a single mother kicked out of her home?

Hyun Joo steps forward to say something, but Soo Jung pulls her back. Soo Jung kneels down and apologizes on behalf of all the maids. She promises to never do it again, and the maids tear up at the sight of Soo Jung sacrificing her pride. The mistresses don’t really accept the apology, but they’re not entirely used to having someone sincerely kneel and beg for forgiveness either. Soo Jung is the master of restraint and respect – she’s tired of this life, but she’s not one to actively destroy it either.

The boys are moping – Soon Geum has called neither of them back. Suddenly, Young Hee’s phone rings first! Soon Geum asks why he called, and he asks her to come out to the pojangmacha. She still owes him her liver too. Soon Geum says that she just drank a lot, so her liver’s not in a good shape. She reminds him to go home, since it’s so late, and hangs up. Young Hee hangs his head in disappointment.

Gun Woo is sad that he didn’t get a call at all – but that’s when Soon Geum calls him using the “Shi Ah” phone. Whee! He invites her out to drink as well, and Soon Geum hesitates. She says, “Next time.” Young Hee’s so mad that both were rejected that he orders another bottle of soju. Before Gun Woo can hang up, Young Hee grabs the phone and kisses the speaker. Soon Geum’s eyes go wide.

Good job Young Hee – you just sent your girl to your best friend. Don’t smile so mischievously – you just screwed yourself over!!!! Gun Woo says he’ll get revenge on this. Why do you boys like screwing yourself over?!

Soon Geum greets Gun Woo as he comes home a little tipsy. He’s surprised to see her up so late, and she offers to make him some honey water. He wonders how she could have known he drank, and she blames it on his smell. He sends her off to bed, and Soon Geum can’t help but blush as she wishes him good night.

She tries to walk around him but he blocks her way, asking if she drank because her cheeks are so red.

Soon Geum: Why do you hate me?
Gun Woo: …….
Soon Geum: I like you.
Kaedejun: WHOA GIRL!
Gun Woo: …….
Soon Geum: I like you!
Gun Woo: *eyebrow raise*
Soon Geum: Is it because I’m a maid? of this house?
Gun Woo: *gulp*


Gun Woo is so dumb! The clues are all there for him to figure out that Soon Geum is Shi Ah, but he’s just not picking up on it. Aside from being unable to recognize her (which frankly, I admit, I can’t either with her long hair), the personality is the same. They even laugh the same way! Soon Geum doesn’t even try to hide her true self when she’s being Shi Ah. I hope that in the next episode, when she ups the ante by really living the double life, she’ll be snootier as Shi Ah. Otherwise, Gun Woo is a complete blockhead.

Oh – and Soon Geum just confessed her feelings, so really boy, put two and two together! The best relationship so far is the one between Soon Geum and Hwang Yong. Not only is he her fairy godfather, but he’s an unwilling one at that. (Soon Geum with Young Hee? Nah – I can’t take the fellow seriously.)

I noticed that in this particular episode, certain shots were framed within a box, as if we were looking into each of these people’s lives through a window. It just emphasizes that this drama is a character study, and I love that we’re getting insights into all of the characters slowly. I can’t wait to find out what Da Kyum and Soo Jung’s deals are; how did Da Kyum end up in Young Hee’s home? Where are Soo Jung’s masters? Everyone seems to be “trapped” in a box, either unable to get out of their current lives or under our scrutiny.

I hope things pick up in the next episode. The whole “slice of life” feel is great and all, but really – I want Gun Woo to figure it out already! (By the way, a confession – even if it’s a drunken one – in episode 6 of a 20-episode drama feels kinda fast, don’tcha think?)


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    am i second??
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    i’m so excited with this drama.. this is the only one i can stand watching right now… and im so hoping that young hee will get the girl, which i think he will not

    • 3.1 Lorlena

      Really? I just don’t see past the “I’m curious” vibe …
      I like Young Hee&Da Kyum paring. He may be 10 years older but between them she is the grown-up 😉

      • 3.1.1 MAVY

        on the same boat, when they are in the same room it feels like they are couple, and that there is all this emotion underneath… maybe I’m just reading too much into it…

        • Lorlena

          Then we are both reading to much into it 🙂

    • 3.2 pucca

      I like better Young Hee & Soon Geum couple too.. ^^
      but she will end up with Gun Woo obviously which is ok for me..Either way is ok ..
      No frustrating evil second charachters yeayyy LOL XD

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    love this recap – thank you xx

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      btw just want to say gunwoo is BLIND!!! how could he not notice shi ah is soon guem i have no idea

      also he seemed a bit nicer this episode – hope that continues cos i didnt really like him when he was acting all arrogant and rude

      also what is the point of yoon joo??

      • 4.1.1 Soo Ae

        I think Gun Woo does not want to see that Shi Ah is Soon Geum. It shows in the elevator scene wherein he points out the differences between Soon Geum and Shi Ah. When one does not want to see, he cannot really see, so you are correct holly, he is BLIND hehe…

        The story is a bit slow and draggy so I hope it picks up real soon!

  5. Twitiepie

    Am I the only one who thinks this drama had one of the best first two episodes of all the may drama’s (bar best love), but now I think its even worse than lie to me. I am not feeling the romance at all and am really loosing interest. It feels all over the place really

    • 5.1 Liz

      I think you just don’t like the style and writting of this drama. RT has a plot, a good one (except of the I don’t recognize thing) has interesting characters besides the OTP and makes sense.

      LTM even the OTP doesn’t make sense. The others characters are all boring and I really don’t want to know about their lives. The plot is getting more and more boring, and people just started to like it because the writter is bliding the fans with kisses scenes (that doesn’t make sense btw)

      • 5.1.1 Liz

        I meant blinding

      • 5.1.2 hookedonmonix

        If they keep it up with the kissing, I’ll be happy (hey, I’m not picky)

        • bishbash

          im just watching for THE kisses. oh the sizzling chemistry XD

      • 5.1.3 Ju Ina-sshi

        I also think that it’s way better than LTM. AT LEAST it makes sense in some way – kdrama logic so it’s not perfect. But I can feel it’s heart. In LTM just two things make sense: KJH and YEH. And maybe the sexy voice of Sung Joon, hehe

        • Lacey

          ROFL I agree completely! I gave up on Lie To Me after ep 2 i will probably go back and watch it when it finishes airing just because i love YEH XD

        • seattlebabe

          I agree -I stopped watching LTM because the story is too shallow ,acting so-so . Such a waste of actorsthey deserve better storyline .

          RT is attempting to do some social commentaries on social prejudices -between high and low class, who is desirable (thin ,moneyed,educated) and who is not , pretenses , parental obligations , source of one’s wealth , etc.

          • sleeplessinwgtn

            Agree with your points on RT addressing social prejudices on ‘master’ and ‘servant’ (upstairs/downstairs) relationships, haves and have-nots, slim and fat, educated/not-educated.

            It also shows how stereotypes are broken. The ‘master’ Young Hee relates well to the housekeepers. Hwang yong ahjussi looks like some nouveau riche, but whose acquired rich came from illegitimate means. Beacuse of that, he could be labelled a ‘gangster’ but he is a ‘softie’ inside. ‘We should not judge a book by its cover’ is a saying that befits this drama.

            It might have too many side stories but I like that, as long as each story is given due attention, not necessarily as much as those of the leads, but enough to have some resolution at the end.

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    woohooo thank you for the recap!!!!
    I just love this drama more and more..
    I’m shallow and easily sold i know.. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more development in the love triangle.
    Young Hee, yes you can’t take this guy seriously which is why I’m curious to see what he’ll do when he realised he’s falling with a girl seriously…

    I also love SG relationship with her fairy godfather…hahahaha…

  9. red

    im not liking gunwoo….after loving him to bits with the adorableness of the hopping alongside her…hes becoming insufferable……the writers are going to have to redeem him some how…

    because essentially he likes shi ah cos shes pretty and well dressed….and probably in a subconscious level cos she reminds him of soon geum …but when it comes down to it he was ready to admit feelings cos she was pretty!

    and really thats going to make us favour our second lead…the one who like her for who she is

    unless they do something drastic to redeem gunwoo im jumping ship to young hee…even though it is a sinking one

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    • 9.1 Liz

      Err hum, no actually the second guy got interested in her after he found out she has money. I don’t know why Kaede didn’t say this, but YH is confused if he likes SG or her money, when he went to sleep he said ”Bad jerk, you wasn’t interested in her before you knew she had money, crazy for money, bad jerk” and also when he talks with GW while they drink, he says to GW he doesn’t know if he is interested in SG or in her money. he really doesn’t know.

      So YH isn’t better than GW…….

      • 9.1.1 carpetfibers

        I was confused by this as well. Was Young Hee interested because of Soon Geum the person, or Soon Geum and the Grand Mystery that is her Sudden Wealth?

        I kind of took it as the former, but that might be willful bias on my part.

      • 9.1.2 hookedonmonix

        Thanks for pointing that out. I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I do give him credit for assessing himself honestly. And I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think its the money, i think its the mystery and strangeness of her situation that’s heightening his interest in her.

        I will end up rooting for GW, but right now, YH has my heart (all GW has to do to win it back is have an aha moment with SG)

        SG’s success in “winning” GW from her rich self is so going to backfire. How is GW going to feel when the one person in his house he can trust turns out to be lying to him? Does he know that she’d been playing granny all along? If not, that’s two betrayals (three if you count granny asking her to do it in the first place)

        lastly (because I am sooooo getting off my original topic) I hope the writers don’t give YH his maid as his consolation prize. Not that I don’t want her happy, I just like him seeing her as a little sister.

        • pucca

          Yepp… I dont want him to end up with Da Kyum as well.. I dont think they have chemistry and he sees her as his sister!!
          But since she is one of the second lead.. she will end up with him =__=’

        • seattlebabe

          Yes,actually GW matches better with YH maid .Why did they put YH who is so much older as her partner …although YH says she is family in his dialogue and knows she is young for him. I don’t see any chemistry between them at all at the beginning or even towards the end .

          But I see the interesting development of YH feeling towards SG . Money just added more interest ,but YH has began to be aware of SG even before that …he knows that SG has not fallen sick in the last three years he worked in GW’s household ,he was already attracted by her even at the cemetery and other encounters they had .

          I also like SG’s relationship with the gangster boss -so cute and refreshing.

      • 9.1.3 red

        thats a really good point…i forgot about that….hmm but from that im hoping its more that this hidden wealth has added mystery to soon geum making her more attractive…and as he gets to know about her more he slowly starts liking her for who she is….hopefully this is where its going otherwise… i give up on both men and hope soon geum chooses neither

        but even so the side characters of this drama are so intriguing and their character developments are interesting reflections of society

    • 9.2 Janey-Come-Lately

      Isn’t it reflective of real life….guys easily fall in love or in lust with a pretty face? ( not that SG the maid is not pretty). Methinks it has to do with the whole package…. a Shi Ah which resembles SG the maid which Gun Woo was first drawn to when he was a fatty but now have the extras…..mysterious, stylish, ‘high-class’, humourous, vulnerable ( tears at the bbq place), spunky etc. Honestly, which men would not fall for her ?

      Young Hee is not dat innocent too…..he dismisses SG too all this while as just a maid next door, before he found out that she has hidden wealth and was intriqued now. And only now, after discovering by accident that she is not who she claims to be and suspected of having oodles of moolah, he’s suddenly smithen by her.

      • 9.2.1 lazyG

        but wasn’t young hee intrigued by soon geum at the cemetery, thinking that she was pretty with the flower in her hair, before he found out about her wealth?

        • Janey-Come-Lately

          I mean jjinja jjinja interested in SG to the extent of having sleepless nites and having her on his mind most of the waking hours…..that sort of smithenness.

          Not the passing flirticiousness and having an eye for a pretty lass, maids included, which is so a part of Young Hee’s character. Of course he wld have noticed and flirted with SG who even without being dolled up, is a rather fetching lass, all natural beauty. But nevertheless, she is just a pretty maid to him, not the ‘new’ SG whom he is now crazy about.

  10. 10 Jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    My stake in this show shifted off the OTP when Stupid Rich Son didn’t recognize Young Maid in Chanel.

    Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Why does she like him, again? What is redeemable about him? Is that once he goes broke completely he will start to act like a human? I mean, he didn’t exactly roll up his sleeves and get down to business when his father pulled all financial support. He borrowed and made risky investments. I say, “Run, Soon Geum! Run!”

    Putting that aside, I do love the maids getting down and dancing their cares away. It is exactly what my girls and I do when we drink (too much?) The music gets blasted and we dance and laugh until we can’t go on. So.much.fun!

    Loved the interaction with the Wives, too. All the actresses are strong. The symbiotic relationship makes for believable conflict. Neither side can live without the other, yet both sides resent the other. Who really owns the households?

    And what about the loans and the investing? Are we supposed to believe Rich Son made the money back, or what? Is the headed toward total financial meltdown soon? I would like to have seen something concrete happening with that story line.

    Next week, we see SG in her power clothes again at the beach?

    I think the best relationship for SG is with Loan Shark, too. That is when she is the most herself.

    • 10.1 mary

      I like the King Jeon-jo (?) interactions too!

      Gangster King FTW!!!

      • 10.1.1 Jomo

        LOL Gangster King!
        He really looks very handsome in this show, too.
        Maybe because we can see his hair.

        • mary

          The hair! And the dimples! KYAAAAAAAAA!!! Ahjushi crush!!!!!

          Also, his reluctant-godfather-confidante role just makes me squeee. Why do I find it cute that he’s being forced out of his comfort zone? Teehee. GK <3

          • vrosemarie

            I do find him a very good-looking ahjusshi!!! His interactions with SG are so adorable!!! Gangster King ftw!

            I squeee everytime YH does something weird. I love his character! But I know I should be rooting for GW!!!

            I think I chose to stick with this drama for it’s squee-worthiness! And the cute dog. 🙂

    • 10.2 Cynthia

      Excellent post, Jomo! 🙂

      My reaction to these ensuing episodes line up with yours – this ridiculous “eyeshadow/ponytail” disguise is a huge roadblock to the flow of this convoluted drama – maybe because I consider it a stupid rather than a clever idea from the writer’s room.

      But I would like to say that I LOVE the gal who plays Hyun Joo – she’s turning in a terrific performance. (She was outstanding in The Woman Who Wants To Marry.) I actually wish she had taken on the role of the Trophy Wife.

      • 10.2.1 carpetfibers

        I think what was intended to be an oblique reference to a central theme to Romance Town was handled really badly by making Gun Woo not recognize Soon Geum. It also really annoyed me. I think the show wanted to make a point about people being trapped in the identity of their recognized position in society– or at least that’s kind of how Hwang Yong explained it to Soon Geum– but by making Gun Woo not recognized her, the point was lost.

        ‘Cause, I mean, he knew Soon Geum before she was a maid. Not to mention he saw her ever so briefly when she was all prettified in that club, once upon a time. There’s really no reason for him to be as restricted in perspective as the other maids.

        • mary

          Well, how about this to tie up everyone’s points:

          Yes, GW used to see Soon Geum as a not-maid. He used to be blind to the societal restrictions described by Gangster King. But that can be because GW was a quirk in the social order (when he used to be a nice, fat, rich outcast). So he could step out of the picture and see SG as a lovely non-maid girl.

          Now that GW is a smokin hot chaebol, he’s also been adopted into the “special circle of oblivious jerks” who view people based on their place in the society. So obviously, he lost that seeing-people-for-who-they-really-are talent.

          • carpetfibers

            Oh, I like this explanation! That does make sense. Since he willingly changed himself to better match what was expected of him, he’s put on blinders.

          • Cynthia

            Okay – well-thought-out and reasonable explanation for what the writer(s) of Show are trying to feed us.
            Of course, it would be alot easier to swallow if we all lived in Bizzaro-land (my Superman/Clark Kent reference!) like the maids and the chaebols do in Romanceland.

            That snark being said, I find it curious that the writers want to push this disguise premise right to the edge with that scene of GW and YH at the outdoor cafe where she said her “fat, fat, fatty is the one I like” dialogue.
            Wouldn’t you think that that conversation alone would cause the lightbulb to go off over his oblivious brain?!

            Guess not. Cause it didn’t.

            The horse. She is dead…

    • 10.3 lenrasoon

      totally agree about what does SG sees in GW? i mean seriously, even YH is charming and caring and showing a more mature personality when confronting his feelings over SG but what about GW? running all over the place like a little child to find grandma *roll eyes* and i want to like him but i hope the writers hurry up with character development.

  11. 11 zakuropanda

    Thanks for the recap!!

  12. 12 qwerty

    Well I’d prefer Soon Geum with Young Hee. Young Hee is better looking too.

    • 12.1 drama4mama

      He so is not, I agree Gun Woo’s character is driving me mad but that boy is so flipping HOT!!

    • 12.2 kyjjangyo

      yay to qwerty!
      i love soon geum and young hee!!!
      and i find young hee a lot more better looking as well!
      i don’t know, maybe gun woo just isn’t my type (sorry drama4mama!)
      but i did think that fat gun woo and soon geum was cute!
      *sigh i wish soon geum and young hee went together ;P

      • 12.2.1 Janey-Come-Lately

        Tend to agree with kaedejun…..just could not take Young Hee seriously, altho he’s all heart most of the time. Also, he’s conflicted and confused now…is he smithened with SG’s money or SG herself? wow, so deep is he !

  13. 13 s2ranghae

    OMG. thanks for the recap!!!.. been waiting for agesssssssss.. if possibleeeee.. please update fasterr ): its SUCH a good drama. :3

  14. 14 qass

    Yeayy.. i love your recap..

    i’m so excited for the next episode.
    ROMANCE TOWN jjangg!

  15. 15 carpetfibers

    I was really put off in episode five by Gun Woo supposedly not recognizing Soon Geum once she was all dolled up, but Hwang Yong’s explanation in this episode helped to ameliorate that. As I understood it, Hwang Yong was saying that because Gun Woo and the other maids only know Soon Geum in her current station, anything beyond that viewpoint wouldn’t be recognizable– that Soon Geum is not separate from her position in society, but rather that she’s defined by it and almost exclusively identifiable by it.

    Which is further reinforced by Young Hee’s current dilemma. His attraction to Soon Geum didn’t begin until he saw her out of her normal environment, when he saw her in a situation that was no longer contained within the identity of Soon Geum the Maid. She progressed from merely being one of the group collective of maids in the neighborhood to being a unique individual.

    It seems like much of Romance Town’s directing deals with the frustrations of being contained by labels– and both the upstairs and downstairs part of this neighborhood’s society suffers from it.

    What grates on me, though, is why is Gun Woo suffering under this same blindness? I mean, he met Soon Geum before she could become Soon Geum the Maid. It makes no sense to me whatsoever, and I think this really clever study about societal identity has been diminished because of this detail. I hope that the writers have a specific reason to go this route, and I hope it’s a smart one, otherwise I’ll admit to being disappointed.

    • 15.1 tomato

      You know the reasons of a lot of things brought up by commenters have been delivered, albeit subtly, by the drama episode development over time. Granted not handed out like how your old professor hand out a copy of syllabus onto your palm.

      It shows that Soon Geum upon the first meeting with Gun Woo, although troubled by the situation, does not think Gun Woo as an a$$hole. The impression is somewhat neutral if not tip toward sympathetic toward his condition. Like when she asks why Gun Woo does not have girls in his car like boys like him normally would.

      Try to remember that it was Soon Geum writing letters for THREE YEARS in place of grandma to Gun Woo, hinting how Soon Geum get to know Gun Woo in perhaps more “real Gun Woo” than if Gun Woo (male) is writing to the girl he likes trying to score points. Not only that, grandma has spoken highly about Gun Woo and his ordeal.

      Do you not see it on the episodes how elated Soon Geum when writing the letter?

      Being the maid who happens to also clean Gun Woo’s room upon his leaving Korea lets her find out that Gun Woo did try to contact her or at least ready to money to reimburse the pub fee, although his leaving the country in hurry (which, surprise surprise, was let known to Soon Geum, and the drama viewer -_-;; in early episode) does not help in returning the money.

      Gun Woo says that … now since he has a friend (refering to Soon Geum) “… he does not feel like going to the states anymore….” (ep.1 )

      A LOT of things like this (small and the not so) have EXPLAINED WHY Gun Woo acts the way he is (or in a more specific terms, likes and dislike Soon Geum the maid). And how Soon Geum has good impression toward Gun Woo.

      For crying outloud Soon Geum does not go thump thump thump until Young Hee takes the cellphone and does SMOOCH in ep6 in the night stall scene.

      Soon Geum describes Gun Woo as “….because the one I knew was friendly and kind, and generous with a pure heart. ”

      Which is why i am very disappointed toward the person recapping. Was a different person doing the recap on ep 1-5 and kaede out of the blue doing the 6th? It’s more common and acceptable to hear comments from the more casual visitors or guests. But, i guess i do expect to see certain quality when it comes to the more “official” one for dramabeans.

      The hints, the story events are already there all over the epi. -_-;;. Sometimes it makes me think that the person recapping and the comments following BASED on the recap talk about different story/drama, as in telling their own fairy tales and how they want the story progress rather than the actual depicted in the drama.

      A number also states that such and such story development is illogical YET presenting a version that is even MORE logically out of whack (not limited to this drama and this particular recap).

      …. the irony…

      If you are an employer of some sort having stay-in housekeeper as such (the kind of “maid” in romance town), will you be linking your maid to be staying in the house doing, well housekeeping job TADA!!! than wandering in (high class) shopping mall in clothes worth enough to buy a CAR?????
      Which is more logical: Gun Woo not recognizing Soon Geum setup in non-maid setup, or Gun Woo recognizing the made over Soon Geum as… well… Soon Geum? @_@

      The drama itself hinted. The other maids who have been around working/playing/watching TV/shopping/buying lottery ticket/kicking back after work in a room, have their doubts that made over Soon Geum was indeed Soon Geum. What makes it more probable for Gun Woo (who just came back from the states, work in day time, AND disgruntled due to grandma being fired) to recognize made over Soon Geum than the other fellow maids???????????

      • 15.1.1 reeen

        I didn’t understand those comments as well… finally one where I know you’re talking about the drama I’ve been watching 🙂

      • 15.1.2 ajewell

        It’s sort of amusing that you attack the recapper for not being clear and concise, and yet, I couldn’t make heads or tails of your entire post…

        If you’re going to rail against someone’s writing style, then at least perfect your own.

  16. 16 crazygal

    thank uuuuuu!!!!i prefer young hee over gun woo nw……bt all i hope is SG will b happy in the end..!luv tz drama!!RT fighting!!!!

  17. 17 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Kaedejun for this amazing recap. The transformation of SG to Shi Ah is amzing…with make-up and hair extension…lol Gun Wo is just not giving it a second thought probably because never in his imagination that SG can look soo good with a make over.

    I am enjoying this drama because there are so many intriguing characters and their own story. I hope Hyun Jo will end up at the top and Yoon Jo will be at the bottom. She is just so bitchy which should not be the case because she was a maid too before.

    Looking forward to the coming episodes…

  18. 18 queencircles

    Yea. This episode was kinda ssssloooowwww.

    I’m not a big fan of the, he doesn’t recognize her thing, because, yea I also hardly recognized her at all at first, but I feel like he would have caught on. In this episode it was fine I guess, cause he was only with her a short time and then spent the rest of the time thinking about her, and not actually seeing her. But it seemed like this charade was going to carry to the next episode too, and that would just be too unrealistic I think.

    I really wanted her to show up for both of them at the soju place. But despite the name change to Romance Town, it seems more like a show about Maids, and so the showdown at the owners house fit more into that.

  19. 19 Amber's Cube

    Thanks KaedeJun for another great recap. I actually dont mind the delay in your recap. I can watch the drama first with the subs then read the recaps afterwards.

  20. 20 Liz

    Kaede why you didn’t even mention about the confusion that YH has about liking SG or her money? Or liking the SG who has money?

  21. 21 Liz

    I have to say even I didn’t recognize her LOL

    But I get your frustation about GW not recognizing her.

    But if you think he was kinda avoiding her after he found out she was the maid at his house, and how he was focused in others things… maybe he was too focused on find granny so he didn1t really paid attention to SG who he was kind of angry and disappointed to be a maid….

    Also, they never really had a nice talk together to make he think in this later…..

    But one thing I’m sure, please just 2 more episodes without recognizing her is enough.

  22. 22 Dara

    I was disappointed that GW didn’t recognized SG AT ALL!

    I really hope it wouldn’t take long for him to figure it out, otherwise this plot point will ruin it for me. Or at least the writer should give a solid reason why taking this route.
    I’m still convinced that later, in the back of his mind, he’s kind of know but subconsciously brushed it off.

    It’s funny how SG has Mr.gangster at her beg’n call.
    And I don’t find YH with SG at all, YH/DK has more chemistry.

    Thanks Kaedejun for your recap.

    • 22.1 Dara

      Btw, it’s weird to stand and eat! and cost more to sit? How much does it cost for space for one chair really? Or may be when ppl stand, they eat faster, LOL.

    • 22.2 Jomo

      Exactly, not at all?
      How about:

      GW looked at the beautiful woman for a moment, hesitating to ask her name…”Hokshi…” he started but trailed off. Something about her was familiar, but he had never met a more luxuriously dressed, composed women in his short life. Nobody this rich.

      “She must be the daughter of one of my father’s acquaintances,” he guessed. “I’ll see if my father has heard of her family name.”

      The fact that he doesn’t go out onto the interwebs to find more about her is not believable.

  23. 23 ohemgee

    lovin me some ROTO.

    also loving the Soon-Geum/Hwang Yong relationship! soooo cute!

  24. 24 lenrasoon

    Is weird that i like Young Hee more than Gun Woo? i hope to see changes in his character (too self absorbed and spoiled) i’m finding difficult to sympathize with him after episode 2 tbh and i want to like him so bad ’cause i know he can be adorbs and steal my heart.

    also Soon Geum and Hwang Yong relationship are cute! he seems more like a father figure than her own father.

  25. 25 sun

    Thanks for the recap, I was expecting it! 😀
    I love the relationship between Soon Geum and the Not-Gangster, haha! It’s hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.
    Can’t wait for the next episode to see if Gun Woo will finally figure things out.

  26. 26 Kang ahhhhhhh i miss you

    I find the story of the maids and the foibles of their masters more interesting than the love story.

    I like SG’s relationship with the loan shark boss!

    I like Yong hee. i don’t care what YH’s story and motivations are, I just find him more attractive/appealing. I don’t even care who YH ends up with, I just want him to have a good ending.

  27. 27 dany

    Thanks for the recap, I am so rooting for the second lead, I think he is hilarious (and sexy, of course).

  28. 28 Pikachu

    SHe should end up with the second lead (who i hope pulls a park shi hoo)

    • 28.1 Jomo

      That would be awesome!

  29. 29 ht

    thank you so much for the recap. 🙂

    man, i agree with what you have said. everything! gun woo is indeed dumb. >_> and i love soon geum x hwang yong too! love how SG always looks for hwang yong when she’s in truble. love them~

  30. 30 nuna

    thanks for the recaps ya!!!really enjoying each episode of romance town…luv all the characters in here=)

  31. 31 ricetards

    I’m enjoying this one. All the dramas airing this season are pretty good though -it’s been a good year for dramas.

    However, if they drag this second identity thing for much longer, it’s going to drive me nuts.

    I get irritated when misunderstandings are stretched out for too long.

  32. 32 vannie

    honestly I have not watch this in favor of the other dramas showing but while I was waiting for the subs for those dramas I thought I’d give romance town a try. I do intend to watch it but there’s just too many right now. Anyhow, i started watching ep 1, den 2, den 3 till I actually am updated now.
    I would actually drop (for now) lie to me for this even though I like KJH and YEH. This is how good this drama is getting.

  33. 33 aighiaffa

    I’m a little surprised that Zar Lin is supposed to be Viet. Just because her name isn’t viet at all.

    • 33.1 jyyjc

      Yeah I was surprised at that too. Also nobody cares and it can’t be helped because that actress is not vietnamese but her vietnamese was atrocious, it made me laugh and took away from the emotional pull i’m suppose to feel.

      • 33.1.1 beggar1015

        Thanks for clearing this up. I was wondering if the actress was actually Vietnamese or not.

  34. 34 La Plume

    I don’t think she’s in love with him. She may have appreciated him when he was fat but now he just completely turned obnoxious. For me, she’s just testing if he’s still got his heart safe deep down or if he really turned nasty after sliming down.

    Can’t help but root for the second lead. I know he’s gonna lose the girl in the end, but I’m just curious as to how they’re gonna turn Mister I’m nasty cu’z I’m good looking and rich to Mister I’m perfect cuz I’m good looking and nice.

    Good luck with that.

  35. 35 nia

    Am I the only one, who actually loves that he doesn’t recognize her? The whole drama plays with the difference in social status. How perfect is it, that this status-thing blinds him to an extend, where he doesn’t recognize his own maid?
    You only see what you want to see.
    I really like this idea.

    • 35.1 momo

      You are not the only one. I think it is interesting and Im quite curious what his reaction will be…after the revelation…

  36. 36 Betsy

    Love this drama. Gun Woo and Soon Geum are so cute together. I hope they don’t drag out the double life story too long.

    BTW does anyone know of a blog site that transcribes dramas live??

    • 36.1 A

      rebel souls does live transcaps! she isn’t recapping RoTo though…

  37. 37 momo

    This episode was a bit slow, but I still like it.
    The show manages to REALLY surprise me and this time it was because of the relationship between Hyun Joo and Yoon Joo. …didnt expect it at all…

    Some of you think GW is a bit shallow to like a girl because of her looks and not because of her character (or just who she is) …but, that is life, isnt it?!
    Actually, this is another reason why I like this show so much. It is true to real life (almost). We dont see “black and white” characters. We see maids who are carying, nice and friendly on one side, childish, jealous and hot-tempered on the other. I believe their bosses are not that bad either. (e.g. GW’s father: he bought the lotery ticket so his family inherits more than they would inherit after taxation).

    kaedejun, thank you! I was looking forward to read this 🙂

  38. 38 Ju Ina-sshi

    thank you so much kaedejun!!!
    all I can guess is that it’s really hard to make a review. Especially in this detailed way when u not used to it. Thank you for your hard work. It amazes me more and more how JB and GF manage this great blog.

  39. 39 bopbopbop

    this drama is so underrated!
    love it!

  40. 40 mskololia

    Thanks Kaedejun for the wonderful recap.

    GW and SG will need to get a room soon…. 🙂

  41. 41 Mish

    Oh wow I didn’t even realize this was a 20 episode drama, that just makes me even happier ^.^ I do hope they don’t prolong this “double life” plot device too long because then it’s just unreal. It’s still really hard for me to believe that he wouldn’t recognize her AT all, and the maids too for that matter. Maybe I can see how her appearance would throw him off, but when he’s talking to her on the phone? I mean shouldn’t that at least cause him to be suspicious? Oh well…

  42. 42 asianromance

    thanks kaedejun!!!

    the whole Gun-woo not recognizing Soon-geum thing was chipping at my love for Romance Town (even with Hwang Yong’s explanation), but the other parts of this episode made me love the series even more. The maids may act a bit annoying and caricature-ish sometimes, but I love how they are also good people, people with personalities, wants, desires, and fears. Zar Lin’s speech in Vietnamese made me tear up. So did all the Hyun-joo parts. I’m curious abt Da Kyum and wonder why she’s so prickly. She’s so young, but has been working as a maid since even before Soon-geum came into the neighborhood.

    And I love any scene with Soon-geum and Hwang Yong! They’ve got a great relationship going on there. Even despite the age difference, there are times when I ship them as a couple. Sometimes I ship them as Best Friends/Neighbors Forever. And sometimes I ship them as father-daughter. I wonder how such a guy like Hwang Yong raised such a daughter like Joo won.

  43. 43 crazedlu

    thanks for the recap, kaedejun. this was an awesome recap. better than the episode itself. haha. but i did like the episode. hah. episode 5 was just better.

    honestly, sung yuri looks REALLY different with her bangs up and bangs down. she doesn’t even look like enok from “hong gil dong” and that was her. i get that gunwoo is a dummy, but if there’s one actress who could pull off a fake out like soon geum’s, it’s sung yuri’s face. haha.

    i love this show, but i feel antsy about where the lies and greed is a gonna lead us. i love that we can’t fully side with the maids, since they’ve got annoying flaws too. and that we’re left on the fence with the rich, since they’ve got interesting lives and backstories.

    eh, who knows! i’m still loving it, but i hope gunwoo figures out soon geum soon or that soon geum drops the shi ah character soon and makes gunwoo focus on the real soon geum. we all know gunwoo has his new found temper with the weight loss, so he’ll EXPLODE when he figures out he’s been played.

    oh, the angst! maybe it’s just me. haha. still bizarrely in love with the show. ^^

  44. 44 YoSoyHaru!!!!!!!!!!

    GW i cant wait for him to find out that its SG he likes not SA. thanks for the recap i love this drama 😀 😀

  45. 45 beggar1015

    Since this show enjoys hitting us over the head with the “left side/right side” motif, I’m already forseeing Soon Geum mixing up her SG phone with her “Shi Ah” phone. Really, instead of two black phones, she should have gotten one in color so she’d automatically know “That’s my Shi Ah phone.” But again, I’m still seeing a future episode when she answers the wrong phone with the wrong persona.

    Furthermore, I’m still hoping that we’ll find out that GW knew it was SG all along. Just a personal fantasy of mine.

    And in conclusion: Dayum, what an apartment!! I want! I want!

    • 45.1 alphabet soup

      Yeah! Totally agree, I bet she mixes her right and left phones up too. I thought she might have momentarily right before she picked up to call GW back in this episode.

      Anyway, again, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s just too cute and yet it doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes like most other dramas.

  46. 46 Cynthia

    Here’s a note of interest for Romance Town fans.

    KShowNow.com has Happy Together Season 3 Episode 195 with English subs
    Romance Town Casts


  47. 47 Ludmila

    I’ve never really liked Love triangles in my dramas… and this one does not change my feelings.

    C’mon a playboy who fell inlove after he discovers a maid has a mysterious fortune and an once gentle guy now playboy (obsessed with his gran) who fell in love with a makeover face… REALLY not good prospects

    I just hope the writers don’t try to push Hwang Yong’s daughter in this triangle and make a quartet of it.
    This would ruin the show for me. (and I think somewhere in the next episodes she’ll became an evil character)

    What I really like in RT is that slice of life aspect, the maids gossiping and having fun, the madams gossiping and keeping appearances, the rich man keeping appearances and going on with life.

    and also Soon-Geum/Hwang Yong relationship! cuteness and the fairy GodFather! YAY!

  48. 48 deng

    true! it is fast.
    now, i got a feeling that things will get mad later.
    but i this kind of pacing much

  49. 49 Einna

    kaedejun, I apologize. I must have not been paying attention to your recaps because I’m really confused right now over the Young Hee – Soon Geum love line. When exactly did he start having feelings for her? Soon Geum has been working at his neighbor’s (and friend’s) house for the last three years but he develops feelings for her all of a sudden?

    I really should re-read your Romance Town recap tonight to get the answers, shouldn’t I?

  50. 50 girlatsea

    So it’s 20 episodes?


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