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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 336
by | June 5, 2011 | 78 Comments

Actress Special continues! Some lie, some cheat, some get a cold dose of reality (literally). It’s great.

EPISODE 336. Broadcast on May 29, 2011.

javabeans: It’s hilarious to see the difference in the two teams as they start the race. Team Su-geun gets the idea right away to search the car for clues, and turns up a good many of them, hidden under floor mats, behind seats, and in side pockets. They’re already deep in mission mode, driven by the sole motivator, “We can’t get dunked in the water!” Team Ho-dong, by contrast, is like the kid in the kiddie pool who eases into the water two inches at a time, thinking he’s got all this time to get used to the idea. It’s like the other team’s already busy playing Marco Polo, while his team’s discussing, “Well, the term Marco Polo comes from the explorer of the 14th century…”

girlfriday: It’s like Ho-dong can’t turn off his MC-ness. Sometimes when he’s just with the boys he gets into the games and lets himself forget, but the presence of the ladies has got him at full-attention host-mode.

javabeans: I’d say my personal favorites, in terms of team members, are split between both cars so I don’t have an immediate inclination to root for one team over the other. But as the episode goes on, I found myself giggling and rooting more for Team Su-geun, because they were having such fun with the mission and playing the game.

girlfriday: I think they managed to get past formalities and uncomfortableness faster too, probably because the age gaps in this car aren’t as wide. The other car has everyone from Sumi to Seung-gi, which makes for its own kind of fun, but is definitely less informal.

javabeans: I love when the ladies tease Seung-gi about having totally tried to look cool today, even as he’s trying to downplay the effort, saying, “I just came out wearing whatever today.”

girlfriday: Yeah, your “whatever” trenchcoat, belted at the waist. Pffft.

javabeans: Ho-dong asks — seemingly genuinely confused — “Honestly, why do all the women love Lee Seung-gi so much?” Ji-woo cites a program where he was described as the kind of son you want, while Hye-young explains that it’s because he’s hard-working, but still shows little gaps and flaws (hence the Heo-dang descriptor) that make him endearing. Ho-dong quips that they’re holes, not gaps, and Hye-young points out that he seems jealous.

girlfriday: Omg, he’s TOTALLY jealous. I love it — despite being Seung-gi’s biggest supporter, Ho-dong isn’t above some petty jealousy when it comes to Seung-gi’s popularity, especially with the ladies.

javabeans: There Seung-gi is, sitting quietly in the backseat while everyone discusses his appeal, and Sumi wonders if Seung-gi’s the best of the top stars these days. Ji-woo confirms this, and Sumi tells him, “Jo In-sung has come out of army. You’d better be on your guard.” Hee. (Hilariously, cut to ten minutes later when Sumi’s totally on the Seung-gi train, having seen the light.)

girlfriday: That cracked me UP. She’s all fangirly about Jo In-sung, and then minutes later she’s all about the Seung-gi.

javabeans: I’m getting a kick out of Haneul’s reactions to Tae-woong’s (dorky-funny) comments, because she’s cracking up silently every time he says something offbeat. Su-geun: “Are you going to school these days [to learn how to be variety-funny]? Your comments have improved so much.” Tae-woong: “There are a lot of guys who want my spot. [Lee] Seon-kyun called me up to say that if it’s too hard, I should let him take over.”

girlfriday: Can we please, please, PLEASE have Lee Seon-kyun on as a guest to give Tae-woong a hard time? Their friendship makes me squee.

javabeans: Well, especially when they’re ribbing each other and making porno jokes.

girlfriday: And publicly at that. Tae-woong’s already shown his inclination to be childish. With Seon-kyun around, it’d be man-child heaven.

javabeans: Both teams are given the first task along the way: To take a cell phone picture with all six members jumping, mid-air. Sumi wants to take a scenic photo by the flowers, but is overruled by her teammates, who are like, Uh, we’re on a mission here? No time for flowers!

girlfriday: Tae-woong is in charge of setting up the camera for his team, and when he has a hard time, Haneul runs over exasperated, “Is this your first time?”

javabeans: When Su-geun makes a joke about Tae-woong and Haneul looking good together, Tae-woong looks adorably pleased, and Haneul frowns. HAHA.

girlfriday: He starts blushing! Eeee!

javabeans: The blush is totally visible. Our resident MCs know romance is the way to get people’s interest, because Ho-dong is busy trying to draw a Seung-gi/Ji-woo loveline over on his team. Not that either pairing is that successful, but I think the Tae-woong/Haneul one is funnier, since it’s a bit less forced (read: they’re more embarrassed) than Seung-gi/Ji-woo, who are jokingly playing it up for the cameras.

girlfriday: Yeah, the Tae-woong / Haneul pairing seems rooted in their actual embarrassment, which makes it so cute. Plus, Tae-woong is making it easy — he jokes that he’ll send Na PD a text signed “Uhm Tae-woong / Kim Haneul,” and Su-geun scoffs, “What, are you sending wedding invitations?” Mostly Haneul seems as giddy as the rest of us to discover the heights of Tae-woong’s adorkableness, and Tae-woong’s just like, she’s real purty.

javabeans: Seriously, 1N2D is blowing my mind about Tae-woong’s image-versus-real-persona duality. I’m retroactively even more impressed with his manly/fierce/intense acting, now that I know what a dork he is.

girlfriday: Can we also talk about how CUTE Ji-won is when he calls Jung-ah “noona”? I so want a dongseng like Ji-won, despite the fact that he’s technically an oppa. I think it’s his cho-ding character that does me in.

javabeans: You know what’s especially endearing about that? It’s that the other people are all playing up the noona/oppa thing (now with extra aegyo!) for the cameras because they know it’s funny, but Ji-won doesn’t do that — he talks totally normally, like Jung-ah is actually his noona. Like, this is how they’d actually interact in the real world now, if they meet up on their own. It makes me aww.

girlfriday: Over in Ho-dong’s car, Ji-woo notes with a twinge of jealousy that Seung-gi seemed all about Haneul, and couldn’t hide his disappointment when he was picked for this team. She even points out that he was wearing the trenchcoat, and then changed out of it, implying that he needn’t impress anyone anymore. HA.

javabeans: I think it’s actually true (about him wanting to meet Haneul), because it takes him that extra split-second to recover and be all like, “Ji-woo noona, I love you too!” Heh. With one task accomplished, on to the next: Take a photo of all six members biting onto a sweet bun. Ho-dong’s team is nearly out of money, but they come up with the clever idea to buy three buns, cut them in half, and then position them so it looks like they’ve got six separate buns.

javabeans: Then during the drive, Team Su-geun tries practicing the perfect pitch game (where the syllables are emphasized in turn), and it turns out the game’s a lot harder than it looks. After a fumbling start, Haneul catches on pretty quickly, but it’s Jung-ah who gives Jong-min a run for his money as worst player.

girlfriday: She was so funny — I think she literally couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong!

javabeans: She had no idea why it wasn’t working, even with the help of everyone else counting syllables for her. Kim-sat-kat-sat-kat-sat-kat-kat-kaaaaat

girlfriday: LOL. Jong-min 2.0.

javabeans: Next, the puzzle. Both teams have found it ahead of time, but Team Ho-dong is more mindful of the rules and has refrained from doing anything with it. On the other hand, Team Su-geun is practically finished with it by the time they get the go-ahead to start. There’s something really entertaining about their competitiveness, which overrides their camera-consciousness at times. It makes it feel like we’re seeing the ladies’ real personalities.

girlfriday: Like every time the boys on that team want to stop for a break, the girls are like, “NO! We have to WIN!”

javabeans: Totally. Like when they pause to take a photo of their team to commemorate the experience, in a good mood — until they’re reminded of the time crunch. Then they simultaneously all speed up into double-time — “Hurry hurry hurry!” — because they’re competitive that way. I do think it’s cute to see Team Ho-dong working together to solve their puzzle, although this unity comes at the expense of speed, since they’ve pulled over (to avoid carsickness). Not only do they have the disadvantage of starting later, they also lose driving time.

girlfriday: It’s so cute that the boys are all ready to cheat (once they FINALLY think to check the car for more clues) but Sumi puts the kibosh on that right quick, like a real mom. “That’s cheating!”

javabeans: Hee, the producers draw a halo on her. It’s kind of cute-sad when Jong-min offers, “Then I’ll look, since I have no image to lose.” Awww, poor Jong-min, I wanna give him a hug. Note that Sumi is quick to revise her opinion, though, once they get Na PD’s okay — though it’s not cheating if they get permission. Meanwhile, I love how Team Su-geun feigns ignorance when they’re told about the hidden clues. Su-geun lays it on thick, going, “You mean the clues are HIDDEN inside? WHY oh WHY did we not check the car?”

Haneul takes over driving duty for a while, and apparently the climb up the mountainside with her at the wheel is harrowing. Tae-woong: “We’re getting carsick back here!” Ji-won: “I feel like I’m riding a tractor.” Caption: “A wild ride.”

girlfriday: Both teams are told that their final clue is somewhere in their vehicle, and they search high and low, only to discover that the PDs have planted the final clue in two of the ladies’ purses, without their knowledge. Score one for the sneaky PDs. Su-geun’s team stops for snacks, and Tae-woong wants makgulli?! Sadly, that’s not really an option. In the car, he spills a bag of chips, leading Haneul to wail that her perfectly matched sweet-and-salty snack combo is ruined. RUINED. I kind of love how supremely disappointed she is about her complementary snack foods.

javabeans: It was adorable. “But I picked these two to be THE PERFECT HARMONY!” Meanwhile, Su-geun is like, Pick ‘em up and give them to me, we can’t waste perfectly good food, while Ji-won is grossed out.

girlfriday: They finally reach their destination, and Team Su-geun wins! They take the bus to base camp, and Su-geun jokes that Haneul is considering becoming a regular cast member. That’d be awesome. They also marvel at how much Tae-woong talked today, and Su-geun says that he’s positively flying, with Ho-dong not around. Tae-woong: “To be honest, it does put me more at ease.” Hahaha. Ho-dong fear can be crippling, yes.

javabeans: It’s funny how Team Ho-dong gets to the flag and rejoices, thinking they’ve beaten their rivals. They’re all ready to celebrate their victory…until Na PD tells them that the other team got here an hour ago, got tired of waiting, and went to basecamp first.

girlfriday: The teams are given an opportunity to win ramen as they arrive at base camp: win a round of mook-jji-ppa against the schoolyard gamemaster cameraman. Team Ho-dong discovers Sumi’s hilarious tactic of screaming at her opponent to strike fear, and she manages to win.

javabeans: She basically roars at him. I wonder if she shocked him so much he just froze.

girlfriday: And then, it’s Jump in the River Time for the losing team. The boys go first, followed by Ji-woo, who looks like she might faint from the freezing cold water.

javabeans: She looks like she’s dying.

girlfriday: Dude, that’s what happens when you’re all skin and bones. Hae-young follows, and then it’s Sumi’s turn.

javabeans: I knew something was up when it’s Sumi’s turn, and the editing turns all serious, saying, “This is what she says was running through her mind at the moment: This feels weak…”

girlfriday: She jumps right in like a champ, but then coming out, her whole body goes limp.

javabeans: The whole production FREAKS — and no wonder, since they may have just killed their special guest sunbae-nim. That tends to put a damper on things, no? The ladies look like they’re about to cry, and the men start to carry her out, intending to call emergency medics.

girlfriday: Everyone’s panicked and scared, and the whole crew is stunned…

javabeans: …and then Sumi waves her arms and shouts, “HIDDEN CAMERA!” As in, Gotcha, suckers!

girlfriday: Omg, it was so funny and so mean, all at the same time.

javabeans: Ho-dong’s relief is palpable — it’s like he’s about to collapse from nerves — as he asks how long Sumi’s been planning this. She says saucily as you please, “A while.” HA.

girlfriday: Love her. Now I see why they called her for the show. Her swearing was awesome, but this?

javabeans: That’s what you call a sassy broad. She’s even dancing around, sing-songing, “I don’t even feel a thing!”

girlfriday: The boys marvel at her 100-to-1 hidden camera skills, pretty much rendered speechless by someone out-smarting them all. I feel bad for her manager, who looked like he was having a heart attack. Everyone’s brought back to life at the mention of ramen though, and Sumi and Hae-young break out the snack-feast. They wonder where Ji-woo is. Cut to Ji-woo putting on makeup in the other room, with the caption: “Image over food.”

javabeans: See, if they ever did a female version of 1N2D, I think withholding makeup privileges would be much more effective than even food. Can you imagine? Only one team gets mirrors? Or lip gloss?

girlfriday: HA. I did see photos once of a punishment from Heroes (a variety show with an all-female celebrity cast), and the losing team had to show up to the next episode with only half their faces made up. It was hilarious and horrifying. I never knew people could look so freakish with the left side in makeup and the right side naked.

javabeans: Lol, you’ve never done that, just for fun? Heh. It’s like the Sephora tradition, no?

girlfriday: Team Ho-dong gathers to eat, and the real treat isn’t the ramen, but Sumi’s kimchi, that she made herself and brought from home. Everyone’s eyes turn to saucers at the sight of it, and they each eat a giant piece… which is exactly the scene that Team Su-geun witnesses, salivating. The girls lose all sense of rules and reason, jumping ship to the other team with one mouthful of kimchi.

javabeans: Pride? Loyalty? Image? Pfffft.

girlfriday: Su-geun literally has to drag them out and explain that this is NOT how things are done on 1N2D. They have it out with Na PD, who finally relents to one plate of food for the whole team. They bring it back to the room and do it 1N2D-style: rock-paper-scissors for a spoonful, fighting like cats and dogs. Now their competitiveness is turning inward — what won them their first game is now wreaking havoc over a plate of food. It’s so entertaining to watch.

javabeans: As with this team all day long, it’s the fun in seeing how they act in a real circumstance, rather than always trying to be shown to their best advantage. Jung-ah’s like another Sub-Sub-ee, pouting over the food and digging in as much as she can when it’s her turn, which makes her noona thing with Ji-won doubly cute. Who knew they’d be the two to end up being similar?

girlfriday: Seriously. They’re my favorite pair. It’s the mantra of this show — that people’s real personalities come out when you withhold food. I love it when the actresses really start to lose it and fight as immaturely as the boys usually do. Seo Woo finally cracks: “I miss my mom!”

javabeans: The funny thing is, isn’t this just for a snack? They’re still going to play Bok-bul-bok for dinner rights, no?

girlfriday: Yeah, that was Su-geun’s whole deal while dragging them away — if they win dinner, the other team’s bound to come over for tastes, insisting that they gave them kimchi.

javabeans: They’ve established that each team’s rooms have fixed cameras in them, but that the bathroom is camera-free, and so is the back room for changing clothes. This will be important.

girlfriday: ‘Cause when you give hungry people an inch…

javabeans: The staff takes time to eat dinner, meaning that the only cameras around are the fixed ones. Seo Woo says, sorta-half-in-code, “Because these are here…” meaning the cameras, “I thought we wouldn’t be able to eat.” Tae-woong asks, not really expecting much, “Why, got something to eat?” and Haneul immediately exclaims, “Of course, lots!” One by one, Team Su-geun gets up…and walks over to the back room…and disappears. All we can hear is giggling off-screen.

Na PD and the other producers are busy next door setting up a game of Bingo, and he heads over to talk to the actors… and DUN DUN DUN! What do we see? Jung-ah, looking chagrined and guilty…over a pot of contraband ramen. HA! Talk about getting into the spirit of 1N2D.

So what happens at dinnertime? That’s next week!


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        I think it’s more like the freedom to act a certain way because there’s no image to uphold.

        Reminds me of the “wife” special on Happy Together a couple of weeks ago… they were talking about breast milk and their bedroom activities lol. on HAPPY TOGETHER! 😀

      • 6.1.2 Rina

        My boss is the same way, she’s like the grandmother in my group (I’m the youngest), but she says once you get past a certain age you get away with a lot more because people aren’t going to lecture the oldest person (I think the conversation started with talking about Betty White).

        • Ani

          Oh man! Betty White blew me away at the Roasting of William Shatner. In my opinion she was the funniest Roaster there because she didn’t use any notes at all. Either she memorized her joke, or she prepared part of it and totally did the rest on her feet. Whatever the case, she is freaking hilarious!!!

          @Alvina: Oh man, I’m kind of behind on Happy Together, but I need to catch up soon. HT is awesome on so many levels. HAHAHA. And you’re both right, it is the freedom to act a certain way without worrying about your image and also the fact that people won’t correct you if you’re the oldest. XD

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      i think one of the reasons this actress special is even more fun as compared to other shows with originally already a mixed casts is watching the effect it makes when females are included into a group of boys who are used to not having female there for freaking 2 years. thus seunggi dressing extra special & Na Pd getting a new hair cut! LOL

      there are more things from the next episode aired yesterday which caused the hilariousness and the awkwardness but make me come to conclusion at the same time;

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    Lee Seunggi and Jo Insung! Hahaha, lets see when the time Seung gi has to go to the army! *JIS’s fangirl*

    I do want Lee Seonkyun becomes guest star, but I always want Uhm Jung hwa to come!

  41. 41 Camille

    Please tell me where I can watch the episodes online?

    • 41.1 Cynthia

      See comment #30 🙂

  42. 42 bluelime

    thanks for making my day as always with the enjoyable and engaging recaps of 1N2D!! =)

    these 1N2D recaps are the best remedy to a demanding summer schedule. <3

  43. 43 kiongna

    Thanks so much Javabeans & Girlfriday! I so look forward to these summaries, so much fun! Cheers, E

  44. 44 a

    Kim Sumi and Jo In Sung have a special connection after playing mother-son in What Happened in Bali.

  45. 45 angelyurihuynh

    haneul & ji woo so cute. pinic funny ^_^

  46. 46 Cynthia

    Ji-woo flopping around in that water? Priceless! They were hauling her around like seaweed & trying to get her out was as funny as watching her going in!

    Sumi’s prank was genius – I bet that more than one of the team wanted to throw her back in!

    Great recap, ladies! I wish it could be a PODCAST, though – just to hear you two giggling makes us laugh, too!

  47. 47 Stephanie


  48. 48 mariolawpanda

    I don’t speak a word of korean but watching these girls for an hour without english subtitles is worth it. I’ve been LOL-ing even with just a few words as cues of what they’re talking about.

  49. 49 dramaboy1

    i can’t wait for next week when they have the actors special. I think it may be even better than the actress special(also really good) because they have some goofballs coming

  50. 50 kristi

    I’m not much of a laugh-out-loud viewer in general, but I was literally clutching my stomach doubled over with laughter when they started playing Cho Yong-Pil’s ‘The Leopard of Mt. Kilimanjaro’ as Kim Su-Mi (in her faux fur, leopard print hoodie) made her way down the river bank.

    What a great ep. Just delighted that the ‘actress special’ turned out to be as much fun for the viewers as for the actresses (and the 1N2D team).

    • 50.1 wanne

      LMAO at the song choice, 1N2D editing team is the best!

      thanks for pointing that out, i wouldnt know.

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