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Best Love: Episode 10
by | June 2, 2011 | 311 Comments

It’s just the way I like it: Superheroes Over Flowers, as the boys step up their game and leave us all spun around in the process. Will Iron Man get a new heart? Will Spiderman sell his friend up the river for pastries? Will this drama ever stop being awesome?

Best Love hit a series ratings high with today’s episode at 18.4%, followed by City Hunter 12.8% and Romance Town 10.3%.


Ae-jung takes Pil-joo’s hand and the fireworks go off, to the great dismay of Se-ri and Jin, who both watch with long faces. Jin clutches his heart in pain and Se-ri can’t hide her disappointment, though she has to continue her MC duties for the happy couple.

Ae-jung quietly tells Pil-joo that it must be awkward to continue holding her hand like this, and tells him to try and pretend like no one else is here. Pil-joo: “I already am. Because that’s how I made up my mind from the beginning. I told you that this was real for me. What I’m holding now is Gu Ae-jung’s heart, who came to me.” Oh, swoon. How can a guy be this perfect? It’s downright unnatural.

She tells him that she’s sorry for making him jump into such a crazy mess, and he tells her, “Now that I’ve jumped in and grabbed hold, I’m not going to let go easily.”

The shoot ends and everyone starts packing it up, but Pil-joo and Ae-jung stand off to the side, still holding hands. Ae-jung tells him that the shoot’s done, so he can let go now, so he does… only to switch to interlocking fingers as he holds on tighter. Omo!

Pil-joo: “I don’t think it’s a shoot. I think it’s for real. So I’m just going to keep holding.” Eeeeeeeeeee! He says it with this totally dry look, and then breaks into his trademark dorky smile. Seriously, I think I love him.

Ae-hwan purposely ditches her at the shoot so that she’ll have to get a ride from Pil-joo, and calls to lie that the whole family is out, so she can take her precious time getting home. She’s embarrassed by the blatant lie, but Pil-joo feels bolstered by the Gu family being P-line (as in, Pil-joo Line, aka Team Pil-joo).

He tells her that she ought to get onboard too, and she asks what the benefits of P-line are. He names: “Safety, comfort, and knowing you won’t be shaken.” Oh, honey. I already want to give you a consolation hug. Those things are all true, but damn are they unsexy.

Jin sits outside Ae-jung’s house, wondering what he could possibly say, and cursing at his heart rate monitor (as if it’s the inanimate object’s fault for not correctly deducing human emotion, heh).

Hyung-kyu finds him there, having run out of Jenny’s, and when Jin tells him that he’s hurting, Ding Dong invites him in. It just occurred to me that this grown man’s only friend is Ding Dong. I would say that’s sad, except they seem to be on par, maturity-wise, so… match made in heaven?

Ae-jung comes home to find Jin sitting in her living room, sipping tea out of a Pororo mug. That visual is just so wrong. He totally overplays the heart trouble to gain sympathy, which doesn’t work, so then Hyung-kyu plays the “He’s MY guest” angle. Ae-jung treats him like a playdate then, and tells Hyung-kyu that his friend can play till his bedtime.

Hyung-kyu asks why Jin’s always getting scolded by his aunt, and he explains that he’s wronged her, but doesn’t know how to apologize. Ding Dong thinks it’s easy—you just say, “I was wrong. I’m sorry.” But Jin says that what’s easy for a seven-year old to say is not so easy for a thirty-seven-year old.

That’s when Ding Dong passes over his notebook, which has a box at the bottom of the page: “The Things I Did Wrong Today.” Jin scoffs, “You want me to write an apology in a children’s notebook? … … … Ding Dong, you’re a genius!” Heh.

He makes a bunch of false starts, clearly very new at this apology thing. Ae-jung makes kimbap for Hyung-kyu’s class picnic tomorrow, and tells him to pick out what to wear. He shows up in his Spiderman costume, and Jin can’t contain his laughter, making Hyung-kyu self-conscious.

Ae-jung scolds him, so he turns to Hyung-kyu and says as Dokko Jin the Fashionista, that confidence makes the outfit. He tells him that he always wanted to be Iron Man when he was little (because of the man-made heart), which is Totally. Adorable.

Jin keeps trying to stall Hyung-kyu from falling asleep because he hasn’t found his window of opportunity yet, but he’s run out of time. As a last ditch effort, he tells Ae-jung that he never got to go on picnics when he was a kid, and asks her to go on a picnic with him tomorrow. “Pleeeee-aaaaaase?”

Ae-jung: “No. Dream on. I will never go on a picnic with you, because between us, there will always be rain.” Jin: “Then I’ll wait, until the rain clears. Then there’ll be a rainbow. THIS BIG.” Hahaha.

The next morning, it actually does rain, and Ae-jung comforts a totally deflated Hyung-kyu. The doorbell rings, and she grumbles thinking that it’s Jin, and opens the door at the height of her annoyance.

Only it’s Pil-joo, here with the digital camera, as a gift to thank her for showing up last night. Hyung-kyu asks if Pil-joo liked superheroes when he was a kid, and he says that he liked detective comics more. He sees the kimbap that Ae-jung made for his picnic, and offers him a trade—anything he wants in exchange for his lunchbox.

Pil-joo takes him to the doughnut shop, and tells him to get whatever he wants. Hyung-kyu hesitates, and then blurts, “Iron Man, I’m sorry!” Pwahahaha! I love that this kid is old enough to know that he’s selling his friend out for a bucket of doughnuts. Love it.

And then? Pil-joo pitches a tent in the middle of their living room, and they have a picnic anyway, which is just the sweetest thing on earth. I love that both men know that getting in good with Hyung-kyu is the way to Ae-jung’s heart, and that they’re both so blatant about it.

Jin calls, his number saved today as “Proper [or Perfectly Mannered],” and he happily announces that he’s prepared something for Hyung-kyu’s picnic because of the rain. He’s outside her house, with an RV parked behind him. Aw. It’s just kind of perfect that Pil-joo shows up with low-rent tent and Jin shows up with flashy RV.

She tells him that there’s someone already here, and he heartbreakingly guesses that it’s Pil-joo. She mentions what he told her last night—that people always forgave him when he behaved badly because he was sick, and adds, “But even if you’re sick enough to die, it won’t matter to me.” Oooof. He just sits outside her house in the rain like that, still stinging from her words.

The proposal episode of Couple Making airs, and Jin watches it for a while, finally turning it off angrily. He clutches his heart in pain, deducing that with CG and background music, it’s extra heartbreaking. HA.

I’m beginning to suspect that just as he had confused rapid heartbeat as causing love, he’s confusing real heart pain for heartbreak. Stop clutching your heart. It’s worrisome!

The new segment of Couple Making is a big hit, and Se-ri whines at her MC role now reduced to useless opening/closing and commentary on the happy couple, which is secondary to the real rub—losing the man she wants to Ae-jung. She whines that it’s just like their KBSN days, playing fourth fiddle and losing everything to Ae-jung.

Pil-joo finds her and asks why she said that she liked him the other night, and she gets defensive, saying that if he thinks she was joking, he can take it however he pleases. He tells her that she must’ve been joking, to say something like that, at a time like that.

She says that it’s because she doesn’t like Ae-jung, which is neither true nor false. That’s part of it, sure, but I do think that she really likes him, on his own merits, outside of the fact that she always wants what Ae-jung has, or doesn’t want her to have him.

He tells her that she’s a bad person, almost scolding her like a little girl. He obtusely just tells her not to play pranks like that anymore. Se-ri cries in the bathroom, amazed at Pil-joo’s complete obliviousness toward her feelings.

She overhears a girl group member (the one managed by her old KBSN manager) sneaking in a phone call to her boyfriend in the next stall over, and muses that idol stars are still dating secretly, same as ever. She flashes back to her idol days, when she was busy crushing on an idol boy (cameo by Brian Joo).

Ae-jung had helped her try to sneak him a secret love note, but when they were almost caught by their manager, Ae-jung had run over and chewed it up, to cover for her. She got an ink-stained tongue in the process, and they had a good laugh over it.

She thinks of it fondly now, wondering if she had offered to help Ae-jung date Dokko Jin secretly like the old days, then she might have had a chance with Pil-joo. She finds Manager Jang scolding the idol star as expected, and he complains to her that managing idol stars’ love lives is the hardest part of his job.

He compliments her for never giving him that kind of trouble, and she just smoothly says that she never got CAUGHT is all. Heh. He says that Mina was the real trouble back then, ’cause she was dating the hottest idol boy of the day, and their agency was basically at war with his agency, to manage the situation.

He recalls that Ae-jung played a big part in all that, and Se-ri wonders if Ae-jung helped Mina date secretly too. Hm. Interesting.

Pil-joo’s mom decides to visit Ae-jung’s house to see how she lives for herself, and meets her family, discovering that Ae-jung basically supports her father, brother, and nephew. Mother is so not pleased.

Jin’s agent tells him that Jerry Heimer (Pfft. As in Bruckheimer?) is doing a new superhero movie and wants to cast him. Looks like he might be going to Hollywood after all. Jae-seok tells Ae-jung and Jenny the news, that he’ll be meeting the director and making his decision soon. Ae-jung muses to herself, “He’ll really get to be like Iron Man.”

Hyung-kyu goes over to offer Jin some doughnuts, apologizing for accepting them in a moment of weakness. Ha. Jin sweetly tells him that he’s only seven, and therefore needn’t feel such guilt over snack foods.

He tells Ding Dong to eat up, and then exercise, and then wonders how much he’ll grow while he’s away. Hyung-kyu asks if he’s going somewhere, and he says, “I’m going to be a superhero.”

Ae-jung cleans up Hyung-kyu’s room, and discovers Jin’s apology, written under “The Things I Did Wrong Today”:

Saying that I made the mistake of thinking that my heart beating caused me to like you… was a mistake. I’m sorry. –Dokko Jin ♥

She sighs, and begs him (aloud, to herself) to leave her alone and go to Hollywood and protect the earth. Aw.

Jin picks up his potato plant, tears welling up in his eyes. “If I leave you here like this, I suppose you’ll naturally wither and die…”

Jae-seok comes to pick him up the next day for his meeting with Jerry Heimer, except his heart starts racing and he clutches it in pain. “Jae-seok… Hospital…” Finally! Gah, does it take a full-on heart attack for you to go see a doctor?

Jae-seok rushes him to the hospital in a panic, Jin clutching his heart in pain the whole way. The doctor examines him and the verdict is in: “You’re broken.” Why does everyone speak of him like he’s the Dokko-Bot?

The doc tells him that he’s rejecting the pacemaker, and Jin asks if he’s back to square one health-wise, like he was ten years ago. The doc confirms that he is, and that it’s a good thing he’s been monitoring his heart rate as closely as he’s been lately (thanks to the KBSN song)—otherwise he could’ve gotten much worse and just collapsed out of nowhere.

He needs surgery, and soon. Jin asks what his chance of survival is. Doc says 50-50. At home, the potato plant withers, as if magically linked to his heart. Jin sits in a daze, musing, “My heart really WAS breaking.” He struggles to hold back his tears.

People start recognizing him in the hospital lobby, and as he hears their whispers, “It’s Dokko Jin!” He takes a deep breath and puts his star persona back on, which sort of breaks my heart. He puts his sunglasses on like armor, and greets the growing crowd with smiles and signs autographs.

Ae-jung goes to Pil-joo’s house to shoot a housewarming date, and as they cook dinner together, she encounters a potato with a frown. Pil-joo asks if she likes them, and she says she “Really really really doesn’t,” so he puts it aside. Aw, poor potato.

Jin accepts the movie deal, and tells his agent that he’ll go to Hollywood after the MBS Daesangs, where he’s up for a Best Actor award. He declares, “I will remain at the height of coolness.” Implication being that he’d like to die leaving behind the best version of himself. Gah, now I’M broken!

His agent then meets with the Couple Making PDs, who tell her that they managed to get Ae-jung onto the Daesangs as a presenter, to bolster their show and improve her image. They ask for the agency’s help in glamming her up for the event.

They also add that they’d like her to switch cell phones to a new brand so that she and Pil-joo have matching couple phones, and President Moon notes that it’s the same one that Dokko does the CF for, while pointing out its features, and the meta-on-meta product placement in this show just about kills me. It’s smart to hang a lantern on it because it’s so blatant (and best to acknowledge that you’re selling your airtime rather than pretending that we’re dumb and don’t notice, like most shows) but damn, it’s getting ridiculous.

It’s time to pick out awards show couture, and Ae-jung runs into Jin, literally gobsmacked by his be-tuxed hotness. He chases after her and notes that she cleans up nicely too, though gotta say, nothing beats Cha Seung-won in a tux. Siiiigh.

He tells her that he heard she was presenting at the awards, and asks if it isn’t the Best Actor category. Ae-jung: “No, as if. Best Child Actor. You’re not… going to win in that category, are you?” HA.

She worries about tripping on the red carpet, and he takes her by the shoulders and raises her chin. Jin: “You walk the red carpet by confidence.” Aw. He tells her to think of herself as the best in all the world as she walks.

She says that she doesn’t look cheap today, so she’ll have to pretend to be all that, and he looks at her sincerely, “You didn’t when you were wearing the frog either. Of all the frogs I’ve ever seen, you were the most luxurious. Keep running hard.”

He stops to ask how he looks, since he’s got to look the best, today of all days. She looks him up and down and says that he looks handsome, adding that even when he was petty and clingy Butthole Jin, he was still handsome.

Jin: “Remember me that way.”

Waaaaah. No dying! No remembering, no leaving, and no dying!

It’s awards show time, and Jin walks the red carpet with flair. He joins Se-ri in her dressing room and tells her that he’ll be announcing his Hollywood movie as he accepts his award.

Ae-jung arrives and Pil-joo stops in to cheer her on and calm down her nerves. She and Jenny run into Manager Jang with his idol girls, and when she offers up a nice greeting for them to perform well today, he sneers that she’s telling the girl who got booted off of Couple Making because of her, to do well.

He belittles her for overstepping, and says that she’s not at the level where she can do anything and be forgiven for it. Ae-jung takes Jin’s advice to heart, and says, “Today, I won’t hang my head for no reason,” and walks away, head held high.

But Manager Jang is a petty rat bastard, so he decides that he’s going to get his revenge. He purposely spills his coffee all over her white dress, and chides her for being dirty, and playing dress-up.

A PD scrambles into Se-ri’s dressing room to ask her to fill in and present the Child Actor award, and Jin perks up at that, realizing that something’s wrong with Ae-jung. He sees Jenny arguing with Manager Jang, and then finds Ae-jung sitting at the bottom of the stairs, alone.

He looks at her tenderly and sees that her arm is burnt from the spill. She just puts up a brave front, saying that dressing up like this doesn’t suit her, and that she should just stick to frogs. That just kills me even more, when she’s all stiff-upper-lippy that way.

The awards show gets underway (with footage from the actual Korea Film Awards, with Song Yoon-ah as MC, and the likes of Won Bin, Kim Tae-hee, and Song Ye-jin giving unwitting cameos).

Jin walks out and discovers Manager Jang laughing about his evil petty victory over the phone, and follows him into the stairwell with a determined look. Once no one else is around, he socks him with a punch, and Manager Jang goes down. Damn, that’s satisfying.

Ae-jung comes home and Pil-joo tends to her wound, wrapping it in a bandage. They come out to see breaking news, that Dokko Jin did not attend the awards, and now speculation over bad blood between him and the director of Fighter is blowing up.

Jae-seok gets bombarded at the agency, and President Moon tells him to fend them off, while she takes care of the real problem…

She’s at the hospital, where Manager Jang is being treated in the emergency room. Holy crap. He beat the bloody hell out of him. Oh, dear. This is bad. Bad, bad, bad. I thought it was just one punch, but it looks like he went to town in a rage, and we all know how Manager Jang is going to twist this whole thing around. Eek!

Jin is holed up at home but unreachable, so the agency asks Ae-hwan to sneak him out while he can. He tells Ae-jung that Jin hit somebody, and worries if he’ll listen to him, if he goes over there. Ae-jung offers to go instead, because there’s something she needs to confirm.

She heads over to his house, and finds the lock code the same. He comes out, weary but looking perfectly fine (looks like he did all the hitting, which is kind of worse, if you think about how the press is going to spin this).

She asks what happened, but he tells her that he has no interest in having a press conference with her, and says he’s tired. She chastises him for messing up, reminding him that he’s supposed to go to Hollywood and fulfill his lifelong dream to be a superhero and protect the earth.

Jin: I’m not going. Instead of the earth, which spins fine without my protection, the thing I have to protect, while looking totally cool and awesome, is right here.

SPLAT. *jumps ship, hangs head for being so wishy-washy.*

He takes a step closer to her and adds, “I was so severely awesome today, that I’m tired.” Ha.

He leans into her for a hug, almost propping up his tired body on hers. She asks what he’s doing, and he holds on, “Stay still. So I can keep being awesome.” HA. He sighs with his chin resting on her shoulder, “I need strength. Rechaaaaarge.”


Oh, I ADORE the superhero metaphor for this episode. It’s so fitting, not only in the hero-protects-the-heroine way, but because the grown men in this drama really are like seven-year old boys, playing Spidey and Iron Man, thinking that the world spins because of them.

This is a heroine who doesn’t need protecting, but I love what it means for him to TRY. He’s finally putting something on the line, not to win her, but for her benefit alone.

I like that something’s finally putting Jin’s stardom in jeopardy because I actually want to see him lose something to love her. Otherwise it’s too easy and it’s just a Cinderella tale with nothing at stake for him. Now he’s actively putting his career on the line to be by her side, not just losing popularity, but in a real, all-in, rock-bottom kind of way.

In fiercely protecting her pride, he’s about to lose everything that makes him… Dokko Jin, and that, to him is everything. I love watching a character grow up in the course of a drama, and though Jin’s got miles to go before he sheds the bedspread cape and superhero underoos, he’s definitely winning my heart in the process.


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    • 16.1 78446

      The guy needs to grow up since he’s been fawned at for so long. If he feels what it’s like in Ae Jung’s shoes (i.e. hated by the public), he might actually become the sweetheart he sometimes is.

      The angst kills me though because it a really BAD idea for them to be together publicly.

    • 16.2 firsttimenewbie (lkdramalvr)

      This is what I think, too.

      I said this at Koalasplayground, but there has to be something more to it. We didn’t see Jin even moving in for a second punch. It looked damn satisfying after the initial whopper we saw.

      I hope, hope, hope he didn’t do it. I so hope he didn’t do it.

      Well, Best Love has got me commenting here again. I had stopped because I couldn’t keep up with all of the comments. Well, other real life things will have to be cut down a bit more.

      • 16.2.1 firsttimenewbie (lkdramalvr)

        I mean I hope Jin didn’t beat the manager to a pulp.

        • Jomo

          So who ELSE hates Jerk-ass Manager man that much?
          The plot doth thicken. It couldn’t have been a lady, unless it was a lady with a really heavy purse.

          • Mia

            Like a purse with a brick? A purse that is a brick? Just a brick? So many possibilities….

            I don’t think Dokko Jin beat him to a pulp – though I would very much approve.

            Perhaps it was a Fight Club scenario and the manager beat himself to a pulp! That makes sense.

          • firsttimenewbie (lkdramalvr)

            I don’t think the injuries are faked. (Or could it?) But Jin did do something similar in the beginning.

            I don’t know. Maybe the dude told someone to make it look worse and rough him up a bit more. I don’t think it would be his girl group, that’s for sure. LOL.

            All I know is, it serves no purpose or is not really endearing for it to be Jin. How is it protecting Ae Jung? How? The first punch, yes even if it’s not protecting her–the dude had it coming.

            Hell, he probably had the beat down coming. But you would think Jin would be smarter than that. Or worse yet, he wouldn’t stoop down to the level of the jackass manager. There’s nothing great about beating a dude to a pulp, and one that’s not fighting back.

          • Moonblossom

            I think DJ only punched the manager once – with his built and height, it should have suffice. What say you if it is time for the appearance of another asshole – the actor whom Ae Jung had a scandal with 7yrs ago? Maybe he saw the first punch and blackmailed Jin with blowing his golden boy image. Maybe that’s why Ironman is so tired?

            And yes, can we have a better wardrobe for Ae Jung? She could have cheap-looking clothing to fit her image in the show but wearing out-of-fashioned clothes are another.

        • antonia

          i’m not sure. anyway hardly it would be someone else. maybe the manager was overacting. hope so. but he truly deserved being hit A LOT.
          and i love the punch, it feels so strong and real!!!!

        • doublen

          I also agree that DJ just hit him once. I think Manager met with the person he was talking on the phone, and asked to be hit. I think he can do something like this because of the way DJ acted in the store, where he bought all the clothes manager wanted for AJ. Manager may understand that there is smth going on between them.

    • 16.3 Sethe

      I thought that, too, about the manager either having someone else beat him up, or just faking injuries. I’m all for DJ decking him (that was way overdue), but it seems a little strange for him to then sit there and kick the s**t out of him.

      I agree with your other point, too — if DJ dies, it’ll be the biggest betrayal of my life. I’ll never get over it (okay, until the next drama I get caught up in — already planning what that might be, anticipating the letdown when this one ends).

      But it’s a rom-com, so the hero can’t die, right? Right?

      • 16.3.1 cursed by karma

        “The hero can’t die, right?”

        I wouldn’t be too sure about that. It wouldn’t be the first time the Hongs have done it, either.

      • 16.3.2 Mia

        I doubt he will die….though in my mind I can see it happening.

        I’m not saying I WANT this to happen (Sethe believe me!) but I can maybe see (if his death is really 50-50 rather then 99.999-nill as it usually is in dramas) him dying and leaving her to the second lead that has been….rather TOO perfect for a “second” lead.

        I mean….look at the other Hong second leads and look at Mr. Doctor (I for one, think he makes safety, and not-shaking, very sexy indeed) He is by far better then any second lead has ever bee in an H. drama. They are promoting him, they got a GREAT actor who has already been the lead of a very successful drama (and two and three) so…if they did go that path it wouldn’t shock me.

        • Sethe

          Pil-joo is so perfect he’s boring (and frankly a little annoying… who wants to be around someone who’s always so damn good?).

          Besides, rom-coms are not supposed to be about prosaic, quotidian love. We don’t (or at least I don’t) watch TV shows and read romance novels to see two nice people meet, have a nice courtship, and decide to have a nice wedding and a nice life together, with nice kids. Bo-ring.

          Romance (in fiction) should mean a love outside of normal experience, an epic love, with angst and suffering and overcoming obstacles.

          Like someone said below, PJ’s love for AJ is just regular love (or strong liking), but DJ’s love is The Greatest Love.

          • Mia

            I don’t doubt your right. But…what you said about how rom-coms are SUPPOSED to be etc. etc. etc…..And they are. The Dokko Jin always wins.

            And frankly after some of the PJ lines in this episode I think I would be daft to promote anything but a Dokko Jin romance.

            But it remains that it has now become somewhat of a cliche and expectation for the “She has to change him” “Needs growth and maturity” to get the girl – and frankly I think PJ does love her very much – and now that we have a “new” normal for dramas can you blame me for wanting (for the first 9 episodes at least) to have PJ win? That would be overcoming a cliche – not promoting one. (A drama cliche, not a real life cliche)

            But as I said, after this episode I can’t support that romance anymore. Not with such emotion from Dokko Jin, and such underwhelming lines from PJ.

          • antonia

            that’s true a perfect guy is boring
            i think episode 10 proves us right. Jin is the best option for AJ. he got all the exciting package and now he’s willing to gave up that for her.
            i really need to get this heartbreaking issue solved by episode 11.

          • Sethe

            “exciting package” indeed! (Smirk)

          • In love with a middle-aged man

            OMG I LOOOVE what you said about DJ’s love being “The Greatest Love.” Lol, I love spinning the title of this drama in so many different ways (and will not lie about going round the house singing “The Greatest Looove of all, is that between Ae Jung and Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin” a la Whitney Houston) and I so couldn’t have put it better myself.

            I’m so amused at the way everyone now is like “Ok, I am now definitely on Jin’s side” when I have been on his side from the very beginning. I mean I admit that PJ had some beyond adorable moments, but you KNOW who she’s gonna end up with in the end, and that he’s kinda meant to be the lesser of the two for the majority of the drama (till he has managed to fully grow as a character etc. etc.). So you kinda have to accept the flaws and look at how great a character he is without concentrating on the bad things, instead of just looking at how he lacks in comparison to the Perfect Second Lead who has no flaws but will thus never be able to be changed by the Heroine and thereby win her heart.

            And I totally agree with PJ’s love being just a regular love. I mean really, when you look at it, and as it is summed up quite nicely in his “safety and no-shaking” comment, the cute little things PJ does are just that. Cute, little things, that guys with crushes generally tend to exhibit (yes, even the beyond-cool 3 roses thing) in boring, standard, nice-guy meets nice-girl real-life courtship. Whereas with Jin, his love seems so much deeper, and you can see just how much he suffers for it. While he may not do all the nice, Best-friendy type stuff PJ does, you can just tell he’s gonna turn on the A-factor and get into the real self-sacrificing type stuff at any given moment, which he did this episode!

            I am feeling so satisfied right now. And I’m just gonna end this comment with, Dokko Jin, you are most definetly THE MAN. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I totally wish that he’s beaten the guy to a pulp. (Well, ok, maybe not like kicked him continuously while he lay groaning on the floor, but in a less psycho kinda way) ‘Coz the guy deserves way more than a measly punch; and the sacrifice would have so much more meaning if the manager didn’t like get someone else to do it or did it himself for reasons of revenge (which did cross my mind as I was watching it). I get that it’d have unbelievably bad consequences, but it would be SO perfect for the moment imo.

            Sorry, I haven’t commented before so I just wanted to get out all my feelings on THE MOST AMAZING SCENE IN THE MOST AMAZING DRAMA OF THE YEAR, wherein I got to see THE HOTTEST 41 YEAR OLD ACTOR OF ALL TIME KICKING ASS AS THE BEST DRAMA CHARACTER EVER. That is all.

      • 16.3.3 sobohomom2

        Do we really have to have yet another romance this season in which the protagonist dies!? I think that at some point Dokko Jin will accept that he is dying (why isn’t having heart surgery at this very moment to increase his chances of survival??) and work hard to bring Piljoo and AJ together–recognizing that Piljoo will always love and protect her.

      • 16.3.4 antonia

        this is my new mantra: it’s a romcom not a melodrama, it’s a romcom not a melodrama, it’s a romcom not a melodrama , it’s a romcom not a melodrama ….

        • Sethe

          Right? Whatever anyone else says, this is not a sageuk, or fusion sageuk, or whatever… it’s a straight rom-com (isn’t it???), and in those, the hero DOES NOT DIE.

          And I don’t really get the criticism (implied or otherwise) about the Hong sisters following kdrama cliches. Cliches become that way for a reason — they resonate with some kind of human experience — and they continue to be used because they continue to have emotional pull.

          What’s wrong with drama writers giving people a happy ending (cliched or not)? I think people watch TV and read novels either for escapism (from their boring or horrible lives) or for wish-fulfillment (to vicariously experience things that in real life would probably be painful/angst-provoking, but which in fantasy are attractive as hell)… yeah, cliches done poorly are just stupid, but that’s the fault of the writing, not the cliche.

    • 16.4 Rachael

      It’s possible with the environment maybe that one K.O. punch knocked him down the stairs?

  17. 17 poyi

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  18. 18 mellowyel

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    • 18.1 78446

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      Come at your own risk.

      • 18.1.1 cursed by karma

        Don’t forget obsessively eating chicken, potatoes, and clover-shaped bread.

        • Kiara

          Dont forget the Dokko Jin vitamin water.

      • 18.1.2 uno

        This is such a cute comment!!!You’re so right.

      • 18.1.3 Haruhi

        OH. THIS.

      • 18.1.4 facephase

        LMAO HOW TRUE.


        • VanillaSalt

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    Strangely enough, I’m wildy anticipating yet completely fearful of the upcoming episodes. Oh the forseeable angst. 🙁 And as you said…NO DYING PLEASE. All the heart-clutching is making me uneasy.

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    This is too much for me .. and now with his whole heart actually being broken .. oh le sigh, what’s gonna happen?!!! I’m so nervous. Lol .. it’s awesome being this excited about a drama 😀

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      That man needs a new project NOW. Preferably a drama…

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    Jin: when we will go to field trip it will not rain but it will turn into beautiful rainbow ……..even when you dressed as a frog ,of all the frogs I saw you were the most beautiful.
    How can one not fall love with these guys … AJ is such a lucky girl. I don’t know why I tear up every time Jin touch his heart…. Awesome acting by Cha Seung Won
    Hong Sister …. You girls are awesome ….
    Jin and Dingdong and Pororo ….. cutest thing ever …. Niceeeee

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    I can see why they wanted to use his heart problem (physical rather then emotional) to amp the drama but the thing that really got me, the thing that really kills me, is the last bit. Sacrificing everything that defines him to selflessly protect her.

    It’s the character growth that really has my heart wrenching…all that “I’m Dokko Jin” “Because I’m Dokko Jin” as if it explains everything and suddenly he’s letting it all go. And not merely that but letting it go in a way where he no longer demands anything at all back from her (before he was always coercing her with suggestive phrasing and trades etc.).

    I’m completely touched.

    • 29.1 grateful1

      Yes– witnessing uri Dokko Jin’s transformation in this episode was really something. I love that GF closed this epi’s recap with that beautiful shot of the staircase scene because to me, that scene really symbolized his transformation. Previously, DJ had admitted that he was afraid of being knocked down to AJ’s level should his feelings for her be publicized; here, we see him literally descending to her level, but with such a slow, purposeful gait that it feels rather like a rite of passage. I thought it was beautifully shot– the way they had her sitting in a pool of light at the foot of a cathedralesque, almost otherworldly-looking staircase, and the added symbolism of her being dressed in white, sitting with her back turned towards him (but as if she were waiting) really added to the effect. So after an intensely emotional journey, our newfound Superhero chooses to “lower himself”,
      moving towards our Heroine– not to get anything from her, but rather just to be there for her, in whatever way he can, with whatever time he has left. Way to tug at a fangirl’s heart, Show!

      Many thanks to GF, JB, and my fellow Best Lovers!

      • 29.1.1 Mia

        This is such a beautiful “close watching”!

        You made me see the shot in a whole different light! As if an actual light has been shined down! Your description is simply beautiful! I think I must read it again.

      • 29.1.2 row

        Oooh I love it when someone could deconstruct a scene like that and takes it to a whole new level of awesome. I thought that scene was exceptionally beautifully shot, but ahhh must go watch again.

      • 29.1.3 Jomo

        What a beautiful description of the moment!

        She, trying to be brave and overcome despite the unfairness; he, trying to figure outhow she never has to overcome anything like that again.

      • 29.1.4 antonia

        ohhhh love what you said, and it’s not only him descending to her but him trying to bring her up…

      • 29.1.5 b

        Reading your description and interpretation made the scene so much better than how I remembered it. I had to watch it again. And it was more beautiful.

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    All that heart clutching is making me nervous though. Am just trusting the Hong Sisters not to give me soooo much angst on the finale….instead laughter and joy….and much more love for DJ…:))

    thanks girlfriday for another awesome recap…

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    Pil Joo is adorable and I already loved YKS, but I’ve been fully immunized against second lead syndrome here.

    To me, saying “Jin and Ae Jeong belong together” is like saying “sugar is sweet.” It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact of nature that just happens lead to delightful consequences in practice.

    So, Mr. Heart Failure?

    *puts hands over ears*

    I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, sugar is sweet, sugar is sweet…

    • 38.1 Mia


      You’re so cute.

      I still love the doctor but this episode (I have to admit) made me love CSW a bit more.

      Personally, I think YKS was doing a bit TOO good of a job as the second lead and they had to stick him with crappy lines.

      For example, “You can expect safety, security, and never to be shaken.” I personally find that REALLY hot (not from the average seconder – but YKS, he can do no wrong) but I do think that the main response will be like GF’s – “not sexy”

      *Sigh* Poor Dokko.

      I wonder who will be the heart donor…..

    • 38.2 th em

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      Reading my post again, it is clear I wrote it after way too many hours spent fixing wordplay in Best Love subs when I should’ve been sleeping.

      I’m beginning to speak entirely in metaphor/analogy.

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    • 39.1 Ani

      Oops. My mistake. Jenny did step in. *facepalm* Fail on my part.

      • 39.1.1 Ani

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    But this:
    … she asks what the benefits of P-line are. He names: “Safety, comfort, and knowing you won’t be shaken.” Oh, honey. I already want to give you a consolation hug. Those things are all true, but damn are they unsexy.

    Pretty much nails the nails in the coffin for Monsieur Lead Second. WHY COULDN’T HE ALSO BRING THE SEXY?

    This is NOT the PJ we have been watching all along. the one going big with the three roses. Holding her hand tightly and not letting go. He IS touchy feely.

    HER: What are the benefits of P-line?
    HIM: I can touch you places only a sexy oriental medicine doctor knows about, baby.
    US: YES!

    But now? With Ironman being all clutch beating the jerk-ass manager man to a pulp? PJ can fold up his tent and go home…

    • 40.1 Daniela

      Hahaha. Those are the real benefits. I would be on that line already.

    • 40.2 ishrooroo

      Gah adorkadoctor made a mistake! He was a gentleman about it but goodness he needs to bring da shexy. But we all knew from the beginning he lost before the battle even began. I just, he’s so perfect, gah whyyyy?

    • 40.3 Mia

      OMG! JOMO!

      Before I read this I had posted my above conspiracy theory.

      I think they are forcing him his lines to get worse because honestly I was confused. This is SO not the doctor who was looking at a bra for “together activities”

      Poor YKS….doing to0 good of a job.

    • 40.4 Jomo

      Here is a fanvid with a lot of ep 10.

      I’m staying very positive on my outlook for uri OTP.
      This has one of my favorite scenes from ep 6, when she was looking to see if he had an eye injury.
      I was tempted put the whole 3 mins in there.


      The song is by Jonathan Clay: Close to You

    • 40.5 Sethe

      Okay, the doctor’s exceptional knowledge of the anatomy of a woman’s body could be attractive for a while (he’d be a great fling, y’know?) — but I still maintain that, over time, his overwhelming goodness and kindness and all-around perfection would wear on me to the point where I’d want to do just about anything to see him be HUMAN.

      (I know I’ve read stories like this, where the man is just so frickin’ perfect that the woman can’t stand it, and feels the need to do all kinds of provoking (bad, cruel, hurtful) things to make him show SOME kind of flaw, at least once.)

      • 40.5.1 Jomo

        He did lie to her about the pen.

        • Sethe

          Yee…esss… but even then, it was a lie springing from misplaced kindness. I want to see some SPITE, dammit!

        • b

          What about the non-consensual pinky promise with an unconsious Ae-jung? This is one unethical doctor, even worse than Dr. Noh 😀

          • Sethe

            Interesting. On the one hand, you could say that since AJ was unconscious, the promise had no meaning, and so doesn’t matter. On the other hand, you could say he totally took advantage of a drunk, unconscious woman… yeah, what he did was pretty benign, but he was still talking to her, holding her, and making her make promises without her consent. I like it! Finally a real flaw in the Dr. Goddamn Perfect Pil-joo.

  41. 41 firsttimenewbie (lkdramalvr)

    I think now it is safe to say

    Jin loves Ae Jung. Pil Joo really, really likes her a lot.

    And I love Pil Joo. Adore him. And don’t necessarily think Jin’s act of violence should put him to greater heights. (The first punch is well and good. Beating the dude senseless, no. But I have my doubts as to whether Jin was the one who did it. Or, if something else didn’t happen for it to get that far.)

    • 41.1 Sunandmoon

      Ditto about the degree of love.

      Pil-Line = a solid, wonderful love but much like the love of many loving couples and husbands and wives in the world

      Dok-Line = the Greatest Love, with the greatest ecstasy and greatest sacrifices

      • 41.1.1 firsttimenewbie (lkdramalvr)

        I do think Pil Joo’s feelings would turn to love. It absolutely would if they were to really start dating, which entails more open and deeper conversations, etc etc. Right now, she still isn’t really “dating him” even with the show.

        But yeah, as of right now, that’s the degree. And it makes sense because of the interactions she has had with each of the men.

        Her interactions and conversations with Jin allow for that to have happened.

        As for Jin loving Ae Jung, it was so damn obvious for me in conversation after the dressing room scene. How beautiful. I didn’t even need to understand it. It was just that. Beautiful.

      • 41.1.2 antonia

        Dok-Line = the Greatest Love, with the greatest ecstasy and greatest sacrifices

        yayy that is what this drama (romcom) is about!!!!
        Greatest Love

      • 41.1.3 wasrush

        … but what is the ‘greatest sacrifice’ one can make? … Your wealth, your popularity, your family, your livelihood….. your life???

        I’m not sure I like where this is going…….. 🙁

  42. 42 whatis

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  43. 43 Joy

    OMG you didn’t get the best screencap of Pil Joo trying to grin and smile to reassure Ae Jung it doesn’t hurt all the while wincing in pain. THE BEST EXPRESSION EVER (giggling like a loser here).

    • 43.1 Joy
    • 43.2 Jomo

      You know I was thinking about how the two boys reacted to the fact that AJ got hurt.

      Keep in mind PJ declared that he wanted to protect her and take her away from this life she is forced to live, remember?

      So why is Doc PJ so calmly comforting her? Smiling beautifully, yes, and making sure she won’t be scarred by this event. It doesn’t match up to what he said before.

      He was there at the venue. Could he have witnessed the burning “accident,” too and started to go afterJerk-ass manger Man at the same time as DJ?
      What if DJ collapsed immediately following the first punch so that JAMM got to do some of his own walloping while DJ was down?
      We didn’t see any bruises to DJ’s face, but when we see him later, he is so exhausted, he could have taken some body blows…
      What if PJ stepped in and pulled the bad guy off and then delivered his own punch in self-defense? Just one, though.
      Then both DJ and PJ decided to say nothing for now.

      That gives DJ a reputable witness, PJ a heroic moment, and AJ the problem of having two handsome defenders to choose from.

      • 43.2.1 antonia

        nice theory but i really can’t imagine PJ hitting someone. and with such violence????

  44. 44 june

    OMG..I hope we don’t need a box of tissues next week…. I hate to see the downfall of Jin..but still, I think it’s like the salt in the soup….sigh….
    It’s the best drama so far…indeed!

  45. 45 Daniela

    The scene i like the most is when he punches the manager. Not only for because he deserved it, because it looked cool. It was clean, straight, he only stood before him and BAM, his face was broke. All those action movies and dramas paid off.
    Aww. When he was in the hospital, sitting there alone I almost cry by looking at his face. When he said “Im Dokko Jin” and put on his glasses, oh man, heart ache.

    After his heart operation he really felt like Iron Man and then the news about his heart put him down. But there was things that he could do, like a super hero, and he did it. He knew the implications but still but above all, he chose her. he deserves my love.

    Grown man and kids, always adorable. If the kids are cute like this one.
    Cha Seung-won in a tux. Thank you, Hong sisters and stylist.

    Thank you for the recap!

  46. 46 Sethe

    Maybe I’m being obtuse here, but I don’t quite see why everyone seems to think DJ basically put the nail in the coffin as far as his career is concerned. Or is it more that when this comes out (as ugly as the manager can possibly make it, no doubt), his IMAGE will be blown apart (not necessarily his ability to get acting roles)?

    Even with that, I see ways DJ could spin the story to make himself look like the knight in shining armor (or the superhero), protecting the lady he loves from the bastard who destroyed her career and continues to try to hurt her. (Is the problem there that his lady love is AJ, whom the public does not like?)

    I surmise that image and appearance are very important in Korea, so maybe the destruction of DJ’s image does mean death for his career, I dunno…

    • 46.1 Jomo

      I think you are right.
      First of all, he is Dokko Jin. Secondly, if Mina were going to come forward and spill the dirty beans about the bad manager, NOW’s THE TIME! Plus, he TOLD someone that he did it on purpose…maybe there is honor among his friends?

      • 46.1.1 webfoot

        mmmm…. I sense All-powerful Press Conference in the future… JB will hit the roof.

      • 46.1.2 Sethe

        Oh, that’s a great thought. All this talk about Mina (and her visits to the clinic, and run-in with Se-ri) must be leading somewhere… hopefully toward a clarification of all the issues surrounding the break up of the Treasure Girls, and the comeuppance and public humiliation of the manager.

        And yeah, DJ has given us plenty of proof that he knows how to spin things to look great to the public. Why should he fail now?

        • th em

          Se Ri wants to find Mi Na.

          Skeevy Manager wants Se Ri to tell him as soon as Mi Na’s found, he’s still annoyed at the way Ae Jung complained that the girls weren’t protected well enough, and the decision to break up the National Treasure Girls was made over his head. Plus he’s really skeevy.

          Sherlock Pil Joo got a clue from Jenny’s slip of the tongue: his patients Mi Na and Se Ri are the keys to the real story behind this that Ae Jung’s not telling.

          So, it’s possible that a whole lotta problems have one solution: the entire cast gangs up to take down Skeevy Manager.

          If Skeevy Manager’s… I’m gonna go with skeeviness… caused Mi Na’s misery and led to the original Ae Jung scandal, having that come out could exorcise old demons for those two.

          If Se Ri looks for Mi Na and starts finding out what she didn’t know back then, she’s got a shot at finally realizing the extent of the harm caused by her behavior. Then, clear the runway for repentance and redemption. (Though I hope she stays just a little bit awful, or it’s no fun.)

          If Pil Joo goes detective on us, he is theoretically being positioned to witness Se Ri’s theoretical redemption. Which he needs to see if those two are getting smooshed together, because he currently considers her Not Very Nice. (And you know what? After last week, I was kinda “meh” on the whole Pil Joo/Se Ri thing. But now I think the boy really just needs someone to protect and make national treasure puns with. So c’mon, Show, LET’S DO THIS THING.)

          Once outed, the pure skeevosity of Skeevy Manager should be enough to help get Jin off the hook or at least provide counter-blackmail material.

          And! Bonus! They went out of their way to establish Ha Ru Mi as a character and even kept her around by putting her on Couple Making, even though they didn’t really do anything with her there. Why? Is it possible that whatever Skeevy Manager’s behavior toward Mi Na was, he is repeating it to this very day with his current girl group? And Ru Mi’s got the dirt?

          If that’s the case, it could also be the reason Mi Na finally decides to come forward with the truth after ten years of hiding and staying quiet. Gotta look after the hubaes, just like Ae Jung’s been trying to this whole time.

          Still plenty of time for twists and hidden backstory, so I have no idea if any of this will happen. But if it does… they set it up so thoroughly. Love this show.

          • Jomo

            All of the above.
            Excellent work.

          • Sethe

            “But now I think the boy really just needs someone to protect and make national treasure puns with.”

            Haha. Ding Dong!

            Love everything you said here.

  47. 47 ishrooroo

    Oh man, how’s a girl supposed to choose between these two? Why can’t she have both? WHY NOOOOT?!

    • 47.1 ...

      i know!!!! they’re both so ADORABLE! i’m going to be sad whatever the outcome…

  48. 48 antonia

    just step to say thank you gf for this recap.
    tomorrow i’ll comment abot the episode. i’m hurting so much right now. i’m drowning in tears.
    how am i supposed to sleep?
    good night

    pd. jin don’t die please

  49. 49 Celest

    As of this episode, I’m finally recognizing the OTP as Jin and Ae Jung. I knew that those two were the main OTP from the get go but I was just so much more in love with Pil Joo’s character that I wasn’t fully on board with Team Jin.

    But hot dang! I’m glad that Jin literally put everything at stake in this episode. His reputation- I am so glad that someone beat that manager up and that someone is Jin. I’m suspecting that the manager has a lot more to do with the disbanding of the group than Ae Jung is letting on…and I’m just glad that he got what was coming to him. I hope that this scandal isn’t so bad like the one in Dream High, that Jin loses his popularity. But it definitely hints to us that Jin would probably give up everything now for Ae Jung’s love. He’s a robot no more!!

    As for Jin’s heart failing, I figured that was bound to happen sometime and I’m so glad that it’s not being pushed to us at the last 3 episodes or something like that.

    • 49.1 Celest

      And anyone else notice that Robert Downey Jr. acted as both Ironman AND Sherlock Holmes? well…sherlock holmes isn’t really a superhero but close enough!

  50. 50 Pela

    So, so, so wrong and not to be tried in real life.

    But Jin in that tux, stalking that creep and knocking his lights outs was hottest thing on my screen in a long time.

    Yeah, you can keep all the smoochy, lovey dovey stuff, give me some more of that!!!!!

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