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Best Love: Episode 12
by | June 9, 2011 | 378 Comments

This time it’s Beauty and the Beast, starring Dokko Jin as both Beauty AND Beast. Sigh. You really are the most beastly princess who ever doth grace this land. It’s a wonder how you keep from swooning at your own reflection. Oh wait. You don’t.

The 30 Days begin, potatoes grow, and everyone gets a bit handsy, though it’s not who you think. A little bromance on the side never hurt anyone, right?




Meanwhile Pil-joo walks away, having done the right thing, but losing the girl in the process. Poor Perfect Man Pil-joo. That’s the saddest back I’ve seen in a long time.

Jin and Ae-jung drive around and realize that there aren’t very many things open this late (technically untrue in Seoul). Jin starts to hint that people aren’t out at the movies—they’re at home. And people aren’t out at restaurants—they’re eating at home.

“We could… go to my house.” Time, he’s not a-wastin’.

She looks over at him suspiciously, and he’s quick to say that they could watch a movie and eat there, and also, “I have something to show you.” Um… I’m trying really hard to suppress my inner twelve-year old.

Ae-jung’s thinking the same thing I am, because she shrinks back a little. Jin: “My POTATO.” Pfffft! Is that what we’re calling it now?

He sees what she was thinking, and adds, “What, did you think I meant I was going to show you… me? Okay, I can show you if you want…” and playfully starts taking off his jacket. Heh.

She decides they should just go for a drive, and he pouts, declaring that this is the most boring picnic ever. She feels bad, so she slides her hand along his. (Purrrrrr.) The way his face instantly lights up is so cute.

He starts the car and notices that the gas tank is near empty, and like a dog with a bone potato, he declares that they’ll just have to go home then. She matter-of-factly tells him to stop at the gas station just down the block, being a total killjoy.

She covers herself with a blanket to keep from getting recognized, only to be peered at more conspicuously once the gas station attendants notice Dokko Jin. They speculate out loud that it’s a woman and that it must be Se-ri, which makes them both uncomfortable, on top of the fact that she already feels like she has to hide herself to keep his image intact.

He does the only thing he can think of, and silently clasps her hand under the blanket. Once they leave, she jabbers on nervously that the blanket saved them, and he tells her, like he’s done before, to just stop trying to deny the awkward—it’s only more painful for him to watch.

She tells him to pull over and he gets scared that she’s going to leave. She decides that they should just pick up some food at the convenience store and have a picnic at his place after all. Return of devilish grin. Jin: “Okaaaaaaaaay.”

At home he shows her Pet Potato, boasting that it’s extra special because it’s hand-grown by the illustrious Dokko Jin. She asks why he only grew one; what happened to the other potatoes? He hangs his head in memoriam: “They were executed.” HA.

She wonders if it’ll really flower, and he promises to take her potato-flower viewing. I love that the flower and potato metaphors have gotten married. They’re having metaphor babies.

He does that really cute and lame I’m just reaching for that thing just past you, oops did I just graze your hand. He takes her hand and then leans in for a kiss, and she shyly looks over at him. Gah, why are you so hot when you’re gettin’ your moves on?

They’re inches away from smoochy heaven when the doorbell rings, ding dong. Jin growls, “What ding dong is this?!” Hee.

It’s Jae-seok, who stumbles in red-faced and about thirty sheets to the wind. He wails that he was so upset thinking about hyung that he drank a little. And then he globs onto Jin, manhandling his chest, saying, “These feelings that I can’t tell anyone about…”

Oh. My. GOD.

Pwahahahahaha! Ae-jung watches them, eyes growing wide, as she mouths, “feelings…?”

This is the best thing ever. What’s a better cockblock than a gay lover interrupting to confess his feelings? Jin tries to pry him off, but Jae-seok just comes back full force, backhugging him and fondling him with what can only be described as sexy man-touching. Jin even seems to like it, though he quickly realizes that Ae-jung is jumping to the wrong conclusion. Or the right one, from where those hands are going.

He tells her that this isn’t what it looks like, which is just never the thing to say in that situation. Jae-seok starts peeling back his shirt and Ae-jung gasps, averting her eyes. Jin realizes that this is starting to look really bad, and starts to jump around with Jae-seok still clinging to him, like he’s got ants in his pants. That does NOT look any better. Pffft.

He slaps Jae-seok’s hands to try and get him to cut loose, and Ae-jung stops them, making her presence known to Jae-seok. He just lowers his head in embarrassment, “I’m not supposed to let Ae-jung noonim see this.” This just gets better and better.

Ae-jung so sweetly tells him that it’s okay, “If your heart leads you there, you could like him.” Jin insists that that’s not what this is, trying to shove him away. He just comes back and grabs his leg pitifully, just like a shunned lover.

She tells him not to be so mean, when Jae-seok’s clearly come all this way to confess his feelings. Aw. I love that she empathizes with him. It’s so cute.

Jin finally hauls him upstairs to put him to bed (rawr) and throws him on a recliner. In a drunk-sleepy stupor, he mutters:

Jae-seok: Don’t die. You can’t die. Don’t die hyung-nim. You can’t die. I’ll do better.

Gah, now I’m all choked up. It’s that classic way the Hong Sisters turn an uproariously funny moment on its head with a heartfelt confession that gets me every time.

Jin looks at him with a sigh, tears welling up. He looks down to see Ae-jung smiling at the potato, and then the tears really start to brim. She tells him to take care of Jae-seok and that she’ll go now since she’s seen the potato.

Jin: “I’m sorry.” Oooof. She doesn’t know what he means by it of course, and he recovers by telling her that he’s sorry she only got to see the potato and not what she really wanted to see. Oh, you cheeky.

He fights back the tears as he jokes that he can’t just strip down anywhere, due to his CF contracts’ non-compete clauses. Ha. She tosses back, “It’s too bad. I thought I’d get to appreciate that head-to-toe pretty body that earns millions in CFs.” He offers her a sneak peek, but for some ungodly reason, she turns him down. WHY?

Once she’s gone, he says aloud, “I’m the world’s worst, most selfish bastard.” Aw.

And at home, Pil-joo sits staring at the world’s saddest pot of ramen. Double aw.

Jenny and Ae-hwan wonder where Jae-seok ran off to, sensing that something’s weighing on him. She decides that it must be his crush on her turning to angst, and wonders if she should start seeing him as a man. Ae-hwan’s quick to put the kibosh on that, declaring himself as Jenny’s man, ever since “That Night.”

Apparently there was rain, wine, and kissing, though they’ve clearly come to different conclusions about what it means. At her rejection, Ae-hwan runs out, whining, “Don’t drink wine with Jae-seok!” Heh.

Jin decides that it’s time to tell President Moon about his heart surgery. She takes the news like the trooper that she is, even refusing to cry in front of him because it doesn’t suit their style. She tells him that she’ll take care of everything, and just to believe that he’s going to live. She asks what his plans are, in starting up things with Ae-jung, knowing that if news of their relationship breaks, it’ll be bad for both of them.

Jin: Yes, it’ll be the worst [che-ack] scandal. But if this is the end for me, it might not be the worst, but the best [che-go]. If I die, it’ll render everything beautiful in retrospect. If I say I like Gu Ae-jung and live, I plummet. If I say I like her and die, it’s beautiful. That’s why I’m going to protect the best image, and if something goes wrong, I’m going to give it all to Gu Ae-jung when I go.

So sad, and quietly heroic, in his own way. It’s the best of what he has—that pristine public image—and that’s what he’ll leave to her if he can’t be by her side. I love the use of che-ack/che-go as the reversal of perception in his world—life and death mean opposite things to their personas in the ass-backwards celebrity-verse.

Ae-jung goes to see Pil-joo at home after finding out that he’s been out sick from work. He’s nearly completed the puzzle that they started together, and down to his final piece, which he can’t seem to locate. She comes in bearing a basket of fruit, worried that he’s only eating ramen, which is clearly the case.

But as she sets her basket down, he spots the final puzzle piece, and accidentally sends the fruit flying, which she misconstrues as him venting his anger at her. She makes a move to get up and go, and in an effort to stop her, he accidentally steps on a banana and trips her, further making him seem angry (though in a really, really petty way, even for the man-children in this drama).

Thankfully, he manages to stop her and explain before she gets to the door, and in his Perfect Pil-joo way, tells her that he’s okay, and that they’ll figure out the show one step at a time.

She apologizes and thanks him, and he puts up a brave face in front of her, insisting that he’s just playing hooky from work is all, and sees her out with a smile. But once she’s gone, his face betrays his crushed little heart, which kills me.

He finally cleans up the remnants of his broken-heart-ramen bender, and says aloud as if trying to convince himself, that just like the puzzle, he’s put back his feelings, one piece at a time.

Ae-jung gets a gig as a Section TV reporter, and Jin wonders if she’ll be okay having to chase down other celebrities amidst their scandals. She figures she’ll have to adjust, since she won’t be doing Couple Making much longer.

Jin can’t hide his glee at that news, taking jabs at Pil-joo, and when she defends him, he muses, “You must really like me,” if she still chose him over Mr. Perfect. Without flinching, she answers sincerely, “Yes, I do.”

That catches him off guard and he answers that she’s not supposed to like him too much. She’s quick to reply that she has no intention of asking him to prolong their time together or insist that he give sincere confessions. “I’m just going to enjoy it as I please.”

He wonders why she brought Ding Dong along then, if she really plans to enjoy herself. She reminds him that they’re besties, so they’re free to play. He tries to get Ding Dong to stop watching Pororo and go play outside, but he declares that there are 30 episodes in total.

After an unsuccessful attempt to hide the remote, Jin tells him to just watch what he likes. “At seven years old, it’s okay to be self-indulgent.” Careful what you say to a room full of drama addicts, mister. Ding Dong thinks better of it and decides that he can just watch one episode a day, for 30 days. That’s what we all say at the beginning.

Jin tells him to just watch them all at once. “Ding Dong, no one is guaranteed the time it takes to watch 30 episodes, one a day. So watch them while you can. I’m being self-indulgent too.” And he looks over at Ae-jung. Awwwwww. Melt.

Jin and Se-ri decide to go public with their breakup, handled of course like a cold hard business deal between agencies. They each promise not to cross the line, to try and garner too much sympathy in either stars’ direction. Makes you wonder about every celebrity breakup ever, right?

Se-ri tells him that her image benefited greatly from being his girlfriend, and wonders how far his image will crash if linked to Ae-jung. I do like that she stays classy about this breakup. That’s a huge relief.

She asks for a goodbye hug and he refuses, “I have an exclusive charger. If you touch me, I’ll short circuit.” So cute. He tells her that she ought to grow a potato. “It’ll help.” Heh.

Pil-joo tells the Couple Making PD that he wants to pull out of the show, citing his family’s opposition to his appearance on tv. Aw, protecting her from getting flak till the end.

Ae-jung begins work on her new show, Star Date, and gets a call from Jin, now saved as “Charge.” She tells him about her new show, and he gets a bright idea. “That sounds like fun. Let’s go on a date.”

He hangs up and the next thing she knows, his office has called to offer an exclusive interview, for Star Date, right now. Ae-jung gets rushed off with her crew, and there, in the guise of a star interview, they go on an adorable date.

They feed each other rice cakes and play arcade basketball, and he stops to buy her a necklace (in the shape of a heart—though I was hoping for potato). At the last stop they do the closing, and she asks him to give a farewell to the audience.

He surprises her by announcing that he has something to say, and tells Ae-jung to ask him about his relationship with Se-ri. She does, and he gives the official position, that they’ve long since broken up and decided to remain friends.

Se-ri does her part to confirm the story, and appear appropriately distraught in front of the cameras. Ae-jung’s first day on the job is thus a hit. Jae-seok asks why Jin made the announcement in an interview with Ae-jung. He wistfully says that he wants to leave behind proof that she was by his side. Heart. Breaaaaaaaak.

Manager Jang is headed overseas with his girl group, and happens to be flying out just as Mina’s husband is flying in. He runs into them by chance, and Mina panics, clearly not wanting her past to collide with her happily married present.

He smoothly exchanges business cards with her husband and tells her with veiled pleasantries that she should really call him, unless she’d prefer he contact her husband.

Pil-joo looks at his completed puzzle and tells himself that everything’s in its rightful place now, and he can’t shake things up. Poor puppy. He gets a call from Se-ri, who asks him to join her Newly Single Party (of which she is the only attendee, which I guess really makes it a party of one).

He tries to blow her off, but she tells him that she’ll just get wasted alone, and he can choose whether or not to come and leave her to get totally wrecked on her own. Oh, you wily passive-aggressive flirtatha.

She realizes that it’s no use getting trashed if no one’s going to show up to take care of her, so she packs it up in defeat. She gets up to go, but sees Pil-joo come in and ask after her, so she races back to her table to appear sufficiently wrecked.

Too bad he saw her running in, and blatantly tells her so. HA. Now with her cards on the table, she confesses to having a hard time of it, wondering if he doesn’t feel the same. He tells her that he’s over it now and she scoffs. “You said you were the same as me. That your insides were flipped over. Then you can’t be over it. You just wish you were.”

Oh, the truth hurts. She cries and he walks out in a daze, looking at the puzzle again in his car. He runs his hand over it, as he says, “I put it all away. I thought I did…” A tear falls, and he starts to cry. No, I can’t take Pained Pil-joo. It’s too much.

He thinks of all his encounters with Ae-jung, confessing aloud, “I didn’t put any of it away at all.” Oh, it’s killing me that he actually thought he was over her, only to have to start all over again.

Ae-jung calls to see if Jin’s still locked in at home to avoid the paparazzi. He tells her he feels like a princess in a tower, and wants to be rescued. So cute. Ae-jung: “Isn’t your body a little too beastly to be a princess? You can be the beast in the tower. The potato-growing beast.”

Jin: “Princess or beast, just rescue me.” Aw. He concedes to a recharge then, and asks her to sing him her song. She tells him to just download it (heh) and reminds him that his heart is no longer under its spell. He challenges her that if she regrets it, to use magic—the kind that makes miracles happen. Oh, pain.

She casts a spell: “Potato-growing mean bastard Dokko Beast, change into a good princess!”

They hang up and he talks to his potato, clutching his heart, “Please…”

He takes his heart surgeon out to dinner, and hilariously asks if he’s still the top surgeon around (like he’s gonna say no). The doc insists that he’s still the best, and that he’ll save him. Jin sincerely tells him that he desperately wants to live, and then takes away his wine, declaring him on mandatory sobriety until the surgery, just in case. Ha.

Pil-joo goes out to dinner with Mom and Uncle, who actually do oppose his tv gig, and he tells them that he’ll be wrapping up the reality show, to their delight. Uncle, who happens to be a doctor himself, runs into Jin’s heart surgeon and they greet each other warmly as colleagues.

Uncle comes back to the table and when Mom wonders why he didn’t introduce the rest of them, he says that the heart surgeon had a prior engagement, with Hallyu star Dokko Jin. Errr? Pil-joo looks up curiously.

He goes to see Jenny, who asks him to hold onto Ae-jung instead of letting her go. She tells him that she’s only going to be with Dokko Jin for a month, while he’s “broken,” and then he’ll pass her by.

She declares Jin a bad person (because from her point of view, he’s being completely clear that he only intends to love her, then leave her, free and clear). But Hyung-kyu jumps in to defend his friend, saying that Jin isn’t a bad person. “He’s Iron Man!”

When Pil-joo asks what he means, Hyung-kyu explains, “He has an artificial heart, just like Iron Man.”

Ruh-roh. Pil-joo puts two and two together, and goes to see Jin’s heart surgeon to ask hypothetically what the survival rate of that kind of operation is. The doc says there’s no rate to speak of. “It’s just life or death.”

He heads over to ask Jin himself about his heart. Pil-joo: “Ae-jung doesn’t know, does she? Tell me for sure. Is it possible you’ll die?

Jin: “I’ll tell you for sure. I can also live. Should I tell you something I’m more sure of? If you tell this to Gu Ae-jung, Any Oriental Doctor… You die.”



Yay, Pil-joo knows! I don’t care so much about the coincidences involved in his finding out (though clunky they are), because SOMEONE has to know and spill the beans, otherwise Ae-jung stays in the dark and Jin keeps being a noble idiot in secret. I sort of love that despite being a rival for Ae-jung’s affections, Pil-joo repeatedly helps their relationship along, in spite of himself. It’s so fitting for his good puppy character. Sad, but perfect.

I love that without being precious or self-important, this drama draws back the curtain on the celebrity machine that drives the entertainment industry, especially in such a star-conscious society as Korea. Despite the hijinks, the world is drawn in the most realistic way that I’ve seen in dramas in a long time—not over-simplified, and not over-dramatized. It’s a business, through and through, and the drama makes it clear that the people who live inside that fishbowl sacrifice a great deal in return for public sentiment.

That sentiment becomes a commodity for stars—something they get to trade on, like cigarettes in jail or the latest Pororo toy in grade school. It’s what puts meaning behind Jin’s gesture to protect his image and then give it to Ae-jung, as he goes. It’s the best of what he has, and the best that he can give her.

I’m happy that it looks like Ae-jung is poised to find out soon, not that it stops the angst-a-whirl for her to know, but because it gives her a chance to comfort him, and actually recharge his hope for survival.



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  1. 12Dose12

    Thank you very much for the recap. Its the first time I cried for the second lead. So heart-breaking…

    • 1.1 Amy

      First time? i’ve been crying for 2nd leads for last 5 years. but i agree, this is most heartbreaking.

      • 1.1.1 avocado

        same with me..sigh..why in this K-drama world I always root for second drama lead…hiks…hiks .. (except hwang tae Kyung..dunno..maybe because of his charisma or his craziness or Jung Hwa lack of acting)

        • Linda

          second lead syndrome – i suffer from it too 🙁

          • Ding Dong

            i got a feeling Dokko Jin is gonna die, thats why the title is the Best/Greatest love. Referring to when Dokko Jin mentioned about the Chae Go/Chae Ack. So if Chae Go(Best/Greatest) is gonna happen. He must die.

          • Chocobo

            @Ding Dong — If this turns into 49 Days, I might throw my computer off the roof.

          • Jomo

            Please remember that ALL of SKorea is threatening the Hong Sisters with DEATH and DISMEMBERMENT if anyone dies.

            Nobody (we like) will die.

            People will almost die, and chances are it’ll be at the end of an even numbered episode so we have to wait 6 dies in pain.
            But, they will recover.

            You can come to my rooftop apartment in Seoul and set me on fire give me a piece of your mind if I am wrong.

          • Chocobo

            Jomo, I am holding you to that! Been meaning to visit the country anyway… 😉

          • th em

            “Referring to when Dokko Jin mentioned about the Chae Go/Chae Ack. So if Chae Go(Best/Greatest) is gonna happen. He must die.”

            That may have been about the “greatest,” but was it really about the “greatest love“?

            Besides, we have 4 hours to go. A quarter of the series. If the Hongs could come up with that wordplay, I think they have plenty of time to turn it on its head. (We’ve already reached potato-flower stage, for goodness sake.)

        • Informantxgirl

          Actually pretty rare for me to feel anything for a second lead except incredulity – most second leads (guys) are so perfect, I end up thinking, “Great, but that’s not real.” Not that the leads are any realer, but, you know…

          What made me laugh though was how Pil Joo carted that puzzle around! It was strange when he had it at the office, but downright hilarious that he had in his car just waiting for a chance to sob over it! Maybe that’s why I didn’t cry for him? (Though the actor is an amazing crier, just wanted to add).

          • Lorlena

            wow Im relieved.. i was wondering if Im the only one not rooting one bit for the doctor. he is cute but the way he smiles sometimes creeps me out- no one is that good-hearted. i keep imagining his pic. with “he was a quiet neighbor…who would’ve guessed…”.
            i like Yoon Kye-sang its just the “doctor flawless perfection” that disturbs me 😉
            Maybe little of this would be better 🙂 http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/05/yoon-kye-sang-in-phungsan-dog/ like when CSW gets that Athena/Eye for an Eye/Secret killer sexy look on sometimes….

          • lolcoolcat123

            I was thinking the same thing @Informantxgirl, why does he carry around his puzzle like its a small piece of …..whatever? You don’t see dokko jin carrying around HIS potato then WHY?? I laughed a little at that time but when her started crying I was a little sad but did not cry!
            P.S. If the hong sisters kill dokko jin I’ll surely go mad!! Even though pil joo is the perfect man but still I ended up rooting for dokko jin everytime. And one more thing, I am really getting mad at Jenny for predicting Ae jung’s and dokkin jin’s feelings for each other. Why does she have to interfere between their love line? I know she cares for her and is doing all this due to her concern for ae jung as a friend, but still!

            LOVE YOU SHOW!!

      • 1.1.2 Shery

        I cried for lee jun ki in My girl first…

        • mirai

          same here ! second-lead syndrome @_@ piljoo come to mama ..

          • Opal


            Dokko Jin won’t die, he still needs his panty

      • 1.1.3 12Dose12

        Yeah, first time! I never root for the non-otp coz i dont want to put myself into weepy mess afterwards. But with Piljoo, omg, cant help it. YKS is so convincing. I cried everytime I rewatched that scene. Its my third time this day, by the way. 🙁

  2. ohemgee


    still lovin me some best love.

    and CSW.

    and YKS.

    • 2.1 Messi

      DING DONG!

      • 2.1.1 ohemgee


        love your name 😉 and the man. RAWR.

  3. rachel

    This episode was so boring. Lie to Me is better than this drama.

    • 3.1 soserious


    • 3.2 Crazy Fangirl

      Then why are you here ?

      • 3.2.1 I reckon

        Um, yeah?

    • 3.3 magz

      everyones entitled to their own opinions but dont compare it in a place where its quite clearly for people who want to say how good it is. i wouldnt go to a drama i dont like and saying oh hey best love is better

    • 3.4 Eileen

      Seriously??? Lie to Me is illogical, incoherent, and only has one or two plot “developments” every episode. Here is heartbreaking, good acting, and an actual plot, and you are calling it boring???

      I love me some angst also, but there is plenty of angst here, it is just handled maturely (instead of screaming and throwing things). I watch Lie to Me too, so I am not pointing fingers here, but we have to recognize garbage when we consume it! (and then be proud of it!)

      • 3.4.1 monna

        I agree,
        I really can’t understand the fuss they are making over that drama,

        Although I’m a very big fan of KJH,
        But still……

        Also it’s so lame to come here and say those words 🙁

        • Chocobo

          Agreed… It was sort of interesting up until about episode 6, but now nothing is really happening. I’m glad that Dramabeans dropped recapping it to focus on much more compelling dramas.

          • RWJQ

            Me too. I gave it till ep 4 before dropping it. Couldn’t take the draggy plot anymore. Went back to watch ep 6 and 8 just for the “kisses” after curiosity was piqued reading all the “squeeing” on another site, only to find them — no biggie at all. With all due respect to LTM fans, I still don’t get the excitement over the show.

            Well, different strokes for different folks.

          • hookedonmonix

            I thought they were great K-drama kisses. Maybe my standards have been lowered by all the lets-make-our-faces-touch-and-call-it-a-kiss that so many other dramas use. The show definitely has its failings, but the kissing is not one of them. Are they my favorites ever? No. Are they totally re-watchable? Heck yeah!

          • ...

            ditto the above. i had such high hopes for that drama as well, kang ji hwan and eunyunhye! come on! the potential that drama had! its such a pity what the writers have done with such a great cast. only reason i’m still watching it is because i just want to know what happens in the end.

          • trish

            I dropped “Lie To Me” at 4 eps. I just don’t have the time to waste.

            Dokko Jin (CSW) w/ his deep voice and broken heart…. leaps off the screen and has viewers everywhere volunteering to recharge his battery

        • I reckon

          Is it just me, or is anyone else TOTALLY SHOCKED AND NOT-UNDERSTANDING HOW Lie to Me, of all things, is number 1 on Mysoju. I mean, I could totally get past that, if not for the fact that THE GREATEST lOVE (which, it must be said, is quite simply The. Greatest. Love.) is number 7! I mean, come on!

          • bananabee

            Probably because Greatest Love is so good that the viewers would rather download it in HD quality than stream it in 5 parts LQ?

          • vere

            That’s the power of Yoon Eun-hye. I have never liked her in anything except Coffee Prince, but she seriously has the power to pull in tons of viewers with her name alone.

    • 3.5 Noi

      LMAO, okay then. You have fun with that.

    • 3.6 sb

      I couldn’t hold in a loud *GUFFAW*.

    • 3.7 daisy

      thanks for the laugh!

    • 3.8 Ding Dong

      Lie To Me is better? Don’t lie to yourself please. 🙂
      I watch both and this is heaps better.

      • 3.8.1 facephase

        LOL! 🙂

    • 3.9 Qd

      This gets my blood boiling! I never stoop so low as to go to some other drama’s thread to HATE! I guess it reflects the dramas you like, Rachel !

      • 3.9.1 facephase

        IAWTC! And it pisses me off that her name is Rachel cos frankly, that’s the name of our beloved CSW’s daughter irl! pfft

        • Chocobo

          Is that what that tattoo is? I was wondering when I saw it in recent episodes. I’m not familiar with Cha Seung Won up until this drama so I was not sure whether the tattoo was real.

          • facephase

            Why, yes. The angel tattoo on his arm is dedicated to his daughter (yep, her name’s Rachel) . Isn’t that just the sweetest thing, everrr UGH.

    • 3.10 Ace

      Aaaw. Poor you. You don’t know the difference between a good one and a bad one. Aaaw.

    • 3.11 pohonphee

      Aww you are so brave 😀

    • 3.12 k8

      Then why are you here instead of watching and re-watching your better drama?

      I had seen up to Ep 9 of your better drama and I want my 9+ hours back! LOL I am still bitter about my wasted time.

    • 3.13 Linda165


  4. MJP

    Yippee, Horray, Yahoo!!!

    It’s here!!!

    • 4.1 MJP

      What a great recap. I have to say that I thought this was my favorite episode so far.

      However, those rude realists have reminded me that on June 29th Heartstrings begins, flashing me a 20 second trailer.

      “What does it mean?” I wonder… Then they so rudely remind me that it will be replacing Best Love.

      WHAT!!!!!! Replacing Best Love???????

      How can that be? I wondered. Dokko Jin and Ae-Jung have just agreed to date each other. We just were privvy to their first date and all the cuteness entailed.

      Why is it only FOUR more episodes, TWO more weeks???

      I want more PANTYMAN!!!! I want more POTATO!!!!!!

      I want more angst, Pil-Joo (Hopefully recovering with a new woman) and Ding-Dong (Loads more of Ding-Dong)!!!!!!!!


      But seriously, do you think Ding-Dong can get his own show? Let’s call it the Dokko and Ding-Dong show!!! ‘Cause that little man can sure steal the scenes!!!

      • 4.1.1 kay

        the Dokko and ding-dong show would be a hit!

      • 4.1.2 VanillaSalt

        Omg yes! *gasp* imagine all the hilarity, craziness, and pororo cuteness that would ensue? I’m all for the Dokko/Ding-Dong show.

        Alll in favor say Ding- Dong!

        • Linda165

          Ding Dong!

          • twylah

            ding dong!

        • RWJQ

          Ding Dong! 🙂

          • xie

            ding dong!!

      • 4.1.3 wootwoot

        Boo.. I get sad thinking that it’ll all end in 2 weeks 🙁

      • 4.1.4 antonia

        yessssssss to a Dokko Ding Dong show!!! me wants it

  5. czak


    HONG sisters…
    WHY make My PILJOO cry like this…

    I get it, DoKko Jin is the Hero!
    I get it he needs Ae Jung more than My PilJoo!
    I get it he gets the girl!
    I know she loves her..!!!
    i Know!!!
    I understand…!!!!
    I get IT!!!

    BUt WAe…?
    Why do you have to make wuri PilJoo cry…?

    The Kdrama Gods have spoken, they really mean to break my heart. Kdrama gods, You are cruel. Hong sisters, You are CRUEL…!!!

    MY PILJOO, Jaebal…
    MY PilJoo DONT CRY!!!!

    • 5.1 avocado

      same with you czak…maybe we can make Pil Joo Heart Organization…
      but i think we have to grateful for Hong Sister..because with this kind of Pil Joo..gonna make people take his side, maybe not for get Ae Jung but for everything he is done…so manly and genuine…Pil Joo Hwaiting!!!!
      (Just like you, i’m the one who like to browse many of BP blog…and I have read your comment in another BL blog…woaw..nice to meet you again..hehehe)

      • 5.1.1 czak

        nice meeting you here also… *wink*

        I think this is the only topic I seem to post in the same manner, “MY PILJOO…”
        it just breaks my heart.

        He is Kind..
        He is Funny..
        He is a knight and Shining armor of the modern age…
        He is a fighter with roses as his weapon…
        He is a protector with hands in ears as his shield
        He is a man who would follow his heart no matter how society, his mom and people expectation of him goes
        in other words
        he fights fairly…

        HE IS PERFECT…
        but why does he have to be broken hearted like that…

        yesterdays episode made me cry because of him, but this episode with him leaving like that just made me sit in agony…

        lets do it..
        let create an organization for him…
        PILJOO HEART ORGANIZATION sounds great..

        I also made other suggestion a couple of episode back:
        Don’t Cry PILJOO movement…
        Be strong PILJOO Institution…

        • avocado

          good suggestion..hehehe..
          Whoah..your comment make me laugh….after gloomy moment in my day because I read the recap in the morning..that makes my office day distracted…sigh….

        • Linda165

          I’m with you!!! Let’s get this P-line choo choo train all the way to Korea!!! 🙂

        • yumi

          I’m in.

      • 5.1.2 facephase

        LMAO PJ heart organization? YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTEEEE

    • 5.2 norsha

      It’s like reading a poem……

    • 5.3 anais

      It’s so that:

      1. People continue to love Piljoo.
      2. People stop saying that Hong Sisters have crappy second leads.
      3. People continue to love Piljoo. Get rabid about Piljoo.
      4. Piljoo gets some compensatory lurrrrve.
      5. Less people get hot for Dokko JIn.

      Which is all good because I’ll happily get giddy for the 7-year old man bastard Dokko Jin. Seriously, it’s really too bad that Dokko Jin can’t be replicated.

      • 5.3.1 czak

        i didn’t know that there was that perception.
        I have always thought that they make crappy Female 2nd lead but great Male 2nd lead.

        in My Girl, Lee JunKi was the kind best friend who would fight for the girl
        in YAB, you Have YongHwa the towel guy
        in MGIAG, No Min woo was pretty much okay per se…

        But really the Hong Sisters makes really crappy and Bitchy 2nd Female lead.
        from Delightful girl chunhyang (Mongryung’s 1st love)
        My girl (Shiyeon, who doesnt get it that they are through)
        Fantasay couple (acted by park han byul)
        YAH (irritating idol fairy acted by UEE)
        MGIAG (the manipulative 1st love)
        and now Best LOVE with Se-RI – the mean hearted ex-member

        putting it this way, It made me realize, does the Hong sisters naturally think that woman who are rival’s in love are naturally bitchy..?
        or does the Kdrama naturally think that way…?

        • Daniela

          I noticed that too. Ok, I’ve only seen 2 and a 3/4 of the Hong Sisters dramas (when this one ends, they would be 3), but complementing with your information, it seems the female second leads are always kind of bitchy and the second male leads are always nice guys or not so bad guys.

          • alphabet soup

            I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a nice female second lead in any drama, Hong sisters or not.

          • th em

            Like alphabet soup was saying, it’s kind of a genre thing.

            Based, I suppose, on the premise that women are the main audience. And women want to imagine themselves as the lead. So of course they should have two perfect guys chasing them and any romantic rival should be a horrible human being. Because if good people like you and bad people hate you, that’s how you know you’re great. And who wouldn’t want to be great? Not women, that’s who definitely wouldn’t not want that!

            I dunno, maybe I’m overgeneralizing.

            All I know for sure is that I’m a woman who really likes shows that break the usual pattern somehow.

            And even if they do have a history of falling into that pattern, I can’t really be too mad at the Hongs right now. Have I mentioned how much I like Ae Jung today? I have? Good.

          • Jane

            Coffee House had a nice second female lead. Prosecutor Princess didn’t have any mean females. In My Lovely Sam Soon, the second female lead wasn’t evil. Se Ri is actually the least evil of the Hong Sister’s second leads.

            But since Delightful Girl where the second male lead was also evil, I agree that their second male leads are not insane.

          • birdscout

            @ alphabet soup

            The second lead in “Flowers for My Life” was absolutely not bitchy.

          • alphabet soup

            Let me clarify then. Granted, I have not watched every Korean drama in existence, but I’ve had my fair share. For the most part in my experiences, female second leads are usually mean spirited whereas a second lead male is usually likeable at the very least. As th em said, I suppose it’s just a genre thing. People eat it up!

            Though I actually like the Se-Ri character. She’s flawed in that she’s self absorbed, but her feelings are depicted genuinely and therefore makes her relatable, even if she goes about it the wrong way here and there. Surprisingly, I’d prefer to see more Se-Ri/Pil-Joo development than our main OTP :X hehehe.

        • anais

          I don’t think of any of those second male leads as great. They all ended up being noble but they were very flat characters.

          Lee Jun Ki’s role started out charming, but it fell really flat. (It may have been that he started overacting, but his torrents of tears felt jarring.)

          Yonghwa existed only to help along the main relationship. Kim Hyun Joong’s Boys B4 Flowers role was much more fully fleshed out in comparison. That’s not saying much.

          No Min Woo – again, not much more than a plot device.

          Piljoo, on the other hand, is a bit more than that. And I maintain that it’s the gravitas of having older characters. A part of the reason why I liked Couple or Trouble is that the second male lead was interesting. He wasn’t relegated to being mere plot device.

          • trish

            “Piljoo, on the other hand, is a bit more than that. And I maintain that it’s the gravitas of having older characters. ”

            Couldn’t agree more and luvin “the older more masculine men” for a change. Eye-candy gets monotonous quickly.

    • 5.4 Qwenli

      yes yoon kye sang cannot cry, my heartbreaks….

    • 5.5 elise

      If Pil-joo ends up with Se-ri things will the thrown out of the window! That girl needs to get her feet on the ground and deflate that big head of hers before she deserves him! :(((

  6. anais



    DING DONG!!!!

    Really, who didn’t do that?

  7. jchildd


    Pained Pil-joo just about broke my heart. ):

  8. HJlover

    I am probably the only man here who likes YKS, right? LOL. This guy can act. I don’t care about the rest and he is the only one I want to see now.

    • 8.1 avocado

      I loove YKS too..actually I watch this drama first for him..I love Hong sister but loove YKS moore….
      These days I re-watch his previous drama so I am not so down with Pil Joo sadness…
      he is not as handsome as Hyun Bin, Song Seung Hun or Jo Hyun Jae but surely he CAN ACT..I wanna try Triple tomorrow…people say that that is not a really good drama..but because of YKS is in that drama (Psssttt….and he get the girl..sorry spoiler)..definitely I will watch for him…

      • 8.1.1 kay

        sadly his character bordered on annoying in triple. but have you seen my sister-in-law is 19? that’s the first show i fell for him.

        • avocado

          yeah..i re-watch my sister in law (again..) last night, after read the recap episode 11 of Best Love….(hiks…)in the beginning he just like the second lead who doesn’t get the girl…but thank God that he get the girl in the end…
          I want to re-watch again Crazy for Love this night (after my heart hurt looking Pil Joo crying…with nobody beside him..at least Chae Jun also get the girl in the end)..
          Wahhh..these days my heart broken twice because of YKS…first Road No.1 (luvvv Shin Tae Ho…and never to Jang Woo character) and then Best Love…
          I know that in Tripple he kind of annoying so it become the last choice of his drama (because i’ve run out of his drama…I’ve watch the other and don’t want to try his movie(maybe want to try Phungsan Dog) because I seldom like Korean Movie)

      • 8.1.2 HJlover

        Wow. I just browse over daum and DC. YKS has quite a solid fan base in Korea and I am happy to see that his acting is highly appreciated. heee… Would it be a bit too embarrassing for a guy to join YKS’ fan Cafe? I might be the only one. LOL Darn..I watched BL for GHJ but I ended up liking the guy who only showed up 10 minutes in average per episode. I think YKS might be too potent and capable as the second male lead that they intentionally cut his ratio. I am very impressed at his eye performance. Undeniably, CSW is the most “physical” actor in Korea. But I find more emotional connection with YKS’ character and acting.

        hehheee…Still deciding whether to join his fan cafe. hahhaha

        • avocado

          I think you should join his fan cafe…hehehe..I think not all of his fans are woman..because although I’m a woman but just like you, I am also get touched with him not because he is handsome or physically good (when I first watch his drama I think that why the…. that the first lead not as handsome as other K-drama actors, but after watching his acting …he is damn good..and start root for him). So it is possible there are a lot of guys who want to be his fans because admire his acting skill..

          Is it possible that non-korean netizen join his fan cafe?? Waw..I want to join it also (although my hanguko mal not to fluent..wkwkwkw)

        • facephase

          OMG FANBOY! WE DEF NEED MORE FANBOY OPINIONS. TOO COOL *Ok trying not to get my knickers in a twist* XD

    • 8.2 Qwenli

      u shd go watch Yoon Kye Sang in Beastly Boys and Crazy for You.

    • 8.3 Linda165

      You’re not alone… I love Pil Joo and I loooove YKS, funny ears an all…

  9. kcj

    OMG. That scene with Dokko Jin and his manager was just so hilarious. I definitely rewatched that several times.

    I’m just so sad that we’re almost at the end. I really hope the angst is balanced out with the humor and sweet moments like this episode did. I can’t handle a drama that is just so bogged down with all the melancholy.

    I also really hope that the whole Mina deal will be cleared up soon.

    Oh, Piljoo. T_T

  10. 10 kcj

    OMG. I just totally laughed out loud at the scene with Dokko and his manager. It was just so hilariously awesome and delightful. I love love love CSW’s acting in this.

    And I just really hope the future episodes will be a balance of the funny, the sweet, and the angst. This drama has been doing a good job of blending these atmospheres pretty well….I can’t stand dramas when they’re all so mopey. I’m also glad that people have been slowly figuring out the truth so that there is less time for Dokko to be a Noble Idiot.

    T_T So sad for Piljoo. Crying alone in his car but not having anyone to comfort him via window. BUH.

    • 10.1 Jomo

      One crying alone rescued-one not.
      I didn’t think of that connection – good one!

  11. 11 Rainbowl

    I can’t wait for next wed already. Give me more dokkojin and piljoo nowwwww!:(

  12. 12 moomooye

    I don’t quite understand why he doesn’t want to tell her about the surgery. I mean, if he ends up dying, she’s going to find out eventually, so how does hiding it from her now help? At least if she finds out now, she can still enjoy the time that’s left, where as if she finds out later, she’ll just be more hurt with regrets to boot. This noble idiocy setup is not working for me.

    • 12.1 Jomo

      I think he didn’t want her to come to him because he was dying. He wanted her to think of him as cool, still, broken but not dead.

      I don’t think he will avoid telling her, just not yet, and he doesn’t want anyone else to tell her.

    • 12.2 anais

      In addition to what Jomo said, I think he was afraid also that she wouldn’t come to him if she knew he might die. There’s something THAT practical about AJ. At least from his perspective of their experience.

      I’m gonna bawl if he dies.

      Something about Best Love is reminding me of Let’s Go to School, Sangdoo! And it’s not GHJ. It’s CSW and YKS, reminding me of Bi and Lee Dong Gun’s roles. If the two men’s relationship evolves as that between Bi’s and Lee Dong Gun’s characters did in Sangdoo, it would be yet another meta score!

      • 12.2.1 78446

        I love the bromance in Sangdoo! Will Jin and Pil Joo become roommates too? (please please please)

      • 12.2.2 MJP

        Javabeans said in yesterdays recap that the Hong Sisters don’t usually kill the main leads off. I am trusting in her experience and not getting angsty about the possibility of Dokko Jin dying.

        • hookedonmonix

          it’s that word “usually” that has me skittish. Have they ever killed off a main lead before?

          • Jomo

            I have not recovered.
            Don’t ask me to tell you which show.

          • anais

            I’ve seen:

            My Girl
            Couple or Trouble
            You Are Beautiful
            My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

            and now this.

            None of them have had a clear cut happy ending. Moreover, the resolution, which is already ambiguous, doesn’t happen until the very last episode. I didn’t care so much with their other works, but having that ambiguity to the very last minute will drive me NUTS with Best Love & Dokko Jin. He CAN’T DIE!!! Or at the least, let me have a Jae Seok moment with him. :p

          • Kim Yoonmi

            HGD, yes.

            The others that were labeled rom com from the start, no. And the endings for Couple or Trouble, Choon Hyang, and My Girl had a shiny bow on it. (disagreeing with anais) including wedding dresses or discussion/execution thereof. The rest were leaning in that direction.

            You are Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho had round about happy endings.

            Hong Sisters are fans of the separation period. I tend to hate it.

            HGD, they set up episodes and episodes advance that there was no way out of it. I’m not giving the full name, you can figure it out. It was a bittersweet, not melo bad ending. But it was a shocker.

            Since this is labeled rom-com I doubt they’ll kill Jin. The tone isn’t set up right for that sort of Seasons Melo-type drama. Besides which, one of the first dramas they metaed on was I’m Sorry I Love You and made lots of fun of that in that little bit.

            By far, Choon Hyang had the prettiest bow tie of them all. But Hong Sisters don’t like repeating themselves…

          • th em

            “Hong Sisters are fans of the separation period. I tend to hate it.”

            I generally don’t like the separation period, either.

            I guess that if they have to do it here, at least it could be that DJ gets through his surgery, and goes to film his superhero movie after all. (The old realizing-what-you-thought-you-wanted-most-actually-wasn’t-that-important-so-you-give-it-up-and-then-you’re-rewarded-by-getting-it-anyway bit.)

            If their cover hasn’t been blown by then, AJ could spend the time becoming better-liked. She’s already on the way, and if the old secrets get cleared up publicly, that’ll help. Then when DJ comes back from Hollywood, he and AJ could be together for real.

            At least that would be a separation that dealt with established issues instead of being randomly inserted just to kill time and annoy me.

            Then again, I get annoyed when there aren’t enough scenes involving DJ and AJ being in the same room, so… I’d be totally fine if you let the whole separation thing slide just this once, Hongs.

          • th em

            Also, if he’s the one to leave, she could feed his fish while he’s gone. Have to admit that I’d actually find that pretty sweet.

            (Can’t believe I’m talking myself into this…)

          • Kim Yoonmi

            @ th em I’m expecting the “separation” period to be during the heart surgery… if they do the whole, Noble Idiot v. 2.0 (also called the Save yourself, and leave me to suffer) I’m going to scream.

            But I have faith that the Hong Sisters won’t do the whole, Ae Jung tells him to go to better his career while she suffers bit. That’s just filled with all kinds of suck.

            It may be just me… but I want to see the NGs for this drama… I was disappointed that the YAB ones weren’t as entertaining. ^^;;

            And we really need a list of Noble Idiot Syndromes to hang onto. =P

            I also hate in the separation period how the characters forget things like cell phones and communication. I think I could forgive them if they allowed at least that rather than the 100% cut off. I do have to admit I slightly like the “separation period” better than the Sh****l version of the “Break up/Make up” scheme, especially when the Break up/Make up includes cheating.

      • 12.2.3 VanillaSalt

        Why do I feel like him not telling her is gonna end up how Mi-nyeo and Tae-kyung were? In YB when Mi-nyeo doesn’t tell TK about her mom or whatever he got all pissy and didn’t talk to her and they kinda broke- up. I feel like jin not telling Ae- jung about his surgery will just bring more angst and lead to a painful break up, like in YB.

        • VanillaSalt

          ah! so many grammar mistakes. I’m sorry 🙁

        • Kim Yoonmi

          As I said, Hong Sisters are phobic of repeating themselves on that level. They *do* repeat format, as was said, but they *don’t* repeat parts of the story’s execution on a micro level.

          Your speculation–won’t happen. But sniff for the separation period which hardcore fans know is coming up. The question is why.

    • 12.3 th em

      I think it’s not necessarily supposed to be pure noble idiot with him.

      Like he said, he’s “the world’s worst, most selfish bastard.”

      If he only has a month left to live, he decided he’d rather
      1) Spend it with Ae Jeong
      2) Not spend their limited time together moping about his impending demise

      So, selfish. (Though of course we see there’s really a bit of noble thrown in, too.)

      • 12.3.1 Mia

        I really hate the noble idiot character THAT separates himself from the “greatest love” (heh) of his life as he is dying/cancer having/slowly dying, I much prefer the guy whose dying but holds on to her with every bit of means he has.

        It’s not that he’s selfish…it’s just he CAN’T help himself. When you have a love so strong it’s just natural that you become selfish, greedy, jealous. Most dramas really put on the jealousy but choose the noble keeping-her-in-the-dark idiot who isn’t actually all that practical….if you’re actually “crazy” in love or experiencing your “greatest” love.

        I’m reminded a bit of ‘What Happened in Bali’ where the main lead knew he was completely bad for her, knew he was bringing her pain and tears, but had to see her every day “because he would go crazy”…and then eventually did.

        I like those kind of loves – because it’s a drama, and I can pretend they exist.

        • th em

          To be clear, I don’t really think of it as selfish. Just trying to make the easiest distinction between him and Noble Idiot v1.0, who does things with “it’s for her own good” as his only rationale.

          Watch all your Pororo at once, Dokko Jin, and godspeed.

          • Mia

            That’s true that’s true. ‘Selfish’ isn’t quite the right world…..not completely making himself and herself miserable at the same time? – that’s a bit long though…..but you’re right! I mean ‘selfish’ in the sense that he is happy, making her happy, and not telling her about the upcoming doom that he believes to be in his future (if only he knew he was in a Hong Sister Drama….I mean he does….but I doubt we’ll get that Meta….)

        • antonia

          i think he said selfish cause he’s with AJ and he knows he might hurt her a lot if he dies, but he loves her so much that he can’t be without her.
          i don’t think he is selfish… i also think he’s a little afraid AJ might dump him, he’s so insecure in spite of all his “I am DJ”. not that AJ would dump him, i’m sure she would be by his side
          it’s a dilema for Ironman right now
          and it will be a dilema for AJ when she finds out
          i only hope they stick together

  13. 13 Rika

    <3 can't wait for the subs….

  14. 14 Stephanie

    Thanks for this recap! Waiting for lunchtime to arrive is such a chore. (10 mins more!)

    • 14.1 Celexa

      they’re saving the best for last! *.*

  15. 15 Alexio

    What are you guys doing not recapping for City Hunter? lol

    • 15.1 Amy

      I think they will do City Hunter recaps on saturday and sundays until Best Love is over. i hope they would give city hunter first priority than the drama that follows Best love.

      • 15.1.1 Alexio

        Yea, I do prefer City Hunter over Best Love, heehee. And Chill, I don’t pressure, just curious…

    • 15.2 Birdie

      Recapping takes a lot of time, so please do not pressure JB and GF. I am sure it will be out in due time.

  16. 16 Celest

    Yep, my heart totally broke when PilJoo cried by his lonesome in that car.

    My favorite parts of this episode were the handholding scenes. For me, it was both incredibly sad that they have to hide their feelings yet I felt all warm inside…Makes me glad my life doesn’t have to be in the spotlight and under scrutiny.

  17. 17 tun teja

    really had to contain my smile and laugh so hard reading your recap…i hope no one see me stuff the tissue in my mouth..literally..

  18. 18 laya

    Awwwwww *sob, sniffle, waaaaaail*

    Poor Pil-joo and Jin. The tears make me want to hug them and make it better, but the question is… which one? XDDDD

    Thank you so much for the recap!

    • 18.1 avocado

      Give it to Pil Joo please..since Jin already have Ae Jung By his side

      • 18.1.1 laya

        Yes, poor Pil-joo… loving so well but not getting the girl /goes to hug

        But poor Jin! He’s sick! /goes to hug

        Ah, this is driving me crazy /headdesk

        • antonia

          ha ha i have the solution:
          you go hug PJ
          me go hug jin
          all happy 🙂

  19. 19 th em

    First, Jin:
    You’re adorable and everything, but I’m pretty sure that’s actually the pull-cord for a ceiling fan.

    Second, Pil Joo:
    Aw, you and your sad ramen. And you and your sad puzzle. But maybe, just maybe, could you stop fondling the dolphin? Thanks. ‘Preciate it.

    Third, Ae Jung:
    You’re so great. Everybody always talks about the boys, but you’re awesome in your own right. 10 points for Hufflepuff.

    Lastly, Skeevy Manager:
    *shakes fist*

    Thanks so much for all the recaps!

    • 19.1 laya

      LOL at pull-cord for ceiling fan! although it does look like one… XDDD

    • 19.2 tomboy26

      You’re so right .. we always give love to the boys and not enough to Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin) who is absolutely amazing.

    • 19.3 celest1al

      OMG I literally laughed out loud at the comment about Piljoo fondling the dolphin puzzle! Hahahah

      I was thinking the same as you whenever he did that! I was feeling sorry for him, and then I’d be like, “But why are you caressing that dolphin?” And it’s weirder cause it’s a dolphin with a mermaid on it’s back. I don’t know… I just found it funny despite feeling sorry for him.

      • 19.3.1 th em

        I know, right?! What’s up with the dolphin-mermaid fetish puzzle, Dr. Perfect?

        • celest1al

          I guess they need to give Dr. Perfect some sort of imperfection to make him human… in this case, caressing weird puzzles. LOL!

          • facephase


      • 19.3.2 antonia

        lol. i hate the puzzle, i can’t feel for PJ because i keep thinking of the puzzle. didn’t realized there was a mermaid

    • 19.4 MJP

      I think we need to hire the Kidnappers to get rid of that Skeevy Manager!

      Dear Kidnappers:

      I am told this is how I contact you. Do us all a favor and get rid of that Skeevy Manager… PERMANENTLY… PLEASE!!!

      • 19.4.1 Mia

        YES! YES YES YES! One cliche I would love to see (randomly and suddenly) happen.

        We don’t need him back. Thanks.

      • 19.4.2 Kidnappers

        Dear MJP,

        Much as we would love to accept this job, I’m afraid I’ll have to turn you down as all my henchmen are glued to the TV watching this darn good show starring Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin.

        But I can refer you to my buddy, Son Hyuk. He’s the leader of this badass group called “Athena”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.


        P.S: Hm. Where can I find a Pororo Lie Detector? I’m sure it’ll be useful during interrogations…

        • th em

          Dear Kidnappers,

          Try eBay.

          (No one is allowed to ask me why I know this.)

          • facephase

            LOL I know and i won’t ask but that is exactly where i bought mine HEHEHEHE

        • MJP

          Dear Kidnappers,

          If you do the job, I can get you a Pororo Lie Detector…

          As for Son Hyuk… Didn’t you know… He is dead… Athena has been disbanded.

          • antonia

            can’t they resurrect him??? i am watching athena right now and i looooove bad ass Son Hyuk
            i wanted him to be happy mastering the world!!!!
            (know i’m crazy, but that’s CSW’s fault)

        • facephase


          I’m nuts, i know. lmao

          • VanillaSalt

            How cool! where did you order it from and how much did it cost? I kinda want one now.

    • 19.5 tari

      10 points for Hufflepuff LOL. Second that. Best Love makes me rediscovered Gong Hyo-jin. She is so fine and subtle and believable and everything. Before BL I only watched her in her 2 previous dramas, Pasta and Thank You, but she kinda blow me away in BL.

      • 19.5.1 th em

        Ae Jung = Hufflepuff
        Jin = Gryffindor
        Pil Joo = Ravenclaw
        Se Ri = Slytherin

        You all know it’s true.

        • tari

          LOL. Good one.

        • Linda165

          So true!

        • ahjummabunny

          I was just thinking about airing my harry potter dirty laundry on here! Ae Jung-i is totally hufflepuff. kyud!

        • Sethe

          Love it! You’ve categorized them perfectly. Thanks for the additional giggles.

        • facephase


        • antonia

          ha ha, you’re right
          plus Gryffindor always win, doesn’t it???

        • damianna

          jin cud b a hufflepuff too.. he grows potata n cant stop mentioning azalea, camellia n stuff

      • 19.5.2 anais

        Highly recommend Let’s Go To School, Sangdoo!

        And if you can bear her blowing all the second leads there ever was and will be out of the water, Ruler of Your Own World. I’ve never hated a second lead character (not the actress) so vehemently. That’s how good she was. If you do decide to watch Ruler of Your Own World, stick with it. I nearly gave it up, but I am so thankful that I went back to it. It’s one of my favorites. So rich. Almost unbelievable that it’s a kdrama.

    • 19.6 RWJQ

      OMG, “pull-cord for a ceiling fan”!! Pwahahahaha!

    • 19.7 th em

      UPDATE: I’ve had a breakthrough on the dolphin puzzle issue. Or at least I choose to believe I have, because otherwise it continues to weird me out.

      Scroll all the way down to the last section. It has pictures and everything.

      Yes, I admit I may have spent a little too much time caring about this.

  20. 20 gia

    OMG, i am verrrryyyyy jealous of the guy who played CSW assistant, he have a change to touch over my beast CSW…
    Imagined h many NG they had tooo…


    • 20.1 anais

      hahahahaha!!!! So true!

      I love Jae Seok. He reminds me of Secretary Kim from Secret Garden. Both so faboo. I hope the actor who plays Jae Seok gets lots of offers after this.

      • 20.1.1 dramabliss

        Im Ji Kyu (Jae Seok) also had a similar role, playing Goo Gong Shik’s (played by Park Shi Hoo) assistant/secretary in Queen of Reversals. His scenes there were not as hilarious as in BL, but he was endearing and loyal, as well.

      • 20.1.2 antonia

        when Jin called JS in episode 4 to bring him water i thought of secret garden
        i like secretary kim of secret garden, but i like more JS. he seems more natural and since he prove his love to jin in epi 12 i’m really digging this boy
        plus i envy him for touching my CSW’s abs

    • 20.2 Mia

      I would do nothing but Ngs….the scene would never get filmed…I’d totally violate all those cf nudity clauses.

    • 20.3 Noi

      OMG they just HAVE to release the BTS for that scene!

      • 20.3.1 RWJQ

        I second that!

        That was exactly what I thought when watching that scene. BTS and NGs, please!

        • recent k-addict turned BL-addict

          hi guys,
          sorry for being ignorant but what does NG stands for, i know it means like “retakes” or something ???

          and i just recently discovered the meanings behind OTP and BTS..ohmygaad I need somebody to to orient me on the drama lingo.. hahaha

          • Ace

            NG = No Good

          • anais

            Bloopers basically.

        • RWJQ

          No BTS or NGs of the “handsy” scene (yet) … but look what I’ve found:


          ROFL. 🙂

          • anais

            Love the scene of Cha Seung Won barely getting out where’s the cut as he nearly keels over. Thanks!

    • 20.4 Carinne

      Bahahaha! That scene was so-so…. Heart. Mmmmelt.

  21. 21 tomboy26

    Pil-joo crying = me crying … I don’t like this 🙁

    Ok .. my heart is forever going to be torn in half for these two amazing, endearing, utterly lovable men. First off my dear sweet Pil-joo who just proves time and again (for me anyways) that there are nice guys out there that will help the girl they love no matter how much their heart is breaking. That’s love. And Jin .. my darling, beastly Jin whom shows time and time again that when love happens, it brings out the best of us.

    I’ve always loved the Hong sister’s dramas but this one takes the cake.

    • 21.1 MJP

      I think that because they hired YKS, it makes it harder for everyone to see Pil-Joo cry.

      If they had hired someone else, say “GRANDPA”, I don’t think people would be crying so much.

      • 21.1.1 tomboy26

        Most definitely agree lol

      • 21.1.2 Mia

        Totally agree. With you and Tomboy.

        I cry just seeing his face….crying (not without that last word – never without that last word.)

        Despite him fondling the dolphin, I was totally crying to just looking at the recap photo.

        • HJlover

          So strange. I don’t feel anything when Jin cried. But when Pil=joo cried, I wanted to tell him, come on. Let’s go have a beer. hahahhaa

          • Carinne

            ‘Cos Jin has his consolidation prize, his exclusive charger. While PJ’s consolidation prize is… his sad ramen. Oh! Heart. Breaaaaaaaaaak.

          • Mia

            I love how there’s a thread about Pil Joo, in a car, with a dolphin, in tears.

            I cry when he cries. I smile when he smiles.

            YKS is a simply a fantastic actor! I hope he picks up another ron com STAT after this….as the main lead of course – I really can’t bear too much of knowing this poor puppy’s fate.

          • th em

            “Was it… Pil Joo, in the car, with a dolphin?”

            Weirdest game of Clue ever.

          • Mia

            Dolphin puzzle. Sorry I just finished 4 exams and I can really see it affecting these comments of mine – sorry sorry sorry!

          • antonia

            i’m the reverse. it hurts me so much to see jin crying, but i didn’t feel anything when PJ cried. maybe because of the dolphin puzzle???

            the fact is i’m always drooling when i see CSW but when he emotes i even forget how hot he is and all i can think is that i don’t want him to suffer

      • 21.1.3 avocado

        True !!! i think YKS crying acting is remarkable…I love his crying …I’ve seen the other drama with his crying..I think his crying is very manly and genuine…I’ve watch some my favorite actors cry in their drama…but I want to laugh or be ashamed watching that scene…

    • 21.2 HJlover

      hee….I was exchanging my view with ockoala on her blog. We actually agree that there is more chemistry between GHJ and YKS and therefore it hurts even more when you know that they are not supposed to be together since he is the second male lead. Oh well. For me, the greatest love for GHJ is Ryu Seung-bum, another favorite of mine. Nobody can beat RSB for GHJ. That’s my only solace…lol

      • 21.2.1 ahjummabunny

        Isn’t ryu seung bum her boyfriend of 10 years or something? I think read that somewhere . . .

        • kim

          @ahjummabunny..yes, ryu seung bum is GHJ boyfriend..an on and off relationship but lasted this long…hope to hear wedding bells soon….i admire GHJ’s acting and read that she won lots of awards already…my favorite drama of her is still Thank You with Jang Hyuk where she played a single unwed mother of a child with Aids…Pasta comes next on my list…

  22. 22 msty1968

    Thanks for the recap!

  23. 23 guizy

    yayyayayayay!!! ^______________^
    thank you!!! this just made my night!!! kekekeke

  24. 24 clover

    Awww, man! Please don’t let Pil-joo get into some crazy accident and end up being Jin’s heart donor!

    But, then again that would mean Ae-jung gets the hot guy AND a heart of gold.

    • 24.1 MJP

      That’s a GREAT IDEA!!!

      But it would mimic Sweet Palpitations/Pitipat a bit too much.

    • 24.2 78446

      Hmm, I don’t think the Hong sisters are the type to write that in, except if they mean to parody the early Hallyu dramas. As a more serious plot point? Not their style.

    • 24.3 th em

      No, I think we’ve got the heart thing all cleared up now.

      If I’ve got it right (someone correct me otherwise), he doesn’t have a transplanted heart or a fully artificial heart or any kind of normal pacemaker.

      He’s got a partially artificial heart, and the artificial part’s what’s got the problem. They have to replace that.

      Here’s the photo his cardiologist showed in episode 11: http://tinypic.com/r/eh0nys/7

      In other words, Jin’s not a robot. He’s a cyborg.

      • 24.3.1 Carinne

        Zettai Kareshi Dokko Jin?

  25. 25 antonia

    thank you GF love this recap and looove this drama!!! this was the cutest episode ever… love Jin and AJ in love. also i am happy the surgery will be discoverd soon cause i want aj to confort jin
    have to go to sleep
    good night best lovers

    • 25.1 MJP

      I just LOVE the way GirlFriday recaps!!!

      • 25.1.1 Kiara

        Love it when she gets the dirty episode muhahahaha.

  26. 26 YerBabe

    OMG, i frecking love this story line 😉 Super Cuteeee.

  27. 27 Jomo

    I love that the flower and potato metaphors have gotten married. They’re having metaphor babies.
    I had to pause to chuckle over that for a minute.

    Mixed and mashed metaphors!

    I have given up listing the reasons I love this show. They don’t change.

    Mostly, even though I know this is NOT real, watching the pair talk, or fight or kiss, or whatever, I can’t see the strings! I am looking for someone to “act,” so I can catch it.
    I don’t mean the over the top some-lucky-male-freaking-bastard gets to touch DJ’s raw red skin, [hooooooooo let out a breath] I mean when they are on the phone. When they looked at each other on his sofa before being interruptus ‘ed, when she gripped his hand under the blanket. It is so easy to watch them together. I buy the whole kit and kaboodle.

    The dialog is layered; they are pulling things from the first episode into the twelfth. While CSW steals the scenes with his crazy sexy gorgeous self, GHJ grounds everything in reality, and makes the story believable.

    How can this show end? I need to spend the rest of my life with this OTP.

    Here is my version of DJ love for me: http://lemmesee.shutterfly.com/pictures/13

    Cha Seung Won is the best thing that has ever happened to my drama life. I hope he keeps doing the TV shows, not the Athena types where he’s moving all over the place and I can’t stare deep into his heart, but these rom-coms.

    • 27.1 MJP


      I LOVE the Pic!!!

      I think CSW actually LIKES to do the Athena types. *YAWN* I agree, it is much more pleasing to see him in this type of role. Although, I now have some sort of curious urge to revisit Athena, just to Fast-Forward and watch him act. *shudders at the thought*

    • 27.2 Sethe

      Why should we (and he) have to choose between Athena-type roles (which I loved) and rom-coms (which I also love)? I, for one, want to see him do both. Actually, in my ideal world, every single kdrama that airs from now on would have CSW in it.

      Also, I’m SOOOOOO jealous of Jae-seok here (who, by the way, is absolutely adorable). But at least we got to see a little skin, right?

      Did you really grow that potato, Jomo? You must have started it around the same time DJ started his.

      CSW is simultaneously the best thing that ever happened to my kdrama life and the worst — my infatuation with him is seriously getting in the way of my real-world responsiblities.

      • 27.2.1 78446

        Don’t remind me about the real word.

        Just as I was complaining yesterday about my job keeping me away from my dramas, I got called out by the boss for being too distracted lately. How do you explain that this is all Korea’s fault since they unleashed the clusterf*ck of May and since then I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep and my hard drive is going nuts?

        Wednesdays and Thursdays will be the death of me.

        • Mia

          My first thought is just showing a picture of CSW half undressed to your boss (after wiping off the drool that has befallen on it, of course).

          My practical self doesn’t think this will go over all too well, but the self that keeps rewinding Jae-Suk fondling CSW lower belly totally thinks it’s logical.

          Everyone (and every gender) is perfectly entitled to liking a piece of that potato.

          Now if only I could have the whole thing……

          • 78446

            LOL! I’m with you there, buddy! By the way, I’ve also been called out by other people on my recent habits, such as my insistence on eating curry and baked potatoes whenever I can and my affinity for checking out the labels on Vitamin Water in the grocery store. Otherwise referred to as Best Love Addict Symptom #12 and #23.

          • Mia



            I totally started buying Vitamin Water (sans gratuitous label to fonder- outrage!)

            I remember hating very much in the past – in fact I may still hate it now – but CSW…mmmm, it’s the thought that counts….with flavored water….right?

            As long as I don’t start raising pet potatoes like Jomo I think I am still okay…..though it’s a tempting thought….I just don’t have potatoes in the house..

          • Fan

            I’ve eaten ramen for the last 2 meals in solidarity with Pil-joo 🙂

          • Linda165

            So the careful planned product placement IS working….

        • Sethe

          I know, right? I was stupid enough to start a new full-time job and new part-time job right at the end of May, and I’m feeling so resentful that my employers actually expect me to WORK like a normal person right now.

          Can’t they understand that the dramas this month are more important than ANYTHING else? Fools.

          • Mia

            Sethe you’re adorable!

            I had finals all this week and I kept looking at my stack of textbooks and practice exams and thinking……”How many pages of you equal one ‘Greatest Love’ Episode?”

            Apparently something like “.02 exams per 2 episodes + recaps” because my resolve was instantly broken.

            My logic (if I recall the faint amount correctly) was something like, “I will concentrate better if I have seen some CSW and YKS potential kisses/shirtless/cuteness”

            SoooOOOooo effective! (*shakes head*)

          • Linda165

            OMG me too… I just started a part time job two weeks ago. My hubby was whining about how much free time I had on my hands to spend it drooling over “those Korean guys”. LOL!

            What he doesn’t know is that his friend’s office, where I’m working, is practically a graveyard in the morning, so I still have free time to spend it drooling over my Korean guys 😉

      • 27.2.2 Jomo

        He can do the Athena shows, but not a boring one, like Athena. I think I would break the fforward button, like MJP.

        I did not grow the potato.
        It came like that as a gift from a secret admirer…

        (IRL, I stuck a potato in a margarita glass and a plastic plant in that.)

        • Linda165


          I love it that you’re so honest!!!! I was totally buying that you grew that potato!

          I lub you 🙂

        • antonia

          i noticed it was fake. but i didn’t want to expose you 😉

          • Jomo

            I only let CSW do that to me, or vice versa.

      • 27.2.3 antonia

        agree with you
        1. he can do both. athena types and romcoms. but please don’t kill him in the athena types

        2. evry single drama must have CSW as the leading man. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

        3. i’m also a little jealous of JS. and my eyes were totally focused on his skin

    • 27.3 Anime1234

      Mixed and Mashed Potato metaphors! Yea!

    • 27.4 izzie

      All I know is, all the potatoes in my fridge seem to look happy and hopeful lately. I hear muted cheers and quiet jumpings and rollings from inside the ref whenever I walk around the kitchen with a glass full of water in hand. Weird.

      • 27.4.1 I reckon

        LOL. I’m pretty sure none of us will look at potatoes the same way ever again.

    • 27.5 antonia

      oh oh love the pic… i’m seriously thinking of rising a potato. chincha

      yesterday i ate mcdonalds and i was thinking “OMG i’m eating fries. you’re not supposed to eat potatos, remember potatos are for rising not for killing”. then i thought “but i didn’t kill them they were already dead”.
      further thoughts “maybe they’re not even potatos but some kind of plastic stuff”… so everything is fine… not guilty
      me= going crazy
      based on a true story

      • 27.5.1 Jomo

        based on a true story
        giggle giggle

      • 27.5.2 tari

        LOL Antonia.

        “Hey you just-any-gamja, mihaneyo but kinda hungry today” *bow properly*

  28. 28 june

    Jaesook is really cute…yes, we do hope he gets more offer after BL. More tissues next week…

  29. 29 JAM

    Any Oriental Doctor is the star of the show for me in this ep. Yoon Kye-sang was perfect in expressing the amount of pain and tears. Also, am sooooo glad the SHOW didn’t make the heart specialist break patient confidentiality and spilled the beans to Pil-joo. FINALLY, a show with some sense.

  30. 30 soserious


    – KISS
    – JAE-SEOK

    • 30.1 Sethe

      That date was so sweet. It was just so nice to finally get to see DJ and AJ spending some time together in a happy way, and to see him so clearly enjoying and treasuring the opportunity to openly cherish her in public.

    • 30.2 tari

      My most MOST favorite part is the ‘almost-picnic-date in his place’

      “I’m just reaching for that thing just past you, oops did I just graze your hand. He takes her hand and then leans in for a kiss, and she shyly looks over at him”

      *still rewind it over and over and over*

      @GF: that was a great recap and review, thank you 🙂

      • 30.2.1 RWJQ

        That’s my most favourite part too! I couldn’t stop laughing watching/re-watching that. 🙂

        Second favourite: the date. Third …. okay, I’d better stop, or I’ll end up listing every single DJ-AJ scene in this ep.

  31. 31 amuruko

    my heart hurts for PJ … the 1st time i cried since watching this series. I could felt PJ’s pain specially the scene inside the car.

    poor my PJ.. wishing u’ll be mine then you wouldn’t be hurt 🙂

  32. 32 stars4u

    The BGM of the scene where Ae-jung brought the fruit and Pil-joo finding the missing puzzle piece was so hilarious!

    Poor Pil-joo…

    • 32.1 soserious


  33. 33 soserious

    When Pil-joo was sitting on the table with ramen in front of him. HEART BREAAAAAAAAAAAAK.

  34. 34 Daniela

    Im just another one that her heart was broken by watching Pil-joo crying
    alone in his car. But it was a pretty good scene. He started to break
    down and in one point, you can see his smashed heart through his face (in that part, to tears run over my face).

    “Ding Dong thinks better of it and decides that he can just watch one episode a day, for 30 days. That’s what we all say at the beginning.”
    Hahaha, believe me, I really tried. But you see the link for the next episode and its like your mouse has life for it self.Patience it’s not on your side when you are a drama addict.

    Thank you for the recap!

  35. 35 BJ

    Thankyou again and again for the wonderful recap! I just gotta say this show just keeps getting better and better! I just keep coming back and asking for more!

  36. 36 Linda165

    10 things that will have special meaning for me after watching this show:

    1. Potatoes
    2. Camellias
    3. Azaleas
    4. Iron Man, Spider Man
    5. Pororo
    6. Puzzles
    7. Curry
    8. Tennis shoes
    9. Car windows
    10. Chargers

    • 36.1 kukay

      Hahaha! I’ll always remember BL and CSW every time I see a potato.

    • 36.2 samgetang

      ditto on your list, linda!

      only the Hong Sisters can make those inanimate objects come to life 😉

    • 36.3 tari

      BL definitely add words to my very very limited Korean vocabulary, won’t ever forget that potato = gamja/kamja, recharge = cunja/cunjun 🙂

    • 36.4 nekoi

      and PANTY!

    • 36.5 garcia_marina

      can I add “pen”?

    • 36.6 Linda165

      And of course: “Ding Dong!”

    • 36.7 antonia

      you forget Chiken and HEARTBREAK

    • 36.8 Jomo

      Face creme!
      Chinese medicine!

    • 36.9 APTBEST

      11. Magnet
      12. Vitamin Water
      13. The number 6090
      14. Wine = Grape , the starting point
      15. The word “HEART BREAK”

  37. 37 kukkoo

    its very interesting to see that PilJoo is quick on his head. he can think fast and put tw0 and two together really quickly-he’s no dummy yet sad because he always ended up being hurt. this didn’t happened just once but multiple times already. i wonder what kind of top secrets he’s going to discover later on.
    the leads in this drama has very interesting characters, it very refreshing and new.

    • 37.1 Glomp

      Well, Ding Dong did give him the nickname of “Conan”… …

      • 37.1.1 avocado

        The couple making PD said before when they search for candidate of the program that his IQ is high..He is uri Han Eisa Sonsengnim, doesn’t he???

  38. 38 kukay

    Thanks for the recap…Only 4 more episodes left…Feeling sad right now. I don’t want this drama to end. Drama gods…is there a way to extend BL for a year? If that’s not possible, how about making sure that Cha Seung Won gets another drama after BL? Please…

  39. 39 VanillaSalt

    ah! why are they so cute? I love thursdays but also love them! ughgh! now we have to wait for next week *pouty stomps >.<*

    • 39.1 VanillaSalt

      Oops! i meant I love thursdays, but also hate them. haha!

  40. 40 Hadeel

    I just read this in thmbler… c/o http://stillhereyaar.tumblr.com/

    Here is the preview for episode 11 Best love:

    English Translation by alexus posted via TGL Soompi Thread:
    Fortunately due to the reporters that gathered at the house AJ can’t go anywhere and is captive at Dokko’s house AJ is puzzled by Dokku’s words telling her to try to avoid him carefully and runaway which to her seemed totally absurd. PJ feels bitter when he finds out the truth that Dokku had beaten up Manager Chang for AJ’s sake, SeRi confesses to Dokku that she likes Yoon Pil Joo.

    Needing to be recharged, Dokku visits AJ’s place and infiltrates(!) her bedroom, but gets caught by AJ in a not so attractive appearance…

    [Original text source: iMBC website posted by Dorothy Yap via TGL Soompi thread]


    So I’ve been watching Best love for the past few weeks and I’ve become a huge fan of this drama. Probably is going to be one of the best korean dramas of this year, ( I can’t decide about City hunter or Lie to me yet, although I find both of them interesting and love them so much). But Best love pretty much is great, it not only has many funny scenes, romance, some cute moments with Ding Dong and Dokko Jin, the chemistry between the leads is great, the writing is awesome ( obviously, its the Hong sisters, one can expect that), and it is also visually appealing ( it gets visually appealing from Episode 9 onwards).
    From my observation of Korean Dramas, (don’t get offended by this, because I mean it in a good way), they are very much like Bollywood movies, (except the dancing sequences), because about 95% of Bollywood movies are romantic comedies. BUT STILL I PREFER KOREAN DRAMAS, because they are closer to reality and don’t exaggerate.

    I may be utterly wrong in saying this but this has been bothering me ever since I watched episode 10, you know how Dokko Jin has a problem with his heart right, some of you may or may not know,that in the famous Bollywood movie called “KAL HO NA HO” ( There May Be A Tomorrow Or Not), the character of the main lead also suffers from a heart condition which means that he is about to die, he loves our main heroine very much but because he knows that if he was to ever be with her he would eventually die and that would hurt her so much. So because of these “ethical” reasons he decides to sacrifice his love and play matchmaker so that she can end up with the second lead. And by the end of the movie he convinces to get married to the second lead quickly since he won’t be staying in this world for long. A short while after they get married, our main hero dies with them and his family by his side.
    In my opinion (once again I may be totally and utterly wrong in saying this), Dokko Jin is utterly and deeply in love with Ae Jung, and he is ready to risk anything to protect her,( career, fame, money as you know he punched her old manager in episode 10). Along these 10 episodes, we have seen Dokko Jin grow into a better person and as someone who has learnt to value her now (maybe even Ding Dong =p). In episode 10, the doctor informed him that they have to carry out another open heart surgery on him and that he has only a fifty fifty chance of survival. So maybe he would realize that although he loves her, he might have to sacrifice his love ( since if they were to end up together and then he were to die, that would be too cruel as she would be totally devasted by his death), and maybe let her go to Pil Joo even if that may cause a lot of pain to him.

    Another reason why he might die is because in episode 10, after having met the doctor he sits there with a hopeless expression on his face and throughout the episode he keeps on saying he has to look and awesome so that people remember him that. Also when he hugs Ae Jung he sighs and also said about wanting to protect her etc… May be a way to foreshadow and make the audience ready for his death.

    ANOTHER IMPORTANT REASON, my prediction is that when SeRI tells Dokko Jin that she likes Pil Joo he’ll probably try to keep SeRi away from Pil Joo as once again he knows that Ae Jung likes Pil Joo and if SeRi were to get Pil Joo,Ae Jung would be deeply hurt. Dokko Jin might accept that he is going to die and would put Ae Jung’s happiness as his firs priority and would conspire and do everything (and risk everything) to get Pil Joo and Ae Jung together so that he can die at peace. Once again Dokko Jin is purely, madly deeply in love with Ae Jung and as we know going to the extremes is always dangerous and always has its own sideeffects… ( In most love stories, when someone is utterly in love and that is to the extreme extents then the ending is always tragic)

    REMEMBER THE DRAMAS NAME IS GREATEST LOVE…. as in maybe an unattainable love…

    OKAY OKAY THIS STORYLINE is too pessimistic and wrong for the reasons:
    1) It’s a Korean drama, we need happy endings. Plus its a romantic comedy, dude!
    2) Even though he may have changed, he still is Dokko Jin, I mean he would still get jealous and sad whenever she is with Pil Joo ( in episode 10, when he had this hurt expression on his face when he guessed that she was with Pil Joo)
    3) It is really stupid to assume that Best love would follow a tragic storyline of a very very heartbreaking Bollywood. I mean the Hong Sisters could never do such a thing ( they wouldn’t even have heard of this movie)
    4) Dokko JIN IS IMMORTAL!!!! ( okay this is an exaggeration but he survived the earlier open heart surgery, and hopefully the doctor would be playing the Treasure Girls song in the second surgery!!!)

    If this doesn’t happen I wouldn’t be surprised but if this does I’ll be sad…(and imma crush my popcorns and Cola can and go on strike!!!!

    • 40.1 th em

      So I continue to vote “no” on Jin dying. (It is being decided by a vote, right?)

      However, for those of you who wish to freak yourselves out and feel sad, I suppose I could mention that for some reason the Best Love OST remains listed under the title “My Last Love” on iTunes.




      (Seriously, though, he’ll be fine.)

      • 40.1.1 RWJQ

        “My Last Love”?!

        O.M.G. …….

    • 40.2 mcalkdrama

      I remember KAL HO NA Ho and dang it was so depressing..
      in any case i keep hoping that DJ does not die…i have been shipping for AeJin from the start. But i must say that ‘any oriental doctor ‘ pulled my heartstrings this episode..oh well bring on the rocky times but don’t forget a few laughs to go with it.. *goes to the supermarket to load up the house with alcohol, just in case*

  41. 41 chuck

    what a funky hairdo 🙂

  42. 42 ahjummabunny

    RAVE! This show has turned me from a bunny to a pig. I don’t think bunnies squeal.

    • 42.1 MJP


      Pidge-Tokki? (Sp?)

      • 42.1.1 MJP

        I found a video of you!


      • 42.1.2 Carinne

        You looking for this?


        How about this one instead?


        • MJP


        • metaphor

          Carinne can i borrow that DKJ picture you shared… i want to add that on my signature in soompi… please…

          • Carinne

            Of course my dearest. Sprout the potato = Spread the love. ^ , ^ v

          • Jomo

            We all need t-shirts that say
            “Sprout the Potato!”

            I’ll get to work on that!

        • dramabliss

          Definitely absolutely love it! Kamsahamida.

        • antonia

          omo what is Jin doing???
          dirty thoughts over here

  43. 43 Carinne

    Class has been in session for some time.
    Everyone take your seats.
    I’ll start with roll call.
    1\ ricky the royal highness?
    2\ ricky the royal highness?

    How many male egos are being deflated by Iron Man and Conan after this episode?

    I’d like a male perspective.

    • 43.1 Royal Clock Keeper

      It is currently almost 2 p.m. in the Royal Kingdom.

  44. 44 Haj

    Best episode so far! Tummy-achingly funny yet heartwrenching. Sigh.
    Hong sisters, thank you for giving your second leads more life in this drama. I appreciate that they’re not just annoying plot vehicles.

    I have this hope: Dokko will die, and whatever posthumous press he has set up will help Aejung’s career. Dr. will have been by her side and she slowly ( in a “3 years later” thing) opens her heart to him. Drama ends with a hint o her new, more stable romance.
    Hey it’s possible! Once in a while a main character dies, or the second lead gets the girl! I’m not rulin this possibility out since in Gumiho she did die.

  45. 45 daisy

    am i the only one who’s loving csw/dokko jin right now? i have loved csw since city hall. dokko jin is definitely not as mature as pil joo but he has his traits that make you fall in love with him. and seriously who doesnt love the bad boy?


    • 45.1 maykha

      Nooo, you are not the only one…im lovin him tooo. Though Pil Joo is cute, and it hurts me seeing him hurt…but definetely i love how DGJ develops in this drama and after episode 10 he is defenitely no.1 in this drama for me.
      Im freaking out seeing his big hands compared to Ae jungs…he is so manly..sigh

    • 45.2 antonia

      i’m all about Jin.
      so count me in

    • 45.3 trish

      Like I commented before…..”Dokko Jin (CSW) w/ his deep voice and broken heart…. leaps off the screen and has viewers everywhere volunteering to recharge his battery.”

  46. 46 facephase


    Someone give that manchild his much NEEDED alone-time with AJ.



    THANKS GF for this! ^^

  47. 47 maykha

    Well……I had a great great dream tonight….. I kissed with CSW……uaaaaaaaaaaa, it felt soooo realistic, jeeeez i felt his breath….Im dying here.
    I saw many korean dramas, but this one im enjoying the most, second in my list is city hall.
    Because im not teenager and not even in my twenties, i really enjoy dramas when you see the characters acting more mature….
    I wish i could live in Korea….!!!!!!!! and of course understand Korean… But this will end up just as my tonights dream…..

  48. 48 th em

    WAIT. Wait, wait, wait.

    One of my favorite things about Gumiho was that they so effectively distracted me with the day-by-day countdown, I was blindsided when they ended it early.

    And now they’re emphasizing Jin’s 30 days until surgery.

    Are they going to freak me out and have him collapse before the surgery?

    Dangit, Hongs, now you’ve got me so I’ll be surprised if he holds out for the full 30 days or if he doesn’t. Nicely played.

  49. 49 elizabennet

    “That’s what we all say at the beginning.”

    Your captions are the best! Thanks 🙂

  50. 50 Abbie

    AAAHHHHHHH! Only two weeks left! What will I do after it is over?! Best Love, you are my best love!
    Dokko Jin, fight on for life!

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