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Best Love: Episode 14
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How can every new episode be the best episode ever? It seems statistically improbable, but here we are, beating the odds. And though I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, I broke like a dam of tissue paper against Niagara. Damn you, Drama!


Jin makes the grand gesture to sell his image and save herself, but Ae-jung freezes and steps away from him.

Ae-jung: Isn’t that what you’re saying to me—to sell your death to save myself? Don’t try to hold me. I’m not your charger or anything else anymore. Now that you’re thinking about death, you want to bury your bones in dog shit? Don’t even dream about it—this is my dog shit pile. I have no intention of letting you in. Don’t even dream about dying. At that arrogant highest [che-go] peak, live well. At the top.

And with that, she’s gone. Aw, I both love and hate how fiercely prideful these two are. They’re both heroes, trying to do the right thing for each other, but unwilling to let anyone else take the fall for them.

Jin mutters to himself, “Gu Ae-jung, please…”

She begins her press conference, staring out at the sea of reporters who toss out question after question, until one finally rattles her. Someone asks how she plans on shedding her negative image.

With tears pooling in her eyes, she wonders aloud, “Will I shed it if I die?” The cameras go off and the reporters are stunned into silence. She wonders if she died, it wouldn’t matter who she sold or who she loved, and it would all be spun differently.

She bursts into real tears as she wonders if dying will shed her image and protect… and then she blurts, “Protect what? When dying…” She’s talking about Jin, of course, only now letting herself cry from the shock that that he might die, only choosing the wrong time and place to do it.

Gong Hyo-jin is so good. My heart hurts when she cries. Every time.

President Moon ends the press conference there, and later tells Jin that she fears it’s only made things worse. He has a solution: let’s just make them forget it by topping the headlines with bigger news. He plans to out his surgery and the fact that he might die. She warns him that it’s equivalent to throwing away the rest of his days pre-surgery—he’ll be surrounded by reporters night and day. But as we know, he’s willing to protect her in any way he can.

Ae-jung drowns her sorrows in wine, asking Jenny aren’t people supposed to be sad when they hear that a loved one might die, so then they cry together and support each other; isn’t that the way it’s supposed to go?

But when he wants to sell his death to save her, is she supposed to thank him? How can she be by his side? Aw, sometimes I really just want her to stop doing the right thing.

She passes out at the table, and Jin walks in. He sits across the table, petting her head softly and asking if she’s not going to do her usual drunk parroting today. He sighs that there’s really something he wants to hear her say, even if she’s just drunk-repeating it.

“No matter what I do, forgive me. Understand me.” And then he leans in, resting his head on hers, as he whispers, “I love you.”

And Ae-jung drunk-parrots: “I love you.”

Damn. That hurts so good. Way to bring it back, Hong Sisters. I love that the drunk parroting was laid in so well before, as if designed for this moment. Nice callback.

Jin smiles, wanting even more to just kidnap her on the spot. He reaches over and clasps her fingers, like he’s desperate to just hold onto any part of her. It kind of kills me.

The Couple Making PDs give Pil-joo the chance to tell his side of the story and post it on their site, but find that news of Ae-jung’s press conference has totally been squashed by Dokko Jin’s surgery news.

Ae-jung wakes up… in Jin’s room. HA. He really did kidnap her. She says she’s leaving, but he tells her that the place is lousy with reporters, waaaay more than the last time. Eyebrow raised, “So you can’t.” Rawr?

He tells her that he told the press about his heart surgery, so basically he’s stuck in his house until then. He declares that she’s stuck here too, since the reporters are going to be here round the clock. Niiiice.

Ae-jung refuses, telling him that she doesn’t actually like him enough to do all that. Jin: “That’s okay. You never did in the first place. I started it my way, and until the very end, I’m gonna do it my way and see you as much as I want.” You are such a child. But I love you for it.

She doesn’t want to stay, so he tells her it’s her choice—either leave, by which she’s announcing to the world that they’re together, or stay—it’s basically a win-win for him. She walks away in a huff, but he calls out that his house is an open floorplan… so he can see her wherever she goes. Hee.

She sees the news stories, and marvels that in one fell swoop Dokko Jin really can wipe out all her bad press. It’s the power of super-stardom. Meanwhile Jin checks his fridge to make sure they have enough food, and he smiles to himself, giddy to be alone with her. “Happyyyyyyyyyyyy.” So cute.

Pil-joo smiles to see that Jin has told the world the truth, but knows that trouble isn’t over for Ae-jung. She’s still protecting too many people, so he decides that those people need to be brought together to air out the truth. YES PLEASE.

So he sets up a meeting between the three remaining KBSN girls, to finally hear Mina’s story. Finally.

She tells them that Ae-jung’s words at the press conference—that if she died, would she shed it all—were actually hers, ten years ago. She had wanted to jump off the roof that day, but Ae-jung had stopped her and helped her escape.

She explains that her idol days were really hard on her, and that she’d always wanted out. She then fell in love (with the idol boy) and they had planned on getting married and running away together. Only Se-ri’s little prank changed all that…

She puts a hand on her stomach. Jenny and Se-ri look at her, stunned. Mina continues that she had lost the baby and wanted to end it all, but Ae-jung saved her and helped her to get out of the industry for good.

And Jenny turns to Se-ri, adding without judgment that Ae-jung taking the fall for it and not outing Se-ri meant that she could go on and have a career.

Se-ri starts to cry, finally realizing the effects of her stupid prank, just because she had felt left out and less loved by Ae-jung. All the girls sit stunned, realizing that Ae-jung protected them all.

Ae-jung continues to try and ignore Jin, which is just as he pointed out, really hard to do in his house. Not that he makes it any easier, following her around like a lovesick puppy, though he veils it as no, I was gonna do this, no I was gonna that, just tailing her around.

He at one point tries stripping in front of her (humona, humona) but that doesn’t work either. I know you’re mad, but…!

She turns on the television to find yet another story about Jin’s surgery, so he quickly turns it off and tells her to ask him directly if she wants to know anything. He obliges that he’ll even pretend to be on TV and she can ask him interview questions.

He tells her that he has a week until the surgery (160 hours, to be exact, which is both sweet and sad that he counted it that way), and that the surgery has a 10% success rate. She doesn’t ask any more questions, so he adds:

Dokko Jin: I have someone special in my life. But because there’s not a lot of time and the success rate [of the surgery] is so low, I’ve been hiding her. She’s usually one to ask ‘Why’ three times at every circumstance, so the fact that she’s not asking anything means she’s really mad. There’s only one answer to the question that’s circling her head of ‘Why’… Because I like you too much. Gu Ae-jung, I don’t have time to explain and make excuses. There’s only one answer to everything: I love you.

She begins to cry, finally getting past her anger. He tenderly holds her, and then asks still in interview mode, if she regrets not being able to be his final interviewer. She tells him not to try and make her his final Dokko Jin Special: “Don’t try to prepare me that way.” Oooof. Pain.

He holds her again, and says that he’ll do everything the way she wants. And she cries silently on his shoulder.

Manager Jang brings a reporter to meet with Se-ri, to fan the flames of Ae-jung’s dying scandal. He asks if Ae-jung really was the reason for her breakup with Dokko Jin. Se-ri confirms that she was involved… as a friend to comfort her when she was heartbroken. Aw, good girl.

She adds that all the KBSN girls got together the other night, and that they’re all besties now, just goading Manager Jang. Later he asks why she’s switching teams all of a sudden, and she just warns him to mind his current girl group, who’s clearly going through the same problems that they were. She threatens to out his idol’s secret relationship if he talks about Ae-jung or Mina anymore, and with that, his lips are sealed. Is it wrong if I like her now?

She goes to see Pil-joo, who’s proud of her taking a stand. She tells him that Dokko Jin kidnapped Ae-jung to that strange land… so is Paul going to go save Nina, or has he given up trying?

Pil-joo tells her how the manhwa ends: The ruler of the strange land disappears, and Nina comes back out to Paul’s world. Se-ri: “And he takes her back?!” Pil-joo: “Yeah, Paul really is the strangest kid in that whole story.”

She asks what happens to the Mushroom character (her), and he saucily points out that he can’t really remember, since he wasn’t really interested in that character. Heh. Se-ri: “I may not remember that manhwa’s story very well, but I DO know that the Mushroom was the most popular character!” Hahahaha. Her petulance is kind of adorable here.

She asks how long Paul’s going to hang on to Nina. Pil-joo: “Until she cries no more.”

AWWWWWW. Gah, somebody marry this boy!

Ae-jung asks Jin if he really had any intention of outing their relationship before he found out he might die. He admits that it was far unlikelier then, and she tells him that he’s acting like this now because he thinks he’s going to die.

She says she wants to go back to the days when he desperately wanted to hide his feelings for her. “Why are you not thinking about your future? Why are you only thinking of mine? You dying to protecting me doesn’t make me happy in the least.” Yay, reason!

He’s like, fine, I’m totally gonna live and then prove you wrong! She points out that being trapped in here, counting down to the end is horrible, and that if he really believed he’d live, he wouldn’t have brought her all the way here to not even lay a finger on her. Whoa.

Aw, yeah. He turns to her, all tiger bedroom eyes as she scoffs that she knew something was up when he kept bringing Hyung-kyu along and made excuses about his CF contracts… Dude, this girl wants your potato. Get it! Get it now!

He stands up and raises her up by the hand. He’s clearly got something to prove, ’cause he lays one on her, all hot and steamy, and they kiss over and over.

He finally kisses her sweetly and says, “You wait and see. I will make the surgery a success, and I’ll show you a future.” And he hugs her tight.

Okay, this is not where I thought that conversation and kiss were heading. Why are they not going at it like bunnies right now? Is it to do with his heart? Because we’re severely lacking in sexy times for an I-might-die-tomorrow scenario. Amirite?

She lets herself be reassured, and says that she’ll trust him, and leave now. She knows that if he has to go to the hospital from here, he’ll be surrounded by reporters and she won’t be able to go with him. “And at the most critical moment, you’ll need your charger there.” Aw.

He tells her to come and sing her song for him then, and she nods, promising to do so. They hold each other tight, as Ae-jung says she’ll charge him till his battery is full. Jin: “Chaaaaaaarge.”

They hatch their escape plan, and Jae-seok and Ae-hwan show up with an ambulance, causing a big stir. They rush up and then carry someone down in a stretcher, face covered, and Jae-seok cries, “Hyung-nim!”

As they drive away Jae-seok says it’s safe now, and Ae-hwan pops up from the stretcher. Oh, ha. I totally thought it was going to be Ae-jung in there! They basically just did the whole show to clear the reporters out, so that Ae-jung can slip away quietly once they’re gone.

Jin walks her toward the door shuffling his feet and telling her not to look so happy to leave. She offers up her feelings about leaving:

Ae-jung: I won’t explain or make excuses about not doing things your way, or not staying here to countdown with you, or not believing in success rates, and just discounting it all. I won’t make it complicated. There’s only one answer…
Jin: Because you like me a lot?
Ae-jung: Ddeng. [opposite of Ding Dong, meaning no] Because more than you think, really really, much much more… I love you.

He starts to well up with tears, and then does his trademark line, “My heart, because of Gu Ae-jung… recovered!” As he does his keuk-bok peek-a-boo. He holds her face in his hands and tells her that he had a final objective in kidnapping her (Was it sexy fun times? Because you kinda blew an open invitation earlier…) and that she’ll just have to anticipate the future. Aw.

He heartbreakingly watches her go, clutching his heart. He goes upstairs and opens a box with a diamond ring inside, shaped like two flowers. He wonders aloud, “This future, can I give it to you?”

Eeek! Was he going to propose? With a flower ring? Why are you so cute?

Jenny and her boys worry about the two lovebirds, and Jenny finds herself disappointed to realize that the reason Jae-seok has been so preoccupied lately was because of Dokko Jin, and not her. Heh.

He asks her for “more wine,” making Ae-hwan freak out that she’s already had wine with Jae-seok. I love that wine = kisses for him. She tells him to think whatever he wants, and he sighs, “Does that make me Yoon Pil-joo?” Aw, poor puppies.

Se-ri comes to see Jenny to nonchalantly ask that the KBSN girls take a photo together, since she kind of said in an interview that they were super close. She clearly wants to befriend Jenny, but she’s not making it easy. Se-ri does tell her that she’s interested in Pil-joo, and Jenny sighs that though she wants Ae-jung to choose Pil-joo, that ship’s sailed. I’d say.

Se-ri goes to a church to pray, and some ladies nearby marvel that she’s being such a devoted ex-girlfriend, to pray for Dokko Jin’s surgery. Only this is her prayer: “Please let Dokko Jin’s surgery be a success… so that he and Ae-jung unni can be together, and please give me Yoon Pil-joo.” HA.

President Moon tells Ae-jung that they’ve survived the latest scandal due to all the help from people around her. But she adds a harsh dose of pessimism, that Jin’s perspective (in thinking he can be with her) is skewed because he thinks he might die. “But he’ll live. And he’ll come to his senses.” She doesn’t mean it to be harsh, but it still cuts deep.

Ae-jung heartbreakingly says, “If he just lives, even if he cuts me like a knife and zooms past me, I can dance and wave goodbye and let him go.”

She goes to see Pil-joo to thank him for doing the interview and helping to clear the air between the KBSN girls. She gets choked up as she says “Thank you,” knowing that this might be goodbye, since he’s talked of studying abroad.

He says he’s happy to see her in good spirits, since he worried she’d be hurt. She says that she has to stay by his side and recover, sighing. Pil-joo wonders if staying by someone’s side doesn’t make it harder to recover. He says that’s why most people go away to recover, using work or study as an excuse. Aw.

Pil-joo: “You said that running away isn’t protecting. If the thing you want to protect disappears, and you want to run away… I’ll be your excuse.”

WAIL. Why is Perfect Man Pil-joo so… PERFECT? Does not compute.

His teary smile and hers back just sort of pulverize my heart, knowing that he’s even willing to be her excuse to forget Dokko Jin, should he die. I mean, what? That’s devotion. Probably unhealthy, but sweet just the same.

Pil-joo even sends his mom over to Ae-jung’s father to offer up a box of that expensive herbal medicine and apologize to the family, requiring her to send a picture proving it. Heh.

And then Jin brings Hyung-kyu over, who wonders if Ajusshi is sick, like all the news is saying. Jin explains that it’s complicated to explain to a 7-year old (yeah, I still don’t fully understand your surgery, and I’m a little north of 7), but that his artificial heart needs tuning. Hyung-kyu nods, acknowledging by comic book logic that even Iron Man needs to retune every once in a while.

Jin gives him Ae-jung’s ring, and tells him that he wanted Ae-jung to have this if he couldn’t end up giving it to her himself, and tells him to hide it somewhere, next to something that she treasures and will never throw away.

Hyung-kyu: “Are you going to marry my aunt with this ring?” Jin: “Ding dong!” He assures Ding Dong that he’s the Very Special Dokko Jin, so he’ll make it happen, no matter what. So Ding Dong goes home, and hides the ring in the box where she keeps her purple sneakers.

Jin calls Ae-jung and she promises again to be there for the surgery. He tells her that the heart is stopped when they operate, and that ten years ago, when his heart was stopped, it was her song that brought it back.

She asks if it was hypnosis, but he tells her it was fate. “When my heart stopped again, in order to make it go Du-gun-du-gun, I met you.” He tells her that he cares so much about being cool that he can’t even let other people see him scared, but “You know Butthole Jin, so you come and be next to me, so I’m not afraid, okay?”


At the office, Jae-seok gives President Moon an envelope from Jin “Just in case…” Inside are the pictures from his picnic with Ae-jung and a dvd, and Jae-seok explains that if he dies and news leaks about his relationship with Ae-jung, he wants to make sure that the public knows how much he loved her—essentially doing what he said before, making her a top star by way of his death.

At home, Jin picks up his potato, “Potato, are you going to flower? You have to hurry up and flower so that I can brag to Gu Ae-jung.” It’s so cute that he talks to Potato like a pet.

Suddenly, he clutches his heart in pain. Potato goes tumbling out of his hands, as it crashes to the ground, and so does he. He writhes in pain, and looks over at the potato lying helplessly on the ground.

Jae-seok rushes him to the hospital and the doc preps for surgery. Problem is, Ae-jung isn’t answering her phone because she’s in the studio, about to go live for the news desk portion of Section TV.

The PDs get the breaking news that Dokko Jin collapsed, so they pass it to the anchors who make the announcement live. Ae-jung freezes. Then they introduce her, for her segment on Shin Mina (nice way to mention her name but deflect from anyone caring that she can’t cameo because we’re so wracked with panic right now).

She’s frozen, until finally she gets up and leaves in the middle of the live shoot. She rushes to the hospital, which is totally flooded with reporters.

It’s time for surgery, and the doc asks if the Du-gun-du-gun girl isn’t here. He asks if he should play the cd for him anyway. Jin cries the saddest tear in the world, and says firmly, “No, she’ll sing it to me live, somehow.”

Ae-jung sits outside, crying that she never even got to see his face. But she remembers her promise, and so quietly through her tears, she begins to sing:

From the beginning we weren’t right for each other
We only fought and burnt each other’s insides
But the strange thing is… One day our hearts connected
If you’re not by my side I go crazy, I want to see you
As someone special and only mine, a present full of anticipation
The closer we get I like you so much

Because of you
This heart
Du-gun du-gun
I love only you
The words my heart is screaming
You see me close my eyes shut and extend my lips
I’m dreaming of you, who holds me first

The day I leaned on you and pretended to be sad
Louder than my own, I heard your heart beating
Even if I try the thing I can’t hide
The thing I want even in my dreams
The one person more precious than anything in the world


I already knew
That you were like me
That our love was so bright it hurt our eyes and was seared into our hearts
Because of you
This heart, forever
Du-gun du-gun
I love only you
The happy words in my heart
You who opened your arms wide and offered me your trembling heart
I will hold you, full of the Best Love

Jin’s surgery is ready to begin, and the doctor stops his heart.

Ae-jung waits, on pins and needles.


Aaaaaaaack! I mean, I KNOW he’s going to live. He’sgoingtolive, He’sgoingtolive, He’sgoingtolive. The more nail-biting part is how she’s going to revive him, and if that means putting herself on camera to sing, and outing their love to the world to save him… Eeeee! I’m all jittery and dying to know how she’ll do it.

And of course the fallout, which will be great too, because of the way the stakes have been amped up all around. I know Ae-jung has been the final word in keeping their love secret to protect him, but it’s finally a case where something overrides that—if she doesn’t risk that to go to him somehow and keep her promise, he might die.

This drama has done a phenomenal job of intertwining the image-as-commodity stakes with the life-and-death stakes to the point where they now come together to infuse everything with a sense of urgency and drama in a way that keeps it from veering into the frivolous. Because at some point it’s so easy to say, well that’s just image, so who cares?

But because Jin’s life is at stake, it ups the whole game, and what they’re willing to sacrifice to be there for each other means so much more when so many obstacles stand between them. It’s a clever way to turn the gesture of love into a grand one.

The way che-go is used in this episode, to mean the highest, fits in nicely to bring back Dokko Jin’s princess in the castle metaphor. He’s now the princess stuck in that tower, high up in the air and unreachable. The sea of reporters keeps Ae-jung at bay like a row of soldiers or a fire-breathing dragon, and it’s up to her to find a way to barge into the hospital and rescue him. And whether she’ll slay the dragon or use some kind of magic remains to be seen. Go kiss Sleeping Beauty and wake him up!

I LOVE reverse fairytales like this one, especially when gender roles are reversed, and Ae-jung gets to be the white knight tasked with saving Princess Dokko. It somehow works perfectly with their characters as well, him being the perfect princess loved by all, and her being the noble protector who guards everyone around her. And though Pil-joo’s tale of Paul and his strange land were perfectly fitting from his point of view, it’s wrong, because it’s the wrong story. He saw her as the one needing to be rescued, but she’s not the princess. She’s the knight.

And THAT? Gets me. Right. Here.


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    well-done episode

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    • 3.1 Fall

      Can someone explain to me the whole potato pet thing again? I vaguely remember the backstory.

      • 3.1.1 channah

        Okay, I’ll give it a try since I saw someone posting the same question in the last recap. Here we go:

        She brings potatoes to Dokko Jin’s home to cook him something and he accueses her of being “easy” (because he thinks that Ae-Jung lied about finding Pil-Joo’s pen and instead bought a new one) and asked her to spend the night with him since she’s “easy”.
        In a fit of angered hurt (because he thinks that she just wants Dokko Jin to further her career, but likes Pil-Joo so much that she would turn to lying and deceiving others in order to get him) he later decides to cook all the potatoes (“execute” them) except for one, which he can’t “kill” and instead puts it in a glass with water when it starts sprouting.

        The potato was the first tangible piece of evidence that Ae-Jung’s heart is actually going to Dokko Jin and not to the hot dork of a doctor, because – if I remember correctly – it was actually the first time that Ae-Jung went to Dokko Jin without having any work-related reason, and she even blew off a date with hot dork of a doctor for him. And, of course, she WANTED to cook for him.
        In a later episode Dokko Jin tries to get her to cook him something again, but she refuses and he has to browbeat her into it – so I guess it kinda meant a lot to him that she wanted to cook him something out of her own will.
        I guess it’s a kind of tangible connection that Dokko Jin has with Ae-Jung, because he grooms and talks to the vegetable as if it were a little puppy that his girlfriend gave him for his birthday and he now has to take care of.
        But that’s just my take on why he couldn’t kill that lil’ potato. Hope it helps. If not, you can always rewatch the end of ep 7 and then the whole ep 8. 😉

        • th em

          The fact that two of us were simultaneously writing up detailed profiles of a potato is exactly the sort of thing that makes the internet such a strange and wonderful place.

      • 3.1.2 th em

        Short version: He grew it from a potato AJ brought to his house.

        Less short: DJ falls for AJ and takes her to look at flowers. AJ rejects him. DJ tells AJ a story about a rejected gift of potatoes. More stuff happens. DJ gets mad at AJ and scares her off, realizing too late that she’d brought him a gift of potatoes. DJ is still mad, and executes (eats) the potatoes except for one. That potato, which will be henceforth known as Potato, starts to grow sprouts. DJ thinks the sprouts are poisonous, but he lets Potato grow anyway. Meanwhile, more flower metaphors. Superheroes. Something about a cell phone. Potato keeps on out-metaphoring them all. Potato grows and becomes DJ’s secret confidant. When DJ’s heart has trouble, potato gets wilty. When DJ’s heart is in crisis, Potato goes crashing to the floor. But we all hope that Potato survives long enough to marry Flowers and have little Potato Flower babies. The end.

        • dramabliss

          Excellent summary, th em!

          Now am worried about what happened to Potato, which crashed to the floor when Jin collapsed. Although my anxiety is somewhat allayed by someone writing somewhere in this site that a second emergency team arrived to rescue it.

          I’d really, really want to have my own pet potato soon. No, now!

          • dramabliss

            th em!

            Just scrolled down the page and found it was you who reported on the potato rescue operation. Hope to get an update soon.

          • th em

            @dramabliss: Added below.

          • damianna

            potato was also mentioned in d camellia story at 1st. abt d chicken n stuff. the characters in camellia story made up potato i think. dats y ae jung brought them at d 1st place

        • IzOcha


      • 3.1.3 Rina

        @channah & the em: Great explanations of the significance of the potato “pet”!

        I’ve never cared for a potato as much as I have for the one in this drama! Like we had the pig-rabbit in YB & the plush chicken leg in MGIAG, will there be a trend of people sprouting potatoes?

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    No OT for me today, so I’m extra grateful for this. :)

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    And man, I bawled my eyes out during the first few minutes after that, there’s no more tears to be squeezed so I just sat in a daze. Hahaha.

    • 6.1 MEI

      THANK YOU JBEANS AND GFRIDAY FOR THE RECAPS! I totally forgot to say it haha :)

      I’m sad that Best Love is ending in a week but happy at the same time cos I’m supposed to be preparing/studying for my upcoming licensure exam and having BEST LOVE around is not doing me any good.

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      agree with you…GHJ, as usual is so convincingly good here again, she really moved me to tears…i recently marathoned some of her previous dramas, LGTS SD, TY, Pasta, hello teacher and i became an instant fan…she is one of korea’s finest actresses…

      • 6.2.1 emy

        to floren

        what site did you watch LGTS SD? I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

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    I love Gong HYo Jin. She is such an amazing, amazing actress!!

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    I cannot believe that after next week my life will return to normal. BL should extend for at least 10 episodes. Please I don’t want my PRE-dokkojin-aejung-piljoo life back.lol!

    MY LIFE BEFORE BL – First of all before this drama came along, I never and I mean NEVER made a comment on any blog even those that I’ve followed for 10 years , and now I’m just writing a novel here , haha. DB, you should feel honored for getting my first comment ( DJ in-character here, lol) . Also I NEVER watch dramas that are currently airing in Korea, I only watch them when they’re out in DVD with English subtitles (ok fine, maybe some episodes of Boys over Flowers in local TV dubbed in Tagalog waiting for Lee Min Hot to say mahal ko (saranghae).LOL!
    Before, the only Korean words that I know were kimchi and saranghae. For the past weeks my brain was filled with “WTF do they mean by OTP???” and why do they keep talking about NG and BTS? And is daebak good or bad?? Now I have even mastered the drama lingo so much so that I could use all of them in one sentence. For example – “BEST LOVE’s the daebak rom-com this season or probably for like EVER with CSW and GHY, now known as my favorite OTP,so much so that I find myself looking for NG videos of their kissing scenes and laughing myself silly as well at the BTS videos of the whole cast’s bloopers .” Hah, look at how rich my k-drama vocabulary is now. ROTFL! 

    1. waiting for DB’s recaps until the wee hours of the morning every Wed night(I stopped watching Glee) and Thurs (I stopped watching American Idol, I know they have all been put to the backburner) . One time being new to the site (and didn’t know the recap sched upload) I found myself rereading previous recaps, refreshing the site prolly a thousand times from 9pm to 7am I was camping in front of my laptop. And even after discovering thundie’s live BL recapping, I go back here for GF and JB’s witty side comments and funny insights about the show, their tandem is sooo Hong Sisters I loveettt. Btw, Dramabeans has now replaced Facebook on my computer’s dashboard . DB has become “home” for me.  You know how once you get home, you automically reach for the TV’s remote, I don’t anymore, I switch on my laptop and click on DB. I can’t even remember the last time I watched TV. 
    2. Same routine as Wed-Thurs, even though I know I could watch it in one go like Sunday night I still find myself waiting for the English subbed videos on Saturdays as well, from midnight to 5am til the videos are up(reading comments and recaps while waiting) . Yes so in a week I actually spend 4 nights with DJ and Pil-Joo..heehee
    3. reaching for VitWater in the grocery instead of coke
    4. Having LSS (last song syndrome) and keep singing dugun-dugun (my dog is privy to this)
    5. Asking my sister who is a doctor (but not a heart surgeon) about things like pacemaker, heart valves etc and if she knows any cute adorkable doctors with glasses . heehee!
    6. Catching up in my Grey’s Anatomy episodes and see Christina Yang rocked every heart surgery and think to myself DJ should get her
    7. Making up an enormous lie to a client about a family emergency and to extend the deadline because I was up the whole night waiting for BL recaps and wasn’t able to finish my presentation (this is totally major)
    8. Re-planning a trip with a friend to Korea next year to buy Pororo stuff and a life-size cutout figure of DJ to bring home, instead of originally planning to go there for a full house/coffee prince/jeju island tour while stalking Lee Min Ho/Lee Dong Wok.
    9. Wanting to chat up every Korean I see beside me in the train, restaurant etc (they’re everywhere here in Manila), if they are watching BL as well
    10. Can’t help but think CSW would be sexier as Iron man than Robert Downey
    11. Watching a fan vid (used to cringe on how I find fan vids corny) of CSW in trunks (hoomygaadd) and became the worst version of a screaming twilight fan when they see a topless Taylor
    12. Can’t wait for the release of Phungsan Dog and a marathon of YKS previous dramas and movies (don’t even start me on his G.O.D. videos , eekkk soo guilty)
    13. Thinking of having a four leaf clover tattoo for good luck 
    14. I want to hear Ding Dong, so I’m definitely buying a new doorbell
    15. Never did eat the potatoes in my curry but is seriously thinking of growing one as a conversational piece in our center table in the living room and all my designer colleagues would be like “why a potato, is that the latest trend?”
    Those are just some of the reasons I could think off the top of my head. I can’t imagine my life before this drama, now I don’t know how to go on with my life when this wraps up. Boohoo, can we please continue with the threads??
    Seriously, I need to check into drama rehab or find myself an “ANYONE- ORIENTAL- DOCTOR!”

    MY LIFE AFTER BL – ????????????????

    • 12.1 tabbychi


    • 12.2 bourbon

      This. Is. SO. TRUE!

      I’m afraid to think of what life after Best Love is going to be like. I know people are excited for Heartstrings, but i mean, come on! Best Love will be OVER. I’ll need a loooong time to get beyond how AWESOME Best Love is!

      • 12.2.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

        i know right, i need at least 6 months to recover from this (LOL) and rewatch the whole drama over and over again. Sometimes when I see a drama./movie that I really love, the rebel in me won’t watch any more drama/movies because Im afraid a new one would replace my old fave.

        ahhhh, heartbreakkk.

        • rae

          don’t worry,you’ll get over it:) you’ll get addicted to another drama..then another..and another..i’m sure of it,,been there,done that.lol

          • red

            lol i cant look at potatoes the same way and my first rebelling thoughts are going to turn to ramen

    • 12.3 june

      *7. Making up an enormous lie to a client about a family emergency and to extend the deadline because I was up the whole night waiting for BL recaps and wasn’t able to finish my presentation (this is totally major)P

      DITTO! Same here….hahaha….
      I can’t imagine our life-after-BL…..would it be suck? or just back to normal. Would love to go to Korea to get Pororo and vitamin water too~

      • 12.3.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)


        haha, nights without DJ and PJ won’t be the same :)

        seriously, can we plan a BL-fans tour to Korea and get volume discounts on Pororo??? haha…

        and i need a heads-up if they sell Pil-Joo’s lifesize cutout on his clinic in ebay after the show…..pls let me bid on that.

    • 12.4 imoan.naomi

      This is the first drama I’ve been really compelled to comment about, and I felt a little “geeked up” about it, but you’ve got me beat by miles. Looks like I need to head back to fangirl bootcamp.

      • 12.4.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

        dont moan naomi. heehee

        i know what u mean, im a total major geek when it comes to movies but this is the first drama that gave GEEK a whole new meaning to me(*after reading the lyrics on the songs above, Im researching on BL’s OST now). LOL!

        Pls let me join you on that bootcamp too :)

    • 12.5 dramabliss

      @madly in love with best love

      What can I say, except we are living parallel lives? BL has seriously fed my procrastination tendencies (about things related to work) and I think am in serious trouble.

      I live somewhere in Manila, too. Maybe we can check into drama rehab together. And do inform me asap when you find Anyone-Oriental-Doctor.

      • 12.5.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

        omg dramabliss i’ve always liked your comments. you are one crazy manilena BL fan too??

        I knew it!!!! thousands of girls are living parallel lives right now and time freezes all across the globe every WED_THURS 9-10 pm korean time…heehee

        between u and me, we could prolly set up our own drama rehab and lure BL fans to check in for DJ_PJ withdrawal symptoms.

        no luck on meeting anyone-oriental-doctor yet but yesterday i took off my clothes for a cute (read: short not PJ kind of cute) doctor with glasses too. but hold your horses, it was for a medical check-up for a possible job (no, i didnt get fired). haha.. If I had my way, I would only go on medical check-ups with doctors who look like PJ. *suddenly im thinking of going on random check-ups from now on. LOL!

      • 12.5.2 kim

        i thought its only me who is in serious trouble with work..i have backlogs already, kekeke so after BL, i have to work double time to catch up…i also live in Manila…..i think i need to have an appointment with Dr YPJ…

      • 12.5.3 h311ybean

        Why set up a drama rehab when living with the addiction is so much more fun? Oh, right… Anyone Oriental Doctors!

        PS I live near Manila, too :p

        • madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

          @h311ybean – i know, i think this is one addiction i could totally live with! haha

          @dramabliss, kim and h311ybean : (*imagines u all sitting in a circle)

          me: hi girls welcome to BL rehab Manila DAY 1, I am MILWBL and I am an addict. lol!

          homygadd the number is increasing, i need lots of oriental doctors for us to share.

    • 12.6 swui

      LOL…How true…this is a daebak post!

      • 12.6.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)


        thanks! haha ! for the daebak fans of the daebak drama! Since i came across the meaning of the word, Daebak has become the daebakest word for me right now. LOL!

    • 12.7 SED606

      You are most certainly not alone in your obsession. I’ve adjusted my work schedule and am considering taking next Wed & Thurs off to watch the final episodes live. I drink two bottles of Vitamin Water a week (one for each episode) even though the stuff is gross. I went grocery shopping last week and found myself in the vegetable section giggling and fondling the potatoes. I’m considering making an appointment at the Oriental Medicine Clinic a few blocks from my house in hopes I can find my very own Yoon PilJoo. I’ve watched every episode at least 3 times. I read every blog/recap/discussion obsessively. The remainder of my free time is spent on youtube reviewing bts videos, fanvids, and pretty much anything that has CSW in it or cruising tumblr or livejournal for fellow Best Love addicts.

      Thank goodness they don’t actually sell the Vitamin Water with pictures of Dokko Jin on the bottles. I would have drained my savings to buy a truckload of the stuff.

      • 12.7.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)


        WED and THURS next week are already saved in my calendar… :) fondling the potatoes? I hope next week you dont find yourself buying the dolphin puzzle and fondling it too. LOL!

        go get an appointment at your neighborhood- oriental doctor say some lame excuse like you need to see one cute oriental doctor to get over THE ONE CUTE ORIENTAL DOCTOR!!! hahahaha…ohhh, please share the tumblr links of BL addicts :)

        • Sethe

          Yeah, I find myself grinning like a fool whenever I see potatoes or vitamin water.

          And one of my students today said something about riding a dolphin (we were talking about transportation) and I totally cracked up. They asked why I was laughing, but I couldn’t think of a way to explain.

          Reading everybody’s posts here (and identifying with how Best Love is taking priority over absolutely everything in my life), I’ve realized it’s absolutely no joke to call this an addiction.

      • 12.7.2 FacePhase

        lol i AGREE with the drinking 2 bottles of VITAMIN water (dragonfruit flavour only) even though they taste GROSS cos i do that, too!

        Life after BL is gonna be excruciatingly normal for me. I hate real life. :<

    • 12.8 SweetiePie54

      Love This!!! It’s refreshing to know that other people are going through what I am going through. :)

      • 12.8.1 mommy

        hit my record of white nights (? french expression = don’t sleep all night) , watch ep over & over again , read recaps over & over again, watching preview over & over again, spend my days & nights fixed to my computer
        no social live anymore
        totally addicted! need my fix!
        only happy when wednesday comes

        would like to add sth: I totally agree with GF
        I will be very very happy if we could have at least 1 sexy time
        because, come on! they are adults!!! also Kdrama God should be allowed it
        in real life, people would playing rabbits if they were in this case no, amirit?!??


        • madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

          oh its called white night in french? no wonder ive gone anemic.LOL!

          i know right, If i were AJ with DJ taking his shirt off in front of me I would not only be french kissing him. Lets just say I could imagine myself doing all those, ahem, french stuff with him …. :)

    • 12.9 Celexa

      MILWBL… your post mirrors the life many of us live with this addiction. I too have delayed deadlines, no longer watch TV, and show up at work on 3 hrs sleep… only to log on to Dramabeans instead of opening up my spreadsheets!

      There is life after BL… but it will be an endless search for the same “du-gun, du-gun” feeling BL and the Hong sisters gave us with this gem of a Kdrama.

      • 12.9.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

        @ celexa and sweetie pie54,

        oohh virtual hug to all the girls who suffer from this addiction. :) and good luck to all the jobs and the bosses of the BL fans out there..haha, dont worry, presentations and spreadsheets will be on time and back to normal after next week. LOL!

        celexa, you’d better get more than 3 hrs sleep baby coz i
        i just found out about the results of yesterday’s medical check-up with my cute(short) – not-oriental-doctor and OMO OMO I HAVE ANEMIA!

        The not-oriental-doctor is putting me on an iron/ascorbic acid medication for at least a month and told me to not burn midnight oils anymore and get lots of sleep plus eat lots of vegetables (potatoes?)..

        Ohmygaadd, BL you are to blame for this anemia and if i dont get this job, you’d better compensate me with a drama as perfect as BL. boohoo!

        • Celexa

          omo omo!! don’t get a nosebleed and faint!! lol

          MILWBL it’s going to be hard to get sleep anytime soon… I am not only following BL but also LMHot in CH 😀

          Take care of yourself and eat lots of veggies… too bad your not oriental doctor couldn’t prescribe one of those oriental medicinal drinks.

          • madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

            thanks dear, yes its just too bad coz i want one of ’em oriental medicines but whats worse is that my not-oriental doctor is not THE oriental doctor. LOL!

            P.S. CH is actually next on the list, ive been reading the recaps here too.

    • 12.10 laya

      Omo. I live in Manila too haha. Stop making life complicated… let’s just go to Korea! XDDDD

    • 12.11 row

      Awwww, I’m sending you heart-shaped potatoes in cargo ships now.

      • 12.11.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)


        aww you are soo sweet, but i cant eat anything heart-shaped and a potato at that, too cute. :) i will grow them instead beside my camellia and azalea farms. thanks for the love :)

    • 12.12 artinmyheart

      Hi!madly in love with best love!!!KAMUSTA NAMAN???(WHAT’S UP WITH YOU??!!!) I can’t stop laughing with your comment. I can sooooooooooooooooooooooo much relate with how was your life before,during and after DL…

    • 12.13 neliq


      Thanks for the laughs. I laughed and cried with GF’s recaps and then your comments top it all off with your funny and clever description of our common addiction. My life also changed drastically when I discovered K-Dramaland. I never looked back. It’s been years and I am still enjoying the ride and hope that I’ll continue enjoying it for years to come.

      As for BEST LOVE – BEST LOVE is by far the best drama born out of the Hong Sisters’ imagination and the number one drama in my heart.

    • 12.14 bodean_na

      I know what you mean! I haven’t been addicted to a k-drama in a while. My first one was Full House and that was a couple of years ago.

      My life after BL is in question too!

      I am definitely getting the box set and planning to watch it for many many years to come.

      Anyone else counting how many times they’ve kissed. Gah! I love it!

    • 12.15 emy

      saludo ako sa iyo!!! I’m a BL fan too here in Calgary.

    • 12.16 hajroutta

      hahaha 😀 😀 sooooo funny ! thnk GOD i’m not the only on suffering from Best Love’s syndrom xD

  13. 13 Peppy

    I do not know how I can survive the rest of this drama… *prepares kleenex*

  14. 14 MJP

    I am eagerly anticipating the finale next week!!!!!

    • 14.1 RWJQ

      I am so not. Sad that BL is coming to an end …. :'(

      • 14.1.1 wootwoot

        me too, just seeing the preview for heartstrings after BL episode makes me so sad because it reminds me that this BEST drama must end too

    • 14.2 MJP

      But I want to know what happens!!!!!!!!

    • 14.3 Linda165

      Don’t remind me :(

  15. 15 gingganggolli

    ….oh God, it hurts. Their love is so true! love it. Thanks gf

  16. 16 kit



  17. 17 anh

    GF, I loveee the way you recapped this episode. and your analysis? AWESOME!

  18. 18 leonardswench

    I LURVE this drama ……………………..

  19. 19 reluctantbutaddicted

    I often forget to say thanks after each recap, but I am reading and enjoying all of them… Thanks!!

  20. 20 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.

    I’ve already watched it and read 2 recaps.Yet each time I am in tears.

    This episode…for an episode for any drama…is bloody well done.Fantastic.

    Now that’s out of the way,I feel so much for DJ my heart hurts every time he hurts.

    We’ve subbers who are afraid to go near the subs because it’s so sad.I mean sad and happy but even I don’t feel like reading the subs about now.Just watching it is enough to kill me.

    It is such a great adult rom com which doesn’t dip in quality.The cast and the writing and the directing-this is like the best drama.

    • 20.1 wootwoot

      agreed! this is the first drama that made me laugh out loud just due to their clever usage with BGM, i feel like having a good music director who can really play with the scenes and the mood is critical for k-drama (since scenes with BGM takes up probably one-third of the air time)

  21. 21 vikki

    simply love it!

  22. 22 theedie

    These Hong Sisters are such big teases. I never saw Hong Gil Dong, but from the others I’ve seen I assume that not once in any of their dramas did we ever get fun sexy times. As an American maybe I expect it much more than a conservative Korean, but dammit Dokko and Ae-jung are in their 30’s. If there was one Hong sisters drama that was gonna incorporate sexy times, this would be it. I really hope they have a bed scene soon once Jin is fully recovered.

    • 22.1 h311ybean

      Oh man, I can see it now.

      Ae-jung: “But, we can’t… you just had heart surgery….”
      Jin: “Oh, please. I’m Dokko Jin. I’ll get through it just fine. And if I don’t, at least I’ll die happy.”


      • 22.1.1 dramabliss

        I wish.

        Send this to the Hong sisters, quick! And no grumbling about copyright, okay?

        • h311ybean

          If this happens, I will be content with the knowledge that I totally called it 😀 I’ll start charging next time, LOL!

      • 22.1.2 swui

        Died laughing at your comment…

      • 22.1.3 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

        LMAO!!!! hahahaha..

        true, i’d gladly accept DJ’s death if it ends like this… wahhahahahahaha

      • 22.1.4 mommy


        • ellewu

          i second that :) actually i want sexier times, coz every time DokkoJin is on it’s SEXY already,lol. i seriously still can’t believe CSW is already 40 O.o he’s so damn fiiine!

          • elin

            CSW actually gets BETTER and BETTER looking with time.

    • 22.2 Aslinn

      @ theedie….I’m a newbie CSW fan and talk about a tease. Words failed me (wink…wink) when I happen upon this heart-stopping exchange… (no subs required)


      • 22.2.1 red

        holy crap i was slack jawed through out all that……now i have to watch athena as well as city hall

      • 22.2.2 elin

        can’t … speak … what were we talking about?

  23. 23 Amg1

    Thank you GF for your hard work!!!

    I must admit that I do have a hard time when the male lead behaves like a complete “A-hole.” So the transition from being a jerk to a selfless guy most of the times is pretty illogical, but I am glad that Best Love has manage to create a charter, that the transition in behavior has been done quite smooth as to be able to sympathize with our character.

    DJ is a character that will live forever! Whether he lives or dies, hes has earn a place in the Pantheon of K-Drama Heroes!
    Best Love FTW!!!!!!! : 0}

  24. 24 YoSoyHaru!!!!!!!!!!

    :( I cant wait a week… Thanks for the recap GF.

  25. 25 zzzmadison

    brilliant episode!

  26. 26 ACF

    Can I just ask- what was Se-Ri’s prank that caused Mina to lose the baby?

    • 26.1 bourbon

      She mixed something into what was going to be Ae-Jung’s drink, only, Mina wound up drinking it instead.

    • 26.2 ahjummabunny

      a spiked drink she gave to aejung that mina ended up drinking instead.

    • 26.3 anais

      She mixed in some sort of medication into water that she gave Aejung, except Mina drank it. It wasn’t entirely mean-spirited. The Korean wording used is akin to “making someone suffer a little,” the way people who like each other or are very intimate might pull mean pranks on one another, then laugh about it later after it’s brought them closer.

      • 26.3.1 wootwoot

        hm i thought it was totally mean-spirited… she even said she spiked the drink because she was mad at them for leaving her out like a loner

        • anais

          골탕먹이다 is the term used. That’s not mean-spirited solely. While it isn’t without animosity, it’s not meant to cause serious trouble. It’s meant to create a bit of headache and, as I said above, it can be used to bring people closer. When she says she did it because she was mad at being left out, what she saying is that it was a cry for attention. Bratty and petty, yes. Intended to be destructive? No. Subconsciously intended to be constructive? Yes.

  27. 27 june

    I’m reluctant to watch it now…because I hate crying…I have the urge to just skip the finale…
    But damn…this drama is good!

  28. 28 이정남

    No matter how sweet the doctor is I just can’t seem to root for him in the slightest, does that make me a bad person ㅎㅎㅎ Loving Dokko Jin way too much.

    • 28.1 ahjummabunny

      jeong nam-ah
      you are not alone. cha seung won is spot on as our romantic lead. even though pil joo is great dokko jin is awesome.

  29. 29 Abbie

    This is without a doubt the best drama ever! Only two more episodes left! I’m on pins and needles in anticipation just like Ae-jung. I can’t wait for the next episode. Next week, get here already!

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday!

    Also, I’ve been wondering if the picture of “Dokko Jin” that is by his front door entrance, is that Cha Seung-won from Athena? Because it looks like his character.

  30. 30 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap girlfriday!

    Best Love has proved itself this week to be one amazing drama. Sure, I knew it was amazing way back in the earlier episodes, but to make it through episodes 13 and 14 without slowing down, like most dramas, it’s just awesome. With 49 days and Best Love, i hope more dramas follow their lead in making a drama even better with its later episodes.

    “Gong Hyo-jin is so good. My heart hurts when she cries. Every time.”—- so true!

    Jin better live and present the ring to Ae-jung himself!! And I hope Pil-joo stays in korea and maybe something between him and Seri can come about (slowly…i’m waiting for Pil-joo’s good influence to reform Seri even more before they start dating)

  31. 31 ahjummabunny

    freaking puddle right now. I’m glad I didn’t read it at work. I’ve actually started to seem normal again after 49 days break. wow. oh my god.

  32. 32 VanillaSalt

    omg omg oimg! He BETTER live! I love/hate thursday, espcially when it ends next week :'(

    ajsdfgsdrkjgfjndbgnhjizs!! waah! it’s so sad I wanna know what happens!!! D':

    • 32.1 wootwoot

      yep! i get all excited on wednesdays because it means i can watch 2 new episodes in a row, but i get sad on thursdays right after the episode ends…. sigh…. this can’t be good for my heart 😛

  33. 33 kcj

    Dashing Prince Aejung goes to save the Sleeping Princess Dokko!

    Bah~this episode made so sad. I mean, just look at the crushed face of Dokko Jin just before he goes into surgery when his Prince Aejung doesn’t appear. It seriously just broke MY heart to see that. Props to CSW for doing such a great job!

    I love all the metaphors. Reading the recaps always are the best because they help solidify what I’m guessing and speculating.

    Now, if during a kiss scene Aejung could just use her lips more so it doesn’t look like Dokko is doing all the work. . . .

    I can’t believe this drama is already so close to the end.

    BOO. T_______________T

    • 33.1 kcj

      Also, I just have to add. Is Dokko Jin an orphan? Or is he that self-absorbed? Or does he really have no one else in his life?

      Have you noticed that he has giant ass posters of HIMSELF not only in his house but also on his desk in small frames. I mean, I understand that he is a TOPSTAR but I find it kind of sad that this amazing superstar only ends up having pictures of himself framed in his home. Hopefully in the future he’ll have pictures of him and Aejung and Ding Dong!


      • 33.1.1 dramabliss

        Had similar thoughts. Why no reference to parents/family? I understand they do not contribute to plot development, but why no mention of them at all, even in passing? The most appropriate time for a reference was when Jin was narrating to Ae Jung his experiences as a sickly child.

        I think it a bit strange, considering it’s an Asian drama.

        • wootwoot

          yeah, i felt like it was weird too… sure they don’t really have any times to the major plot line, but when he was being carried to the emergency room, his affiliates were only comprised of his cute manager and the company representative lady…it’s like he seriously has no ONE except the people we see on the drama

      • 33.1.2 th em

        Most of the pictures at Ae Jung’s house are of her or of the National Treasure Girls (featuring her). I didn’t include them all here, but I think she’s actually got Jin beat in terms of sheer quantity.

        • kcj

          HOLY SMOKES! I read your entire post and that is some crazy good attention to detail. Wow, I didn’t realize how much actually is in this drama. It’s so amusing to see all the hard work the production puts into this.

          And I’m glad you addressed the puzzle as well. I was like, “Oh Poor Piljoo…..why is that mermaid humping a dolphin?!” I mean it looks like a majestic picture but I have a wayward mind. . .haha~

          I don’t know I feel like it’s more understandable for Aejung to have those images because she was the one breaking up the group and feels as though she really lost something and wants to preserve the memory. Whereas Dokko is currently pretty famous and successful so I see that more as just egotistical and sadder because Aejung is always with her brother, Ding Dong, or dad.

          Oh man, I’m starting to make myself tear up realizing how Dokko might not have a real family and here he is going through a big surgery?! I mean, shouldn’t parents be here for this surgerY?! It’s a life or death situation and I feel like family should be there but only Moon and the Baby-Faced Manager were there.

          Now that teary scene before the surgery is making me cry just thinking about it. T_T

      • 33.1.3 yoonah

        Yeah, I wish they’d snuck in a few lines at the beginning that he was an orphan. (which I’m assuming he is, unless there’s a Dokko Omma running amok in the countryside growing potatoes in her ajumma hammer pants) For instance, he could’ve mentioned it in passing when he told Ae-jung about his sickly childhood. We shouldn’t have had to wonder. The Hongs dropped the ball a bit on that one.

        Even taking into account Jin’s monumental self-absorption and deranged real personality as the reason for his lack of friends in the industry, it seems like top stars really do live in a bubble and the people they’re constantly with are managers, agents, publicists, stylists.

        Yoon Kye-sang said in an interview that when he was in g.o.d, they weren’t allowed to leave their dressing room (presumably to prevent idol shenanigans lol). And in the film Actresses, veterans Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Mi-sook lamented that actors socialized with each other more in the past, unlike the current star system where they’re insulated by their entourages.

        That’s why it’s kinda nice when you read about the Playboys baseball team, or bromances like JIW/LMH and SSH/SJS/KSW.

        • kcj

          Haha. . .just trying to imagine what Dokko’s parents are like is hilarious. XD

          And yeah, I mentioned above that this great surgery doesn’t even have his parents or close relatives appear. Isn’t this a serious surgery? Where are his family?

          Wow. I didn’t even know that it went that far. That is so intense and kind of sad too. I mean, yes, they’re famous and doing some pretty awesome things, but the cost of not being able to just have normal relationships? As much as I sometimes envy stars I never want to be like them and sacrifice my privacy and be stuck in a whole different world.

          • yoonah

            Yeah, for such a serious surgery, if he had any family, they should’ve been there. But there wasn’t.

            The Hongs usually write families for their characters, even useless ones like Yoo-rin’s dad and Chunhyang’s mom. The fact that they didn’t for Jin makes me extrapolate that he’s an orphan.

            If I’m to fanwank, maybe that drives home his obsession about image/career, because it’s all he has. It also explains why he’s so far up his own ass. For years he hasn’t been answerable to anyone; every single person in his social circle profits from his celebrity in some way. He doesn’t have, say, a grandpa like Dae-woong’s to hit him and cut him down to size lol.

            It’s sweet though that he’s forged real, genuine bonds with Pres. Moon and Jae-seok. They may complain about him a lot (and they have cause lol), but they really do love him and want what’s best for him. Just like family.

    • 33.2 mommy

      “Now, if during a kiss scene Aejung could just use her lips more so it doesn’t look like Dokko is doing all the work. . . ”

      OMG ahaaaaa that’s exactly what I think!!
      it would be a long time ago I would put my tongue in it! ^^

      • 33.2.1 kcj

        LOL! I know, right?

        I don’t know how she just up and walked away when he started to take off that blue sweater. I was literally drooling for the flash of abs and can’t believe Aejung’s self-control. XD

      • 33.2.2 Sethe

        Heh heh. I’d put my tongue all over CSW… and I do mean ANYWHERE 😉

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      And I knew it! Hyung-kyu is not Mina’s child!

      • 34.1.1 yoonah

        I was hoping Shin Mina would cameo! She and GHJ are BFFs.

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    ignoring this will bring bad luck for you for 7 years.

  36. 36 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

    “Okay, this is not where I thought that conversation and kiss were heading. Why are they not going at it like bunnies right now? Is it to do with his heart? Because we’re severely lacking in sexy times for an I-might-die-tomorrow scenario. Amirite?”

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I want them to get on with it like wild bunnies too. eat each other’s potato already. LOL!

    btw, it says here mina lost her baby. so its confirmed she LOST it, right? no more dingdong-could-be-hers analysis. yey!

    I love how Se-ri prayed for DJ’ successful surgery bcoz of her own selfish motive. haha

    Gong Hyo Jin as always your crying is perfect. Acting is impeccable!

    As softy said in thundies prattle blog – This drama really lives up to its title. GREATNESS Personified.

    thanks for the awesome recap GF…

    this coming week is going to be the longest week of my life!

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    Because I say so.

    Extra-special-double-good recap comments today, girlfriday. Thank you.

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        wth is wrong with me? Pet Potato is like our surrogate child or somethin. Oh dear lord.

        • celest1al

          Hahaha seriously. Of course, I was more worried for Dokko, but my worry for the potato was not far behind. Especially cause I knew Dokko would be rushed to the hospital, whereas that potato is probably still dying. :(

    • 37.2 trixicopper

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      Okay, this is too much! Now I’m freaking out over a vegetable. Oy! It truly is sad what an addiction will do to you. :)

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      • 37.3.1 th em

        I keep picturing the person who’s been saddled with the responsibility of making sure the show has half a dozen healthy, nearly-identical potato plants at any given moment.

      • 37.3.2 Madita

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        I am at work, my business is a serious one….Its to hard to keep my composure, not to LOL – but cant keep giggling and grinning like an idiot.

        ( Honestly – Thanks for making me laughing – its a nice start for Friday :) )

        GF thank you very much for the fast recap

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      Potato better have multiple Kdrama Hospital humidifiers.

      Don’t you dare die on us, Potato! DON’T YOU DARE!

    • 37.5 th em

      Update as requested by dramabliss:

      Ahem. The patient arrived at the vegerinarian and was swiftly treated for any stem damage that janet may have noticed. Potato was then given a starch IV and allowed to rest overnight. (And yes, yoonah, Potato was given the finest drama hospital humidifiers. Though several had to be turned off due to concerns over the possibility of steaming the convalescent.)

      As of this morning, Potato is in fine form. I’m pleased to report that after a brisk roll on the treadmill, Potato’s resting heart rate was still well within its 0 to 0 safe zone.

      All is right with the world.

      • 37.5.1 trixicopper

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        • yoonah

          So can I. bwahahahaha

      • 37.5.2 dramabliss

        OMO! Thanks, th em.

        Now I can picture the convalescing Jin stepping over the threshold of his house (with Ae Jung, of course by his side) and the first thing he sees is the completely recovered Potato on a new sparkling glass vase, with new sprouts, and…could it be?

        A FLOWER!

      • 37.5.3 anotheraddict

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    New news:
    ‘Choegosa’ chaseungwon, a testament to the pre-operative left choehwajeong “Sad Ending implication”
    I hope there will be a miracle ( T ^ T)
    original article http://news.nate.com/view/20110617n03739?mid=e0102
    someone tell me,..it is TRUE???????? i don’t wanna see sad ending please
    ( T ^ T)

    • 39.1 wootwoot

      lol i read that too, but seriously i think hong sisters will be nice to us and not kill off dokko jin :) otherwise how else are they gonna fill up 2 episodes worth of air time ;P

  40. 40 almontel

    i can’t wait till next week to find out if the Hong Sisters are going to pull a sad or happy ending for us!!!
    i do have a feeling that AJ will risk it all and go in to the hospital with the reporters surrounding her because she needs to ‘revive’ DJ…
    he’s begged her all this time to use him but she won’t, but this time it is a matter of life and death and if she want him to live she has to make a decision of ‘plunging’ in to save him!
    yes, i was crying like crazy at every single scene and what a kiss that was, you can feel how much he’s hurtin’ and wantin’ thinking if that will be the last time he’d be holding her…it’s soooooooooo sad…..

  41. 41 RWJQ

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    I’ve watched ep 14 three times while waiting for your recap. Of course, have cried buckets too. :'(

    This ep is just sooooo awesome! I’m just as amazed that each episode keeps outdoing its preceding one.

    Best Love is simply da best! <3 <3 <3

    • 41.1 RWJQ

      One question though:

      I watched the Chinese-subbed clips on Tudou. It was explained in the last scene that the surgery wasn’t done yet, but had come to the stage where they needed to stop the heart. And the scene showed the heart beating before coming to a stop. GF wrote that the doctor was trying to revive the heart.

      So which is it? I’m all confused now … anyone can help?

      • 41.1.1 celest1al

        It’s the stage where they needed to stop the heart to finish the surgery. At least from my understanding.

      • 41.1.2 swui

        Actually I wanted to point that out too…I think GF miunderstood that moment, the surgery ain’t done yet… During heart surgery, the heart has to be stopped for a while and the circulation transferred to a mechanical circulation while they replace the heart…so this is only a transition procedure…..even Dokko Jin explain that to AeJung…

      • 41.1.3 celest1al

        Girlfriday fixed it! :)

  42. 42 may

    I keep telling myself he is going to live…but then I think about the Hong sisters’ drama Hong Gil Dong and I get this nagging feeling. (not saying any more because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen that drama.)

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  44. 44 tomboy26

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    I can’t wait for next week .. even though it is going to be bittersweet cause I really don’t want this one to end.

    Oh and I’ll marry Pil-Joo .. I’ll take one for the team 😉

    • 44.1 Daniela

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      I like to think I bagged the Doctor the 2nd episode in!!

      “She asks how long Paul’s going to hang on to Nina. Pil-joo: “Until she cries no more.”

      AWWWWWW. Gah, somebody marry this boy!”

      I love that statement girlfriday and gladly accept the offer!!

      Like everyone I’m gutted when thsi is going to end, I’ve read the recap before watching the episode and I’m in tears already, everyone at work thinks I’ve gone mad!! This is brilliant and just keeps you on the edge of your seat (or toes) until the last bite!

      We know that Jin and Ae Jung will make it as I don’t think the Hong Sister’s want a Dokko Jin war on their hands, but I’m curious as to Se Ri and Pil Joo’s fate, well Se Ri anyway as Pil Joo is already destined to be with me!
      Just call me Mrs Pil Joo Saviour for life!!!

  45. 45 jessybee


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    I also love that you mentioned Ae Jung is the white knight to Jin’s princess. So cute! I also went back and looked at the screen caps and it’s so fitting (or a coincidence) that Ae Jung was wearing white throughout the whole episode as well. She really is his white knight. Hehe.

    I can’t believe we have to wait a week, or 160 hours (minus a day since it is Thursday) according to Dokko Jin, to find out what happens. The Hong sister’s sure do know how to write a cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more.

  48. 48 sereneXmalice

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    • 49.1 VanillaSalt

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      • 49.1.1 DP

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      • 49.1.2 DP

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    • 50.1 h311ybean

      That would be a nice way to get the girls all together again :)

      And then Jin wakes up and yells at the other three that he really only needs to hear Ae-jung sing!

      Jenny: “But I’m her best friend. If I don’t get to sing, you don’t get my stamp of approval.”
      Jin: “OK, fine, you can sing, too – but softly!”

      • 50.1.1 malia

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        This was the BEST episode. It made me laugh and cry so much.

    • 50.2 FlexibleSamurai

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  51. 51 Daniela

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    Ok, then. For some strange reason I’m not worried. I know he is going to live, too. In 49 days I could see the reason behind her death (or so I think). But this time,if he dies, there wont be any great reason behind it, at least for me. I can’t find one.
    I was thinking that in this episode she would went against the reporters to reach Jin. But now that you mention it, that could happend in the next episode. Im totally waiting for it. I like the reverse fairytale. I hadn’t seen it like that and it fits perfectly.
    The moment she started to sing is the moment I started to cry. I didn’t knew the lyrics and when I was reading I was crying again. It’s very easy to make me cry and this drama knows how to do it.
    And I want sexy fun times too! Maybe they didn’t happened because maybe his heart wouldn’t endure it.(is endure the right word? maybe take it?). After the surgery…Please Hong sisters. Shadows, the morning after, fading effect, something.

    Thank you for the recap!

  52. 52 Sethe

    Dokko Jin is not going to die, and here’s why:

    1. I know everyone says, well the Hong Sisters have done it before… but in Hong Gil Dong (I think by this point I’m not spoiling anything for anyone here by talking about this) the death was necessary to the story. I mean, with Hong Gil Dong and the Prince, it was like Harry Potter and Voldemort, right? One could not live while the other survived.

    2. With all the focus in this drama on the entertainment industry, image, and the culture of celebrities, killing off Dokko Jin to fix Ae-jung’s image is just too easy. The story needs to explore (and find an answer to) the question of how DJ and AJ can actually be together amidst all the problems with fame and image. Otherwise it’s letting us down and taking a cop out.

    • 52.1 h311ybean

      Also, he’s the lead and we have two episodes to go, and as much as I love this drama, it’s going to be pretty weak if the lead spends the rest of the series lying around in a coma, only to die.

      Princess Dokko deserves a happily ever after!

    • 52.2 celest1al

      I’m with you on this one Sethe!
      especially on your 2nd point.
      Thanks GF! I know Korean so I just come for your girls’ insight, and I loved your knight/princess analogy.

      And a few quibbles… “No, she’ll sing it to me live, somehow.” Doesn’t he actually say, “She’ll sing it to me live from somewhere (wherever she is).” So he’s not really talking about the somehow, or at least that’s what I thought.

      Also at the end… didn’t they just use the heart lung machine to cool and stop his heart in order to finish the surgery?

    • 52.3 trixicopper

      I agree. The ending of HGD worked for 2 reasons.

      The first being it was a Sageuk. As far as I can tell after years of drama watching it is the law that Sageuk must end in TRAGEDY.

      The other reason being, you don’t become an epic hero for the ages by living happily ever after.

      With that said, I doubt the Hong Sisters are going to kill off Doko Jin. But I do think that they will make us sweat it out.

      The one I’m more worried about is the Potato! Please don’t let the vegetable die!

      • 52.3.1 celest1al

        Hey Trixi!

        I am about 90% sure that Dokko will live, but you’re right. They’ll probably make us sweat it out… heck, I am already kind of nervous. I’ve never been so sure and unsure at the same time. Even if there is that certainty, they definitely put certain things in place within the narrative for it to veer in the direction of his death.

        I am also worried about the potato! I hope Aejung goes to his house and revives it. It’s her turn to be the potato grower while Jin is recovering. LOL.

        • th em

          I think DJ will live, too.

          However, if the worst should happen I’ve already begun trying to convince my subbing team to simply rewrite the subs so he doesn’t die.

          All we need is a really good metaphor about a flower that always holds perfectly still, and I think we can pull it off.

          • tari

            That’s brilliant! Thank you, for informing us in advance. I’ll make sure to download the DS sub then. LOL

          • grateful1

            @ th em

            You’re rapidly becoming one of my favorite commenters! :)

        • DP

          Does anyone stop eating potato after watching best love?

          There are so much love for the potato.

        • yoonah

          I know, right? If you’d asked me several weeks ago, I would’ve said with absolute certainty that of course no one is gonna die in this romcom (Hong Gil Dong was a different case).

          Now, I’m still 90% sure he’ll live, but I ACTUALLY FEEL SCARED. There’s a clutching feeling in my stomach, and I’m talking to the screen aloud “Don’t die, Jin!!!”

          That’s good writing.

      • 52.3.2 Kim Yoonmi

        Not all Sageuks end in tragedy.
        Dong Yi, Dae Jang Geum (which was really popular), Jumong (Buiittersweet), Yi San ended sadly, yes, but it was bittersweet, not melo.) Sungkyunkwan Scandal (A big bright bow tie ending… a little weak, but it wasn’t sad.) The Sweet Potato Ballad (That’s one of my favorites to date from the Three Kingdoms), Kim Suro (Happy ending–weak drama though), and numerous others, icluding the fushion drama Goong and GoongS.

        And I agree with you! The Potato! I want it to live and flower with the white flowers and then have potato babies!

        • Kim Yoonmi

          *Sageuk Korean has no plurals. =P

    • 52.4 Kim Yoonmi

      Exactly, it’s a cop out and too easy for Ae Jung to ride that to the top, which the Hong Sisters are against with the words that they want their characters to work hard to get what they want. When the Jae Seok and the head of the agency were talking about the contingency plan, I knew straight away Dokko Jin was not going to die. ’cause that’s too easy for Ae Jung and she needs to earn her fandom.

      The other question I think they want to address the next two episodes is if he only fell for Ae Jung because he’s sick or if he really likes her beyond that point. I think we know that answer, but the characters have to confirm it for themselves. They hung that thread out quite a bit.

      I should note that I was the one that guessed the scandal with Mina the closest. I’m giving myself a gold star, which is very Dokko Jin of me. ^_^

      • 52.4.1 celest1al

        I agree with everything you said. It’s too easy and she would just be getting famous because he died, which would make her feel horrible rather than honored. More importantly, although the whole image/reputation is important… it pales in comparison to Dokko, in terms of what’s important in her life.

        I also think that they will address that in the next two episodes. Even she thinks that he’s willing to sacrifice and out their relationship because he thinks he’s going to die. Again it’s addressed when AJ is talking to Agent Moon, and Moon says that Dokko will come back to reality once the surgery is successful.

  53. 53 Ros

    Thank u GF! i love this drama.
    actually i ignored this drama in the early episodes but then your recaps made it interesting week by week. Today I keep refreshing this site since morning!
    Thank u sooo much to u and javabeans for your hard work and good writing skills!

  54. 54 Marlene

    sobs!!!! im getting dehydrated from crying with just reading the recaps..and more tears when I actually watch this episode.

    This drama is the best BEST LOVE for me this season.

    Thanks JB and GF for the great recaps…. more kleenex please:((

  55. 55 Chris


    One more week to go! I’m so freaking excited, I don’t know what to do!

    • 55.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)

      oh god, i know i want his memories and feelings intact when he wakes up . we only have 2 episodes left pls dont ruin it with a conflict like that… after this, i just want a happy happy happy ending!!!!

  56. 56 tari

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    Ae-jung Knight Fighting! Princess Dokko FTW!!

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    Thx for the great recap Girlfriday! I’m so in love with this drama and is crying while just reading this recap. I totally agreed with u and love ur thouhgts about AJ being the knight and Jin the princess. AJ pls quickly go and kiss sleeping beauty so we can all have our happy ending. :)

  58. 58 mint

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  59. 59 graced923

    great recap.

    but at the end, the doctor says they’re going to stop his heart to finish the surgery.

    • 59.1 celest1al

      Yeah exactly what I thought about the last part, as in, they had to stop his heart to finish the surgery.

    • 59.2 girlfriday

      Yes, you’re right. Got ahead of myself.

  60. 60 Sils

    I think sexy time has to be postponed after surgery b/c they wouldn’t want poor DK to drop dead mid bunny action. That would be so traumatizing! Anyways, love the recaps. Thank you girls!

    • 60.1 Fall

      LOL that would.

    • 60.2 FacePhase

      LMAO! Then smexy times after surgery shld be x 987 better.

      WE WANT A GOOD ONE. heh rabid bunny action…

      • 60.2.1 yoonah

        Hear hear!

  61. 61 JD

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  62. 62 PotatoFamine

    There’d bloody well better be a potato buffet next week. F’real.

  63. 63 dls

    Thanks for the recap!
    gaah…. I can’t wait till next week….
    just 2 more episodes…
    GAJ and DJ better get together

  64. 64 La Plume

    That sure is a conflict regarding Mina that could only be logical for a Korean person.

    If I understand correctly, Mina’s got to protect her secret because she’s now married with another man and he would have a hard time accepting that she laid with another before marriage…

    Thank God, I’m not Korean, don’t have to put up with this kind of nonsense. If you marry at 40, is it expected of you to keep your bottom to yourself up to that age?

    By the way, seems like in close to every drama I watch, you always have a Korean studying in the US or living in the US for a certain amount of time, yet always falling in love with another Korean. I mean Is there some kind of special hormones in Korean perfumes that makes it so that Koreans can only fall head over heels in love with another Korean?

    I know we deal with Korean actors but couldn’t they at least, try ONCE in their lives to invent a past involving somebody of another ethnicity?

    I just find it extremely exasperating and frustrating. It’s just like one of my friend who’s French with Korean descent and who speaks of non-Korean people as foreigners and that there’s no way she’s gonna marry a foreigner. So I guess, even with a French ID, you consider yourself foreign. The extreme right must be happy, if you don’t consider yourself French, you have no right to benefit from all the privileges of a French citizen… Even worse the “Go back to your own country” wonderful sentence can hardly be contested in that case.


    At least in my family we don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, you can be green if you want, as long as you’re not a thief, a pedophile or a rapist you won’t ever be automatically refused from the “good to marry” list.
    That’s such a close minded view of life, I can’t even understand why they dare brag about such close mindedness.

    Here I said it, that’s just something I find increasingly irritating. Either you stick to Korea, but stop puttin’ Koreans in your stories living in America with a shit-like accent, only having Korean friends and marrying Koreans. If it’s to stick only with Koreans, why bother living in the US with such ethnic diversity seriously?

    • 64.1 swui

      La plume,

      Don’t get so mad. It’s not actually a Korean thing. Asian countries are actually much more conservative as compared to foreigners…it may be weird to you but chastity really is STILL kinda important here…even if some people do break that unspoken law…no one in their right mind will brag about it, esp a girl, I know it’s unfair but that’s how it is here…

      As for the Koreans living overseas characters, the characters are designed as such because it used to be a big thing if you are back from the overseas, I dunno why exactly buut it sort of lend prestige to the character or in some situations just an excuse to get the character to disappear for a while…

      ..and that your observation that they only fall for fellow koreans, my opinion is that it’s just easier that way because they are making a KOREAN drama and they don’t have that many non-korean foreign actors who are artists in Korea….but really I think there were several dramas that dealt with girls falling for people of another ethnic (Tamra, the Island ; Assorted Gem -this is just hearsay I didn’t watch it so correct me if I’m wrong; Friends- WonBin and the japanese girl, Hyunhaetan Marriage War starrring Im Joo Hwan, etc). And I guess because it’s not such a common occurence, it’s not portrayed often…

      And about your Korean friend, I think it’s kind of unfair to generalize all koreans based on your ONE friend’s opinion. It’s kind of natural to gravitate towards your own kind (same culture, same language,etc), so usually of course they would tend to find mates of their own origin. But that doesn’t mean it don’t ever happen…I’m sure there’s as many korean-non korean pairings the world over, how else do we have so many koreans of mixed descents..

      It’s nice that you don’t discriminate…but I really feel you shouldn’t take it so personally…I’m sure they are not discriminating against you also…it’s just a kind of life they are used to and not meant for any harm…

      And yes, some of them do have funny accents because at the end of the day, they are just ACTORS who pretend they are from overseas…not all of them have been living in overseas…it’s just make-believe.

      Don’t frustarate yourself unnecessarily ok…

      p/s: I’m not Korean, just a Malaysian Chinese so I guess we’re a little more culturally similar…

      • 64.1.1 sleepysnail

        you totally just made my post redundant XD thanks for sticking up for us though :)

      • 64.1.2 mardie

        totally agree with you.. sometimes, what happen in dramas happen coz its more convenient that way… juz bcoz…

    • 64.2 sleepysnail

      o…k… a bit off topic, and sounds like you have issues, but i’ll try to address them…

      a lot of koreans in the US, especially ones who’ve immigrated to the US starting from around 10 or so, hang out with a lot of koreans. and a lot of times, koreans go to places with established korean enclaves, so it’s easy for them to surround themselves as best they can with koreans (like new york, LA, etc). i’m not saying this is true of all of them, but it can and does happen with some regularity. in the land of korean TV, america is this magical land where you can get a pedigree education, a brush of foreign mysteriousness, and explain away many years of absence from the motherland in one word.

      and in any case, korea has a pretty homogeneous population, and usually when a population is homogeneous, it comes with a lot of inborn racism and prejudice. they don’t (always necessarily) mean anything bad by it; they’ve just never been exposed to any other way. my own mother says she sort of wishes i’d marry a korean. that doesn’t she only wants me to marry koreans; it’s just a way of expressing something she’s grown up with.

      also, in many cases, koreans come to america for schooling, for the name-brand colleges (harvard, princeton, stanford, yale, columbia (only because it’s in new york)), and then go back to korea. they’re not thinking about romance; they’re thinking about how to get ahead financially, or career-wise.

      it’s also quite difficult, when you think about it, to get a whole bunch of actors and actresses who can speak other languages fluently, especially in korea. you take what you can get. besides, koreans are interested in watching tv about, well, koreans. americans are interested in tv about americans, the british about the british, presumably, and the japanese about the japanese, etc. it’s just a fact of life; viewers want to project their lives onto the show, it’s how they can relate to it, and feel the pull to watch it. why don’t you ask why american tv shows always have genius rhodes scholars who fall in love with only americans? what’s wrong with the british (apart from their teeth)?

      regarding sex: korea has a very conservative society, and it translates over to how television is viewed as well. even if there is a reality of children out of wedlock, and premarital sex, it’s not ok yet by cultural norms to show it on tv. it’s like a post-sex scene in a pg13 movie, where the woman has the sheets covering her breasts; everyone knows that’s not how it is, but those are rules. it could be worse. it could be the middle east, where women can be stoned for adultury.

      but beyond all of this, are you french? because if you are, i don’t see what your problem with the narrowmindedness of koreans is, with your own problems regarding racism and bigotry. and if you think that was an overgeneralization, painting you with the same brushstroke as some other unenlightened folk, i suggest you reread your post. i agree that narrowmindedness is a shame, and that koreans aren’t perfect on the -isms front, but get off of your high horse. you’re not acting much different.

      • 64.2.1 swui

        I don’t think my post made yours redundant…in fact I think you guys are even better in explaining than I am…LOL…makes me feel kind of a busybody here…sticking my nose into other people’s affair…

        But I felt that Laplume wasn’t mean in her/his opinion just maybe not as informed so I thought I’d put in my two cents on the matter…if the post was just rude, I might have just ignored it, but she/he seemed truly confused. Anyhow, I hope you understand what we’re trying to say here…


        • MEK

          hello Buddha!

    • 64.3 Ace

      Things are different in Asia. More conservative. Not as conservative as before but compared to the west… Discrimination still exists based on race and skin color. Koreans and Japanese tend to be more nationalistic. Virginity is still the ideal but not like it was 25 years ago. And from what I understand, it’s not so much as Mina had sex before that she doesn’t want to tell her husband. It’s the miscarriage that she wanted to keep a secret.

      Please respect other people’s culture. There are a lot of things in the Western culture that seem weird from an Asian perspective but you don’t hear them spouting things like “nonsense” and “close-mindedness”. And you might find it funny that they don’t speak English perfectly (I do too), but it’s just the way it is. Try learning Korean, Japanese, or Chinese and see if they don’t find you funny too.

      If you find it exasperating, then go watch another culture’s show.

    • 64.4 asianromance

      We didn’t get to see Mina’s husband much, but maybe he could have been cool with it and she’s the one with the weird hangups due to her idol past. You can’t even gain 10 pounds in the kpop industry without it being annihilated by the media.

      I remember reading an interesting article about it that analyzes why koreans seek out koreans for dating/marriage, but can’t find it anymore. =( From reading it, I can see where they are coming from.
      Aside from having a nationalistic and Confucian culture, a marriage is more stable when there is a shared culture, shared values, and beliefs. I think this may also be a worldwide issue. In college, students from other countries tend to date other students from those same countries or return to their home countries after graduation to marry someone there.

      I notice that the Koreans from korea also tend to hang out with other koreans from korea (actually same with the Chinese from China and Russians from Russia and South Africans with South Africans), so the possibility of really getting to know someone of another culture is very slim.

      And by the REALLY bad accents in kdramas, I’m not surprised that they weren’t able to forge strong relationships with non-koreans. How is it that I personally know koreans-from-korea who only arrived in the US when they have reached adulthood with english accents 100x better than the actors?? It’s really hard to communicate when you can only truly and comprehensively express yourself with a language the other person doesn’t understand as well. I have spent my entire life only half-communicating with my immigrant parents. I’d want a relationship where I can express myself fully. So even if Lee Min-ho asks me to be his long-term gf or wife, I’d refuse him (after I sleep with him, of course! *wink*).

      Also interestingly, on the flipside, a chinese-american friend of mine who works in china, in an american firm there, told me that ex-pats tend to hang out only with other ex-pats (whole neighborhoods and complexes are devoted to keeping them isolated) and don’t really mix with the local population. It is even more likely that they hang out with ex-pats from other cities and countries (!!) than to hang out with the locals.

      I’m shocked at your French-Korean friend! I’m from the US and I find that my friends of Korean descent seem more American. Now that I think about it, I don’t think any of my korean-american friends has even dated a korean even though they had access to them! But then they are almost all female. I think korean women tend to be more-openminded and less traditional than the men.

    • 64.5 laya

      xD No, not just in Korea. Same for us in the Philippines, actually, regarding the marriage when the woman has “a past”. Except that when it comes to returning from overseas, it’s usually portrayed as the opposite– he/she gets to bring home a foreign spouse.

    • 64.6 Kim Yoonmi

      Korean here. I won’t speak for all Koreans. And I’m not in a position to talk about the history of *my* people all over. And I am Kim Hae, so I’m part of the clan that is the biggest clan in Korea, just in case you think my Korean roots must be lacking *rolls eyes*.

      Let’s tackle your complaint point by point.

      1. Mina wanted to hide the fact that she was going to *marry* someone else before her current husband. It’s not that she thinks sex before marriage is wrong. It’s the fact that she had an impending *scandal*. In a marriage some secrets are healthy to keep. It’s not about her being Korean–the character motivations are set up correctly. She said she wanted to “kill herself” after she lost her first baby. If this was exposed, then the “destroy her current happiness” would come from the sudden media attention on her, her husband and her child. She wouldn’t want her husband to have to go through the hell she went through those years before when she couldn’t take it. It has nothing to do with sex before marriage. You’re off on that regard.

      2. Sex before Marriage in Korea.
      Oh please. It’s not *that* conservative. The guy was established from being from the US. And besides my tongsaeng, who grew up in Korea (non-blood relation, BTW), had sex before marriage. It’s acceptable in the society more than it was 10 years ago. You’d have to go back to attic cat for not being able to live together. More and more Koreans are living together for long, long periods of time before marriage according to a recent statistic. I doubt that means they are living in chastity. Your info is out of date. Korea’s attitudes are changing by the month due to rapid industrialization.

      3. Plenty of dramas have Koreans falling in love with people from overseas. MNKSS had Daniel Henney, and he is only half Korean. (He’s British/Korean (Adoptee) His mother is sweet, BTW, she thanked me for subbing his one movie My Father because he doesn’t update her due to his schedule. =P Eugene’s latest drama had her in love with a white guy who was her fiancé. Her father was against it.

      Don’t generalize until you’ve watched as many dramas to sink a good-sized battle ship.

      In addition, I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again, Dramas are not real life. Before my friend married her husband she wanted to marry someone that was either half or White ’cause she thought she could have good-looking children like Daniel Henney, who was her favorite.

      I should also point out that Hawaiians are a mix of Black, Native, Korean and Japanese. The people of color outnumber the white people on the Islands. I don’t think you can state the people who are half magically had their DNA mixed. Also Look up Tasha–her moher is Korean, her father is black (American Soldier) and She’s damned beautiful.

      Korea, in general, tends to be monorace, it’s not always true, but it is mostly true. It’s not like the US’s Chicken Stew. (Not a melting pot–’cause everyone thinks the US is made up of the Chicken, not the other vegetables supporting the US economy.)

      3. One person does not make a population.
      I know people who say they will only Marry an Asian who are white. I know white people who say they will only date blacks. And white people who say they will only date whites. That’s *their* preference, but I’m wise enough to know that it is *their* preference and one person does not count as a few million people of a nation and their dating preference. My tongsaeng married a Korean, but was lusting after white guys before that. My younger brother–he liked white and Asian girls.

      Me? My Korean self dated a Japanese man and a White guy. I’d date a Hispanic, a black man, or anyone that struck my fancy, especially if they act like Park Hae Young-ssi from My Princess or Bucho from Hotaru no Hikari or Chiaki from Nodame. *grins* I don’t care–but some people do and I’m mature enough to respect their decision as long as they aren’t eyeing me up as some kind of stereotypical Asian ideal on the street. Their taste, their business.

      3. I beg to differ that all Koreans have accents in Korean dramas. Did you watch all the Hong dramas? I guess not, or you’d have noticed that Fantasy Couple had someone speaking 100% perfect English. And then you’d have noticed that other dramas have people speaking perfect English too. The thing is because the writers don’t speak English well, they have the English speakers slow down their speaking. You should also watch some Korean movies. Please Teach Me English. Korean marries a White girl in that. (Not the main characters, still happens).

      And I would also recommend you try learning Korean and not messing up our inflection with your Americanisms. You can never get the curve of Seoulmal right, you Americans. (Notice the sarcasm of this.) And why can’t you nail the sound differences between the different regions of Korea. Should I speak some Saturi for you? Why can’t you drop subjects correctly and get the particles right? Don’t you recognize the differences in Jeonmal and Banmal? I know, you Americans (And I’m one too, BTW), bitch when someone comes to America and get all afraid of the foreigners, but when you go to their country, you expect them to speak US American phone operator, non-Hispanic-sounding English. What makes those Americans that believe that, but total hypocrits. So get over it. English is not just an *American* language, it’s part of Taglish, Konglish, Engrish, and a *worldwide* *trade* language. And Because of that we get bastard words such as samurai (which Americans butcher) toilet (don’t pronounce that t! It’s French!) and we butchered the Inuits by calling them “Eskimos” Yup. Cultural superiority must reign because American English is clearly the *best in the world. Let’s forget Taglish, Singlish, and the fact that America and Britain created this absolute need in other countries to use English. If you’re going to complain, complain about the imperialistic attitude of the US and the snobbery that the US has towards People of color–name me a musician in the popular media in the last 10 years that was 100% Asian. Tell me that racebending didn’t happen in the Last Airbender. Tell me that Akira wasn’t picked to have *only* white guys and that a recent director called an All American cast white. You don’t think these things are related? They are. Because you insinuate that my Korean self, typing this better than your English to you right now can’t speak well at all. And I do wish American movies would stop murdering Asian films. WTH was with frickin’ Tom Cruise saving all of Japan? And how long did it take Disney to put out Mulan and a film starring black people as Princesses? You think Korea has issues, look deeper at home. At least Korea spends a lot of time trying to get English right–it might fail, but it does at least try–America doesn’t return the favor. Korea airs American films in subtitles on regular channels and airs deep in the country tourism videos on Arirang–America doesn’t return the favor. So don’t think you can preach superiority here. It ain’t going to work. For every put down you have for Korea you have, I have ten more complaints about the lack of Asians and real representation in American media. Don’t put up that double standard. And why would I know? ‘Cause it’s in my line of study. (Halfway through a Cultural Anthro–when complete I want to specialize in Cultural media exchange.)

      In summary, I’m glad I know that the current population of 6.8 billion people isn’t represented by you. I’m giving you a chance to see your own individuality and that of others. Because while we are all homo sapiens sapiens from around North Africa, no singular person’s beliefs have ever been exactly the same as another’s. Otherwise this world would have been so much more boring and cultural anthro wouldn’t be half so interesting to study. Honor that. Learn from that.

  65. 65 meeyu

    sob… sob … sob …please dram god don’t let jin die..let them have a happy ending…im down on my knees begging……pleeeeeeeeeeeeease….let him live

  66. 66 beth2005

    madly in love with best love (recent k-addict), you expressed it very well about myself too.

    this is the first i bother to put comments about korean drama and i am like you too, dramabeans becomes the first website i will browse whenever i log onto computer and i find wed and thurs is very long and i completely am in love with Dokkojin and Best Love.

    Vit water was never in my mind, till i am watching this drama and i “accidently” bump into it in supermarke in singapore. As know vit water is not really popular in my country, but i tempted to buy though it’s expensive just because of you Dokkojin.

    I find CSW is a very good actor and i find him much much better in here. I first caught him in City Hall, was not really crazy over him though, but i did love the story very much. But when he is in Best Love, my heart beats dugun dugun just at one thought of him. He is damn tall and very sexy, and i love his curly ridicolous pony hair. hahaha….how can a man have a curly pony and yet very attractive.

    • 66.1 madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)


      haha i knew i wasnt alone in all the BL craziness.

      so where did u get vitwater, cold storage or fair price? haha, i actually thought its not available here in manila as well but i saw it in the counters of krispy kreme and actually searched for it in supermarkets here..heehee

      I loved CSW in City Hall too, first time to see him there as well but BL just made me go gaga over him more :). and the curly bangs i find ridiculous too but only CSW can pull it off and make it look sexy :) hot damn . LOL!

      • 66.1.1 FacePhase

        cold storage? fair price? lol you’re Singaporean? ^^

        • madly in love with best love (recent k-addict)


          nope im filipino. I love singapore and go there often. I know the supermarkets coz i stayed for 3 months last year, and im pretty sure u have vitwater. heehee

    • 66.2 EvaBoo

      i buy the dragonfruit vitwater just for fun…teehee 😀

      • 66.2.1 FacePhase

        Even though it’s the shittiest taste ever (the dragonfruit flavour reminds me of watered down- cough syrup!) but because of DJ, i’m drinking it (quite daily) and funnily, it taste better every time LOL talk abt obsession! XD

  67. 67 YerVang

    My prediction: Dokko Jin doesn’t make it and the Cd airs. She finds the ring.

    • 67.1 Rosey9cheeks

      that.is SAD.

      • 67.1.1 YerVang

        Too many melo dramas for me, Lol. ;(

    • 67.2 ank

      That would be really sad!

      I hope AJ will find the ring and wear the shoes to “run” to Jin’s side.

      Awwww just don’t let DK Jin die!!!

  68. 68 KANGAH

    Next episode: Jung-ilwoo the scheduler pops out! “Dokko jin, you have 49 days!”

    • 68.1 YerVang

      ahhahah, i could picture that lmfao

    • 68.2 Yuuko11

      Really? Can they extend some more episodes?

    • 68.3 yoonah

      Ha! That would be awesome.

    • 68.4 twinkle

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  69. 69 Rosey9cheeks

    this is my 1st time replying here but I’ve been reading your recaps since “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”!
    anyways, thank you for every recaps and it’s very well appreciated!!
    also, you guys, JB and GF are the BEST “recap-ers” that i’ve seen out here in the net. 😛
    this drama is killing me!!!!!!!
    its soooo good yet soo badd!!
    like what u said, every episodes are very well written and played out.
    oh bananas!! 2 more episodes..NOOO!!!
    i can’t…ok..gonna go and read your previous recaps!

  70. 70 Sethe

    By the way, did CSW get a new tattoo? I’m pretty sure he didn’t have that one on his back in Athena. (I’ll have to go back and watch his smokin’ hot bed scene again to be sure 😉 )

    • 70.1 Noi

      He really likes tattoos, doesn’t he? I’ve counted three so far.

      GHJ has a couple of tattoos on her fingers, as well. They’re really small, though.

      • 70.1.1 yoonah

        She also has a star on her ankle, and a slightly larger tattoo of what seems to be Bambi (lol) on her lower back.

        • Noi

          Is the bambi tattoo the matching one she has with her boyfriend?

          • yoonah

            If you mean it’s on the same place, then yes. His is a tattoo of Jesus.

        • yoonah

          Erratum: the star tattoo is on her foot, not her ankle.


  71. 71 bitterkopi

    hmm, i’m guessing that KBSN will sing the “heart song” as a group to help ae jung this time…

  72. 72 jinga jinga

    Fanks 4 da recap. love dis episode so many heart touching moments
    Pil Joo cn u be my excuse hahaha

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  74. 74 Dee

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    Status : Praying for Dokkojin, pls live

  75. 75 ais

    He needs to live!!! seriously hong sisters, do not do a hong gil dong on this.. i usually like unpredictable ending, but not for BL. I can’t handle a heart breaaakkk!!!

  76. 76 Rachael

    Read this off my mobile in terrible connection area. First things first…

    Oh crackers. I get the feeling Pil joo has been so awesome because he’s the replacement Jin. The ring put away in the box suggests she finds it in an unhappy setting to me. Either right after or further down the road. I really want him to live so bad, but this is starting to smell of Death.

    Otherwise, THANK YOU GF for sortin out what I did feel amiss about Pill joo as time went on. I seriously love the Hong sisters for making her a knight and not a damsel. There needs to be more of them in dramaland. It’s tiresome otherwise acter awhile.

    Anyways, last day (now) before my friend’s wedding so I should get to bed.

    *finds signal to post this*

    • 76.1 th em

      “The ring put away in the box suggests she finds it in an unhappy setting to me.”

      Call me crazy, but I am now sitting on the sidelines waving a tiny “Noble Idiot” pennant.

      Jin left two things behind for Ae Jung in this episode. The ring and the DVD/photos that prove he loved her.

      Like you said, the way the ring’s hidden suggests she’ll find it under less-than-pleasant circumstances.

      I mentioned previously that if Jin left behind a video to prove to the world he loved Ae Jung, it would make me cry buckets. He’s left that video, but we didn’t get to see it before the surgery (i.e., him recording it). If we’re going to see it after the surgery and they want to earn their bucket of tears, the safest bet would be to play the video when things are feeling a bit tragic as well.

      So, not looking too good for Jin if his death has to be the sad that unleashes other sads.


      This episode also had Representative Moon give Ae Jung one more talk about not bringing Jin down with her. And Ae Jung promised that if he’d just live, she’d be willing to walk away.

      If Jin lives and Ae Jung goes all Noble Idiot on us and steps away from the relationship in order to protect him (maybe she does have to cross through the reporters to see him at the hospital and a scandal breaks out?), that could also set up the situation where the DVD and hidden ring could be used in the story.

      Ae Jung would have to be convinced to return to Jin in time for the happily-ever-after. Having her find the ring and see whatever insanely-heartfelt message is probably on that DVD could do the trick. Plus then they get double the emotion out of those items since they would be sad yet hopeful instead of just plain tragic.

      And I keep calling it Noble Idiot, but it actually would make some narrative sense. Jin’s already realized that he was trying to protect the wrong thing before, and figured out what’s actually important. Ae Jung isn’t quite there yet (still too focused on protecting his image), so she needs to finish her journey.

      • 76.1.1 Madita

        @Rachael and the em.

        I am scared that both of you will mayberight with your theories that BL wont have a Happy-End.

        If there just wouldnt be only 2 Episodes left – (I want an extension for this great drama, and wonder why it dont get one with such good ratings…!?) – I would suppose that…

        1.) DJ will fall into a coma due to complications during the surgery…

        2.) He will not remember her after he wakes up….

        so the Photos/DVD’s, the engagement Ring, the sneakers, they would be the evidence for him THAT he once LOVED her deeply !

        At least this way he would not die – and he would have his dorky way again with her to unwillingly falling in love wiht her again. This time no recharge of their love – this time it would be ReStart for him to fall in love with her. gain…!

        I know I am fantasizing again….

        Unfortunatelly all hints you mentioned that he might die are an logical consequence for the words

        BEST LOVE or “The Greatest Love”

        ….those descriptions are for legendary loves, afterthoughts for people who fell in love but couldnt live their love, like Romeo and Juliet.

        Will AJ and DJ’s love become a legend, too ?

        Or will AJ be the new superstar overtaking DJ stardom and sympathy range in the public as DJ wanted her to become when he dies ?

        It will be an unhappy stardom for her :(

        I hope he will survive, and if he survives my theory is :

        DJ falls into a COMA and AJ stays 7/24 at his (bed-)side singing her Dugung-song to him, just to make him wake-up again.

        In the meantime their love-affair (Photos/DVD) is revealed in the press. The public start to feel sympathy with AJ, with DJ and AJ’s love, will forgive them both…

        Thats my tear-strucking happy-end I wish for them (cheesy isnt it :P)

        JUST hope DJ wont die, and the Hong sisters will show us all an AMAZING HAPPY-END

        ****Aftherthought – Epilogue :

        After they are united again, they retrieve from the showbiz and live happily on a potato-farm :)

      • 76.1.2 tari

        @ th em:

        I’m thinking the same thing, Jin lives and Ae Jung goes all Noble Idiot on us, at that rate Jin will never let her go right? But they parted ways first, to give Ae jung some time to find the ring and come to her senses (it’s CSW! it’s CSW!!). And maybe the calculative Jin will take that Hollywood offer first, you know to add more cash in the bank just in case he needs to make a sudden retirement due to a certain D-list actress. I don’t think that they will give us a happy ending with the two of them having a great career in the show-biz, that would be too awesome. They say the greatest thing in life is just to love and be loved, who needs (more) money, right 😉

        My concern is just one thing: No sexy time at all. That would be very very weird. I don’t ask a coffee prince or city hall sexy time, I satisfied if they just show us the morning after. Just put those two under the same blanket for three minutes for god’s sake!! That will put a smile on my face..forever and ever.

        *pretty please Hongs Sister, please PD-nim, please GHJ-shii, don’t be shy*

        • Madita

          HaHAAAA …he is not going to die !!! Oleyyy

          Forgot totally the HOLLYWOOD issue 😀

          Hong Sisters will definatelly not WASTE THIS!

          ….or will they ????

          God, how to wait the next 145h ????

      • 76.1.3 celest1al

        @th em:

        Love your thoughts. I think AJ being somewhat of a Noble Idiot is going to happen after his surgery is successful.

        “Ae Jung isn’t quite there yet (still too focused on protecting his image), so she needs to finish her journey.”

        I agree with this because her mindset is evident in her conversation with Dokko when they’re at his table about to eat. Also her conversation with Agent Moon about being okay with letting him go as long as he survived. Not to mention, the pinky promise they made in episode 13 is also a foreshadowing of that.

        • th em

          Yes, the pinky promise!

          It was like they were shining the Noble Idiocy equivalent of the Bat Signal with that one.

          • celest1al

            Yeah, I mean I really loved that scene and knew it was somehow going to play an important role in the future. Why else would they spend time on it, let alone, emphasize it as an emotional/memorable scene?

            Great analogy, and relevant because I actually saw that ‘The Dark Knight’ was on TV today. Hahaha!

            btw, loved your “Did you Notice?” article! So awesome that you gathered all of that. Regarding the MBC to MBS… I also saw SBC (SBS) in episode 14. I also noticed the love for Klimt, because I also love Klimt. And thank you for clearing up the whole puzzle ordeal… I still laugh when I think about him petting it though. LOL.

  77. 77 swui

    I actually don’t hate Se-Ri all that much and was just waiting for the moment she would redeem herself…I find her fixation with Pil-Joo kinda cute and reminds me a little of the early days when DJ was pursuing AJ…

    That’s why her church scene was kinda cute…she’s selfish and not ashamed of it…LOL. I don’t wish her to be with PJ at the end, but I don’t mind that they ended it like she is STILL pursuing PJ like a little love puppy…maybe all the way to China where he furthers his study…LOL

    By the by, this is a great episode. Love that this drama incorporates little bits of funnies in between all that drama…makes everything kinda bittersweet…like 49 days. This and 49 days are turning out to be my favourite dramas of the year so far…

    BL FTW

    • 77.1 yoonah

      As much as I like what she did this episode, Seri still has a LOT of growing up to do. And right now Pil-joo’s just not that into her, he’s clearly not over Ae-jung.

      So it would be weird (and out-of-character for him) if they’re suddenly all lovey-dovey for next week’s ending.

      But yeah, I wouldn’t mind either if they end the drama on her still pursuing him, with the possibility that maybe-someday-who-knows he’ll reciprocate.

  78. 78 nixxochick

    couldnt control myself and i cried for at least half of the episode…i dont understand a word of korean but the actors are so amazing that i totally got the emotion..i love CSW <3

  79. 79 Leina

    Girlfriday, let me just say that I am awed by your analysis of the reverse fairy tales. Our heroine AJ IS THE KNIGHT in LUMINOUS ARMOR!! It’s like a lightbulb went on inside my brain!

    So true, and dovetails nicely with what was nagging me about Prince PJ all along — he thought he was the prince all set to rescue the princess from the hellish world of showbiz, but that was, as you said, the wrong story. AJ doesn’t need saving — prolly for as long as she’s lived in this world, she has been the savior — of her family, of the Treasure Girls, of herself. DJ knew this instinctively, that’s why he protects her, but does not rescue her — because DJ has such faith in AJ.

    Protect v. Rescue. To my mind there is a world of difference between the two. To rescue connotes saving, even taking someone away from a situation that has become too unbearable to stay in. To rescue may also mean to protect, but it implies that the “rescuee” is helpless to get out of a situation, and therefore needs to be whisked away. PJ’s premise has always been that AJ needs rescuing, implying that she’s helpless and cannot save herself. This means that PJ doesn’t really know AJ, because to know AJ is to acknowledge that AJ kicks serious ass and doesn’t need rescuing. DJ on the other hand, God bless his awesome heart, desires to protect AJ for no other reason than because he loves her. DJ doesn’t see AJ as weak, incapable of standing up for herself. On the contrary, DJ was drawn to her because of her quiet inner strength in the face of near-constant adversity. DJ is 100% behind AJ, to be sure, but in a way that completely gives credit to AJ’s strength of character.

    DJ, I love you so. You have got to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 80 saripah_supinah

    man… though i havent had time to watch it yet, reading this sub with baek ji young’s song in the background made me shed some tears..love how the sisters made the 2nd female lead tis way.. fighting over pil joo instead of dokko. once the sub is up.. i think i ought to have a box of tissue beside me cause ill end up bawling all through the ep

  81. 81 Carinne

    Plowing through a snow stack pile of tissues. It ain’t purdy. Never is….

    Du-gun du-gun fighting!

  82. 82 yingz

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the recap make me love the show so much!!! cant WAIT to run home to catch it!!!!

  83. 83 cha

    I hope somehow someone saved the potato pet.. It’s also dying alone in Jin’s house..

  84. 84 Ktichel17

    waterfalls were coming from my eyes when she was singing the song!! so sad and beautiful :)

  85. 85 izzie

    Omo! Just as how I suspected it to be! AeJung will sing the Thump Thump song during Dokko Jin’s surgery! Argh!

    But how sad…

  86. 86 FacePhase

    Princess Dokko! *cries*

    I’ve been a bumbling, blurry teary-eyed fangirl since watching episode 13 & 14. *wails*

    Even my whole family is asking me why i’m crying infront of my computer. *FACEPALM*

    And i’m PMS-ing. Shit does not help things get better.

    Episode 15 & FINALE!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 87 biankoy

    My heart goes dugun-dugun for next week!!!


    Wednesday and Thursday! Please come early!!!!

  88. 88 houstontwin

    I have not been watching Best Love because it’s just too, too sad. But the recaps have been really beautiful!

  89. 89 yoonah

    What an episode. T.T

    I suddenly recalled when Vic Zhou got into a car accident, Barbie Hsu rushed to the scene and that’s how their relationship got outed.

    Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, screw the press.

  90. 90 natngnear

    First i was sure he’d die.. and then i thought he won’t.. but he’ll become potato for a while (unconscious vegetable) so that the story they’ve laid out about rings and whatever can be played~

    Ahhh.. this feels good.. xD

    And for those pouting that this will end soon… i don’t mind cos i have a feeling i’m gonna be addicted to “Heart Strings” … kekeke hopefully!

  91. 91 MD

    oh GOD
    how am i suppossed to wait a week?!!
    is that even humanly possible?

    why can’t all K Drama air everyday
    so that we don’t have to feel dreadful waiting for the next episode

    my love/hate relationship with kdrama is bad for my heart
    and i don’t even have a charger for that

  92. 92 Cabbage

    I do believe in fairies. I do, I do.

  93. 93 gustave154

    wow i cried buckets this episode…. i know that if Dokko Jin dies this will be The Greatest/Best Love of all but please don’t kill him Hong sisters… after Hong Gil Dpng and 49 days i can’t….

  94. 94 Jomo

    Thank you for the recap, GF!
    So many things I didn’t get about this show before reading here.

    This episode took a lot out of me, and I am just watching it. The actors must really get exhausted. I remember reading Go Soo saying about WISFC that he didn’t think it would hurt as much as it did to play his character.

    Once more, the best ever. Once more, GHJ and CSW crush it.

    As I watched her sing the dugun song, I realized again how much we non-K speakers miss when it comes to the OST.
    Yes, I can read the subs of what she is singing when they come out, but it is not the same as hearing the song repeatedly from the first second of the show, having the lyrics burned into your brain at the same time as the images. So when the dramatic moment happens, suddenly the words resonate so beautifully your heart breaks again. Then again, could I possibly have cried more, if I had understood what she was singing? I dunno.

    Of course there will be a happy ending.
    Of course the “greatest” love DJ can give is risking his career, not dying.
    I know I am repeating myself. The death of Dokko Jin, the man, would be less of an emotional sacrifice for him (as he would be dead and not feel anything) than the slow, painful death of DOKKO JIN! the image. Risking that, and possibly sacrificing that so his future is appearing on Hallyu Squares would be the worst possible thing EVER.

    • 94.1 yoonah

      True, that. *chortles at Hallyu Squares*

      I kinda love how the old Dokko Jin would probably rather die than be D-list, heh.

      And I love even more how believable it is how much his character’s changed while still remaining his ridiculous immature adorable Dokko Jin self.

      • 94.1.1 Jomo

        you forgot sexy…you can never forget sexy…

  95. 95 RWJQ

    ZOMG, came back here to read the comments and what did I see?! A CSW header!! *squeeeeeeee*

    What a great way to end the work-week. Thanks DB! 😀

    • 95.1 ellewu

      just curious, which CSW header was it? the black&white city-scape one? :)

      • 95.1.1 RWJQ

        Yes yes, that’s the one! 😀

        You mean there’s more than one CSW headers? I’d never seen any before this one.

        • ellewu

          there’s one with him and Jang Woo Sung and some other guy… i was just asking coz i made that CSW header and i still get giddy every time i see it up there — JB thanks for using my little header :)

          • RWJQ

            Oh, the Athena header! How could I have forgotten about that?! *hangs head in shame*

            You made the CSW header? Man, that’s awesome. Boatloads of talent you have, mate! So, can we have more SEXY CSW headers, please? Heehee ….. 😀

  96. 96 Christy

    C’mon everybody!

    Let’s sing the Dugeun Dugeun/Thump Thump song to wake up Dokko Jin’s heart!!

    “Geudae ttaemune gaseumi i ‘shimjangi dugeun dugeun’

    Nan geudaemaneul saranghae nae mam gadeuk wechineun mal

    Dununeul kkok gamgoseo tteollineun ibsureul naemin nal bomyeon

    Meonjeo anajuneun geudael kkumkkugo itjyo”

    Sorry. Can’t get this song out of my head. 😉

  97. 97 swui

    I just watched this again and it’s sad that AJ’s press conference brought to mind the many suicide cases among stars, esp in Korea I might add.

    It’s gotta be stressful being targetted by the press negatively…that’s why AJ is really strong here…anyone else would’ve caved and did the unthinkable (even Mina tried it…).

    And there is the issue of idols dating…and the anti-fans. I mean I loved them idols too but I also wish them happiness…as in dating, marriage and babies. So it just feels sad to me that some stars feel unable to do all that because of the extremist fans…it’s kinda sad for them when you think of it…

  98. 98 hunterbear

    AWWWWWW. Gah, somebody marry this boy!

    I will! All for the good of kdrama land. Lol. Why am I so far behind in episodes? Bah! I almost want to skip ahead and get to this already but no, no, nope. Must enjoy every bit of it!

  99. 99 IzOcha

    Thanks for the recap. It was so excellent.

  100. 100 ellewu

    i know i keep on saying this but… Hong Sisters ftw!!! like seriously they’re sooo good it’s mind-boggling ^.^ Cha Seung Won + Gong Hyo Jin = Best Love… WAAAHHH, i’m gonna be missing this drama so much once it ends. i can see it now, me writhing and all anxious like someone detoxing. Dokko Jin CAN”T die! he musn’t! that way i can just go back to episode 1 and start this awesome journey again :)

    • 100.1 IzOcha

      That’s essentially how I feel about the show too. DJ can’t die! We need a blissfully happy ending, to quote “and little potato flowers”…I’m going to keep rewatching till I get all the puns I’ve decided (really ramping up my knowledge of the language along the way). Show is so delicious.

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