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City Hunter: Episode 12
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Somehow the phrase “I wanna be like City Hunter” doesn’t quite have the ring of “I wanna be like Mike,” even though, DUDE, I totally want to be like City Hunter, by which I mean AWESOME. And exciting, and intriguing, and sexy. Damn sexy. Though that’s mostly Lee Min-ho’s doing.


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Nana tells Yoon-sung that she’s glad he wasn’t the one to get shot, and her body goes limp. Yoon-sung cradles her to himself, crying.

If anything were able to inject the tiniest smidge of humor into the moment, it’s the sight of Shik-joong, bursting into the room after finding a crate to wield as a weapon, surprised to find the enemies all neutralized. Thus they’re able to escape, so when Kim Jong-shik gets the word that his captives have fled, his upset quickly turns to fear: “It can’t be…the City Hunter?”

Sae-hee answers the clinic door and quickly takes in the sight of Yoon-sung grimly carrying in a bloody Nana. Without batting an eye, she immediately locks the door and tells ajusshi to close the blinds. Gotta love a woman who’s fast on the uptake.

Lying on the table, Nana opens her eyes, and OH THANK GOD. (It’s mixed with the tiniest bit of disappointment, narratively speaking, which I’ll talk more about below. But yes, mostly relief. My blood pressure can return to normal now. I mean, I was pretty sure they weren’t going to kill her. But…what if?)

Sae-hee sees the wound and says with censure, “Guns, again?!” Even as she starts to clean the wound, she tells Yoon-sung urgently to take her to the hospital, because Nana’s lost a lot of blood and they have none here. I half-expect Yoon-sung to go flying out the door to steal blood packets from a hospital, but his response is even better: “Take my blood.” He’s Type O, the universal donor, and with tears in his eyes he overrides Sae-hee’s concerns. He insists, “I’m fine — just save Nana.”

They lie there, facing each other, while his blood supplements hers. Oh man, taken as an isolated gesture this is poignant, but it’s made all the better by the fact that we’ve established that Yoon-sung’s blood is his kryptonite — at least to his secret cover. Of all things, it’s the one that puts him in the most danger. And the two people to whom he’s offered it, despite his revenge and his scary scary father, are his mother and Nana. GOD I LOVE THIS DRAMA.

Just before Sae-hee administers a sedative so she can operate for the bullet, Nana tells Yoon-sung not to worry about her, because she’s plucky like that. Honey, after this you won’t ever have to prove that again, ever. Her hand extends from her side, and Yoon-sung takes it, holding on as she goes under.

He keeps holding it while Nana sleeps after the procedure. He wonders to Shik-joong, “What kind of person is she? Why is she so fearless? She looks just like a normal woman, but she doesn’t stand back, and doesn’t spare her health.”

Shik-joong mumbles sleepily, “It’s ’cause she’s strong. That’s how she’s lived like this all this time.”

Yoon-sung asks, “Will she live well…without me?” (I don’t know what you’re thinking, but stop it! Right! Now!) What’s lovely about this conversation is that Shik-joong is half-asleep, so he doesn’t read into Yoon-sung’s words and just murmurs unthinkingly, “The living just keep living. That’s what living is.”

Yoon-sung: “I don’t think I can do that anymore.” Do what? DO WHAT?! You mean live without Nana, right? You mean forgo your happiness for the sake of revenge, right??

Yoon-sung takes Nana home with him, since she won’t be safe at her place. He tells her not to go to the Blue House, either, since Kim Jong-shik will know where she works, and Shik-joong calls in sick for her (citing an injured arm).

Nana asks Shik-joong why he lied all those years ago, and he tells her regretfully that he caved to Kim Jong-shik’s threat to imprison him on false charges. Asked how he knows Yoon-sung, he explains about Yoon-sung saving his life in Thailand. He adds that he’d asked Yoon-sung to look after Nana when he got to Korea, because he’d felt guilty all these years.

Yoon-sung confirms that the money hasn’t moved, since the tracker he snuck into the stash is still at Kim Jong-shik’s mansion. By his calculations, there was a staggering 200 billion won in that room, which translates to roughly $185 million. It also accounts for the missing university funds that they’d been unable to trace.

Shik-joong settles back for some light reading (a home shopping catalog!) and flicks the light switch, which doesn’t work. He gets up to replace the bulb…and spots the bug planted there by Bad Daddy’s minion Sang-gook.

(You know what’s a fantastic detail that really makes this moment for me? The fact that the bug was planted while Shik-joong was distracted with his home shopping fixation — and now it’s discovered because of it. Awesome way to weave a minor point into the larger fabric of the show. It’s what gives the drama texture.)

They realize where the bug must have come from, although Jin-pyo’s already gleaned a lot of information from it, such as the fact that Nana took a bullet for Yoon-sung (ahhhh, that will never stop being satisfying to say), which suggests that they’re in “no ordinary relationship.”

Yoon-sung arrives outside Dad’s lair all ready to burst in with righteous indignation, but thankfully he catches Dad and Sang-gook’s conversation in progress, which gives him pause.

Jin-pyo says that his warning not to fall in love has gone by the wayside, so now “I’ll have to take care of Kim Nana. I’ll get rid of her.” He then asks for an update on Kyung-hee’s whereabouts, and Sang-gook reports that he’d searched hospitals far and wide, but turned up nothing. Jin-pyo orders him to find her, “Before Yoon-sung finds out she’s disappeared.”

Okay, so yes, it’s a little convenient that Yoon-sung happens to eavesdrop on this crucial bit of information. I’ll admit it. Yet the content of this eavesdropping is so awesome that I’m thrilled — this drama doesn’t drag secrets out far past their expiration date, but instead exposes them and twists them into something even more interesting. On a regular basis. This explains the crack-like addiction.

Furthermore, I appreciate that Sang-gook is starting to show glimmers of hesitation, as though even he’s uneasy with the extent of Jin-pyo’s badassery. He asks hesitantly, “But telling her that Yoon-sung died — isn’t that going too far?”

Jin-pyo shuts him up, saying, “When I stole Yoon-sung away from her, I’d already crossed a river I couldn’t turn back on.”

Stunned, Yoon-sung walks inside to face his father, and asks why he lied that Mom abandoned him. Jin-pyo answers that Yoon-sung represents his father to him, and that if he hadn’t stolen him away, Jin-pyo would probably be living a normal life right now. But every time he felt the desire for revenge ebbing, he’d look at Yoon-sung and be reminded of the betrayal.

Jin-pyo’s selfish logic is completely warped, yet makes sense in his own solipsistic, mad-for-revenge way. In his mind, the revenge has become so paramount that everything else pales in comparison.

Yoon-sung isn’t buying his explanation, saying that Jin-pyo’s mission has ruined his life. “I didn’t want to live like this! I will never, ever forgive you for this.”

Jin-pyo reminds him that they have work to do, but Yoon-sung tells him, “I will carry out my father’s revenge alone. You called this a war. I won’t run from it.”

Jin-pyo: “Yoon-sung, you can’t beat me.” Yoon-sung: “No. You can’t beat me.” Ooooh. Them’s fightin’ words.

Yoon-sung warns Dad that if he touches Shik-joong, his mother, or Nana, he’ll stake his life to fight back: “This is my last warning to you, Father.” Jin-pyo actually chuckles as Yoon-sung stalks off: “But you still call me Father.” Well, sure, if we’re going to argue semantics

Yoon-sung arrives home as Nana is about to leave, and she tells him, their backs turned to each other, that she’ll stay with Sae-hee. She’ll return his borrowed shirt via mail, and she’ll disappear from his life, per his request and her promise.

But everything’s changed now for him, and how refreshing is it that he no longer has to keep Nana away to protect her. In fact, the reverse is true. Yoon-sung grabs her wrist and asks, “Don’t go. Please. Don’t go.”

Nana shakes off his hand and walks away anyway. He follows, and gently holds her to him.

Drinking alone, Jin-pyo relives his last moments with Mu-yeol in the ocean massacre, and promises his friend to see the revenge through: “Whatever gets in the way of that revenge, I’ll kill. Even if that’s Yoon-sung.”

I love the way he says this with sadness, not wild-eyed ferocity, because he’s not actually insane, or irrational. Maybe he’s just grieving, in his twisted way that doesn’t allow him to see that he would be willing to kill Mu-yeol’s son out of love for Mu-yeol, which is the very definition of defeating the purpose.

Kim Jong-shik worries that the City Hunter saw his mountain of cash and orders his man to recapture Nana and Bae Man-deok (Shik-joong), to lure the City Hunter. Too bad one of them is off the grid, and one is a Secret Service agent, which complicates matters.

Yoon-sung tends to Nana’s shoulder, and she asks about his life back in Thailand, wondering if he had friends there. I love that their old camaraderie is back, now that they’ve smashed the whole I’m-being-a-dick-to-protect-you facade. He cheerily describes someone there who was like Nana — who was also strong, ate well, “and enjoyed whenever I touched [her].” Nana blusters that she’s not all about the skinship — well, maybe except now, but that’s only because of the injury, uh huh.

Yoon-sung warns Nana to keep out of his business, but she asks to be included in his mission against Kim Jong-shik, “Because he’s my enemy, too.” He’s prepared to argue, but she shuts him up with the simple, “I won’t leave you to do dangerous things alone anymore.” Gotta love a girl who’s as intent on protecting her man as he is about protecting her.

She backs off a bit by offering to find Kyung-hee while he works on Kim Jong-shik. It’s great how quickly she takes to this line of work, instructing him to hack into the hospital networks so she can start looking. She finally wears him down by pointedly picking up the tonic bottle Kyung-hee had given him, saying she misses her too.

Giving in, Yoon-sung pulls up a chair for her and shows Nana the list he’s compiled. The image below totally makes me happy, with Nana proud to join in as part of his mission.

At the Blue House, Eun-ah smells something fishy about the timing of Yoon-sung’s resignation and Nana’s injury, wondering if they’re playing hooky together. Eun-ah has always sensed something in the way he looked over during Da-hae sessions. Unless…he’s interested in HER! Ha. So close, and yet so far.

The IT chief asks Ki-joon and Eun-ah to help convince Yoon-sung to return to work, so the trio heads to Yoon-sung’s personal castle with mouths agape at the grandeur. (Nana scrambles to hide, lest she blow their cover.)

Evidence of Yoon-sung’s riches means the boss can’t exactly appeal to his need for a salary, so he asks Yoon-sung to come back as patriotic service. But Yoon-sung is firm about not changing his mind.

Hilariously, Shik-joong is smitten with Eun-ah at first sight, which is all the funnier since she’s thinking Yoon-sung’s into her. She offers to replace Nana in judo practice and go easy on him (getting Ki-joon’s hackles up), then flounces off to give herself a tour of his place. Yoon-sung jumps up to stop her, since Nana’s hiding upstairs, and dives to cover her from view. And then gives Nana a cheeky wink, gah.

Shik-joong sends off the trio with some homemade food, giving the men a small box and Eun-ah a huge one. (I do wonder if there’ll be any complication with the fact that Shik-joong called in for Nana as her uncle, and is introduced here as Yoon-sung’s uncle… Or maybe “uncle” is just his default cover.)

Jin-pyo knows Yoon-sung has bugged the money, and readies to steal it once it’s on the move so he can send it to to the prosecutor — but it’s not surprising that his primary motivation isn’t a sense of justice. Instead, he does it because he’s anticipating the entertainment factor of watching the fallout — will idealistic Young-ju prosecute his father, or protect him? “This should be fun,” he says.

Nana listens as Yoon-sung and Shik-joong discuss the likelihood of the money being transported within the next day. She’s still fuzzy on the details of this whole City Hunter operation, and asks whether Dad knows his secret identity. And why Jin-pyo doesn’t live with Mom Kyung-hee.

That’s a whole kettle of fish they aren’t inclined to get into right now, so Shik-joong merely says that Jin-pyo and Yoon-sung are having a “difference of opinion.” Nana’s sharp enough to suppose that such a “difference” equates to Dad offing Lee Kyung-wan.

Students stage another sit-in regarding the forfeited tuition promise, and Kim Jong-shik walks in to address them in his (falsely) earnest way. He says that he feels their pain, and is doing what he can to find more funding support, asking them to end the demonstration. But the leader, while thankful for the offer, says that they must see that the promise is honored.

Kim Jong-shik accepts that decision graciously and wishes them well, bowing deeply. But as he walks out, he sneers that they dare quibble over that measly money, in light of the school’s reputation as the top university in the country? If those students drop out, there are students for miles who’d be happy to enroll, AND pay full tuition.

In his paranoia (well, maybe it’s not paranoia if his fears are founded), Kim Jong-shik calls techs in for daily sweeps of his office, searching for wiretaps and hidden cameras. Kim is so nervous that he orders all phone and internet access cut off in his office.

Yoon-sung scopes out the situation from the lobby (“reading” a book titled Romance Novel, haha), deducing that Kim is readying to move his stash.

Kim is also fighting a toothache, and heads to the dentist for an appointment. One step ahead of him, Yoon-sung precedes him to the dentist’s office and delivers supplies, which then get implanted in Kim’s tooth. Hee!

Kyung-hee turns up in a monastery some distance away, but she decides to head back to Seoul to take care of something. She’s managed to remain hidden, and the prosecutors are likewise unable to locate her. Young-ju tries to look up Mu-yeol’s records, but finds that they don’t exist and wonders if they’d been purged.

Nana asks Yoon-sung to pick up her clothes from Sae-hee’s clinic, where she left her luggage. Once there, he sees Sae-hee being questioned by a minion and remains out of sight as she lies, saying she doesn’t know anything about Nana.

Shopping time! Yoon-sung starts out by asking the saleswoman for some “comfortable clothes to wear around the house,” but a dress catches his eye, and another, and another, until he’s cleaned out the racks. But he can’t give a sincere compliment to save his dorky hide, so he tells Nana that he bought things to hide her lack of a figure, ha.

But Nana’s on to him now, and smiles that he’s like her Daddy Long Legs. Which reminds her of her actual Daddy Long Legs, and she reveals that it’s Young-ju. She asks if they can go to him for help, still unaware of the Daddy-Son relationship, and Yoon-sung barks at her to remember that the prosecutor is on his tail. (He calls her Gom Nana, a play on her name which means “Bear Nana” and refers to her denseness. But I think I’ll call her Nana Bear instead, ’cause that’s just ridiculous and adorable.)

Shik-joong offers Nana some nifty (home-shopped?) shampoo, but she says she can’t shower because of her shoulder. He offers to wash her hair for her, and Yoon-sung immediately overreacts, jumping up in protest. Shik-joong: “Then you do it!” Yoon-sung: “I will!” Cute cute cute.

He washes her hair for her, taking his time and being gentle, which has got to be one of the sweetest romantic gestures ever. Nana playfully flicks suds at him (prompting another “Nana Bear” exclamation) and they engage in a play-fight.

Then it’s time to listen in on the bug implanted in Kim Jong-shik’s tooth, as he takes a meeting with a prospective donor. Who is…Kyung-hee?

Eek! She’s here to hand over the funds Jin-pyo had sent her over the years, now that she believes she has no son left living and is not long for this world. She tells Kim to use it to help the troubled students to continue their eduction. The amount: 1 billion won, which is just under $1 million.

As soon as he realizes it’s his mother, Yoon-sung runs out.

Kim Jong-shik smirks at this easy get, because Kyung-hee’s request to remain anonymous works out perfectly for his desire to pocket the funds. He can leave it unreported and just enjoy the spoils. You bastard!

Yoon-sung arrives at the school and passes by his mother, who’s hidden in a group of students. Noooooo! Turn around! He does, but a split second too late, and returns home in dejected spirits. His team reads his disappointment clearly, and Shik-joong confides to Nana that Yoon-sung had snapped when his surrogate mother died in Thailand. Nana asks for an explanation, but he tells her to hear it from Yoon-sung directly.

Kim Jong-shik wastes no time spending his money, taking his wife shopping for expensive bags and clothes. Posing as a shopper, Yoon-sung follows him along and overhears him confirming his plans to move the money tomorrow.

Young-ju goes over the university account records, finding discrepancies between the actual numbers and the recorded ones. There’s 200 billion that’s unaccounted for, and that suggests the possibility of a slush fund.

With that suspicion bouncing around in his head, Young-ju drops by to see his father — and finds him busily boxing up his money. My, isn’t that a satisfying “Oh shit” look on Kim’s face when his son calls out to him, looking stunned and disillusioned. Also furious.

Upset but also pleading, Young-ju says he doesn’t want his father to turn out like Lee Kyung-wan or Seo Yong-hak, and tells him that it’s still not too late. He gives him two options: “Return this money to the school, or turn yourself in.”

Dad says no, actually using “Everyone else does it” as his defense. What’s so wrong about him doing it too? If your friends all jumped off a bridge…

Young-ju replies with all earnestness, “Because it’s the law. Because it should be upheld. Because there are people who are hurt by your greed. I beg of you, please return to the father I respected. Please.”

Dad sighs that he’s come too far to turn back, but adds that his son is a prosecutor, and “You have to do what you have to do.”

Aw, I love this. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s another intra-family declaration of war, even as both parties acknowledge that they love each other. But not enough to back down — one believes in the value of justice, and the other can’t give up his selfish greed. Dad had wanted to preserve both his power and his son’s respect, but when push comes to shove, he chooses power.

Young-ju stalks out. Yoon-sung listens on the other end — having sent Nana away purposely to avoid this discovery — and muses, “Prosecutor Kim Young-ju, your dilemma has begun.” That’s a mild way to put it.

And then, D-Day.

Team City Hunter follows the tracker to the prepping grounds for the money move, which has been loaded onto a freight truck. Yoon-sung declares that they’ll have to return the money to the honest people who sweat blood and tears to earn it, and warns his team that Jin-pyo will be on their tail the moment they take the money: “No matter what, we have to protect it.”

The plan swings into motion, and it’s so genius-simple that I love it. Yoon-sung strolls over to the van and tosses some kind of teargas bomb inside, and when the window rolls down, he elbows the driver in the face. Then Shik-joong strolls over to the freighter and knocks on its window. When the driver rolls down the window, he tosses another bomb inside.

The driver jumps out quickly, and Nana steps in, flipping the guy to the ground — she’s only got one good arm, but the arm sure is good. It makes the guys gape in wonder, cutely.

Yoon-sung commandeers the truck, with Shik-joong and Nana in the car behind him. He’s soon joined on the road by Jin-pyo and Sang-gook, who pull up alongside them, and Yoon-sung begins Phase 2.

That means Shik-joong and Nana drive between the truck and Jin-pyo’s car, running interference and allowing Yoon-sung to speed up and drive on. Dad’s car tries to overtake the lead, but Shik-joong swerves back and forth to remain in front, and both cars get stuck at an intersection when the light turns red.

Dad catches up soon, overtakes the truck, and stops in the middle of the road — a direct echo of Yoon-sung’s own move in Episode 4. Eee, I love the parallel! But Yoon-sung isn’t his father, and may not have the balls (steel though they may be) to actually run him over.

And sure enough, he screeches to a halt just a few feet shy of collision.

Yoon-sung gets out and faces Dad, who tells him he’ll be taking the money, thanks. Yoon-sung intends to return the money to their sources, and then continue his Kim Jong-shik revenge.

Jin-pyo: “And then you’ll fight me?” Yoon-sung: “I warned you, didn’t I?”

Dad whips out his cane and whacks Yoon-sung with it, bringing him to his knees. Yoon-sung won’t hit him, so Dad challenges him to fight back, saying, “War means needing to win no matter who your opponent is.”

Jin-pyo gets into the truck and drives off, leaving Yoon-sung stranded in the road alone. He’s down, but not out — because when Dad pulls over a short distance later, he finds the truck empty. Muahaha!

Even Jin-pyo has to laugh, impressed even as he scowls, “Yoon-sung dares to fool me?”

Kim Jong-shik is much less amused (as in, not at all) and flips his lid when he hears the money has been stolen. Panic, rage, shock.

Shik-joong swaps out the license plates on his truck, applauding Yoon-sung’s forethought in procuring the exact same truck to act as decoy. With that, Team City Hunter gets down to business, boxing up money to mail back to the appropriate students. The accompanying note states that the City Hunter is returning funds hoarded by the university chairman for his personal use, in order to honor the tuition promise.

An interesting aside: One of the demonstrators is the bitchy girl from the previous episode, whom Yoon-sung had chided for her bad attitude. She’s the only one of the demonstrators who hasn’t received a package from the City Hunter, and wonders why.

Feeling celebratory, Shik-joong sends Yoon-sung and Nana to the supermarket for party ingredients. Shopping for groceries is such a delightfully mundane, domestic activity that it never ceases to put a smile on my face, especially when the sample lady refers to Yoon-sung as Nana’s husband and he smiles adorably in response.

As they’re heading to the parking lot, however, a cart knocks into theirs, and Nana darts forward to retrieve fallen tomatoes. Which is when the automatic sliding doors slam shut, separating the two, and the lights cut out. OH NO.

A motorcyclist speeds into the darkened garage, heading directly for them. Jin-pyo.


I didn’t really think Nana would die, but there was enough uncertainty to make me mighty uneasy for a good half-day. I doubted this drama would go that dark, but thematically speaking, it would have worked wonderfully with the direction the story is taking. Thus far, Yoon-sung is the voice of justice (and reason), while Jin-pyo is driven by bloodlust. Killing Nana would have spurred Yoon-sung to revengey thoughts, and driven him close to — or over — the edge, much as he’d lost it when his surrogate mother was killed in Thailand. That means this not only becomes a son-vs-father battle, and a City-Hunter-vs-baddies-vs-The-Law battle — but a Yoon-sung-vs-himself battle, in which he fights to claim himself from the dark side. How great would that be?

Plus! Could you imagine the additional angst of Young-ju finding out that his father not only killed Nana’s mother, but also Nana? I would have been massively impressed had they gone that route, definitely.

On the other hand, I want SO BADLY for Yoon-sung to be happy, and I can’t see him ever being light and free without Nana by his side. So I’m not terribly disappointed, even though I still think it would’ve been an awesome way to go. Even if it would have broken my heart.

You know, I don’t want City Hunter to be extended, per se — I’ll take one if they give it to us, but that’s not what I mean when I say I want more, more, MOAR. I want them to wrap up this season as planned, then take some time to plot out a Season 2 with a new arc and a new set of character development issues, and see that complete story through as badassedly as they did this one.

Which, I think, is entirely feasible, possible, and desirable given that this season — imma call it Season 1 because I blindly refuse to give up the idea of a Season 2 — is really an origin story. It isn’t really until this episode that we have the assembly of our City Hunter Scooby gang, and with it now in place, I can totally see this structure playing out over multiple seasons, like Buffy or Angel.

Extending it into more seasons would also bring us closer to the original story, though I’ve long since stopped worrying about the manga ties as a requisite for enjoying this one. Consider that this season establishes Yoon-sung’s playboy alter ego, as well as setting him up for the Girl Friday relationship he has with his sidekick, and introduces the XYZ code as a call for help. The Blue House stuff was an invention of the K-drama, and it’s what gets our hero here at the beginning of his journey — but from this point on, we could even drop it and not lose anything. In future stories, all we’d need is a new Big Bad for the season, broken down into smaller Bads per this season’s five targets, to keep up the steady buildup-and-payoff rhythm we’ve established.

‘Cause really, this is a sustainable premise. I’m loving this team, and the characters, and the possibilities that this world has created. It would kill me a little to know they won’t get to realize the full gamut of stories built into the world.

Ahhhhh Season 2, where are you??


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      I think it would’ve been cool if they killed her off because I can imagine the possibilities to Yoon-sung’s character development. But at the same time, I’m relieved she’s alive.

      But please, no more close calls. You can only take so much in one series (This isn’t 24 and she’s not Kim Bauer! And I’m still shocked that they killed off a major character in HBO’s AGOT).

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    When I first saw the cheesy promo posters for City Hunter, I had no idea this would turn into my crack of the summer.

    It’s not because it’s the best drama ever made. But it’s so beautifully shot, and the music is beautifully placed. (Miss Ripley’s music director could take a pointer or two… or twenty.) And LMH makes everything even better.

    So despite the hyperventilation many had last night, that cliffhanger was indeed the fake-out I thought it would be. But it doesn’t bother me too much because I enjoy watching Yoon-sung and Nana together.

    I like that the numerous parallels woven throughout, aren’t being shoved down our throats, à la the deafening Carmen musical interludes in Miss Ripley.

    Parting thoughts:

    Daddy Jin-pyo has balls o’ STEEL.

    LMH is getting hotter. (How is this possible? I’m not even a LMH fangirl.)

    Ahjusshi getting googly-eyed at Eun-ah is super creepy, and I thought was unnecessary. (I’m sure it was added for comedic effect, but the ick factor overrode the humor.)

    This doesn’t directly relate, but I’ve been listening to the BOF OST again recently. I guess a subconscious effort to tide me over until next week from one LMH project to another. (I never watched Personal Taste. And I have the released CH OST songs, but prefer the BOF OST so far. Or more specifically, Wish Ur My Love by T-Max feat. J, currently on repeat. =D)

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      • 6.1.1 Ani

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    • 6.2 Schmazel

      It’s true that CH has a great OST, but I find that there isn’t much of the show where there is no b/ground music playing and sometimes, it gets a little too loud for my liking – which takes a little away from the show, IMHO.

      Sometimes, the silence (when there isn’t music playing) is better.

      • 6.2.1 sb

        You’re right. I don’t recall any scene without background music, but I thought it was skillfully used with restraint. I usually watch the episodes while working out, though, so maybe I don’t realize how loud it gets.

        • Schmazel

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      • 6.4.1 sb

        It’s more because Ahjusshi has been trying to look out for Nana in a father-like manner, and so seeing him falling over his feet over Eun-ah seems akin to crushing on a daughter’s friend.

        I think the ick factor for me is exacerbated because Eun-ah looks more 18 than ~28.

        But I guess I am in the minority for feeling this way.

        • houstontwin

          I see what you mean. When I was in college, a friend’s father was flirty with me. It was very upsetting at the time!

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    • 14.1 misachan

      well actually, if there is a season 2 and the story becomes more in tune with the manga, I’m guessing that Nana is playing the role of city hunter’s “assistant.”

      But from the way this drama is going, it seems like if there is a season two, nana’s just like a second badass lead. (esp since she’s just as capable of getting out of hostage situations and also capable of taking the bullet)

      I would love to see a season two with LMH and PMY as leads… *swoon*

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    If Santa Claus is real then the best present would be for City Hunter to become that first leap into that world.

    Funny you would mention Buffy and Angel. I just finished the entire series and I found that my favorite episodes had to do with “The Scooby Gang” in which you really see them working as a whole and feeling as a whole as well.

    But we can’t come to care for these characters that mush if they don’t let us spend more time with them. I pray that CH will help K-TV make that leap to seasonal shows.

    City Hunter Fighting!

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    • 18.2 Dorotka

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      • 18.2.1 Little Lulu

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    Thanks for the recaps. Tried to watch it on RAW, but it’s all messed up. Now, waiting for subbies.

  23. 23 Thatgirl

    “I didn’t really think Nana would die, but there was enough uncertainty to make me might uneasy for a good half-day.”
    I couldn’t have said it better myself, JB.

    About 4 minutes into the episode, I was so mesmerized that, at that point it hit me, “I have totally lost my mind to City Hunter!”. Usually when something totally Awesome happens, I’d scream my head off and go hysterical. But nope. Not this time. This time I was acting calm, almost zombie like. I don’t know if its the look on My love’s face, or what he said, or the fact that I don’t have anymore heartstrings to hold me back, due to earlier episodes. But this is not like anything I have ever felt before. I sat in that state throughout the whole episode; with the occasional screaming and cursing, Lol. Actually…. I’m still in that state…. I’m going to need a couple days to get out of this…. I think.

    I actually think there shouldn’t be a season 2. As much as I love this drama, I think that if there were to be a season 2 it would kinda take away from the awesomeness of season 1, or the drama was a Whole.

    Neh…. I’d rather be like Nana than City Hunter, Yoon Sung. Too much drama in his life. I’d probably kill myself if I lived his life.

    • 23.1 Thatgirl

      SaeHee is Nana’s cousin right? I can’t really rap my mind around how Nana could be on the verge of dying and SaeHee isn’t freaking out. If it were me I’d be all, “I am your freak Unnie! You do as I say! We are going to a hospital! NOW!!!!!”

      • 23.1.1 sb

        I don’t think so. I think they just became friendly as vet and customer. If they were cousins, Nana would have known that Sae-hee was previously married to Young-ju.

        • Thatgirl

          Yeah, but barely anyone knew about that. Saehee and Young-Ju’s marriage, to me, came off as a totally mystery to everyone. What if they kept it a secret from Nana, because of the whole parents thing, if they would have told her, the subject of who his parent were would surely come up right?

      • 23.1.2 Ann

        I always thought that Nana knew SaeHee because SaeHee is Nana’s vet for her dog? :S I don’t think they’re actually related at all.

    • 23.2 Thatgirl

      In away… Jinpyo’s logic for kidnapping Yoon-sung, kinda makes sense to me… Jinpyo and MooYul were bestfriends, sworn brothers. I don’t he’d be able to handle it if he just lived a normal life, and something like Kyung-Hee remarries happen. Could you imagine how Jinpyo would feel like if he thought his brother was being replaced? Another man would be raising Yoon-sung and he’d probably wouldn’t even really know anything about MooYul. This is probably his way of keeping MooYul’s memory alive.

      • 23.2.1 anais

        Yeah, I totally get it. It was about time for a reminder of the emotional substance driving the revenge bloodlust. That bond between Jinpyo and Muhyul – so frigging fierce! Korea’s male homosociality is something altogether else. My dad who was a secret service agent is loving this show. He’s reliving his glory years watching this, and he has compatriots who went the way of Muhyul. A part of me would love to be inside his head, and another part of me totally afraid to know all that he’s been privy to.

        • Celexa

          There is a bond of brothers that have gone through battle together. It is strong and time will not diminish it because their lives depended on the trust they had on their fellow compatriots. It is a bond that no one outside that circle can comprehend. And no one that has not lived it will value it.

          That is why you still see WWII veterans, Korean war veterans, and Vietnam war veterans still visit memorials and gravesides of the men they fought alongside. They may have lived to see this day because of the sacrifice they made.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          its interesting to me that you mention “the emotional substance driving the revenge bloodlust” and yet have totally put aside the emotional trauma that Jin Pyo inflicted upon innocent lives…

          Jin Pyo took it upon himself to act like God, giving the excuse of the emotional ties he had with Yoon-sung’s father, at the expense of the Yoon-sung’s happiness…

          that makes sense to you?


          • Celexa


            I was discussing his motivation… however flawed…non the less it is what made him the man who he is today.

          • anais

            kdl – you’re putting words into my mouth. I never said anything about whether I was okay with Jinpyo’s actions. In fact, it’s because I find them unmoored, unmotivated that I was glad the writers reminded us that something substantial did trigger this spiraling violence and illogic of revenge. I actually wanted more from the writers regarding Jinpyo, rather than have him devolve into a character not far from the stock evil incarnate. I wanted more complexity, especially since I felt the actor Kim Sang Joong is capable of delivering such nuance. I also wanted Nana offed at the end of 11, in order to push Yoonsung to become a much more complex character, one who has to wrestle with demons he didn’t know to be lurking within him.

            I don’t want a Jinpyo who “whines” (as Malta says below). I want a Jinpyo who simultaneously chills me to the core of my being and elicits sympathy from the same depths.

            The aforementioned reminder goes a teensy bit toward that – it felt like a gesture of acknowledgement, albeit only a tad bit more than a perfunctory one, that this character could have been epic in scope.

      • 23.2.2 malta

        This episode Jinpyo kept “whining” about people getting in the way of his revenge. Oh please. He didn’t need to kidnap Yoon sung to carry out his revenge. He could have carried out his revenge the minute he got back from his 1983 mission and he proved as much by visiting one of the 5 to give him a warning of what’s to come. Jinpyo makes no sense. He’s madman overcome with bloodlust.

        Plus Yoon sung’s mom never remarried (as in replaced Mooyul) and she still wears her wedding ring. Probably because her husband was reported missing-in-action and not deceased. To really honor Mooyul, Jinpyo would have raised yoon sung the way Mooyul would have wanted and that would certainly include leaving him with his mother. This isn’t about honoring Mooyul’s memory, but about revenge and bloodlust.

        Not to mention Jinpyo killed two innocent police officers! A bit of a rant on my part, but Jinpyo gets my blood boiling. Arrrgh!

        • houstontwin

          Malta, I totally agree. Although I really love City Hunter, I find Jinpyo’s motivation unbelievable. Of course he should want revenge for the murder of his comrades, 20 innocent men who were serving their country. But, for that very reason, he should abhor killing innocent men and women. Those police officers were also serving their country and Nana (a victim of one of the “5”) is also serving her country.
          Yoon Sung and his mom are victims too.
          If Jinpyo is motivated by revenge for slaying the innocent, why is he willing to kill the innocent? I really don’t get it.

          • Pat

            I am sure JP will die for his sins.

          • Thatgirl

            Because he’s gone totally crazy throughout the years. He doesn’t have a heart anymore. He wants revenge no matter the cost. Nothing, but his comrades plus his bestfriend/brother, matters to him anymore.

            What I don’t get it, how the hell he can treat Yoon-sung the way he does. That Mooyul’s son, you bastard!!!!!

        • Thatgirl

          Don’t you think that if Kyung-hee had her son with her, she’d get remarried? If Jinpyo came back to Korea after the mission, he would have told Kyung-hee that Mooyul is dead, she’d eventually accepted it and remarry. Going back to my scenario. I’m not saying that its not messed up the way he kidnapped Yoon-sung, lied to everyone, and doesn’t care if he kills a couple extra people to get to the bigfive, it is totally messed up. Jinpyo gets my blood boiling to, through out this episode and the last episode I kept screaming at Yoon-Sung to just kill him already!!!!!!!! I’m just saying that I kinda get it.

          Besides, remember? He only knows 2 of the 5 guys? Don’t you think that if he had carried out his revenge right when he came back it’d be total fail? It was before any of them had anything corrupted going one, if he had carried it out right then, they’d know the reason, they’d be prepared with a gazillion bodyguards and false reasons as why Jinpyo would want to kill them.

          I agree the way he raised Yoon-sung is not honoring Mooyul’s memory, but its Jinpyo’s way of honoring Mooyul. To show him, and of course the other 19 soldiers, that they were not forgot.

          • xylophonic

            I agree. I also don’t think Jin-pyo’s motivation has to be rational, or completely logical; he went through an extremely traumatic incident and for 28 years (or something crazy like that?) he’s been fueled by hatred and a lust for revenge for the people who put him through that. You can’t expect him to harbour feelings that intense and not be changed by it. I think he is being very irrational, what with the sick determination to kill Yoon-sung if need be, but I think in the context, his irrationality makes sense, and I’m glad the writers wrote it that way.

        • Little Lulu

          There’s a part of me that says Jin Pyo didn’t kill the two policemen. Let’s see.

  24. 24 thameryst

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    Show you are so fun to watch! Thanks for the great recap! :)

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  29. 29 Molly

    Every episode, they increase the stakes and make things so much better. This writer-PD-director team is kryptonite, to use your words.

    I also love the wry, subtle humor that’s injected into even the most serious of scenes – Yoon-Sung’s pants, especially.

    • 29.1 sb

      He works the pink ones. Love. The leopard ones aren’t too shabby, either. 😀

      • 29.1.1 smashingalou

        No one better to wore a pink pants than Lee Min Ho!! Just pure MinHOTNESS! :)

      • 29.1.2 olsen

        omg! The leopard pants!

        I seriously doubt if anybody else could pull those off!

        • smashingalou

          @Olsen, right on that..


        • sb

          Anyone else, I’d probably be laughing. But LMH rocks ’em like second skin.

          • olsen

            He could wear radio jeans and still rocks them

            Oh Gisele, jealous much?:)

          • Venus

            Not even JGS can rock the Flamingo and Leopard pants like LMHot….

    • 29.2 houstontwin

      Those goofy pants really distract me. I can’t help but think of the production’s fashion director who made those awful choices. These are not the clothes of a man raised in the jungle and seem effeminate to me…not in keeping with the character. It reminds me of the terrible choices in some other dramas like My Girl.

      • 29.2.1 houstontwin

        …Or Prosecutor Princess…another example of handsome guy with awful clothes.

  30. 30 Alyssa

    City Hunter, I love all that you choose to be! I’m throwing a vote toward season 2.

    • 30.1 smashingalou

      another vote added! Can’t we create a poll for voting? Then mail the results to the PD team….Just hoping…

    • 30.2 Leona

      count me in

      • 30.2.1 Venus

        U got my vote!!!!

      • 30.2.2 olsen

        U know guys, they always do that for US tv shows
        Like when they tried to bring back the O.C
        Can we do that?


        It will be my favourite project

        • smashingalou

          we can!! I’ll join you on that project.. Lets form a committee!

          Anyone up for it?:)

          • olsen

            ok..seriously, can we do that?
            I don’t know how to go about with it
            but I’m sure we can get help
            My computer skills are that of a 4-yr-old
            so I have no idea how to even start!

            But,let’s do it

        • Nheony

          I’m all in! Yay! Season 2 of City Hunter pleeeaseee.

  31. 31 Jea

    I wonder if this is where Saehee and Youngju might come into the story more, as YS tries to rescue Nana in a creative way. Why? Because I can’t think of any other way!!

    One of the goals of this episode seems to have been to show us that Jinpyo really would go all the way to get what he wants. This makes me wonder if Dad’s gonna have to die pretty soon, either at YS’ hands, or by shooting himself in the foot while trying to kill YS. And I don’t see how YS’ previous tricks of stealth and mind games will work this time, so some variable needs to be in the mix.

    There’s also the possibility that Nana might have something up her sleeves, but…what could she possibly do to move Jinpyo?

    Finally, Dad’s minion might have a change of heart and try to help Nana out, but his character seems so incidental, he might not be the one to make such a splash.

    JB, thanks for your recap…I hope someone on the City Hunter staff regularly checks this blog so s/he’ll let the PD know how much we want a series :]

    • 31.1 Jolly

      Nana THROW TOMATO AT JP!!!!!

      • 31.1.1 Little Lulu


  32. 32 love 49

    this is the only drama im watching right now…”lee min hot never fails to impress…i love him…

  33. 33 Ebonini

    Seriously, there is nothing bad about this show at all. It’s too perfect. Acting, directing, characters & storyline. When this is over I don’t know what i’ll do. PLEASE be a season 2.

    & Lastly, please let there be no more major life threatening injuries. Nana’s near death experience was almost th death of me. This better not end like Bad Guy. -_-

    • 33.1 Pat

      Poor Bad Guy…such a waste. This show however has done EVERYTHING right, so have faith.

  34. 34 Niki

    Was i the only one rooting for Eun Ah to find Nana in Yoon Sung’s house? I mean…think of all the wink-wink-nudge-nudge they’ll get which could hasten their relationship to “greener pastures”.

    And the scene where the looked at each other sans-Yoon Sung’s-blood-transfusion-to-Nana totally killed me.

    • 34.1 smashingalou


      And the way he brushes her hair aside while she was lying in bed, so handsomely done, Min Ho. In how many ways exactly can you possible swoon us over and over?!!!But I’m not complainin, just keep it going with that HOTNESS…

    • 34.2 Schmazel

      Speaking of EA, I find her really pretty and cute to boot! She and Da Hae are really like unni-dongsaeng.

      • 34.2.1 oreocrush

        OMG THAT LOOK, that look is totally the i-will-never-ever-leave-you kind of look. AHHH killed me completely

    • 34.3 Little Lulu

      THAT LOOK?! Is always what I’m longing to see.

  35. 35 Marlene


  36. 36 Dafferdoodlez

    OMG THIS DRAMA IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I can’t wait till next week! Thanks for the recap it is always awesome and always makes my day=)

  37. 37 Linh

    I agree. Beside the great acting (mostly LMH’s), directing, writing, the music is awesome, really awesome. My favorite score would be the end of episode 10, the staircase chase scene between Young Ju and City Hunter. And the rest of the OST is da bomb too!

    • 37.1 xine

      Yes, I like the way even the music is flexible; thematic to a character but presented in completely different moods. Eg, I’m pretty sure it’s the bouncy poppy *shiny boy* song that’s used in later episodes as a slow almost classical instrumental or ballad, tracking the changing styles of the drama and underpinning the different sides of a character . . .

  38. 38 Sarratiger

    Where’s the thank you for saving my sons life? Seriously

    • 38.1 malta

      Jinpyo is psychotic. Gratitude does not compute!

  39. 39 nonski

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    I just can’t get over you!

  40. 40 jen

    darn if she died, that would have been a great plot device!!
    to kill off a lead character so quickly! i would have been totally ok with it. plus more minho scenes <33

    • 40.1 anais

      I know. Me too. It would have taken City Hunter and kdrama to a whole new level, for precisely the reason JB laid out. I wanted to see Yoonsung wrestle with those existential exigencies. (And I’m probably the only one who doesn’t care for the cute between Nana and Yoonsung, rather much prefers the kickass, fierce Nana only.) I feel a bit like a deflated balloon, with all the dramatic tension of episode 11 resolved all too easily. The show probably will introduce others, but that arc could have been played for a lot more than it was.

  41. 41 Nahan

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, you don’t die from a shoulder wound.

    Anyways, loving this show. I had to stop watching it because it was too much YS and Nana angst and not enough action but after episode 11’s recap I had to watch it. There is just so much of “i have to keep you at a distance and be a jackass to protect you” one can take before snapping (darn you KDramas for laying things on so thick in the past), but the action and revenge story line brought me back.

    BUT…I did like the washing hair scene…very cute

    • 41.1 sb

      With enough loss of blood, you can. Also if she was hit through a major artery.

      Not to say I really believed she was going to die, but there was a reason why the camera panned the scene and showed all the blood she lost as she lay on the ground.

  42. 42 Sarratiger

    Also where did everyone go in the parking lot? How did he get control of the electricity? And how come every time Na Na says tomato i crack up.

    • 42.1 Celexa

      same here Sarratiger… i laughed too :)

      • 42.1.1 Little Lulu

        NANA: “oh, tuh-muh-tuh!”

  43. 43 xine

    Thanks so much for speedy and detailed recap! Your grasp of the woven details of the drama always adds so much and is amazing given the speed with which you are working.

    This just HAS to be a multi-season drama – all this amazing set up cannot be wasted!

    And imagine 16, 18, 20 episodes of LMH as this character every year! For several years. Woo hoo!!

  44. 44 smashingalou

    JB, I love how you put the good and bad point into your thoughts. After the end of episode 11, my heart wrench like crazy half-believing that NN can possibly die. There is that possibility that YS need it for the sake of him going total BADASSERY just like what his Daddy JP wanted. However, at that point, I was half wishing (more like 3/4 to be exact) as well that NN would live and make YS happy in the end.All those worries were erased at the start of ep 12. Flooding relief echoed entirely and yes that somehow make me believe that the writers WON’T KILL NANA OFF….YET…

    I love EP 12, no matter what angle I tried to look at it. I’d say it’s like “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.” And I mean every flavor: drama, comedy, romance, action,suspense. If I may say, that the music truly added to that flavorness.

    As Ep 12 goes on, I am little by little on my way to calmness knowing that YS and NN will finally find a way to deal with all the i-protect-you-and-i’ll-protect-you relationship. However with all the words coming out of Daddy JP’s mouth consistently saying that NN will die, I was like “What the? Can’t you give it a rest please?”. I am becoming really scared for NN safety. I mean, SHOW, for the story running this good with her in it, WHY PUT HER OUT IT?And yet somehow, although I’m in denial, it came to a realization that “Hey, SHOW is just probably putting up a front act, then headbang to the main act”.Boy, that idea is already forming into my mind, as happy as the scene was on the last part of Ep 12, as soon as that tomato fell, I knew something’s reallllllly wrong. And there it was, door closed, lights off, motorcyle.JIN PYO!! Gah..

    My only prayer now and I AM RESOLUTE WITH THIS, IS TO HOPE NN LIVES UNTIL THE END. For that I may say, that SEASON 2 can be on the way. And I truly hope she does… *SIGH, SIGH*

    • 44.1 Venus

      Smash you got me thinking about the “Main Ac” and I realized that u are on to something and I’m not liking what my mind is making up…..

      • 44.1.1 smashingalou

        ME TOO! I just cannot possibly think of a way for me to easily accept it but to anticipate it…

        Just don’t want to think, they’re BREAKING IT TO US GENTLY…

    • 44.2 marin

      omgsh so true

    • 44.3 Raine

      That’s my prayer now too!
      While watching all those sweet moments between YS+NN, there’s just this lingering dread I can’t seem to shake off… :( I really really want a happy ending for the OTP.

    • 44.4 Little Lulu


  45. 45 stars4u

    I just love how this drama can make me laugh as though I am watching a rom-com…

    And I love how all secrets just keep on spilling and a misunderstanding won’t last too long and how the characters are quick on the uptake!

    • 45.1 smashingalou

      “And I love how all secrets just keep on spilling and a misunderstanding won’t last too long and how the characters are quick on the uptake!”

      Another great factor I love about this drama. How SECRETS are being spilled…In like every episode’s recap, there’s never a comment that wonders how will YS get to know the real event in his life? And yet, SHOW never disappoints us. Greatest secrets, greatest reveal..

      Not expecting at all that “THAT SIMPLE CONVERSATION BETWEEN Daddy JP and his MINION” could turn into a BOMB in YS’s EAR. Way to go, so simple, so flawlessly done! Bravo!!

  46. 46 corn tea

    Yay, the recap is. Love the cuteness and sweetness in this episode. I had an ear to ear grin the whole time watching the two love birds, well, being love birds. After the previous episodes of love or not love, it’s so good to see the two of them finally in love. Off to read the recap with OST in the background.

  47. 47 Venus

    Thank U JB for such awesome recaps… I totally agree with you that CH production should consider a season 2….BUT with the Original Cast…and plz with bad ass JP cause believe it or not I have a love/hate relationship with JP I get why he wants to avenge his bff, but he is not seeing the big picture and I would love for him to come to his senses and become part of CH Scooby Gang……..

    BUT love ep. 12 everything we wanted and more I love episodes that are so well balanced and CH PD is doing a mighty fine job….he is to me the Best Director of the year….

    Here we go again another long wait……

    • 47.1 smashingalou

      Gah, Venus..another looooonggg week again…

      • 47.1.1 Venus

        yes another lonnngg weekend thinking about those damn tomatoes and re-watching ep 11 and 12…..cause I need my weekend fixed……..

        • Celexa

          Buying tomatoes will never be the same for me :/

          • Little Lulu

            Never thought tomatoes can be scary and hilarious at the same time.

  48. 48 kimchikim

    As JP’s bloodlust becomes more and more evident and as the war between JP and YS becomes more intense, I’m becoming more and more scared for YS’s life! I really, really want a happy ending, and a possibility for another season! Because without Lee Minho, there is no City Hunter! And on that note, I think your idea of another season isn’t far-fetched! I think it’d actually be really cool… you should write on the official message board or email the writers or something, haha.

    Thanks for the recaps! I love reading your insight and perspective.

  49. 49 1061-kun

    I am loving this drama too. Its got a good blend of a thriller, romance and comedy.

    The City Hunter is the coolest dude around and I like in this episode that Nana is becoming his right hand gal.

    The only let down in this episode was the minor role played by the Pretty Prosecutor.

  50. 50 Celexa

    I watched episode 12 during a break at work and listened with my earphones to enjoy the awesome musical score and most importantly… to keep my drama addiction incognito.

    My favorite part of this episode was when Daddy dearest took the truck. As JS watched him drive away, I noticed a slight look of accomplishment… ever so subtle but LMH’s eyes said it all…

    I waited with anticipation … waiting for the moment Daddy Dearest would open the truck! And was stunned that Jin-pyo’s evil laughter was matched by mine! My laughter was as loud and evil and satisfying as his!

    I loved it! I loved the feeling of triumph over him! I loved that I was drawn in with the Scooby gang.

    I was keeping watch as they gassed the vehicles, I was next to City Hunter as he speeds up scare Daddy Dearest, I was holding back San-gook so the showdown would be solely with JP and CH and I was not just a bystander hoping to glean a bit of emotion but I actually lived it!

    City Hunter is that good!

    • 50.1 Venus

      Celexa where u there yelling at Nana not to go after the damn tomato… 😀

      • 50.1.1 Celexa

        LOL… nah… i was to busy laughing at how she pronounced tomato! 😀

        • olsen

          About Nana’s tomato:)
          Since my raw vid was all messed up
          I couldn’t hear anything..
          PMY went to the States in her teens
          (meaning she stayed there for a while)
          Was it that funny?

          • Celexa

            She probably used a konglish pronounciation

            what made me laugh was that the scene reminded me of a kitten chasing a shiny light.

            my thoughts as she chased the tomato “silly girl” that’s a funny/cute way to pronounce tomato… oohhh shiny tomato!

        • Venus


          • olsen

            Shiny tomato…lol

            U know what that reminds me of?
            The movie Despicable Me!
            Lil Agnes saying..Fluffy Unicorn!

          • Little Lulu


      • 50.1.2 Raine

        LOL I was! I knew that tomato was trouble 😛

        • suppiechan369

          yea, totally not worth all those vitamins XD

    • 50.2 MadDino

      I found myself laughing that exact same laugh too and ended up being creeped out when I was joined by the scary father.

    • 50.3 Celexa

      I had a language breakthrough during this episode

      gajimal, chebal, gajimal

      i didnt have to translate this phrase from korean to english
      i understood it!

      gajimal = don’t go – because the root word was ga = go
      chebal = please

      • 50.3.1 Cathyrrn

        Personally, I prefer them written like so;

        gajimah and jaebal

        But everyone has their own was I guess…

        • Celexa

          I know… it’s difficult for me to figure out how to spell out hangul.

          If there is a proper english translation/romanization of hangul phonetics… I hope to learn it someday.

          Thanks… your spelling is sounds out the hangul much better than mine.

      • 50.3.2 Tensai24

        Ooh, I spell it kajima and jaebal…but then again, I spell Yoon Sung “Yun Seong” 😉

    • 50.4 celia

      does anyone know what’s the title of the song played at the very end of episode 12??

      • 50.4.1 smashingalou

        it’s Kim Bo Kyung’s Suddenly, JB featured it as Song of the Day for this recap :)

        • olsen

          And we love it to death!

          • smashingalou

            tooo-taally! (echoing Crush (the turtle) from Finding Nemo) :)

  51. 51 mochi2000

    man you are FAST.
    the subs just came out and i was blasting through this episode. some stuff i found from this episode that i can use in my real life.

    when lmh was volunteering for his blood to be transferred to nana, one thought came to mind and is a scenario i would like taking place at my wedding:
    hubby: wife [insert my name], i have blood O, i will give you as much blood as you need to survive
    me: hubby [insert his name i.e. lee min ho], i am type AB, so i can accept any type of blood, but most certainly i will take yours

    *kissing & blood transfusion scene

    and man the WINK was deadly, i replayed it =D

    i think nana will die in this drama, and then i will go bonkers because i told myself, “if another main female cast dies in a korean drama, i will shoot my computer screen”
    (referring to another extremely good drama..*cough* XX days)

    • 51.1 Craxycat

      O is the universal blood true, but the ‘true’ universal blood is O-. If Nana happened to be negative, while YS was positive then it would have killed her. I am assuming he said O neg, but I rely on subs. I love this show regardless though *grin*

  52. 52 Tensai24

    So my first thought when Yun Seong was telling Nana about his friend in Thailand she reminded him of? “I really want him to be talking about the elephant!” XD ahahaha Please, please, PLEASE let it be the elephant ’cause that would be hilarious.

    Also the amount of cute in this episode healed all the strain episodes 9, 10, and 11 put on my heart. What makes this show so refreshing is that it doesn’t get mired down by trying to drag out a point of angst way past its expiration date, but rather allows its characters to think and discover new things that seem to just make the show better and better.

    How much do I lLOVE Nana as Ms. City Hunter?! (City Huntress? City Hunter Girl? Oh well, you know what I mean). Love you JB for “Nana Bear” 😉

    City Hunter is officially my favorite drama to date (and I’ve watched almost 70, so that’s saying something)

    • 52.1 sb

      LOL! It would be so awesome if it was the elephant. It has to be, right? I don’t know who else would fit the description.

      • 52.1.1 olsen

        I was wondering whom he was refering that to..
        At first, I thought he was talking about his ‘mother’
        But then, the touch reference would make that creepy!
        So, I’m on-board with the elephant idea:)

      • 52.1.2 Cynthia

        It’s totally his pet elephant!! (remember when he was washing her in the river? Skinship!!)

        Good catch! :)

        • olsen


          Ya, that probably was the only ‘skinship’ he got it back in Thailand!
          (not because he couldn’t get it if he wanted to:D)

          Omg! How funny is that?
          Skinship with the big elephant

    • 52.2 Raine

      when YS first mentioned that friend of his, the elephant immediately came to mind 😛 no doubt about it, it has to be the elephant 😛
      I actually went back and rewatched that part in episode 1, and yes YS likes to play “skinship” with the elephant hahaha

  53. 53 queer

    Thanks JB….
    Been waiting for this!!!

    can’t wait to watch the next episode…. why can’t they telecast this everyday…. *ggaahhh*

    • 53.1 Celexa

      because the lead actors would look like zombies after 2 weeks :)

      • 53.1.1 olsen


        I doubt Lee Min Ho could ever look bad :)

      • 53.1.2 Raine

        have you guys read the news that said LMH fell asleep while filming a fighting scene? 😛 LMH’s supposed to get beaten around and fall in that scene (I’m thinking it’s the end scene of episode 11, the fight with the goonies). When LMH didn’t stand back up after his “fall”, the crew realized he fell asleep lol

        poor MinHo, he needs sleep T_T

      • 53.1.3 tiaradiamond

        No, it’s not from that scene.

        The article said when Lee Minho was sleeping during action scene, it was filming at 1st July.

        So we can expect more action in next episodes.

        Yes glad to the hear Lee Minho just sleeping, it would be sad if he get serious injury. :(

        • wirza

          which article…can you give me the link

        • suppiechan369

          yes, link please!! 😀

  54. 54 Gabitis

    This show is DA bomb, and I do not mean a regular PUM or KAPOW… I mean plutonium, nails, kryptonite and a side dish of care bears all mixed and rolled up into one type of bomb. FANTASTIC!

    I find myself again and again watching it live, reading comments online minutes after it had aired and desperately lurking online to read your recap. So thx for writing it!

    Yes, I am girly as well and loooooooooved the scene when he washed her hair and the ‘pls don’t go’ that happened before the back hug… *sigh* I think I am a romantic at heart 😉

    Why not? Dreaming is one thing that’s still free. I’m all for a second season (only if LMH and his fancy pants make a triumphant return!)

  55. 55 Lucille

    Love this drama, but that blood transfusion was wrong (dangerous) on so many levels. My pet peeve with any show is when they take crazy creative license with medicine.
    Still love the drama and in spite of myself, I still thought that scene was cool.

    • 55.1 Celexa

      I have a medical laboratory background… and the same thought went through my mind… and then I saw him hold her hand ever so tenderly and that fleeting thought left :)

      • 55.1.1 smashingalou

        Celexa, i doubt anyone can think of logic once you’ve seen those staring eyes from LMH.hehe! Plus factor, the tight-hand squeezed with so much tenderness from his eyes..

      • 55.1.2 Jomo

        Because I watched it raw, I had to guess they were saying things like blood type and positives and negatives.

        I have to admit I totally teared up seeing the both of them hooked up to the machine, with him staring so tenderly at her reaching out.

        Foreshadowing much? Her life was only a little on the line here, who guesses somebody’s will be completely on the line later?

        Medical question: If he is O neg, can anyone give him blood, or doesn’t it work that way?

        • Celexa

          I had this all typed out with an explination of anti A & anti B antibodies and A & B antigents and RH pos and neg factors but accidentally deleted my write up..

          to simply answer your question

          Type O neg can give to any blood type and RH factor but can only recieve from O neg

          • Jomo

            Thanks for the explan.

            Bummer! No reflow on the blood, then.

            Oooh! Maybe one of the City Hunter’s super powers is the ability to change his blood type.

            Not very exciting to watch, but boy could he eff up a CSI team!

          • Cynthia

            My husband is O negative.
            Poor guy is on speed dial for the local Red Cross office.
            He’s a good guy – he donates whenever they call.

  56. 56 crazedlu

    i’m seriously way too harsh on this series. action is my genre, and this PALES in comparison to the stuff i’ve actually found smart, compelling, and winning. korea is still not doing justice to action. had they gone with a dead nana, they might’ve done it, but instead, they took the typical kdrama route. bleh. oh well.

    • 56.1 marin

      shut up nana is awesome if she dies no one would really watch it and its to soon for her to die

      • 56.1.1 crazedlu


        my point exactly. as someone mentioned below me, this is looking like a rom-com with a side of action. what?! just WHAT? hope they switch it up and deliver.

      • 56.1.2 anais

        Actually, marin, I would have LOVED it had they killed off Nana at this point. Then, the story might have have gained gravitas of potentially epic proportions. A morality tale in the vein of Shakesperean tragedy.

        Who knows. Maybe the story still can develop such complexity, even with cutesy Nana around. I just hope, though, that they show more of the fierce Nana.

        • marin

          but YS would be sad if nana dies and plus i want some cutesy romance between them there soo perfect for each other!! and i think nana is becoming fierce shes not weak shes actually very strong she took a bullet for YS and plus shes always in danger but she doesnt complain and shes protecting him. So how much more fierce do u want nana to be?

          • anais

            You and I are not disagreeing that Nana can be fierce; her taking the bullet for him, the way she kicked ass as she rescued YS… I loved all of that. I just want more of that. Whenever Nana is cutesy, all I can think of is her character Kim Yoon Shik from SKKS. And I then imagine Lee Sun Joon walking in. That may say less of Nana as a character and Park Min Young as an actress. Nana as enacted seems very two dimensional: cutesy or fierce. Not an organic whole but a pastiche. So perhaps my discontent lies more with the actress than the character.

            I keep thinking of Kim So Yeon in her various roles. She always manages to present very full characters, ones whose emotional gamut ranges not from a to b but the whole alphabet. And ranges seamlessly rather than as two very split aspects (now’s the cutesy Nana, now’s the fierce Nana).

        • ashura

          I so absolutely agree with you anais. I wish that NN was killed at ep 11 too. City Hunter has become a romance drama and I find it utterly disappointing. I was expecting City Hunter to be an ACTION show, not romantic show. I kind of lost interest in the lovesick NN and YS. Ok, maybe I am expecting wrong things from this show.

          • anais


            Ok, maybe I am expecting wrong things from this show.

            I think there was such a huge tonal shift between the first two episodes, which had set up an expectation that this would be a fierce action thriller playing to grand themes. When the rom-com elements appeared, I was waiting to see the direction the Show would decide to take. When I was about to give up on the rom-com, it threw in moments that recalled the grandness of the first two episodes, so then I stayed on. But it’s clear now that, yeah, you and I are probably wanting something the Show doesn’t intend to deliver. Which is ok. I still see things in the Show I like, but I now have to adjust my expectations or leave if I really don’t get enough of what I thought the Show might give.

    • 56.2 Raine

      I wouldn’t like the drama half as much if there’s little to no rom-com aspects 😛
      I <3 Bear Nana lol

      • 56.2.1 girl

        haha agreed ^^

    • 56.3 malta

      I would have been shocked is they killed off Nana. I agree it would have made this show incredible storywise, but this is not that show/not that dark of a show.

      Reminds me of when Marie got killed in the Bourne Supremacy…I still don’t believe that actually happened. They actually had the balls to kill her off?…I’m in denial.

      • 56.3.1 crazedlu

        i LOVED that they killed marie off. haha. since the storyline was already so different from the books, i thought it fit to have bourne go on the journey to his origins alone.

        if sara had died for real in prison break though, GAH! that would’ve SUCKED. thank goodness they didn’t really kill her off. and if you haven’t seen prison break, it’s freakin amazing. =D

        • anais

          I loved it too!!! Must admit Bourne Supremacy came to mind at the end of CH episode 11.

        • Little Lulu

          I almost died thinking Sara died. Much than thinking Nana will die.

  57. 57 laya

    I’m glad Nana survived, and is as kickass as ever!

    Thank you so much for the recap!

  58. 58 Noelle

    A season 2 would be awesome!
    Thanks for the recap!

  59. 59 Daniela

    Although Nana’s death could had taken the story to another good path, the main reason why Im happy that she is living is basically the same as yours: “I want SO BADLY for Yoon-sung to be happy.” He has suffered enough and Nana makes him happy. And Im happy too because I really like the character of Nana because she is Nana and I know that she will defend if Daddy attacks her. Plus, its a glass dor what gets between Yoon-sung and she.

    I love that Young-ju (so smart, I love him) gives her dad the chance to return the money, because is his dad and he still cares for him.But when his dad refuses, he doesnt hesitate either (right?).

    About the return of the bitchy girl: it wasnt big, but i loved the detail.

    Yoon-sung buying dresses = ♥.

    Thank you for the recap!

  60. 60 Cinnamon23

    Oooh the quiver in his lip and the anger in LMH eyes as he confronts his psycho dad…..Awesomeness! And that wink is the sexiest wink I’ve ever seen on any show.

    I’m utterly excited about the formation of the City Hunter Scooby Gang….Superfriends….Hall of Justice…what have you group to work together and bring down the baddies!

    I am liking Kim Nana more and more. She has to stay alive so Yoon Sung keeps some normalcy to his life :)

  61. 61 ashura

    This show is becoming more and more like a romance, which I don’t like. I think that is what happens when one doesn’t like the couple pairing! I got a little bored since episode 11, but am still watching the show as it is not bad enough for me to drop. If I made it through LTM, I can make it through this one, as it is comparatively much better.

    • 61.1 Verónica

      I kinda agree with you. I am not minding the romance that much and I think they both look very cute together, but to be honest, ep. 10, which was mostly about their relationship, has been the one I liked the least. I want this to remain an action series, because that is what hooked me up from the beginning.

      I am still greatly invested in the series because the drama is so thick and well structured and the attention to details is exceptional, but I fear it may become a predictable love story and disappoints me. I can pick up another love drama, this is about a man with a revenge plan and serious struggles with himself, exploit that to the maximum!!!

      So series, more spoon fights and badass fight scenes, pleeeeeeease!!

      • 61.1.1 marin

        this show has everything mix romance action urgh but then again not everyone is same and there will always be complainers urgh its hard to please everybody. but so far i love how the story is going and their chemistry is amazing nana and yoosung

    • 61.2 Birdie

      Contrary to most people here , I,too, was bored part of this episode. Yes they are cute together,but so are most couples in rom-com dramas. The cases are too easily solved. Aren’t they supposed to be the most powerful men in Korea? The lack of security in this drama is ridiculous.At this point,the writers can raise the level of the drama by making it dark and deeper. Otherwise it will remain a rom-com with some action.

      • 61.2.1 anais

        Yeah, in agreement, but we are sadly a very small minority.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          why “sadly”, anais?

          if you don’t like CH, then you are entitled to your own opinion, but you should be perfectly happy with your opinion, regardless of how everyone else feels, right?

          do you wish for everyone to agree with you, or to feel the way you do, in order for you to feel “happy”?

          the way i see it, your feelings are yours independently, and should not be dependent on how others feel…

          you have the right to like or dislike CH, but does knowing few people share your likes/dislikes make you unhappy? why is that?

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          even if you are in the minority, just be HAPPY…

          because the majority is blissfully happy…

          • anais

            kdl – i never said that you aren’t entitled to your opinion. if anything, you are the one who’s effectively trying to silence differences in opinion.

            it’s great that so many love city hunter and are made blissfully happy by it. it’s equally okay for me to wish there were more who rue its not heading in the directions it every so often explores tantalizingly (and yes, i pretty much accept that this drama nurses ambitions that are not what i’d hoped for it). and, no, since you asked, i don’t need everyone to think exactly the same as i do. i don’t subscribe to such simplistic approach to life. anyhow, i trust that you will respectfully let differences of opinion be aired.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            anais, how is it that you said that i have been trying to silence differences in opinion?

            does commenting on your comment make me trying to do that?

            anyhow since this is not my blog, i neither have the right to suppress anyone’s opinion nor do i have the interest/desire to do so…

            and i believe that i have been respectful in putting my questions across but if you think i have not, then that’s entirely your prerogative…

          • anais

            KDL – when you say that I SHOULD feel this or that I SHOULD be that or repeatedly put words into my mouth that I never said, I can’t help but feel personally targeted. If that wasn’t your intent, I’d appreciate it if you’d see how you might come across as you’ve been received.

      • 61.2.2 malta

        This story has some really great aspects to it, but it is full of holes. Wide gaping holes. Like you said, one of them is security protocol!

        IE: Some stranger can call the Blue house and say one of their security guards can’t come in for weeks because she broke her arm?!!!!….nobody checks this out? Was she kidnapped so some bad guys could torture information out of her? Since you haven’t talked to her, she’s basically missing….ummm????!!!!

        The one thing that I hate is that sometimes they make Nana a badass and sometimes they make her a damsel in distress…Just pick one. I mean how did the badass who beats up like six men and then takes a bullet to save her man’s life get kidnapped by just two (2!!!!!!) men in the first place?!

        I think this show is 1/3rd revenge 1/3rd action 1/3rd rom-com

        • anais

          Yeah… ditto.

        • sb

          I’ve been feeling that too. Bugged me when the Ahjusshi called in for Nana. But the whole idea of Nana being qualified to be a Secret Service agent-in-training requires MAJOR suspension of belief. Because CH is based on a manga, I reluctantly let certain things slide.

          • Birdie

            When suspension of belief is required every episode,it takes away the belief of the other parts -the conflicts , the emotions displayed as well.Even based on manga, fantasy has to have a certain amount of reality to take us along on that ride. I just laughed at the ridiculous parts and do not take this drama seriously(sorry LMH-I do think you are getting better). I do like how beautifully this director treats some of the scenes.

          • crazedlu

            i’m totally with birdie on this one.

          • anais

            Birdie, your comment on the effect of having to engage in suspension of disbelief repeatedly is so well put.

          • Birdie

            Oops.. I meant suspension of disbelief being required every episode. I should read my typing before submitting.

  62. 62 Beng

    I agree definitely to your comments about the Season 2. I hope this 16 episodes is just an intro to more seasons too!

    Let’s pray to the drama Gods =)

  63. 63 Xtool

    Thank you, JB, for the speedy and delightful recap.

    But, isn’t anyone else freaked out that they gave us all that cute and then ended with LMH trapped away from Nana and evil/psycho dad speeding toward her on a motorcycle? Is there any chance that Show would be perverse enough to let her live through this episode only to have her killed by psycho dad running her down? No no it can’t be.

    I want the full City Hunter team to be assembled, and to do that, we still need to formally on-board Sae Hee and the prosecutor. THEN we’ll be ready for Season 2!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! And did I mention the all consuming hotness of Lee Minho…

    • 63.1 MadDino

      It’s so wrong, but secretly I’m half hoping that the show is that perverse and Nana get killed by pyscho dad. This show has surprised me so many times. Of course I would love for her live, but I feel that now the show has wrapped up Nana’s story well enough that I wouldn’t be super upset if she died unlike if she’d died at the beginning of the episode.

      • 63.1.1 Verónica

        Psycho dad is so evil we can expect anything. I think that’s why I am expecting such an unhappy ending, because as long as psycho dad is around, things will definitely get NASTY!!!!

  64. 64 Alby


    I almost wept when Ahjussi made it rain! I was giddy! His crush on Nana’s partner is adorbs. Poor Ki Joon.

    Thanks for the recaps!!!

  65. 65 Verónica

    Wow, how can this show surpass an excellent previous episode with a new one that is…more excellent???? If only more tv shows were like this, so dense and structured to perfection. Amazing writing = less drag = me a uber happy viewer.

    So Nana didn’t die, oh well, I am all for a darker turn in this series and her death would have been a great “plot device” if brought correctly, but at the same time it’s too soon. Though I am afraid that if they’re gonna play the “let’s kill someone YS loves so he will take full-on revenge” move, it may be someone he can live happily without in the future, thus giving the series a lighter, happy ending. Someone like the mom he never had. Or in the worst case, Ahjussi.

    I’m really curious as to how is the Young Joo vs. his dad plot will develop, Young Joo is an iron fist man trying to do good and what’s right, but at the same time I somehow fear he will become more like Jin Pyo, so blind with his ideals he ends up becoming irrational to serve justice.

    Oh and the wired tooth implant, brilliant!!! I’m so happy I picked this show out of boredom, it’s been the best surprise of the year and so far, my favorite kdrama in a long time(along Best Love). I hope they won’t blew it!!!! :)

  66. 66 Cynthia

    Thanks for the insightful recap, JB!

    As much as I originally thought that having CH Season 2 wouldn’t be a good idea, I now agree with you. But, all the stars would have to align to give justice to this season of CH. Everyone would have to be on board, obviously, and there is a goldmine for plots out there. (Thinking of Mission: Impossible – that franchise is up to #4.
    I kinda wonder what IRIS 2 could have been – I’m still ticked at the ending and that could have been addressed with a second season.)

    It will be interesting to see if the final (sob!) ep of CH will have some kind of open plot hinting at a possible extension.

    Also, while I’m thinking about it – I really would like to see either GF or JB’s official stand on what constitutes SPOILER issues.
    I understand that since the threads can’t be handled by a moderator (i.e., TWOP) it’s really difficult to avoid spoilers, but I also think that many commenters just don’t know what they can and should not, say.
    Is it a spoiler when the raw comes out? Is it a spoiler until the recap comes out?

    I mean, some people love spoilers (and read the last chapter of a book, first!) and others can’t stand to have their excitement over upcoming twists and turns ruined by uninformed or careless comments.
    I really noticed this at the end of ep 11’s thread, when 12 was raw. Big spoilers were flying left and right.
    CH is generating massive emotional interest and that leads to a problem with spoilers.
    So, JB & GF – care to address this? We do have a ways to go before the end of CH.

    And on a happy, final comment – our Mr. Flamingo Dreams made a triumphant return! My heart is happy… :)

    • 66.1 beggar1015

      I, for one, don’t think people should be discussing the next episode in the comments section of the previous episode. Uh, does that make sense? What I mean is, for instance this is the recap for episode 12. If you have seen and want to talk about episode 13, wait until the recap for 13 comes out.

  67. 67 Raine

    Such a sweet and cute cute episode <333 *goes off to watch for the nth time since last night* My fav scene? The backhug *swoon* I LOVE love that scene to pieces, and the shower one too~
    Good thing all the sweet moments in this episode will be able to sustain me through another long week of waiting and anticipation <3
    and as usual, great recap JB :)

  68. 68 Rini

    Thank you for the wonderful recap, as always, javabeans! A special thanks for including this ost! I love it and I love city hunter! This episode just left me waiting for more again aghhhh!

  69. 69 Vee

    I hope she throws that tomato at Jin pyo and knocks him off his motorcycle!!!

    • 69.1 smashingalou

      Hahaha!That made me lighten up my mood about the ending..*LOL*

    • 69.2 Raine

      I so want to see that lol
      even better, throw the tomato at JP, JP gets hit in the face and loses control of his bike, goes crashing into a wall. lol

      • 69.2.1 beggar1015

        Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Big bad General taken down by a short girl and a tomato!

        • Little Lulu


          Now, that’s what you call DOUBLE COMBO!

    • 69.3 Xtool

      HA! An excellent idea! What the heck – if City Hunter can beat that guy in the kitchen with a spoon, maybe his new partner can demonstrate her skill with a tomato or something else she happens to have on hand…

  70. 70 marin

    how could u say tht idc i dnt want nana to die omgsh so cruel who cares about young sung bad side it would be better if there all working together.if nana dies not point of the story urgh tht just pissed me off sorry because nana is my favorite character and i love the romance between both of the main characters. ur going to deep with the story just relax its a drama

  71. 71 dls

    Thanks JB for your fast recap …
    City Hunter also hooks me up… and I’m on the same boat: I want Season 2…
    but if they make Season 2, they really have to make it much better than Season 1.

    Anyway, I love that Nana is in Team City Hunter…
    and the last scene, makes me wonder what Dad JP will do to her…she’s just come back after being shot in shoulder…
    on a side note, Dad JP sure is something to ride a bike like that for someone in his age…
    it impresses me when he laughs that YS managed to fool him with the money truck
    all of these make me wonder how he will end later? will he be saved from his revenge? will he died protecting YS in the middle of revenge work and left YS to carry on?
    although he is such a badass, i just keep thinking that he is a real father for YS.

    • 71.1 rockee

      I think Dad JP will be saved in the end. Or, like you said, will probably die protecting YS while fulfilling his revenge or because of his own doing. Yeah, I don’t think Dad JP will have the guts to kill YS either. It’s just his scare-tactic. If he did, that would just be too cruel and beyond heartless. It would be like killing his own friend or even worse, his own blood. There’s really no going back there. And Poor Nana Bear, just can’t catch a break.

  72. 72 wootwoot

    it would be awesome if they made season 2 :) seriously… k-dramas rarely have seasons (except for highkick sitcoms, but they don’t count because the stories are entirely different). since the actors are young and all, maybe we can make this into series!!!

  73. 73 mykdramaself

    says, i will try so hard not to read the recaps until i’ve watched the subbed episode but i’m having a really difficult time.

    javabeans and GF, thanks for the recaps!!!

  74. 74 rockee

    Man, I shouldn’t have read this recap without watching it first. But I just couldn’t wait for the subs. I’m totally on the bandwagon, this show is totally-awesomely-addictive! It’s very well written and directed. And I hope they won’t let us down ’til the end. LMH is definitely Lee Min-Hot! There were times when I wish I was Nana. Hahhaa. At first, I wasn’t sure if he could really pull off this character but he did! Hope he keeps it up. Bring on Season 2! :)

  75. 75 tomboy26

    Amazing episode .. I just finished watching and then I came here to read the recaps because that makes all my shows complete.

    Gah .. I was so nerve-wrecked this whole episode, especially when him and Nana were being absolutely cute together because all my years of dramas and movies and shows has prepared me with the mentality that if the hero is having a good time for now, bad times is sure to come. I don’t know if Nana will die or not (and if she does it would be great show and story wise and if she doesn’t I ain’t complaining either 😀 ) but all I know is that I simply can’t wait for next week.

    Also, Lee Min Ho and that delicious wink of yours .. I shall see you in my dreams 😉 lol

  76. 76 Lisaur :3

    omg, I lovee love love your recaps :3
    Usually I watch the episode/read your recap at the same time, LOL
    Keep up the good work ^_^ i look forward to them almost as much as i look forward to the new episodess <3

  77. 77 Senris

    Awesome recap! I agree with you that Nana’s death might have been narratively interesting, but it would have broken me–and it certainly would have broken Yoon-sung. Boy has enough pain, and it was such a delight to see him so happy in this episode!

    Loved the mirroring of Yoon-sung’s nightmare from Ep. 8–I thought that was one of the most emotionally effective parts of this episode. He’d dreamed of them lying bloody on the floor together, dying from each other’s bullets, hands ineffectively straining to reach each other and only brushing against each other before death. And here we see the same bloody hands reaching out to each other–but this time they DO make it, and hold tight, as he quite literally gives her life. I’m not sure I can adequately express my love for this parallel.

    Young-ju’s pain at his father’s betrayal–of his son, of his responsibilities, of his son’s ideals–was fantastically acted. I’m almost as worried for him as I am for Yoon-sung, and I love that the conflict they’ve set up for him is just as soul-wrenching as Yoon-sung’s is. This drama is SO good with the parallels, and the tension, and the characterization, and the kickass girls, and the really hot men…

  78. 78 Ada

    My addiction to CH got me to get out of lurk mode and actually post a comment…firsttimer here…

    Ave been waiting for the recap anxiously. Bcoz of the cliffhanger am at a loss whether to read the recap first b4 watching (coz I really really really wanna know wat happens nxt) or should I save it after I watch the episode (coz I really really don’t wanna spoil the effect of watching!)… Oh my god! Such a dilemma *dramaqueen mode on*

    • 78.1 Celexa

      Ada… I watched the RAW episode first… it’s a toss up which way you want to go… if you like savoring your desert.. wait until after you watch the episode to read the recaps.

    • 78.2 Celexa

      oooohh… i forgot to say Welcome!

  79. 79 MINOZarmy

    thx sooo much for the recap ^^
    been waiting for this!

    i’m quite relieved that Nana is still alive. But the last scenes shows she’s still in dangerous because of darn JP >.<

    And in this 12th episode there are many romantic scenes XD
    i love it,,, and also LMH eyes,the way he smiles, i like all his expression.
    It hooks me up! :*

    i wonder how City Hunter will end??
    making me curious about it (happy or sad ending?)
    i thingk season 2 would be great!!


  80. 80 dany

    I really enjoyed this episode, I felt relieved that nana didn’t die, I am tired of Korean dramas that kill their main characters. Thanks for the recap!

  81. 81 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans….am so addicted to this drama that am all bummed out thinking I have to wait another week. It didn’t even register on my mind that there is a holiday in between and my kids are excited about watching the fireworks…:))

    I got a hunched that the bitchy girl will play a major role in the drama. Assuming that she didn’t get a refund, someone is paying her tuition. Probably she is the weakness that was mentioned about the President. He seemed like a good man, husband and father…and gasp….that bitchy girl is his illegitimate child. So, probably this is what the other targets are on the Presidents head. He might not be involved in corruption etc but a scandal will surely bring havoc esp with his family.

    LMH is soooooooooo adorable on this episode…the wink..the smile and how can someone be so cool while washing a woman’s hair…:)) And am so glad that LMH and Nana’s onscreen chemistry is sizzling too…:))

  82. 82 kukkoo

    why is this drama getting so good every episode. it didn’t drag down a bit like other dramas. and Yungsung and Nana is the cutest couple ever, except i’m having a hard time swallowing LMH’s emotion sometimes or is it just me?
    and god, Yungsung’s house is so damn beautiful. i wonder who own the house.

  83. 83 Xine

    Also wanted to say – REALLY enjoying a plucky heroine – one who is not just a cardboard cut-out to set up the story and then fade to wimp so the boys can shine!!

  84. 84 whoneedssleep

    While I would love to see a second season because this show is just sooo bloody brilliant, I’d rather see our hero finally happy and at peace. (fingers crossed that this includes the three people he loves)

    But a second season would mean that he has to continue the double-life he is leading and could still not live a “normal” life…

    Just a thought.

    About the ending of this episode, I am significantly more worried about Nana after this than after last night’s episode. It is just a bad feeling and as discussed earlier, the plot has been set up so that it is absolutely possible for Nana to actually die :(

    • 84.1 Raine

      Yes because the scriptwriter can totally do that to us. Make as all happy by having Nana live, share some sweet moments with YS, and then BAM! next thing you know, Nana’s really dead.
      It’d be so traumatizing to our fragile hearts cuz it’s made the more impactful with all the “cute” before it.
      I hope that doesn’t happen tho :S I want a happy ending for our OTP.

      • 84.1.1 olsen

        This is not hollywood for goodness’ sake
        Why does YS have to lose everyone he loves?

        She can’t die
        I mean, I’ll have the typical, cheesy ending
        Just let YS and Nana be happy!

        • malta

          hahahaha!! “This is not Hollywood for goodness sake.” Funny. THIS IS HALLYU!!!!

          • Raine

            I see what you did there lol
            XD nice one

      • 84.1.2 whoneedssleep

        Exactly! And I don’t think I have ever been this invested into the outcome of a drama! (I am talking physical symptoms and inability to sleep) so maybe they should just kill Na Na off now, so that I will refuse to watch the show out of protest and be able to get back to my life! :)

        When they did this ‘fake-out’ in 49 days, I was upset, but this time I’d be really furious!

  85. 85 Lulai

    Ahhhh…”the wink!”

    God! Must have rewinded that 50 times. I am so pathetic!

  86. 86 sleipnir

    ep 12 raws are broken, eng subs aren’t done.

    Recaps first!

  87. 87 Miss ody

    I think the one on motorbike is kim jong shik, not jinpyo

    • 87.1 luci8le

      but these are definitely jinpyo’s eyes… no?

    • 87.2 Celexa

      Jong-shik doesn’t have the balls to off Nana… he’d send a minion to do his dirty work.

      initially i thought the same thing you did… i went back and replayed the scene and it is definately JP’s eyes.

  88. 88 Angskeet

    holy moly macaroni

  89. 89 Sly

    When describing City Hunter, I feel like I’m describing the perfect man – sexy, smart, funny, interesting, quick-witted, heart-warming, knows what I want and delivers. Show, if you were a man, I’d marry you in a heartbeat.

    And yes, it woulda been soooo BADASS if they’d offed Nana. However, complaining about that would be like saying Lee Min Ho isn’t as sexy as Kim Nam Gil. In reality they’re both incredibly attractive in their own distinctive ways. I love the Yoon Sung/Nana romance, but I wouldn’t mind exploring a dark Yoon Sung. I love Lee Min Ho, but I wouldn’t mind me some Kim Nam Gil. Now why can’t I have both? *Ahem* Both storylines I mean.

  90. 90 sleipnir

    If they killed of Nana, it would be like the ending of DEXTER 4. Where the wife was murdered and he goes off more to the controlling dark side.

    If season 2 comes, it would be like LEVERAGE.
    Except the fact that most of them are noob grifters.
    And they should undergo thief training. haha.

  91. 91 Stephanie

    javabeans, you’re so cute, already thinking of possibilities in the second season without it even be there.

  92. 92 Webfoot

    Um, what’s so scary about Daddy JP on a motorbike?

    Is he going to mow her down? When she already sees him coming (loud revving) from a long way away. Mental image of Daddy JP chasing Nana around the parking lot. Does not compute.
    Or maybe he’s supposed to kidnap her? Last time I checked putting someone who doesn’t want to be there on the back of a motorbike is a recipe for disaster. Unless they’re unconscious, in which case we are talking about the old dead body draped over a hoss format.

    What the heck does he plan to do?

    Ah… maybe he’s going to whip out his cane-sword and joust her dead…

    • 92.1 hwana

      exactly what I thought… if he’s planning to run her over, why not use the car?

      • 92.1.1 sb

        Not quite as dramatic or badass. 😀

        Motorbike also means helmet which means natural concealment of face.

    • 92.2 Raine

      I don’t think JP’s going to do anything drastic. He’ll probably stop the bike just right before he hits her. Give YS his trademark evil stare, and then just ride off. All an act to give YS a warning how easy it is for him to harm Nana/someone close to him…basically showing YS the consequences of going against him/getting in his way.

      Or maybe he’ll just kidnap her… but then a bike wouldn’t be the best option to carry off someone.

      If JP is really intent on killing Nana, I think a better cliffhanger ending would be JP actually hitting her, then END EPISODE. But then I guess that would kind of be similar to the episode 11 ending hahaha 😛

      • 92.2.1 Niklaus

        If JP going to kill nana for maximum effect it would be to stage it to be done by one of the remaining three.

        • Jomo

          Great point!

        • Webfoot

          Oooooh. That would be wicked.

        • Raine

          oh wow now that you mentioned it, that’s totally possible :S various scenarios running through my head now AW DRATS!

    • 92.3 Tensai24

      I thought about that too. Actually, my first thought was, “How is he even riding a motorcycle? He has a prosthetic leg!” If he was gonna kidnap her he’d have come in a car, so my guess is either he’s come to threaten, or he’s gonna use his cane, or a gun (but I feel like she just got shot so they wouldn’t do that).

      As for Nana, someone else wrote this but I would love for her to take him out with her tomato. XD

      And I’m sure the shut down doors won’t stop Yun Seong for long – all he has to do is push them open.

      I’m hoping this is just a set-up to introduce to Nana all the info on Jin Pyo and YS’s revenge that she’s currently still lacking.


      • 92.3.1 Tensai24

        Forced to eat my words. Apparently he’s going with the gun. Sae Hee would not approve 😉

  93. 93 viesa

    Can Lee Min Ho(T) get any Ho(T)ter than this? With his perfect nose and lips, I’am melting 😉

  94. 94 Alice

    Did anyone else find it kind of weird that Badass Daddy even CARES about the money? I mean, after JUST having reaffirmed his passion for revenge, he suddenly cares about some measly father-son (Kim Jong-Shik-prosecutor) amusement?

    I thought he’d go straight for Kim Jong Shik and kill him.

    • 94.1 malta

      I know. What about all that drug money. Is he running out?

      • 94.1.1 whoneedssleep

        He did not want the money for himself. He wanted to send it to the prosecutor because he wanted to see how he would react, that is whether he would remain loyal to his values, which would mean going against his own father, or whether he would try to hide the money and thus protect the father…

        • Lulai

          Right you are, whoneedssleep! To Alice and Malta: I can’t believe that you didn’t catch that! Pay attention!

  95. 95 Alice

    Why the heck is City Hunter so careless? Why did he go to the public grocery store? GAh! I love the cuteness of the scene, but when his dad told him REPEATEDLY that he wants to kill Kim Nana, you’d think he would protect her better…

    • 95.1 Webfoot

      Agreed… for people who are like super duper spies they sure are pretty blind to tails, anyone not in front of them, and eavesdroppers.

  96. 96 fran

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that Nana might still die? At the hands of Jinpyo ?

    … still trying to figure out whether I’m more addicted to the City Hunter drama or to the recaps…

  97. 97 Gachan

    ouhhh,…sooooo romantic,…I think, this drama is so good,..after I watch the greatest love, I’m confused what drama that can make my heart move and then I feel excited to continued watch this drama..GO CITY HUNTER

  98. 98 Lady Seoul

    A w e s o m e episode, I love CITY HUNTER!!!!

  99. 99 mina

    I’ve never imagined dying can be this good cuz it’s what CH does every episode…killing me of anticipation! gah! Nana’s possible death is such a torture something i can’t get enough of (it gave me such high!)
    as you said JB we want Yoon-sung to be happy but at the same time a darker-vengeful version of him have such wicked allure and wanting to know that side of him is irresistible.
    and now the latest cliff hanger…show do you have Torture101 sessions from evil-daddy coz you do it sooooo goood!

  100. 100 jane

    Daddy is psychotic.
    His revenge is too much. He wanted to take revenge for his best friend but now he’s just making his best friend’s son suffered.

    And that last scene! Ugh. I hate tomatoes. And this drama just made me hate them even more.

    • 100.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      “Daddy is psychotic”

      Yes, Jane! in fact, he could also be legally labelled as sociopathic or psychopathic given his obsession with KILLING EVERYONE including the person who he should be protecting, Yoon-sung, but he seems to have lost his humanity as a result of his one-tracked-murdering-mind…

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