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City Hunter: Episode 4
by | June 5, 2011 | 208 Comments

HUZZAH. Well that seals it. While the first two episodes were great fun, with Episodes 3 and 4, I’m in LOVE. Maybe it’s something in the water, but this drama hits me right in that comic-book action-hero sweet spot: caped crusader fighting against the system, and growing up in the process. Just not, yunno, literally with capes. But trenchcoats are a fine substitute. They flap in the wind, and don’t require tights to round out the ensemble.


Kyung-hee meets with the President, who greets her familiarly. He tells her that he’s been trying to get her husband’s name cleared for merit, which shocks her—wasn’t he declared missing (also implying dishonorably, as far as secret service/military is concerned)?

Her shock in turn shocks him. He probably assumed that she was in on whatever revenge plot is closing in on those involved with the black ops cover-up, but here she is, asking him what he knows about Mu-yeol.

He wonders if she knows Jin-pyo’s whereabouts, and she simply asks him the same question, adding that he stole her child with nothing but a note twenty-eight years ago. She breaks down, crying for him to let her see her son just once, and the President realizes that she knows nothing, and that he’s done nothing but open up old wounds for her.

Yoon-sung has just missed seeing her meet the President by a hair, because Jin-pyo has tracked him all the way here, in a rage over Yoon-sung’s decision to turn Target No. 1 over to the prosecutor’s office. He screams bitterly that his instructions were to kill him, not hand him over to a corrupt system that will never serve justice.

Yoon-sung: “I told you that this is my method of revenge. I’m sorry. Blood shedding blood is not the revenge I want.” Jin-pyo challenges him, “If you’re my son…”

Yoon-sung: “If you were my real father, would you have told me to take this kind of blood-letting revenge?” Oooooh. Dude’s got a point, Dad. A damned good one.

He adds that he wants to tear apart those people too, but if he kills them, will their sons leave him be? No, they’ll just repeat the cycle, over and over again. Yup. That’d be the Circle of Vengeance there, kiddo.

But Jin-pyo’s heart is too hardened and too far gone to be reasoned with, so he swiftly declares that Yoon-sung is out of the revenge game; he’ll simply take care of them himself.

Yoon-sung: I’ll do it. It’s MY destiny! But I will make them know — that living is more painful.

Jin-pyo smiles to himself and relents, adding the caveat: “How’s this: If you find Target No. 2 first, you can handle it. If I find him first, he will die by my hand.” Damn. As if this wasn’t hard enough already, is it going to turn into a race against Daddy? May the best assassin win? *clappity hands* I love this.

Jin-pyo turns to go, and adds that he’s come this far; he might as well meet the mother who abandoned him. Ouch. Yoon-sung sighs, having bought Jin-pyo’s lies hook line and sinker. But his curiosity gets the better of him, and he heads down the steps to find his mother sitting alone wearily.

She tells him to sit down and puts her apron back on, which he watches near tears. He orders a ramen and sits in silence, watching her, until Nana shows up at the next table over, with First Daughter Da-hae and her partner.

She tells them that this is one of her favorite spots to eat, and they finally notice Yoon-sung sitting there. Da-hae lights up and asks “Professor Lee” to tutor her again, and his mother muses, “You’re a doctor, at such a young age? Whoever your parents are must be proud.”

It hits too close to home, and Yoon-sung gets up abruptly and leaves. Nana worries that he seems even more crotchety than usual, and they watch him go.

Later that night her dinner (also of ramen—I’m starting to worry for these people’s health) gets interrupted when he calls her for a designated driver pick-up. She sighs and heads out.

He’s drinking at a bar, while simultaneously keeping tabs on Prosecutor Young-ju. What? A hero can brood and spy at the same time. It’s like walking and chewing gum. Whilst looking hot, no less. Seriously. I’m thinking bad thoughts.

He eavesdrops on a superior telling Young-ju that his job is to find that City Hunter who’s got everyone’s hackles raised. He’s operating outside of the law, and yeah—we know the drill about vigilantes. Yoon-sung sighs, realizing that he’s now got the prosecutor’s office to worry about. As if Militant Dad weren’t enough.

Nana shows up, and Young-ju immediately perks up at the sight of her, and then his face falls when he sees that she’s here to pick up Yoon-sung. Aw.

Yoon-sung complains that she’s late, and they bicker about who’s drunk and who’s late, as she leads him out by the arm. They trip and her wallet goes flying, and she stoops down to pick up her loose change, her hand meeting with Young-ju’s.

He helps her, offering that her nails are probably too short to pick them up (okay, random detail guy) and Yoon-sung nearly vomits in his mouth from the display of flirty cuteness going on literally at his feet. Well, can’t say I blame the girl. A prince you are NOT. He practically steps on the pair of them as he walks out, and Nana chases after him, leaving Young-ju staring woefully.

I love it when he gets stupid from jealousy. She drives his broody ass home, and jabbers on in the car about what his parents must think, when they clearly raised him with kid gloves and silver-spoon-fed him, only to have him spend his days going from bar to bar and girl to girl.

Nana: “Do you speak to your mother that rudely?” Yoon-sung finally snaps: “I don’t have a mother to be rude to! I’m like this because I don’t have a mother, okay?!” He turns away, his eyes filling with angry tears, and tells her to pull over.

He looks out over the highway, and says aloud (addressing his mother, but muttering to himself): “You’re supposed to be happy. You’re supposed to live well. Don’t like that you’re suffering. Don’t like that you’ve aged.” Aw.

Nana joins him and apologizes for her rash words earlier. She thinks they have something in common now, both not having moms. He tries to brush her off, asking why she keeps attempting to build some sort of bond with him. Uh, ’cause she’s human?

She says she feels bad and thinks that they might be able to understand each other. He snipes back that he doesn’t care to understand her, and can’t—her poor, upbeat, getting-attached-to-any-man self is nothing he wants to understand.

She takes a pause and then tells him he can keep blathering on, just for tonight. She tells him, “Well, I got to live with my mom for seventeen years, so my heart is about 3cm wider than yours… Some days I miss my mom too, so today I’ll give you a pass.”

Yoon-sung: “And when today is over?” Nana: “Then you’re dead. I can put you down with less than a fist.” He finally breaks into an adorable smile. She relents, “I don’t think much of you either, but that smile… I think it’s okay.” Oh, you are totally smitten.

At home, Yoon-sung tells Ajusshi that Dad’s in town, and Shik-joong immediately darts to attention, asking WHY, WHEN, WHY, HOW, WHY. Haha.

Shik-joong freaks out, knowing that Dad would react badly to their turning the senator over rather than putting a bullet in his head. “Did you apologize? Did you beg? Did you say you were wrong? Otherwise you and I are dead!”

Yoon-sung says with an uneasy smile that it looks like he and Dad are now rivals. That puts the fear of god into Shik-joong, but Yoon-sung thinks that he’s got more motivation for revenge than Jin-pyo, who lost a brother, while he lost and was abandoned by his parents. He adds knowingly that if Ajusshi wants out, he’ll understand. Shik-joong asks why he didn’t just kill the bastard senator.

Yoon-sung: When this is done, I want to live like normal people do. If I’m a murder… after killing someone’s father, someone’s husband… Do you think I’d be able to be happy?

Aw, what a good boy. Shik-joong thinks so too, and tells him so. I’m relieved that despite being brought up by Jin-pyo, he somehow managed to retain such humanity. It’s that very humanity that saved Shik-joong all those years ago, and he knows it—he declares his life forever indebted to Yoon-sung, and therefore always on his side.

Yay, for the trusty sidekick! It’s more Alfred the Butler than girl friday, but I adore this dynamic too.

Yoon-sung thinks back to Nana’s change purse spill from earlier that night, and decides to buy her a shiny new designer version to replace it – only that’s exactly what Young-ju is doing. Heh. It’s so amusing how predictable they are.

They have a macho contest, fighting to get her the same wallet, and end up walking out with two of the exact same item, wrapped exactly the same way. Gah. BOYS. You couldn’t have picked two different colors, at least, so she could trade off once in a while? Such impractical gift givers. Though clearly, this is not about her, so much as it’s about THEM.

Yoon-sung muses that Young-ju sure does have lots of time on his hands, despite prosecuting a senator, and Young-ju counters that Yoon-sung must’ve moved on from one-night stands, since he’s not wont to shower a girl with gifts if he’s not going to call her in the morning. Yoon-sung: “True. Mostly I’m on the receiving end.”

Pfffffffffft. Show, you are making it really hard for me to be mature.

Public sentiment goes as expected, and protestors chant outside Congress that the government is starving its children. Senator Lee is set to be made an example of, and the ledgers and video confession are rock solid, enough to indict. (Though isn’t that kind of confession inadmissible in court? Oh, what do I know; the closest I have to a law degree is reruns of Law and Order.)

Conveniently, Targets 2, 3, and 4 (or as I like to call them, The K-drama Daddy Convention) are gathered together to discuss the situation. They do as expected, and cut the chaff loose, fearful that aligning themselves with Lee Kyung-wan will just drag them down with him.

Jin-pyo heads to the ocean and remembers Mu-yeol fondly, from their training days all the way till the tragic end. Moments like this make me feel bad for Jin-pyo, because it was his loyal love and bond with his brother in arms that got twisted into his bloodthirsty vengeance.

There, he meets a new contact: KIM SANG-GOOK (Jung Joon), a cop who happens to be the younger brother of one of the men who died with Mu-yeol in ’83. Jin-pyo knows that he’s been searching for the truth about his brother’s death and subsequent cover-up (because he’s simply declared missing like all the others), and uses the connection to recruit him.

Both Yoon-sung and Dad set out to find the identity of Target No. 2, and Yoon-sung gets called into the President’s office to be tasked with discovering how the City Hunter hacked into the Blue House’s network. Um…

Well I suppose it’s good that this is your job and not someone else’s? Though Ki-joon seems a little too eager to do a good job. Hope you covered your virtual ass.

On his way out of the President’s office, he crosses paths with one of the Council of Five, Seo Yong-hak, who’s gotten wind of the military dog tags around Lee Kyung-wan’s neck. He asks the President if this has anything to do with the ’83 incident, and the President is quick to deny that anything is confirmed.

Nana’s financial situation has finally hit the crapper, and she runs out of work when she receives an official notice that her home is going up for public auction. Yoon-sung sees her run out and tells Ajusshi about her situation, “because I thought you should know,” but seemingly not caring himself. Yeah, right.

Shik-joong frets over Nana’s dire straits, and keeps watch over her, as she struggles to stop the sale and buy some time. Yoon-sung asks once again what his relationship to her is, but he doesn’t say. Only Ajusshi calls later, unable to just keep watch.

Yoon-sung shows up to see Nana pleading with the man who made the winning bid on her house, only to be chased out angrily. She stands on the sidewalk, at her wit’s end, when Yoon-sung calls.

She wipes her tears and tries to sound cheery, which he can see from his car. He tells her he needs a pick-up, and when she tries to makes excuses, he tells her that he’ll wipe her debt clean if she just shows up tonight. (He means their debt for the hospital bill, not the house.)

So she goes running to the fountain, where she takes a whiff and notes that he hasn’t even been drinking; so why the designated driver? He takes out a can of beer, “I’m going to start now,” and takes a leisurely sip. Gah.

It’s enough to strike a nerve on an already maxed-out stress meter, and she launches into a tirade about how he does whatever he pleases, but she didn’t think he was a bad person… “Or I did, but…” Hahaha. She at least didn’t think he was evil.

But she decides tonight that she was wrong, and that he really is what her first impression of him seemed. He does nothing to disprove her, or defend himself, of course, and just takes it all.

It seems she did nail one thing on the head—he clearly does NOT know how to express his emotions. He just watches her silently as she drives him home, unable to say a word. She drops him off and walks away, and he does nothing to stop her except look back at her regretfully.

He gets halfway up the stairs before coming right back down, and ends up catching up to her just as she gets on the bus. He drives alongside her, looking in at her through the window, as she cries a single tear.

I love the motif that he’s always watching over her, but from afar, and unable to be close (and the visual metaphor of them in separate vehicles traveling down the same road). It’s gonna really make me crazy with heartbreak as the series goes on, but in that great way that all superhero love stories are bittersweet. I’m SUCH a sucker for the maudlin Duty and Honor vs. True Love in the realm of superheroes. Gets me every time. This isn’t to say that they can’t have a happy ending, of course—many heroes get to have both, so no need to panic.

He watches her go up the steps and into her house, still not making his presence known. She takes out her family picture and talks to Mom, telling her that the man who bought their house at auction was just investing extra income. She wryly points out that the same money is to one person an investment, and to another, a lifeline.

She worries that she’s supposed to protect their home, for when Dad comes home from the hospital, which just about kills me. She tells Mom about Yoon-sung’s offer to clear her debt, confessing now that she ran like the wind, in case he’d change his mind. “You’re pathetic, Kim Nana.”

“But Mom, I’m having such a hard time. Without you, surviving all on my own… it’s so hard.” She clutches her family photo as she cries, carrying such a heavy weight on her shoulders with no answers in sight.

Yoon-sung stands down below, looking up at her window, but he can’t bring himself to go any closer.

On his way home, he comes across a commotion in the street, spilling out of Sae-hee’s vet office, where she’s being badgered by a disgruntled customer who’s upset that his wife had his puppy Sam-soon spayed. Pfft.

Yoon-sung wrist-holds the guy with one hand while calling the cops with the other, and has the guy hauled away. She thanks him for his help and they make their introductions.

At the Blue House, Nana and her partner get tasked to Seo Yong-hak’s office, because he’s a frontrunner to be the next presidential candidate. At the same time, Jin-pyo closes in on Seo Yong-hak as the most likely to be Target No. 2, as Lee Kyung-wan’s close ally for over twenty years.

Yoon-sung’s keeping tabs on him as well, and Shik-joong snaps photos as he trails Seo Yong-hak, discovering that Nana is now on his protection detail. He tells Yoon-sung, who does NOT like this news. Shik-joong asks if something happened between him and Nana the other night. Ajusshi: “You were weird when I called!” Heh.

They agree that Seo Yong-hak seems the likeliest lead so far, amongst the collection of Korea’s most powerful officials taking up real estate on their Big Board. Yoon-sung worries that they have to beat Dad to the punch, otherwise we pass the point of no return, with Nana in the crosshairs no less.

Shik-joong sighs that it’s not like they can just ask somebody who was there, and Yoon-sung perks up. “We do know someone. Lee Kyung-wan.” Shik-joong: “But he knows your face.” Yoon-sung: “Yes, but he doesn’t know YOURS.” Ajusshi counters that he’s got to be nice to Nana then, if he’s going to do this for him.

Nana has a computer malfunction, so they call Ki-joon for a favor to come fix it, only he’s too busy. Yoon-sung agrees to go after he hears that it’s Nana’s computer, thinking that it’s a good opportunity to give her the wallet and make amends.

He gets a chilly greeting and an even chillier thank you for fixing it, and Yoon-sung picks up the tidbit that Seo Yong-hak is celebrating his wedding anniversary tonight, for which he’s asked Nana to help him pick a song.

Yoon-sung leaves and then texts Nana to bring him coffee, waiting with his gift and grinning to himself like a fool. Only Nana receives a package, just before coming out to meet him, and it’s the same wallet with a keychain (the exact thing that Young-ju bought in front of Yoon-sung the other day). The return address just says, “Ajusshi.” She tells her partner that it’s from her Daddy Long Legs.

Well then it can’t be from Young-ju, yeah? I think Young-ju’s the intended red herring, but he’s not her daddy long legs. Well YET anyway.

She comes to bring him coffee, and he asks for her book to put a stamp in it. She reminds him that he said he’d clear her debt if she showed up in thirty minutes that night, and makes him hand over the stamp. Aw. No more designated driving?

He tries to stop her from going and then finally notices her new wallet, his face falling at the sight of it. “From w-who?” She tells him that it’s from “Daddy Long Legs, the person I like most in the world. After my dad.” Hm, Shik-joong, maybe? I love that whoever this Ajusshi is, he picked the exact same wallet as the two knuckleheads, so they’re both gonna assume it’s from the other. Pffft.

Yoon-sung leaps to that very conclusion with a sour face, complaining to himself that it’s not like he WANTED to buy her a gift. No, not him. “What?! ‘The person you like most in the world’?!” He shoves it back in his desk with a hmph.

Shik-joong is denied his request to meet Lee Kyung-wan, because he’s being transported today. He gets loaded onto a bus by an officer…

Oh. Crap. It’s Jin-pyo.

Yoon-sung is parked outside waiting for Shik-joong, and in the few seconds as the bus passes him by, he sees his father’s face in the window. He spins his car around and speeds after them.

Jin-pyo puts a gun to the driver’s head, and tosses him out of the moving bus, taking control of the wheel. He looks out of his window to find Yoon-sung racing along beside him, with a determined look.

Finally unable to stop him or make him swerve, Yoon-sung speeds ahead on a narrow two-lane road, and stops. He then gets out of the car and STANDS ON TOP OF IT, ohmygod, arms outstretched as if daring Dad to run him over. It’s literally “over my dead body, Dad.”

Jin-pyo sees him ahead and keeps speeding up, and Yoon-sung doesn’t budge. Jin-pyo’s face hardens as he gets dangerously close…


HOLY SHIT! Are you insane?! Thankfully he only sideswipes the car and Yoon-sung jumps off in time to land safely, but what are the odds he wouldn’t get squashed? Worst. Dad. Ever.

Yoon-sung watches him drive off, realizing just how hell-bent on revenge he is. Dad does look in his rearview mirror to make sure that Yoon-sung is okay, and drives on. He stops and confronts Lee Kyung-wan, telling him that twenty-eight years ago, he witnessed friendly forces murder his soldiers and then watched as the government declared them missing and erased any trace of them.

He takes out photos of Lee Kyung-wan’s family, threatening to kill them too, if he doesn’t reveal the Council of Five. He starts for him: “Seo Yong-hak?” He looks up in surprise, “How did you–?” Dammnit. Target No. 2 confirmed, by Dad.

He reaches for his gun, but the police have found them, and they get there in time to stop Jin-pyo from killing him. He slips away just in time.

Yoon-sung has picked up Ajusshi, and he worries that they have to find a way to stop Dad. He thinks they ought to put a trace on him too, while they’re at it. Shik-joong nearly has a heart attack at that idea. “Then we’ll really die! Let’s just turn around now, and beg for forgiveness.” But Yoon-sung is determined to stop him.

Jin-pyo has already moved on to Target No. 2, and appears in his James Bond finest as Seo Yong-hak celebrates his anniversary with his family.

He calls Yoon-sung and tells him that he’s made good on his word—the first to find the target can handle him however he pleases. Yoon-sung hears the song playing in the background, and Jin-pyo notes wryly that the music fits the anniversary well.

Yoon-sung instantly remembers where he heard the song—when Nana was choosing it for Seo Yong-hak’s anniversary dinner. Convenient, that. He races over to the restaurant she had mentioned earlier that day.

Jin-pyo goes to the roof of the next building over, and steadies his sniper rifle. He points it at Seo Yong-hak, finger on the trigger…

Yoon-sung arrives and runs into the building…

Jin-pyo’s scope suddenly turns black, and he looks up. The power’s gone out. Seo Yong-hak panics and Nana calmly tells them to get under the table, which thankfully gets them out of harm’s way.

Only when she stands up, the sniper’s laser target is pointed right at her forehead.

Jin-pyo pulls the trigger…

(…is where this episode should’ve ended…)

The shot comes firing through the window, and someone pulls Nana down, just in time to save her life.


What a fun, adrenaline-fueled climax to a great episode. I still want to send Show to Cliffhanger Academy, seeing as how it always seems to fall short of that perfect crack-laced send-off that would bring each episode up just a notch higher. Oh well. It’s getting better with every episode, so perhaps we’ll get there eventually.

I’m really happy with the speed of the revenge plot, and in contrast the slower pace of the developing romance(s). It’s usually the other way around in a lot of dramas that insist that they’re based on intrigue, but actually don’t do anything to move the story forward. Here the Daddy Dilemma gets put on the table right away, once Yoon-sung’s position in the revenge game becomes clear, and they get set up as rivals without back-pedaling or biding time. It’s awesome.

I mean, running over your child with a bus isn’t exactly as far as I expected the tension to go in one episode, but hey, the eviler the better, as far as Jin-pyo goes.

What I love about Yoon-sung’s growing relationship with Nana and its attendant misunderstandings is that it sets up something he constantly has to sacrifice, to be who he is. Right now it starts out small—he loses face, he sacrifices pride, he gives up the chance to be by her side—but eventually it’ll grow into the central conflict, which is a setup I love.

This drama is on paper a weird combination of things—slick, badass, epic, but also youthful, idealistic, and fun. (Which might explain the neither here nor there marketing of the thing, though I still contend that it was just poorly done.) I’m hopeful that they’ll take the hero thing to its full potential, which is where it seems like we’re headed. At its best, this drama might end up being a superhero origin story, which is my favoritest thing in the Whole. Wide. World.

If this show can actually deliver on that promise, I won’t even have to watch the rest of this year’s dramas to know which horse I’m backing.


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  1. MiniGrace

    Gossh if this series is as great as GF says it is- not sure how I’m going to keep my promise of waiting for the rest to come out before I will take a sneak peek.

    • 1.1 zie

      Watch it~~~ It’s awesome.. ^^

    • 1.2 nonski

      guys, in case you need english softsubs of this drama, there is the direct link:


    • 1.3 alexe

      It’s a remake – somewhat – of Time between dog and wolf . But Lee Min Oh isn’t , alas ! Lee Jun Ki . The writing is poor , the characters remain manga-like , no depth .
      Park Min young is charming and the male veteran are eye-candy .
      In short , if you have nothing to do on a rainy day …

      • 1.3.1 Sumi

        Unless I’m reading this wrong, seems like you’re saying CH isn’t up to snuff. And all I can say to that is: have you been watching the wrong drama? “The writing is poor? The characters remain manga-like, no depth???” Not only harsh but completely untrue.

        But hey, to each his own. CH may not be your cup of tea though I insist that you’re missing out on what could be the best drama of the year.

        • anastasia

          I have to agree with Alexe. I’m anticipating this more than you can imagine. I think the problem is partly is with the writing. It very loose. I don’t want YS to be ruthless love just the way he is written but LMH failed to bring a depth into his character. If you read some of the comments of CH ep 3 recaps, the are three comments that are spot ons which is Tomato’s comment and another two comments. I still watch CH tough for it the veteran acting. Other than that; PMY, LMH-acting- is boring and superficial. Ir eally want to love their acting but…

      • 1.3.2 KDrama Fan

        I think there’s a lot of stuff that misses the mark in this drama.

        I sometimes think it would be better if YS was played by an older actor and made more ruthless. But I like looking at Lee Min Ho and what he’s done with the script and directions he’s been given.

        I am happy to continue watching if it means I can see more of him (and yes, I admit his bod!)

        As you say Sumi each to her/his own.

        • Sumi

          You raise an interesting point about YS’s character. While it would be interesting to see a more ruthless hardcore “I’m gonna get ya good” YS (and I’m almost certain LMH could pull this angle off) I think it’d be a little too much for the scope of the drama. YS’s character seems more to be after revenge/redemption as opposed to just straight up “kill-bot revenge.” He doesn’t want to be a killer; even if he wants justice.

          Besides we already have someone who fits the MO for bloodthirsty: JP. And I quite like the father going this route since it makes more sense character-wise. He was the one that went on the mission, watched his hyung leave his wife and new kid behind and then watched the same hyung take a bullet for him. If that isn’t enough to eff someone’s psyche up, then I don’t know what is.

          However, YS being bloodthirsty could come off a bit contrived. Sure he lost his parents and a childhood, but is that enough to send an otherwise playful kid on a roller coaster trip to revenge-ville? It’s not like he grew up impoverished or lacking house or home. He didn’t grew up being cursed out or abused (this is debatable) either so where’s the motivation?

          Then again, I’m a bit biased since I’ve officially claimed CH has my favorite drama of ’11 and LMH as my favorite actor (Rawr). You raise a good point though! And who knows, maybe CH will pick up for you later.

        • Chocobo

          “…it would be better if YS was played by an older actor and made more ruthless…”

          Meh, been there, done that. One of my favorite memes, which in my opinion is sorely underused in action flicks of all kinds, is the beaten optimist and unraveling of moral dilemmas when Real Life hits hard.

          It always gets me *right here* when the idealistic hero, who wants to save everyone, who doesn’t want to kill, and who prides himself on having high morals is broken by a hard, cold slice of reality. That’s what makes movies like The Dark Knight revival so delicious — Batman doesn’t want to kill anyone, and in a crazed way enjoys being the sacrificial hero. But then he really breaks when he realizes that idealism and NOT killing the baddies has its negative consequences as well (like his friend losing his mind and becoming evil, and the murder of his girlfriend).

          This would become my #1 favorite show ever if City Hunter did that to YS’s character. Watching Lee MinHo act out the decimation of his character’s bright and playful personality would be amazing. It would be much more boring if YS was already Mr. Ruthless from the start.

        • merlyunho

          i tried picturing YS’s character being played by an older actor, in a more ruthless and hardcore way, but it just doesn’t really work for me.

          The way Minho translates his character into life is I think, more endearing, inviting, and delightful to watch all in the same time. It doesn’t give me the tiredness that comes when I watch a drama where the lead character is only focused on getting revenge and nothing else matters to him.

          I guess I’m just not really up for the full blown action hardcore series. 🙂

          • goldlilys

            Loving CH for what it is too.

            If this was to become a hardcore action flick with no emotions but purely revenge … and no LMH, then i might as well watch IRIS or Athena … both have awesome action scenes, but in terms of story and getting attached to characters, there was none. I felt bored with the story while watching those 2. It lacked heart or any character.

            But CH is more concentrated on how YS develops his characters, learns about his past, falls in love even though his step dad tells him not to and just can’t help watching LMH and PMY scenes. I also have nothing against it becoming manga-ish … practically because CH is from a manga. It’s staying true to the original story as much as it can. YS is supposed to be a player with a heart and Nana is the only one who can set him straight.

            Yup closest thing to this is Spiderman. Just your average dude who have past troubles, but all he wants is to protect his loved ones. Not some ruthless killer type of person with emo written all over his face.

      • 1.3.3 Cheinay

        Alexe, I see no reason why you watch this drama if you don’t like it! You have not even pointed out why you didn’t like the writing and the characters. No depth? Sheesh! Talk about reviewing a drama with prejudice. I don’t like it just because….
        If it’s not raining where you live, why don’t you just spare yourself the agony of not watching. Read a book! It might do you well considering that your bandwidth is limited. Just my 2 cents.

        • anastasia

          I have to agree with Alexe. I’m anticipating this more than you can imagine. I think the problem is partly is with the writing. It very loose. I don’t want YS to be ruthless love just the way he is written but LMH failed to bring a depth into his character. If you read some of the comments of CH ep 3 recaps, the are three comments that are spot ons which is Tomato’s comment and another two comments. I still watch CH tough for it the veteran acting. Other than that; PMY, LMH-acting- is boring.

      • 1.3.4 otchosais

        are you telling the truth?!

        CH is so UNIQUE.. I didn’t expect anyone that can say that CH has a poor writing?…

        even if it came from a manga, the drama itself is NOT THE SAME as the manga..

        yes, we have an eye-candy actors here..
        but their ACTIONS and the way they portray their roles
        is ABOVE EYE-CANDY to watch..

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      • 2.2.1 stefynz

        You’re so right, 49 ending was devastating… I wasn’t expecting it at all! :'(

        • U.K.Chick

          Me too! The ending broke my heart…In my fantasy world I was hoping that Yi Soo was still in a coma and that he was in a limbo…and somehow in the end they all lived happily ever afte…But then I realised hello this is a K-Drama…someone has to get Cancer or die 😐

          • Linda

            i was hoping that too! Well not about the coma thing but i thought maybe the magical granny was going to let him come back OR he traded spots with someone else so he lived 🙁

      • 2.2.2 Aqua

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      • 2.2.3 rose249

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  3. U.K.Chick

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    It kicks ass 😀
    It got me out of the Rom-Com K dramas genre
    It has got really pretty scenes
    The heroine is someone who can actually stand up for herself (yay 1 for the girls)
    I can sit through the politics without forwarding
    I actually watch the fight scenes and like it(for once)
    Chemistry between 2 certain people 😉 !
    and finally….
    LEE MIN HO!!!

    • 3.1 Chintu

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    • 3.2 wanne

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      every scenes move swiftly that even when i rewatch the show, i have yet to push the fastforward button

      keep it up City Hunter!

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    • 6.1 wanne

      when i first watched this episode without subs, i thought it was slower too. but its actually because this episode is dialouge heavy compared to Ep3, so when you watched and couldnt understand anything, it felt slower than usual.

      but the car vs bus chase scene and the ending surely increased the intensity back up a notch. awesome!

      • 6.1.1 LMF

        Yes the car chase! I was literally holding my breath throughout! In fact, the last 10-15mins of the episode is just EPIC!

        To be honest, as a LMH fan, I was really skeptical when he decided on this drama. I thot he was pretty rash since he was cast well before the rest of the team: director, writer, and the other cast members. And I really couldn’t connect him to that lecherous Ryo in the CH manga nor that idiot Jacky Chan in the movie. But after 25 May…

        LMH, I apologise for ever doubting you.

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    • 14.1 melonhead

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  15. 15 KTKA

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    • 15.1 jj

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      • 15.1.1 dotori

        No kidding, buddy. But we’re doing so well… And I’ve decided to ignore that bit of forced conflict. Even though it’s. Kinda. Awkward….

      • 15.1.2 ilikehim

        I don’t think she means drinking beer = evil. I believe she meant him not considering about other’s situation (not caring where/when/or what she was doing/going through when he demands rides/errands from her) is selfish and evil?
        And to her, he clearly doesnt need a ride but calls her to come out immediately while she’s trying to figure out her issues and wasting her time is inconsiderate…

        • MissChiVyus

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    This drama is good. I like the storyline. It gives perfect balance of action, angsty drama, and heartwarming bickering romance. And I like that despite the targets are corrupt and evil, they still have warm sides. At least for their families. Yoonsung’s thought about killing other husband and father is so true.

    Btw, I can’t understand what jinpyo did this whole 28 years. How can he still don’t know the other 3 targets?

  25. 25 stars4u

    I love how smart Yoon-sung thinks he is but somehow feels he’s missing something when he’s with Nana. It’s maybe because he grew up differently but that makes him imperfect and adorable in some ways…

    about the cliffhanger, I guess it wouldn’t be much of a cliffhanger if they showed until the trigger was pulled cause it would be obvious that she wouldn’t get hit on her head cause she’s our hero’s love interest… they wouldn’t kill her right way.

    I wonder how Yoon-sung would clear this up and would Nana know that he’s the City Hunter?

    • 25.1 Divyrus

      No, that wont happen. The lights were off, Yoon Sung will probably save the day and leave before the lights come on.

      • 25.1.1 Ani

        Reminds me of the episode in Delightful Girl Choon-hyang where Lee Mong-ryong saved Choon-hyang at that dinner party from the falling pillar when the lights went out. And when the lights came back on *poof* he was gone with just a button as proof that he was her savior. Heh.

    • 25.2 ishrooroo

      I still let out a big sigh when she was saved. I was scared for her in the moment, but c’mon girl can’t duck? Well fear did set in, but still.. It’d be funny if Young-ju shows up randomly and Nana thinks he saved her.

      • 25.2.1 wanne

        i dont think anyone can feel/know a laser is pointed at her. i thought she was just looking around.

        correct me if i’m wrong 🙂

        • binzer

          If someone’s pointing a laser pointer right at your face in the dark, you definitely see it (I speak from experience!).

          Also, WHY is there a laser pointer?!!! That was the lowpoint of the episode for me.

          Jin Pyo isn’t even using a laser-scope, nor would ever he use one in such a situation (totally unnecessary for that kind of snipering, not to mention a big giveaway).

          Furthermore, WHY would he take a shot at her? All he’s doing is warning his target to be well-guarded from now on. That whole scene doesn’t make sense, but I guess it’s suspenseful? sigh.

          The episode was almost over and I was seriously JUST thinking, “wow, this episode had way less ridiculousness, it’s getting good!” Then they threw in the most random use of a laser pointer to ever grace the world’s television screens. Please City Hunter, get someone with a brain on set. You need consultation!

          • Birdie

            The many lapses in the writing is inexcusable.If only they would clean up all those inconsistencies ( and there are many),and pay more attention to the small details, it would propel this drama from fairly good to GREAT.This is killing its potential to be a great drama as there are many good aspects to it.

          • mandelbrotr

            She turned her phone light on to aid the others getting under the table. I think he aimed at her because the light made her something to aim at.

          • binzer

            That’s why it’s so dumb! She’s just something to aim at, and nothing more. Isn’t his goal revenge? He would’ve been much better off waiting or just packing up and leaving, but instead he just gave his target a massive warning not to let his guard down. Jin Pyo is obviously very well trained too, so it’s not like he would panic and make a mistake :S

          • Birdie

            @ binzer It is dumb. That’s why I said the writing is weak sometimes. They could have another more sensible scenario where the hero saves the heroine.Jin Pyo killing her just because she is visible does not make sense.

      • 25.2.2 Divyrus

        Everything was in slow motion! Thats why it looked bad.. Sometimes slow motion kills all the suspense. If they had shown that scene wicked fast, it would have been just too good !!!!

    • 25.3 Celexa

      I agree with you stars4u…

      The cliffhanger is “who saved her”?? Yoon Sung cannot reveal his real persona this early in the game…so I’m left wondering… WHO saved her!!!

  26. 26 Ani

    Oh, what do I know; the closest I have to a law degree is reruns of Law and Order.

    Can I just say that’s pretty true for the lot of us? Although, mine skews more towards cop shows. XD

    • 26.1 78446

      Gah, I truly am a super nerd but what’s a law degree for if I don’t use it for kdrama logic? LOL

      I believe GF is right in stating that the evidence may be inadmissible to convict the senator. It is what is referred to as fruits of the poisonous tree , evidence obtained illegally (as in without a warrant or during the course of the crime), and may not be used in any court for any proceeding.

      HOWEVER, the genius of Yoon Sung’s plan was that while the evidence was untraceable, it was also widespread and available because the whole country saw it. To ignore such blatant evidence would be damaging to the public interest. While the senator may have a valid defense to declare it inadmissible, the courts may choose to argue for the protection of the public interest and ignore its inadmissibility.

      • 26.1.1 MissChiVyus

        That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  27. 27 Venus

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    The car chasing scene had me at the edge of my seat…and when Daddy Dearest it him I was like yessssss!!!!!!

    Cause now is Son vs Daddy ….let just say things got more personal for Yoon Sung…. and I’m loving this dynamic more than Nana and Yoon Sung love connection…

    On an side not LMH is the only person I know who can make Pink Pants look extremely cool…. he is just HOT…..

    Thanks GF for recaps!!!….

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  29. 29 Venus

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  30. 30 Divyrus


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    Make city hunter recaps first please!!!!
    I know you both are hong sisters fan through and through and I admit Best Love is too good, but
    I really don’t care much about Doko-Jin and Ae Jung anymore!!! Even though I love them, WE ALL KNOW they gonna get together and live happily ever after!
    BUT THIS?????

    Am so hoping for a happy ending cuz my heart is not gonna take a sad one!!!!

    My only action drama before is Runaway Plan B.. which lacked a lot of heart and it never got me. Frankly thats what I expected from City hunter too. But this is far exceeding my expectations!!!!

    And LMH SO SO SO SO DAMN HOT AND ADORABLE! How can one STOP thinking about him??!

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  32. 32 Divyrus

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    • 32.1 supeng

      honestly, me too. It’s always the great popular and cute supporting actor who’s good gets killed. And its not Young Joo, my guess.

      • 32.1.1 Divyrus

        As long as they don’t kill of kim na na, I will survive!
        But of the ending is gonna be a tragedy, *SPOILERS COME OUT NOW* I would break up with this show right this moment!

      • 32.1.2 L

        Hopefully they won’t 🙁 But I have a bad feeling about his character too.

    • 32.2 jyyjc

      omg you too? I feel the same.

  33. 33 ishrooroo

    Hmm I had assumed that the wallet was from Young-ju cuz didn’t he also buy the little keychain thing when he was fighting with Yoon-sung?

    I know the love story is just being set up and he’s the superhero who can’t get close to the girl but damn I wanted to smack the boy for being so dumb. And also, wasn’t Nana the one who WANTED to pay him back? He didn’t even ask for his money back so why was she so intent on getting her debt cleared? Yeah she has financial problems, but it’s not like this job is costing her much, well maybe getting her feelings hurt but she gets to be close to Lee Min-ho! How I wish to be her, kinda..

    • 33.1 Mouri

      I totally agree. The key chain/stuffed toy would be too much of a coincidence if the package is indeed sent by the ajushhi and not Young-Ju posing as daddy long legs. Young-Ju already let on about knowing Nana from before, so I figure he has a greater connection to Nana than what meets the eye at this point.

      Also, the deal with debt seems at best forced to become a weak excuse for conflict. But I guess we are meant to accept it since she is in dire straits, and can not possibly hold on to her initial resolve to Pay back “…No matter what!!”. So I forgive this weak point in the episode. i have gone gaga over siller K Dramas, so when City Hunter is turning out to be as close as it gets to Perfection, It’d be stupid of me to ruin the fun, and excitement thinking about the smaller insignificant details.

      I always liked Lee Min Ho. Although BBF was nothing short of ridiculously over-rated crap, Lee Min Ho could hold his own and not have his image dragged into all that silliness, though it did earn him the biggest break ANYONE could wish for. But after watching City Hunter…I drool Lee Min Ho, and his occasional hilarious pink trousers!! Too Good! LOL!!

  34. 34 miniejungle

    it’s been torturous to wait for a week just to continue with the story so i camp here to read your recap. im definitely backing this story because it’s been great! wuri Minho is awesome, no? 😀

  35. 35 jj

    I can’t stand Nana in this episode- she starts becoming so bitchy and perpetually moody. I get that her circumstances aren’t the best, but it’s rather rude to take it out on a guy who really has nothing to do with any of it. Heroines who are ready to lash out and insult people on how they must have been spoiled in youth without bothering to understand the other’s circumstances are intolerably irritating and self-centered, which Nana is making herself out to be. Aside from his little picture crush past, I’m not comprehending why Yoon-sung likes her.

    And how did Yoon-Sung with all of his deduction skills not figure out who the prosecutor was buying the wallet for? That’s what he gets for taking his sweet time to give her the wallet.

    Also, how is his dad wearing two shoes and driving without a leg?? I love the story and directing, but these inconsistencies and an unlikeable heroine are driving me crazy.

    • 35.1 Cynthia

      JJ – it’s called prosthetic limbs and handicapped people drive with them all the time. 🙂

      • 35.1.1 jj

        I figured we were meant to assume either a peg or prosthetics, but the people I’ve seen with them don’t usually wear shoes on them. It just seemed rather fake 😛

        • MissChiVyus

          Well Jin Pyo does have a lot of $$ to make his prosthetic leg look real. Plus, technology is really advanced nowadays according to this one article.

          The lightweight material and innovative socket design of the LISA leg allows for more hip motion — making running, tying shoelaces, even getting in and out of the car easier. The shapely style lets the user feel more confident about how she looks — right down to her shoes.

          Read more: http://www.thebostonchannel.com/health/5305027/detail.html#ixzz1OT5rPUlc

    • 35.2 ladida

      I’m pretty sure Yoon-Sung knows that the prosecutor was buying the wallet for Nana; that’s why he immediately thinks “Daddy Long Legs” is the prosecutor, and not possibly someone else. He just took his sweet time giving it to her because, like Nana said, he’s got issues expressing his feelings.

      In defense of Nana (because I like her so much), I feel like she’s the kind of person who buddies up to people pretty quickly (like how she asked Yoon-Sung for a ride to work and he turned her down flat), which is one of the things Yoon-Sung says he doesn’t understand about her. When she’s talking to him about his being a spoilt child, she is making assumptions, but they’re in response to the womanizing, bar-hopping persona/facade he’s presented to her. And her circumstances aren’t simply “aren’t the best,” she’s about to lose her home, her father’s been comatose for 10 (?) years, and she’s got this hot guy who keeps telling her she’s weird and not his type. As for being perpetually moody, well, she seems pretty upbeat most of the time to me, almost too upbeat sometimes.

      Either way, can’t wait for next week’s episodes! 🙂

      • 35.2.1 altins

        I agree with you.
        I can understand why she’s bitchy…
        I mean..come on..you don’t even know where you are going to sleep tonight, since you were chased out of your house…..and this one guy, though he’s hot, with his stupid whim, feeling like he’s the center of your world, and you should obey his command…geez….that’s understand-able why NaNa turns a bit bitchy about this.

        • ladida

          Just to clarify: I wasn’t justifying her being bitchy, because I didn’t think she was being bitchy. Actually, I was trying to make a case that showed that she wasn’t being bitchy at all (but I guess I didn’t do that very well, lol).

  36. 36 legomom

    Remember how Young-ju and the vet discussed about Nana and how Nana didn’t seem to recognize Young-ju when they met outside the night club in the first episode? I think Young-ju is the daddy long legs. Young-ju also asked the shopkeeper to put a key chain in the package of the purse. Thus, the purse is from Young-ju and he is the daddy long legs.

    • 36.1 Robs

      Yes! Thank you…I was thinking the exact same thing that Young-ju is “Daddy-Long Legs” because of the previous conversations he had about her. And if it was someone else – why make the point of Young-ju showing the key chain to Yoon-Sung at the store?

    • 36.2 kay

      i agree. i def. they young-ju is the daddy long legs. he’s probably been helping her out since she lost her mother.

  37. 37 kyls

    city hunter is my first action k-drama..i’m more of the rom-com drama kinda person and i must say that city hunter made me change my perception of action k-dramas.i might consider watching IRIS once this drama ends 🙂 oh,and is it me or does it feels like everyone in this drama is using Apple product?..makes me wanna get an iPad :/

    p.s Mr Prosecutor is so effin’ HOT!!!

    • 37.1 kaye

      LOL at the Apple products. The iPhone 4 and the Ipad 2 exposures are kind of tempting.

  38. 38 DKM

    Thank you for the recap. Couldn’t understand a lot of it – the subs are quite poor prob bec it came out too fast.
    Watching French open finals whilst reading the recap – I have a life besides K dramas LOL

  39. 39 MAVY

    I’m so wanna be a good girl and do HW but if I keep reading these recaps I’m so gonna’ end up watching City Hunter too!!!! cause revenge plots, super heroes vigilante without a cape, and dark knight + white knight… are the things I die for… then they had to go and make said vigilante Lee Min Ho……….. I so wanted to be responsible…

  40. 40 wanne

    love the intensity between dad and son!

    YS confidently stood in the way, maybe thinking the dad who once saved him from the landmine will no way hit him. but OMG i was completely shock after that. thankfully, he just hit the side of the car thus not really crashing YS.

    i agree about the cliffhanger thing.
    when this episode ended, i thought ‘Oh, if they end it when the laser is targeted at Nana’s forehead, the ending will be even more awesome!’ but i think they’re improving on it. it gets better with each episode.

    all in all, another great episode from City Hunter!


    hope it will only continue to get better.

  41. 41 starlight

    “Well then it can’t be from Young-ju, yeah? I think Young-ju’s the intended red herring, but he’s not her daddy long legs. Well YET anyway.”

    gf, isnt from young ju? and she thinks it from shikjoong, so shikjoong i actually the red herring for young ju. i didnt even think of your explanation because would it be more logical that young ju sent it to her, since he know here he ork and he just signed it off a ajusshi, since he is older than her and since he hasnt told her he likes her yet, he wanted to keep it for later to tell her and she jst assumed it a from shikjoong because she doesnt know that he fancies her either?

    LOVELY recap btw, your and jbs always affects how i feel about a drama and im thrilled you like it 🙂

    • 41.1 ellie

      I had the same thoughts about the gift. Albeit this IS a kdrama, which means that coincidences abound, but what are the chances that Shik-Joong would get the same gifts as the other two? Even in Kdrama land, that seems too coincidental. That said, it is odd that Young-ju would address the gift from “Ajusshi,” which connotes a much older man. Why would he want to couch himself as an “Ajusshi” rather than “Oppa”? Why not disclose that the gift is from him, esp. when he’s trying to one-up Yoon-sung? I suppose that we’ll find out soon.

  42. 42 kaye

    This episode is awesome. Can’t wait for next week!

  43. 43 starlight

    and LOLL at the kdrama daddy convention, that was exactly what i was thinking LOOOL. daddy from dream high, daddy from cinderellas sister, daddy from prosecutor princess, daddy from 49 days etc LMAO

  44. 44 dotori

    And such tight editing. And such pretty main leads. I haven’t been this excited over a drama for a long time, and if City Hunter turns out to be as awesome as it might… It’s going on my pretty bare (and dusty) shelves for rewatching over and over. And over. And over.

  45. 45 mars

    This episode was great! I’m totally cribbing the bullet point format from someone, sorry!

    – I keep waiting for the plot to rope Young-ju in a more meaningful way. There absolutely needs to be partnership shenanigans sometime down the road.

    – I am really conflicted when it comes to Jin-pyo. He does absolutely horrible things but yet his loyalty to the families of those killed in the incident is semi-endearing because not all of the ill-got money was funneled into his revenge plan. So, that was nice of him! Still, he’s stubbornly not seeing why Yoon-sung’s method of destroying the Council of Five is actually a much more satisfying and thorough method than a bullet. Why not take away what they used to kill your comrades? Their power, their position, their influence. They’ll be effectively dead.

    – Sang-gook sure is cute and competent! I like that this continues the trend of involving family members of the fallen soldiers. There is definitely more motivation and gain in it for them. Too bad he’s working for Jin-pyo.

    – I like that the drama is freight-training through the father/son battle (oh, but it’s only just begun) and the romance is more slow-burning.

    – Aw, Nana! It’s great that she’s finally had her fill of Yoon-sung’s jerkish behavior. I can only see them working out if he comes clean to her about the whole City Hunter thing. I can see Kim Nana having to reconcile the fact that his targets are her charges, but I can also see her moving past that in order to right the greater injustice. I want that conflict/resolution so badly.

    – Also, on Nana. I love that she’s allowed to cry and be scared and unsure. It’s just an onslaught of terrible coming her way and her one break, the bodyguard gig, is barely enough to keep her above water. ;_;

    – I’m sure the package Nana received was from Young-ju, and I’m also pretty sure that she doesn’t know that. I know that she sees Young-ju as being a good person but she doesn’t yet see him in a romantic light? All of their interactions have been friendly on her end at least.

    – The scene with the veterinarian felt random. I like her though and I’m curious how she’ll get involved with YS.

    I think this was my set phasers to STAN episode. Ha.

  46. 46 Justice

    I think I’m ADDICTED to this drama! Welcome my nu crack!

  47. 47 Nokcha

    I’m so loving this drama!! Great recap! Also, in the meantime while I wait for Wednesday and Thursday to roll around, I’m watching Personal Taste again and I can’t help noticing how LONG LMH’s legs are!!! He must have to get his pants tailored! Oh to measure the inseam ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  48. 48 shu

    but young ju IS daddy long legs right. he doesnt have to be old in that sense. and he and his ex gf secretly knows nana too.

    i rmb the same soft toy he asked the store attendant to put in which came with the wallet when it was delivered to nana in the parcel.

    who else would be daddy long legs? shik joong? wonder what’s his relationship with nana

    • 48.1 lai

      what’s shik joong’s relationship with nana? i wonder about that too. i’m thinking he might be the one who was responsible for the car accident that kim na na’s parents were in. that’s why he’s worried about her welfare. it probably stemmed from guilt.

      • 48.1.1 beggar1015

        I agree. That’s also my suspicion. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he reveal himself to Nana. I have a feeling when these two finally do meet face to face, it’s not going to be pretty.

      • 48.1.2 L

        But if that’s the case then it would be weird for him to carry around a photo of Na Na. Perhaps he was friends of her family or he’s related to her somehow.

  49. 49 syeramy

    well, at first i didnt buy to watch it…but..after JB recapped the first episode, i giv it a try…woaahhh!! it awesome…thank you for the recaps…i hope for happy ending..pls dont be like Bad Guy….

  50. 50 mary

    @top pic of LMH,

    I know you’re waiting for my hug, but if you pout like that, I might make you wait longer.

    So stop whining or noona ain’t gonna hug you.

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